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He Lived like a Saint , Left like One


Dr. S.P Sharma  1935 - 2013

Dr. S.P Sharma
1935 – 2013

My Father  Suraj Prakash Sharma  passed away on 12 th. of December 2013 . Even though he died , His Fortitude won .  No pain ever made him seek help .  Only way we came to know that he was unwell in the last stage of life , was when we found him completely Immobilized by Pain . Yet he uttered no cry . He left like a Saint .

No riches Moved him . No Flamboyance made a mark on Him . No loss scrambled  him .

He had No Foes . He had no Friends . Yet he deeply loved those around him .

He had no belief in religion . He was beyond any religion . He was a religion in himself .

His discipline was much more than any modern day  self-Improvement handbook  . He worked till the last hour of his life . Yet he had no love for Physical Body .

He wrote no books . He gave no lectures .Yet his philosophy of life was the most brilliant one . It just had two words written in it – Honesty and Simplicity

His achievements are unfathomable . Yet He sought no appreciation . He lived like a saint.

Nothing describes him better than an epitaph-SMS  that one of  my friend wrote for him –  ‘ He was one of the finest souls I ever knew ‘.


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