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Cold sensitivity and Homeopathy

You dread winters! Because cold makes life hell for you – runny nose, sneezes, headache, stuffed-up feeling, and that cold damp feeling in the feet. Your defences are also too high, with a muffler wrapped around your head all day long, layers of woolens, more than a pair of warm socks, still nothing seems to keep you warm and if you thought that’s only the way to beat out your sensitivity, believe me you are totally wrong. Homeopathy may just be the right choice for you. A well-directed homeopathic treatment can actually help reduce and cure your sensitivity towards cold and disorders associated with it. In homeopathy we call it a “chilly constitution” and certain specific medicines are there for it.

Medically speaking, slow metabolism is one of the main causes for cold intolerance. Some people (often very slender women) do not tolerate cold environments simply because they have minimal body fat and are unable to keep warm. General poor health, faulty diet and medical conditions such as anorexia nervosa, hypothyroidism, AIDS and other chronic illness can also lead to intolerance.

Be it the lack of warmth in the body or symptoms that sensitive individuals develop, homeopathic medicines such as Silicea, Calcarea Carb offer a big promise in their treatments. Personally, I would rank Silicea ahead of other medicines in treating cold intolerance. Silicea is an invaluable constitutional remedy, and is indicated in the over-sensitive, imperfectly nourished (generally), not for want of food, but because of imperfect assimilation. There are very high levels of cold intolerance. Nothing makes the Silicea patient feel warm and take cold easily, especially from uncovering the head or the feet.

The main indication for Silicea is that no matter how hard the patient tries, feet don’t seem to get warm and also there is an increased cold intolerance on the head. Least exposure seems to bring on a severe headache, only to be relieved by warm applications. Chronic conditions – sinusitis, cold, asthma, bronchitis and cough caused in such oversensitive individuals – are effectively treated with Silicea. Calcarea Carb is very useful in constitutions where metabolism seems to slow down; it is indicated in cold intolerance associated with hypothyroidism and one of the main indications for the use of Calcarea Carb is constant sensation of cold damp feet.image

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  1. Bijan Kumar Banerjee says:

    I am 73 yrs. Feel chilly through out the winter. A sence of feverishness I feel, though no body temperature rise. I have farangitis from early age. Feel sore throat in the whole winter season. Feel phlem is chocked in throat. Cough repeatedly to hawk it out. Please advice.

  2. Shakti Kumar kashyap says:

    Feel cold sensation on feet only. This is for the last one advise.Taking Dulcamaara30and also silicea200.No relief yet

  3. I am feeling cold in summer also. I can not take any fruit, milk products. I desire to wear sweaters always. My feet are icy cold day and night. Suffering from last 5 years Age 49 Height 5ft. Weight 55kg no sugar complaints blood pressure pulse are normal please give suggestions

  4. ASHIT BARAN ROY says:

    My wife feeling cold in summer also. Fan regulator at no 1 point. Covers head when fan moving. Suffers from intestine problem like acidity, constipation,diarea.a bit sinus problems. She can not take any fruit, milk products and wheat product and oily fishs. She takes only a small amount of rice, one tablespoon dal, very small amount sabji (not any type but selective with less fibre) and one piece fish like rohu katla only. She is 57. Height 4 ft. Weight 39/40 kg.

  5. Dear doctor,
    I’m 27 year old woman, 160 cm, 51kg. I’m suffering from cold feet and toes. I also had problems with amenorrhea (had it for 2 years) after I stopped taking contraceptives (I took them for 5 years). Periods are regular now, the problem with cold and sweaty feet and hands remains. The only thing that helps me get warm, is a hot shower. Can you reccomed any remedies? I tried with lycopodium already, but it didn’t help. Thank you very much for your answer.

  6. Mike De Lay says:

    I have suffered for past 5 years with cold left hand and arm up to elbow and very hot right foot, worse when walking. No diagnosis was made until 11/2018. Prior, no symptoms and no nerve pain no reflex problems. Stanford neurologist said I had sensory neuropathy but cause unknown. No diabetes, no circulation/ heart problems. I was loosing functions in 2018 and told Doctors i was “ heating” in my mine I would die soon. Strange. Stanford ordered MRI on my neck and found very severe stenosis at C3/4. Spinal cord was not visible in MRI. I had successful surgery 11/2018 that removed large “bone spur”. Since surgery Mose if my lost body functions have improved but still have very cold hand/arms and hot right foot. No improvement there. I have tried acupuncture, message, chiropractic, Chinese medicine, physical Thearpy and homeopathy. Doctors all call me a hard case with no idea what to do but give time. Any ideas?

  7. In winter season my feet remain cold I will have make use of hot water bottle at night touching my feet only then I can sleep well. Hans and other skin feel warm

  8. good give more pls

  9. Vineetha Williams says:

    Dr. I’m vineetha here, could u suggest a remedy to increase t body heat. I m currently living in Melbourne,it’s severe winter here now. This is my first experience of living in such extreme winter. I’m 50yrs of age.

    • Muhammad Adil says:

      I am residing in Europe here have cold weather a always feel cool in hand and foot but also in hot weather I feel hot in foot. I am 65 years of age and chronic digestive disorder. I have lot of knowledge of homeopathy and have sufficient medician in 200 potency and I m I confuse about Medicean for myself if you advise me for best for me and which potency. I like you u tube channel

    • Dear Doctor,
      I am 70 years old and weigh 56kg. I have under control diabetes and BP.
      I feel excessive cold, and lethargic. I wear sweater when others put on fan.
      Please prescribe homeo medicine .

  10. Mir Sajjad Hossain says:

    After joining in work there is air conditioning environment and since then I fell lots of health problems like cough with phelgm , constipation, gastric and head&neck pain what should I take plz do inform me.

  11. Jagannath Mohapatra says:

    Namaskar. I am 36 yrs old. When i am exposed to a/c/cold air or consume cold drinks/beverages i suddenly feel pain in my ear, fore head, throat. My sinus polyps got bigger & i feel very discomfort with my nasal congestion. This symptoms continued from last 25 yrs. I have taken many nasal steroids,antihistamine , antibiotics but it works for small time period .
    Hence request your kind advice for permanent remedies.

    With regards
    Jagannath Mohapatra

  12. Please advise medicine for cold hands and feet for a very thin boy age 14 years.

  13. My age is 20. My feet is very cold in winter. I put warm water bottle for the feet to warm it so that I can sleep. Please advise medicines

  14. My hands and feet are almost always cold when the temperature falls into the 60’s and below. I’ve tried Silicea and Calcarea without results. I am absolutely miserable. Please advise. Thank you.

  15. Sanjib mishra says:

    Sir I am 40 ys old, and I can’t tolerate heat and cold summer I can’t get out in the sunlight..though I look well..fitted..but actually I m so weak.

  16. Dear Dr Sharma:

    I have been following your wisdom for years…. my 95 year old father is always cold…. he has lost a lot of weight and has type 2 diabetes. Even when the temperature in the house is 76 degrees F he has on a fleecelined flannel shirt, a fleece jacket over it and bundles himself up under a heated blanket, and still says he is cold. Yet when I feel him his skin is warm to the touch…. my hands are much colder than his…

    I would try silicea except that I thought it had a propensity to expel items from the body and should not be used by anyone who has any medical inserts in their body, such as the heart stents my father has…. I have read cautions especially about not using silicea for any heart stents or transplants… what are your thoughts on this and what would you recommend for him?

    Also, he is starting to have effects of dementia…. and it is really upsetting to my 94 year old mother who is stressing out and having ill effects from the stress. He has begun to be confused about where he is at times, has many hallucinations/dreams while napping during the day, refuses to eat anything but Weetabix cereal and has minimal appetite even for that, is having gagging reflex when trying to take pills, has excessive saliva (drooling) and spits his food out at the table (something he never ever did before), his gait is now unsteady, gets nasty when we tell him he has to take his pills – says “not to push him and he doesn’t have to do anything”, he has an enlarged prostrate, has a lot of gas in his intestines, and has two infected molar teeth that he will not have removed. There are many moments when he is still himself — joking and caring and fun, but those are slipping away from us…. he has lost all interest in reading or even watching television shows, and the only exercise he gets is going from the couch to the bathroom…. he is deeply depressed and anxious, and prays out loud for God to take him.

    Otherwise his health is quite good according to the doctors — his white blood cell count on Saturday was normal, normal bloodwork, and all his vital signs of blood pressure and pulse excellent. His blood sugar was managed quite well until recently when we have attempted to increase his calorie intake in order for him to gain some weight back… but that is nearly impossible because all he eats is the wheat cereal and oatmeal, and once in awhile I can get him to eat an omelet. He refuses to eat meat or vegetables, so fortunately he is on a special diet drink that has vitamins in it. Mealtimes are so unpleasant now because it is such a battle to get him to take his diabetes pill and then to eat…. sometimes he takes the pill and then goes to lie down again and that cannot happen because once he takes the pill he has to eat….and we have a huge scene because I do not want his blood sugar to go low ever again — that happened twice many years ago and it was the most frightening episodes I have ever experienced.

    What would you recommend to help him gain some normalcy again?

  17. I have the aymtoms of acute cold sensitivity including the cold feet condition. While sleeping blanket and quilt fail in providing warmth. What is the potency and doze of Silicia I should take?

    • I have the symptoms of acute cold sensitivity including the cold feet condition. While sleeping blanket and quilt fail in providing warmth. What is the potency and doze of Silicia I should take?

  18. Hi. My auntie experiences severe pains in her arms as soon as the weather turns cold, around Autumn time (can be rough/cold here in the UK) and this carries on throughout the Winter and calms down only in the summer. She feels great in the Summer. She takes Rhux Tox when needed (around 3-4 times) and feels relief but the relief is only temporary as she must take it again once the pain starts towards the end of the next Autumn time. She explains the pain to be as if her arms are placed on a block of ice with ‘icy water’ running through her arms and I thought that is quite an outstanding fact needed to be mentioned. What would you advise? She also has had a history of chronic cough but that had been treated with homeopathy and she no longer experiences any such cough problems. Thanks

    • I have never been able to adequately describe the feeling I get with my cold sensitivity. “Icy water running through” is exactly the feeling I experience as well. Thank you for helping me to vocalize this feeling!

  19. Ashok jain says:

    Sole. Feels cold in July August every year
    Same problem in March/April when some one
    In the room starts fan. Feeling good in summer
    Oct Nov Feb is also good not such problem in December January found .
    Kindly help

  20. S p sharma says:

    I am 68 I feel sensitive ess in leg fingers it feel sensitive to cold even some timei in summer I feel my leg fingers are cool pl suggest remedy mediation -no treatment

  21. I feel pain .dull pain in area of ankles .basickly I have cold hand and feet.I feel like blood doesn have power to go up .during the summer my legs (ankle area ) is more painful.I have varicose vains and my legs are feel heavy.I like to walk but if I walk to long legs around ankle get swolen and only when I elevated legs up few hours is better..I do not know what to use as a madication or remedy to start working because I feel they do not have enough pover to circulation,.there is no life.In legsI am now 45 years old but this problem start when I came to USA twenty four year ago.My mom have the same problem even she doesn live in this country.This problem I have like genetic and I hated

    • Malik hameed says:

      I am 62years old and have psoriasis for the last 30yrs but I have a problem with my body temperature in summers it’s OK but in winters I feel very cold all the time specifically after sunset plz advise medicine thanks

  22. SUJEET KUMAR says:

    My son age 14yrs. suffering from excessive sweating from palm & feet. Even in winter, summer more frequently. Plam and feet remains ice cold. In summer some eruptions were seen which turns into skin disease. Many homeopath doctors seen but not cured.

  23. Karan beer bhasin says:

    Hello doctor…
    Most of the time i feel the symtoms like my legs,arms and head start getting chilled internally. I cover fuly myself as i though it is due to winters. But even while siting under the sun shade…i feel the same. SO, PLEASE suggest me some medicine..

  24. Anurag Yadav says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Since my childhood, i’m suffering from cold feet problem in winters. Even when i’m in my house, my hands and legs become very cold. Can you please suggest any remedy?

    Anurag Yadav

  25. Hello Doctor,
    I had hives four months ago from a severe reaction to Chinese food, most likely, excessive MSG. Things did not go well at all with this and it took about six weeks for it to calm down. I am now hyper-sensitive to histamine in foods, in cold air and upon exertion. I never had to watch what I eat until this poisoning attack. I attempt to do martial arts form and the energy and exertion causes rashes. Certain foods cause rash and cold weather causes rash. I was a normal person. I do brain exercises to make my energy larger and stronger. I do very simple standing meditation forms to bring energy from the Universe. I have tried several antidotes: tea and charcoal helped. My stomach has attacks of acid reflex from histamine that is only controlled. This Chinese food has really made a mess of me, leaving me super hyper-sensitive to lfie, in general.bisbee

  26. Lois Broom says:

    Good Afternoon Dr Sharma,

    The difficulty I have is not knowing when I am getting too hot – only when I start to feel strange, light headed, even shaking, I suddenly think – oh, maybe I am too hot. Once I reduce my clothing all symptoms disappear. I am in my early 70’s and very active. I do drink 4 large glasses of water a day.

    I thought there was a cell salt or this?

  27. Mary Rose Power says:

    Hello Dr.Sharm, I have had 2 chronic flairups of Sinus Infection and have been treated by anti-biotic from my doctor. I finished a course of anti-biotics yesterday. I am still feeling the following symptoms:

    – – Cold / Sensitive hands, they go numb when outdoors.
    — Cold feet
    — Feeling weak tired and fatigue
    — Recurring headaches
    — Getting hot and cold flushes in the office at work with tiredness
    — At night in bed i get terrible leg cramps which wake me with the pain
    — I am emotionally up and down not feeling balanced sad / happy

    Any advise or information direction you can provide me would be so gratefully appreciated.

    Thank you and Kindest Regards
    Mary Rose

  28. Jyoti sharma says:

    Since long,I am very sensitive to cold. Specially in rainy seasons and while sitting in AC I catch cold very fast.
    From April 2016,I am suffering from Symptoms of menopause and had a massive hair loss so this year my feelings of chills also has aggravated.My digestive system is very weak and I eat very less and suffer from bouts of indigestion off and on.

  29. Hi,
    I feel cold in my limps as well as head. No headaches. I also tend to sweat a lot. My belly is very sensitive to the fan. Touching cold items makes me feel sick. What remedy might help my condition. I am 55 healthy woman. I go to the gym and walk as well. Taking vit D, B, C, folic acid and cod liver oil with omega 3. I am not sleeping very well recently. Touching always made me feel cold and sneezing, but only recently I feel cold all over.
    I appreciate your opinion.
    Thank you

  30. Surajit Samnata says:

    We plan our tour in sikim in Middle of january in sikim ,this time snow fall is common how can we feel warm to take an homeopath medicine,are there any medicine to feel warm in this weather,kindly inform me

  31. ilias siokos says:

    Hello from Greece.Please I need your help ,my brother has melagholia,he takes many pills but nothing .he likes to drink beer a lot ,smoke a lot and he is feeling very very cold .In summer,july -august in Greece ,you know ,very hot days and he is feeling cold .He is 45 years old If you want please I need a help ,because he doesnt like to go to doctor.
    Thank you so much

  32. Dear doctor i anil suffering from heart problem like little bolckageon left ventricle taking medicine from last 4 years but from last 3 years iam feeling very cold in cold season when other are not feeling i feel more cold my foot fingers feel very cold all the time please suggest me medicine in homeopathy most of my work is outside please help me

  33. Thanks Dr Sharma could you tell the power of medicine and the frequency of taking medicine

  34. Ravi pratap says:

    Resp sir, I feel very cold in winter, I have no negative in tests except that I m very thin n low weight 42 kg,
    Low cholesterol. Digestion is weak due to mucus in stool.
    I have been taking alfalfa tonic it gives minor relief but do not cure,
    I also take merc sol 30 and other patent medicine of schwabe, Reckweg, but problem returns .
    I want to get rid of my mucus problem, increase weight and feel warm.
    My age is 54, I have no bad habit.
    Pl help.
    Thank you

  35. I am 48 and also homeo doctor me and my wife are pt of right leg sciatica and backache with pain,Rt+lt iliac fo,bladder and left kidney and urinary problems,Abscess in the nose tip,I thought may its prostate or UTI so done U/S and U-R/E but thats clear,In the day these problems little good only in the morning i can,t get up easy and some time i feel bad then slowly feel better,My wife also same symptoms,We used Rh tox, Ruta, Arnica mont, Gnaphyleum,some others,30 and 200,And Berbris vlg ,Cantharis ,Parera brav in Q Max,My tongue is light white coted,So what you will advise me with potency,Thanks oblige.

  36. Elizabeth Nowell says:

    I am a 64 year old slim lady who suffers from structural chronic backpain. I have constant freezing cold hands all year round. On my right hand I often have a numb middle finger tip, sometimes it looks white, sometimes not. I have intermittent trouble with some arthritis in my thumbs. Both hands are always rather red and on my right hand the first and middle fingers are chronically slightly swollen. I should be grateful for any help you could offer and thank you in a ticipation.

  37. Babu lal yadav says:

    I am suffering from spondlysis tell homeopathic medicine

  38. P. Wilkins says:

    I’m Cold all the time. I’ll have on a thermal shirt and a heavy quilt on me and it still feels like a cold breeze is blowing on me. I don’t know if having Multiple Sclerosis has anything to do with it. I need to know what will keep me from being like this because I am miserable.

  39. Hello Dr, I am 32 yr old woman. My sensitivity to cold is increasing every yr. I feel very cold specially in my feet( toes n figures and the area around it). Even after wearing 2 worm socks it still remains cold. I usually spend lot of visits to restroom for urination.
    I had my physical exam done last Nov and the report says I have low Vitamin D and some vaginal infection(Candida DNA Affirm). My TSH is within the range. I am looking for some homeopathic remedy. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  40. Harindersinghkhalsa says:

    Hi dr sir please tell me I sleep with my feet uncovered during winter and I don’t like to take anything for covering and I even don’t like fan what should I take

  41. Sir
    i have problem of cold feet even in summer.otherwise my system is ok except that i get less sleep at night.i am 65, 5ft10 inch,65kg.

  42. Hi dr sharma. My name is sachin. My wife is repeatedly suffering from cold, running nose, severe sneezing. Whenever there is wheather change or cold wheather it start. Physical she is little fatty. Mentals- she gets angry easily. She wants evrything should be happened as she likes.whenever nervovs or angry she starts pain in or around chest . She starts headache soon. Mood changes easily. Easily weeping. Always thinks negative first .Skin allergy to nickel.(contact dermatitis ) disturbed sleep. Wakes up at night at around 3am. Doesnt want fan. Fanning in cold envirnement causes runny nose.likes fish to eat. Avernsion milk and milk product

  43. shashi sharma says:

    Sir my mom is 60 dibetic tablet dependent,she suffer from piles,her rectum has swollen and bulged out .


  45. Hello Dr, I have been suffering from cold sensitivity since young age..espcecially in the cold room like AC.. i can’t tolerate AC at all.. i can’t work in AC room or even go in banks.. i am 44yrs old and this problem is persisting.. I also have lots of hairfall since the age of 23yrs may be due to emotional stress.. the hair loss continues and hair is thinning.. please help

  46. Hi! I’m cold most of the time, I do not handle air conditioning or winter anything below 75 degrees.
    I have hypothyroidism and have had a total hysterectomy a long time ago. My TSH T3 and T4 level are normal, and I not anemic or annorexic. I exercise, eat right and get plenty of sleep, seems to slowly becoming progressively worse. If I do try the Silicea and or Calcaea Carb. What dose do you recommend?

  47. DR. Elliott krakow says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Where might I find silicea in the United States? What dosage would you recommend for a 60 year old male with long standing and extreme intolerance to cold (or even cool) temperatures, made worse after eating an evening meal.

  48. my daughter 5 year old she goong to the farm last week after that she feel razh water and cold in her eyes can you help me what i do

  49. I am cold sensitive since childhood. I have been drawn in water pond and taken out un-conscious when I was 5 only. My feet remain cold since then. Thank you. I will try Silica, but which potency is suitable? I can’t guess.

  50. manoj kumar says:

    Suffering from Allergy Rhinitis with snizzing & red eye , thror itching

  51. i would like to try silicea for chilled feet and hands and intolerance to cold weather . pl. advise the dosage for it .

    • My feet are very sensitive to minimal cold also.Have to wear warm socks whole night. Do not suffer from hypothyroidism o ranemia.Tried allopatthy but failed. Pl suggest.

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