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Top 5 Homeopathic Medicines for Corns

Corns are thick, hard, rough, dead areas on the skin caused by excessive friction or pressure. Most common sites for corns are feet, toes, hands, and fingers. The major cause of corn formation is excessive friction, rubbing or pressure on the skin. Corns are actually formed out of a protective response to save the skin from the effects of excessive pressure and friction. Wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose; long, continued standing schedule, excessive sweat on the feet and long, continued use of tools or musical instruments are the major factors that predispose a person to corn formation. Corns appear as thick, rough, raised areas on the skin. Corns can either be hard or soft. Hard corns appear majorly on top of the toes or on the sides of feet while soft corns form in between the toes. They cause pain when walking or standing.  homeopathic medicines for corns

Homeopathic Medicines for Corns

Corns can be successfully treated under the Homeopathic mode of treatment that uses a very gentle approach. These remedies for corns are very effective and attack the problem at the root. Surgical removal of corns is temporary and corns tend to recur afterward. Removing the corns with surgery also carries the risk of infection, while natural medicines provide a permanent and completely safe solution to corns. I have treated a large number of corn cases in my clinical practice. The medicines for corns that I have found to be most beneficial are Antimonium Crudum, Hepar Sulph, Silicea, Nitric Acid, Lycopodium and Ranunculus Bulbosus.

1. Antimonium Crudum – Top-rated Remedy for Corns

Antimonium Crudum tops the list of natural medicines for corns. In my clinical practice, I have seen Antimonium Crudum yield remarkable results in patients with corns. This medicine is, therefore, my first choice for prescription in complaints of corns. As usual, the diagnosis and treatment plan involves an in-depth analysis of the case. The most prominent symptom indicating that Antimonium Crudum is used is the presence of large, horny corns on feet which may or may not be inflamed. Antimonium Crudum is also one of the best medicines for corns where the corns are very tender. Pain is felt in the corns while walking.

2. Silicea – For Soft Corns

Silicea is another of the top grade medicines for corns. I have seen excellent results in patients with soft corns with the use of Silicea, which is natural and therefore, safe. Soft corns mainly appear between the toes. Silicea is one of the most effective. The characteristic symptoms – corns between the toes may be sore and painful. Patients may also feel burning or tearing pain in these corns. Silicea also works wonders in cases of corns between toes that tend to suppurate (discharge pus). Excessive sweat with an offensive odour may be present on the foot where the corn is located.

3. Hepar Sulph – For Corns with Pus Formation

Hepar Sulph is one of the best choices of medicines for corns that tend to suppurate (have pus formation). I have seen many corn cases with pus formation heal magnificently well with the use of Hepar Sulph. The kind of corns for which Hepar Sulph would be the most suitable prescription are corns infected with pus formation and pricking pains. Burning, stinging pains may also be experienced in cases where Hepar Sulph would be one of the ideal medicines for corns. Such corns may also be highly sensitive to touch.

4. Nitric Acid & Lycopodium – For Painful Corns

Natural medicines Nitric Acid and Lycopodium are rated among the best medicines for corns that are very painful. The guiding feature for prescribing Nitric Acid as the most suitable among medicines for corns is the presence of corns with splinter-like or sticking pains. In cases where the most prominent symptoms are thick, indurated (hardened) corns on the feet with pressing, tearing, aching and drawing pains, Lycopodium would show best results. Lycopodium is also one of the best medicines for corns which are inflamed and result in sore, stinging, burning pains.

5. Ranunculus Bulbosus & Antimonium Crudum – For Horny Corns

Ranunculus Bulbosus and Antimonium Crudum are noted medicines for horny corns. Ranunculus Bulbosus works well in hard, horny corns. The corns in this case are very sensitive to touch. Antimonium Crudum helps to effectively heal large horny corns over the feet. The corns are very tender and painful, especially while walking, in such cases where Antimonium Crudum has proved itself as one of the best medicines for corns.

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  1. Santosh Kumar says:

    Hello doctor my son age is 10 and he is suffering for cone in his foot pls suggest medicine

  2. Hello doctor, please prescribe a medicine for my father aged 82 years, suffering from sciatica pain on the right side of the body. Next is my mother aged 76 yrs. Suffering from dry corn on the toes which is too painful while walking.

  3. Hello can I consult u

    • paramvir says:

      Pricking and pressing painful corn. Both foot are affected but left one is painful. Equally painful during walking and in restive condition. Can not sleep due to painPlease advise drugs, dosage and direction of use

    • Mir Rabiuzzaman says:

      My sister (36) got corns at top of 2 right fingers in pair like .. , medicine please.

  4. Pankaj bhutada says:

    What is treatment for planter fasciitis. Heel pain

  5. Barbara North says:

    I have a drawing,band like pain from 2 middle toes to heal. Down the center of my left foot. Plantar muscle. I let someone put a laser on my toes and this was a result pulled the plantar muscle tight. I have used cactus g. 30 c with some little relief, should I go to 200 or do you have a good suggestion. Namaste.

  6. My mother has corn (deep) on both her legs. She has pain. Please can you suggest which medicine to be used. She is in Dubai.

  7. I am 37 year old lady married one daughter 8 years old. I get headache most of the days. I feel something heavy at my centre of the head & feel like hitting it. I am diabetic since 8 years which developed during my pregnancy. Can you help me get rid of this head ache. Thanks

  8. hello doctor,
    this is a class 12th student speaking… after long time i noticed a bulge between my toe n 2nd finger of the foot… n confirmed it as corn… i used corn caps… i extracted it… but now instead of 1 there are 2 besides the original site… n nowadays i m getting more of them ( i think so). i fell some new boils erupting on the same toe.. what may be that? plz let me know! i m presently using homeopathy tabs named calcarea sulphurica as recommended by my physician.. as after breakfast pills.. its been just two weeks when i started this medication… how much time would it take too go?? as a teenager i cant handle my frustration about when the corn is going… some new are also forming as days pass… please let me know the reason for it… and how much time would the medicine take to heal..

    • Hello Dr Sharma

      I have a patient with pain corns he has a job that involves a lot of standing as a shop owner. He his also a little over weight. I think Antimonium Crudum would be a good remedy for him. I think in a low potency 12 or even 6x or would you suggest 30. Which potency have you see the best results with please.

      Thank you.

      Kind regards


  9. Diavity foot corn

  10. Ajit Kumar says:

    Corn on Uterus
    Suggest proper Medicine

  11. Anwar Reza Khan says:

    Pricking and pressing painful corn. Both foot are affected but right one is painful. Equally painful during walking and in restive condition. Please advise drugs, dosage and direction of use

  12. litan chakraborty says:

    Respected sir/ madam,

    I have a black type corn in my thum finger at my is last for 1 yr .this corn was appear while I was cutting dry fish. Abone stack into my finger . From that time it has appears.there is no pain or paus at all.pls advice me what homeo medicine will help me to get- ride from that very corn.

  13. Ashish Kumar says:

    I have foot corn in my both foot since last 10 years. Which gives lot of pain.I am 48 years old and have diabetics also since then. Please suggest best medicine for me.

    • Anwar Reza Khan says:

      Pricking and pressing painful corn. Both foot are affected but right one is more painful. Equally painful during walking and in restive condition. Please advise drugs, dosage and direction of use

  14. Niranjan Marok says:

    I have corns under my feet. Kindly suggest me suitable medison for corn and in canada from where it is available to me.
    Niranjan Singh Retd

  15. Hi Dr. Sharma. Where can I get some Antimonium Crudum? What potency? Thank you so much!!

  16. srishti says:

    can I directly apply antimonium crudum directly on the corns or shall I intake it orally?

    • Nasreen Malik says:

      Directly use 2 drops on each corn.then take some rest for at least 5 mins. For best results you can use thrice a day

  17. Dear Sir
    My wife suffering from corns both of feet since four years. Its very pain full while walking.Please tell what medicine can remove.

  18. osmajasmin says:

    Corns if not attended on time, can cause frequent irritation. Repeatedly rubbing the corn can cause blisters and infections.

  19. Iam suffering foot corn in last 5 month ,ple suggest what medicine can remove. Corn ,very pain full while walking

  20. My son 4 years 16 kg is suffering from frequent cold mostly watery white mucus almost 300 days out of 365 days. What to do

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