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Warm up to Homeopathic Remedies for Colds

Homeopathic Remedies for ColdOnce you get a cold, the instant human reaction is to somehow get rid of it as soon as possible. Allopathic medicines over the counter may provide you with some relief from a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, headache and body ache for a short duration, but the viral infection far from leaves your body. The cold, or the viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, recurs and that can be even more frustrating. Here is where Homeopathic remedies can of great help. Homeopathic remedies for colds go to the crux of the problem and ensure that the viral infection is rooted out of the body. They can cure it effectively and has no side effects as these are made from natural substances and hence, are completely safe, whereas homeopathic remedies to prevent colds can ensure that there is no recurrence.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Colds

1. Arsenic Album – For Runny Nose

Arsenic Album offers a beneficial cure for the common cold, especially when there is a thin watery discharge from the nose. The discharge leads to a burning sensation and most of the times it is accompanied by sneezing. The person’s condition gets worse in cold air. Being in a warm room can provide some relief to the person.

2. Aconite – For Cold due to Exposure to Cold Air

Aconite is undoubtedly the best and most effective natural medicine for cold after sudden exposure to cold air. The symptoms are scanty nasal discharge with a stuffy nose. Sneezing may also be experienced. The other accompanying symptoms are restlessness and anxiety. The person may also show an increased thirst for cold water.

3. Gelsemium – For Cold with Headache

Gelsemium is of great help to cure a cold accompanied by headache. The patient also feels feverish. The other symptoms are sneezing, watery nasal discharge, along with feeling drowsy and sleepy. There is a complete absence of thirst for water in most of the cases.

4. Nux Vomica –  To cure Blocked Nose

Nux Vomica yields great results when the nose feels blocked especially during the night, while during the day, there is a watery discharge from the nose. The cold can be accompanied by extreme chilliness. The patient wants to be warmly wrapped up.

5. Belladonna – For Pain in Throat during Cold

Belladonna is a medicine that is extremely helpful when a pain in the throat is felt along with the cold. The pain in throat gets worse when you swallow anything. The throat is inflamed and dry. You may also get bouts of cough, along with a headache. Binding the head provides little relief from the headache.

Other Remedies for Cold

1. For Running Nose

Following are the remedies for colds when running nose is a prominent symptom.
Arsenic Album is beneficial when there is a thin, watery discharge from the nose. This is accompanied by sneezing. Usually, the condition gets worse in the open air.
Allium Cepa is the best remedy for a running nose with excessive watery discharge, along with sneezing and headache. The nasal discharge is irritating and burning in character. The patient feels somewhat better in the open air.
Arum Triphyllum is the best cure when the discharge from the nose is mostly of an acrid and excoriating type, with a sharp unpleasant smell and feeling. And in spite of a running nose, the nose feels blocked.

2. For Stuffy Cold

Nux Vomica tops the list of medicines to cure a stuffy cold where the nose feels completely blocked. Nux Vomica can be used in all those cases where the nose feels completely stuffed up. Mainly the person feels the blockage getting worse at night.
Hepar Sulph can be taken when the stoppage of nose gets worse in cold air.
Belladonna is most helpful in treating a violent headache accompanying nasal blockage due to suppressed nasal discharges.

3. For Sneezing with Cold

Sabadilla is a natural medicine which is mostly used when there is excessive sneezing with a constantly running nose. Sabadilla works as a very effective remedy in such cases.
Allium Cepa is equally good as Sabadilla. But Allium Cepa is used when the sneezing is accompanied by nasal discharge of a burning and irritating nature.

4. For Colds with Influenza

Gelsemium is the best medicine for treating cold in Influenza. This remedy can be used when nasal discharge, sneezing are accompanied by pain in the head and a feverish feeling.
Eupatorium Perfoliatum suits those persons who have a cold with severe body ache and muscle soreness of the entire body.

5. For Nasal Blockage

Sambucus is the medicine that is mainly used when there is extreme dryness and stoppage or blockage of nose mainly during the night. The person wakes up at night from sleep due to suffocation as a result of the nasal blockage. Ammonium Carb is used when the nose is stuffed up completely with the inability to breathe through the nose. The person keeps the mouth open so as to breathe.

6. For Pain in Throat

Belladonna is a very beneficial medicine when the person experiences pain in the throat along with a cold. The throat feels sore and dry. Extreme headache accompanies cold and sore throat.

7. For Cough with Cold

Use Bryonia Alba if you have a dry cough along with cold and experience a headache too. There is mostly an increased thirst for water. In contrast to Bryonia Alba, Hepar Sulph is of great help when the cough is loose and rattling along with a cold.

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  1. Dimacha D Mwchahary says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am vulnerable to cold. If I ride two wheeler, walk in the morning, take bath with cold water, suddenly I suffer from cold, due to which I feel head ache and weakness. This is continuing from since last one year.
    Please prescribe a good medicine for this problem.

  2. Sir iam suffering from severe cold with nose blockage and body pains , slightly feverish conditions and runny nose at night times and throat pain . What would u suggest in homeo

  3. I.Sebastian Raj says:

    Dr. A female aged 43 years old suffering from continuous running nose accompanied by sneezing often for more than two years. none of the treatment has helped her so far. could you help this condition ?

    • Amashis das says:

      Dr. I AM 54 years old, suffering from running Nose accompanied by sneezing often for more than three years, none of the treatment has helped me so far. I can’t drink cold water also. Could you help this condition.

  4. Sharon davis says:

    Hi I am 67 years old and recently my nose has been stopped up and also a runny nose, Clear! I hear crackling in my head and then I am totally stuffed up! No cough, I can’t use the net I pot because it won’t run through!

  5. surinder pal singh says:

    mam my son is 14 years old. he has sneezing with cold in summer and winter also from last 2 years pls suggest some medicine for complete cure

  6. Ajit Kumar Singh says:

    Hello Sir,

    Main bachpane se sardi se paresan hu. jara sa hawa pani badalte hi mujhe sardi ho jati hai. Main Software company me kam karta hu jiski wajah se mujhe 8-10 hours AC ke andar bitana parta hai. Iswajah se main abhi aur bhi jyada paresan hu..

    Jab Sardi hoti hai to uske satha nak se pani girna, humesa chhike aana, anke lal ho jana, pure sarir me dard jaise lakchhan dikhai dete hai…

    Kya isse chutkara pane ka koi upay hai?

  7. Hello Mam,

    My daughter is 10 years and every month she falls sick due to cold,runny nose all the time some time blocking nose.Fever,throat pain in every alternate month.We stay in bangalore where weather is keeps chanigng and cold too. She is in homeopathy when she was 2.5 years.Before she used to have wheezing too and in a year once or twice wheezing.Now she has too runny nose with sneezing continiously with white thin discharge and when coughing thick cough too.Please help me out as all the time she is in medication which is not good.She is fussy eater not eats properly.


  8. J L Panda says:

    I am a cold allergy patient .even in this summer ifeel some cough and in the evening also and khashi.I am taking now bryonia and antim tart. is this o.k.

  9. Raji Ajesh says:

    Hlooo sir l having severe sneezing and running since 8 months and also having irritating dry cough I took homoeopathic medicines but I didn’t get any relief . Complaints are only in the morning hours after waking up

  10. mr g s saha says:


  11. Vasantha Viswanathan says:

    Iam 71 yrs old lady.Iam prone to allergic sneezing and I used to take anti histamin so that iam free of sneezing next day.For the past 2 days I have a severe cold with running nose,blocked nose and bodyachecould not sleep due to blocked nose and feeling feverish but no fever.Can you advice me so that I can be cured of sneezing and running nose permanently?

  12. Does above mentioned medicine is same for kids also. For running nose sneezing. My son is 17months old.

    • Rabi sankar says:

      Sir,My son 8 months old.after 4 months he affected from cold and cough many he is suffering with running nose and sneezing.I have given him pneumonia and flu vaccine but cold doesn’t left out.any suggestions plz.

  13. My daughter of age 6 yrs having cold and sneezing since last night. Plz recommend the doses of effective medicine

  14. Oomera maniar says:

    I have thyroid and I suffer from cold , I cannot smell anything some times I have head aches also plz suggest me some medicine tht is easily available and does not have any side effects

  15. wasi Haider says:

    Respected Dr,
    I am suffering from conman cold (left side nose is blocked) & very much headache please suggest me any medicine for completely relive

  16. Some time I am sneezing and watery running nose
    So I am requesting you to advice me some homeo pathic medicine

  17. NAVEEN KUMAR says:

    My 2yr old daughter suffering from cold, cough and fever please suggest her a medicine

  18. Dear Doctor,

    I’m 43 Male – a chronic sufferer of Allergic Rhinitis since childhood. I had to go for Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty around 5 years back. That reduced some severe suffering of sinus problem but allergy still persists. I have to survive on nasal spray and occasional antihistamine tablet. I also try keep my nose clean thru steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil. The major problem is nose-blockage (especially during night), followed by eaching inside throat during winter. I can’t be under sun for long time. That leads to sinus problem. It would be of great help for me if you please suggest some remedy (both SOS and long-term).

  19. My 4year child does not eat well and often he is ill . fever come in a month . specially in cold

  20. Amitava Basu says:

    Good morning sir.
    I am a male. Age 47. Suffer from grade ii atrophy of villi region and spastic Colon. HLAb 27 is positive affecting the cervical region now. and Uveitis of right eye. Stiffness pain of neck and frequent motions with bloating of stomach is the main problem. Deviated nasal septum causes running nose and cough cold synonyms frequently. Have tried lot of medication. NothIng seems to be working.
    On Homeopathy medicines for last 6 years. Not much of help there too.

  21. Abey George says:

    I am 39 years old, suffering from sneezing with watery discharge mostly in the morning.
    Please suggest homeopathy medicine.

  22. Bappa Biswas says:

    Hi Dr,
    Frequently i used to get common cold and sneezing when exposure to cold air or in case dust atmosphere. In that case water discharge from nasal and havoc sneezing is a common to me. What medicine is suitable to me in this case?

  23. child had fever of 103 for 3 days, rash on face and arms then red cheeks. got fever again a few weeks later. cheeks red from wiping nose with sleeve of shirt. runny nose clear to yellow at times. coughs upon waking up early morning. otherwise seems well. bowels normally somewhat constipated needs help… providing plantain tea to loosen bowel when it gets bad. Child seems normal in all regards with exception of runny nose and morning cough.

  24. Dr Himansu K Bose says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am 50 & stay in Kolkata. I am suffering from allergic rhinitis for more than 30 years now. I generally suffer from a running nose & sneezing. Sometimes the conditions improve with exposure to sun light, but not always. I am not allergic to anything in particular, except house hold dusts. But, these conditions occur even without exposure to house hold dust.

    Anti allergic tablets give me a temporary relief, but I am averse to their prolonged use because of the side effects. Allium Cepa doesn’t help much either. The conditions are particularly bad for the last couple of months. I shall be grateful, if you can suggest some long term cure.

    Dr Himansu K Bose

  25. Sanjeev Jain says:

    I am continuously suffering from running nose and sneezing with a water discharge. My nasal s are blocked specially right one. Blocked nose worsens in room and at night after 3.00 a.m. I feel better in open air. Kindly suggest me suitable remedy.

  26. Namaste Dr.Sharma
    My daughter,5 yr old got wet cough past 1 month and now suffering from runny watery nose .
    I ve done allopathy medicine cours for2 week
    Ayurvedic medicines for 1 week and now
    Homeopathy medicine for a week
    But no medicine is giving result
    Good thing is tthat my daughter drink milk and eating meal happily.
    Please give me good prescription and help me

    • Cow´s milk increases mucus in the body, and is nowadays adviced to be avoided especially when sick. Try to give a pure plant milk, like almond to replace cow´s milk. And better go visit a homeopath to get the best fitting remedy. Good luck!

  27. Dr. Sanghamitra Das says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I beg to state that I am 41 years old and I always suffer from severe cold and cough. Sometimes severe cold with violent sneezing and runny watery nose with burning sensation or blocked or stuffy nose and sometimes severe coughing with chest pain with watery running nose.
    Can you suggest me any homeopathy medicine that can cure my cold and cough problem permanently. Now a days I am also suffering from very much hair fall and became baldness in the front area.
    If you advice me some homeopathy remedy for these three problems then I will be thankful to you.

    Thanking you,
    Sincerely yours

    Dr. Sanghamitra Das

    • Dr. Sanghamitra Das says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      I beg to state that I am 41 years old and I always suffer from severe cold and cough. Sometimes severe cold with violent sneezing and runny watery nose with burning sensation or blocked or stuffy nose and sometimes severe coughing with chest pain with watery running nose.
      Can you suggest me any homeopathy medicine that can cure my cold and cough problem permanently. Now a days I am also suffering from very much hair fall and became baldness in the front area.
      If you advice me some homeopathy remedy for these three problems then I will be thankful to you.

      Thanking you,
      Sincerely yours

      Dr. Sanghamitra Das

    • My 4year child does not eat well and often he is ill . fever come in a month . specially in cold
      Please suggest homeopathy medicine

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