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Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies to treat Constipation in Kids and Infants

Constipation is a very common problem among children and infants (babies less than one year old). A child is said to have constipation when he/she passes stool less frequently (less than three stools a week) or passes dry, hard stool or has difficulty or pain while passing stool.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines can treat constipation in children and infants wonderfully. These medicines treat constipation effectively in the most natural way. They help in regularising bowel movements and also help in softening the stool. Pain, bleeding with hard stool can also be managed well with these medicines. They also work well in cases anal fissures develop as a result of passing a hard stool.

The best part of using homeopathic medicines is that they are free from any toxic side effects so are very safe to use in children of all age groups. The most suitable medicine is selected after conducting a detailed case study in every individual child. The potency, dose and repetition of the medicine may vary from case to case. So it is advised to administer any of these medicines to a child only after consulting a homeopathic doctor and never give them to a child by yourself without a physician’s advice.

Homeopathic Medicines For Constipation In Kids

1. Alumina – Top Remedy

Alumina is a top recommended medicine to manage constipation in children and infants. Its use is mainly considered when the child misses days without stool. There is lack of urge to pass the stool for many days together. When stool is passed it may be either soft or hard but it passes with much difficulty. Excessive straining is required to pass stool. In some cases, a child is able to pass stool in a standing position only. Alumina works in a natural way to treat constipation by regularizing the bowel movements.

2. Bryonia – For Dry, Hard, Large Stool

Bryonia works best when the stool is dry and hard. Stool is too large in size and it looks as if it is burnt. The stool is passed with much difficulty and straining efforts. Sometimes rectum prolapse occurs with passing of stool. Bryonia helps in softening the stool and shows good results in relieving constipation.

3. Nux Vomica – With Constant Ineffectual Urge For Stool

This medicine is indicated when there is a constant ineffectual urge to pass stool. Child needing this medicine tries to pass stool several times but only a little stool is passed at a time. The stool is unsatisfactory and very hard. Pain may be felt while passing stool. Sometimes, blood stains appear with the passing stool.

4. Opium – For Stool Passed As Hard, Dry Round Balls

Use of Opium is considered when a child passes stool in the form of hard, dry round balls. The stool is passed with excessive difficulty. There may be absence of urge to pass stool for several days altogether in cases requiring it.

5. Paraffin – When stool Passes At Gap Of Two Or Three Days

Use of Paraffin is considered when a child passes stool at gap of two or three days. Urge for stool is there but a child is unable to pass it. When stool is passed it is very hard. It passes in the form of small pieces with great difficulty. While passing stool, pain is felt in the rectum. The pain may persist for an hour or more than that after passing stool.  There is a sensation of fullness in the abdomen. There is loss of appetite along with the above symptoms.

6. Natrum Mur – For Hard Stool With Bleeding And Anal Fissure

This medicine is useful when hard stool is passed causing anal fissure along with bleeding. Stool is very dry and hard followed by anal bleeding. While passing stool, pain may occur. Anal itching can also occur. The stool may pass on every alternate day.

7. Sanicula – When First Part Of Stool Is Hard

This medicine is used in cases where the first part of stool is hard and dry followed by passage of soft stool. Passing stool is very painful. It may cause cuts at the anus along with soreness and bleeding.  In some cases needing it, stool may pass as little dry balls. The stool has a very offensive smell.

8. Silicea – When Stool Recedes Back After Partial Slipping

This medicine is effective for cases where the stool after being partially expelled slips back in the rectum. It happens several times before the stool finally passes out. In cases needing it, the stool is hard and unsatisfactory. It passes out with great effort, straining makes the abdomen sore. Stool is followed by burning sensation in the anus.

9. Nitric Acid – For Pain With Stool And Anal Fissures

Nitric Acid is the most useful medicine in cases when there is pain during and after passing stool. A child needing it fears to pass stool out of pain. It is the most recommended medicine for anal fissure in cases of constipation. In cases needing it, the stool is hard, scanty, difficult. There is desire to pass stool but only little stool is passed. Anal itching may also be felt.

10. Lycopodium – With Gas In Abdomen

Lycopodium is helpful when there is marked gas in abdomen along with constipation. In cases needing it, the stool is hard and dry. With every stool, there is pain. The stool is incomplete.

11. Magnesia Mur – When Stool Is Hard And Crumbles At Anal Opening

This medicine is well indicated when the stool is hard and crumbles at the anal opening. It passes out in the form of small pieces. The stool looks as if burnt. Distension of abdomen may be present along with constipation. In some cases, stool may be covered with mucus and blood.

What Causes Constipation?

The reasons might include the following:

1.Switching to solid food from breast milk/formula in the infant. At that stage, chances of constipation become very high.

2. Ignoring an urge to pass stool by a child may also cause constipation.  A child may ignore urge for stool if he/she fears passing stool from some past experience of painful stool evacuation. The child may also ignore urge if he/she is busy playing and does not want to take a break from that. Ignoring urge to pass stool gives more time for the stool to stay in the rectum where water is absorbed from it making the stool dry and hard. It then becomes painful to pass. A vicious circle may start where stool passes with much pain due to which child holds the stool next time which makes the stool dry hard again and painful to pass.

3. Starting toilet training at very early age may also lead to constipation in some cases

4. Not eating fiber-rich diet may contribute to constipation in many cases

5. Any changes in the routine of the child may contribute to constipation as well. For example – travelling, stress, starting a new school, etc.

6. Having a family history of constipation also puts a child at risk.

7. Rarely, there may be constipation due to Hirschsprung’s disease. In this disease, nerve cells are missing in the muscles of the colon of the baby. It may be experienced in rare cases of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Constipation In Children?

Signs and symptoms of constipation might include:

1. Having infrequent stool (less than three bowel movements a week in children)

2. Passing dry, hard stool

3. Difficulty or pain while passing stool

4. Abdomen pain and bloating

5. In case of impacted stool, traces of liquid or pasty stool may be seen on child’s undergarment

6. Blood with stool

7. Having excessive irritability

8. Signs of holding stool like crossing legs, clenching buttocks, twisting body, making faces


Some of the complications that can arise from constipation include anal fissure (cuts/ cracks in anus), rectal prolapse (slipping of the rectum out of the anus) and encopresis (also called soiling refers to repeated leaking of the stool involuntarily in the clothing from impacted stool in the colon or rectum).



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  1. PRANU TYAGI says:

    Hii Dr.
    My three years old daughter has had extreme difficult pooping .In a two three days she is passing very hard and large stool, so plz suggest me best homeopathy medicine for her

  2. Megan Bailey says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma –

    My three year old daughter has had extreme difficulty pooping for about a year now. It’s never been easy – she was born premature and given antibiotics her first days of life. But this last year she had an episode of diarrhea followed by chronic poop withholding, abdominal distention, days without pooping and requiring an enema or manual stimulation to remove extremely large, hard stool. I am desperate to find the answer for her. I am turning now to homeopathy hoping that it will be the right combination to turn this around. Thank you for your help!

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