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Top 6 Homeopathic Medicines for Fibroadenoma and Tumours of Breast

Homeopathy for Fibroadenoma of breast

There was a time when a lump or node in the breast was overlooked and ignored by most women. Thankfully, that sort of negligence is a thing of the past and women are more aware of pressing the alert button when they feel a lump or node in the breast. That lump or node could actually be Fibroadenoma, which is a very common tumor of the female breast. It is benign in nature and presents itself as a lump or node in the breast that is painless and mobile — which means it is freely movable on examination. Occasionally, pain can also be felt. In most cases, it is a single tumor but multiple tumors are also noticed in a few women. Homeopathic remedies can be of great help in curing Fibroadenoma of the breast and in many cases fibroadenoma surgery can also be avoided.

Homeopathic Treatment for Fibroadenoma of breast

Fibroadenoma is a curable condition with the use of natural Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic treatment can prevent women from the surgical excision of the tumour from the breast. Surgery can remove the tumors in breast present at a particular time but the tendency to form tumours that are hidden in the body remains as such. Homeopathic treatment for Fibroadenoma of breast comes with a double benefit. The first is that Homeopathic medicines dissolve the tumours in the breast and the second is they help to reduce the body’s tendency to form such abnormal tumour growths by raising immunity. The entire dissipation of Fibroadenoma of breast takes a few months with the use of Homeopathic medicines. The selection of Homeopathic medicines varies for every individual.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Fibroadenoma of Breast

Calcarea Fluor: Homeopathic medicine for treating  stony hard Fibroadenoma’s of breast 

Calcarea Fluor is the best Homeopathic medicine for treating Fibroadenoma of the breast where the nodes are as hard as a stone. Calcarea Fluor has a strong tendency to dissolve these hard knots in the breast. Wonderful results follow the use of Calcarea Fluor in women with stony hard nodes in the breast. These Breast Fibroadenomas get smaller and the hard lumps get softened, followed by complete disappearance with the use of Homeopathic Medicine Calcarea Fluor.

Conium: Homeopathic remedy for treating painful tumors in mammary glands

Conium is of great help in treating glandular affections. Conium can be used with excellent results to treat tumors in mammary glands. Conium is preferred in cases where nodes in the breast are present with pain in the breast before and during menstruation or periods. The pain usually gets worse upon touching. Homeopathic medicine Conium helps in treating both the cyclical appearance of breast pain around the menstrual nisus and also the diminution of breast nodes.

Phytolacca: Homeopathic treatment for Sensitive and painful  Fibroadenoma of breast

Phytolacca is a natural Homeopathic medicine which can be very beneficial for the treatment of Fibroadenoma of the breast when inflammation of breast is associated with it. The breast is extremely sensitive, hard and painful. The glands in armpits may also get enlarged. In such cases, Homeopathic medicine Phytolacca provides a great helping hand in reducing the inflammation and pain in breast initially, followed by the complete disappearance of hardness.

Graphites: Homeopathic treatment for Fibroadenoma of breast caused by scars and Abscess

Graphites is a Homeopathic medicine which is of great help in treating Fibroadenoma in the breast. Homeopathic medicine Graphites is the best pick for treating tumors in the breast that arise from some old scars in the breast. Old scars may have remained after healing of abscess in the breast. Graphites work very efficiently in the dissipation of these tumors. The tumors, as well as the scars, disappear with this Homeopathy remedy.

Scrophularia Nodosa: Powerful Homeopathic medicine for tumor in breast

Scrophularia Nodosa is a rare but very significant Homeopathic medicine that can be used for dissolving the tumors, lumps, nodes or indurations in breasts. This medicine is mainly used in tincture form. Scrophularia Nodosa is an extremely powerful Homeopathic medicine to dissolve and get rid of breast tumors. This Homeopathic medicine is absolutely safe with no side effects.

Pulsatilla: Homeopathic medicine for nodes in breast plus menstrual irregularities

Pulsatilla is a natural Homeopathic medicine that can be taken when nodes in breast are accompanied by menstrual irregularities. The main menstrual irregularity noticed is suppressed menses for a long duration or scanty menses. Pulsatilla is of much help for girls at puberty suffering from lumps or nodes in breast.


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  1. Dear Dr. Sharma.

    I am 51, not a married woman. I have developed a lump in my right breast , I feel discomfort when I sleep towards the right side and at times I feel mild pain in it. Kindly advise me effective remedy because I am scared to death. Waiting for your reply.

    Stay blessed.

  2. Hello Dr Kaur,

    I have swelling under both armpit with dull pain. Mamogram came negative. Have a small cyst on left breast with irregular periods as I am premenopausal. I am not sure if this is hormonal or infection related as I had slight bacterial or viral infection a month and half ago. Can you help me.

    Thank you

  3. Debjani Sarkar says:

    Sir , 2 years back i have diagnosed with breast lump into my two breast . Aloepathy dr suggest me to take vitamin e medicine and then surgery. But after 2 years now i feel that tumour is still there and it is painful and particularly before periods i felt pain and that lump. Sir please help me with homeopathic medicine to remove tumour. I need your guidance.

  4. Sayeed Anjum says:

    Hello sir my wife suffering left side breast lumps from last two months size 3″×3″painless and faver too can pescribe her homeopathic medicine CALCAREA FLOUOR lease suggest is there any side affects giveing this medicine

  5. Sultana Sumi says:


  6. PAtient removed breastbimplants breast
    Developed encapsulTion breasts and in abdominal wall
    She is 47 and great swelling with her periods
    She had gained enormous amount of weight
    Any suggestions besides thiosanium and graphite’s


  7. Gopal Sharan says:

    Filling small hard tumer type in right side breast from 3days, when start period, no pain,

  8. Hello Dr I am 32years old. I have small lump in my left breast before 17 years old. It’s soft and moving on touch. It’s has sting and painfull. I do the FNAC and result left breast swelling shows features consistent with Fiberdenoma before 4years . Same condition my little sister. She is 27years old. She have a lump in right breast before 4years old. It’s soft and moving on touch. It’s has painless. She do the FNAC and right breast lump shows Fiberdenoma before 4years. We take a both Ayurvedic medicine for 1years but no response. Kindly advice we both to take a homeopathic medicine and we dissolve this completely remove this Fiberdenoma.

  9. My mother is 62 she is having big and hard lumps in right breast.Its quiet swollen and do have stitching pain
    Given her homoeopathy treatment. .cal fluorica 200..conium 30.. bell 2oo for swelling..Phyto d carb 200 now m thinking of silicea 1M..plz do suggest if it is right direction or nt..

  10. Hi dr
    I am kusuma (age-47). Hysterectomy and unilateral oopherectomy done 3 yrs back, having cysts in both breasts nd ultra sonography given Conrad’s 2 painful heavy feeling both sides kindly suggest

  11. I have fibroadenoma breast birad 2
    I feel uncomfortable sometimes feel heavyness while breathing size is 10*6 mm

    • Dr.Usman Riaz bhatti from Pakistan says:

      scrophularea nodosa Q 10 drops tds
      Calc flour 30 2 time a day 6 6 drops

    • Md Milton sk says:

      আমার স্ত্রীর দুই স্তনে fibroadenosis রয়েছে। দীর্ঘ দুই বছর আগে থেকে ঔষধ সেবন করছে হোমিওপ্যাথি। কিন্তু দিন দিন বেড়েই চলেছে ব্যথা।যদি এর সঠিক চিকিৎসা বলেদিন তাহলে ভিন্ন উপকৃত হব।

  12. Kindly sugest a solution for multiple cyst in breast I am getting pain.

  13. Kindly sugest a solution for multiple cyst in breast

  14. Dr gayatri m soni says:

    What is homoeopathy medicine for multiple cyst in breast? Specialy rt side

  15. Dr gayatri m soni says:

    What is homoeopathy medicine for multiple cyst in breast?

  16. My wife is about 53 years, she experiences slight pain on her right breast, her mammography, ultrasound results have shown to be normal. She was advised to take evion tablet. There is no palpable lump but the pain starts from the right arm pit. there is no discharge from the nipple. Please suggest.

  17. borhan hossain says:

    which medicine is used for sinus tumer

  18. Hello, I have a non cancerous tumor in my right breast, I am on homeopathic medicine since 4 years the medicines are – (calcarea flourica, glandin ) but it’s not working as sooner as it should be plz

  19. Purnima Jati says:

    Mam plz help me
    Mujhe dono taraf breast mei 6 gathan h fibroaids ki bahut pain hai medicine se bhi aaram nahi hai

  20. Sneha khadpe says:

    Hi Dr, Myself Sneha age(45)and I am suffering breasts pain so I had done a memography test in which they gave report that both breasts reveal mixed fatty and firboglandular parenchyma. On this abnormality can you give me your homoeopathy medicine.

  21. Mayuresh Khadpe says:

    Hi Dr, Myself Sneha age(45)and I am suffering breasts pain so I had done a memography test in which they gave report that both breasts reveal mixed fatty and firboglandular parenchyma. On this abnormality can you give me your homoeopathy medicine.

  22. Hello ma’am
    I’m nasira age 40years and have two children.
    I have a lump in my left breast from 4 months and I’m scared not to get surgery for this.please suggest me what medicines can I use and where can I get the medicine very much worried about this I want to dissolve completely by homeopathy medicine s .please help me out

  23. Hi Dr. I’m Gayathri. The right fibroadenoma breast.age 20yrs

  24. Mari cel says:

    I was diagnosed with Phyllodes Tumor my whole right breast is occupied. I hope you can help me😭😭😭😭🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. Hi.. dr .
    My daughter s 7 yrs old n she hs fibroadenoma in both breasts.She is feeling pain in that place.
    wht shud i do nw?

  26. Madam i m 42 year old i was suffering in Likly PNH, i transfused 10 unit RBC in 7year,my HB remain in 6.7and 8point so please advise me any homeopathy medicine for best results

  27. Dr. Shukla says:

    Hi.. dr . My daughter s 6 yrs old n she hs fibroadenoma in both breasts.. being dctr i hv gvn her conium n carbo animalis .bt it didn’t gv gud response. wht shud i do nw?

  28. Priyanka says:

    I am suffering from breast pain. Underarms se leke breast tak pain jata he. Gath bhi feel hoti he.

    • Dr.Money Shukla says:

      Hi.. dr . My daughter s 6 yrs old n she hs fibroadenoma in both breasts.. being dctr i hv gvn her conium n carbo animalis .bt it didn’t gv gud response. wht shud i do nw?

  29. Mehvish khan says:

    Hey i am 22 year old girl I have a lump in my right breast since 4 years and I am on homeopathic medicines since then where doctor gave me Schrophulria nodosa tincture calcarea tablets Phytolacca etc etc but all these medicines are working very slow it’s been 5 years since I am eating medicines properly but it’s not working the lump is still there pains also I feel heaviness and pain sometime plz plz tell me why it’s taking so long 😣

  30. Urmila Gupt a says:

    I am 32 yrs.old., feeling pain in left breast since two months. Checked and found there is no nodes but hardness in comparison to right, generally occurs after touch, kindly suggest

  31. What about calcifications? Is there a recommendation?

  32. 11.5 yrs old girl breasts pain. What homeopathy medicine use.

  33. Rakesh Bajpai says:

    what is the dose of Scrophularia Nodosa mother tincture for reducing breast tumor and is it a good medicine?

  34. Dr. Rinku Vaghela says:

    Hello mam what is the dose for calc flour for multiple Fibroadema pt..

  35. Hi Sir, after a minor accident i got this painful inflamatory lump in my breast. I am taking Phy200 three consecutive days in a week (total doses till now are 7). Can i increase the dose?
    My doctor gave me Phy200 in small sugary pills form wrapped in paper.

  36. Shefalisaxena says:

    Sir I have fibroadenosis in my both breast since 2to 3 yrs.It was painful and feel soft in breast. I am 36yr.
    Please suggest me suitable homeopathic medicine.

    • sir I have fibroadenosis in my Right breast , it is painless nd feel hard in breast,its size is 4 to 5 I’m 21 years old, I request to u suggest me best homeopathic medicine.

  37. Ala Uddin Laskar says:

    Nomoskar Dear Sir
    I am from India district Cachar Assam,

    I am suffering from breast lumbs,
    Please help me Sir I am 18 years old,
    I have lumbs in My two breast,
    What types of medical I can use for this pain?
    I also want to ask you that can I use calcarea phosphorica 6x for My breast lumbs??

  38. Dear sir,

    I have problem of fibroadenoma of 18mm in left breast upper30’clock position detected by digital mammography. Please suggest me homoeopathic prescription.

  39. Dear sir
    i am from bangladesh. my younger sister’s body or chest center to right breast have an one tumor like a round marble. the tumor painless, movable and soft. her age 19. period regular. please give a homeo medicine name with power sir.


  40. Dear sir
    i am from bangladesh. my younger sister’s body or chest center to right breast have an one tumor like a round marble. the tumor painless, movable and soft. please give a homeo medicine name with power sir.


  41. Glands in breast pain and soiling redness titeness menopause age 45 please send me homeophat prescription

  42. Meera Bhat says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am a follower of Homeopathy and have great faith in it.
    My 13 yr old Labrador dog was operated two yrs back for a Tumor on one of her teats, and it turned out to be Adenocarcinoma.
    Shes on Thyronorm 150 mcg 2-0-0
    She’s got a healthy appetite and otherwise in good health
    I noticed a static growth on her parallel teat today. Quite small but the appearance was the smaller version of the tumor operated upon. I do not wish to operate upon her as she is old.
    Can I start her on the meds you have mentd namely CONIUM 200C AND SCOPHULARIA NODOSA
    Appreciate if you can tell me the strength and dosage.
    Thank you
    God Bless
    I would like to send you a token of appreciation for your advise.Kindly email me at ,your A/c no details

  43. Mrs.Tahir says:

    hello mam I have the problem of fibrocysts in breast for last 3 weeks..dr found it very earlier…I visited many dr…one dr said only operation to solve this problem…and one dr said no need of any operation it is very common even the dr never prescribed me the medicine of allopethic….and there is small guilty in my underarms…my age is 30 years

  44. Hello sir
    I have the problem of fibrotic breast. This is from past 8years. How to over come from this problem? Please help me out.

  45. Tapan Kumar Sarkar says:

    My wife name is Alpana Sarkar, 30 yrs ,suffering from 2 yrs ago by painy lump in both breasts. Lump is rubberly and moveable. When means come then, pain is upward and sensitive by touch. One day ago from Mense start she feel
    Severe waist pain and both legs .Mense come before two to four days from every date. I have more treatment by alopathik, but unsolved the problem. Please know to me perfect homeopathic medicine name for the problem.

  46. Sir thanks for your help.sir i have breast lymph node.a very little’s feel like soft rubber.pls sir tell me a medicine for that node pls sir🙏

  47. Amena Mayet says:

    Dr Sharma i am a great fan of yours and visityour website to enhance my kmowledge on homeeopathy
    My daughter has fibrocystic breast disease it has become worst now she is 45 yrs old she had a baby three and half years age baby was breast fed , can you help her , first is can Dr Sharma personally handle this case
    Pls let me know
    Thank you
    Amina mayet

  48. Dear Sir, I have been diagnosed with omental Infraction with fat necrosis. Please suggest treatment.

  49. Hi Doctor, my daughter has fibroadenoma. Pls help me recommend non surgical treatment
    Fred A

  50. Prabhat kumar says:

    My female child having lump in both breast since birth

  51. which company homeopathic medicine is best for breast lump

    • Germany homeopathic is the original and most effective.. Example- tell to shop keeper to give you Carcarea florica (Germany)
      You have to take medicine for 6 to 8 months and dignouse lump or cyst in every 1 to 2 months to check the size if discrease..

  52. My name is heena and i m 20yrs in my both chest i have complex fibroadenoma and my period is irregular what can i do


    sir, I Have a stony gland to solder . What I use for it.

  54. Please. Advice best medicine for breast medicine for breast tumor she feel pain & burning in tumor.
    My dear Sir, she is not my relative she is wife of a dhobi . Our nature is always help poor man. Please help me Sir.

  55. My wife have some swelling and pain at right side if her breast just near to armpit, doctors gives some antioxidants and vitamin supplements and it gives some good results, but again it happen, please suggest the treatment, sonomamography was done but it is not give any negative comments.

  56. Dr. Vibha Agrawal says:

    Mam I am 45 yrs old. I have lumps in breast since my teenage. It has been diagnosed as fibroadenoma. Doctor has advised surgery for the removal of lumps. But I don’t prefer surgery. Sometimes these tumours are painful also. Can it be cured with homeopathy medicine.
    Please help me.

  57. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Could you please opine on the homeopathic medicine for mensis that has been delayed by three months. The patient is 35 years old, under allopathic analgesics for backache she has been suffering since pregnancy, 11 years back.

    Dr. Bala

    • Shaik nasira says:

      Hello ma’am
      I’m 41years old and I’m having a lump in my left breast .please suggest me good homeopathic medicines.this is sometime painful.

  58. pls were can I get one am in Nigeria…

  59. sir, I have fibroadenomas sized 2.09cmby2.14cmby2.05cm,please is there any food I should stop eating? and what should I do to stop it from growing?

  60. my dog has a mammary tumor in breast area on right side, 6 inches from last nipple, so in fold of skin near rear right upper leg. lump is round in shape, feels like a fatty tumor, not hard to touch. Any remedies to try ? she is 6 and just got spayed in may 2018, and noticed tumor then, as her belly was shaved, not sure how long it was there. She had a prolapse so had to spay, and removed lump from vaginal skin during spay. vet says all related to her being intact and hormones, she had lots of false pregnancy symptoms when she was intact.

  61. Archana Bharti says:

    I have breast pain during menstrual periods.pain comes before periods and end when MC periods starts.In my breast there is no hardness.It is soft when pressing and there is no secresion by nipples. Pain becomes to much .Now a day I have esnophilia and neck pain. I feel weekness and coughs. I take a lab test, homoglobine is only 9 gram. In my MC bloods only two days blackish.

  62. My wife aged 48 is having a cyst/lump in her both breast since last 3 years. pathology tests say it is a ‘ ganth’ and we took treatment of a lady doctor who specialises in this line she says this is not cancel nature ganth it will remove with operation ,and one cancer sergeon also examine and told this is 99% free from cancer .I want best hoemoepathic medicine for dissolve the cyst and relief from proble. Can you guide me in this regard as to whether you can of of any help to us.

  63. bijendra pal says:

    My wife aged 62 is having a cyst/lump in her right breast since last 4 years. pathology tests say it is a ‘pani ki ganth’ and we took treatment of a lady doctor who specialises in this line for about 10 months but had to discontinue it for the reason that my wife could not tolerate the heavy anti-biotics given in the later stage of the treatment. Then we took recourse to homoeopathic treatment which continued for about two years. But now the lump is increasing in size. It is painful when pressed. We plan to get Mamography done again and consult some cancer specialist for perfect answer as to what is it and can it be curable with medicines or need surgical intervention. Can you guide me in this regard as to whether you can of of any help to us.

  64. Dr I’m Nithya nirmal from krishnagri I had caused by fibroadnosis in both breast so doctor can advice mamography mamography result was fibrograndular parnchyma grade 2 and3 so I’m very very anxiety but I always treatment any diseas only homeopathy this disease cureable la plz ur openion already homeopathy family doctor giving phychological support fear anxiety next week treatment started but ur advice yesterdaynow no pain but today MORNING pain

  65. My daughter age 25yrs, is a patient of fibroadenoma. For the first time it was found in her in 2010 and In 2011 she was operated, In 2012 it was found again in her no operation was done till the date. Now she is under the treatment of Of Dr D.J.Siturwala of KOLKATA,, but no result is still found even after taking medicine from April,2018. Should she continue with hope.

    • Sanjay Kumar Rai says:

      My daughter age 25yrs, is a patient of fibroadenoma. For the first time it was found in her in 2010 and In 2014 she was operated, In 2016 it was found again in her no operation was done till the date. Now she is under the treatment of homeopathy Of Dr but no result is still found even after taking medicine from April,2017. Should she continue with hope. advice me about affective homeopathy medicine for painful fibroadenoma .

    • JEYARAJ RAJA says:

      Good morning Dr.sharma. My wife has liquid (fluid) cyst in the left breast. doctor says to take the fluid and to be tested. Last year it was small. Now it become big 1/3 of the breast , size 5.5 cm. Last year she has M.S ( multiple scrolesis).. She tool steroid for 3 days. Now only she take Capaxion Injection once in 2 days. I would request you to prescribe homeopathy medicine . My wife take sleep only 6 hours a day.
      can you please reach me the email : Thanks

  66. I have lump in my both brests. It’s size 6mm in left size and another is small in size. I don’t want any kind of surgery. Sir plz suggest

  67. Sir a 26yrs having rt breast pain and tumour . Tumour since 9yr before.

  68. SHAKTIPADA paramanik says:

    How we can use calcarea flour to cure fibroadenoma in breast

    • I am 38 years old and have two children. In 1999 I had a surgery to remove fibroid in the breast.
      Now since the last eight months there has been a significant growth of fibroids. I have been taking
      Calc. Flour. 6x twice a day along with Phytolocca 30c for the last 4-5 months. But the size of the fibroids have increased.
      Pl advise the correct potency I should follow.
      Thanks. Mayuri, chennai . 7550113608

  69. hi sir i want to know CALCAREA FLUORICA show many medicine what is for breast fybrodonomia
    please and ASAP

  70. Bhawna Sharma says:

    Hi ! I am Bhawna, having 2to 3 cysts formations in each breast for 5 -6 months. I visited doctor and during test it is found to be lactic lumps.
    Kindly prescribe best available homeopathic medicine to dissolve them.

  71. Ranjana sri(age 45 years) says:

    I have been suffering from fibrodenomas syst in my left breast since 8 years.l had treatment many doctors
    Allopathic and homeopathic but size remains the
    .same . I do ultrasoud then report say there are two fibrodenomas one of size 13.8×7.9mm showing poor
    Vasculrityon colour flow mapping in left breast superior lateral quad. 1’oclock and 2ndsmaller
    noduls(6.7mm in diam)in left breast medial quad.
    Can you kindly suggest some good homoeop. Medicine that can remove syst please help me

  72. Sadre Alam Rabbani says:

    Right side breast tumor big size please advise me homoeopathy medecin sir

    • Dear Sir,
      one months before, i feel swelling on the left side of Breast. It was hard and round in shape. I do the FNAC and results Fibroadenoma in breast. Kindly advice me to what medicines i take to remove this told no need of surgery.. Is it fine?

  73. Hello sir …meri breast mein fibroadenoma iss time 10 cm ki h…plz aap mujhe batiye ki iska treatment possible h. Ya mujhe surgery hi kara leni chahiye

  74. Nelson Fernandes says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am writing this for my daughter Rachael who had undergone surgery in May 2013 for the following:
    Histopathology Report
    Right breast upper outer quadrant lumpectomy: Received a single grayish white, firm tumour measuring 5.8 x 4 x 4 cm. It is covered with a thin layer of soft tissues all around. On serial slicing, cut surface is firm, fibrous & grayish white.
    Left breast upper outer quadrant lumpectomy: Received two excised tumours measuring 4.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 cm & 2 x 1.5 x 1 cm. the cut surfaces of both tumours are firm, fibrous & grayish white.
    Left breast retroareolar central lumpectomy: Received an excised tumour measuring 3.2 x 3 x 2.5 cm. On serial slicing, the tumour is firm, fibrous & grayish white.
    She was diagnosed as having Fibroadenomas at the age of 18 years.
    It is since 5 years after the above surgery (now 23 years) she has started complaining again of pain in the right breast. Is this recurrence. Can you suggest line of treatment (any tests to be carried out), can homeopathy help. I am resident of Navi Mumbai if required we can meet with appointment. I am a senior citizen, I have recently started studying homeopathy. Regards

  75. Anindita Kar says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma. I had hysterectomy and appendectomy recently. It has been found a benign tumor on the tip of appendix. It was .8 cm. Is there anyway homeopathy medicine that helps dissolve benign tumors inside your system.

  76. Baidyanath says:

    Please suggest Medicine for ductal carnicova

  77. harihar nath says:

    my daughter has hard gland in breast, not stoney hard, with slight pain. age 14+. pls say what meds suitable. mense regular. for 4 yrs. cal flour6x, conium 30, pphyto30 not acted.

  78. Hi Dr Dharma,
    I have had this sharp,aching pain in my left breast since October 2016, it goes and comes but last year September, I went in to see a doctor because the pain has extended straight in from my breast to my back.she ran chest xrays and even a CT scan in an MRI machine but all came clean. The only observation was the scar I had from tuberculosis in year 2000. I am just worried because sometimes thelymph nodes at the upper part of my breast towards the armpit gets swollen,achy and goes away but I need help to be free from this pain. Thks

  79. Sir I have cyst or lumps like gram seed in left side of my chest feeling last three years sometime little movement like ant moving

  80. Vandana singh says:

    I was eating raw rice last 4 years I have breast benign tumor.
    Please suggest treatment

  81. Faiz Alam says:

    I am Faiz I am a male and 17 year old.There is a very small lump beneath my right nipple which cause pain when touched pressurely it is very small and feel as it is on my rib just over it I do find it just 1 or 2 weak ago What is it and how to cure it.what to do ?

  82. Dear Sir,
    two months before, i feel swelling on the left side of Breast. It was hard and round in shape. I do the FNAC and results Fibroadenoma in breast. Kindly advice me to what medicines i take to remove this fibroadenoma.

  83. Please suggest me some medicine for fibroadenoma

  84. Dolli singh says:

    Dear sir
    A year before,there was swelling on the left side of
    Brest. It was hard and round in shape.I therefore consulted with a homeyo specialist.Although it happened suddenly on the body , next day I was said
    It is a normal tumer and recommended took 15 days in recovery and completely recovered. But after a year there is itching around the nipples and little pain that happens sometimes. I feel a little differ in size of my breast. Although there is no sign of
    Swelling ,tumer ,lumps or scar. I am in a grave doubt
    and living on fear. What should I do? Or what medicine must be recommend for it. Please suggest.

  85. U. K. Paul says:



  86. Dr.javaid iqbal says:

    I use calcarea flour in several cases where tumors are hard,work well but after some time it made case complicated.
    Forexample first doses work well but after repeating it produces swelling inflamation and made tumour more rigid.
    Calcarea flour has any side effects or not?

  87. Sir,
    I am a newly married man. My wife just noticed a movable node with mild pain in right side breast.She don’t want go to Dr. because of her shyness.
    I heard that homeopathy is the best treatment.
    Please suggest me.
    Thanking you with anticipation.

  88. Daleep kumar uppal says:

    My wife is having breast lump from lost three years. I only taken initiative for doing memography.Alopathic doctor told us to go for surgery immediately but my wife was not agreeing for the same. So she starts taking Tibetan medicine from Dharmshalla Himachal pradesh.These medicine are herbal medicine. Although she is fine but lump is still there from lost three years.
    I want to take your advice.

  89. Payel Samaddar says:

    it has recently been found that – a subcutaneous sol in my upper breasr…my age is 26,female…suggest me suitable medicine for this..

  90. My left breast is hard and pus is coming out hv done test is fibroadenoma pls wht medicine can I use i did not wnt 2 do any surgery.

  91. sujata banik says:

    After fnac it has been diagonised that i have got fibroadenoma at the right breast and it is very painful the pain get extend to hands and even to ribs pl suggest mesome remedies i am helpless and cant bare the pain

  92. Usha Pradeep says:

    I have been diagnosed as having fibroadenoma on my right breast, plz suggest me the medicine

  93. Rupesh Jagtap says:

    Hi ….. Sir. How Can I contact you? My cell No. 9209420488 whatsapp me….. I have to discuss with you

  94. D. N. Morey says:

    Hi ….. Sir. How Can I contact you? My cell No. 8149349484 whatsapp me….. I have to discuss with you

  95. I have a lump in left breast and after the surgery in March last year I was told that the lump is fibrodenoma after the doctor did biopsy but two months after the surgery I started feeling something like a lump at the exact place where the surgery was done. What could be the cause of this and how can I get rid of it please.

  96. Sir
    After test result fibroadenoma priscibe medicine

  97. paribartan bidari says:

    dr.I ve tumour in right kidney and getting chemo 2 cycle bt it has much sede effect and should get operation after 4rth cycle bt I don’t want it so I want homeo medicine without operation it is possiable by homeotherapy medicine or not?please reply me by my mail so I can get reply and can discuss more in details. thanks so much.

  98. jyoti puri says:

    this seems a great article..

  99. Sir,
    I have a Fibroadenoma in my left breast. I’m 20 years old. Last month on 5/12/17 I did my sonography when I realised that I have some lymph in my breast. The doctor advised to wait for a month and prescribed me some medicines. Then the size was 3.6 x2. After waiting for a month I again did sonography which showed an increase in the size by 8mm. Now the size is 4.4 x2. Can immediate treatment of homeopathy naturally cure this? I and my family doesn’t want any surgery. Please take this into consideration.

  100. Abhishek Mishra says:

    Thank you sir
    My grandmom has a disease breast stone
    But when she presses it becomes painful
    How to use calcarea flour ??
    Please provide decent information.

  101. Umesh Baranwal says:

    Sir,I am experiencing piercing pain in both of my nipples for last 4 months, I am a male of 57 years.please suggest some homeopathic remedy to cure the symptoms.

  102. Papia Banerjee says:

    Sir,few month ago I am gelling irritation in my left breast hole day.plz suggest a medicine. Papia

  103. I have one fibroadenoma

  104. Abhishek seth says:

    Sir .
    My sister has lump in her right Brest since 3 yr .what is the remady????
    I am from Varanasi up .

  105. Ma’am I hav fibroadenoma last 3 yrs….so what can I do??I live in Bangladesh

  106. ANIMESH DINGAL says:

    my wife 21 years old.painles mooving lump right brest.please sugegtionmedicine.

  107. Dr. Sharma,
    I have MCS, and electrical sensitivity- so cannot go safely to med clinics, etc. Homeopathy is many times my life saver. Presently have golf ball size cyst/fibroedema in rt breast, clearly defined visually, growing over last year. Not painful, just uncomfortable as it has no more space to fill. Have history of Fibrocystic condition. Am presently taking Calc Fluor 30c pellets (3-5 a day) which IS helping rt ankle ulcer (on old injury site)… and could be helping cyst too- though I don’t see evidence of that. In your opinion, would it be OK to also try Scrophularia 30x while taking the Calc Fluor? Or not? Or a different one?
    Thank you!

  108. RAFIQUL ISLAM says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have a simple cyst in my right kidney for more than 20 years. It is growing gradually and now almost 6cm.
    I was in Singapore National University Hospital in last June and the doctor did CT scan and since I do not feel any complain they did not want to take any action. I have correspondences with Doctors in the Kidney hospital in China and they suggest me to have treatment there, with special therapy they can reduce the size of the cyst. My question: can you kindly suggest some good homeopathic medicine that can reduce the size of the cyst and help better kidney function?
    Regards,——- Dr Rafiqul Islam

  109. Doctor I have a fibroadenoma. Please tell the treatment

  110. nutan nigam says:

    I have a cyst in my right breast , which saw last 7-10 days ago , after removal of utras and ovary due to fibroid – June 17.Preavisily its appears during period time and automatically dissolve. kindly advice.

    • Chandni jeloka says:

      Hello sir ..m 24 year girls …from few day I hv a pain only Both breast …. Aftr testing I found I have fibrodenoma in my both breast of about 1.8 cm …is it any thing scary ?? Will it go by medicines without any surgerical procedure …

  111. Hi Dr. Sharma.

    Greetings of the Day.

    I am 28 yrs old.
    Actually I have been suffering from breast fibroedinoma since last 2 yrs and I can see it’s size is getting increased since last 2-3 days before my Menstrual cycle which is expected to happen in next week.
    And it’s paining also since last 2-3 days.
    Not sure what to do. Just came across your website and found something useful.
    Could you please let me know how can I proceed further for my treatment.

    Rupa Jha

  112. Mohammadi khan says:

    Sir/Mam, I am 18 years old and i am having fibroedinomas and small cysts in both my breasts. One is a little bigger in size which is deep inside my left breast. Continueously i have taken mamogram and scan for three years. Doctors say it i s not cancerous. Some times i have slight pain and some times pricking pain inside the breast. Kindly inform what medicine i should take to fuly dissolve the lump/cysts and fibroedinoma completely.


  113. Sir/Mam, I am 47 years old and i am having fibroedinomas and small cysts in both my breasts. One is a little bigger in size which is deep inside my left breast. Continueously i have taken mamogram and scan for three years. Doctors say it i s not cancerous. Some times i have slight pain and some times pricking pain inside the breast. Kindly inform what medicine i should take to fuly dissolve the lump/cysts and fibroedinoma completely.


  114. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Please suggest out of six 6 which one should we use.

    What you suggest for my wife already treating and reduced also by Chemo and Ayurveda, miltiple nodes/ carcinoma tumors , i am confused even she has irregular menstrual cycle due to this treatment it was suppressed for couple of months .

  115. Mam muje breast mai bhaut sare notes h wo pain bi karte h 2 year ho gaye h inko.koi homeopathic medicine suggest kare .

  116. Usha kumari says:

    Fibroadenoma size 28*11 microscopec examination fanc performed twice-spears are paucicellular with few clusters of mature adipocytes

  117. Radha gupta says:

    I am 56yr with diabetes. After byospy my breast nervs are swallon and very hard & from nipple puss is coming regularly with painful teaching.
    .Dr advised me surgery but I don’t want.
    Is there any way/medicine in homeopathy to avoid surgery??

    • Santosh sharma says:

      My mother AGE 60 years she has a lump in right breast after biopsy mitosis and necrosis is seen and
      Possibility of carcinoma. Dr.advise for surgery.she has also diabities. Is she homeopathy cure.

  118. Reena Lobo says:

    my sister has a hard lump as a stone on her breast .doctor has advised surgery.kindly advice how it can be cured.

  119. Amitava Haldar says:

    Patient,Male,Age-53, Located At -Left breast Nipple inside,soft,movable ,painful when external. Pressure created. So kindly inform me which medicine may be applied &what is the dose?

    • Amitava Haldar says:

      Patient,Male,Age-53, Located At -Left breast Nipple inside,soft,movable ,painful when external. Pressure created. So kindly inform me which medicine may be applied &what is the dose?

  120. sinjini ghosh says:

    Hi doctor, I am 24 years old. In the time of my breast developing periods (aprox when I was 10-12years) , there is a watery liquid discharge ment from my both nipple while I pressing it. After blood test n hormonal test I found that everything is normal. USG of my breast is nothing suspecsus but in my MRI report ofof brest, there is a very small lump in my left Brest only..after 2year i repeat MRI where the lump is not seen.
    A well known p.g sergent said me that the desies I have is fibroadenosis.
    Is this dangerous? Where the liquid discharge is the same way as it is.

  121. I have problem in breast i gone through multiple ivf cycle no pistive after memography found cyst in brest with some pain and burning sensation please tell me which medecin i should take

  122. I am 28 years old. I have painless moving lump in my breast for two years. But sometimes I am very horrified about it. Please give some suggestions.

  123. Umesh Baranwal says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, I am experiencing a pricking pain in both the nipples. This is 15 days old pain. I am a male. Some hardness is there in the surroundings of the nipples. Kindly suggest me what is the name of the homeopathic medicine with potency that I can use.
    Warm Regards, Umesh Baranwal.

  124. i am 26 year old and suffering from fibroadenoma.kindly provide me the best suggestion to cure it

  125. Shiv joshi says:

    My mother is 55 years old
    In the left side of breast she has nipple discharge with blood
    She had going to memography and sonography
    The report is she has fatty and fibroglandular parenchyma breast
    Plz suggest any homeopathy medicine for her
    Thank you

  126. Arif Aslam says:

    Hello sir,
    My wife has tumer, lumps and hardness in both breast, is painfull. Is it possible to treat these diseases in homeopathy. Please suggest me right treatment.

  127. Veena Sharma800 says:

    My daughter of 19 yrs is suffering from multiple giant fibriodenoma in both breast.large one is 6.7cm.Doc advised surgery because of size.she has taken 4month ayurvedic treatment but no advise

  128. Mamta kumari says:

    Sir I have a small lump in my left breast. The lump has been diagnosed as fibroadenoma. It’s slightly hard and moves on touching. It’s painless. Menstrual cycles are normal. Please suggest some homeopathic medicines.

  129. After using the medicine and once it cured, will it be back? Or make any serious condition like breast cancer or something?
    After ages, is it safe that women got fibroadonoma?

  130. Vimal Kumar Singh says:

    Sir There is a node in my wife’s left breast.It is mobile during examination.Due to it heaviness in and around the breast is felt by her.It is hard.There is a menstrual irregularities also to her.Please advise medicine for that.

  131. Srijan gupta says:

    Dr my 20 years old daughter is having one lump in her breast. The lump has been diagnosed as fibroadenoma. It’s soft and palpable and moves on’s painless. Otherwise her menstrual cycle is normal. kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine for treatment of fibroadenoma of daughter. Thanking you .

  132. Syrian gupta says:

    Hello DR I am suffering from depression anxiety and insomnia since last year. I am 50 years female. I can’t sleep without taking allopathic medicine for sleep .however these medicines have many side effects and the DR keeps on changing or increasing the dose which further adds to my miserable life.please suggest some homeopathic medicines for my problems. Thanking you.

  133. Abida nasreen says:

    Sir ma mom have breast cancer so suggest me what treatment we have to do in homeopathy to get cure cancer soon

  134. Margarette says:

    DEAR Dr. I would like to know which homeopathic s remedy can be used to dissolve an bump hematome or hard hemorrage after post implant removal surgery. I’m taking forvtwi weeks Arni ca but it doesn’t look it is working. Thanks.

  135. Badruddin says:

    Mere wife ko left breast mein about 3inch ka ghanth hai kya homeopathy medicine se remove ho sakta hai pls rply

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