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Extreme Mood Swings, Bipolar Disorder? Homeopathy can work wonders

Homeopathic Remedies for Bipolar Disorder
Sudden and extreme mood swings are something unnatural and need medical attention. A psychiatric mood disorder known as Bipolar Disorder, it sees the person going from excitement or mania to depression and the other way round in no time. Bipolar Disorder is most common in the age group of 15-25years and it runs in families. Homeopathy has a very effective cure for Bipolar Disorder and these medicines, made from natural substances with zero side effects, are of great help in the treatment of this psychiatric mood disorder.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder has two phases. The first phase is characterized by excitement or mania and the second phase is depression. The symptoms of Bipolar Disorder can be best described as per the dominant phase.

The symptoms of the excitement phase are increased energy levels, joyfulness, increased confidence levels, excessive talkativeness, sleeplessness, aggressive or violent behavior, restlessness, irritability, impulsiveness and lack of self-control. The symptoms of the depression phase are decreased energy levels, sadness, hopelessness, aversion to the company of people, tiredness, indifferent behavior, lack of interest in daily activities, anxiety, guilt feeling, and even suicidal thoughts.

How can Homeopathy cure Bipolar Disorder?

Homeopathic remedies for bipolar disorder are very beneficial and helpful in treating the condition. They not only control the acute phase but also eliminate the disorder from its root. First of all, the detailed history of the patient is required to find out the cause and the symptoms. Which medicine to take is then recommended on the basis of this information. These are very beneficial remedies when Bipolar Disorder is the result of suppressed emotions, disappointments in life and long-held grief.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Bipolar Disorder in Different Phases

1. For Increased Energy Levels

Lilium Tigrinum is of great help in treating increased energy levels in Bipolar Disorder where the main symptom is extreme restlessness and difficulty in sitting still at one place. Another feature to look out for while choosing Lilium Tigrinum is when a patient shows great hurriedness without any ambition or aim. The patient requiring this medicine usually has a heart or uterine disease associated with the mental symptoms.

Cannabis Indica is another helpful remedy for treating increased energy levels in Bipolar Disorder. One noticeable symptom for which this medicine is of great help is when the patient has bouts of uncontrollable laughter on listening to every little word spoken, which may not even be funny, and excessive talkativeness. The patient requiring Cannabis Indica is full of thoughts crowding the brain at one time, making the patient forgetful of words while talking.

2. For Violent and Aggressive Behaviour

Belladonna works very well for those patients of Bipolar Disorder who show marked violent behavior and violence occurs in fits that come and go suddenly and the patient even bites and strikes the person near him or her. Another symptom of violence where Belladonna is beneficial as a cure is when the patient spits on people and the face turns red.

The medicine that equals Belladonna in treating violent behavior of persons suffering from Bipolar Disorder is Veratrum Album. The symptoms calling for its use are excessive shrieking, screaming and destructive behavior — mainly presenting themselves in the form of destroying, cutting and tearing apart everything, most likely clothes.

In those cases of violent mania that start in a woman after childbirth, Veratrum Album yields good results. The third helpful remedy for controlling the violent behavior in a patient with Bipolar Disorder is Hyoscyamus Niger. The main symptoms for using this medicine is the desire to run away from home, picking at bedclothes, quarreling with others and shamelessness where the patient tends to remove his or her clothes and sings obscene songs.

3. For Depressive Phase with Sadness as the Main Symptom

Ignatia Amara is one of the best remedies for treating sadness experienced by a patient in the depressive phase of Bipolar Disorder. The patients requiring this medicine usually have a history of long-held grief like the death of a family member or close friend or in cases where the disease has originated after disappointed love affections or from suppressed emotions. Ignatia Amara is a very helpful remedy for patients who sit silently and weep or brood over the past.
Sepia Officinalis is also beneficial for treating sadness during the depression stage of Bipolar Disorder. The main symptoms for using this medicine are constant weeping, indifferent behavior towards people and even family members who were once much respected and loved, and lack of interest in doing any mental or physical work. Ambra Grisea is another medicine of great help for the treatment of sadness in Bipolar Disorder where the disease marks its origin through some kind of business loss with continuous weeping for many days.

4. During Phases of Depression with Suicidal Thoughts

Aurum Metallicum is an excellent medicine for treating those cases of depression in Bipolar Disorder where suicidal thoughts predominate and the patient feels hopeless and worthless and has persistent suicidal thoughts.

Natrum Sulphuricum is another remedy of great help for a patient in whom suicidal thoughts are marked and he or she has to apply much self-control to stop themselves from actually committing suicide. Another symptom that calls for the use of medicine Natrum Sulphuricum is gloominess. When the patient of Bipolar Disorder feels sad even when listening to lively music and has an aversion to talk or be spoken to, Natrum Sulphuricum is very beneficial.

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  1. Shekhar Sharma says:

    मे बाइपोलर डिसऑर्डर का ट्रीटमेंट जानना चाह रहा हु बहुत से dr से पूछा सभी ने एक ही बात कही की होम्योपैथी में इसका ट्रीटमैंट नही है आपको एलोपैथी का ट्रीटमेंट करना होगा # और यह बीमारी कन्ट्रोलड है क्योर नही १५ साल से दवाई ले रहा हूं बहुत निराश हो गया हूं कभी हाइपर हो जाता हूं कभी निराशा मई यानी डिप्रेशन में जिन्दगी का कोई aim nahi hai कोई गोल नहीं है जिन्दगी बोझ बन गई है हीनता का भाव रहता है सेल्फ कॉन्फिडेंस बिलकुल नहीं कुछ bi kaam करने का मन नहीं करता और दिन भर लेटा रहता हु मसल्स लूज हो गहराई वजन bi कम होता जा रहा है कोई उपचार बताए pl

  2. Good collection, give me good pointer,

  3. Khalid zafar says:

    My wife have severe depression for last 7 years. She is taking antidepressant and antisycotic medicine.
    I am looking for homeopathic medicine for depression on website.
    I search and find Reckaweg Vit c 15 medicine for depression.
    Can I give her this medicine for depression.
    Thanks for your cooperation

  4. SHOAIB AHMED says:

    You have to visit a Classical Homeopath. Who will take the complete history from you, Then the medicine can be selected.. & 2nd thing all of a sudden you cannot quit Allopathic, The homeopath will guide u to quit the ALLOPATHIC gradually by reducing the dose … It will take time… But INN-SHA ALLAH, will Help…

  5. V Ranjithkumar says:

    Dear Dr

    I am ranjith. My wife is suffering from bipolar disorder her age 42. She already suffering from 10 years. She had allopathy treatment. Dr prescribed lithium tablet’s. She is not taking her tablets in regularly. I need your advice. Kindly help me

    • My neice has bipolar disorder and from experiences with her son 6 year old son lately we believe he has it also. Can u help

  6. Dr.Sasmita Mishra says:

    Hi I am Dr.Sasmita
    My daughter is in 12th class and she is very moody.
    Can any homeopathic medicine will help.

  7. ajit kumar nandi says:

    my son 43 is adamant and non-obliging.i was giving serenec liquid for last one year. Slight improvenent.

    Can you help me guiding me please. His wife diserted him , and he says he is having ED. I want him to be normal .

  8. respected Dr. Sharma,
    i was suffering from bipolar I for 3 years since 2017 and now i am suffering from bipolar II . presently i continue getting alternate hypomanic and depressive phases each of 10-12 days i am on allopathic medicines for 4 years and i am totally disturbed of the side of allopathic medicines i m taking , medicines has taken down my “memory” ,my iq and understanding capabilities .I am not able to conc. on my studies.
    presently i am taking : olanzapine 5mg(night),bupropion 150mg (day), and trihexphenydyl 1mg (day)
    can u plz tell me the homeopathic alternatives of these meds and doses and way to easily switch to homeopathy.Is it possible to get switched to homeopathy without simptoms of withdrawal of allopathic psychitric medicines ? thanks for reading. plz reply sir.
    yours sincerely,
    Ashutosh Anand

  9. Great article. Can you discuss specifics on the best products out there (which would you buy), and also what the dose numbers for each should be.

    Thanks – and good luck to everyone out there…

  10. Hello Doctor
    My son is constantly talking and also has constant movement of his fingers in his right hand. Please suggest suitable remedy.

  11. Randi Barnum says:

    Hello Dr Sharma~
    I have been diagnoised with Bipolar 1 and Ptsd since age 30. Since those years my life has finally become serine and with out anger or anxiety. I stopped taking all my handfulls of pills three weeks ago and just feel fine. My head is clear, my thoughts ate organized, my panic attacts are long gone my mind doesnt race at ll and zero down times that arent purely situational.
    I have wonderful relationships and an extremely strong walk with God. I actually had a healer come which I have never believed in or had an experience of. I feel so much better off all that medicine. I am no longer forgetful or snappy. Im just simply on an even keel. I have spent many years in therapy groups learning coping skills and self care to recover from my long abusive past. Ive let go of guilt and shame and detoxed toxic people and situations out of my life.
    Id like to know if you recommend any herbal not prescri8ption tinctures or vitamins…herbs…or what have you. I refuse to go back to taking all those pills with so many side effects.
    I would sure appreciate your input. Thank you for your time. Very sincerely Randi Barnum

  12. LouAnn Greenlee says:

    Hi Dr. are you doing tele med visits? My brother is bi polar. He loves homeopathics as he has not had good experiences with Lithium. Please contact me in hopes that we could set up an appointment with you. I think it could be a good fit!!

  13. TULIKA RANI says:

    I am having bipolar since 2018 and schizophrenia since 1997

  14. bipolar for my daughter 16yrs

  15. K.Ramasubbu says:

    Enybody don’t take the tablet sodium valporate.tablet.this tablet increase the mood swing.this is my I take the tablet lithium 300mg.I am 90 percent OK.

  16. Arvindkumarawasthi says:

    Ho longer treatment 1o months old illness

  17. Arvindkumarawasthi says:

    Under medical treatment homeopathic medicines can be givin result of treatment how long treatment require

  18. Hello Dr Sharma,

    I have a family member suffering from bipolar disorder II since last 10 years , he is stable on allopathy medications including lithium and antipsychotics. We want to know the scope of treatment/cure in homeopathy for this condition

    • Lithium causes kidney disease, hyperparathyroidism, osteoporosis which lead to artery disease, strokes, heart attacks. Do not take this for long period of time.

  19. Dr Anand Chaudhary says:

    We have a patient of 26 years old girl, she was suffering from acute psychosis, we try our level best to give medicine as well as psychological therapy, but she is not to do any one from these.
    She went to a psychologist for twice and after that she refused to go there.
    We are giving allopathic medicine occasionally in her food as she did not take it, when her mood is suddenly swing.
    Pl advise us which homeopathic medicine should we give to her to cure it permanently.

    • Hello Dr,

      I would like to know if homeopathy can be started to a patient who has bipolar disorders since last 13 years. We are getting allopathy treatment regularly however to get rid of from side effects we want to know how homeopathy will work


  20. My husband is treating for bipolar for last 30 years …his manic episodes are terrific …he’s on lithium and sizopin …he gets hallucinations …as aging very difficult to control by myself ..I don’t have anyone to help as this disease keep everyone at bay

    • K.Ramasubbu says:

      Enybody don’t take the tablet sodium valporate.tablet.this tablet increase the mood swing.this is my I take the tablet lithium 300mg.I am 90 percent OK.

      • Lithium causes kidney disease, hyperparathyroidism, osteoporosis which lead to artery disease, strokes, heart attacks. Do not take this for long period of time.

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