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Homeopathic medicines to deal with hard stool

Hard stool is a very common problem. It mainly tends to arise when stool moves very slowly through the large intestine (colon). In the colon, the water is normally absorbed from the stool and when the stool passes slowly in the colon, it results in more water being absorbed from the stool. It leads to dry, hard stool that can be painful to pass. Certain lifestyle factors like the diet of a person (low fiber content diet), lack of physical activity, decreased fluid intake and ignoring the urge to pass stool also contribute to it. It may also arise from the use of certain medicines like iron supplements, calcium channel blockers and some medicines used for the treatment of depression.

In some cases, hard stools may arise from medical conditions. First, among them is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that refers to a functional disorder of the large intestine characterized by altered bowel movements (diarrhoea or constipation or alternation between these two), stomach cramps and bloating. Second is hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). Others include celiac disease (disease in which eating gluten – a protein found in wheat, rye, barley – damages the small intestine of the persons suffering from this disease due to an autoimmune response), intestinal obstruction and diabetes. Hard stool may cause pain when passing stool, pain in the abdomen, bloating, straining to expel stool and bleeding with stool. Hard stool can lead to some complications like anal fissures (cuts/crack in the lining of anus), piles (swollen, dilated, inflamed veins around the anus and in the lower rectum), intestinal blockage and rectal prolapse (pushing out of rectum out of the anus respectively).

Homeopathic treatment to help soften hard stool

Homeopathic remedies can be really helpful to soften stool and aid its easy passage from the anus. Homeopathic medicines work naturally to regularise bowel movements and make stool soft. They also help to manage any pain, bleeding or burning sensation if it is due to passing of hard stool.  These also play a great role in managing complaints of anal fissure and piles that can occur from hard stool in many cases. Homeopathic medicines are suitable to persons of all age groups without any side effects.

Top Homeopathic medicines for relieving hard stool

1. Bryonia – Top Grade Medicine

Bryonia is the top recommended medicine to help soften stool making it easier to pass. It is indicated for cases where stool is very hard, dry and large. The stool appears as if burnt. Stool is passed with much straining efforts. There may occur prolapse of the rectum with the passage of stool in some cases. Pain may be felt in the abdomen. Burning sensation at the anus appears while passing stool.

2. Nux Vomica – With Ineffectual Urge To Pass Stool

This medicine is the best choice when stool is hard along with an ineffectual urge to pass stool. Those needing it have a constant urge to pass stool. They pass little stool at a time unsatisfactorily. There is always a sensation as if some stool has remained behind even after passing hard stool multiple times. The stool is often blood streaked in many cases. Sharp pain in the rectum can attend passage of stool. Nux Vomica is a leading medicine to manage piles along with hard constipated stool. Nux Vomica will help to make stool soft, manage pain and also heal piles if present.

3. Alumen – For Dry Hard Stool

Alumen works effectively in softening the stool. This medicine is used when the stool is very dry and hard. It may be a large lump or passed in the form of small pieces. Blood can pass along with stool in many cases. Pain in the rectum occurs with passing stool. The pain may even continue after passing stool.

4. Opium – When Stool Pass In Form Of Dry, Hard, Round Balls

Opium is the best medicine for cases where stool passes in the form of dry, hard and round balls. The desire to pass stool may be absent for many days together. The person may have a feeling as if the anus is closed. The stool passes with much difficulty. The stool may protrude from anal opening but recede back. At times even gas is passed with great difficulty from the anus.

5. Alumina – When Stool Does Not Pass Daily

Alumina is highly useful when stool does not pass daily and becomes dry and hard as a result. Persons needing it lack the urge to pass stool for many days together until large amount of stool gets accumulated in the intestines. When stool is ultimately passed, it is hard and dry that requires great straining. Stool may be covered with mucus sometimes. Blood may pass after stool. After passing stool, pressure is felt in the rectum along with cutting pain. Though this medicine can be given to persons of any age group, it is most frequently recommended for babies and elderly people. Alumina will help to regularize bowel movements so that stool is passed daily and becomes soft.

6. Nitric Acid – Hard Stool With Pain

Nitric Acid is the most helpful when there is pain along with hard stool. Great amount of straining is involved but only a little stool passes at a time. There is always a sensation as if some stool remained in the rectum that could not be expelled. Intense pain is felt in the anus during and also after passing stool. The pain is splinter-like or cutting in nature. It is one of the best medicines when there is hard stool along with anal fissure.

7. Natrum Mur – Hard Stool With Bleeding

This medicine is recommended for hard stool accompanied with anal bleeding. It is suitable when stool is dry, hard, crumbling and is followed by anal bleeding. Burning and stitching pain also occurs in the rectum. Itching may be felt, the stool may pass on alternate days in those needing this remedy.

8. Ratanhia – Hard Stool With Cuts / Cracks In Lining Of Anus

Ratanhia is highly effective for treating hard stool and cuts in the anus (anal fissure). In cases needing it, the stool is hard that is passed with straining. Intense pain and burning in anus is felt while passing stool. It may remain for several hours after passing stool. Besides, there may occur anal pain as from pieces of broken glass in the anus. Ratanhia will make stool soft and also heal the cracks in the anus wonderfully.

9. Aesculus – With Piles

This medicine works magnificently in cases where piles occur with dry, hard stool. In cases requiring it the stool is hard, dry, knotted which is evacuated with much difficulty. After passing stool, severe pain is felt in the anus. This pain can last for long hours after passing stool. The pain can be cutting or burning type. Pain is felt in the lower abdomen, along with a sense of fullness in the rectum. There is also a typical sensation as if rectum is full of small sticks.

10. Lycopodium – With Bloated Abdomen

This medicine is well indicated for hard stool with bloated abdomen. The burning in anus is felt during and after passing stool. There is marked bloating of abdomen which worsens after eating. There may occur noisy gas passage from anus.

11. Calcarea Carb – When First Part Of Stool Is Hard Followed By Soft

This medicine suits well when the first part of the stool is hard followed by a soft one. During passing of stool, burning and tearing pain is felt in the rectum which feels constricted. A feeling of heaviness is also present in the rectum.

12. Sulphur – With Burning, Itching After Stool

Sulphur is recommended when there is burning and itching sensation after passing stool. The stool is hard, dry and knotty. Stinging pain and soreness is felt at the anus. In some cases, the prolapse of rectum may occur after passage of constipated stool. Bad smelling gas may pass from anus.



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