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7 Best Homeopathic Remedies For Vaginal Candidiasis

Vaginal Candidiasis refers to the infection in the vagina caused by the fungus of Candida category, in most cases Candida Albicans. This fungus is normally present in the vagina but is almost harmless. However, when the immune system of a woman gets weak, this fungus multiplies and leads to symptoms. It is also known as a vaginal yeast infection or vaginal thrush. It leads to inflammation of vulva and vagina. The symptoms are itching in the vagina, discharge from the vagina that can be thick or thin but mostly white-looking like cottage cheese, pain or burning sensation while passing urine or during intercourse. Cracks in the vagina may also appear. Homeopathy offers a very effective treatment for Vaginal Candidiasis. The natural Homeopathic remedies for vaginal candidiasis not only stop the fungus from flourishing in the vagina but also prevent the recurrence of Vaginal Candidiasis. Homeopathy medicines are completely safe with zero side effects.  Homeopathic Remedies for Vaginal Candidiasis

Vaginal Candidiasis can be very well controlled with Homeopathy remedies. The recurrence of Vaginal Candidiasis can also be prevented with suitable remedies. Homeopathy medicines, which are made from natural substances, help to extract the disease from its root by raising the body’s immunity. As the fungus growth gradually declines, the symptoms also disappear along with it.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Vaginal Candidiasis

Sepia, Calcarea Carb, Pulsatilla, Thuja, Nitric Acid, Monilia Albicans, Helonias, Kreosote, and Medorrhinum are the top remedies.

1. Sepia and Calcarea Carb: For Vaginal Candidiasis with Milky White Vaginal Discharge

Both Sepia and Calcarea Carb are top natural medicines for treating Vaginal Candidiasis where the vaginal discharge is milky white in color. The women needing Sepia complain of excessive itching, excoriation in the vulva and vagina along with milky white vaginal discharge. The itching is not relieved by scratching. There is soreness and swelling of the labia minora, vulva and vagina. Heat in genitals is also noted. Irritation and stitches in the vagina are also felt. Sepia is also the best prescription for pain in the vagina on coition due to Vaginal Candidiasis. It is a very beneficial remedy for complaints experienced around climacteric or menopausal time. Bearing down pains in the womb are also a characteristic keynote guiding its use. Calcarea Carb too is of great help in the treatment of Vaginal Candidiasis with milky white vaginal discharge. One major prominent symptom for using Calcarea Carb is worsening of the vaginal discharge on passing urine. The discharge is accompanied by burning and itching in the genitals that is worse before and after periods. The vagina and vulva show signs of swelling, with redness. A history of heavy bleeding during periods may be found in women needing Calcarea Carb.

2. Pulsatilla: For Vaginal Candidiasis with Thick, Creamy Discharge

Pulsatilla is an ideal remedy forVaginal Candidiasis with a peculiar thick, creamy vaginal discharge. The discharge is accompanied by much burning and corrosive itching in the genitals. The vaginal discharge is experienced throughout the month i.e. before, during and after periods. The discharge is very acrid. Backache can be narrated by a few women. Apart from these particular features, some general symptoms of high significance should also be taken into consideration for using Pulsatilla. The first among these is the absence of thirst the whole day even if the mouth is dry. The second is the desire for cool open air. A person feels quite better in open surroundings in general. The third symptom refers to the mental state of women: sensitive nature and weeping easily. The woman has a very mild nature and starts to weep over minor issues. Consolation is relieving for the women. Such women are also of yielding disposition.

3. Thuja and Nitric Acid: For Excessive Soreness and Ulcers

When due to extreme acridity of vaginal discharge and scratching, ulcers begin to appear in vulva or vagina, then Thuja and Nitric Acid are the best natural remedies. Thuja is the ideal medicine when excessive excoriation, burning, and smarting is felt in vulva and vagina due to ulcers. There is also discomfort and sensitiveness in vagina during coition. Nitric Acid is the ideal medicine when irritation in genitals with stitching type of pain is prominent.  The vaginal discharge is white with excessive soreness of parts. Burning and itching are felt in the vagina. The discharge may leave a yellow stain. In others, the vaginal discharge is white and stringy in nature for using Nitric Acid.

4. Monilia Albicans: For Fissures or Cracks in Vulva or Vagina

Monilia Albicans, also known as Candida Albicans, is a powerful nosode used in treatment for Vaginal Candidiasis with efficient results. The most important indication is the presence of cracks or fissures in the vulva or vagina. Itching is always present. In others, marked inflammation and swelling in the parts are noted. In a few women, vesicular eruptions containing fluid may be present in vulva or vagina for which Monilia Albicans is the ideal remedy.

5. Helonias: For Specific Curdy Deposits in Vulva

Helonias is the best remedy when peculiar curdy deposits are present in the vulva. There is inflammation of parts with swelling, intense heat, burning and redness. Intense itching in genitals is marked. Along with this particular symptom, excessive weakness, tiredness, and prostration are also frequently noticed. Backache is common along with other symptoms. A highly marked characteristic for using natural remedy Helonias is general relief when the woman keeps busy and the mind is involved in doing some work.

6. For Extreme Itching in Vulva or Vagina

The top natural medicines for controlling intense itching in vulva or vagina due to Candida infection are Kreosote, Sepia and Medorrhinum. Kreosote is a highly recommended medicine for controlling intense itching in parts due to Candida infection. It is very beneficial for women who have intense corrosive, burning and itching in vulva with a highly acrid discharge. Swelling of the vulva is also present. Sepia is used when itching is experienced along with milky white vaginal discharge. Medorrhinum is the ideal remedy when vaginal discharge is very thin and highly acrid with marked itching. The characteristic feature for using Medorrhinum is worsening of itching when thinking of it.

7. For Pain or Burning in Vagina during Coition

Sepia is an excellent natural remedy for pain in vagina felt on coition due to Vaginal Candidiasis. Lycopodium is very useful when burning in the vagina is felt during and after coition. And if only sensitiveness is felt in the vagina during coition, then Thuja is recommended.

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  1. Hi doctor I am suffering from vaginal yeast infection and it is very upsetting. As it occurs reapetedly after I stop taking medicine. I feel severe itching and burning in vagina and a thick white cheesy discharge is there always… and the labia is swollen and severe burning.. doctor please help me please tell me the medicine with ist power(potency) to get rid of this yeast infection. I am suffering from this since 1 year, it goes and come back.

    • Amina Ashfaq says:

      I’m 37 years old and having itching and burning in the vagina with discharge. Pls prescribe medicines and guide for future prevention.

    • RASHMI MISHRA says:

      dr Sharma
      I have vaginal yeast infection for the last 25 years.Now I am 54 and have removed my uterus due to severe bleeding,I was suffering badly as I had endometrium hiper plasia.I had developed this problem after my MTP long back;after the birth of my first baby.Now it has become cronic problem and worsen after hystoctomy’.the itching follows with white color sticky discharge and becomes uncontrolled for one to two hours continuously itching while making it red and thin cuts(sometimes).I feel extremely burning while urinating and feel miserably helpless, I have been taking antifungal medicines since long along with creams and v,tablets,Lastly I had taken itraconazole 100mg for 10 days along with fexofenadine ,But all went in vein ..NOW FOR the few weaks I am having itching with discharge in and around anus area, too severe at times too.Please help me.I am desparately waiting for some solutions.please help.9958645900 my cell number

  2. nivedita says:

    I have had vaginal burning for past 4 months….much worse in evening and increases when stressed. I am 43

  3. Zareena says:

    I keep the loop also after my second pregnancy its being 2 yrs

  4. Zareena says:

    Iam 33years married ,during period s I use cotton stay free but after over its very itchy ,rashes cuts ,suggests me cream also ,and medicine to drink Also homeopathy pls

    • Hello dr. Sharma
      I’ve got a vaginal candidiasis is coming and going already for few months very strong befor period and after during sex as well the vagin discharge is very withe and milky with itchiness but no smell. I went few times to a doctor I was taking medicines too and it goes for few weeks and comes back again. I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help

  5. Zareena says:

    I hv a itching ,irritated Virginia problem some times white discharge ,after wash off it get itching ,and after shave also very much suffering pls help tell me homeopathy cure ,when I wash with v wash intimate .i t give relieve only for some hours but again its same
    Pls help

  6. Prateksha bhatnagar says:

    Hii doctor I am 38 year old my vegina is loose after baby birth,plz any medicine ND gel for vegina tighting

  7. DIPANWITA DAS says:

    Hi doctor, I am suffering in inflammation and burning vagina from last two days. My age is 51. There is no discharge after menopause. Kindly suggest me medicine. I always take homeopathic medicine.
    Thanks a lot.

    • DIPANWITA DAS says:

      Hi doctor, I am suffering in inflammation and burning vagina from last two days. My age is 51. There is no discharge after menopause. Kindly suggest me medicine. I always take homeopathic medicine.
      Thanks a lot.

  8. Hi doctor
    I am suffering from intense urethral and vaginal itching from last 21 months post delivery of my daughter.
    Tried examinations with gynaecologists but all with some a fluconazole treatments for some days and then the whole story repeats of revisiting the gynae and there has not been any permanent solution so’s fungal infection cause only fluconazole helps for few days and the whole infection come back in hot and moist conditions of periods or tight fitted undergarments. The discharge is stringy thin transparent with some orangish sediments which is from urethra and vaginal discharge is milky white without any of odour. Both the discharges keep changing and whenever there is urethral itch it’s first discharge and otherwise it’s milky.little confusing it was initially to diagnose cause both the tubes are affected due to catheter insertion while operating for baby.
    Kindly suggest me the treatment i would be highly obliged ..I am really in pain and have started suffering from anxiety due to this problem.
    Thanks a lot

  9. PANKAJ jain says:

    I am 55 years, have vaginitis since last 20 yearson and off .done all tests, only inflammatory tissues is revealed every time. Took allopathy treatment many times intermittently. Had curdy white discharge one month back used candiforce tablet and cans teen ointment. It has recurred again? taking Thuja 200 and hydrastis 30 this time ? Can this problem be cured? I am tired of this?

  10. Abhimanyu sahu says:

    Dear sir,
    My wife suffering from acute lecurrhea &some times like white cheese since 10 yrs. She was used more homeo medicnes but till now not cured. Her measure problem is itching and severe burning with bad odour at the time of inercourse. As a result we r feeling very sad in our family life. So request you to help and suggest me abetter result.
    Thanking You

  11. Sanjana says:

    Sir next 1 year se mujhe vagina main itching burning ka problem rahta Hai ..Kuch reng raha Hai Ander aur fir itching start ho jaati Hai ..Bahot paresan hi alowpatic main clinz naam se ek medicine vagina main rakhni hoti Hai ..Ek hafte tak Aram rahta Hai ..Fir se wahi condition suru ho jati Hai …Plz help

  12. Archana sharma says:

    Dear sir

    My self archana sharma I have the problem of vaginal infections means watery discharge come all the times and my panty allwayes infected the watery discharge and my periods comes before 6 days from due date pls suggest the medicine.

    • Iam 27 yr old. I have the problem of vaginal infection means watery discharge came all the times and itching, rashes, burning yellow discharge. I have this problem in 4yrs. sir please help me

  13. Tahir Hamid says:

    Hi. My wife , age 52 , often feels severe burnin during urination and after urination. This complain persists every now and then. When the burning sensation increase , the urination reduces in drops. Every drops increases the burning sensation and literally my wife cries. We have to rush to the hospital to get the Pain-killer injection. During last 04 years we have no sexual activity at all. Canthris and Lycopodium were being used but the disease couldn’t be cured. Please help. Thanks.

  14. Hi Dr. Sharma. I’ve been having a lot of itching in vagina area and also I get like a white solid stuff inside . It’s uncomfortable to see time from time when having sex. Any suggestion how can I avoid this issue ?

  15. V.Rajeswari says:

    I have severe itching in vagina and little white discharge before onw week or 3-4 days in mencess time . Further some rashes are occur in time. I Have this problem in 8-9 years and take antibiotic medicines. But cure only temporiary. Again starting.Please suggest correct medicine.

  16. Purnima says:

    Hello Dr. Vaginal infection white milky discharge and itching , burning and pain during sex .please suggest best homeopathic medicine

  17. तुलिका says:

    मेरे vagina में बहुत खुजली और खुजलाने से खून आ जाता है,मैं BP और Suger patient हूँ

  18. Hello sir,
    I am suffering from rectovaginal fistula and due to this after every two or three months infection occurs and white and red mix started dropping. I am unmarried. And those dropping lasts for 1 or 2 months.. This really makes me weak.. During this fever also occurs. May u plz guide me any homeopathic medicine which can treat atleast one problem rectovaginal fistula or red and white drooping.
    I will be highly grateful to you for your help and support.

    Anu singh

  19. How can homeopath treat chronic renal failure with type 2 diabetes and hypertension combined
    Please your comments

  20. Hi
    I been suffering from candida overgrowth for about past 12 years I have taken many medications but it comes back as reoccurring yeast infections, I know there are very good homeopathic remedies for this problem but we don’t find any homeopathic doctor in our area, me and my husband both need something to cure it. Can you recommend anything that will cure it permanently.

    • Rubina says:

      i m suffering viginal candidiasis from 1year.feeling burnning.i have taken alopathic medicine but it is still not cured.feeling burning after itching.some time milky thrust.drink water a little quantity.

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