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He Lived like a Saint , Left like One


Dr. S.P Sharma  1935 - 2013

Dr. S.P Sharma
1935 – 2013

My Father  Suraj Prakash Sharma  passed away on 12 th. of December 2013 . Even though he died , His Fortitude won .  No pain ever made him seek help .  Only way we came to know that he was unwell in the last stage of life , was when we found him completely Immobilized by Pain . Yet he uttered no cry . He left like a Saint .

No riches Moved him . No Flamboyance made a mark on Him . No loss scrambled  him .

He had No Foes . He had no Friends . Yet he deeply loved those around him .

He had no belief in religion . He was beyond any religion . He was a religion in himself .

His discipline was much more than any modern day  self-Improvement handbook  . He worked till the last hour of his life . Yet he had no love for Physical Body .

He wrote no books . He gave no lectures .Yet his philosophy of life was the most brilliant one . It just had two words written in it – Honesty and Simplicity

His achievements are unfathomable . Yet He sought no appreciation . He lived like a saint.

Nothing describes him better than an epitaph-SMS  that one of  my friend wrote for him –  ‘ He was one of the finest souls I ever knew ‘.


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  1. Shivraj G Rathod says:


  2. Upinder Kumar says:

    Dr. Saheb,

    I am 51 – Male, slightly obese. I am having loose motion for the last 2 days. As it started with having some food taken outside so I have been taking Arsenic Album & China though my condition has improved a lot, no more fever, no pain / cramps but still my stool is watery.

    Please suggest if should I continue with Arsenic & China or take Veratrum Album or something else?

    Regards, Upinder

  3. If you live in a region where water is very cnitamonated, itwould be wise to consider another solution such as differing filters that you can fit around your home (shower filter,faucet filter or even a whole house filtration system which would ensure all of your water is as a good asgetting it direct from one of natures springs. While this itself is not harmfulas we do breathe in substantial amount of oxygen in our normalprocess of inhalation, why drive out something that is good.First, why should I buy a product to put something into my body when I could have just as easyleft it in by filtering my water instead of using a pure waterdistiller.

  4. Amit Sharma says:

    Few small white patches started on left foot & right foot, one at back of thigh and one near to elbow. Please suggest how to get treatment from you.

  5. dr kajal kumar biswas says:

    Dr sharma, hoping you are fine.
    My father like homeopathy, then i like best homeopathy. when i read class seven i suffered jaundice. i treated alopathic treatment long 03 months but no improve my condition. we go to unany/ kabiraji local treatment. but there no improved. then we larned a man of my father friend and we go to Dr Tejendra lal dhar of khatungonj chittagong He give me homeo medicine drops with distilled water only one week i totally cured by homeo treatment. its very very help us the homeopathy & by Dr sharma is grade homeo doctor.

    with best regard
    dr kajal

  6. Pardeep Singh says:

    Dr sahib, I am suffered by ”crohn’s disease”.an ulcer in illium point in small intestine. please suggest any medicine.

  7. Bharti Malhotra says:

    Dr. Sharma

    So sorry to hear about this terrible loss. Hope you and your family get strength to pull through this difficult time.

    May the saintly soul rest in peace.



  8. Sheeba Ravindranath says:

    Hello Vikas,

    Our condolences ! My family’s thoughts and prayers with you all during this difficult period in your life. May God give your family the strength to bear your father’s loss !!


    Rajesh & Sheeba

  9. Rajanish Mishra says:

    Dear doctor,
    Just now I came to know the heavenly abode of your father.
    We all pray God for the peace of the departed soul.
    May God bless you strength to bear this great loss and agony.
    We regret for being late informed.

  10. Nasir Siddqi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    Sorry to learn about the sad demise of your father. I pray that his soul rests in peace.

    With best regards

    Nasir Siddiqi
    Saudi Arabia

  11. R.S.Kushwaha says:

    My heart felt condolence to you and your family………..MAY ALMIGHTY BLESS THE DEPARTED SOUL WITH HEAVENLY ABODE !!

    Warm regards ,

    Kushwaha R.S
    New Delhi

  12. Dear vikas ,I am not that educated to script an obituary on the demise of your revered father, but I can certainly feel what u are going through at this phase of your life: my sincere commiserations with u and ur family and consider me besides u in ur period of sorrow and grief. May the revered soul may rest in peace: due regards , sanjeev.

  13. It is sad news that your father has heavenly aboad . Father is Father. We pray to almighty for the peace of the Soul and give u courage to bear the loss.

  14. Dr. Sayeed Ahmad says:

    Dearest Dr. Vikas

    I am really very much in grief from the bottom of my heart to know about the passing away of your most respected Father. Really such people come to this world once and rarely with excellent qualities and values and he was one of them. I pray for his soul to rest in Paradise. I really know that how much vacuum you will be feeling without him. God will give you strength to bear this GREAT loss.

    With best regards

    Sincerely yours
    Dr. Sayeed Ahmad

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