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Extreme Mood Swings, Bipolar Disorder? Homeopathy can work wonders

Homeopathic Remedies for Bipolar Disorder
Sudden and extreme mood swings are something unnatural and need medical attention. A psychiatric mood disorder known as Bipolar Disorder, it sees the person going from excitement or mania to depression and the other way round in no time. Bipolar Disorder is most common in the age group of 15-25years and it runs in families. Homeopathy has a very effective cure for Bipolar Disorder and these medicines, made from natural substances with zero side effects, are of great help in the treatment of this psychiatric mood disorder.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder has two phases. The first phase is characterized by excitement or mania and the second phase is depression. The symptoms of Bipolar Disorder can be best described as per the dominant phase.

The symptoms of the excitement phase are increased energy levels, joyfulness, increased confidence levels, excessive talkativeness, sleeplessness, aggressive or violent behavior, restlessness, irritability, impulsiveness and lack of self-control. The symptoms of the depression phase are decreased energy levels, sadness, hopelessness, aversion to the company of people, tiredness, indifferent behavior, lack of interest in daily activities, anxiety, guilt feeling, and even suicidal thoughts.

How can Homeopathy cure Bipolar Disorder?

Homeopathic remedies for bipolar disorder are very beneficial and helpful in treating the condition. They not only control the acute phase but also eliminate the disorder from its root. First of all, the detailed history of the patient is required to find out the cause and the symptoms. Which medicine to take is then recommended on the basis of this information. These are very beneficial remedies when Bipolar Disorder is the result of suppressed emotions, disappointments in life and long-held grief.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Bipolar Disorder in Different Phases

1. For Increased Energy Levels

Lilium Tigrinum is of great help in treating increased energy levels in Bipolar Disorder where the main symptom is extreme restlessness and difficulty in sitting still at one place. Another feature to look out for while choosing Lilium Tigrinum is when a patient shows great hurriedness without any ambition or aim. The patient requiring this medicine usually has a heart or uterine disease associated with the mental symptoms.

Cannabis Indica is another helpful remedy for treating increased energy levels in Bipolar Disorder. One noticeable symptom for which this medicine is of great help is when the patient has bouts of uncontrollable laughter on listening to every little word spoken, which may not even be funny, and excessive talkativeness. The patient requiring Cannabis Indica is full of thoughts crowding the brain at one time, making the patient forgetful of words while talking.

2. For Violent and Aggressive Behaviour

Belladonna works very well for those patients of Bipolar Disorder who show marked violent behavior and violence occurs in fits that come and go suddenly and the patient even bites and strikes the person near him or her. Another symptom of violence where Belladonna is beneficial as a cure is when the patient spits on people and the face turns red.

The medicine that equals Belladonna in treating violent behavior of persons suffering from Bipolar Disorder is Veratrum Album. The symptoms calling for its use are excessive shrieking, screaming and destructive behavior — mainly presenting themselves in the form of destroying, cutting and tearing apart everything, most likely clothes.

In those cases of violent mania that start in a woman after childbirth, Veratrum Album yields good results. The third helpful remedy for controlling the violent behavior in a patient with Bipolar Disorder is Hyoscyamus Niger. The main symptoms for using this medicine is the desire to run away from home, picking at bedclothes, quarreling with others and shamelessness where the patient tends to remove his or her clothes and sings obscene songs.

3. For Depressive Phase with Sadness as the Main Symptom

Ignatia Amara is one of the best remedies for treating sadness experienced by a patient in the depressive phase of Bipolar Disorder. The patients requiring this medicine usually have a history of long-held grief like the death of a family member or close friend or in cases where the disease has originated after disappointed love affections or from suppressed emotions. Ignatia Amara is a very helpful remedy for patients who sit silently and weep or brood over the past.
Sepia Officinalis is also beneficial for treating sadness during the depression stage of Bipolar Disorder. The main symptoms for using this medicine are constant weeping, indifferent behavior towards people and even family members who were once much respected and loved, and lack of interest in doing any mental or physical work. Ambra Grisea is another medicine of great help for the treatment of sadness in Bipolar Disorder where the disease marks its origin through some kind of business loss with continuous weeping for many days.

4. During Phases of Depression with Suicidal Thoughts

Aurum Metallicum is an excellent medicine for treating those cases of depression in Bipolar Disorder where suicidal thoughts predominate and the patient feels hopeless and worthless and has persistent suicidal thoughts.

Natrum Sulphuricum is another remedy of great help for a patient in whom suicidal thoughts are marked and he or she has to apply much self-control to stop themselves from actually committing suicide. Another symptom that calls for the use of medicine Natrum Sulphuricum is gloominess. When the patient of Bipolar Disorder feels sad even when listening to lively music and has an aversion to talk or be spoken to, Natrum Sulphuricum is very beneficial.

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  1. bipolar for my daughter 16yrs

  2. Enybody don’t take the tablet sodium valporate.tablet.this tablet increase the mood swing.this is my I take the tablet lithium 300mg.I am 90 percent OK.

  3. Arvindkumarawasthi says:

    Ho longer treatment 1o months old illness

  4. Arvindkumarawasthi says:

    Under medical treatment homeopathic medicines can be givin result of treatment how long treatment require

  5. Hello Dr Sharma,

    I have a family member suffering from bipolar disorder II since last 10 years , he is stable on allopathy medications including lithium and antipsychotics. We want to know the scope of treatment/cure in homeopathy for this condition

    • Lithium causes kidney disease, hyperparathyroidism, osteoporosis which lead to artery disease, strokes, heart attacks. Do not take this for long period of time.

  6. Dr Anand Chaudhary says:

    We have a patient of 26 years old girl, she was suffering from acute psychosis, we try our level best to give medicine as well as psychological therapy, but she is not to do any one from these.
    She went to a psychologist for twice and after that she refused to go there.
    We are giving allopathic medicine occasionally in her food as she did not take it, when her mood is suddenly swing.
    Pl advise us which homeopathic medicine should we give to her to cure it permanently.

  7. My husband is treating for bipolar for last 30 years …his manic episodes are terrific …he’s on lithium and sizopin …he gets hallucinations …as aging very difficult to control by myself ..I don’t have anyone to help as this disease keep everyone at bay

    • Enybody don’t take the tablet sodium valporate.tablet.this tablet increase the mood swing.this is my I take the tablet lithium 300mg.I am 90 percent OK.

      • Lithium causes kidney disease, hyperparathyroidism, osteoporosis which lead to artery disease, strokes, heart attacks. Do not take this for long period of time.

  8. Asghar Ali says:

    Sir, Good evening. MY niece is about 38 yrs .old married but having no issue and suffering with hypermenia since last 10 yrs .The allopathic treatment has not beneficiary and at every envoirment changes she is suffering such attack and become more violent,more talkative,sleepless and restless.please suggest the suitable medicine with valuable suggestion. The paren’t is much worried.

  9. Subrata R C says:

    Sir good evening
    For more than ten years my daughter now 25 is suffering from bipolar disorders.She is treated with alopethy.Now for her please suggest Medicine.

  10. If someone has been taking allopathic mood stabilizers for around 10 years as treatment for bipolar disorder, can he switch to homeopathic treatment? should it be a gradual withdrawal and if yes, how gradual? Plus, I also want to know that what can be the side effects of this withdrawal and switch? Can he be totally normal and live without any dependence on medicine any time in future?
    Plz help me in this regard, I’ll be obliged.

    • Ranveersingh Rajput says:

      Have you started this homeopathy medicines and what is the result…
      I am suffering through bipolar and same on allopathy drugs from last 10 years ..
      can these medicines help me to cm out from depressive phase

  11. MUSTAK HOSSAIN says:

    Can homeopathy medicine cure bipolar disorder permanently ?
    maximum times I feel depressed, lack of interest for doing anything* and the second symptoms affect my life deeply .

    please give me solution

  12. My cousin sis have problem of mood swing ,like quarreling with mother ans sister and said that you stolen my thought ,and kehti hain ki ye kam to maine karna tha aap n kyu kiya maine socha tha ,agar koi bhi dress pahan l to bolegi ki aisi dress to main pehanti hun,aur meri soch ko tum n controll kar rakha hain ,dimag main kuch kuch sochti rehti hain aur samne wale ko bolti hain ki aap meri soch ko pakad rahe ho ,aur agressive ho jati hain ,aap n y kiya mere sath wo kiya ,so best homeopathy medicine bataeye

  13. Krishnamurthy says:

    Sir, my wife Mrs Visalam is 76 years old and have following disorders and under treatment through allopathic medicine. Other things are under reasonable control but psychiatric bipolar disorders could not be controlled.
    She has diabetic mellitus type two, dilated cardiomyopathy and parkinsonism due to oleanzepine Tab 10mg for the past 6 years. What homeopathy medicines can safely be given. Insulin 20 -0- 10, Tab janumet 1000/50mg, carvadilal tab 3.125 twice a day, lasix once, aldactone 50mg once, sodium divalporax 500mg twice a day and oleanzepine 10 mg once at night. Can she be given homeopathy medicine for mania, if so which one and dosage. Thanks

  14. My husband seem to be suffering from bipolar disorder. He is an alcoholic also for past 20-25years. His mood swings are becoming nuisance. He can pick up fight for any petty thing. He will start using very abusive language. He cannot go along with any one .. neither family nor friends. He hardly has any friend. His work has also been affected because of his nature. Infact I feel scared to go out with him in evening when he takes alcohol as he will pick up fight with any one for any reason. He talks also a lot at times. In fact he repeats one thing so many timesj that you get annoyed. He cannot rely upon any one for any thing. The result is because he is never satisfied with others work … So he is asked to do do the job himself…. Which he never wants to do

  15. Hi
    I have bi polar for over 30yrs and i a 49 yrs old

    All this time i have been on medication and tried many non medical treatments with little success

    Perhaps you may have some pointers.



  16. Hello doc, my brother 25 year old is suffering from bipolar disorder. He is on allopathic medication since 2013 and till now 3-4 episodes of bipolar had occurred after leaving medication.
    He is absolutely fine now but after leaving medication for 1 year symptoms again relapses, is it some kind of withdrawal symptoms?
    He is currently taking “divalporex” and “olanzapine” . Is there scope to cure his illness permanently without side effects because he is going through significant weight gain during medication.

    • Hello Dr. my dauther dignosed with B.Polar for almost 1.5 yrs she quit her college ,she have fear that she feel enbarssing talking to any body outside the family members , lots of lack of cofndence and she has wetbeding , no feeling no future no amition she is on 750 lithium .

  17. My son is 20 years old. The problems just started about 4 months ago. Now he barely sleeps, sit in the room in the dark at times, he get angry easy, and he appeared to the laugh for no Apparent reason and also some small delusions of something’s that not True. How can I help my child.

  18. Dear sir, my son is 7 years old. The symptoms of bipolar disorder matches with him. He laughs without reason, has rage, hurries, talks meaningless, restless, attention deficit. Pls suggest a medicine for my son.

  19. Respected sir,
    My name is Binam Singh 37 years of age weight 103kg under treatment of BPAD MANIA since 13 years under medication of Dr C.L.Pradhan Neuropsychiatric. But my problem is only under control. I want to get it root out of this mania. Please help and suggest me. Thank you

    • I ILA sinha,patna,Bihar,India. I am taking Lithosun 500mg , Ariprazole 5mg , selzic 600 mg , Queitipine 25 mg ,Ativan 2mg . Although I am not sleeping whole night and in very trouble. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine for the Depression , tension, sleeplessness, tired , headache

  20. Purna Chowdhury says:

    Respected Doctor,
    My father is 79 years old. He is sick since 10 years. He is fully dependent on my mother for everything. Now days he calls my mother continuously without any reason or for some unimportant thing. Due to this my mother is unable to do any work. Please help me with ur medicine.

  21. Mrs zahid says:

    Respected Dr. Hope u r son age 42 suffering from bipolar disease.he shouts at me for no reason ,fight with the people ,when angry breaks the things in the house.i would appreciate if u cld tell me the homeopathic late husband was a homeopathic Dr .I have all the medicines at home.i am 72yrs old widow.can not tolerate this behavior.he is unmarried ..for this reason.
    Mrs zahid

  22. DEBASHIS DEY says:

    Sir,My wife aged 33 yrs has been suffering from a problem,diagonosed as “Bipolar despression” i.e BPOD by alopathy doctor since last 4 years.She is taking medicines 1-Tab LITHOSUN SR, Tab OLET 1.25 mg, Tab ZUPION SR 15 mg. Recently she feels dizziness and low energy in her mind.
    lack of interest in daily activity also.
    You are requested to suggest any treatment to get her cured.
    With regards
    DEBASHIS / Burdwan , West Bengal(India)

  23. Sam Simpson says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma-
    I am wondering what to use for my hypomania-I am a 42 yr. old man who recently stopped taking Lithium and Lamotrigine due to severe side effects. I am mostly concerned about the hypomania and the anger I feel when ‘coming down’ off the mania. I don’t suffer from depression so my focus is my stabilizing my ‘high’.

  24. anantha krishnan says:

    am having nervous related problem (like bipolar) and taking allopathic medicines for the past few years
    am having difficulty in concentration, memory and behaviour problems also
    which homeo medicine cures me completely? am 41 years and not yet married. kindly reply

  25. S C Srivastava says:

    Respected Sir,My wife aged 45 yrs has been suffering from a problem,diagonosed as “Bipolar despression”by alopathy doctor since last 3 years.She is taking medicines 1-Tab Divaa 250mg-1BD,Tab Close- 1HS,Tab Calmpex-1/2 HS and Tan Shelcal XT-1 OD.All these medicines create dizziness
    If medicines are discontinued/left,She suffers from problem of uneasyness,lack of enrgy,sadness,lack of interest in daily activity,headach in one part of head,irritation all the time.
    You are requested to suggest any treatment to get her cured.
    With regards
    S C srivastava

  26. Ramakrishnan says:

    One of my friends is suffering from bi-polar disorder and is taking allopathy treatment. Is it curable if taking treatment in Homeopathy. If so, please suggest what is the medicine to be taken in Homeopathy? Expecting your early reply.

    Thanking you,

  27. I am suffering from bipolar disorder since 2010.taking medicine intalith 450mg twice a day.can you please suggest me any alternative homeopathy medicine for me?

  28. Melisha L smith says:

    Hi there!
    Ive been diagnosed w bipolar w psychotic features and im currently on Ambilify and it is making me gain excessive amt of weight, cant go to sleep, anxious and has made me have suicidal thoughts. I feel as though im in a constant brain fog and im unable to think clearly. Id love to take a wholistic approach to this but i dont want to find myself back in the hospital. Please help!

  29. Susan Gratwick says:

    My mother’s mother died when my mother was 7. She was blamed for this death as her mother caught pneumonia on the way back from visiting my mother in hospital. After that the family broke up and she was shuffled around different relatives. She had a son the year before my birth. He died at 7 weeks and she blamed herself for this death too, though it was not her fault. When I was born at home, the midwife pulled out the placenta and my mother haemorrhaged and had to lie at 45 degrees for many weeks afterwards. So I think I was born in a place of fear. When I was 5 my sister was born and my mother had a psychotic break down lasting 18 months. It was in harvest time, my grandmother came to look after the new baby, my father did the harvest. I had been fussed over and molly coddled for 5 years as my mother was worried I too would die. I had no real social interaction, so at 5 I was out in the cold. I would go on long walks with my dog alone. When I went to the village school I passed my brother’s cross in the graveyard twice each day. I was full of guilt because I was not a boy and thought of him a lot. It was a sad house, my mother having frequent depressions and she talked a lot about her sadness as a child. She had confessed to my father that my sister may not have been his child, so her deep seated guilt and masochism could be satisfied as, although they stayed together, he could play out a verbally sadistic game each day. We were all very sad. It had the atmosphere of Wuthering Heights. … I am now 70 years old. In 2002 my father died. In 2003 I could no longer work, … he had really been close to me for those first 5 years, then suddenly he cut off from me. I went to the doctor’s, then the psychiatrist, and was diagnosed with manic depression or bi polar. I took Citalopram at first, then Citalopram and Sodium Valproate for about 5 years until they made me physically sick. I stopped. That was in 2012. In 2014 I took Lithium 100mg and Quetiapine for several months then had to stop as could not clear my home for my daughter and family who were temporarily homeless. … I am very sensitive to chemicals, foods etc and have Irritiable Bowel Syndrome, some allergies. I have seen 5 different homeopaths over the years and none has really helped me. … For the last 3 years I have observed myself to try to understand my symptoms. [My children and grand children do not see me because of my illness.].. Recently, since February this year a big depression set in following a bad bout of flu when I was physically ill for about 6 weeks, then the depression which has really lasted until now. I am also only sleeping about 4 hours a night, for the last 3 months. I went to see my doctor and have been referred back to the psychiatrist, no doubt for lithium and quetiapine again. But .. well, I keep searching and hoping. Can you help and advise me please? Thank you. I wish you well. … I just wondered, you see, if the root or foundation of my bi polar, is in my birth, the events, then the rejection when I was 5 and the big shock from being an over protected child, to being cast out emotionally. The fear that this must have engendered. … I also have racing thoughts. Thank you.

  30. Dr, Can you please reply to Aneeha. She seems to be depressive.

  31. asif paul says:

    nice and excellent work pls exert more for human service regards and thanks

  32. Sanabam Mungyamba says:

    My wife, aged about 47 is suffering from bipolar disorders since 1989. Every year she seemed to be depressed for continually for about 3 months from the time of such relapse. I’m consulting psychiatric doctors but to no avail. Please suggest if you have homeopathic remedy for such a problem.

  33. Fernando Alvarez says:

    Hi I’m my name is fernando I wanna to know what be a good treatment for me. At first they thought I had esquizoeffective disoder but they think is bipolar disoder if I can I reply back I will appreciated

  34. Paul Barth says:

    I have a fiance who has extreme depression do to bad traumatic event in younger life and has mood swings like crazy very unsocial to me lowered sex drive if any and seem always Moody and has to do or buy things to change mood always disrespectful most days like I’m the cause self medicates with pot and now lately alcohol it has gotten worse the longer we been together almost a year I want to help her have a better quality of life any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    • Ramasubbu kandasamy says:

      Dr sharma Thanks for your article.because it is very useful.your article is true u analyze about disorder when depression and manic time what happening ?
      Thanks.Truly home pathy is good treatment.i ak question for u.In how many days to cure this problem?I think your answer is depends on the disease period,Am i correct?In most cases this type of disorder affected by long period,so how many days u give the treatment for this disease? I know it will take long time. Because I know very well about this diseases and how can relieve this type of patients . Because I affected last 22 years in this disease. and now I surely 100%relieve this disease by the help of god 90 %and 10% Medicine.and also one question from me to u.y r u modify your pages before if any reply it show all peoples in public .But now only u see .Y u will modify?I think u r doing if anybody say the the recovery about this type of disease your business is i correct?Y r u seeing all is business? Because in this type of business are going well.u are earning sin .So many poor people see your website.u buy the money in rich family and poor people does not come to see u i request to u plz modify before how is it that type u continue.if u r doing this one i give great suggestions to u and relieve quickly from this disease otherwise sorry

      • Ramasubbu kandasamy says:

        Dr sharma Thanks for your article.because it is very useful.your article is true u analyze about disorder when depression and manic time what happening ?
        Thanks.Truly home pathy is good treatment.i ak question for u.In how many days to cure this problem?I think your answer is depends on the disease period,Am i correct?In most cases this type of disorder affected by long period,so how many days u give the treatment for this disease? I know it will take long time. Because I know very well about this diseases and how can relieve this type of patients . Because I affected last 22 years in this disease. and now I surely 100%relieve this disease by the help of god 90 %and 10% Medicine.

  35. Gaurav giri says:

    I am

  36. How much time will it take to cure bi polar disorder..??

  37. Virginia manley says:

    I suffer from depression which i take medication for, insomnia, an sleep all day everyday . Life feels like an effort soume days.

  38. Manjunath says:

    Dr sir Mr Wife is Bipolar patient she is on Quetiapine 50mg and Sod Valporic 200Mg is there any treatment in Homeopathy please suggest

    • Plz consult ur phycatrist because quetiapine is a very dangerous medicine (lot of side effects like tongue movement disorder etc.)

  39. Sir,
    I have bipolar disorder in my family.I have chosen the remedies sepia and Lilium tigrinum for depression and mania respectively.
    I can feel that the symptoms are improving with these remedies,but I’m confused that should I start both remedies at the same time r should cure each phase(depression and mania) individually??
    I feel both symptoms (depression and mania) even in a single day but most of the time feel depressed and have other poor medical conditions due to depression.
    Plz guide In miserable condition??

  40. Hello sir…i have bipolar disorder in my family and the sadness and decreased energy level and loss of interest in the things are the main symptoms…what remedy will you suggest me??

    Waiting for you kind reply…

  41. Prakash Kumar nowal says:

    Respected sir,
    My niece is suffering from bipolar disease for the last 10 years.Every possible treatment is going on without any fruitful results.Her behavior changes 10 times in a day.Sometimes becomes very excited and sometimes very sad.The medicines currently given are as under.

  42. James Barbieri says:

    Dear Doctor

    I’m writing you in regards to my wife.
    She is from Thailand and is 40 years old. We have been married for 15 years and have three children.

    She has some mental problems which could be categorized as Bipolar and NPD.

    She is aware of her condition and claims when she was eight years old she fell out a tree and hit her head on the ground and was in a coma for three days. She seems to think this is the cause for her condition.

    Over the course of her life she just will pick up and leave home. This first at age sixteen when she left home and was not heard from for three years. He parent wanted to arrange her marriage so she left. She often leaves the children and me. She will at any time, just pick up and go and you won’t hear from her for weeks at a time. This had gone on throughout our marriage. For the past
    five years I have raised my three child alone. She does speak with the kids on the phone.
    She will come back and say convincingly she wants to stay with us but in her mind she will imagine there is a problem and will leave at a moments notice.

    She often thinks I’m against her and
    people are talking about her. She is defiantly in touch with ghosts and spirits. Ghost worship is everywhere in Thailand.

    She basically behaves irresponsibly
    and is child like.

    If you used Vedic Astrology in your practice, she has a Libra Ascendant. The problem I see in her chart is her Moon is with Rahu in the Virgo in the 12th house. I have practiced and done statistical research in Vedic Astrology for 30 years.

    Hope you can help with the blessing of Sri Dhanvantari

  43. This is from Ramasubbu kannan.i am suffering the disease last 20 years .But now i am full relieve and also i am happy.homeopathy is good chennai the sugam homeopathy clinic dr kumaresan give good treatment.last i take sidda medicine that is brahmi nei and mentat and some siddha give better results.but it s not cure 100 percentage.u take treatment longtime.its cure.only god relieve your father.promise i say jesus relieve i don’t take the medicine.he is doing miracle.praise the lord

  44. K. Kavitha says:

    From2002iam taking medication at asha hospital Banjara hills Dr g Prasad Rao 1.valance o d 500 mg 2.aplaz.5mg.
    3 . Feliz s plus . I want your oppointment. Or medicines for
    Bi polar type two mood disorder.

  45. SANAL KUMAR U says:

    Dear sir,

    Im Sanal(27YRS) from kochi.I have bipolar disorder from last 6 yrs and still i have facing the ptoblem.Iam taking english medicines.could u please help me how i can completely recover from this desease from homeopathy .Kindly suggest the centre that nearest to me.

  46. insomnia with bipolar during both phases (so all the time basically)

    Have to take pharmaceutical drugs to get to sleep and even then during mania they often don’t work so well

  47. I need some help with my bi polar disorder,
    – I get angry about things with regard regular doctors because of how there drugs hurt humans .
    I don’t take any to all chemical drugs.
    I scream and argue and things a lot. I tend to think of things to make my point that may not be totally true I’m very opinionated and about lots of things.
    I feel frustrated and behave aggressively and verbally when people don’t listen to me. I have trouble concentrating, and my memory therefore is like I’m flying my mind just wont stop . As soon as I wake up I feel like I have to get things done a.s.a.p.
    I have a hard time staying positive and feel like I have to say, I’m sorry all the time for things I do or say. I feel like I would like to throw things and I have done . I awake tired and wake up in the very early morning ,other days I sleep well then awake up tired .

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