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Homeopathic Remedies for Bronchitis

Homeopathic Remedies For Bronchitis

Prolonged coughing, difficulty in breathing, discharge of mucus, pain in the chest, all these indicate the emergence of a respiratory disorder known as Bronchitis. This respiratory disease is characterized by the inflammation of bronchial tubes. The bronchial tubes are the passage through which the air passes from the trachea to the lungs. The acute inflammation of bronchial tubes (Acute Bronchitis) usually follows an episode of cold or influenza caused by viral agents. The cold and influenza affect the upper respiratory system, including nose, sinuses, and larynx. In cases of maltreated or neglected cold or influenza, the infection travels in a downward direction and leads to inflammation of bronchial tubes, producing varying symptoms. Bronchitis can turn chronic if a person falls prey to repeated attacks of Acute Bronchitis. Chronic Bronchitis is most commonly a result of long-term smoking and continuous exposure to air pollutants. Homeopathic remedies for bronchitis are of great help in its treatment and are completely safe, with no side effects. The natural Homeopathic medicines work to strike at the root cause of Bronchitis.

Symptoms of Bronchitis

The main symptom of Bronchitis is a cough. In the beginning, the cough is usually dry. Afterward, the cough turns loosewith production of mucus. The mucus can be white, yellow, green, grey in color or even blood-stained. Other symptoms include chest pain, difficulty in breathing and fever.

Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Bronchitis

Natural medicines serve as a very reliable and safe treatment to get rid of Bronchitis. They are free from any side effects and there is absolutely no chance of suppression in the Homeopathic treatment of Bronchitis. Remedies for bronchitis are natural medicines providing a great helping hand in easy coughing out of the mucus from the bronchi. As the mucus is effortlessly thrown out with aid of properly selected medicines, the cough, chest pain and difficulty in breathing also begin to subside and almost end.

1. Bryonia Alba: For Bronchitis with Dry Cough

Bryonia Alba is the top natural medicine for treating Bronchitis, and is mainly used when the cough is dry. Mucus if present is very difficult to cough out and may be rust colored. Bryonia Alba can also prove very useful for treatment of severe chest pains during coughing. The patient usually feels relieved by taking rest and gets worse on motion. The patient may show an increased thirst for large quantities of water.

2. Phosphorus: For Bronchitis with Hard and Dry Cough and Chest Pain

Phosphorus is another very beneficial natural medicine for patients of Bronchitis. The patient mainly has a hard and dry cough. The cough is renewed by laughing and talking. Cold air usually worsens the cough. Excessive heat in the chest could be another accompanying symptom. The patient at times complains of tightness, heaviness, and oppression of chest, along with chest pains. The mucus when expectorated may be blood-stained. The patient may also have a craving for cold drinks, ice cream, and juices.

3. Antimonium Tart: For Bronchitis with Excessive Mucus

Antimonium Tart is a very effective natural remedy for Bronchitis that is mainly prescribed when the bronchial tubes are overloaded with mucus. The mucus rattles in the chest. The mucus is not coughed out with ease and if it does cough out, the quantity is meager. Antimonium Tart is of great help in emptying the bronchial tubes by aiding the expectoration of the mucus present in bronchial tubes. The respiratory troubles after exposure to damp places frequently call for use of this natural remedy.

4. Spongia: For Bronchitis with Dryness of Air Passage and No Mucus

The cases of Bronchitis that can be treated wonderfully with natural medicine Spongia are the ones presenting with dry cough and complete dryness of air passages. There is a total absence of any mucus rales in chest. Mainly warm drinks provide relief to the patient. The patient also at times complains of chest oppression, weakness and difficulty in breathing.

5. Ipecac: For Constant Cough with Rattling of Mucus in Chest

Ipecac is the top remedy for Bronchitis with a constant cough and rattling of mucus in the chest. Even constant coughing does not seem to help in expelling the mucus from bronchi. Ipecac helps in expelling the mucus out with the least effort. An important feature for using this medicine in Bronchitis is vomiting with coughing providing some relief to the patient.

6. Bryonia Alba and Spongia: For Bronchitis with Dry Cough

Bryonia Alba is a natural medicine that is very beneficial in treating dry cough in Bronchitis. The cough mainly gets worse after eating or drinking anything. This can be accompanied by chest pain and difficulty breathing. Sputa, if present, is rust colored. Spongia is the ideal remedy for a dry cough with total dryness of air passages. In contrast to Bryonia Alba, the persons requiring Spongia get relief from cough after eating or drinking anything. The patient also complains of weakness in the chest region.

7. Antimonium Tart and Ipecac: For a Rattling Cough

Both are extremely effective remedies for Bronchitis when there is a lot of mucus rattling in the chest. Antimonium Tart is a very useful natural medicine when the mucus rattles in the chest but is coughed out in very little quantity. The bronchial tubes seem to be full of mucus. Antimonium Tart effectively helps in discharging out the mucus that is overloaded in the bronchi. Ipecac is another medicine for a productive cough that occupies the same level as Antimonium Tart. But Ipecac is selected when the cough is very violent and almost continuous with the rattling of mucus in bronchi. Sometimes vomiting occurs, giving relief to patient. Slight blood can be noticed in the coughed out sputa.

Other Remedies

For Bronchitis with Varied Expectoration

Kali Mur and Kali sul are the best natural remedies for Bronchitis. The mucus rattles in the chest and the patient has to put in a lot of effort to cough it out. Kali Mur helps as an ideal expectorant.

Kali Sulph is the best choice for natural Bronchitis treatment when yellow-colored mucus is spat out.

Pulsatilla is the ideal herbal medicine for bronchitis when green mucus is spat out.

For Bronchitis with Pain in Chest

Bryonia and Kali carb are the top two remedies for Bronchitis when it is attended with chest pain. Bryonia Alba is an ideal medicine for treating chest pain in Bronchitis. This medicine is used when severe chest pains mainly of stitching character are felt. Coughing worsens the chest pain. The person has to hold the chest while coughing because of the chest pain that it produces. Motion worsens the chest pain and rest provides some relief.

Phosphorus is very beneficial when the chest pains are present with excessive heat in the chest. The patient has a dry, hard cough with chest oppression and heaviness. This is accompanied by tightness and constriction in the chest. An unusual craving for cold drinks may be noticed in patients requiring Phosphorus.

Kali Carb is the best choice when the whole chest is very sore, sensitive and painful. There is extreme coldness in the chest along with pains. Bending forward may bring a slight relief from chest pain.

For Bronchitis with Fever

Belladonna and Rhus tox are important remedies for Bronchitis when it is accompanied by fever. Belladonna is the top natural remedy for fever when extreme heat in the body is present with Bronchitis. There is usually an absence of thirst. Silicea gives good results when chill and shivering are present with Bronchitis.

Rhus Tox is prescribed when utmost body aches accompany fever in Bronchitis.

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  1. Hi
    My daughter of 5 years has been suffering from bronochitis for the last 2 years. She has attacks after each 1.5 months starting from throat. Then it gets lower with cough and acute shortness of breath. There is a lot of sound and it accompbies fever as well. She gets well with antibiotics and montilocust sodium. Hiw can i treat her with homeopathic medicine?


    I had cold for a week that went untreated. Now, I do have minor cold but constant cough with thick greenish mucus coming out. Please prescribe a medicine. Thanks


    My son having 11 years of age is suffering from chronic allergic cough, very allergic to cold weather and cold drinks, ice cream. He is using inhaler. Other wise very severe dry cough. Kindly advise


    I have problem of mucus with cough with running nose since November 2021 but now due to homeopathic treatment I have controlled my running nose but still there is white sputum with cough. Now can I take Antimonium Tart medicine to get rid of the problem of produced mucus. I have little pain in my chest but no problem in breath. How many times and drops should I take the medicine.

  5. Gopal Kumar Sinha says:

    My children has approx 2month sold.. After some test dr said bronchitis. Now what to do.

  6. Jean Qualls says:

    How do I determine bronchitis vs asthma? I Experience constant post nasal drip. Tight chest. Shortness of breath when walking my dog.) Some dry coughing. No wheezing. No pain.

    I was diagnosed with mild COPD in 2019 and am x-rayed annually. I have also been vaccinated – J&J vaccine.

    I have a classic homeopath but have been treating my symptoms with Spongia Tosta and Bryonia. May not be dozing myself properly.

    I am 77 years old. Please tell me your rates. Thank you very much.

  7. Have mucous in the throat that just doesn’t ever seem to clear, constantly trying to hawk or cough it up, constant trying to clear throat. Have had chronic sinusitis – sinus surgery to remove staph a few years ago, and find myself having to use a nose spray at night to reduce inflammation – which then I have overnight sinuses draining – and wake with the phlegm in throat that’s thick. Also, been producing a thick ball of mucus from each upper cavity daily or every other day since the first sinus infection set in 5 years ago, this daily ball of foul matter never went away even after the extensive (all 4 cavities cleared) surgery. Seems like just one ongoing infection. Ball is generally black, bloody, and a grey looking cold to the thick mucus intwined in the ball. Any recommendation and insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I have had extensive allergy testing and allergic to many foods, I avoid them, many plants, trees and grasses I cannot avoid, pollens, dust and so forth, which I do my best to reduce or avoid.

  8. Hi I have severe phlegm that sometimes expelled from my throat involuntarily. Throughout the day this happens and I visit the toilet to flush the sputum down the drain. The sputum is usually frothy and in huge amounts during the day. I have stomach gurgling and then severe gas due to this problem. Can you help.

  9. Priti Kumari says:

    Dear sir,
    My eleven year old daughter has been suffering from fever and dry cough for the last 6 days. Doctor has diagnosed bronchitis. Coughing is very severe and persistent as soon as she lies down. She is afraid of lying down now. Kindly advise some medicine. She has become very week.


  10. Bronchitis changes both lungs
    Coughing phlegm & chest pain
    Advise for treatment please
    Advise for medicine

    • Sanjiv Kumar Tyagi says:

      I have bronchitis for last two three years. When it get worse I face difficulty in throwing mucous and fever also because bacteria gets generated and cough become yellow. I also feel difficulty in breathing when I walk fast and inflammation of bronchial tubes gets inflammatory. Please help me

  11. Tahir bhatti says:

    Hi doctor
    My name is Tahir Bhatti
    Age 36
    I ve a lot of phelgm which come from throat nt from nose along with cough. I ve operated two times of nose bt result is zero. Alot of mucous is produced. I ve been sucfering from this disease for the last 18 years. Almost all homoepathy alopethic and herbal medicines are tested bt this disease is still incurable completely . Kindly suggest a medicine

    • Tahir bhatti says:

      Hi doctor
      My name is Tahir Bhatti
      Age 36
      I ve a lot of phelgm which come from throat nt from nose along with cough. I ve operated two times of nose bt result is zero. Alot of mucous is produced. I ve been sucfering from this disease for the last 18 years. Almost all homoepathy alopethic and herbal medicines are tested bt this disease is still incurable completely . Kindly suggest a medicine

  12. Prakash Bilakhia says:

    I am having Bronchiectasis. And have dry coughing lot lot accompany with breathing problem. Breathing is heavy and feels very.much uneasy
    After food it is heavy
    In can’t do basic activities. May diet has also decrease. Feeling weak also. Need your valuable advise
    Thank you

    • Hi I have severe phlegm that sometimes expelled from my throat involuntarily. Throughout the day this happens and I visit the toilet to flush the sputum down the drain. The sputum is usually frothy and in huge amounts during the day. I have stomach gurgling and then severe gas due to this problem. Can you help. My stools are also slimy die this phlegm. I am a chilly person and have blocked sinus and heavy chest for 6 weeks.

  13. Srinivasan says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I’m having wheezing problem surfaced 1month back sure to bad weather and cold. I get white mucus while coughing. Please advice what should I do.

    Thank you,

  14. Patrick McCelvey says:

    Hello there I would like to obtain a Homeopathy medicine for what I to think is Bronchitis , from all that I have read on the internet . My sister has this bad cough that comes and goes and she has mucus . I have always looked for holistic ways to help heal people Thank you Patrick

  15. Hello Dr Sharma,

    I am suffering from breathing problems from age is 34 and as per doctor I have asthma or allergic bronchitis because the problem mainly and major occur in the month of may june. I have taken sometimes nebulizer for this and also montair LC medicine from which I get relief 1-2 days after that all same. I am also taken homeopath medicine Aralia Racemosa 30 and Nux vomica 30 but not get relief from this as well. Can you please advise any medicine from which I can breath better and also strong my immune system.


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