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Sinusitis – Homeopathy for Sinusitis

Sinusitis in Cold Weather – Homeopathy

Although sinusitis can occur in any weather but for those who suffer from sensitivity to cold weather, sinusitis can be a major issue in these months. ‘Sinusitis’ is a term referred to the inflammation of the sinuses (4 pair of air spaces in the skull). People who are sensitive to cold weather have a tendency to develop recurrent colds cough and sinusitis. Cold weather itself does not cause sinusitis but predisposes individuals who are sensitive to cold weather to develop recurrent colds and upper respiratory infections, which in turn causes issues like sinusitis. Homeopathy has an excellent treatment for sinusitis and also for helps in treating ones ‘cold weather sensitivity’ very effectively – Thereby by improving ones resistance to cold weather related problems.

Sinuses are four pairs of hollow spaces inside our skull situated around the inside of the nose. They are located behind the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks and one pair is situated just behind the eyes. All these spaces are linked to the inside of the nose through small openings.  They are lined by the lining (same as that of the nose) which produces mucous and is drained through the openings from the inside of the nose. Sinuses provide resonance to our sound and also their anatomical presence makes our skull light for the neck to hold it.

Inflammation in any of these sinuses is called as sinusitis. Sinusitis can be of acute or chronic in nature. Recurrent colds, allergies can cause swelling in the nose which leads to blockage in the drainage of the mucus from the sinuses. This entrapment of mucus in the sinuses can lead to bacterial or viral infections causing inflammation in the sinuses.

The symptoms of acute sinusitis may look like an acute cold .The most common symptoms of acute sinusitis are discharge of thick yellowish or greenish mucus from nose and also from the back of the nose into throat (also called as post nasal drip), blocked sensation in the nose leading to difficulty in breathing through the nose. Pain and tenderness in the face, swelling sensation around nose, eyes and forehead. Swelling in the nose can also affect one’s ability to smell, causing reduced or no sense of smell. Pain or aching in the upper teeth or jaw is another symptom of sinusitis. Cough is also a prominent symptom in many cases especially when there is post nasal drip. Fever may also be present in acute sinusitis.

Old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ suits the best for the homeopathic medicine Aconitum napelus. Aconite as it is commonly known has wonderful properties in dealing with symptoms that arise out of exposure to cold air. Few doses of it, just after the exposure to cold air can be a great help in thwarting any major attack of cold or sinusitis. My Advice for all those who suffer from such cold related sensitivity would be to carry aconite 30 in their pocket.   To treat the sensitivity towards cold weather, a prescription based on detailed analysis also known as ‘constitutional treatment’ is adopted by homeopaths as a fortifying therapy.

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  1. Suresh shah says:

    8 to 9 years I am suffering from sinus now from 3 months my nose is just like a licaze & coming mucus only Thanks

  2. Shawn brewer says:

    I have suffered many many yrs with sinus issues. I had surgery 15 yrs Ago and I just had the ballon surgery last yr in March and in Dec. I had to have a revision Fess due to scare tissue and when the dr went in it was full of puss that had been there for years. He removed it all and opened my sinus up. I felt awesome for a week and had a horrible infection which was swabbed and sent to lab. It grew bacteria and I wa then given meds for that bacteria. 2 weeks after taking a month of meds I have gotten this infection again. Swollen in there with pressure and some small traces of yellow mucus. I am taking meds again. I’m tired of all this meds and sinus issues.

  3. kasthuri selvakumar says:

    hi doctor i am suffering form sinusitis problem from last 2 years .Sneezing starts every
    morning every starting work. I m taking medicine daily montus or cetrizine tablet but now aftr taking tablet it s not doctor,please guide me which medicine is useful in sinusitis problem. waiting your response…………….

  4. amir tanvir says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I have problem with my throat and nose. All the time i am suffered from post nasal drip which is very disturbing as i have to clear my throat from time to time. My conditioned worsened during night while lying on bed and not been able to proper sleep and it feels like something struck into my throat. My nose feels heavy and blocked from inside all the time and feels like something is struck at the end of my nose. I also have undergone endoplasty almost 7 years back. Kindly recommend homeo medicine with potency for my chronic problem.


    Amir Tanvir

    • Betty Chimento says:

      I have a problem with sinus drip. In the cold months it can be very severe which makes me very tired & listless which can go on for months. Jut want to lay down all the time. Decongestant medicine makes me tired & sleepy but cannot sleep. Doesn’t seem like it works anyway. Have taken Zyrtec, Claratin, Alegra. Does not work. Have been taking Zyrtec daily for months & still have nasal drip. Very susceptible to catching everything & it escalates. Doctors & their medicine have not been any help. Please help.

  5. chandrakala says:

    i am having cold sensasations since 03 months .i also feel dust and smell sensation my nose always secreting mucus and nasal internal area looks red and feeling irritation 24 hours. mucus is watery and sticky. nose remains maximum closed and also feeling sensation of running fluids sometimes in forhead due to this prblem now eyes becomes red and i feel (khujali) eitching on eyes and full face please kindly advice//


  6. Wanita Baster says:

    I planned to many thanks for this great learn!! I undoubtedly enjoying every little little bit of it I’ve you bookmarked to check out new stuff you publish

  7. R.VASANTHAN. says:

    Hello sir’
    My name is vasanthan from chennai,my son(age 4years) having Sinusitis last 3 months,he can’t sleep well because his nose blocked fully i mean swelling in side the nose and cough also so i tried alopathy almost 5 months but no use and now iam trying homeopathy and unani,my son suffering more kindly tell me a good medicine,and how long it will take to cure in homeopathy and unani,which is best homeopathy or unani and also my son taking treatment in homeopathy almost 1 month but no improvement,please please tell me a good medicine.thank you sir with regard…

  8. Ranjan dwivedi says:

    Sir,I am suffering with dry cough and blocked nose,not taking normal breath.please advice medicine. THANKS

  9. dharmesh pujari says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been facing a lot of problem due to Sinusitis, my entire right side from my right eyebrows to my right side of nostril and now even the right side tooth is facing lot of sever pain, the pain is 24 by 7 its very irritating , this started in the year 2006 , during those days it was not so major but year by year its really painfull, some time i feel removing that partcular part only but cant, so please suggest some solution as i am really in need.

  10. Nabarun Dasgupta says:

    Sir, i am suffering from sinusitis problem from last 4 years. I have a severe pain in my forehead starts from morning which increases very much when i go under sun. I have taken homeopathic treatment but not received too much relief, please guide me which medicine is useful in sinusitis problem. Waiting your response…………….

  11. sanjay dinkar mohite says:

    when eating hot or cold product my self get sneezing one to three times,some time musus come
    out after night one nose is blocked

  12. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to offer one thing again and help others such as you helped me.

  13. c hemavathy says:

    sir,i am 26 years old,i am suffering from sinusitis problem from last 3 years.Nose blocks 5-6 times everyday.i have taken homeopathic treatment but not too much relief.for temperory relief i am using OTRIVIN nossil spray.If climate is cool,automatically nose blocks,sometimes i will suffer from cold,heavy blockage of nose even Otrivin nossil spray will not work at this time.Now i am pregnant of two months suffering with same problem,so please guide me which medicine is useful for my there any problem with sinus to my pregnancy.

  14. hi i am suffering form sinusitis problem from last 4 years .Sneezing starts every
    morning just on opening the eyes,I have taken homeopathic treatment,please guide me which medicine is useful in sinusitis problem. waiting your response……………..

  15. Sir, i am 38 years old.i am suffering from nasal allergy from last 20-25 years. Sneezing starts every morning just on opening the eyes. I have taken homeopathic treatment but not too much relief.My son who is 11 years old also suffering from the same problem& also has skin problem diagnosed as atopic dermatitis by doctors.please guide me to get rid of problem.

  16. Drmirshoukat says:

    Numskar sir.i am a b.u.m,s a unani physcian $ have very good faith on homopathy system $ prescrbing combined hompathic £ unani medecines in kashmir vellay and achived a good results.plz advise how i became a good practioner in homoeopathy.thanks sir with regard…

  17. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Good article phaji, lage raho lage raho.

  18. Noel Peterson says:

    Thanks for the tip on carrying Aconite 30c for sensitivity to the cold!

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