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How Slow is Homeopathy ?

testthumb.gif HAHNEMANN not just discovered a healing principle but also a law governing the relationship between all drugs and all diseases. Unfortunately, his breakthrough was glossed over. Since its inception homeopathy has been a victim of perpetuated prejudice. A bias which has become compulsive or, should we say, pathological, pathobias.

Homeopaths have spent a great deal of energy on fighting conventions. One reason for this may reflect genuine incredulity that conventional physicians can apparently claim to help the ailing humanity and yet reject, seemingly out-of-hand, a new system of therapeutics with an excellent clinical track record. To homoeopaths this seems, perhaps, illogical.

There is a plethora of biases aimed at eclipsing homoeopathy’s great ability to treat chronic disorders. A situation that indirectly adds to the list of biases is a “write-off” by a conventional physician, even when homoeopathy could actually cure. But more often than not, it is a blind belief in the write-off which actually results out of conviction with which the patient is made to believe. Another fallout of this situation is that one realises the value of homoeopathic treatment after losing the precious time when the treatment could have been most effective. By all this, I mean to say that homoeopathy is far more effective in many cases that are generally termed as “incurables” if used properly and in time. However, one must that there are “incurables” for homoeopathy too!

The second most important bias is that of homoeopathy is “slow”. Often I have seen that it is this kind of silly syllogism that supports it ? if homoeopathy is slow in treating asthma, a chronic disease, it is going to be slow in treating every chronic disease! Funny logic! Isn?t it? Another reason is that the time involved is compared with that of conventional system of medicine, little realising that the level at which homoeopathy works is way apart as it aims at rooting out the disease and not suppressing it.

Homoeopathy is neither slow nor fast. It is a natural system, obeys the laws of nature and takes optimum time to cure. Well, the treatment of chronic diseases depends on innumerable factors patient compliance, extent and intensity of damage, age, nature of previous therapies, the physician?s competence, etc.

This feature ( authored by Dr. Vikas Sharma ) was earlier published in The Tribune(North India?s largest circulated daily newspaper). Dr. Vikas Sharma is regular Homeopathic columnist for The Tribune.You can mail him at

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  1. Tarun Chauhan says:

    Dear Sir, I Tarun from Haridwar since oct 2017 i am suffering from throat problem from right of throat i feel some scratchy spot or sometimes lump while swallowing and left side feel some long cut type thing upper side sometimes i feel inflammation in left side of mouth. Right now taking marc sol 30 and phytolocaa 30 with hepar sulphur in 1 m once a week but its works so slowly. Sir please suggest me test or medicine to recover from it. My throat endoscopy had been done 3 times as well but nothing is came out.

  2. why do homeopaths always complains that there is bais against them,is there any research going on in homeopathy,are there any new discoveries

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