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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Cervical Spondylosis and Neck Pain

 Homeopathic Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis

Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosisHomeopathic medicines can work wonders in cervical spondylosis cases. Homeopathic medicines provide symptomatic relief in cervical spondylosis. The medicines are selected as per individual symptom presentation and manage symptoms of pain, stiffness in neck, numbness/tingling in upper limbs and vertigo with excellence. These medicines also halt further progression of the degenerative process in the spine from cervical spondylosis. On the huge list of Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis, the more effective ones include Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba, Paris Quadrifolia, Kalmia Latifolia and Cimicifuga Racemosa.

Homeopathic Medicines for Cervical Spondylosis and Neck Pain

Rhus Tox – Top grade Homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylosis

Rhus Tox is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis. The indicating features for using Rhus Tox are pain and excessive stiffness in the neck. A person in need of Rhus Tox may get relief from warm applications on the neck. Neck massage may provide relief in some cases. Rhus Tox is also one of the well indicated Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis complaint arising after injury to the neck. Neck pain from over straining or overuse also makes a strong case for use of Rhus Tox.

Bryonia Alba – Homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylosis that worsens with movement

Bryonia Alba is another majorly indicated Homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylosis. The person needing Bryonia Alba experiences pain and stiffness in the neck that worsen with motion. Taking rest relieves the symptoms.

Hypericum Perforatum – Best Homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylosis from injury

In addition to Rhus Tox, Homeopathic medicine Hypericum Perforatum is a very significant medicine for cervical spondylosis resulting from injury. Major symptoms deciding on Hypericum Perforatum as the best prescription are neck pain that may radiate to the shoulders and a spine that is extremely sensitive to the touch. Tingling, burning, numbness in hands may also be present.

Cimicifuga Racemosa and Guaiacum Officinale – Prominent Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis with marked neck stiffness

For treating marked stiffness in the neck from cervical spondylosis, Cimicifuga Racemosa and Guaiacum Officinale are two extremely useful Homeopathic medicines. Characteristic symptom for use of Cimicifuga Racemosa is a very very stiff neck. Along with this, the cervical spine is also very sensitive to the touch. Pressure worsens the symptoms. Homeopathic medicine Guaiacum Officinale is indicated in case of stiffness and aching pain in the neck. Stiffness from the neck may extend down the entire back.  Marked soreness in shoulders may accompany.

Paris Quadrifolia – Excellent Homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylosis with numbness in arms, hands or fingers

Paris Quadrifolia is an excellent choice of Homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylosis cases with marked numbness in arms, hands or fingers as the major complaint. Pain in the neck is also present. Pain radiates down the fingers from the neck. The pain is attended by sensation of a heavy weight around the neck and shoulders.

Kalmia Latifolia – Wonderful Homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylosis with tingling, pricking sensation in hands

For cervical spondylosis with tingling, pricking sensation in hands, Homeopathic medicine Kalmia Latifolia is recommended as the ideal choice. In some such cases, upper limbs may feel week. Pain in the neck extends down to the shoulder blades or the arm.

Gelsemium – Top rated Homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylosis with vertigo

Gelsemium is a very useful Homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylosis with vertigo episodes. The vertigo episodes occur mostly while walking. Movement of the head may also lead to vertigo. Blurring of vision may occur during the vertigo episodes.

Silicea – Effective Homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylosis with neck pain radiating up the head

Silicea is one of the majorly indicated Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis where pain from the neck radiates upwards to the head. Pain from the neck extends to either the occiput (back of head) or the entire head. In some cases, the neck pain radiates to the head and settles over the eyes. This may be accompanied by vertigo in some cases. Vertigo mainly arise from looking upwards.

What are the causes of cervical spondylosis?

Cervical spondylosis mainly arises from wear and tear of the cervical spine. The wear and tear of cervical spine results mainly due to age related degenerative changes. In some cases, injury to the cervical spine may lead to early spondylosis changes in the cervical spine.

What is cervical spondylosis?

Spondylosis refers to the degeneration of spinal column in the back that includes vertebras, joints and spinal discs. The vertebrae are bones stacked one above the other in the back. The vertebrae (top down) include 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, 5 sacral vertebrae and 4 coccygeal vertebrae.  Spinal discs are the inter vertebral discs present in between the vertebrae that act as shock absorbing cushions bearing all kind of stress felt over the spine. Cervical spondylosis refers to the degeneration of structures of cervical spine in vertebrae that lie in the neck immediately below the skull, joint or spinal inter vertebral disc. Cervical spondylosis is also known as osteoarthritis of the cervical spine.

What are the major risk factors involved in cervical spondylosis?

The major factors that put a person at the risk of developing cervical spondylosis are age – those above 40 years are more susceptible, neck injuries, putting extra stress on the neck, occupations involving repetitive motion of the neck and positive family history of cervical spondylosis.

How do I know I have cervical spondylosis?

The major symptoms that point towards cervical spondylosis include pain and stiffness in the neck. Pain from the neck may radiate down the arm, hands and fingers. In addition to these symptoms, numbness, tingling and weakness in the upper limb may also be felt. Dizziness or vertigo attacks are observed. These symptoms help in clinical diagnosis of cervical spondylosis. To get a confirmed diagnosis of cervical spondylosis, further investigation including an X-ray, MRI, CT scan need to be conducted.

What does investigation of cervical spondylosis involve?

If a person shows clinical symptoms of cervical spondylosis, he must be put through an X-ray, CT scan and/or MRI of the cervical spine before the diagnosis can be confirmed.

Is cervical spondylosis related to age?

Yes, cervical spondylosis is a degenerative disorder and therefore, directly related to age. Mainly cervical spondylosis complaints begin at the age of 40 years. By the age of 60 years, more than 85 per cent of the people get affected with cervical spondylosis. Injury to the cervical spine will accelerate this degeneration process of cervical spine at any age.

Is numbness in hands a sign of cervical spondylosis?

Cervical spondylosis is one of the causes of numbness in hands caused by compression of the nerve. However, numbness of hands may also arise from other reasons including diabetes mellitus, peripheral neuropathy, Raynaud’s disease, carpal tunnel syndrome and vitamin B12 deficiency. A detailed case study and investigation are required before the cause can be established.

My cervical spine MRI shows bone spurs at C5-C6 level, what does that mean?

Bone spurs, also known as osteophytes, in cervical spine mainly indicate degenerative changes in the spine. Bone spurs in cervical spine are the bony outgrowths arising from the vertebrae due to degeneration. These bone spurs, when they pinch a nerve, lead to tingling, numbness in arms, hands or fingers.

Can’t physiotherapy treat cervical spondylosis?

Physiotherapy help to strengthen the neck muscles and maintain flexibility of cervical spine, but it is not a treatment for cervical spondylosis. For best results, physiotherapy and Homeopathic medicines can be taken together. The medicines will help to halt progression of degeneration process in cervical spine while physiotherapy will build strength.

I have cervical spondylosis. How will taking Homeopathic medicines treat my condition?

Homeopathic medicines can treat cervical spondylosis depending upon whether the condition is mild, moderate or severe. Homeopathic medicines help stop further progression of the degenerative changes in cervical spine. They effectively treat the intensity and frequency of symptoms of cervical spondylosis.

I work on a computer for long hours and have constant neck pain, stiffness. Does it indicate cervical spondylosis?

There are chances that you have cervical spondylosis given that you work long hours on a computer and suffer neck pain and stiffness. However, a confirmed diagnosis will require investigation including cervical MRI and CT scan.

Is it normal to get vertigo in cervical spondylosis?

Vertigo is one of the symptoms of cervical spondylosis. But vertigo doesn’t appear in each and every case of cervical spondylosis. Vertigo in cervical spondylosis is mainly an indication of advanced degenerative conditions.

Will wearing a cervical collar help relieve my neck pain?

Cervical collar helps to rest the neck muscles and relieve pain, but it should not be worn for long periods of time.

 Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis

Which are the most effective Homeopathic medicines for treating cervical spondylosis?

Among a long list of Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis, the highly effective ones include Rhus Tox, Cimicifuga Racemosa and Paris Quadrifolia. Rhus Tox will best treat excessive pain and stiffness in neck from cervical spondylosis. Cimicifuga Racemosa effectively manages neck stiffness in cervical spondylosis. Paris Quadrifolia is beneficial for cervical spondylosis cases where numbness in hands is the major complaint.

I have severe neck pain from cervical spondylosis. Which Homeopathic medicine will help?

Homeopathic medicines Bryonia Alba and Rhus Tox would be most suitable for treating excessive pain in neck from cervical spondylosis. Homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba works well where movement of the neck worsens pain. Use of Rhus Tox is suggested where neck pain gets better with movement and worse with rest.

I have marked stiffness in the neck. Which Homeopathic medicine would you advise?

Homeopathic medicines that are most helpful for treating stiff neck include Cimicifuga Racemosa and Guaiacum.

Which Homeopathic medicine would you prescribe for early morning stiffness in neck with restricted movement in cervical spondylosis cases?

Rhus Tox is the most appropriate choice of Homeopathic medicine for this condition. It is known to show remarkable results in early morning neck stiffness with restricted movement from cervical spondylosis.

My hand feels numb due to cervical spondylosis. Which Homeopathic medicine must I take?

Homeopathic medicine Paris Quadrifolia would benefit most in case of cervical spondylosis with numbness in hand.

Which Homeopathic medicines would you prescribe for cervical spondylosis with tingling, pricking sensation in hands?

For cervical spondylosis with tingling, pricking sensation in hands, Homeopathic medicine Kalmia Latifolia comes highly recommended. Weakness in hands is also felt in such cases.

My neck pain extends upwards to the head. Does Homeopathy have the answer?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines yield wonderful results in neck pain that extends upwards to the back of the head. The most helpful Homeopathic medicine for neck pain extending to the head is Silicea. Pain from the neck may extend to the back of the head or up the entire head. Along with pain, marked stiffness is felt in the neck in such cases.

Please suggest a Homeopathic medicine for neck pain that radiates down the arms in cervical spondylosis?

Homeopathic medicine Kalmia Latifolia is the ideal choice for neck pain that radiates down the arms in cervical spondylosis cases. Along with pain, tingling, pricking sensation in hands is present. In some cases, weakness in hands may be felt.

Which medicine would Homeopathy use to treat vertigo in cervical spondylosis cases?

Homeopathic medicine Gelsemium is most suitable for treating cervical spondylosis where vertigo episodes are present. The vertigo episodes are most marked while walking or from movement of the head.

Lifestyle changes can help manage cervical spondylosis

Adopting a few lifestyle measures can help better manage cervical spondylosis complaint. These measures include:

  • Regular exercise
  • Maintaining correct posture while sitting
  • Avoiding job or work that puts stress/strain on the neck
  • Avoiding lifting heavy weights
  • Warm applications and neck massages can help
  • Avoid putting thick pillows or too many pillows under the head while sleeping


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  1. Syed Khalid Hussain Shah says:

    My name is Khalid according to cervical x-ray it was diagnosed that my spine is bending toward left and having solositis and congenital vertebrae blocked DR advised me physiotherapy,muscle relaxants and methycobolamin there is number in my hands and toe sir I need ur advise in this matter and also I need medication

  2. Sir,

    My name is Umadevi , Iam suffering from degenerative disc cervical spondlosis 6 years problem, no neck pain but head & right hand numbness , tingling please suggest homeopathy medicine

  3. Sanjay kumar says:

    Dizziness on moving of head ,specifically in right side of head in sleeping mode. When moving head down also dizziness occurs. Please suggest homeopathy medicine.

  4. Nitu Sharma says:

    Hi Doc, thanks for educating that Homeo has cervical medication. I am suffering from this for a year now, pain in neck, followed by guidiness, digestive issues, this all led to depression… And health anxiety. Can u recommend a medicine.. Or a genuine doctor in Blr. I have been looted by a homeopathic doctor earlier and my trust has gone away.

  5. jeannieaa60 says:

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  7. I am suffering from neck pain and right shoulder pain and slightly in same hand while traveling and fix in a position.
    X Ray shows gap between c5 and c6 cervical disc.The pain in back side of neck and affect my right side. I have started spondin drop and my pain is 30-40 Is less.
    Kindly let me know any combination for avoiding such issues.
    My work is more with computers and I have traveling lot by taxi and train.
    With regards Vishesh

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  9. k. mukunda says:

    Respected Sir,

    My Name is K. Mukunda 49 years of age leaving in Bangalaore, Karnataka, India. I am suffering from Right side Neck and arm pain(C5-6) since one year. I am taking homeopathy medicine of Rhus Tox 30 regularly.

    I am feeling better of 50%.
    Kindly suggest me any other better medicine compare to Rhus tox.

    With Regards,

    k. mukunda
    mob : 09742354919


  11. R M S PILLAI says:

    Respected sir,
    I am suffering from cervical spondilosis. I have a strong feeling of stiffness in neck, pain radiating to arms. pricking pain in the palm and back rpoblems in emptying the bladder.Problems in passing stool etc. In my present condition I feel that, I am having the acute CERVICAL MYELOPATHY and CERVICAL RADICULOPATHY. Kindly suggest a treatment in Homeopathy.
    Yours Sincerely,

  12. derrickiv60 says:
  13. Sir my left side ofneck at c5 c6 are stiff movement of neck is not easy and feel mild pain all time

  14. Ashim Chakraborty says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am 44 years old. i am to work in office with computer. I am suffering from cervical Spondylosis. I am not feeling any continuous pain in neck and not even vertigo. I have done xray of the Cervical Spine and the reports are as follows :
    Osteophytic lipping seen at C3-C7 vertibrae
    Reduced disc space in between C5-C6 and C6-C7 vertibrae
    Normal cervical lordosis
    No cervical rib seen.
    Please suggest me best way to treat my problem.

    A Chakraborty


    HELLO Doctor,
    I am 75 Years old. I am suffering from cervical spondilosys last 13
    years. Since last 20 days approx. I am feeling
    acute pain in my both arm, shoulder, neck and
    upper portion of back. I am also feeling
    numbness in my right hand fingers. I also
    startrd Alopathic medicine
    from 28th June but not getting full relief.
    Kindly sugget me some medicine to get full
    relief. I know my cervical spondolisys is cronic
    chhatar singh surana
    But homeo pathy can treat me thats my belief,
    Thaks & expecting posetive earlyreply
    CS Surana

  16. Tahseen Fatima says:

    I have a lot of pain in my right arm , the pain goes all the way from my arms to my fingers which makes them feel numb. I cannot bend or do anything that would make my right arm move around a lot because the pain is unbearable. Even the positions I go into for praying the pain is just too much. When I turn my neck to the right it just gets stiff and the pain starts. I’ve already gotten an mri done and there are problems. Please suggest any homeopathic medicine to help with the pain

  17. pollyfu18 says:

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  18. Debdulal Bandyopadhyay says:

    Thanks for the above educational information. I am suffering from knee problem arising out of meniscus tear ( apprehended by orthopedic doctor). Like to take Rustox and Hypericum. Kindly advise me the correct medicine,potency and dose. Rgds,
    Debdulal Bandyopadhyay.

  19. AJOY SANKAR ROY says:

    Mainly I have been suffering from this disease during 5/6 months, without any kind of pain. Actually my problem is loss of body balance,please help me. Regardes.

  20. i have cervical spondylosis,with light pain in around a neck area and vertigo while get up in morning and while moving ,what medicine should i take ,my age is 63 yr,male . a xray report is as under:
    1.straightening of cervical curvature.
    2.claw osteophytes are noted at c4,c5,c6,c7 level
    3.diminished disc heights are noted at C4-C5,C5-C6,C6-C7,AND C-7-T1 LEVELS and more pronounced at c5-c6 level
    4.prevertebral soft tissue is normal
    5. no cervical rib is seen

    immpression:cervical spondylosis at c4-c5 to c7-t1 level

  21. Arpita nair says:

    I have severe headache with stiffness in my neck,my head feels heavy through out,is it a symptom of spondilties??

  22. Itene Estry says:

    Hello have pins needles and burning in arms and hands due to deneration in neck would acupuncture help and what homeopathic remedy is best am female aged 77

  23. Satyadev says:

    I am 62 Male .I have been diagnosed as Cervical spondylosis. The X-ray indicated (lateral view) that the upper most rib neck rib weakened severely due to possible driving. Due to Pain in the neck and upper stream I consulted doctors. Pain management was done and I can manage without pain killers. I refrain from using any pain killers as a policy. However, I take B-complex and nuero Kind LC stuff medicines

    -I am on Medicines for Cholesterol. Since I stopped using these medicines for over 8 months, the Triglycerides stood at 196,Non-HDL 209, HDL 48,LDL-169.
    I am a strict vegetarian and in general avoid taking any food outside except in outstation, not that frequent.

    -I have constipation problem associated with Gas trouble, due to irregular food habits and long intervals for Allopathic medicines under the advice of Gastroenterologist.

    Kindly suggest medicines

  24. I. Henry says:


    I got pain in my lower back. When consulted a doctor and came to know that there is a gap between L2 & L3 . and he said I got Osteophytes. My neck got stiff and pain is their from neck to the Hip that is bottom part. My right leg has numbness for a while. Plese, let know whether my problem will be cured in Homeopathy treatment and what are the medicines to be used.

    With regards,

    I. Henry

  25. Gopal Kundu says:



    I suffer severe neck pain on getting up from bed sometimes.
    The pain extends up to upper back head.
    The pain reduces after gradually but traces of pain remain for longer period.
    Please. Suggest me suitable medicine and oblige

  27. Manjunath says:

    I have cervical spoodalitisis confirmed by arthopadic doctors which Homeopathic medicine i have to take
    Weather i could take the medicine directly without Dr prescription

  28. Sunil Kumar singh says:

    I have problem in c5 to c6 and c6 to c7 and lumbar, I feel numbness in both legs, I can’t walk properly.weakness feeling in my both legs and hand. I can’t climb up on ladders. No pain plz suggest me the medicine.

  29. Mark Ayala says:

    I have been diagnosed with cervical stenosis. I have herniated discs in the C 5-7 area and I’m in constant to severe pain that radiates from the back of my neck up to the base of of the back of my head and shoulders. At times I have vertigo. Little numbness in fingers.

  30. Prasenjit Mallick says:

    Pain in my back of head and sometimes i feel head us rounding and also steep problem

  31. Vishal Agarwal says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I am 42 Male
    I was diagnosed with cerivical spndilyosis 12 month ago in x ray reports ,Almost daily At midnight or later i feel awake with palm and fingure numbness and next day wrist pain. Left hand is more effected .NCV test was done and found normal.
    No any difficulty in day time work or daily jobs, Night is worse .Allopathy and Physiotherapy almost not working for me
    Please suggest Homeopathy medicine with doses

  32. I have pain in the arm and increased sensation of the left hand, can’t tolerate cold air from Aircondition and high speed fan air cause increase pain in the arm. Earlier I had severe pain in the scapular blad arch but now it has reduced due to medication and few days physiotherapist. Function of the left arm compromised.

  33. Mere grdan me dard rahta hai, kvi left to kvi right side me. Grdan gurane me drd ya fir aise v drd rahta hai,kaun sa medicine leni pregi mujhe

  34. Sunil kumar says:

    What is loss of lordosis?
    Pls describ

  35. Kari sampath says:

    Sir iam 29years old and newly married… 1 and half year back suddenly i got bulges in my cervical 4, 5,6 n t1,t2 areas.. while I am performing abbs workouts in gym.
    I tried a lot of treatments in allopathy then shifted to ayurveda.. from last 1 year..I got released from sever to modern…. But now again I got my past pain…now from last 10days iam using homeopath rhust-100, but pain is still worse … How many days I need to wait to get result in homeopath… Just losing my patience… Can I use homeopath with ayurveda…Sir..! I want to have my painless life back… Plz give me a hand to come back from this worse situation…

  36. Rekha Sirohi says:

    I am having cervical spondylosis in x-ray report.I get severe headache.numbness and heaviness in left lower limbs and left suggest medicine.Some times I have vertigo too


  38. benod lal roy says:

    Neck/Back pain from long time … is it curable by your medicine ? … homuch day’s course and cost. plz. inform me … i am interested for treatment.

  39. Respected sir mujhe 4 month se up,down,side par dekhne par halke halke chakar aate hai and mobile dekhte time left side neck par khichav aata hai but main problem chakkar ki hai.beqz isse koi work nahi hota beqz I m teacher.plz help me

  40. Dear dr, i have neck herniation problem in C4-6. I have shoulder pain, neck pain, heavy head, headache. I also had a vertigo and dizziness issue, my eyes are also feel heavy and vision seems getting worse. I also have problems on concentration and rising anxiety issue. Can you please recommend proper home therapy medicine? Thanks very much!

  41. Bijan Sengupta says:

    I have need the three medicines :-
    1.Rhus Tox(kindly Mention the power as well as the forms globules or mother tincture & the doas)
    2.CimicifugaRacemosa(same info as above)
    3.Paris Quadrifolia(same as above)
    I have thorouhly studied the all details & like to start the medicines with immediate effect
    Kindly Do me the favour.

  42. M RAGHUNATH says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from cervical spondilities and nerve weakness.How can Homeopathy treat this condition.

  43. Rajib kr. sharma says:

    Suffering from cervical spondylosis. Mild degeneration at c-5 ,c-6 region .early osteophites seen . frequent cramping in neck and upper back with severe pain and stiffness . pl. Advice which medicine suits for me . waiting for your reply . thank u .

    • Satyanarayana Bankuru says:

      Severe neck pain at times,Soon after getting bed.I am 74years.MRI shows degeneration at advise suitable medicina

  44. kunal kumar says:

    i am only 16 year old and suffring fron in cirvical sponylosis in c5/6 area
    very much pain
    no releafe from medicine

  45. Sir, I am 60 yrs old . I am having pain in the joint of my neck and shoulder from last fifteen days which
    aggravates while sleeping Relief is there with use of hot pad kindly suggest medicine


    My husband is faceing severe left shoulder pain and neck pain. Hence dr advised MRI Scan. In that they mentioned as”protrusion at c6 c7 ” pl advice me

  47. Wilson Peter says:

    Pain which goes upward to the head and numbness to both the hands plus diabetic

  48. I have neck pain. Pain and fatigue in arm wrist and fingers of both hand after playing a musical instrument two years in a raw in spite of feeling the abovementioned problems. I have vertigo problem in the recent time. I am taking physiotherapy but it is not satisfactory. What can i do ?

  49. INDRANI ROY says:

    Respected Sir,

    My neck pain right side and upwards to the head. back side also pain. When I work in Computer my right hand fingers are tingling very much so I feel very uneasy. Sometimes my body is shaking when I walk. My bone spurs at C5-C6 level. Please You suggest me to proper medicine as early as possible.

  50. Vivek Sharma says:

    Hello Sir;

    I have gone through your article for cervical spondylosis ; but I am not sure whether I am also suffering from the same disease.From the last two days when I wake up in the morning or during evening after sleep I feel a blowing pain at the back of my neck. When i sleep straight u feel good with no pain , but turning around on either side on the bed I feel pain.But when i try to pull myself from sleep I get blowing pain in back side of my neck.The pain is not to an extent when I walk of I stand , but the moment I sit down I feel a sense of pain at the back of my neck. The pain aggregates when I touch the sensitive regions.
    Is this the sign of cervical spondylosis and if yes what medicine should I take of immediate relief.
    I even had pain killers but nothing works.
    Kindly help.
    Vivek Sharma

  51. Sunil Mall says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am 53 years old male. I am diabetic since 15 years. i do exercise regularly. I have been having pain in the neck for more than 25 years. Since past 3 years it has worsened. Now i feel terrible pain in my left arem, fingers, left shoulder with tingling sensation. I have continuous pain in shoulder blades with burning sensation. It feels as if a snake is moving on both side of shoulder blades. there is pain in the middle of neck also. Can you please suggest a remedy?


    Sunil Mall

  52. Bridie heneghan says:

    Hi my name is Bridie my mussel s at the back of my neck are weak and my head is pounding going on for weeks had a CT scan nothing showes up what can I do thank u

    • Bridie heneghan says:

      Hi my name is Bridie my mussel s at the back of my neck are weak and my head is pounding going on for weeks had a CT scan nothing showes up what can I do thank u

  53. Faisal shezad says:

    I have distonya for last 26 years
    It’s effected my neck and left side of body
    My left foot turn in to inside
    Is there any medicine in homeopathic for distonya

  54. I have pain in left side of neck also feeling tingling in vain which radiates in the arm sometimes. Which medicine should I take. I am taking Rush tox 30 . I have pain for 3 months taking Rush tox for 1 month. Kindly advise. Thank you.

  55. Dr H R Desai says:

    c5 c6 disc with nero root impingement

  56. Muhammad noman anis says:

    Hello dr sharma,
    Once or sometimes twice in a week i suffer from pain and stiffness in my neck and back of the head. My family doctor diagnosed it as neck spasm and provided me with medicines which didnt help. Aspirin surely reduces the pain but thats not the permanent solution. Please help me out in diagnosing the issue and a proper homeopathic treatment thanks

  57. Hi
    I sunil suffering from cervical pain . Mri report shows c3 c5 and c6 level problem. Always problem in during movement. Right hand always show stuffiness.
    Pse suggest me homeopathic medicine.


  58. Rama Shanker says:

    Can degenerative changes be stopped if person suffering from cervical spondlosis?

  59. Hi Dr.Sharma
    I have been suffering from vertigo for almost over 20 years..
    It is coming through deltoid muscles as i had to protect my body from many tumbles and falls. My collar bones and between the shoulder blades muscles get strung and my neck gets stiff and vertigo starts and radiate into my head.. and my scalp burns each sides on the top as well as vertex. What remedy and the potency would you suggest me to use and for howlong period ? i am used to using homeopathic pellets and by now i used gelsemium-belladonna-rhus tox- bryonia/30C .. all worked for a particular time and this vertigo comes back on and on again.. could you please advice..? Thanks/ rgds

  60. Hi

  61. helo sir
    I have pain in the neck and also in the right hand .some time i also feel diziness.i have also problem ofpain in the left leg.Ialso have fatty liver Which homeo medicine should i take

  62. Santanu Gupta says:

    I have severe cs with headaches. I am male, 71 yrs old, no injury.
    Western medicines give me no relief.
    What do i do?

  63. neeru aggarwal says:

    Dr sahib namaskar I have stiffness my head & eyes and I have chhaker also.please tell me homoparhic medicene.

  64. Shaik kousar says:

    I have a so much neck pain and it spreading to my arms, and also I have headache, some times pain coming in to my cheeks. I have a spondylosis?can you please tell me how can I cure? What medicine I have to take?I want to leave my job, is there any permanent solution?

  65. Raghvender Morya says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have inflatmatory pain in my back just opposite to chest ( back chest). It is from one year. I tried home remedies of Dalchini and Ashoka Chhal as a tea. But I have not completely cured. Now it seems servical spondolosis is in critial condition. There is also swelling in left chest. In what potency Rhus tox and Bryonia Alba may be taken. Kindly mention the timing and how many drops may be taken. I will be highly thankful to you. Which company medicines will be better.


  66. K S BALAKRISHNAN says:

    Respected Doctor

    I am having Pain at back of head and back of neck.
    In x-ray found loss of cervical lordosis with moderate degenerative changes at C5-C6 disc level.

    Kindly advise me homeopathic treatment for my above disease.

  67. Satyabrata says:

    I have degenerative disc disease affecting C4-8:and L 1-5 with canal stenosis and acute vertigo. Pleade suggest me medicines.

  68. Dear Sir.

    I am 36 Years Old, Hard Working Person. I recently Been Diagnosed with “Oseophytes Complex Bilateral ober C4 & C5” with “Straightening of the Lordosis” Presently my Homeo Doctor has Given me Rhus Tox 200 & Hypericum 30 & I am Already Taking Methycobal with Vitamin E As Vitamin Suppliments.

    First I need to Know if this Treatment is Enough ?
    Secondly Does HomeoPathy Have Permenent Reversal Solution for Osteophytes which May be the Cause of Bad Posture & Accidents in the Past.

    Awaiting for the Best Guidance.

  69. Shahid ahmad says:

    Sir my neck and l3 l4 l5

  70. I have a vertigo problem while overstraining of neck like driving,wearing helmets,cell phone usage etc.I am having this problem for last 1 year.

    i had apis 1m and belladonna 1m .belladonna seems to be better

    can u please help me out


  71. Ramkishan Gothwal says:

    Sir I have cervical spondylosis with pain in right arm. Numbness and tingling in hand and fingers. Please prescribe suitable treatment for this problem.

  72. I have survical spondilitis with pain in left arm. Pain in left side back while sleeping with right side.
    Please prescribe suitable treatment for this problem.

  73. Prakash Chandra Kanungo says:

    I have taken Paris quadra but it is not working can you suggest potency. My symptoms are matching with Paris quadra

  74. respected sir

    Which medicine would Homeopathy use to treat cervical spondylosis cases as i am having stiffness in neck and pain moves down to shoulder,pricking sensation in between the shoulder and spin and sometimes it becomes difficult to move my hand even?
    i am suffering from it from my childhood, please help?

  75. BEDILU Mekuriaw says:

    Hilo Sir My name is Bedilu Mekuriaw from ethiopia Age 50 year old male I got the MIR result says Degenrative vertebral changes with maid posterior disc bulge at c3,4 and c5,6 level with ostephate disc complexes causing mild anterior thecal sac indentation.
    -numbness ,tingling in both hands n legs
    -muscle weakness
    I don’t want to surgery.
    pelas give me your suggestion and how can I tret . Thank you…so much

  76. Sir my son of age 11year old both sideneck vain pain suggest the homeo medicine

    • I am satish sr. sufferring from following problems.
      1. Cervical spondylytis. MRI report. C5c6 & c6c7 probelam
      2.. Pain at back of head and CT BRain report CSf
      s/o chronic lacunar infarct
      Kindly advise me homeopathic treatment for my above disease.

      • I am satish sr. My age 33yrs sufferring from following problems.
        1. Cervical spondylytis. MRI report. C5c6 & c6c7 probelam
        2.. Pain at back of head and CT BRain report CSf
        s/o chronic lacunar infarct
        Kindly advise me homeopathic treatment for my above disease.

  77. VIPIN BHADRISH says:

    I am sufferring from following problems.
    1. Cervical spondylytis.
    2. Swelling at back of neck.
    3. Pain at back of head and strain on eyes.
    4. Numbness on left side of body.
    5. Restlessness in lower part of body especially when going to sleep.
    6. Lack of sleep.
    Kindly advise me homeopathic treatment for my above disease.

  78. VIPIN BHADRISH says:

    I am having following problems.
    1. Swelling at the back of neck.
    2. Pain at back of head and strain on eyes.
    3. Numbness on left side of whole body.
    4. Feeling increases while lying down.
    5. Restlessness in legs.
    6. Lack of sleep.
    Kindly advise homeopathic medicine for same.

  79. rafiullah khan says:

    i am suffereing from neck cervicle spoyndilysis,plate 5,6,7 are radiation,

  80. Arun kumar Mishra says:

    Dear Sir Namaskar!

    With reference to lumbar and dorsal spondylitis (disc bulge , degenarated disc, i wish to know is it curable by homeopathy and, if yes, how? .
    Why i ask because my c4 & C5 , C5 & C6 have degenearated slightly and D12 and L1 have disc bulge and L5 and S1 become narrow. Cannal root has also become narrow. ligaments also affected . i have consulted Neurologist and told me no cure is possible only pain can be managed.

  81. saleem akhtar says:

    ڈاکڑ صاھب میرا ایکسڈنٹ ہو گیا تھا جس کی وجہ سے میری ساری باڈی نے کام کرنا چحوڑ دیا تحا اور 15 دن کے بعد میرے جسم نے ھرکت کرنا شروع کیا تحا میری گردن کے بیک ساءیڈ پر ریڈھ کی ہڈی پر چحوٹ لگی تھی مگر 4 سال ہو گے ہیں مجحے آرام ہیں آرہا ہے سارا جسم درد کرتا ہے اور میرے باءیں ٹانگ میں تو بہت درد ہوتا ہے نا میں چل سکتا ہوں اور نہ لیٹ سکتا ہوں ہر وقت درد ہوتا ہے سارے جسم میں نہ سید ھا بیڈ پر لیٹ سکتا ہوں بس درد کی دواءی کھاتا ہوں تو آرام ہوتا ہے ورنہ درد ہوتا ہے پلز مجحے اسی دواءی بتا دے جس سے میرا جسم پحر سے کام کرنے لگ جاءے اور میرا درد ختم ہو جاءے

  82. ranbir gusain says:

    r/sir i have cervical spondylosis. my neck dont move left to right or right to left. dont have too much pain in neck and have waist pain problem also . its almost for seven or eight years. i consult with top ortho in faridabad. but did not get good response. feel problem to see down on earth and on upper side. cant bend beacause of waist pain. so plz suggest the right treatment.

  83. Rahul dev says:

    sir i am suffering from cervical spondylitis , I have pain in neck and shoulder
    Age-23 years

  84. Animesh Das says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m 34 Years old Male . My TSH is 7.55 but T3 T4 normal. Also suffering from hairball , Premature ejaculation and neck pain issues. Please suggest me some good homeopathic medicine. My Weight is 62 kgs and height 5.6 ft.

  85. Jyotsna Hansda says:

    Hlw sir,am suffering from neck and shoulder pain,went to physiotherapist and am diagnosed with cervical spondylosis. As am working in bank my pain is increasing day by day.suggest me medicine which can give me complete healing.

  86. Rachel woollam says:

    Wot is the best treatment for neck pain. Raidiates in the back of the neck people who have osteo arthritis too. Gives chronic headaches too. Please can u you help please

  87. Om Parkash Sharma says:

    I have pain in the right side of my neck. I am also having pain in lower side of back of my head. One of my friend a homoe. Doctor now gone out of country , suggested me take Rhus tox 30 and Silicea 30 . Dr Sharma kindly advise whether these medicines are correct, if so can these be taken together.

  88. MRI shows bone spurs at C5-C6 level compression , what does that mean? Does it having permanent cure from homeo medicines please guide me.

  89. Yogendra says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I was feeling a pain in my neck from last 3 yrs , gradually it start spreading to my hand and numbness also started.
    I consulted with the doctor referred for CT SCAN got result in C4 C5 is affected of cervical spondlys .
    He suggested me some medicines those only work only for short period of time.
    I have gone through physiotherapy also but nothing give me permenent solution.

    Can it be diagnosed permenent

  90. Anita gade says:

    Myself feeling giddiness when i bend forward or lift my head upward..suggest me some me some medicine

  91. Amitava Saha says:

    Myself suffering from cervical spondalosis. Gap reduces in c5 and c6. Feeling neck pain, head ache back side, both sides, forehead ache, eye pressure and pain, tinling & pickling sensation in hand, mostly right hand, joint pain etc. May you help me for recovery?

  92. what tests should I get fo cervical spondylosis? I had neck shoulder pain but not like the one I have now. I overdid cleaning lifting and I believe that is what caused the flairup. I want to know what is going on. T U

  93. Kamran Ahmed Khan says:

    HI Dr Sharma

    I use Rhus Tox 30 three times a day for 3 days but did not cure my symptoms are pain and stiffness in neck also pain feels back of head and extends to forehead please suggest accordingly.

  94. ABDUL WAHEED says:



    • Hello sir I have a good suggestion this suffer, if u wants then I give u details, send me ur whatapp no-9871718065,,

  95. Ashutosh Biswas says:

    I am Ashutosh Biswas.Sir my mother is affected by spondylosis.Her neck,head,hand and left side of the shoulder is very paining.Please suggest me some medicine so that my mom can cure fast.It is a request from me.

  96. Yasir Rehan says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I have numbness in my index Finger cause of cervical Spondylosis.Now i have no,pain in my neck only my index finger is numb from last 4 month.please suggest the best homoepathy ramedy.

  97. Mukun Deshmukh says:

    I have servical spondylosis, pain in neck, whole left hand , numbness in index fingure. Pl Suggest homeopathy medicine.

  98. Dear Sir

    I have been suffering from back pain. My x ray report found that degenerative changes found osteopytic on cervical spine. I have experienced neck pain radiates to the back of head.l forhead moving one place to another. Also pain radiates to meet arm even let your at night time. Our local Bangladeshi doctor first gave bryonia alb 200 then after 15 days gave 1M and nat 3 tab given. Within few days the pain reduced but quite some days aggravated pain same places.

    Would you please prescribe me ideal remedy.


  99. Syed Mahboob Hasan says:

    I have been suffering from Cervical and back ache after X-RAY c5 c6 is effected, kindly prescribe the hoemopathy medicine for early avoid cervical pain.

  100. Shadab Akhtar says:

    Hello sir, My name is shadab from farrukhabad(U.P.)My father, 50 year old male,is suffring from compressive myelopathy -multiple levels
    -disc protrusion at D7-D8
    -disc osteophytis post at c3-c4/c5-c6 compressing canal causing stenosis
    -ligamentum flavum hypertrophy
    -numbness ,tingling in both hands n legs
    -muscle weakness
    He don’t want to surgery.
    plz give me ur suggestion . Thank you…so much

  101. Dr
    I was diagnosed for Spinal Stenosis at the lower back. I am 70 years . I do not want to go for surgery, is there any remedy in Homeopathy can you please recommend .

    Thank you

    • Sir if u wants then I can suggest u a best Dr. This suffer, u just send ur whatapp-9871718065,,

  102. Mastanvali says:

    I face c5 c6 problem and it produces righthand and right leg numbness and elbow joint s very high pain very high now I use some homeophathy medicin. RECKEWEG R11 DROPS AND CF-12 and. Kp-12 and Mp- 12 tablets lansticum tablets .ple tell. Me is it correct for my problem sir

  103. alokkumar says:

    Sir my name Alok Kumar from Etawah Utter Pradesh sir my mother very hard pain neck,hands and shoulder and stiffness ,numbness .
    Please give effective treatment .

  104. Mastanvali says:

    Sir I am suffering disc osteophyte complex at c5 c6 impinging over theca Card
    I take home medicine one but body pains very more all mussels very I can’t walk after take medicine please give suggestion sir

  105. Hi, My name is Bipin. My mother is having spondylitis issue from past 5 years, where she is suffering from neck pain, back head near the spine ache, and feels wobblingly in the head when walking. She is aged around 58 years. Currently she is taking Vertin 8mg tablet. But there hasn’t been much improvement. She also wears a collar belt when cooking food or washing the dishes. I wanted to know if homeopathy medicine will be a better approach in healing from the pain and dizziness with wobbling feeling when she goes for a walk. Kindly let me know ur advice or suggestion. Thanks!

  106. padmaja rani says:

    Dear Doctor

    I am 50 years women with the history of diabetics my FBS – 141 and PPBS 247. My vitamin B12 – 70 MCV- 96 , MCH 37 MCHC 32 RDW-14.8 and I was experiencing internal shakiness, tired fatigue, dizziness MRI brain plain is normal, nerve test is normal, ECG normal Echo normal . Calcium is 10.4, uric acid 5.1 CRP – 4.6, RA factor 2.0. From past two month they have given injections for Vitmin B12

    For past four months I was not able to lift even a small bag I feel as is I am lifting an 10 kg bag. My left hand pains like hell. Now from 15 days left side neck pain which extents to the arm has then to hand and fingers has started. When there is pain I feel like vomiting and dizzy. I had been to orthopedic he has recommended physiotherapy for one week .
    i work in AC atmosphere and keeping warm myself is very difficult what medicines should i taken in homeopathy. Please advice.

    Thanking you in advance.

  107. Khalid Gul Aga says:

    I have Cervical C5,C6,C7 protrusion and herniation at one place (C5-6) started 8/9 years ago. My arms and 2 fingers and thumb pain were severe for first 8 months and lster had its ups and down. I have Osteophites too. For one month now I am having dizziness and in balance when walking and looking up. Can you suggest medicines . Lastly, is the dizziness due to cervical or Vergigo ??

  108. Dear sir,
    I was suffering from back muscle pain nd chest pain from past 2 years and after so many different tests was daigonosed with early changes of cervical spondylosis after medication still the pain and stiffness was there so I had an MRI which stated that no significant abnormality was identified at the swelling at the nape of neck mild posterior disc bulge intending the anterior thecal sac causing no cord identationnoted at C5-C6 level as there is swelling at at neck area like lump and it’s not going even after hot and cold compress pls tell me why is this swelling when there is no such problem in that area in MRI and I want to know is this condition of spine be cured permanently.. Is it mild or severe condition pls help as I am very depressed.

  109. dear sir
    pls tell where is your clinic? how can we meet you in person?

  110. Yadab prasad says:

    Dear doctor
    I would like to request u sir, madam please can u provide me a homo medicine name or medicine for cervical rib( neck pain and throat pain) which can be found in u a e or nepal for the treatment of my doughter thankyou

  111. Sabita Nanda says:

    My husband suffering in Cervical spondylosis last 20 yrs. After treatment the pain was relived., but last 2 to 3 months he again fill pain in his left hand wrist & soldier. Now he eat Spodin homeopathy medicine & pain is relieve slowly. Is it correct medicine ? pl. confirm me .

  112. Sudhapalli c rao says:

    Dear doctor, I have cervical spondilitis pain in neck region radiating to my occipital region, .more when I lower my head forward. What homeopathic medicines you recommend for immediate relief and later for long term treatment
    Thanking you I am a retired maxillofacial surgeon professor from Barelly Dental college.

  113. Khalil Ullah Monir says:

    I am suffering Cervical Spondylosis / Prolapsed cervical intervertebral disc / Cervical riband & hand Pain last 6 months.
    Can I get homeopath treatment ?

    pls advice.

    Khalil Ullah Monir

  114. I am a patient of cervical spondylitis for more than 8 years now since last week pain from neck spreading upwards around head. Including eyes .it also spreading right side in back just behind the chest ,too difficult to move left or right neck is more stuff,kindly suggest homeopathic medicine

  115. Dear Dr. Sharma

    Following is my MRI report and I have a pain in neck, shoulder blades also have inflammation sometimes very severe (goes and comes) with olive oil massage after taking heat I feel better. Please help me to recover this disease.

    Clinical Info: Pain in Neck and Shoulder Blades also in upward back head.

    Multiplanner, multisequential, non contrast, MR study of cervical spine.
    disc dehydration is seen in all visualized cervical disc levels. Smooth broad
    based central disc bulge is seen at C4-C5 and C5 -C6 Iv disc levels resulting in
    mild indentation on ventral thecal sac with minimal impingement on billateral
    nerve roots. Bony spine is intact with no evidence of fracture, listhesis or
    marrow abnormality is noted. straightening of normal cervical lordotic
    curvature is noted. No frank herniated disc through out cervical region is seen.
    Cervical cord have normal MR signal. No evidence of intra or extra dural
    abnormal MR signal is noted, No evidence of tonsillar herniation. No pre or pare
    vertebral soft tissue mass.

    Cervical spondylosis with smooth broad based central disc bulge at
    C4-C5 and C5-C6 Iv disc levels resulting in mild indentation on
    ventral thecal sac with minimal impingement on bilateral nerve roots.

  116. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Mangey and I am in my 40’s, I am writing from Malaysia. I had a fall in Mac, so just to insure there is no neck fracture, I did an x-ray however the x-ray showed I have cervical Spondylosis c4-c5-c6. I have been taking treatment beginning last year Aug with a siddha doc near my home but however not much improvement. Of late I can feel numbness in my finger, though my neck is no longer stiff but when I turn I do hear grinding sound. Please help me, I am really lost and don’t know what to do. In Malaysia we do lack herbal doctors.

    Thank you.

  117. Madhumita Chatterjee says:

    Dr. Sharma

    My mother aged 82 years and getting severe problem of cervical spondylosis taking few days 10-15 drop of Spondin medicine in empty stomach in the morning and evening 2 times but she is getting some problem like “head chakkar aaraha hai” what will she do continue the medicine or not. She is also using collar and cervical pillow. She is doing regular excise on neck. X-ray showing C4-C7 problem. Few times she fainted few months ago.

    Kindly advise asap.

    thanks and regards

  118. VIJAY GULWANI says:


  119. subhash chavhan says:

    Good night dr.dr.sahab.i m suffering from severe left shoulder and left arm pain from last two months.i have done treament to reputed m.s.ortho doctors.but relief is temprory.mri report says cervical spondylosis and c6 c7 neck verteabra disk is difuse.pain is most severe early in the morning.dr.suggest me to please suggest me what i do.i can not attending my please sir

  120. P.M.Singh ,VRS Retired -IDPL says:

    Doctor Sharma good noon,me 57 yrs.weight 58 kg ,Veg. feeling drilling pain in my R/S shoulder ,neck 40 percent trap, worse in night can’t lift weight easily effect on eyes done x-ray spine 3 and 4, 5,6are affected by survival spondylosis. feel more cold.plz suggest me Homeopathic remedies ,I will be thankful to you

  121. Hello..
    My father is suffering from cervical spondylosis..He has growth of extra bones and maximum compressed nervers in c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 and c7..Is there any treatment in homeopathy at this stage..Is it curable..

  122. Commodore Suneet Singhal says:

    I hv a mild buldge at C3-C4 and C5-C6….i am 56 years old…and diagnosed wth cervical spondylitis… 1998 afterwhich due to exercise i was normal.

    When i excersice my neck and shoulders with thera band i feel normal.

    I am a regular gym user n do light weights for muscle tone.

    I have recently started playing golf and wrongly used extra strength one day afterwhich i hv been having severe pain n dull numb feeling in my right hand.

  123. Commodore Suneet Singhal says:

    I hv a mild buldge at C3-C4 and C5-C6….i am 56 years old…and diagnosed wth cervical spondylitis… 1998 afterwhich due to exercise i was normal.

    When i excersice my neck and shoulders with thera band i feel normal.

    I am a regular gym user n do light weights for muscle tone.

    I have recently started playing golf and wrongly used extra strength one day afterwhich i hv been having severe pain n dull numb feeling in my right hand.

  124. Padma bhamipati says:

    Hello sir,
    I’m Padma Bhamidipati.My daughter is 18 yrs old.She is suffering from cervical spondylosis.Frm above mentioned information l have learned that this is age related . it is common for the people above 40 yrs.but I can’t understand why my daughter is suffering from this problem.

  125. Shivinder saini says:

    I have pain in my neck and back problem in walking and also body disbalance

  126. Devendra Madanlal Dhingra says:

    Pain from the neck extends to back of head or the entire head. the neck pain radiates to the head and settles over the eyes. accompanied by vertigo Vertigo mainly arise from looking upwards and lying down

    For this Dr Sahab U have suggested Silicea
    But What Potency and How to Take it
    I am from Panvel, Maharahstra
    Can U write Ur Fees for Telefone advice / Online Consulatation

  127. kirti khadanga says:

    Will call for neck nd back pain

  128. Hi my name is usha I m suffering whole body pain head ache; neck pain; solider pain joint pain knee pain nerves stretching pain right hand side continue pain I can’t do any work I am stress disappointed for my life please help me what to do what is the treatment regards to this problems .

  129. Sarwan Singh says:

    i am having pain in my neckwhich extends to numness in my arm upto hand which homeopatic medicine will help me kindly advise.

  130. Ranjan Kumar Saha says:

    Hi, I am 58 years old male . My recent MRI report says that I have cervical spondylitis. In between C5 & C6 disc is degenerated & height is reduced between two bones. I feel vertigo while walking. Feeling pain & stiffness in neck & numbness in hand. Often tingling in fingers hand & feet. This condition I am suffering more than 10 years. I am a diabetic patient for 16 years. I have high B.P also. May I get any suitable homeo remedy for that. Please advise.

  131. Hello Sir, i am suffering from acute pain in neck …specially when i worked on oomputer key board and at the time of sleeping. There is stiffness in neck and shoulder. There is swelling in back of neck. Eye pain and headache also. Request for your guidance please.

  132. Joan Fernando says:

    An excellent overview of cervical spondylosis and appropriate homoeopathic remediesw – however no mention of potencies!

  133. Janglu Randive says:

    Cervical spon. At c3-4 mild diffuse circumferential disc ulge with left paracentral protrusion f disc mild indentation over thecal sac (more on left side) & mild narrowing of both neural formation (L>R) (2) C5-6 mild duffse circumferencetial disc bulge with right paracentral protrusion of disc causing mild indentation over thecal sac (more onright side) & mild narrowing of both neural foramina (R>L) (3) At C6-7 mild diffuse posterior disc bulge causing mild indentation over thecal sac & mild narrowing of both neural foramina. (IMPRESSINS OF MRI)

  134. dinesh ghosh says:

    C5 & c6 cervical spondylosis medicine name

  135. Shachi Asthana says:

    I’m a 42 year old female. Which homeopathic medicine should be taken for pain and stiffness in neck and left shoulder and arm. My shoulder and arm is always painting and there is weakness in left arm too. Sometimes a pulsating pain is also felt in left upper arm.

  136. MOHAMMAD JANI says:

    I have pain at neck and it’s upper part.In MRI ,the problem is my Spain angle is132 ,it is lessthan to normal angle,normal angle is 150 pulse .what I can do sir,for my problem.My age 22.

  137. Doctor vishal says:

    Bio Combination 26 for normal delivery

  138. Keshav agarwal 40 says:

    C5 c6 compressed pls advise best hmpthy mdcns

  139. Barbara Cowper says:

    40yrs ago I received a whiplash and my head would not leave my shoulder. A neck collar was fitted and seemed to help at first, then 3 yrs later I had extreme pain on the opposite side and a metal plate was inserted into the back of my neck. Now I have constant pain with no movement without pain. My doctor has advised pain killing injections.
    Could you recommend a homeopathic remedy please?

  140. Vivian Lavie says:

    I was diagnized with occipital neuralgia.What do you recommend as a treatment for me.?Thank you so much

  141. tulasidevi Malla says:

    Ihave low back pain .leftshoulderpain andIfeelgiddiness . wheniam inrest for hours I feel better but if I work and go out for shopping and bank. Ifeel very weak the rest of the day ifeelnervous weakness giiddinessihave since 2 monthis this problem I am 66 yearsold.

  142. tulasidevi Malla says:

    Ihave low back pain .leftshoulderpain andIfeelgiddiness . wheniam inrest for hours I feel better but if I work and go out for shopping and bank. Ifeel very weak the rest of the day ifeelnervous weakness giddinessihave since 2 monthis this problem


  144. Sir,
    I found the medicines RhusTox, Paris Quadrifolia and Kalmia Latifolia will be useful according to my symptoms. But of which power and what should be the dose I want to know. My age is 47 years and I feel pain in shoulder, numb in hand and tingling,prickling in hand & fingures.

  145. s.s.varshneya says:

    i am feeling pain in neck …specially when i worked on oomputer key board and at the time of sleeping …i am taking spondin of homeopathic but feeling no relief .

  146. Zaheer akram paracha says:

    Dear dr Sharma
    My younger brother Sakhawat Akram is suffring in sringomeleia
    When he was 20years he was fiver and dr diagnosed
    Meningitis . Some time dr take flude from spinal cord
    Now he gone fitts shot time one minuts are more time
    His leggs very weak cannot walk him self pl prescribe homeopathic medicin.thank you

  147. Hi Dr. sharma. I have cervical dystonia and I had great relief from the remedy Phytolacca. I’m almost pain free. By the way, the condition also involves involuntary head tremor, something homeopathy wasnt able to eliminate. I get Botox shots every 3 months (relatively low dose). I’m very happy, at least, to be pain free and function in a normal way.

  148. mubashir ahmad says:

    hello…i work on computer most of the time and my neck and back ribs get stiffed. sometimes even difficult to move neck and bend..what is the best homoeo medicine for it?

  149. NEETU DALAL says:

    Hello Sir, I am suffering from acute survical pain with vertigo. There is stiffness in neck and shoulder. There is swelling in back of neck. Eye pain , Low Blood pressure and headache also. Suffering from last 7 -8 years. Request for ur guidance please.

  150. D. K. Singh says:

    Sir, I was operated in 2013 for cervical lemictonamy. From c-2 to c-7 st present i can walk a small. distance with stick. also have balance problem. I am also weighed about 79 kg. please advice me how can I walk with help of what type of medicine . reply is requested.

  151. Khess.Lazrus says:


    I have been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis. Most of the time I feel giddy associated with loss of balance. I also have problems with fast moving objects in the screen.
    Please advise.

  152. Disc osteophyte complex protursion at c5-6,c6-7 causing thecal sac compression with intendation over cor moves towards left side
    Is the problem identified in mri scan

  153. Dr sir mujhe sans ki paroblum h or khasi bhi bahot ati h chlne se bhi paresan ho jata hu calta hu to khasi or sans fulta h or ulti si aane ko hoti h or esa lagta jese bathroom aane wala ho…………………….pleas aap mujhe koi dava batae

  154. Hi Namastey Dr
    I am getting pain in the right side of my neck and a metal taste in mouth ths is now day the 3rd day

  155. narendra singh says:

    im sufring from cervical spondlosis c3-6 level.numbness & some neck pain plz advise me.its my starting
    my no 9897722000

  156. Imdad Memon says:

    Dear Dr. I have pain in Right arm, After M.R.I, I have told by the Doctors that you have disc in C5-C6 Cervical spinal, i have got treatment since last 2 months, but the pain is reduce for 2 – 3 days, after than it was increased, at the moment i have very much pain when i sleep or awake. Doctors has advise me for cervical surgery but I am not ready for the Operation. At the moment i have use homeopathic drops “Cimicifuga & Calcium Phosphoricum 30” since last 3 days, My pain is reduce in day time, but in night & specially morning time after awoke it is high pain in my right arm. So please what will you suggest. An early reply will be very much appreciated. Waiting for your quick reply because i have very much pain.


  157. Rachna Pandey says:

    My father is having continuous fever for past 2 months.And also Diabectic for past 20 years but takes medicine only.
    Passes urine before reaching the washroom.
    When having high fever is unable to walk.
    Was hospitalized for 5 days for severe urine infections and high fever.
    After discharge from hospital Complains of back pain and does not allow to touch
    his due to pain.
    Is not eating food also.

  158. Sir, My husband facing s1 l5 problem. Drs. Advised surgery.Is
    this problem curable by homeopathy. Pl reply

  159. Birendra Krishna Banerjee says:

    My wife is suffering Cervical Spondylosis for last one month, last 15 days she is suffering severely. X-ray Report shows that “Evidence of loss of normal cervical lordosis with slight diminution of the disc space in between C5 and C6 vertebrae”. Blood Test for Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy : Report : 20.38 ng/ml. Calcium: 8.3 mg/dl.
    At present her pain is beyond limit/ unbearable. It continues for more than 3 days without a break. Pain killer medicines are useless for this pain. It is spreading from neck to elbow of right hand. Please advise that she could get relief from this unbearable pain.
    With Regards.

  160. Hemanth Katiyar says:

    Dr sahab pranam

    I work on computer 6-8 hours daily in my right hand whole hand become numb and feel jhanjhanahat several times in a day
    and some times stiffness pain in back of nack

    kindly suggest medicine

  161. Rakesh Rane says:

    I am currently 46 years of age have been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis – my left arm & hand pains.
    Report says disc space between c3 to c7 are narrowed. Cervical spine shows loss of normal curvature suggesting muscular spasm, bodies of cervical vertebrae show degenerative changes. Request to suggest medicine & some exercise for immediate relief

  162. S chatterjee says:

    I have been diagnosed with cervical spondolosis (C5 and C 6)10 yrs back and after treatment it got cured,but lately after i picked up a heavy bag and again it has aggeavated and now facing pain in neck going down the left hand upto elbow with slight numbness in the hand.Please suggest an appropiate medicine for quick relief.

  163. Irshad Anwer says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    This is Irshad,49 years old Male. I am Suffering from Mild cervical and dorso lumbar spondylosis.
    C3-4 disc indenting thecal sac,mildly impinging on C4 nerve root
    C5-6 disc impinging on C6 nerve root
    C6-7 disc impinging on C7 nerve root

    I am experiencing severe pain in neck,shoulder shooting down the arms. Also drowsiness, dry mouth and eyes while sleeping.

    Need your valuable suggestions.

    Thank You!

  164. Ishtiaque Hossain says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    It was surely great to have read your article on Cervical Spondylosis. I have a question where I want to ask if I could combine the use of Guaicum and Rhus tox since my mother is showing symptoms stiffness after waking up, severe pain and rigidity.

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