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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Bone Pain

Bone Pain can be the result of various reasons. It could be due to Osteomyelitis, Osteoporosis, bone cancer, Multiple Myeloma, Pagets Disease, Sickle Cell Anemia and various fevers, including Influenza and Dengue. Bone Pains can be effectively treated by natural medicines. The medicines are given after considering the cause of the pain, the bone involved and the worsening and relieving factors in each patient. Apart from providing relief from pain in bones, These medicines also eradicate the disease process that is behind Bone Pain. Following relief from acute pain, the natural Homeopathic medicines for bone pain will work towards root extraction of the disease.  homeopathic medicines for bone pain

Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Bone Pain

1. Arnica: For Bone Pain with Excessive Soreness and Lameness

Arnica is the top natural medicine for Bone Pain that results in excessive soreness and lameness in the body. The body feels bruised due to Bone Pain with soreness and lameness. The person needing Arnica may also describe the pain as if someone has beaten him or her up. The affected bones are sensitive and very painful at the slightest touch. The patient also feels the bed on which he or she lies to be very hard, and needs a constant change of position to get a soft spot to lie on.

2. Eupatorium Perfoliatum: For Bone Pain in Fever

The top natural remedy for treating Bone Pain during fever is Eupatorium Perfoliatum. The fever may be dengue, malaria or influenzal fever. The Bone Pains are very severe and mostly present in head, back, chest and limbs. The bones feel as if they are broken. The severe Bone Pain also leads to extreme restlessness. To bring about the most prompt relief from Bone Pain in fever, no medicine equals remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum.

3. Symphytum: Top Remedy for Penetrating Injury and Fractures of Bone

Symphytum, also known as knit bone, is of great help in treating Bone Pain during fracture and penetrating injuries of bone. Symphytum has gained much popularity due to its magical relief in fractured and wounded Bone Pains as much as for its efficiency in the union of fractured bones. The pains can be of any character but the main presentation is pricking type of pains. The pains are accompanied by utmost soreness in affected bones. Symphytum is mainly used in tincture form to get the best results.

4. Mezereum and Aurum Met: For Bone Pains at Night

Both Mezereum and Aurum Met are wonderful natural medicines to treat night pains in bones. Mezereum is mainly used to treat Bone Pains, especially the long bones, that get worse at night. The bones may be swollen or inflamed.  The slightest touch may also worsen the Bone Pains. The person requiring Mezereum may also show an increased sensitivity towards cold air. Aurum Met is the ideal medicine for Bone Pains of nose, palate, cranium, and face that are experienced at night. The bones are very sore and painful. Moving in the open air may provide some relief to the person.

5. Agaricus: For Pain in Vertebral Bones (backbone)

Agaricus is the ideal natural prescription for pain in vertebral bones when all the vertebral bones of the back are extremely sensitive and painful. The pain is excited by the slightest motion of the body. Cold air exposure also seems to worsen the pain in backbones. Morning is the worst time for the patient when the pain and sensitivity in the spine are felt the maximum.

4. For Bone Pain due to Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease where the bones become fragile and are prone to fractures due to decreased bone mass and density. The natural medicines that are efficient to deal with Bone Pain due to Osteoporosis are Calcarea Phos, Calcarea Fluor, Fluoric Acid, and Symphytum. Calcarea Phos is very beneficial for all kinds of Bone Pains due to Osteoporosis. Calcarea Phos helps to strengthen the bones and in providing calcium to increase the bone density. When the bones get proper calcium nourishment, they get strengthened and the pains begin to decline. Calcarea Fluor is the remedy mainly used to treat pain in backbones. Calcarea Fluor can be prescribed when the pain in bones of back is mostly felt while resting and gets better by motion. Fluoric Acid works best when the pain in long bones is felt due to Osteoporosis. Most of the times, the Bone Pains for using Fluoric Acid increase at night. Symphytum is used in the last stages of Osteoporosis where the bone has broken with extreme pain. Here, Symphytum helps to reduce Bone Pain and also proves effective in repairing and reuniting the fractured bone.

5. For Bone Pains due to Osteomyelitis

The natural Homeopathic medicines for treating Bone Pains due to Osteomyelitis are Merc Sol, Phosphoric Acid and Silcea. Merc Sol works best when the Bone Pains are worse at night. Phosphoric Acid is used when the character of Bone Pains is burning and tearing in nature. The periosteum of bone is inflamed with a sensation is if the bones are being scraped with a knife. Homeopathic medicine Silicea is the ideal remedy when fever with chill accompanies Bone Pains due to Osteomyelitis.

6. For Bone Pains due to Injury

The best natural remedies for Bone Pains as a result of injuries are Ruta, Hypericum and Symphytum. Ruta is of great help for Bone Pains appearing because of injuries in any bone. Ruta is the best medicine when there is excessive soreness and bruised sensation in bones following injuries. The bones can be in wrist, ankle, back, upper limb or lower limb or any other bone when soreness is marked. Burning sensation can also accompany the Bone Pains. Touch worsens the pain. Hypericum is a very specific and useful remedy for coccyx bone injury. Hypericum is the best medicine to reduce Bone Pains in coccyx due to injury and should always be considered as the first choice in such cases. Symphytum is mostly used when the bone is broken and results in extreme pain following an injury. Symphytum here is the appropriate remedy to reduce pain, soreness and union of such bones. Symphytum is also used when a pricking type of pain at the site of fractured bone persists for a long time after the healing of fracture.

7. For Bone Pain in Fever

Eupatorium Perfoliatum is the top natural medicine for Bone Pains in fever. Severe Bone Pains with sensation as if they are broken guide towards the use of Eupatorium Perfoliatum. The other medicines that are useful for Bone Pains in fever are Arnica and Bryonia Alba. Arnica works best where the hallmark symptom is soreness and a bruised sensation as if someone has beaten up the patient. The person needing Arnica also complains that anything on which he or she lies down feels hard and therefore the patient needs to frequently change the position. Bryonia is the ideal remedy when the Bone Pains make the patient lie down absolutely still. The least motion, even turning in bed, worsens the pain and lying still is the relieving posture.

8. For Small Bone Pains (ankle, wrist, fingers, toes)

The appropriate natural medicines for pain affecting small bones are Actaea Spicata, Caulophyllum and Ruta. Actaea Spicata is the best medicine when the pain in small bones gets worse by either touch or motion. The pain may be of a tearing or tingling character. Caulophyllum is the remedy mainly recommended when shifting type of pain is felt in small bones. The pain in such cases suddenly migrates from one bone to another. Ruta, on the other hand, is the remedy mainly suited for pain in the bones of small variety arising out of injury. There is marked soreness and pain in the affected bones.

9. For Long Bone Pains (thigh, leg, upper arm and forearm)

The main natural medicines for treating long bone pains are Asafoetida, Mezereum and Cinnabaris. Asafoetida can be used in those cases where the long bones involved are sensitive to an extreme level. The pains may be throbbing in nature. Bone Pains due to bone necrosis or caries where sensitivity is marked are best dealt with by Asafoetida. Mezereum is the ideal remedy for pain in long bones that gets worse at night. The other aggravating factors for pain in long bones for using Mezereum include touch and cold air. Mezereum is also the best remedy for leg pain arising in tibia bone. Cinnabaris is the top medicine for pain in bone of the forearm.

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  1. Good morning sir, I am Sk Ahamad,52 yrs male maths teacher.when I tried teach my students 4 months back I experienced pain in chest and upper back.I consulted cordiologist.After all evaluations he said it’s not related to cordio.Later I started experiencing pain at epi gastic region now and then.I consulted Gastro’.After doing endoscopy he ruled out it’s not related to gastro.As the pain is in back and chest he adviced me to meet ortho’.orthopaedician after physical examination suggested pain killers….Now our schools are open .I take 3 classes daily and travel for 40+40 kms to school by a small 4 wheeler,not car.My main problem is experiencing pain in upper back bone and sternum.while teaching wearing mask the pain around sternum increasing.No suggest me homoeo medicines.Tq sir

  2. Noorul Imam says:

    My name is Noorul Imam. I am 50 years old. I belong to Karachi, Pakistan. The problem is that I have pain in my thigh bone and right hand on the back of the shoulder and it is due to cold. I usually have bone pain in some part of my body in cold weather, please prescribe medicine etc, thanking you for your reply

  3. I have bone mass projecting upwards at Navicular bone of left foot which occured after sprain some years ago. i experience uncomfortness when ear shoes.

    Which homeopathic medicine can help

    • Diana Wade says:

      Dear Doctor Sharma, My problem is pain from developing bunions in both feet.Walking is becoming very painful and oral pain relief (codeine) seems ineffective. I have begun using the corrective splints, but so far no improvement.Regards Diana

  4. ANITA Iyer says:

    Hi I am Anita going through chemo for ALL
    Acute lymphoblastic leukemia also I think I have osteoporosis bone pain what is a good med6

  5. M Banerjee says:

    knee pain at pereostim when Istand vertically up

  6. Sir, my left side collar bone is injured (no any cracks Only pain) in gym During (chest workout day) . From 2 weeks, I can do rest from 3 days but pain is as it is… Please suggest sone idea for medicine

  7. Krishna Jiban Chowdhury says:

    Hallo Sir, i’m 65 years old man from India. I’m suffering more then 6/8 months from bone pain in my leg and thigh also feelings sensation of burning in my scin and muscle. So please cane you help me for remady my disease as soon as possible by your best prescribed medicine.
    Thanks lot.
    Krishna Jiban Chowdhury
    India, Birati-BBT, Kolkata 700051

  8. Muhammad Sadiq says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I read your articles on homeopathic medicines for different ailments since long. The presentation of your articles is excellent. Your work is great and highly beneficial. The description and healing properties of your best chosen medicines is briefly and nicely described therein. You are truly helping the mankind. YOU ARE GREAT SIR. GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WITH PEACE AND HAPPINESS AND LONG LIFE.

    Best regards.

  9. Nancy Reynolds says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Can you recommend a homeopathic for bone pain related to an arm fracture?


    My mom is 50 years old. She is suffering from pain in shoulders,thighs,back, and backside of her head.
    2 months before her uterus has been removed through an operation.plz suggest medicine for her pain.

  11. I have consulted a homoeo doctor for my father who is having skull base osteomyelitis due to unresolved ear infection.the problem had started one year before on the right ear ,then penetrated to petrous bone.Now he has no pain in right ear but the pain started towards left ear and head .left ear seems to be normal after consulting with ENT.Still undergoing Meropenem IV for the last 10 months.Started consulting homeo last month.Doctor had prescribed Echinacea, selenium 3x,Hekla lava and Lachesis for 2 months.whether we are following the right medications.please suggest

  12. Shibendra kumar says:

    I had an bike accident 5 years ago and got severe injury in left hip bone. No problem throught the year but this winter it is severe pain for 15 days.

  13. Navin Srivastava says:

    I do feel pain as mentioned at 09 (For Long Bone Pains (thigh, leg, upper arm and forearm).
    I am serving in Arunachal Pradesh at Demwe near Tezu, Dist- Lohit in Army.
    Can you send medicine at this location. Here facilities available to receive item purchased through on line.

  14. Mahima Verma says:

    How homepathic is treated for osteomyelitis. Plzz let me know if any treatment in homeopathy

  15. My problem right knee leg Osteomyelities last 15 years

  16. I have navicular pain in my left foot. What homeopathic medicine should I take for the cure.

  17. ahmed kassu says:

    السلام عليكم
    مريضة مصابة بالام شديدة في عظام الحوض بسبب انتشار السرطان

  18. Sati Tripp says:

    Namaste Dr. Sharma,
    I am a professional homeopath but don’t have much experience with treating “bone pain”. A 70 yr. old male friend is complaining of bone pain ever since his recent diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, pain worse at night. Also, his legs feel as if they might cramp, but they don’t. He has also recently lost a lot of weight (due to adhering to a strict diabetic diet), he is very chilly and complains of “bone pain” especially at night in the long bones of his legs. He is quick tempered, highly intelligent, impatient, intolerant and irritable.
    However, he actively seeks company and becomes sad when alone. I have given just one dose of Arnica 200c with little if any relief, and he has also just finished taking Kali Muriaticum for trouble hearing ever since a sinus infection about 2-3 months ago. I’m at a loss as to how to treat his “bone pain”, can you help please? Thank you and shanti on, blessings

  19. Hi
    I just had molar in lower jaw removed. I have tenderness in lymphs under jaw which could be bone infection?
    I am taking Silica cell salts. What can I use for infection if there is one? It has been 4 days since removal. Jaw is very sore and limited range of motion is improving. Don’t want or need infection. I do not eat bread or starch or sugar or nightshades. Please can you help. Thank you. Kelly

  20. Robyn Mayes says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, I am female 63 yrs and have spent a great deal of my life unwell. In Nov 2016 it was discovered that a tooth fragment had been left in my upper jaw where a wisdom tooth had been extracted some 40 yrs earlier. Although this has now been resolved and I’ve lost the majority of my teeth only in the past few years, I have now been diagnosed with chronic osteomyelitis of my upper and lower jawbone. I also have a mercury/heavy metal issue although all my amalgams were removed many years ago and I’ve spent all this time trying to detox without much success.
    Any suggestion would be most helpful.

  21. Hello,please how help against Eksostozes?

  22. Dear Doctor
    I have been diagnosed with stage 3 Osteonecrosis in my hip. Can homeopathy help my condition and if so how.
    Thank you

    • Shailendra bhargava says:

      एक साल पहले मेरा एक एक्सीडेंट मैं राइट फेमुर के लोअर एन्ड मैं मल्टी फ्रैक्चर हुआ था डॉक्टर ने एक्सटर्नल फिक्सेटर लगाया था!9माह पहले इसे निकाल दिया लेकिन अभी तक हड्डी 50%ही जुड़ी है!एवं घुटने ओर जांग दो जगह से पस आ रहा है!कल्चर टेस्ट कराने पर क्रोनिक ऑस्टियोमैलिटिस आया है और gram पोसिटिव cocci बेक्टिरिया आया है !कोई गारंटेड इलाज हो तो बताये

  23. Abdul Khaliq says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma sir. My wife MRI result 1. Loss of normal lumbar lordosis.2 Hemangioma inL4 vertebral body.3. Multi level lumbar disc diseases mentioned. Above this problem she can’t walk and site due to more pain in both leg with burning (5 disc bulged and it pinched to nervous) back bone tail also more pain.please advice homeopathic medicine and kindly help her.

  24. Mubeen qureshi says:

    Hi Dr sharma ji mera left pair main ghutno per maar lagi thi takriban 8 saal Pehla jiski wajha se mera leg ke fingure se head tak half dard hota rozana main bohat pareshan hu kaafi dr ko dikhaya kuch farq nahi pada kuch medicine bataye plz by by

  25. Linda Morina says:

    My husband has osteomyelitis in his tibia, status post total knee replacement 12/2015. He started having excruciating pain last July 2017. He was finally taken back to the Or 12/6/17 they found all the cement to have been eaten away and he was positive for staph epidermis. Treated with a spacer implant and IV Vancomycin. After 6 weeks of ABX his see rate and C reactive protein were normal they went back in to find it was still infected, same bacteria. Given 9 weeks of Daptomycin, and a new spacer. Back to the Or in May and this time when opened has pus. Still had Staph epidermis and also found staph ludgenous. This time treated with Vancomycin IV and Rifampin P.O. and a new spacer. He just finished the Vancomycin and was put in Doxycycline for a month and they plan on checking the same labs that seem to get better but then they find it still infected. He has 2 more weeks on the Doxycycline and then off for 3-4 weeks, if the labs stay normal will go back to the OR for theb4 thbtime to hopefully get a knee joint put back in. Do you have any suggestions about what he could be doing to try and help assure the infection is gone? If still infected they are talking about taking the leg off. He is 60 yrs old, has HTN and reflux and arthritis. He owned his own Landscaping company and was working until last July, like a bull. Now he can’t put his own socks on. I would appreciate any suggestions.

  26. Mr Rashid Soni says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    Hope my e-mail will find you & staff in best of health. I am Mr Rashid Soni from Lahore, Pakistan. I am of age around 50 years.

    Around 30 years ago, Medial Meniscus of my Right Knee Joint was ruptured in an accident & later on was removed after surgery. For about 10 years I was feeling better, but later on start feeling pain in Right knee Joint. I had discussed to many Orthopaedic Surgeons, but they just kept me on giving pain killer tablets Like Diclofanic Potassium & Artrodar Capsules. But the relief is for the time being. Until today I am using the same medicines for the time being relief.

    Now-a-days my pain is more & more as compared to before. Knee Joint is going to be Swallowing, hard, painful & cannot bend fully . Its bending angle is only 50 %. Lot of difficulty in walking now as my joint
    dose not bear my body weight. My thigh muscles have also become weak. I am of 75 Kgs, height of 5 Feet 6 inches.

    Orthopaedic Surgeon says that Edges of my Femur, Tibia and Fibula bones have enlarged & no space between the Joint. He is asking me for surgery to replace new joint.

    I am very scared of surgery & also cannot afford such expensive surgery.

    If you please don’t mind :
    Is there any Homeopathic medicine, that can treat my Right Knee Joint.
    It will be so nice of you & I will be very thankful to you through out my remaining life period.

    Thanking you so much in advance.

    Mr. Rashid Soni
    Lahore, Pakistan.
    E-mail :
    Tele : + 92-300-4128946
    What’s up : + 92-300-4128946

  27. Difficulty in movement due to bone joint pain

  28. I have pain my my coccyx – is there a homeopathic remedy for this?

  29. Damilola says:

    Hello Dr ! Trust you’re doing well name is damilola I had a major surgery done on my fractured femur and its taking forever for me to walk again. any suggestion on how best to get my bone healed and also how I can come in contact with the remedy? Thank you!

  30. Tiffany M Burke says:

    I was diagnosed in December of 2016 with MSSAb, osteomyelitis,and septic arthritis in myspine. I was in hospital on IV antibiotics, which it was hard to find one as I am severely allergic to sulfa based meds. I was told I needed to be put in nursing home for about 8 weeks more of IV meds, I refused to go because of my children and being a single mom. I was released with out the Drs liking to do outpatient antibiotic infusion at local hospital for that same length of time. I only made it through to three weeks of treatment and stopped. For six months I dealt with the sickness and the severe low back and hip pain. Finally in June of 2017 I couldn’t take it anymore, so they put me back in hospital did MRI,my infection had gotten better with out any treatment for six months, but was still in and on low back. I was admitted for 10 days on more IV meds and then released on ora antibiotics. I finished them, but I have failed because of family reasons to make several follow up appointments with ID doctor. I still deal with the pain, chronic fatigue,night sweats,etc. I went to my family MD two weeks ago and he said that I’m fine my blood work is fine,no imaging done. My question is I don’t believe that the infection is gone, I still have the symptoms and pain in hips and back, but about three months ago I started getting sores on head that seep a sticky liquid and hurt and itch,they won’t seem to heal. Around the same time I started getting painful swollen knots on head,neck( throat area), back of neck and under my arms that come and go. I am very scared of what is going on with my body,but my MD won’t refer me to ID and says I’m fine. My question for you is what is going on with me,and can you help point me to natural pain relief,as well as any other treatment you suggest. I have more faith in holistic approach and medicine than the conventional doctor
    Please I’m desperate and in pain, feel like giving in, I have active children to be around and healthy for.

  31. lilamba payendee says:

    hi doctor ,
    I am suffering from severe back and front ribs pain. very painful at night. I have a distectomy done in the year 2009 and now am 45 years. since the month of january 2018 i started getting pain in my upper back. And now it subsided in my back ribs and now front ribs. can i get a treatment for this pain please.
    I thank you in advance.

  32. Ratish kanta sen says:

    I am 37,Due to over or wrong exercise past 12-13 years I feel certain pain in my chest bone with little swallow and neck . I fear whether any serious issues happened! Arte they curable? Plz help me Doctor .

  33. B K Bhuyan says:

    I am suffering from pain in coccyx area and surrounding heap area since 3 years. It reduces in between but starts again. Now the pain is severe . I used to seat for long for my job. The X ray shows gap increased in tail bone. Now the pain is aggravating to heaps and continuing all the time.. Please prescribe me appropriate medicines for which remain oblidged forever..

  34. Dinesh ch Middya says:

    Iam 40 yrs.I suffer neck,spinal cord and hip pain for 7 yrs Now l felt stiffness in the neck and a sensation felt as if broken on the spinal cord.A stiffness is always felt in hip and a irritating pain is felt on standing . My left ear is in infection and itching coldness is my nature .Please suggest homeopathic medicine

  35. Rajesh kumar says:

    Pain in bone tale
    Upper side of buttock.
    Reason may be injuries by fallen 6 month back.
    Kindly prescribed suitable homeopathic medicine for my wife aged 45.

  36. My bone enlarge below both knee,with mild pain

  37. abdul malik awan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Sir Meeri Wife ko 20 Years sy sugar hy aur sugar ki wajy sy un ko pury body me Bone pain shadid kisam ka dard hota hy pani ka koi kam nahi kar sakti na naha sakti aur pain ki wajy sy raat bhar so nahi sakti sir mai Pakistan me rah ta ho yanha kafi Dr. dekha raha ho aur dekha choka ho magr pain me koi fark kami nahi hota Sir agr Homeopathic me koi Medicin hy to plz nam send kardy ap ka dhanny bad Shukriya aur mehar bani hogi Mera nam Abdul Malik.

  38. I am suufere from coccydynia since 3 month ,,my job is totally bars on sitting , my tail bone pain is being increased due to this ,,, I consulted to aloepathic doctor he suggested medicine in the for of vitamin and one sitting pad which I used …but I want to get complete cure ….us this curable in homeopaths …lease suggest regarding this …Faiyaz Alam

  39. jayashree says:

    Requested sir,my friend have heavy pain in back shoulder bone the bone is crossed so which medicine take it. My friend age 30.(male)

  40. Hello Dr. Sharia… my mother is 63 diagnosed with osteomyelitis which started in hip then traveled to her L1
    Vertebrae… she’s also on dialysis… the Dr are given her vancomycin which is not helping her and seems to be hurting her liver… she also suffers from chronic constipati on…

    She can barely move or walk and it really saddens me to see these Dr’s blunder with the care of my mom…

    Please if you can lead us in the right way on how to help my mother get some relief…

    Praise “The God of Israel”

    Thx in Advance

  41. Kartick Das says:

    Please Suggest a medicine for serious bone pain due to damage once done by metastatic breast cancer six years ago

  42. Prasanth Chirukandath says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am writing the details about my mother in law . she has coccyx pain. Please read this details and suggest good homeo medicine.

    details are :

    Name : Vijalakshmi

    Gender: Female

    Age: 65

    Body Type: Slim

    Height: 5-1

    Weight: 62 kg

    General appearance: lean,, dark

    Have you used homeopathic medicines before? If so what, and what homeopathic potencies did you use?

    Vertefine Drops

    Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recollection of previous experiences and happenings.

    1. Describe your main suffering?

    Coccyx pain while sitting & standing longer period

    2. What other physical sufferings do you have in your body?

    Migrain and back pain occasionally

    3. What mental sufferings / feelings do you have associated with your physical sufferings?

    Feel very sad because its not healing even after medication

    4. What exactly do you feel when you are at your worst? Describe the sensation in your own words.

    Burning sensation at the tip of tail bone and feel like crying

    5. When did it all start? Can you connect it to any past event or disease?

    It started in June 2017 . After daughters marriage felt very loneliness

    6. Which time of the day you are worst?

    Morning after 10

    7. What are the things which aggravate your suffering and which are those which ameliorate the same?

    Bed rest releive pain. Pressure aggrevates the pain

    8. Do your think your sufferings have relation to any external stimuli (like, change of place) or any internal biological changes in the body, like, menses (in females)?

    Change of place

    9. When do you feel better, during hot weather or cold weather, humid or dry weather?

    Hot weather feel better

    10. Describe your general mental set up? Are you Moody, Arrogant, Mild, Agreeable Changeable,
    Nervous, Suspicious, Easily offended, Quiet, Arguing, Irritating, Lazy etc.

    Mild, Agreeable Changeable, Nervous,

    – How do you feel before or during a thunderstorm?

    Nothing … No fear

    – Do you like being consoled during your tough times?


    – Are you sensitive to external stimuli like smell, noise, light etc?


    – Do you have any typical habit or gesture like nail biting, causeless
    Weeping, talking to one self etc?

    Nail biting

    – How do you feel about your friends, family, your children and especially your husband / wife?

    Neutral ( Not too much attached not too much detached )

    11. What are your fears and do you dream of any situation repeatedly?

    Repeatedly dream of loosing her path and parting from the near ones

    12. What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions?

    Like salty food. Only take Veg ( snack items)

    13. How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive?


    14. How is your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive?


    15. Is there any kind of food which your body can’t stand?

    Chilly food

    16. Is your sweat normal or less or more? Where does it sweat more: Head, Trunk or Limbs?

    17. How is your bowel movement and stool type?


    18. How well do you sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?

    Sleep 5 hrs ( curl like a baby )

    19. What medications have been taken earlier by you to treat the diseases and do you have any particular symptom surfacing after the medication?

    Zerodol and Caldikind

    20. What major diseases are running in your family?

    Father had Asthma and mother had enlarged liver causing digestion

    21. Describe, how do you look like? Describe your overall appearance.

    Athletic structure , stooping shoulder, dull face

  43. Suffering from coccyx pain since last one year. Long hours sitting job & long traveling condition.

  44. senapati pradhan says:

    sir, my wife suffering from coccyx pain since last 2 month no history of injury what medicine should be given to her , no works allopathic medicine only short term benefit.

  45. M .k.sharma says:

    Sir my wife is suffering from left hand back and whole left arm pain excessively at night. she could’t sleep. At day time it subsides n quite well n do something but when go to bed it starts n she walks whole night use hot bag bandaid etc.but we r helpless dissapoint regarding this.

  46. vikash Kumar Vimal says:

    I my mother my sister my son my nephew my niece are suffering from hereditary multiple exocystosis disease from by birth i want to treatment of multiple hereditary exocystosis disease in homeopathic method

  47. Sam Tandon says:

    Meri mom ke backbone thodi se side ko bend ho gaye hai aur lower back pain hip se attaches bones me pain rahta hai knee pain rahtae plz recommend homeomedicine age 67

  48. Pain in left shoulder for the last one year . it was more I for six months than reduced till now but pain is there ..

  49. sowrav karmakar says:

    sir, after a period of vigorous cough, caused by gerd, a pain in sternum & manubrium started 2 months ago. now the cough is not present, but the pain is still there. i am also feeling chill at night & evening with thrist & difficulty to talk. my chest x-ray & upper usg reports are absolutely normal. what can be the cause & remedy sir? thanx in advance sir.

  50. Pair ki haddi tuti thi operation se juda gayi hai
    Ab koi plate ya koi bhi chiz andar nahi hai sab chizein nikal di gayi hai but pair me suzan rahati hai aur dard bhi rahata hai subah pura pair jakad ke rakhata hai thodi der baith jaiye phir chale to dard rahata hai koi medicine bataiye

  51. Anurag srivastava says:

    Sir i will be highly obliged if you suggest any medicine for my mother aged 76 , she was met with an accident and her left side hip was fractured she was on bed for more than four month on traction there after she has started slowly walking with the help of stick, and everything is going on normal before one week she used to go to met Doctor for phisiothrepy where what has been done not clear . just thereafter she has acute pain in their lower right side of spin and hip , the pain quite severe when she stand up . it will be reduce after lay down slowly and slowly . all medical checkup have been made every thing is normal kindly suggest any homyopathy medicine for this situatipn . anurag from lucknow u.p.

  52. doctor meri BT sine plz

  53. Dr Saira mufti says:

    Please suggest remedy for the treatment of Accessory Navicular Syndrome. To treat pain and further bone growth, or associated ligament or muscle problems treatment. Thank you

  54. Dear Doctor,

    My Sacrum got dislocated due to sudden fall on slippery floor around 4 years back. I stated noticing the Low back pain Muscle stretch, and right leg soreness recently and consulted Physio therapy doctor.
    Taken X-Ray as per his suggestion. I then only came to know that there is sacrum dislocation and now started Yoga as a Remedy. Definitely there is light improvement after one month. But still if I stand for little long time I start feeling pain in the back and right buttock. Now please suggest me the medicine to cure this pains and regain the earlier confidence.

  55. I have osteoporosis and spondylites. I often have pain in legs long bones due to this walking and even standing for more than 40 min becomes painful. At 67 year of age i am an active person.Iwish to be active. I am diabetic for last10 years. I have faith in homeopathy. Please suggest me medicines
    Usha saxena

    • Dear doctor
      I have osteoporosis and spondylitis from many years. I am having severe pain in my right leg long bones blow knee and it is very painful to walk and even standing for half an hour.At the age of 67 i am an active person and wish to remain so. I am diabotic since 2007. I have faith in homeopathy. Kindly suggest me some medicine
      Usha saxena

  56. M.N. BANERJEE says:

    My right leg’s back ankle has been swollen and feeling pain while walking!
    Please provide me the homeo medicines with power.

  57. Shakeel siddiqui ramnagar says:

    Hello doctor mera fracture ke bad opration karke Left hand ke forearm me plate lagi. Plate nikalne ke bad bhi abhi tak pus aa raha hai. Sir kya ye infection homeopathic medicines se khatm kiya ja sakta hai.

  58. waquar ahamad says:

    Dear sir, I have pain in my keen, i can not fold my leg. and right arm.

  59. Karen frankel says:

    Hi. My 13 yr old son is in terrible pain due from an

    Eversion ankle sprain. MRI showed contusions of anterior body of talas, posterior body of calcanues ans
    D the base of the 2nd metatarsal. Ibuprophen and norno are not helping. Any ideas? Thank you. There is no bruising on skin.

    • Ananda Murti says:

      Try Arnica 30th potency three times a day for three days, with the usual cavait— no food or drink half an hour before or after the medicine.

  60. Sir i hsve a pain in sitting and bike driving From three month i have operate anal fissure due to pain but now dr. Says this is cocckydinia pain . Now what treatment i have to taken

  61. prashant singh says:

    my sis is suffering from bone tb treatment is going on kem hospital but she have got high fever and pain can i use homeopathaic medicine for fever if yes pleas write the medicine name

  62. Judy Melton says:

    My friend has prostate cancer spread to his bones and has severe pain in both eyes. Eye doctors can’t find a reason for this. Any info you could give us would be appreciated. Thanks

  63. Akshay juneja says:

    Elongated styloid of 35 30 mm in both ears continues pain for 7 years . Is there any permanent treatment in homeopathy or other is surgery

  64. Sukanta Sinha says:

    Dear Dr. I am from WB INDIA, 45 years old, I have bone pain in my shoulders, wrist, lower leg and sometimes in ribs. When I work hard then the pain increase. My vitamin d level is 22. Kindly suggest me medicine or any remedy. Thank you

  65. Sanjib Baran Roy says:

    My mother is suffering from Osteoporosis since 2009. Now a days she walk liked bow down woman
    and suffering pain all the time when she woke up from bed or stand up from a sitting down.She was 70 yrs of old. I need some advise regarding homeo medicine apply on her to relife back pain and others.


  66. satya brata mondal says:

    name of medicine, stop much hair fall and growth new hair for homiopathy medicine.

  67. I had met an accident onemonth back and suffering fron tailbone injury ,having pain in sitting and sleeping in straight position and now taking pain killers so plz suggest the homeo medicine. In x-ray report small fracture is thre
    So plz tell me the long it will take to heal

  68. 17/6/3017, khadiza khatun says:

    baby is normal delyvery 4hours time, and baby brain stock born on 2012 at a prasend five years naw baby say speak mild and always calkas a resalt homeo medicine cotinew arnic mont 200 ,and mark Sol 200 i want a good solution

  69. Indra Sharma says:

    Sir,I am having pain in left leg. MRI report is as follows. Suggestive of osteitis involving lower end of Tibia with marked edema in anterior subcutaneous fat plane and myofascial planes.kindly advise for Homeo medicine.

  70. Dr. Usha Mukhtyar says:

    I had a car accident 3 weeks back. Heavy impact on the chest and back. Several scans and x rays do not show any bone injury. But severe pain continues. Taking heavy pain killers relieve only temporarily. Patches also do not help. Homeopathy Arnica and Symphytum and Calcarea Carbonica started today. Please help!
    Age 78.
    Dr Usha Mukhtyar

    • Dr.Manik. Kr.Roy says:


      15drops with 2tsp water 4 times daily before meal.

      Two doses in empty stomach moring

      Report after 15 days.

  71. PANKAJ NIDHI says:

    I met an accident on 02.05.2017 by scooty. There is no fracture, but swelling and pain is continued till now at feet ( near finger ). Allopathic medicines used but giving only temporary relief.
    Please advise me the medicines to remove pain & swelling.

  72. Purnananda Sharma says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My wife suffering from bronchitic since 5 years and now she is again suffering from bone scratched on both arms and neck and she have very low 9.54 instead of 25 Vitamin D. And now she feels very pain on the whole body bone. But the whole body bone scan nothing to show except both side arms bone scratched.

    Therefore, could you please prescribed the Homeopathy (Ram Ban) medicine for the bone scratched recovery soon.

    It is also inform you that she is suffering from gastric also and bronchitic also.

    Thank you for your kind cooperation and support.


    Purnananda Sharma

  73. Andrew Rice says:

    I have severe ankle pain in left foot due to osteoarthritis and tendonitis. I am always walking on outside edge of foot because it is to painful if I walk normally. I see a podiatrist in addition to an oncologist who thinks I might be in the beginning stages of multiple myeloma. please recommend a homeopathic medicine. Thank you very much Doctor Sharma.

  74. Naren Kini says:

    I have a very painful knee…left knee…pain on right side of left knee. Not caused by injury to knee. X-ray reveals no fracture and confirms knee is perfect, unbelievably so for a 60 year old male. Been suffering for 4 weeks now. Rhus Tox, Bryonia, Nat Phos…all have failed.
    A year ago or longer I was hit by a golf ball from a distance of 15 feet on my left thigh. The thigh pain was severe but additionally there was spinal cord pain, so bad that I was virtually bedridden. Arnica, etc did not help. Hypericum solved the problem.
    This time the knee x-ray revealed that the hit was so hard that it left a mark on the thigh bone. I presume the knee pain has a connection to this old injury.
    What medicines would you consider for this. I have not been prescribed Hypericum so far.

  75. Aakash Pareek says:

    Sir, my mother is suffering from stomach cancer and bone metasis advanced stage . though we have tried hyper200, perfo 200, belladonna , cinic 30 , Mag phos 3x , arnica 200 since 3 months but all these medicines are not working at all . We had to give her 2-3 times allopathic pain killer for her instant relief and her pain is worse .. i am highly depressed about it and she is telling that her pain is sometimes slower and it gains high then .. Sir , please urgently advice me instant pain killer so that she gets relief … Sir waiting for reply ..

  76. Pinku kumar says:

    Sir l am Pinku l am suffering bone increase right hand soldier please give treatment

  77. Zaibunnisa Gallow says:

    Good morning,
    I am from Cape town 59years old my cuneiform on my right foot is paining any remedy for the pain.

    Zaibunnisa Gallow

  78. Seema sharma says:

    I am 59 got an injury in bone it is paining in x at fracture not confirmed but suspected is symphytom use ful then how and it’s doses pl advise

  79. Seema sharma says:

    In one pain due to injury and prospective hidden fracture not traceable in x ray is symphytom is useful if yes it’s doses pl advise

  80. Seema sharma says:

    In one pain due to injury and prospective hidden fracture not traceable in x ray is symphytom is useful if yes it’s dosespl advise

  81. A K Pahari says:

    I am 57 years old suffering from lower back (left Side) pain and it extends to left thigh. I feel pain in my right knee also while walking.
    I had RhusTox 30 and Puls200.
    But pain remains when walking to some extent.
    Pain is less when in rest and after sleeping.
    Please response for treating my pain.

  82. Shivnandan Singh Bhadoria says:

    I am 59 year old shivnandansingh weight 84 kg . suffering from Hypertension, Dibetes melliatus type2, both knees pain due to cartilage loss, left toe pain sever due to slight elivation of uric acid 8mg/dl. Hypertension from 5 years, DM2 from 1.5 year, kneepn from 2 years, toe pain from 1.5 year,but sever from 5days. Would you advise best homeopathic remedy for me ?

  83. Mumtaz Hussain Jan says:

    I am MBC patient presently under treatment for last three years at Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital rohini Delhi during the course of treatment my bone have become week n fragile suffering often some sort of pain can homeopathy medicine help me if so plz suggest some remdy also can I take home medicine along with allopathic medicine

  84. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I took 30 Silica 2 only but feel aggravations long afterwards. I know it worked as a piece of glass was pushed out of an old flesh wound which had been stitched up approx 12 years ago. However I feel that my ankles have become week and achy. They are stiff when I arise in the morning and click and crack a lot. They ease up during the day due to activity but stiff again upon resting. There is a long history of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis in my family and am very worried that the Silica might have activated the condition somehow in me. Could this be? Is there an antidote I could take? I was considering taking Fluoric Acid.

  85. Saifunarch says:

    Regards. Im diabetic. About 18 years back I got my left foot operated and bones from lower sides were visible. Hospital wanted to amputate foot but fortunately it was saved by outside Surgeon. But a blister appeared under the pad of left thumb of the foot. The surgeon operated and operated to no avail. Oozing of a sticky liquid that becomes a hard mound and the base becomes bigger and bigger. I limp due to pain. Now I know that it is osteomyelitis. Im Pakistani but we don’t have homeopathic reliable doctors. I hope an help to guide me to overcome this. Age 70yyears My main symptoms. No constipation. Feel much cold. Depression & Anxiety. Lack of sleep but take Value or Lexotanil. Lost eyes due to glaucoma. Only through left eye which is peripheral damaged I can see. Hope a help of God may be through You. Thanks for going through this!

  86. Hello my daughter Sarah broke her ankle,and had titanium plates etc,she rejected them after 1 year,6 months later she got a bone infection,which was cleaned and the bone shaved,now 6 months later she has another bone infection,she is scared of more operations can you suggest a homeopathic remedy for her please thanks annie

  87. Mumtaz Hussain Jan says:

    My wife is suffering from CA Breast stage 4 for almost last 2 years she quite often suffers from bone pain so plz give some effective remedy

  88. Mumtaz Hussain Jan says:

    Sir my wife is suffering from CA Breast stage 4 for last 3 years now she is quite often suffers from bone pain can homeopathy helps us in curing the above side pain

  89. Joseph N Tetteh says:

    Have severe pains in the hip bones due to degenerative lumber scoliosis.This makes walking very addition there is stiffness at the buttocks and legs

  90. Joseph N Tetteh says:


  91. dipak de says:

    i am from WB.i have been suffering from carvical anteriot horncrll disease since 6 yrs.pain in whole muscle.first affect in my left hand then second hand and then others.stiffness off fingers,fingers are bending,not grip,stimulation of nurves.i want to remove from this disease.please help.

  92. Saif Ul Haque says:

    I got cellulitis in my left foot due to diabetes 17 YEARS AGO, till that time I have wound underside of my foot(thumb pad) that never healed. Whenever went to my surgeon, he would operate and clean the place with not ending medicines and badges. I’m 70 now, cannot take antibiotics. The wound doesn’t allow me to walk without pain. Something is oozing out and become hard over a large area at the base to make a mound. Then definitely I ve to go to surgeon. I m using Insulin, ve blood pressure and taking Zestril. I’m monitoring my blood pressure and sugar. Have lost total vision of one eye and peripheral damage to the other eye that was operated due to Glaucoma. Since I don’t have any job, pension or saving, I’m trying net to get some help. I’m a graduate of Engineering University of Lahore, Pakistan but no system. I prefer death to go Hospital. Have a great pressure of depression and anxiety because of additional problem of orthoarthritis, sciatica. God help me. Thanks to You as well!

  93. Nisha Patel says:

    Today i came across your site..
    I have low density of bones and i am taking calcium tablet and vitamin d3, vitamin b comples.
    My problem is when i eat anything citric i start having pains in the bones and joints in my body.
    i do not eat when i am at home..but when i go out, and eat unknowlingly.
    The pain takes about 4/5 days to come out..i am really fed up now…even i cant take any medicine which as any acetyle, stearate etc.
    Can you please what to do now..and is there any medecine ?
    its intolreance to citric acid.
    Thank you, waiting for your reply.
    nisha patel

  94. Nisar Ahmad lone says:

    My weife is suffering from disc problem l5 s1
    And suffering from acute pain.
    She also pre dabtic pat

  95. Sir, my son aging 22 yearsmet with a road accident on 13-02-2017 at around 3 PM and got 3-4 fractures on his face below his eyes. Surrounding area of eyes is swelling and became black. Please suggest homeopathic medicine. Thanks M.K.Dubey Mob-9408790913

  96. Dear Doctor,

    I have severe pain in my tail bone. It feels tender and hurts badly especially when I am sitting .Please advice.

    • dr anil kumar says:

      [26/11 9:52 pm] Chotu Ranchi: Delete kr do sb mesaage
      [26/11 9:52 pm] Dr Anil Kumar: Kr diye kb ka
      [26/11 9:52 pm] Chotu Ranchi: Ok
      [26/11 9:52 pm] Dr Anil Kumar: Likte jate hI have severe pain in my tail bone. It feels tender and hurts badly especially when I am sitting .Please del krte jate hai like coccydynia

    • dr anil kumar says:

      Dear Doctor,

      I have severe pain in my tail bone. It feels tender and hurts badly especially when I am sitting .Please advice

  97. bibekanand mohanty says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I have been diagonized with rheumatoid arthrities leading to avascular necrosis ( stage 3) in the hip.Doctor is suggesting hip bone replacement. Please help.

  98. Hi Doctor . my name is jaffer. I am 50yrs old and I was diagnosed with Paget disease of bones in Apollo hospital. I have also been diabetic for the past 10 yrs. The Medicine they gave me worked for a month but now my knees have started to pain. Pls doc how can u help me. Thanks m. Jaffer

  99. Sir,
    I had undergone surgery for GCT on Tibia of right leg in 2000.Recently, 15 days ago,I had a minor accident. Doctor told me that there is recurrence of the gct as indicated in the Xray photo. Is there any homeopathic solution for it?

    Thanking you.

    Bihari Bag,
    Mob No.9437183734

  100. Saumendra Dey says:

    My mother is suffering from joint pain and bone is some where comesout in leg and hand .ayurvedice and alopatic treatment proved but no effect. can she walk as before by homeopathy treatment . plz sir provide any solution

  101. Dilip majhi says:

    What homeopathy medicine I can use for my daughter age 9 years suffering from accessory navicula bone growth

  102. My wife is suffering from osteoporosis of hip joit.ayurvedice treatment proved ineffective. Can she be treated by homeopathy. Shexplain finds it difficult to walk .

  103. Respected sir,i got injured in an accident with a bike.there is swelling in my right ankle.swelling is reducing but the pain in my feet(upper side) at the place of shoe lace is unbearable.kindly advise me the best medicine.

  104. Good day Dr.Sharma,
    I am Peter from U.S, my early sister have been having pains on her long bones (tibia/fibula) for about 2 years now, she experiences these pains after standing for about 8 hours or even less, especially at night, she is 40 years old. This pain continues everyday and I am so worried . Please Doctor I do wish u could help me with some drug prescription to help treat her.


  105. Vida Owusu says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I have had chronic back pain for the past 8 years due to several falls I had , can you help please? I have had injections been to chiropractics, but nothing seems to be working I am in constant pain everyday.

    • Hemant yadav says:

      I have an injured leg and doctors have put a rod into it actually a nail .
      I have recently go to the doctor he took pus culture test and bone infection has occurred
      Can that infection bone infection its name is osteomylitis will cured in homoeopathy ?

  106. Abrar Afzal Kashmiri says:

    I am Abrar Afzal from Pakistan. My wife is 40 years. Recently she had pain in her right leg which radiates from knee to foot at night when she lies on bed. Comes suddenly when she turns the side. The X ray revealed that “Focal dengenration at lumbo sacral junction”. Aggravation due to hanging, walking, cold air. Warmth and pressure slightly relives. I am confused among various remedies. Can any remedy be prescribed?

  107. Christian Chibuzor says:

    Doc, my name is Dr Christian Chibuzor. I’m a homoeopath based in Nigeria. I have serious pain in my both tibia which get worse when I am running. I need your advice since I don’t want to indulge in self medication. Thanks.

  108. Anita yadav says:

    My mom is 65 yrs old. She recovered from viral fever but now her entire body has too much pain. Her thigh, back of knee, shoulder, in hand down wrist n pack etc. now there is no fever but whole body too much pain. Kindly guide us what to do ?

  109. Fouzia naushad says:

    Dr my husband accident in 2007 and fucture his TBA born after a year he had infection again he had 9 surgery and lots of antibiotics in 2005 he had a jurck and tha infection is acative again then doc operate again now he had fucture he’s arm .arm is ok but TBA infection again acative. In 2002my had fucture but doc do not surgery he just plaster .one of my telitve doc give hemoptic medical and bon ll ok .new doc is past away.I want medican for this please help us his age is 50

  110. Debendra nath sau says:

    I am 50 years old. Due to suffering pain in muscles and bone pain in my right leg ,I am unable to walk and stand staight. So, I am requested you kindly tell me the homiopathy medicines for use to cure the illness and strenghten the to stand and walk.

  111. Mrs gunjan kakkar says:

    I sm sufffering from undifferentiated immflamatory poly arithiritis plz suggete best medicine
    Dease developed with high fever and joints swelling with high TLC count
    Gunjan kakkar

  112. hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have had a kidney transplant in 2015. Now I have been diagnosed with AVN in both hip joints where it is very severe in right hip joint. This is due to side effect of dialysis and steroids. Allopathy has no treatment for this except hip replacement.
    I am 37 year old female and have great difficulty in walking. I limp on the right leg. I had started some homeopathic treatment from my uncle, Dr. G D Awasthi in Allahabad, but unfortunately he passed away 3 months back. I am left in the dark where I see you as the only shining light. Please please help me live my life again.

  113. mrs shahiryar says:

    my son is 27 nd has dandruff. dr has recommended thuja 1m weakly. wl this medicine be ok? thanks.

  114. KUSUM KINI says:

    I had an elbow fracture on April 2, 2016. Since then the pain in my whole body…mainly back, shoulders, neck and whole hand to the fingers is unbearable. All homoeopathymedicines like Arnica, Symphytum, Bellis and allopathic painkillers like Parecetamol and Ultracet have been given with not much relief. Finally Eupotorium Perfolatium 200 gave some relief but I stopped after 9 doses in 3 days. What should I take as the only alternative is steroid which I prefer to avoid.

  115. Sergio Pena says:

    I have osteoarthritis in my left knee due to sports injury -meniscus tear surgery- and keep active running every 2 days but at the office where I seat 6 hours I have a stiff and achey knee everytime i stand up
    I will very much appreciate your advice
    Best regards

  116. P.V.Narayanrao says:

    Dear Dr. vikas Sharma I saw your on DrHomeo in my iPad. Aim 81 years old retired from B.H.E.L BANGALORE. Ian diabetic but my blood sugar level is vert well under control Mostly after 1.5 hrs after food is 130. I have developed acute knee problem on both the legs. Added to this a fracture which I had 1993″ on left foot is troubling near the knee. One more problem I handoff my hearing defect for this I am using hearing aid. Sorry I am adding one problem. Which has developed for the past 4 weeks I’ve. Heavy itching in back as well thighs.I amputating Badam oil as well as moisturisers. I would like to call on up
    Ou if you are near to my home. I am at Nandini layout I see regular advertisement on busses for leading Homeo path as I’m not very mobile . Narayan rao

  117. I have pain on the left hip joint only when I sit cross legged over more than 30 minutes on the floor ….&/ standing over long periods of time. There is swelling around the area, it is not warm…normal body temperature, .I gexperience pain on getting up from a sitting position which gets better on walking .also it aggravates at nights , in cold weather and I can feel a kind of pricking sensation that seems to emanate deep within …..this pain occurs on excessive standing or sitting . The X-ray report shows no abnormalities.iam 52 years of age ,active, maintain a healthy life style …this problem is for last 9 years but I can do surya namaskar …..only at times I feel stiffness in that joint
    Is it possible for u to recommend some remedy..??? I would indeed appreciate it very much
    Thank you,

  118. Jeanette Woods says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I have suffered 17 yrs total ·and the last 10 years from dx of RA, OA and now osteoporosis and am in excruciating pain. I am totally disabled now, homebound, limited walker assist and either wheelchair or scooter. None of the RA drugs have helped to stop progression of the disease nor alleviated the pain. I had more success with naturopathic and homeopathic remedies in the past when I lived in Utah. Can you help me? I was dx’d with RA in 1999 at 53 yrs old and am 69 now.

    HINT: I moved into a townhouse in April ’99 without serious disease and was quickly dx’d with RA
    at that time because by July of ’99 my hands and wrists and ankles and feet became stiff and swollen
    with severe pain. I did not find out until July of 2001 that the house was contaminated with Black Toxic Mold (stachybotrus chartum) and asperillium. I honestly believe this is the initial cause of my RA and
    other bone problems. Everytime I mentioned the mold problem to various doctors, they had no suggestions.

    Anything you can suggest will be greatly appreciated.

    With kind of spirit to kindest of spirit,

    Jeanette Woods

  119. Pankaj Jain says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Yours is a great site. I am an engineer and working at Dehradun, also a student of H.pathy … wish to serve the society if I could… always looking for good sites like this … the way u hit the issues is very crisp and pointed. I was reading this article on bone pains … found very useful … u mentioned about pains during fevers … which also includes dengue. Few years back, so many cases of dengue fever and Chiken-gunia were noted. My brother’s family who stays at Ghazibad (near Delhi) also had the suffering of this fever … with medicines they got cured of the acute symptoms. Recently, I visited there … my brother’s wife (45 years, medium/dark complexion, average built, active, intelligent, total vegetarian & religious Jain family) told me about her consistent body ache after the chikengunia fever (2-3 years back), especially in the legs. I also noted that she had ‘hichki (– in Hindi) like things in brief intervals. I was just watching and asked. I had my small kit of medicines while on tour … I gave her Carbo Veg-30 … after some time I asked her of any improvement … she said I just forgot … it has not occurred again … this has not happened in last 2-3 yers … I left … got a phone after 2 days that symptoms have again started showing …. I told my brother to buy CV-200 …. But it has not worked so satisfactorily. May I seek your advice …. For the after effects of Chikengunia like fevers and the symptoms indicated. I shall be grateful. Pankaj jain

  120. Ms. Naseem Khan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    It has been many years that I have suffered with constipation. Some days it is very bad but other days it is just manageable.
    I do drink enough water without making myself sick with it. Take fruits every day. I am not over weight. Not taking any over the counter medicines for constipation, only take Ispaghula Husk mixed in plain water but not every day. It helps but can’t cure unfortunately. Kindly prescribe something for me.

    Best regards

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