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Chronic Fatigue and Extreme Tiredness Making life Miserable ? Try Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies for chronic fatigue syndromeHomeopathic Remedies For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as the name suggests, refers to a constant feeling of being tired physically and mentally — almost like the body’s vital systems are switched off or are working on a low battery. The symptoms include unrefreshing sleep, pain in muscles or joints, and headache. A few people also experience impaired memory, confusion or poor and difficult concentrating power. Depressed feeling and mood swings, dizziness, vision problems may also be faced by some others. Sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes in neck or axillae are noticeable symptoms at times. The fatigue is marked to such an extent that it puts a hindrance in the daily routine work and resting does not bring much relief. The exact cause of Chronic Fatigue Symptom is not clear, but various factors have been linked to it. These include viral infection (Epstein Barr virus, herpes simplex virus1 and 2, measles virus , cytomegalovirus), dysfunction of immune system, genetic predisposition towards Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hormonal imbalance and stress. Homeopathic medicines, which are made from natural substances, are of great help in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The natural homeopathic remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will not only increase the body’s stamina, but will also energise the body’s immune system that will ultimately help in the cure of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Homeopathic Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be very efficiently treated with natural Homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic medicines are completely safe with zero side effects. Sourced from natural substances, the Homeopathic medicines help the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients by increasing the body stamina and threshold for fatigue against a particular level of exertion. They also help in energising the body’s immune system to come out of extreme physical or mental weakness and the person feels rejuvenated as a result.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Arsenic Album: Best Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with desire to lie down

Arsenic Album is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who feel like lying down all the time due to excessive fatigue. Standing, walking and the slightest exertion result in fatigue and lying down provides some relief to the person. Even a little exertion leads to utmost lack of strength and weakness. Such persons also hesitate and have fear exerting because they anticipate exhaustion as a result. Apart from disabling fatigue, anxiety may also show its presence in extreme levels.

Kali Phos: Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with extreme tiredness and weak memory

Kali Phos is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome where the slightest mental or physical exertion leads to extreme fatigue. For such persons, even a little work seems to be a very huge task. This is because of the consequent lethargic and fatigue condition it produces. Extreme prostration, weakness and tired feeling ensue from a little exertion. The person feels worn out as if all the energy has been drained out. Apart from lassitude and exhaustion, the person also complains of a weak memory. Forgetfulness accompanies a weak and impaired memory. Forgetfulness is noticeable while speaking or writing. Stressed mind and worries accompanying Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are also effectively cured by Homeopathic medicine Kali Phos.

Gelsemium: Homeopathic medicine for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with drowsiness and muscle pain

Gelsemium is the top natural Homeopathic medicine for extreme drowsiness accompanying fatigue. The person needing Gelsemium will complain of sleepiness throughout the day with disabling fatigue. Along with drowsiness and fatigue, heaviness in head may also be felt. A few persons experience dizziness and vertigo due to extreme fatigue and a tired feeling. Muscle weakness and pain also show their impact in such patients. The muscle pain is mostly present in neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs. The patient may also experience trembling and weakness in limbs.

Phosphoric Acid and Ignatia: Top Homeopathic remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with depression

Both Phosphoric Acid and Ignatia are prominent natural Homeopathic remedies to deal with Chronic Fatigue Symptom cases where grief and depression predominate. Phosphoric Acid is a Homeopathic remedy of great help when mental and physical weakness with dullness and impaired memory are marked symptoms. The person seems confused and has difficulty in comprehending. Memory weakness is extreme and a person is unable to find the exact words while writing or talking. Natural Homeopathic medicine Ignatia is best suited for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when a depressed state of mind, with weeping spells and changeable moods, is noticed with fatigue.

Picric Acid: Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with memory loss

Picric Acid is the natural Homeopathic remedy that is prescribed when mental debility with extremely weak memory advancing to complete loss is the main symptom of Chronic Fatigue Symptom. The person is not capable of thinking of or indulging in any kind of mental exertion. Studying or reading a little results in extreme fatigue. Headache also accompanies mental fatigue. Along with mental fatigue, muscle weakness and heaviness in whole body may also be present.

Sarcolacticum Acidum: Homeopathic medicine for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with feeling of weakness in morning

Sarcolacticum Acidum is the top natural Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue Symptom patients who have the feeling of utmost fatigue in morning time. Such persons wake up feeling exhausted in the morning and the fatigue continues throughout the day. The whole body feels powerless. Along with a tired feeling, there is also muscle weakness. The person needing Sarcolacticum Acidum usually complains of tiredness and weariness from doing simple activities. Even writing on a small piece of paper or going up and down the stairs seems to drain out all the bodily energy and leaves the person highly exhausted. The person also has sleeplessness at night.

Onosmodium: Homeopathic treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with head and eye complaints

Onosmodium is an ideal natural Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue Symptom patients who have head or vision complaints along with exhaustion. The eye complaints may be of varying characters, including eye pain or blurring of vision, or straining and weakness of eyes. The head complaints may be described as heaviness or pain in head. The headache may be noted in front, back or sides of head. Confusion, decreased concentrating power and memory weakness also come under the sphere for this Homoepathic medicine use. Along with head or eye complaints, the foremost symptom of extreme weariness and tiredness is always present.

Selenium and Conium: Homeopathic remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with extreme weakness after sex

Both Selenium and Conium are best natural Homeopathic medicines for patients of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who suffer from extreme prostration from sexual indulgence. For using Selenium, the marked symptoms are excessive weakness both in physical and mental spheres with sexual excesses and seminal losses. For Homeopathic medicine Conium to be prescribed, the important symptoms are increased fatigue, weakness especially in morning time and from walking. Sexual excesses are also noted here. Depressed state of mind with an aversion to do any work and a desire for loneliness also are marked symptoms.

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  1. madhura choughule says:

    Please suggest, I am unable to wake up in the morning. Almost sleeping up to 12 PM. My age is 29 yrs. Madhura

  2. prajwal singh says:

    Sir i had suffered frm jaundice for 2yr in 2013-14,at that time i also had pimple and acne problem,so i used to take medicine allopathic medicine after consulting doctor , since tht time i have noticed skin becoming dull and more dull, now i hve lost ny fairness and my become dull ,lips also dull and dry(i am 26yr old right now,i had jaundice at age of 20-21yr, now my liver effectively,now issue wid digestion)

    I hve to get rid of my dullness and regain fairness and black spot of face(if it can)

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  17. Doctor I am 30 years old my problems are
    feeling tired and fatigue during day time
    eye vision problem also
    head ache also

  18. Vikas Kumar Garg says:

    Sir my age is 32 years, Male
    My complaints are
    1.continue lethargic even after good sleep
    2.Acidity and gas
    3.Hyperhidrosis, anger, anxiety
    4.Hopeless most of the time( means no planning for future. Like future is diminished)

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  21. Melissa Fletcher says:

    Hi I have cfs/fibromyalgia /sleep apena /hoshimotos /pernicious anemia /pcos /osteoarthritis many vitamin defeciencys and intolerance. Sun and heat are major intolerance. All my life. More recent chemical intolerance, and food gluten, dairy, sugar -Stevia, alcohol,mag and soy.

    Main complaint is fatigue in morning can’t get up until 930 apex. Tightness in neck, isolate, back pain, stiffness, neuropathy in feet, numbness in arms left mostly. Head hot like on fire after eating, noise intolerance, belly fat, body odor, phosphorus high, Cal low, need Himalayan salt water in morning some days rare now for pots symptoms. Improving.

    Always need fan in, windows open even in winter live in snow high Desert. Still have windows open. With snow

    Brain fog, concentration poor, motivation poor, goals outlook fair hopefull.

    Painful cramps legs during irregular periods.

    Always thirsty cold drinks

    Spleen pain occasionaly.

    Eye watering, dry sandy in morning.
    Legs hate to stand in one place especially. Stairs cause weakness. Sex cause weakness, ptsd {(narssicistic mother) codependent

    Pee frequently, neck locks up from muscle tightness

    Thank you for guidance onto which of your supplements to buy.
    Was bedridden in 2017-18 8 months

    Sick 13 years up and down fatigue issues.

    Fibromyalgia runs on maternal side of mom’s family as well as hoshimotos

  22. I feel all the time tired and sleepiness. Can’t do exercise and gained weight. I am an alcoholic too.

  23. MaksimLiene says:

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  25. Rubeena Khan says:

    Gelsemium 200
    Every morning and evening

  26. Hi Dr Sharma, I am a 64 yr old black female. I have been suffering from lack of sleep for almost ten years with fatigue, and feeling as if I’m going to pass out. Many of my other symptoms are, dry skin, dry eyes , sensation of flashing light in my eyes ,itchy skin especially back and scalp, feeling of crawling bugs under my skin, weak and loss of hair, some concentration, hot flashes,

  27. Dr.Arun kumar says:

    I am suffering from extremely physical weakness ,fatigue ,osteoarthritis , many kinds of ear problem, eyes vision etc during allopathic treatment (minimum two years)of Lymph nodes MDR Tuberculosis since oct.2018 . help & advice me for

    • S P Agarwal says:

      Dr. SB,
      Having sugar from last eight years, BP from last five years, thyroid from last three years..Besides feeling arthritis problem, cervical,
      Now feeling very weak, powerless hand, bad memory, loss of concentration, shoulder joint pain, muscle pain, mental exhaustion after a work of one of two hour, headache, some time feel migration Symptom,like heavy head, forgetfulness, numbness in hand and cheek.

  28. I feel very exhausted after 2 hours of golf. Ism 79 years old msle

  29. Salma Abbas says:


    • SABYASACHI SEN says:


  30. I always remain in stress and loss of self confidence and always tired and full body pain

  31. Soumiya Selvaraj says:

    I feel sleepy all day and have headaches in the middle have muscle pain and uneasyness due to which i am not able to sleep properly

  32. Gail Naegele says:

    I was diagnosed with CFS 35 years ago, 7 years after a mycoplasma infection so serious that the 50 people reported with it were written in the NYC papers. 7 years later I caught EBV from my infant son and from then on have been on the long worsening journey. Symptoms and feelings of viruses occurring over and over again and worsening over the years, although I worked as a nurse, often parttime due to fatigue. After my second OHS for Aortic valve replacements, although my heart is working, nothing else is. I have most of the symptoms of ME/CHF; I infer an immunity imbalance of some kind, over and underactive. Sometimes I believe I don’t really have the same infection again; because no one ever caught anything from me. Now I am almost bedridden. I am out of options, almost every movement is tiring. No point in meaningless life I’ve always believed. I am now taking neuro recover liquesence, and total body liquesence; and am thinking of stopping the mycoblaster mycoplasma as my sore throat has cleared up. But the weakness and fatigue has not. Your input would be most appreciated.

  33. Col B N Sharma says:

    I am Col B N Sharma, retired 73 yr feel general weakness, heavy head, fatigue and temporary loss of memory difficult to recall.After sometime can recollect.Any homeopathy tonic

  34. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from Extreme fatigue, Constipation and frequent urination.
    Please advice.

  35. Dear Dr. Sharma. My Self is suffering from chronic fatigue problem. Small walking or doing any small things or going down stairs makes me exausted.
    pls suggest me which medicine should i take. sleep is also not refreshing.Legs feel exausted after a short walk.

  36. I am 74 years old, and have had CFS/ME for five years. I am housebound. Could homeopathy help me please.

  37. Dr. Sharia, I have my sister suffering from fatigue with joint and muscle pain . Mostly in morning and the end of her day she seems to be more fatigued. Not sure what to do to help her other than ibuprofen and epson salt soaks . Please help

  38. Sir, I am a disabled soldier from BSF. Retired 11 years back and diabetic for last 10 years. I am writing this for my son. He is 19 years and an engineering student (CS) first year. The problem is that he feels a lot of fatigue. He get out of the bed very late in the morning almost everyday. He studies but the marks he obtains is nothing but satisfactory. Every evening he goes to play foot ball along with his friends but becomes tired very soon and sitting in the gallery. He wants to study but couldn’t cope as he forget easily what he studied. His height is over 6 foot with a good physic but his thighs and buttex are little heavy, I felt. He has flat foot and I suggested some exercise for that and he felt pain like cramping when the bone slipped upward to its position and do not stay there.
    Please suggest whether the homeopathic medicine kali Phos is suitable for him or is there any other medicine available for him.
    With regards,

    From Kerala

  39. Jerry Goldberg says:

    Hi had bypass surgery with decreased ejection fraction. Suffer from fatigue and lassitude in the am and afternoon.
    Also have extreme chills with cold hands and feet. Have some famalsritu with homeopsth

  40. Dr. Sharma
    My age is 21 year …am bhms student .. i feel very depression ..violent headache. over thinking.. loss of concentration. Anger . What is remedy i gives sir plz help me .. my exam are near and do not concentrations on study

  41. Dr mahmood hussain. says:

    Dear dr sahib I am a medical doctor MBBS.My age is 61 and I am on zoloft (antidepressant) for almost 17 years.Now I feel lethargy and sometimes everything seems OK.I would be much obliged for your kind advise.Thankyou.Dr Mahmood Hussain Rawalpindi Pakistan.

  42. margaret herward says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have a condition called “Multifocal Motor Neuropathy” with CBD (conduction block defect). It affects my right side, that is my right arm and leg. It started about 19yrs ago in my right hand firstly affecting my fingers and then my wrist. My right leg is affected now making it difficult to walk. I had nerve conduction studies done which details the damage.

    I would be most grateful if you could let me know if this condition can be treated.

    Many Thanks

    Margaret Herward

  43. Manoj kumar says:

    Dr Sahib Jai hind
    My age is 50 now I start going to gym after gym excecises
    When I come back to Homé I feel very much tired and drowsiness pl advise me which medicine I take to cure this I also feel pain in my neck shoulders and lower back and legs. Pl advise me for medicine
    My weight is 105 kg and height is 5.7”.
    Thanks & Regards.

    • Hi

      I suffer from depression and tend to be lazy. I procrastinate and am very sensitive to what’s others think. I get offended easily as well and impulsive.

      Can you please help ?

  44. Mickey seltzer says:

    Am aged 82 and reasonably fit for the past few weeks I’ve felt sleepy but if I go for a walk I feel better, in the morning when I waken I feel I haven’t been tho sleep
    I’m a retired go
    Can you please advise a remedy

  45. Gururaju Mudunuru says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My father is 81 yrs old. he had High BP and hypoglycemia . recently he fell down on his back side and had was diagnosed that a nerve inside brain had broken and slight bleeding and said the sudden fall was due to low sodium levels. He was treated and discharged from hospital. At that time I gave arnica 1m for every 3 hrs for 2 days. it was happened last month. for the past two weeks he is complaining of severe weakness in sleep ie usually after midnight and before early morning. at that time he is taking glucose and a cup of stong coffee. and a Zarda pan (he had that habit for the last 50 yrs|). then he says he is feeling better and is going to sleep.
    Sir please let me know what is the reason for this and what is the best medicine in homeopathy?

    Thanking You Sir.

    Yours sincerely

    Gururaju Mudunuru.

  46. Umesh Saxena says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My wife 85 years suffers from Type 2 Diabetes for the last twenty years. The sugar level is in control with heavy medication. She has suffered severe vertigo problems together with neuralgic pain in the right leg which is better with Homoeopathic treatment. She also suffered from syncope on several occasions for which allopathic medicines were given for longer duration and still continuing.

    Lately, she has started feeling vey weak and weary and sleepy almost through out the day with complaint of body pain too mostly in legs.

    What medication do we try for her to get over these symptoms.

    Thanking you for your guidance in the matter.

    Umesh Saxena

  47. saima waqar says:

    My mother is stomach cancer patient.after having 4 sessions of cheemotherapy she becomes very weak that she can not walk or even sit.always have the the desire to lay down .have stomach pain and also body pain.
    Become angry when force to eat.she doesn’t take any diet only some liquids.
    For her extreme weakness kindly suggest any medicine.

  48. Hello Dr.Sharma,
    Thank you very much for your article and good volition to help people!
    I start to feel very tired from life 8 years ago. This means that everything that I start to do makes me tiered in a very short time. I just don’t have any energy to do ordinary thinks from daily life. I feel drowsy, sleepy and even the thought about doing something makes me feel very tired. I have also back, neck and hips pain. Life is so miserable for me.

  49. Jeremy Lindberg says:

    Thank you for your article about chronic fatigue. Very interesting. I just wonder in which dilutions you’ll recommend to take some of them? Is it possible to mix them for exemple arsenic, kali, gelsemium, sarcolacticum and onosmodium?
    Thank you very much for your answer. Here in Sweden there is no good homeopath…
    Best regards,

    Jeremy Lindberg.

  50. What remedy addresses chronic fatigue and cold fingers toes and nose following an emotional upset?

  51. N v s pavan kumar says:

    Hi doctor
    My name is pavan Kumar working as assistant professor. Recently I had problem with my neck and it was diagnosed as spondilosis by nuerologist after x Ray and scan . For sticky Ness and for sleep I was given madicunes. I am facing vertigo problem mostly in the morning time. I am not able to do my routine work. I am under pressure to finish my research work for the past few months. My eyes getting blurred.became alcoholic and depressed. I put up more weight. About 15 kgs excess. I am single and age 43. Recently suffering from high blood pressure and high pulse rate.
    Could you please suggest me how to come out of this.
    Thanking you

  52. Hi i am a care giver to someone that has suffered a stroke and has cfs we are experiencing a lot of tiredness from the rehab of the stroke she has meditations that helps at bedtime but the cfs has increased more since stroke and she is older and said the last time she seen a specialist they told her exercise is not good i tried to explain technology and medicine has came along way things change can you please help give me ideas

  53. mohammad aslam says:

    Hello doctor
    I m MOHAMMAD ASLAM I am suffering from ankylo spondilysis and my body exhaust very fast though I m taking alopathic medicine for ankylo but my main problem is fatigue since i exhaust very fast.

  54. rupon sinha says:

    I have snoring problem
    When I wake up , I did not feel fresh, feel sleepy.
    The whole day goes with laziness .it seems eyes closes sometimes when I work in computer.
    Please suggest medicine. I am 42 yr old with 85 kg weight with tummy

  55. Patricia Simpson says:

    Hi my name is Patricia I am suffering from sever fatigue falling asleep at work at times well driving. I am on pain meds as well as blood sugar meds, BloodPressure? Lyerica. I am on social security and not eating as well as I need to what can I do?

  56. Tania CD says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I have post viral flu fatigue that has lasted almost a month. I also have stomach distress as in constipation and indigestion. I would like to try Sarcolacticum acidum but what potency should I use? How often–3-5x a day?

  57. Good Morning Doctor
    My son is 21 years old studying in IIT. He is not able to cope up with his studies and has little depression. He was on drugs (Weeds and alcohol ) for a year or so. He is taking Flunil and Modalert Madicines for last 2 months . He is not going to classes for last 6 months. He sleeps from 2 AM to 6 PM – 14 hours a day. He looks tired.Now not taking drugs. Hypersomnia may be a withdrawal symptom. Kindly prescribe some homeopathic medicine.

  58. Barbara Ernst says:

    Hi, in 2016 I had several bouts of extreme fatigue, which would last 1-2 months. Almost always following dental surgery (& anesthesia & penicillin). I had 5-6 surgeries that year, including a MOHS surgery for basal cell cancer near my lip. Received lots of anesthesia that day since it took 5 attempts, and I was there for 7 hrs. That was the first time I got the fatigue which lasted 2 months — other than in 1987 for 4 months after I contracted Epstein Barr virus. My symptoms are only extreme fatigue, and some muscle aches. I’m unable to do anything more than mild exercise on a good day. Usually I swim, bike, hike, etc. Western doctors told me nothing showed up in their tests. Nothing was wrong. I found acupuncture helped some & I tried taking homeopathic phosphorus. Almost immediately I felt better. And After the dental surgeries were over I had a good year–2017. Then in Jan this year, I got strep throat, got a shot of penicillin, then came down w the flu the next day. My sense is my immune system works overtime when I’m sick & can trigger this fatigue — after something like the flu. But The phosphorus and acupuncture have not been helping currently. Do you have any suggestion for a different homeopathic remedy? Thank you so much!!

  59. Davina McGovern says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I suffer from a few conditions such as depression, fibromyalgia, a blood condition which all make me suffer chronic fatigue. I don’t sleep very well at night because of these conditions and also because I’m sore with arthritis.
    Any advice would be appreciated thanks

  60. Dear Sir,
    I am 45 years old I am a smoker and I drink 3 times in a week. I am feeling no energy in the morning of every day. I am suffering with leg cramps also in morning.
    Please advice me medicine.
    Thanking you sir.

  61. I am Krishnan, 38 years old, after sex I feel very tired, my eyes get dry and burning and side of the liver is paining, nowadays my soles also burning during day and evening, please suggest me the medicine

  62. Dear Dr Sharma, I’ve been suffering with SEVERE CHRONIC FATIGUE for years now . I tried everything from adderall other medications & stimulants supplements & I always suffer with bad side effects. I think a lot of my fatigue is caused from having insomnia at night. I have taken the strongest sleep aid at night but no matter what I always wake up constantly so when it’s time form me to get up in the morning it feels like death . It’s even hard for me to wake up in their early afternoon. I’ve tried eating healthy & exercising but exercising only makes me more tired . Could you please tell me the best homeopathic treatment that could me . So DESPERATELY TIRED OF ALWAYS BEING SLEEPY TIRED & HAVING LOW MOODS . PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAY COULD HELP . Thanks in Advance Shan

  63. Dear Dr Sharma

    My son who is 22yrs old is suffering from conditions similar to CFS for the past 7 years. Recently the condition is very severe to the points it’s become difficult for him to perform simplistic tasks. He feels fatigue all the time, even when resting, pain all over his body, under the ribs and head seems difficult to hold up. He has to focus on his body to walk straight.

    How could you assist him?

  64. Gautam Ghosh says:

    Sir my father unable to stand or walk and donot desire eat anything with somewhile vomiting or gas form in stomach

  65. Dear sir,
    I feel so tired after food (eat biscuits also). I am 40 years old. I had back pain in neck and muscle pain also. Please suggest me a medicine.

  66. Harish Sachdeva says:

    On the start of cold season.Even people could not know the start of cold season but my body recognize it and u catch cold and which is also heavy type. Start with inflammation of mucous membrane of throat a D chest followed by thick plegm in nostrils , throat. Please suggest constitutional medicine.

  67. Hasnain Alvi says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a 25 year old unmarried male. I usually try to maintain gap of 7- 8 days between two masturbation sessions. But whenever I fail to maintain the above gap i.e is if i do it on 3rd 4th or 5th day, I face innumerable problems such as constant headache lasting for more than 3 days, lethargy, inability to concentrate, unrefreshing sleep and many other physical, pschychological and mental problems. Pls help me

  68. Dr, I have extreme mental exhaustion I cannot even shower or wash my hair, emotional stress inability to feel , terrified , lethargic, fear to leave the house.
    Sick in the stomach from nerves, heavy eyelids want to close my eyes.
    Its dangerous I am scared because I can’t think properly. Right breast hurts to left of niple to underarm, can’t find any lumps , left breast no such feeling no pain.

    I am so exhausted, utterly totally , hardly sleep . scalp feels awful not washed for months but can’t face it.

    Please and thank you if you could help, thank you.

  69. ajay verma says:

    hello dr.

    my age in 35 years. i feel Always fatigue,feel after sleeping but all time is my body fatigue, so please remanded best medicine

  70. Bharat Sarkar says:

    My age is 62. I feels always tired, feel fresh after bathing, have ED, pain in neck , back and muscle pain all over short respirations, memory loss especially of faces, easily exhausted. Prostrate large but not much symptoms. Have constipation. Overweight too.

  71. My husband is 49. He’s had 4 heart attacks since turning 40. He’s still a smoker. He lost his kidney to stage 4 kidney cancer a year ago. No chemo or radiation was required. Prior to the discovery of the kidney tumor he was ill with extreme fatigue, nausea as if constantly sea sick, weight loss, and depression. The nausea left with the removal of the kidney. His energy has never returned. He has been passed from doctor to doctor never finding out why he’s constantly fatigued from the slightest tasks. He’s been unable to work for 2 years because of the fatigue. Any ideas?

  72. Krystyna Rabin says:

    My granddaughter contracted glandular fever Sept 2016. Since then she has hardly attended her new school, feels constantly fatigued, recurrent ulcers on throat, feeling very down, muscle aches and pains.
    4 monthe before she witnessed my mother have a stroke and die 2 weeks later, and there have been other stressful things since then.
    She has just seen the CFS clinic in Manchester and will have graded exercise and other things to try to help her. There is a 4 month waiting list for CAMHS!
    Any suggestions please to help her ?
    Thank you.
    Krys Rabin

  73. poonam verma says:

    Dear sir,
    My mother is 65 years old and she was diagnosed with IBS and had extreme hyperacidity three years ago. I took her to homeopathic doctor and although she does not have hyperacidity but one symptom remains untreatable since three years. her ct scans shows no sign of problems in her head. she suffers from following symptoms:
    early in the morning when she goes for getting fresh, she feels completely drained off. she has continous stiffness at back of her head and her left head. she feels fatigued throughout the day. any medicine starts acidity in her stomach. she also feels bloated throughout the day. she sleeps ok at night.

    • Muhammad Farrukh Mahmud says:

      I am 72 years old,for the last few months I feel fatigued and sour in the morning . I walk briskly 5 miles every day
      please advise
      Muhammad Farrukh Mahmud

  74. What would you recommend for chronic fatigue from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Idiopathic Neutropenia? I also have a foggy memory and suffer from depression. I am exhausted most of the time and I am on anti-depressants.

  75. Sanjay Rai says:

    Sometime I feel very sleepy,tired and weak and pain too in my whole body

  76. Ch Rama Krishna Reddy says:

    I am very very weak I feel always lethargic I am not finding words to speak some time no sexual desire if I do simple work I am getting pain in the back kindly suggest me some relief from this mental agony

  77. hi i m rounak . i always feel very tired n my sexual desire has gone down .what should i take.

  78. COL M RBose says:

    Morning weakness & breathlessness but evening ok.
    Pl suggest me effective homeopathic medicine

  79. Sir, i feel weakness in morning time when I wake up and also feel day to day weakness increases. I have food and all on time no problem to hunger.
    My age 61 year

  80. Arvind Sharma says:

    I Feel like lying down all the time due to excessive fatigue. Standing, walking and the slightest exertion result in fatigue and lying down provides some relief and it is happening since one year. please advise me good medicine to get it cure.

    Best Regards,

    Arvind Sharma

  81. Dr Sahab,
    I am a chronic Fibromyalgia patient for last 7-8 years with body and muscle pains along with brain fogginess and memory issues.
    Now body pain persists for whole day.
    Pain in neck extending to whole spine and low back.
    On medication for Hashimotk Thyroiditis and High BP.
    All other tests and MRI brain is normal.
    Had taken homeopathic medicine Hyper,symphytom and coffe for a year but with little benefit.
    Now homeopath has added Aurum Metallicum twice a week.
    Pl guide.

  82. Hi
    I’m 35yrs old lady feel very tired and lazy whole day, I feel irritated with kids and doesn’t like to do daily household chores.
    I need help as what type of food intake I should increase to feel better?
    I am pure vegetarian.
    Till date touchwood I don’t have any disease.
    Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

  83. Syed Shufkat Ali says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I have got typhoid fever with severe pain in stomach. Doctor has suggested me injections of 1 gram , two pairs of each for regular 3 days. But I am still feeling as I am going to die and my brain and heart feels constricted and suffocated. When I drink water it feels uncontrollable pain in my lever and my intestines feels as if they are tearing apart . Please suggest some homeopathic treatment.

    Yours sincerely,
    Syed Shufkat Ali

  84. Ram JI Pandey says:

    My mother is of 78 years old, she is having paing in her left arm from neck to elbow and pain in both legs from waist to whole leg while walking and feel heavy tiredness of heart even walking a few steps. Aprt from this she had no problem. No BP , No Sugar etc. Her weight is more.Prescribe a proper medicine to correct her problem and make her fit.

  85. Eli saastad says:

    I have a 16 year old daugther with constant nausea and tiredness for 6 months. Doctors cant fint anything wrong. She is not vomiting, but have a very poor appetite. Befor christmas she used to exercise and was an active and normal teenager. Suddently during christmas she felt nausea and it has been like that since. Due to the nausea she only feels like relativt and lying down in bed after school. This gives her a very bad life Quality. We now start wondering if she got ME.

  86. Mme Sahar says:

    Hey Dr. Sharma,

    I am 48 years old, had headaches whole my life and in past few years, got migraines terribles attacks which last 4 to 5 days, almost twice a month. M extremely tired alll the times, cant sleep until 3 am and cant get up until 11 or 12 during day time. no energy no motivation.. stay at home, cant go out even for a walk..

    Help me please.

    Thank you very much.

  87. September Payne says:

    Sudden exhaustion needing to lie down all day and miss work. Too tired to breathe, eyes feel tight in sockets , body very heavy, disappearing into the bed. thinking slowly, no energy to read or write, occasionally a big breathe and sighing. Warm. Dry mouth. Feeling could sleep for days. Feeling stress high in chest and parathyroid area.

  88. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have been suffering from mental and physical fatigue on a regular basis last couple of years. I suffer from some family issues and think about them quite often unknowingly. I start having headache right in the morning, heaviness and irritation in the eyes, notice blurred vision quite often and find it difficult to concentrate on my work. Have also been witnessing memory loss consistently and find it difficult to recall names and other information.

    I suffer from chronic Sinusitis and Bronchitis and have developed a tendency to form kidney stones of late. request for your help in diagnosing the exact problem and finding a solution for the same.

    Kind regards

  89. He is over weight and works but don’t do much but tired a lot he wonders what is wrong with him and don’t like to see Drs

  90. I am having CFS Symptoms for a long time and mind depression , I have developed and sleep disorders.

    Kindly suggest me which homeopathy medicine should I take and I have heard of Alfa Alfa tonic

    I have black Labrador 11 years age has got operated for hematoma but the swolling keeps coming back again n again. I have started giving him Buforana. Arnica. Hamemelis 200 3 times a day..

    Kindly suggest me a better medicine n ointment..can hypericum be giving along with these medicines


  91. Mr M Suday says:

    Dear doctor ,
    Thank you very much for being kind to let people get in touch with you about their problems.
    I am straggling with my fatigue for last 20 years and I have seen many doctors and I have done all the tests and all scans you can imagine but all come as normal and all the doctors think I am depressed and they give me medication from all sorts with no noticeable result. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt say I am suffering from depression, surly after being medication for year or more I should of felt little better right ? But I don’t ! My symptoms as follows
    Very tired all the time, forgetfulness, sleep disorder, very poor concentration, no asexual desire, ED, even thinking about doing something makes me tired , can’t plan, can’t think and create things in my head , hard to learn new things , and many other things like this which makes life very difficult to enjoy and because of all this , I lose friends family , people don’t seem to understand . I really hope that you can help !
    Many thanks,
    Mr. Suday

  92. Hello dr sb
    from a long time i feel faintness and sleepy after taking breakfast what is causes of this
    i aftraid of faintness

  93. Jaison Roy says:

    I have brain fog ,neck pain and slight vision problem as well as eye twiches. Please help as everyone failed to diagnose my problem.

  94. Dear Dr Sharma,

    My husband had a flu virus 2 months ago and was treated for a sinus infection, after the virus he was diagnosed with post viral fatigue and vertigo, he has not worked in 2 months and is sleeping most of the day always tired and gets very dizzy when he does activity. The doctor just tells him to rest and wait to get better, he has improved a lot and now is less dizzy but still sleeping a lot, what can we do to help him?

    Thank you kindly

  95. As for This short note ,I find it very useful and convincing

  96. V.N.KAKKAR says:

    For long time I notice that I get sleep while travelling in Metro, while watching TV serials. And always feel tiredness. Heaviness and pain on shoulders with woolen cloths and coat. Loss of concentration in any matter. Irritation loosing temper etc. are prevailing phenomenon.


  97. iftikhar ahmad says:

    sir please prescribe me medicine for body aeching specially in leg .between knee joint and ankle jon place

  98. narinder singh says:

    Hello Dr.,

    Im suffering from CFS since last 2 years and on bed most of the time. the vision gets blurred if I use mobile for even 2 minutes and gradually it becomes normal. Have headache occassionally. Im suffering from strees, anxeity and depression. Have breathlessness problem also.

    Kindly guide me which would be the best medicine for me.

  99. mentally tired after a little house hold work… resulting shouting in kids. rapid heart rate upset stomach and nausea…. life is fully stressed… I am overweight want to reduce weight also…. had an accident last year.. femur and wrist bone fractured

  100. Have had chronic fatigue for years.
    Md recently treated with me with prescription Concerta (like an extended release Ritalin).
    It helped tremendously however now no md’s want to prescribe (very highly regulated here).
    Its crazy because this has been the first time in years that I have been able to get out of bed before noon, and actually have some semblance of a normal life.
    I would love to find a natural / homeopathic alternative.
    From descriptions above I feel like Sarcolacticum Acidum would be the best fit for me. What dosage and how often would you recommend.
    Thank-you so much,

  101. David Rodriguez says:

    fantastic information, thanks for posting… great stuff

  102. Dr
    My life is miserable I am having pain all over the body joints musules sleeping makes it worse in morning applied pressure for long time due to sitting for long time or while sleep in same position for long time make that part painful and pain will sustain fo several days sometime weeks and sometimes pain is in joints like shoulder hip or back after sleep n it did not go away easily I am having extreme migraine frequently always feel so tired that I do not want to do anything other than rest I feel cold even though I am sweatig my systems r more worse on my left side of my body n sensitivity to cold n warm is also much higher on left side .I am hopeless more due to no one understands my physical state or pain I am going through everyone blames it on me like I am giving exuses for not doing anything, even doctors do not understands . My problem stared with wrist n shoulder pain on left side before 12 years I m 30 now since then it keeps on grasping n now my whole body hurts like hell some times I am unable to determine where it is hurting most n where not at all… Please guide me what should I do or is there any hope fr me….

  103. Linda Parsons says:

    Hi there I am a woman of 51 yrs old and have suffered with fibromyalgia for 11 yrs now but for the last 18 months I’ve been suffering from severe CFS ME as my doctor says ,I am tired from the minute I wake to say tired is a understatement I’m exhausted , no matter how much sleep I get I just fall asleep all the time ,I’ve had all the ushall blood test to rule anything more serious out and they came back normal , I’ve got no value of life I’m on high amounts of opoids including morphine but to b honest it doesn’t touch my pain my body is so used to the dose after so long , I am desperate to go down the road of alternative medicine but am a total dummy to it I don’t have a clue , I have read through all the above but feel rather confused as what may b best for me as I suffer from at least one or two on each symptoms list ,could u please advise me which meds I could take and could I take more than one of these meds at the same time .

  104. Pramila Mishra says:

    my age is 45. feeling drowsy all time, if no work left. feeling more drowsy while reading. doing a little work feel tired and wish to sleep for an hour.catching cold majority time. Please advice.

  105. Dr N Mondol BHMS says:

    I am 40.I have family history of anxity, hypothyroidism,hypertention Cerebral attacks .After brestfeeding of my child i did not care my health gradully i fall in hypothyroidism hypertention.I take amytrine 3-4years for recovery now i take sarta50 alternate days .But i am overthinker i know i did not controle myself i have cervical spondylisis mildly that is increase after over thinking start vertigo ,dizziness ,all times wants to bed,hiting child, frastation comes ,loose motion starts ,i want to rest of mind but not comes .my childs age is now 12
    For this time i take bryonia , gel, bell ,aconite pls dr am i right or not pls advice me

  106. Headache, body becomes white, low bp, always fatigue in body, joint pain, some times some parts of the body become like a paralysed part, in such a way that we put our hand or leg in any position then after some time we want to move the fingers then their is no feeling just like paralysedness, swelling on body

  107. SESH IYENGAR says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    Today I read your website suggesting Homeopathy medicines for Chronic fatigue and extreme tiredness.

    Let me narrate my ailment… I am 61 years, feel sleepy & yawning losing focus on hearing or listening to what people are saying. I was in the middle east and there too over past 8 months this type of feeling was there. Before breakfast, there is a feeling hunger and a gnawing feel to eat something.
    After eating or drinking say coffee or tea or milk the hunger pang is satisfied and immediately say 10 – 20 minutes thereafter I feel sleepy, begin to yawn, or grit my teeth to suppress the yawn so as not to embarass myself or the other person. There is lack of enthusiasm and energy feel bored and have a wandering mind thereby not focusing what the other person has to say.

    Recently I have undertaken some outsourcing work from abroad and unable to focus…. I get a bit irritated and postpone doing the work for the next day…

    Please suggest a good homeopathic medicine to negate all the above symptoms and I should feel energetic to regain my earlier dispostition.

    Thank you sir.

    Sesh Iyengar

  108. Mere bete ki height 5.2 he wt 85 he galay me or jaws me dard rehta he bhook boht lagti he plz help

  109. Sir mere beti ko aksr bukhar rehta he age 21 he wt80 he height 5.3 he eye sight boht week he shadeed muscle pain or us ki veins me pain hota he walk se heart me pain hota he help


    dear s

    Dear sir
    I am 70 years old Ifeel very week in the morning,takes more time to get up in the morning.I am

    getting fatigue very fast after small work.I cannot walk little distance, some times gets calf
    muscle and sometine thigh pain.I loose temper early I im diabetic and having B P also.


  111. Dr. Jayanta Das. says:

    My brother age 48 yrs. is suffering from sleeping disease with snoring,respiratory distress & distended abdomen. He sleeps even when he is sitting. Thirst is less. Please advise me what medicine with potency to prescribe.

  112. I am feeling tired, headache, pain in whole body and also feeling low energy whole day. I am also not feeling sexually active.

  113. Sanjay Gupta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am writing this message for treatment required for my wife Anshu, She is suffering from CFS.
    The root casuse is rooted 8 to 9 yrs ago when she didn’t got good care and rest neither during the pregnancy nor after the delivery by cesarean. She was ignored for nutritious food required and the rest required during the said period.
    Because of all this she suffered from depression and chronic Low Blood pressure. I have got treatment done for depression through homeopathy. I am also giving ANGIOTON of Dr.Willmar Schwabe for treatment of Chronic Low Blood Pressure.

    Pls. suggest medicine for CFS and Chronic Low Blood Pressure considering that depression is also not fully vanished, its attack also comes due to old bad memories pregnancy period.


    Sanjay Gupta

  114. P. Mazumdar. says:

    Dear doctor sharma,
    I am eighty yr. old and suffering from leg muscle weakness. If I walk 10 yards I fell extreme weariness in my legs as I have walked 10 miles. It becomes difficult to continue walking without taking rest. This suffering is more during daytime less after sunset. I cannot stand sun or heat of summer. I prefer winter though normally i cannot take bath in cold water. I prefer both sweets and salty things. I am very emotional and short tempered and extremely punctual in life. Can you pl. suggest a medicine.

  115. kamalakar says:

    dear doctor ji

    for the past 3 days i was having fever, headache, cold, throat pain and joint pain. i took reckweg R -1 and R -6. since yesterday my fever had come down.
    now i am feeling slight giddiness and very weak & fatigue.

    kindly suggest me medicine


  116. sir
    last two days i have fever with shunken eyes & dark circle around eyes also feel weakness,pls suggest some remedies

  117. sir
    i have a fever from last 2 days ,with shunken eyes & dark circle around eyes,also feeling quite weaknees,pls suggest some remedies.

  118. Jennifer says:

    I’ve recently had a baby 6 weeks ago. Even during pregnancy I was very tired. Now it’s even worse. I’m tired and weak an have no energy. Prior to no energy it started with my joints hurting. Especially at night and first thing in the morning. I can’t walk Down stairs. My hips and ankles and back hurt.

  119. I feel quite tired all the time. Lacks self confidence upto the level that i cant stand for my own. People are befooling me n even i cant ask for my own money from them . makes false excuses all the time lies to myself as well. sexual weakness is also there with early dischrge.

  120. Raza Qadri says:

    hi doctor
    raza from islamabad pakistan, age 36 fat 130 kg hieght 6′ 5” fair color tired extremly numbness in both feet restless at night, too much worried about domestic issues family related bearly control my urine which is dark in colour. plz see carlsbad aqua that covers most of my symptoms.
    i m having great general weakness tiredness low control over urination plz suggest me a remedy..

  121. Nadeem William says:

    Dear dr. I am 47 years of age with liver cirrhosis. Although my tests of lft and cbc are fine. From one month feeing tired. Sleep disorder. Anxiety and vertigo type condition, sometimes fear of falling. I ve tried opium 200x. Little effective. Plesse tell me some medicine safe for my liver.

  122. sir help me i am 20 year old very poor person.

    from 2 years i am tired and energyless all the time
    headache, concentration problem and my all joint pain without redness swelling
    i test all test d3 ,thyroid,rbc,cortisol,celaic,
    nobody can found my disease i want your help. i thinck this is chornic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. otherwise i will suiside
    my no .9823665172

  123. Sir, my mother is 64 yrs old ,on 08 march 16 ,she has undergone PIVD c5-c6 cervical spine surgery….after one month she is feeling very much weakness, no power in body..heaviness/ weight in whole body….without support she can’t walk..not sleep…she feels no power in her body……kindly suggest me to cure this problm….

  124. p. mazumdar says:

    i feel extreme weariness in my legs after a short walk. i am 80 yrs old. male patient. can you pl. suggest a medicine.

  125. Sanjeev says:

    My age is 54 years. I always feel tired. My BP and blood sugar is normal.
    What should be the potency and dose of Kali Phos for me?

  126. Priyank Chabhadia says:

    I am said that I am sufferring from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome..No allopathy cure..
    can u help??

  127. Asim rathore says:

    I and my wife feels weakness and powerless legs and arm tired heart i am 39 and my wife 30 age we used to sex every night but now feeling unwell why please do so

  128. My son sujeet 27 years old. He is wholly avert from bath. He is & M.A. from Tiss. He left his good job on his own accord. He is saying that he can do only creative writing work only. He left all his friends. He is not willing to contact with them. He is wasting his time. He has no idea for his golden time. He does not believe in our family values & worship in god. He is writing in personal diary in which he wrote my mummy papa brother remain safe. He closed his laptop & mobile phone. Loneliness is his daily work. He is raised his hair & beared. Kindly What medicine you may suggest.

  129. Tanisha choudhary says:

    From the last one month i was feel very tired nd weak .and all tym i feel sleepy.sumtym my heartbeat become fast nd i face lots of prblm inbreathing . Please suggest me something humble request to you.

  130. After reading the above thing I feel that some of the above remedy will suit me. But I am not sure. I am facing following issues and need your help in categorizing in terms of right remedy

    1. I feel body stiffness when I first get up in the morning
    2. Feel tiredness throughout the day and not well excited to do any activity.
    3. Feel lack of energy daily along with tiredness
    4. Sometime feel shortness of breath
    5. My job is sitting for 7-8 hours a day
    6. I hardly do any exercise
    7. I feel too much tired and exhausted after sex
    8. Eyes are many times heavy and feel like I will sleep. This sometime happens even I am driving
    9. All my blood reports are normal (Sugar/BP/Vit B12/D3/HB etc.)
    10. My age is 42

    Please guide me as I visited couple of Drs but no use till now

  131. RAJAN CHAVAN says:


  132. Dear Doctor
    I have Osteoarthrius in my neck and shoulders and spreading, CFS has now hit me as well a friend suggested Homeopathy as I’m struggling with the pain killers

  133. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have severe pain in my lower legs and feet and both hands. Some time i feel that i have gone through hard excercise which cause my body ache. In the morning feeling very tired and feel body ache (esp legs and lower arms and joint). At night feeling very tired after coming from office. Some time feeling very much sexual desire but there are little problem in having sex. Taking any decission is very difficult for me. Little memory problem and I have also sinusitis problem.
    I have gone through many English medicine but fruitless. I read your article and impressed to see that there is remedy in homeo. Kindly suggest me medicine.

    Thanks for supporting.

  134. Linda Langham says:

    CFS, wake up exhausted, inertia, stomach problems. Does not get better til 3:00 -5:00 at night, may feel high energy and positive mood til 1:00 next morning, then get sleepy. Cycle states same regardless of sleep hygiene practices. Exhausted, inertia, no motivation, avoid people and activities because exhausting.

  135. Dear sir
    I Male aged about 63 years No diabetic or bp from the recent report, I suffering from the follwing problem from past two years kindly priscribe the suitable medicine
    constant feeling of being tired physically and mentally — almost like the body’s vital systems are switched off or are working on a low battery. The symptoms include unrefreshing sleep, pain in muscles or joints, and headache. also experience impaired memory, confusion or poor and difficult concentrating power. Depressed feeling and mood swings, dizziness, vision problems also be faced by some others. Sore throa pain,daily routine work and resting does not bring much relief. even after taking lot of medicine no improvement found

  136. Prabhat Raghav says:

    i want to know the medicine for my weak legs

  137. middle of summer in 2014 i had the same two symptoms together as now,
    upper eyelids look like they fell down and all day drowsiness after a full night sleep.
    lasted for maybe a month in 2014, been a couple weeks this time.

  138. pvenkareswarlu says:

    I have been suffering from CFS since 24 years I have used IGNATIA once got relief but isuffered with piles problem I am terriblely suffering from the above condition I my self is allopathic doctor.I am fit for totally phosphoric acid . I belive homeopathic medicine are constitutional remidies. can it help please reply

  139. Norman deconceicao says:

    Am 70 yrs old and get exhausted after a short walk and physical exertion.still feel loss of my wife five yrs ago which may also have a bearing on my condition.will appreciate you kind advice on how to get back on track.with kind regards….Mr.norman

  140. Govind Purohit says:

    I am facing problems 1. Walking 2. Stand up after sitting 3. Stress steps. 4. Stand up without support Kindly suggests me homeopathy medicine ???? for help me. With thanks

  141. Govind Purohit says:

    I am facing problems 1. Walking 2. Stand up after sitting 3. Stress steps. 4. Stand up without support Kindly suggests me homeopathy medicine ???? for help me. With thanks

  142. Anand Prakash Sharma says:


    My son is 25 yrs old.

    I am facing lot of problem due to extreme lazyness of my son. He is so habitual of waking up very late in the morning that he can manipulate his all programs to wake up late.

    He can do any thing to permit him to wake up late in the morning. In night and afternoon he is very normal and energitic.

    Pl suggesst the remidy for him pl.

    On study above mentioned article, i could see
    Sarcolacticum Acidum most suitable. But you need take the final call.

    Thanking you

    Best regards


  143. Anand Prakash Sharma says:


    My son is 25 yrs old.

    I am facing lot of problem due to extreme lazyness of my son. He is so habitual of waking up very late in the morning that he can manipulate his all programs to wake up late.

    He can do any thing to permit him to wake up late in the morning. In night and afternoon he is very normal and energitic.

    Pl suggesst the remidy for him pl.

    On study above mentioned article, i could see
    Sarcolacticum Acidum most suitable. But you need take the fonal call.

    Thanking you

    Best regards


  144. dr a k vishwakarma says:

    I have weakness in my both legs specially during walking and movement.The problem is more in the morning hour.Can I take Conium 30 as remedy as I have this medicine .Other symptoms are disturbed sleep with dreams,eyes strained especially during walking ,some times double vision too.

  145. Shar Mintzer says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, I am at a desperate point in trying to find help for my multi conditions. Im diagnosed with fibromyalgia and its became extremely painful after a car accident 5yrs. Ago. I also suffer horrible debilitating chronic fatigue which I am finding frustrating and depressing because its so debilitating. I also have hypothyroidism, neuropathy,ibs, insomnia, high inflammation markers and high cortisol levels. I have tested positive for having Epstein barr in my blood. I am finding no relief from regular drs. And disagree with their suggested treatments. Again, Im feeling desperate and looking for Amy suggestions and help I can find. Thank you for your time.

  146. after treatmint of hep c i have weekns and sleepy mood my age 48 pl simple one h/m

  147. Hi Doc, I feel tiredness, fatigue, nausea, upper back pain and even panic attacks. I also feel dizzy and depressed. please help me with your natural treatment.

  148. Feel tireness after noon age 45 work teaching problem eyeeching fatigue donot want any work

  149. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am feeling extreme fatigue & depression from last 1 month. My symptoms are as under.

    1>Felling depressed almost all the time.
    2> lack of interest & felling tired in all of activities(work or at home).
    3>extreme muscle tiredness almost all the day specially in legs & in morning hours
    4> unable to concentrate on things.
    5>felling stress on mind when doing multiplexes.

    Sir, I required your kind support to came out from this situation, please let me know how your treatment help me to get rid of this.


  150. Varun Pratap Singh says:

    Hello Doctor,

    First of all thanks for such a wonderful article on fatigue and weakness and its symptoms along with its treatment in Homeopathy. I am also suffering from extreme fatigue and weakness. My symptoms are pointed below:-

    1) I feel energetic and fresh in morning after good sleep. I have no sleep problems.
    2) As day passes and after some hours of working on laptop (I have a IT job) I get very tired due to weakness and I feel like to go where and lay down on bed and take rest.
    3) If I continue more I start feeling giddiness, trembling while sitting on office chair while working, memory weakens and frustration increases in work.
    4) After coming from office and just taking meals I just fall to bed and sleep.
    5) I think Kali phos and Gelsemium seems to work with me but I am not aware of doses and way to take them. Please highlight the way to these medicine. Or better what you think.

  151. Varun Pratap Singh says:

    Hello Doctor,

    First of all thanks for such a wonderful article on fatigue and weakness and its symptoms along with its treatment in Homeopathy. I am also suffering from extreme fatigue and weakness. My symptoms are pointed below:-

    1) I feel energetic and fresh in morning after good sleep. I have no sleep problems.
    2) As day passes and after some hours of working on laptop (I have a IT job) I get very tired due to weakness and I feel like to go where and lay down on bed and take rest.
    3) If I continue more I start feeling giddiness, trembling while sitting on office chair while working, memory weakens and frustration increases in work.
    4) After coming from office and just taking meals I just fall to bed and sleep.
    5) I think Kali phos and Gelsemium seems to work with me but I am not aware of doses and way to take them. Please highlight the way to these medicine. Or better what you think.

    Varun Pratap Singh
    Mobile:- 9873868905,
    Meerut, UP, India

  152. Lee Kingston says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I was very interested to read what you said about Arsenicum Album and Kali Phos for the treatment of chronic fatigue. I believe I suffer from CFS after having epstein-barr infection 18 years ago. When I feel the terrible fatigue begin, I take Arsenicum Album 30c, one dose and usually feel better within 10-12 hours however I usually cough up infected phlegm, this pattern occurs probably every 10-14 days. I also use Kali Phos cell salts when I feel irritable or depressed. I wondered if I simply need a higher dose of Arsenicum Album to stop the frequent re-ocurence as I am without doubt that it is the right remedy and helps me keep going.
    Thank goodness for homeopathics

  153. mathili tripathi says:

    Hello sir I am 25 years old… Sir in 2007 I caught by Migraine… In 2009 I had insomnia and drowsiness feeling through out The say… I am taking allopathic medicines for depression now which is 6 or 7 years ago…. Sir I am unable to sleep at night and feel drowsiness fatigue low concentration level and memory loss…. Plz suggest me medicines with potency for my depression… extreme drowsiness…. insomnia at night feeling…. low energy all the time..
    Thank you

  154. RHONDA MORRISON says:

    Dear Sir … I had polio at age 2yrs. I am 60yrs old & I am wheelchair-bound in an electric chair. In 1999, I was in a bad auto accident which seemed to have triggered Post Polio Syndrome. I experience extreme fatigue in doing normal daily activities such as dressing, transferring to toilet, bed, etc. I am searching for a medicine treatment to help me. I also take hormone treatment meds for menopause (an estragen & testosterone combination & progesterone). I have a very low thyroid condition & take 225 mcg of synthroid daily. I take a multivitamin with high doses of B vitamins for energy (Natures Way … Women Over 50 … High Potency). I am trying desperately to remain independent & live alone. Please advise on meds best for weakness of motor neurons. Thank you, Rhonda M. (337) 249-1298.

  155. gopal krishan says:

    Sir, I feel very weak an the morning and it takes a very long time to get up from the bed I feel sleepy and does not want to get up I am 78 years old. Patient of high blood pressure . Pl advise . Thanks
    Yours gopal

  156. p. mazumdar. says:

    sir i am suffering from fatigue in my leg muscles after walking a short distance say 30 meters as if i have 10 miles. The fatigue is mostly in calf and thigh muscles. On this symptom i have taken few doses of berberis vulgaris 200. without any result. I am 80 yrs old and diabetic. Can please help me.

  157. I am facing extreme fatigue from last 10 months, it started palpitation one day wuth mental and physical weakness. Dr. Said it is anxiety or nervous exhausion he gave me lot of allopathic medicine.. After few months i got relief in palpitation but my chronic fatigue is still there.. I feel weak after i scared from it..with in seconds ejaculation happens..i tried few homeopathy but failed..but one day i visit a charitable homeopath he advised DAMIAPLANT for 5-6 bottles.. I took i got 30% benefit but after that i m not feeling any improvement..i m still taking it..i want to take selenium, acid phos etc. As i read ..pls suggest me i m very much in trouble, i am not able to work , my finace,health sex life has become weak..sir pls help me and suggest sothat i become perfectly alrite .. My humble request sir pls do me a favour.. Thanks

  158. Sir,

    Iam Homoeo doctor but not in practice and worikng as officer in a private coy. I feel grae weekness after sexual activities particularly in head. Pian in eys and eye sight weekness,digestive problem are also diganose med for me.


    AHR Oficer

  159. Melios Marmaris says:

    I have read the various types of CFS as described above. My case belong to : grief and depression and feeling of weakness in morning.Pls tell me which homeopathic medicine is appropriate in my case and where I can buy these medicines

  160. Md Ershad Hossain says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    1.I have been suffering from headache and pain in the whole body for long 33 years. In the meantime I have taken allopathy medicine initially and then switched over to homeo medicine. For last 15 years I am taking homeo medicine. The doctor gave me Sulphur 200,and afterwards gave more potenticized like Sulphur 10M. Lastly I had been taking Psorinum 200.

    2. My conditions improved a bit while I am taking homeo medicine than before while I was taking allopathy medicine. My present inconveniences are: headache, pain and itching in the whole body, feeling cold/tired more than a normal person. I cannot concentrate in doing things and feel that my memory is weaker. I cannot remember names of people easily. Headache increases in the winter and when I go for study. I feel better when I lie down closing the eyes. Inconveniences are more during the morning. I think I have more urges for sexual engagement than normal people.

    3. I am little introvert and used to feel shy when I was a child. While I was a minor boy, I had been suffering from scabbies and continuous runny nose. I lost my mother when I was at the age of 3 years. My father had been suffering from cold and died from Influenza.

    4. Hope I will get valuable advice from you urgently to recover from my illness. Thank you very much for your patience.

  161. Gurcharan Dass says:

    I am 59. I feel much tiredness and muscular pain. I am purely vegetarian. My memory power has decreased to the much extant. Size of my penis has been reduced to 1/3rd of its original size. Therfore, I feel difficulty while discharge of urinal as the urine drops fell on my pant. My vision is week. I wear spectacles.

  162. I am 73 yrs old male. I have suddenly developed the fatigue syndrom rather extreme. The fatigue is in morning after exercise and food. I have a good sleep in night but start panting in early hours as well. I get up at about 4 AM after more than 6 hours sleep.
    Pl suggerst a homeopathic treatment.

  163. RCS Chauhan says:

    From last three days I am having throbbing pain on left center of my head. I have sore throat and was exposed to AC at low temperature also.
    I will be great full if some remedy is suggested

  164. Dr I am DM and no from past 10 yrs.Had herpes in the left side of the chest 5 yrs ago.Now suffering from cfs from 2 yrs and I am on Pregabalin m 75 but not much help pls help me out from this.

  165. rahul panday says:

    My Mom age is 65 and she is very week she is feeling so weakness in her body so I want
    Best medicen in homeopathy

  166. Vertigo suffered Miners now due to walking
    Headache Glucoma right eye headache
    Fatigued no energy sleep even all day no activity
    Lambar lower left pain due to work at post office.
    Severe memory loss visiting nurse coming to give medication
    Eye lids closing the eye 50 percent blurred vision Glucoma age 55 in 3 months will be 56.
    Testosterone levels below the lower limit.
    Eyes cannot read without 1.75 + Glasses.
    Headache all the time center back
    Cervical pain also lower head painful
    Insulin lantus avg sugar 300 now sometimes like 3 times sugar coming down to 100. Sugar for last 14 years like a roller coaster ride neuropathy , knee hurts, left lambar pain, neck and shoulder pain.
    Eyes sleepy all the te chest pain taking Crestor month ago cholesterol 190 May gone up now due pizza
    Left shoulder joint pain cortisone shot relived the pain significantly.
    Severe memory loss Glucoma right eye pressure I wish water was draining out allopathy meds for Glucoma causes fornicator be red.
    Cannot see without glasses double vision testosterone level at the lower side.
    Thighs loss all the fat and mass now the size of thighs is half.

    Hearing loss 2 kHz. Loss of amplitude by 50 percent or more in right ear
    Dr are saying I am suffering from munch housing syndrome
    Dry eyes I want tears to come out
    Stupid dr gave me SL 30 and put me to bedagain.
    Headaches are killing me severely very fatigued sleepy and after sex even more.
    Divorced after miners I don’t remember my past.
    Very dull memory feels like dopy head nothing is clear every thing is foggy.

    No friends in life no girl friends friend is only gurbani kirtan.
    Listening to kirtan
    I have no activity lower left lumbar pain.
    No activity since last 20 years. Due to miners I was in bed due to post office tried to kill me.
    Cannot remember things.
    Cannot remember which homeopathic medication I tools last week or 2 days ago.
    Neuropathy. Muscles strength very weak.

    Cervical pain head pain fuzzy blurry vision eye pressure high due to sugar.

    I need help my friends say I am now old guy with younger looking face
    Hairs are black, beard half black half white.
    Cannot think properly for my own benefit.

  167. Sushma khosla says:

    Iam having4th stage arthritis along with chronic fatigue always full of tears

  168. SUBHASH SAHA says:

    I am 70 yrs.old.Retired since last one year.Before that I was a senior executive in a large public limited company and was very active.I am diabetic and on insulin.I am of medium built.I am also on sleep medication.
    After retirement I have very very lathergetic.I like to sit in one place,dont even take bath regularly ,dont shave regularly.

  169. Hy
    I am femele and married and have 1 child
    My age is 26 year old
    I feel Tired on body all time
    I have no desess in test report
    Blood is 6 point
    I want energy on body and increase blood points
    So plz tell me homeo drop I used and feel batter

  170. papia nath says:

    I m 30 years old and I have a baby girl. After delivery, I am suffering health problem. Day to day problem is bigger. Endoscopy, chest xray_, more types of blood test , MMR all are done. MMR report says that disk c4-5,5-6 problems. But I am suffering from hyperacidity . muscle problem in left side of neck. Doctors are said that I have chronic weakness. Please help me out in these problem..

  171. pratibha says:

    i am 40 and suffering from sciatica pain in my right side and overweight also
    and feel fatigue all time no freshness please can you suggest me how to overcome all this

  172. Dinesh Sharma says:

    Respected Dr.Vikas ,I am a keen follower of Homeopathy since long and I Have strong faith in its Remedies
    I want to have Good health to always be positive and Helpful to others and do my own Job work efficiently and Happily ,only thing is since 2007 I am in private Marketing Jobs and had to Travel by Bike ,more than 1,00,000 km have been Travelled by me through Bike these years and very less by foot,There is pain in my lower back and Hip Joint (left) which makes very painful while I walk,there was no physical exercise these years,plus added stress of Marketing job and again and again leaving job or being out have taken a heavy toll of my confidence and will power ,It is difficult to me to think positively,Though I have recently Done Bach flower workshop but they are not working for me,kindly suggest some Remedy for me so that I get enliven again and face the life with happiness,vigour,and stamina ,I have remain aloof from my family ,friends though I love to do anything for my Sons and wife,I will wait for your response as It will mean restarting life once again with success and mental peace and Happiness,I do care for Others and get pained by others pain and Distress,Most of the time employers have Benefitted from this nature and they had not paid my Dues.I suppress my anger as I don’t want to hurt any body as I really want to be a Healer.

    Thanks and My Regards
    Dinesh Sharma
    New Delhi

  173. Madhusudan Behera says:

    always sad.tries to find the internal meaning what is told.mental fatigue.even a slight job seems difficult.fear of drowziness.sleep apnea.lack of concentration.confusion.indicisive.negative feeling

  174. cynthia non says:

    how can i treat gelselium

  175. Anupama Sharma says:

    I have been feeling very tired, weak and light headed for the past 2-3 months. Got my blood work done, all the vitals are in range, I have hypothyroidism, which is under control, since I take medicine for that. My eyes feel very heavy and achy and the tiredness increases after eating. I just feel like, there is no energy left.
    Some days I am ok, other days, I am just drained out.
    Please help.

  176. ASD MIRS says:

    i have cronic fatigue i feel depression i am 38 year old male..taking medicine mertazipine for sleep 30 gm daily..i feel tired lethargic all the day. i sleep about 12 or 1 am. i live ion uk.. can u sugest me any homeo medicine please i have arthritous in my right toe… like gout.i take emerprizole. asad mir

  177. Susanne Elston says:

    I am having trouble with dizziness which is quite severe at times. What natural supplements could help this symptom? Thank you so much for your help with this.

  178. Leena chadha says:

    My daughter is 15+ she’s been having acute fatigue n weakness all day.three weeks of low grade fever from 37.5-38.5.though the no fever now she continues to have acute weakness n fatigue n about 10 days ago she started with a rash big red bumps all over itching followed by pain n swelling in the hands n ankle joints.body feels so unbearably hot.the condition lasts for two hours or so n goes away.after which she’s completely ok.iv written to you ,called you n also visited you but your lady outside didn’t allow us to meet you.please let me know how to contact you

  179. ravi prakash says:

    my mother 80 yrs was recently hosp for electrolyte imbalance- potassium levels low / uti /copd . now recovered and doing all her work by herselg , but there is fatigue and tiredness even with slight work . taking kali phos 6x since 2 months , but weakness persists with temporary memory lapses and in concentration . appetite is ok , taking all friuts , fibres dal roti etc . pl advise

  180. L August Rockwellc says:

    Which homeopathic helps old age nervousness and sore muscles from overactivity

  181. byvsaikumar says:

    one lady aged 50 yrs suffering from chronic menstrual problems .. excessive bleeding fibroid s she has put on weight easily..exhaustive doctors found fibroid s suggested removal of uterus she hand sugar presently under controll. can HOMEOPATHY rescue her.. suggest pl

  182. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I’m writing concerning my 24 year old daughter. A year ago she had a bad case of Mononucleosis. She recovered for the most part, but has been complaining of feeling fuzzy headed, sometimes nauseous, sometimes pain around her eyes or headaches, and buzzing in her ears. Some days she feels great, and other days she feels sick. None of her symptoms are debilitating as much as they are a constant drain. She also has anxiety, which she’s had all of her life, but now she tends to think she’s dying of some disease. She’s developed a fear of driving because she’s afraid she might have a panic attack. She’s also a chronic worrier. She’s tall and thin and likes to eat but does worry about her weight. She also tends to be cold more than warm. I would appreciate any help you can give us!

    Thank you,

  183. Robin Satta says:

    I have terrible fatigue all the time especially in the morning, estrogen dominance, muscle weakness and soreness, exersise makes me worse, I also have hypothyroidism, confirmed hashimotos. recently vision problems and memory problems. I also have cronic sinus condition.
    can you help? I’m so tired of being sick, I have no quality of life, doctors have come up with nothing.


  184. you are doing wonderful work, if possible please reply.
    Razi Quaid

  185. I am suffering from lightness of head depleted memory and vision.many yrs back I got hallucinations which were very strong for months together .on the advise of ADR I got done cuts can with contrast.which was reported normal but after thee days of this I got hallucinations as if I was being disconnecting from surrounded .since then dullness and lightness of head has griped in .no pain constant dullness.hypertenve and slight diabtic.poor presence of suggest some treatment.

  186. What if several of these remedies fit my symptoms? Can I take multiple remedies? How is it best to take these, 200c every other day or 30x once a day? Many thanks! I never knew that chronic conditions could be treated with homeopathy.

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