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Homeopathic Treatment for a Dry Cough

What is a Dry Cough?

A dry cough is a common reflex action to clear the breathing passages and airways. A dry cough refers to a cough free from mucus or phlegm which occurs when a person comes in contact with micro-organisms, bacteria, or any other foreign body particles. A dry cough is annoying and troublesome and makes a person restless. It also causes difficulty in breathing and sleeping. A dry cough is very common in children and sensitive people. The most common cause of a dry cough is viral infections like the common cold and flu. In some persons, a dry cough occurs in a continuous spasm, making the person anxious. A dry cough may be the result of overexertion or a psychological condition. Sometimes, people develop a habit of coughing, especially under stress or even without any stress. A dry cough may also occur due to gastro esophageal re-flux along with vomiting. Homeopathic treatment for a dry cough works at a dynamic level and treats a person as a whole. The advantage of homeopathic medicines is that they stop the recurring tendency of the disease process. Homeopathic medicines are made up of natural substances and are very safe. Other conventional treatments distort the body’s natural healing processes and make the body dull. In homeopathy, the body’s restorative processes are used to bring it back to health. Homeopathic medicines do not cause any side effects or slow down body processes.

Homeopathic Treatment for a Dry Cough

Top grade homeopathic medicines for a cough that is dry are Bryonia, Drosera, and Stannum Metallicum. Bryonia acts well for a dry, hacking cough with sharp pain in the sides of the chest. Drosera is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for a dry cough which is prolonged and continuous and is accompanied by a violent tickling in the larynx. Stannum Metallicum is very effective in cases of a dry cough when a person cannot do anything without coughing.

Homeopathic Medicines for a Dry Cough which Occurs in Spasms

Very effective medicines for a dry cough which occurs in spasms, or a spasmodic dry cough, are Cocculus Indicus and Antimonium Crudum. Cocculus Indicus is very helpful homeopathic treatment for a dry cough which is spasmodic, especially in anemic or hysterical women. A dry cough in paroxysms with a burning sensation in the chest is treated well with Antimonium Crudum.

Homeopathic Medicines for a Dry Cough in Children

The most effective homeopathic medicines for a dry cough in children are Chamomilla, Senega, and Squilla. Chamomilla works well in children who have a dry cough with hoarseness and irritability. Chamomilla is also beneficial in cases in children where the highlighting symptom is a cough provoked by anger. Senega is another beneficial homeopathic medicine for a dry cough with pain in parts of the chest. It is best suited for fat and chubby children. Squilla works well for a dry cough in children where the child rubs his face with the fist while coughing.

Homeopathic Medicines for a Dry Cough, Especially at Night

Beneficial medicines for a dry cough occurring at night are Arsenic Album and Nux Vomica. Arsenic Album acts well for a dry cough that gets worse after midnight, and from lying on the back. A dry cough with great exhaustion, anemia, and nervous irritability is treated well with Arsenic Album. Cases of a bursting headache with a dry cough at night, which prevents sleep, is addressed well by Nux Vomica.

Homeopathic Medicines for a Dry Cough in Cold Weather

Very effective homeopathic medicines for a dry cough in cold weather are Baryta Carbonica and Dulcamara. Baryta Carbonica acts well when a person gets a dry cough after exposure to cold air. A dry cough, which usually starts after getting the feet wet, is treated well with Baryta Carbonica. Dulcamara is an excellent remedy for a dry cough, primarily occurring in cold, wet weather.

Homeopathic Medicines for a Continuous Dry Cough

Beneficial homeopathic medicines for a constant dry cough are China, Drosera, and Ignatia. China acts well for a dry cough which occurs continuously, right after eating or laughing. Drosera is an excellent homeopathic medicine for prolonged and incessant dry cough attacks. Dry cough attacks follow each other very rapidly, and the person has difficulty in breathing. Ignatia is of help in a dry cough which comes in quick successive shocks. Coughing fits which increase the desire to cough are treated effectively with Ignatia.

Homeopathic Medicines for a Dry Cough which Comes on After Exertion

Suitable homeopathic medicines for a dry cough which comes on after exertion are Phosphorus and Stannum Metallicum. Phosphorus is useful in a dry cough arising from reading aloud, talking, or laughing. A dry cough with a bursting pain in the head is treated well with Phosphorus. Stannum Metallicum acts well for cases of a dry cough which is a result of short breaths from any little exertion. The person cannot do anything without coughing.

Homeopathic Medicines for a Dry Cough with Difficulty in Breathing

The most effective homeopathic medicines for a dry cough with difficulty in breathing are Spongia and Agaricus Muscarius. Spongia is very useful in a dry cough with marked suffocation. The person suffers from a dry cough and feels as if he is breathing through a sponge. Agaricus Muscarius is an excellent homeopathic medicine for a dry cough with dyspnoea. Cases where the patient has to sit up while coughing or gets breathless are treated well with Agaricus Muscarius.

Homeopathic Medicines for a Dry Cough Accompanied by Vomiting

The most effective homeopathic medicines for a dry cough accompanied by vomiting are Drosera and Kali Carbonicum. Drosera acts well for a dry cough followed by retching and vomiting. Kali Carbonicum is very useful for a dry cough that occurs in spasms along with gagging or vomiting of food, drink, and sour phlegm. A dry cough which gets worse after eating or drinking is treated well with Kali Carbonicum.

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  1. Pabitra maiti says:

    Hello sir,
    I am pabitra maiti from west bengal. I want to tell about my father age 55 year his problem dry cough in 4 month, first 3 month whole day dry cough. This time use many allopathy medicine but no positive result. Then next 1 month and now dry cough standby morning to evining. This time use antim tart 200, acconite nap 200. T.B of chest before 30 year. But full treatment in that time. But now sputam report is nagetive. Please pecribe medicine this time. Thank you.

  2. DALJEET KUAMR says:

    Hello sir I’m daljeet from delhi ,I want tell about my mother aged 70yrs old condition,my mother was suffering with a chronic cough it comes with mucus from last 05-06 years and worsen in nights. She has taken many allopathic medicine and get not relief. Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine .
    Thanks and regards

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  4. Sunita mahato says:

    Dry cough in all time basically weather changing period, I am suffering for this problem since 10 years. I am attacked by asthmatic bronchitis. I am 30 years old. Pls help me

    • Anil Kumar Mishra says:

      I am suffering for Dry cough since one month not at Night . Can you help to prescribe the medicine


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  9. Sir please help me… I am suffering from dry cough especially when I go to bed for sleeping and in every attack I got wake up but don’t sit … In dat time I don’t get so much attacks and feels worst when smoking and tobacco chewing….

  10. Melody Allen says:

    Dr. Sharma, my daughter has lived with my parents for the past 8 or nine years or so due to unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, she is really in medical danger now. She has been recently diagnosed through a MRI with degenerated disk that they said had been there since her birth and also fibromyalgia, arthritis and spinal stenosis. She also has asburgers, (ASD) pervasive devevolment disorder also known as some form of Autism. She also is bi-polar and who knows what all else. Her grandmother has sole guardian ship over her financial and medical records and has it documented as such currently. My daughter is currently 24 years old and about 400 ils or more. She says she is loosing, however each time I see her it seems that she looks larger and larger. Her dad feels the sme way. I am deeply concerned about her. I do NOT want to lose her!!! Also both of my parents are getting up in age and it is getting very difficult for them to manage her. We are ALL at our witts end. He dad supports me to anything that can be done to help her to her advantage. However we are no longer together anymore. But feel like we CAN support her mabe not money wise but emotional wise in any way that she needs. My boyfriend feels the same way. She needs positive structure in her life behind her! I myself and willing to relocate if necessary to come closer to you and your facility if needed. Jamie is on Medicare and Medicaid and Private insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield. However the Blue Cross Blue Shield is only until her dad turns 66 years old which will be in September of this year. Then that insurance will be dropped. Can you advise or tell us of a place that will be the right ones to help her and be right for her ? It will be deeply appreciated. Thank you ever so much. Signed Concerned mother.


    My son 5 is having dry cough since his first year and till now it is not cured. In winter season his cough gets more more and more. So, please prefer me good homeo medicine for my son. I will be very grateful to you for this act of kindness.

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