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High blood pressure in young people


High Blood Pressure Could Be Killing You While You Are Young

Research shows that high blood pressure starts much early in life and at times goes undetected for decades until it shows itself in symptoms. It usually, is one of the most common cause for heart disease. In an extensive research carried around the world for six years, a scientific panel learned that the problems in the cardiovascular system (heart and the vessels carrying blood) can begin at much lower blood pressure levels than previously believed.

It concluded that the risk of heart disease and stroke can begin to rise when blood pressure increases past 120/80. That?s why the panel developed a new range called ‘Pre hypertension’ – for readings between 120/80 and 139/89. People with blood pressure readings in the Pre-hypertension range are now encouraged to adopt life style changes to lower their blood pressure levels or else they would develop hypertension (high blood pressure) and become prone to heart disease and Stroke.

Blood pressure is measure of pressure exerted by the flowing blood on the walls of arteries. It is measured in two numbers systolic over diastolic. Systolic the top number is the pressure exerted when the heart pumps the blood, diastolic the bottom number is the pressure exerted when the heart is resting between the two beats. People with blood pressure readings over 140/90 are said to be having hypertension.

Although Pathological causes such as Pheochromocytoma (tumor of the adrenal), coarctation of aorta (bending of a major artery) and renal diseases are not so common but need to excluded as being the cause for hypertension.. When no such cause is ascertained the increased blood pressure is called as ‘Essential Hypertension.’ Essential Hypertension in young is generally an out come of a faulty living habits- which mainly include improper diet, sedentary life style, alcohol and smoking. Genetic factors also play a role in its early onset. High blood pressure is dangerous as it makes the heart work hard and contributes to hardening of the arteries. It increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. It can also lead to kidney and eye diseases.

The treatment of prehypertension and hypertension in young requires a combination of a well rounded homoeopathic intervention and restructuring of one lifestyle. Homoeopathic intervention aims at treating the whole patient and not just the symptoms. Among many homoeopathic medicines that are found useful, Nux Vomica leads the table in treating essential hypertension in the young when the cause can be attributed to faulty living style i.e. . Sedentary living, overwork, stimulants etc. Ignatia and Kali Phos are helpful when mental stress are the key causative factors. Natrum Mur helps those who are addicted to high salt diet and also where long standing grief is the cause for elevated blood pressure levels. Medicines mentioned above are for information purpose only and should not be used without professional help.

Preventing hypertension

Adopting Lifestyle modifications can be of great help for those in the prehypertension stage and also those suffering from hypertension.


Reduce sodium intake, which basically means reducing salt intake. Eat more whole grains, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables and low fat diary products. Reduce alcohol intake and for smoking, in short, don’t. Limit intake of saturated fats (animal fats).


Eliminate unnecessary elements of stress in your life and try activities like meditation, yoga, dancing, regular walks etc. Certain homoeopathic medicines are a natural form of reducing stress.

Obesity and Exercise.

Being overweight means that your heart will have to work more hard, resulting in higher blood pressure. Keep a regular check on your cholesterol levels. Regular exercise is must for maintaining ideal blood pressure levels

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  1. Sir my age 64 weakly intercourse ,my blood pressure midnight to morning 10am160/93.iam using tablet telma40h at 9.30am. but from 10am to midnight 120/80or 110/ habits is night time iam taking 180ml,and same time using sex tablet.iam feeling BP is high.TMT test doctor said not required scanning. please advise.

  2. Shashank Chauhan says:

    July 25, 2020 at 5:35 pm
    I am 31 years of age and my BP is 160/100, what should I do to reduce it

  3. Muhammad Imran says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma.
    I need your some time from your kind.
    my wife is 31 years old, and troubled with high blood pressure without having any cause.
    she had a history of high blood pressure during pregnancy and after baby delivery she got normal.but now 50 days gone to deliver a baby boy but she is facing regular menstrual period and high blood pressure.
    kindly suggest medicine for her.

  4. Am 35years old n have been taking high blood pressure drugs for two years now. I’ve several pain in my chest, back n rips

  5. Have you ever heard of POTS

  6. What about late stage Lyme carditis

  7. Chuck Barrish says:
  8. I am 48 years old. Today BP 200/100. USE RAVVOLFIA HOMEO MEDICIN ?

  9. AngelSerrano says:

    my grandson have 11 years of age at present his blood pressure is 143/88.
    This is high for him?

  10. Ebenezer says:

    I am 31 years of age and my BP is 160/100, what should I do to reduce it

  11. My daughter is 25 yrs old and 31wks pregnant her blood pressure is 144/102 should we be concerned??

    • Mandy nelson says:

      My 12 yr old son hasn’t felt right or good for almost a month now , he gas passed out at school 2× in three yrs , he’s been taken to emergency room after emergency room with no answers or help in resolving the issues. He day in and out complains of not feeling right and seems to have an overwhelming fear that he’s gonna die i don’t know what to do or where to turn for help or answers. So my question is can anxiety be the cause of racing heart. And what are all the effects of anxiety , how can it make you feel and how would you best describe it to a teen addalesant?

  12. PSC Result 2019 says:

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  13. My blood pressure is 210/141 pluse is 101 I’m 25 years old, I weigh 120 and I’ve had high blood pressure since I was 18 . Last year I got pregnant found out I was having a girl everything was great she was so active I was 20 weeks , we’ll they had me taking labetala not sure if that’s the correct spelling but they was 100 mg 3 times a day, it was keeping my blood pressure down pretty good and then something changed an my blood pressure I guess went high one day and when I went back to the baby doc I got the worst news of my life my baby had no heart beat , and it was all cause by my blood pressure I was 27 weeks pregnant when she passed away. Doctors still have no idea why my blog pressure is still this high.

  14. Lisa Abercrombie says:

    My heart rate is running high 90’s to 130’s and my my is 130’s plus systolic and 80’s to 105 diastolic . My mother passed away at my age which is 53 when I was 10 years old with heart problems and diabetes I’m not a diabetic bit I have gout and neuropathy from years of alcohol abuse I recently began drink 1 16 oz beer a day with tomato juice occasionally a glass of red wine also I have no insurance and the pain from my gout and neuropathy is getting unbearable at night . What do u suggest I do?

    • Am 34years old,and I put to birth,after that I discover that am having blood pressure so can poor labour lead to such problem?

  15. Abdul Rashid Tali says:

    I’m 33 years of age my blood pressure ranges between 130 to 140 what should I do

  16. I’m constantly suffering from high blood pressure my blood pressure readings varies from 130/90 or sometimes 180/100 …..I tried to experiment myself by not taking the bp med for 1 or 2 days and it all went fine but at times it fluctuate and I’m very much concern about it ,please help me through this (I’m 22years old)

  17. Ankit Bepari says:

    My age is 17 . 2 yr ago my serum creatinine was 0.99 and gfr 119 . But now my blood pressure is 134/73. And my lower back is paining too much. Pain in urine. I am very scared about checking the creatinine and gfr again. I AM THINKING THAT I HAVE LOST MY KIDNEYS. BECAUSE OF BP.

  18. Check his diet and life style

  19. Hello Doctor,

    I just had a query on my sons health condition.

    He is 22 years old and recently I took him for a routine test and found that his BP was high and it fluctuates up and down.
    He is so active and has no vices at all. Yes he is a foodie.
    He has no symptoms of anything and he himself finds it strange.

    He has stress about his exams though. I can see it and I took another opinion from another doctor who said not to worry and wait till his exams are done.

    It rises and just drops within minutes. I wonder what could be the reason.

  20. Hello all, and thank you in advance for reading.

    Recently, I have been super conscious about my health, and with that I have started checking my blood pressure semi-regularly. I haven’t been recording it, but I believe my average is 130/85, but tonight as I check it it was 150/96! I am 23 years old, 240 lbs, and smoke. I do not do much exercise, and even though I want to, I do not have the “drive” to get going.

    Should I be worried about this spike in bp? It is currently 1:10 AM, and it just kind of startled me. Also, if someone has more in-depth dieting tips, please let me know so I can fix this, as I know NOTHING about proper dieting, and it is difficult because I work night time hours.

    Thanks again for reading, and for any and all help you will give me.

  21. Biju Sharma says:

    My blood pressure is 110/140 please tell me what I have do to make it ok.. or also please tell me what is the normal blood pressure at the age of 33years and my weight is 80kg height is 5.7

  22. bikram thapa says:

    I am bikram from Nepal. I am 22 year old.
    And my body weight is 73kg and of 5:11feet tall.

    My blood pressure is 146/98 mm of Hg.

    Please suggest me and help me fast

  23. Mohammed Faridat says:

    Hi my name is Faridat am 22 years old,I weigh 64kg and am slim my blood pressure today is 140/90 please kindly help me

  24. Regina jerotich says:

    Am 29yrs of age,I weigh 43kg and slim,my blood pressure yesterday was 149/109,kindly help

  25. Regina jerotich says:

    Am 29yrs old and my blood pressure is 149/109 that was yesterday, I weigh 43kg and am slim,kindly help

    • Regina check blood creatine. And colostrol ,Sugar, and proteinuria. Make sure that everything is normal and consult with a good nephrologist . 149/109 is not a normal bp U must take medicine for your blood pressure

  26. Deepak Sharma says:

    I’m 39 and my blood pressure is 149/106 height 5 .11 and weight 110 kg, currently take no medicine at all. Please advise me for any homeopathy medicine


  27. I’m 37 and my my blood pressure is 150 over 141 I’m 6ft 155 lb I currently take no medication at all. My mother and father have both had heart attacks and my dad’s heart attack he was pronounced dead when he was 37 years old but they were able to revive him he had a quadruple bypass then he also has stint in his kidney ,calf, and chest.. so heart trouble runs deep in my family. Thank

  28. Krishna Kiran says:

    I am 42years old man,my BP is 150/100 what I can do for reducing the BP

  29. Prof Girdhar K Pandey says:

    My blood pressure is 150/100, age 47, height 6 feet, weight 97 kg…
    My name is Prof Girdhar K Pandey
    Please advice…

  30. Shivam rastogi says:

    Doctor I’m 19 years old guy and my BP came out to be 79/ 147
    And I have no idea why. I go to the gym regularly for about 2 years. I eat a good amount of protien and fibers. My sleep is good, no such stress. Then why is it high? I don’t find any reason for that. Need help

  31. Hello Sir,
    I am 28 years old. I weight 113kgs after a serious leg injury while playing football. I used to weight 74 before the injury. I recently went for a voluntary blood donation camp and they rejected to take blood because of my blood pressure 140/100. Is the weight acting negative in my body ? Is there something I can do to get better ?

    Thank you

  32. priyanka mitra says: hight is 150cm weight 75kg blood pressure 135/90 please suggest me to live healthy. .

  33. Lalit Kumar Soni says:

    Hi my weight is 125 Kgs and my BP is 130/100 earlier it was the weight was 132 my age is 33 do I have to start tablets for BP
    I am doing exercise and Yoga on regular basis.

  34. Hi Dr. Sharma

    I’m 22 y.o and lately when i found out that I have a high blood pressure it ranges from 174/123 then it becomes lower then my last reading which is yesterday it ranges from 131/111. I’m not overweight either I weight 117lbs. And my heart rate per min is 100 or more.

  35. Sir, in homeopathy is their any medicines to cure hypertension permanently

  36. Hi Dr sharia I had my bp taken yesterday showed 138 over 90. Had my ecg today showing my heart rate was a little too fast. I’m 49 yr old female. I’m not overweight. Waiting for call of my GPS. What is likely to happen please. Thankyou.

  37. Vibhav Shrivastava says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I am 21 and recently i measured my blood pressure via. a blood pressure testing device at home and it showed me a reading of 138/87, also i have pain in the outer part of my right leg just a little above the knee and on the outer part of the leg. Do i need to worry about the pain or is it irrelevant to the blood pressure

  38. Hi Dr Sharma, I am 26 and my last reading was 180/100, pls what do I do to reduce this pressure. I am single and don’t over think

  39. Im 44 years lady single lot of family tension two days before got bp as i got headach from days was 180 than chkd again it was 170 with medication as i go to doctor my heart beat bcm very fast doctor perscribed tablet but after that tablet im feelibg tired..wht i do im teacher

  40. Satyam singh says:

    Hello sir
    I m 23 year old and my heart rate is too high i can abble to feel my heart beats normaly even i can see my heartbeats through my chest
    Can u help me with this

  41. i have blood pressure 150/88, my age is 31 year & i dont want to start medicine on early age.

    please help me to out from this situation.
    i am pure veg.

  42. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 30 year old woman with an average BP of 142/86 and Pulse around 84. Despite this being awful numbers wise my physician has never commented on my health. What can i do to prevent a heart attack!

  43. Hi,

    ^ months back i was normal, i have cheked but 1 month back in office when i was getting cheked it was 160/100- i was warried to not sure how it came,
    then in last one month i checked it every 2 days and the readings are 130/90 mostly, sometimes 130/86, 140/90, 135/88.
    3 times in 1 month i got 150/100.
    i actually get worried while going for the check, could you advise what to do, doctors are saying medicine is not required as of now.

  44. Is it possible one arm.has 150/110 and the other arm.hs 140/80..

    What does it indicate..
    What ate the preacaution to be taken

    • Did Sharma ever answer you ? I see all these questions for him but I do not see any answers. I saw your question and was looking for an answer from him because my son has same situation and he is 25 and in very good shape.

  45. Prakash Chandra joshi says:

    My blood pressure become 150/80 iam just 19 years, and iam feeling weakness and unactivate ,I don’t know what can I do.?

  46. sundarraj says:

    I am Sundar. Age 26
    I was getting giddiness on Jan and when I check the BP that is 169/113. I have checked that the heart and kidney every report says normal. But still, my bp is high. What I need to do. Please help me in these.

  47. Sir my age is 29, and I have hypertension and iam using medicine since 10 days,and I am not having any other issues like kidney and heart diseases all the checkup’s are my main problem is I am preparing for police job can I run fast or not

  48. Susan pilant says:

    My grandson has high blood pressure. He is 23 works out with weights, bicycles, hikes, eats a healthy diet because I Cook a low sodium diet. After waking up it is 126/74 then later in the day it goes up to 150/78. His carotid artery is OK and blood work is OK except he has some billi Ruben issues. What can I do to ascertain what is causing this problem. He was overweight in jr. high, but lost the weight and is now about 175 and six foot tall. Thank you for any help you can give.

    • I am 30 my Bp is now 120 85 along with ear ache like pressure feels sometime or irritation in ear I am too much sensitive every single thing hit my brain and my brain thinking and thinking over it I don’t put my thoughts out of it

    • Ebenezer says:

      I am 31 years of age and my BP is 160/100, what should I do to reduce it

  49. Dear Dr Sharma
    My partner is aged 33, he is fit and well, does a lot of excercise, eats healthy, low fat and low salt intake, I am a nurse and I regularly take his blood pressure. It has recently been showing 154/84? What should he do? Would the only option be medication? As I said his lifestyle is very healthy?

  50. Doctor,iam 18 years old.i feel my nerves system is streched when I get nerves . Could you please suggest me what should I do in this situation.

  51. Doctor, iam 21 years old! I checked my bp it was 150/80 i know it is not normal? But can it be controlled and bought down to 120/80? Am 84kgs and 174cms! I checked my bp before 2 months it was normal! But in these 2 months it has increased. My job is not so stressfull! What can i do to control it to 120/80? Am so panicking! Please reply.

  52. My BP is sometimes 150/90 and sometimes 130/80. I am doing regular exercise and taking a heart healthy diet as beet roots, banana, green coconut water, garlic ,sweet potatoes, fish, chicken, and green vegetables and some fruits . I am only 28 years and 71 kg weight. I have many tress in my family as I am the head of the family. Pls doctor tell me what ever have I high BP???

  53. Ajit kumar sahu says:

    Hlw doctr….
    My age is 23, male..
    My blood pressure is 160/94
    I walk 2km regularly in the morning since 1yr…
    Bt no result found
    My headache is still bothering me…
    What m i do plz suggest ?

  54. Sir
    I 23 years old,My blood pressure level is 160/100 and i am having pain on my left side of chest.This blood pressure level was taken today and half of the day I was riding the bike ..How can I decrease this level.

  55. Sir i am 17 years old and I have a blood pressure 140 /90.Is this normal

    • BABLU RANDVA says:

      no you are about to a physiologists urgently.

    • Have you had any root canals done before to your teeth ?don’t listen to whoever said that. You are not going to die, well I mean not immediately..come on we are all going to die duh that’s kind of a given , how it goes here on Earth
      What are you trying to scare young people coming here for help for.

      You’re fine this numbers game with bp was just a standard pattern some people who think they are smarter than God came up with to tell us other humans they call patients that normal numbers are such and such
      Its just a general guideline THEY go by . That THEY came up with. Not everyone is going to always keep falling into their little box categorized “normal” range of numbers
      Which by the way doesn’t just apply to blood pressure readings
      It also applies to thyroid tests, lab tests. All it does is keep their job security
      Face it. Doctors don’t want us all to be well because then they would make the same shitty amount of money as the rest of us. Same goes for fucking dentists.

  56. ANIL SACHDEVA says:

    My Blood pressure is 160/110 anytime.
    I suffered fatigue whole day and not able to sleep properly.
    what is the cure.
    My AGE IS 40

  57. Zeeshan hasan says:

    My blood pressure is 150/100 anytime
    I suffered from hypertension since 2011
    And what is treatment and cure

    • Zeeshan hasan says:

      My blood pressure is 150/100 anytime
      I suffered from hypertension since 2011
      And what is treatment and cure
      My age is 23 yrs old

  58. Sir my weight is 60 kg. Now I’m 30 years old. I have 170/120 high blood pressure. I’m very slim. I want to controlled it. Please sir give me ideas.

  59. Vijesh Menon says:

    Hello Doctor, Iam a 40 year old male. I have a reading of 153/109 and taking medication for hypertension. Intake of Nicardia retard 20 mg and amalong (Amlodipine) 10 mg. Both morning and evening. Used to smoke but now I don’t but do have couple of drinks most of the days. Have stress because of business and financial related situations. Would like to slowly shift to homeo treatment. Can you please guide.

  60. I am pramila. I am 30 year’s old.I have 72 know weight. And I am 5 months pregnant.I have 140/ 100 BP right now. Is it normal.

  61. my blood pressure changes within the ranges of 110/70 and 140/90. I am afraid of kidney problems. Is 140/90 concerned with kidney problems

  62. From last week my son is getting BP. He is 17 yrs old. His Bp is 140/80, 150/80 . He is getting headache.

  63. Sarabjit singh says:

    My eage 32year l am total vegiterion . My BP average 135/90 weight 65. my work shop

  64. Mahbub Ferdoud says:

    Weight-82 kg, age-48,pressure-90/130

  65. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from hypertension from long time. Everyday I have to take medicine. Are there any medicine in homeopathy for this which can permanently cure this or at least control this. I do not smoke or drink.

    Please help me.


  66. Respected sir
    I am 20 years old last night my bp was 140 90 today morning it was 150-100 where as i took tablets as well as proper rest my weight is 87 and my height is 178cms need ur help urgently

  67. Abhishek Bansal says:

    Hello sir, i am a 18 year old student. Sir i am suffering from a problem of high blood pressure which leads to headache. Sir my bp stays around 140/95 and went 160/120 last night. Sir i want your assistance as soon as possible.

    • Narayanraddi says:


      I had BP problem 2 months back readings were 170×110 160×100 170×90 likr that.

      i took medicine for 1 month and started doing rigourous exercise in GYM.

      Last 1.5 month i stopped medications and my BP is hovering around 130X86.

      is it ok. when i run in tradmill for 20 minutes i dont feel chestpain and tiredness but outside if

      run for 30 seconds also i feel chest pain and start hoping. please suggest what to do

  68. Manthan Agarwala says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am a 19 year old boy and yesterday when i checked my blood pressure it was 146/94. What does it indicates and sir what is the reason behins this.

  69. Dear Sir,
    I’m 18year old and having blood pressure around 150/95.Is it serious ,if yes,than what should I have to do???

  70. Hi now I’m 30 yes older and when I have cheque my BP that time 140/110 but my all reports was normal .so plz gives me proper gaidens what I do…

  71. Sunil Kumar says:

    Sir this is suniel my age 29 I got my high BP 170/114
    Once after some days after I got my BP 150/102
    Tell me appropriate solution for it please I left all the things with sodium and fat

  72. Ch sai kiran says:

    Hi DR,

    Iam 21 now and my bp is 133/119.
    I don’t understand what is happening
    Can you please advise.
    I need to get my dominator blood pressure low.
    Thank you,
    Sai Kiran

  73. Hi there my blood pressure is 138/81 and weight is 79.4 have headaches and sometimes a bubble in my head what natura can I use

  74. Tameng kamsar says:

    My two children are lean and thin aged 11 and 15 years but their bp is above 140/100 after medical examination of echo, renal angiography, renal doplar no symptoms found,creatinin level is normal 24 hours urine test is also normal. Is there other way to find out the reason of young diastolic hypertension

  75. Hello doctor
    My name is yanthan age 21.
    I suffer from hypertension satge 2 since i was 17.
    Doctor’s say its hereditary.
    Will it affect . my future? Sometimes i feely dizzy n out of breath if i work hard. Physical work.
    Is it because i suffer from this?

  76. I am 21 years old… And i have a blood pressure of 140/100…what s your idea about it??

  77. Muhammad Shoaib says:

    Dear Sir,

    My age is 30 and weight is 72 kg, i have blood pressure problem like 170/110, some time i feel pain in right side eye,neck and shoulder, also i lost eye site 4,5 times for 15 minutes, kindly give me ur valuable suggestions. i dont smoke and dont use alchohl as well.

  78. Dear sir
    I m gibon
    age 37 yrs
    I m obese , weight 90 kg , bp 170/115 always
    physically apple shape, chest 42 inch, waist 40 inch
    but lipid and other are normal.
    I have nocturia , like 3/4 times night time urination
    intolerable to cold
    burning at at foot, cant cover foot at night
    voracious appetite, like meat, fish
    many times urination at day also
    trying to reduce weight by deducting night eating but no result
    very gas, upper abdomen bloated all time and some times cramping pain
    the pain goes on after eating but come back after a while
    low back pain
    erectile dysfunction
    cant tolerate tight cloths
    cant walk too fast, or even fast
    like sweet very much
    plz help me selecting a homeo remedy
    I will be greatful to you

  79. hi sir,
    My weight is 80 kg and i am 28 yrs old , my BP is 120/90 .and i don’t smoke or chew tobacoo . I had a abolation done 5 yrs back of my heart (WPW) . For last couple of months i am strange pains in my left upper back and my left face sometimes goes numb as well as i can’t use my left hand as of my right hand. I sometimes exercise and i drink water normally >what may be my cause?

  80. Hassan Anwar says:

    My weight is 110 kg and I am 22 years old my blood pressure is 120/150.What should I ha’ve to do please tell me

  81. Shamseera mk says:

    Sr iam 28 year old and having bp 190/100 and taking amlong 5 for last 1 month .iam totally tired sr .please help me by giving ur valuable suggestions

  82. Sourav Paul says:

    Dear Sir
    I am a patient of asthma . But in general my blood pressure was high than normal value its reading lies 125-130/ 80-85. That is why my doctor prescribed me to take STAMLO 2.5 . But diagnosis result don’t find any thing wrong except lung .I am taking this medicine from last 2 years . Shall I continue this medicine or not for B. P .

  83. Sir my age is 17 but I have b.p 140/100 . please say the reason for getting the high b.p and I have done all the tests and scanning but all are normal .

  84. Good evening Dr.,
    My daughter is currently in ICU for tumor of the adrenal hypertension. What do you suggest will help with her headaches? She suffered a seizure & 2 strokes this past Monday. Her BP right now was 156/108 (119)
    Please help! She’s only 20yrs old

  85. Siddharth juyal says:

    Hello sir my name is Siddharth juyal I am 23 years old , I just want to say that from last march my bp is not stable i am doing night from last November 2016 and I was taking heavy diet but I don’t know why my bp is not getting normal it’s always showing me the range

    130/100 , 140/90 , 140/110 these are the most of the readings which I am getting from 6 to 8 Months

    I don’t drink
    No smoking yes past I have done smoking but for short time period of 3 months

    I don’t know why it’s not getting normal below one is makes mee uncomfortable sometimes which should be 80 but mine is always showing the range of below one is 90 , 100 or 110

    Please suggest me advice

  86. hi doc.
    iam 32 years of age and have a bp 160/110 yesterday i sweated profusly in ac and felt anxiety, i used to play a lot still it is happening iam alcoholic and chew tobaco also i feel drowsiness is it the symptom of underlying severe disesse , doc prescribed me telsor beta 50, petril md 0.25, feboxy amisant 50 , kindly suggest

  87. Dear
    Sir yesterday I checked my BP and I found blood pressure 150/90. My age is 28.
    Can u please help me out

  88. I have blood pressure 149 over 95. Am 35 years old
    77 kg and 174 cm man
    What to do?

  89. hello sir,I am Sanjay from alipurduar ,my blood pressure is 148/68 ,and my age 23 years height 5•3″ weight 56 kg ,6month ago I suffered ureter ston then I eat allopathic medicine since 3 month but now WTA result is normal , what is causing hbp and how I shall reduced my pressure please suggest me

  90. Sir. I have bp problem lust 5 years i taken cordiex2.5
    my age 38 weight 67 kg 5.5 inc im from Bangladesh so what i take in homoeopathy?

  91. sir recently i realize i have high b.p
    my age 21 ,male
    ecg abnormal heart prblm what should i do

    • Sir, I am 23 yeard old and have a bp of 140/90. Do i need to start taking medicines or should i control with dieting. Please suggest

  92. Good day Sir/ma, please, I check my BP yesteday (30th Aug, 2017) for the first time and it read 170/30. I am very afraid even when drug was prescrib. Please, help me out

  93. Hii madam I am sabith from Karnataka now I checked my Bp it shows 151 madam I am afraid when I see like this,my mind is always under pressure,tension madam,please suggest me a good way plsss help me madam

  94. Mona Hussein says:

    Hello, I’m Mona
    I’m 24 years old and my blood pressure reads 145/94 its my first ever I meet like this problem help me to know what to do

  95. Jigar Patel says:

    Sir, i am 25 years old and having 140/90 as bp reading.
    Please provide ways to reduce it to 120/80.
    Thank you

  96. This is Manjunath from Bangalore. My bp was 180/114, plz tell me to control bp . I consult doctor, I am not satisfied from his treatment. Plz suggest me

  97. Rini Stephen says:

    I am female, 26 years old .. my BP is 180/120mmhg .. I am suffering from renal hypoplasia and my on medication(cilidipine 10mg morning and 5mg at night) I consume almost 3mg salt or no salt in a day .. but then too my BP is high ..
    Can u give me some solution so that my BP decrease. .

  98. My son is 26years old. His bp is 150/110. Previously, he is an alcoholic smoker. Recently, he just stop. What is the advice to lower the bp or to take medication.

  99. Lawsib Kittir says:

    I am 17 years old , male . In April , at doctor’s clinic my bp showed 150/90 Doc advised me to exercise and reduce weight . My weight was 80 kgs . After 1 month , i developed chest pain and breathing problem . At doctor’s office my bp was 164/80 and pulse rate was 120 . I was very much nervous . Doc advised for ecg , ecg : abnormal , tachycardia . Doc advised for echo . Echo :normal . Doc said that it’s due to anxiety and sleep disorder and gave me bp and anti anxiery medicines . At home my pulse rate remains 60 to 70 bpm , but at doctor’s office it’s 100 . Plz. Help

  100. Sanchita Ruidas says:

    Hi sir,i am 26years old girl my weight 64 height 5’3″ my current bp is 160/110 that because i am suffering from breathing problem, headache and body pain can u tell me what should i do? Although, i do some exercise but It’s just for 10 min and then i do my homework like floor cleaning by clothe not useing dry mop at all, clothwashing etc etc. Even i take less spice and less oil made food.But after that not reduse my pressure.please help me sir..

  101. Good evening doc.
    I am 27years old married male. I recently suffer from anal itching. Than i doubt about hemaraids. So immediately i meet to the doctor. He check my anal and say dont worry there is no hemaroids. After that i say i get more sweat all the day. Doc chek my bp he surprised and what is this you have 140/110. Than he gives low power tablets. I afiried to use and dint take medicine after a day i check my bp countinues 3days avg report is 135/90 and some time 140/105. Please help me.

  102. MuthuArunKumar says:

    My name is Muthu.. I am 35 years old. I am having BP in the range of 150-160/90-100 and doctor prescribed me prolomet am 50 Mg…is that OK to take.. I have started half an hour walking daily also reduced salt.

    • Dr .my age is 33 my blood pressure is 150/94 plz advice me what can I do for reduce my plood weight also 84

  103. Syed shams says:

    Hi my name is shams.. And iam 23 years old… Yesterday i got done my sugar test at home before meals and it was 145 … I usually test my sugar at home and Evrytime it shows normal like 90-92 but this time i was shocked….. My sister is getting married dis monyh and m vry stressed out… Is it because of it? Like temperory? Or iam a diabetic patient forever?

  104. Dear Doctor ,my age is 44 I have readings 153/89 with pulse 112 , I feel that my heart pulse is faster than usual, please advise some good homeopathic medicine , your kind help will be highly appreciated.


  105. Dear Doctor , I have readings 153/89 with pulse 112 , I feel that my heart pulse is faster than usual, please advise some good homeopathic medicine , your kind help will be highly appreciated.


  106. Hi Dr. Sharma I am 20 year old male. My last blood pressure reading was 164/94. I was at the doctors so I may have been a little bit nervous but the last few times it has been taken, it’s been high. What Can I do to get it down?

  107. Shaheen Fatima says:

    Hello Dr meri friend ko 400 blood pressure hai use kabhi kabhi dekhna band hojata hai kiya y blood pressure ki wajah se hota hai or uski age 31ya32 hai kiya is age wale ko 400 blood pressure ho sakta hai

  108. Am 36 years Old Male, i have 150/90 Blood pressure, but i haven’t feel any much tension,

    please suggest me what to do

  109. Hi,

    Im a 21 year old female and (although i shouldn’t have, i got a fitbit) it worries me that alot of the time i have a resting heart rate of 120-140bpm. What should i do?
    Thank you

  110. Neha Gupta says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am just 31years old and blood pressure usually gets low and i feel tired, severe head ache, Please suggest me what shoul I do?

  111. Hi,

    My bP is 150/90, recently I found, my age is 33, kindly suggest how can I control.

  112. Sandip Rupadiya says:

    Hello i am sandip
    My age 21
    Weight 45
    Blood pressure 140/80
    How can control it
    Plz help

  113. am 38 years old my pressure has suddenly become 127/90 am a nursing mother my baby is 3.5 months. through out pregnancy my pressure was normal. well am always thinking a bout my parents that passed on last year don’t know if that is related. I think about them every day but I don’t cry over them just thinking. am 80 kg. what do I do?

  114. Hello i am 37 years i get high blood pressure and i get treatment for three months and until now my blood pressure is 150/ 110 and sometimes go to 170/ 120 !!!!! What should i do ?

  115. Abdulkhaliq says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma,
    I ama 30 years old male i have blood pleasure 140/100 ,is it considerable to take care more about my health or is it normal, please help me what should I do.


  116. K Elaiyakumar says:

    I am 32 years Old Male, i have 170/120 Blood pressure, but i haven’t feel any much tension,

    please suggest me what to do

  117. Hi sir iam.khan iam 25 year. Iam suffring high bp 160 100 after take stemlo beta. My weight 98 pls sugestn me all test are normal

  118. Hey Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Hamza Khan and I’m around 26 years old, from last few months I’m facing high BP issue’s which normally falls in range of 140/90 – 150/90 is this normal ? P.S what habits should I change to control it?


    • Siddharth juyal says:

      Hello sir my name is Siddharth juyal I am 23 years old , I just want to say that from last march my bp is not stable i am doing night from last November 2016 and I was taking heavy diet but I don’t know why my bp is not getting normal it’s always showing me the range

      130/100 , 140/90 , 140/110 these are the most of the readings which I am getting from 6 to 8 Months

      I don’t drink
      No smoking yes past I have done smoking but for short time period of 3 months

      I don’t know why it’s not getting normal below one is makes mee uncomfortable sometimes which should be 80 but mine is always showing the range of below one is 90 , 100 or 110

      Please suggest me advice

      Same problems 🙁

      Young age high bp

      Becz bad food habbits sudeen exercise removal from last 1 year that’s why I am facing the same problems doctr told to lose weight fit don’t smoke and drink no heavy diet

      Yoga meditation is must

      It may b genetic or bad food or sleeping habits

  119. Dhaval F Chaudhary says:

    Hello Sir,
    My self Dhaval
    I am Veterinarian,

    My Blood pressure get increased ie around 180/90
    Suddenly,now its 145/80 m feeling eye pain staggering gait, pain in abdomen and chest too!
    Now what to do?
    I m taking medicine of depression too.
    My weight is around 82 Kg
    Age : 24 years
    Bloat problem also,
    Help me out


  120. Hi sir,
    My self Shubham,a clg student and my blood pressure is about 130/80. I am not able to get sleeps at night , what shall I do .. Plz help me

  121. Rajesh Pandit says:

    Hi sir,

    I am Rajesh, my age is 29yrs.
    And i suffring High BP condition ( 80-120 to 100-150)
    Pls help me for maintain.

  122. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am 44y.o. And weigh 140lb and I’m 5’6″ in height I eat relatively healthy and have never smoked my BP is 180/110 and my pulse is 81 I’ve done a thorough check up with the doctors: ECHO, ECG, LFT, KFT, URINE TEST, BLOOD TEST and everything is normal. But I can’t understand why my BP is so high would you kindly give me some advice.

    Thank you

    • I stopped at a Rite Aid to check my blood pressure, it was 146/84 before my DOT TEST. IT had to be 140/90 to pass. I read online doing deep inhales thru your node and exciting thru your mouth would calm you down, also drank a bottle of beet juice a banana and plenty of water with about a half a hour walk and a baby aspirin. Well it was time, I took my test with all my last chance efforts and I couldn’t believe I scored a 136/82. Although that is still high and I need to stop smoking I was still excited I passed! Know I have to buckle down by dieting, exercising and quit smoking!! Before it is to late! I am 46. But those few things I did in a hour brought it down 10 points! I do get anxiety before they take that test every time! Then 20 min later I’ll be OK. I’m just happy everything worked out OK and know what I have to do for my future! Best of luck to you!

  123. Kalpana Bhadri says:

    Hello this is i am only 25 my bp is 190/110..I have to control my bp but don’t know what to do..can you please give me any suggestion to control this BP issue as soon as possible. Now i am very concern about it..and i suffering from headache since long time.

  124. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO CONTROL key stage 2 bp naturally

  125. kallol das says:

    My name is kallol das. My father was recently hospitalised. So i am tensed now. Recently i come to know my bp is152/98. My pulse rate is 88 per minute. My age is only 26. what can i do now???

  126. Manivannan says:

    I am 41 ears old have a BP of 150/100. .Basically I am very stressfull mind and I am very much worried about my health.I am always worried about my Kidneys.Whenever I checked my urine and Blood test,all results were normal.But my hypertension make me more anxiuos.How can I reduce my BP using Homeopathy treatment.I f I take any medicine,should I need to continue life long period.Kindly advice me

  127. Dear Doctor,
    I am Ramlal, 27 years old have a BP of 140/110.Basically I am very stressfull mind and I am very much worried about my health.Since am a Dialysis Service Engineer, I am always worried about my Kidneys.Whenever I checked my urine and Blood test,all results were normal.But my hypertension make me more anxiuos.How can I reduce my BP using Homeopathy treatment.I f I take any medicine,should I need to continue life long period.Kindly advice me

  128. Tariq Khan says:

    I am 27 year old male with PDA closure in 2012. My body weight is 62kg. I work in a hospital as a pharmacist. I am checking my BP since last few days it is 150/90 or higher. Can you please guide for next step?

  129. Hi doctor,I am 23 years old I am having panic attack since few years ago sometimes my bp went up get to 140/90 sometimes not (110/80) doctors said white coat syndrome cause when I check at home my bp always 117/77 or 120/80.but recently every time I check my bp at home or clinic my bp reading will be 130/80 or 140/80 I already checked with ECG,blood test all come back heart beat always around 80 above even I am resting.what should I do??

  130. Yogesh Mehra says:

    Hello Doctor
    I am 24 years old male. I weigh 68 kg and my height is 178cm and my blood pressure is 140/90 and sometimes increases and my pulse rate is between 72-80. I have already been gone through several test like ECHO,ECG,LFT,KFT,URINE TEST,BLOOD TEST and HOLTER MONITOR and found everything normal. I don’t know what to do to keep my bp normal. Please Help

  131. I am 25 year old female. I weighs 90 kg. And my blood pressure is 190/140..after taking amlovas 5 my B. P. Is 160/110 what should i do now

  132. M 25 yr old m a lecturer at nursing collegai had hypertension 150/80 140/90 or some tyms 130/90. I did my renal doplar. Its shows no defeact. Report was fine. So can i take homepathy medcine or allopathy medcines wic i prifer..?? Bcoz my doc gave me matoprotol beta bloker medine but m nt feeling well by tht medcines. I also take 6 mnth homeopathy medcine n my bp gng 120/80 so plz do me suggest in young age i go for homeopathy med. Or allopathy med….???????

  133. 36 year old male with BP always around 148/95 going on 3 months like this

  134. if i have 2 or 3 dose same time..then what is result aftr that..bcz my headche is very high

  135. My son turned 17 two days ago. Bp has been 153/106, 149/97 pulse 103 for approximately 10 days now. He is 5’8″ and weighs 155 lbs. Specialist gave appt 8 weeks outs. What can we do to lower it asap? I am a worried mom.

  136. My blood pressure sir 145/90 my ege is 34 which tablet can use ..

  137. my bp is 152 /93 what can I do to decrease it?is it possible to be normal in 5 days

  138. Sir i am 22year old last 8month iam suffering from high blood pressure on June 2016 high chelostrol was diagonised after that blood pressure increcres and taking aquazide medicine sir can my blood be cured I’m very tense about that please reply sir

  139. Hi dr.

    I am 27 years old male, 72 kg. I was diagnosed with hypertension recently. I am now taking beta blocker medicine for 2 weeks. But still i don’t feel ok. My meds is nebivolol 5mg. I feel lightheaded and easily get tired. I was asked to check my throid but the result is normal. I do exercise but i feel dizzy afterwards.

    Please advise.

  140. Hello Doctor, My name is Roy and I just had a physical. My blood pressure was 155 over 100. I workout an hour every day and I also bike for miles 4 or 5 times a week on my mountain bike. I am a 60 year oldmale. I have a healthy diet. I am 6 foot and weigh 190. I do love Ice cream but I dont go overboard with it. Maybe I need to cut it outof my diet. What do you think I can change or take to get it right. Thanks Roy

  141. Misbah Mohib says:

    Hi doctor how r u? My name is misbah and my age is about 19 year my b.p is reach about 170/120 and pluse rate about 100 what should i do?

  142. I have panic disorder and anxiety, when I’m feeling particularly anxious, my heart feels like it’s pounding out of my chest, I have chest pain (like someone’s sitting on my chest) my blood pressure gets high, and sometimes it feels like I can’t control my body from shaking or jerking. Yesterday when i was at the doctor to be tested for strep (which already heightens my anxiety) my blood pressure was 146/90 at 19 years old. Once I was hospitalized over night because it was 174/100 when I was resting after a panic attack. I can’t help but feel like I could develope heart disease or other serious problems from this. I am relatively healthy , 118 pounds. My doctor gives me pretty weak anxiety meds that don’t do much. Help!

  143. my age is 37 and weight is 80 kg height is 6 feet. i have a little health problem. i often feel when i take the little amount of whisky i feel normal but after two or three hours i feel my heartbeat for a short period. what is that ?

  144. Shahnawaz Ali says:

    My name is Shahnawaz Ali.& I am living in Delhi for six months .I used to take drug related nerves & after leaving that medicine I felt my heart is pounding .& It is felt through out body of heart palpitations My ECG is is normal but bp is 140 /100.After changing my lifestyle for about 2 weeks there is no change in result.i am not taking medicine yet but my doctor suggested me to take till my examination.My age is 25 .what should I do for cure it ,please suggest

  145. Good day

    I am 22 years of age and weigh 5okg.

    My blood pressure is 87 on top and 47 at the bottom.

    I want to know it that is fine. For my age and my weight.

  146. hello sir..this is lohith from Bangalore my age is 22 and weight is 62 kg..I recently checked by blood pressure it was showing 142 systolic and 85 diastolic is it good for health ..I checked it first time and I did it only once I haven’t checked it after that …

  147. I have no recorded 158/105

  148. sir i am 23years old i am suffering from HBP arond 140/90 remains and sometimes it also rise up .There is normal colestrol level urea and creatinine also normal but i have some kind of pains in my lower part of rib bones and two sides of the bally part .i have my meal in right time .I start to take medicine for 8 months after the advice from the doctor but the result is zero.i have also done ecg but cardiologist said there is no problem .I am very much worried about that i fell very weak..sir give some advice

  149. EMILY BLAKE says:

    Hi I went into the hospital last night with shortness of breath and a migraine that I have had for about a week now… I’m 29 years old and I’m 187 pounds and 5’7…. My BP was 159/138 and my HR was normal at 87. All my test came back normal, so they sent me home and told me to follow up with my primary well my primary said they can’t see me until April and its January… Should I be worried?

  150. suraj kumar says:

    I m 28 yrs old nd my bp is 135/95 mm hg wat shud i do .my wt is 71 kg and height 172 cm

  151. Kaitlin Gillespie says:

    Hi, my name isKaitlin Gillespie. I went to the doctor the other day and had 140/108. Did I mention I am 22, relatively thin, and this just came out of no where. I’m going to my primary soon so I should be started some medicine. But I’m also interested in homeopathy. I also have Fibromyalgia, so I’ve had my fair share of yoga and the like, as well as multiple acupuncture sessions. So I’m wondering if you could shed some more light on the subject and maybe start me a regimen.
    Thank you for your time.
    Kaitlin Gillespie

  152. Christian Joshua T. Cabal says:

    Hello. Dr. Sharma,
    Im christian, 18 year old male.
    I just want to know if what are the good things I must do. Can you give me some advice? I’d had my medical this day and my blood pressure was taken 3 times, and it’s all 140/90. Is that normal? Or not? May I know what will the things that I must do to make my Blood pressure normal atleast 120/80 or something like that. Excluding exercise, what are the things I must do to help myself? Hoping a response from you Dr. Sharma. Have a great day!

  153. Katherine Ibanez says:

    Im a 30 year old mom who is going threw alot n the two times ive gobe to the doctor my blood has been 180/100 n 160/ 100 I dont know why they said im fine cuz im only 5` 1 but I dont know I feel different please help me understand things that may be causing this

  154. My husband’s age is 51 and now his no is 140/110 since tree days. What is his Herat condition and what will impact to her

  155. arun billu says:

    Hi this is arun billu , am just 28 years old , and my blood pressure range is 155 . what can i do for this … my height 156 and ma weight 78kg. is there any issue by over weight ?… give me proper solution ….

  156. I’m 26years bp level now140/90.what does this mean dr pls reply me

  157. Ashwini s joshi says:

    I am a 37 yrs having tyroid last 3yrs , from last july facing high bp ,but last 2/3 months my bp is constantly flctuating like 157/133, 187/123 ,148/127 and after 2/3 hrs its drops like 112/68,101/76,137/93 ,when bp is going up i heard vheesal is my ears ,don’t understand what someone talk with me and feeling whery sleepy

  158. I am 23 year old and the age of 21 i feel my heart beating terribly fast and stay only 2 min after that day some time i feel my heart beat in my finger my ears and all the time my blood pressure stay at 90/145

  159. Tara Stagner says:

    Said I posted a comment never have

  160. Tara Stagner says:

    I am bp is around 200/140

  161. Prashant ulhas shinde says:

    My name is prashant ulhas Shinde.l am from blood pressure is 150/90 for last 16 yeasts.l was epileptic patient for last 31 for last 20 yeasts l m not having medicine are also reduced.l am taking treatment of Dr R.S wadia in Ruby hall Clinic pune for last 31 years.first of epilepsy and then blood pressure.when l check my Bp in other hospitals it shows125/86. In this rubby hall when I check it shows 150/90 or 160/90. How shall I come out of phone number is 9890882367.

  162. Prashant ulhas shinde says:

    My name is prashant ulhas Shinde.l am from blood pressure is 150/90 for last 16 yeasts.l was epileptic patient for last 31 for last 20 yeasts l m not having medicine are also reduced.l am taking treatment of Dr R.S wadia in Ruby hall Clinic pune for last 31 years.first of epilepsy and then blood pressure.when l check my Bp in other hospitals it shows125/86. In this rubby hall when I check it shows 150/90 or 160/90. How shall I come out of this.

  163. I am 37 years old male and I have been taking Diclophen for long period.Now My BP is becoming high (140/100) shall i start pils for the pressure?

  164. Age 23 , blood pressure is 149/81

    What does this mean ? Is this okay for my age ?

  165. suhas Ambade says:

    Blood Pressure: 150/100
    Creatine: 2.7

    • Augustine kwadwo Frimpong says:

      Dr.i feel dizzy always my head pains alot.Sometimes i can’t feel half of my body i don’t know what is wrong with me.please Dr help me…my name is Augustine kwadwo Frimpong from Ghana

      please help me

      Thank u very much

    • Hi im 38 year my bp was 100/60 ….but after a month cheked it raised 160/90 all blood tests are clear on diet to lose weight vit D iron deficiency so now on vit D bobe lift tablets and ggt raised so on milkthistle n tyrneric liver supplement ihv white collar syndrome so doc dint gave med he gave med fr hi bp but my bp went 80/40 so he stopped worried to die earlier

  166. Pradip pandey says:

    I am 23 years old male. My weight is 82 kg.
    I have had a headache today and I checked my blood presuer. I found my BP has increased to 150/95. Few months ago my BP was normal.
    What should I do in this situation.

    Please help
    Thank you so much

  167. Ashwini s joshi says:

    I am 37 yrs old last 10 Months i am suffering form high bp but last 2 days my bp is 157/128 i am taken concor 5 mg morning and Ecosprin av -75 mg after dinner.please guide me

  168. madonna Ugo says:

    my mom is 90 with BP180/82 pulse 107 what do I do to help her

  169. Hello sir
    My bp160/98,my weight 70kg,my age36,l donot do smoking ,drinking ,l am worried give me advise

  170. Rakesh Sharma says:

    Greetings Sir,

  171. joseph njogu matu says:

    My bp 160/90 my height 5.7 m weight 86 kg.Age 37

  172. I’m 27, weigh 75kg and 5’4″. Blood pressure is 150/70. Physician says my heart is globular. Exercise a lot and quite muscular. should I be worried?

  173. Rajneesh tiwari says:

    Respected dr I m just 28 year and my blood pressure is 160/98 and my height is 5:10 inch and my weight is 80 how can I fight this problem kindly suggest me plzz

  174. I have acid reflux that i treat with pills and its make me feel much better, but i get weird pains on my shoulders and left arms sometimes, myleft chest also get burning sensations from time to time it comes and go away in like seconds. And my left chest and shoulder got sore the other day and lasted for like 3 days but i dont know if i just pulled a muscle. Sometimes i also struggle to too breath it feels as my chest makes it difficult for me too breathe but its not sore at all. I went to the hospital 2 months ago where they told me i have acid reflux but my blood levels kidneys and oxygens levels is good and they did and egt on my hart and it came back positive.My blood pressure sometimes are 137 on 85, its very incositent its like 125 over 69 and sometimes its high again. I am only 22 years old so i was wondering if it can be the reflux that causes all my pains and high blood pressure and my struggle of breathing. I am also a smoker.

  175. Jitendra Pathak says:

    Sir, when I stand or walk I feel like I will drop , this Develop from my gastric problem In 2004,my BP90/150,colestral under control,bp increase after 3 years of gastric but feelings same as early gastric problem

  176. geeta sharma says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma

    today my doctor told me that i am in risk as my bp is 170/120 i am worried and donot want to take any allopathc medicine pls help me

  177. Terry granzo says:

    Sir ,good day yesterday im not feeling well my hea is like turning,my vision is blurred,and i feel swet ang uneasy,my tita bring me to hospital,then my bp is 180/120 the nurse told me to take catapres then after a minute 140/90..then they told me to take a rest then i go home but doc after 5hrs.i feel the same…again catapres again…doc as of this time i fell heaache blurred vision what should i do doc..i feel nervous pleas help me..thank you

  178. KISHORE KUMAR says:


  179. Sir

    I am 44 years.old female weighing 99kgs. My blood pressure is 220/140. I want to reduce it naturally. Ki dly asvise.

  180. Sir Iam 40 years and have 140/100 or 140/90 what medicines of homeopathic should be used

  181. anantha praveen says:

    I am 23 now I have blood pressure and sugar what can I do bp-149,sugar-148 please help me

  182. Evelyn N Scott says:

    Hi my name is Evelyn I’m 35 with high bp I have been on 6 different types of bp meds an they seem to not work r have very bad side effects now the ones I’m on my my hair fall out an my head still hurt what should I do an will I ever get rid of this high bp

  183. Faizul Haque says:

    Hello Sir , I am 20 yrs old . Sir , my blood pressure is 140/80 . Is it normal or not ????
    But sometimes I feel uneasy !!!
    Thnk you sir …

  184. Hi I’m 26 yrs old they where doing free blood pressure screening and I did mine it came out to 153 what can I do I have no idea the lady told me I need to get on a diet what should I do or eat I’m worried thank you

  185. CHANDAN JAISWAL says:

    Roj meri mother ka mornig BP 200 HO JATA PLECE SIR KOY UPAY BTAEY

  186. Pankaj Mishra says:

    Hi doctor my age is 19 wt. 60kg and my bp is 150/90
    Is this a matter to worry about?

  187. My age is just 18 but my bp is 170 to 120 for this what to do

  188. Priyarth Mukherjee says:

    My age is 23. My Blood pressure is 135/96. My weight is 90 kh height 5.11′.
    I don’t take alcohol or smoke. But love to eat. As I stay away from family in Mumbai and do lot of mental work which require 12-18 hour sitting in a stretch. I mostly eat outside. Pl suggest homeopath medicine for me.

    • Renuka Singh says:

      My age is 23. My weigh is 58 .I shiver a lot having no fever ,I have headache, my BP is 140/90 ,plz help me doctor.Is my BP normal

  189. sujeewa herath says:

    my age is blood pressure is 145_90 from 2-3 weeks ago.I,am using 25 mg 1 drug after dinner.but blood pressure not come down.please tell me some solution. tks.

  190. Pousali Nandy says:

    My age is 25 & BP is 120/100. Is it normal BP or high BP? Please tell me solution. What should i do?

  191. Kunal Gala says:

    i m male 35height 178 cm n weight is 79 i hav genetic hbp my bp is 131/ 96 doctor has siggested me concor 5 mg my reprts r normal no diabities no cholestrol clear ecg i hav started medicine but i want to know can homeopathy cure my hbpressure n can i take both allopathy with homeopathy

  192. I am 38 and my blood pressure is 140/90 what should i do please

  193. I am 38 and my blood pressure is 140/90 what should i do please

  194. my mothers blood pressure is 160/87 and her pulse rate is 87 her age is 79 is it a matter of worry what should I do I am far away please suggest

  195. Vijendra tiwari says:

    My age 25 and my bp is 130 by 100 plz give me a gud solution

  196. Tapashi Saha says:

    Good evening sir.I Tapashi Saha,Female,age-46.I check my bp regularly it shows in morning 150/85 and in night 180/95.My weight is-50 kg.
    But i don’t have any symptoms such as headache, nausea and vomiting, mental confusion, vision changes, chest pain, or shortness of breath.But still my bp shows over.
    what can i do to reduce my bp?please give me suggestion.
    Thanking You
    Tapashi Saha

  197. I am 30 years old women my bp 150\110 and my weight 60kgs

  198. Rekh Gurung says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I’m 23 years old high blood pressure male patient from Japan.
    long time ago I used to feel a sudden headache as soon as I started to eat any meal.
    And I also use to do night work for 6 days a week.
    But day before yesterday I felt stroke.
    I’ve even started to take medicine (25mg) to reduce this high blood pressure as prescribed by Japanese doctor.
    But this medicine does not seems to be working in body.
    I’m not feeling well.
    I’ve lost appetite, cannot sleep because heart beats so strongly and some times my heart beats so highly that it becomes very difficult to breath resulting in fever and weakness…!!
    What shall I do now..???
    Am I suffering from very dangerous heart disease..??
    Or what else…!!!
    Please reply me back
    I’m really in need of your help and suggestion…!!
    Right now,also right up to this moment it’s very difficult for me to breath and my heart is pounding so hardly
    Japanese doctor said it’s no big problem but my body is in difficult condition…!!
    Please reply me back
    I need your precious feed back that could help me

  199. mark angelo angeles says:

    130/100 blood pressure with dizeness what will i do

  200. My age is 25 and my bp is 90/150 how can i reduce it?
    My weight is 80kg,And noting symptoms showing to me of high blood pressure,,plz suggest me

    • For my daughter I’m writing this letter.she is 25yrs old and working as a software engineer…her blood pressure nw is 130/90…all other blood routine check up is normal…is this bcse of hypertension ? She is 67kg wt…

  201. I’m Pat from Jos Nigeria,, I’m 24years old and with a high blood pressure of 162/120… please what should I do..

  202. efayena wisdom says:

    which drugs will I take for prehypertension ,am wisdom by name 23years old

  203. Hi! I’m 42years old female,weight 75 height 5.3 and I my belly fat is too heavy and I have bp around 140/100 which medicine is correct For me

  204. Sir, lam 43 , 73 weight ,my hight 5.2 heart beat 126 , i consult the doctor chek up list ls normal A thin water layer around the heart he said .please tell me my deight and exersizes.

  205. My friend is 19 ,has bp around 140/96 normal stature but nowadays gets episodes of striking pain in the centre of chest and on left side,pain in lower left lumbar side at the level of kidney what further consequences might happen

    • Hi. I’m a 44 yrs old female and need a regimen for a stressful environment and lower back.pain and high bp and / possible kidney problems ,I my legs are swollen and feet both.hands ,TIGHTNESS TRRRIBLE AND MY DR SAID IT WAS MY TYROID WHICH LEVELS AREN’T BK YET. ,,,BUT HE SAID HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT S WRONG PLEASE HELP

  206. My is Ezekiel Adda ,I am 33 years old. I held from NASARAWA State, Nigerian. I was diagnosed of Blood pressure .I need your assistant sir

  207. Ms. Distressed says:


    I am a 17 year old girl. My weight is 68kg and height is 155cm. My blood pressure has usually been around 120/80, plus minus 10 units in the systolic pressure. A little while ago my blood pressure measured as 130/85
    And recently I have been experiencing consistent palpations and on checking my blood pressure it turned out to be 103/64, 90/65 and on such patterns for 2-3 days. Is it a matter of concern? Also I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago. Please help. The palpatations seem to be quite a discomfort.

    Ms. Distressed

  208. Hi I have done my blood pressure today and it’s 146/112 pulse 79 is this series I can’t get into my doctor.

  209. My BP is 110/90, is it danger for me? What will i do to have it normal again? Can taking exercise help? Please help…

  210. Velmaramur Karalasingam says:

    I ,’m61 years old My blood presure is 125/68 What is this? What can i do about that? But I am normal

  211. I’m 24 year old boy. I’m suffering from high blood pressure (180/110) what can I do to reduce the level of blood pressure .

    • Take formula for man( age 18 or higher):
      Height, cm – 105cm = weight kg,
      Example 180cm – 105 cm = 75 kg is needed for better blood pressure.

      For woman (age 18 or higher):
      Height, cm – 105cm = weight kg,

  212. Soubhagini Swain says:

    Sir, I Soubhagini Swain from Odisha. I am 20 years old. Recently, i was getting higher headache that to only left side. I have also chest pain sometimes from age 10. When i recently get check up from near by govt hospital. I was shocked to have that i have 140/100 BP. They gave me some medicines. Sir, please say what to do?

  213. Abdul kabir khan says:

    Hi. Sir i am student and my age i
    Will be 17 years in next january. I recently have my BP as 170/ 120 and sometime 150/100 or so. What shall i do in this case. I had some tests but they were clear

  214. Sir my age 35 bp levels is up dowen some time it is 120/80 some time 130/90 it what is the solution please

  215. yaghik pandey says:

    hello sir ,
    i am 18 years okd and my blood pressure is 140/90.what should i do now.

  216. David Flores says:

    Hello I’m David Flores I’m 15 years old and my bp three days ago was 131 over 48 and today was 138 over 75.

  217. sir my age is 20 and m having high bp problem from 23/8/2016 on that day my bp was 177/100 what and m not feeling comfartble from that say yestrday my bp was 150 …. what should i do ??

  218. jagdeep singh says:

    hello sir i m jagdeep singh and m 21 years old . i don’t know how my blood pressure regularly high its always near about 154/95 . please suggest me what can i do..


    • says:

      Hlo sir I’m Sapna n im. 24yr old I don’t know my face over rengcell have so please sir what can I do. my face

  219. cristy r caspe says:

    hi! my husband is 28 y/o, this past few days he experienced shortness of breathing, i rushed him to the hospital. the doctor test him thru chest x-ray ,and his clear but the doctors initial finding was his heart is enlarge, he recommended us to a cardio specialist for further treatment im worried because his hypertensive also his BP ranges 140/100 that time and sometimes.

  220. I woke up early morning but i was attack with a sudden very light headedness and it cause me to not being able to walk properly. I rested about an hour and check my bp. Surprisingly it was very high 147/112 . So i took my shower and rested for another hour and check my bp again. Felt relieve it was lower a bit 140/110 . Waited another hour and it shoot way high 150/110 . Through out the 3 bp i took the light headedness is still there. I wonder what wrong. My eyes hurts too. The back of my eyes.

  221. Hello doctor sharma i just want advice from you im 25year old and i think i have a heart deases because my lower back is pain my head is pain and and i feel like vomitting and my eyesbis hurt i hope you can givr me somr homeopathy ..

    P.s sorry for my english …

  222. shailesh baranwal says:

    In how many days of regular homeopath madication high bp can fully treated.

  223. Stacey Bankes says:

    Hi I’m 29 years old and have wpw and have 5 stents in heart and take my BP and is always 136/180

  224. Sir, I read the articles about homeopathy in Dr Homeo, all about homeopathy. Sir,I have suffering from High BP since 7.7.2016. I have checked regularly my BP i.r. some times 180/100, 150/100, 140/90, 148/90, 160/100, 160/90 190/100, 160/110. I’ve started medicine my Dr. Mar Devaraju, Homeopathy from 8.7.2016 along with all9pathy medicine ie. zabesto tab 5 mg.. Kindly advice me to take whether both or only Homeopathy. My age is 58. Kindly advice me which are the foods for this.
    No habits of coffee’tea only water (boiled and cooled)
    Thanks & Regards.

  225. Carrie Folsom says:

    My son is 12 yrs old and was complaining of chest pains. I ckd his Bp and it’s 131/68 with pulse of 122. Is this bad or normal. Plz advise if I need to take him to a dr

  226. Rosette Schram says:

    I am a 66yr old female, diagnosed with malignant lesion mm in length early stages of cancer still in cell not invasive. I am 5’1 height and blood pressure reading went up to 220! Reading after short while to 178 then later in day 148 sothey cancelled my surgery will it be done later under general 2daysago just started on a mild dose of blood pressure tablets would appreciate your follow up,

  227. Ravi Khorana says:

    60 Yrs/M/5’9″/76 Kg

    BP under control by Atenolol 50 since 15 years

    Semi – Sedentary lifestyle. Medium Stress. Smoker – 5 a day. Alcohol – 240 ml of hard a day.

    No symptoms

    Need Advise.

  228. Naa pentil says:

    Hi dr. I’m a 32 year old woman with high blood pressure, kindly put me on diet. Thanks

  229. hi am having pain in left arm and corner of left shouder sometime during night,not able to sleep during night sometime .Having high bp,sometime goes to 150/97
    Got ecg done for time in last 5 months but its normal.
    not felling relaxed not able to know the exact reson meet so many doctors.

  230. Francis Dwomoh Wellington says:

    Pls Dr. I’m Francis Dwomoh Wellington and I’m experiencing hypertension for about two years now ,I have gone through several medication but am still having it, and it had become a burden for me. it’s hurting me, I have gone through several hospitals but am not getting any better treatment,what should I do, pls help me..

  231. goodness says:

    im a 20 year old girl who suffers from high blood presure.with my first pregnancy i lost my baby due to high blood and woke up in i have changed my lifestyle but still afraid of losing another child how can i stop thinking about that?and stop being afraid of history repeating its self

  232. gaurang chauhan says:

    Hello Doctor.
    I want your personal mail id to solve some my critical problem. M just only 24 year old .

    My id is

    Plz mail me.



    Dr.iam 43yrs old,my B.P.suddenly rise to 167 over 96.i have been using home medications like leaves and herbs,it worked for sometime and stopped.i have tried LEXOTAN with ALDOMET for sometime yet no difference.please what can i take homeopathically to control this condition because i have started to experience pains in my chest? Please contact me with my mobile number cos i have a problem with my e-mail.

  234. Sudhir Sarup says:

    I am 66 years old with 85 KG weight. I just discovered to have 132 Fasting & 159 as PP when tried blood sugar test.
    I lead a very stressful life. Work almost 10-12 hours on an average daily. Has desk work.

    Walking is very minimal.
    Can you suggest how to reduce my sugar level and also homepathy medicine? I believe in homeopathy.

    Best Wishes,


  235. Maheshwar says:

    Dear sir
    Since 15 months 160/110 using metoprolol 50 mg two times/day even though not reducing Bp
    Doing walking since two months per day 10000 steps min that is 6km
    What can I do ? Visiting cardiac Dr regularly food habits R also decreased only rock salt using outside food stopped
    Using tablet for sleep also with out taking tablet no proper sleep

  236. Baljinder singh says:

    Sir my bp is 130/90 age 37 ,having ingurenial reducing hernia for which surgeon recommended surgery. Please suggest is hernia & bp can be treated by homeopathy.

  237. Muhammad Sheharyar says:

    Hello doctor sharma. Sir i want to doscuss that since march my body is behaving abnormally. My hearr suddenly starts palpitating. My blood pressure rises. My heart spins. I feel dizzy as if there is some earthquake or something. I’m 22 years old male from pakistan. Im havimg a fear that there is somethimg wrong with my heart. I have had mamy ecgs, 2 echos all were fine. Went to two catdiologists they said theres nothing wrong with my heart. Sir i want to ask that what is causing these episodes of high and low blood pressure.

  238. Ashish yadav says:

    sir i’m facing problem of bp age 18 Bp range 130/75 And sometimes i feel lonelines and sometimes i fear to face small problems

  239. Hamza Hussien says:

    I am 22years old and my blood is higher alwats so how can I lower without medication and what has brought my blood goes up regulary.Thanks

  240. priya tripathi says:

    hello…sir I am 21 year’s old girl
    I have bp
    heartbeat is very fast..pls
    suggest me to cntrl it in
    natural way or by
    medicine..should I worry
    about it??

  241. Gourahari Nayak says:

    I am 35 years old .My BP is 140/100 ,My weight is 60 kg. ,My job profile is offical job in private . I took medicine daily MTXL-50 . After two months taking medicine ,the BP is not in normal stage .So what can i do . I am in diet control . What can i do for my health .Pls give me advice .

    • Sahil Sachar says:

      Hello Dr.Sharma
      I am SahilSachar. I am 25 years old and my height is 5.10″ and weight is 108kg.
      I feel restless few days ago and i checker my bp was suddenly 190/120.
      As i feel my bp in routine is 150/100
      Now i am under treatment and taking a bp medicine for ten days. And working out daily more than 5km.
      Please suggest what to do . Homeopathy can treat me well . Please help

  242. Apurva More says:


  243. Sahil Lakhani says:

    Hi. I am Sahil Lakhani.. I am 17 years old. 2 months earlier my heart beat jumped from normal to 130..
    And my blood pressure was recorded as 160/100 at that time. I m now under treatment. I wanted to know if there is a treatment in homeopathy for my disease.

  244. Mrs. Hazarika says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.

    I am a 30 year old lady working in the corporate sector.. Recently I have measured my bp as 130/95 and sometimes 120/100.
    At present my bp measure is 130/95 and as a result I feel like my head is spinning and i am to fall down, while using stairs i feel like breathlessness, and heart beats more fast. And even i feel around my neck part i.e in the left side vein is contracting..

    My weight is 85kgs, and my height is 5.3 inch.

    Can you please suggest what should i need to follow and what to do ??

  245. vipanjagga says:

    hello…I am 30 year’s old…I have bp 130/90..sometimes heartbeat is very fast..pls suggest me to cntrl it in natural way or by medicine..should I worry about it??

  246. Hi i m 31. No med history, my bp is 160/110 permanently from last 3 weeks when i know i start check daily.

  247. am 29 and have a bp if 140/100 and a heart beat of 66 per minute. although I stoped smoking 2 yer ago. I just cant understand.

  248. My Bb result is 160/120 . I’m 36 years old. I’m pls can I go back to do exercise.

  249. Pls Sir I am 21 years and am a marketer, my job is stressful and I did a check up and am 131/68, pls advice me.

  250. jayakrishna says:

    Hi am a boy of 17 years and 45 KG ,165 cm tall my BP level is above 150. please help me to control it and what is the reason?

  251. Addo Haggar says:

    Please am a woman of 32 years, I became pregnant with a normal blood pressure 120 / 60 soon after delivery my blood pressure arise to 140 / 90 please what may be the cause.

  252. Hi.. Sir I am 21 yr old male,my BP sometimes 120/90… I. Use to do exercise daily for atleast half an hour, should it need to worry about it???

  253. My heart beat fast at times and my fingers also shake when am holding any object at times too

  254. Dr Ram Bharosh Dubey says:

    Respected Sir
    I am Dr R.B.Dubey(Age 35 Sex Male) belongs to Uttar Pradesh at presently working as PGT Chemistry in a most reputed School in Ballia St xaviers group sir,since last three month I have been suffering BLOOD PRESSURE fluctuates in every day sometime pressure ranges 140/90 and 150/100 so I am regular intake medication a Divya pharmacy product Mukta vati as usually 2 tablet in a day BD,beside regularly I used to go for walking morning 2 km every day but I do feel vertigo or imbalanced in walking and laziness in whole bodies kindly suggest me what kind of medicine used for recover the

    disease of High Blood pressure and dizziness or imbalanced in walking
    Thanks you

    Date of sending 25/05/2016
    Place Ghazipur U.P

  255. Dr Ram Bharosh Dubey says:

    Respected Sir
    I am Dr R.B.Dubey belongs to Uttar Pradesh at presently working as PGT Chemistry in a most reputed School in Ballia St xaviers group sir,since last three month I have been suffering BLOOD PRESSURE fluctuates in every day sometime pressure ranges 140/90 and 150/100 so I am regular intake medication a Divya pharmacy product Mukta vati as usually 2 tablet in a day BD,beside regularly I used to go for walking morning 2 km every day but I do feel vertigo or imbalanced in walking and laziness in whole bodies kindly suggest me what kind of medicine used for recover the disease of High Blood pressure and dizziness or imbalanced in walking
    Thanks you

    Date of sending 25/05/2016
    Place Ghazipur U.P

  256. Hello my name is Taylor and I’m female, black, 23 I just took my blood pressure and it is 150 over 99. Am I going to die???

  257. Suraj jung shahi says:

    Recently 3,4 months i have been checking my bp because i quit smoking and maintaining hygienic diet. Still my bp is somtime 140/90. My age Is 26 and i am single about my past i used to smoke and drink but now i had quit almost smokind and somtym only i used to drink

  258. Colby phillips says:

    I am 25 years old. Caucasian male. I weigh 185 and I am 5’10”. I workout somewhat frequently. Three times a week or so. I just recently started taking lisinopril for my BP readings staying around 130/85-145-95. The only times my BP seems to read good is one the days I have vigorous workouts or days of a soccer game. I watch my salt intake pretty hard and have been dieting much better.

  259. sudarshan dangol says:

    Heloo doctor I m 22 years old. I have headche since i was child like 6 or 7 standard. It last for 10 days and it goes back and after month it again comes back till now n my blood predure is usually high. Now its been 3 days i have headche , eyes pain n like fever and blood predsure is 150/ 80 n tension also. Headche for minium for 10 days i usally have in month gap. i m having problem in studying because of this i feell lazy, very tierd and sleeping for 2/3 days.please Can u tell me the treatmen for this problem

  260. Sir, i have checked my BP in the afternoon 1 o clock today and found its 140/90.i am 36 years old male.
    Is it high or since its in the afternoon due to the pressure variation?
    Could you please guide me on this regard.
    I am a pure vegetarian.

    Sumesh A K

  261. Hi my BP is 180/100 am just 21 years old. I am using concor as prescribed by doctor, I never had that issue, I am having headaches severe ones, shoulder and back ache and my feet alwqys have burning sensation. I don’t have any kind of stress. My life is simple. I am 5’6 and 65kg. I exercise properly, I eat healthy, why I have this hypertension. I am really worried about it, please help me

    • Hello Dr..
      My husband is 29 year old.nd now his BP is 160/90to95. I m very worried about this. ..
      Plz help me….

  262. Hello Doctor,

    At the age of 25, In Feb2011 , Doctor said i have a BP of 140/90 by doing two test on different day , and he has given me Telmisartan 40 mg , almost continued for a year.. then i had head ache when ever i took the tablet , then i stopped the intake around mar2012 and i was feeling ok . Then in oct2012, I was feeling head ache and went to check my BP , it was high around 150/90 . Then doctor suggested me to take ramistar 5mg and it came to normal. I’m 30 now and it is almost more than 3 years i am on the drug. Is it really ok to continue this drug? As i feel i started on drugs at early stage. Will it lead to any long term problems? Thanks.

    • Suraj jung shahi says:

      Recently 3,4 months i have been checking my bp because i quit smoking and maintaining hygienic diet. Still my bp is somtime 140/90. My age Is 26 and i am single about my past i used to smoke and drink but now i had quit almost smokind and somtym only i used to drink .

  263. idris fuhad says:

    thanks Dr.sharma

  264. Anthony John Otwane says:

    Hi Dr
    I tarted taking hctz a half in oct 2014. On 1st march 2016 my pressure had stabilised. The doctor advised mW to discontinue the drug. A week later I felt something like dumbness on my left leg arm and face.I Went yo hospital and was given nuerocare. Two weeks later I had very serious palpitations. I qwnt to the heart centre and they did ECG,Echo,ABPM,MRI,Holter and they concluded that everything was OK. I was given nebivolol 5mg to be taking a half everyday. My heart rate now averagely is 60. And the pressure is 124/85. Can I continue taking nebivolol and for how long or it can be changed. Thanks

  265. Kaitlyn Moorhouse says:

    Hello, I am an 18 year old female and my blood pressure has been getting dangerously high lately. Today it was 150/86. Should I be worried? I don’t have any health insurance

  266. Addo Haggar says:

    Hello Doctor am 32 years woman , I became pregnant with a normal blood pressure 120 / 60 but after delivery my blood pressure arise to 140 / 90, please what may be the cause

  267. Michael Garcia says:

    My blood pressure is 153 over 105 with pulse rate 97 n I’m a 28 year old man but here in the last month I just ain’t been feeling normal what is your suggestion

    • Hello. I would Highly recommend you get your blood pressure checked again. This is not normal blood pressure. Or buy a blood pressure machine so you can check also. But I would seek some medical advice as soon as possible . Good luck! Get some advice from medical professional!

  268. anilkumar says:

    my age 51 my blood pressure 155/90

  269. Falen carter says:

    Hi I’ve recently went threw cardiomyopathy twice with my last two kids. Causing heart failure problems. I’m on lisiprol an lasicks but went to my doctor the other day an
    He said everything seemed ok an I could stop the water pills but wanted me to stay on my lisinoprol until my 2week check up… an I haven’t taken my lisinoprol today. I just check My blood pressure an it red 108/65 81….my question is, is that good or bad an should I take my lisinoprol?

  270. Asif munir says:

    Age 43 year from one month feeling headach heav head Street in neck muscles ,, BP on an avg daily check 140/90
    150/100 height 6 feet
    Weigh 93kg
    Job streerss yes
    What should I start now family history father was BP n heart patient

  271. Hi I recently took my partners blood pressure and he has a reading averaging 144/78 the systolic reading is worrying but the diastolic is a more normal reading. Do u often find this? He is 30 years old white male.

  272. Dear: Doctor

    I went to check my blood pressure and to it was very high 159, I mean i am only 23 years. I could loss my job because of this.

    How can i reduce my blood pressure levels? please help me doctor.

  273. Hi i am 28 years old and gave birth to three cgildren but my bp has been high since i was pregnant with my first. I dont really go to doctors alot i have a bp mechine at home its 140 81 and that was taken after i layed down for a while im worried that im too young to have high readings like this i dont know what to do

  274. Ndanenu Francis says:

    Iam 35 years and diagnosed of having blood pressure and was give Nifetidine and hctz but my blood pressure is still 140/100. please I need your help.

  275. I have. Reading of 144 over 100 and I do smoke and drink only at night drink about 6 beer and 12 or so smokes feel tried time to time and have a lot of stress it does come down occasionally to 133-92 what do you think

  276. shiva ahuja says:

    I had 150-110 mm of hg at age of 18 now what can I do my weight is 95 kg and all the secondary causes tests are normal what can I do please help??

  277. ruth adabonyan says:

    hello!thank for this realy enlighten me about my health…my ailment started on saturday..i ate mango and few min later i drank mineral…12pm i started feeling tightnin on my chest.was rushed to the hospital and my bp was 148-100.was given some bp drugs and injection.these had soothing effect.but after i was discharge my breathing became irregular.sometime when heart start beating too fast even when i didnt engage in any strenous activities.other times i feel these sort of tightening on my like i cannot swallow always happen at night..during the day am always okay.i havent thought of a good eating habit until now.i eat alot and anyhow..tho i am learning how to reduce it.i am just 19.please what can i do about it?please do reply.thank you

    • randy day says:

      Hello, I’m 26M I have had high blood preassure of 180/130. When I went to the ER For this it shot up to 220/160!! They almost couldn’t belive this, they gave me meds and blood preassure shot..they did not work, in fact it made my BP higher! I stayed in the hospital for 4 days while doctors tried to find out what was wrong.

      Finally after numerous x rays and cat scans, and blood draws, we found something!! I had a tumor on something called “adrenal” gland, two of them are located above your kidneys. Adrenal glands help pump out numerous hormones and balance things in your body, one of them being “aldosterone” if your adrenal gland is not working proproperly it can cause very high blood preassure by telling your body to hold on to sodium instead of discharging it through your urine! If you are healthy and have a healthy diet please get a blood draw and check your aldosterone, it can also be tested through urine.

      My blood preassure is down to 130/100 which I’d very good considering I had surgery about a month ago to remove my adrenal gland, I will be working on lowering mt BP with meds and hope for the best.

  278. Hello i am 29 years old young and active women..but my blood pressure sowed 104/70 and pulse 120.I like to know if this is ok.thank you:)

    • It is normal blood pressue, if BP less then 120/80 you are in good condition. For more info check your BP readings on “” you can get vivid info on that site .

      Thank you have a nice day.

  279. Keith Quebedo says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma my I’m 43 my heart rate is 130bom and pressure of 200/108 is this dangerous?

  280. Hello…I use to suffer from a panick attack but not its less I mean it comes to me when I feel stressed but wat bothering me is I have blood pressure go up and down between 130 over80 to 150 over 90 but the most of time is 140 over 90 ????I went to doctor he monitor me for 24 hours machine and he said that I don’t have bp!!! I always feel like I’m gonna hv stroke and I feel shaky scared muscle movement and tired eyes with movement of my muscles all over my body so plz tell me what I should do???

    • Shishir Mishra says:

      You already know that you have panic disorder… There should be nothing to worry abou it’s all coz of anxiety .. However still get a second opinion from a cardiologist….

  281. Bishop Emmanuel Marsdon-Harry says:

    I am 53 years old & have a blood pressure of 160/90, I want to go on a fast. is it advisable?

  282. My problem is my systolic level is 148 and diastolic level is 123 .My age is 37 should take medicine or nt or any home remedies. pls advice me

  283. Hi,iam 28 yours old hight 5.4inc and weghit 72.i have pre hypertension somtime my bp 135/80or140/80 i feel very bad.please tel me what medication help me and what i do.please dr. Reaply me

  284. Hi Doctor,

    I am a 40yrs woman with three kids,have been suffering from unstabilized blood pressure reading from 130/90,atimes 145/97 for over one year now.

    Recently i saw a doctor who refered me for labouratory investigations.The result showed high cholestrol &less vit D & body mass water.

    U was placed on novasc,from the initial 10mg to 5mg & these trigered my BP to 160/118

    Can i resume the 10mg without seeing my doctor.

    I appreciate your prompt response.

    Best Regards

  285. gladys focus says:

    i am 23 years old my blood pressure is 117/69 but i keep feel my heart beats going fast and feel my chest burns what does that mean

  286. Sandra Kelsoe says:

    I’m 27 yrs old, I just recently starting having bad headaches face and ears fire burning red, if I’m sitting or squatting and get up my vision blurs and I almost pass out, so I started checking my blood pressure daily. Mine has always for yrs stayed 117/120 over like 80, it’s been reading 158/90 I’m anemic and have blood transfusion but even with that in the past I’ve never had high blood pressure help, what’s maybe going on

  287. My blood pressure is 151

  288. Arit Manna says:

    When i went to a doctor for the treatment of cough he checked my pressure and it showed 160/70….everyone got surprised as my age is 15 only….I dont know why my pressure rised so much….please help me!!

    • ruth adabonyan says:

      hello!thank for this realy enlighten me about my health…my ailment started on saturday..i ate mango and few min later i drank mineral…12pm i started feeling tightnin on my chest.was rushed to the hospital and my bp was 148-100.was given some bp drugs and injection.these had soothing effect.but after i was discharge my breathing became irregular.sometime when heart start beating too fast even when i didnt engage in any strenous activities.other times i feel these sort of tightening on my like i cannot swallow always happen at night..during the day am always okay.i havent thought of a good eating habit until now.i eat alot and anyhow..tho i am learning how to reduce it.please what can i do about it?please do reply.thank you

  289. Saqib Ali Memon says:

    Hello Dear Sir,
    With due reverence, it is to say that I am 37 years old. I am working as Computer Operator since 2000. I am severely suffering from headache and often observed that my BP is 140/100 OR 130/90. Mostly I suffer from digestive problem but not constipation. Kindly suggest your expert and technical opinion in this regard.

  290. shaik subhani says:

    i have been suffering with high bp for 5yrs , along with i have stammering ……….. could plz you give me suggestions to prevent this …… now iam 24yrs old

  291. Charles Somuah Sarpong says:

    Am 29years old,i have never Smoke,never drink,but sometimes i do eat salty food,i usually Sleep late,my mother has hypertention.Just two days ago i went to.the hospital and was told my blood pressure is 100-160 which implies i have hypertention.Please how can i cured hypertention for good without medication.Natual ways,Also can it be cured for good.

  292. bethy oyinkan says:

    Am just 20 and amlodipine was prescribed to me for about a week av stopped feeling my heartbeat sounding and now it has started again what is d cause

  293. my bp is 160/85′ i notice movements around my chest and occasional pains in my chest.i also feel pains in my feet .whats the cause.pls advice me.

  294. alyssa stewart says:

    Alyssa is a former patient of yours, (if u r the dr sharma with ma general hosp)

    Her bp is 147 over 106 with a pulse rate of 105. Please help me. Before you indicated that this was a non issue after many bp takes b4 getting one low enough to be ok.

    We have moved to washington state and i have not been able to get a referral for my daughter here. Ive asked several times and family drs always say they will research it and get back to me. Bp is always high in the office, so this is NOT a case of me taking it incorrectly. They put her on bp meds, but do not refee her.

    Please help me. Im scared. Shes comsistently running high, with no urgency from drs.

    Joy stewart

    • alyssa stewart says:

      Alyssa is a former patient of yours. She is 17 years old, (if u r the dr sharma with ma general hosp)

      Her bp is 147 over 106 with a pulse rate of 105. Please help me. Before you indicated that this was a non issue after many bp takes b4 getting one low enough to be ok.

      We have moved to washington state and i have not been able to get a referral for my daughter here. Ive asked several times and family drs always say they will research it and get back to me. Bp is always high in the office, so this is NOT a case of me taking it incorrectly. They put her on bp meds, but do not refer her.

      Please help me. Im scared. Shes consistently running high, with no urgency from drs.

      Joy stewart

  295. christina skaggs says:

    I’m 27 years old, and I’ve just recently starting taking my blood pressure and it’s been 104/80 or 104/90 and we can never find my pulse what do I do ?

  296. PIJUS KANTI PATRA says:

    I’m young man 28 years.My bp 140/88 &heart rate 111/minute some time bp 160/96 pls tell me what reduced it’s reduce

  297. Mr. Subha Sankar Chakraborty says:

    I am 43 running snd sn ex setvice man. Et
    67 kg
    Fit anf fine aparently. I was doing gym regularly for the last 3 months. I have opersted inguinal harnia right sude and it operstes 12 years back. Left side inguinal harnis id still there. I developed little pain in the left side and advised by doctor to operate the left harnia. done all yhe check up, ecg. Blood,urine is normal but the preasure found bit high. 150 – 110. Done charting by doctor but more or less it is found high. Plz advice sir

  298. ken van dreumel says:

    i am 79 –my bp was always 145/75 has suddenly dropped to 110/61 for the last few weeks with no known effects—–seems i am and feel the same—-what could cause this?

  299. Vinit Kumar says:

    sir,meri age 21 years h. Muje kabhi bahut jyada garmi feel hoti hai or irritation bhi hota hai. Sir, muje plzz is problem ka solution provide kre.

  300. PIJUS KANTI PATRA says:

    I am now 28 years my bp 160/95 heart brat 115/ minute. How I am live

  301. Aditi Goswami says:

    My friend who is just 15 is suffering from high blood pressure. What measure can she take to prevent high blood pressure? I expect you to reply. I really want to help her. Her blood pressure range is 180/90. Please help.
    Thank you,
    Aditi. 🙂

  302. Aditi Goswami says:

    My friend who is just 15 is suffering from high blood pressure. What measure can she take to prevent high blood pressure? I expect you to reply. I really want to help her.
    Thank you,
    Aditi. 🙂

  303. Iam always having hbp ranges 180/100 and iam two months plus 34yrs and old.,although my dad is also having thjs and two of my siblings but am afraid to visit doctor so that he will not diagnose to further increase d fear. I have never smoke all my life, i walk an average of 1km everyday and hardly drink alcohol. In a year it may be like ten bottles of beer at an average

  304. Doctor ,
    My age is 36, height 5.5feet, weight 58, aur main 2 saalo se high bp ka tablet le raha hu (Tazloc am) morning 1tablet and half tablet in the night, abhi Mera bp 120/80 hain 72pulse. First mera bp tha normal kya huwa ki ek din food poisoning ke Wajase mera bp suddenly rise huwa 170/110 mmhg. Tabse Continue medicine leraha hu,
    Doctor mera yea kehna hai ki main allopathic medicine stop karna chahta hu aur Homeopathy medicine use karna chahta hu kya main aisa kar sakta hu. (I just wanted to be totally free from high bp with natural) agar ho sakta hai toh kaise kya allopathic medicine ke saath saath homeopathy medicine bhi lena hoga?……thanks.

  305. Amitabh biswas says:

    My blood pressure 4 days ago was 140/90,after 2 says I rechecked and it increases to150/100 my pulse rate was 103. My age 29 yes height 5 ft 7 in and weight is 73 KGS last measured 1 month ago

  306. Incidentally high bp identified 140/90how I normal it please tell me.age 26,male

  307. Incidentally high bp identified 140/90how I normal it please tell me.

  308. Dear sharma,
    I’m a female age 36. I have always had a regular check on my bp which is BTW 130/90-140/90 but recently I noticed a spike and it now reads 160/110 and even up to 178/120 although the latter measurement is the most recent and also the first time I have ever had it that question now is that with this once measurement of 178/120 does it make me an hypertensive patience.secondly I have always noticed that whenever I am sick ,like down with malaria or typhoid there is always a spike in my bp which after my treatment on malaria/ typhoid it goes back to normal 130/ doc says he wants to put me on bp med which I have to take a it okay to go on with the med? Or do u sugest I change my lifestyle .your advice is really needed please asap.

  309. D Pramod Kumar says:

    Sir gud Mrg my name is pramod kumar age 28 iam an employee…
    sir i hava BP 180/120 ,, plz give me solution to reduse the Blood Pressure..

  310. Hi. I am 29 years old. I lost 30 pounds within the last 6 months. My blood pressure is usually 129/89 or above. My last blook pressure taken recently was 128/90. I experience palpitations but the cardiologist says my heart healthy. My lipids and cholesterol came back normal. I do have IBS but not sure if that could have anything to do with blood pressure. I also experience headaches and chest pain daily. What could be elevating my blood pressure like this? Please help.

  311. Sir actually my bf had b.p 190.he was 25yrs old.he went to check up their reports doesn’t show any problem in heart.but the doctor again wrote tests on kidney.any thing will happen for kidney plz tell me.I am afraiding about my bf.plz give me quick rply

  312. konsam diraj says:

    I’m a hypertension patient and user of amcheck 5mg to lower down my bp but it couldn’t help effectively.I therefore implore you to provide me some tips

  313. Heramb Pujari says:

    Dear Sir,

    Today morning i went to my family doctor for getting medicine for cold & headache. he told me that my BP count was 180-100 today & my BP count was between 150-95 to 180-100 since last 3-4 months.
    i’m just 25 years of age. doing job of Auditor (CA).
    Kindly give suggestions.

  314. pankaj kadam says:

    i am 26 year my bp 150/100
    all test are normal i take
    medicine revelol 25mg
    alway weakness after medicine my
    bp 132/84
    what i can i do

  315. ruhie rasool says:

    I am female,age 29,unmarried Faty weight 75.everyday after 6pm my BP goes high.I am shocked it only controlled by medicine plz suggest me about my goes above 185.

  316. sunil gorasia says:

    Hello sir
    My name s sunil and my age s 42,recently I felt something s wrong with my body.I felt v tired.and when I checked my bp .it was 195/110 and heart rate was 110 .I m v shocked to c my health readings.would u pplease suggest what should b done to make my bp normal.

  317. shankarappa says:

    I AM 42 years old my bp is 160/90 since 2 months I’m taking English medetion can I change over to homiopati mediation ? Is it posibal .

  318. akhilesh kumar says:

    sir i want to know is homoeopathy is applicable for hypertension (150/100) people..?

  319. Hi Sir,

    I am diagnosed with High BP and it was 160/110 previously. Now I am using Telmikind H(40) in the morning and another tablet Prolomet AM(50) in the evening. Now my BP is under control.

    Can I switch to Homepathy slowly, completely. My age is 36 years.

    Please suggest.

    Sunil Saka

  320. Krishna Naik says:

    Sir my age 33 years since one year im suffaring from hyper tension now bp continious 150/100 can u give treatment for me.

  321. Sushila shah says:

    Dr. my brother blood pressure is some time 160, some time above 180. He is of 25 weight 80kg. and he is having normal brain tumar from last 3yrs he is having medicine of brain tumor. what is the reason behind B.P

  322. Juliet okere says:

    Hi my name is juliet. I notice i my blood pressure goes up to 14/90 some time 118/75. So I take 5mg of BP drugs. Is that OK?

  323. Shaikh saleem shaikh shabbir says:

    Good evening sir.

    i have young hypertension in 23 age.
    my blood pressure is always 160/90 after a taken 1Dialy tab (tellyzy MT 50)
    please give me some advice Abou that..

    my mob no. 9552252239

    • shankarappa says:

      I AM 42 years old my bp is 160/90 since 2 months I’m taking English medetion can I change over to homiopati mediation ? Is it posibal .

  324. I am 37 years old and my BP 150/100 is it necessary to take medicine
    to control BP?

  325. dear sir my name anil kumar age 33 year my castrol 225 bp 159/90

  326. hello Dr
    I am 26 years old height 5. 9ft weight 86 suffering hypertension please suggest me a use full treatment. medical investigation
    1. Doppler ultrasound of renal arteries: normal
    2. Echo cardiography: normal
    3. Ecg a little enlargement of due to hypertension
    4. Renal function test normal
    5. Tsh serum: 6 6.
    7. Lipid profile cholesterol: 172 triglycerides 217
    current medications telmisartan 40
    Head :feeling heavy in morning unknown stress
    Eyes : burning in eyes in Moring only for 2 or 3 hours
    Face : red hot flushes and burring
    neck: pain in back neck
    chest: easy to catch any allergy i have alcohol allergy
    chest : palpitation loudly without pain in every night
    stomach: generally upset
    Legs: leg cramps always
    weakness all time in day

  327. pratik trigunait says:

    I am a 22 year old male going to college currently suffering from Insomnia an high bp . In the year 2012 I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and clinical depression. Since then I have been in constant state of worry about my health. Please advice a permanent solution to my ailment as I am confused whether my illness is mental or physical

  328. P.SAI SARAN says:

    Dear sir,
    My name is sai and my age is 23.
    I working in a power plant and my department is planning department. Recently completed my studies and 2 months back I will joined in Jon
    One month back I was faced a problem having stomach pain and indigestion it will continued to 10 days. After I will go to hospital and tell my problem to doctor he checked my bp it found 160/80
    Then I will go to my home again I checked my health problem in another hospital
    NEXT DAY 160/100 , 3rd day 140/80, 4rth day 160/100
    Then they will said you had no bp for 2 months you do not eat salt and masala
    They will give tonic for digestion and early morning tablets for gas night tablets are alprax 0.25
    Is there any problem sir

  329. I am 23 n october i was stresing to much and my bp was 158/98
    on 31 december 2015 my bp was 185/108 and weighting 80 kg bt i wasnt stresing
    i need help on how to lower my bp am still young

  330. Sir my age is 23 I have high blood pressure 100/150 or less but not all the time it comes and goes I have for 3 to 4 years I am over weight I sometime take medicine to lower it down what should I do

  331. Raghavendra says:

    Suufering from High BP occassionally.Its all due to my thoughts as I see it.
    Tablets cannot control.Tried English/Homeopathic medicines.Pls.suugest.

    Most of the time BP is normal if my thoughts are not agitated one’s and I am preoccupied with other work and I do not think about BP.

    Is there any medicine to address in calming down thoughts…?

  332. Greetings of the day sir,my name is alok ghosh and my age is only 27 and i have high blood presure(150/100).sir pls suggest how could i control it without taking medicine.

  333. Pankaj shah says:

    Sir i m 51 years old, my weight 76kg, my height 170cm, my blood group b+ve., I don’t drink no smoking and pure vegetarian.
    Sir last 9 year every years full blood report is as same as 9 years ago my cholesterol total 215 and LDL 152 and HDL 34. This is same last 9 years but Sir 5 years ago my dangerous car accident and I was in unconscious upto 5 to 6 hour I had injury in my eyebrows fracture 7 stich and my nose fracture some fracture in hands fingers at that time suffering from vertigo for 1.5 years and sir at that I suffering from in right ear some sound like tinnitus and those days time my bp problem start last 5 years my bp is around 140 /90 as per my doctor I taken every day ESLO TAN 1tablet in morning. But Sir last 4 month my bp going high in morning it’s around 160/110 but after taken Eslo tan tablet it’s 135/90 please what can I do for permanent solution for bp. My diabetes is on morning without food 115 and after 2 hours of food 120. Sir please can u help me

  334. bilalakbani says:

    Sir my mother is 48 her weight 92 kg she is admitted in hospital with some pain in chest right side got bp check it was 150/80 ecg normal got x ray then ct scan for chest infection in lungs mahacef 500 two time was responding well but aft 2 days bp raise 160/90 amlodipin 10 mg 2 times given in one hour but same bp what to doo

  335. r .narendra says:

    my bp is 140/90 my age is 21 and my weight is 93 kgs my height is 6.1 i want to maintain my bp normal how can i make

  336. Manoj Chavda says:

    Hello Sir,

    My age is 50, my weight is 104kgs, pressure 124/86. I’m vegetarian and non vegetarian. Drink white liquor 5 days a week. My height is 5ft 6″ and married. I have Sex activities 5 days a week.

    I have no problems in my body at all. I don’t walk much.

    I need to know whether I should have any kind of check up with my body, as no specific medical issue has been noted.


    • Dear Sir,

      I’m 28 and my blood pressure was 140/90 and then I took Telvas 40 mg and it helps to drop the pressure upto 130/90 and after that I shifted to Losartan 50 mg and it has dropped to 130/80. My cholesterol rate is 207 mg, serum creatinine is at .70 mg, SGPT (ALT) is at 41.0 U/L at 37 c, SGOT (AST) is at 35.0 U/L at 37c and no fat in liver. And I’m going to do a Eco test.

      My father also died from a heart attack at 46 and my mother had a hole in the heart.

      Please tell me what should I do to make this pressure to normal. What could be the reason for this.

  337. Helo,;- sir how are you’ i am a healthy persön, now i am 30 years old, 3 years ago, i have b problem, as blod presure increase from 180 to 140, only for one day, then i regularly measure it, but it normal range, 120 to 80, but few days ago, b.p range 11
    to 70, you sugest me what cause for it, and what diet for it now, for me, note my weiht 40_50 kg.

  338. My wife 36week pregnet.age 25 years problem r bp 150/94 up and down 2 month

  339. Hello sir
    My brother is having blood pressure problem at age 22
    He is having tablet aten 25
    What are the steps to bring bp normal and to leave the tablet
    His ht is 5.6 and wt 68

  340. Pankaj shah says:

    Sir my age 51,height 170cm, weight 76kg,from last 5 years I taking “ESLO TAN” tablet for my bp 140/90 but now last 6 month my bp is 150/100 my cholesterol report HDL 34., LDL cholesterol 215. Sur I doing every day walking now which tablet best for me

  341. gagan malviya says:

    hello sir, my age is 24 years i have constant high blood pressure 160/120. is this dangerous for my life and what is cure for this please give some advice

  342. Hira kant jha says:

    Sir my blood report auger fasting-76.2 creatine.90 total cholesterol 178 trglyceride178Hdl-56.3 or ldl-94.3 my age -43 my wight -96 my pluse-92 or my pressure 150/100

  343. dhanashree chavan says:

    Hiii sir,
    My name is dhanashree. I am 22nd years old. I have high blood presure 150/90. Please sir give me some advice.
    Thanking you.

  344. sir my age is 25 and from last week my b.p is constant on 120/90. is this normal b.p. my mami papa is also high b.p patients.

  345. Hello sir, I’m 25 years old male.5 feet 9 inch and my weight 64.In my family history had High blood pressure and I have thallasamia minor. 8 month ago I found my bp 150/90 or 140/90, consulted doc said ok and gave lossartan potassium 25.since then for four month my bp was normal 120/80. but nowadays after taking penicilin antibiotic I find my bp 130/80 or 130/85 sometimes 140/80.please give me a suggestion.

  346. tenzin topgyal says:

    I am 30 years old only and my job place shifted from Himachal Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh.
    Although my work is little stressing and on that some month back i start to go gym and jogging for 5 km at early morning.
    Now my problem i feel uncomfortable in between my chest and after i check in our school dispensary they show Hign BloodPressure of 140/100 as check twice.
    Tell me wat to do .

  347. Dr.Ramasubbu says:

    two years back i have undergone angioplasty due to sudden heart attack before that bp is elevated to 160/100 but i thought i was comfortable and i am practicing homeopathy with those medicines i can manage myself. i followed and consumed those medicines for nearly 8 months. which i do not like.

    then i take some medicines from homepathy, but still my bp is 150/100 which is high, but it didnot disturbed me. but that measure is high. how to treat my illness. kindly reply to me.


  348. hi i am 20 years age i don’t have problems or any stress but i have family history pressure and I am having high blood pressure and my pressure is 152/93 always so what can I do

  349. Abdullahi Bawa says:

    Hi, I recently complained of severe headaches especially when I drive or move around through out the day. The head ache would normally start from afternoon and would mostly subside if I sleep through it to the next morning. So my mum used the digital bp checker at home and it read 142/96. I also used the mercury type checker and it gave 140/90. Subsequently I’ve intermittently used the home bp checker which is digital and 3 checks at 1 minute intervals at a time gave me values as low as 128/80. The first check is always higher though. Also I notice the diastolic value seems high most times. My bmi is 24.6. I don’t know what else to do

  350. mohammed sohrab says:

    hello sharma ji .iam 19 yrs old and i have high bp from past 1 yrs . doctor has afvised me to take prolomet-xl 25mg .. i want to get rid of the tablet
    please help me

  351. Tanzeem Hussain says:

    Hi Dr
    I am a 37 year old…work in the IT field…of late I have measuring my Bp using a electronic device..This device throws up numbers like 160/111 or 120 / 100…of late it’s been constant at 120/100….am I a bp patient…I have ignored a wisdom tooth extraction for over 3 months now..could that be a reason…I lead quite a elementary life style..not much exercise and I weigh 83.5 kgs. ..hight is 6 feet…
    kindly advice me at the earliest. ..I want to feel a live again..

  352. Dear Sharmaji…i have high bp 160 / 90 my age is 30 my father have high bp i have anexity i was started bp medicin on 21st October 2015 i.e amlokind 1/2 Am 1/2 pm after i check my blood pressure is 125/85 then after 25 days i stopped medicine 2 days then i check my bp it’s 160/85..then i started ayurvedic medicines i.e cardostab morning and night after 2 days i checkd bp it’s showed 140/90 so please let me know which medicine is better for my high bp and stress life my wight 65kg hight 167..Thanks and Regards

  353. cynthia Henry says:

    Doctor help me .am 20yrs old and I have high blood pressure which reads 180/100.also I lost appetite and sleepless night.I hav been taking this drugs for months now and its reducing medipine retard 20mg and dopatab m250.I have done Ecg test and its was okay .am confused and sacred of stroke

  354. Bhupinder singh says:

    My age is 43 years i am having weight of 125 kgs. Height is 5 feet 8 inch , my blood pressure level veries from 88/ 135 to 101/ 145 and not a diabetic , but often i feel head ache. I do not take high bp medicine daily . I do not exercise because leg problem due to accident .
    is it due to b.p hyper or else , please consult.

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  356. Hello I am currently on med for my bp for lisonaoril 20mg indipamide 2.5 mg . I get reading for my bp still at 157 /91 115.

  357. Iam33 years female suffering from high bp cholesterol and irregular periods .
    Iam also having problem of gal bladder polyp of 1.8cm.

    I had one daughter of 10 years.

    I also suffered from two miscarriage

    My weight is 63kg and height is 153cm

    Taken treatment for pregency and stopped now

  358. My bp is 140/80 is this normal? I’m a 24 year old woman and overweight. I’m always nervous and I panic a lot. Should I be worried?

  359. Hi for couple of days I am having severe headache. Also very stressed due to work pressure and unable to have sound sleep. I got my bp checked for last 3consequtive days and it shows higher 150/90.
    Pls ADV if I should immediately start with medication or can bring it to normal by bringing in life style changes.

  360. Hello i am a young man of aged 23 and my bp its at 150/70 i wanted to confirm is thats normal.

  361. Hi I’m 36 three kids female my bp is always 140/90 but I’m depressed tensed and all blood test clear lot of acidity but when calm bp is 106/69 104/70 all lipid profile all blood tests clear pulse 69/82

  362. Toyin Kabiru Aduagba says:

    I Am Going To 26yrs Old, I Have Bp Of 130/100, Is It Normal? And When Am Focused On My Breathing, I Notice I Have Short Breath. What To Do

  363. Hello Dr. Sharma. I’m a 23year old female who’s bp is normally 120/80. I felt a little tired, no appetite and my legs hurt. My bp today was 150/100. I am a smoker and do have family history of heart and kidney disease. I’m about 5′ 150lbs. I am also standing all day as I am a union roofer. I’m determined to make some changes and would like some info on how this would help.

  364. suparna Bose says:

    Sir ,
    My son’s age 19. He. is charming ,no disease. he lifts overweight in gym . now his bp 130/100 . is it causes for lifing overweight ? what will i do ? pls reply sir .

  365. prabhdeep singh says:

    Sir,my age is 18,height 5.9 ft,weight 61-62 kg..
    Before 3-4 months,i was feeling little bit pins and needles in my hand and foot,i visited a doctor,he checked by bp and reading was 158/100..Doctors is heart specialist and asked me some tests and kidneys scanning,but everything found fine.he asked me to take ‘cutel 40’ medicine to control bp.he did’nt find any reason for high bp..after taking medicine my bp went normal,then he asked me to take only half medicine but then bp started incresing again,,now he asked me to take full medicine of ‘Cutel 40’ again..

    Sir i need your help that how can i make control on my bp with less medication,can ayurveda help me,please help me

    • Dear Sharmaji…i have high bp 160 / 90 my age is 30 my father have high bp i have anexity i was started bp medicin on 21st October 2015 i.e amlokind 1/2 Am 1/2 pm after i check my blood pressure is 125/85 then after 25 days i stopped medicine 2 days then i check my bp it’s 160/85..then i started ayurvedic medicines i.e cardostab morning and night after 2 days i checkd bp it’s showed 140/90 so please let me know which medicine is better for my high bp and stress life my wight 65kg hight 167..Thanks and Regards


    sir my Bp is 170/100
    my age is 25 years sir what is my mediation
    sir i want to normal bp
    please help and give good suggetion

  367. Fathima Nafla says:

    Hi dctr.i’m jst 22 yrs old.and i had pressure abt 130/80 since i was its 9 month for my baby.i’m not taking any medicine.until now i’m checking my its increasing continuously.nw my bp is 145/95. I’m having heavy headache and chest pain some time.what should i do now?plz advice me

  368. I am a 45 y/o female and I have a Hx of high BP that started after I gave birth to my twin girls in 2001. I was put on a mild BP med (can’t remember the name) after taking it for about a year my BP seemed to improve so I stoped taking it. In about 2011 my BP started getting worse again so I was put on 50mg metoporol twice daily. For a month or just under my BP has been around 150/95. last time I had it checked was earlier today and my pulse is 85 right now as I have been laying down on my bed for the last hour relaxing and writing this e-mail. Why isn’t the metoporol working, should I be worried?
    Thank you in advance, A. Houser

  369. I am 24 years old, work out for an hour a day at least 4 days a week, am slim, and eat very healthy (little to no processed foods, little salt, have an occasional indulgence but mostly clean). But at my most recent doctor visit, my blood pressure measured 150/70. I am shocked. I have no family history of this. I have been stressed lately, lots of life changes and uncertainties, and I have a slight fear of the doctor, but that’s it.

    What could be going on??

  370. Shivam Ahuja says:

    Sir My Name is Shivam Ahuja and I am 24 years old…My height is 5ft 6inches and I weigh 90 kgs…I used to smoke for around five years and now i have stopped smoking since the last 3 months…In April after the Nepal Earthquake I have become sensitive to my heartbeat and I feel it when i go asleep and i feel as if the ground below me is wobbling i.e.moving up and down when i am walking or standing and these symptomps worsen with activity…I have tried Yoga for around 4 months but with no significant effect…What can i do to control this??

  371. I’m a 31 year old woman I would like to know how bad my blood pressure is when I checked it was 117 over 93. I smoke. Heart disease runs I’m my family I need to know if I’m at risk. My blood pressure was low 110 over 68.

  372. Kanwal Wahid says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma;
    I am kanwal Wahid.My age is 31 and I am unmarried.
    Iv been checkin my blood pressure from past 3 to 4 weeks and every week it fluctuates specially the lower side is usually 96 and between 100.
    I would like to know that is this reading seems to be normal and if not what can be the reason?
    ur reply would be of great help.

  373. pragyan sharma says:

    Hello Doc, I am a 25 year old Guy. Few months back i had light chest pain and complaint of palpitations. I got ,y cholestrol checked and it was on the high side. I went to a doctor he took MY ECg and looked at the cholestrol levels and suggested me to lose some weight and start a medicine called Rosuvas-5 mg, Since then I am on that medicine, I have started walking daily and have lost weight also. I dont eat fatty food and cheese. have started living a healthy lifestyle. 1 week back i had a complaint of dizziness and visited the dr and found out that my BP was 160/80. He suggested me to make some lifestyle changes.

    I would like o ask you if how can i the palpitations and high BP be treated in homeo. And if I am at high risk of suffering from heart attack at this age?

  374. Antony T J says:

    Respected Sir,

    Is anxiety / panic disorder can be treated with homeopathic medicines.

    Warmest Regards

  375. Zaheen Alam says:

    I am a 33 year old male. Height 5’11”, weight 85 kg. I had high lipids 4 years ago. My doctor put me on storvas 20 for a long time. Now a days my lipids are normal but my BP remains 120/90 most of the time. Some time (rarely) it’s increase upto 150/100. Now a days i am taking storvas 10 mg. After dinner for cholesterol and takes half a pill of atenolol 25 mg. After breakfast. After taking Atenolol 25, my BP stays normal but In spite of all this if i skip a dose for BP, it goes high like- 130/95 or more. Someone plz suggest me what should i do. Is it aanything serious. Plz help me. I am so upset these days.

  376. Tshikosi ms says:

    Am 34years and my blood pressure are changing and am not yet on medication, through my life style it’s now 120 /80 and my wait is 84kg, what to do now

  377. Thank you, I’ve recently been shrcaeing for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?|What i don’t realize is actually how you are now not really a lot more smartly-favored than you may be right now. You are so intelligent.

  378. Hey I am about to be 27 in a couple months. But I used to drink energy drinks in the mornings before work. Ive never been a coffee person. Well I started getting pains in my chest like my heart was being stabbed. So I stopped drinking them. I went ti the doctor two days ago and the said my blood pressure was 150/70. Idk if its that bad or not. I want to live a long life. I know if I drink coffee it feels almost the same as the energy drink like pain in ny chest. And all I drink now is water. I don’t eat salt hardly ever. And I exercise. What do I need to do to fix my blood pressure? Please help.

  379. M asthmic patient I use inhaler seritide 25/250 daily. I was fine I made a routine of using inhaler daily from six years. Suddenly my BP 170/110. Then doctor prescribed me medicine concor 2.5 daily. 8 days blood pressure remaind 140 / 95 some thing like this . Then I go to another doctor then he stopped my medicine. Now my yesterday my blood pressure was 121/81. But m mentally scared n don’t want to talk with any one n having head n teeth some time heavy. I was also eating legzotinal 3 mg half day n night. Now give me suggestion y it happen with me n main cause.

  380. franz sampang says:

    Hi I’m Franz and I’m 38 this coming december,im married and have 5 kids.i have my bilateral tubal ligation when I was 35yrs old.It was last year when I started to lose weight because of having a blood pressure of 150/100 I was 83kilos then.i got scared and consult a doctor about it and then started to have anxiety the doctor gave medicines to take and then start to have diet and exercise and now I weight only 62kilos buy still my bp is the same can u help me understand why is this so?thank you

  381. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta says:

    My BP came as 164/121 yesterday. Kindly suggest me some homeopathic remedy

  382. Ashlee Barrett says:

    I am 26 years old I have 2 kids 1 and 4 I no longer smoke cigarettes but I do drink sometimes. I really have terrible eating habits, but most of all I am stressed. I have my own place, I work pay all my bills including a car and want to go back to school but can’t. I can’t afford to live and its stressing out. I don’t want to have a stroke or heart attack what do I need to do. Please help.

  383. Daniel Femi says:

    lately I had malaria and had to treat it over and over again.
    there after I started experiencing fear. then I met my doctor, he checked and said my bp rised,. 140/80.
    now it’s like 3wks ago, I checked today and got, 150/90
    don’t know what to do,
    I clocked 26 april dis year

  384. Daniel Femi says:

    lately I had malaria and had to treat it over and over again.
    there after I started experiencing fear. then I met my doctor, he checked and said my bp rised,. 140/80.
    now it’s like 3wks ago, I checked today and got, 150/90
    don’t know what to do,

  385. Milind Kitwadkar says:

    My bp range around 135/90. Need assistance in reducing it in much natural way. I am govt officer, travels to work daily for 4 exercise this days but earlier use to.
    Plz suggest

  386. Sir im paul 26 years old left hand bo is 120/90 and right is 110/80 strted medication 3 months ago coz my bo in my left hand elevated to 140/100 since dn i changed my lifestyle stopped drinking alcohol and smoking too. My cardiac panel 2d echo of heart are all normal. My medication is bisoprolol 2.5mg from 5mg i halfed it
    Pls repl thank you should i stop my meds?

  387. Dalia mistry says:

    My fathe have a problen of high b.p. Recently he checked his b.p. Which is Right hand 150/100. And Left hand bp is 120/100. So what shulou may father can do? Plz rply

  388. Jashala Wester says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma I am 25 years old ad I weight 150 pounds. I had a baby girl 10 months ago. After the baby I became hypertensive. I am currently taking labetalol 100 mg two tablets twice daily. I have a family history of high blood pressure on both sides of my family. It really bothers me to have to take these harsh meds everyday. Please give me some advice on how I can make this situation better.

  389. My son is a healthy 22 year old in the Military. He started having high blood pressure out of nowhere 2 months ago. The doctor did blood work to rule out a few things and said that he has high blood pressure so he started my son on medication for his blood pressure. Today my son was at Physical Therapy, he had surgery on his meniscus and ACL, and his heart rate went up to 163. He went to a walk in clinic to be checked out. His blood pressure and heart rate were normal. What could be causing the high blood pressure and the increase in his heart rate while walking on a treadmill?

  390. Respected sir I m having blood pressure since 10 months I m 32 year old and taking nebivolol 5mg and amlodipine 2.5mg and my bp is in control like that 130/75 or 124/78 such that so what I m do to discontinue my medicine plz reply me

  391. hlo sir
    i m 25 yr …
    i m archana n suffering from pb at the level of 190/110 and pulse rate 110.. what can i do ..
    may be chance of heart attack??
    plzzz Reply me..

  392. Hello sir
    I am from Himachal and my age is 30 my bp is 160 and it is continue for 2 days
    I am so tensioned how can I overcome on this problem
    So pls help in this matter
    What should I do for this

  393. Bikram pradhan says:

    My wife takes a combination of drugs amtas minipres irovel plus ectra5 mg amlodipin before bed but her pressure is about 150/90 she also has diabetes2 but does yoga and regulatory 30/minutes of walking can we get an opinion from you sir.

  394. shaikh saleem says:

    Dear sir i am from pathri tq pathri dist parbhani in maharashtra .
    I am a 23 years old i have bp problem reSion is young hypertension ..
    Now take one tab regularly TELLZY MT 50mg
    Than my bp is continue 150/90
    How can possible sir..
    Please help me sir.

    My name is shaikh saleem

    • my name is David am 28 years old now, I discover that I has HBP last 4 years, the doctor place me on some drugs just for one week, the name of the drug was norvase…. So I stop talking the drug, since last four years I did not take any drugs.. but as at last year, when I checked my BP it was 160/80, when I checked it again this year it was 155/80,, I was advice to start talking medication which the nurse prescribed. the name of the medicine is LISINOPRIL 10 MG TABLET. Am very worried am not comfortable taking the drug at this my early age.. please sir, what can I do, I need your help.

  395. I’m 45 year old , my BP is usually 130/90 but when I become angry it go up 140/100 so plz advice some homio medicine and wrote it here me to use it always with out any side effects , tk’s

  396. Sir I’m 45 year ,& my BP 130/90 , means deistolic is always 90 so what to do ?

  397. Zubair ahmed says:

    I am 44 age taking tablet for bp from 8 year my bp is in control I used to walk but now I started playing shuttle, so now after playing shuttle daily 30 minutes I am felling my bp is increasing to 140/ 90 if I am not playing it’s 120/90 so can play shuttle or playing have a risk in future

  398. Hello sir I am 37 years male, my bp is 140/100 can u refer me any medicines

  399. Hello Doctor.
    My age is 17.
    And my blood pressure is 170/90.
    I am taking ciplar 40.
    I am feeling uncomfortable while breathing.
    I don’t smoke ..
    I do nothing like taking drugs.
    I do so many cardiologic tests but there is nothing.

  400. Keith Kaziba says:

    my bp is 166/85 yet am only 19. what can i do about it and is my condition critical?

  401. Jiwan Pradhan says:

    My age is 22 now an iam not over weight but my blood pressure is146/94 how can i control my bp.

  402. cherrylyn apelo says:

    my blood pressure is 120/100 . i’m only 19, is it normal?

  403. zachary shank says:

    my blood prusser is always around 160/80 is is that bad cause i”m over weight and 5″11 but i’m also 14 years old

  404. Mudasar masood says:

    I’m 26 year old and my blood pressure is 135/90.why is that.

  405. Hi
    My bp reached a 170/100 at the age of 34.
    Now it is 140/90from d last week.what shall I do.

  406. sarat bandichhor says:

    my age is 24 but my blood pressure is 140/90
    what is the problem of my body?

  407. my bp is 150/100 what should I do?
    specially eating and exercise? I want a proper workouts plan for my bp? thanks.

  408. Angie Gavin says:

    My 23 year old son who has autism, also has high blood pressure would like natural remedy to help lower it. Thank you for your help.

  409. Rohit gupta says:

    dr,sir i am having fever , weekness ,breathless and my heart is beating very fast over 20days help me plz reply

  410. hi doctor
    iam 22yr old pregnant woman with high blood pressure of 145/83
    my worry is that will i be able to give birth on my own not by scissor?

  411. Isaac Adjetey Sowah says:

    plesae i am a young man of 35 years of age but have high hypertension.please i have headaches all the time,dont sleep well and have a marital problem .i also work for long hours too.please help me cure my hypertension

  412. Christopher says:

    Pls I’m a boy 28 years and i have been diagnosed with high blood pressure that refuses to respond to many drugs prescribed by my doctor. I have constant headache and feel always sleepy wit painful eyes. We dont have the family history. Please what can i do to know the exact cause of the problem? THANKS

  413. Rajkumar dhibar says:

    My blood pressure 120/100, age 46yrs. Please advice me.

  414. i have bp 150/110, age 43 yrs’, should i need any medicine for it. if yes please advise me

  415. Hi doctor
    I am 22 years old and my BP is 140/100. I first checked my blood pressure when I was only 16. At that time my blood pressure was 140/100. So doctors did some blood test, ECG, and others tests but all reports were normal. So they prescribed me a blood pressure tablet. But when I took that I become weak so I think not to take them.
    But last month I had done some blood tests, ECG and echocardiogram tests but again everything was normal, and prescribed me a high blood pressure pills. But again when I take them I become weak and dizziness. So I again not taking those pills…

    Pls advise.


  416. Swapnil Sanjeev Gawde says:

    Hello, drDr dharma
    Dr. I am 25 year Indian male and last 5 month my blood pressure is 170/100 when doctor cheak my report is normal thyroid report is normal lipid profile is normal I have no any problem I don’t drink ,not smoking not eat nonveg eat healthy food
    And,at date 12 /04/2015 my pressure was 220/120 and & some day my pressure is 130/80 , and some days 170/80 and now 140/100 I take tablet nebicar 5 but Sir why my pressure like that? Plz help me

  417. wasif rasheed says:

    Dear dr uncle myself wasif 34 years old i have high bp problem …135/90..140/100….130/95…125/90
    Any med in homeopathy ?????if yes so please tell me which med i can take..i have taken amlopress at..sometimes

  418. I am 43 years old lady & having a problem of high b.p which is 180/120 from 1 week …..don’t knw should I take allopathy medicines regular or take homoeopathy medicines

  419. gurudas varadcar says:

    my age is 34 year old my height is 5feet 8 inches and my weight is 91 kg I don’t have sugar problem my cholesterol is little bit high but my bp is high 140/90 what should I do to control my bp should I start medicine or not

  420. Dalvir singh says:

    Hi sir
    I am 24 year old from last 4 month i have pain in my left side on chest all my report are normal eco tmt ecg
    One day sudenly my bp is very high 160.100
    Then i go for roffler test in that test my right side kidney was small from left side but the blood supply was same from both the kidney now my dp 140.90 after medicine what i do pls suggest me i dont want to take medicine in such a early age and one more question in future there any problem to my small kidney

  421. daniel john says:

    My blood pressure on the Higher side even with medication. it as alwys 165/90. I am 63 yrs old and I have coronary heart disease.
    can you please advise me what to do.

  422. Christiana Manohar says:

    My BP is 150/100 and my sugar level is 275 before and after food. I have also foot tingling which disturbs my sleep. Can you suggest the right treatment

  423. I am 22 year old my BP 160/80 And my pre hypertension is main cause of high prasure and i feel nurvas. please tell me what i should do ?

  424. Naresh Kumar Bhutani says:

    There are different remedy and mantra that can remove the problem of high BP completely.

  425. srinivas pogaku says:

    good evening sir my name is srinivas age is 21 from last six months iam sufering with high BP of 160/90 recently it shows more effect on me what are the factors should be taken sir tanks in advance

  426. irasn khan says:

    I have got BP problem at very young age 23 ,my bp is high always it some time 180/110,160/100 and sometime 143/77 , I have gone through blood test urine test all my test are normal,my bp was detected 2 mnth
    back when my weight was 110kg but i decided to loose my weight instead of going for medication after 1 and the half year my weight is 92 but still my bp is high ,doc have told me to go for medication ,now I m starting with medication but I am feeling deprseed how come my bp is detected at such young age need ur help guys ,is der no any other way den taking medicine ,doc r telling me to go for medication and dnt think much,pls need ur help guys

  427. Aashiq hussain says:

    I’m taking Lodoz 2.5 and presently working in Saudi Arabia is there any alternative medicine I’m not getting Lodoz here in Saudi.please help.

  428. ruhamah gray says:

    i have done my B.P 3 times and it has came up test 1. 148/101 test 2. 147/104 test3. 148/103 what does that mean as a 26 yr old female? to me that is high for my age?

    what to do?

    thanks ruhamah gray

  429. zainab abisola says:

    I am 26 and diagonised with hbp alot of test was carried out on me and nothing was found wrong…so the doctor placed me on moduretic and one other drug to control my HBP and am so scared because am still young and dont have any child yet…..does hbp affect pregnancy alot please I need an advice on what to do about my health….have not been able to reduce salt intake but am trying bit by bit…thank you

  430. Jinu thomas says:

    Good morning Dr.
    I had a small pain in my left hand elbow and i went to check my blood pressure reading was 140/90.cholestrol level is am suffering from a small pain in left side of my chest .not heavy pain but it is like a small punch with a needle .could u please suggest what should i do?or is it serius for heart attack

  431. Dear Dr
    I am newley 17 years old , I weight 100 pounds .
    I admit I struggle with severe hypochondria but this is serious.
    I took my blood pressure and it was 117\98
    I’m very concerned and I have been researching isolated diastolic hypertension for the past hour
    Please help me


  432. j ganesan says:

    Dr, morning , iam aged 57 yrs having diet control, having erratic bp 145/ 89 occasionally. kindly advice me for homeopathy medicines ( . Regular walking and daily some 10 mmnts exercise) -thanks

  433. Hi.. I’m 18 years old and being a frequent blood donator I get my blood pressure checked often.. it has always been slightly high ( approximately 140/80 ).. my dad is a paramedic and recently started to check my blood pressure because of frequent nose bleeds.. today my reading was 158/90.. my dad says it’s a little high but shouldn’t be causing the nose bleeds.. is this okay for a girl my age?

  434. dr madhavi singh says:

    hello sir , i am dr madhavi singh, m a dentist ,i want an opinion regarding my brother”s condition ,he is 21 years old , having a high triglycerides and VLDL levels and high systolic and diastolic levels ,and his provisional diagnosis is coarctation of aorta., but physically he is slim with a normal body mass index n does all normal activities which others boys of his age does.Sir i want to know ,whether in homeopathy is there is any non invasive remedy for the same .
    thank you

  435. irfan khan says:

    I have got BP problem at very young age 23 ,my bp is high always it some time 180/110,160/100 and sometime 143/77 , I have gone through blood test urine test all my test are normal,my bp was detected 2 years back when my weight was 92

    • Aseem mishra says:

      What’s your age?? I too have same problem I am 22 years old! The thing is I feel very nervous while measuring bp!! My readings are high when I think about them while measuring! Some times its around 130 other times 140 or 160

  436. Frances hunt says:

    Hello I went to the gp earlier and they tested my blood pressure which was 142/88. I am a 26 year old female and was wondering if this is a high reading?
    Thank you frances

  437. hi sir,
    i checked my bp and found that my sytolic value is 150 and daitolic value is it a serious one.i am a little tensed person.
    i request you to give me a reply.

  438. Dear Sir,

    My BP is 120/90. i m having the following medicine

    1. Amlodipine Besilate BP equivalent to Amlodipine 5 mg and Valsartan USP 80 mg (Camoval 5/80) one tablet at night.
    2. Torsemide (Dytor-5) one at morning.

    is the treatment is ok or good.

  439. From last 10days onwards I am getting pains in head.becoz of that I went to consult with doctor and he checked my bp its 144/96.I am age is give medicines and told to intake low salt. I am having habit of alcohol per a week twice. So please kindly suggest what do for reduce bp.

  440. Dear Sir,
    My age is 29 and hight is 5.8 ft and weight is 72 kgs, I have high blood pressure since last 1 year, I make all the test like kidney function and lipid profile . all the tests are normal. now i am taking medicine telmikind-H 80 . now my bp is 140/80. every time my only my systolic blood pressure is high. plese help me. thank You

  441. Mohammed Atif says:

    Hi,this is mohammed Atif ,from hyderabad india 25years old I has been suffering from 2 years with high blood pressure problem,actually 3.5 yrs back I took some suppliment for mass gaining when I was doing excersice that time my body weight was 55 kg and I took 1/2 kg of suppliment than my weight increased its 62 and after 10 months I took again one bottle of 1.5 kg for muscle gain suppliment than my increased to 79.5 kg in a year than after these high blood pressure problem was started with range of 180/170/160—90/100
    Than I consulted one cardiologist doctor than 4 months of treatment my bp was got controlled with 120/130-80
    After 19 months again iam suffering with high bp with 150/140—100/90 now my weight is 75 kg
    So plz suggest some tests for what should I do and which doctors i contact and what test do u prefer

  442. Allen Sabatini says:

    I have a type A personality. Every little thing bothers me and causes me to have anxiety and panic attack. When that happens, my heart rate increase and my blood pressure goes up and I get severe headache. Worries about my heart rate and my blood pressure causes me to panic even more and my blood pressure goes even higher and this vicious cycle continues for1-2 days. What should I do?
    Thank you

  443. Helo sir.. I am sapna i hv many troubles in my body i am overweighted, i hv hypothyroidism since 3yr back bt it cmpletely cure via help of homoeopathy now i hv htn since 2yr my bp suddenly shoot up 160/100 and that time i hv a great pulsation on my head eye with severe frontal to occipital headache bony pain in head orbital pain is also severe after medication relievd bt every 3-4mnth i hv that type of attack cmes regularly in another day my bp 130/90 remain…i am in homeopathy medication bt anytime my complaints started with great pulsation in my heart with drowsiness so plz u advise me a treatment and i want to cmplete cure on my htn for live healthy…plz rply

  444. Zaheer Khan says:

    Hi Dr sharma what is the appropriate homeopathic medicine for hereditary hypertension.

  445. I’m 47yrs and have hypertension for the past 15yrs ,my doctor have prescribed many medicine still my bp is not normaliising.currently I’m doctor has put me on co-diovan 160/12.5 and 160 I take both every morning after breakfast.
    Pls I need ur advise.

  446. Sir iam 19years old my blood preasure is in the range of 180/124……it not going to below 150…am taking metapot50 tablet…starting bp before 2 years…now it continuesly going to high ranges…wot i do sir….pls advice…..

  447. Duttasoam says:

    I am27 years old and I am 111 kilos of weight with 5.8 feet tall. Suffering from high bp which usually effects after every meal especially after office lunch, I really feel uneasy but I don’t sweat at that time. In order to get rid of that I drink a bottle water and then I vomate and all the excessive oil products in the meal comes out. Please tell me how can I get a permanent rid from such a concerned disease

  448. efrem tekeste says:

    I’m 33 years last week I chack my blood pressure it results 158 over 80 I had the same problem I used to take a tablet fortunately it down to 100 over 60 that’s why the doctor commands me to interrupt the tablet this history is before two years so if its possible I need to treate it without using tablet thanks

  449. Hello sir, I am 32 yrs old woman, unmarried. I hv headache problem from the childhood. From the last three to four days my bp is 130 upper and 100 Lower. I hv severe headache and weakness. My body temperature is 99. I feel anxiety or palpitations. My eyesight is also weak with-3.75. Please tell me about it. I am varied. I live alone for job purposes, so want to consult with you. I shall be thankful to you.

  450. Uma pant says:

    I am 43 years my pressure is 140/80 is it high ?

  451. I’m 30 years old,my BP is 160/110 what should I do?

  452. avijit samajdar says:

    Hello Doctor.

    I am a 43 years old male and of recent I have seen my BP sometimes going to the 150/100 or 140/90 range… At other times it is absolutely normal… 123/83… Even when it shows in the higher range, apparently I feel no dizziness, nausea or any symptoms related to it.. Its just that having once seen the BP high in a sudden test I am checking it regularly on our electronic BP machine at home and seeing this development.

    I am a first generation entrepreneur and all the stress related to it exists in my life. So are odd hours of sleeping, travel and eating habits. I drink and a smoker too.. (sadly started after quitting for over a year and a half), which I hope to stop once again using nicotine supplements, which helped last time.

    I would like you to suggest me the medicines in homoepathy which will help me. Homeopathy works very well for me and when we were young, that was our favoured mode of treatment. Also about 3 years back, I had a bout of alopacea and lost some hair, which with homeopathic treatment, got cured in a short period of time.

    Your advice and suggestions are awaited.

    With warm regards…. Avijit Samajdar

  453. adarsh singh chauhan says:

    Hi doctor
    Sometime my bp gone high. First time when it gose 180/110. After this I regularly chek my bp most of time it is ok close to 120/80. But some Tim it gose high.some time 100/150. My liqwid profile is ok. Cbc. Is normal. Urin test normal. Ultrasound uper abdomen is normal.
    What is the reason.
    My age. Iss 28
    Hight 6 feet
    Weight 93 kg
    What should I do..?

  454. Kangkan Thakuria says:

    Hi doctor
    Im 43 year old. Before 3month my bp was 120/80 now my bp is 138/98. plz let me know what i will do. Thanking you.

  455. Prashant kothari says:

    Dear doctor
    My age is 37 and weight 83 kg and suffeeind from high bp range 160/90 and taking medicines beta best xl 25 mg from last six month but presently increasing trend in bp kindly advise me.

    Prashant kothari

  456. My husband is 29 yes old and has high bp so is it good to take honey

  457. Usman munir says:

    Hey Dr,
    My age is 32 years single not Marrid, hight is 5 5 and my weight is 69kg. From last 4 months my blood pressure is 140 to 100, and from last one week I feel pain in my chest and pain in my left arm too. Normally pain it’s start 3am couldn’t sleep it at all…today I feel so worst.. And when I check that my blood pressure it’s 140/100 plus 80
    Plesee I’m kindly request to you
    Please help me out what I should do it thanks a lot

  458. Mukesh Harijan says:

    My age is 20 and my blood pressure is 150/90 what should I do please help me doctor

  459. Thank you for the info. I have a similar case.

    In the past few months I have changed my job and yes, it is quite stressful at times, but I’m holding up and have managed to avoid getting stressed too much over the people I work with or all the things that are bothering me.

    I have always had a low BP of 115/75 and I’ve always been fine with it. Actually, whenever I have been angry or stressed, It would be like 120/80. Usually my pulse goes up from 65 to 82, depending on the situation.

    I keep a healthy diet, I don’t eat junk food, I don’t drink soda or juices or sugar containing drinks. I even removed coffee from my daily intake in the past 3 years, since I decided I don’t need it anymore. I only have a cup, with some milk and honey, when I haven’t really slept well and I need myself in a good condition of concentration. I’m a fan of green tea, and I am so caffeine free that I can smell the caffeine in a cup of green tea…

    I eat wholegrain bread, if any at all – I prefer it. It’s how I’ve been brought up.

    I eat fresh veggies and salads, and fresh fruit all the time and in the past year or so, I’ve reduced the meat in my diet, since I have discovered that it causes a sort of an acne, when I eat meat more than twice a week. I don’t have a medical source to prove it’s the cause, but it’s a correlation I see and I just decided to cut it low.

    I eat dark chocolate, instead of milk one. I eat raw nuts, instead of baked. I drink mineral water with high pH, but I change it, since I read somewhere one should.

    I don’t drink on a regular basis – only if there’s some celebration – a birthday, new years’, a wedding…

    My exercise is I walk daily between 3 and 10 km, and I have dance classes – twice a week for an hour, which is a very good cardio. I’ve been doing this for a year already.

    Still, I am overweight, yes. I have tried many things to lose weight, but it doesn’t really work much. It’s not like I’m obese or something. I just have a few pounds to shed off.

    The first time I noticed my change of BP was a few weeks back, when I was about to visit my parents and I had a terrible headache – front, above the eyes, and back. Everything was spinning and as if I was looking through a foggy window. I don’t own a BP apparatus, so when I made it to my parents, my mom took my BP and it was 165/89. My pulse was 70, which was ok. I took one of my mom’s pills and had a small shot of brandy and I was ok in an hour – fell down to 130/75.

    I thought it was a one time incident thing. But I have been feeling the same way for quite a while and I believe it’s the BP going up, even though I don’t get a headache anymore.

    This weekend I was at our villa with my family and I woke up on Saturday feeling as if I didn’t get enough sleep, even though I slept over 8 hours. I went downstairs to make a cup of coffee, so I’d feel better, since we were supposed to have a family reunion meeting and I had to drive everyone to the town nearby and back. As I had my first sip, my mom said “let me just take your BP, just in case” – it was 147/77 and my pulse was 49. I had a pill – nothing. Had a shot of brandy – nothing. It went to 155/77 with a pulse 47, which I find odd for some reason. Everyone kept telling me to calm down, when I was feeling tired and sleepy and calm… I have no idea what is wrong with me. It’s Tuesday today and I feel drained and tired and my head is heavy, and I keep feeling as if my head gets needles and my eyes have cotton buds in. I’m 30 years old and this is just absurd for my age and lifestyle.

    I have recently contacted my doctor to ask for full blood tests, ECG and to test my thyroid for a possible Hashimoto, which is apparently rather famous around my local peers, but as the system works here, you get cut off, since you’re not a dying case or your condition isn’t certain. Go figure where the “test for prevention” went and why do doctors even bother to take an oath…

    Anyway, I’d appreciate any help with any information about the correlation between BP and pulse and what could possibly cause this, because apparently I have to either pay as a private patient or go to my doctor with a full case scenario…

    Thank you in advance.

  460. Suresh Jose k says:

    Dear doctor, I’m having anytime BP 150/90 after taking 2 pills a day ,what should I do

  461. Ankit jat says:

    Sir mera b.p. 140/90 hai. Meri age 24 year hai. Aur mere ko thyride ki bimari hai. Thyride ke andar tsh level 12.33 ulu /ml hai. Jo ki jayada hai. Aur 5 months pehle mera b.p. 160/110 tha. Uske baad mene doctor ki salah se torrent listril plus tablets aur thyride ki tablets le raha hu. Please sir iske liye mujhe kuch tips dijiye

  462. Ankit jat says:

    Sir mera b.p. 90/160 hai. Meri age 24 year hai. Aur mere ko thyride ki bimari hai. Thyride ke andar tsh level 12.33 ulu /ml hai. Jo ki jayada hai. Aur 5 months pehle mera b.p. 110/160 tha. Uske baad mene doctor ki salah se torrent listril plus tablets aur thyride ki tablets le raha hu. Please sir iske liye mujhe kuch tips dijiye

  463. putul neog says:

    sir,my age is 27 yrs,and my bp is 150/90. Can any prblm ? I always wrkout in gym about 1 an half hour but my bp is why high?and pls tell me for my age what is the bp?pls rply. Thnx

  464. Hi,
    I am 23 years old male.Last month i have diarrohea with vomitting for one night,after that diarrhea and vomitting stopped from next day by taking basic tablets.again after three stomach causing sounds not frequent motion of stools.uncomfortable..i went to doctor ,he told that improper digestion,injury in stomch suggest some stool problem is over.stomach is not setting up tat much..i ate well and hungry for correct time..Now am having high BP and chest discomfort.I checked sugar,chloestrol and ECG,Everything is normal.IS anything related to stomach and High BP, and I loss weight 2 kg ?Please give what is happening

  465. Virendra Thapa says:

    Dear Sir/Doctor,

    2 days before i took some alcohol (Whiskey) only occasionally i do and on the next morning near 5:00 am i could not able to get up from my bed it was hard to move my legs and body but as i need to go toilet that time i anyhow manage to get up and went to toilet i knew that my legs are being Numbs its like there is nothing power in my legs and my muscles also paining badly so when sit in the Indian toilet after that i could not able to get up from the cum board i was very depressed and in a shocked to see what went wrong to me i called my cousin and he took me up and put me into the bed. Dear sir what is that please help me out from this situation. as i am a working (Iin Dubai) unmarried bachelor guy and about to marry next year…

  466. mukesh maddy says:

    I am 20 year old and my blood pressure is reading 150 what should i do.. Please help me doctor

  467. I am a healthy (only slightly overweight) 29 year old with a bp of 120/98. I have had all sorts of blood tests, all are normal. I also eat mostly clean, low sodium. I take fast walks 2 miles 3x a week. I quit smoking. Why is my bp high, i want to have babies and cannot with this blood pressure. Please help me.

  468. olufunke edema says:

    Am 42 years my blood pressure is 140\100 am so faithful to my medication yet my blood pressure does not come down at times is140\90 my weight is 140kg

  469. DEAR DR.
    MY AGE IS 30. WEIGHT IS 92KG, HEIGHT IS 5’10”.
    From 1.5 years my bp is continiouslly remain 170/120. what i do?
    colestrol is normal.
    please help me .

  470. Hi Sir name is Isaac hv HBP since I was young now m 28 years working at mines and recently I cnt go underground crz my bp is above 140 which is high for me to qualify to work undeground so my question is tht I will be able to have child crz I don’t even child since the miscge of my girlfrnd?

  471. Subhasis Dey says:

    Dear Sir,

    can you please advice me for my BP level 190/150

  472. Dharam Raj Mali says:

    Sir, From some times i m suffering from HBP-140/90. I m only 27years old. How to reduce it. Kindly advice.

  473. victoria says:

    Hello my son is 21 had accident 1yr and half ago. Disect ed aorta at arch.had a stent put in and healed well. His blood pressure is on average 150/70. Cardiovascular specialist said they won’t treat it because diastolic is low. He is on 80 MG asa. Garlic and fish oils for 4 months now. What can we do. They tell me the stent should not cause high systolic.
    I’m stumped

  474. Joyce Ng says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I had high blood pressure 140/100 recently. Sometime will go up to 160/100+ in the afternoon.
    At first I have shoulder pain and headache. Now headache reduce but I feel pressure on my ears.
    Is there any natural way to reduce the pressure instead of taking medicine?
    I also can feel pain on my eyes.
    May I know is the natural sea salt could help to reduce pressure?
    Thank you and best regards

  475. Dear Sir,

    I am chandan and 25 year old. My blood pressuer are between 138/88 to 145/98.

    I have powerfull pain in head almost every hour and chest pain also.

    So request you, Please help me on this.

  476. I’m 21 and my blood pressure is 140 over 120

  477. recently diognosed hypertention B P 160/120. and ECG IS NORMAL. how can i reduce this to 120/90. suggest me. pls. now i am 32 yrs old and single.

  478. Daramola Ayodele says:

    I am 26 years old and my BP is 156/98. Sir what will I do for it to come down to normal? 08036864766

  479. Pema Wangchuk says:

    Sir, my BP is consistently in range of 140/100…m I having hypertension…….advice me some remidal measures…
    Thank you.

  480. My son who is 15 yrs old 5’10 very fit had a BP of 105/52 w a pulse of 75. Can you tell me exactly what this means, how serious and how to correct the problem. It isn’t always low.

  481. I am a black female I weigh 191 I an 65″ tall and my blood pressure is 148/100 . what should I eat and cut down on

  482. hello sir,
    my husband is 33yrs. since last few months i can see some kind of irritation and frustration on him. he was not like this. earlier he had low bp, now it is 135/90. pulse 66. he sleeps a lot in day time and less at night.
    what prob is he facing i am not able to figure it out.
    i am very much worried.
    plz help.
    thanx and regards.

  483. shuweikha rashid says:

    i have been sufering for high blood pressure for decades ofyears, and i am 70 now.
    the visiting madrass doc. put me on telminsartan and stopped me from telme am tablets, and put m on concur 5 m. but telminsartan is not available in kenya. which alternative can i take

  484. Abijith jose says:

    am 23 year old boy my blood pressure is 160/90 is problem or not

  485. Abijith jose says:

    am 23 year old boy my blood pressure is 160/90

  486. Cecil Macarthur Luther says:

    My son is 24 years old his height is 6.2 and weight a little over 100 kg. His blood pressure measures 140/80 . We started alopathic medicines for nearly five months but the reading seems to be stabilised. We both are diabetic. Do you suggest homoeopathic medicine and will it really benefit him. Regards

  487. Vangie F. Suina says:

    I am a 55 yr female and Today at the dental clinic I Was told that I had a blood pressure of 180/84. Was told it was a little high.
    Diebetes run in my family, so far I have not been told that I have diabetes.
    I have had numbness and tingling in both arms for quite sometime, it gets like that when I lay down at the end of the day, on the computer, or when it’s cool/cold. I figure it’s carpal tunnel in my arms or artritis.
    Does this all combine together? To deal w the heart or high blood pressure? I’ve mentioned this to my Dr. but he says their 2 seperate things. ?
    Can you enlighten me w some information ? Sure would appreciate it.

  488. vida DJOBI says:

    im 24 years and my blood pressure is 140/100.please help.

  489. LIPIKA KAYAL says:

    hi,my mom use not any presser’s medicine..but recently she has bp 180/120.. kindly advise will she starts the medication or this can be manage with some life style changes!

  490. Yeshwanth L.N says:

    My age is 48, male BP readings are 79-117 laydown position and 90/135 in sitting position. Is there any problem. or should i go for medicine

  491. Perry h. Sanders II says:

    I checked
    My blood pressure today and it was 142/86 and 102 beats per minute should I be worried I’m 26 with my grandfather and both uncles having heart attacks it kinda worries me. It normally Is about 118/70 can it just go up and down like that

  492. am 26 yrs old amd i have hypertension 158/98 its always like that high and lately i been having bad headaches and its starts with burning eyes and in my nose my back always hurt am so worried cause am a mother of 3 my youngest is 1 and am really scare that something will happen to me i been going through alot of stress that i think thats the reason for my headache and my mood changes constantly

  493. Pamela silver says:

    I’m taking metoprolol for high blood pressure,iv been having chest pains,they started last night and still going on now

  494. sachchidanand vaish says:

    Hi doctor
    My father bp fluncuate 220 high & after 2 minute 140
    So tell me reason

    Please give me answer & suggestion

    Very very thanks

  495. cynthia non says:

    i been using telmisartan 40mg in the morning n atenolol 50mg in the evening it seems i have higher blood pressure reading everyday of 140/90 i have high total cholesterol results of 220 mcg what would i do

  496. Lakshman says:

    Iam suffering bp myage 26 Using stamlo beta for 2 months iam not intrested to life long taking please help me

  497. A K Khare says:

    I am suffering from hypertensive diabetic. To treat diabetic using insulin mixtard 50
    To treat hbp using sbl medicine
    Rauvolfia serpentina and crataegus oxyacantha
    20-20 drop two time
    But my bp still 150/80
    Kindly advice correct medicine to reduce bp upto normal range.
    A K Khare

  498. Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 38 years old male and I use to have head pain . Today I went to Dr and he checked my blood pressure. He said i have 170/120 bp hypertension. I am realt tense please help .

  499. Ekon odyuo says:


    I’am 24 years old male. 2 months ago i started to have a severe headache and loss balance with a sound ringing in both side of ears. I realised the need of treatment and visited the doctor and unluckly i was found dignose with high blood pressure 160/100 they said it to be hypertension. After 10 days of taking amlosav tablet i find my bp in a normal reading. Ie 120/80. Though! The sound like ringing in my ears did’nt vanish. after one month i went to see the doctor for recheck and found my bp 140/90.
    may you kindly suggest if there’s any ways and measures to keep bp under control at a normal reading.
    Thanking you sir.! In advance.

  500. My 27 year old bf has highblood pressure. He works long hours, always on the road driving day & night, sleep only on Monday – Wednesday and apprx. 2hrs pr night the rest if week. Continously under stress & drinks 4 times minal pr week.
    Please provide the long term effects for such a person.

  501. melanie abin says:

    Good afternoon dr.sharma

    Im melanie abin, last week i used to know my blood pressure is 130/80. I am shocked cause i thought i am lowblood.
    Because im just thin and i weighed only 42 kgs.
    What does it mean?
    I hope you can help me,so i can know more aboit my situation.
    Thank you.

  502. sir
    actually my father has bp readings like165/110 few days back
    nd 150/100 now today
    he is fat 116 kg weight
    kindly suggest how to down it

  503. S C Sahni says:

    I am suffering from high level of protein in the urine. The level of protein is 7.0gr.I was looking in this chapter for the treatment in Homeopathic but could not find the result.I will be oblige if you can provide the treatment in the homeophathi.

  504. maricel auriada bacay says:

    i am 33 yrs old.Nd my pb is 140/100 smetimes 150over 100.My over is always higher than 90…everytme i got pregnant it goes up to always cs delevry.I do also exercise,eat veg.and i dnt eat meat regularly.I take med.Anti hypertensve maintnance but nothng change,i ask what is my problem to me?My bmi is normal…pls!Gve me some advice thank u..

  505. Lanie olaez says:

    Hi!im lanie im 37 im worried about my bp bcoz evryday my bp is not ok lastday 120/90 today 120/100 what do i need?

  506. I’m 42 years and my blood pressure is 140/90. Is it dangerous? Should I take medicine?

  507. Mak karosa says:

    Dear sir my Triglyceride is 228 now I don’t know how to make it low and I also don’t know which medicine that I can use so please give introduction and endication. Thank u

  508. Nellie Jliga says:

    My 25 year old son has blood pressure of 180/84. He is 6 foot 1 and weighs 160 kilos. It is mostly diet and sendentary lifestyle related. He doesnt drink or smoke. He stresses out over his university studies. How can he be helped, please Doctor?

  509. I need your kind advice. Pls. My BP count is 150/100. Is there any easy remedy to lower it and how serious is it ??

  510. Mohammed sadisu waziri says:

    I am 32 and my blood pressure use to rise up to 180/90 and sometimes drop to 140/80. I do 30 minutes work daily and i have not been taking much salt. Please help me

  511. piyali das says:

    my age44,weight-76kg, teacher,suffering from uterus tumor,heavy bleeding from last september,pressure-varying between150/1oo,due to pain in stomack cant exercise, leg pains ,how to control my pressure and lead stress-free life

  512. AnEeSh KuMaR says:

    Dear doctor,
    My blood presure is 140/80,hight 184 cm and weight 90 kg.

    Let me know, whether mu blood presure is high or not?. Is there any relationship between hight and the blood presure

  513. mazhar rizvi says:

    I m 25 yrs old my weight is 135 height 6 and my heart beat is fast in the middle night nd in morning my bp goes 190 110 but after taking medicen it is normal and my ECG is normal and all report is normal after taking meficen I m getting dizzy light hedeach

  514. Hi Sir,

    This is about my brother’s Case,

    Age: 16 Yrs
    high BP: 240 (31-Mar-2015) and now 180 (01-Apr-2015). He is admitted in ICU. Total body scanning is going on. Could you please tell me how to recover from this disaster happen to my brother. Treatment,medicinets,Diet and upto howlong he needs to take medicine

  515. Gouri Das says:

    my mother is suffering from hepato cellular carcinoma, now she is taking sorafenib which causes high b.p.. like 160/110 .. please suggest me, what to do…

  516. i have hypertension 150/90 and getting a little chest pain what seems to be the problem

  517. Faloye tayo says:

    Please what can a sixty year old man who just for the first time in his life has a BP Of 160/110 do or use. And what is the risk involved.

  518. respected sir,
    my age is26yrs. I m high bp patient. how much weight I should lift.

  519. Anil kaware says:

    Respected doctor
    Please suggest me I am in medical marketing and i hav all bad habbits such as sleeping time is different sometimes I was sleep 1am, sometimes by 2pm, because of some formats of company and other activity and next day schedule depending on the situation sometimes I leave home on 5am or sometimes 9am.and diet conditions is depending on the city sometime wadapav sometimes I was feel now backache and some chest pain, whenever I was worked on bike it leads to more backache. I have done some checkup also ortho test as well as neurological tests but not any deformaties seen .one day before 4month one spasm was occured in my chest and back left side it was painful and that was subsided within 10min after sleeping on the table.and I was in more anxiety I thought It may be a cardiac problem.that time my BP was 160/110
    And after that I was took a tab aceclofenac+seatiopeptidase.I was done ECG which was normal but BP was 150/100
    Si Dr has suggest me do the lipid profile lipid profile was slightly change in ‘LDL cholesterol was increased and serum cholesterol was increased triglyceride was normal.then Dr has prescribed Metaprolol 50 extended released tab And Atorvostatin 10mg on every day so I am worried about the sideffect of that tablets.after complete course I done complete body profile that All test are normal such as Treadmill test, Eco test.LFT, KIT, Thyroid test..all test are normal but now increase triglyceride it is 188mg.send Dr has continue Rosuastatin 10 mg tab and metaprolol 50mg tab so please suggest me what I need to do?

  520. joseph yeboah says:

    My wife if 8 month presgnant. Her bp is 110/100. She has started feeling dizzy and week . Is it normal?

  521. I am 25 years and I checked my blood pressure today which was 145/80. I need to decrease it before Monday. Please help me out..

  522. Laxmi narayana says:

    For the past five days I am observing little discomfort in the body. Muscular strains, slight headache through out the day. I got checked my bp and it was fluctuating in between 130/ 90 to 140/ 100. I am overweight (101 kg). My sugar levels are in range 150 – 160 pp. Kindly suggest.

  523. i’m 41, my bp leve is 100/160 (normal 80/120). i never consulted any doctor. i need to consult doctor and take his advice. or i can control myself, please advice

  524. musthafa p says:

    I have blood pressue iam taking two time medicine, iam 38 year age, I doing exercise I have pain of all over body .please replay for the comment

  525. Minhaj Alam says:

    Hypertension with b.p 139/90 and taking olmy H40 from six it possible to treat with homeopathic medicines and stop olmy H40

  526. Parth Dodiya says:

    Hello Doc. My name is parth and I am 23 years old working as software engineer. One day after taking meal I went at one of my friends home we are more then 10 friends taking at that time in small room after sometime I feeling seek. I feel that my heartbeats are automatically rises. I feel trouble in breathing.
    So I went to hospital. They found my blood pressure 200/100. They directly admitted me.
    Second day my condition was normal. After. They done different different test. But they didn’t found anything in report.
    Currently my blood pressure show 140/90 after 2 week. So I want to know. This is temporarily blood pressure or permanent one.
    I never found this type of. Problem before.
    As per doctor my heart is too strong. I don’t have any heart deases. I want to know what is happening with me.

  527. my age is 28 and weight is 120 and bp is 150/90

  528. my elder son who is 16 years old suffers from hypertension ranging between 140/130-100/90…im very anxious about it..plz guide me…how can I cure him in naturalbway without medication…also advise necessary blood/urine tests before check up…having this conditions,why my son feels normal and okay ?plz answer me as soon as possible with first-hand medicines if necessary on urgent bases…REGARDS

  529. maricel a bacay says:

    when i was 16 my bp is 130/80…then when i was gettng preGNant at 23 it bcomes 180/100…..i take med..Tel now im 33 i never have normal bp even i take med…What happen?Is there any complcation hapen to me?

  530. Dear sir,

    I am Roshan I am 28 years old and suffering frm high BP am working in a IT sector .

    Please let me knw if I can lower BP using homeopathy medicine

    Thanks in advance


  531. Shijo Thomas Jacob says:

    Hello Dr,

    I am 25 and was recently discovered with high BP, when i was asked to undergo medical examination for a Job. my BP was 170/100 , there after taking medicine its controlled in the range of 130 /85. I am having lozartan 100 mg + atenol 50 mg once in the morning.

    ok this is my health part.

    Is this a serious condition which i should disclose to a call before arrange marriage. or she would understand that this is a normal issue, basically i a computer programmer and i have high pressure at my job environment, i dontknow anything else so i am afraid to do any thing else.

    please help.

  532. Anil Kumar verma says:

    I am 44 year old. I have not any alcoholic habits or smoking. My sugar lable is OK. But now my blood pressure is 150/100. May I use medicine. Some time I feel not better and I feel my heart beat abnormal.
    When once I used BP medicine my body adicted or after some time I leave this medicine. Please suggest.

  533. I am mallesh : suffering with hypertension bp gastric ; can u plz help me


  535. sir/mam,
    1 n half year back I got TIA
    I started medications prescribed by doctors but still some times I feel weakness in my left side body, my BP is in under control, I am taking controlled diet I do exercise 1 hr (5 days in a week).
    kindly suggest me for permanent cure.

  536. nageshwar rao says:

    am suffering HTN 150/90 plz help homeopathy drug

  537. hi sir
    I am 24 year old and my bp is 140/90
    should I start anti-hypertensive medicine ???
    I am also having tha treatment of h-pylori virus in my stomach

  538. Hi, Dr please help me with understanding how to help my husband lower his blood pressure naturally. He doesent like going to the dr . He believes western medicine is a joke. He is caucasion age 35 very active. 5feet10 inches tall weight 168 pounds non smoker eats a little to much meat and walks around with a regular bp of 163 over 102 pulse of 122 thats nonstressed non exercising and takes no prescription meds . please help me befor i loose him sincerly mrs. barr

  539. V.K.ASHWIN KUMAR says:

    Sir im suffering high bp since 22years now my age is 40 year,presently using table telmekind 40mg,sugar is normal(radam).please help what to do which dictor shall i consult

  540. Pls Wat a d prescribd drug 2 b takn 2 prevent prehypertension

  541. Donald drane says:

    I’m a 28 year old male I smoke about a pack a day my blood pressure been running around 125/115 some times the top be a little higher then that same thing with the bottom number my heart beats is around 90 to 100. I been filling like I’m going to fall out my ears are on fire an they ring so loud I can barely here i start pouring sweet some times it make me puke my heart hurts fill like it’s got a ice pick in it an some times I fill like I’m going in a seizure I my hold body will jerk it scare me bad what do I need to do

  542. hi
    I myself mrs fatima age 26 yrs from 2 to 3,4 days sm suffering from body pain n headache …I consult doctor than it shows high bp 150/90….thn afterwards 2 days bp is 180/110…and I feel my heart beat so fast…please help me to what should I do in this condition …my husband used to job in foreign country

  543. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am a mail 32 years old , yesterday i had very strong headache on my top head, And time to time i get this kind of headache (regularly 2 time a month) some time half head and some time back top of head.
    and i checked my blood pressure after 2 hour rest at home , it was 140/100. and always my pulse is 90 to 95
    so what i have to do because most people says it is very high?
    weight 77 KG
    Height : 173 CM
    many thanks in advance for advice

  544. Hi sir,
    My age is 25 now my blood glucose is 181 after having tiffen. how to reduce it and become a normal. from past 9 months I had become a bit fat. please kindly advice I will be waiting for your valuable suggestions. and kindly let me know if its become a serious problem to lead life.

  545. dear, my soon age is 13 years.he think and suddenly he becomes a aggressive and hit his father mother and other persons.when he is in good think then he repent for his occurence. I have place for this resons sulpher and kali phose.but not respond.alopathik doctor suspect he is the pasent of shysophrania deasease.what can i you pl prescribe me?regards kamal.

  546. i am 22 yrs old and i am having bp 150/100…
    will i face any severe problems in future and what are the remedies pls suggest me

  547. akash kalra says:

    I have high bp(140/90). my doc sugestd some tests :-
    liver test
    kidney test
    lipid test
    urine test
    blood sugar test.

    but all test were ok.
    nw nobody knows whts the problem Is.and I m keen to go Gym n start my weight lifting.
    pls help me Sir.

  548. My Blood Pressure is 150/86 whether I can take medicine tell me what is the reason .

  549. Ahmed awan says:

    Sir i am 37 year old my wieght is 84 kg.last one year i face hypertention.some time its cross 140 and touch 160 dysestolic 100.i am leave salt suger low dose and regularly walk but BP not come normal without medicin.plz told me treat

  550. Ravishankar.G says:

    Need it. nice information. it gives some hope..

  551. I’m a 26 years old healthy male and my blood pressure was 190 to 10 my hart beat was 107 I have never been to doctor

  552. My name is Tarun my age is 23,iam having 150/110 BP, hypertension, Is it comman for this age? My weight is 73kgs,does it causes any prblm for me in the future?

  553. meher meche says:

    mera name hai meher mera age hai 23 mere bp 107-129 muje kitna khatra ho sakta hai esmaiy? please repaly me.

    • Sir, I M 26m hight 6 weight 72, I’m a sports man playing basketball N valley ball from last 10 years, at the age of 22 I had been suspected high bp, N on medication amlodipine 5, from last 7 months I feel dizziness, head pain during the game, then I stopped play. My bp fluctuate b/w 110/65 to 170/90. Now at the nigh I M not able to sleep properly. Some time i I wake in the night in 2 3 hour after sleeping, and my sleeping houres are increased to 10 hours from 7. Also indigestion problems started becoz of this like contipation, gas, acidity. Need some suggestions. Thank you


    hello sir i am 23 yrs but hyprotension .my bp is 140/90. i am taking amlokinAT.plese give me suggestion to control it.

  555. Sir, My bp is 130/70. My age is 27 years. I am a thyroid patient. Is it a normal bp or I need to reduce it. My at is 56 KGS & height 5 feet 5 inches. Plz suggest me.

  556. Hello my name is Armstrong, i am 25yrs old. i blood pressure is was 153/100 but presently its 130/90
    these occured when i was ill of typhoid AND I was have too much stress. right now my body feel something like internal cold and i cant sleep well. please advise me . and also i usually play football with my friends, can i play as i have HBP?

  557. Firzan H F M says:

    Dear sir
    My problem is having BP from 2009 on and off some times it will be 140/90 some time it will be 120/90 or 130/80 it defers with or without medicine(losarten potassium 25mg) and had albumin in urin on and off.(not every time)
    Resantly find out that my both hands give different values like left 140/90 right 120/80 or left 110/85 right 150/100
    Today its left 115/90 and right 130/85 used to check in same place and same machine

    Kindly advice me to what i have to do now ?

    Thank you.

  558. Samir Kulkarni says:

    I m a high bp patient since last 10 years. My bp is always high. Upto 160/90. Though I m on medication. According to Doc, it’s because of stress and anxiety. My ECG & 2d echo is normal. Sometimes my bp goes upto 160/100. May I come out of this problem? How?

  559. Dheeraj Singh says:

    My age is 31. I hv high bp for past 6 yrs. I m taking tablet. But my bp still 140/100. Also taking tablets for anti dippresson. Please tell me something good for better life.

  560. kayla oakes says:

    I’m 29 years old and for some reason my doctor and I haven’t been able to control my BLOOD pressure. Today my reading was 158/80 and pulse is 90.
    I’ve tried everything, but there is about a lot going on in my life that doesn’t seem to be helping my BP. Any suggestions?

  561. dereck wong says:


    My bp is 150/98.. Im nervous and dizzy all the time , often for no reason.. Pls help!

  562. I’m 24 year old…n I have high b.p…that is almost 90/140…when I got angry my hands are vibrating my heart beat also increases so much..please tell me how can I control this.

  563. Dear Dr,

    I tested my blood pressure last night and it was 144/100 I am 27yrs oldn a smoker but not overweight.

    Also High blood/hypertension runs in my family both my dad and mom suffers from this.

    Do I need to get medication to treat this or could I make simple or rather major changes in my life before going to visiting a Dr.

  564. v v nandeeswara rao says:

    Hi Sir,

    Iam 31 years old,yesterday testing on bp 135/95 .please give me suggestion control for bp

  565. Mansoor Semna says:

    Hi Doctor myself mansoor from mumbai presently working in Iraq. Daily i take Amlovas At tabk
    Let in morning in mumbai my morning Bp used to be 130/80, 135/85 but here from 3days ihad headache i che ked my bp its 110/65, 115/70 for last 3 days should i take 1/2 tablet as here the food is diet type less salt ,green salads etc,
    Kindly guide me.
    Awaiting for your favourable reply,
    Best regards

  566. Hello Doc,
    M in Indian Army n posted in Leh, my prob is when m here in my hometown my bp is good I mean normal 120/80. Bt when I reach there at Leh it rises upto 170/120. Pls help me out.

  567. Tarandeep Singh says:

    Hi doctor,
    I am 21 year old
    Since last couple of months my bp is on the higher side!
    All test done like
    ECG: sinus rhythm,LVH
    chest xray:WNL
    USG abdomen
    2D ECHO
    Renal doppler
    MRI Brain
    all test reports is normal
    now I’m taking medications from last month
    Telma AM H 80mg
    Nebistar SA
    Arkamin 0.1mg
    after taking these medicine my bp is around 130/85 to 145/90

    I need your help doctor plz kindly advise.

  568. Muhammad Kankia says:

    Pls i need you help, i am 30 years old and am having hand and legs numbness.

  569. High blood pressure 140/100 why its reduce

  570. my hubby is 27 year old n from the past 2 days he was having a problem of high BP I.e 140/100..actually my father-in-law had also the same prblm…I don’t understand wat to do..Pls help.. can we control dis prblm wdout medicines..

  571. Avishek Chatterjee says:

    Respected sir,
    i suffered high bp on 2years and i go a medicine doctor then he suggest a pills for daily use when my bp is 160/90 now i change my pills because may leg feet became strech, now i take NEXOVAS-10, and still now my bp level is 156/90, so what i can do now please suggest me.

    Avishek Chatterjee

  572. I’m 17 and my blood pressure is 140/80.
    My weight is 45kg.
    I know it’s pretty high, and I’m getting worried.
    Is there any suggestion to help lower my blood pressure?

  573. i m 21 and have bp of 145/95 . any measures to reduce ?have taken amoldipine but as it induces sleep i have stopped taking it so please suggest any menthod


  574. scott sensanbaugher says:

    Pp I’m 32 years old,278lbs.was just tested and blood press.was 174/111 91 heart rate at rest.what should I think of it normal.

  575. I am currently wearing a blood pressure monitor and one reading came up as 130/44 .. i am 18 years old and my BMI is perfect for my age and height is this blood pressure readin normal

  576. What i gonna do because my bloodpresure is to high130/100 at the age of 29.

  577. Hi doc….I have high bp for last one month…it is 150/100 but after doing regular exercise it is in the morning at 8.30 am137/87 . I am not taking medicine….plz tell me that should I go for medicine or change my life stlye as my age is 33….


  578. Arianna Shankle says:

    I’m 16 turning 17 next month, and when I was giving blood, they said my blood pressure was too high, it was 190, I’m 5’6 and 144 what’s the problem

  579. Karanjuneja says:

    I feel headache from 15 days I m 30 year old last weak doctor diagnosed my Bp 160/100 I m taking medicine and doctor said I hve to take medicine daily whole life I wanna know is it true I wanna go with homeopathy plzz help me

    • I am a 46 y/o female with fluctuant borderline to high blood pressure since august 2012. It fluctuates from 105/70’s to somedays 160/101. I have been taking homeopathic treatment for other problems like seasonal allergies, menopausal hot flashes/ insomnia and anxiety and now hypertension. All my other symptoms have been well-controlled except BP. I am not sure if there is adequate control. It is always high when first measured and then if remeasured 10 or 15 minutes later….it seems lowered. I want to try one last time to see if a second homeopathic opinion will help before I commit to allopathic meds. Your thoughts will be appreciated.

  580. Sunday chukwuemeka mbah says:

    Gud morning sir/ma
    have being having a high blood pressure that is over 170/120 and i dnt no what to do. But i want to ask. If walking out can reduce it. Or is their something more better i can do to reduce it. Pls how be waiting for your reply sir. And my age is 28 that is why am worried. And if am in the a/c my body react alot. Am just tired don’t no what to do.

  581. Lalit jain says:

    Hi, from last 3 years my bp is 150/00 I am 29 years old and my weight is 95 height 5.10
    What should I do

  582. I am 21 year old from northeast India.last month my bp rise to 170/120. Under medical attention my bp reduce to 120/80, but it fluctaute round the clock. i.e between 120-130/80-90. The most common symptom I experience are headache ,chest pain and bteathlessness. I do mild excercise for 30 minutes evry evening.
    Sir please help me out
    1. what is the posible cause?
    2. What are the activities I should practice?
    3. What type of diet I should on?
    Thanking You.

  583. Iam 38 years old .iam taking homeopathy medicine during attack thyroid since one year .now my bp is 150/100. If i take homeopathy medicine to cure bp .how many days have take cure and stop iam taking norflax tz to infecton veginal since 2 days have any effect bp during taking noflox tz

  584. My daughter is 18 &, for the first time, just received a BP reading from her doctor of 126/94. She’s a freshman in college & boards at the school. She’s 5’4-1/2″ & weighs 146. Is this cause for concern? What, if anything, should be done? Her pressure has always been very good.

    Thank you in advance for your help,


  585. Ali Younas says:

    My heart beat high i am use inderal tablet pleas suggest me tablet all day my heart beat 100 and 118 or 98 or 80 pleas suggest me tablet the i am use my age 24 year old i am not maride not High my Blood Pressure only my heart beat run fast 1 month problm ans me urgent

  586. My blood pressure is 160/120, heart rate is 115 BPM resting. In 24 years old, 6 ft tall, and 150 lbs. What does this mean? Should i be concerned?

  587. pandurang kisan lad says:

    My bp is 180/90 plz suggest some remedy to reduce it, my age is 52. I dont drink but Im habitat of ghutka.

  588. Abdullah Al Mamun says:

    Hi, I’m Mamun from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    I’m a 20 year boy. I’m 5’7″ tall and weigh about 55 kg (120 lb). Studying undergrad in a renowned engineering institute (BUET) and my final exam is upcoming. But I’m not prepared for the exam at all. Besides, I have a girlfriend whose ex is interrupting our relationship. He’s not gonna leave her, rather he tries to blackmail her saying that he will commit suicide if she doesn’t leave me and accept him. The girl has also a soft corner or sympathy for the boy and she often says that she’s confused with whom she should stay. Me or him, though she admits that she loves me and not him, but I’m strong enough to live without her but he’s unable to do so. Once I offered her to go for him but she couldn’t leave me. So, I’m in an uncertain phase in our relationship. So, I was very much tensed past few days.

    Yesterday my blood pressure rose up to 140/100 mm(Hg) . Now I’m controlling my diet and pressure is lowering gradually. 130/95, 130/90, 130/80 and now it’s 125/80. Now I don’t know whether it is being cured or controlled. Do I need to control my diet and activities for a long period? Should I workout? Any suggestion to get a happy life?

    Generally I do workout everyday. Push ups, toe touches, squats and high knees- each one for 30 secs, and repeating the whole process 3 times with 30 sec rest in interval. Should I continue this or any different workout?

    Thanks in advance.
    Abdullah Al Mamun


    hello sir ,my reading is 140/100 currently.please provide me routine and dietary chart to overcome from this stage and please further inform me that how could it dangerous ?

  590. sir, my father{50} yesterday he had bleeding in nose and alot blood goes out , that time itself he consulted doctor in office itself . Dr. checked his bp it was 160/120 and after relaxing for 40 min it was 140/100 no medicins where given
    and after reaching home again consulted family Dr. there bp was 140/100 remains same Dr. gave tablets ARBITEL-H,TRENAXA 500 and a nosal spary OTRIVIN for 10 days . is there any problem to worry any check ups required . pls reply fast as soon as possible.i hope you will reply soon sir .
    thank you

  591. abdul baseer says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am 42 years old.

    Since last months my BP is on the higher side !

    Last time when I had checked the same it was 180/120 kindly advise shall I start the medication or this can be manage with some life style changes!

    Pls advise.


    Abdul baseer


  593. helloo dr, i am 31 yr old nd i am sufferd from high bp from the past 4 father expired in jan 2010 and my bp start from aug frend told me about homeopathy doctor.he gave me homeopathy medicine.i am taking homeopathy madicince called bp care(lequied) 2 times in a day. i also do gyming in mornig and 10 min in winter i feel raise my bp sometimes.can u tell me is that ok or not..can i get rid from high bp..

  594. Gyan Michael says:

    I am 32years old. I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, meanwhile, I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I have had headache usually associated with nasal and throat congestion for about 11years now. I usually get scared over trivial issues and tend to think about them over long period. Please help me to overcome this problem.

  595. Me worried about ma blood pressure….I m 27 years old woman nd ma blood pressure is 140 over i can lower it?plz suggest

  596. Hello Doctor! I am 18 year old suffering from hypertension from 1 year there are various medication appliedbut it is still elevated around 150/80 . I exercise regularly . In complaints doctor had return Ht and anxiety so is there any homeopathic medicine to completely cure this disease.I am nervous in many conditions please doctor help me out..

  597. mohd nasim khan says:

    I am 30 year old and I have high blood pressure now around 140/80-150/85 since last 2 year initialy it was 130/80 some time reached to 140/80 but last 1year it regular 140/80 and rise to 150/90 2 to 3 time in a weak. And i m feeling headach and mild giddiness
    I jogg daily 30 min last 4mnth but no possitive effect on my BP
    my routine investigation report including creatinine,urine test BUN,USg abdomen,cholestrol and triglyceride,ecg is normal.2year back my triglyceride was 271 but now its normal range
    Pls help me.i dont want to take modern medicine
    Thanking you

  598. i have high bp 110/160 taking med concor2.5mg but not regular

  599. ARUN KUMAR.N says:


  600. Kimberly sherman says:

    Hi I’m 26 and I have had a bad bruise pop up on my leg I got worried cause I’m type 1 diabetic so I went to urgent care they didn’t say much I noticed my blood pressure was up a little so I checked it when I got home and the first reading was 146/100 1 min. Later I checked it and it was 148/96 am I OK should I be worried

  601. sir am a 23 yr old female from nigeria .bp holding up in 138/ doc.placed me on5mg.lisinopril bt i dont wana continue taking pillls.i take walks bcs i constanly feel dizzy so i cant do anytin more vigorous.i try to eat well too bt its avin no father died of a stroke so am me

  602. sir am a 23 yr old female from nigeria .bp holding up in 138/ doc.placed me on5mg.lisinopril bt i dont wana continue taking peals.i take walks bcs i constanly feel dizzy so i cant do anytin more vigorous.i try to eat well too bt its avin no father died of a stroke so am me

  603. Abby Lopecillo says:

    I wish to know how I can manage stress and tension which causes my pre-hypertension. Am 33 years old with a height of 5’1 and a wt of 71kls. I am married and without a baby.

  604. amarjeet singh says:

    Dear sir,

    Im33 suffering from hypertension problem from last4 years & sometimes some emotional situations or aggressive situation my heartbeats runs so fast for that i loose my control and behaves like mental person runs outside the house i am totally full of fear. As consult to my Local Doctor he suggest me to haveTab Telemekind am once a day.PLs Sir suggest some tips or Tab to control my Bp.

  605. My son is 12 years old 84 kg 170 cm has high pressure blood what should be the ideal ?

  606. shailesh jain says:

    Sir I m suffering from. High blood pressure 160/120
    Kindly suggest which precautions I m take

  607. if my bp morning is 130/90 some times when that day evening is 120/80 some days no bp always normal
    how i consider i am having blood pressure how i can treat earlier by chlestral level is now is normal
    what shall i do plz kindly help me

  608. manju ganessan says:

    Hi,my husband is 35 yes old.His BP g150/110.he is a non-vegetarian.(twice a day in week).can u pls suggest the diet to lower the bp level,and this range is very serious at this age?

  609. Arpita mondal says:

    sir,my age is 21+.two day s before i check up my blood pressure that is 140/90 .what i will do??how it will be normal??pls do smthng.thank you.

  610. Hello sir I am 24yrs old I am a patient of young hypertension my bp is around 140/90. And my heartbeat is very fast pls sir tell me what to do??
    I m in care of cardiologist. they have given me
    1)Ciplar LA 20bp
    2)tryptomer 10 mg

  611. passiflora and creategus oxy Q is it applicable for hypertention?????

  612. jazmine harris says:


  613. Ravi sharma says:

    sir. I am 22 Year old young man. My hight is 174cm &weight 55kg. My bp is too high 160/80. What i do. In ECHO test there are mild mr.
    please suggest .thank you

  614. thanks for all your information, my problem is that am using my drugs regularly but my high blood pressure is going up and down is not teady. my age is 37 years.

  615. chocolate factory says:

    I don’t understand why all of you are asking this site for advice, when it is not answering any of the questions you are posting. I have the same problems as you. First step is to adjust your lifestyle- cardio every single day such as bike, treadmill or a run or even a walk to start with. Simple weights mixed in twice a week will help. ‘tube Scooby to get no BS advice. Secondly, any problems which you cannot fix yourself or you don’t understand, please see the doctor that you usually do and you can always see others for other opinions etc.

  616. BALVINDER SINGH says:

    How homeopathy can help me in treating hypertension ?

  617. prakash ghenand says:

    please help me; I’m 25 year old I have bp problem

  618. Dr. Am just 28. And my bp is 220/150. Am having serious headeaches allways, my hrt beats is faster. I cant sleep at night. I dont smoke. Dr please i need ur help.

  619. MVMohana Murthy says:

    Sir, Good morning. I am taking lodoz 2.5mg tablet daily one for BP for 5 years. Is there any side effect by the use of this tablet daily in long run? Now there is a complaint of renal calculi in kidney recently. More over I am suffering with acidity.Usually I don’t have deep sleep during night times. Please suggest.

  620. Hi aq po ay 27 yrs old lagi poh sumaskit ung batok ko..parang laging nangangalay bkit poh kya ..tapos pagkinapa ko prang my bukol pls help me doc

  621. prabudha s. kamble says:

    I HAD severe chest pain before seven years. i got admitted in hospital and i was give heparine injection and hypertensive drug and got relief, but since then i have no chest pain.

    suggest me if i have any cardiac problem and suggest homeopathy medicine for me.

    thanking you,



  622. Thanks for the information,I went to the doctor and he took my cholesterol levels and sugar and he said I was a healthy individual,but sadly my
    blood pressure was measured at 150/ I was wondering if all the readings don’t go together

  623. Hi sir,
    Since an year, I m getting a fluctuation in my blood pressure. It ranges from normal to 160/100 at max. Normally it lies around 135/90.various other problems that I face quite regularly are headache,gas, pain at back of my head, vomiting on eating oily food and acidity at times. I have yet not started any medication for bp but have started taking rauvolfia after consulting my homeo dr. Kindly guide me should I start allocate as I am suffering these issues quite frequently these days and thus unable to work well.

  624. Ananda Chandra Pradhan says:

    Hi sir, I am 32 years old and hight 5’5 and my weight is now 70 kgs. I am suffering from HBP and Hypothyroidism. My blood pressure level is now 140/90. I am taking allopathic medicine “Olmax CH-20, Pantakind Flux and Thyrup-50 from last 4month. I am suffering now nervusness,depresson and headache. please give me solution.

  625. komal kewalramani says:


    My bp os 140/95.and my doctor has prescribed me ESIDREX 25MG.1 tablet daily.

    Pls want to know how to control my height is 5’2 weight 85kg and age 36yrs.married 2 kids boy 14yrs and daughter 8yrs.

    Pls reply.

    Desperately waiting for ur reply.


  626. Deepak Khatri says:

    I am 33 years of age, and every time i am moving to doctor clinic for BP measurement, it comes in the range of 170-180/80, my heartbeat increase, i feel anxiety. One time doctor told me that it is due white coat syndrome. I am planning to initiate Homeopathy medicine for the same, so plz suggest me, whether it will be safe.

    Thanks and Regards

  627. dhaval parekh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am dhaval parekh from surat. I am 32 years old. Hypertension has been observed since last 2 years to my. I checked up with Cardiologist, Physician as well. All the reports are very normal but still pressure remains. I am taking Amlong-H prescribed by cardiologist. I am also doing exercise regularly and trying to change the lifestyle. Kindly suggest shall I continue with Amlong-H at this age for Prolong period??

  628. anshu naveen says:

    sr.i am faceing 195/100 blood preasar at my just age of 22 years old i am very felling nurves plz repy my problem

  629. Soumya Chakraborti says:

    I am getting constantly a high B.P ranging from 127/95 to 137/104 for the last 1 month. Going through lot of stress both in family front and job front. Please suggest the best medicine I should be taking. NOt a smoker, however occasionally drink upto 90 ml (max) of vodka. (probably 2times in 3 weeks or so).

  630. chitra vijaykumar says:

    hello dr,
    am 27 years old am been married for five years and have mothered a son of 4 years old. from three months from then my blood pressure is 140/90 or 130/90. when diagonised by the dr am completely alrite an di dont have any other problems. to tell about my diet my consumption of oil for amonth is about 1 ane half ltr. once in the blue moon i food on fries and i take a morning walk for almost an hour and sometimes do yoga(sun salutaions). please help me to keep my bp stable. awaiting for your reply.
    thank you

  631. For over a year now , I haven’t felt like myself. There was one day where I was just doing my normal routine , and all of a sudden I felt weak and started sweating and my body felt cold to touch and I was as white as a ghost . Ever since that happened I haven’t been myself . I’m still pale looking , I’m nauseated half the time . I’m dizzy and my blood pressure has been high . The highest I seen it was 160/110. I don’t no if it has something to do with my symptoms . I just want to be myself again.

  632. Hello sir my age is 23 nd my blood pressure normally when i checked is almost around 150/100.I DO exercise in gym regularly and 3 days a week i olay tennis but my b.p remains same as i told u before and at times i feel anxiety..Now doctor advise me to start take medicine. i take fresium, norvasik and ascard for past 3 days nd i am feeling better.please advise me how i can lower my b.p without medication.One more thing for past 1 week i am facing issues with my eyesight sometimes i cant concenterate while studying but my vision is clear i can read everything properly.i checked my eyesight it was okay..thanku sir !!!

  633. Azizullah Khan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am Azizullah Khan from Pakistan, I am 50 years of age and am suffering from severe pain in the left heel for the last six months, at times it makes virtually impossible for me to walk, my nature of the job is as such that I have to walk in the field almost on daily basis, my URIC ACID LEVEL IS EXACTLY 8, kindly advise me medicine.
    Azizullah Khan
    Rawalpindi Punjab,

  634. Nicole koontz says:

    My husband blood pressure is 165 over 126 hes 29 years old
    Is this bad?
    What can he do ?
    Could be die from this?
    Please get back to me

  635. carri sepe says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Hi , I’m the mother of a 16 year old male. Hes a very athletic , hes been playing football since the 5th grade.
    He started having headaches that have been diagnosed as migraines recently, actually just last week. I took him to urgent care where they gave him ibroprophen
    800 mg.They did not help .On monday he went to school and b4 they started practice he went to trainer because his head was hurting so badly.She then took his BP and my son told me she said it was 180 over 120 . He called told me I rushed over and took him to ER. They ran tests , cat scan , chest x-rays which came back cine . They also did a EKG which came back abnormal. Went to his GP on Friday she put him on blood pressure pills , his migraines havd we t away. Also, we got a referral to cartiologist in where im going to request a excuse the spelling a echogram I believe thats what there called. If theres anything you suggest any advice any information at all.i would deeply appreciate it.
    Thank you, Sinceraly, Carrie Sepe

  636. Artur petryshyn says:

    I have blood pressure 140/78 puls 55 I play foodball train two times a week pluse play game ones a week.Is my blood pressure to high.

  637. rabi patel says:

    my blood pressur fluctuate from 140/100 to 130/80 what can i do which medicine i will take my knee joint pain when blood pressure increase .i am filling tence in every ward when any body say anything

  638. Sir,
    I am 28 years old male from kerala, just got married. I noticed my blood pressure 140/90. In my age its high I guess, how can I reduce the blood pressure..please advice .

  639. Argha Bhattacharya says:

    I am 37 years old man and suffering from high BP (my highest bp is counted 140/100 in 2013 , now iam taking listril 2.5 (alopathy) medicine for the last year. Recently(in March-2014) i test my blood and found everything under control. I don’t want to take alopathy medicine for long time as there is side effect, So please advice me medicine in homeopathy.

  640. Mohammad shamim akhter khan says:

    i have high 170/112 since one year.

  641. Hello, Doctor.
    I am 17-years-old. I am female.
    For the last four days, my blood pressure has been 158/80. I am of normal weight. My pulse rate was 127 the first day. I am trying to figure out what is wrong. My heart has been beating so fast that I have loss of breath and trouble sleeping.
    My mother thinks it is athsema, but I highly doubt that theory.

  642. Ronald Noronha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Very good day to you sir. I am Ronald here from India(Goa) age is 29. Sir, I am suffering from BP 160/108 as I never had or faced any problem earlier and till today. But from last few weeks I had a very bad head ache and vomitting but still I was fine and fit, then again later after a week I again had a head ache so I went to our family doctor and had few test done, Results are here Fasting blood glucose 141.3mgs/dL, Total cholesterol 236.7mgs/dL, HDL Cholesterol (direct) 63.7mgs/dL, LDL cholesterol 158.9 mgs/dL. Could you please help me out to save my life or medicine to cure my BP as I do regular workouts at gym but recently had stopped gymming. Awaiting your response Sir.

    Ronald Noronha

  643. maohammad arshad ali says:

    hello sir my name is arshad ali.iam 27 bp is 140/90 since 2-3 months. iam not using any medicenes.

  644. Am 26yrs old and I recently lost a job because my BP was high…I had a reading of 150/90…please I would love to knw what I can do to make it fall back to normal…


    Dear Sir.
    Am boy a of 25 years with a lot research to se what is going in my life and others….want to know what is really cause of ear amd eye problem and what i mean is natural of getting affected with such problems….. I believe my father have been slapping me a lot for being a bad boy and that makes me think am really affected that slapping ….which i mow cant see from a very far and also liquid comes from ears since i was a child…..all started when i was child….
    Hope to hear from you very soon…!
    Jibreel Addo Quaynor

  646. Haruna Adamu says:

    I am 34 years, 100 kg weight, 1.83m, BP 120/90

  647. shallu sharma says:

    my bp is 130/79 inspite of i drink too much water and on low salt diet

  648. Hi my age is 40 recently I. Checked my bp level is 140/90 pls kindly advise me what to do and is there any chance by taking intial medication will it go permenently

  649. Ehtizaz Aziz says:

    Dear sir
    I am of 23 year age and 95 kg weight.. recently i was bite by a insect and i take a injection of avail and after that my blood prsur goes to 200 .. 170 .. today i chek it was 140/90 …as blood pressure is my ancestors diseas .. suggest me a treatment ..

  650. arbab nadir says:

    Iam 18 years old.I have checked my bp which was 130/80 Iam 93kg I want to know that whether its normal for me or its high???

  651. Dear Sharma,

    my friend is 26 years and he is suffering from high blood pressure yes he drink some time but what is the solution can we have any medicine in homeopathic if you can guide me i will be very thankful to you.


  652. Nurudeen seidu says:

    please doctor am only 21years and I live I’m Ghana with my grandma I had malaria and whiles checking my BP there find out that my BP was meaning am have hypertension…please doctor I really need your help and advice THANKS VERY MUCH hope to hear from you

  653. My age 43y weight 75kg, hight 174cm, cholesterol is normal ,BP almost 140/90 & 150/100 advice me some herb to use ,

  654. I am 27 years old but my BP is 151.98 and i don’t no what to do

  655. Kevin stubbs says:

    I am 29 years old me and my wife just adopted a little boy, I want to be around to watch him grow up. I am about 212 pounds know I need to lose around 25 pounds I take 20mg lisinopril and 25mg atenolol nexium 50mg and my stress I take sertraline 50mg and wellbutrin 150mg my question is can I live a long life taking these and doing what the doctor says.
    I have been seeing an internal medicine doctor for about 12 years, his name is equardo balbona he was a doctor for the united states congress he said the meds are helping not hurting I trust him in ur expertise im I doing the right thing and can I live a long life doing this

  656. sumanth sanyal says:

    sir, i using bp medcine vinicor 25xl for the last six months please suggest me some homeo medcine so that i can use along with this medcine and i want to stop this medcine slowly

  657. amol jadhav says:

    I am 29 years old & hieght 186cm & 88 kg.
    my bp is 160 100 after taking medicene. is it dangerous? I have bp since 2 years. Starting 140 90 then i scared & my bp was always increses.when i am going to clinic my heart beat increses then i scared everytime.what i do please suggest!

  658. I have been feeling very tired and hungry don’t want to get out of bed mu bp was 163/80 A FEW hours later it was 164/93 I do take bp meds but don’t know what is going on I eat healthy I exercise more now I am over weight and in my 30s can you help me thx.

  659. M.pratap reddy says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My name is M.pratap reddy. I am doing job in banglore. My father is having High B.P from the past 5 years.His age 50 years. Recently he got pain in the right lung and has been admitted in the hospital. At that time his B.P is 190/100…. And he has under gone Fluid aspiration in lungs and now his lungs condition is OK. on the same day when we admitted him in the hospital we came to know that he has HYPOKALEMIA and his creatine level is 2.5 (normal 2.0). After treating his lung problem he has shown to kidney specialist and he has given general instructions and NICARDIA -20 MG tablet for B.P. and from then he continued taking that tablet. but from 1 month he stopped taking B.P. tablets because he is getting face swelling in the early morning when he uses the tablet. today i ask him to check b.p in the local RMP and he told it is 190/100… if he take tablet also his B.P is not getting low.. I am very much worried about his condition. I don’t know what to do with his condition.
    Doctor please suggest some treatment for my father condition.. please doctor reply to my mail with your valuable comments regarding my father condition. He was the only person i love in this world. I don’t want to loose him. please help me doctor please…please….

  660. DHANESH C says:

    Age 23, bp -180/110, no body problems , a swollen type part present in wrist of the right hand.
    Body length :176cm, weight 68 kg , chest size 91 – 95
    no smoking, no alcoholic. . So how can i reduce this bp to normal level

  661. I am a 30 yr old female I normally have a bp of about 110/60 but in the last month I been up to 142/92 and I have had abnormal EKG showing possible anterior aschemia so had ECG and hulter test done and got nowhere with all that the doc called and said was nothing significant to worry about should I get second opinion?

  662. Tapan Kumar Saha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from BP for the last4 years. Medicine taken losar-H & cilakar 10. Now my BP is 140/80. I do not like to take the above medicine. Kindly advise me what homeopathy medicine is required for me. I am a regular morning walker and do exercise and meditation as per the art of living teacher. I have no tension and stress.

    Thanking you,
    Tapan Kumar Saha

  663. Ritesh Rathod says:

    I am 27 years old and suffering from high bp and taking medicine since 1.5 months.
    Before I started taking medicine my bp level shown 90/150 , 90/144 (132 its gets fluctuated)
    Than I consult one Dr. as per his advice I did blood report, Eco and much more but every reports came normal.
    He prescribe me Tab olvance H 20 for two months but after taking it for one month only my bp level reduce to 70/104 show my Dr. Change the medicine and after taking that other medicine bp level show 80 / 112.
    Now my question is
    1. May I need to continue with the same medicine or switch over to another tab or to homeopathic medicine.?
    2. May I stop to take medicines. ?

  664. David Baird says:

    My 18 year old son is an athlete and not overweight (6’0 tall, 165 lbs). A routine physical showed that he had high blod pressure. We went through all the tests to rule out any secondary cause. Bloodwook showed a cholesterol level of 205 and ldl 0f 140. Doctor is telling us we caused this by feeding him processed foods and that he most likely had a stressful environment?? Neither me nor my wife’s family has any heart/blood pressure/cholesterol issues. In fact, most of our relatives live to be over 90. Though we don’t eat great, we eat better than most I would think. Is it possible that his diet did in fact cuase this? Just hard for me to believe it could be that bad when we (and his little brother) are in perfect health.

  665. hello doctor sharma my age is 25 yrs old and i was diaognised with hypertension 4 years back when i was 21 yr old. i went to doctor he told me that itz genetic because bot my parents and elder brother too have hypertension. he advised me to take beta blockers. my bp measure is 140/ 90 . i some times fells pulpitations and tremor too specially at midnight onmy bed when i am asleep.. is it related with my bp problem. the doctor told me that it may be due to anxiety. please give me some important advice. i will be thankfull to u…

  666. My age 27 my blood pressure is 140/90 that’s normal or not?

  667. shwan ahmed says:

    iam 32 years old i have MVP and my blood pressure start from (110/70 to 160/90) mostly read 140/90, it is necessary to use medication or not? regards

  668. Manish Kumar says:

    My BP reads 130/90 or 130/95. Sometimes it reads 120/100. Its always more than 130/90 in the range of 95 or 100. I was being treated for high B.P. earlier but I quit the medicine as it was always 125/85 and I felt dizziness after taking medicines. Now I am 45 years old. I have spare tyre abdomen and it is growing without any reason. Sometimes I go on drinking 3 pegs for four to five days. Then I abstain for about a week and drink again. Do I have serious disorder which is life threatening? My Cholestrol was earlier on higher side and now its on borderline. Earlier I used to drink every day, minimum 3 pegs going to six also. I left drinking for a year and then as stated above I drink sometimes. My work involves great stress. What should I do?

  669. Doctor from one year am having high bp now suddenely it became 110/90 my bp is normal or i should take treatment ? Please guide me

  670. i feel short sharp pain in chest i have done echo and ecg but report are normal my bp is 110/80 which type of dieses suffrieng me plz help

  671. i m 16 year male i feel shrot sharp pain in chest i have done echo and ecg but report are normal and my bp is 110/80 .which type of dieses suffring me pleas help me doctor.

  672. John George says:

    My blood pressure is 153/90. Please advice

  673. SachitaTamrakar says:

    Hello Dr,

    I am from Nepal. i would like to get some information about blood pressure.My father is 58 yrs old and does business. my father being taking medicine for cholesterol (triglycerides) for about 2 yr. now as due to taking medicine continuously for triglycerides , it has come to the normal range i.e (<150) .
    Now when he went for follow up check up , he was found out to have blood pressure around 150 /90 .so dr stopped trglycerdies medicines as it was in normal range and gave him pressure medicine named camlo 5. my question is as he does exercise n have a healthy diet , is it necessary to continue the medicine even if comes in nomal range 120/80. or should he continue his medicine even if he have the normal range. as these day the pressure range is around 120 /80 . it been only 2 two days he been taking the medicine…so plz do suggest what should we do for the further treatment???

    Kind Regards,
    Sachita Tamrakar.

  674. olufemi alabi says:

    I like to knw doc.,am always having elevated blood presure and I don’t want to use drugs again cause of the side effect am having .am a young boy of 26yrs,so pls advise me on what to do

  675. sir,
    Am Diwakar from Bidar. age 30 yrs old. i checked yesterday BP and found 160/140. am worry about it. can its curable or not sir. And how to take precoction to reduse ? plz reply me
    Thanking you,
    With regards,

  676. Liaqat Ali khan says:

    My husband pls rating is 170 please u advice me

  677. Anuj Sharma says:

    my left hand is paining since 2 days. when I go to doctor he said u have high bp(140) he also said that u have hypertension.
    what can I do? ??
    I am only 17 years old.

  678. babul ahmed says:

    I am suffering hypertension and erectal age is 24.please give me suggesion.what can I do?

  679. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I really need help. i am 37 and being hypertensive for six months now 144/100. i have a busy job and small kids at home, hence little resting time. i am of normal weight and live a good lifestyle. my doctor tells me my bp is raised because of prolonged stress experienced earlier in the year.
    how can homoeopathic medication help me so that i can attend fully to my young children, not to mention aleviate suffering caused by high bp? i am on Ramipril 5mg daily. my parents are both hypertensive.
    By the way i live in Nairobi Kenya.

  680. Spencer marsh says:

    Someone mentioned that I may have symptoms of high blood pressure based on the changing Color of my skin to red at times. So I decided to go and get my bp checked, and was shocked to find out what it came back as. It read 142/80, with a pulse of 78 bpm. I live a very active lifestyle, I am always on my feet at work, and literally go to the gym on a daily basis.

  681. Sir am 32 years old girl amun married am having high blood pressure due to my over weight and irregular periods ..i was using 6 months R85 now i stoped .please guide me for my health

  682. Yatharth Srivastava says:

    Sir.i am just 19yrs, and from last 2 weeks i am having some problem in breathing.and my foot and my palm feels hot all day. What do i do? please suggest i am having my exam after 3-month.

  683. Sir,

    Recently my husband 35years of age had a sudden rise in BP ie 160/110 with fever, we are monitoring since last 2 weeks but it is fluctuating from 160/110 to 150/110 sometimes 140/90. we visited a general medicine he has started Amlodipine 2.5mg OD.

    Please SUggest

  684. morenike eric- garuba says:

    Got a bp in pregnacy and it came down. Now its up again sat 150/102. What can I do as I have head aches. Pls your assistance needed urgently.

  685. i am 33 years. i m taking metrolol amlodipine 5 mg from last 8 months. i had bp for last two days as 150/100. why it is so even after taking medicines. my lipid profile normal and ecg says NORMAL SINUS RHYTHM WITH FREQUENT PREMATURE ECTOPIC COMPLEXES OTHERWISE NORMAL ECG. i feel stiffed ribcage when try to excercise or get out from bed and little ant biting pain in left side of chest every now and then
    I don’t smoke , don’t drink

  686. PUSHKAR GANDHI says:

    Dear sir,

    hi i am a male & age 29 and suffering from hypertension from last 3 months .

    max level was 150/100 & minimum is 140/90. so how homeopathy can control my disease?

  687. PUSHKAR GANDHI says:

    Dear sir,

    hi i am a mal & age 29 and suffering from hypertension from last 3 months .

    max level was 150/100 & minimum is 140/90. so how homeopathy can control my disease?

  688. Hayley Mantle says:

    Need help! Go 24 and I’m always finding it hard to breath I weight 22stone I need help please tell me how to calm my blood pressur down
    Thanks hayley –

  689. Good Evening Sir,
    My husband and we shifted from Jalandhar to sanawar , a hilly place in Himachal, could this be one reason why my husband’s BP rises sometimes, can high altitude be 1 reason, he started going to gym and regular exercise 1 month back and eats normal, he is teetotler . 2 days back he felt heaviness in his head and his bp was 170/100 please suggest

  690. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am 23 years old my BP is 139, it is normal or I have to work hard to reduce it

    Kind regards
    TJ Setlale

  691. Mrs.Nawab says:

    Hi I am 32years old female before one week my BP150/100 then I started amlodipine 5mg.
    Medicine. …..really I afraid to take medicine.
    Please advise me what to do&would like to know is there any permanent solution in home made. I am thyroid patient I am also homeopathic medicine Thyroidinum 3x hypothyroidism …so please advise me

  692. I am sagar reshamiya 26 year old residinf at rajkot gujarat having hiper tention and i am taking regular medicine to control bloiod pressure medicine name zabesta am.

    Pls provide suggestion for homiopethi treatment
    Now my bp is in control but in past it seems 140 +

  693. Samuel Akpenyo says:

    Is alcohol good for HBP

  694. Hi i have a question, two years ago my blood pressure was normal. A few weeks ago when i went to see the doctor he said that it was abnormally high for someone my age 23. This scares me since hypertension is a leading cause for heart disease. How can i find out if it is a symptom from something else or whether it is permanent?

    Thank you

  695. R K mehta says:

    My age is 39 yeras . Presntly i am taking Stemlo Beta-50, Even after that My BP is 80/140 to 90/150. Before any medicine my BP was 130/190. My Lipd profine, Kidney function, cholestrol and Echo was normal. Heart beat before medice was 80-85 now after medice hear bit is normal. Also there was palpetation in heart bit. Please suggest appropriate Homeopath medicine to control my BP .

  696. ritu rawat says:

    Plz sir help me,i just check my blood pressure level and it,s in the range of 130/90 and it age is just 24 …what to do sir,plz help me

  697. i have tension and i only thinking about afraid and i have also problem of less sleeping my life becomes threat and i canot enjoy so well

  698. AJAY SINGH RAJPUT says:

    Respected sir
    I am ajay my age is 24 year weight 68kg. Since 3 month my
    Blood pressure increase more than 150/100. I take telvas-h for it so it’s controlled But often it’s increase. Also my triglycerides lavel 231mg/dl nd vldl ,46 mg/dl , good colestrol 35 mg/dl.
    Blood sugar control. Kidney normal. Criatning controled . Plasma renin activity normal.
    Since childhood I like oily food and sweat s samosas etc but now I am diating.
    Please give me suggestions to maintaine lipid profile and blood pressure.

  699. Hello Doctor, I am Bipin Sonawane, from Mumbai.I am 37 yrs . I am taking 3 doses of Rampril 2.5 mg – morn, Amlodipine 5 mg – Afternoon, again Rampril 2.5 mg -night. Is it alright? Please comment and suggest.Thanks in anticipation.

  700. Maqsood wani says:

    Sir i am 27 yrs unmarried male i am hypertensive on medication. Now i am feeling all time dizziness headache and fast heart rate. How can u help me plz mention.

  701. umar adamu says:

    Hello doctor,
    my name are umar adamu I am 33years old (male)
    I once having a headache at back of head and my leg pain then I dicide go to a clinic for my blood presure test which I suspected and I found my BP is 170/110 then the doctor gave me atenelo 50m tablet for two weeks i.e 14days after I went back to the doctor and do test againt it droped to 150 and doctor add me atenol for one week I.e 7days after two months my blood presure raised 160/70 I went to another doctor he gave me methyldopa tabled I.e (khytha) I am now taking it . Doctor is there any advice for me or othar latest antihypertension drugs that you can give other than the one I am using now pls. Doctor help me. my life is in danger I don’t no what to do.

  702. hi my age is 22,i m suffering from high blood pressure…now it is medicine is working…just tell me that what can i do to live a proper and healthy life?my weight is 70kg.i m not overweight..but i think i did many tension in the past..thats why it give me suggestion that whether i can leave the medicine?or is there is any way?

  703. Respected doctor,
    my name is vivek…from pune….yester i check my BP …i saw that is 155/90….my age is 25…so what can i do… problem is very much thinking….emotions…pls help me

  704. R. Venkatesan says:

    Sir, I am suffering from high blood pressure from the last seven year. From the beginning I am taking allopathy medicine now i consume TRIOLMEZEST tablet. I know that there is no cure but control in allopathy medicine. I feared that the effect of consuming the tablet leads some side effects. I would like to change my treatment from allopathy to homeopathy. pls guide me sir.

  705. I am 37 yr male and I am having highy bp since 4yrs n my fmly doctor is kept me on aten 50 tablet since then what will be the effect if i stop taking them n anr in how many days the effects will start shoung up and us there any other option to avoid it

  706. hi sir iam 28 years old ,last month i got a severe headeach and after 1week iwent to neurophysisian and she told me that my blood presure is 140/100 she suggest me to do meditation ,yoga and some physiacal activities .and till now ihave 130/95 ,can u please suggest me how can i reduce my bp early thank u……………….

  707. woji john says:

    need to know how a young man of 34years of high blood pressure of 30/80 sufer erectile dysfunction

  708. mahfooz shaikh says:

    Dr sharma

    This is mahfooz shaikh from pune…Two year ago i have noticed palpitations after having meal then i consulted cardiologist he done some test as ekg.vit b12.thyroid test. and 2d eco. He said everything is normal and prescribed me some medicine for palpitation and vit b 12…..after analysis by me its been noticed that i have mild mitral valve prolaps and vit b12 deficiency…..189. I have completed overall course but didn’t work….after that i have changed 5 to 6 cardiologist but no improvment at all….doctors are not listening to me carefully..also not treat me good they all says you are all right…then whats wring with me…
    While i first time consulted doctor i have feel my beats skipping and feel some time ectopic beat after medication its cure but it feel me once in 2 week not regularly.
    Currently my symtoms are….light headedness…aftermeal my heartbits goes up.nausia. fatigue all the time, gulp while stepping, i check up my b.p its some time 130/90 ,136/91,145/83…..never seen desirable 120/80.
    I’m really scared sir and fade up
    I have done all test like blood test ,x-ray, stool test and many more but no result i get

    Please do needful sir

  709. abdul jabbar says:

    i have hypertension 164/98 before two days. i am regularly 30 mints morning walk and playing badminton evening. can i take tablet for bp my doctor is prescribeb me olma 40 tab i am using tablet daily. anything problem me.

  710. 61 on. Crestor. No bp meds. Blood pressure 170/10o. For 30 min or so every am about nine o’clock. Remainder of day 130/80. Walk 2 miles daily. No caffeine.

  711. Dear Doctor,

    My husband is 34 years old and he has reacently indentified with High Blood Pressure. Please Suggest

  712. dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 28, male. A week ago I have feeling chest pain on the middle and left of my chest and it become more painful. Today I’ve tested my BP and it was 140/100. I am afraid I have a heart problem, can it be?

    Thanks in advance

  713. i am 33 and a week pregnant my blood presure reading is 140/96. what advice can you give?

  714. Sir I am vineeth and my age is 23 years my height is 6 feet and my weight is 108 kgs my blod pressure is 140/90 so how can I reduce it please suggest sir.

  715. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    I m 34 years old and 3 days ago sudden my BP raised to 140/100 I worried about I want known the reasons and send me normal ranges of common tests like BP .sugar. cholesterol etc thanks

  716. vikas yadav says:

    Sir my bp rate 85/130 normally bt sometime it may b less 79/128

  717. Rajesh Dumbre says:

    Sir, I am suffering continuous high BP in rage of 110/160. 110 may be raise up to 120. what to do ???? again i want to share that i consume 180 ml alcohol daily & 3 cigarettes daily. now this habit i tried but not controlled. pls suggest

  718. ANUJ KUMAR SHARMA says:

    Dr. Mr Sharma, Doc. i am 22 yrs old and i am can feel my heart beat any present my b.p. is 130/90, and at that time i am feeling some problem in breathing can i solve out this normaly.plz doc. help me…

  719. Aseem Malhotra says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Name is Aseem and I m 27 years old. I am being overweight 117 kgs. I have recently noticed some irregular heartbeats 6 months ago and went to the doctor at fortis Hospital and he discovered I have HBP ranges 150/80. And he put me on cardace H- Tablets. I am feeling some shortness of Breathe when i walk or exercise. Today I again went to him and he asked me to change lifestyle and reduce weight as My BP was 160/90.. He put me on Triolmesar 20 for 2 months for now.

    I just want to ask to if there is some other treatment or if i can reduce it by daily exercising or if there is any homopaethic treatment available.

  720. Hi,
    I took my blood pressure today and it came out to be 136/93. I just turned 30 yrs old and have already had an slight heart attack when i was 17. Every now and then i get this sharp pain in my chest just under my left boob. About a couple of weeks ago i woke from a nap and the pain in my chest was so bad i couldnt even sit up, roll over or move without it increasing the pain. I smoke probably a half a pack of cigarettes a day, i do not drink, dont excercise (dont need to),i stress alot about everything, and have a very poor diet. I eat mostly junk food. should i be worried about developing hypertension or haveing another heart attack.

  721. Luke walker says:

    Hi I’m a 28 year old white male 6″1 175 lbs I’ve had bad headaches and vision blurry and numbness in my feet and hands my blood pressures as range of average of 164/110 with a heartbeat of 109 i’ve had dizziness lightheaded and just really haven’t been feeling very well at all and some pains in my right side of my arm didn’t know what I should do to help it

  722. Abdikadir Mohamed says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I recently visited hospital when i found am light and some vertigo and my heart beating faster. however, i took couple of medical checks eg Kidney function, diabetes, urinalysis, thyroid hormones stimulation and all found negative but my blood pressure was 160/80mmg/l. the DR told me to reduce my stress and give me some anti hypertensive drugs for 14 days and after completing my dose the BP is still at the range. i was also practicing diet control and my weight stand at 72kg and 29 years old.

  723. Dear doctor

    My daughter is married and is 35 years old. She has baby of 2 years old.Before the child birth, she was employed and now she is looking after the child. Her husband and she are happy couple and do not have any problem.

    Four months back she has started having high blood pressure. On the recommendation of a doctor all necessary tests were done nothing abnormal has been found in her system. Therefore now she is on allopathic medicine of BP. Her blood pressure does not remain stable. It increases frequently. The doctor increases the dose every time she reports to him or changes the medicine.

    I am her father and worried about her BP. I want to take your advice in this case. Is the disease cureable and how much time it will take to get cured by homeopathic medicine.Will she be required to take the medicine for ever in life.

    Please advise.


  724. Dear sir,
    i am working in maharatna company doctor says me that i am having hgh bp and some time i also feel that but diffent doctor give differnt reading , i am not having sound sleep and some time feel pain in right side by which i m comes soo worried pl suggest

  725. hi doc! im taking medicine for 5 months already for hypertension and i want to not take it anymore. my question is how my blood pressure back to normal on a natural way without taking any medication?

  726. today I went to the doctors I have high blood pressure and iam on meds for it but I notice thre first reading was 143/83 then she checked it again and it went to 127/90 I am 54 is that something I should be concern abut I goes up and down a lot wheni go to doctors

  727. Please I just check my blood pressure level and it’s in the range of 150/90, 160/80 and it scared me, what measures should I take to reduce it Sir?
    Thank you

  728. Bhelbahadur gaha says:

    I went to nepal on sep 2013 old men speak about ghost at night i was thing obout that night suddenly my beats fast and not sleep over night i think it is from fear then i have sex with wife 3time my heart rate goes up i can’t sleep over night then morning what to i think it from fear i take 1 pack alchol drink to stop but not stop my mind was not working i was roaming difficulty breating dizzy heahech i went to doctor cheked my prusser he said how this much prusser goes up 160/120 he said we cant treat hear u have to another hospital i went united misson hospital doctor said to test my blood,urine,,ecg then we will tell u have to take medicen or not i done my test show to doctor doc told me in 28years of age this high blood prusser is not good he started amlodipine 5mg at morning amitriptyline 25mg at night difficulty when blood prusher goes 160/98 i show doctor he increase my dose amlodipine 7.5mg now i came back to india now i am taking amlodipine,atenol,escitalopram,daizepam,clonazepam please tell it is good to take in this age

  729. neeta saxena says:

    Dr. I am 51 year old taking betacap TR 40 or propanlol 40 for 4 years bt nowdays my bp bp is 110/160 dr. advis3e me to take amlong h can this normalise by yoga or m,editation.

  730. arvind khati says:

    my fathers age is 85 and his pulse rate is 125. do suggest ways to reduce the pulse rate

  731. sir, i am 35, i am having constipation from last 2-3 months and i take alcohol twice a week, i do no physical work/exercise . but from last 7-8 days constipation level is high and i feel motions in my stomach but fail to empty it. On a check my BP reading came 150/100 . is it a thing to worry or it is because of constipation. When i take alcohol my heart beat increases and i couldn’t take alcohol in an amount which i usually do, i feel uncomfortable.

  732. dr. sharma i m just 18 years old girl and i m gaving high blood preassure problem i m having difficulty in breathing i always feel restless i m having chest pain sometime my blood pressure rating is 149/107
    plz help me

  733. Mary Reville says:

    My blood pressure reading is 164/120. This was the average taken over 24 hours monitor.
    I had to have the monitor fitted on Monday 3/2/14. I am looking forward to your answer.

    Thank you


  734. Azad singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    My age is 34 years and i am married when i am tense my blood pressure going high and when i think something with happen with my father is also increase the situation for me please solve the my problem due to this i am no able to do my office job or personal life like .sex,enjoy etc please help me regards

    Azad singh

  735. preeti singh says:

    i am 31 year old i have have acidity prombles from 6-7 year but my bp was normal recenty
    i check it it was 174/104 i was to upset after two day i again check it it was 142/98
    my dr just ask me to reduce salt taken and junk food am not fatty i am slim don’t drink smoke or drink even tea even don;t eat non veg why this to me without eating a food with salt it is to pain full

  736. Sometimes my blood pressure raise to 90/140 can I use viagra for sexual functions, if so what is the appropriate dosage. I am a male 55 years and no other major health issues. Pl advice.

  737. Aishath Azra says:

    I have hypertension & kidney problem.
    I’m 40 years old.
    I want maintain my blood presser.
    sir, plz help me.

  738. sasha meineke says:

    I am very concerned about my bp it runs usually 180/117 sometimes it’s even worse van you help

  739. Mustafa Khan says:

    I appreciate above informative article.
    I am 25 and just few months ago it revealed that I am suffering from high blood pressure.
    I was not even aware of its symptoms and consequences though I was experiencing it since 4 year, e.g, strictness in neck, extreme head ache, fatigue, blurred vision.
    Few days ago I appeared in Air Force , in medical test they referred me to Army Hospital.
    Now plz advice are sought from you all that after four days I l go to hospital. I want to maintain my HBP.

  740. Ummar Garba says:

    I have high blood pressure of 150/100 and now my arm is peining me i need help from you

  741. My girl is 19 years sometimes when she exerts heavy effort or become nervous her blood pressure is 140/100 and sometime less and pulse rate is sometimes high alhough her pressure is normal.could you please guide us.she is 163 in height and 69 kg.thanks

  742. Dana Blackwood says:

    hi, I’m 24 years old and I think I have blood pressure problems …it’s never below 144/88…on average it’s 152-154/90-96…sometimes I can feelit going up, my face, ears, and skin gets hot, and I get a little dizzy …when I feel like that I can check it and it’ll be around 158-170/100-110……I know that can’t be good …I also have a problem with my feet and knees turning real dark purple, I’m not sure if it could be related…it was 156/110 earlier today, and I’ve been feeling kind of bad…I don’t have health insurance is why I haven’t seen a Dr….if you could please share your thoughts and your advice, I would highly appreciate it ……thank u so much!!

  743. megawath vishnu says:

    sir i am havin bp at around 130/80 to sumtimes 140/100 and my age is 25 yrs,is thre any consern regardng this r is dis feeling numbnes in my both upper and lowr limbs if i constantly rest them for only 2 min. . Plz giv me sugstns.

  744. abdul muqeeth says:

    i am 23 years old i am suffering with high blood pressure my bp is 140/98 i am taking talsar-40mg from past 1 mounth

  745. My son 29 working in Non it having BP140/90,taking food in the company canteen,his wt 86 kg ,ht5.9 feet,please advise to control bp.

  746. A.S.M. Salahuddin says:

    I am 37 years old, do regular exercise with dumbell and barbell. Recent I found my systolic is 140 where as few weeks ago it was 110-120. My diastolic is fine 75-85. I m very much conscious about food as I am a bodybuilder. Please suggest me, how to reduce my systolic.

  747. IBRAHIM KHAN says:

    Very informative. I hope i could find a way to get in touch with you. Could you please provide your contact information?

  748. I am 27 yrs old 170 cm and 58 kg. I dont have any bad habbits. my blood pressure measurement is 150/90 since February 2013 in January 2013 i consume some ayurvedic medicine ashwagandha, shatawari, safed musli powder for one month and my blood pressure is elevated my serum creatinine is 1 mgdl blood urea is 29 mgdl, total cholesterol 217 mgdl, hdl 60 mgdl, ldl 113 mgdl, triglyceride 129 mgdl. I want to keep my BP rates 120/80 (Normal). Kindly please advise me how to reduce BP. So far I didnt take any tablets.

    Please suggest me to reduce my BP in fast track..

  749. hello………….my age is 26 years. yester day i checked my bp, it was 150/90. i was shocked. iam a house wife and i have a 2years kid. how to control my bp? please give me a suggestions………..
    now this stage can i try for 2nd baby?………….is it ok or can i try some other time? please give me a precious suggestion……….

  750. colin moras says:

    i am male aged 22 and my bp is 150/99. my wieght is 78 and hieght is 173. please advice what i should do. i used to smoke before but now its been six months since i smoked.

  751. Sir..i m of 25 yr age..ihave recently checked my bp which was 160/75 ..i am feeling heaviness in head and stress on mouth also…iwant to get normal…my heigt and weight are ok…bmi is 19 only.. iam facing this from 4years …please help me……

  752. Sir..i m of 25 yr age..ihave recently checked my bp which was 160/75 ..i am feeling heaviness in head and stress on mouth also…iwant to get normal…my heigt and weight are ok…bmi is 19 only.. iam facing this from 4years …please help me…

  753. Rajat Khawas says:

    Hypertension and have chest congestion close to breathing problem at times.

    Age : 46, Weight : 75 kgs Height : 5ft 4 inch

    Male .

  754. consultation with a qualified doctor is on the card. High BP in early age sometimes indicates to kidney affections.

  755. srinivaskumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    My name is srinivas, i am staying in saudi arabia working as design engineer actually i am 32 years old. Unfortunately i am facing high bp problem last 6 months.

    Presently i am taking treatment in saudi arabia only, my bp ranges are 160/100 to now 138/90 decreased. i am doing early morning walking 30 minutes , dancing 20 minutes & yoga 30 minutes. now i am not getting any tension from my work side. So i unmarried, can get marriage and can i continue this treatment for this high bp, if required how many years or total whole my life. I am eligible or not for marriage, pls give me brief information sir.
    I requesting to u sir give me some useful suggestions to me.

    I am awaiting for your positive response.


  756. Good morning!
    My bp was 124/93 and I am a 33 years old u just want to know if my bp is normal?
    Thank you and God bless

  757. sanchari banerjee says:

    good evening dr sharma am a 25 year old female and i was detected with hypertension since last may 2013 i feel my head spins and rapid heart rate

  758. Mrs. Renu Ray says:

    My suffering from High BP from the past 4 years after my second child. Intially I was taking Amlokind AT, now Dr. prescribed me Telma – H, but with this tablet, I am not comfortable with it i.e. nausea, giddiness etc., so shall I continue or not. suggest. My BP is always is 140/90. I have gone through lipid test, kidney test, LFT, Thyroid test. everything is normal. Now I want to go with Homepathetic treatment.


  759. i am 27 yr old male have hypertension past 10 months my bp is 150/90 to 140/90, serum creatinine is 1 mgdl, blood urea is 29 mgdl please help me

  760. i am 23 years old and very overweight.for the past week i have been having problems in breathing.on a visit to the doc i found out that my bp was at 150/100.there is also slight pain in my chest and diziness.i am currently on homeopathic medicine.
    no tests have been performed. i have also started working on my weight problem
    please suggest if im on the right path and if not what should i do.

  761. I just wrote you concerning my condition with high blood sugars. I am now writing you concerning my hypertension last diagnosed (last sunday) it was 200/168 . It has been constantly high for several years now . I tried allopathic medicines which either did not work or did some tyI ran across some chinese medicines (hypotension/herbal) that has lowered it temporarily. I have even used crataegus it worked temporarily. I have also been off and on hawthorn herbals. I eat no salt. Matter of fact I have replaced my salt with garlic which is use freely. I also take high dose garlic supplements. Periodically I take chinese chamomile. Most times I have no symptoms except for a headache if the pressure is very high. I dont eat any fattening or fried foods. Help !

  762. Hello sir iam 21 years old male m suffering h.b.p problem with 180/100 what would be the reason..and have tested cholesterol n ceram creatine and both are normal…thank you…

  763. hi iam 26 years old working in IT sector,suddenly i got headache feel like fainting for last couple of days,i check with my doctor he told bp is 140 to 150 ..please help me what dite i have to follow ,shall i go for gym ?

  764. Nigerian 25years with blood pressure 150/100,need help plz

  765. Piyali Satpathi says:

    Hello doctor, I’m 27 years old female. Recently I found my BP 140/100. what should I do to get back to the normal BP? Can it be cured? How long should I continue the medication?

  766. 24 yerz old male,weight 65kg, blood rate wt 140/100…
    is it any chancz to reduce or cn be cured? sir,.plz hlp.

  767. Kenechukwu says:

    Good day dr,
    My name is anagboso kenechukwu, 26yrs old. Am so worried right now. Am just coming back from the hospital where I did my pre-employment tests and the doctor said am hypertensive. My BP reads 145/95. Am pursuing a job in a mining industry. Please sir, is this going to affect my employment? Thanks for your anticipated cooperation

  768. Rachel Branan says:

    i have a question about me and my dad , my dad has had high blodd pressure since he was 15. he is not overweight, he is on two differnt medications, but still has blood pressure of 200/100 on normal days. we have a cousin who had a tumor removed from his adrenal gland. could he alwso be at risk. my dad has never had health insurance, so doctors wont do extensive testing on him.i was diagnosed at 26 with high blood pressure. i weighed 127 pounds at the time and exercised regularly. any answers for me. i refuse to take medications from the doctor. when i was diagnosed it was 160/100. now it usullay runs 147/92. any suggestions or help for us

  769. satyan jandial says:

    My age is 27 my height is 5.10 and my weight is 87 kg I am drinking 3 large daily but my b.p is high please tell me ….control my b.p

  770. ARUN KUMAR SINGH says:

    THANX :
    CELL : 91-7879267776

  771. hello doctor am suresh age 23 recently i had gone to a govt dispensery and checked my bp it showed 140/100 and the doctor prescribed Tel 40 without food once in a day but one of my pharmacist friend told that it is the normal blood pressure in todays life style . please give your opinion on this concern

  772. Good day dr.sharma
    Am 20yrs old, about 181.7cm, weighing 96kgs….I have a hit bp of 150/90 sometimes it fluctuate to about 140/85…
    Am very healthy….eat right, drink alcohol only on occasions in small quantity, I work out well, involve myself in sports like soccer..
    But I don’t just wanna know why I have such a high bp?
    Gone to the doctors but they keep on saying the same thing like they think cos am over-weight….but I also maintain a good work out schedule, please what can I do to lower the bp?

  773. ujjwal gautam says:

    i am 29 years old. i have 150 / 100 bp. what should i have to do to decrease my bp.

  774. hallo dr.sharma,
    how are you? i am 31 yrs old,suffering from high BP.160/90.
    can you suggest me,what should be a proper diet? and what should i avoid eating? i do morning walk regularly about 30-40 minutes. walking fast can harm???
    bcoz…i m 67kg weight! i want to reduce. which type of exercise should i do?
    vidhya 🙂

  775. Dear Dr. Sahab. I am 27 years old i have a family problem which gives me stress and anxiety which causes my blood pressure level all time high i am worried now my hair is also falling. Plz help

  776. hii.
    im 17year old boy with height 174 &weight 64.since last 11/2years i was having problem while i used to stand up after sitting or lying for more than 10mins.i used to see everythng blur(black)and loose conciousness but time time i fell down on grond and dont remember what happend next.when i visited hospital in checked my b.p on lying which was: 122/72.then he told me to stand..when i stood my b.p raised doctor took 5readings and avg of those was 150/86.he told it can be postural specialist said that it was not p.hypertension,he suggested to do few checkup’s like eeg ,bloodtest,CT scan bt all were fine.he said that its not even vertigo.then he reffered me to a psychiatrics were psy.told that i am taking stress..but in reality i never take tension for anything i stay not at all satisfied with doctors as they actually dont know my problem
    plse suggest me what should i do,as my age is only 16 i dont want any antidepressent medicine.and actually want to know what is the problem within me which no one here’s able to understand..
    plse reply what should i do…

  777. dear sir my wife first 6 months pregnancy no bp but suddenly blood pressure is 120/200.after taken treatement 90/140 any problem

  778. treatment for blood pressure 150/80

  779. Given Bongani Ntuli says:

    Hi Dr I’m experiencing a problem here,m feeling dizzy,headech and I’m having running stomach,so for now I didn’t go to any Docter m afraid m gonna die soon ,So Doctor please what do you is that ???what is the cause ???and can it be cured nd how???

  780. sir i am 24 year old and i am suffering from high blood pressure .my blood pressure is 180/85
    pls give me advice ….

  781. I’m 28 and my bp 160/ 80. Wat can i do 2 keep it low?

  782. I am 22 years old, 160 lbs at 5’7″, male. I have consistently had high blood pressure for over a year. However, it has probably been this way for longer. I have only recently been going to the doctor regularly due to asthma and ADHD relief, where I get my BP checked. My father is a radiologist, when I get sick he will just call in my meds. My BP usually sits around 145-155/90-99.. for my age/weight, this is horrible. I might add that my diet is pretty awful. I tend to eat a lot of fast food, foods w preservatives, almost never anything healthy. However, I am not overweight, and have been very active up until about 3 or 4 years ago. I played soccer competitively from 8-19 years old, only having 1 or 2 days off a week. My health seems to be deteriorating, I seem to have one problem after another – – gynocomastia, (linked to high BP, developed when i was 14) asthma, diverticulosis/hemorrhoids, and on my last blood work report i was told “i have some alarming results, glucose is spilling into your urine” (just one of the things i was told).

    BP 135-145 / 90-99 (sometimes higher)

    Vyvanse 30mg (amphetamine ADHD) relatively low dose, still have high BP even after weeks of not using
    Albuterol (again, effects cardiovascular, but only been using last 6 months)

    premature 2 months, twin.
    irregular heart beat

  783. Hii I’m 27yr old but my blood pressure very high 150/99 plz help me plzz

  784. My child is 14 in 10th grade and I checked her blood pressure yesterday the top number was 180 what should I do?

  785. jitin sharma says:

    m just 26 years old .but my b.p is rechng 140/90 .so sir how can i reduce my b.p ?

  786. My son has had high-ish blood pressure for 3 years (ages 16-18). He is an elite athlete, exercises 6 days a week, very little body fat, eats an excellent diet, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. Any medication would probably interfere with his ability to perform at the same elite level. When getting his blood pressure taken, I have sometimes been successful in reducing his blood pressure to 125/80 by having him take deep breaths in and out and imagining himself suntanning on a beach. But my concern is that maybe his blood pressure is elevated all the time? Maybe the fact that he can usually lower it through deep breathing is meaningless?

  787. Hi Dr.
    I went to check my blood pressure today and i was told that it as crossed the border, that my blood pressure is 139, i also checked my blood content and i was told that it was normal at 95. Please what do i do to stay healthy and well again? I would to know, if mental stress can cause pre-hypertension…I am just 30 years of age.

  788. Eduvig Ndinelao Sheetekela says:

    am having high blood pressure since i was pregnacy is not going down. now i need your assisstance what can i do

    thank you

  789. I am 70 yrs old man takes 6stamlo beta . Some days I take 2 nos to control bp within range of 165/90 , so far my pulse rate never crossed 8O, BUT yesterday for the first time I felt chest pain for about an hour twice. on immediate measuring bp 199/100 pulse 111. immediately on taking servotil ,bp came down to normal but pulse is 97. pulse not comming down. KINDLY ADVICE TREATMENT .

  790. rosa ramirez says:

    This information was very useful. My blood pressure use to be 118/70 and 2 weeks ago it was 127/90 and today the same numbers again.

  791. Ajieh Ugochukwu says:

    Goodday Dr. Sharma, pls am writing in accordance to my health status. I’ve just lost my dad and pressure and stress was on until the burial but lately about 5 days ago, i had inhaled this very toxic insecticide. After then i find it kinda difficult to breath but when i come out of the office breathing was good but noticed some little gasping for air but always when am in a closed environment with low ventilation. Also i started feeling this mild pains in my chest, not so bad u just notice you’ve a heavy chest and so i went to test my BP and it reads 150/80. So i really do not know what the problem is. I’ll be glad if you can assist me in any way. Thanks

  792. Hello, I am a 41yr old woman and I am wondering why my head hurts so bad when my blood pressure gets to 130 or above?

  793. Respected sir,

    My name is vijaya. my age 39 years. am suffering from high blood pressure. since 2 month BP Level 180/120. its not at control. i am taking less salt. when am 25 years age am removing my uterus. can u give me suggestion i went to hospital doctor said u have to used medicines.kindly give me suggetion.

    Thanks & Regards,

  794. Christopher Newman says:


    I’m a 20 year old male and I’m in top fit condition because I play rugby for a living, I have a worked out diet and don’t have any huge stress issues. But recently I got my blood pressure taken and it was 170/120 what should I do to prevent any dangerous results

    Best regards Christopher Newman

  795. Marcy Willis says:

    I had my blood pressure checked the other day and the nurse taking it told me that my bp was too high for a teenager. I am 17 years old, female and my bp was 120/100. And I have been bothered with this eversince. Am I at risk? Thanks

  796. Hi! I’m Rusty Orga, 19 years old from the philippines. I think I have high blood pressure, i’m not overweight. I’m active in sports, i play basketball and train MMA. But I really don’t know why I have high bp. it was first seen when I was 15 but when i had chickenpox but i thought it was just out of my nervousness but just recently i got hospitalised. When the doctors checked my bp it was 170/110. I smoke but only one stick a day, i drink but very moderate and not always. I think I’m eating alright since i eat veggies and less rice. Though sometimes i eat oily and fatty food i think I burn them up by training or exercise. I really don’t know what to do. Please help me. I’m veryworried that This might get worse in the future. Thanks and I’m hoping that you could help me out.

  797. Good mornin Doctor. I was diagnosed of HBV and subsequently asked to do a HBV profile test. Below is the result for your kind interpretation sir.
    HBsAg- Reactive
    HBsAb- Non-Reactive
    HBeAg- Non-Reactive
    HBeAb- Non-Reactive
    HBcAb- Non-Reactive.
    Thank you sir. Am waiting for your kind response.

  798. sir,
    my age is 31 and from 7 days my blood pressure is 130/80 and some times at night 140/90 suggest i should use medicines or it is not dangerous?exercise can control this?my meight is 78 kg.m from mother is also with high blood pressure

  799. Devangi vasavada says:

    i am having high b. It is always between 130 – 90. also diebetic . taking madicines since last two years {cardace } can i take homeopathy to normal my pressure.

  800. Abhisekh ghosh says:

    My bp is 150/100 my age is 21 how can i reduce my bp

  801. Hello doc
    I don’t know what problem am having my bp us to rise up may be once or twice in a while to about 150/100 during this period I felt
    that something went wrong in my body this usually happened when I wake up in the morning could this mean am suffering from HBP and am I dew for homeopathy treatment?

  802. Zachary Luscher says:

    Hi, I’m 17 years of age and known by all of my peers to be obsessively active. I run 5ks in sub 18 mins and have a resting heart rate between 55-50. I run and participate everyday in at least 3hours of activity a day all year round, although at a recent physical my blood pressure was recorded at 145/80. Outrageous! I have never had such a high blood pressure! In fact the week before I had a similar appointment and had 120/60. I don’t understand why it would be so much higher? It raised some serious concerns amongst my family. I understand blood pressure varies in exercise and anxiety but this was ridiculous. Right after the appointment I went on an intensive 20 mile bike ride with absolute ease. I don’t understand.

  803. aakash kakde says:

    sir i am 22 years old n my bp is 146/86 now is it shows that my bp is high and my doctor prescrib me Atenolo ip 25 mg…
    what i can do
    thanking you

  804. MOHAMED ALI says:

    iam 27 years old ,always I am getting 150/90 bp what i can do for this conditon? plz help me


    Sir, I am a homeopathic practitioner , age 54 , bp 140/90 hg/mm ,taking amlokind l , everyday. I wish to change it into homeopathy. I am not so fatty, wt 65 kg, doing light exercise, sleep is good appetite good,taking fat less food, kindly allow me to know your suggestions. Thanking you, Nabendu Choudhuri.

  806. Im 53 yrs of age soon to be 54 in a couple of months my bp is 104/75 left arm & 100/75 is this a good reading

  807. Hello sir,I am 23 years old.I am diagnosed with a Bp of 140/90 and it is maintaining…should I take BP AID….for a period of time? Will it b controlled…please help me out…

  808. Mary Adamu says:

    Pls Doc. Can u help me? My Bp reads 130/100. I am 32 years old. Is there anything I can do to reduce it?

  809. Malika Younger says:

    Hi im malika and im eighteen i have one stage high blood pressure and what kind of food eat and i run track can i still run with this kind of blood pressure

  810. bright odozor says:

    i am 22 years old and my bp is 140/70 and my weigh is 85 ,am i ok?

  811. Mrs susan Mashaba says:

    Hi Doctor ineed help iam 28 year old. Married to a 35 year old husband. My husband just finds out he has high blood last week iwant to know is this going to affect our sex life and the chance of having children•please help

  812. amy morris says:

    went to wa-lgreens today checked my blood pressure it was 180) over 133 should I worry.

  813. how to reduce belly fats …..

  814. Ketan Shinde says:

    Sir; I am 25 year old male; once I drunk to much beer and next day my bp was 156/90 from then I checked by bp for 7 days and its normal; but I from that day when my bp was high I had a left side body weakness is it serious; please guide me through this problem.

  815. Syed Saqlain Shah says:

    Hi. i am 30 years old male. recently i was not feeling well, so came to know that my B.P is 150/90 and because of which i am suffering from vertigo, headache ta kind of nausea. my weight was 110 kg but i reduce it to 92 kg at that point i was feeling well. at the same time i did lipid profile which was 1090. now today my pulse rate is 102 and my B.P is 150/90. one of the doctor diagnose me as obesity syndrome. i know now a days i am suffering from the following factors that can trigger hypertension.
    stress, over weight and obesity and i trying to rid of these factors but now i fails all the time .
    i need your kind directions to solve my problem.

  816. Dear Dr.

    Thanks for your points. I have recently observed to around 145/90. I go for a regular walk and a vegetarian.

    After this, I have reduced my intake of salt.

    So far, I have not taken any tablets for this and wish not to. How to reduce or control this without tablets.

    Please suggest.


  817. Rama Sabari Nath B says:

    Hello Sir,

    Since two days i was little drowsy and wanted my legs to be streched. Today i went for check up for both BP and Sugar. Sugar levels were normal where as BP levels before meal was 180/90 and after two hours of meal it showed 160/90.

    Could you please assist me what going on with me as this is the first time i am facing this and i am 34 Yrs old.


  818. Sevana Jacques says:

    I am 34 yrs old of late I have developed a problem of high blood pressure it normally was 120/60 now it rises to 135/80 is it or to have this blood preasure or do I need to put on some medication? Please advice me what to do.

  819. Dear Dr.
    Am a woman of 43, 4 children. Anytime I had stress I feel weak and BP of 150/110 during this period I don’t have enough sleep, bad headaches, a little bit lost of appetite and the weakness takes about a week or two before I come back to normal .pls help me out.

  820. my B.P is 100/140

    I want get back it to 80/120

  821. I’m so worried I took my son in to see a dr. His blood pressure was 145/83 is that normal the highest its gotten is 153/87 my son is only 16 weighs 333 lbs. I’m worried please help the Dr. I took him to said he can’t prescript him anything that my son has to lose 40 – 50 lbs. To get reed of blood pressure my son suffers from depresstion what diagnosis I do please by help.

  822. i am 19 years old and my bp(blood pressure) is 150/100 and last Friday it was 180/104 but normally my bp is 130/90 or 120/ parents also have high what should i do to control my bp and why its causing me trouble??

  823. juan reyes says:

    Hi Doctor Sharma my name is juan I am a little concerned because i went to the doctors to have a check up because i had an infection in my throat Pharyngytis or something, and my blood pressure was at 156/95, i was working and i has big argument with my wife as well that had mad all day,and i am a little overweight, i started to eat better and eliminate all soda, and my pressure went down to 126/76 is that normal?

  824. Abubakar sani rufai says:

    DR my farthe have hypertention for ten years ago he is 45 years one month fast we wake up in the morning he can not talkhe become mental he can not recognize any thing when we meassured his bp it raech to 220 but kknow the bp is normal the only thing is his brain is not normal adn he did not talk correct what shall we give him

  825. Jawahir Lal says:

    i have problem of BP 140-100 from last six mmonths sometime i feel dizzy after take Xanax.5 i feel better Dr. isit problem seriuos or not what do you suggest for this problem . thanks

  826. Arcelia Ortiz says:

    I am 53 I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety and depression…. My blood pressure is 147/90 …. I feel dizzy and have more anxiety … Also I feel depressed .. Can u tell me if I have to go to my family dr. Thank u

  827. Hi Dr got a problem, i have high blood pressure nd m not treating it nd been experiencing heart problems it beats hard as if it will just beat nd stop so afraid.Went 2 a Dr she said its depression nd enxiety which i dnt knw how to treat it…..need help cnt sleep

  828. Yoseph y says:

    Am 35 year old my weight is 99 kg by week 4 days I do exercise but my bp is 145/95 some times down pls tell me what’s my problem ? & I have some birthing problem . But I don’t have any pain pls what I can I do??

  829. I m mayank I have ahigh bp from last four months and on tenoric 25 . Wat to do my age is 26.

  830. Indrajit Dass says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am 55 years male married with two daughters. I am having average blood pressure 140/85. For a brief period I was on alopathic medicines prescribed by a cardioligist but after my pressure returned to normal he stopped same. For the past two years I am on homeopathy medicines to control my blood pressure and chlesterol. I smoke one cigarette a day and sometimes font smoke at all for two/ three days. Many of my friends say that I should take blood pressure reducing pills instead ofhomeopathymedicines. What should i do.

  831. Sushant Kumar Raulo says:

    I have been suffering from high blood pressure i.e 140/90 and consuming’ Telzy MT-25Mg’ tablets once in every day. I am also suffering from lower back pain and sciatica pain in my legs (m0stly in right leg) and feel pain in right hand also. kindly suggest homeo medicine and treatment fot both the diseases.

  832. i m 20 years old.height5’10” weight 60. but my bp is 150-90..i have no bad habits…Any suggestions on how i could lower this to 120/80

  833. chukwudalu louis says:

    i am have bp of 0f 110,138,148, and i am just 36 years ,
    doctor please i really dont want any thing complex to happen to me,i have little children and a wife,
    i am currently on moduratic drug and one ither one that i got from the hospital,
    please let me hear from u please.

  834. Sir, I am 26 , female . Recently I came to know my b.p level is 160/100. I was shocked . Sir I am still young I dont want to take tablets from now itself . Plz tel me how to reduce it without tablets. I am 80 kgs its over weight if I reduce my weight , and do excersice will my b.p come down to normal value. Plz answer me sir

  835. C Sugumaran says:

    sir I am 28 yrs old serving in Army my BP is 136/88. I had been smoking & drinking. since last 3 months i quit smoking and i didn’t hav even a single beer. I got married recently. Height 175 cm weight 65 Kgs. an average body. Due to stress only my BP increased i know very well. Im requesting you to suggest me food, excercises etc to reduce my BP. thank you

  836. I have this feeling in my chest like my heart is pounding, I have been to the doctor and hospital I have had Ecgs and ex rays and bloody all of witch is fine I had high blood pressure sitting around 150-160/ 97-103 I am 27 years old any ideas what it could be, it had not really reduced in 2-3 days and I have headscks and are unable to sleep. Thank

  837. Michael Bell says:

    I’m just curious about my heart rate. I’m 32 years old 6’6″ and 210 lbs and I started training again physically, eating high protein and almost no carbs. My blood pressure came in at 108/70 but my heart rate is around 115. I do eat alot of salt, even putting it on my apples. Would this maybe have something to do with my high heart rate?

  838. mahentaran a/l muniyandy says:

    I facing the Hypertension since fro December 2012.
    my weight is 86Kg previously & now drop to 78kg due to i control my food.
    Main causes for my blood rinse due to my spine c3,c4,c5 have problem, where the disc blur is slightly out base on doctor explanation.
    Sometime i feel tingling & numbness at my left side body..but just for a few hour then disappear.
    today 1-7-2013 my pressure suddenly rinse up to 125/90.
    I just want to now what is the main causes can effect the pressure suddenly rinse.
    Is this will continue rinse or will come down.
    i also feel drowsy today.
    please advise me what should i do?
    currently im taking blood pressure medication 5mg….


  839. udutha shanker says:

    dear sir iam 47 years old i have low blood presseure right 102 high blood presseure 160
    in the moring 140 blood presseur so what i want to do right know iam in offshore in Turkministan

  840. my mom(36 years) is suffering with shoulder pain scene 10 days yesterday we met a doctor she said to my mom has bp 130/90 what we must do to reduce bp level say some physical exercise .
    even the small incident she will become angry & uncontrollable her self .

    thanks & regards

  841. Amoafo Bismark says:

    Dr; i sometimes feel there is something in my throat that causes me to feel like bringing phlemgs am only 31 years old, what could it be? please help.

  842. I am a 23 year old female and i have just been recently daignosed with HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and i was shocked and didn’t want to believe because i am so young and full of energy,my 1st check up was 122/99Bp and the 2nd time around it was 142/99BP and still i don’t want to believe i keep asking myself what could be causing it because im not overweight i weigh 59, the were times when i was stressed while i was working and when i had stoped working but i could handle my stress. I have been given a small white pill to reduce it

  843. Ravi Patel says:

    Hello doctor
    I am 21 years old.20 days ago I have pain in stomach so I consult my family doctor and it due to acidity and usually check my blood pressure and shockingly it was 160/90 so he told me to come after 5 days and recheck my BP and again it was 160/100 so he told me to do some test like colour doppeler for kidny , ECO FOR HEART and blood and urine test.all the reports are normal..
    Sir I don’t find any symptoms of high blood pressure in my body. I don’t have any tension of study or any thing.i am completely fine and healty.
    My doctor told me to take drugs regularly but I don’t want to take that allopathic drugs.
    I don’t know how can I control my bp.
    My weight is 67 kgs and hight 5 feet 7 inches.
    Please doctor suggest me what should I do. ?

  844. Yvonne sama says:

    Am 28years of age, never had high blood pressure,during my pregnancy I had high blood pressure, been out from the hospital after the birth of of child, I was on medication during my pregnancy, and I still on medication after birth.please what can I do to help my self because I keep having constant headach even though I take my drug. Thanks

  845. palesa mokganye says:

    im a 26 year woman my bp is 149/90 i nee d help not get hypertension,what can i do to avoid that??

  846. Johannes shakumeni pericles says:

    I am 20years old men and my blood pressure goes to 158/86,what can i do to at such age

  847. DILSHAD ALI says:


  848. Manish Giri says:

    Hello Doctor , i am working in IT company my age is 28 yrs ,couple of months ago i was restless and was very anxious due to my mother health and was diagnosed by 140/100 BP .

    My doc gave me telma H and noveltine 25mg to continue it for 2 months . its been now 1 and half month and my BP is regular 120/90 or 120/83 is it still mandatory to take medicine .

    Pls suggest
    Manish Giri

  849. sanchari banerjee says:

    i am 25 years old and lives in barrackpore kolkata, in avery clean environment, 2 months ago i nad high blood pressure 160/90. i am really amazed to know that as i walk a lot and i have decrease my weight to 55 kgs, after taking alleopathic medicine it reduce to 130/80 , but now am suffering from dizziness, and shortness of breathe, so please suggest what to do

  850. Dr. Sharma, my boy friend have High BP problem but now his BP is in control. He takes medicine for that. Could his high BP affect our married life ?
    Can you tell me in brief how we overcome this problem.

  851. Jithunath.k says:

    sir, i’m a 21 year old male. i’m having bp in the range of 149/95 consistently. i’m now very worried about my condition. i kow it’s due to mental stress. but i can’t control it.i want to get rid of this killing hypertension. is it curable doctor.…?. is there any effective medicines in homeopathy.….?

  852. Mayank Jain says:

    I am a 18 year old boy I have put on 95 kg weight and my height is 5’7 i have 150/100 blood pressure …?? plz suggest me a proper diet and also how to loose weight?? plz ASAP …. Its a humble request ..REVERT ASAP….

  853. Debangshu Ghosh says:

    My age is 26+.My BP is 140/85.Cause i found hyper tension & i am sitting idle at home with no work to do.
    Should i lead normal life style?What will be my food restriction?should i continue with my gym?

  854. Dr. sharma,
    i m a 32 yr old male, 5ft 9″ my hieght nd my weight 85 its overweight i know. my bp has level has increased and its 150/100 now. i have never taken medicines for it. i’ve tested my ecg and it is ok. i have given my blood test for cholestorel and some other as per general doc. has asked. before this i have not had any problem on my regular lifestyle….i play football, badminton and cycling. so i’m worried and i would appreciate ur suggestions. thank you.

  855. Good day DR
    I have been diagnose with hipertention age 29 female. Its hard for me to accept this at my age. The dok don’t seem to think this is a problem. Acautly I am not sure what they are thinking because a cording to me this is not normal. The highest my blood presurre whas before starting meds was 195/135. It is just hard for me to accept this because of my age. I. Heart rate sometimes vary fast aspecily in the morning. Highest I got was 125 beats. Not overweight not drinking mabe 3 over weekends no family history don’t eat salt don’t use drugs. Sometimes I have chestpains and it feels tight. The bloodpresure masjien sometimes pickup eragular heartrate. Last 2 months brusing and feeling very tigerd. Don’t know what do do gp send me for kidney test normal. Had eye test dok sead my eyes are of someone with flue? Don’t sleep well awaiking 2-3 times at night. It is just I have 2 children and it feels like I wount see the grouw up. Any help please what will my next step be to find out why. O yes and no family history.

  856. mandy mcdade says:

    I’m 52 my weight is 10.8 height is 5.4 blood pressure is 122 /78 /86 what are theses numbers???

  857. Hi,
    My son is 23 years old and went to the eye doctor and he told him he might have high blood pressure because of something he saw in his eyes. So we have a wrist blood pressure cuff so we put it on him and it read 134/96 first thing in the morning. What do you think? He is a college student he is over weight and eats out all the time.

  858. Fahim Ahmed says:


    I fell very bad when my blood pressure is high. 2 days ago i check my blood pressure. It was 100/135. Oh! i cant explain what i felt that time. today i check it was 90/140. 2days ago it was happens in my class room. I felt very nervous in my class rook.then it happens. i am very tensed about it. My age 21. height- 5″4. weight- 71 kg. what can i do sir? please help me.

  859. SRIKANTH.Y says:

    Dear sir,

    i have cheked my BP today doctor said to me it is 140/100
    iam an age 31 years i have two little kids sir is this is danger value to my rest of the life plz reply me iam a medical representative sir please give best suggetion what should i do now iam waiting for your reply

    Thanking your sir


  860. tejinder gill says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am 27 yrs old and my blood pressure is 140/84 is it serious and i train in the gym as well. what should i do to reduce it.

  861. my age is 29 recently i consulted a psychiatric doctor he has given escitropil capsules and clonazepam tablets to control anxiety and measured bp it was higher than normal.i though it was white coat syndrom why because i have measuring bp with help of a local doctor who is close to me. so far i have not used any bp related medication.please suggest me

  862. Souvagga barua says:

    Hi,i m 18 years old.i’ve high’s near 120/ give me a drug and i ‘ve taking it for 7 months.but now i can’t take it possible?hw i control BP?i’ve over hight is 5 feet 6 inch,weight 78 kg..last 1 month i can’t take a good sleep at can i dn.pls help.. Thanx..

  863. I am 34 yrs. old. My height is 5.4inch and weight is 60kg. I live in Mumbai. Before 2 months my BP was 140-100. I start yoga regularly when I knew & did not start medicine. last day my BP was same. What to do to control my BP by avoiding medicines. Please help to control my BP.

  864. Hi sir..
    i am 22 year old female & my BP ( RH- 160/140) & (LH- 130/120) plz u can suggest how can control my bp.

  865. Um we’ll I was takin a sports physical and I’m in 6th grade and I was wondering cuz lik my BP was 140/98 but I was extremely nervous that something was wrong with me and the doctor said being nervouse could increase the level so what’s wrong

  866. deepak yadav says:

    my b.p is 193/133. My b.p problem is from 4 years. My age is 29 year. Tell me how to cure it permanently plz.

  867. heather says:

    Hi. Dr. Sharna….my names heather I’m 26 years old and I have a high diastolic pressure of usually between 80 and 90. My systolis is always below 120. I am afraid for my life but Ihave noticed my bp is up only on the few days before my period and during the first two days when I. Am really bloaded and not feeling so well. I am really scared about this and I ,cry all the time. I am even afraid to be alone. I have no insurance and I have no idea what to do. I am at a stand still please help. I am a little overweight but have a lot of fluid which I cannot get rid of and I do exercise an hour a day and I am eating a healthy diet. I am on anxiety medicines also…what is next for me? I’m at a stand still andvery afraid…crying my eyes out right now.


  868. Dear Dr
    my girl friend having blood pressure at young age..she is 18 now. but she noticed it just last year the doctor said that,now she all time high bp.Doctor scold her why she is having pressure this much in this age.
    she all time easily stress person coz of studying now..
    Is there any complication and dangerous chances for her to get stroke and heart disease dr,am very scared doctor..Plz help me..
    she already having difficulty to breath when she get bp ,she felt dizzy and falling like.she need to bedridden if it comes.
    she too having difficult to have any intimate relationship coz of her breathing problem..
    we never able to have any fizikal relationship till today also coz i scared when she say she cant breath when d tat..
    plz reply me doctor,tq

  869. mahesh agarwal says:

    my age is 28 and I live in Kolkata, from last 5 months I am suffering from HBP that is 160/90 with anxiety problems, shortness of breathing, I checked with doctor , he gave me medicine for pressure, but I don’t need any pills , I want to low my pressure naturally or by homeopathy treatment. I do exercise daily, but sir pls help me wat sud I do now

  870. gautam aditya says:

    sir, i am 20yr old and having blood pressure 140/90 even after taking amlodipin medicine, and if escape it for 2-3 day my bp rises to 150/90, i have sleeping problems and unable to give good result in study my all hard work goes useless plz help me waht to do, m having bp since 1yr

  871. DINEY BIJU says:

    I have almost 10 Yrs having hypertension , My age is 37 Y , On my last pregnany I got BP.
    last 6 Yrs I am taking medicine , Tab Aamlodipin 7.5 mg , Still My BP is 150/ 100 . I hVE Family History . I am working. But not much stress . Homeo medicine can help me . what I should do .

  872. i am 33yrs old and am a male. 5yrs ago my girl friend, i was depressed for a very long time and that was when i first notice my bp increased. now my bp is 150over 100. i dont drink, dont smook but i eat salt and drink alot of soft drink. i really need help with this problem.

  873. Pinaki Banerjee says:

    sir for last two years my bp gets elevated to around 140/90 to 160/100 and after doing ecg and echocardiography i have been diagnosed with mild pulmonary hypertension(pulmonary pressure=40 mm hg).Now i am 28 yrs old, and before i have taken lots of allopathic medicine which has’nt worked effectivelycould you please suggest what homoepathic medicine should i take to get remedy.

  874. Pius Joseph Gonsalves says:

    I am 52 year old guy of Vasai/Virar from Bombay. Since one year I am having BP Problem. It ranges from 160/100 to 150/90. Though I am taking BP tablets regularly, it is not under control. I go to bed at around 10.30/11.00 pm. I, have to get up at 4.00 am, except on sunday. Though I am non-vegetarian, Monday to Sat. I eat fish in the morning and only on sunday, I am having Chicken. Mutton I eat once in a month. Evening I always eat chappatis/roti of rice with veg. I takes alcoholic drinks with soda, two/three times, when I am having off, i.e. sunday or holiday.

    Sir, would you suggest some medicine, diet to control my BP, so that I, can live healthy life.


  875. p s sharma says:

    Sir my blood pressure is 150/100. My age 32 years. Doctor suggest me a medicine , I don’t want to take allopathy medicine. How can I maintain my blood pressure. kindly suggest. Thanking you..

  876. Frank james says:

    My heart is beating faster these days it has been four months since this started iam 34 years of age

  877. Hi there. I am 34 female with a healthy BMI. I have had episodic blood pressure escalation over the past three years. On average it happens twice a year. I was admitted to hospital last year for an unusual reading of 164/114. Doctors performed every tests they could but at the end I was discharged without knowing what was the cause to my blood pressure escalation, all test results came negative. Nine months after I was diagnosed with palpitation, heart beat per minute raced from 104 to 110 at resting. I was again admitted but frustrating enough the specialist was not able to explain the cause.

    Now I seem to be going through the same symptoms again.

  878. Alex Jinnah says:

    I am a 3rd year medical student who has a bmi of 24.5. I found out my blood pressure was running high when we were practicing taking BP’s with other students. I saw a doctor and my BP Was 135/75 at that time. He said it was fine and I was about to embark on studying for step1 so he didn’t want to do serial measurements. I assumed it was under control and I kept eating fairly healthily with the occasional junk food day or 2. I recently started my 2nd clinical rotation that required a new physical and my BP was 152/92. Since then I have bought a cheap BP cuff from Walmart and have been getting readings of 170’s/100’s…I have been trying to begin running 5km a few times a week, but after 1 week have seen no change. I don’t know if I may have a more serious cause (as a medical student a lot of diseases are going through my head) or maybe the exercise will cause a change, but again I must say I am not overweight, my waistline is 33 inches, I’m 5’7 and weigh 157 lbs. any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  879. anuj verma says:

    respected sir,
    This is anuj from chandigarh.i am 22 years old.I am overweight with 88 kg and height 5.6″.
    Sir, i has been suffering from a major problem from the last 4 years.firstly i wanna you 2 knw my medical history.During my college days, a day suddenly i started feeling restlessness and anxiety about a day before my final exam.There was not any such big tension in my mind. But, i feel that i am not able to breathe properly. it was too terrifying for me. I consulted a doctor and he told me that i am just suffering from high blood pressure.But is the prescription doesnot make any improvement. Later i consulted to other doctor . he told me that it might be due to some nassal enlargement. lastly i consulted PGI where the doctors were almost unable 2 detect the problem.After several tests,they just told me that may be i am just having a feeling of breathlessness, but there is no reality in it.this is just a misconception. They just find the high cholestrol. Sir, it is very bad 2 say that the doctors there are not very serious about the common people. Some of them even laugh at my problem. I consulted there a year back. over the last 6 months i ws having no major problem, i think it was just a matter of time. But from the last 1 month i am feeling the same problem and restlessness. Sometimes i am also prone to high bp… but i dnt understand if i am really having so much tention as i dnt think so much.
    i just waana you to give me the advice as what is the exact problem that i am facing so as it being detected can be cured.Hope you will understand my problem as it is quite difficult to spend even few minutes short of breath..thanking you.

  880. Avaneeet saluja says:

    hi doc, iam 25 years old female and today iam diagnosed with a bp 150/100.having a severe headache .
    my height is 163cm and weight is 80 kg. due to my working schedules i am not regular to the gym.please suggest me some ways to bring dowm my bp to normal range quickly.

  881. Ramya Gunasekaran says:

    Im ramya my husband age bp is 120/100 is it very serious?what need to do come back to normal.

  882. ROHIT SHARMA says:

    sir m reading in final year from kolkata and m a handicapped (one leg effect via past polio) and my age is 24 as per year 2013 my all thing normal m a perfect boy one day m going for blood donation but m unable to donate due to my young highpertention my current blood pressure is 170/120. Actually m not feeling any difficulty in my life one of problem is that m feel too much hot wile travell and too much water come from my skin. Suggest me

  883. Leigha Courtney says:

    I’m 18 years old and I weigh around 100 pounds and my blood pressure is 136/96. Is this high?

  884. Dear Dr Sharma
    I have hypertension and am on meds which don’t control it enough. I wake with a panic attack and BP reading of 190/100. I have Xanax which helps eventually but i am so frightened and desperate. Please can you advise? I don’t smoke or drink alcohol but am very overweight.

  885. Hi Doc,
    Could you please let me know if it’s better to take Homeopathy medicine for BP 140/90 and my age is 38. As I joined gym for better life style my wife is concerned that you should not do any various exercises and also consultant doctor. If I take Homeopathy medicine is there any side effects and for how many days I should take the medicine if I start. Please suggest

  886. Hi, my name is maham and m 25 years old
    I wanted to ask I get sudden rise in BP don’t know why
    Usually my blood pressure remains between 120/80 and 110/70 but some times it suddenly rises to 140-150/90-100
    And I get worried
    I am not over weight and I do exercise as well but I do have anxiety and I take stress a lot
    Thanking you

  887. jenna clarke says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. I’m 24yrs old and I just recently had my son who is 5 months old. Through out my pregnancy my blood pressure was never an issue. Just recently I took my blood pressure at a local store and it was 142/98. So tonight when I got home from work I took it again and it was 144/104…. I don’t have a doctors appt until 2 weeks from now. Should I go to the ER?

  888. KRISHNAPPA says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I am having a blood pressure in the range of 140/100 at my age is 30 yrs I as per my knowledge i have considered as a high BP,I am regularly walking at about 40 to 60 mins.
    Please let me know ur suggestion stating how to reduce the blood pressure.

    Thanks and regards

  889. Pankaj Mishra says:

    hI DR. Sharma its as happen before 4 day i was busy in m yh office work and extremly i faint down from my seat ,doctors came to me in they checked my bp leval tht eas 140./80
    after 1 hr i got normal but next day aprox same time once again i got same problem in my bp tht was also 140/80..i found my heart beating was too high and i got a small but regular pain in my headech since 2 day i ddnt go to my job now m on my home at taking rest but god grace i ddnt get same thing because i was taking rest whole day i want to just know is this problem can suffer to me as a heartstroke or can be cause if hypertention:’just give me advice about my diet & my routine m a smoker but recently i left my habbit let me know wht i have to do for same…expecting prompt reply by your side
    Pankaj Mishra’
    Sr.Health counsellor
    Delhi India

  890. Sir I am 24 yrs old. Today we had a blood donation camp I our company. There I got to know my blood pressure is 170/120. I was shocked looking into readings, doctor suggested me to come after 2 hrs since I had smoked 30 mins back. I again went with relax then it was 156/110. I weigh about 76 kgs and 5.8 feet. I am afraid about my health. I smoke 8 cigrates daily nd take alcohol twice in a month. I am a non vegetarian too. Even I have to work extra hours in office. I had habbit before sleep, I masturbate to get sleep. Without doing it I don’t get sleep. I think my testosterone levels are high also I am short temper guy.
    Please suggest me to come to normal life, I am very afraid of my health.

  891. I just whant to know I am 29 old female never had blood pressure in my life now suddenly blood pressure are hypertention stage 2 highest 190/132 is this normal. Had blood test done but all are normal. Not over weight, don’t like salt don’t drink only on occations. On blood pressure meds but know I feel funny few times during the day. Any advice for me why this happing to me.

  892. Hi Doctor, im a 28 year old female with 3 children age 7 weeks, 20 months and 4 years old respectively. At my six week check-up at the maternity hospital the doctor diagnosed me with High blood pressure. for the past few weeks post delivery i have been experiencing severe headaches and blurred vision and of course stress with the new adjustments in my life. I am exclusively breast feeding my baby girl and would like to know what i can do to lower my boold presssure and increase me in mental and physical energy. i am currently sleep deprived. Please advise

    Wardia Brown from South Africa, Cape Town. Thank you

  893. Partha Sarathi Sengupta says:

    Dear Doctor, age is 37 now and by BP reading is 150/90. If you please suggest me any homeopathic medicine that can normalize by BP.

    Partha Sarathi Sengupta

  894. Dear SIR,

    Ihave BP 160/100 So my homeopath doctor checks for seven days. Morning it will be 140/90 and evening 160/100 But one day morning also 160/100 so he started with ATEN 50 tablet for 15 days. Now my BP is 130/78 so can i stop the medicine.



  895. Hi there Dr Sharma, I am a 23 yr old female with no past medical hx and a tonsillectomy when I was 2. I am currently on LoOgestrol BC pills- I have been on them for about 7 years, and in January I recently was put on adipex to help lose weight. I am very active I go to the gym about 3-4 x a week and jog/run on the treadmill for about 30 mins and then lift weights for legs and arms. I weigh about 170 and 5’6. My B/P since I have been on the adipex has been running 120s over high 70s. When I go to the Dr office the systolic is usually in the 130s. What does it mean when my diastolic gets so close to 80?? I last took it. It was 118/78. What do u recommend about the adipex and BC pills together?

  896. Hi,
    i’m 27 1/2 year old and yesterday i checked my BP , it is 150/80 .. is it too high? could you please suggest me something to reduce it… little tensed now. please reply

  897. Dr. Abdul Hameed says:

    My BP is remaining at 140/90-100. on sitting I feel pressure on both kidney regions. My lipid profile test is normal except Triglyceride are high. My gall Bladder has already removed in 2002. I am also homoeopathic Doctor. Please provide advice. thnks

  898. M.Krishna Mohan says:

    dear sir for the last one week i am constantly getting bp of 140/100 and 158/98 as i am talkin homoeo medicine for gstric problem and burning in legs for last three months.

    is there medicine available for bp in homoeo please suggest

  899. Shamim Sheikh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m a male My age is 29 year and my weight 70 kg ,but my BP is 160/100 what is the reason and how to reduce it.please send me the details.

  900. Gaurav Kothari says:

    Hi Doctor, I am 26 years old and suddenly detected a bp of 140/96. After that i started taking homeopathy medicine and my bp fluctuates from 120/80 to 140/90. My last bp was 140/80. I am taking Arg n Lyco V im and Crat 200. Apart from that i am taking Rauvflia Serpintina. Still I am not able to reduce it permanently and this is causing stress. Of times I think a heart attack is on the cards. My weight is 53 kgs My height is 5ft 4inch.

  901. hi i m just 29 ear old but my bp is 140/100 befor a long time i mean 4 ear ago and right now awo i am v upsit becaues now i have a litlle problem in my kidnyes my kidneys is enlarges the right kidny is 13.30 cm and the lift one is 12.20 cm and i have problm my urin ragulation and i feel my hands fingers in sweling ang i have a litlle bake pan please give mi sugition what i do it i m v v upsit becaues i m still yong ok bye

  902. Hi Dr.Sharma….. I am only 19 and my blood pressure seldoms goes below 140/90 . I am slim, and I rarely eat junkfood. I don’t want to go for medication, I don’t know why. What’s your advise.

  903. Lakshmi Narayana says:

    Iam 31yrs old , my bp is now a days regularly 120/100, iam using inderal 4omg half tablet day and half at night, now bp is sometimes 120/100, and sometimes 120/90, i used to get migrane headache right side of head regularly, now a days i am getting rarely that too not severely – after using inderal,
    My height is 5’10, weight 89kgs, please suggest..
    FYI: I do also have sinus problem..


  904. Hi, my name is Maham and I wanted to ask how to lower bp
    I am 25 and my bp usually range from 120/80 to 130/90
    I go for a walk everyday and my weight is normal
    M so worried about this

  905. namaskar sir
    iam suffering from blood pressure from last 6 years and now my age is 39 ,iam taking nebivilol and amlodipine tablets ,my bloodpressure is controlled sometimes its go up,but iam smoking cigrettes,so my question is about impotence, its seems that my sex power is gone down,like ed,and erection i thought due to this medicine,so pls adivce me to imporve the sex what i should take i mean which sex medicine i have to use sometimes iam using viagra and some chinese medicine,pls advice iam worrying about this my life will destroy may be my wife leave me pls sir advice me how to improve my sex thanks

  906. akinwole seyi says:

    And if possible I can have your number for better explaination.

  907. akinwole seyi says:

    Have bn experiencin these for so long,trying self medication bt no changes… so what can I do…am age 27,studnt.120/90bp

  908. akinwole seyi says:

    Have bn experiencin these for so long,trying self medication bt nt effect so what can I do…am age 27,studnt.

  909. Md Raqueeb Azam says:

    I am 38 years now. From 2002 to 2005, I remained under very stressful conditions and developed lethargic habits, sitting and brooding, very less physical activities. This ultimately landed me in high BP like 150/100. On medication, it came to normal and even lower. But after leaving medicine, it again increased. I contacted cardiologist at Escort Delhi but he ruled out Heart problem after TMT and other heart test. He prescribed me medicine for gas, aplprax for better sleep and Amlong H for BP in 2009. I am regularly taking Amlong H only now. With this medicine my BP is normalyy in the range of 125-140/78-89. Today i got Lipid test but trigylecride is elevated i.e 397. But I am regularly exercising,alternatively doing yoga, non-veg take but precautiously, fruit and veg at higher side. I want to switch over to homeopathic medicine because if feel, Amlong H has side effect visible in me like some short breathing just before sleep and not not in sleep. mood swing i have but it is from my childhood. I have family history of BP and asthama but not heart attack. Please suggest me.

  910. Babatunde Ekundayo says:

    pls sir i am 34yrs old single, i have diagnosed with high blood presure 160/120. i want to be cure of it help me what do i do to be totally cured

    • hi amit since u r only 35 years of age so u must not get worried abouy your 160 but definately 120 is not a good reading so start doing exercise take less stress and plz do some physical activity…
      its very important often we see street workers street hawkers rikshaw drivers all have healthy life no matter how much they are poor with money ..its because physical activity release bad harmones and makes u sweat naturally…
      god bless keep healthy

  911. I am 41years old..from past one month i’m having blood pressure of 150/90..actually im going for GYM and doing workout for 50min to 1hour even though BP is high.

    Please suggest me how to reduce the pressure without medicines.

    thanks in advance.
    Vijay S




  913. i am 42years old, from last 7years iam suffering from blood pressure
    now iam taking madicine “Metpure am 2.5mg.
    while taking this madicine always my blood pressure will be normal, also i have checked my cholesterol will be with in the limit[140]
    daily i am playing shuttle batmitton 30min.

    my problem is while taking daily this medicine[one tablet per day] is there any side effect to the body & also still how many years shall i continue this tablets or shall i stop this.
    also i had a lot of work tension, from this i could not sleep properly.
    pl suggest my problems

  914. Had a ligation done 3 days ago.bp was 125/85 before the op.after it was 163/106,169/114 and 147/104.ive been feeling dizzy chest pains pins and needles in left foot and a headache that just wont go away.what should i do?Im 33

  915. I m 19 years old boy.i have hot high bp more than 100-160.i have some mental stress.what causes of my high bp??what can i do?

  916. Tawnya Bragg says:

    I am a 34 year old female I have been taking blood pressure medicine for 8 months now to treat high blood pressure.Ive suffered bad head aches dizziness blurred vision,short of breath and (mild chest pain that lasted for a few hours) “a feeling of squeezing in my chest”
    Sometimes my hands get sweaty,I had my labs come back and am on a diet for diabetes and cholesterol.I am going in for a chest x-ray too because I was exposed to asbestos 5 years ago,while I worked @ the school I ended up getting lots of debris from dumping it into the dumpster,I got a real bad sinus infection shortly after (a whole month I blew out black stuff from my nose & also spit it out)Yuck!!!!!huh
    I dont have much of a sex life either,…I test my bp after sex one time,I was currious & wanted to see (I can feel my heart racing bad) well turns out it was high and my pulse as well.
    Any addvice?

  917. Im 24 years old and for the past month my bp has been in
    Stage2 hypertention. Highest being 185/136 and lowwest being 150/102. I dont understsnd. Ive been under alot of stress but could stress make it that high? I lost my husband last month to heart failure and learned he had hepatitis b & c. I immediately was tested and i have hepatitis c. Doc has me on bystolic for bp (which hasnt helped yet) but isnt that bad on the liver? Should i be taking something difff? Any info is appreciated

  918. Sir my age 24 m, i dnt have any bad habit like somking drikg but my bp is high 150/100 from last 4month taking tablet also but the reding is constant how make normal help me plz

  919. Abel Mussuequengue says:

    hello! recently i discuvered that i m feeling veey tired, and my heart bumps very fast, nd yet i did nothin, at first i thought was because of lack of body exercicing! when went for check up my bp was high! and yes recently i became afather, and i 24 turnin 25. and thanks in advance.

  920. Anik C. Gomes says:

    hi sir,how are you?I am Anik from dhaka.i have bp 140/90 now what i will do?i am only 25 years old.

  921. Am 25 yrs old,at first my blood pressure rises when i consumed too much mariuana…my blood pressure was 173/77 for the second time my blood pressure was 153/82.. Right now i dont know it would i mantain my blood pressure?

  922. What are the causes of high blood pressure in some people during sporting activities like jumping,running,pressing up.

  923. I’m 33years, 72kg and 6ft tall. My blood pressure is 98/59. For the past 5days, i’ve been having headache. Is the blood pressure normal for my age. Pls help me out.

  924. nagendra says:

    treatment for pre blood pressure 140-95

  925. sir, i am 25 year old and my bp is 150/100.plz advice.

  926. hello. Im 24 yrs old. Im suffering from
    high bp since last 3 yrs.
    Many tests were carried but the reason
    didnt i am on beta blocker. The tests recomended by
    homeopath found deficiency of vit
    b12 and increased level of
    triglycerides. Could it be a reason of
    high bp? Can homeopathy
    successfully treat young hypertension for all patient?
    Last time u haven’t replied. Kindly reply this time. Please!!!

  927. hello. Im 24 yrs old. Im suffering from
    high bp since last 3 yrs. I was on
    atenolol. But now taking metoprolol.
    Many tests were carried but the reason
    didnt found. But now i am taking
    homeopathic medicines along with beta blocker. The tests recomended by
    homeopath found deficiency of vit
    b12 and increased level of
    triglycerides. Could it be a reason of
    high bp? Can homeopathy
    successfully treat young hypertension for all patient?
    Thnx in advance!
    Last time u haven’t replied. Kindly reply this time. Please!!!

  928. stephen cichon says:

    last november my heart was pounding fast….. i when to e.r.. check my B.P. it was 140/100 and im only 24 years old… doctor found nothing…

    after that day .. i excercise regularly… eat healthy dont, smoke , drink…

    february yesterday i took 2 times in different clinic and hospital..
    my blood pressure was.. 120/80 …….. 110/80

    i think eating vegetables… sleep… excercise will help a lot

    • sir am 23 yrs old nt over weight. 6 months ago my bp was 140/ was during my 2 nd mbbs exam so i dont know if it was d stress.since den i cut down my salt nd i exercise regularly Bt am so scared to chek d bp.i dont want hbp at ds young age bcs i dont want to hav to stik to medication for rest of my farther died of complications due to hbp even though he was on drugs.pls advice me

  929. Auwal Garba Adam says:

    Hello DR. Thank you for helping people. I am 34 years old, I measure my BP everyday I woke up in the morning, showing above 140/90, but later it changes to 130/86-89. I visited so many hospitals but the problem remain thesame. I need medical advice Please.

  930. Hi Everyone,

    As similar to some of you, i also don’t have any habits like smoking or drinking. Even then i was found to have HTN 160/110. I didn’t have great deal of money or assets. But i always cherished about my health. But now i feel miserable and am making my old mom and dad miserable. I am a 28 yrs unmarried guy. As you know marriage plans are on for me. But i don’t want to lie or obscure and marry a girl. This feeling is pushing me to the extent that i should run away somewhere or die. I simply don’t want to get married and spoil a girl’s life.

    I am just putting my burden out here such that i can free my head.

    Anybody here feeling terrible like me then plz don’t.

    But ensure that you don’t spoil others life by being a burden.

  931. Manoj Parashar says:

    There is no need to panic if you have 135/90 normally. Problem rises when you consistently have BP above 140/95. In this condition, you should go to doctor without any delay.

  932. 150/110 pls advice on what to do..

  933. Sir,i am 27 year old , i have acidity problem last 3 months back i got heavy acidity pain in stomack and gidiness. i checked my BP that time 140/90 after 3 days BP 136/96 and doctor is suggest to take amlong 5 mg BP tablets and i taken 2 months continue and reduce dose to amlong 2.5 mg then my BP rise to 150/100 after that i taking amlong 5 mg now BP is normal how to stop medication

  934. sanjeevkumar says:

    hello, i am 41 year old,weight-75 kg,hieght-169cm my BP-165/100, PL give advice
    for reducing bp

  935. hello. Im 24 yrs old. Im suffering from high bp since last 3 yrs. I was on atenolol. But now taking metoprolol. Many tests were carried but the reason didnt found. But now i am taking homeopathic medicines along with beta blocker. The tests recomended by homeopath found deficiency of vit b12 and increased level of triglycerides. Could it be a reason of high bp? Can homeopathy successfully treat young hypertension for all patient?
    Thnx in advance!

  936. Allah tamman Insanooo ko sahet dee AMEEN

  937. I am 26 yrs old even suffering from high BP. I request you all my frendz believe in your god and avoid tensions….Regular walk is imp to maintain normal BP.
    It will help you from abnormal hypertensions and all other diseases. Thanks

  938. dr.atanu mandal says:

    from2005,during my final B.H.M.S,i am suffering from sudden rise of bp with constriction of chest,dyspnoea,fear of death &cramps of feet& was diagnosed as panic disorder & treated by 24hrs urinary catecholamine is 5.9. now i take beta-blocker contineously but i also suffering from sudden rise of blood pressure,specially diastolic blood pressure.please help me for this condition by homoeopathic medicines.

  939. sir my bp is 135/90 and 148/100 i am daily walker of 5km from last 6year and doing some streching excersise in the morning i am pure vegetarian, non smoker,non alcholic no bad habit.
    -why my bp is high
    -what food habit to adopt
    – i am taking less salt from last six month
    – still iam taking some raw sugar like gur/shaaker etc in the milk
    – can i brist walk continue or start slow walking as iam thinking if i do walk then some strech should be come on the body
    please advice accordingly.

  940. i am 23 years female, married. my bp 160/90 and i am not taking any medicine, my friend told me that i am not able to conceive a baby…. is it true?

  941. DEBABRATA ROY says:

    I am 33 years old my bp 140/90 ,after taking 2times alphatic medicine, my hight 5’11” and weight 78kg , kindly suggest me homeopatice medince to cure it.

  942. good

  943. my bp is14o/95.plz advice me homeopathy medicine or doctors mn.

  944. vikash kumar pandey says:

    sir i am 21 years old . sir in army recruitment doctors told me that my bp is 170/110.
    after then i met many a doctors all told me that this may be dangerous for me . after then i have been checked my bp many times but all time this was hyper .
    after taking treatment in tam manohar lohia hospital i foung it that i should go for
    other checkups like renel angiorams

    tell me sir what i to do in such a situtation

  945. Tora kazi sir please tell in detail about glouble

  946. hi i m waqar noor i m 26 years my blood pressure is 160 /100 my all Test ok mean ETT. Eco. ECG . blood. but not ok my BP plz tell me y T’X

  947. For low sex drive remedy is
    Agnus Castus 6.
    If you have high blood pressure then take one globule per day.

  948. i am 21 years boy i measure my blood pressure last 5 months systolic pressure is above 140 and diastolic 88. last four reading 150/100 ,160/110, 170/100,154/96 then doctors start medicine me ramipril(5 mg) take 7 days after check it was 150/84.
    i worried about what reason for hypertension ?
    can i take medicine life time ?
    so please suggest me sir as posible as soon

  949. JEFF MORDEN says:

    i am 32 years old i was worried that my blood pressure is 140/100 and i feel pain in my head and also my neck. what should i do to make all of this to be cure..please give me some advise,sir..

  950. I am 36 year male height 5.1″ weight is 69.5kg i am suffering from the high bp i am taking allopathic medicine. Metpure Am 2.5 mg one tabllet per day since from 1 year at that time my bp is 160/100 but know that is 140/90 shall i stop the medicine or continue so please suggest me .

  951. I’m 22yrs of age and my blood pressure is 140/100 some times and when i check the next day it will be 120/80,120/70,130/80 etc.should i need a medical attention.pls reply.

  952. i am 26 yrs old,,and i have hypertension…my parents are also having hypertension..i am taking 1 tablet of telesarton everyday during night…is this hypertension harmful for my body…

  953. i m 22 yrs old boy……i just hate my place…i get frusted and stress all the time …i m suffering from hypertension ..i use alcohol ,drug and also i smoke …..i try to love my place but i always fail and get a lot stress….i wana go for abroad study and i thought it would be a best solution……i just need ur feedback ….please reply me soon …..

  954. Sir, I am 39 yr old, my weight is 72 Kg and I am suffering from high blood pressure since last 8 months. A collestrum is also formed near my left eye. Kindly suggest any homoeopathic medicine.

    • denis benjamin says:

      sir,am 26years found with a high blood pressure three month ago and when i did a check up i was found with renal paranchime desease and i was given medicine to take one and half month ago and the dose is finished but still my blood pressure is high feeling pain in my chest and my life never be happy since then please advise me what can i do to lower this bp.

  955. Sir,i am 25 years old,my dream job is to become a flight attendant,i felt very sad when the doctor told me that my bp is 144 over 80 n i am not fit to fly,when i check with other clinic my bp is 130/70,my height is 180 weight is 80,pls help

  956. sir my age 33, recent checkup my BP increased up to 150/90 and my hight 175, weight is 72 kgs. Pls tell me that is it will effect my health and i dont edict of any bad habbits pls tell me how to reduce my BP

  957. 1 month back i felt like having fatique the whole day and latter continued with headache on which i visited a nearby Dr. who found my BP was 190/100
    suggested me to start with amlagard-5 tablet a day for seven days,subsequently
    my BP at his clinic was 140/90 (but soon outside his clinic 1/2 an hour latter
    with my freind doctor was 120/84) hence Dr. changed my dose to olmighty 40
    a day since wth amlagard i was also feeling heavyness in my head.
    everytime i visit any clinic or doctor to check my bp it goes high to150/90 and so on and soon in 10 minutes if he checks again it comes to120/81 or 120/77 may be that is because i fear of the worst………

    Now in this situation what should i do, i used to have cholestrol within 190-200
    at times but my sugar is within limits along with all other things.

    i used to take homopathic medicines for past 3 years if there was a need for any small sickness like cold,nose clogged etc but occassionally not everyday, and i had totally cut on halopathy since then.

    please advice.

  958. i m 27 yrs old, married. befpre 3 yrs i feeling bad goes to doctor my bp was 170/110, he gave me medicine Lodoz .5, i done ECG, ECHO, BLOOD CHECK UPS all are normals, i take tablets for three months after that its normal for 2 years after that one day i feel bad go to my doctor he checked my bp it was 170/110 he done all the checks again include renal Doppler, Sugar, MRI etc i done all the check ups many times in many hospitals like MEDANTA GURGAON, METRO FARIDABAD, FORTIS FARIDABAD, APPOLO DELHI. Now for last three yrs i m taking tablets, but there is a problem diffrent doctors diffrent tablets, i used lodoz, restyl SR, Concore, Ramistar, Inderal 40, Talma-H 40, Amlopine-AT, olmin, Now i m using Talma -H 40 with amlopine only, bp is 130/85, but my feeling still dizzy at all the time, headache, energy less, all the tablets give me weakness in my body, i go to gym daily. i m loosing my weight also, my weight is 55 & height is 5.7″.i m thinking all the time about my bp it is normal or not, when i take amlopine-AT its reduce my bp to 100/70, but another doctor advice me this tablets not for youngs go with talma -H, but its not working on me well, after taking that my bp is 140/90. pls suggest me wat i do my number is 09541852045.

  959. RABBANI. says:

    Hi i am 24 yrs old I had hypertension my bp was 180/100 at that time i felt energyless and my heart was beating fastly,i consulted a doctor he decreased it to 140/90. now i will take pills daily,i feel headache, and energyless and feel chest pain and like vomiting.what should i do to ovecome this problem.please help me……


  960. im 26 years old i had medicine for hypertension my bp is high 160/100 after 9 months my bp is down to 120 over 60 sometimes 120 over 70 and 90 . .but my feeling still dizzy at all the time and i feel pain in my heart i take medicine lisino my doctor advice every day i take my medicine but im still sufing. . what the best i can do?
    plz help me thanks

  961. hi 16 yrs old. i am 46.7 kg. yesterday my bp is 150/100. is it normal and how i get rid of this

  962. kranti sharma says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 22 yrs old. my height is 5’7 and weight 53 kg today my bp is 140/90 and since last 1 year it is 130/80 , m feeling very dizzy and also my heart rate is 90 BPM …. plz help me call

  963. My mother 52 yr. old & weight 82 Kg. She has BP 220 before 05 months & after regular treatment now her BP is calmdown to 170. But now we want to take Homeopathy treatment. So, please guide us about Homeopathy for BP.

  964. Purushottam Gupta says:

    I am 28 yrs old. my height is 5’11” and weight is 85 kg. I dont have any bad habbits. three month before I got fever and while health check up my blood pressure measurement come 150/100. They take lot of tests .. but all reports are fine. They told me that its may be due to mine enxiety personality. Now sometimes i have normal BP and some time its around 140/90 . Sir I want to keep my BP rates 120/80 (Normal). Kindly please advise me how to reduce BP. So far I didnt take any tablets.

    Please suggest me to reduce my BP in fast track..

    Thank You

    • I am 21 years n just checked my bp and it was 150/90. Is it possible to reduce it to 120/80