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How to deal with Back Pain During Menses through Homeopathic remedies

Back pain is a very common complaint that may occur during menses besides other complaints like abdomen cramps, bloating, headache and irritability. Around 40-50 pc females tend to suffer backache during their menstrual periods. It may be a mild discomfort that occurs normally as a part of periods or it could be linked to some medical problem like uterine fibroids, endometriosis or pelvic infection.

Most commonly, back pain occurs as a part of dysmenorrhea (uterine cramps during menses). Around 15 pc females who face pain during periods also tend to suffer back pain. Other symptoms may attend back pain depending on the cause behind it. These symptoms might include pain in pelvis (lower abdomen), heavy periods, irregular periods, nausea, vomiting, headache, loose stool (diarrhea), frequent urination, pain when passing stool, painful intercourse (dyspareunia), bleeding from rectum or bladder during menses and pain or bleeding during intercourse.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is very effective in managing multiple female health problems including back pain during menses. Homeopathic medicines help tremendously in reducing back pain during menses. After acutely managing back pain during one menstrual period, homeopathic medicines work gradually to overcome the tendency to have back pain every time during consecutive periods. For this solution, homeopathic treatment has be continued for a few months altogether. The duration of the treatment depends on the intensity of the pain. Homeopathic medicines are selected for every individual case separately after detailed case evaluation based on the symptom presentation that varies from case to case. These medicines are entirely safe to use as these are prepared from naturally occurring substances. They have zero side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines For Managing Back Pain During Periods

1. Bryonia – Top Remedy

Bryonia is the most prominently indicated medicine to manage back pain during menses. The characteristic feature to use this medicine is backache which gets worse from movement and walking. It feels as if the back is beaten. It gets better by lying down. Along with this, there may be excessive bleeding during menses with dark red blood. Pain may also be felt in the legs in some cases. Nausea may be another complaint of some women needing this medicine.

2. Sepia – For Pain From Back To Abdomen

This medicine is highly recommended when pain from the back goes to abdomen. The pain in the back may sometimes begin some days before menses start. A bearing down pain in the lower abdomen (pelvic area) or a shooting stitching pain can be felt. A feeling as if all the pelvic organs will come out of vagina may be experienced in many cases. The periods may be profuse (excessive bleeding). Yellow vaginal discharge may occur after menses along with pain in the lower back. It is a top recommended medicine for managing multiple health issues in women like hormonal problems, fibroids, pelvic infection in females.

3. Kali Carb – When Pain From Lower Back Goes Down To Hips

Kali Carb is a suitable medicine for lower back pain radiating down to the hips. Pain gets worse while standing or walking. There is a desire to lie down. A heavy weight is felt in the back. The back feels as if it is broken. Weakness in the lower back and legs can attend. Nausea and vomiting can occur as well. Pain in the lower abdomen and groins (crease between thighs and lower abdomen) can be felt. Abdominal distension may also be there.

4. Sabina – For pain from lower back to lower abdomen in front of pelvis (pubes)

It is a very useful medicine for managing pain radiating from lower back to lower abdomen in front of pelvis (pubes). It is a bearing down type of pain. The pain also extends down the thighs. The menstrual bleeding is partly fluid and partly clotted. The bleeding is bright red with large clots. It comes out in gushes. The bleeding worsens from movement. Warm application over the painful area may relieve pain. Headache, nausea and vomiting may occur sometimes. There is a tendency of delayed menses.

5. Pulsatilla – For Pain In Back, Lower Abdomen, Nausea And Vomiting

It is an effective medicine when pain is felt in the back and lower abdomen, attended with vomiting. There is marked heaviness in the back and abdomen. Pain in the thighs can accompany. Nausea and vomiting occur along with intense pain. There may also be a very frequent urge to pass stool.

6. Causticum – With Discharge Of Large Clots In Menstrual Blood

This medicine is indicated when there is back pain with passage of clots in menstrual blood. The clots are large. Menstrual blood is bright red. Pain in the back before menses as well as cramping pain in the lower abdomen is also felt. There is sadness before menses. Besides during menses, headache, weakness and loose stool occur.

7. Cimicifuga Racemosa – When Pain Gets Better By Taking Rest

Cimicifuga Racemosa is a prominent medicine when back pain during periods gets better by taking rest. The pain gets worse by movement. There is intense pain in the back as well as thighs and hips. Sharp pains are felt in the lower abdomen with doubling up (bending forward and downward at the waist) bringing relief. Bearing down pains may also be felt in the uterine region and lower back. Besides, heaviness is felt in the limbs. The menstrual flow is scanty and clotted. Sometimes pain from the lower back may extend to the entire body.

8. Calcarea Carb – For Back Pain And Abdomen Pain

This medicine can be used for back pain and abdomen pain during menses. Pain may be felt in the hips. Sometimes headache, nausea may be experienced. In some cases, anxiety and restlessness may appear.

9. Kalmia – For Pain In The Back, Thighs And Legs

This medicine can be used when there is pain in the back, thighs and legs during menses. The periods are regular but painful. Weakness is also felt in the back. Heat or burning sensation may be felt.

10. Ammonium Carb – With Weakness

This medicine is beneficial when back pain is accompanied with excessive weakness. The pain gets worse at rest. Walking tends to decrease pain. There is pain in the abdomen. Besides, a person feels sad and a chill is also felt in the body. The menstrual bleeding can be blackish and in clots.

Causes Of Back Pain During Menses

1. Dysmenorrhea: It refers to pelvic (lower abdomen) pain or cramps experienced during menses. The reason behind it is secretion of chemicals called prostaglandins that have hormones-like action. These prostaglandins cause contraction of uterus during menses to shed its lining. It can also lead to strong uterine contractions in some leading to pain in pelvis and also back pain. The pain besides lower abdomen and back may radiate down the legs. Nausea, vomiting, headache and loose stool (diarrhea) may also occur.

2. Uterine fibroids: These are non-cancerous growths that occur in uterus especially in women of child-bearing age. Its symptoms include heavy periods, prolonged periods, pelvic pain, back pain, frequent urge to urinate and pain when passing stool.

3. Endometriosis: It refers to a condition where endometrial tissue that normally lines the mucous membrane of uterus grows in places other than uterus for example in ovaries, fallopian tubes, intestines, urinary bladder and rectum. This tissue tends to grow and thicken like uterine lining due to hormonal changes with every menstrual cycle and is shed along with uterine lining during periods every month. Its symptoms include painful periods, pelvic pain that may radiate to the back and legs, heavy bleeding during menses, painful intercourse (dyspareunia) and bleeding from rectum or bladder during menses, varying from case to case.

4. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): It is a hormonal problem occuring in women leading to complaints like irregular periods, heavy periods (it may cause back pain), suppressed menses, acne, excessive hair growth on face (on chin, upper lips), hair fall and weight gain.

5. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID): An infection in the genitals of women, it can occur in ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. It may arise from sexually transmitted bacterial infections. The symptoms include vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, lower abdominal pain, back pain, pain or bleeding during intercourse. In some cases fever, nausea, vomiting may occur.

6. Cancer of uterus or cervix


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