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Colic in Babies – Wonderful Homeopathic Remedies for It

Homeopathic Remedies for Colic in Babies

Homeopathic Remedies for Colic in Babies

Homeopathic Remedies for Colic In Babies

Colic in children is synonymous with acute distress to the child as well as alarm bells going off for the parents. Its causes may be ambiguous and its occurrence abrupt, but it is one condition that can throw life out of gear both for the child and the care giver.

Symptoms of colic in children:

Its most conspicuous sign is that the children in the throes of colic often cry uncontrollably. They may wake up abruptly and start wailing. They do not stop whining even on being comforted or cajoled. The affected children pull their knees into the chest and clench their fists hard enough to block the pain. Children describe the pain as a feeling of someone grasping the abdomen with the fingers. There are sensations of gripping and clutching that make the children bend forward so as to double themselves to prevent the pain. In other cases, children describe the pain as a sensation of something being stabbed into them. They try to avoid the pain by pressing hard against the abdomen.

The condition manifests itself through symptoms like abdomen getting distended with gas and being bloated. The colic-ridden children experience palpable relief after passing gas and emptying the bowels.

The colic can be due to indigestion, resulting in sour water coming back into the mouth. Another cause of colic could be nerve pains in the abdomen.

Homeopathic Medicine for Colic in Babies

Colocynthis: My experience with homeopathy bears testimony to its safety and success rate as a solution for colic and how! I have found homeopathy to be a holistic remedy as it covers colic of all types. In case of colic due to gas accumulation or undigested food, colocynthis works wonders. For patients who complain of colic after having fruits that were unripe, colocynthis provides relief from the pain. In case of colic caused due to summer dysentery, colocynthis is a sure-shot solution. Some mothers complain that their child suffers colic after a violent emotion, like a fit of anger. Colocynthis serves as an effective homoeopathic treatment in such cases.

Chamomilla: Another medicine that I have found to work well for children with colic is chamomilla. It cures the colic quite effectively. Chamomilla is recommended when the colic is abrupt in nature, starting and ending suddenly. Chamomilla is suitable in cases where the root of the condition usually lies in anger articulated by the child. Many times, mothers say that emotions like violent anger are followed by sudden colic complaints by the child.

Dioscorea: This is also a suitable homeopathic remedy for colic and abdominal pains, especially when the pain is in the umbilical region. The child bends backward to get some relief. The stretching of the body in the backward direction relieves the pain to some extent. Dioscorea is prescribed when the pain is of the continuous type and is present constantly.

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  1. Pankaj Palit says:

    One week baby didn’t evaluate now caring

  2. Hello Doctor,
    Thank you for this sort of forum.
    My 3 month old daughter has had colic symptoms since birth. She is breast feed and her mother has been monitoring her diet and by avoiding beans, gluten and a few other things with some success, but she still has gas that seems to come out of nowhere. She will wake screaming sometimes (especially before her mom quit eating lentils), she has her hands tightly grasped but I haven’t seen her really bring her legs to her chest. she does not really respond to any comforting we try short of bouncing her, occasionally bicycling her legs helps, and recently applying firm pressure and massaging her abdomen has soothed her. She also enjoys sleeping on her stomach possibly for that same comfort. We have tried Hylands gas drops and they seem to help for a moment, but I would like to find a more helpful treatment. We also have been giving her infant probiotics every other day (it seemed at the time we got them that every day made the gas worse, is that possible?) When she is getting ready to poop sometimes it seems painful and explodes out usually all at once.
    I am deeply grateful for any help you can provide, thank you for your time.

  3. Hi my baby is 4month old n most of times from last week I experienced he cry during breastfeeding he is xclusiv on breast feeding , n he snatch his leg up backward I m worried that does he getting enough feed?
    Secondly last week he had green watery sticky diaria n some blood clot in diaria which was recovered by my pediatrician with some medicine n stool test report was normal but still he poop 2-3times in a day as not green n no blood but its watery sticky yellow so is it normal?and any medication in homeopathy for regularly to give my baby s digest system ?and I m not sure he has Colic pain too now some days but rather to colicade allopathy I would like to go for homeopathy pls suggest me something on this

  4. Silky Kalra says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My baby boy is 1 year old now and he is facing colic pain almost dailt specially in evening & at night. He cries for hours and when we give him Colicaid he feels better after 30-40 mins. But I think giving colic aid daily is not the solution so, please suggest some homeopathic medicine or some natural way please

  5. Hi Dr,
    My 5 week old son has been suffering with colic for the last few weeks. We have been back and forth to the doctors office and have had a different diagnosis every time, even reflux from one doctor. Since then I have been taking him to an infant osteopath with positive results. I have been reading up on homeopathic medicine for infant colic but I’m unsure which is most suitable for him. He seems worst early in the morning, bringing his knees up to his chest and grunting and groaning, fists clenched. He has trouble passing wind and I have to do bicycle legs with him or bring his knees up to his chest to help him pass wind. He has a sleep (usually half an hour to an hour) and then after waking and feeding (he is breast fed) starts to become inconsolable again. I can only settle him by holding him against my chest, humming and giving him a dummy, which he sucks on furiously. I can’t put him down in his bassinet and haven’t been able to make myself meals or even have time to shower since my partner has been back at work. I can tell that he is exhausted and wants to sleep, he will sleep for a short while and will start writhing in his sleep and wake up crying. This happens multiple times throughout the day and he finally goes down for a decent sleep at about 8pm and he will sleep for three to four hours. He still wriggles around while he’s sleeping but I think he’s so exhausted that it doesn’t wake him. He sleeps fine throughout the rest of the night.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Helena Brazier says:

      This sounds very similar behaviour/ symptoms go my 5 week old. I have started giving him dioscorea 30c today, so will see how it works.
      He has occasional mucous/ blood in his stool too. I’ve cut out dairy to see if that will help.
      How did you get on?

  6. Hi Doc, my son is 19month old. He is not able to take burp easily neither is able to pass gas easily. It starts from morning anf and increase by day and at night it gets worst. Because of which he gets irritated and sometimes throw toys also changes videos frequently.

    I have tried Chamomilla 30c dilution 10drops in morning and at night before sleeping. It helped him as he took burp few times. Still while going to sleep he was restless and i was able to hear gargling sound while he was breathing. His stool is bit hard at beginning than normal.

    Can you please suggest the right remedy.

  7. Rochelle says:

    Good day Dr Sharma,
    My Little one suffers with stomach pains in the morning, I’ve been reading a lot about Colic Babies, and I’m convinced that my little one has Dioscorea, it is exactly the symptoms that we experience in the mornings.
    Can you suggest/recommend a homeopathy close to Centurion (Pretoria), who can help us?

    Dioscorea: This is also a suitable homeopathic remedy for colic and abdominal pains, especially when the pain is in the umbilical region. The child bends backward to get some relief. The stretching of the body in the backward direction relieves the pain to some extent. Dioscorea is prescribed when the pain is of the continuous type and is present constantly.

  8. V Prem Swarup says:

    We gave Colocynth to our grandson (40 days old ) who was having symptoms as given by you. It worked very well . Pl let us know when should one stop giving the medicine as child is ok now

  9. SatUnder bawa says:

    My grand daughter whose is just 4 months old staying in USA, some time have colic pains,
    Please suggest , as will carry the medicen
    Leaving for USA in 2 days

  10. My baby only 1 month old ànd having colic and gas she also passing stool with gas air she crying then passing gas with stool which medicine suitable for him

  11. Tulika Biswas says:

    My baby only one month old and having colic and gas problem. She also passing stool after 4/5days. Should I give her homeopathy medicine at this age? And what med should I give and how? and which form of med should I give?

  12. liji umar ali says:

    Hello Dr,
    My daughter two yr old had pain in lower abdomen and while urinating.she wl hold on lower abdomen and Tel she was having pain about 1 1/2 months back.consulted Dr gave 2 doses of antibiotics for 2 wks.culture shows relief.again the complaint started.
    She is having itching or pain in night about 3 AM she suddenly wakes from sleep crying fretfully.she dnt want to be touched or talked to at that time.tnis wl continue for 20 min.this happened twice in a week after takg antibiotics.she is twisting and she wl sometimes sit stooping and cry.pls suggest the remedy

  13. Elena Butler says:

    my one month year old son has colics , gas and constipation
    Due to have to change from breast feed to formula

  14. JiJi_818 says:

    I attest to chamomile! Its does work in calming my son as does putting him in his Zipadee-Zip. I did much research as my son was having colic symptons for 5 months and I tried removing food from his diet like broccoli, onions and gassy foods. I had to take several measures to aid my son!

    • MaureenVeracruz says:

      Jiji! I tried your alternative solution and it worked! I am now a huge fan of the Zipadee-Zip. I did some good researched too and made sure to buy the right size for my little boy!

  15. Kaushik Nath says:

    Yesterday I had a sleepless night with my one &a half month old baby…colic problem please suggest us.

  16. Dear sir/Mam,
    Please solve my son problem. my son age is 2year 6 month. My son bur from hot coffee now is skin probable. I attached pic on please check the attached my son pic.

  17. marsha johnston says:

    My helth visitor dvised me to buy somekind of crystal,s for my babie,s colic,you can’t buy them over the counter,they look like grin,s of salt and you only drop. Few on the babie,s tongue,I’d be most grateful if you could remind me the nme of these crystl,s

  18. Dear Doctor,

    My daughter is 4 months old and have a severe gastric (colic) problem. She passes lot of gas and everyday she faces the same problem – Immence Gastric. Doctor has precribed Collicade and Neopeptine drop for the same. When we use to give the same to her she feel good in next half an hour time and sleep calmly for 4-6 hours. Again she wake up when she undrgoes a similar pain. Doctor has adviced us not to continue with the medicine for more than 10-15 days.

    Now we are not giving her any drops. But she has to struggle alot everyday so that the gas passes away. Because of gas formation she use to push her body and struggles very badly.

    Please suggest some medicine that will put an end to such a pain that irritates her everyday.

    With Best Regards,

    • Dilip Roy says:

      Dear Doc,
      My baby is 7 week old. He is suffering from severe colic pain. His colic has been started from 3rd week of age and continuously increasing till the date. He starts crying everyday arround 10’oclock at night and continues till arround 2:30 am. during this time he rubs his legs and face become reddish. He is in deep painfull condition. can you help me to give him some relief from this situation?

    • Shilpi kumari says:

      Sir my baby is 2 years old.he is suffering from acidic stool .too much gas loose stool and vomit.he dont want to anything ,what i do?sir please help me

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