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Homeopathic Remedies For Cough

Homeopathic Remedies for Cough

Homeopathy has an excellent repository of medicines for treating cough . There are homeopathic medicines for treating nearly every kind of cough. Usually kids are the one who face the brunt of recurrent cough attacks , they are the worst hit. I am writing this feature keeping in mind the’ cough attacks’ that kids get , broadly it can apply to adults as well.

Coughs can be broadly divided into  asthmatic cough, spasmodic cough, dry cough, croupy cough and Nocturnal Cough( cough that occurs at night). Homeopathic remedies that top the table in treating cough are Drosera , Coccus Cacti ,Cina , Antimony Tart , Pertussin , Spongia Tosta ,Belladonna , Phosphorus ,Cuprum met , Sambuccus and Corralium Rubrum.

Homeopathic medicines for cough with vomiting

Homeopathic medicines have a great ability to treat cough that end in a vomit. In my experience Coccus Cacti to be extremely Useful in treating cough that is frequently attended with vomiting. It works very efficiently in kids , especially those who suffer from cough variant asthma . This is a kind of asthma where  cough is the predominant symptom and is excited  more in the night , mornings , and easily on exertion . Lesser known medicine Pertussin has always stood the test of time when other medicines have failed me for cough with vomiting . More frequently indicated in chronic coughs or cough in kids that ends up in vomiting. For Pertussin to be indicated the cough should be Spasmodic in nature .  Spasmodic Cough means cough that comes in spasms and can last for  a long period e.g. a minute or two and may cause a vomiting reflex . This kind of cough is similar in symptoms to ” whooping Cough ” . Remember Whooping Cough has been nearly eradicated by modern day vaccines.

Homeopathic medicines for Spasmodic Cough

Cina  tops the table for Homeopathic medicines that treat spasmodic cough. Other Great Homeopathic medicines that are used in treating spasmodic cough are Drosera , Cuprum metallicum ,Pertussin Sambuccus and Corralium Rubrum . Homeopathic Remedy Cina has a great role to play in treating kids that suffer from Spasmodic Cough attacks. Cina is indicated when the cough attacks are so violent  that they leave kid blue and exasperating for breath. These attacks can come suddenly and can come even in the middle of the night. I have used Cina in 30c and infrequently in 200c for treating kids that suffer from recurrent attacks of spasmodic cough. Sambuccus is another great homeopathic remedy for cough that is spasmodic in nature. It is indicated in kids that suffer from spasmodic cough attacks late in the night or early morning 3am or so.Sambuccus is also used for asthmatic attacks in kids that occur in the Night while sleeping.

Homeopathic Remedies for Croupy and  Rattling Cough

Rattling cough refers to cough that have sound of rattling mucus in the chest. Homeopathic medicines Antimonium  Tart ,Ipecac and Phosphorus are used for it . Croupy cough or Hoarse Sounding cough are well treated with Spongia Tosta ; It is used when the cough has a typical Nature ‘ barking type’.

Homeopathic Remedies for Simple Dry cough

Belladonna has never failed me for treating patients with simple dry cough. Bryonia  is my second choice . Cough attacks that come after exposure to cold air respond very favorably to Aconite and Hepar Sulpur. As for the asthmatic cough ,I will discuss it in an upcoming feature.

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  1. Sir mujhe bachpan s hi nazla or bahut Jada balgam wali khansi h jo mujhe bahut preshan krti h, or maine apna ilaj kai jagah kraya lekin koi aram ni lga balgam bahut aata h.

  2. krishan kant says:

    Girl child age 4years have post viral cough dry in nature , no fever now for last seven days.

  3. Kunal K. Bealauch says:

    I have cough trouble for 4 months,some bulghums always comes out when coughing, When coughing some pain in chest, Am I suffering from asthma? What should I have do for this? Please sir help me!

  4. Vikas Sehgal says:

    I am suffering from cold, head pain & head heavy Rehna , nose block,

  5. Vikas Sehgal says:

    I am suffering from cold, head pain & head heavy Rehna , nose block,

  6. surinder chhabra says:

    i am suffering from gram sarad and week ness

  7. Hi

    My 14 year old son has been having bad cough for the last 8 days. I think it was triggered by a cold (or pollen – Hayfever suffer). He coughs all day long, a cough every 5 seconds. He complains his chest hurts because he coughs so much. Dry cough. He also has asthma but at this moment there is no whizzing, no chest infection, we ended up in hospital to check him out and they prescribed prednisolona for 3 days, we are in the second day and the cough hasn’t improved. He feels tired, find hard to concentrate. The coughs are short and dry.

    What you woul recommend we try please.

    Thank you.


  8. Ratan Rateria says:

    Sir, no reply received. Please help me. I have tried all treatments to no use…..!!!

  9. Anwarul Haque says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My daughter 5 years old and suffering from Dry cough at beginning of Night before going to bet and after wake up, in a day occasionally. No mucous or phlegm out but I feel she swallow to pass down the throat I believe. At night Nose blockages also notice sometime!

    Can you please recommend any medicine for her?

    Thanks in Advance for your kind help.

  10. Ratan Rateria says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am 59 years old male 5.6 in height and 90 kgs. weight.
    I am suffering from dry cough without any mucuos or phelgem. Cough comes after sleeping…whether day or night…more fierce in night…obce sleep sets in….dry cough starts…..chest, nose etc are absolutely clear. I snore during sleep. Have a long history of Phyrengitis & Lyringitis. My throat or naso phyran are is very sensitive. Please help me…send your comments and diagnosis to my e.mail…Thanks

  11. SubhaPrada Behera says:

    Hi Doctor, My children is 5 years son. He is suffering cold from 1 years old. But when 1.5-2 years , he suffering kash with cough. In that time I treatment yelopathic doctor. But still now his cold not curely completely. his nose always chock over side. Now summer season come .Temperature is 42. even Hot season but his kash and caough always create slowly. some times kash start at night. is this asthma symtoms. and what type of caugh syerup and medicine prescribe. please suggest me. is this cure completely.

  12. My daughter has a dry cough which homeopathic remedie will be good for her ?

  13. Hi doctor my name is jyoti main bahut dino se sukhi khasi se bahut pareshan hu 5 doctr k pas jake aai koi fayda nhi hua Unki dawai jab band hoti hai to firse khasi shuru ,jab bhi mai soti hu tabi bahut khasi aati hai ,blood report bhi normal plz aap muje salah do k meri khasi band ho jaye

  14. Pradeep Kumar Gupta says:

    Sir, My grand daughter aged 2.5 yrs has frequent attacks of cough and cold. Allopathic doctors are treating her with medicines for allergy and cough, cold. She gets relief but it again occurs again within 10/15 days. Cold beverages and fruit such as banana and citrus fruit also cause such type of attacks. She is not gaining weight beyond 10/12 kg for the last one year though gaining height. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine. Presently I am in Gurgaon but shall be moving to Palampur in Himachal and homeopathic treatment is not available. Medicine if suggested by you, we will procure from here or online. Please oblige and suggest some treatment.

    • Pradeep Kumar Gupta says:

      Sir, My grand daughter aged 2.5 yrs has frequent attacks of cough and cold. Allopathic doctors are treating her with medicines for allergy and cough, cold. She gets relief but it again occurs again within 10/15 days. Cold beverages and fruit such as banana and citrus fruit also cause such type of attacks. She is not gaining weight beyond 10/12 kg for the last one year though gaining height. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine. Presently I am in Gurgaon but shall be moving to Palampur in Himachal and homeopathic treatment is not available. Medicine if suggested by you, we will procure from here or online. Please oblige and suggest some treatment.

  15. RAKESH Sharma says:

    Sir if i drink or eat any thing cold i suffer from cough.I have cough in my throat and somrtimes i have headache due to cough.Right now i am taking Bryonnia 30.But i think its not working.The cough comes out but still its not over from my throat.
    Please suggest me some medicine so that i get some relief from cough syrup or medicine.

  16. Govind Pandey says:

    After suffering 3 dayy fever of cold.I am suffering from rattling cough especially frequent in evening.though white cough comes out with sound.but i did not feel it less even in 3 days after fever .Its continuous.Though I sleep in night without cough.and not disturbed in morning.I am 61 years old and diebetic..Nowadays I found fasting 287……….245.and pp 487………..247.which is almost 1 and 1/2 times more than what it usually to be.

  17. Prasanna Savdekar says:

    Dear, Dr.Sharma,

    I am suffering from acute coughing problem which is forming from 4 to 8 Pm time every day.
    it starts forming in my chest immediately after my lunch.
    I am 52 years old and consuming LN Block -10 MG morning & evening 1 tablet every day for Blood Pressure.
    In the Night I am taking Ecohspriene 75/20.
    The total quantity of Cough will be approx 2 & half teacups, tobacoI am tobacco eater since many years.

    Please kindly help me to come out of this.

    Thanking You in advance.

    Yours Truly,


  18. Ashivani pandey says:

    My name is ashivani pandey . I am 19 year old and i am suffering from coughing for last 2-3month my temperature is high but no fever symptoms no weakness but not increasing my weight so please Dr tell me their treatment

  19. Debasish Chattopadhyay says:

    Respected Dr,
    My daughter of 25 years age, is suffering with dry cough over long 2 and half month past.
    Already some cough syrup has been consumed by her but no relief is evident. Now my homeo doctor Dr R.N.Biswas has prescribed Rumex-6, Mephitis-6, Wathia-6, consecutively at an interval of 1 he. I look for your advice immediately.
    Debasish Chatterjee , DBMS, MD(BIO).
    Phn- 9231846280, ml id- chatterjeedebasish8@

  20. Joyce mckinnon says:

    Had a cough for 15 years nothing works I cough after eating and drinking smell of perfum smoke cleaning products hairspray all make me cough I am 68 and I’m fed up with hacking all the time

  21. My 3 years child suffering from heavy cough and throat infection tell me medicine for fast relief. I believe in german medicine

  22. SujannThapa says:

    i am suffering from cough for more than 2 month i did x ray of chest its normal but my cough please tell me how i can get cure

  23. shiraz merchant says:

    i have child 4 years old and she is suffering from recurring cough and cold , tried many home remedies and allopathy medicine, many antibiotics but of use, it keeps coming , she has cough more during night and early morning , she gets fever as well

  24. Santos tiwary says:

    My son is just 7months and he suffering from cough & cold and also suffering from huping cough and khasi also what medicine I Wil give to my child to take quick action

  25. Hello Dr. Sb.
    My grandma is 90+ and she has dry cough since long.
    This cough seems like a infection in throut. While after coughing she complaints for headache.
    Please suggest.

  26. Naem Ul Haq says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I have too much snooring during sleep, some time I feel breathing issues during sleep or even when I lay down. I do x-ray and altrasound to know the real reason and find out it’s because of cough.
    Please help me and suggest suitable cure or medicine.

    Thanks and kind regards,

  27. Akshay Shrivastava says:

    DR. Sharma

    Mother is 70 years old and at night when she goes to sleep . she has bouts of dry Cough and this disturbs her sleep and has to sit up sometimes for the symptoms to go . Am try sambucus Nigra 30cH . This is accompanied by the congestion of the head as well.

  28. Vijaya Saradhi says:

    My grandson aged six years is reacting to number of antibiotics, when ever we give antibiotic he is developing fever. can we use hepar sulph instead?. He is a child prodigy and sings well and got so many awards. Frequently he gets problem with his larynx what we can do to increase the immunity. We are giving Five phos 6x tabs at present

    Thank you,

  29. MK SRIVASTAVA says:

    My son is four years old and suffering from cough that ends in vomiting specially in night. He doesn’t feel hungry too. Please advise.
    With regards

    • My son is three yrs old he is hving lots n lots of wet cough he is nt able to breath properly n cnt even sleep hole night plz plz advice sumthng as soon as possible…

  30. Nisha Udaya says:

    I have spasmodic and night coughing, and I am breastfeeding. Can I take these remedies while breastfeeding?? I am 39 my child just turned 2. I really want to heal myself as naturally as possible.
    Thanks, Nisha

  31. Dear,Dr.saheb
    My son is one year old,7 kg weight,healthy.
    He is suffering from cough at least 4 month. In a day 10 -15 time comes cough. Sounds like dog barking cough. I have taken medicines from medical store, syrup and shown him to local Drs.but all does not cured well. Is any suggestion from you. Please guide me Dr.saheb.

    • Atreyi Sarkar says:

      Dear Dr,
      My Son is 2.5yrs old he is suffering from Cold and Cough almost every month with the running nose the antibiotics but again start after 10-15days. Cough sound very harsh that might his throat get scratch and at night after 3am he cough like continously. So he don’t want to take food at that period of time because sometimes he vomit by coughing.
      I am very worried about his health can you please help me out..
      Thanks in Advance for your Reply

    • Natalie Brady says:

      My daughter is 10 and have been coughing since October they tried Evey type of medication none works they ruled out asthma and other diseases so they think its acid and that medication not working I’m just so fed up the only time she doesn’t cough is when she’s sleeping eating or scared about something. Do u have any idea what this could be

  32. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Sinha says:

    Dear Dr Saheb,
    My father is 76 years old and is a patient of Coronary Artery disease. Since 31st January after 200 km journey by car in night on 26th January, and after bath on Saraswati puja, he suffered serious severing and fever came. After that urine started containing RBC so red which was cured after taking some antibiotics. But another problem created after 4th February 2017 when hiccups started and is continuing till now.please tell the effective remedy.


  34. pankaj das says:

    Respected Sir, I am pankaj Das from Guwahati would like to get a reply that my 7 years old son has been suffering frequently from running nose and cough due to more sweating .at the age of 2 years doctor said that that due to above limit of hormone it is occurring and it will automatically get relif after some time,but still he is suffering. please reply and oblige .
    with regard. pankaj Das.

  35. Bitu Shrestha says:

    Hello! My son 19 months and suffered from fever, cold and cough every months and aslo vomit during coughing.what homeopathy medicine are prefer to cure. Plz suggest..

  36. Hello, My son is 8 months old and suffering from cold n cough.This is third time happens in last 2 months. Please help me with some homeopathic syrup. Cough gets worse in the night and he is not able to sleep.

  37. Good morning sir,
    My 5 year old son having common cold and cough since last night because of cold weather.
    Which homeopathic medicine shall I give him.

    Thanks and regards

  38. Poulomi Banerjee says:

    My daughter is suffering from cough n cold for last 2 days.she is just 16 days old.according to doctor’s advice cough drop nd nasal spray have already given but it’s not curing,nasal discharge is also there also it seems something is there in plz advice me what to do

  39. sunil singh says:

    I am suffering from cough for 20 days .please tell me what I do?

  40. Sir gud evening
    Sir mer age 29 h mene two cigrtae se smoking ki us se mera gala kharab hogya h bahut koi treatmnt btaye

  41. My husband suffer with dry cough especially at night from long period so please telle about medicine for him

  42. I am 50 plus,I have started balding,where as my elder brother has got good hair,for past 13 years I have been using hair dye.Is it possible that hair would grow on bald portions or where hair is thin on my scalp by homeopathic treatment?Could you please suggest me for some homeopathic medication?I would be greatly obliged.

  43. My son aged 15 yrs. Coughs dry intermittently both in night and day time. Lot of allopathic syrup already taken by him. Pl. Suggest homeopathic medicine. Thank you.

  44. night caugh ill take a medication but not cure what can i do now

  45. Dear doctor sharma ji
    my son is of 6 years old(D.O.B 22-11-2011) is suffering from cold & cough in all seasons (too much in winter). due to that he don’t like to take food (as soon as he puts some food in his mouth he starts coughing) he avoids food & drinks more water than the food. we can observe from his figure that he is not growing healthy.
    we stay in ground floor(official quarter) where it is too – cold in winter. we have consulted doctors, they have given many alopathy medicines but it is not curing completely. now he is taking In-haler on regular basis then also his cough is not stopped fully(especially it is much in the early morning).
    my humble request to you is please go through the details & suggest any suitable medicine so that my son can get-rid of this cough.
    pl, mail me back if you need any other details.

    west bengal

  46. Hasan Akhtar Rana says:

    Sir ! My son is about 2 years. He is patient of alergey n asthma.we give him antibiotic he recovers but last week he was the patient of hepatitis A. For allergey can I give him homeo medicine Justice is 30 . pleaze tell me can we take this in liver desieses.thanks

  47. Anupa Deb says:

    my 15 months old child is suffering from cough for last 3 months sometime she vomits but again sometimes dry cough can u plz help me . she now can’t sleep for cough

  48. Ijaj Ansari says:

    Doctor I am suffering from usual cold but at a extreme level. .. .. I am taking medicines from last 4 days of high power… D cold total and vicks action 500 for dealing with cough… Even before sleeping I am rubbing vicks on chest and nose.. . But it’s not working…. Mucus is now coming brown than of yellow…. . Plz sir prefer me something better to deal with it… .

  49. My 2 years old baby frequently suffering from cold and cough… 1symptom to start sneezing 2 to 3 times in a day then nasal discharge and then cough with vomiting tendency… And some times he vomited… Morning time when he wakeup is more and in mid night also…. And during cold cough he snores…

  50. K.G.Srivastava says:

    I am copd patent,,last 3 days iam suffering from along dry khansi ambput 1minuit continues and when asmall piece comes out gets relief, but there after sans phulti ,and rrquires o2 soi have to take oxygen at least for 5minuit.
    My lung capacity has been saved only 35%. So pl advice for this long lasting khanshi.

  51. Dear sir,
    My father has cough problem with barking sound & a jelly juicy type liquied have also came out along with cough.
    S plz sir you sugest me how i treat him comfertably.
    Plz sir told me.

  52. I have cough problem since 4 months coughand vommitting problem and i could not sleep in night i have barking cough day and night pleas let me now which medicine i shoud take about this type of cough

    • I have cough problem since 4 months coughand vommitting problem and i could not sleep in night i have barking cough day and night pleas let me now which medicine i shoud take about this type of cough

  53. My son(3 years) is suffering from cold nd cough. He has flowing nose sometime fever also. Heavy cough but seems to dry Nd sore throat also. Though he contracted with these type of infection most of the time
    Please help me with his problem Nd how should i improve his immune system.

  54. K.Bhaskaran says:


    I am experiencing allergic dry cough. In the night, after one sleep, I wake up due to dry cough which last for 5 to 10 minutes. During that time I take hot water and also apply Vicks on my chest and back side. This gives some relief to me and I will be able to sleep again. This is I am having last two nights. Will it be possible for me to get some valuable advice for this?

  55. Christine steege says:

    Hello Dr Sharma my daughter aged 33 is 7 months
    Pregnant. Having never had asthma before she is now suffering from it very badly and daily vomits due to coughing. Mostly a clear form. She did have gastric flu
    Prior to all this. Can you recommend a homeopath
    Medicine that will not effect the baby and will help her to be able to breathe. Steroid inhalers have not worked
    Thanking you for any help

  56. myy baby dua is 4.6 year old she has severe dry cough non stop kindly advice some effective medicine.


  57. Shashi Kant dixit says:

    Hello sir
    My father is suffering from cough allergy. As soon as he enters home his cough starts. It’s been 15 -20 years now. Shown to all best hospitals doctors. Nothing is iscuring it. Many tests has been done. Plz you only suggest something. He is 58 years old now.

  58. Ida Kingsley says:

    Doctor, my 2 1/2 yrs old daughter suffers from severe cold and cough. She can’t breathe. Her respiration is with so much noise…can b heard few feets away from her. Her stomach goes up and down in breathing.. She is so adamant not even taking an ounce of water or ANYTHING. My doctor suggested ant.tart 200 followed by ipecac 30. Is tat okay? Pls help.

    • My 3 years child suffering from heavy cough and throat infection tell me medicine for fast relief. I believe in german medicine

  59. Shilpi Talwar says:

    Hello I m Shilpi . I have twin daughters minute elder is suffering from cough Wld like to discuss . As Khushi is continuously getting cough since oct till the time she is on medication she is fine. Whn she is fine Nd stop meducation 2-3 days after sw off medicine she starts again . Gvng montair lc since Nov whn sw off after 3 weeks she started again after againn4-5 days after sw off . Started gvng montair alternate days thn after 2 days she is still hvng dry cough . Continuously hvng antibiotics Very worried Wat can be reason why is it happening . This time first year happening since 2016 oct . She is already very delicate Nd underweight

  60. Hi sir…I m suffering from cold allergies problem & cough from more than 2 yr pls suggest medicine.

  61. chetan shah says:

    I’m suffering cough problems when I take a food after 3 -4 minute cough coming out that is yellow in colour and green ,sir I want medicine for cough expactrant, is there in homeopathy pl provide a few names of medicine ,my age is 52years (male)
    i am diabitic since 15-20 years.

  62. Divesh Singh says:

    Sir I want to know that how can I treat our dry elergical cough please suggest me

  63. subrat majumdar says:

    Dear doctor,
    my daughter having cough with breathing trouble please suggest homio medicine she is 19 years old and is suffering from cerebral pulsy and mr since birth and taking allopathic medicine due to cold and caugh daily fits are coming therefore please suggest homio medicine
    s majumdar

  64. Cough after sleeping

  65. Jyoti Gupta says:

    Hello Dr.,
    I am mother of 2.5 year old girl. She is having congestion problem continuously from 3-4 months. Had lots of allopathic treatment, but no use. She usually has severe coughing problem with Vomiting, most of the times. I am so harrassed with the condition of my baby, what should I do?

  66. Muhammad anwar banday says:

    My child is 7 years old.she is suffering from allergic has prescribed Montair LC 5Mg (1/2) tablet everyday.this medicine is effective for about 30 hours and if not given she starts coughing so severely that she often vomits and complains of abdominal pain.this allergic cough started abt two years ago.please prescribe some medicine.we are presently living in bhaderwah (J&K).It is temperate region.thanks.

    • iam getting lot of mucos generated at night cough get started. the my breathing problem gets starts. give me the advise

  67. saurabh srivastav says:

    i am suffering from cough it start when laying left and right but on sitting stop magically. In night and morning cough exaggerated perhaps due to increasing cold and humidity. Please suggest which type of cough it is and medicine.thanks in advance.

  68. saurabh srivastav says:

    i am suffuring from cough it start when laying left and right but on sitting it stop magically .in night and morning cough exaggerated perhaps due to increasing cold and humidity.please suggest which type of cough it is and medicine also. Thanks in advance

  69. My mother 80 years old women is suffering severe cough from 6 months pulmologist suggested some inhalers and tablets. But still she is suffering with dry cough. Continuous cough. Midnight also she is suffering. Pl suggest me


    Sir, I am suffering from corzya with cough & throat infection for the last 5 years .Mostly it starts with cold
    cough ,sneezing , mucus comes out constantly with cough .Even any drugs type as opium do not give
    any result . What ever any type of desi type ie. black pepper , honey like do not improve my health .
    I am interested in homeopathy treatment .Please advise me the best medicine .If I had some good
    results I can come to you in person .

  71. Dear Sir My child is 4.2 yrs old. He is a boy. He is suffering form cough since week. Cough is coming only the night so pl suggest me medicine..And for him after taking any sweet with in one hour he is getting cough.

  72. Sunil Gorde says:

    Dear Sir My child is 4.6 yrs old. He is a boy. He is suffering form cough since week. Cough is coming only the night so pl suggest me medicine..

  73. My wife is 36 and every year at start of winters she start coughing. Cough is dry no mucus. Please advise.

  74. sir
    i have dry cpigh from 2 3 days which started from mild fever on first day looks to be viral .now no fever but dry cough with very little mucus but sewere pain in start of neck where tough starts. looks like raskes there which were aldo at first day of mild fever usually happens during viral fever. after 6 km walk in the evening and driving bike last night experenced sewere dry cough and could mot sleep till late . whenever try to lay down ,the dry cough starts .now in the moring little cough but still paon inside neck in foodpipe start likr raahes.
    i started useing honeopathic meficine at hone koughcure n took took doses from night . pl suggest remidy.

  75. old dry cough causing hearing problem and sneejing frequeently cough never comes out

  76. 9year child running nose with gadha mucus smells from 20 days above

  77. Mahua Kundu says:

    My child 4 years old is suffering from cold cough and sometimes high fever what kind of medicine should I use.

  78. Aarti soni says:

    Ccough in chest

  79. Sakshi bhosale says:

    Hi Dr.
    I was suffered from cold and croupy cough that mean (balghum cough ) now m cure from cold but there is some green colour knots comes from my lungs because of balghum Dr. Please tell what should I do??

  80. Jaswinder Uppal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from cough almost 4 years. After I had nasal polyp surgery in 2012, I can breath normal but not smell. My doctor told me to do another small surgery because I had still nasal polyps but I didn’t. I start coughing. I didn’t know it was due to nasal polyps because cough start after I got flu. Since that my cough still going on but flu going off and on but cough nevet stop. I had second sugery ,my 80 % cough gone but not completely. My doctor told me to do another surgery which is third one may be next year . I had CT scane my lungs clear my chest clear .I don’t have asthma. I am tired taking many kind of medicine but it work for short period. Even I am taking puffers , same thing. I have big list for the medicine . I have cough with phlegm. Sometimes green, yellow and white. Since I stop dairy products, I feel better little bit.I can feel I have phlegm in my throat doesn’t come out that make me cough more worse. Very little comes from my nose when I blow my nose afer I take benylin mucus and phlegm plus my mouth when I cough otherwise phlegm stuck in my throat . Dry cough most of the time and my throat is wheezing and short breath when I use stair or go up , I out of breath. I have dust allergies but not that bad. Please tell me what to do. Thanks

  81. Kamalendu dhar says:

    I was attacked by cold few days back, starting from lefyt eye to chick to throat to chest within a day and having lot of cough &cashi. As I was having lung function problem(60%) ie COPD, the cough create breathing trouble .ln present case, last 4-5night I could not laied down to sleep ,passed the night in sitting positions with intermitant cough cashi.
    Dr has given me BLATTA Ori , Eucaliptus mother & CURCUMA Longa mother .night is very dangerous
    Pl help me doctor ,

  82. Amit kumar says:

    my child suffreing from cough from last one week every month he suffer from cough and shortness of breath and early morning and night cough is very very dangerous no medcine effective alopathic and homeopathic or steam pleaase tell me

    • MADHUR SHARMA says:


      I have a 9 year old SON, he has been suffering from KHANSI and cough,HE IS SO SUFFER IN NIGHT DURING SLEEPING .what i can do.


  83. R Vijayalakshmi Age 74 says:

    I experience short sessions of dry cough during day or night, even when standing or lying on bed. My blood pressure is quite normal, no diabetes, and no other acute ailment except urine incontinence. I do not suffer from any other major sickness. Please advise me suitably.

  84. praveen kumat says:

    sir mujhe lagbhag 5 year se khasi h ..or subh or saam me bahut tej ho jata h….koi daba btaiye ….or e problum mere bhai ko bhi…..

  85. Sir,
    I have a 4 year old daughter, she has been suffering from cold(running nose) and cough, her cough is last when she vomit everything out. Please suggest me that what i can do.

  86. Hello sir, i am a 33 year old man. I ‘ve been suffering from last 5 year chronic cough since although when winter season is started my coughing problem started and it end on comes of march o every years actual it same thing is happening last 4-5 years. It feels like there is always mucus in my throat. I have seen many doctors and tried many medicines over the years. Never got any relief, diagnosis or treatment. I have seen lot of doctor but no any releif I am reluctant to see another doctor. It is painfully clear to me that I have a non common illness that is beyond the routine diagnostic realm.. I would appreciate anything you could suggest Thanks so much, Jay from Delhi

    • DK BHATNAGAR says:

      Please send me sound clip along with few photographs oftongue front and throat. Further give details of othere problem those you have been suffering.

  87. Hi,
    Usually get.No reg flu symptoms
    But ac sore throat
    . Then it develops to bronchial inflammation and severe cough.
    How to stop the process.
    68 yr old non smoker( 30 years second hand smoke)
    Can one use Camphor?
    Thank you

  88. Syed Asif Abbas Meerza says:

    Hello sir… THIS is Asif meerza from Murshidabad. Am a high school teacher by professin.. My wife aged about 29 and weight about 57(height around 5ft) is suffering from cold allergy and a bit of breathing problem.. She has dust allergy too.. Cough disturb her the most as she continues to cough for four or five days…I worry that if she gets pregnant then this severe cough problem might effect very badly.. Though she is under treatment for near about 2 years under homoeopathy and the doctor says that she has gained immunity power.. But i always disturb and feel extremely worried because of her cough which is the ending part of her cold allergy problem….. Please Please kindly help me in this matter sir. I would be highly obliged to you..

  89. sharoz khan says:

    Hello dr. Sharma sir i am 24 years old i am suffering from allergy cough from 6 month i am also taking medicine but no benefit plz tell me teatment i request you plz 9639807460

  90. laxman prasad says:

    hello sir,i have dry cough boughing once aggravate in cold weather i am of 14yrs. Old boy.

  91. B K Samanta says:

    I am suffering from ch dry cough for a long time.I don’t like air .I have dust allergy. Kindly suggest a medicine.
    Thank you
    B K Samanta.

  92. Ghulam tahir says:

    Sir Iam a teacher my problem is my child suffered From fever many time. She have got cough many time. Plz suggesting me a homeopathy medicines

  93. Tanmay Sen says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have been preparing for banking exams but my memory is very weak, I’m unable to remember General Knowledge and Current affairs even after revision.
    I even forgot the face of persons and confuse them with any other person.
    while reading when I read next page I automatically forget what have I read in the previous page, even the topic of that page.
    In school and college time also I was unable to remember important formulas, derivations, and Laws and also confuse between them.
    even while reading any passage in the exam I forgot the passage after reading it.

    kindly help me
    from the beginning of my life I have been suffering from this problem and every time unable to clear sectional cut off of General Knowledge part in Bank exam.
    I’m very worried about my future.
    anyhow this time I have to clear this exam.

    kindly suggest me any medicine, I wouldn’t mind even if it will have some side effects but I want a healthy memory.

    I’m looking forward to getting your reply
    Thank You

    Tanmay Sen
    Age: 25 years

  94. Abhinandan says:

    I am 25 year and i have a problem that whenever i am sleeping the khasi is starting and i feel trouble .i have allergy khasi i think that because when the winter coming it starting..i used saduri joshina medicine
    Please suggest me the good medicine

  95. Good morning Doctor,
    My Son is about 5 years old and he gets cold cough and fever whenever the season changes. This time his cough is persisting for last one month. Now from 3 days he is coughing continuously for about 30 minutes. Giving him Balladona for last 10 days. But I see no improvement. Do not want to go for alopathy.
    What do you suggest. Please help

  96. Bhuwan chandra pandey says:

    Sir with regards
    I suffer the problem of bulbul of bright colour that I spit too much with short intervals ple suggest an effective homeopathic madecine

  97. Bhavnesh Sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am from Himachal Pradesh, India. My daughter 10 months old has dry cough and then she vomits.Kindly suggest some medicine.
    with regards,
    Bhavnesh Sharma

  98. Ashish Sharma says:

    Any fast acting drug for productive cough in children

  99. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from cough allergy. Condition: which i am in vegetable market then i experience high level of cough and somehow in normal temperature room. kindly suggest me any homeopathic remedy.

  100. Sir i m having runny nose and cough problem from last one month and took so many alopathy medicines but it not cured fully…i m regularly taking steam but it also dont work…it affecting my health so much… Plz suggest me medicines so i will be cured fully

  101. Mukesh Vashishth says:

    Good morning sir
    My daughter is about 5 years old and she gets cold cough and fever whenever the season changes. This time her cough is persisting for last one month. Now from 3 days she is coughing continuously for about 30 minutes. Giving her Bryonia IP 30 Antim tart anf ferrum pphosphorus for last 10 days. But I see no improvement. Do not want to go for alopathy.
    Doctor says she is allergic so go out of Delhi. This is not the solution for us as we have to live here.
    What do you suggest. Please help
    Mukesh Vashishth

  102. m. hossain says:

    My mother age 68 .when She eat food Then sometimes cough comes and feeling burn inside trachia.she is suffering from long time by this cough.

  103. LiseaSpahr says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Please reply to my comment wrote on Oct 13,2016. I so much want to learn more on how a homeopathic approach could help my cough.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Frustrated & Desperate!
    Lisea Spahr.

  104. ROBERT SHIJU says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I’m 25 years old boy, i m suffering from dry cough for the last 2 weeks. Even after drinking hot water there is no improvement. One pharmacy staff referred one syrup, after drinking i feeling better for 3 or 4 hours then again i m suffering by cough. Suggest me best medicine.

  105. Habiba abdulsalam says:

    salad to you sir, my 2yrs old son is suffering from itching dry throat and cough with catarrh and sometimes fever that is high and antibiotics only work for sometime. thanks and Allah blessed.

  106. Good morning Dr
    My baby aizah is suffering from cough n cold n fever she is only 2 years which medicine suitable for her for quick relief. Plz suggest me I believe in homoeopathy medicine in my childhood thank you


  107. aparna dey says:

    Good morning Sir, My mother ,age 60. Suffering tremendous coughing at night when lying down bed. plz help me

  108. Diya deshpande says:

    I am seven month pragnent, n when ever my son had cough I give him stodal homeopathic syruf, n now I am suffering from cough can I drink this medicen as I am pragnent?

  109. Pambos Charalambous says:

    Dear Dr. Shara

    Every day but not in a specific times of the day am safariing with a dry cough feeling it to come from my nose and then to the throat the type of the cough is not for continues time but just instantly through out the day.
    Most of the times and when I go to the bed the cough starting and may takes me hour and more to release me Sometime and when I use Xysal tablet helps me but not always
    Always the cough followed by phlegm but clear I will be please to have your advice as it is very bud specially when am in a business meetings

  110. Lisea Spahr says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I am a 63 year old women. I ‘ve been suffering from a 20 year chronic cough since I had surgery to remove a pericardial cyst in 1996. Last 3 with an abundance of mucus. It’s clear to foamy white. It comes from my nose and mouth. It feels like there is always mucus in my throat. I have seen many doctors and tried many medicines over the years. Never got any relief, diagnosis or treatment. I have seen doctors over the years in large facilities such as Johns Hopkins, UPMC & Geisinger in Danville, even an allergist. I am reluctant to see another doctor. It is painfully clear to me that I have a non common illness that is beyond the routine diagnostic realm. I have bitterly resigning myself to live in discomfort. By the way, I ruptured my diaphragm from coughing in 2008. I had emergency surgery to repair. and I’m afraid something else is going to give due to hard, long coughing. I am turning to a holistic approach due to being at wits end. I would appreciate anything you could suggest Thanks so much, Lisea

  111. Dhiraj Kumar says:

    Sir My 3 years twins son is always suffering from Pneumonia in season changing month (Oct- Nov & Feb-Mar) and after taking antibiotic and nibulising they suffering from cough (lose). Pl suggest what types of medicine should use and also suggested for immunity increasing medicine.

  112. I hv a dry cough it hapens I used get when I wake up n do works, it has been almost 4 weeks.I hv tired many medicine bt it doesnot work what should I do.

    • irfan khan says:

      Good evening Dr sharma. my father who’s sugar is normal . However, after being tested and report shows normal. but since one month he is continuously coughing and not yet get relief from this.he already used many medicines and syrup kindly suggest me what medicine should I use?

      • Singhajit Singh says:

        Dear Dr Sharma
        I am 84 male suffering from nagging caugh for six days. aggravated by speaking, tenacious expectoration difficult to expel. The effort to dislodge the dark lumpy or yellow sticky froth has resulted in unbeaarable pain all over my midriff that I am petrified whenever the urge to cough comes. Please uggest a cure.
        Singhajit Singh

  113. I had very smelling cough since 2 years. what medi should I take? age 30.

  114. Agam jot Singh says:

    My son is five yr age he suffer from cough from long time take snoring also an cough comes in yellow colour I m taking treatment but it taking more time to relief nose is alws fully filled with cough I cleaned up with nasoclear plz suggest me some grt medicine for him

  115. Daniela mcnally says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, this year on February 14th my 13 yr old son got a cough, he looked sick, worn out and exhausted and stayes in bed for 7 days.
    He would start coughing on day one and cough for 7 days straight. Then it would suddenly disappear. Around day 4 he would start to look a bit better but he would cough every 30 seconds for every waking minute…then when he went to sleep he would stop. I am not exaggerating it was about every 10 to 30 seconds for the entire day.
    In April exactly 2 months to the day he got it again, he had it for 5 days. Exactly the same. I went ti natural dictor who gave him biocidin and ivy leaf cough syrup, after 2 days it worked.
    5 months later at end of September he looked exhausted on the saturday morning and said he did not feel well he wanted to lie on thw couch. He did that for 2 days. On the Monday morning he started coughing and coughed for 4 days, then on friday cough gone. Slightly warm but no fever..

    I am at my wits end as the natural medicine i got before did not work this time. Now he is better and im trying to boost his immune system. Please can you help me figure this out.

  116. Cough with clear white mucous or phlegm following a viral attack which is now cured but cough remains.

  117. Elena Butler says:

    My son is 10 months and is suffering a dry cough
    He doesn’t not has any vaccines

  118. Maninder Jaggi says:

    Doctor my son is 6 yeasr old he is suffering with wet cough mucus is present in her chest he is disturb with cough since from 2 year pls tell me homeopathy medicine

  119. Alka Arora says:

    I m having chronic allergy problem frm last 28 years I m now 52 years old women now cough always stay in throat and I have to clear again n again I m having nodules problem frm last 4 years also but problem is that when even I lie down it come in my wind pipe so at mid night I hv to get up to clear my throat and it is sticky n n clots form I m fed up of this I had taken so much anti allergy allopathy medicne fr this as well as homeopathy also but nothing helping it plz suggest some good medicne fr me

  120. girish punwani says:

    i have ratlling cough and night i cannot sleep because of cough and there is spasm also
    cough on exposure to cold and
    when i run or walk fast or climbs stair i get cogh sometimes so svere that for a fraction of second my head becomes numb

    pls advise which homeopathic medicine i shall take

  121. Dear Dr. My name is hafjas and I am working in Saudi Arabia in a bank and I am having cough more than 6months like after I came here before also I am having cough but its like after bathing or early morning was there but I didn’t felt difficult later its like after a month I started coughing continues and when I had anything I may vomit it. While I treated here with many doctors all medicines is like when I am having k but later when finish the cough start again and its with gas trouble and pain in stomach or downwards. What can I do Dr I am working in Air condition rooms even stay too. Please help me docter

  122. Abhishek Sharma says:

    Sir my daughter is 3 yrs of age and has a tendency
    Of cough . For last 15 days days I am giving her antibiotic post consulting doctor but still there is sound of congestion from her back at night and not 100 percent yet . Doctor has suggested Lcf kid and lizogorce as now .kindly suggest some homeopathy remedy.


  123. shubham panwar says:

    Sir i m shubham panwar my age 21 .. i cough from 1 mnoth what should i do. What type of medicine i take
    Please help me sir

    Thank you

  124. sunilpatidar says:

    Respected sir , my 3 year old son is now suffering form cold and cough repeated .we do treatment with and hospitalized from 3 days .now he has cough and some cold.
    Tell me what can i do for treatment my son. I am very tensed and confused my son is very weak AMD his weight is 12.50 kg only.
    Please send me suggestions

  125. Shashi jain says:

    She is 78 years old she is suffering from cough regularly and khasi she hhad undergone all the test regarding the chest and cough but the reports are all clear. From last 3- 4 months undergoing through this. She uses nebulizer and takes steam. It would be grateful if u suggest me with some solution

  126. RANJAN KUMAR says:

    I am 48 years old. I was suffering from Allergic Asthama doc advised me to take citrizen. Sometime I take citrizen and result is positive and I sleep deeply much time. but I don’t want to use this. Please also tell me homeopathy medicines for insomenia as I cannot sleep 6 or 7 hours continuously

    I also suffered from parkin’sons, constipation, dysfunctions

  127. Sir I feel something in my throat
    & continue cough problem with left ear pain
    I use tobbaco last 2 year
    Bcz any medicine is not working
    This problem is last 1 year old
    Sir I m very worried about this probi

  128. Saladi svr srinivas Srinivas says:

    Respected doctor,
    I am getting cold and flum in lungs when I rest in a.c room. Please suggest remedy for me

  129. v k singh says:

    i m having loose cough all the day but in the morning more frequently. Pl suggest medicines.

  130. Dristi singh says:

    Hello sir,m dristi singh male 34 yrs1 mostly affected by cough n cold as the weather changes.sir need ur expert solution to over come from it.thnx n regards.

    • Vaibhav srivastava says:

      Hello sir
      Hope u wil b fyn
      Sir my dad is sufferring from cough.
      Since more than one year.
      Please prescribe the medicine for him

  131. love monga says:


  132. Hi doctor
    I’m suffering from allergy cough since four years and have got my treatment with many doctors but its of no use
    Kindly request you to let me know as wat would be the best homeopathi medicine to get rid of this.


  133. dinesh gomber says:

    Respected sir

    I have allergy from rain. whenever I get wet in rain water. mucous and respiratory system get flooded with mucous. it is very difficult and evening and morning to get out of mucous. please tell some medicine.

    thnaking you

  134. P SURESH KUMAR says:

    My kid is 4 Yrs of old. He is suffering high cough at night times, while going to bed and early morning. It has happening more than 6 months. I consult so many doctors (englsh madicine) but no use. Now in sleeping barking sound is giving. pls guide which medicine to stop cough

  135. MAN MOHAN DAS says:

    I periodically suffer from sinus congestion with sneezing. Exposure to cold air starts running
    nose. What is worse is that problems extends to throat and then I get sever dry cough, both in
    the day time and when I lay down for sleep. Cough attack is more severe when lye down left
    or right side. As I refuse to take allolpathic medicine, I seek your help and recommendation
    as to the homeopathic medicine I should take and the potency.

    Best regards
    Man Mohan Das

    • Radhakrishnamurty says:

      Recently, I suffered from cold and mild fever. As per the advice of doctor, I used TAXIm-O 200mg for 5days along with Dolo-650. The fever subsided but, I am suffering from severe dry cough. I am a diabetic ssince 15 years and on insulin .since 5 years
      Please suggest some remedy for cough.

  136. My. Ravindra sapkal says:

    My newborn baby 2.1/2 month, use din me 2 se 4 bar khasi aa rahi he, to muze homeopathic tretment batai.

  137. DineshG Gaur says:

    Sir, My 10 years old daughter suffering from cough with slight bulgam. Tried several medicines, not effective…..

  138. TARIF Anwar says:

    Sir my baby 2.5 test old are having cough and cold nocturnal cough once in a month.his wrong is 12.5 kgs cough and cold is the main problem.please sir give me a solution

  139. tayyab Ahmad Khan says:

    Sir my mother is an asthmatic patient.she sometimes caught severe asthma.and recently she is facing such condition that she can’t breathe after walking a short distance.and more to that she can’t sleep at night because the breathing problem startes from evening till late night .sir please help me to cure my mother.

  140. Dhiraj kumar singj says:

    Sir i m suffering dry.cough last 10to 11 years.i dont have any problm to eating and no pain in my throat sor .just eatching im throat all the time .pls help me.and tell me the medicine.

    • Anand shaji says:

      I have been suffering from cough for the last 1&1/2 years. I have done many tests but all results were normal. Even I did allergy test also everything seems to be OK other than some deficiency in vitamin D. I have been taking allopathic medicine. Which ever medicine I take the cough reduce for few days but returns with in days so please advice me to what to do next.

  141. My 2.5 year daughter has facing problem in cough from last more than one month and also she have nose running, fever. I am getting confuse for going with aleopathic medicine or homeopathic medicine. Before today we still not take any homepathic treatment. Please advise me which medicine is effective for her.

  142. P.Paulpandi says:

    I was suffering from dry cough in last ten days, day and problem, age was 42 years old , what type of homeopathy medicine to take . I want power dose,please inform to my mail I’d, P.PAULPANDI,MADURAI. EMAIL ID paul.pandi67@gmail .com

  143. mayank kumar says:

    Sir mujhe khasi ho rahi hai cough ke sath 5 din se
    Or gale me jakdan bni rahti hai
    Hmesa gale ko saaf karna padta hai or ye problem 1 saal se hai
    Koi medicine kaam nii kar rahi
    Sir please help me

  144. Nitisha gagr says:

    I am 42 years old now. I always suffering from cold (in summer,rainy season,winter ,in all time. and then breathing problem and dry cough please suggest me any homeopathy medicine with procedure to take it.

  145. Sushmita says:

    Dr ….my daughter is 3 n half years ….she gets cough with mucus (yellowish) n stuffy nose n followed by fever 100•c ….but she behaves as normal as she is daily …every 3 -4 months after she has this problem

  146. Arati patnaik says:

    Dear Sir,
    I m female / 43 suffering dry cough since one year,after allopathy medicine of 10 months use,
    now taking homoeopathy agaricus and drosera and relaxed 50%.sir now what can i take for complete cure.
    thanking you

  147. Tapas Chakraborty says:

    I am 47 years old now. I always suffering from cold (in summer,rainy season,winter ,in all time. and then breathing problem please suggest me any homeopathy medicine with procedure to take it.

  148. whenever weather change i am suffering cough and cold and now a days when i go to bed wheter it or day or night after few minutes i am facing cough in my throat everyday form last 6 -8 months.

  149. suffering from dry cough acidity stomach pain feeling like ometing while coughing problem when breathing and breathless when breathing

  150. Provash Chandra Das says:

    Dr . Sharma
    My grand daughter born prematurely ( 7 months pregnancy) Now Age :4 months
    Problem : Suddenly affected with cold,cough, h0rse sounding cough,Rattling cough ,Cough attacks that come after exposure to cold air ,face the brunt of recurrent cough attacks. I like to get your help for her treatment.
    With thanks
    Yours faithfully
    Provash Chandra Das
    Burdwan,West Bengal

  151. pushpita says:

    sir good afternoon my son he his now 5 month 8 days and he is suffering from cold and cough what to give him pls reply me and my daughter she is 6 years old even she suffering the same so ple rely what medicine should i provide my mobile no is 9619259682

  152. HARSHITA gaur says:

    Hello .Doctor my baby. Is 4 month old doing green potty and cough like mucus along with. And sound comes from chest after leaving bed and during breathing fast .so plz suggest me present I. Giving antim tart 30

  153. Hello doctor
    M a pregnant woman of more than 8 month n m having a allergies badly so need to knw can i have hoemopaty medicine is it safe for baby coz what ever mom eat it goes go the baby aswel. And that concern me a lot. Reply plz

  154. Hello doctor
    M a pregnant woman of more than 8 month n m having a allergies badly so need to knw can i have hoemopaty medicine is it safe for baby coz what ever mom eat it goes go the baby aswel. And that concern me a lot.

  155. Hello sir,
    My grandpa is facing usually from cough .he is 80 yrs old nearly. Usually at night it start irritating him and awake him from sleep after all treatment it doesn’t cured .what are the remedies can taken sir..
    Pls suggest me for this problem at least he can sleep well at night…

  156. Michael Zurawin says:

    Can you take Phosphorous along with antibiotics and a cough suppressor for a raspy asthmatic cough?

  157. Sathish says:

    Hello Dr… my son1 year an 3month…newly construction home we were moved and still work will doing some time (cement work)he has started sound wit breath and difficult to breath.went to dr gave antibiotic(agumentin)and nebulaizer. he some wt still cough not going since one month..dr say its allergic .he said to continue livocirazine..wt we have to shall we go for homeopathy …pls replay dr…

  158. Mrs. Nandita Bagchi says:

    Doctor, I have dry cough last 5 months. It occurs 10 to 15 seconds at a time. Chest X-ray normal. Pulmonary Function Test normal. IgE test normal. I have no acidity. Eosinophil count normal. ESR slightly higher.Throat & Lungs has no congestion. No voice breaking.
    An irritation generates at upper respiratory tract followed by coughing. No wheezing sound. Face become red during coughing but has no burning sensation. It continues till the irritation persists at throat. It occurs generally after every 2-3 hrs. interval. 15 days before I visit at hill station for 10 days and surprisingly on those days I had no coughing. After return to home within 2 days dry cough returns back. I took Anti-allergic drug, Steam inhalation, Cough syrup, Nebulization but has no result. Please suggest me how I can rid off from the disease. Mrs. Nandita Bagchi. Kolkata

  159. venkatesh says:

    my father aged 73 yrs, suffering from dry cough during night.
    even after using medicines, not getting fully cured. please guide home remedy.

  160. Hi dr.i have dry cough with wheeze sometimes.when i m coughing my throat becomes dry n sticky.due to which cough becomes more severe n vomiting sometimes.cough is from the last 5 chest x ray is clear.meanwhile i have swollen lips during this 5 month span.once hives appear only on legs area n it allergy?what will u advise?what is the exact medicine for this problem?i have a 4 month baby.please help n do answer me as soon as possible.thanx. Mrs sadia

  161. priyanka singh says:

    I have a child of 3 months and he is having problem that from his leg plam and hand palm sweat come in every after 2-3 hr what was it

  162. Ruchika says:

    Hi Dr my 4month old baby is having dry cough which would be the best homeopathic medicine to cure cough

  163. Anuja Shakya says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My daughter is 3.5 year old, she has been suffering cough and cold frequently i.e reoccurring. She cannot split, then she vomits.Somtimes the situation goes so worst that whenevr she starts to cough she vomits.I have visited many doctors and gave medicines according to theirs prescription but it is not treated properly.They always say the same thing that she has allergy,which will be treated automaticlaly when she is more than 6 years old. She falls sick and get recover within one week and again from the next week she suffers from the same cough and other symtoms. So, please suggest me what to do, I am really worried about her as we are giving her medicines like continously

  164. I am so grateful to the great Dr Erediawa for curing my herpes disease,for 7 years ago i
    was having this infection that made me look so horrible, since i have been having this
    disease i have been in a complete agony weeping everyday, i have gone to several places
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    Internet, luckily i came across this testimony of how Dr Erediawa cured a man from this
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  165. Srinivasan says:

    my child having frequent problems with cold and fever. during cold he having sneezing and mild fever kindly suggest the best medicine i use to give bio combination 2, 6, & 11

  166. marlou jumuad says:

    hi doc. what to tke for a cough with greenish phlegm?

  167. Charles Ridjab says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, my name is Charles and live in Ontario, Canada. It’s about my mother whose 80 years old and live in San Gabriel, California. She has this stubborn cough that seems will never go away since December 2015. We’ve been consulting her with two different doctor well, it helped reduced the cough slightly and a puffer however seems that’s that coming from them. Her lungs are clear.
    When I saw your site, we hope we can some advice from you. HELP! Thank you.

  168. Vikrant Devgan says:

    Dr. Sir,

    My wife has severe pain in and around her ribs..shoulder area n back caused due to cough… rattling sound…mucus formation …difficulty in spitting it out…pain chest. She is also a kidney patient and had her transplant … because of the above problem of coughing n pain she has also become week n lost weight.. please advise

  169. shakeel ahmed says:

    I am 50 years old and having flu and cough with runny nose at time short breath please advise

  170. Amar Ghosh says:

    Hello Dr. I am 35years old and often suffer from cough which starts with running nose and block nose. And after 2 – 3 days it starts sound in chest and cough became barking type. I have treatment for this problem to many doctors but they told that it is an allergy and it will repeat with changing weather (ie in summer and winter).Doctor suggest me to use lnhaler SALBAIR -I and BUDAMATE-400.
    So now I am very disappointed and how can I get rid of this problem with homeopathy.

  171. Debbie mc c says:

    Hello dr, I have a really dry irritating cough with blocked nose and cold, it is keeping me awake, I have tried lots of remedies already and can’t seem to get the right one , I am not coughing up anything, . I have tried belladonna, Byronic, gelcinium, pulsatilla, tub knock, Nat Maur, silica, herp sulp nothing is working, can you please please help . I got four hrs sleep last night, I cough sitting up laying down constantly! Help!

  172. Jane nyambura muthiru says:

    Hello Dr.
    My 13 months old daughter is underweight since I weaned her. She is now 6.1 kg which is very worrying. A week ago she developed symptoms like if cold. But she gets a very irritating cough st night especially during wee hours which wears her out. She refuses to breastfeed or drink water when the cough starts and it lasts for even 30 minutes. I am stressed by her health.

  173. Naini jain says:

    Hello Dr
    My daughter is 3 Years old and she suffer from cough every month. It starts with running nose then blocked nose n finally congestion in chest which makes a sound of mucus in her chest. I have started giving antimonium tartarium 30 twice a day and phosphorus 30 once a week. I also stop giving her milk and all. Am I doing the right thing.

    • Hello Dr
      My daughter is 1 and 1/2 Years old and she suffer from cough every month. It starts with running nose then blocked nose n finally congestion in chest which makes a sound of mucus in her chest.
      Please advise us good homeopathic Medicine which have no side effect.

  174. Mr. Mardor wanri synrem says:

    Dear Doctor
    My baby who is 9 months old is suffering from wet cough with mucus and chest congestion for the past one week. What is the best homoepathy medicine for curing such type of cough
    Thanking you with regards

  175. Bhupendra Kumar Khurana says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 72 years old male and having good health, very active and having sharp mind. For the last more than one month, I have been suffering from dry cough,emanating from lungs. Most of the time there is no cough. However, after eating some thing, or taking some cold items, tingling starts.It aggravates while in the moving to the bed. I have already taken about 3 dozes each of Phosphorus 200 and Tuberculonim 200 weekly. There is much ease of the ailment. However, it still persists. Rarely while coughing some crystal like small quantity comes from mouth. Kindly guide.

  176. Radharanjan Das says:

    Hi I have regular allergies since a long time. Always there is formation of bulgum/saliva in my throat. Always I am having urge to clear them by spitting or swallowing.

    Since last 5 years once I have cough because of simple cold, it takes much time to get relief from the same. It takes 4 to 6 months to get cleared. I don’t know if it is because of wrong medicine or treatment.

    Presently I am suffering from that since last 2 months and Any homeopath medicine doesn’t seem to be responding. Cough symptoms are as follows:

    1. In morning cough starts while brushing teeth. Little tight white saliva coming with cough.
    2. Cough is worse with talking. After talking for sometime there is throat irritation( burning like sensation) and causing continuous coughs.
    3. Getting cough with cold air & water.
    4. Feeling good at open air and not good at AC room or room that is not properly ventilated.
    5. In the night after dinner till morning there is no cough at all.
    6. In the morning or if I am not talking sometime I feel like I am okay but starts coughing with taking.

    Can you please help me getting relief cfrom this disease?

    Looking forward for your kind help

    Best regards,
    R. R Das

  177. Radharanjan Das says:

    Hi I have regular allergies since a long time. Always there is formation of bulgum/saliva in my throat. Always I am having urge to clear them by spitting or swallowing.

    Since last 5 years once I have cough because of simple cold, it takes much time to get relief from the same. It takes 4 to 6 months to get cleared. I don’t know if it is because of wrong medicine or treatment.

    Presently I am suffering from that since last 2 months and Any homeopath medicine doesn’t seem to be responding. Cough symptoms are as follows:

    1. In morning cough starts while brushing teeth. Little tight white saliva coming with cough.
    2. Cough is worse with talking. After talking for sometime there is throat irritation( burning like sensation) and causing continuous coughs.
    3. Getting cough with cold air & water.
    4. Feeling good at open air and not good at AC room or room that is not properly ventilated.
    5. In the night after dinner till morning there is no cough at all.
    6. In the morning or if I am not talking sometime I feel like I am okay but starts coughing with taking.

    Can you please help me getting relief cfrom this disease?

    Looking forward for your kind help

    Best regards,
    Radharanjan Das
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha

  178. Nasrullah Bhatti says:

    Dr sahib my brother got heart attack about ten month ago .now he have a problem dry cough .please advice homeopathic medicine for cough. Thank you khuda aap ko lambi zandgi de.ameen.

  179. Tahira Khatun says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have a 3+ years old daughter. She suffers from cold and cough very frequently(once in a month) accompanied with fever. Now, she is suffering from cold and cough for five days(this time fever is not accompanied with). Some time coughing is ending near about to vomiting. Sound of cough is like there are some cough inside the respiratory organ but it is not come out and the voice is slightly changed. It is worse in cold air like AC, at the morning after waking up, at night after going to bed but not in the middle of night. I have tried belladonna 30c and brayonia 30c but all in vain. Please suggest me the proper medicine.

  180. pragtan says:

    Have a 3 years my son and last five days suffering from cough specially on night and ending with the vomiting also even in days sometimes. Some people saying have a sursuri (north east common word) . Plz suggest

  181. gayatri says:

    Dear doctor sharma
    Namasthe sir my son frequently suffered from cough cold.nasal conjunction also mostly at night time. Vomiting I shall feel greatful to u if u will kindly advice me the best homeo medicine for my 14 months old baby boy.


    My son is 3 years old. He is having the problem of cough specially in night when he is sleeping. In the day time, sometime he starts coughing violently ending in vomiting. All the days, when he is awaken, having no problem but as soon as he sleeps gets the problem started. I get it checked by the doctor but remains invain. It is also pertinent to mention here that during coughing, no mucus/ cough is coming out. It seems that it is totally dry. Hence, it is requested to give proper direction in getting rid of the disease of my son.

    Qtr. No. 72/9, STE
    Kolkata- 700 002

  183. rupali says:

    Sir my brother have a problem of cold since his childhood and now he is 20 .He had treatment of this problem to many doctors but they told him its an alrgy ..
    how can this long year problem be cured? ?
    Should homeopathic treatment is better for him?
    Pls suggest the best way to solve this problem

  184. rajesh says:

    1)my son is 16 years old, suffering from chest pain and X-Ray report is showing pneumonia.
    2) & my wife is suffering from frozen sholder pain (right hand).Suggest me a best homio medicine.
    .. Thank You..

  185. gautam rathod says:

    Sir I have a problem of cough since my childhood nd now I am 22 .I have treatment of this problem to many doctors but they told me its an alrgy ..
    So now I am very disappointed nd how can I treatment of this long year problem? ?
    Should homeopathic treatment is better for me?
    Pls suggest the best way to solve this problem

  186. rasmi arakkal says:

    Sir my 3 year old kid is suffering from cold and cough with phlegm during night no coughing so please suggest a remady . Thanking you Rasmi.A

  187. Ramesh Bakhru says:

    Dear Dr Sharma:

    Namastay and thank you for giving us the oppurtunity to communicate via email. I have been suffering from caugh since Deceber 2015 as I returned from India. The Drs here gave me medrol dose pack along with some other coughmeds and I was OK. However though this re exaccerbated and I am suffering with it again since ast two months. I was given another medro dose pack( prednisone) and some alllergy meds. This time the wonder drug did not help. The cough is very annoying and disturbing. There are no other symptoms but that it is a rattling cough. Please help.

    Thank you and best regards.


  188. RamjeeRam says:

    Dr sahab mai dinbhar cough k karan paresan rahta hu bar bar mujhe gla khkharna parta hai bar bar talu latakta rahta hai cough khoob banti hai ilaaj bataye

  189. Anantha bhaskar says:

    am suffering running nose thought pain dry cough, please suggests medicine

  190. Ritu Misra says:

    My father is 89 yrs old and asthmatic n hs copd n sposmatic bronchitis he gets bouts of coughing specially in morning till the time mucus or phlegm comes out he becomes breathless he hs to take inhaler or nebuliser.could u plz suggest a medicine that can help him to eject phlegm easily? Thanks

  191. Dessire Armstrong says:

    My daughter is 5 months old and has developed a cough that I believe is cold or seasonal allergy related. Is it safe to use homeopathy for her?

  192. Gunjan Garg says:

    I (Age-29 years) have started Homeopathic medicine for dry cough from yesterday & I am having breathing problem also from last 10 days. Can you please suggest, how much time required to recover with this. As per doctor comments, it is due to throat allergy.

  193. Am an engineer but passionate about homeopathy. Anyone in trouble can whatsapp for free guidance. I have been treating many through homeopathy and it gives me immense pleasure in treating for free.

    (whatsapp only: +91-9537020220)

  194. rohtash kumar says:

    My one year old baby boy suffering from coufg and kahansi we given him teatment but no relife
    so sir plese give me name of homeyofatic madiecine name

  195. Jatin arora says:

    From d last past 5 yrs m having a cough problm while speaking its comes outside n starting trouble while speaking…i hv taken d medicines too dr.declared a TB to me i had taken d medicines of TB also 4 6mnths still d problm is same…can u pls suggest me any gud medcn in homeo….plssss

  196. karan kalra says:

    First of all , i really appreciate for your gud articles on different problem , whenever i have to find some solution i read your articles and got the solution, but this time it’s hard to find out the solution of my problem, i have a cough from the last 2 months and i have used different remedies and also visited homeopath and took medicine for one week , but not effective at all, the problem is still the same, getting cough with (liquid bulgumm ) and through out the day feels uncomfortable, please advise the best remedy for the same, what i am feeling is when the weather changes in feburary and i got started and till now this problem occurs.

  197. srijon biswas says:

    My daughter is 3 years 1 month old she frequently suffer from cough with sound in chest. Frequently running noses are also observed. Please tell any remedy.

    • Sontos sharma says:

      Dear sir,
      My son age is 7 yrs. He suffered from cough after few days. Now when goes to sleeping then too much coughing & also morning. Already meet doctor & examine, found Ige level high. Plz suggest me. In the age of 2.5 yrs he suffered from Bronchitis.

      sontos sharma.

  198. jiten Dr a says:

    My five year son suffered from always cough and sore though which medicine I used he has allergic cough problem

  199. kalpesh shah says:

    We made accident our skin is damage & sweling is still after a week , We have alreay taken appise mel but still swelling on hand is not improve due to That we are not able to move hand pl advice

  200. my 4 years son is suffuring from cough n cold .tell me perfect remind for my son please says:

    My 4 years son is suffering from cough n cold.please me homeopathy medicine(perfect)for my son .

  201. Puspita Chowdhury dutta says:

    My 4year’s old daughter suffering from cold&cough. Nose are watering. Pls tell me the name of homeopathy medicine that’s makes her well.

  202. I have a cavity in my right far back teeth and a corner of it is broken,I had got it filled but recently it came off.And my lower right gums on the frontside is swolllen.From outside my face looks swollen on lower part.I need a homeopathic remedy that could heal it

  203. Ilochonwu ngozi says:

    I have a 4yrs old child, she always have rashes on her body as a result of heat but expose on air she started coughing and catarrh. What is a solution to this and what kind of homeopathic drugs should i use to stop this situation

  204. Mousumi Dhar says:

    My daughter is now 3 months old . She is suffering from caugh and vomiting from a long time. Doctor gave alopathic medicine but I don’t find any result. she is a premature baby and her weight at the time of birth was 2.2 kg. Today she completed 3 months and her weight is 3.5 kg. so I’m worried plz suggest me what to do.

  205. My wife of 38yrs thiroied patient. She ofenly suffering from headache & teeth pain spread upto jaw & ear

  206. Sanhita Tarafdar says:

    My baby suffering from dry cough.

  207. sabitri paul says:

    from 2004 i am getting artharitis problem to my arm and knees & in the year 2013 i had another problem just after my mum’s expiary my spinalcod blocked 2 places as a result my left thgai started numbness slowly slowly full left leg was like thisgai from after taking three inzection it was little bit over but left thgai is still numbness and so when i walk veryoften disbalance situation occur my dr said it was before stage of paralisis so it can not overcome fully i use to take medicine to strong my nurve that is “GABANTIP-AT” As per dr life long i have to take it since it is nurve medicine whole day i feel drousy. working time feel lazy . so i request dr sharma if he advice any homeopathic medice than it will be helpful to me thanking you

  208. sanjana Bansal says:

    Hi sir. My 14 months son having dry cough from 2 days. No sneezing. . No running nose.. just dry cough. When he sleeps that time too much coughing start. He could not sleep well. Can u advice me medicine


  209. Richa makkad says:

    sir meri beti 3yrs ki hai pichle kuch 8month se use khasi ho rahi hai aaergy wali from sweat khane se jese hi wo sweat khati hai immediately khasi start ho jaati hai raat main aur morning main bh bahut khasti hai banana .ice cream choclate jeise hi khati hai khasi start ho jati immediately tabletedeni padti hai sir main bahut pareshaan ho gai hu pls help me

  210. Bishwajit Kumar Bhowmik says:

    Dear Sir,

    My 2years 4 months old child now fallen in dry cough. She doesn’t take sleep for this dry cough. By born her attitude is constipation as normal pass stool 2/3 times a week sometimes it will be 1 time in week. Last couple of week she continue 1 time stool per week.

  211. Wasiq Ahmed khan says:

    Sir my daughter is 12 years old since 4-5 months she is suffering from cough in the morning when she wakeup after that shestarted coughing for sometim until cough clears from her throat. Cough is not clear easily. Please suggest the medicines for her hard cough to remove easily.

  212. Monauppal says:

    Sir, I have allergy from cold winds or weather change, or allergy like when I go in cold to hot and hot to cold place there is the problem of sneezing and headache like cough headache. Very sensitive to weather change. Pls tell me some homeopathy treatment.

  213. My child get dry cough and feel good when in fresh air. He has a mouth breathing problem. Coughs at ngt only….lying down.

  214. ravi shankar arora says:

    I suffer from throat infection quiet often which translate into fever and headache 3 to 4rth day.

    i have green mucus and chest conjestion since 4 days. Did take ferrum phos first day then Kali mur 2nd & 3rd day and finally Kali bich yesterday(20 hours now).

    feel okay during the day but towards evening it aggravates, and when i cough my medulla feels shaken n stretched..

    please advice.

  215. Hi,

    For almost 5-6 years i am suffering with skin problem on my palm. Its getting hard, thik and later cracked. I can easily remove thik skin sometimes but sometimes its cracked and painful. Initially treated with Alopath and it was getting smooth by applying ointments (propysalic or propyline NF6, not remember exactly). But next time it appeard more and form one finger its now on both palms and fingers. Some aurvedic and homeo ointments giving smoothness but not cure. Please help.

  216. Nalin Chaudhari says:

    Respected Sir,

    My mother have Cough at night and early morning only but they are work normally at day time, I have show to many doctors and report also but all are the normal condition.

    Now I don’t know what is the issue, Please suggest.

    Nalin Chaudhari

  217. keya sharma says:

    sir . i am 26 years old . i suffered cough +( khaai . last two month . i had cough syrup bt not relif . and now some pain in uppar body last two days plz sir suggest me ryt tretment for dry cough..

  218. Tanusri ghosh says:

    5 years old daughter suffering from cronic cough and cold, vomiting since she was 1 year and presently breathing trouble. Already given belladona, heeper sulpher, coccus. Plz help.

  219. Namrata H Bhandari says:

    Sir, my father is 66 year old and taking tablets for Blood pressure ,he has been coughing for almost a month also suffer from breathlessness like asthama , today on 8th Feb 2016 he has done test ECG,Eco 2D and X-ray, ECG and Eco2D reports are normal however in Xray there is smoke shown…he is taking homeopathic medicine from last 4 months for BP also alopathic tab for BP…

    Is this condition life threatening, request your guidance Sir…

    Namrata Bhandari

  220. Sir my baby is 8 mnth old and suffring crom pnimonia ..usko janam se hi cough or khansi h or sans lene me bhi bht problem hoti h english medicine to bht dedi. But usko koi effect ni hua. Sir plz help me

  221. malay majumder says:

    i have cough from dust . When once it start, not going to stop. and my shoulder side arm are shown some rash but no itching. there is some white thing like rice.

  222. kamendra kumar says:

    mujhe purani khansi hai dhandi cheeje khane se gala baidh jata hai tatha balgam bahot banta hai khansi bahut hoti hai. please meri umra 34 years hai .mujhe bronchitis bataya jata hai .koi success medicine batane ka kast karen. chawal khane se chehra sooj jata hai.

  223. Last two days , start irritation in left nostril then continuous water flow, now dry cough and khansi. More on lying. Suffered 15 days in Dec. Now reappeared .
    No fever no vomiting, appetite OK. Slight headache, throat minor irritation, khansi nonstop. Suggest medicine with power and dose.
    Age 69years. Male. No BP No Diabetes.

  224. juma banerjee says:

    I am suffering last 3-4 days with dry cushy. when i laying on the bed sum sound arises & suffocation arises Some time this cushy continually happen and some times its stop. No cough open up. Its totally dry. for this my lower portion of my belly pain start. I already used Acconite 30 -2 dose, Senergra 6-3days, Rumex-6 -2days now takes 2 dose Spongia 30.
    Also take Adrak with hunny, Black paper with hunny two times a day.
    Still this dry cushy was not cure.
    Please tell me the suitable medicine for relife this dry cushy.

  225. Ruhi Srivastava says:

    My son who is 3.5yrs old is a frequent victim of cold and cough. This cycle has has become more frequent from last 8-9 months…He stays OK for 2-3 days only and is attacked from cold n cough which last for around 12-15 days. His pediatrician has started a course of montair 5mg n puffs of seroflow50 twice a day. He is doing that from last 5 months but no recovery yet… Pls suggest something which can make difference. We also conducted an allergy test which shows he is allergic to yeast, Ghana cal, tomato n dust. Keeping that in mind I have also made alterations in his good habits also but no change in condition..

    • My son has suffered a lot from the age of 8 months no medicine could relieved him ultimately ayurvedic medicine could give him some relief…if u r interested please let me know my email ID :

      • Sankha Das says:

        My only son have Cough at night/evening and after wake up in the morning only but he always work normally at day time, I have show to many doctors (ENT specialist also) and report also but all are the normal condition. When he takes allopathy medicine (name as mon-deslor or any other anti allergy medicine ) one tablet after dinner in each day for 10 or 15 days then the cough is vanish for 10 to 15 days.

        Now I don’t know what is the actual issue, Please suggest the medicine and amount of medicine.


        Sankha Das

  226. Amit khurana says:

    I have an headache since last four months and all tests are normal. Dr. Says it is muscle contraction.
    Can you tell me any medicines for this problem my age is 36 years
    With regards
    Amit khurana

  227. respected doctor saheb
    mostly early morning – in liquid form comes out from nose continuously
    after that attack hooking cough starts
    after taking normal alopathic medicine
    only few hours feel good
    I am suffering from perennial cough with discharge of cough in liquid form from my nose from last forty years and now i am fifty four years old kindly help if you can

  228. Herbert Rujumba says:

    Dr Sharma; am writing from Uganda, Africa. my problem is bronco pneumonia with serious dry chronic cough. That when i start coughing the heart almost is like busting , the rib and chest get so painful. Doctor I have tried so many drugs especially antibiotics, garlic, eucalyptus oil, then taking hot water with neem which at least relieves me sometimes. Dr Sharma I request you advise me on how to handle the problem. Especially local remedies as you know Africa we don,t have access to such remedies like Belladonna, Bryonia and many others as i have read them in your message. Thank you Dr Sharma. Hope to hear from you soon.

  229. V.Thirunavukarasu says:

    Sir good morning I am 32 years old my problem is heavy dry cough and coming plums continues whether I cough last 4 years I try my best medicine but not cure please give good medicine for me for permanent solution

  230. Sushanto Banerji says:

    My wife suffers from perennial cough. Many doctors have been consulted. One homeopath and one allopath doctor have the same diagnosis. They say that she suffers from allergy. Her voice has gone somewhat nasal. The cough bouts are sometimes severe with aggravation at night. Complains of irritation in windpipe. Wheezing sound in lungs. Vomits when the bout is aggressive. Feels nervous; headache begins; becomes pensive and feverish. X-ray and blood reports reveal nothing. All clear. Has been advised to keep herself free from dust, perfume etc. Please advise homeopathic medicine.

  231. Rabin Chanda says:

    Respected Dr
    I am soffering from COPD since 2008. latest x-ray report indicate emphysema.have tried heparsulp,
    drosera, spongea.ultimately have to resort to inhaler twice a day.can emphysema can be cured by
    homeo medicine.kindly help.
    with regards
    rabin chanda

  232. Suffering from dry cough . No pain in throat or sny other throat ailment. Request advice medicine with potency , in tabs or liquid

  233. Deepraj sen says:

    Hi, doctor
    Every winter I suffer from cough and cold badly. I am 26 year old. I think I have high ellagy with winter. So suggest me homoephty medicine.

  234. Pankaj Kumar Sarkar says:

    Sir, I am suffering from asthamatic cough since 2 months.Consulted with alopathic doctor .After treatment with antibiotic and using inhalers not been properly cured. Breathing problems consists , mucus depositing in the lungs in the mid nights And after coughing mucus released but feeling irritations and pains in the chest and feeling breathing problems and unable sleep properly. Please the Homoeo madicines for the permanant cures.Thanks Sir.

  235. My son is having cold andcough since many days wat homeopathic will suitable he is havin wet cough

  236. Uma shiwAl says:

    My daughter is 6 years old.she is very susceptible cough attack.she is very sensitive to change in cold climate,or cold ice cream. Suggest something.she develops cough and cold immediately flowing nose,etc

  237. Hello doctor,

    My mother – 70 yrs has been having dry cough for several years now. It lasts pretty much round the year and causes her chest to ache because of persistent coughing. Have seen several doctors but there’s been no permanent relief. A recent Blood test showed her ESR rate high at 58. Other results were in range. She lives in Bangalore where people say, there is pollen problem in the air. She has high BP, pain in legs. Other than that she is fine.

  238. im ayisha from indiai am 8 months pregnant and i believe since pregnancy i am experiencing cough in my throat. ive been taking bryonia 30 but to a little help. nowihave heart burn because of the pregnancy and now i vomit lots of yellow cough. today it was dark red first and later yello. i am also using biochemic 26 which alsocreates a lot of cough after taking it. plz advice me the best .

  239. Noreen dass says:

    My daughter has cough since past two weeks. I don’t want her to be given an antibiotic for it. She doesn’t cough at night while sleeping. Had been giving her home remedies and honeytus syrup and also ascoril syrup but no improvement. The cough is semi dry and semi productive and in small heavy bouts. No vomiting Sensation yet. Please prescribe a medicine. Thanks

  240. Anita Kakkar says:

    Hello Dr Sharma , i am suffering from allery cough from last two months , The moment i stop taking allergy tablets coughing starts again withng a day or two.Dr i am fed up of allopathy please advice me . I also feel congestion in my chest as i can hear weesing sound but after takong allergy tablet all these vanishes within hour or two .Sir please help me

    • Anita Kakkar says:

      Hello Dr Sharma , i am suffering from allery cough from last two months , The moment i stop taking allergy tablets coughing starts again withng a day or two.Dr i am fed up of allopathy please advice me . I also feel congestion in my chest as i can hear weesing sound but after takong allergy tablet all these vanishes within hour or two .Sir please help me

  241. Francyl Gawryn says:

    I caught my two year old granddaughter’s cold, or so it appears. My version of it is that there is lots of drainage and the cough is somewhat productive, but mostly dry, and is always worse after eating and at night. I currently am taking Aconite for it and it helps some, but I also have an acid reflux issue that seems to exacerbated the cough. Any suggestions?

  242. D.Satyanarayana says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma , good evening.My wife is suffering from a long standing cough.We used many medicines,but the cough repeats.She is having Cough every more or a little less.Some timed ,it turns into Bronchitis and we get treated for that.It appears to us, that the starting trigger for cough in her case is,first she gets an irritation feeling in throat,caused by any of the following
    1.Smoke( from cigarette ,agarbatti, from food preparation,or any kind of scent or smell,dust on traffic,congested areas like closed rooms,picture halls etc.This irritation starts long cough.
    2.aNY EATING OR DRINKING causes irritation and cough.Any thing hot including spicy food.

    We got checked in all ways for any infection in throat,chest,nostrils etc,.etc.But no infection is there.Can you please guide me.She is aged 73,having sugar problem and uses Glycomet 500 tablets daily two.She also uses asomex AT,DAILY 2 TABLETS FOR BP.She is having joint pains,some times severe.She is very sensitive for all situations,mostly feeling sad all the time,seeing all problems big.,Thanks–DSN

  243. Hello Dr.Sharma,

    This is Anuvinaya living in Visakhapatnam. My father was diabetic patient. Last week tested blood sugar which 267. He is suffering from cough day and night from last 5 days. Can you suggest medicine for his problem. Currently using medicines to control sugar levels in Allopathy.

    I’m very pleasure with your kind response.


      Deaer Dr Sharma “g”

      Mother is 80 year old she is suffering from wet cough last 15 years. can you suggested hemeopethic medicine for relief.


      R k joshi

  244. My mother is suffering from dry cough for last two years.she is using blood pressure tablet for last ten years named these days cough starts any timepl tell me best homopathy medicine for mother and tell about blood pressure tablet.thanks.urgent reply Sir

  245. Sapna paliwal says:

    Sir mere 1 saal ke bete ko last 30 days se halka jukam running nose hai aur saath mein khaasi hai. Khaasi karte hue cough nahi nikalta par khaasi ki awaaz bahut aati hai. Raat ko ache se so nahi pata hai. Please help me.

  246. Shaik Ghouse Basha says:


    Good eving sir. Myname is shaik ghouse basha am stubble in dry cough (దగ్గు ) in one month am now work kuwait.Am contact “Doctors” no results plese help me sir no cold drinkgs cold items not eate but why no result i can talk cough is come pain come plese help me Docter.

    Thank you sir,

  247. Prasanta Kumar Choudhury says:

    My wife, 61 yrs. having problem with continuing cough for last three days, as per my one well wisher i applied Bryonia 200 on empty stomack on last two days morning, but in vain kindly advice.

  248. My son of age 6 years is suffering from asthma since past three years. earlier we were taking allopathic treatment and doctor recommended him inhalers. from past one year we are taking homeopathic treatment with a doctor in our city. Although we found some improvement in the severity of attacks but still we have to given him inhalers specially in nights. after one year we consulted to another homeopathic doctor who recommended company’s medicines instead of self prepared sugar pills medicines like previous doctor.
    following are symptoms of deices:-
    1. Dry Cough specially in night and during sleep in day.
    2. If Cough dilutes during coughing then asthmatic attack did not take place and slowly get relief.
    3. Sudden coughing and difficulty in breathing during running.
    4. Over eating also creates trigger some time.
    5. snoring during sleep.
    Now a days we are giving following medicines to him.
    1. balata and Astha regularly three times a day – some improvement seen some time.
    2. Belladonna if fever with cold, cough – found relief whenever given (given only Two times)
    since two years we are giving him following inhaler whenever asthma attack occurs.
    1. Foracort 100 as regular during night. although it was few weeks in few months when homeopathic medicine works, no inhaler was given at all.
    2. levolin and budecort when cough and cold at extreme.

    kindly recommend best medicine which can give relief to my son.
    Best Regards
    Vibhor Kaushik

  249. my wife since last 3 week suffering from cough an khasi.she tkae medicine as per doctor instruction.but when she take medicine it’s all right,but when medicine is over,then there khasi is start the way she suffering from minor thayride.

  250. Mayank Jain says:

    my son is 4 years old. he was detected with eosonophilia last year around jan 2015. doctors precribed banocide for 21 days and then he was fine for 7-8 months. again the same symptoms have surfaced i.e dry frequent irritant cough which troubles him and the entire house. more in the evening and bed time. i understand banocide treats him superficially and the problem erupts again. can homeopathu help in the long run. also what is the best homeo medicine?

  251. zahir khan says:

    mere bache ka umar sade char baras hai.
    usko sukhi continously hota hai ek hi homeo med bataiye jo ke badhiya kaam karega khas karke aadhi raat ko

  252. mohammad azeem says:

    Sir..mere threat se bhut jyada cough nikalta hai… Mtlb mjhe time to time apna threat clear krna pdta hai jiski wjah se mai kisi bhi insan k samne bhut bad feel krta hu. Plz..Sir koyi solution btaye… Mai Ias…ki preparation kr raha hu…. Or is problem ki wjah se mjhe disturbance bhut hota hai………… Second problem mai jb se Delhi aaya hu mera digestion system sahi nhi hai…… Help me sir….. 8459390384

  253. Dear doctor….I have a grandson aged four and half years old. For the last few years i have observed that when he gets flu with running nose, within day or two he develops cough, which aggravates during sleep. The cough increases resulting in severe bouts. Symptomatic treatment with allopathic drugs is done.. which includes anti allergic, broncho diallators, nabulization etc….as often no temperature so usually no antibiotics are given..only given in case of temperature….
    Other problems are grinding of teeth(bruxism) during sleep….He is still bottle fed and not keen in eating…He is in normal range of weight & height……kindly let me know the cure in homeopathy….I will be obliged
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  254. sampath kumar says:

    gudevening sir iam suffering with severe cough with light mucus since one month. i used english medicines but not cured. my duty is travelling. especially from evening to morning iam getting heavy vough. some times daytime also iam getting toomuch cough. please advice the best medicines in homeo. i have no asthma and bronchitis. pl advice

  255. Sudha Sinha says:

    My grandson who will be 3 years old next month is frqently suffering from cough which looks like an allergic cough. His cough doesn’t stop ,no matter what I give to control his cough. At times he vomits bringing mucus

  256. My 19 months old baby boy is suffering fron bad cold and cough since a week. Im giving hm bryonia syrup in warm water since two day’s but no relief at all… what shoud I do. . . Coz of cough in chest and nose block hes having difficulty in breathing and sleeping

  257. Sujit Kumar Majumdar says:

    I am just 35 years old and dry cough are totally capture my chest and I fell some problem when I running in the morning and while I am playing. presently I have take ale apathy treatment and take medicine Amoxicillin capsule in this regard and feel some relief but not cure.

  258. Suffering from URTICARIA since last 10 years. Aggravates after eating sour foods as curd, tamarind etc. Any Homeopathic remedy available.

  259. Nalini Elangovan says:

    Eight months girl baby cold severe croupy cough chest congestion.suggest a medicine please dr

  260. Raghunandan Prasad says:

    Remedies for Hard Tumour in whole Body Under Skin .

  261. arti Gupta says:

    Sir muje balgum ki problem ha kafi saalon se, treatment bi krwaya, but no relief, doctors kehte hain allergy ha, winters ate hi ye problem start ho jati ha, now i don’t like winters, and also I feels ashamed when everyone knows about this problem, balgum kafi keech kr nikalti hu, awaaz ati ha jo muje embarrassing bi feel krwati ha, safar ya kahin tour pe jao to aur bad jati ha, subh empty stomach main tulsi leaves bi khaati hu, thoda usse halka sa relief rehta ha, but jab tulsi bi dry ho jati ha to meri buri halat ho jati ha,

  262. kehkashan says:

    Hi.dr.I had history of polyps and I did surgery in 2006
    I am from South Africa Johannesburg.I got chorinic sinus as season change. Especially winter and spring is is most worse .v are in spring.I am suffering since last 2 month hvng serious postnasal .tried antihistamine.antibiotics.acute cough is not going.specially as I get up in morningand evening time is worst.I really want to cure frm advise nose are dry.ears often itch.headache on and eyes mostly time like hot and burning. Currently I am tkng vitamin c and good supplement

  263. Dry cough 25days

  264. My daughter 8 years old is suffering from vomit for the last 6 months. vomits comes in the evening from 10 to 12 p.m. vomits always comes after cough. At day time she doesn’t have any cough or vomit. she complaints of stomach problem and acidity.

  265. My daughter 8 years old is suffering from vomit for the last 6 months. vomits comes in the evening from 10 to 12 p.m. vomits always comes after cough. she complaints of stomach problem and acidity.

  266. Very informative.

  267. SAURABH GUPTA says:

    Dear sir,
    my baby boy is 3.5 yeras old & he suffer from cough, all day he normaly behave, but late night after 12:00 am, cough attack begin & whole night my kid affected, after vomiting he feel relax, so plz suggest me any best homeopathy medicine & plz suggest me eating habit during the medicine period.

  268. Tribhuwan Prasad says:

    I am suffering from last 1 year.please suggest

  269. Hello Dr,
    I am suffering from strong khansi with cough and water from 5days in night and early mg its too problem.
    Please suggest m any strong medcne.
    I am takng heparsulph 30 also in one hour but no effect.

  270. Tobey marshal says:

    l am 16years old and l am suffering from cough,cold and flu since 2years l consult many
    doctors but their medicine not suit me l take homeopathic medicine from 5 months but l have still cough and cold ,l am a student so please tell me sir what l do.??

  271. Sir,
    my 4 yrs old son is sensitive to cold, have a very much dry cough problem in winters.sometimes during coughing he vommit. Wrapping of muffler with balm/vicks at throat helps some extent.

    Severity is very much specialy in night hours . pls suggest.


  272. KVS Prasad says:

    Sir nameste my wife suffering with fever ,cough and cold since last two days pl suggest appropriate homeo medicine

  273. Ashu Tosh says:

    Sir which medicine is used for treatment of pnemothorax is there any medicine ???

  274. Mahayon Abas says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 58 year old. Female. I have problem with very dry eyes. It is worse in air conditioned room, windy, looking at computer screen for a long time, reading for a long time. I have to use artificial tears to help ease the uneasy feeling… as if sand got into my eyes. No tears flows unless I cry.

    I started wearing glasses when I was 14 years old. The glasses gets thicker every year. My dry eyes problem started when I was about 45 years old. I work with computers for long hours.

    3 years ago, I had LASIC treatment for both eyes. My dry eyes problem remains. Please help.

    Thank you.

  275. My son aged 2years has a cough dat goes for some days and cmes back mainly at night n litte bit during the day. I hv tried different medications bt the cough is stil recurring. Help!

  276. Megha garg says:

    Hello son is 2yr 6 mon old . He is suffering from cough from 2 days.cough with sound from throat.i went to a paed dr he said it is allergic asthmatic type…plez help me…

  277. Sona Singla says:

    My 3 years old daughter frequently falls ill with chest congestion from the time she has been 6 months old. Symptoms start with excessive sneezing followed by stuffed/running nose, cough , congested chest and vomiting with phlegm and fever. Symptoms generally occur in winters, changing weather.Please advice

  278. rajkumar yadav says:

    sir mere chest me cough ki shikayat rahata hai kripya hoyopthic ilaj bataye .

  279. Hello Sir,

    My 4 years daughter has been suffering from cough and cold since childhood whenever whether change.

    Please suggest medicine to prevent this in future.

    Thanks in advance.

  280. dear sir,
    my 5 yrs old son is suffering from acute dry kind of barking cough since from childhood we give him so many medicen with antibiotics but does not work completely ,so we started him giving homeopathic it is only 2days but he cough even more, plz suggest us we are so worried.

  281. Mohammed Majid says:

    Dear Sir, Greetings from Bangladesh and Happy Holidays Season. Since lasr few years i have been suffering frim chronic dry cough with rattling sound of the lungs accompanied by pain in the throat and neck when talking for 5 to 10 minutes and above. Simultaneously, i have been experiencing laboured breathing and shortness of breath since last 3 years. Apart from this, i am in sound health at the age of 58 years. Please prescribe medications that will help relieve the dry cough and laboured/shortness if breath. Thanking you in anticipation for your support and cooperation. Best regards.

    • Mohammed Majid says:

      Dear Sir, Greetings from Bangladesh and Happy Holidays Season. Since lasr few years i have been suffering frim chronic dry cough with rattling sound of the lungs accompanied by pain in the throat and neck when talking for 5 to 10 minutes and above. Simultaneously, i have been experiencing laboured breathing and shortness of breath since last 3 years. Apart from this, i am in sound health at the age of 58 years. Please prescribe medications that will help relieve the dry cough and laboured/shortness if breath. Thanking you in anticipation for your support and cooperation. Best regards.

  282. Dr Pallavi says:

    Hello Sir,
    Kindly prescribe a medicine for child who has allergy to deodorants and perfumes.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Dr Pallavi

  283. Arun Alexander says:

    Namasthe Sir,
    I read your description of the cough that ends up in vomitting.I have the same symptoms. I cough for almost two minutes which ends in a very painful spasm or vomitting.Kindly prescribe .

  284. sir I am facing a cough problem. any time in day, the semi liquid mucus is forming from throat which removes by deep whooping. Pl. advice regarding homeopathy treatment and medicines name

  285. sir,
    My 5 years old son, vomitt while travelling via car or bus, please suggest any homeopathy medicine for him. Infact he always suffers from cold n repeated fevers alltime

  286. Doctor,
    My mum has been suffering with a cough for more than 10 years. She had all tests sjecould have including CT scan,and they can’t find out what causes the cough. It comes many times a day and sometimes lasts for an hour. Tge side effects includes heart problems, incontinence and stomack problem. The cough is worse when eating bread and when she went to room with mould she couldnt stop coughing for the rest of the day. When she is on antibiotics,the cough is better for 10 days to 2 weeks.
    Thank you

    • HELLO Dr. I AM CURIOUS TO FIND OUT YOUR OPINION ON MOLD TOXCICITY. I THINK MY MOTHERS CHRONIC COUGH and my father’s alzheimers symptoms may be related to mold in their home. I gave dad tumeric and oregonal. ? ANY THOUGHTs on this Dr.? THANK YOU, Nancy

  287. Namastey sir,
    I am Suffering from Cold and Cough,which is very iritating me espessally at nights not able to sleep, from the last 4 days, i had gone treatment for many english syrup, but no use. can u pls suggest me a best medicine

  288. sharief says:

    Namastey sir
    I have been suffering with only allergic cough right from 45 days. Used no of meditions but not relief given.
    Please suggest me good homio medition sir.

  289. Ranjan Mishrs says:

    My mother aged about 63 is suffering from cough. Visited several doctors and administered various allopathic medicine however no results. She is suffering from this problem for last ten years. She is also suffering from hypertension and under medication. Kindly advise how to curb the cough as she cannot take food or sleep properly due to continuous cough.

  290. Sir/Mam
    My daughter is 6 year old and has a cough and even i try aelophatic medicine also but its not working properly , so please suggest me any medicine for her. Her cough is spasmodic and having continuously.


  291. Hi, my daughter is three years old and has developed a cough. She has a runny nose, watery eyes and her cough started off with crackly the first day and now is more dry but deep. Would belladonna work as that’s all I have on hand? How much should I give her?

  292. Saroj Gupta says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma
    I am 65 years old. mujhe dho mahine se wet cough ki sikayat hai. Cough patala, chamkila, jhagdar, pani jaise rang ka nikalta hai. joki nose aur mouth se nikalta hai. Jiski bajha se mere sir aur mathe me dard bana rahata hai Tatha Nose, Ear, Eyes, Head mai bahoot kharish(khujali) hoti hai. Garma Garm Green tea pine ke bad kareeb aada Cup Cough nose ba mouth ke raste nikalne ke bad aaram aata hai. Curd ,
    Rice, Banana, maine khana chora rakkha hai. Mujhe kisi prakar ki koi aur bimari bhi nahi hai. Jaise Sugar B.P. High hona etc. Please mujhe Homeopathic Remedies batayain. Mai Aapki bahut aabhari hongi.

    Saroj Gupta

    • Saroj Gupta says:

      Respected Dr. Sharma
      I am 65 years old. mujhe dho mahine se wet cough ki sikayat hai. Cough patala, chamkila, jhagdar, pani jaise rang ka nikalta hai. joki nose aur mouth se nikalta hai. Jiski bajha se mere sir aur mathe me dard bana rahata hai Tatha Nose, Ear, Eyes, Head mai bahoot kharish(khujali) hoti hai. Garma Garm Green tea pine ke bad kareeb aada Cup Cough nose ba mouth ke raste nikalne ke bad aaram aata hai. Curd ,
      Rice, Banana, maine khana chora rakkha hai. Mujhe kisi prakar ki koi aur bimari bhi nahi hai. Jaise Sugar B.P. High hona etc. Please mujhe Homeopathic Remedies batayain. Mai Aapki bahut aabhari hongi.
      Saroj Gupta

  293. my mother age 76 chronic DRY cough problem ,mainly at night with hoarse sound ,please suggest homeopathic remedy.

  294. I’ve had a constant dry cough for 1 year. I’m allergic to cedar mix trees, dogs/cats and dust mites. I’m on FEXOFENADINE 180 mg. It last for 8 hours. I have a itchy sensation in my throat. I’m ok when I’m sitting down not talking. When I talk for a period of time or walk the itch comes back and makes me cough. Please assist with a remedy for dry itch cough.

    Age: 52

  295. Hello Doc.sharma

    I have taken hepar sulf and bryonia for my bronchitic cough,But i find my cough has increased.i am constantly coughing .More like an allergy now.Tongue coated–Throat pricks lot of mucous irritation
    leading to severe cough.I always use homeopathy .This time i am not very sure it helped

    Can bryonia cause this .I have stopped taking .will it subside on its own or do i need antidote.
    Thank you

  296. JANMAJIT PAUL says:

    Yearly 2 or 3 times I suffer dry cough which lasts for 1 to 2 months. Please prescribe me the medicine which can remove all coughs from my chest and recover me from such cough permanently.

  297. R/sir मेरा उम्र 38 साल का है मुझे हमेशा शर्दी होते रहती है या ए कहना अच्छा रहेगा की हमेशा सर्दी रहती है । गाला में हमेशा खरास बना रहता है । सुबह उठने पर नाक से पानी छिक तथा गाला की खरास से स्थिति काफी बिगड़ जाती है । कभी कभी खाँसी भी आते रहती है ।मैं थ्रोमबॉसाईटोपेनिया का मरीज हूँ blood pletlets 60000 के आस पास रहती है RBC wbc hemoglobin normal रहती है ।
    बिटामिन डी कई कमी है । कृप्या best homeopathy दावा बताने का कृपा करे । ।

    • lokesh kumar agarwal says:

      i am suffering form sardhi(naak sa pani & continuous chick) which started when i get up from sleep and after half an hour next day it for 45 minutes every day it increasing continuously till i am full treatment of allopahy,
      i am inborn allergic khasi pasient

      At present naak me pani & khasi me moo me cough jasha pani aa raha ha my age 25 years

  298. gurdeep bakshi says:

    Res Sir, my son usually gets affected by cough and chest infection. Cough is mainly like barking cough with hoarsing voice coming from chest. Also he always lose his voice when infected. Pls suggest remedy and oblige. Best rgds

    • Dear Dr,
      My son is 2 years 8 months,every 15 days he suffer from cold,cough and chest congestion, he get temperature too,in suffering period he cannot take his feed properly and lead to reflux and acidity problems,
      The major problems he suffer was cold and cough,reflux and acidity, and digestion problems he cannot digest food properly and leads to motion with mucus,please reply me.thank you

  299. syed shaheen says:

    my kid age 3 yes is having frequent cough cold fever n wheeze since birth.many times had to take allopathy antibiotics oral n I.v both.daily itching entire body at bed time and get restless due to itching especially neck and back. loves cold food sweets.can’t bear heat at all.please suggest homeopathy for these recurrent fever cold n cough n itching.

  300. Dear Dr.

    I am suffering from allergic cold from one month, also numerous sneezing form nose and white thick water comes out from nose.

  301. Eddy Rolando says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    It all started as a mere cough, then a spoiled voice. Then I had a stoke. I was admitted in the Hospital for 3 days. I was diagnose with Acute Eschimic Stroke. Now I am a Stroke survivor. It has been 6 months now since my stroke. But I still cough and weak. What are the problems. I still cough and still have a hoarse voice not mentioning my dizziness and weakness. Is it something to do with the meds i am taking, a side effect?


  302. shobha agrawath says:

    Suffering from cough since three days please give us a remedy, the cough is only in the night and I am not able to sleep

  303. Aren Ashish Pandya says:

    Repeated sir
    My 6year old son always suffering from allergic cold and cough I would appreciate if you please advise which medication I take. If you wish I can call you at your convenience. Thanks

  304. shalini verma says:

    Dear dr.

    My mother suffring from cough since so many years, she is 60 years old.

    Kindly suggest medicine for her.

    Shalini Verma

  305. Rajiv jasra says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am in Canada and for almost 1 year I am suffering from cough off and on. Chest x-ray is clear, here doctors say that this is allergies and I have been prescribed puffer and it helps for sure but I want permanent cure. I have chest congestion and phlegm. I would appreciate if you please advise which medication I take. If you wish I can call you at your convenience. Thanks

  306. Anjali tyagi says:

    Repeated sir
    My 3year old son always suffering from cold and cough

  307. SWATI SADHU says:

    DEAR SIR ,

  308. Nancy Guha says:

    Respected sir,my son is 1year old.but after he becomes 6 months old,he frequently suffers from cough and cold.on last April he was admitted in hospital due to Bronculities.again since the beginning of this month he is suffering from cough. Doctor is saying it is allergic cough.pls suggest me what medicine can I give him.its urgent sir.

  309. fakhruddin says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from dry cough for two months. Three/four times a day serious cough occur and suffer respiratory problem.
    Please, suggest me.

  310. Hello Dr,

    I am suffering from dry, itchy(tickling) cough last 4 months which is on and off. I tried all possible allopathy medicines and finally dedided to go for homeopathy.
    My symptoms include dry cough, worseing whil lying down (mostly in night) and when in AC. After I Cough, I feel like something is there is my throat and I keep swalloing it or keep clearing my throat.

  311. HI Sir,

    My mother having dry cough from 6months, tried out of ayurvedic but no use to that cough,
    now Dr. telling allergy, starting asthama like that, they given spray, if she use that she become week, wt could u suggest sir plz

  312. MD FIROZ ANSARI says:

    dry wife is suffring from cough(sursuri).chest is clean .no cough.but in talking time sursuri in going the 25 days is continue.allopathic medicine@homeo pathic medicine is continue .but not medcine.age 35 years.gas problem also

  313. Hi Doctor,
    My son is 5 years and 9 months old. He is having cough for a few weeks, when he wakes up from sleep. We tried a cough syrup named “Stodal”. But no result.
    His cough is productive. Every day in the morning when he wakes up and 2-3 sneezing in between. When he is coughing it continues for 4-6 coughs at a time. He had a history of asthma when he is born and bilirubin was high.
    He is a very shy, sensitive and emotional boy. Cries for even minute things. Otherwise he is very active. We lives in New Zealand. Can you please suggest a remedy.
    Thanking you in advance

  314. Nita Arya says:


  315. saikat Banerjee says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from fever and with dry cough with lungs congetion. fever is about 103degree farenhit sometimes.Please advice.
    with regards

  316. Hi Doctor,
    I am writing this for my nearly 6 year old child. He is having some times wet or some time times dry cough every day most morning when he wakes up and this is there for a very long time. I have tried homeo cough syrup called Stodal. But still it remain unchanged. Can you please suggest me a remedy for this. When he starts coughing it last for at least 15 to 30 sec a cough. He is shy and a very sensitive boy and getting emotional for even small things.
    Please advice. I will be greatly thankful to you if you can suggest me an apt medicine.
    Thanking you

  317. Hello Dr.
    I am writing for my 2.5 yrs son,he is 14.5kgs. 3 months back he got a normal cold. From den on his nose running didn’t stop. From last 2-3 weeks he is coughing a lot. The mucus sound can be heard wen he coughs. It increases at nite. Day time also he is coughing frequently. I prefer homeo medicine. What would you suggest?/ he should be given medicine or can I help him with any home remedies. He eats almost every food,whatever we eat.

  318. Sunil Kumar says:

    Dear Dr. My son is suffering from cough in night (Nocturnal Cough). I already checked up with Elopathy Doctor but he always says he is normal.

    But every night he is suppering form cough.

    Could you kindly advise some homeopaty medicine him

    His age is 2.2 years

    Warm Regards,

  319. My 2 year 9 month old daughter is suffering from barking cough along with runny nose from past 15 days…pad. gave her allopathic treatment with some hard medicines and nebuliser budosol ….i hav tried dem all but her cough is not going away…pls prescrine me some homeopathic medicine which can help her….dr says she has bronchitis…this is second time within 6 months she has this same problem.
    And her appetite us also very poor…she dnt try anything new in food…n if i force she vomit it out.

  320. child aged about 2 years suffering with frequent cold and cough worse at night and cough associated with vomiting and fever, better by vomiting phelm, rattling at throat. no cold in chest cough continues .discharge from nose white mucus. pl advice home medicine mother is 32 years also suffering from throat infection and ulcer in throat with pain, dry cough worse at night. allergy to dust worse at night
    please advice homeo medicine with potency

  321. S l kaushal says:

    Treatment for recuring cold & cough for 3year old boy

  322. RESPECTED DOCTOR plz suggest homeo medicine for cough after cold

  323. Dear Dr. My two month plus baby is having serious cough especially at night please Dr. What can I do to stop the cough?

  324. Neeru Singhal says:

    Hello Doc,

    My 5 month old baby boy sis suffering from cold and cough.He is not having runny nose But he is having difficulty in breathing .

    So he coughs to breathe.

    Please sughgest the medicine and the dosage taht I need to give him so that he can be relieved of the cold /cough

    Thanks & rgds

  325. Nilofer says:

    Can homeopathy cure convulsions

  326. Harendra Singh says:

    Dr. Sharma Sir Namaskar
    My wife is Suffering from dry cough from 30 Jun 15.All the testes done viz- chest x ray,widal,CBC,culture,Montaux is 15 mm rest all the testes are normal chest x ray is clear.But dry cough continue without bulgam.She feel very weak also due to less diet n less sleep during night.Plz Suggest some solution or medicine Sir.

    Harendra Singh

  327. Shagun verma says:

    Dear Doctor.sir my 10 months son suffers from pneumonia at the stage of 7 months he did nt take any vaccination fr ths sir he is admitted in hospital fr 10 days now he again havinh little cough cold but not running nose but whooping sound comes from him at night when he take my feed otherwise he is active now pls suggest me what should i do i am afraid does he again suffering frm pneumonia .

  328. Ramu Reddy says:

    Hello Sharma Sir,

    I have a severe problem of cold and calf and also dry calf once citrizine is taken. It is reoccuring every week or biweekly. Also have dry and irritating skin and brown spots at hair folicules.
    I used lot of medicines for skin problems earlier and recoverd. But could not recover from this dry itching skin and reoccurring cold and calf. One of the doctor told I have histamine problem. I took antihistamines also. During the course I am feeling little comfort. But again when I stop taking antihistamines and cetrizine tablets. The same itching skin, red eyes, cold calf,sneezing a lot is reoccuring.
    Please suggest for me. I am unable to survive with these problems. I stay in Hyderabad.
    Please refer some medicine or doctor.

    Thanks in advance!

  329. Manu Bansal says:

    Dear Dr,
    My daughter 7 months old has acquired severe atopic dermatitis since one month and it aggrevates with mosquito bites. she has no cold or cough or fever. she just have lots of red big rashes with boils filled with clear liquid. Skin dr suggested she has atopic dermatitis and allergy to mosquiti bites. So plz a medication for her as these rashes and boils are covering her whole body.
    Manu Bansal

  330. GURPREET KAUR says:


  331. Gurpreet singh says:

    Sir mujhe khansi ki problem aksar pareshan karti hai,pehle main gutkha khata tha magar ab chodhne ke bad khansi aur cough pareshan kar rahi hai,nose se bhi pani aata hai,abhi main bryonia alba kha raha hoon aur thoda better feel kar raha hun bt mujhe permanent solution bataiye,thnks

  332. kishore kr. sinha says:

    Dear sir, I am suffering from acidity/constipation since long.Some time it is under control,but maximum days it give me much troubles.I am 60 years old(I am also a patient of diabetese,hypertension & chlosterol). Sir please advise me the best medicine for Acidity & Constipation suitable for me and oblige me. With Regards.

  333. reyaz ahned says:

    my 18 month girl never take food eazyl.we try every medision ,but she didn’t take food .ple give me sugession

  334. Kalpana says:

    Hi my daughter is having adenoids and she frequently catches cold . And more over cough . Will you suggest me some medicines for her if she eats sweets immediately she will get teeth grinding in night and cough. We are in USA pls suggest me where’s to get the medicine.

  335. Jitendra Sharma says:

    Doctor, my father is 80 yrs old and has much cough problem. He feels very uncomfortable. He has shown to various doctors but they simply says that it is due to allergy and you should take citrazene tablet daily it will control your cough. But no improvement. Is homeopathic treatment can cure it from the roots.

  336. aliya khan says:

    I talk very fastly how to avoid it or is der any homoepoathic medicine for DAT

  337. I am having wheezing problem since last yr or so earlier it used to be accompanied by breathless ness took homeopathy now dont have breathless ness but wheeze persist at night I take Theoasthalin tab at night while sleeping pls suggest also I am worried is it due to my masturbation habit I masturbate nearly every day is it cause of worry pls mail me

  338. krishna shaw says:

    sir, I have to face a great throat problem. during talking to someone ,I feel very uncomfortable because my cough( khansi) creates problems to talk anyone and my paramours advise me to consult a doctor . so,I consult a general physicians but he says about my problem that it is your habit but i think it is a problem so please sir ,recommend me any medicines or any other activities.

  339. gurpal Singh says:

    hello Dr.

    I m having dry cough from last four to five years
    It’s like some itching from throat and it’s really annoying and it’s normally happen after I eat something or drink something.
    Plz advice

  340. Anil Israni says:

    last fifteen to twenty years I have acute cough look like barking and whooping cough. My face bacome red and some time eyes also. If i dont carry water than its worse for me. No spice in food. Whem tea or coffee serve aroma is there it hurts some time that also. Dust disturb me in some time.Due to tension miagrain also there. I am taking BP tab Stamola-5 one tab and miagrain Nucoxia 60 one tab. Pl help me and relieve my tension. My age is 57.

    With Kind Regards
    Anil Israni

  341. MUZAFFAR NASIM says:

    last fifteen days continuing dry cough.please suggest me the medicines.

    Thanking you,
    Muzaffar Nasim

  342. sneha s. says:

    i’m suffering from cod n ciugh from 1 year

  343. k swarupa rani says:

    Aged. 33. Years female getting severe; continuous cough after immediately laying bed during night.. Not during daytime..

  344. Ramesh Chandra kotnala says:

    मैं लगभग 3 साल से गले की एल्रजी से परेशान हूँ।बलगम कम आता है।गला सूखा सा रहता है।बार बार खौ खौ खास कर अटके हुए बलगम को निकालना चाहता हूँ।परन्तु बडी कठिनाई होती हैं। कोई इलाज बताइए।

  345. I have cough since 2 3 mths it is balgam wali khansi whenever i laugh or speak loud it begins sometimes light pain in fhroat it will be little bit relief when i take some warm water or some shhad again it will be starte ater 2 or 3 days no effect of any cough syrup p tell some medicinev

  346. Karuna Gomes says:

    Dear sir , I m 38 years old and six month pregnant from last to month I m suffering from very bad cough I have shown my self to the physian also but medicnes r of no help in my case cough stays through the day but at midnight it becomes worst during coughing a different tips of voice comes out as if cough is there in the chest we did x ray ,blood test every thing but nothing was found please help me since I m scared that this coughing might harm the fetus.

  347. ravi sharma says:

    dr, mere ko ek mahine se khansi hai din me nhi hoti per subha jab so ke uthta hu or sham ko hoti hai or gale me dunaa sa uthta hai or thik bulgum nikalti hai me kafi medison le chuka hu per koi araam nahi hai me chahta hu ki mere ko homeopathy medison use karu so please tel which medison i take……

  348. Hello dr sahab,
    My 3year daughter coughing and vomiting daily at night between12 am to 3 am from 20 days. I saw her alopathic dr. But no relex. Ples doctor sahab suggest me a right medicine for my daughter.
    With regards

  349. yogesh sharma says:

    Dear sir, how are you. My daughter is 3 and half years old. She has cough problem every change of whether. Now she has coughing at night or in morning around 3 – 4 am. She does not eat much or vomit also. She while sleeping gets sweat oon front side of neck and back also. Apart from this her eyes are little reddish and swallon. I have seen these symptoms for almost a month but coughing is not controlled. Doctors say due to allergy. What should I do, lots of confusion. I have consulted almost best paediatricians and but not relieved. Pls reply what to do….warm regards.

  350. argha barua says:

    Dear doctor,I am suffering from dry cough for nearly 2 doctor have given to have spongia tosta, baci200 and I m having it for three times a day..but my cough had no fully gone…and some time it troubles me in midnight,what should I do now?

  351. rahul rathore says:

    My daughter 2.6 years old is suffering from dry cough from long time. Usually coughs last for for 5 to 10 secs and comes twice or thrice a day or some times more. It is bothering me as its been more then 2-3 months and it is not gone and right now she is suffering from cold and cough. Is it because of allergy or what..kindly help out.

  352. Daya ram sharma says:

    dear sir,

    i am patient of allergy i.e. cough with water from nose regularly. it is forefather dieses also from family members.


  353. syed bilal says:

    salam doctor..
    mere allergy caugh hain jiski waja se chest m pain h bht plzzzzzzzzzz treatment bata de. aap… caugh ka m bht pareshan ho

  354. pratima rai says:

    Hello doct
    i am suffering from chronic cough problem which starts only at night since past 15 days…due to that i am unable to sleep. It starts with itching in my throat and results in repeated cough. Plz help me

  355. Mahesh sharma says:

    My 13 year daughter suffring from night and early morning cough attack from last 3 year when we give a half tab of monorize its ok but when we forget to give this tab its come again what we do

  356. Hira Lal Sharma says:

    Sir,I have been suffering from chronic dry cough since Feb,2015.It accompanies smell of cough and tiredness.


    this is my wifes condition,she coughs so much her stomach is sore.
    and she cant get rid of the mucus it gets caught in her throat.
    thank you.

  358. My mother has dry cough from 8 months. She feel some iritation in her throat and attack of dry cough that last for 1 minute and it happened once in every hour. Please suggest some good medicine.

  359. sanjeev kumar says:

    Hello sir, My self sanjeev. I am suffering from cough problem and stomech upset since four years. I counsult lots of doctors but my problem is not solution .

  360. Narayana Reddy says:

    Want remedy for chronic cough +phelm

  361. Debashis Dey says:

    Sir, I am suffering from chronic cough. When the attack comes there is an instinct to shake left hand and left leg , there is also an inclination to spit out with the attack. There is rattling mucous in the chest which can not be expectorated out. As if there is no vital force in my lungs.
    Antim tart was of temporary help only.Would you please help me? Thank you. N.B. My every complaints are left sided. I have very much dry skin with cracked palms and sole.I am very much shy and introvert. Take cold easily. Please help.

  362. Whooping cough is no where near eradicated. With no help from modern day vaccines there has been an increase because the vaccinated are spreading it. This has been addressed by the FDA and the CDC that the recently vaccinated shed it. Anyhow it doesn’t make me think this site is reputable by the spread of this false information.

  363. Hi..every day early morning i m getting severe cold with throat pain n both the nose blocked.its heals slowely by 9am but den again start if exposed to fan for more than 5 min.pls suggest some treatment or any doctor in bangalore hsr area to visit.. Thanks

  364. abhijit mukherjee says:

    my prob skin desice am use homeopathi med spongia mother & annaglis mother.
    spongia morher & annagalis mother which desice use? help me?

  365. KUMKUM GUPTA says:

    Dear sir,
    My wife age is 56.She is suffering from Allergic dry cough mostly at bedtime. Her symptoms is likewise of nocturnal cough. Please suggest for him, any effective medicine for permanent cure and oblige.

  366. mohan das says:

    Mujhe khafi dino se gale me kharash aur cough jama hua lagata hai

  367. Hellow sir how r you. My problem is about my child she is 15months .she always suffered from chest infection and vomiting.she is nt eating any thing except small bottle of milk.two times.when she is sleeping I gave her milk during drinking she cough and do vomiting.she did same when she was 2 months. when is right she does not eat please suggested me what should I do. She eat every thing.i

  368. shahzad hussain says:

    mai lagbhag 10 dino se khansi se preshan hu, plz koi upaye btaye .

  369. Gaurav singb says:

    Sir u have a cough problem because of my chest infection for 3-4 years and im 21st years old …plz help me sir

  370. pushpalatha says:

    Dr , I am aasma patient ….,which medicine is better for me

  371. Hi Doctor,

    My daughter is 3.5years old. She is a preterm baby. For first two years after her birth she hardly visited doctor (visited only for vaccinations). But from last 7-8 months she is suffering from cough and cold. It’s not continuous but cough comes back after an interval of of a month. We have visited doctor 4-5 times during this period. As per doctor she has spasms and doctor has prescribed MONTAIR-4. Usually her cough is severe at night time and followed by vomit. We also nebulize her with combination of levolin and flohale. As per doctor her cough will go as she grows older. But things are not improving. Please advice if this can be treated with homeopathic medicines.

  372. Jincy Joseph says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have been suffering from Chronic Dry Cough for nearly 1month.
    All allopathic remedies provide no relief.

    I look forward for your effective remedial advise at the earliest


  373. farzana says:

    Hello sir. My child is 11 months old and is hving a cough for nearly 2 mnths. It was severe at forst nd he coughed continuously in the morning aftr awake frm sleep nd ended in vomiting. Now he is alright but again having a sound in the chest as if mucus is inside the chest nd hving sinple coughs time to time. I m giving him homeo but its taking too much time. What shud i do?

  374. Ankit grover says:

    hello doctor, I am Ankit From Delhi, India
    i always got to suffer with cold and cough when season changes in india and it worsen always..
    lot of mucus came daily & not got better even after a month of suffering.
    i used to take citrizine with paracetamol and an antibiotic.but it just control it not permanently cured it.
    it makes me very uncomfortable when i am on working..
    so is it normal or is it concern.?
    what should i do?

  375. sumita says:

    my mother is about 70 yrs,suffering from asthma in winter for 3 to 4 years,this the cough even in in this summer giving trouble a lot.suddenly it started with a sound inchest of cough,but no cough gettin out.givin 8 to 10 drops honey,humbly praying to guide me as she is a patient of osteoporosis

  376. Rajdeep Singh says:

    Sir , I am very upset problems cough only day and I am any Dr try chests and ent plz only normal cough contynewsly plz advice

  377. mrs nazeer says:

    Hi i m mrs zaree
    I hav one kid( boy) age 6 yrs
    Osy aay din cough with vomit or pait dard rahta ha tonsisl oprate hucka ha tell me any homeo schwabe drops for daily use thxx i m so depressd abt his health.

  378. Shamim ahmad says:

    Dear sir i am suffring from two month dry cogh please advice homeopathic medicine.

  379. Respected doctor

    Whooping cough or khasi is occurring again and again mostly at night times due to which there is little problem in breathing, sneezing also occur frequently.

    Please suggest how it will be eradicated?
    Is it a permanent thing or can be cured?

  380. sriniammal says:

    I am a diabetic and kidney patient. i also have hypertension and high cholesterol levels. after taking homeo remedies for thyroid , cholesterol and sugar all the three are under control. my last done urea is 95 And creatinine i s 5.2. i am taking allopathy for my hypertension. i am sufferring with dry cough that comes when i lie down in bed and on exposure to air flow from ceiling fan and airconditioners. i feel i may have some phlem in my chest which is not coming out. the cough also comes when ever i try to bend. my doc says it GERD. i tried taking bio25 and alliam sat but it did not help. can you kindly suggest a remedy? thanking you

  381. Hello Dr
    My wife has problem of dry cough, which aggravates at night or whenever she is lying down or sleeping, kindly suggest me the best homeopathic medicine for such case.

  382. ajay shah says:

    good morning sir ji
    muje problem hai cough ka last july ko mene synus ka operation karvaya tha uske bad muje jab bhi me apna sir niche karta hu to nose mese clean water nikalta hai aur night ko jub bhi sota hu to bhi ek side sone se nikatla hai jub me subah ko uthta hu to dono nose bilkul bandh ho jate hai aur jor se nikal ne par bahot sara liquid cough or yello type ka cough nikal ta hai aur ek problem hai muje koi bhi medicine leta hu jese pain killer ya antibiotic to muje acdt ho jati hai is liye me koi medicine bhi nahi le sakta stool me bhi acid nikalta hai jiski vajahse stool point me ulcer jesa ho jata hai is session me mango bhi nahi kha sakta us se bhi acdt ho jati hai puri body me red spot ho jate hai cough ka problem muje birth time se hai

  383. amandeep says:

    i am suffering from continuous green colour phelgam problem. please suggest a best remedy for continuous cough problem with phelgam.

  384. K. S. Jha says:

    My 4 year old boy’s symptom is he starts sneezing a day, next day running or mucus filled nose, with some couging and sneezing, next day, the coughing becomes severe and severe in next days, a spell of coughing at night around 2 PM and vomiting. We saw him to an MBBS doctor and he told that it was allergic bronchitis and prescribed Ambrodil LS, Lasma LC Kid, Phenergan syrup, Clamvam Bid tablet, which cures him, However, as an when the weather changes, he agains catches up with the same problem. Please guide.

  385. Suresh Deshmukh says:

    I’m suffering from sinusitis /bronchitis so perfect homeopathic medicine pls !

  386. sanjay mishra says:

    Respected Sir, I am fifty yrs old.I am suffring from throut pain & cough before 3 days. Pl guide medicin.

  387. Amardeep arora says:

    sir my son meet (4Yr) suffering from cough last two years. Every test like blood allergy and TV test is done but they all are normal. From 4 months he is getting homeo treatment . he is getting well but changing weather effect s him very much and he comes in earlier conditions again. first he gets cold than throat problems after that cough and fever. his eyes get watered. Dr. has given following medicine till this date. cina,ipecac, rumex,hyper sulpher,bromium, bryonia , belldona And justica liquid .plz suggest me whether we are going right or wrong. i shall be very thankful to u

  388. piyush mudaiya says:

    I am suffering from cough for about 1 month. I am 12 years old . I have asthmatic problem also . please suggest me the right medicine.

  389. RAJIV DUBEY says:

    Respected doctor sahib,
    Namashkar, My problem started 10 days back with hoarseness of throat.It is followed by coughing . In the morning I feel my chest clogged by mucous.After waking up , i start coughing at intervals and every time mucous in yellow color is expelled. This goes on whole day. There is a sudden burst of cough for few seconds and this ends up in spitting out phlegm.Due to strain i feel headache and weakness.I don’t have any allergy and i have not taken any medicine so far except a alopathic expectorant. quantity of mucous is enough.
    Please prescribe me a homeopathic medicine at your earliest.
    Sir , I am 61 year old.

  390. Doctor my daughter is 4yrs 7 months old,since 1 1/2 year she is suffering from cold and cough for every 25 days, I have nearly changed 3 homeo doctors,and now I going Dr satish since 2 months I find some betterment in my daughter’s health, but doctor I am worried how long will it take her get cured.

  391. Ulla Klötzer says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma!

    Can Drosera alfaplex tablets be used by a nursing mother???

    Grateful for an answer

    Ulla Klötzer from Finland

  392. Manoj kumar Bagadia says:

    Sir my son 10 yes old suffering from countinus coughing since 20days and taken homeopathy and allopathic treatment in these days given honey and ginger juice 4 to 5 times but not improment in cough he has no fever and cold
    What’s the appropriate treatment in this situation Thanks Manoj 9982004200

  393. Shipra Pruthy says:

    i have post nasal drip prb i have cold since childhood. in age of 31suddnly its over nd my head got heavy all the time i uswd homyopathy bt one night i felt tht something dripping from my head and moving to my throat nd chest. thn i develop chest congestion nd fiegtue in my side arm nd leg.after ct scan i found my deviated nasal spectum i operated it two month back bt still there is mucus in my chest which causing prb to me

  394. Hello Dr.Sharma,
    My daughter completed 3 years.. Very prequently she got congestion cough. Is there any medicine in homeopathy. pls let me know the details

  395. Abdul wahid hashmi says:

    sir my wife is suffring with lung cancer since feb 2014 ,homeopathic treatment is being given but she did not get relief ,but to day i,e,3rd.march few blood clots has seen in sputom,please suggest me some homeopathic medicines please.

  396. Rajesh Gupta says:

    Iam 49yrs old male. When I give a speech without a mike, I lose my voice after ten minutes. After a break of 5 minutes I again continue my speech and finish it . Can you recommend a homeopathic medicine for this problem.

  397. Dear sir
    I m 32 yes lady having problem of heavy cough during night.I was having tb 2 yes back n I have done full treatment of it by beast doctor of my I m scared that has it atacked back on my body or is it simple cough because of tonsil.
    Kindly help me out.
    Thanking you

  398. Ramesh Bhagat says:

    my wife sufering for wet cough i tray lots of medicine but not geting relife only got temprary relife every time cough come out so is become week day by day i take ayurveda medicine also. Check blood but report is ok no T.B.its allergy cough please give me proper guidens or strong medicine u tell me what i do please sir

  399. sandeep gill says:

    sir i am suffering with cough least 6 months. i am 23 years old boy, work in industry field. when my coughing is start, it will continue as a 10 to 20 minutes . after 20 minutes its stop and all is fine . in my neck i feel some heavy. now what i will do plz sir tell me. i used all medician.

  400. Sir, my brother,20 yr old, suffering from cough for more than 4 wks. i have treated him with spong.200 3 doses daily for 3days. he showed no improvement. his cough is so loud,shattering if those nearby him will be frightened. continuos coughing sometimes. cough during both day and night.<evening,before mid night, during sleep. now he says there is pain in head and chest due to coughing. also there is soreness in the throat. had an attack of high fever before cough. pls suggest me best remedy to soothe his complaints sooner.

  401. Dear Sir,
    I am 63 years old man with medium physic. I am diabetic with blood sugar range of 110-125 (Fasting) 155-180 (PP), I take daily morning walk for about 45 minutes to 1 hour and take one metformin 500 tab daily before going to bed.
    I have been suffering from diabetes for last 7 years. But I am suffering from absence of smell for about more than 20 years. But I have no problem for Taste of foods etc. I have not taken any medicine so far for treating this absence of smell. Will U please help me in this respect to get back smell.
    Thanking you for sending a reply.
    with due regards

  402. sudarshan says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am suffering by dry cough, head pain, block nose either side, cannot sleep properly most dr. said that my low immunity is problem, allergy of dust causes for same too.

    kindly suggest medicine.

    kindly reply. thanking you.

  403. Sir,
    My son (six years) is suffering from cold and cough for last 3 month. We gave him medicine 2 or 3 days he will be fine and again the same problem . Is there any solution to clear the cold?

    With regards ,

  404. bijan bandyopadhyay says:

    cronic caugh throughout year dryness of nose now& throat hard caugh,, csom, ear short of hearing adv medicine homeopathy

    yours sincerely


  405. I am suffering from cold and cough from last month. consulting to doctor time to time…
    But im not getting well…
    My cough is like barking and comes mucus….
    My eyes goes red..and sometimes I feel very tough to take breath. asthma patient. …
    My another doctor told me that. ..u have a problem of nasal…
    My nasal bone is not straight. …
    He told me that u hv to do operation. …
    After 19 yrs…now what I do?????

  406. irene santos says:

    dear doctor…may the good lord bless you all the way..
    Doctor my second daugther was sufferring her on and off itchy cough almost one month till now what should i do? I send her already to our pedia actually its stopped…but in every time time she can drink cold water or either eating sweets..playing for an hour automatically shed got an ichy cough…please kindly help me in words in order for me to make a steps for her..
    Thankyou very much

    • child aged about 2 years suffering with frequent cold and cough worse at night and cough associated with vomiting and fever, better by vomiting phelm, rattling at throat. no cold in chest cough continues .discharge from nose white mucus. pl advice home medicine mother is 32 years also suffering from throat infection and ulcer in throat with pain, dry cough worse at night. allergy to dust worse at night
      please advice homeo medicine with potency

  407. R.P.TAMIL EZHILAN says:





  408. Dear doc, I and my 3 childrens espisially 1.5 years son is suffering from very bad cough repeatedly in short span of time the weather here in Karachi is very dry now a days i have again again taken antibiotics what should i do?

  409. Sir my son who is seven months old frequently gets cold with cough.doc says he has bronchilitus .he has been suffering this since he was three months old .I nebulize him regularly as it keeps happening .but want my baby to get orid of it permanently.

  410. hiral sejpal says:

    Dear sir my son is 28 mnth old. He get cold n cough very frequently. Mu pred suggest me to give maxtra syrup for 6 days. But it doesnt work. It get relief for sone day but again cough start. Pls suggest me some thng which help my child to cure fast

  411. Naganath M says:

    Dear Doctor, sir i have been suffering from aasthama with wet cough(khapam will come along with the cough). almost 25 years i have been suffering from this . Could you please help in this one to get ride off and suggest the best medicine and valuable information

  412. S. Parwez says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My 6 Year Child has been suffering from Chronic Cough for nearly 6 Months. Now the problem is he has this dry cough which lasts more than 3 hours and all his breath comes out and ends up with saliva coming out or a small vomit. Please help
    Several Tests including Chest CT Scan reveals nothing.
    All allopathic remedies provide no relief.
    I look forward for your effective remedial advise at the earliest

  413. Manish Singh says:

    Dear Respected Sir
    I am Suffering last 4 days Fever 100* and Body pain with cold(Khansi ke sath Cough aa rha hai) I take 4-5 pc paracetamol and Bro Zedex Cough syrup.(PARACETAMOL CHHORNE PE FIR SE FEV 99-100 ho jata hai Please advise some antybiotic medicine control fever (only fever problem body pain ok

    Thanks & Regards
    Manish Singh

  414. Molly Storck says:

    Dear Dr Sharma — I have bronchiectasis and for two months have been suffering
    from a productive cough. The mucus is now pale yellow, sticky, thick and srtingy.
    I cough usually for about an hour at 10am and bring the stuff up after doing exercises
    prescribed at the hospital. But as the cough is persisting, as is the yellow, I would
    like to try some homeopathic remedy and would be grateful for your advice.
    Thank you very much.
    I am 83.
    Molly Storck

  415. khadija akter trisha says:

    i m from bangladesh 24 years old.i am suffuring from choronic brongcities for last 3 years. My problem is 1: cough with yellow mucus everyday holday.2: fever,back pain

  416. hi.sir
    i have one year baby girl …she has cough problem since last six months i donot know the reason she has sneezing flu too with that cough…her condition is still same i am giving her many types of cough syrup and antibiotic syrup but no recovery i am nubulize her too ..two to three yimes a day .she has too much congestion and motion also …..i amm very much upset …plz help me out

  417. Ravindra sharma says:

    Sir my 2 year son suffering from cough almost one month he was given coughstop syrup but he is not relaxed what do suggest about this

  418. RAJIB BASU says:

    Dear Sir

    Since last one year I am suffering with cold and cough almost every after 20 days. I got an allergic asthama since last five but its nor so chronic. Nowadays within a fewhour I felt severe cough and cold which continues for six to seven days. night time feel little breathing problem. If you kindly suggest for the best medicine or else location and contact no of your chambers.


  419. dr sahab mere brother ko cold ke session me bahut cough ho ja jatee h morning me pronlm zyada hoti h sath hi unko bwaseer ki problm bhi h bahut ilaj kiya pr aaram nhi hota pls suggest me

  420. abhishek kumar says:

    My mother is 48 year old and she is having dry cough since last 1 year.This cough usually comes more at night while sleeping.Please suggest any remedy.

  421. Tonya Kuykendall says:

    Yes, my 4 year old son has kept me up all night coughing and its a persistant cough lasts 5 seconds or more, like he forces it out, im worried he could catch pneumonia.. What can I do to help him? I don’t like giving him a lot of medicine like cold and cough if theres a natural way id like to know it.. Also, we live in a block apartment and it seems to be very dry in here anyway I think that has a lot to do with it.

  422. hello doc my son hvg weezing problem from past 1 year…he s 3.8 yrs old…i hv tried allopathy med bt didnt satisfy…nw from last 1 mnth m gvng homeopathy med…doc advised to tke 3 mnths tablets…cough congestion s very frequent for him once in a mnth…i wanted to get rid of cough permanently..

  423. ASHIS SANYAL says:

    Respected Sir

    My twelve year son is suffering from tonsillities, adenoids & cough. This is chronic. But some time acute. He is getting cold quite regularly. Feeling breathing problem at sleeping time. Taking breath by mouth also .In acute position I have to bound to give him antibiotic & other medicine.

    Please guide me.

    Thanks & Regards

    Ashis sanyal
    Kolkata – 700 059

  424. smt rita julka says:

    My wife has persistent cough lit wet for 15 days did take antibiotics for 5 days with cough syrup bro zedex…
    bt still hve prob ..iits worse in night kindly suggest any medicine

  425. Kumar Harshal says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I write this email concerning my child – my girl is 3years and 5 months old and has developed rather nuisance cough which is almost dry in nature and invariably coughs specially during the evenings and through the night.
    We thought she had some kind of either viral or bacteria based infection and took her to a Pediatrician who ruled out any of the above, and provided her with some meds which were to topple her coughing symptoms after visit to a homeopath her initial comment was it was food related allergies and therefore asked us to skip wheat totally and milk and dairy products given only before 4pm – she continued having the cough and now the doctor says she has worms – for the past week she is not had severe dry cough bout however the cough does seem to return and persist for hours until subsiding by itself.

    It has become almost impossible for us to go outside or have a peaceful evening without the fear of the cough returning

    Please provide us with your valuable suggestion or opinion

  426. Ajay kumar says:

    Hi sir

    I have two kids one boy 4 years 6 months and girl 3 years
    Both are regularily suffers from cough and cold because of this they suffers with fever. Both are suffer with dry cough.
    Can you please give any medicine or any home treatment that control

    Ajay kumar
    +91 – 9594735472

  427. jugalkishore sharma says:

    dear sir
    read your article and found it very useful

  428. charu tomar says:

    Hello Dr
    I am suffering from chest infection and dry cough too from last two months.and some times I feel breathing prob too

  429. DHEERAJ DHALL says:

    My son hs 8 year old. He has been suffering from cough last 2 months. specially at night and then he vomit but still no relief for cough which medicine please reply

  430. Sir,
    I constantly suffer from cough due to cold, Are there means of recovery ?

  431. Chandan Kr Jas says:

    Dear Dr,

    I’m 36 yrs old guy and prone to cough n cold. Recently I got cold attack and have cough with thick greenish-yellow discharge. The cough is aggravating after bed at night. I have taken Rus Tox-30 for last three days 4 times a day but no noticeable improvement. Please help…

  432. ziaullah alvi says:

    Dear dr. Sharma Ji, I am 65 yrs old Engineer having asthma from very childhood. Tried all treatments but no permanent cure yet. nowadays I m suffering from asthma attack. having severe dry cough, wheezing, sleepless nights. I have food allergy from all sticky items like Ladies finger, mash ki daal, beef, banana, and sour fruits like oranges, lemon, imley, soft drinks. I have allergy from dust , smoke and cold winds. I don’t smoke. Please advise me medicines.


  433. Vishal Kumar says:

    sir m suffering from severe cough and cold itchy throat,sound comes from my chest during respiration m tired of taking medicines from last 10 months pls sir give me solution for my illness to get rid of this plzz…

  434. Ee Wei Tan says:

    Hi Dr. sharma,

    I would like your help on my daughter – Leoni ( 1 years and 10 month old ) .
    Recently , I can hear she has simple cough (few sound ) only in morning time.Quite a few day already

    Todaysafternoon when she snap hear again few sound cough. After she wake up eoni is fine no cough and normal.

    Normally in this symptom what shold I give remedy to hers?

    Thank you your great help

  435. krish khare says:

    My grand son ,vipul,makes sound by nose occasinally,while inhaling breath when sleeping.He is ten years old .Iam worried ,it may not convert into snoring problem.

  436. khadija akter trisha says:

    hlw sir i m suffering from pulmonary infaction since many its choronic broncities.i m taking bryonia,aconite,sumbucus,ipec but my cough is not controlled.wht should i do plz reply.

  437. Pooja Bhattarai says:

    Sir actually I HV cough that is from 1 month .I already used codine cough syrup and honey mixed with genger & after having cough but still not subside n I’m continuously having cough.i m not using any somking,alcohol&medicone.what is the treatment of it

  438. Dear Doctor, I am suffering from cold cough with soring throat and eyes.please suggest me homeopathic medicine

  439. Dear Dr Sharma,

    My Wife she’s about 25 years old suffers this serious dryness in her throat every night and gets-up with a choking cough , daily running nose with itching in the throat and nose ,request you to kindly suggest the best cure for this.I have consulted Dr Batras ,Sagar Homeo and quite a few allopathy Doctors but i haven’t found the solution.

    Please advise.



  440. sunil pokhriyal says:


  441. Elisabeth says:

    All my children have a retching cough, worse at night or after eating, upon rising, spasms of coughing that end in retching or vomiting. Has been going on for weeks. Does this sound like a case where pertussin would be called for. I’ve tried ipecac 30 and drosera in earlier stages with no seeming improvement.
    Thanks for any advice.

  442. Dr Sharma, I am an asthmatic and have caught a cough virus. The cough has loosened with my homeopathic treatments but I now have a spasmodic cough with clear, salty mucus expectoration. It happens during the day, when I go to retire at night and in the morning. I am better sitting up but have to cough quite a lot before I can expel the mucus. I have been asthmatic since 1989 and I am 69 years of age. Thank you.

  443. Sanjukta Behera says:

    I am having cough attacks which are very violent and exasperate for breath after cough. The cough last for a long period say 2 to 3 minutes and immediately after that i tend to have asthmatic attacks causing breathing problems and chest pain and vomit wherein cough comes out. While breathing there is a hoarse sound and i am unable to sleep in the night or walk up the stairs causing spasm.

  444. I am having dry cough which is worse during night till 2 am. Thereafter it gets reduced. Please suggest a cure.

  445. parwat kharadi says:

    hello sir, mujhe 3 moths se cough ki problem ho rhi h morning and evening kuch jyaada hi chalti h. sir pls help me

  446. Shahin Akhter says:

    My daughter is suffering frm cold cough as doctor prescribe that she is suffering frm developing of premolars fr tht she is having cough but it carried away now aftr fifth day she is suffering frm irritating cold cough. Whole night she did’nt slept. What to do plz suggest me.

  447. Hassan Alvi says:

    Hi Doc,

    I am having wet cough and extreme dust allergy since three years, i have tried everything to cure it but still after some time it returns. I usually take anti allergy medicine and it works for sometime. Could you please concern my sickness and suggest treatment to cure it completely.

    I will be waiting for your kind response. Thanks

    Sincerely, Hassan

  448. mirupasooklall says:

    dear doctor i have a 2year boy suffering from blocked nose and difficulty of breasthing he had cold for 2week with running nose i was treating him with homeopathy med but after 3week he got spamodic difficulty of swollowing saliva even difficulty of breathing with saliva coming out from mouth he has cough a rare cough with blocked nose as it is cold weather here but sometimes warm can u advice me a proper homeayhy med for him thank you in advance as soon as possible

  449. srinivasa rao says:

    What diet taken while using waterdose when fever attacked

  450. good day doctor please I need help am having cough past four week now I use some drug still not stop please help and also have eczema on my phase very bad


  451. SANTOSH vikram singh says:

    My pacent RAVI and problems for riding for bick cough and seating every evening cough please pricribe by medicine

  452. I have throt irritation and cough What i do

  453. Buyinza keefa says:

    HY DR. Two days from now, i have been feeling headache and alot of pain around my throat, when am even drinking water, i fill much pain. I dont whats causing that. Am a 17yr old. Thx

  454. How toget cure for mucus in the throat

  455. dpinghthakur says:

    Sir/Madam…Respect to you …..I have problem due to heavy cough after drinking fluid/eating sweet and any kind of food/ eating fruit/drinking water or tea,coffee or other /tobbacco smoke/any kind of suffocation/dusty air or enviornment /during sleep/during bath/ during walk morning and evening and it comes at each and every moment round the clock for 24 hours that looks bad at home/travelling/meeting/public place….I was sick nimonia for 10 months in childhoodness and I am very thin my weight did not exceed from average 45-47 kg now I am 57 years old but the problems are still with me even after I got alopathic medicines adviced by govt. hospitals…please help me so I can feel better…dp singh thakur……….Mob.011-9650624601(delhi India0

  456. Tom Tautges says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Have had dry cough and runny nose for 6 weeks….went to doc 5 Weeks ago and she said I had a sinus infection….did 10 days of antibiotics….didn’t feel sick after but had same runny nose and cough. Thought it was finally going away this weekend however spent a good deal of the weekend outside in Duluth MN….40 degrees and very wet…. Today the cough and runny nose is back with a vengeance….I have not had a cold for 10 plus years so I’m not sure how to get rid of this…any advice is appreciated

  457. Muzamil Shafi says:

    Dear doctor
    I am a mother of six plus year old son. He is suffering from influenza continuously since june 2014. I have tried a no.of medicines both homeopathic as well as allopathic. Allopathic doctors nothing but anti allergic medicine. N homeopathic I stopped modway when it did not prove me anything better. I am from kashmir n as you.know this time its cold here n he has cough also. Simple.cough syrup is not doing anything n nose is well. Please suggest me what to do

  458. Ramesh Jaiswal says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am suffering from Cough(Rattling cough), cold & breathing issue more than 15 days but not getting any relief, already visited to MBBS doctor but still not showing any improvement.

    Kindly suggest for same.

  459. deepak sharma says:

    hlo dr…
    dear sir. .meri age 39 year he. weight 62 kg. hight 5.6 fit. .or clour gehunva he.. sir problem ye h ki balgam aata h gale se white clour ka..or kabhi kabhi bilkul saf sa.. bloud nhi aata h..prob last 2 year se h. kabhi tik ho jati h or kabhi start.. jb bhi start hoti h to cheenko se suru hoti h… khas tor se jb kuch khatta kha lo.. mera wrk h daily 8 hrs ac me rahne ka kabhi kabhi dhoop se bhi cheenke start ho jati h or kabhi thand lag ke bhi .. sir meri ye balgam ki prob jyada ter bni hi rahti h abhi one month se jyada ho gya h esko..sir balgam khuch bhi khane pine ke bad jyada aata h. gle me band sa mehsus hota h or khakharne se balgam nikal jata h. or sth me tango pe or pairo pe dafad pad ke skin red ho jati h or usme khujli hoti h bahut.. or roj early mng jo first toilet jata hu to vo patli hoti h or din me jabhi bhi jao to tik hoti h ..sir eske sth hi white hair ho gye h uper ser ke.nakh ke ander. bhonw ke chati jgag white hair ho gye he.. or ser pe tatha bhonw pe rushi bhi ho jati h …
    khane me chatpta jyada achcha lgta h mujhe.
    plz sir meri prob ke liy koi dawai suggest kar do.. bahut treatmnt le chuka hu.. bt not relife..


  461. md masoom ahmad says:

    dear sir,
    i am suffering from cough and cold since five years and i’am suffering from breathing problem approx 1.5 years. In 2004 i suffer in lunge infection and i complete the course.

  462. Dear Doctor,
    My 5 year daughter suffers very frequently from what I think is spasmodic cough. It may or may not occur during the day but its frequency increases during the night when she lies down to sleep. She coughs incessantly and nothing seems to work. It sometimes results in vomiting which provides some relief. She has been suffering from this since she was quite young. She catches it very soon from other kids. Doctor please help me on this. Also suggest natural remedies to improve her immunity.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks & regards,

  463. My child is suffering. Neomania. Last. 3yr. Every month. Cough&cold

  464. mary nzau says:

    hi doctor,i have been coughing alot at night and i also experience wheezing..this has lasted for nearly four years.what could b the cause of this.thank you

  465. mafizsamsu says:

    that’s really good suggestion

  466. shoaib aladia says:

    Dear sir
    My 15 months old son is coughing continusaly. And he is breathing very faster as it seems that he is unable to breath. Where I can feel a vibration on his chest while he breaths. As I tried Nabuliser dulin . n astanil I guess. After doing this process he feel better for a while but after some time again it starts the same. Other medicen which I tried is imnacotel. 7ml. After this dose he is crying continusly.. I am very worried about him as doctor told it’s an asthama. So we have to treat it that way. But a question in my mind is. If the main cause is cough and due to this proble . Is occuring then y doctor not doing a caught treatment.
    Please help me with some medicine
    For caught n his breathing problem



  467. Having a very dry cough at first there was mucus but I started taking mucuinex and it dried it up but now I can’t stop coughing till I puke and it gets worse at night than durning the day not sure what to do I still have a runny nose but the mucus is clear

  468. Hello there. Tq for giving attention. I’ve been coughing for nearly a month now. I’ve taken antim trt. Bell, diadcorea, flu & s few others. I was better for 3 days then reoccured. This time more severe with phlemph. I had to seek alopathy treatment; antihistamine, antibiotic and bisolvent. Today is the 5th day. Cough reduced, but vocational cough with phlemph still persists. Now I feel feverish. I feel I need a better treatment. Pls advice. Tq.

  469. Hello Doctor,

    My Age:- 30

    I have continuous throat infection this year. Some doctor told me it’s an allergy.My throat is paining when i drinking water or anything which i take inside.

    Cough is very dry. Kindly suggest me medicine

    For last 2 days i am taking Hepar Sulph. 30 (Made in Germany)
    which other medicine i need to take. Kindly suggest ..Waiting for your reply

  470. sir I’ve been suffering from cough last 5 years
    when i take medicine then I’m ok.but a few days later i got cough again.
    specially when i go to bed then cough starts.

  471. My daughter coughing now for 2 weeks now seems worse tonight she gets into cough attack and she can’t seem to breathe well … I have done several Homeopathics aconite … Carbo veg .. Antimonium .. Cina nothing seems to help

  472. jeet mishra says:

    Since last 2year my child have been suffering from adenoids cold season he wheezing and mouth breathing in night.any medicine treat dis prob in homeopathy?

  473. Ankita Kathuria says:

    Hello sir
    My son is3.5yr old. he is suffering from dry cough last1.6yr.but no fever no abnormal activity. all is well but he is suffering from vomits n dry cough specially when he sleep.I dont no what i m do please suggest me.

  474. bratati sinha says:

    frequent cough and cold and respiratory problem. i need solution,please help me.

  475. sumavinayak says:


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  477. Hi doctor
    am suffering from cough with much sputam as I hav fever last no fever.kindly advise some home remedies for that

    THanking you

  478. kishorilal T.d says:

    Respected sir,
    My problem is cough (dry) . more irritate i take rexcof syrup.if any syrup in homeopathic pls send the syrup name to relief from cough

  479. Ramananda chakrabarty says:

    My heart is very affected by cough

  480. Renee Foster says:

    7 y/o male with cough and clear to a lttle yellow congestion but been worse last 2 days (full 2 weeks now). Disposition great. Just constant annoying cough all day long. Have been doing colloidal silver spray and nebulizing it, vit C 4-5000 mg and vit d, homeopathics indicated for colds, chestal cough syrup, warm peppermint oil bath, echinacea drops & tea and chiropractic adjustments. Cough drops dont help b/c is post nasal and chest now. I know things have to run their course but am I missing something b/c I feel like I am

  481. Hi , my baby is 1 month old nd suffering from cold nd cough what can I do for thos pleasa he?

  482. virendra k. gosar says:

    sir, im from hyderabad. im 41 yrs old im a diabetic patient have to take insulin human mixtard twice a day im takin 10 units insulin twice. i was diagnosed having diabetes in 2009. sir morover my bladder becomes overactive and i have been adviced ot use catherater to empty it as my bladder is weakened and it cannot empty my urine completely. sir do u have any remedy to come and make my bladder normal and can i get rid f using catherater and sir most of d times my urine gets infected. plz suggest me the best medicines and homeopathic doctors in hyderabad plz. sir tdo d needful

  483. virendra k. gosar says:

    sir, im from hyderabad. im 41 yrs old im a diabetic patient have to take insulin human mixtard twice a day im takin 10 units insulin twice. i was diagnosed having diabetes in 2009. sir morover my bladder becomes overactive and i have been adviced ot use catherater to empty it as my bladder is weakened and it cannot empty my urine completely. sir do u have any remedy to come and make my bladder normal and can i get rid f using catherater and sir most of d times my urine gets infected. plz suggest me the best bedicines and homeopathic doctors in hyderabad plz. sir tdo d needful

  484. virendra k. gosar says:

    sir, im from hyderabad. my son is 7 yrs old but the problem with him is from last 2 to 3 yrs he is having one problem that wenever he eats oily or any sort of sweets,old icecream or cold drink he gets severe cough and he finds it difficult to breathe can u suggest some best medicine or doctors and wat sort of treatement can be suggetsed to him to overcome dis problem permanently from its root cause plz suggest me d best doctor and treatemnet in hyderabad. plz suggest me fast

  485. Amol chougule says:

    Hi Dr.

    My son if he screams , jump nd laugh he will do omitting what is the reason nd which medicine is to be given.

  486. Amol chougule says:

    Since 1 year i m treating homeopathic medicine to my son and he is 4.6 yrs old. Since yesterday he is hvng coughing nd runny nose, now he is saying he is hvng pain in neck.

  487. AMRESH KUMAR says:

    Respected Dr. Sir,
    My 70 years old mother having chronic dry cough problem since last six years. I have taken many medicines but my mother is still not well and facing same problem. please help me if any possibility available with you.

  488. Dear sir
    my kid 3 yrs boy gets cold once every month and then starts vomiting specially after milk.pls tell me any homeopathic medicine…by name and composition

  489. Alak Ranasingha says:

    Hi Sir,
    I was read your statement,and i wish to treatment for cough.But i did not understand what dose will i take and how many time.If you write me,i will be pleasure from you.And once again Thank you for share to us your experience..I am waiting sir your help full reply.

    Thank you
    Alak Ranasingha

  490. sarbajyoti majumder says:

    Facing problem with acute dry cough. I have no problem during warm climate but when winter sets in my cough problem starts. Tried lot of medication but no complete cure. It starts with normal cold and continues for month during winter.
    Will be grateful if you kindly reply with solution.

  491. hello doctor,..i m suffering problem of flactuating of harmones after removal of uterus (tumer in uterus) before 4month, symp- some time feel cold,n after 10 minuts feeling hot frequent sweat discgarge(Bp.becomes high n low frequently)plz suggest me some medicines……radhe radhe

  492. Pradip Roy says:

    Most Revered Sir,

    Almost every month I become the victim of cold attack and after suffering from two days either cough or fever attacks me subsequently. As in my place there is no homoeopathic doctor I am fervently requesting your kind favour to advise me what medicine to be taken just when I am attacked with cold. Needless to say that I am 63 years old now.

    With regards,
    (Pradip Roy)

  493. sujit samadder says:

    my cough increase 4am to 6 am and after eat. dry my throught. cough with blood. blook both nostril at mid night. its chronic cough.

  494. sahil bansal says:

    dear sir
    my 3 years old daughter has cough problem. she becomes ill even after taking small piece of banana .first she has cough then vomiting then typhied.pls tell me a homopathic tonic or syrp that can increasee her immunity.
    with regards
    sahil bansal

  495. Sujit Samadder says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am attacked in Chronic cough for 12 years. But I am no get rid of it. It raised at night after 4 am to 6 am and after some food. I feel well when I get some worm water. Many medicines are used for me.
    Bell, Bryo, Sulpher, Kali bich, Heper, Pertusin, Tubercullinum, Bacillinum, Cup met, Stanum met, Merc sol, Puls, Rhus tox, Medo, Dulcamara, Mezerium, Every Late Autum are attackd to me.

  496. what will be the cause if a person pee after start sensation near left abdomen , urine very yellow , bad-smell . feel weakness , leg feel sensation and start dry liquid like cough comes through throat. due to this throat got always hearse and sore and itchy and some times strong headache also like migraine pain , age 35 years old Male.

    Please advice what will be the treatment , if it is 100% cure able type disease or only its a physiological type of disease . Did altra sound , Ct scan , endoscopy , spectroscopy, clones copy, doctor said every thing normal , only found fatty liver moderates .
    Last not the lest , this burning and sensation of stretch is always while after pee .

    Please advice .

  497. Nisha Thakur says:

    sir i have cold from last one month … i have problem in my breathing no medicine is effective… i have alot of medicines n cough syrup but all are waist

  498. Dear sir,

    My son age 3 years old, name narayanan, has cough for 1 – minutes when he wake up from bed. we stopped cold drinks, junks foods for him for the last 6 months, i think this is wet cough is not cured. Allopathy medicine we have stopped , please let us know what kind of cough this is? Monthly he is getting this cough three days continuosly in a month. When we take him to outside parks he is not coughing, when he is inside too much ac he is coughing, so we keep always ac at 30 deg c sometime we used to switch off and we use table fan. He is always thirty. When he wakeup from bed he cannot control the cough 2 minutes after drinking water only, the cough will stop.

    One homeo doctor given tablet name B.sal to take it for 5 times in a month(morn and eve). Doctor refused to tell the name, because we want to purchase the medicine from him only. It is difficult to purchase immediatly from india, because we are in oman. Please adivse for homeo medicine name for this kind of cough. and let us know what kind of cough this is?


  499. respected sir my mother is about 50 years old she is suffering from cough during 3 months it is not cure from any allopathic medicine do help me

  500. suma ghosh says:

    Dear doctor
    My 4.5years daughter suffering from frequent cough and cold.please suggest a medicine for her.Thanks a lot.

  501. paramita nath choudhury says:

    sir i have 9 month old sesarean baby … he is too active his recent weight is 8.7 kg. bproblem yea hai ki koi v mousam mai yeh pasina pasina ho jata hai.. homoeopathy Dr. s consult kia to unhone calciun medicene de dia .. mujhe yea jannatha kiyea itna pasina pasina kyu hota hai plz koi galti ho to sorry reply plz

  502. Bhagwati prasad Saraf says:

    I am suffering from diabetes fasting 145 and knee and joint pain I also have psoriasis at knee and ankle

    Please advise if these can be cured & by which medicine

  503. my son is 13 and get fever in evry two weeks

  504. blessing george says:

    My 7yrs boy ve coughing after every treatment wat should I do . Am nigeria

  505. my 7 year old daughter gets voilent hoarse cough for 4 days. ive tried bell30 followed by bryonia 200 and then spongia30 since yesyerday but there has been no relief. she coughs the whole day and is only relieved wen she goes in to deep sleep aftwr midnight and starts again in the morn:ng wen she wakes up.sometimes she rubs her chest also suring coughing.plz suggest the correct dosage. I give 1-2 2 drops mxed inwater

  506. loganathan says:

    My mother when night time sees having continues cough in the day and night Please give me idea r treatment of this coughing

  507. kalpana solanki says:

    Dear sir,
    I m suffering from seasonal cough. Every year at the end of rainy season and start of winter season i use to suffer from cough which is dry in nature n always i need to clear my throat. I have tried my allopathic medicine but nothing worked for it.
    Sir u kindly suggest me the remedy in homoeopathy..
    Thanking you..

  508. My daughter is suffering from cold n cough.takn to doctor n was given amoxilyn.But no cure after completing the course for five days .cough is back again .this time she is holding her tummy while coughing n is very restless.i am giving her home medicine hephar sulph n belladonna.could u pls suggest me what i can give her as i found her cough was dry cough in beginning but then its filled with congestion in chest .

  509. Sir my one year old baby has congested cough may i gave him phosphorus 200 cough is not too much

  510. rakesh kabra says:

    my child starts with runny nose and moderate fever. then in a day or two she starts coughing badly and hef stomach or the diaphgram starts moving up and down very fast.thenwhen she is nebulised she starts getting better but still u can feel congestion.
    doctors say thaf she might be allergic or hAs asthama

  511. Puspanjali Mocktan says:

    Hi doctor my son is just 1month n 6days n suffering from cold n cough n while coughing he gets blue red n scream n vomit at times please doc help me

  512. George Edward Gonzalez Jr says:

    A deep dry non productive cough
    Very persistent with some breaks.
    Does TB have this symptom?

  513. Vipul Kumar says:

    Hello sir my father is suffering from asthma and at night and early morning he cough so much that i cant tell u i have gone to several doctor but none of can cure my father cough and asthma problem nor any medicine work.i request u to suggest me something to cure my dad.he is suffering from 2 years and codition is going very bad.i want any strong treatment to cure my dad. If u have any solution please will very kind of u . i m from india . from gurgaon city haryana. Ur vipul son of vijay

  514. Sir,
    My child 0f 11 months is suffering from cough and cold for about 2 months, continiously we are giving him antibiotics and coughsyrup from 2 months…. I am highly afraid of giving him continous dosage yet his condition is not improving…. HIGHLY WORRIED.. Suggest me something Please…

  515. bijender malik says:

    Dear I wana ask u I am suffering from cough to last 10 years,and I takeing homeopathic medicine last to 2 years. but I am not filling well,so I wana ask u which is best homoeopathy medicine to relief cough

  516. Dear Doctor,

    Currently daughter is 3 year old she also has continous dry cough and she is also havin wheezing problem at times .Currently we are consulting a Homeo Docotor who ha prescribed Pulsatilla based on the case taken.Is this right medicine .


  517. sanjib mishra says:

    Good evening Sir
    My daughter is suffering from last 6 yr in asthma. cough is coming at any time for long time till she will not take some water of little food.
    Kindy suggest some homeopathy medicine as it will root it out.
    Thank you.

  518. Nilesh N. Sarmalkar says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am 41 years old male having diabetes since last 11 years. Now I am taking Amaryl MP 2 tablet two times a day after every meal. The current glucose levels are fasting 170 mg PP 265 mg. Could you suggest me some homeopathic medicines to control the blood sugar.

    Thanks & Regards,


  519. I have been suffering from dry cough Since 10 Years….everyday after wake up some dry cough come out and some can not come out..I can not understand how to get rid from This..plzz dr.suggest me

  520. I have been suffering from dry cough Since 10 Years….everyday after wake up some dry cough come out and some can not come out..I can not understand how to get rid from This..plzz dr.suggest me

  521. Saumik mittra says:

    I really like the way homeopathy treats diseases based on symptoms

  522. Tanmay Chinmay Simejia says:

    Hello Sir,

    My son name is Tanmay.
    He birth place is Gujarat. then due to my job we were shifted to mumbai. at that time he was 9 months old. his weight was 9 KG. then first time we went to hospital he was suffering from cough. then this things repeat every 15 days. and nebulization and antibiotic is only option to stop it. now he is 5 years old. but situation is as it is.

    kinldy suggest.

  523. Heidi Lowthorp says:

    Dear Dr. I have a persistant cough every morning for about 2 hours only. It does not change according to the bedding, pillows or environment. It goes away around 8am after I am awake for a few hours. Very little nasal discharge sometimes.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  524. my grand daughter 15 months old suffering from fever normally 101/102*c ,cough with vomitting,nose blowing.
    this has occurred after she has played with a pamerian dog.we have used belladonaferrum phosh,ipecac etc.
    but she is not having permanent releif.
    this is occuring since last three advise.

  525. Jitendra Bhatkal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been facing the problem of dry cough for the last nearly 1 year.
    I tend to get dry cough interval of every one or two months.

    I consulted 2 specialist doctors in this regard.

    All tests including VitB12, Vit D, PFT tests, IeG for allergy, CBC, Thyroid, Kidney and many more tests. All tests proved to be negative, except some defficiency in Vit D.

    Recently, I have gone through the CT Scan of CHRT Chest. That too proved to be normal.

    I am on Deryphyllin Tablet and Furocort inhaler treatment which seems to be little satisfactory.

    Please suggest some good homeopathic remedy.

    Thanks & regards


  526. Erma Miller says:

    Have had chronic cough off and on for 40 years. Sometimes lasting 2 weeks sometimes 2 months. Have had all medical tests to find cause nothing found and nothing changed. If you have any ideas
    my mom could use an idea of what to try.

  527. Ranadeep Kumar Ghosh says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering from very dry & spasmodic cough for last 5 days. Its frequency increases in midnight. Mucus is dry. Please suggest some good remedy.

  528. Ruby Choudhury says:

    Sir my 3yrs son is suffering from running nose,cough,chest congestion,fever frequently after a week and 10 days from 3 months.if some medicines given it stops for sometime ,when he goes outside in bike due to cold wind or rain again condition remains the same.sometime he does vomitting during eating kindly advice.regards ruby

  529. karen maton says:

    Hi i have a really bad cough and cold how can i get rid of it as its keeping me up all night

  530. what are the side effects of prolonged use of Homeopathic medicine Cactus?

  531. Ejaz Rahman says:

    Dear DR. Sir,
    I m suffering from making cough regularly in every season n many times i vomit with cough only.always feel something is stuck in my neck and nostril. i m 32 yrs old. pls suggest me medicine.


  532. my daughter 14 months old always got hot forehead (feverish),difficulty in breathing, running nose with yellow thick sticky mucus especially at mornings when she wakes up,sweating in the head at night while sleeping ,please suggest a medicine to me.

  533. neeta chitre says:

    dr.i have cough but some small volume come out in my voice like that any bird or when i am take a breathing pls suggest to me medicin

  534. tina swarnakar says:

    namaste sir my baby is2 year5 month old hedid not sleep at night time due to blokage of nose and for khasi some time his nose runing every

    time he rub his nose sir plz suggest me me medicine which will help to bring out cough from his chest so my baby feel relif .

  535. Suraj Nathani/ Sangeeta Nathani says:

    My child is 3 years old and after every interval of 1 to 2 months suffers from cough for more than 10 to 15 days, even though her chest is clear an especially it is more during her night sleep. Sometime in last we have to give antibiotic to get her relief and this is going on since a year an half. Doctors says each time after checking that there is no congestion or any other big problem and gives medicine, but this still not stopping. what is the solution???

  536. rajesh dugar says:

    Sir i have a severe problem of sukhi khanshi since eight months while talking khanshi arise and dont call loudly it will pressure to my vocal cord some thin liquid form of cough come while pressure to out of my cough alwayes please suggest medicine to overcome my difficulties

  537. Mazumder PB says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My grand daughter aged 2 year 3 month often suffers from acute cold and cough. And whenever this happens, her nose gets blocked with slight fever and she is not able to sleep properly. At night she sweats and without fan she cannot sleep well. However she is very energetic and naughty too.

    Allopathic medicines has been of no use at all.

    Your valuable advise is requested.

  538. my baby is 8 months old.. from last 8 days she has cough and mild cold.. it started with cough.. she wokeup with little cough and later she developed cold and her eyes started watering.. as she is very much like pulsatilla,tried pulsatilla 200 1 dose,the day she took medicine she had good sleep. but later same symptoms with less seveity. she used to wakeup in the midnight due to cough. what has to be given as followup medicine now. plz help

  539. Hii,Am a 15 year old and three years back as i sneezing everyday for long time i consulted a ayurvedic doctor,he gave a three month course of ayurvedic medicine,after having the medicine i started coughing yellow badly every month for 4 to 5 days and the coughing made me impossible to even breath properly n severat problems,its being 3 years now and i am still coughing yellow every month for few days though i just had a ayurvedic of 3 months and that too 3 years back,i didnt had any other kind of medicine after it due to my busy schedule of studying,am tired of it and need an instant relief…..

  540. Saba shaikh says:

    Dear doctor, my daughter is 17 months old she is very frequent on cold and cough . And the basic reason she keeps playing in water whenever she gets the chance to go in the bathroom. And because of this she sick every month. And also she does not like to drink any allopathic medicines prescribed by the doctors. I am extremely tensed. And this time the cold is accompanied by vomiting. Please suggest some home remedies for the same or any homeopathic for the same

  541. Hi Doctor, This is regarding my son who is suffering heavy cough in the morning for the last one week. It stops after some times he wakes up from bed. Please help.

  542. Ravikant singh says:

    Sir,a five year child suffring from dry iiritative cough from 8days.the cough is occuring par day at the time of 4pm to8pm ,he continusaly coughing at this time .due to coughing some time he vomited.Pls advice the homeopathic ramedies for treat the child.

  543. Dear Doctor:

    My grand don, aged 2.5 years. has developed high temperature 103+ while sleeping, otherwise upto 101 deg.F, for last six days. He coughs and vomis. He is not passing sools for 4 days and is very weak and drowsy all the time. He used to be very energitic otherwise. His blood report shows less WBS, less heamoglobin, less Platlets than the required range. He was given homoe treatment first from the family doctor.

    Doctor, what could be the reason for this health issue. He is well maintained and only neat an home made foods are given.

    Awaiting your response,

    With regards, M.M Mathew

  544. Isah m. Kabir says:

    My child is having serious cough with vomiting normally in the night and early in the morning

  545. dear doctor my baby just born 18 days.low weight baby baby have cough .have newborn baby homeopathi medicine please suggest me.
    thanking you.

  546. i have cough from four months, wet cough, tried hepar sulpher, antiammonium tart, Bryonia,
    changing symptoms, during and after eating it is significant

  547. Panchanana Panigrahi says:

    Respected sir,
    My daughter is 2.5 years old. You know that cough, cold and fever are the common disease for kids. One important thing is when ever she falls sick, she does not take my food so it is difficult to give aelopathic medicine. So homeopathic medicine is best for her. Kindly prescribe some medicine with use for the remedy of cough, cold and fever.

  548. dear doc,
    i was treated for nasal polyps bilateral sucessfully by an ent specialist around a month back,
    because of ongoing naso bronchial allergy,
    i have not bn able to treat my COUGH

  549. deepti singh says:

    I am suffering from cough from last 1 year,feel irritation n become restless while breathing,it makes me uneasy everytime now,sometime results in vomiting ,it is happening on continuous basis,now unable to communicate even,it is dry no Bulgam is there,I will become mad if it goes long….or either I will die …i need treatment…

  550. Hello Doctor,

    I am suffering from heartburn ,indigestion, acidity, for almost year now because of having amla juice in empty stomach. Otherwise I had a vey healthy digestive system before . My endoscopy is normal and I was given allopathy medicine for a month, while taking tablet I was ok but once I stop the problem reoccurs. One of the homeopathy doctor prescribed me carboveg and nixocid this aggrevated my problem , While takein other homeopathy medicine for my allergy problem also the problem aggrevates.Can you please suggest me if homeopathy can completely cure this problem.


  551. Vijay Kumar Arya says:

    By using one week mox caps, nice tabs & cetrigene tabs my fever come down from 100 to 97.5 and kukur khansi is still as it id for last 3-4 days.but I feel internal fever.pls suggest me a homeo medicine for fully cure.

  552. My child is 4.5 yrs old. He has frequent cough last 2.5 yrs. Last yr. gave regular inhaler. Some times he vomit also at night nd evening. Pls suggest…

  553. dr.pulak lahkar says:

    another remedy which is frequently use is rumex.c where cough arise from irritation of throat.

  554. jagadeesh says:

    Sir, Please help me that my daughter is 3yrs and I am given cough syrup from doctor but 2 weeks over she is not feel better . In night time dry cough is more and she is very difficult to sleep. Sir can you suggest for the home remedy.

  555. Sir from where can I get taraxacum q in Delhi.
    Is it really helpful to make us fair.

    Please do reply.

  556. parul bhatia says:

    Sir,my daughter is two years old she is suffering from cough and cold.having nausea feeling,mucus,chesty cough,not eating anything,often do vomiting.its been from last week.i was giving her syrup and nebulizing her thrice a day with i m giving her it fine.i m giving her 1drop thrice a day.please tell is it right medicine or is something else i should give to her.

  557. Ram Mudakavi says:

    My son who is 7+ is suffering from cough and cold symptom since child hood… we have given enough alopathy till now

    I am worried about the side effects

    But still he continues to be effected with weather change every time or once in six months

    I need some sos basis homeopathy medicine that can be stored and given instantly for cough and cold… please suggest


  558. himansu kumar mondal says:

    Preterm baby : birth weight 785 gms : 163 days of Pregnancy (IVF) : Now 2 yr 9 months : 11 kg wt 90 cm height. Right tonsil is much bigger than normal. Problem – Frequent cough : running nose : coughing at times – on one occasion it was quite serious –
    Advise sought : Treating tonsillitis and frequent cough.

  559. janeth mollel says:

    thanks Dr for your advice, but my baby was being RX using clavam for 5 days but she is still coughing.
    queation: people says belladona is not good to babies, is there any prove?

  560. vikas giri says:

    sir, I have cough problem from a long time, for about 3 years , I have done all the checkup such as X-rays, ultra sound, TLC DLC and bulgum test, but there is no any serious problem . whenever I take medicine I feel better but after that the cough starts again . please recommend me what should I do

  561. dr v k bhatt says:

    dear sir,
    i am suffering from asthma since last 8 years &use inhaler. i suffer running nose and whisling sound if break inhaler use. please suggest treatment

  562. vivek khanna says:

    it is very help full to me. and your post is help full for the students which are doing study from the any other place from home town. at there they need some one to help us like a family . and ur post is very help full to us.

  563. Suchitra verma says:

    Sir my son is 12 years old.since birth he has been suffering from cough ending in vomiting. It happens 3 to 4 times a year.Off lately he has been diagnoised with very mild asthma.He is in boarding school now. Sir I want to know that can I give him a course of belladonna 200 for a month as precautionary measure as suggested by sumone. Would it help him in becuming strong against such attacks or would it lessen his problem of cough. Plz reply n clear my doubts.

  564. Subham rauth says:

    Respected sir,

    i am 27 years old men my skin is brawn i want to my skin white permanently.

    So please tell me where i can i find it or buy it taraxacum q in kolkata . And any other medicine please tell me.and how much of coast

  565. ridhima awasthi says:

    respected sir, my son is having allergic cough – he has problem of blocked nose with lots of cough and khansi cough all the time and vomits at night .
    we have to control it by giving him anti allergic medicine in allopathy but he gets temporary relief from it .
    kindly help


  566. Ajay verma Jamshedpur says:

    nimoniya problem age15y sinc12year

  567. i am usually gettting irritaing cough during night which disturb my sleep.mucus lies somewhere between nose and throat. which is difficult to prescribe homoeo.

  568. dry cough says:

    dry cough as drum beats request suggest homeopathic medicines

  569. I recommend Samurai Virus Buster for anyone who is trying to keep their immune system going. Kept me from coming down with many a cold and flu. You might not believe it but its true! I take it every day in especially in flu season

  570. sumanta das says:

    Contineius cough is ciming from mouth

  571. I have used Samurai Virus Buster as a preventative measure for two years now. Whenever I feel early cold symptoms I use one.

  572. vinod kumar says:

    Dr saab my wife is surfing from dry cough
    Last 15 days ! I found the problem is very high in the night so kindly advised the correct medicine

  573. neharica says:

    Dear doctor
    My daughter is 18 month old n frm past four days shes been sufferin of severe cough n cold…past two days I ave been giving her dulcamara 30 4 times a day, ofcourse with this her fever has gone but her nose is still flowing n gets worse when she has to makes her unable to sleep n breathe properly the entire night, n occasional heavy sounding cough is also there….she doesnt eat anything n remains cranky the whole day.i needed ur help in telling me what best can I give her….should I continue with the same medicine or u can prescribe something which gives her relief n she recovers quickly…thank you so much …regards

  574. I bought Samurai Virus Buster for my mom, she gets sick very easily, she started taking this and she has not been sick for some time now. she feels that this product has helped alot. i will be buying this again for her.

  575. Using these at the start of a cold or allergy attack, seems to help in lessening the intensity & duration of the illness. I’m a big fan of Samurai Virus Buster & the whole family takes them.

  576. manthan k datta says:

    my son 10 yrs old suffering from repeated cough and broncospasm since he was 1yrs old. treated by bronchodilator, steroid but not improved. i need yuor valuable advice

  577. Areef Nadeem, says:

    I,m coughing for last 10 days. I’m very prone to cold ( Chilled ) water or ice creams. It so happen during my Delhi stay that I drank Cold Packaged water & since then in trouble. syptoms are DRY Cough from throat . always have the sensation at throat which agravates in cough.

    I had taken SPONGIA TOAST 200 by one physician but with no relief at all. I also had taken SYRUP – Alex by Glenmarc & of no help.

    Kindly advise.
    Areef Nadeem, Male , Age- 40 Years
    Contact no:- 09955159262

  578. tonye Charles says:

    My daughter 4 mths I have noticed a case similar to spasmodic type you described, we have tried antibiotics and cough medicine recommend by the doctor but I don’t see any improvement, what can I try.

  579. rabia ali says:

    Dear dr
    my son is 3 years and he has severe thraot infection n swelling.evey 15 dys or so we have to put him on antibiotics…but the infection reoccurs with high fever n viomiting (sometimes).he also suffers from mouth ulcers ,on toungue. plz suggest good medicine

  580. Santosh Kumar Shukla says:

    Dear Sir, I am suffering from knee joint pain of both legs from 3 years, with severe pain of sciatica of left side and I am suffering from high blood pressure since last year. I am also suffering from dry cough with mild vomiting since last year.Please suggest me the proper medicines of the above diseases.

  581. Girish Kumar says:


    My son is 3 years old,for last 2 months he is not feeling well.

    He has taken 3 times antibiotics(Inter wells of 15 to 20 days) and other medicine(Injection to control vomit) too for last two months.As well as dr. recommend nibulize also.

    Actually at night 11 PM to 4 AM ,,he facing too much Cough (KHASI) and same time many times vomit also.for this he is too much irritating and not able to take proper diet. So we afraid for all this.

    Kindly help us and do the needful.

    Girish Kumar

  582. shash kumar says:

    i have dry itchy cough for one month ; what should i fo ?

  583. AJOY MUKHERJEE says:

    I am 49 yrs old(m). I haven’t other decease like blood sugar, pressure etc. My health condition is well and food habits is also good, means we basically try to avoid outside food. I got cold due to Kolkata’s humidity weather and I am suffering badly due to continuous cough and breathing trouble. Please rescue me from my problem.
    With best regards.

  584. Biswanath Bhattacharjee says:

    I am suffering from excessive dry cough along with itching sensation and irritation in throat. Excessive dry cough is also leading to vomit. My cough persists for more than one hour. Neither medicine (both homeopathy or allopathy) nor home-remedies can resume the cough unless it stops itself.

  585. Hello Dr Sharma,

    My son is 4 year old. He is suffering from cough from almost 5 months now. When he takes antibiotic medicine he gets better but cough is not going totally. Doctor diagnosed croup and gave medicine for that but still cough is still not totally gone. He is normally okay during morning. one or two times he will cough, but when he coughs it last for a minute. during which he would cough continuously. Also he coughs in the night no fix time time but surly 4-5 times. cough does not wake him from sleep. When he gets up in the morning he will surely cough for 1 min. right now we are not giving him any allopathic medicine just giving him honey and ginger. I would appreciate if you can guide me.


  586. Sabir Ali says:

    mujhe thaske se sath khansi aati hai balgam nahi aata hai, ek baar khansi shuru hoti hai to karib 30 minute ke baad band hoti hai ,kirpya homeopathy medicine kya li jaye.

  587. pramod kumar srivastava says:

    sir, i am suffering from dry cough sice last 10 days and i am feeling uncomfortable when i am taking breathing,if i run or walking on stairs i feel that my breathing is whooping and load on my chest and my throat inflammation from so many years,so please advise me for some medicine.

  588. Dear doctor
    I am having allergic cold and cough symtomps for more than 5 years. I tried all allopathic antihistamines and steroids to suppress the symptoms but only temporary relief
    Symptoms get worse in cold weather and sleeping in fan air.
    I have continuously running nose or throat soarness and sticky fluid sometimes green or yellow.
    Please suggest me treatment for permanent relief .my age is 36 having sales professional.
    Dhiraj kantkar
    7588246462/ 9341746465

  589. s.k. singh says:

    dry cough before one month

  590. Avinash Jaggi says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings !
    I am suffering with cough since month April 2014 . Actually when it started at that time it was not that much functional but after sometime it started very strongly ,then i thought i should go to doctor ,i took medicine from 3 or 4 doctors but it was still activated in my body.Its been more than 2 months that I am still suffering with cough ,not through out the day but some blinks after dinner . Even i went through the TB analysis but it was alright and still it is.
    So please sir recommend me the best medicine or way out from this disease .

    Your early response will be highly appreciable.

    Avinash Jaggi

  591. Respected doctor
    I m suffering from dry n itchy and pain in throat with itching inside ears too. I dont hv fever but feel low .
    The cause of the problem is that I ate stale curd. Now repenting. Pls adv as I m feeling very irritable and cannot sleep .
    Thanking you in advance

  592. amit srivastava says:

    i am suffering from allergic cough from last 1.5 month.presently i am consulting chest specialist he is prescribing montair l c.
    while having cough attack i got fainted so many time. please advice me.

  593. Malti bhatnagar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, thanks for the knowledge you have imparted.
    For the last few years I have problem with my lyranx when every time I have to bring silva down mt throat
    And now I get dry cough attacks with itching in throat sp in the middle of night. Have taken med, home treatments etc all temporary . Can u suggest what is my problem, otherwise I am fine very active, as well as very conscious of my diet habits . Then where does this gases problem ????
    I am 67 yrs healthy & energetic person.

  594. syed sabir hussain shah says:

    Dr. slam mayre 7 sal ke aklote bayte ha bachpan ma us na apne maa ka dood km aor daboon ka dood zeyada istamal keya thha wo bachpan sa chest problem ma rahe ha ma us ka ilaj child specialest sa krata hoon magr wo aksr bamar ho jate ha us ke mama khanay ma boht ahteyat karte ha mgr bar bar khhanse ma mubtla ho jate ha ab dwaie sa darr be lagta ha mayre warda mayre zindge ha aap koie ilaj btta den ma boht pareshan hoon ma KSA ma job karta hoon warda pakistan ma ha aap ka ahsan mand rahoon ga

  595. Nabanita Ghosh says:

    Sai Ram Dr Sharma ,

    i live in Kolkata. Due to the extreme hot weather here many are falling sick. My daughter is 12 years old and had fever a few days ago. Thereafter there is cold and cough. She is still coughing a lot although due to the Dabur Honitus cough syrup , her phlegm is coming out . So its not totally dry. She has no pain in chest . i was thinking of giving her Belladona . What would you kindly suggest ? Thank you .

    Regards ,
    Sai Ram ,

    Nabanita Ghosh

  596. nitin yadav says:

    i m suffrng frm exessive dr suggested me to take spongia tosta but i have got no thyroid problems…plz suggest me…will it help me in anyway?

  597. amit kalia says:

    hello sir,my name is amit and i am 30 years old,i have been suffering from asthma since my childhood but as i grew up its frequency and potancy got low and i led a normal life but now since past two months iam suffering with serious chest congestion accompnied with sore throat and coughing {mainly at night and as soon as i wake up in the morning}which leads to choking . i have taken many steroids such as IVEPRED,OMNACORTIL AND DEFCORT , i also on regular nebulisation but the problem is still there .
    then someone told told me to have belladonna 200c and aconite 200c for my condition , is it the rite treatment if not then what should i take for instant and permanent relief as i want to switch to homeopathy treatment.
    kindly reply at the earliest
    thanks and regards.

  598. Dr Shab

    What is best medicine for 5 year old boy
    My son Raghav has allergy of coughing mainly season change and wheat harvesting

    What can we give him to build his immunity for this

    Your guidance is much appreciated

    Thanking you

  599. moaazzia says:

    my son is 8 years old and he has chronic cough that sometimes ends in vomiting and sometimes he has long fits of cough with red face and difficult breathing and sometimes he beats his head with both of his hands while coughing . when he vomits he vomits mucus and food as well especially at night but he may vomit during day also. i have been getting him treated by many homoeo doctors but he isn’t fully cure yet. plz suggest some medicine

  600. sachin chavan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Since last 2 months i am suffering dry cough issue after lunch or dinner some time early morning i had taken many medicine for the same but not effecting please help me i am very panic in this.. Need your help…


  601. zainuddin says:

    I have allergic and asthma tic cough
    I am 45 yr old
    Pls some medicine

  602. Vishal says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Sir I am suffering from severe cold and cough for a long time now. Very bad cough starts in the night when I go to sleep. I have tried many ways to finish it but still it is there. I am having chyavanprash also. Please suggest me the medicine.

    Thanks in advance.

  603. Anita Prasad says:

    I had a weight loss and diabetic surgery done in jan this yr. I have had consisting vomiting which I was told is normal for a while. Is there any help in homeo? My symptoms are as follows: dryness at the back of the tongue and throat at night, on waking in the morning, retching and vomiting on putting water in the mouth, stringy foamy puke, don’t like coffee, can drink water only if ice cold. Can tolerate few foods without puking. There is a weird taste at the back of the tongue, which triggers vomiting. Can’t tolerate heat. Everything feels better in the cold. Feels better lying on the side. Not on the back. I feel dizzy on standing up. Please help. Don’t know where to turn.
    Thank u.

  604. Ramandeep Joshi says:

    doctor sahib i have problem of thrat in evening and morning time and that create problem of cough generation so please advise me

  605. VINOD SEHGAL says:

    I am having a lot of cough and congestion in my chest. I tried allopathic medicine but it does not suits me, kindly tell me the name of homeopathic medicine for getting the relief. I am 55 years old.

  606. Sir,
    My son aged 6 years suffering from cough, vomiting and asthma for the last 1.5 years. I have consulted many child specialist, however it works for the time being. But it reoccurred after 1 months, 2 month or 2.5 months etc. Predominant symptoms is dry cough then vomiting and finally it starts into asthma. Please suggest curable best medicine(s) so that it never repeat the process. Also suggest the medicine store from where I can collect the same. I’m residing in Silchar (Assam).

  607. Sheela Sirish says:

    My 12 year old daughter is suffering from cough and phlegm. Please let me know which cough syrup would be effective for her ?

    Thanx and regards,
    Sheela Sirish

    • neharica says:

      Dear doctor
      My daughter is 18 month old n frm past four days shes been sufferin of severe cough n cold…past two days I ave been giving her dulcamara 30 4 times a day, ofcourse with this her fever has gone but her nose is still flowing n gets worse when she has to makes her unable to sleep n breathe properly the entire night, n occasional heavy sounding cough is also there….she doesnt eat anything n remains cranky the whole day.i needed ur help in telling me what best can I give her….should I continue with the same medicine or u can prescribe something which gives her relief n she recovers quickly…thank you so much …regards

  608. MohidAnsari says:

    My daughter 2yrs9month oldsuffering from cough dry but first symptom will fever above 100f appears.2 month before suffered from pneumonia withasthmaticcough as doc.said gave she is on antibiotic with cough expectorant.she becomes thin .plez suggest homoeo remedy for further prevention n health

  609. Gurcharan Singh says:

    Dear Doctor

    I seek help for my grandson — aged 7– who has two problems.

    1. Frequent cough problems. At least 3/4 times a year. I have normally been depending on allopathy . Frequent normally dry cough. Sometimes mucus is there but not now. Whenever he runs he coughs continously.

    2. He sometimes complaints of headache. Sees lots of TV / video games. 5/6 hour a day which now we are trying to control. There is no specific time. Often he complains in the morning itself.

    Kindly help. Regards

  610. noorul haque says:

    I am suffering from cough allergy for above 5 years I used many medicines but in – vain, PLEASE suggest best medicines

  611. I am suffering from cough last two years actualy morning and evening time i don’t know this is alergy or any thing…
    My doctor said me your stomach are toomuch produce acid so cough is coming…

    sir please give me some advice what homeopathic medicine is beast for my coughing problem..

  612. Er.Ashis Ganguly,ME says:

    I have a baby 3yrs old is suffering from cough and cold for last one and half yrs.Frequently he got cold and his cough continuues for months.We tried Alopathic remedy but not worked.Tried homeopathy locally and doctors prescribed Bryonia,Aconite,Rumex DNS etc but uncontrolled.
    May i Get Any help from You?
    With Thanks

    • B.L.BAIRWA says:

      initially i suffer heavy nose discharge(watery in nature)for two days ,nose flow subsides then,and cough with white and greenish phelgum start first from right trachia and lung and then from left at the same time.this condition persists for months.please advise me treatment

      B.L. BAIRWA

  613. abdul jalil sheikh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I am 69 years old. I can not tolerate cold water, drink whatsoever.In 2000, Prof. Badruz Doza Choudhury advised me not to Take anything cold, avoid AC and Dust. I was almost fine for so many years. But during last 22/3 Years, particularly during winter, I get sick, initially with cold, cough and then fever, sinusitis and that once attacks, continues about 15/20 days. During the state of serious condition, I feel that could has turned into ASTHMA. Due to my specific problem,. I used to take my bath only 2(two) time in a week , and also with hot water. Despite all my efforts, like every year, I have been suffering this time for last 15/20 days , stated with another seviour problem of my head/neck. I doubt, from the acute sinusitis, my neck was toughened with pains and a buzzing sound in both of my ears. I have been taking pathological medicines from about last two months but not yet fully cured.but at the moment i am concerned about by cronic cough.ashthma.May I expect to get your kind advice on my above problem.

  614. SOMA BASU ROY says:

    how can i cure nervous weakness??

  615. krishnaveni says:

    my son is 2years6 months he is having cough , some times it loose cough and some times difficulty to expectorate, while coughing his face becomes red. I given hepar 30 water dose for 2 days total 8 doses little bit ok again he got cough i given antim tart 200 water dose 1 day 4 doses he is little bit ok again he coughing sometimes mid night.please suggest a drug and dose.

  616. bodhaditya says:

    I am a School Teacher and have to journey 20 km by motor bike daily. I have flu for 5 days. I have taken antibiotics and paracetamols as per local doctors advice. But nothing happens except lowering the temparature. but now dry cough and swelling glands hold me tightly. When i cough ,the middle of my chest is just like burning. Please advice.

  617. LAKHBIR KAUR says:

    I am 58 years old lady ,suffering from dry , violent cough, worse in open air, better in room, attacks very violent and uncontrollable. please tell the medicine. I like only salty things.

    with thanks and regards

  618. Debanik Chatterjee says:

    Hi, i am Debanik Chatterjee, a 28 years old male. I am suffering from chronic dry cough associated with barking sound since 2 years. I have tried many alopathic medicines but it still persisted. I want a complete cure of this disgusting cough, so please advice me about it . Thank you.

  619. dr sumayyabasheer says:

    I am an homeopathic doctor ,now i needs your help son of 7 yrs old suffering from chronic cough since 3 yrs,from least cold his cough will start and increase,managed with spongia and hepar by a famous doctor near us.but now since3 weak he is sufferinng from violent cough withvomiting of solid food (undigested),deep sounded,metallic cough……what can i do.he had skin compliant also,allergic dry skin with itching dandrff////pls help me sir.can i give pertussin if yes whih potency?my child not vaccinated also.

  620. Dr. My son is five nd half yrs old. Got pneumonia in when h was three months old .got cold nd cough very soon. Allopathic dr . Said asthmatic problem nd advise lnhalr .Asthaline100mcg my son suffering from cold nd cough.mucus in chest not coming out nd has whistling sound in chest for last ten days.h gets up in night coughs nd his mouths gets red when h cough. Tell me a good homeopathic medicine with dose nd how much times. Also tell to improve his immunety system

  621. Sudin Huddar says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Hope your medication helps me get better.

    I am here in the US for last 3 years and the weather changes frequently here in Iowa.

    I am asthmatic and was suggested to use an inhaler. But i found that i became too dependant on that and read about the disadvantages of using an inhaler in the long run.

    I am regularly doing pranayam, which has reduced my asthama. But my coughing has not stopped yet.

    Even controlled diet,no oily food,limited dairy products…avoid processed food etc

    Tried everything from drinking haldi dudh, sitopaladi etc….

    Kindly suggest me a way to reduce or completely vanish my coughing.

  622. hi dr,
    my daughter who is 5 yrs old now has been sufferingfrom allergic bronchitis since she was 2 yrs old. shehas problem of recurrentcoughs and cold also. she is taking homeopatheic medicine since one and a half year. she is better now but still falls ill once a month. now sheis taking hepar 30,mercuris30, r9, tonsiotren for thelastone month. nowagain she isill and doctor has recommendedtogive coccus cacti for 1 week along withother medicines. her coughoften ends in vomit. kindly suggest mee if she is under right medications. earlier she used to take spongia,ipeca, drosera, phytolacca, bryonia , arsenicum, belladona, senega q, mercuric iodide,, hyosyamus, blatta at different times.

  623. sir my 7 year old son s
    tarted cough when the weather change dr said that it is allergic cough so please tell me the best medicine for this

  624. SANJEEV KUMAR says:



  625. Hello Dr. Sharma, I am ravi jain, i have problem of continous cough throughout the year which comes and goes. Cough is mostly dry in nature and am suffering this since 5 year wherein various medicines both allopathy and ayurvedi but all had temporary effect. Please advise

  626. mvmbsarma says:

    sir, Right my child hood i am suffering from cough and cold. some times i am suffered with asthama also. i am a smoker and i have used ipecoc200 pills for 5 days and there is great response. when i used briyonia 200pills,it has shown very chronic asthama severely.phos
    rous 200 pillls it gave me good result. what type of medicines is to be used to avoid asthama and i have reduced the guide me suitably.mvmbsarma

  627. seema talwar says:

    Dear Dr.
    My son who is 2.5years approx. has been suffering from cough that most starts when he is sleeping in the afternoon or at night . this cough sometimes ends in a vomit. Thick mucus is what he throws .
    Its been almost a month now. My pediatrician told me that my son is asthamatic and prescribed some steroids and nebulizer for him apart from the syrups.

    Plz advice how should i start his treatment in homeopathy. And how will it work . and by when will it start showing improvement.

  628. Dean Darnell says:

    I get a strong tickle in my throat, then cough and cough until I vomit. This happens either
    when I’m sitting up, standing up, lying down, and it wakes me up if I get to sleep but I have
    to take megadoses of antihistamines in order to sleep. They knock me out. The cough is
    somewhat productive. Mainstream doctors have told me it is allergies, gave me Flonase,
    but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried antibiotics, it clears up for awhile then returns. I’m at my
    wits end. This has been going on for several months. It started last fall. I’m up for anything
    you may suggest. Also I’m now getting headaches from all the coughing. I’m not a headache
    person, unless I’m sick. I’m keeping up with supplements, trying to eat balanced meals, but
    this is wearing me down. To go to the store I take antihistamines so I won’t cough uncontrollably
    in front of shoppers. But mostly I’m homebound, because of all this. Can you help me?

  629. Hi Doctor,
    I had a patient ,3yr old girl with cough and fever (99degree F) on tuesday morning.Child’s mother said complaint occured after severe sweating on sleep ( slept after bathing) on sunday noon. I gave the child Rhustox 200 1 drp in half glass water to be taken 3hrs.
    Child’s temperature was not reducing , it went to 102 by night. The child was so tired but talkative, even in bed to sleep her talking was too much.
    I administered Belladona 200 1drp in half glass water (2hrs interval)
    By wednesday morning temperature subside but cough increased( 3-4 bouts of cough in 15-20 mins) continued belladona…
    By evening temperature again raised to 101-101.5deg F….,cough getting worse……belladona continued…
    By thursday morning again temp subsided but cough getting worser (coughing every 2-3 min) .coug dry with little expectoration occassionally….thirst increased, bowels (R)…sleep -G.
    Temperature normal when waking but after noon it starts raising since 3days……

    I did n’t try Bryonia since fever not responding to Rhustox on the first day. I am confused which medicine to be given.

    The child is going to day care, this is in USA and presently here are lots of kids infected with flu.the child was said to have flu positive 3 weeks back when they took to hospital for persistent fever which remained for 2 days. But she was under homoeopathic treatment with Rhustox 200 and later Bryonia 200 for cough.

    please suggest me a medicine and potency for severe cough and fever.


  630. Doctor
    My grandma is suddenly affected with light stroke when the Sugar level is 392 and BP level is 180 she had no movements in right hand and leg and her speech was not clear before 4 days .she was admitted and treatment is gng on. but she is given rice feeding in tube, she is not able to take through mouth .her chest is full of mucus, she is struggling to breath . nw she s shifted frm ICU to general but she is gvn medication too. can u suggest medicines for her to cure immdtly she is 75 nw. she has diabetics

  631. Pratiksha says:

    Respected Doctor,
    Sir, I have dry cough with nasal congestion. There are sudden bouts of cough Dryness of mouth and throat also persists.
    My homeopath advised me Sepia 200 ‘ however there is no improvement.
    Kindly suggest me a suitable remedy…
    I am currently taking calcerea carbonica for my mentrual problems.

    Thanking you,

  632. sharad kapur says:

    Dear Doctor Sahib
    I am suffering from cough from last 4 year – it’s dry cough. Please advise

  633. Dear Doctor, My mom aged 64 yrs suffering from asthama since a long time (about 20 years). She has a climate aligery and dry cough. She is also having knee pains (legs) and body pain. She also has acidity.

  634. Satya Prakash Sharma says:

    Dear Doc, I found you On net while searching for homeo remedies.

    My son Shashwat (14 months) is getting cold and fever freequently (almost once a month since last five months) may be common and like other children. Keping the fact that I, his father, too troubled with prolonged cold attacks every season change or suddden wether change, in view think need to take some preventive medicines or handy medicines. and i dilike allopatic.

    please suggest me any preventive measures for common illness of kids. any medicint kit for kids is available?

    Thank you

    Satya prakash

  635. k.chakraborty says:

    sleeping disturbance at night due to cough. pl advice me medicine with potency.
    thanking you.
    yours obedient

  636. Tummalapalli Balakrishna Rao says:

    I am suffering from dry cough for the last one week. Every year In these days of December I suffer with dry cough. I am aged 77 years. Kindly suggest remedy in Homeopath.

  637. Ms.mahudi masud says:

    cough for long time, season changes affacts most. difficult to breath, dry. cough, forcefully cough

  638. jugal gupta says:

    namaskar sir my wife 26 ,has been suffering from cough for 4 years in spite of taking medicines of many types .she feel ok as long as she take medicine . Plz help us

  639. kevin dsouza says:

    I have a dry cough and its been for four mnths I don’t know this has really become worse im really corcened regarding my cough as in night time I don’t cough but durind the day I keep on coughing should I do something about it as some doctors say its an allergie

  640. Dear sir my daughter is 4 year old she is suffering from cough since last 2 years.frequently she is facing problem only she get relief only one use of medicine .in last 2 years she is free without coughing 2 months continuously. I HV gone to different doctors but there is no relief. Some doctor told me it allergic cough
    Pl help me

  641. DRY COUGH

  642. please advice medicine for DRY COUGH ?
    patient is 69 years old , taking ALOPATHIC medicines too for diabetes , thyroid problem , recent heart bypass surgery

    thank you

  643. sir Iam suffering with cough , i took allopathic medicine but cough will again attack , so please suggest any best homeo medicine is there ?

  644. KARAN SINGH NEGI says:

    My wife, aged 44 years is suffering from gynaecological bleeding since last 20 years, so many tests and treatment have been done in allopathy but till date no change in her problem.

    Please advise treatment in homeopathy.

    Thanks and regards.

    Karan Singh Negi

  645. Rezwan Gulsahn says:

    Dear sir,
    Myself Rezwan Gulshan 29 years.I had a continious cough from last 2 year.I have visited many doctors they told it is allergy Ashtma .I have done IGE Serum test it showing 293,did SPT also I got allergy with wheat,onion,mik and moong dal.At evening take Tab. Montck LC and esiflo 250 inhlaer,but as soos as i don’t take it start coughing and breathing problem.

    Is there any homeopath medicine that can cure me permanently of this disease.Please help Sir…
    what to do Sir…
    Please Reply ASAP .I am very much worried….

  646. Prakash Chandra dubey says:

    My son SHAURYA DUBEY (4.5 year old), is facing the problem of frequently catching cold and cough since last one year. He first get cold (which is watery first and than turns yellowish greenish with smell)and then started coughing sometimes he directly catches dry cough. The sound of cough is very loud. During coughing period he doesn’t had fever. Sometime he try to insert one finger inside throat. Cough lasts very long i.e. one month. With antibiotic cough is somewhat treated but after course completion cough and cold again attacks within 10-15 days. Blood report (CBC) is normal, and EAR, THROAT has no problem as per allopathic doctor. He has a loss of appetite during this entire coughing period.
    His age is 4.5 year. Height is 100cm and weight is 15.25 kg. He has normal digestion and no other problem.

  647. Sir i am suffering cronic cough from last three + yrs it starts with my typhoide co symptoms are as headache eye irritation left central chest pain etc pls tell me sutaible homeo med for.

  648. Sukhjinder says:

    Sir my son 5 year old he had tonsil and cough the operation remove tonsil but in cough condition not change, we use homeopathy treatment but it not work in his condition his weight is just 14kg, cough time period morning and evening and its one year the problem still stand

  649. supriya joshi says:


    • please advise medicine for PERSISTANT DRY COUGH
      the patient is 69 years old , is taking alopathic medicines for diabetes , thyroid , recent heart bypass surgery .

  650. Aftab Alam says:

    Thank you Doctor for such valuable information. I have dry cough mostly started at night. Shall I take all medicine simultaneously?

  651. Jain Mullavilla says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma

    I am writing from Australia. I am 48 yrs of age weight 85 Kg with height 170CMs. Recently I have blood pressure with highest reading 140/100. Started taking medicine, ACB inhibator ( Perindopril 2 mg tab once a day) and getting dry cough. The BP is normal now. I use homeopathy medicine and one of my homeopath told me my constitutional medicine is Cal Carb hope this will help you. What homeopath or Bio medicine I should take to control my blood pressure and dry cough. I do not have any other deasease. My father had BP and died at the age of 78 with Heart Attack. My mother is diabetic but do not have BP. I do have slight Prostrate enlargement as well. Your advice is appreciated.


  652. Dinesh Merani says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have had cough with mucus (at times green and yellow and lately also creamish). I have these cough bouts particularly in the mornings 9-12 and then in the afternoon 4-7.
    Also having nose run with sometimes yellow green and whitish phelgm.
    Can you please suggest any particular medicines.
    Would be grateful,
    thank you,

  653. Dr liaqat ali says:

    Hi dr .how r u. What is trimingel nearve pain.can homoeo treatment posibal .reply thanks. have a nice day

  654. manmeet singh says:

    hello sir my 4 yr son is suffering from cough.everytime even in night kindly suggest me some medicine for quick relief thankyou

  655. Dry cough with a little pain on joints for wetting in rain.,is Belledona right for me ?

  656. Syeda Azra Qamar says:

    I have a bad barking cough with expectorant throughout the day and my nose is also filled with thick discharge. Cough is also started at time of sleep.
    please suggest the medicine that cure my problems

  657. Surinder Punj says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma. I am writing about our grandson who is 7 years. He is allergic to some substances who asthmatic cough it could also touch of eczema as it is on his legs. Grateful for advice. Thanks

  658. Good afternoon sir

    i m from dhanbad (jharkhand). my mother have been suffering from cough problem since last one year, we went to allopath & underwent many tests, everything is normal after taking higher power antibiotics & medicine cough problems allevites but not completely cured, this time again she got very serious (too much) cough with slight cold (sardi). she have slight cough (abt 10-15 times a day) throughout the year. i have heard that homeopathic treats the problem from its root and completely.
    plz help me sir and sugeest me some best homeopathic medicine.

    thanks you.

  659. Hi,my mum has Asthma . and has dry persistent cough which she has had for more than a year , it keeps her awake at night and also vomit, what would be the best thing for her to try?

  660. Arun Kr.Das says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am engaged in a private co. and my age is 47years has been suffering from a chronic cough for last 5 years. I have gone through a number of tests, both pathological and radiological, But all the reports are good ,I always feel that theare is a phelegum on my neck ,neck is always irritating and cough begins there are internal fever all the time between 98-99 degree F .I have done sputam test for AFB but it was negative.I became week day by day.I take alopathic treatment but no results . Please suggest how to get rid of this cough. Please suggest how I can overcome these ailments. Thank you.

  661. a k varma says:

    I am73years ‘I have cough after eating anything light green sputum please guide me the medicine

  662. sir
    ihavebeen suffering with recurring cold with cough hisscup,twice a month plz suggest homeopathic medicine.

    tks spsingh new delhi

  663. Vinay Bhardwaj says:

    Sir, I am suffering from regular cold. almost every month I got cough & cold followed by irritation in throat a little feveresh. ususally I got cough in night in sleep, i got up due to heavy cough. and not able to sleep further, cough continues when talk. and arise when speak a long sentence, while laugh etc. pls. suggest me a homeopathic medicine.

  664. My wife feels fever like symtoms during evening to night with pain in limbs and joints.she is taking aconite and arnika but no relief.Also she has gor mmod swing during that she shouts and quarrels with family members. Kindly advice.

  665. hello doctor,
    im in a a dilemma ive a son who is three years old he is a very active child.the problem is that he is having a type of dry cough which occurs somtimes when in the middle of his sleep or when we get out of the house for walk in the evening or during the bike ride. when the cough starts it will ends up only in vomiting or if we nebulise him it will stops. its been 1year now this disease had affected before 2years that is from his birth to his age of 2 years he didnt had any such diseases. we have tried lots medicine but there is no cure . hopes Dr can help us. now we are living in delhi ,we dont know any good homeo doctors here . kindly give me a reply .

    • pavan kumar says:

      hello doctor,
      im in a a dilemma ive a son who is three years old he is a very active child.the problem is that he is having a type of dry cough which occurs somtimes when in the middle of his sleep or when we get out of the house for walk in the evening or during the bike ride. when the cough starts it will ends up only in vomiting or if we nebulise him it will stops. its been 1year now this disease had affected before 2years that is from his birth to his age of 2 years he didnt had any such diseases. we have tried lots medicine but there is no cure . hopes Dr can help us. now we are living in delhi ,we dont know any good homeo doctors here . kindly give me a reply .

  666. Dr Harshad Patel says:

    more about dose of homoeo. medicine

  667. good morning ,sir my mother age 68,SUFFERING with
    # dry cough druing most in night.
    # swelling on face, feet, abdomin,
    # feel chock thought in morning
    #high blood presure 110-160
    #some infection in urine scince one month,
    two year back water was found in her chest , but now chest is clear.

  668. Amartya Kr. Ghosal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My son, a student of 23 years of age, has been suffering from a chronic cough for nearly a couple of years. He has gone through a number of tests, both pathological and radiological, including FNAC of lymph glands in his left throat to no proper diagnosis. The CT Scan of his neck confirmed about two lymph nodes, one measuring 2 cm and the other about 1.7 cm; on the basis of which FNAC was done in the Apollo Hospital in Chennai and the report was that it was a case of LYMPHADENITIS and no malignancy was confirmed. He has also been treated with Homoeopathic medicines like Rumex 30, Calcarea Carb 1M and finally Bacillinum 1M (22 days ago) by our local Doctor. A slight improvement has been noticed after Bacillinum. But he still coughs for about 15 times a day. Please suggest how to get rid of this cough. He was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a year ago and has been on allopathic medication(Thyronorm 75). Please suggest how my son can overcome these ailments. Thank you.

  669. seema singh says:

    My kids age 5 years boy and girl 8 old are too active but underweight. My son wants to eat sweet things whole day and daughter wants to have limited food, andSHE ALWAYS SIT WITH CSHAPE BACK POSE and i had calcium deficiancy that time.and i am aRA patient now.plz suggest remedies for us It will be great help.THANKS A LOT.waiti g for soon reply.

  670. shumila says:

    hi i read on internet about taraxacum q for fair skin i started using it on my 3 years daughter,after one week i noticed ,she started getting weaker and her face complexion getting more darker what i should do now plz reply me im very upset

  671. My dog is feeling. Lethargic and has a watery nose. For the last 3-4 days it has a lot of discharge coming out of her eyes. She is taking food. Nt taken fever but nt very hot.

  672. Mrs.Soundaravalli s. says:

    Dr.I am having migraine head ache especially in right side. At that time I am irritated for noise, lights etc. Will Bryonia help me? I am aged 59 and a central govt.staff. I am also having palpitation in aortal region . Please prescribe medicines



  673. Jennifer Claver says:

    My son is 31/2 and has a very bad spastic cough I gave taken him to the doctor they first thought acid reflux when it wasn’t that we tried other things finally he was tested for allergies and we found out he is allergic to animals with hair digs cats etc. he isn’t around those animals but was put on albutersl and Flovent , yes these help a bit when he is sick and the cough lasts longer than anythjng example his cough can last for months. But the real problem is he coughs when he eats all the time, leading to spasticcoughing and last night he woke up with the cough so bad he couldn’t breath like he was loosing breath while sleeping them coughing which lead to him throwing up, help

  674. sir, how To Treat Dry Cough? sir i face a problem of hard dry cough , and it takes one or two months.

  675. Hello Sir,
    My child has allergic rhinitis since 3yrs. Now he is 3.5years old. He has the reccurent attacks of cough and wheezing. Nowadays he has cough some times in the morning and some times in the evening also, not much but some kind of dry cough.

  676. Hello Dr.Sharma
    I buildup a cough after a D&C procedure which started with heavy spasm and last for aminut now it start with a tickle in my lower throat and suddenly the cough begins strongly as I’m chocking ending with a very little white mucus with saliva and red face, full tears in my eye vomiting ,lose controll of bluder,and short breath. It is their both day and night. I have it for six weeks now.
    What is you opinion Dr.
    do you ship medicine ousted India ?

    • doctor mm says:

      first one dose Acconit then Arsenecu album
      give the child about four time a day.inshallah improve in two days

  677. nagendra kumar says:

    Sir I am 30 year old and after 6 month suffering from cough cold n vomiting quiet often. plz suggest me some remedy

  678. i am stayingin child is suffering from cough cold n vomiting quiet often. plz suggest me some remedy?

  679. sandeep kumar says:

    Sir my daughter 4years old and always caugh take medecine do effect sometime after that same condition she have cough last one year,her cough problem solve for permanant please give me suggestion immediate please

  680. ruchi mehrotra says:

    hello doc,i am mother of a 2 year old daughter.we moved to south africa when my daughter was 1 and a half year old.since then she is having frequent episodes of dry cough (almost every 3 weeks)…the cough as diagnosed by the doctor is purely allergic and involves viral infection of the upper respiratory tract.i have been giving her the same anti cough medicine since then…her cough improves with medicine but again comes within a month.i am thinking of giving her a homeopathic course of medicine…kindly guide me regarding the same …THANKS

    • rakesh kabra says:

      my child starts with runny nose and moderate fever. then in a day or two she starts coughing badly and hef stomach or the diaphgram starts moving up and down very fast.thenwhen she is nebulised she starts getting better but still u can feel congestion.
      doctors say thaf she might be allergic or hAs asthama

  681. Manoj Sharma says:

    My 4 years old doughter is suffering with cold cough and fever since 3 years. She was effected with pneumonia before 3 years till then she suffer with cold cough and fever 2 or 3 times in a month, doctor give her a antibiotic namely Augmentine duo with it she feel better but after a week she feel so,
    Please suggest a good homopathy medicine for her.

    Thanks and regards
    Manoj Sharma

  682. nazli ozturk says:

    Dear Doctor,
    my 13 yr old son has been suffering from spasmodic coughs for two weeks.
    It happens towards morning like every other day. the attacks are very sudden. They last about 2-3 minutes and he coughs as if trying to get rid of mucus in his lungs. Because of the spasm he has extreme diffuculty in breathing. And when the attack is over he is extremely tired. The pediatrician, lung specialist and allergy doctor checked him but could not identify a specific illness. They have given him inhaler with cortisone. He is an allergic child with atopic dermatitis. And he takes antihistaminic every day.
    Would it be appropriate to give him Cina? If yes what should be the dosage?
    (he is 13 yrs old, 5 ft 7, and 125 lb)
    Would there be ant negative interaction with medicines he is taking at the moment?
    Thank you and best regards,

    • kulwant says:

      My child is suffering from dry spasmodic cough for one month . He is 11 year old.we are taking stodal and kali mur . but it is not getting well? pls advise.

  683. Atanu Dey says:

    Hello Sir,
    Good Day.
    I am from bangladesh, just googling to find some medicines for my baby and here got the option to write you. My child is 17months of age and she has cough and cold problem, cough seems not dry and starts in morning and in time of sleeping, sometimes when she is in sleep.At first there was running nose but now it is fine. Doctor provided Kito Tofen Syrap for a month, after that cough reduced but not gone, then I tried homoeopathy and got satisfactory result. after trying 6days it decreased a lot but not finished yet.The duration of cough is 30days, both doctors confirmed that there is no chest infection and she has no fever.
    I will be very pleased if you suggest the name and dose of medicine to my given mail address.
    Thanks and Regards,

  684. BHARABI SANYAL says:

    DEAR DR,
    i have been suffering from cough , every day specially moister day or dry day last night trouble breathing trouble and no sleeping next morning but everyday i drink water with lemon please suggest me about this.

  685. dear sir,

    i have a son 3 years old, every time he gets cold and cough, he end up vomiting. he catches cold n cough very often. any change in weather condition affects him. i dont understand what happens to him please help

  686. Saradindu Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Sir,

    My father is of 82 years old.Having dry cough,specially at night.He is patient of High Blood pressure and taking medicines for that along with Thyroid.Please suggest.

    Saradindu Bhattacharjee

    • sofia omair says:

      Hi,Dr.My 12 years old son was suffering from dry cough ,some time he vomit little cough but its very rearly ,I m just trying home plz suggest homeopathic medicine,I m really worried about it.thanx

  687. my daughter 7 years. as soon as winter starts suffers from dry violent cough ends up with vomiting and worse at is dificult for her to go outside in witers and so many leaves from school.plz suggest give some prescriptions.

    • Hi,my mum has Asthma . and has dry persistent cough which she has had for more than a year , it keeps her awake at night and also vomit, what would be the best thing for her to try?

  688. dear doctor,
    my mum is about 69,and is having knee pains on both knees.noa she hardly can walk as she use to be…is there any home remedies to treat her knees.
    tq n rgds

    • My son aged 3 years had cough from past 3 days. He is getting cough while sleeping otherwise he is okay. Can you suggest me in this regard

  689. My wife age is 36 year. He took 1st Cetgell, a anti-alargy medicine for heavy itching. then took Beledona 6 for fiver & Feram Foss 6x with bronia 200 two days. After that he took Bronia30+Kali bich 6 two days and now takes Hepar sul 6 two days but cuss is not cure. I give him one teaspoon Bashok(Justicia) with honey and pipul – two times a day for two days.
    Dry cuss is not cure cure. Have any Romeo medicine which reduce the Dry cuss permanently.
    please advice the name.

  690. Wanda Gallagher says:

    Hi Dr.,
    I have been working with a Dr. for about 4 years now for my son and my own issues. I won’t get into all the details but to say my son came into the world wheezing and it has been an issue his entire life, he is now 8. We have done all types of remedies and many showed improvement but it didn’t last. He seems to be affected by certain foods, fall weather and a variety of other things. My question though is about dosage. My son is currently having a lot of coughing spells. Last night we were up from 11 to 6am this morning. I was giving pulsatilla and ant tart which seems to help him but it isn’t quick acting. I was giving in water dosage, about 10 pellets in small glass of water and doing every 30 minutes as instructed to do. I know on bottles they say to do every 15 minutes until you see improvement. So my question is what is your opinion on dosage. I would love my son to not have to spend an entire night coughing and I think homeopathy works, have seen it do so, but wonder if I am just not administering it correctly to get quicker results.
    Thanks, Wanda

  691. Excellent items from you, man. I’ve consider your stuff prior to and you are simply extremely wonderful. I really like what you’ve obtained here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you continue to care for to keep it sensible. I can’t wait to learn far more from you. This is really a wonderful website.

    • Iam having Urine problem night time every two hours urine simtams at the time urine not passing gasses coming very difficult to pass the urine what I have to do in homopathy

      • bhogi karthik says:

        Respected Sir,

        My son Karthik had suffered pus formed in lungs (TB) long back. The doctor made operation by inserting a tube and suggested antibiotics. It is almost cleared. Now he is 13 years old. Frequently he is suffering with cold and cough. Please suggest homeo medicines.

        Thanking you Sir,

        • JITENDRA BHATKAL says:

          Dear Dr. Sharma,
          I have been suffering from Chronic Dry Cough for nearly 1 year. Several Tests including Chest CT Scan reveals nothing.

          All allopathic remedies provide no relief.

          I look forward for your effective remedial advise at the earliest



      Dear Sir,

      My two years girl child has been suffering from cold and cough for about a month. Her cough is extreme at night and it ends with vomiting. I am thinking to give her Coccus Cacti. Am I right in my medication? If yes, then what will me the power of medicine? kindly reply.

      With regards,
      Subhadip Acharya

      • sir my 10 months. child. suffering from cough and cold with extreme khasi and fever he vomit also during. coughing. what I give him

        • Dear Doctor,
          My Daughter is now 2.6 years old she has been suffering from severe cold and cough , cough at sleep that ends with vomit since she turned 1 year. At the age of 1.5 year she is attacked with Pneumonia and she was admitted in hospital for 3 days later after 1 and half month she again suffered with pneumonia, so again she got admitted for 5 days . when we ask the doc for cause they say that your baby’s immunity system is weak so it is taking long time for cure…doc prescribed laktrum and pedpro milk powders for improving the immunity but i feel no result.All these months Till today she is having recurrents attacks of cold with sleep cough that ends with vomit. 6 months back doc prescribed her food allergy test in the the sensitivity was low he said bit when she eat sweet or chocolate or food that are sour she get immediately cold by the end of the day then she starts coughing and vomiting , and what we observed was the cough is severe only when she laid down to sleep and she will vomit at that time badly. and we were using nebulisations (Levolin ,duloin,Budecort) for this sever cough , if we observe monthly twice or trice we use nebulisation course for our baby for 3 to 5 days. we are paniced that this nebulisation will have side effects. what i observe is my baby is having sleep cough that ends with vomit . and from 3 months we are in regular use of cold and cough syrups.(Ascoril LS, ZRY COLD ) .and Doc also prescribed Montair – 4 for 6 months at night. what we feel is although we are using all these medicines she is not getting cure.,if she is ok for a week by the next week she will fell sick with this cough.please Please help me with medications and home made remidies that can give complete cure for my baby.
          Kindly do the need ful.

          Thanking You!!

          • shivam rajawat says:

            i will tell u medicine ,it must work,,,,buy tablets of dabur laxmi vilas ras,its wrapper is of golden colour,make powder of one tablet,,,,take a spoon of ginger juice ond warm it for 3-4 minutes and then let it come to its [ginger juice] normal temperature then mix that tablet powder in ginger juice and add a spoon of pure honey[patanjali honey will also work but not of dabur],then mix all and then give that mixture to your child to lick,,,,do this two times a day for 10 days

        • sudipta hasnu says:

          Dear Sir, my five months and a week daughter is suffering from cough and end up with vomiting from last five days. What medicine should I will give as there is no doctors available in the area.

      • Binali Hasnu says:

        my one year old baby coughing continuing three months I gave ventorlin, augpen, and maxtra but its not work please suggest

    • Dear sir
      My twelve years old son has been asthmatic since he was three until three months ago. Now the problem is he has this dry cough which lasts more than 30 sec and all his breath comes out and ends up with saliva coming out or a small vomit. Please help

      With regards Wallace from Kenya

      • Avijit Majumder says:

        I have the problem of snoring with heavy sound. I took Opium-30 but it is not giving any effective result. Is there any treatment to cure this?

    • Hello Dr,

      My daughter is 3 and having cough of 6 days. She coughs in the night around 3am that last around half an hour. All spells ends as though she will vomit but she doesn’t . There is sound of mucous but only from throat not chest. A little cough is in the morning but none during the day. Pls advise.

      • varghesesteephen says:

        my 4 years grand daughter had cough for 2 years starting at night sleeping time , a kind of dry one but some time with mucous she vomitting so she get free, we consulted with a homeo doctor but no complete solution

    • Pulkit Parihar says:

      Suryanamaskar is best way of back pain treatment. I was also sufferfrom that problem.

    • dear dr sharma,
      early morning about 15 days back ,i went out very early morning,for a few minutes .next day on wards sorethroat ,turned into running nose, ,and then greeniish sputum ,on and off getting 100 temp. pl let me know the medicine to relieve me of this. age68yrs. i prefer to stay at home and like to cover myself most of the time after this bout of cold and temp.

    • dr. sharma ji says:

      Sir my wife 20 years suffering from khasi and he vomit blood also during coughing medicine are regular taking from kanpur doctor please suggest me what I give him

      Raju tiwari

    • Dear Dr. My two month plus baby is having serious cough especially at night please Dr. What can I do to stop the cough?

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