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Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Treating Bedwetting in Children

Homeopathic Medicines for BedwettingNo matter when or how often it happens, bedwetting causes great distress and embarrassment. It is important to understand that occasional bedwetting is a normal happening in the growing up process, and that medical treatment is available for children who have it too often. Though nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) tends to work itself out over a period of  time (15 per cent a year do grow out of it), the modern consensus among physicians is that leaving chronic bedwetting untreated chips away at a child’s self-esteem and negatively affects social development. Homeopathic medicines for bedwetting help treat the condition naturally and are completely safe for use in children.

What Causes Bedwetting?

Experts do not know what causes bedwetting. Most cases probably result from a mix of factors, including slower physical development, an overproduction of urine at night, a lack of ability to recognise bladder filling when asleep, and, in some cases, anxiety. For many, there is a strong family history of bedwetting, suggesting an inherited factor. Certain inherited genes appear to contribute to incontinence. Danish researchers have found a site on human chromosome 13 that is responsible, at least in part, for night-time wetting. If both parents were bedwetters, a child has an 80 per cent chance of being a bedwetter.

There are a variety of emotional reasons for bedwetting. For example, when a young child begins bedwetting after several months or years of dryness during the night, this may reflect new fears of insecurity. This may follow changes or events, which make the child feel insecure: moving to a new environment, losing a family member or loved one, or especially the arrival of a new baby or child in the home. Sometimes bedwetting occurs after a period of dryness because the child?s original toilet training was too stressful.

Homeopathic Medicines for Bedwetting

Bedwetting can be treated to a large extent with the help of natural homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy medicines for bedwetting work by targeting the underlying cause behind the problem. These medicines for bedwetting are highly individualised and are prescribed according to the symptoms. The top medicines for bedwetting include Equisetum, Causticum, Kreosote, Cina and Benzoic Acid.

1. Equisetum – For Bedwetting In Children Without Any Cause

Equisetum is a medicine used to treat bedwetting where the child has developed a habit of wetting the bed at night during sleep. There is usually no cause behind it. This medicine is also recommended in cases where the child has nightmares and frightful dreams with bedwetting. I use this as my first line of treatment for bedwetting and have found great success with it.

2. Causticum and Sepia – For Bedwetting During First Part of Sleep

Causticum and Sepia are medicines used to treat bedwetting in children who urinate in the first part of sleep, or as soon as they fall asleep.

3. Kreosote – For Bedwetting during Deep Sleep

Kreosote is a medicine used to treat bedwetting where the child passes urine while in a deep sleep, and it is tough to waken the child. High frequency of urination during the day and presence of red or white sediments in the urine are other symptoms.

4. Benzoic Acid – For Bedwetting when Urine Smells Foul

Benzoic Acid is a medicine used to treat bedwetting in cases where the urine has a foul, offensive smell. The urine also tends to leave brown stains on the bed sheet.

5. Cina – For Bedwetting Related to Worms

Cina is a medicine used to treat bedwetting related to worms. Grinding of teeth during sleep, shrieking, crying or being scared during sleep, an irritable or obstinate behavior, rubbing of nostrils are some other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

Managing Bedwetting in Children

In most cases, children outgrow problems of bedwetting with age. If it is a recurring problem in an older child, a physician can help diagnose the underlying cause and discuss the treatment options. If the child is not particularly bothered by the problem of bedwetting, small lifestyle changes like limiting the amount of fluid intake after evening, avoiding caffeine, practicing better toilet habits, etc. can go a long way in managing the problem.

Causes and Risk Factors of Bedwetting

Although a majority of times there is no major detectable cause behind bedwetting, Certain medical conditions can lead to the development of nocturnal enuresis

  1. Hormonal Imbalance: A hormonal imbalance during childhood means that some children are unable to produce enough anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), which helps slow down the production of urine.
  2. Small bladder: In some children, the urinary bladder is not developed enough, so the child is unable to hold urine at night.3
  3. Not recognizing a full bladder: In some children, the nerves that control the urinary bladder mature at a slower rate. This means that the child is not able to recognize that the bladder is full, especially in the case of deep-sleepers.
  4. Urinary tract infection: A urinary tract infection makes it difficult for a child to control urination, and bedwetting, frequent urination, pain during urination and reddish-pink urine are symptoms of a UTI.
  5. Sleep Apnea: In some cases, bedwetting is a sign of obstructive sleep apnea. The latter is a condition in which a person’s breathing gets interrupted during sleep. This happens due to inflamed or enlarged adenoids or tonsils. Snoring and daytime drowsiness are other symptoms of sleep apnea.
  6. Diabetes: Bedwetting can be the first sign of diabetes in a child who is not a regular bedwetter. Other signs of diabetes can include passing large amounts of urine at once, increased thirst, fatigue, and weight loss in spite of a good appetite.
  7. Constipation: It is a similar set of muscles that control the elimination of both urination and stools. In case of chronic constipation, these muscles can become dysfunctional and lead to bedwetting.

In some rare cases, a child may have a structural abnormality in the urinary tract system or the nervous system. This abnormality can be a cause behind bedwetting.

Risk Factors

  1. Bedwetting is twice as common in males as compared to females, although it can affect anyone. Some risk factors associated with bedwetting include:
  2. Anxiety and Stress: Bedwetting can sometimes be triggered due to a stressful event like a new sibling, moving places, starting a new school, being away from home, being away from parents, etc.
  3. Heredity: Genetics also play a role in passing on this condition from parent to child. If one or both the parents had problems with bedwetting as children, chances of their offspring having the same problem are high.
  4. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Children who are diagnosed with ADHD are more likely to be afflicted with bedwetting.

Diagnosing Bedwetting

A physician can recommend certain tests (depending on the symptoms) to identify any underlying medical causes of bedwetting, such as:

  1. Urine Tests: A urine test can help look for signs of a urinary tract infection, diabetes or other issues.
  2. Physical exam: The physician may inquire about regular habits like diet and fluid intake, family history of the disease, bladder habits, bowel movements and other symptoms associated with bedwetting.
  3. X-rays or other Imaging Tests: These tests help take a look at the kidneys and the bladder to analyze any problems with the urinary tract.

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  1. Gupta Subodh says:

    Mera bachha 10 saal ka hi aur daily bistar gila kar deta hi

  2. Hi
    My sons ages 10 and five years respectively both facing problem of bed wetting with out any promenent reason,, smell coloured urine please advise medicine

  3. Hello ma’am/sir,
    My nephew has problem of bed wetting. She is 11 years old.I want medicine for her.

  4. shashank sharma says:

    मेरी बेटी 7 साल की है पर वो रात को सोते समय कम से कम 4 से 5 बार बिस्तर गीला करती है कृपया समस्या का साधन करे व उपचार बताने का कष्ट करें,

  5. Anita Chakravarti says:

    My 4 year old son wets bed quite often.
    He wets in his deep sleep.

  6. Hi, my 9 year old son is still wetting his bed twice a night. He is a deep sleeper, but otherwise, no other issues or abnormalities that we know of. His urine during the day is normal and he goes to the bathroom at least twice before going to sleep. Please advise what we can try. Thank you

  7. Hi, our son who is 9.5 has renal hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease (Stage 2) controlled by Rx (amlodipine & Lisinopril). It seems to be related to his bedwetting which is every night. Causticum 30 for 1 month did NOT help at all. We follow Banerji protocol for his Kidney (arsenic, lycopodium etc) as well. What do you recommend to use next and which potency? We’re trying Body Alarm on him and discovered that he can’t keep urine at night more than 3 hours. His bedtime is 9, and the alarm goes by 12:30 and then 3:30. We suspect he has ADD also (his brother has ASD & ADHD), very sensitive & sweet kid. He is so deeply asleep that he can’t wake up with vibration & sounds of the alarm he’s wearing. Also he constantly needs to go potty during the day. He does drink lots of water till 6:30pm which is important for CKD. Should we try Equisetum 30, 200 or Causticum 30 with Cina (what potency)? Or would Kreosote be a better choice? Thank you for any clarity and help you can offer

  8. Hello Dr.
    I am sidra. My almost 7 years old boy suddenly start bed wetting from 3 to 4 days continuously. He has also the problem of difficulty in breathing in night during sleep. He even don’t know that he passed the urine at bed. Plz tell me the solution.

  9. Anand swami says:

    Good evening sir
    My son is now 16 years old but still the problem of bed wetting is continued right from his birth till
    today .
    He is deep in sleep and does not know that when he had passed the urine .
    very difficult to wake him up in morning
    still in morning at 7 am some body have to wake him up . He does not wake on himself .
    Tried all the medication .
    please advise the best medicine from your side .
    Let hope for the best

  10. Dr.Sanan sikandry says:

    Habit bed wetting
    Equisetum 30
    2+2 drops
    2+2 drops

  11. My grandson is 9 years old. He is on Spectrum, mild case. Since Last 4 months he is having intermitten Bed wetting. It happens between 1500hrs and 2000hrs only. Not in the morning , when he is in school.
    What is the cause and the remedy

  12. Foqiya Kanwal says:

    My son is 7 years old.He is a regular bed wetter.When he is in deep sleep..he wets the bed.I have tried everything.please recommend me homeopathic medicine.
    He is completely normal at day time

  13. Charlene says:


    My son is almost 9 years old and has been a regular bedwetter his entire life. He doesn’t have accidents during the day and doesn’t go often. I’ve been reminding him to go throughout the day and that has helped a bit at times. He’s a very deep sleeper and on the smaller side (his father and I are not very tall). My son also tends to sweat shortly after falling into a deep sleep. Do you think this will be something he will outgrow? We did start some homeopathic remedy for a week but no change. How long does that normally take to kick in?
    Thanks so much!

    • We have a similar situation. My son almost 10 has always wet the bed. We’ve tried not eat or drinking after a certain time, going to the bathroom before bed,etc. he rarely wakes up dry. We do know that he has a chromosome deletion causing delayed development but no other health isssues.

  14. My child is nephrotic syndrome patient and he pass urine on the bed every night

  15. I am 56year for old. While sleeping I often dream to pee and urinate resulted into bed wetting.
    It happened since my child hood but now frequency is more ie thrice or twice in week.
    Suggest medicine please

  16. Please diagnose a homeo medicine for a male person aged about 60 . suffering from bedwetting besides erectile dysfunctional and general weakness having underlying disease of copd .you are requested to diagnose first of all for cure of bedwetting . lot of thanks ……..

    • Please diagnose a homeo medicine for a male person aged about 60 . suffering from bedwetting besides erectile dysfunctional and general weakness having underlying disease of copd .you are requested to diagnose first of all for cure of bedwetting . lot of thanks …….. I believe homeopathic medicines can cure safely without any side effect .

  17. SK ABDUL Hamid says:

    Mera larka 12yr old woh rat ko bistar me pesab korta hain jabki woh khayal me nehi raheta hain please advice


    Sir meri beti 10 sal ki hai use urine obstruction ki problem hai uske ojese usaka crtinine badha hai aur night me bedwetting 3 se 4 bar hoti hai apke pass treatment chalu karani hai Pl guide kare

  19. Surupa Roy says:

    My daughter is 15 yrs old suddenly she has developed the bed wetting problem. Its during deep sleep at night now she has having pain during urine discharge. Kindly suggest some medicine

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