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Feeling Pain in the Neck along with Numbness and Tingling in Hands? Try Homeopathy

Neck pain is one of the most common health issues that a physician frequently comes across in clinical practice. In some cases, numbness and tingling in the hands may accompany. Pain from the neck may radiate down the arms to the hands and fingers in some cases. Neck stiffness, weakness in the hands and dizziness/vertigo may also be the other attending symptoms apart from the above-mentioned features.

Numbness and tingling in the hands along with neck pain mainly happens from pinching, compression or irritation of a nerve in the cervical spine. It is medically known as cervical radiculopathy. Nerve pinching may occur from several reasons. These include disc bulge, herniated disc or arthritis of the neck (cervical spondylosis), degenerative changes in the cervical spine, bony spurs and a spine injury in the cervical region. Disc bulge indicates bulging out of the intervertebral disc (cushions lying in between the two vertebrae that comprise of a tough outer layer and a soft gel-like matter in the center) from its place that pinches the nerve in the spine. Herniated disc refers to oozing out of the inner gel-like matter from the disc from a tear in the outer layer of the disc that compresses the nerve. Arthritis of the neck or cervical spondylosis refers to wear and tear or degeneration of different structures in the cervical spine that includes the seven cervical vertebra (the 7 bones stacked one over the other in the spine of the neck), intervertebral discs, joints, ligaments and tendons in the cervical spine. Degenerative changes in the cervical spine like drying out of the discs, and bulging of disc can occur as a part of aging or due to an injury to the spine. Bone spurs indicate extra small bony outgrowths that occur on the ends of the bones that can irritate or pinch the nerves. Less commonly some infection in the spine or tumour growths in the spine could be a reason.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy can offer great help in cases of neck pain attended with numbness and tingling in the hands. Homeopathy helps to overcome this complaint naturally by boosting the self-healing mechanism of the body. Homeopathic medicines are 100 % natural medicines so there is no worry about their side effects. There are no specific medicines in homeopathy and the suitable medicine is prescribed symptomatically for every individual case separately after detailed case evaluation. So it is advised to get every case evaluated by a homeopathic doctor and take medicine under the supervision of a doctor. Self-medication should not be done in any case. In some cases, numbness or tingling in the hands could point to serious health problems like Guillain-Barre syndrome, stroke, so one should always consult a doctor to rule out the cause, and in case of serious causes, immediate help from conventional mode of treatment should be taken as homeopathy has limitation in helping such serious cases.

Homeopathic Medicines For Neck Pain With Numbness And Tingling In Hands

1. Paris Quadrifolia – For Neck Pain With Numbness In Hands And Fingers

It is a highly recommended medicine to manage cases of neck pain attended with numbness in the hands and fingers. In cases needing it, the neck pain usually radiates down to the arms and fingers. Exertion worsens the neck pain and rest brings relief. Hand movement and grasping anything increases neck pain in most of the causes. The neck also feels stiff and swollen along with the above complaints. There is a feeling of weight in the neck and shoulders. Numbness and heat in the neck can also be felt. Another symptom that occurs is weakness in the neck as if occurring from bearing a heavy load on the neck. Weakness can also be felt in the arms in addition to the above complaints.

2. Kalmia Latifolia – For Neck Pain With Numbness And Tingling

Kalmia is an effective medicine to deal with cases of neck pain attended with numbness and tingling in the hands and arms.  The pain from the neck radiates down the fingers. Neck feels painful to touch. Pain gets  worse from movement and also at night usually in the early part of night. Neck feels stiff. Along with the above, weakness in the arm and hands can attend as well.

3. Rhus Tox – With Tingling In The Hands

Rhus Tox is a well-indicated medicine to manage neck pain with tingling sensation in the hands. The neck pain extends to the shoulders and arms. A very important attending symptom is stiffness in the neck. Neck pain gets better by moving the neck. The stiffness in the neck is relieved from massage and applying warmth to the neck. Rhus Tox is a prominent medicine to help cases where an injury or overstrain of the neck muscles is leading to the symptoms.

4. Hypericum – For Post Injury Complaint

Hypericum is a suitable medicine when neck pain, and numbness and tingling in the hands happens post-injury. Neck pain increases from even a little movement of the neck and arms. In cases requiring it, the neck is also highly sensitive to touch. Neck pain may reach the arms in many cases.

5. Causticum – With Pain, Stiffness Of Neck Extending To Back Of Head

Causticum can be given in cases of pain and stiffness of the neck extending to the back of the head along with numbness in the hands. In some cases, numbness occurs specifically in the thumb and the index finger along with neck pain. There is difficulty in moving the head due to stiffness in the neck. A tearing type of pain is felt in the neck. The right side of the neck also feels tense.

6. Calcarea Phos – With Neck Pain On Turning The Neck

This medicine is highly beneficial for cases of neck pain on turning the neck. It is attended with numbness in the hands. Stiffness is also felt in the neck. Cramps are felt in the neck on one side followed by the other side. Dullness is felt in the head. Neck pain and stiffness worsen from exposure to even little draughts of air in cases needing this medicine.

7. Gelsemium – Along With Dizziness

This medicine is well-indicated for cases of neck pain, numbness in the hands along with dizziness. In cases needing it, pain from the neck radiates to the shoulders and also the head. A bursting type of pain is felt in the head. Drawing or tearing pain may also be felt in the neck. Neck stiffness and weakness of the neck muscles also occur. Stiffness in the neck gets better by bending the head backward. The neck vertebrae are also sensitive to touch.

8. Lachesis – With Tingling In The Hands

This medicine is recommended for neck pain with tingling sensation in the hands. Tingling is mostly present in the left-side hand where this medicine is required. Neck is stiff too. There is tearing type of pain in the neck that radiates to the top of the head. The neck is also painful to touch and pressure. Heated sensation can be present in the neck region. Along with the above symptoms, numbness in the fingertips may be present in cases needing this medicine.


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  1. Suresh Thankappan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering neck pain from last one year. Many treatments of Ayurveda and Allopathy tried, but pain starts once medicine stopped. As per x-ray report, I have cervical spondylosis. I am not able to move my head completely to left side and upper side. I have numbness and tingling on my right hand. Sometime it feels there is decrease in the strength of my right hand. I have head ache also. Sometime feels like pain is in jugular vein.
    Please advise a treatment which can completely cure my above issues.

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