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Homeopathic Remedies For Cough

Homeopathic Treatment of Cough

homeopathic medicines for coughHomeopathic treatment is highly effective in cases of cough. Homeopathy uses medicines of natural origin for treating cough and they are, therefore, without any side effects and safe to use for persons of all age group. These medicines work to treat the cause of the cough so as to bring about a complete recovery in a natural way.

Homeopathic medicines give an excellent result in acute as well as chronic cases of a cough. There is a vast scope for treating various types of a cough with homeopathic remedies. Cough including dry cough, loose rattling cough, spasmodic cough, paroxysmal cough, nocturnal cough, all are wonderfully treatable with homeopathic medicines. Also, cough arising from various diseases like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and pneumonia is treated remarkably well with homeopathic medicines.

Along with cough the attending symptoms like wheezing, expectoration, difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath also go away with the use of homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic Medicines for Cough

There is a large list of homeopathic therapeutics for treatment of cough. Among them, the top ranked homeopathic medicines include – Drosera Rotundifolia, Antimonium Tart, and Conium Maculatum. The characteristic features of these remedies are as below:

Drosera Rotundfolia – Remedy for a Dry Cough

Drosera Rotundifolia is a very effective homeopathic medicine for a dry cough. For using Drosera, a dry, irritative (irritant) cough is the chief indicator. The cough comes in attacks that follow each other rapidly. A marked fatigue attends the coughing episodes. Other accompanying symptoms include tickling in the larynx, scraping sensation in the throat and fetid breath with the cough. Vomiting with cough may also arise. The cough usually worsens after talking or laughing.

Cough that appears during measles or following it is also treated well with this remedy. Drosera is also a well indicated homeopathic remedy for a cough that begins on lying down.This is also an important natural treatment for cough variant asthma

Antimonium Tart – Medicine for a Rattling Cough

 Antimonium Tart works very well in cases of rattling cough. The patient has a loose, rattling cough and the lungs feel full of mucus. The cough remains constant throughout the day and night. The patient faces excessive difficulty in raising the phlegm. Along with this, difficulty in breathing (most marked at night time) is present. Difficulty in breathing makes a person sit up from a prone position (in which it is worse). In addition to the above symptoms, a burning sensation in the chest may be present. Chest pain on coughing also arises in some of the cases. A cough that worsens after each meal is yet another characteristic feature pointing towards the use of Antimonium Tart

Conium Maculatum – Treatment for a Nocturnal Cough

 Conium Maculatum is useful homeopathic medicine for a nocturnal cough. The patient has a cough at night on lying down.  They are restless at night and tend to sit up many times due to coughing spells. A tickling sensation in the throat pit may be prominently present. A few individuals may complain of an unusually dry spot in the larynx. In some cases, a headache on coughing may arise.

Ipecac — For Cough with Difficult Phlegm

Ipecac is a suitable homeopathic medicine for a cough with difficult expectoration. The patient has a loose rattling cough with marked difficulty in expectoration. A constricted feeling in the chest and shortness of breath may arise. Suffocative spells may accompany the cough. Nausea and vomiting with a cough are also present in a majority of the cases.

Spongia Tosta—For a Cough with Dry Air Passages

 Spongia Tosta is a homeopathic medicine that is highly useful when there is a cough with extreme dryness of all the air passages. The cough is an exclusively dry, barking, hacking type. Chills may attend the cough. Warm drinks may offer a little relief.  Along with this, shortness of breath and labored respiration may also be present.

Corallium Rubrum—For a Cough from PND (post nasal dripping)

 Corallium Rubrum is a good homeopathic medicine for cough from PND (post nasal dripping). The cough appears in quick, short attacks that follow each other in quick succession. Along with the cough, excessive hawking is also present. Extreme exhaustion is felt along with the cough. A vital symptom that attends the above symptoms is the sensitivity of air passages to air (inhaled air feels cold).

Millifolium—For Cough with Bloody Sputa (hemoptysis)

 Millifolium is a homeopathic medicine of immense help in a cough with bloody sputa or in any lung disease with accompanying cough. In addition, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing and oppression of chest appear. Hemoptysis after injury or following violent exertion also indicates the use of Millifolium.

Natrum Mur—Treatment for a Cough with White Phlegm

For a cough with white sputa expectoration, Natrum Mur is a beneficial homeopathic medicine. The sputa may be salty to taste. Other attending symptoms are a cough with the flowing of tears from the eyes, a headache of bursting nature, and shortness of breath. A sore, bruised feeling in the chest also appears. Another symptom that may arise is involuntary urination during coughing.

Kali Sulph and Pulsatilla Nigricans —Remedies for Cough with Yellow & Green Phlegm 

 Kali Sulph is a valuable homeopathic medicine for cough with expectoration of yellow coloured sputa. Other symptoms pointing to the use of Kali Sulph are the rattling of mucus in the chest, difficult expectoration, and wheezing in the chest.

Pulsatilla Nigricans is an important homeopathic medicine for cough where greenish expectoration is present. The patient’s cough may get aggravated in a warm room and find relief in open air. Pulsatilla Nigricans is also suited for a cough after measles.

Phosphorus and Hepar Sulph—For a Cough in Bronchitis

 Phosphorus and Hepar Sulph are beneficial homeopathic medicines for cough in bronchitis. The characteristic indicators for using Phosphorus are cough with sputum expectoration of a purulent nature, frothy or blood-stained sputum. The phlegm may be salty or sweet to taste. Strong odours may trigger a cough.

Along with cough, chest tightness, oppression of chest, and sharp stitching pain in the chest may be present. Heat/ burning sensation in the chest may also appear in a few individuals needing Phosphorus.

Hepar Sulph is significant medicine for bronchitis in older adults. The symptoms indicating use of Hepar Sulph are a loose rattling cough with thick, tenacious, yellow sputa. The cough may worsen from exposure to cold air, while warmth relieves it.

Arsenic Album—For an Asthmatic Cough

 Arsenic Album is an excellent choice of homeopathic medicine for an asthmatic cough. The symptoms indicating the use of Arsenic Album are a cough with shortness of breath, and wheezing/whistling in the chest. Tightness in the chest may also arise. Tenacious expectoration of yellow/ green colour may be there. Other attending feature is suffocative attacks during sleep. Anxiety and restlessness may occur in persons along with above symptoms.

Antimonium Arsenicosum – For a Cough in Emphysema

 Antimonium Arsenicosum is a homeopathic medicine for treating cough in persons having emphysema. Along with a cough, extreme dyspnea (difficulty in breathing) attends. In most cases lying down worsens the cough and dyspnea. Excessive mucus expectoration is also there with an emphysematous cough. In addition, a general weakness and loss of appetite may be present.

Bryonia Alba –For a Cough in Pneumonia 

 Bryonia Alba is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for a cough in pneumonia patients. The guiding symptoms for using Bryonia Alba include a dry, hard cough and brick coloured/blood streaked sputa. Chest pain on coughing, which makes a person hold the chest is the chief attending feature. Stitching pain in the chest which is worse on inhaling is another prominent symptom for using Bryonia Alba. The chest pain may benefit from lying on the painful side.

Sambucus Nigra – For Cough in Children

Sambucus Nigra is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for treating cough in children. The cough is usually of paroxysmal type. The most troublesome time for a cough is during the night. Sudden spells, mainly of a suffocative cough arise during night hours. A child needing Sambucus Nigra frequently sits up at night because of the coughing spells. Along with the cough, a whistling sound from the chest is also present in most cases.

Senega—For Cough in Older Adults 

 Senega is of high value for treating cough in the elderly. A rattling in the chest with marked difficulty in raising the tough sputa arises along with the cough. Soreness and oppressed sensation in the chest may also assist. Pain in the back on coughing could be present. A cough in asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis all indicates the use of Senega.

Cina and Coccus Cacti—For a Spasmodic Cough

Cina and Coccus Cacti are significant medicines for a spasmodic cough. Cina Maritima is helpful when there is a violent cough that ends in vomiting. The cough is so intense that it brings tears to the eyes. The cough usually appears in paroxysms with attending shortness of breath. Coccus Cacti is useful when a spasmodic cough is worse in the morning. The cough ends with vomiting of viscid mucus. Coccus Cacti is also prominent when there is a cough in regular paroxysms with expectoration of much ropy mucus.

Nux Vomica—For a Cough with Acidity (GERD)

 Nux Vomica is an important homeopathic medicine for a cough with acidity. The symptoms indicating the use of Nux Vomica are cough and difficulty in breathing with an accumulation of gas in the abdomen. Nausea, vomiting, fullness in the stomach and sour/bitter belching are prominently present with a cough.

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  1. My son has cough. He is 2 years old and he has yellow discharge from nose and like barking cough. I think at it isn’t dry cough. He is tired and generally he is active kid. And he says at he has pain in throu.
    Can you help us please?

  2. tushar kalani says:

    Dear Sir

    My baby 3 years is problem coughing as night 11:00 to 12:oo And 5:00 to 6:00 contious coughing problem pls suggest a medicine pls helpful sir how to soloution this dignosis

    tushar kalani

  3. Sambhu Nath Naskar says:

    11 months old Baby. Continuing non stop cough being tired.
    Please suggest a medicine.

  4. I am 86 , in passable health for the age. On Amlong 5 mg aily. Sometimes , my BP is 118/64/70 an so on. tThe pulse is normally about 60-65. Suffering from GER. Pl Suggest Homeo Cure. Thanks.

  5. Hello doctor,

    My son has severe cough n completed 6 months just yesterday. Can you please advise if i can give stodal syrup and gun powder to him.

  6. Asaduz zaman says:

    Brilliant description

  7. Jane Ondechek says:

    I have a sister that has a very dry cough but it is accompanied with some sinus blockage way up in the nasal cavity because she can still smell through her nostrils. It is very slightly affected with humidity but otherwise no other symptoms I can give you. Her bowels move fine, she can smell & taste but has this constant dry cough all the time. I looked over the remedies and did not see anything that matched her symptoms. Can you help suggest?

    • I am age 33 male from India.
      I am having cough coming anytime when there is change of weather mostly cold.
      In cough i am having white expectatoration with some sound in chest .
      It only lasts till I cough.
      I am frugal irritable person very likely to get anger.
      I am sympathetic and easily moved to tears. I am kind helpful and a bit rrserved

  8. Subhasis Maiti says:

    Hello sir,
    My father is of 82 years and frequently suffers from alergic cold, asthamatic cough with short breathness. So please suggest me whether Arsenic alba 30 with Senega 200 will work better in that case or any modification will be required.

  9. I am sugar patient,suffering from dry cough for the last 10 days,,,throat problem

  10. Hello sir I’m Kesav from Nellore Andhra Pradesh,I want tell about my mother condition,my mother was suffering with a chronic cough some times it will me dry and some time comes with mucus,worsen in nights in past she used Ambra griasia for GERD cough now she is suffering with tickling cough in the throat can you suggest me the medicine and it’s dosage for it.
    Thanks and regards kesav

  11. akhilesh says:

    mera cough 2year old hai jo nose ke last position me rhta hai mera body bad efact hai Eg- hrashmet .weght loos

  12. Hi Dr,
    My 6 month old baby is having severe cough from last 1.5 months tired with lots of medicine but dint help. She is having increased mucus as i can feel it every time she cough. When she breath also i can feel that too much of phlegm is inside. Please suggest any medicine for my daughter.

  13. Diana Webb says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have a very bad cough which I can’t seem to cough it out, Ipecac would describe it perfectly, taking Albuterol inhaler, cough med., tried mucus relief but moved to allergy meds, my blood pressure is going up, my head and ribs hurt, I am exhausted, please advise, no temp.

  14. Debasish Sahu says:

    I’m having trouble with cough,very thick and sticky sputum came out from throat every time .please advise me regarding this issue.

  15. Rahul Parashar says:

    I have been suffering from chronic cough for the last 20 days. I was put on high dose of antibiotics which just reduced the intensity but did not go completely. A rattling sound is there in my chest and throat. The cough starts with the whistling sound and leaves tears in my eyes and some times ends up with vertigo or dizziness. A thin mucous coughed out with coughing up which is sometimes goes out of control. Some other relatives were also caught this cough but they are alright except me. Pleas suggest some remedy.

  16. My wife is 70 yrs old and she has chronic dry cough for over 15 yrs. She appears to have inherited from her mother who too is suffering from similar symptoms. It aggravates after eating, drinking , lying on bed and even after loud talking or laughing. So far only temporary relief is felt on all treatments ( allopathic, ayurvedic or homeopathic.
    Sir, advise
    9811269709 /

  17. Prashant kumar says:

    Good morning sir please help me my 6 month old baby male is suffering from whole night khasi with cough but cough cant come out through the mouth and baby is suffering such problem from 1 month ago .i have taken alopathic medicine 10 days and 10 to 11 days now we are using homeopathic medicine from government homeopathic hospital from charbagh lucknow .cough comes out through the vomatting and laterine by the baby.but we both are much tense that whats going on with our baby and how our baby will be cure and play usual .baby khasi start at night and whole night it works sometime when cough will at the mid of neck and get stop than baby continue khasi for a long time please help us sir

  18. Goutam Roy says:

    I am suffering from cold and cough. Within two months repeating cough. Reproductive cough. White phelgum coming. Now I am 61 years. Actually I think I have lost my immunity power. Which Homeo medicine can help me ? Please advise.


  19. Premshankar says:

    Sir, I’M suffering from Anxeity ,depression, indigation also mucus in stool, since 25, yrs. I,m 48 yrs old. Pls. suggest

  20. Homeopathic Medication says:

    Very informative and helpful tips. Please keep doing the good works.

  21. j s manvi says:

    sir, i am suffering from cough,for last one week , whenever cold and flu attack then its start for week or two weeks .please guide which medition is suitable for cough and cold, and when i took antibiotic mediation stomach problem arises .loose motion and motion is not cleared many times i should go to bathroom .

  22. Hello
    Every time a get a cold I am always left with a very dry barking cough which is persistent and can last 2-3 months. I am asthmatic and there is no phlegm usually and it is worse if I take a deep breath, go outside into the cold or even enter another room or try to talk. It is extremely irritating.
    My mum also suffers with a dry cough whenever she flies on an aeroplane or visits Delhi because of the pollution. Wit is also very persistent. What can you recommend for her
    Thank you

  23. Muhammad Noori says:

    Severe cough, short breath especially at night while lay down
    In sitting little relief

    Taking Arsenice album now

  24. Patrik joshi says:

    Sir I’m 37 years old ,I have IBS problem
    Which medicine I take

  25. Where can i purchase corallium rubrum and nature mur…for my pnd and productive cough. Residen in USA

  26. Hello Dr Sharma,

    My sister has got cancer stage 4 and she has exhausting cough. she gets very tired and short breath due to cough. which homeopathy can help her?
    Kind regards,
    Serap Ince

  27. My wife is 60 years old. She has developed a persistent, raspy sounding cough which is worse at night. She finds it difficult to cough up any sputum but when she does ,it is clear. She has had the cough for several years and I believe that it is an environmental issue associated with the work place , as she works with deep fryers in the kitchen. That is my guess. Is there any relief ,other than quitting?

  28. kaushik biswas says:

    Sir what medecine should be taken for vocal chord. nodules as told by doctor after endoscopy of throat if my wife the doctor has adviced to talk less just now taking casticum album phyto and belladona with 30 potency

  29. Kamlesh Chawla says:

    Sir my granddaughter ade is 13 having severe cough
    Last three days we are giving medicine by homeopathic dr. But no improvement. Plz suggest the medicine for her. Thanks

  30. Satish Mourya says:

    Sir,my daughter aged 9 years having cough whenever she plays or running,she starts coughing and feel tiredness.please suggest suitable medicine for her.


    I M NAVEEN MY AGE is 30 years I m suffering from khansi since last 8 years my father also
    have khansi and before 2 months I start homeopathic medicine first month I feel very better now \
    again have khansi please suggest me what can I do

  32. Annie Oliver says:

    This problem I think is post nasal drip, now it gets in bronchial tubes , I had the balloon plasty surgery 3 weeks ago; but didn’t seem to better , but worse if any thing. Now my nose and bronchial whistle in harmony . It accumulates when I sleep and take about 35 min. Of coughing and spitting up for a little relief!! HELP!

  33. Hi Docter,
    I am suffering from cough. Earlier it was more pronounced at night. Now it is more quick and last for long time.
    Want some prescription ASAP

  34. Jaspreet kaur says:

    My daughter 7 years old having extreme dry cough from last two weeks….many medicines given to her but not a long relief..pls tell about any homeopatjic medicine that would be effective for regular cough

    • Manisha patel says:

      My daughter 8 montn old having extreme dry cough from last two weeks….many medicines given to her but not a long relief..pls tell about any homeopatjic medicine that would be effective for regular cough.couch last 4days specially in morning and evening please suggest .also slightly khansi.

  35. Chandrasekari says:

    My son have three month baby having cold and he sleeper in that time he difficult to breathe air

  36. Moninder singh says:

    My 4 years child is suffering with cough and cold with pain in stomach from more than a week. Change in voice and sputa is not coming itself out of nose, he has to spill out. I am trying medicines like antibiotics and other allopathic that doctors recommended but condition is still as it is with up and downs. Which homoeopathic medicine I give to my child for quick recovery.

  37. My child is suffering from dry cough from last 3 days I give bryonia alba 30 three drops I want to know how many dose of bryonia given to him he is a six year old boy

  38. Sanjay singh says:

    I am suffering from couch last 4days specially in morning and evening please suggest .also slightly khansi.

  39. The only symptom that I had was tingling in my legs especially at night after I retired to bed. The tingling became more severe where I could not get them to stop. I thought I had restless leg syndrome. My doctor tested me for diabetes and found that I had type II diabetes and the sugar was attacking my legs because it had no place to go. He put me on a sugar free diet and Actos and within one to two days my symptom were gone.. One day I got extremely sick, could not keep anything down, had blurry vision, a rapid heartbeat.I Started taking metformin 1000 mg twice daily. I am writing this to inform others that nothing was really working to help my condition.I went off the metformin (with the doctor’s knowledge) and started on Diabetes herbal formula i ordered from Health Herbal Clinic, my symptoms totally declined over a 7 weeks use of the Diabetes natural herbal formula. i am now doing very well, Visit there website This treatment is incredible!

  40. Devendra Kumar sinha says:

    Cough and sneezing for 15 days about

  41. MK SRIVASTAVA says:

    My son is four years old and suffering from cough that ends in vomiting specially in night. He doesn’t feel hungry too. Please advise.
    With regards

  42. Nisha Udaya says:

    I have spasmodic and night coughing, and I am breastfeeding. Can I take these remedies while breastfeeding?? I am 39 my child just turned 2. I really want to heal myself as naturally as possible.
    Thanks, Nisha

  43. Dear,Dr.saheb
    My son is one year old,7 kg weight,healthy.
    He is suffering from cough at least 4 month. In a day 10 -15 time comes cough. Sounds like dog barking cough. I have taken medicines from medical store, syrup and shown him to local Drs.but all does not cured well. Is any suggestion from you. Please guide me Dr.saheb.

    • Atreyi Sarkar says:

      Dear Dr,
      My Son is 2.5yrs old he is suffering from Cold and Cough almost every month with the running nose the antibiotics but again start after 10-15days. Cough sound very harsh that might his throat get scratch and at night after 3am he cough like continously. So he don’t want to take food at that period of time because sometimes he vomit by coughing.
      I am very worried about his health can you please help me out..
      Thanks in Advance for your Reply

  44. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Sinha says:

    Dear Dr Saheb,
    My father is 76 years old and is a patient of Coronary Artery disease. Since 31st January after 200 km journey by car in night on 26th January, and after bath on Saraswati puja, he suffered serious severing and fever came. After that urine started containing RBC so red which was cured after taking some antibiotics. But another problem created after 4th February 2017 when hiccups started and is continuing till now.please tell the effective remedy.


  46. pankaj das says:

    Respected Sir, I am pankaj Das from Guwahati would like to get a reply that my 7 years old son has been suffering frequently from running nose and cough due to more sweating .at the age of 2 years doctor said that that due to above limit of hormone it is occurring and it will automatically get relif after some time,but still he is suffering. please reply and oblige .
    with regard. pankaj Das.

  47. Bitu Shrestha says:

    Hello! My son 19 months and suffered from fever, cold and cough every months and aslo vomit during coughing.what homeopathy medicine are prefer to cure. Plz suggest..

  48. Hello, My son is 8 months old and suffering from cold n cough.This is third time happens in last 2 months. Please help me with some homeopathic syrup. Cough gets worse in the night and he is not able to sleep.

  49. Good morning sir,
    My 5 year old son having common cold and cough since last night because of cold weather.
    Which homeopathic medicine shall I give him.

    Thanks and regards

  50. Poulomi Banerjee says:

    My daughter is suffering from cough n cold for last 2 days.she is just 16 days old.according to doctor’s advice cough drop nd nasal spray have already given but it’s not curing,nasal discharge is also there also it seems something is there in plz advice me what to do

  51. sunil singh says:

    I am suffering from cough for 20 days .please tell me what I do?

  52. Sir gud evening
    Sir mer age 29 h mene two cigrtae se smoking ki us se mera gala kharab hogya h bahut koi treatmnt btaye

  53. My husband suffer with dry cough especially at night from long period so please telle about medicine for him

  54. I am 50 plus,I have started balding,where as my elder brother has got good hair,for past 13 years I have been using hair dye.Is it possible that hair would grow on bald portions or where hair is thin on my scalp by homeopathic treatment?Could you please suggest me for some homeopathic medication?I would be greatly obliged.

  55. Take belladonna

  56. My son aged 15 yrs. Coughs dry intermittently both in night and day time. Lot of allopathic syrup already taken by him. Pl. Suggest homeopathic medicine. Thank you.

  57. night caugh ill take a medication but not cure what can i do now

  58. Dear doctor sharma ji
    my son is of 6 years old(D.O.B 22-11-2011) is suffering from cold & cough in all seasons (too much in winter). due to that he don’t like to take food (as soon as he puts some food in his mouth he starts coughing) he avoids food & drinks more water than the food. we can observe from his figure that he is not growing healthy.
    we stay in ground floor(official quarter) where it is too – cold in winter. we have consulted doctors, they have given many alopathy medicines but it is not curing completely. now he is taking In-haler on regular basis then also his cough is not stopped fully(especially it is much in the early morning).
    my humble request to you is please go through the details & suggest any suitable medicine so that my son can get-rid of this cough.
    pl, mail me back if you need any other details.

    west bengal

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