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Top 5 Homeopathic Medicines For Relieving Headache Due To Cold

Headache is a very common symptom when a person is suffering from cold. About 50 – 60 pc persons suffering from cold tend to get headache as one of the attending symptoms. The reason behind it is stuffiness in the nose from swollen mucus membrane that lines nasal passages and sinuses (air-filled cavities inside the skull bone). When a person has a cold, the membranes produce mucus in excess to get rid of the infectious agent. This mucus builds pressure in the sinuses causing congestion that could lead to headache.

Another reason behind it could be cytokines released by body’s defence mechanism that signal to fight against the virus causing cold. Some cytokines that lead to inflammation are linked with headache. The pain can be felt mostly in the forehead, around the eyes and at the root of the nose. One feels like tying a tight band of cloth around the head to apply pressure on the forehead to bring relief. The headache gets worse from sudden head movement and gets worse in the morning as there is a build-up of mucus during sleep that contribute to additional sinus pressure. Other symptoms of common cold include nasal stuffiness, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, post nasal drip (PND), cough, fever, weakness and body aches.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in managing headache due to cold. These are natural remedies with zero side effects. These bring great improvement in acute cases of headache as well as long term cases of headache due to recurrent cold or sinus congestion. These medicines help fight infection and promote fluid drainage (which is causing headache from pressure build-up) from the nose and paranasal sinuses to aid speedy recovery. Along with headache, homeopathic medicines also work in relieving symptoms of cold including nasal discharge, nasal blockage, sneezing and weakness. Homeopathic medicines for managing headache are selected based on the characteristic individual symptoms in each and every case. As headache can occur from various reasons, it is advised to have your case evaluated by a physician to find the exact reason behind it based on which medicine should be taken.

Homeopathic Medicines For Relieving Headache Due To Cold

1. Belladonna – Top Remedy

Belladonna is a top recommended medicine for managing headache due to cold and sinus inflammation. In cases needing it, pain is felt especially in the forehead and sides of the head (temporal region). Usually, throbbing or pulsating pain is felt. Fullness and heaviness is also felt in the head. The face looks red along with heat. Headache gets worse from exposure to draught of air and lying down. It also gets worse from head movement and eye movement. It gets better by applying pressure over the forehead or binding the head tightly. Along with headache there is watery discharge from one side of the nose. Tickling in the nose, along with sneezing, is also present.

2. Natrum Mur – With Thin, Watery Nasal Discharge And Sneezing

Natrum Mur is a very beneficial medicine to manage headache with thin, watery nasal discharge and violent sneezing. A pressive pain is felt in the forehead and eyeballs. There is a sensation as if many small hammers are knocking on the head. It feels as if the head would burst. Headache along with pressure on the eyes is relieved by taking proper sleep. A weight is felt in the forehead. It gets worse on bending the head down and gets better by applying pressure. Nasal discharge may alternate with nasal blockage.

3. Kali Bichrome – For Pain With Nasal Stuffiness

This medicine is suitable for cases of headache with nasal stuffiness. There is pain in the forehead and at the root of the nose due to cold and sinus congestion. Throbbing is felt above the eyes with a sensation as if the head would burst. A pressure or a violent shooting pain is felt at the root of nose. There is thick yellow greenish sticky ropy or lumpy discharge from nose. Nose feels stuffed with discharge. In many cases, post-nasal discharge of ropy mucus is present. Headache gets better by pressing at the root of the nose and also from drinking warm fluids.

4. Aconite – For Headache From Cold With Fever

This medicine is suggested for managing headache from cold with attending fever. There is pulsating pain or bursting sensation in the forehead in cases needing it. Pain at the root of nose can be felt as well. There may be fluent discharge from the nose or dryness in the nose. There is frequent sneezing and redness, swelling of the nostrils.

5. Allium Cepa – For Pain In Forehead With Cold

Allium Cepa is an effective medicine when there is pain in the forehead along with cold. The pain gets worse in a warm room and better in the open. The pain may be dull or stitching type as from pricking of needles. The pain may extend to eyes and face in some cases. There is profuse watery nasal discharge that causes burning in the nostrils and on the upper lips. Intense sneezing is also felt. A lump is felt at the root of the nose. A watery discharge from eyes is also noted. Cough and hoarseness of voice may be present as well.

6. Gelsemium – For Dull Headache With Heaviness Of Eyelids

This medicine is very useful when there is dull headache with heavy eyelids. The pain may be present in the forehead or on the back of head. There is watery nasal discharge along with sneezing and fullness is felt at the root of nose. Tingling is felt in the nose and it also feels stuffed. Excessive weakness may be present. Fever can attend as well. In cases needing it, there may be a tendency to catch cold with every weather change.

7. Silicea – With Foul Smelling Nasal Discharge

Silicea is well indicated when there is headache with foul smelling nasal discharge. Nose feels stuffed. There is alteration between nasal discharge and nasal dryness. Loss of smell is there. Pain can be felt in the forehead, the top or back of the head. Headache gets worse from cold air and head movement. There is relief in headache from wrapping the head with a warm cover. Relief also occurs from binding the head or applying pressure.

8. Pulsatilla – With Thick, Yellow, Green Nasal Discharge

This medicine is recommended for managing headache with thick, yellow, green nasal discharge. There is alternate blockage of nose and nasal discharge. Mostly there is runny nose in the open air and stuffiness indoors. There is loss of smell and taste. Pain is felt on one side of the head and face. Watering in eyes can occur along with headache. Head feels heavy. There is relief from headache by going outdoors.

9. Nux Vomica – With Nasal Discharge In Day And Nasal Blockage At Night

Nux Vomica can be used in cases where headache occurs during the day and there is nasal blockage at night. There is watery nasal discharge in day time and nasal dryness at night. There is excessive sneezing and a crawling sensation is felt in the nose. Other symptoms are watering from eyes and headache in the forehead with urge to press the head against something hard.



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