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Bedwetting and Homeopathy

No matter when or how often it happens, bedwetting causes great distress and embarrassment. It is important to understand that occasional bedwetting is a normal happening in the growing up process, and that medical treatment is available for children who have it too often.

Though nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) tends to work itself out over time (15 per cent a year do grow out of it), the modern consensus among physicians is that leaving chronic bedwetting untreated chips away at a child?s self-esteem and negatively affects social development.

What Causes Bedwetting?

Experts do not know what causes bedwetting. Most cases probably result from a mix of factors, including slower physical development, an overproduction of urine at night, a lack of ability to recognise bladder filling when asleep, and, in some cases, anxiety. For many, there is a strong family history of bedwetting, suggesting an inherited factor. Certain inherited genes appear to contribute to incontinence. Danish researchers have found a site on human chromosome 13 that is responsible, at least in part, for night-time wetting. If both parents were bedwetters, a child has an 80 per cent chance of being a bedwetter.

There are a variety of emotional reasons for bedwetting. For example, when a young child begins bedwetting after several months or years of dryness during the night, this may reflect new fears of insecurity. This may follow changes or events, which make the child feel insecure: moving to a new environment, losing a family member or loved one, or especially the arrival of a new baby or child in the home. Sometimes bedwetting occurs after a period of dryness because the child?s original toilet training was too stressful.


Parents should remember that children rarely wet on purpose, and usually feel ashamed of the incident. Rather than make the child feel ashamed, parents need to encourage him/her and show faith that he or she will soon be able to overcome this problem.

How does Homeopathy help in Bedwetting

Many homoeopathic medicines have been found to be beneficial. Kreosote (beechwood) is one of the most oftenly indicated in cases where bedwetting occurs in the first part of the sleep and the child finds it difficult to wake up from deep slumber. Causticum is useful when involuntary urination is worse in winter and better in summer. It is also for children who tend to wet their pants when they cough or sneeze or even laugh. Equisetum (scouring rush) is for children who wet their pants or their bed for no known reason other than out of habit. It should be considered when the person has no other obvious symptoms.

Cina is very beneficial in cases where along with the bedwetting problem child depicts symptoms of worm manifestations; irritation of the nose, causing constant desire to pick, or press into it, extreme ill humour, heightened irritability and most commonly gritting teeth during sleep. Avoid self-medication. Consult your homoeopath for an appropriate dosage and repetition

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  1. Pranab Kishore Panda says:

    Dear doctor Sharma,
    I have 12 year old son .My son is bed wetting since birth. The longest period she left wetting was 5 days. Only few times he stops otherwise he is a regular bed wetter. Please suggest some medicine so I get some relief.

  2. Sir is there any medicine for bedwetting for a 30 years adult Dr says he is suffering from spinibifinia .

  3. My 7 year old son has never stopped wetting during the night. He sleeps very hard and he is all over the bed. We are also needing to treat attention ad/hd.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Juliana Bhat says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is 16 years old and has been bedwetting at night since small. I tried Enukind but its not working on her. She does not get any dreams of bedwetting or any other dreams. She is not aware when she passes urine. She cant bear cold. Fond of spicy food. I deworm every six months. She is slightly short tempered and cries easily at times. Request you to please suggest some homeopathy medicine for her.

  5. My daughter’s have two problems :
    (1) bed wetting since childhood (now she is 15 years old)
    (2) Uncontrollable urine drops even during day time (it recur after few months of treatment)
    This problem was started after age of 10 or 11.

    Note: She has been treated with both Allopathy and Homoeopathy medicines
    Right now she is using Equistium 30X and Rhus Tox 200X

    Kindly suggest medicine and any other prevention which can help ?

    Best Regards

  6. Dear doctor,
    I have 12 year old daughter she has a twin brother. My daughter is bedwetting since birth. The longest period she left wetting was 15 days when we were back home. Only few times she stops otherwise she is a regular bed wetter. Please suggest some medicine so I get some relief.

  7. Joanne Kavanagh says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 18 yrs old and still wetting to bed in night time. He’s a deep sleeper. He doesn’t always wake up with alarm clock. He’s tried medications but it don’t work all the time. So we are interested in going the homeopathy route. Please consult if you can help. Thank You

  8. Anand sing says:

    Sir my son is 12 year old his habit to bet weting please suggest some medicine

  9. Pls show in chennai who is specialist in this

  10. Som Prakash Agarwal says:

    I am suffering from multiple myeloma (cancer) for the last 8 years. I am facing a problem of bed wetting while asleep whether in a day or night. Due to the medication I have acute constipation for which I usually take triphala.
    Could you please suggest some medicine to get rid of this problem. Since last 2 months the problem has aggregated.

  11. Hello Dr my child is 6 years old’s the daily routine of bed wetting since his the mother also had a past history of bed wetting…help me please to choose which medicine I should go for

  12. Harendra Sinha says:

    Sir, My son is 12 years old and his weight is 45 kg. He has not fair complexion & he is short tempered also. He doesn’ t take so much interest in study but gets good marks. However his elder sister is very intellgent & is topper in school. Now my problem is that my son always wets bed in nights & sometimes in day time also. Urine has strong odour & in large quantity. I have used causticum but it didn’ t give better result. Now i am much anxious about him .Iknow homoeopath requires patien’s history. so i gave u the detail Please suggest me effective medicine

  13. Anjali says:

    My daughter is 9 years old, she weighs 33 kg, she had urinary tract infection (e coli) when she was 3 years old and was hospitalised for the same for 3 days, she wets her bed at night is there any advice you can give me.

  14. My daughter is 8 yrs old weight 67 pounds and only wets bed at night she wears a pull up but she wishes she was normal like other children makes me sad we talk daily about it in a positive way I just bought Boiron causticum 30 it says 5 pellets 3 time a day ??? Thank you

  15. tha anonymous says:

    I am a 28years old woman and have been bedwetting all my entire life and this happens in form of a dream as I usually dream that I am urinating in the dream then before I could manage to wake up,I realize the deed has been done as I have already urinated on the bed.What are BETTER POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS to this SHAMEFUL PREDICAMENT please?.I await your answer and positive solutions.Thank you!

  16. tha anonymous says:

    I am a 28years old woman and have been bedwetting all my entire life and this happens in form of a dream as I usually dream that I am urinating in the dream then before I could manage to wake up,I realize the deed has been done as I have already urinated on the bed.What are BETTER POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS to this SHAMEFUL PREDICAMENT please?.

    • take Acid Phos Q, 10 drops every 3 hours for 3 days. then every 4 hours for 4 days. hopefully the problem will be resolved.

  17. My grand son Age 10 years is bed wetting.
    can you suggest something

  18. Utpal Bhattacharjee says:

    Dr. Sharma

    my daughter age is 6+, she is having problem of bed wet, specially on winter when she is in deep sleep and having bad smell on urine. So pls suggest the medicine to provide to overcome the issue. Also the course of same

    Utpal Bhattacharjee

  19. Dr my age is 28 years and I am having of problem of bedwetting. I see dreams of passing urination.I am very much disturbed coz I can’t share this problem with any one.plz suggest me medicine.

  20. i am 28 year old and i have bed wetting problem.plz tell the medicine.

  21. Dear Sir,
    I have a problem of bedweting in night times from 7 years, while dreamed that i am in toilet for urinals,, atleast monthly 1 2 times i have suffer with this problem. eventhough i regularly alarmed at night 2 O’clock and again 5.00 Am regularly in my mobile to avoid bedwetting my age is 43 year please tell me best Homeopathy medicine to stop my bedwetting.
    Thanking you Sir

  22. shima munshi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My son is six and a half years old. He wets his bed in the winter; not every night though. He doesn’t wake up from sleep when he does it. He is susceptible to cold. We live in Jordan where the weather changes abruptly, the winters are cold and it is dusty. In the summer he is fine. Could you suggest a remedy?

    Thank you!



  23. satvir singh says:

    dear doc
    my son is 9 years old. he is facing bed wetting problem on daily basis (summer “& winter both )
    can it will be cure?we are very helpless towards this problem.pls guide us.

  24. GOPAL SHARAN says:

    My daughter aged around 12 years has the problem of bed wetting since infancy.She has very deep sleep. Is there any remedy for this condition? We have taken some treatment, including Tab Imipramine.

  25. Akshay Kaushik says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter has problem of bed wetting and Urine leakage in her penty at day time Her age is 4 Yrs 3 month old,she has problem from last 2yrs after suffered typhoid fever, please advise me any homeopathic medicine.

    Akshay Kaushik

  26. My child wets his bed nearly 2 times a week but it has been almost a year since he stopped or its much less than that.. But unfortantely i had to travel and leave my kids for about three weeks where i never stayed away all this time during the three weeks he used to wet his bed almost everyday..and even when am back he is still wetting his bed.. He ll be 8 yeard old next mnth.. Hes a strong boy, physically active and intelligent.. Before i used to feel he s lazy to wake up and pee thats why he wets himself as it always happen in his sleep towards the morning.. It never happens while hes awake..

  27. Ronak Gulati says:

    Helllo dr.sharma……
    Mera baby 5 years ka he.wo abhi tk night me day me jb bhi sota he urine kr deta or baby dono pareshan he uski is problem ko lekar please koi treatment dijiye.wo homeopathy pills le leta he. Me working women hu.or single mother to me jayada time nhi de pati.

  28. vishnu sethi says:

    Sir I am suffering from polurea- frequent urination
    And sometimes pain in bladder
    Age 36

  29. my daughter age 12 she is suffering bedwettting plz tell me treatment plz

  30. manish patel says:

    My child was 10 years old he was suffering from bed wetting in night in first sleep some time at noon also.he is hitting his tooth in night.

  31. I have 23years old girl. She have problem of bed wetting in night. Tell me home solve problem

  32. Lori Rieger says:


    My 10 year old daughter is wet every night unless I wake her. I have tried several homeopathic remedies including Bryonia, Calcarea Carbonica and currently, Causticum (in each case I’ve used 30c). I haven’t tried Kresosote, but based on the description above, I’d like to give it a try as it is customary for her to urinate shortly after retiring to bed.

    She is thin, round-faced, very empathetic, strong minded.

    What do you recommend?

  33. My daughter of 14 is wetting bed at night since many years. I tried Cina,Equisteum, ArgNit, Kreos 30x & compound containing all these i dram glob each But yet not relieved Plz suggest

  34. My son is 8 yrs old, he bedwetts and grinds he teeth for almost a year. he is hyper in nature good at studies. he is under weight… plz suggest me the treatment.

  35. Dr. M. C. Lohani says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My child (a 7.2 year old son) has the problem of bed wetting. He has a good physical health with 27 Kg weight. He is good in school and comfortable and very talkative. He does this frequently at any time. Sometimes more than 2-3 times in a night. It happens unknowingly without seeing dreams and has no fear. We do not give him any type of fluid after 7:00 Pm. He sleeps at 9:00 PM and at around 11:30 we wake him to urinate. Sometimes before this exercise he does or even after that time. We have observed that whenever he becomes ill (like cough and cold) the frequency increases. Please suggest us the solution.
    With Regards,
    Dr. MC Lohani

  36. Tashkeen zafar says:

    sir,my age is 23 year old and i am suffering due to since childhood to 21 year old ihave a bad habbit iam rubbing the penis to the bed when my penis is small size and after21 years old i am using confindo ayurvedic medicine 200tablets and after that iam using acidphos30 and selenium30 during3months but there is no profit seen so please tell me medicine name

  37. i’m suffering from bed wetting and my age is 24 yrs. i don’t want it to get any longer but i wet my bed only sometime not every night.


    My daughter has problem of bedwetting. Her age is 6 Yrs old, we have not done any treatment so please advise me any homeopathic medicine.

  39. Pls tell me sir some medicine for my 10 yrs old son to get freedom from bedwetting. Jai hind.

  40. Aman Bhatia says:

    My elder daughter is 7 n still bedwets …. I know about Cina n causticum and have 30potency at home but I’ll b greatful if u could tell me the exact dosage for my daughter …my younger one is 4 and does not bedwets but grinds her teeth at night when fast asleep …. A form of saliva also comes out of her mouth

  41. nishi elezabeth joshua says:

    i am 40yr old female i bedwet at night what is the treatment for this

  42. Jagdeep singh says:

    Dr. My son has problem of bedwetting , he is 15 yeras old . He has this problem at night , it is daily problem , This problem is from since his birth,We have tried many medicines but no effect please recomend us a perfect homopethic medicine??

    • Naresh Chandra Nath says:

      Dr. Sharma,
      My son 13 years old, his problem of bed-wetting rain and winter time weekly 4 to 5 days and summertime
      1 to 3 days it is problem. This problem is from since his birth, this problem consult our house physician but no medicine only 1-2 yoga and after 6 pm sume drinking water drink up to seep time but no effect,
      please recommend us a perfect homeopathy or bio-camic medicine. and please advice this problem.

      Thanking you,

      Naresh Ch. Nath

  43. my son has problem of bedwetting. what remedy should be given

  44. Hi, Dr. Sharma. I have a young boy who is 9 1/2 years old. He has always wet his bed since birth. He has only had a handful of dry nights over his little lifetime. We are not overly concerned, because my brother wet his bed around the same age. We have taken my son to a specialist and discovered nothing. He is healthy and has a normal bladder and kidney. I think he sleeps so deeply at night and his bladder doesn’t wake him. He also has to urinate frequently during the day.
    Those are his symptoms. Do you think you could prescribe something homeopathic for him? We are going to stay with relatives next week, and I thought I would give this a shot for him.


  45. Laura Schneider says:

    My son is 11 1/2 yrs old and suffers from not only nighttime bedwetting but also daytime accidents. I’ve had him examined by a ped urologist and all “parts” are working properly. I’ve tried prescription meds, chiropractor care and 2 different kinds of bedwetting alarms. I now have him in a program where we are working to break his deep sleep pattern at night in order to achieve a dry night. We do Kegel exercises, fluid challenges during the day and nightly tracking of when he pees as well as showers to wake him up at night when he does pee. We’ve been on this program since Jan 2, 2014 and not really making any positive progress – my son and I are so exhausted from poor sleep. My son hasn’t ever had dry nights of more than 2 days in a row. He has lived w/ this condition for so long and we are desperate to find a solution. His quality of life is suffering as well as his confidence.

    Can you please tell me which type of homeopathic med will work best for his condition?
    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.
    Laura S.

  46. PRATEEK JAIN says:

    Dear Sir,my Daughter is 8 yrs.and still bedwets everyday,i m v.disturbed,pls suggest me some medicine.i wil b v.greatful.

  47. Fritha says:

    Hello, i’ve just read your article on childhood bed wetting with interest; my six year old daughter
    Shows no sign of having a dry night and has been this way since she was born. I would very much like to try something as,although she is not distressed, she is uncomfortable.

    What stood out for me in the description of Cina patients, she is always flicking or touching her nose, do you think you could help at all? She is a sensitive child, curious and amenable.

  48. Mansi Ved says:

    My daughter is 11 years old, she has periods also. She do bed wetting every day pl give me proper guardians

  49. Nadia Coen says:

    My friend’s son is an 11 year old boy who wears pull ups at night as he is a very deep sleeper cannot control bladder. Takes 1 mg of medication at night and one in morning for oppositional behavior. Has emotional issues around his mother.
    Can you recommend a remedy / and dosage?

  50. Sir,

    I am 27 ears. I am bed wetting monthly 10 times. please sugest medicine.

  51. Neelam Mane says:

    Hi dr. Sharma
    My daughter is 12 yrs old. She is bedwetting as soon as she is asleep. She does every 1 to 3 hrs. Now as she feels shy at this age we request u 2 plz precribe any medical treatment. It happens even during day time when she is in deep sleep. How long will it take 2 cure by homeopathy.

  52. anita manik says:

    my daughter mehak 13year old she is bedweting for night try many medicines but no benefit last one month no bedwet but can start please reply i give medicines her daughter

  53. Dear sir,
    My daughter turned 4 in this month only and still she wets the bed daily. Usually after 2 hours of sleep but sometimes twice as well. I took homeopathy treatment for atleast 9 months. After few month’s treatment it seemed it’s working but due to some reason it got discontinued for 15 dys n again d problem started. Now I have stopped d treatment. Plz advise me some medicine for her. She is good n balanced in nature .
    Thanks n regards

  54. s.k.bandyopashyay says:

    My granddaughter about 6 years of age urinate while in sleep at day as well as night time almost everyday .She uses nappy .Please suggest Homeopathy medicine at the earliest.

    Thanks and regards.



  56. asmabi mohamedali says:

    my kid is 7 year old and his constant urination wetting pants in day started when he was 5 years old.Before this age he was normal and always dry.we went to urologist for first visit he scaned him and said his urinary bladder is normal in size and walls are hink due to holding the urine.
    some of the symptoms:
    bad smelling gas and stools,bad eater,extremly thirsty and drinks water in the night.removes shirt even in winter before sleep due to feeling hot.he wets only in the day time everyday.very rarely in nights.please,suggest some solutions and medicines in homeopathy.we live in united states.

  57. You are full of shit says:

    Homeopathy is a scam, you are fucking a whole lot of people out of their money because you think diluting a medicine beyond a physically possible amount will help make it more effective. If diluting it so much works, wouldn’t not taking any mean you could die from an OD of it? Also, where is the scientific evidence that this works better than a placebo?

  58. Pl advise medicine for my 11 years daughter passing urine in her bed while sleeping in the night only since 4 years.

  59. pls help me know the problems that couse by betwetting if a person is a betwetter what problems did he facing in his life

  60. I am looking for a homeopathy to treat my dog, she is currently on propalin and she is sick, and stoned, i want to know if there is another way to treat her, as the vet told me i must treat her for the rest of her life. she has nocturnal enuresis, and someone mentioned to me that a product called R-74 would work, do you have any other suggestions?
    thank you very much for your time.

  61. sir,
    i m suffering from post nasal drip,irritate my throat, specially on touching water.please prescibe for me and reply. thanks

  62. suryakumari says:

    My son is of 9yrs old and my daughter is of 6yrs both have the habit of bedwetting.please convey me any solution for this problem

  63. my 10 yr old son wets his bed since he was a baby. he is a deep sleeper and does not realise when he is wet during sleep. pl. advise.

  64. Herlag Hochstuhl Amazon says:

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I in finding It really helpful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to provide something again and aid others like you helped me.

  65. BANDANA DHOLE says:


  66. My son is 10 years old and does wet his bed. If I wake his once or twice in the night to go to the toilet he will have dry night, also if he does no have much liquid after 6pm he tends to have some dry nights.

    He does also have some days in a row when his dry. What can I do to help hi m stop. was a bed wetter to up until when I was about 12/13 years old.
    Thank you

  67. my qucine is 11 years old. She has a problem of bedwetting during sleep. Pls helpme to treat it.

  68. Dear Sir,

    Is it possible that a person having a sciatica but his/her herniated disc is not desturbed?………Please elaborate…

  69. Good afternoon sir my daughter is 6 yrs old she is bed wetting in every day home an d school so i am very suffering for this please tell me sir any medicine or any
    suggest i am waiting for your reply thanking you sir

  70. Preeti Chaudhary says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is 6 years old and he suffers from bedwetting since his birth. He is a deep sleeper and doesn’t know and understand that he wetted the bed. Only he comes to know when he wakes up in the morning. Please tell me the right remedy for him.

  71. Greetings Dr. Sharma,

    Our son is now 12 years old. He was diagnosed with rickets at age 15 months. Since the stage of toddler, our son always complained of his stiff legs. He gets leg cramps often and if he sits on the floor too long, he can barely get back up unless someone helps him. He is a very deep sleeper and wets the bed almost every night. When he was younger he used to say that he was afraid to go to sleep at night. Now, I do believe that he still experiences these issues but he doesn’t want to tell me this now since he is older. I have bought bedwetting tablets by Hyland, but they don’t work for him. We would be grateful for any positive feedback from you.

  72. I have a 9 year old daughter who has bedwetting issues…we have given her medication, waking her up twice depriving of our sleep…nothing seems to work. so I would like to know if anyone has used homeopathy and if it has worked for them. Your help will be appreciated. I am traveling out of the country and I am petrified of wet beds. Please help!

  73. basavaraj hiremath says:

    Good afternoon sir my daughter is 6 yrs old she is bed wetting in every day home an d school so i am very suffering for this please tell me sir any medisan or any
    suggest i am waiting for your reply thanking you sir

  74. dear sir,
    my daughter is 6 yrs old and she is bed wetting since birth and it has worsen after birth of her brother. she does is 3 to 4 times in the night. can u please suggest any remedy?

  75. my 10 yr old son wets his bed since he was a baby. he is a deep sleeper and does not realise when he is wet during sleep. pl. advise.

  76. kannan.MURALIDHARAN says:

    My son is aged 12 years. he is very intelligent and extremely sharp and sweet girl. But most unfortunately,heis bedwetting even today. his sleep is so sound that sometimes he does’nt even wake up after wetting the bed. My wife has to get up in the middle of the night to forcefully wake up and tell to relieve himself. Because of this he is under a terrific psychological strain to visit relativeshouse or to go out somewhere independently like on excursions with his class mates etc. Can you please advise? We shall be greatly obliged.

  77. dr minakshi says:


  78. dr minakshi says:

    wery well

  79. Hello Dr,
    My friend is 37 yrs old male and he’s shy most of the time to stay at his friend’s or relatives house overnight. He used to bedwet since he was a kid which was more often even daily and till now he sometimes see the symptoms once or twice few months. He usually have to wake up and urinate more often during the night (2-4 times). He took a lot of medicines and even Homoeopathy a few times from good doctors, it stopped but again comes back after some time. Does Homoeopathy has any guaranteed cures? Help shall be greatful. Thanks.

  80. Durga Prasad Palaparti says:

    Dear Dr.
    My niece is aged 15 years. She is very intelligent and extremely sharp and sweet girl. She has even started mensurating nearly 9 monts ago. But most unfortunately, she is bedwetting even today. Her sleep is so sound that sometimes she does’nt even wake up after wetting the bed. My sister-in-law has to get up in the middle of the night to forcefully wake the girl up and tell her to relieve herself. Because of this she is under a terrific psychological strain to visit even my house or to go out somewhere independently like on excursions with her class mates etc. Can you please advise? We shall be greatly obliged.

  81. dr anita patnaik says:

    dear dr ,
    my son is 8 yrs old and suffering from bed wetting. i have tried all possible measures to treat this but failed. His MRI of spine and pelvic region are also normal. Along with bedwetting which happens anytime he is in deep sleep, he often has fecal stains on his underwear. By nature he is easily irritable with inability in reasoning. He is also in my opinion hyperactive and easily angered and suffers from social handicap. Kindly advise as I do not want to treat him with ADH stimulators.
    Than k you

  82. santa saha says:

    pl. tell me the proper treatment for bed wetting for my 6 years old girl baby..

    • Rupesh Palande says:

      Dear Sir,
      My daughter has problem of bedwetting. Her age is 10Yrs old,she has problem from last 5yrs, we have not done any treatment so please advise me any homeopathic medicine.

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