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Top 6 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Chest Congestion

Homeopathic Remedies for Chest Congestion

Homeopathic Remedies for Chest Congestion

Homeopathic Remedies for Chest Congestion

Chest congestion in itself is not a disease but this term refers to a number of collective symptoms that are present in various respiratory diseases. The symptoms which refer to chest congestion include rattling cough due to accumulation of mucus in the chest, wheezing or whistling sound produced during breathing, difficulty in respiration, difficulty in expectorating the mucus accumulated in the lungs, suffocative spells and chest pains. Asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia are few examples of respiratory disease that leads to chest congestion. A simple cold if not treated in time may also lead to chest congestion due to spread of infection . In this article I have tried to cover all symptoms of chest congestion with respect to their homeopathic remedies.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies  for chest Colds and Congestion:

1.Antimonium Tart: Homeopathic medicine Antimonium Tart is one of the leading homeopathic medicine for treatment of chest congestion. The prominent indication for using this medicine in chest congestion is excessive rattling of mucus in the lungs on coughing. The lungs seem to be  overloaded with mucus. But even on much coughing very little mucus is expectorated. There is difficulty in breathing and patient takes short breath to compensate for normal breathing. There are suffocative spells that force the patient to sit up . Chest congestion consequent to working in damp basements yields wonderfully well to this medicine. This medicine also possess great power to heal difficult respiration in babies occurring shortly after birth.

2. Arsenic album: Homeopathic medicine Arsenic album is yet another wonderful medicine used in homeopathy to treat chest congestion. This medicine is mainly prescribed to those patients of chest congestion who suffer from suffocative spells mainly at night time.  Suffocation with difficulty in respiration is worse on lying down and better by sitting up. On breathing wheezing or whistling sounds in the chest are produced. The cough is better by taking warm drinks. Burning pains in chest may also be present. This medicine can be given in all such cases of chest congestion that have occurred after taking cold drinks.

3. Ipecac: Ipecac is a natural homeopathic medicine that gives excellent results where wheezing in chest is a prominent symptom. There is continuous violent cough. The chest is full of mucus but inspite of coughing none of it comes out. The patient feels suffocative with constricted feeling in chest. The face of patient turns bluish due to lack of oxygen as a result of suffocative spells. Expectorated mucus at times can be blood stained .Persistent nausea accompanies cough and chest congestion. Vomiting if present with chest congestion gives relief to patient .

4. Phosphorus: Phosphorus is an Important  homeopathic medicine for the treatment of chest congestion. This medicine is given to those patients who complain of chest pain  with chest symptoms . Pain is accompanied by burning in the chest. The patient requiring this medicine complains of constrictive, oppressed feeling in chest as if a weight is lying in chest. Cough is present that is worse by talking, laughing. Cold air worsens the cough and chest pain. The patient requiring homeopathic medicine phosphorus can also have strange symptoms – They desire cold drinks, ice creams and refreshing things like juice along with above symptoms.

5. Bryonia Alba: Bryonia Alba is also an excellent natural homeopathic medicine that helps in relieving the chest congestion. The main indication for using this medicine is cough with difficult breathing . The difficult breathing is worse by slightest motion and better by rest. The patient feels a constant need to take a deep breath. The cough gets worse after eating, drinking or in warm room. This medicine has powerful effect in treating stitching pains in chest during inspiration. The chest pains are also worse while coughing. The patient has to hold the chest with hands due to severe chest pains on coughing. The expectorated mucus is thick. The mucus comes out only after much hawking. Thirst for increased quantity of water might also be present.

6. Senega: Senega is a top homeopathic medicine , mainly recommended in elderly people with chest congestion. The patient requiring this medicine complains of rattling of mucus in chest with oppressed feeling. The mucus from the chest needs much effort and comes out with great difficulty. The expectorated mucus is tough and copious. Extreme soreness is felt in chest.

 Antimonium Tart and Hepar Sulph- Homeopathic remedies for Chest Congestion with great rattling of mucus on coughing

Both Antimonium Tart and Hepar Sulph are natural homeopathic medicines for treating  rattling of mucus in chest. Antimonium Tart can be given to those patients who have rattling of mucus in chest on coughing. The bronchial tubes in chest are full of mucus but it cannot be coughed out.For people requiring this medicine , the complaints are worse after exposure to dampness. The second homeopathic medicine Hepar Sulph is used for rattling of mucus that is worse in the morning time. For patients requiring Hepar Sulph, chest congestion  gets worse by cold air exposure.

Homeopathic medicines Ipecac, Arsenic Album, and Nux Vomica for wheezing in chest due to chest congestion:

The first homeopathic medicine Ipecac can be used where wheezing is present due to chest congestion. The indicating feature for using this medicine is relief from vomiting or coughing out the mucus. Arsenic album is given when the wheezing is present with suffocative spells and cough. And patient is better after taking warm drinks. Nux Vomica is mainly used when the wheezing is worse during sleep.

 Bryonia Alba and Arsenic album homeopathic remedies for chest congestion with difficult breathing

Bryonia Alba is a natural homeopathic medicine and can be used to relieve difficulty in breathing when motion worsens the problem and patient is better by taking rest. Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album can be used when the difficulty in breathing is worse on lying down and better by sitting up.

Lachesis and Sambuccus homeopathic medicines  for Chest congestion with suffocative attacks 

Homeopathic medicine Lachesis is very efficient in treating suffocative attacks that are worse on lying down. The patient has to rush towards an open window to get relief. The patient feels to take deep breaths. Nothing tight is bearable around the neck or waist. Homeopathic Remedy Sambucus gives best results when the suffocative spells occurs while sleeping and the patient wakes up suddenly almost breathless. The nose feels totally obstructed. It is more frequently indicated in very young children and infants .

Bryonia Alba and Phosphorus – Natural Homeopathic medicines for chest congestion attended with chest pain

Both homeopathic medicines Bryonia Alba and Phosphorus occupy a significant place in homeopathy to treat the chest pains due to chest congestion. But the selection depends upon the symptoms given by the patient. Bryonia Alba more suited  to those patients who give symptoms of chest pains which are worse on inspiring and while coughing. The pains are stitching type in nature . Such patients get relieve by lying down. And for using Phosphorus in chest pain the most indicative  symptoms are – worsening of chest pain by lying on left side and by pressure. Warm applications usually relieve the pains and cold air aggravates the chest pain.

Homeopathic medicines Kali Sulph, Pulsatilla, Kali Bichrome for difficult coughing up of mucus in chest congestion:

Kali Sulph is one of the best homeopathic remedy for congestion ; It is given when the mucus rattles in the chest and is expectorated with much difficulty. The expectorated mucus is yellow in colour. Pulsatilla is used when the mucus from chest is greenish in colour and takes great effort to come out. And the last medicine Kali Bichrome works at its best when the mucus is extremely thick and sticky in nature and comes out in long threads or strings and requires much force to spit it out.

Homeopathic medicine Aconite for sudden chest congestion after exposure to cold air:

Aconite is the best natural remedy for chest congestion from exposure to cold air. The patients requiring this medicine feels severe oppression in chest with short difficult and laboured breathing. Anxiety and restlessness of utmost degree can also be present with chest congestion .

Homeopathic medicine Natrum Sulph for Chest congestion in damp weather:

Natrum Sulph is highly ranked holistic medicine for chest congestion occurring in damp weather. The symptoms that guide towards this medicine use are rattling of mucus in chest with difficulty in breathing and patient feels the need to take deep breaths. Green coloured mucus is coughed out. Pain in chest also occurs during coughing , forcing the patient to hold the chest.

 Ipecac, Sambucus and Chamomilla –  Natural Homeopathic medicines for chest congestion in infants:

All these medicines are very efficient homeopathic remedies for chest colds in infants. Ipecac is mainly given when continuous rattling cough is present. The face of the infant turns blue due to incessant coughing . Wheezing from the chest is severe. vomiting usually eases the cough. Homeopathic medicine Sambucus works very efficiently in treating the cough attacks in infants that occurs at night with blockage of nose. The infant wakes up in the night with sudden crying and extremely suffocated. And the last mentioned medicine Chamomilla  works well for infants with rattling cough with utmost irritability and crying. Such infant feel a lot better when they are carried around .


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  1. Ram M Ohri says:

    I have copd causing breathing difficulties. Please recommend a suitable medications to clear chest mucus and clear my lungs so that I can breath freely,

  2. Muhammad Afzal says:

    Respected Dr Sharma
    Sir, I have some problem, need your assistance,
    1. mouth filled with water during night sleep.
    2.feeling some time a short duration pain in different areas of belly.
    4.seems belly fill all the time.

  3. Praveen Kumar says:

    Respected Dr Sharma …
    Sir I have a habit of smoking and almost for last 20 years I am smoking a lot … many times I try to quiet but I didn’t…
    However I am well … but what medicine I took to protect my lungs and other organs….. and also how I quiet the smoking..

  4. Hi doc my name is sunita I ofen get chest congestion & I can’t breathe properly &l get little pain in my chest I feel like I will die. My doc gave me a medicin & a inhaler with that I feel ok but after 2 or 3 day again I want proper medication once for all pl sugges iam 43 I will very thankful for your reply.

  5. Dr Sushma Joiya Pandit says:

    Dear Dr Sharma. This is Dr Mrs Sushma Joiya Pandit an Homeopath, would like to consult you that a patient 68 years old was suffering from acute bronchial disorder . Mucus in bulk quantity was troubling during night, was unable lie down, feeling lot of berating problem was willing to commit Sui side .
    I started with Nux Vomica for two days followed by Ipecacuana there was not much relief then again Nux Vomica followed by Arsenic Alb 200 There was a good result the cough redeced . X-ray report says that mucus is stuck on the inner walls of lungs. Please suggest how to remove mucus from the inner walls of lungs.
    I will be highly obliged to get a reply on my e mail id, please

    • Md Kamal Hossain says:

      Dear Dr Sharma.I am suffering from cough since 7 years.Time to time cough accumulate in my throat and have to clear it expulsion of air pressure.I infected pneumunia one time and other bacteria two times due to cough congestion in my throat.I tried nux -30,stitca- 30,Rhustox-30 but see no result.Next apply causticum -30,200 got about 50% benefit.Last year Icured from bone T.V after taking one year Allopathic Antibiotics treatment.
      Pleased suggest me some effective homeopathic medicine that can help me in curing my problem

  6. Meghna Patil says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I have a 2 yr old daughter who is suffering from sever chest congestion. She due to the congestion also puked once. Please advice what should I give her and the dosage.

  7. I have fluid in lungs. The main symptom is shortness of breath on any exertion. Talking and laughing or allergens can lead to asthma like symptoms where the sputum is hard to cough up. It is thick clear and bubbly when it does. And there is relief after but also exhaustion. It is better when sitting or lying down. And aggravated by changing positions from standing to sitting. There is post nasal drip. Thank you.

  8. Helen Salpeter says:

    Is there a remedy in homeopathy that can help cure bronchiestas?
    Please let me know if such a remedy exists.
    Thank you,
    Helen Salpeter

  9. My father 70 has undergone bypass surgery. He has chest congestion
    Plz advise

  10. Sir ,
    This is K. Razi, 42.
    I cannot talk easily through nose as I have much concentrate on throat to speak up. Not, words come to my mouth from chest. This problems I confront for last 24 years, which caught me suddenly when I was teenage.
    Sometimes my nose becomes completely dry while sometimes it sneezing alot even for 3 days back to back.when I get up from night sleep my nose is full of mucus with chest to my throat. I take half an hour to vomit back through mouth to clear my nose and chest.

    I also underwent two major nose operations with years of homeopathic and herbal treatments but the problem worsened with each passing month.

    I have a history of TB in knee, at the age of 3 with chronic indigestion.

    I feel too weak with mind forgetting attitude.
    Please help me recommend some treatment.

  11. My son is 7 years and has history of Bronchitis. His body produces lots of mucus. These days it’s quite windy and air has pollen. He has again started building up mucus and cough. Please suggest.
    We are in Barcelona and doctor here is giving Silícea 15ch and Pouman histamine 15ch.

  12. AMIT BANERJEE says:

    Its continued since last 20 years. Now aggravated.
    Initial symptom: continuos sneezing with watery mucous and used to continue for days unless applied some allopathic medicines.
    With the consumption of allopathic madicines, mucous started thickening and chest got conjusted. with passage of time breathing problem starts. Further the situation worsens and chest gets infected. To clear the infection, high dose antibiotcs are prescribed and consumtion of the same dries the mucous further medicine is required to loosening the same and the story continues.

    Sir, Help me to get rid of the problem.

    This problem is occrring irrespective of change in season.

  13. Pamela Wayans says:

    I have had ASTHMA my whole life but about 7 years ago my asthma got so bad and was diagnosed of EMPHYSEMA/COPD which was most likely due to the asthma. I was on double antibiotics and steroids, still didn’t feel any better. My lungs were constantly wheezing in all four chambers, i already used Advair, Spiriva, and Albuterol in my nebulizer, they just didn’t do much. April 2016 my sister in-law told us about Rich Herbs Foundation where she ordered herbs that effectively treated her arthritis. We ordered their COPD herbal treatment after reading alot of positive reviews, i am happy to report this COPD herbal treatment reversed my lungs condition. My quality of life has greatly improved and every one of my symptoms including difficulty breathing and wheezing are gone. Their official web page is ww w. richherbsfoundation. c om. I will be 52 soon and have never been healthier!

  14. My 2 month old grand son is not able to feed properly and I feel he is having problem in breathing for last 2 ,3 days. He is crying and is irritated. What should I give him.

  15. shelley oliveira says:

    My 6 year old daughter gets a persistent cough usually accompanying a mild cold that lingers for many weeks, sometimes up to 8 weeks. It sounds like there is thick mucous and congestion in the lungs but she is never able to expectorate any mucous. There is some rattling, but often the cough is more of a barking cough. It is always worse at night and sitting up is helpful.
    I’m hoping that a homeopathic remedy will help to shorten the duration and intensity of these spells.

  16. Kindly prescribed for upper respiratory tract infection (nasal congeation, sinusitis, dns, otitis media) for last 4 months

  17. jarmeesh kalahad says:

    much conjestun lots flim in throt dunt no wut to doo

  18. Rama Chandra Rao Suraneni says:

    Running nose through t some what pain caugh, phelgam out while caugh In Summer heat Asthama or to say resperatory troubles, during night chest stiffness. Now using Antim Aalb. But no control and searching for another suitable medicine. Lady 68 years.

  19. Respected dr.
    Asking advise on behalf of my brother
    He is 55 yrs.
    Since a few months when he sleeps his nose gets chocked
    He feels like a block of mucus in his nostrils
    He can’t sleep ,feels better sitting up
    No other malady
    Please help

  20. Irshad Ali says:

    Dear Dr sharma I m Irshad i have been suffering chest congestion and throt congestion last 20 years i never drink cold water cold drink or any cold item . Sir some time when i ate my oily curty food its stuck my throat and im not able to inhale air i feel im going to die plz suggest me best medicine to clear my throat and chest

  21. Umrinder Singh says:

    Good morning sir my nephew suffering from cough form one month at night when he is sleeping he have heavy cough. we take the treatment form 32 GMCH chandigarh but not benefits. Please suggest the right medicine in homeopathy

  22. chander malhotra says:


  23. Tejendra Singh Marvaha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Good Morning,
    I am 62 years old and a cronic patient of Acid reflux. It gets worst after meals. I have developed lung congestion and allergy to cold.
    Please advise.

    • Brenda Fenn says:

      Hi, My Dad is in late stage emphysema and seems to have congestion a lot. Tonight mom said his temperature even reached 101. But she gave him some warm water with apple cider vinegar then rubbed essential oils on him. With that and a lot of prayers he came out of it. But we need any help as to how to help him.

  24. Sarjiwan Moudgil says:

    My wife aged about 67 yrs is suffering from violent cough since last ten days. Cough is with while mucus and is worst during night.

    she is also patient of B.P.

  25. Krishna gopal srivastava from kanpur u.p says:

    Respected sir,
    Iam a copd pataint, in p flow meter reading is170. Dr has told me that my lungs eff.cency is reduced by 35%.A present I am taking alopathic care. But none of the medicine or expectorent is giving me relief from coughing. The long coughing boud me to take oxygen.
    The coughing does not stop till the mucus comes out.and l take normal cold water. Further in nightit does not allow me to lie down and bound to sit me.if any how I could sleep,my hole mouth trochia becomes so dry that it breaks sleep and contineous dry coughing starts for more than a minuit till the 2or3 times mucus spell out. After each meal or breakfast, coughing increases.
    I suffering from this trouble since last ten Iam also unable to find out corret homeo pathic.medicine.only lpec given abit relief from after meal coughing. I am 60 years old

    • Subm chakraborty says:

      take allopath medicine FINMOX-CV650 THRICE DAILY for 5 days…I am sure it will give you relief.




    My mother is aged 80. She is hospitalised as she has heavy chest congestion,unable to cough, problem in swallowing and breathing problem. Doctors say heavy cough deposition in throat. We are trying Antim Tart 200 and natrum sulf 200 for last 3 days but see no result. Earlier we tried Kali Bichrome 200 but even this does not work. Plz suggest.

  28. Divya Edward Sajeev says:

    My son will be 2 years old in April 2018. He had to be admitted in hospital twice recently for wheezing and difficulty in breathing. He was given nubilization frequently during hospitalization. Please let me know the homeopathic medicine to be given to him. Please also let me know how to strengthen his immune system so that he doesn’t suffer with this problem again. Is there any homeopathic medicine to strengthen immune system of toddlers?

    Anxiously waiting for your advice. Thanks!

  29. Tina Revels says:

    Where do I get the ingredients

  30. Hlo Dr.sharma my daughter have chest infection for 15 days she is 2months only I can i do for her she is soo crying and not sleeping

  31. Tony Curtis says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Thoroughly enjoyed your article and the information it contains. I have been suffering from several of the symptoms described. These symptoms have manifested themselves after a recently terrible bout with the flu in the last 12 days of Dec. 2017. My chest congestion and cough have persisted now since the first of this year. Very uncomfortable to live with my being a performing vocalist/musician in a musical act. Going to do some further vetting and try one or more of these homeopathic
    remedies. Any further advise you could share with me would be appreciated. Thanks and Blessings to you!

    Warm regards,

  32. Christine Papp says:

    I am 33 weeks pregnant and got the flu over the weekend. I have a history with asthma late in pregnancy and it has absolutely been kicked off by this flu. My chest is super tight which makes it difficult to walk around or walk. Only by resting and being quiet are my symptoms a bit better. Which remedy would be a good fit for me to take?

  33. Narender kamboj says:

    I am 36 year old suffering from lung fibrosis due to sarcodosis and -CPA in lungs.oxygen level always low. I am on artificial oxygen .taking treatment from pgi Chandigarh but no benefit.pls hel

  34. sowrav karmakar says:

    sir, i had a reflux problem 2 month ago. i had aso developed a cough & pain in sternum & manubrium. after taking ppi medication the reflux got cured, but the cough & pain still persists, specially in ribs and just under manubrium. i had made chest x-ray & upper usg which are absolutely normal including the lungs. what is the remedy of this pain? there is clear mucus very much and pain in upper back & right shoulder.
    thnx in advance sir.

    • I feel some pain on my chest slight right side top corner and sometime it left side as wall. Please suggest.
      (no smoking, no drinks, no cold & cough )

  35. Vishal Sharma says:

    Namaskar sir, my 4 months old baby suffering from cough with mucous in lungs, again and again. Due to this short of breathlessness also occurs.plz suggest the medicine

  36. Sarah Higgins says:

    I have a 20 month old boy who has had a nasty cough on and off for a couple of weeks now. It is worse at night with his cough waking him up regularly. It is worse with cold air & going outside – running about, he craves water, wants to be cuddled constantly. Has high temperature on and off. When he coughs it sounds as though he is trying to realise the mucus in his chest, but is unable to. He has a croaky voice, is not eating & has yellowish runny poos which are burnning his bottom. He has been on phosphorus for a couple of days which I think has losened his chest but which remedy would you recommend? Thank you for your help.
    Sarah xx

  37. My son is using grindelia and justicia adathoda from some months but even then there is difficult in breathing and wheezing with phlegm in chest with dry cough

  38. Dear Sir,
    My son is two year old he has a problem of cough, chest congestion and flu after every 15 days. we try a lot of allopathic medicines for the treatment. please tell us what we can do to treat the the chest congestion, cough and flu?
    My son chest is wheezing and he also got the throat infection with it.
    My son weight is 12 kg.

  39. Hi Dr. Sharma, how are you. My name is Sajid I have a question I have allergies and my respiratory system gets effected, I get wheezing , some clear phelm , tightness in the chest and shortness of breath. specially when exposed to cold air or very cold weather, so please suggest me some effective homeopathy medicine that can help me in curing my problem, I eagerly waiting for your reply.

    Thank you very much

  40. George Saliba says:

    I am a lyrical singer,and suffer, every now and then from chest congestion and laryngitis. My sinuses also get very easily blocked with the consequence of post-nasal drip.
    In this regard, may I kindly ask you to guide me as to the best and most effective homoeopathic remedies to treat these conditions.
    Much obliged for your invaluable assistance in this regard.

    Thanks and Regards

    George Saliba

  41. what r the chest infection medicines of children and at what age i will give them the medicines of chest iinfection medicines of adults

  42. Chandra Shekhar Gupta says:

    I feel heavy chest congestion in cold and normal seasons feel very difficult taking breaths at the time evening and morning and also patient of Sugar , B.P. and sinus anxiety. i am taking treatment from Nehru Homeopathy College, Defence Colony New Delhi


    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Kudos to your efforts.
    I am Alok Kr. Srivastava, a 52+ yrs man with slim built. Since long my body weight have hovered around 53-56 kgs.
    1—- I have been suffering from kidney stones since 1980. Have got operated my left kidney for multiple staghorn caculi through PCNL in 2011. Presently, I have several approx. 5-6mm stones in both of my kidneys. They occasionally pass through urine but keep on developing.

    2—- I have skin disease on both of my legs above ankle since long. I don’t remember how long. Some doctors have declared it as eczema, others saying as psoriasis. The silvery patch is growing slowly. Itching is on the hyper side. Scales and blood come off while itching/ rubbing with nails or any other object.

    Dear sir,
    Is there any medicine in homoeopathy which can free me from my disease, or atleast give me relief so that I may lead a normal routine.

    I have visited many consultants from every stream, even unani medicine also but to no avail.

    Kindly provide me your expert opinion and oblige.
    Aalok Shrivastava
    Allahabad, U.P., India.

  44. Karuna Daryanani says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I have a lot of sticky phlegm stuck in my throat and it becomes very irritating after I lie down n wake up.My throat does not clear on its own and I have to force out the phlegm.It keeps irritating for about 10 to 15 minutes.Can you please suggest me an effective homeopathy medicine so that I can get some relief.l am 47 years old and I have this problem since the past one month.
    Thanking you,
    Mrs. Karuna Daryanani

  45. Labanya Kumar Singh says:

    My wife is 62 years .she has chest infection but cough is not excreted has Temp101 also wbc in blood is increased to 15100 pl suggest

  46. Himani Shah says:

    Sir mere papa ko lungs me fungus infection he or ahmedabad me unka treatment chal raha he unko koi bhi tablet suite nahi karti diaria ho jata he. final Dr. ne bol diya ki minimum 5 year se jyada nahi ji payenge to uske liye be prepare. mujhe kisi bhi tarah papa ka ilaj karvana he please koi help kijiye. unko khasi bahot ati he bandh nahi hoti, diabitec or B.P dono he so please kuchh suggestion do sir mujhe mene mummy ko kho diya papa ko nhi khona chahti hu.

    • P S NAGPAL says:

      Although maein Dr. Nahin hook. Per ek medicine hai SITOPALADI CHURAN, ya DABUR, VAIDNATH ka koyi bhee lay saktay how. Chutki bhar raat ko doodh ke sath dain KHANSI BILKUL THEEK HO JAYEGI


  47. Helo sir my child one year age now ifected three times with pnemunia now cold season is arriving please sugesst safety precautions and medicines for treatment nd to safe my child from pneumania thanx

  48. Helo sir my child one year age now ifected three times with pnemunia now cold season is arriving please sugesst safety precautions and medicines for treatment nd to safe my child from pneumania thanx

  49. Arindam Rana says:

    dear sir, I have been suffering from liquid caugh like water for 3 months daily. .Pls give me suggestions what I do. .I want to killing myself but not want to suffer this types of problem. .Pls help me sir..I have allergy too

  50. लक्की says:

    कफ चेस्टमें है सॉस उखड़ता है जल्दी जल्दी आता है pump में medicine डाल कर मुंह से suck करने से थोड़ा आराम आता है क्या करे 28 साल age है

  51. My name is premalAtha. My son was 1year 4 month child suffering from some respiratory disorder and incubulated for more than 3times i was totally disturbed and worried about my childs sudden illness now he is good enough but i am not sure about his future as he is affected by infections at times and we go for seriuos condition. Doctors are still suspecting my child diesease but no one could find exact reason for my child problem sir pls give me some hope. Now my child is in homeo treatment he is better enough now but his saturation is only 85percent ..

  52. Hi – my daughter, 10 years old is complaining of chest pains and is coughing up yellow / green mucus. A few years ago she was given latent tb by a teacher at school and as a consequence of having 6 months of antibiotics has a lower immunity – she does not have a temperature but feels low in herself – the chest pain is burning and cold drinks make her cough she prefers a warm drink. She is suffering breathlessness.

    Many thanks for your advice

  53. Zahid Rathore says:

    Hello, Dr sb. I am zahid Rathore from Lahore, Pakistan. I need to share my condition to get your advice. When I inhale, I feel it difficult to complete my breathe. When I try to complete this process, I feel strain on chest. In 2010 I suffered pneumonia attach which was recovered thru use of antibiotic and steroid. My present condition is not for the first time. In the past I faced this situation many times and how it got better, I don’t remember but this time it is a little stiff. I also have the feelings of fatigue and pain or tiredness in thighs. I am 57 and request for your advice please.
    Zahid Rathore

  54. afzaal ashiq says:

    A.o. a dr sherma my wife is a critical condition cough and T.b .flue .fever. of 2 year so kindly help me and send treatment.

  55. Nagesh G. Kavi says:

    I have cough with excessive sputum production for more than 2 months..
    There is excess of whitish mucoid sputum. Sputum comes out easily on coughing
    Usual allopathic medicines are not helping

  56. Stephen Addoh says:

    are these medicines in Africa?

  57. Shivakumar says:

    Dear Doctor, for what Laro URTI drops are used. Dosage how?Is it ok for phelgm coming after having food coming 3 to 5 times daily. Kindly update on above

  58. Jodie Gilmore says:

    My son developed “boot camp crud” soon after starting his military training, and even now, 13 weeks later, has a deep cough. He had pneumonia when he was five years old (he is now 18), and tends to have a lingering cough after a cold. But 13 weeks is ridiculous. We’re trying Bryonia, and also eucalyptus oil on a hot washcloth (just started yesterday – too early to tell if it’s going to help). He has yellow-brown mucus when he does manage to cough up stuff, but mainly the cough is dry during the day, with the mucus mainly in the AM after rising. Any suggestions? Would Phosphorus be better than Bryonia?

  59. Julian ellis says:

    I was diagnosed of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in 2012 at the age of 63. I had been a heavy smoker, my symptoms started out with dry cough and shortness of breath, i ended up in the hospital, on a ventilator. I should have known it was coming, but like most smokers, thought it would never happen to me. My COPD got significantly worse and unbearable because of my difficulty catching breath. Last year, i started on a natural COPD Herbal therapy from NewLife Herbal Clinic, i read a lot of positive reviews from patients who used the treatment and i immediately started on it. I had great relief with this herbal treatment. I breath very much better now, no case of shortness of breath or chest tightness since treatment. Visit NewLife Herbal Clinic website ww w. newlifeherbalclinic. com. This COPD treatment is a miracle!!

  60. Ramesh varma says:

    I am 58 years old male
    I had a flu fever with cough few days ago.I took medicine allopathy and finally relieved of all fever related symptoms.But I still have mucus in my chest which doesnt come out.I have mild dry cough now and then.I am a diabetic with full control.advise some homeo medicine please.

  61. nitin batra says:

    Dear Sir

    Greetings of the Day!!

    I stay in Chandigarh where April- July are warm, Aug – October are damp & further are Cold til March. I face checst congesion with coughing which starts from August End. I have to periodically take Monair LC tablet for allergy control & Duolin ROTOCAP for mucus control.

    I do not face this problem at all in the dry&warm months April-July

    Pleae suggest & guide me remedy in Homeppathy.


  62. Madan Lal Kaim says:

    Chest pain & cough after acute pneumonia please advise homeopathy medicines.

  63. L. Mukherjee says:

    Dear doctor,
    My husband 65 yrs has been having chronic chest congestion with running nose and pain on both sides of his temples for the past 10 months. He has had allopathy medication but with no result. He coughs up mucous every 10 munutes. He gets short of breath while walking and has to stop every 5 to 10 minutes to catch hold of his breath. There is also wheezing when he breathes. He is not diabetic. However he has alcohol and cigarettes. Will be thankful for yr reply soonest.

  64. Nickol Wilson says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma! My 8 month old grand baby has had alternating thick & thin sinus congestion for a few months now, since she started daycare. When the mucus is thick it is difficult to clean her nose & her nose gets blocked. When its thin mucus her nose just keeps dripping. All of this mucus is making her lungs congested with a cough & rattling sound when she breaths. Now she has developed yellow diarrhea, that seems to happen more in the morning to early afternoon.

    Her pediatrician has not recommended anything, but says she might have allergies & a virus. However, she keeps giving me her illness & mine goes away after taking an antibiotic. So as I have told the pedestrian, I believe it’s a sinus infection that has developed into bronchitis & is now accompanied by a virus causing diarrhea.

    I have given her Sambucus (elderberry, Echinacea, Astragalus), olive leaf, Echinacea & even black seed oil to no avail. She will start to get better, but then it returns after being at daycare. We are looking to switch her, but cannot at the moment.

    Can you please help direct me as to which homeopathy treatment would help my grand baby?
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  65. I have cough disease and have problem in breathing and when i breath whistling occurs and when i walk for long time i have also problem in inhalation since last year

  66. I am suffering from dust allergy since 2005 when I was transfered to Tirupur -( Cotton, Garments & Dyes factories are there). I have taken Homeopathy, allopathy, Siddha etc. Now for the past 4-5 years I am using Forocort 200 / Formonide 200 Rotocap / Inhaler. Till now everyday morning when I woke up at least for 2-3 hrs I feel very tired and I am facing severe cough with plum in the chest. After 10 am I feel alright till next day morning. But I am unable to walk freely and find it difficult to do any simple hard work also. Need proper medicine and guidance.

  67. P. S. Neelakanta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharia
    Recently (August first week) I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia and I was hospitalized for cough plus difficulty in breathing. I was treated with antibiotic (doxycycline) via intravenous. Also I was given plenty of Lassix (diuretic) doses intravenously along with predisilone ( Cortizone). I was then discharged. I continue to take Lassix tablet (2 per day). I am type 2 diabetic treated with meteor in and fly buried. I have high BP controlled with lisinopril and a beta blocker.
    I am 73 years old male.
    After my treatment for pneumonia, I still have lingering shortness of bredth. But no cough or phelm. I will appreciate your homeopathic medication.
    Thank you.

  68. G. ROJI (PATIENT) says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My mother aged 88 is bedridden and all her needs are attended to while in bed. she has rattling cough, phlegm that she is unable to expel , she does not take sufficient food and thrives by taking a cup of Ensure and Complan once a day. except for mild blood pressure she does not have any other illness. She had ulcer on her leg due to vaicose vein infection and the same has been treated by surgery and the would has healed and there is no swelling in her legs. From that episode she has stopped getting up from bed and confined to bed and now with ageing and lack of proper nutrition because of her specific taste she is weak. please suggest a suitable remedy to treat this rattling cough and phlegm and give her some relief. Shall be very grateful for your advice and reply

  69. Biswanath Baidya says:

    What is the need for homeopathic medicines when I am 63+ in the chest and throat slush?
    Biswanath Baidya

  70. Karunesh Arora says:

    7 days before I had viral fever alongwith allergic sneezing and watery discharge from nose. It all started with sever throat pain. As usual I consumed 5 days course of anti-biotic/paracetamols and anti allergic drugs e-Bastine. The symptoms subsidized but the mucus has become thick and slightly turning whitish to yellowish. I feel difficulty in spitting it out and have to occasionally make a coughing noise to clear out the nasal to throat passage. The other difficulty is coughing a lot of times with some irritation in throat. The condition gets worse in lying down position. I would be grateful if you could suggest me some medicine, I have a presentation for PhD work after 3 days.

  71. Neeraj Kakkar says:

    Dear Dr.,
    Could u pl help in suggesting for medicine(SYRUP and Tablet)..

    Cough with WET Mucus (White in Day)…and when Wake up during morning(Greenish)

    2. Wet COLD

    Neeraj Kakkar

  72. Nitipalsinh Sisodiya says:

    Hello doctor I am Nitipalsinh from Mumbai i am looking for homeopathic treatment for my son he is 4.5 years old. He got chest congestion and wheezing problem in Feb we treated him with antibiotics after one month again he got same problem we again took same treatment and also check few allergy test where doctor is saying he is allergic and results are positive now it’s not confirm yet what is type of allergy he is having but he given us one month allergy treatment and we are just finished that it’s July month but he started with running nose now we are afraid about his health please suggest us proper medication for my son
    In family my mother got dust allergy and my self I am also having dust allergy
    We are unable to judge my son’s problem also need to improve his immunity

  73. Dr Anjupriya says:

    Rattling sound in chest…always heard the sound while breathing..excess accumulation of mucus in chest,I give ipecac but no relief..and justica adathoda q and eucalyptus q but there is no relief I can seen..plz suggest remedies

  74. AK BISARYA says:

    My mother in law age 87 years is a patient of COPD for 4 years.she has perkinson disease,hypertension.recently she was hospitalised for severe chest congestion wheezing sound and very little qty of mucous comes out.with very little walking she gets short breathless ness which settles down after some test.In the hospital she was treated with antibiotics like merosure injections appears that even after taking antibiotics short breathlessness and wheezing is not cured.
    Kindly suggest some homoeopathic medicines

  75. My 3.5 months old son is having cough and cold from last 1 days and coughing is producing a lot of sound and he is very much uncomfortable and also had 102 fever today. Allopathic Doctor says after seeing the x ray and blood report that there is little infection in his lower respiratory track and advised to go for antibiotic course and cough syrup. Plz advise what treatment is available in homeopathy.

  76. Dr. Faruque says:

    Your site is very good but I don’s a remedy LEDUM PALUSTRE. Please help me.

  77. Abhay Verma says:

    I am an elderly patient, leading a retired life. I have a feeling of mucus (rattling in chest). Expectoration is lot of difficulty. Keep on trying to expectorate the cough mucus but after lot of efforts, sometimes comes out.
    Till it is expectorated not feeling comfortable.

  78. I am suffering seasonal chest congestion since last 15 years. I am 43 years. Last year, I was admitted in hospital and they diagnosed fungal infection of lungs, I am taking regular medicines 10 MCG wysollon. Please tell me permanent treatment of fungal infection in lungs. How long I would have to take medicines and from where. Pl give full details

    • Madan Lal Kaim says:

      Sir,good evening, since last seven months. I am suffering from GB Syndrome chronic disease.I Can’t.move properly ,even difficult to walk due to tingling & numbness in hand & feet. I was hospitalized in 4 hospitals.Is there any treatment in homeopathy my age is 64 years Madan Lal Kaim.

  79. Is there such a remedy as Stram? If so can you tell me what it's used for? I appreciate this opportunity to address you and will look forward to your reply. Thank you very much.Nadine LaVonne in Seattle, USA says:

    I’ve been leading a fairly highly stressful life and in the last month or so I seem to be coughing mucus regularly throughout the day and on into the evening. It doesn’t wake me up. My nose is congested frequently and often running. I have a whole host of remedies, but The description said read don’t seem to fit me. Do you have any further suggestions? I am not a smoker I rarely drink I am almost 79, and normally not sick. I take a lot of supplements and try to make sure I’m healthy. At the first sign of a cold I generally go for aconite. I take easily 4-6000 mg vitamin C every day. I live in a three-story condo building with a central laundry dryer stack. I am at the top. I experienced a lot of stress and breathing of people’s laundry supplies. I didn’t want to breed those toxins, complained a lot and finally seemingly fix the problem with a one-way flapper in my vent. The cough maybe residual from that period, but if that is part of the problem it sure took a hell of a long time for it to resolve been coughing. Is there any possibility that I’ve missed some remedy that I don’t know about? Is there such a remedy as Stram? If so can you tell me what it’s used for? I appreciate this opportunity to address you and will look forward to your reply. Thank you very much.

  80. K. Banerjee says:

    Hello Doctor, I am feeling breathlessness, suffocation while walking and riding stairs and while doing some heavy work but I do not have cough and cold at present. I am aged 70 years male. Although I have suffered allergic Bronchitis cough and cold earlier but I do not have the problem of spasm and asthma anytime in my life. My Pulmonologist doctor has prescribed two types of inhalers and Doxophylline tabs. I am interested to take hoemeo medicine or please suggest hoemeo combination medicine and help me.

  81. Dr Aditya Narayan singh says:

    I am suffering from coughing
    Last year Dr told me that I am asthmatic
    Since 1 month I am taking medicin which is anti allergic and mucolytic but not got full relief

  82. I am suffering from cold n cough. Recently I am also facing problem in breathing. Please advise the medicine accordingly.

  83. dear sir i have green color of sputum come from my throat,I am smoker with 6 or 7 cigarettes per day ,I drink cold water,the color of sputum was white and now is green color.

  84. Shailesh malvankar says:

    I feel chest congestion and expell s transparent mucus after having Asthalin Inhaler. Face problem in cloudy climate much. Doctor gives me Moteleukast.
    Which of the medicines you suggested is most suitable to me. Please
    dosage too.regards.

  85. Arvimd M Torvi says:

    Having breath trouble with nosinsation of smile. Some time gate acidity
    Hard and short couf

  86. i cant spit down from mouth..n my chest on right side litle litle paining…n 1 more think i have not got periods from 3 month …will u plzz suggest me wat shud i do so that i got in periods

  87. Hello dr..I gave my 11 months old baby senega mother tincture , Kali bichromicum, antima tart, drossera…he had cold and local dr had prescribed me thz…but after giving for four days he stopped eating…he doesn’t open his mouth for anything….is it possible that due to medicine he is not eating

  88. Kiran agarwal says:

    Hi need advise on what medicine to take for chest congestion.I am a smoker too.

  89. Sir my mom age 73 in icu…1.liquid and lungs damage she is sufocated in agrbati smoke for 2 years have already heart disease.hypatytus c.suger and blood pressure.her body is not responding as doctor want.plese help to safe her life.she is on oxygen.

  90. Sanjeev walia says:

    DEAR sir
    My son aged 11 is facing some breathless problems FROM 2 years. Normally he is ok but all of a suuden says he is feeling difficult ybin breathing. He also feels suffocating in anbac heating trains. . It happens in a couple of days. While running he feels short of breath. Otherwise he feels normal. TODAY We visited a child spealist today who said it is allergic and tried an instrument to blow air through his mouth. in third attempt he could blow 240 measure whereas as per doctor it shud BB 340. He has just suggested Anti allergic want him to take homeopath if medications. He is swift but thin. His weight is 29 kgs today . please suggest

  91. My mother 73 year old copd , hypothyriodium patient , has cough , plegm and sometimes wheezing for last 1.5 years ,
    Pattren changes now and then
    Now too much phlegm is coming out continously , how to stop phlegm production, please advice.

  92. pramod goyal says:

    I m pramod from Rajasthan .I have infection in breath tube ( soojan and sikudan) .I feel coughing every time and light pressure during breath .I can’t run even for 100 meters .I started coughing and fast breathing after
    I run for 100 meters. Doctor earlier prescribed me levocitrizine and montelucast now another doctor has prescribed me fexofenadine and montelucast but no relief is there with those medicines.please suggest me some medicine for this

  93. Kanika chauhan says:

    My mother is suffering from a severe back pain. This all had happened just because of pukhraj company. One lady came to our house, she has given her a medicine of noni (a type of fruit which is not available in India according to her). So doctor, I request you to please suggest me a medicine as soon as possible. Also due to that medicine, her digestive system is not working well. And I think it has lead to an infection.
    Please help me out as soon as possible. I’ll be very thankful to you.

  94. veena saha says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My husband 57 years, having diabetes to, poor immune, HCV+ but below RNA quantification level, whenever takes ice cream or stay in AC hall for meeting for 2 to 3 hours , his face looks dried, weight decreases, very mild fever with mild hot body and face on touching. After 3 to 4 days he feels mild pressure at left chest when takes deep breathing or sleep by left side. Suggest your opinion and medicine. Thank you.

  95. VIVEK SHARMA says:

    Dr . Sharma
    Last four or five years i have cough problem and wheezing or whistling sound produced during breathing, and i have taken medicine or use pump also some time relief but not permanent pls give some advice

  96. Betsy Beety Babu says:

    I am Betsy. I am writing from Sharjah. I am writing this mail for my son who is seven years old.
    He was having high fever and chest congestion one month before.I gave him allopathic medicines ( 2 bottles of antibiotics and other medicines) and it took more than 2 weeks to get cured . After that slowly his cough also gone .
    But 1 week before when he played outside in the school, again he got cough and chest congestion. I gave him cough syrups. But its not getting cured.
    Now I started giving Antimonium Tart 200. Is that the medicine to be given to him?
    I am waiting for your reply.

    Thanking you

  97. My daughter is 3 yrs plus and she often catches cold which takes a long time to heal, because of which she has developed chest congestion, she ws given anti biotics after which she got better, but again developed the same problem within few days, I am willing to try homeopathic medicine tad it helps a lot in the long run, I m lil worried bcoz last year arnd april she caught pneumonia n had to go through a lot. Pls guide…

  98. Hi there. I have tried to get an appointment with a hoemopath and have had no luck..Thank you for this will def help me in future..i had been giving my daughter the pullsitilla and phos and ant tart with ferrum phos last week..and eventually hepar sulph when it looked like her cough was nearing the end.bu5 this week it has not gotten better..she has been coughing up greenish/yellowish mucous..she coughs and you can hear the mucous rattlimg in her chest a night she has a bit of a girgiling sound wheb she asleep and breathinh..she has a slight runny nose the colour is clear for when it does run.she had a coughing fit other night where she woke up vomitting up not sure what to give her anymore..can i do pullsitillas again with ant tart and ferrum phos at intervals.. Your assistance would be so muchly appreciated..i have this week been giving her immune boost drops my homeopath gave me a while ago and verbecum drops and an immine boost not sure what else to give..

  99. BALBIR Mann says:

    Hi Dr Dharma my grand son who is 19 months old had chest cough since he is born he was 40 days old when he got meningitis first van his luck with this chesty cough that never goes away from him always worse at night-time doctors here in England they won’t give him anything because of his age and we have tried over the counter medicines they don’t do anything to him please help us to diagnose me with something thank you looking forward to for your reply xx

  100. Hello and thank you in advance. I am a 52 year old female. Have sinus infection dripping into chest causing chest congestion with severe constriction and some burning. When I cough it is non productive. My throat is itchy and burning towards the back and down into the wind pipe. Breathing in steam helps. Sinus discharge is little but yellowy green when it is produced and nose is bleeding without much blowing even when sitting next to a humidifier.

  101. rizwana jamsheed says:

    hello please i would really appreciate some help. my mother has high blood pressure and she takes herbesser 60mg two tablets three times a day. (Each tablet contains Diltiazem Hydrochloride B.P. 60 mg.) i want to give my mother crategus mother tincture to strengthen her heart. some one said that hawthrone berries and diltiazem do not mix well. can you help and quide me. thank you


    last couple of days back i am suffering of acute cough & my chest wheezing is continuous along with fever also there.bodyace also persit. i am 54 years old male.

  103. Bhaswati Guha Roy says:

    Kindly explain use of Beryllium Metallicum in chest conditions.

  104. Dr

    I am 33 years old female.. I am suffering with extreme gastritis since last 6 months. Initially was on allopathic medicine, my husband was insisting me to take some medicine without any side effects. So consulted homeo dr from December. But no improvement. Sometimes feeling to change to allopathic as it shows some improvement. But they told I need to take it for life time. I don’t want to suffer with this problem life long. Initially had chest pains. Nw my main worry is with dizziness all the time even after eating. Nt able to lead routine life. I m nt traveling also. Please advice me. My doctor gvn me regular medicine named as Kas special powder and daily pallets twice. Along with this nw he has included one wet dose which he asked to take during dizziness. Nat phos 6 x for bloating whenever I feel. But no change at all. I m literally crying to come out of this. Always feeling tired not able to concentrate on any work or travel outside. Feel like sleeping all the times. Please advice to stay better. I will be greatful.

  105. Debabrata Adhikari says:

    I am having a cough without any mucous & pain in chest except need of more oxygen by increase of inhaling which makes me suffocating . Better when lie down . Any movement , bathing causes suffocation without coughing .A feeling of itching in wind pipes & trachea is felt . Anti gas tabs gives relief in such itching / burning sensation which causes coughing without expectorant followed by suffocation & need for more oxygen supplemented by increased inhale.

    • DR R.N.SAHOO says:

      My wife is suffering from cancer disease high grade bcell non hodkin lymphatic she is under hyper cvad chemotherapy but about 1 month she is suffering from pneumonia due to which air lock type pain in the left chest. Cough worse laying down at night . Plegum is ropy sticky .
      Please prescribe homoeopathy remedy to me
      Dr R.R.N.SAHOO phone 09437683689

  106. Anuradha Suresh says:

    Dear doctor, my daughter 15 yrs of age is asthmatic and also allergic to dust, smoke, pollen etc. Taking homeopathic medicine for 3 yrs now. Because of PMS , allergic symptoms appear leading sometimes to asthma attack. Also has acne and dandruff. Of late hairfall is severe. Taking allopathic treatment for hairfall. Will it react with homeopathic medicine? Is asthma and allergy curable by homeopathy? How long will it take? Her doctor gives medicines as numbered packets, so we don’t know what medicine she gives.

  107. Satish Chand Agarwal says:

    dr saheb my name satish chand agarwal i am 69 years old slim trim but i have 50 year old astma but before 10 month deduct TB & lung fungus infection. i have taken the treatment Appollo Hospital, Dr Virottam tomer and take the treatment good doctors but i have no relief what can i do and how meet personally to feel relief.

  108. i always feel thick mucus in my chest. sometimes it comes from my nose n walks into my throat …it comes all day long but most of it comes when i wake up in the morning. its color is blackish green and very thick.
    i am taking pulsatilla 30 but its not working
    plz suggest something

  109. Yogesh sharma says:

    I Yogesh sharma i have Digonese Abpa Before two month. i have started treatment in alopathic oral cortisteroid with antifungal drugs voriconazole. i have found 70% improvent in my overall life but chest pain is being continuous. when i working hard my chest pain and chest congestion increased and i am also feel very tried. side effect of steroid and antifungal drug also apear. i am sick of them. so please give sugesion for best homopathic madicen. to rectify this problem. i want switch in homopathy because alopathy have lots of side effect.

  110. PRABHAT SHARAN says:

    Dear sir,
    I have taken medicine for Tuberculosis in 2015 for 6 month and cure the disease, from 5 – 6 days
    I am feeling to much coughing. there is no fever and nothing anything, but continuously coughing. what should I do and which homeopath medicine should I take.

  111. Biradar Balaji Hanmantrao says:


  112. G.V.SUDHAKAR says:

    I and suffering with developing of exesive mucus problem with gummy maner colour white and green some times yellow also now I am using Reckwig R49 drops daily 10drops with small water in 3 times a day if any other medicine also should be taaken alonth with this kindly suggest me good medicines and how long i have to use this medicines

    from sudhakar chennai

  113. Angie Vaughan says:

    Hi Dr,
    I have had a cold, stuffy nose, plugged ears, productive coughing fits, and fatigue for over a month. I don’t have a fever but I feel badly. Is there a homeopathic remedy to help? I am 38 yr old female.
    Thank you

  114. rishika lalwani says:

    Dr Sharmaji
    My son is 12 years old….he suffers from chest congestion due to pollution n frequent changes in the weather….his chest congestion gets so severe that he is put on nebulizer for a out 15 days taking dose 4 times a day along with antibiotics….what homeopathic medicine should I give him from the ones mentioned above on the website…..

  115. DONALD C CLARK says:

    Hi ! Dr. Sharma, I’m age 70 now and for about 45 yr. yes 45 yr. I’ve had a problem with MUCUS in my THROAT and need to clear it often ,but seldom by expectorating, I just go “UM,UM,UM (Don’t no the proper word to use at the moment) and i’m okay I DON’T feel mucus in my chest, now I may have asthma and being treated for it because i’m wheezing much more and inhaling more too breathe normally

    NOTE:I was told years ago by a Dr. that the mucus was from my sinusitis draining mucus down the back of my throat and he could’nt help me, so I just lived with it WHAT’S YOUR IMPUTE ON ALL OF THIS ??

  116. Prem Prakash mittal says:

    I requently come in the grip of cough and cold. Mucus generated extraordinarily in the chest, but not come out easily. so suggest homeopathic combination in reckweg, bakson, sbl for keeping the respiratory system perfect.

  117. Sir
    My mother who is around 40,is suffering from chest congestion.whizzing sound comes out while she is breathing,the cough also doesn’t comes i request you to suggest me some remedies for her problem

  118. I have allergy,cold and vizing during winter from Nov to Jan end after there is no problem. how to maintain the body in winter . I have tried on English medicine,Ayurveda medicine it is not help .presently I am taking homeopathy medicine. will it cure…give your valuable suggestion..

  119. Sivaiah Thumala says:

    I have too much cough, chest cold & chest pain, galla also coming in 2 months
    Can you please tell me what is the problem

  120. Dushyant Lambora says:

    Sir , there is pain in my chest on left side for 2 days .
    I think it’s a chest infection . I want to know that
    “Will I have to take a 6 month course?”

  121. Judith Phiri says:

    Dr Sharma,

    Help me Dr. I ve an aged mother who is over 70 Years. She has been complaining of chest problem for years. She has taken antibiotics for several times. After few months the same problems starts.
    We ve been to Govnt clinic,took an x-ray but we were told there was no TB.
    She feels pain on her right side of the rib worse when she does abit of work as part of exercise.
    She feels the chest bubbling,and produces a lot of mucus most of the time.
    2. Her right side of hand and leg pains. Her right leg is heavy to lift. Hence,she walks with a walking stick.
    Please Doctor help me.
    Thank you.

    • Hi sir I am Samantha age 26yrs recently I had severe cough in November and when I got checked through various tests they informed me that it’s a Normal cough and every thing will be alright and in my chest X-ray it was slighly infected they have done various test but finally declared it was a Normal infection in chest and even when I cough I don’t find any mucus it’s a dry cough they just gave me few tablets I was alright again I was good till January but now again I am getting cough but their is no fever and no pain in chest but still I am not able to understand why cough is irritating me alot please suggest me a good medicine from which I can get rid of this cough immediately and improve my health since my marriage is in next Month March 1st week please try to give a good treatment for this

  122. Janice Henderson says:

    Hackley cough ( mostly at night ) white phlegm , chest congestion . Appetite loss . Started 3days ago . Chest is getting sore , burnie from coughing

  123. LIAQAT SHAH BARKI says:

    I am 27 years and my left knee MRI result show that ( Grade III tear in the posterior horn of MM) for which I done orthroscopy by A senior Doctor in jan 2015 but still I feeling pain in this joint spicialy in the superior medial of Tibia bone and espicialy when I do some hard work. When I go to any alophatic doctor he give me pain killer which work for short time so please help me and advice me some homeopathic medicine which can be easily avialable in Pakistan.

  124. My son is over weight ,he sweats alot and snores loudly during sleep. He has difficult breathing during cough He is 18 yrs old.Old suggest some medecines for him.

  125. Hello Sir
    My daughter is 26 month old ..when she was infant she suferred with rsv virus..after that she used to get cold frequently ..I tried so many homeopathy ..I’m not getting any result she a pneumonia with sound from nose her antibiotic then also not reducing fever and congestion I tried homeopathy medicine also ..antibiotic giving from 3 days ..plz help me from this problem ..cannot see my baby coughing frequently

  126. Asipoderma for wheezing

  127. Hellow doctor
    I need your help,I have a son of 27 months old,we live in Geneva,he always suffer from chest congestion during winter,i am tired of giving medicines,can you please suggest me some home remedies or homeopathic medicine for my son.I have notice that when ever we go out, he is worser,it’s cold here and I always cover him well but still he have this chest congestion problem,so, therefore I need your help.
    Thank you

  128. Raghavendra.m says:

    Sir ,good morning. Sir I am suffering from algeric wheezing from past three years. I have taken lot of alopathy medicines till now it is not cured.symptoms of wheezing generally occurs in night.heavy congestion near heart. Nose blockage. Sinus attack.can you please suggest some homeopathic medicines. Thank you sir.

  129. KAUSHAL KUMAR says:

    दही, केला, आइसक्रीम, व अन्य ठंडी चीजे खाने के बाद सबसे पहले नाक से काफी मात्रा में पानी जैसा नाक बहना, यानी सर्दी जैसा जुकाम होना ठीक इसके एक दिन बाद साँसे फूलना, साँस लेना में काफी दिक्कत यानी साँस में काफी खिचाब होना, फेफड़ा का काफी उठना बैठना जैसे निमोनिया हो जाता है । यह बीमारी हर महीने हो जाता है. इसका curable इलाज किया जाना संभव है ।

  130. Dear Doctor
    Myself Sadasiva Sharma, from Hyderabad
    Im a smoker and I smoke around 5-6 cigarettes a day
    recently I have stopped the smoking completely from Oct 2015 and again restarted on Sep 2016
    recently from last 4 days I got a pain at left side lower rib cage back side. I thought it was due to acidity and used some rantac and librax for that
    but not of use now started some pain killers and im sustaining the pain
    now I thought the pain is due to smoking
    copuld you suggest some medicines for this
    im regularly using Lycopodium 1M and Nux vomica 1M weekly once for my acidity prescribed by a Homeo doctor
    Please do the needful

  131. Hi there, I have two children with kartgeners syndrome. They have to do saline nebulizers twice a day. I find it really difficult to do this 4 times a day and my children hate this. One child is 2 and the other five.
    Their lungs cillia does not perform like that of a normal person and there mucas is very thick like glue and without saline it stays in the chest; which can caus infection.
    Is there any thing you can, please recommend.

  132. I have chest congestion problem with dry cough and wheezing on breathe specially in winters… Some times it worsens…….. Docters suggest me bromium 30… Plesase give me your advice for better result

  133. Mrs Asha David says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I wonder if you could help me as I suffer with chesty cold,I am told my immune system is low so I catch infection quickly.I am a nurse practitioner and I come incontrovertible with public and if someone has got a cold I will catch it and it goes onto my chest.Everytime I have a cold Iend up having antibiotics which is not good,I am given inhalers and bronchodilators and was told I suffer with asthma.Please help me.Thank you.

  134. Hello Doctor, I am writing from Nigeria. I have had this terrible cough, all of a sudden, it started disturbing me. At first I was diagnosed and told it was Bronchitis, a condition I think I might have contracted in the period when I was into active sporting.
    Running into years now, I intermittently experience this cough which on its concentration gives me sleepless night. And after receiving injections, will start coughing up yellowish phlegm and the expulsion of thick of cattarhs. Of a more serious concern is the interminable mucus and sneezing on almost every day.
    This daily experiences though, producing transparent and sticky mucus gives me serious concern. I have not, since years, boast of dry nostrils without the blowing of catarrh.
    Please you have gotta help. I’m really committed to the permanent healing of this goddamned visitor. God bless you Sir as I anticipate your response.

  135. Sir . my name is Jishnu . I have lots of mucus in my chest .when I coughing it not coming out .and my nose is blocked I have breathing problems. For it please tell some advise and quick remedies.

  136. My mother a patient of Alhziemer and 80 yrs old. Having sugar and faces chest congestion when the Oxygen level fall drastically from 95-94 to 87-88-89. Nebuliser Duolin +Butecord administer twice together in 24 hrs alongwith Steam for three times in 24 hrs.
    Pls advice and suggsst what are the remedies available in Homeopathy.

    • I have had bronchitis regularly in last 10 years. I have now developed rhinitis for which gp prescribed a spray. I also have a rattle chest..worse T night or damp conditions. Doc said chest clear. Want to know what homeopathic remedy to take. Thanks

  137. Nahal zreika says:

    Hi I’ve had phlegm and wheeze on and of the past 6months but the mucus is constant all day everyday tried all medication and puffers and nothing workers and done chest x-Ray it’s all clear doctors don’t know what it’s from and it’s effecting my daily life !plz help

  138. shahbaz khan says:

    Dear sir/madam.
    I am 26 year old male.i have been suffering from vitiligo,breathlessness,and cold allergey.
    1.During winter i suffer from cold and my nose get sensitive if i sleep under fan.(due to accident there is fracture in my nose and that fractured bone pains during winter.).it happens every year and whenever if climate changes to cold.
    2.the breathing problem started from last 8 year,initially it was very minor and happen only if i laughed hard.i dint take it serious. Later when i started smoking the problem arises more frequently even if sneeze , breathlessness starts. I have asthalin enhaler which fix this for short time.
    3.i am.patient of vitiligo from last 18 year. It not spreading rapidly but very slow.i have patches on my legs ankles,both hand palm,finger. And small patches on my various body parts. I have consulted to various dr. From ayurvedic treatment to allopathy and then homoeopathy. At present i am taking treatment from homoeopathy.
    Please suggest any cure for my illness and specially the breathing problem.

  139. Dear Dr Sharma

    I have a debilitating chesty cough and am wheezing really badly, particularly reclining, during sleep or when I am trying to sleep. I keep waking myself up because my wheezing is so noisy. It’s quite alarming and sounds like several kittens mewing!! The cough comes in bouts and during a bout of coughing, it sometimes gets so bad that I gag and sound as though I am going to vomit.

    [Apologies here for the unpleasant topic but] I’m finding it difficult to bring up any mucus, but feel that I need to in order to relieve my chest/lungs and wheezing. On the few occasions I have managed to, it has been either almost clear or pale yellow, sometimes more ‘opaque’ than others.

    I researched homeopathic remedies and, as a result, have been taking Hepar Sulph for the past couple of days (2 x 30c pillules every 2 hours for the first day, as instructed on the packaging) but my chest feels terribly infected; the wheezing is almost constant and I am scared to cough, because doing so has given me a headache, neck ache, my [neck] glands feel swollen and I feel terribly sore all over, generally.

    I did see my doctor 2 weeks ago, with a rash on my neck and also explaining that I wheeze and cough a lot but he totally ignored the wheezing/coughing and only treated the rash! I now have no faith in GPs and am turning to homeopathy instead.

    I’m feeling so terribly unwell right now that I’m in tears and feel quite desperate. I live alone, have no-one to help me, and don’t feel well enough to do anything, including feeding myself. I truly hope you will be kind enough to suggest something I can do to relieve this please.

    Thank you in anticipation.


  140. bishan singh says:

    Dr, sahab men bishan singh age 54 years . Patchy pnuemonitis in posterior basal segment left lower lobe (find out by CT scan) se lagbhag three months se suffering kar raha hun. bahut medicine khane ke bad bhi koi improve nahin hai. Prezent men left chest ke upar burning aur continue pain rahata hai jo night men bar jata hai. ECG report normal hai. Blood reports bhi normal hai. Chest men tightness aur khichao rahata hai pet men gas bhi banti hai aur dry caughing hoti hai mocus bahut kam quantity aur black colour ka ata hai short breathing hoti hai aur puri body men khichao hota hai. Let side ke law aur hath men jhajhanahat jaisa feelling hota hai jaise parlyse men hota hai. jada garami aur jada cold bhi sahan nahi hota hai
    Bahut weakness hai aur pet saf nahi hota hai. Old doudinul ulcer bhi hai.

    • Himanshu Maheshwari says:

      Respected Dr. Sharma all symptoms are like bishan singh (step. 9). but mucus comes light yellow or white. Left Side feels painful shoulder n neck n chest. body par small til bante he Jo shuru me Lal kuch time bad kale ho jate he left side me dhudhlapan bhi feel hota he. C.T. Enzyografy me heard OK. he . 43 year old

  141. jill wheatley says:

    I had a terrible allergy attack – where I live, Georgia the pollen now is very high. I believe I have a chest infection as I can sort of smell it when I cough (yuck) nose is completely blocked. I prefer not to use anti biotics, please advise!!
    Thank you so much

  142. V.V.subbarao says:

    Dear Doctor Sab,

    1. I am a coronary heart Disease patient. Taking English medicines and surviving. Is there any Homeo medicine which will clear my blocked arteries?

    2. I have severe phlegm problem. I bring it out with a great difficulty straining my throat and lungs. Can this be cleared with Homeo medines?

    Kindly suggest if possible branded combination medicines.

  143. Dear Sir
    This is quite peculiar
    I smell an odd smell like burnt wet stuff and sometimes I smell car fumes ,at first I thought it was my dog because there is nothing like the aforementioned in my home …. but then I realized it is me smelling this smell that does not exist, and I have every morning a ball of thick sticky whitish stuff that I cough up.
    I am 72, take no meds or pills am active and happy…. oh I smoke a little ….
    Any help would just be great!

  144. Deepak Adhikari says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,

    I am suffering from Hitus Hernia.
    I have restricted my food intake in small quantities.

    my symptoms are:-
    Due gases there is breathing problem and difficulty in breathing . I have checked that otherwise I do not have any nose or other sinus related problems.
    Recently in addition to this I am facing Phlegm problem.

    After I have my lunch or dinner when I lie down on bed the thick mucus comes up the throat and i can not breath. The phlegm is so thick and sticky that when i pull it from the mouth it streches like a rubber band.
    kindly suggest me something in homeopathy.
    I have lost sleep in this process.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    Deepak Adhikari

  145. Hello Dr.
    My son s facing wheezing problem wen severe cold affects him.. I tried English medicine for past one and half yr. But he s still same.. not gaining wait too.he s 4 yr now.. can we treat n homeo.. how long a shud take treatment. Is any fud restrictions while taking treatment homeo.. pls help me.. thanks.

    • Dr.sharma,
      My son is 12yr old.he is suffering with wheezing, caugh .he is having burping problem also which is recently developed.he is taking nebulization of levolin and budacort.which are temperarly giving relief.he is having this wheezing problem since 5 to 6 years.really I fedup of these allopathic medicince.please suggest me homeo medicine.thank u

  146. HI Dr. Sharma,

    I get into wheezing when ever I get cold. It starts with running nose and sneezing on first day and end up with wheezing on second day when infected. I had been getting wheezing right from my childhood and take medicines. At normal times as well when I don’t have cold or wheezing , I sometimes get difficulty when I eat lot or when I laugh for long and try to clear out my throat. I would like to know if it can be cured completely so I don’t get wheezing at all in future. Please let me know.


  147. Tania Williams Otutaha says:

    Hi, I have been suffering asthma all my life. Melbourne weather seems to trigger it more than the New Zealand weather. I have had an extremely difficult rattly cough for over 8 months. Steroids antibiotics all do nothing. I am on seretide as a preventative. Your remedies sound good. The first one sounds like it will help my symptoms. I do have mucus and have been coughing it up. I do cough more in the cold air and lying down for bed can bring on coughing fits. Sometimes coughing and coughing and then gagging but not vomiting. Any suggestions would be great. Your first remedy sounds good. Is it a liquid and do some pharmacies stock it?

  148. RVISWANATHAN says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks, for suggesting good homeo medicines list depending on the situations for this complaint.
    My wife aged 63 years is having Asthmatic complaint quiet a long time. The complaint persists with her on and half depending only on stress and seasonal changes and other allergic senses like dust, smoke etc. Especially, during Peak summer she experiences this complaint more with sweating and breathing problems. she uses inhaler and asthalin tab(2mg) only when she has severity. she actively does her daily house hold routine but little bit weak due to age factor. She is a teacher by profession(still working). Kindly advise me the right medication of homeopathy and how it treats this complaint.On normal condition she takes some sort of Home remedies for this condition. Hope, this is only a free advise from your side no cost for my post(comment).If so please ignore this.

  149. Hymopysis disease stop bleeding name of medicine and dose

  150. See Sir my age is 76 I am a super parent know I am suffering from asthma as I use to work in Stone crusher please suggest

  151. hello sir my son is 1yr and 5 months every time when the weather changes he has problem of cough,wheezing chest and breathing difficulty at times which medicine should i give him to prevent from all this. moreover allopathic treatment is usually given to him with many antibiotics since birth and I am very upset with this. please suggest some homeopathic medicine to treat his problem permanently…

  152. rajwin singh says:

    my father age55 was suffering from tb it was treated in long duration.
    now all tb reports are negative smear culture are all negative. but in x-ray threre is fungal in left lung.. there is regular bleeding from coughing lots of blood. doctor said there is no treatment for this rather than surgery..
    so please suggest me homeopathic remedy… m getting no solution sir please help.. please. love my papa very much..god bless u.

  153. good article thank you. I need help getting rid of a lingering congestion in my chest with clear or white mucus expecterated a little per day and a bit run down feeling. i got this cold almost one month ago and it has dwindeld to this but i just cant kick it. Any help much appreciated

  154. Roy callaghan says:

    Hello Dr
    I have been suffering with a chesty, very productive cough for 2 plus years. I have seen various consultants and not one have found a reason or successful medication for my continual coughing.
    I am 81 years old and apart from the cough am a very fit and healthy person. I do not cough when I
    am sleeping or not so much in the early morning but during the rest of the day and evening I have very bad coughing fits. It is ruining whatever life I have left and I can’t believe there is nothing which could
    help me. I inhale steam twice each day and have a Clenil Modulite inhaler but the cough remains.
    My wife also taps my back to try to release the mucus. Please could you help me – I am getting desperate

  155. D. Rajashree says:

    Hello doctor,
    I have been suffering from cough since 15 days , devoloped into wheezing, congestion, rapid heart beat, breathless feeling, while I cough getting mucus along with some spitting , normal white in Color , I am taking allopathic treatment but very polytheism relief, taking nabulizAtion prescribed by a experience d general physician in Hyderabad, was trying if I can search some homeo for me , where I saw ur no , pls do the needy fr me

  156. My daughter is 7 yrs every yr when the weather changes she has problem of cough wheezing which medicine should i give her toil prevent from all this

  157. Dr/Er S.D.Badrinath says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma-ji,

    I have worked atleast 20000km of National Highways and state highways.The work nature is to supervise Stone crushers,Asphaalt and poisionous ffumes from hotmix plant.Now last 2 years stopped Highway work.I use to do exercise and with 72 years troubling life,day by day my breathing problem increasing and certain times i lose faith that i will live or not.Greatest PULmonologists,All antibiotics, now iam resistant to antibioticsbecause every doctor suggests,Now it has been stopped,Now inhalers have been prescribed.I donot feel better.All allergic,antihistamines were now over.Atlast iswitched over to Ayurvedic.No effect at all.
    When you have born, one doctor says that everybody born with Cysts in the lungs.Hence phelugum,Breathing problems.I cannot climb up stairs.I cannot walkup for 50 feet.Iam getting gasping.Wheezing.Do i have a life.Doctors say lie.I will live 100 years.Only with phelugum.Can you in the country who else can treat me.I have done much work for the society.This is enough to stop my breath.Atleast lacs of people remember me.I worked toughest places in the world.Still with all these iam working with counting minutes.I practised Homopathic and have a knowledge.No use.Now what Dr.Sharma can suggest.If iam alive that is for the society.If i die it is food for microorganisms.Iam puzzled with this kind of medical language.Do you want to tryfor known disease wheezing,Blocking lungs,Allopino tubes.

  158. Charlotte Seals says:

    I have this rattling in my chest. I cannot expel the mucous. I do not have asthma. I have been given antibiotics and I still have the problem. I am 63 years old.

  159. amar singh says:

    Potency has not mentioned in all the medicine, which is must please Tell potency of bryonia alba,senega and natrum sulph.

  160. dear sir,

    my hubby is a smoker and i am looking for some medicines for cleaning and detoxifying lungs.

  161. Dear Dr. sharma,
    My 2 year old has just completed a course of antibiotics for a chest infection. These haven’t done much at all. She has suffered with her chest since she was born, seems to be her weakness.
    I have started to give goats products instead of dairy.
    Are there any homeopathy remedies which can help? Her cough is worse at night and rattles a bit.

    Many Thanks

  162. Nvs Murthy says:

    Dear Sir,
    Iam a smoker since at the age of 20 years to till now, present my age is 50 years , last two months i am suffering with phlegm in throat and chest (it is not coming out and irritation in throat) .Earlier i used senega mother tincher and Combination of Blatta-Ocinum-senega mother tincher also , but present i am not getting any relief after using two medicines also, kindly suggest any good medicion get relief from phlegm. Please kindly suggest good medicine for me .
    Nvs Murthy

  163. Hello Dr SharmaI have copious amts of clear mucus as post.nasal drip. It lodges at the back of my throat like post nasel drip.
    I would be telieved if you could help

  164. Rohit kumar says:

    Sir, o got problem with lung left side and water is freeze in lung is there any solution in homeopathic to remove the water. thanks RohitKumar delhi,age 43 and wt is65.

    • Basharat ahmad says:

      Hello sir, i am 30 years old and i am a smoker,from last few months i feel like congestion in my chest, at night its very difficult to me for breathing whizzing sounds come from my chest and then it starts dry cough.
      Then i take hot water or room temperature water and then get some relief from congestion. And also its very difficult to me for taking ive cream cold drinks etc
      Plz help me sir

  165. B. N. Bhattacharya says:

    My left nose sometimes stops and my left ear stops and aches. My chest then has uneasiness. I feel there is a connection among the three. I feel weak then. When I am out of the congested town and in the open nature. I am ok. Pollution perhaps. I am 78+ but no BP, normal cholesterol. I don’t take generally any allopathy medicine except Urimax for prostrate inflammation. It doesn’t interfere with any medicine whether allopathic or homeopathic. I am generally a vegetarian but take good fish. I feel troubled when I take curd at night. Will you help me.

  166. Rajeswari says:

    My wife age 30years she is suffering with chest and left hand pain, visited more cardilogiest but didn’t cure all are said only muscle pain give me pain killers relief 3 or 4 days only. Try to in homeopathic medicine also but not relive pain suffering till to-date. Used
    Homeopathic : rustox 200,broyina

  167. Parth Gupta says:


    My son is 10 yrs has chronic congestion since birth. During early years he has severe chest whistling n tweezing sounds accompanied by constant cough & lots of demand for water intake.
    While coughing he would sit up due to short of breath accompanied by vomitings n many a times
    loose stools too. Early mornings, immediately after getting up from bed, he would vomit with lot of transparent threads of sticky foamy mucus.

    As he is growing, it is little better but catches infection in very short intervals. I have to be extra cautious about his diet. Presently he is showing the same above symtoms with heavy eyes, headache, drowsiness & lethargy.

    Kindly help my child to permanently overcome
    this disease.

  168. Dear Dr Sharma

    I have a cough and wheezing which feels as though it is coming from my throat. Sometimes it disapears completely, then can come on out the blue. I had a chest X ray that was clear. I am not sick but this gets me down. I am 68 and otherwise in good health.

    Thank you

  169. Debasis Ghosh says:

    Respected Sir,
    My wife age about 45 hears, suffering acute chest pain problem since last 2 years. In this connection this is to intimate you that she has also very much allergic problem. At that time itching is started to her all body parts and it is marked that at that time her heart pain is started. Her Hemoglobin is also fall down i.e. 8 now, after taking iron injection at present it is 10. She has also blood sugar. After starting medicines it is come down 115-105. Please give me instruction what type of medicines I will use for her cheat pain. I have given Tonicard at the time of her cheat pain.

    Soliciting the favour of you.

  170. syed muhammad qasim says:

    Great job.
    we must add lying aggravation ipeac, grindel, digit, sulf and setting aml bry, n.s, child, puls

  171. J Perera says:

    Hi, my 4 month granddaughter has had a choking cough for at least 6 weeks, she was taken to a&e and prescribed antibiotics but the choking cough still persists, she gets very distressed as does her family. She seems to choke mainly after milk actimil, we have tried her on soya but no change she still coughs. She has a rattle when you wind her back, her sleep is disturbed by this, but afterwards she is happy.

  172. rajneesh says:

    My wife ihas beensuffering with blood stains in cough for a weak.on examination ,pa view of chest x ray suggest nothing abnormal.pns for sinus suggests hazy frontal and maxillary sinusitis. Esr is 56 ,e colie infection in urin and a patient of hypothyroidism. Please suggest remedy to stop blood stain and relief from the problem.

  173. H/Dr. Arif Mahmood says:

    thank you very much Dr Sharma Sahib for prescribed all medicine with sign and symptoms,
    please send me your 100 % result which founded by the patient’s on your experience.
    which i use in my clinic for patients

    Dr. Arif Mahmood
    0092 334 7318051

  174. I have flu and blocked nose and chest infection problem dr said this is elergy ,now I feel short breathing .and my voice is not clear ,

  175. Hi doctor,
    My friend is having the problem of this black mucus coming from his saliva like dust particles in saliva.he used to smoke a lot before,he got a problem in breathing. On doctors advice he stopped smoking a year before and using puff when he feels difficult in breathing.even though he stopped smoking he is going through this problem of black mucus.he was under homeo medication later he stopped it.sometimes suddenly he will suffer from running nose and continuos sneezing.can u please suggest me the remedy for his problem. Is there permanent cure for this black mucus and difficult in breathing. Is there any homeo treatment for this problems,Please suggest me with a remedy.Thank you.

  176. Halo Doctor..

    I wanted to ask for my dad who is now 72 and has constant prolonging cough and congestion..throughout the day. No cold or blocked nose..He spits out maximum the sputum but still prevails and no change in it. He is taking antibiotics and taking steam but any other quick remedies we can think or you can suggest we can do. Please reply soon and if any other clarifications please do ask me.

  177. Lubowa richard says:

    My child since birth is strugling with continueus mucus ,cough at cold weather.always catches new flue.wheezing chest…

  178. Dr. Sharma
    I am Dilip Chakarvorty age 60 years old. I when sleep on bed after some time found heavy sound on the take of wheezing. i could not identify why the badly noise to me as regular. My wife fasted the above noise.
    So I request to you may kindly prescribed good medicine for same decease. Thanks.

  179. Rpsuppal says:

    Cold and phlegm for 4 months. Antibiotics steroids temporary relief

  180. anis ur rehman says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am a permanent patient of nasal dropping when stopped then breathing problem started. In morning light orange color mucus spit out . Please guide me.

  181. Hello Dr.Sharma ,
    My mom is recoverying from stroke , her right side is affected , she is back from hospital 5 days ago , there is a wheezing almost all through the day , more in the mornings & nights with difficulty in breathing . Steam inhalation with tulsi & camphor gives temporary relief . Request you to suggest medicine for her as soon as you can please .



    Dear Sir,

    My father is suffering from lung infection, since 40 to 50 yers, At the age of 15-16 he got TB, then his right side lung failed to work, treatment taken by homeopathy, from last 4 years it is becoming sever day by day, he is 85 yer old, now we are treating by alopathy, 8 days, 15 days ,when medicine course completes, he get trouble again, he get breathing problem, while, walking,bathing, sleeping, sitting, standing.

    Kindly help me sir..

  183. Dear sir,

    There is a specific lung problem that is basically impossible to treat via conventional medicine, namely inhalation of asbestos. Do you know of homeopathic treatments that might actually remove asbestos fibres from the body?


  184. Basant Bala pawar says:

    Respected sir please sir help me – my mother is 78 year old and my father was passed away before 5 years I have 2 brothers they live in same city separately and they not take care of my mother even 1% so please help me and I keep my mom in good health. My mom is 78 year old and she is suffering from 40 years in diabetes and last month Feb she sudden bad effect of bronchiectasis and I hospitalised for 5 days and dr give allopathy one month treatments.i read that bronchiectasis is not curable and my mom is diabetic so tell me the best treatment of Homopathy so I can keep to my mom in good condition

  185. nizam mirza says:

    Sir when I am 14 age that time I have TB but I complete my course and I ok now but I need go to abroad for work but in medical in my chest doctor found one dot on lungs I get medical failed he say u unfeet for abroad u not go their sir how can I remove that dot plz give me any medicen or any lazer treatment plz reply me sir

  186. Manas Mukherjee says:

    Mera chest ka middle mein and right side kabhi kabhi left side mein sui phorne ka tarah dard hoti hain…lekin jab mein body ko move karta hoon daya taraf toh cest ka middle wala hissa fut-ta hain pit pit awaj aati hain toh dard automatic thik ho jaati hai…lekin sans lene mein koi taklif nehi hain…aur haan upper back
    Mein bhi dard hota hain…khula hawa achha lagta hain..yea 1 saal se ho rahi hain kya dawa le please suggest sir.

  187. Collins Amaugp says:

    Dear Doctor,
    the symptoms spelt out for number 2 drug ie Arsenic album best describe my condition.Pls where and how can I get the drug? I am a Nigerian.

  188. Martin Pereira says:

    Hi ! Sir
    I was suffering from severe cough for over a month and a half. I am relieved of my cough with some antibiotics, but I still have some mucus gathering at my throat when I wake up in the morning. I am 68 years of age, in good health. I never in my entire life had such a long spell of cough, and they were far and few and would last a week at the most. I even feel a slight whistling in my breath while lying down, but it disappears when I rise.
    I live in Bangalore for the past 2 years, earlier I used to live in Chennai.
    I would appreciate if you could prescribe some homeopathic medicine for my condition.
    Thank you
    Martin Pereira

  189. Madesha B M says:

    Hello sir, I am madesha, I have weezhing, during breathing zui sui sound will come.

    Starting i took homeopathic medicine, i was feel good. My frnd told english medicinr u will get relief fastly anf completely.but I took English medicine, now I am switching to homeopathy, is there any problem sir.

    Thanking you

  190. Prashant Kumar says:

    Sir I have asthma, diabetes and frequent lung fungal infection due to mould allergy, also called ABPA, while my asthma and diabetes remains controlled through allopathic medicines, I am very disturbed because of the drequent lung infections, i am currently taking steriods and anti fungal medicines for treatment, my ige counts are very high. Can ABPA be cured or managed through homeopathy

  191. May 26yr hu may job raatko sojatihu tab saslene keliye taklif hotihai or underse ak wistle aati hai or meranind tutjati hai or sathme kansivi hotihai par batthnese ghat jatihai ye cold whether me jayda hotihai par khasnese cugh nehi aati hai pls kuch medicen prescribe kijiye pls

  192. Sagar varma says:

    I always feel some time tiet my chest and loaded head
    1rest in sitting
    Trouble in walking

  193. I am suuffering from bronchitics for 10 year. I am been taking homeopathy medicine for 3 years, but even I am not getting well. My major problem with my health is excess cough and difficulty in breathing with doing some work.

  194. zdfghwrstkyg b

  195. Gurdev singh says:

    Respected sir.. I am suffring from Ir regular cough. My x ray reoort is not clear. There are some marks.
    What should be done?? I am taking homeopathic medicine.but result is not so good.

  196. Mohd Jishan Alam says:

    I m zeeshan from Lucknow
    Block cough removing any medicine and cough syrup
    Please tell me


  197. My father is 91 years of age and has phlegm and due to his age has difficulty in throwing out. The color of phlegm is white and is like thread. While sitting he seems to be fine but at night while sleeping I could hear rattling sound. He takes cortisone for bullousphemfogoid an autoimmune disease of skin and sinemet for Parkinson and cardorone for heart. He has gone through stroke in 2004. I would appreciate if you could guide the homeopathic medicine for phlegm.

  198. S. RICHARD RAJ says:

    Dear Dr.,

    Your blog is a beacon in distress detailing sure-shot medicines that even a layman can feel comfortable with. As one deeply interested in homeopathy and practicing successfully among my family members, the first choice in any illness, y0ur blog is of very great support, a stepping stone to learning more about those medicines you list out. God bless you doctor and your yeoman service to homeopathy.

  199. Suresh Deshmukh says:

    I am of 58 & i hv to take out cough every morning & if mucus is in excess then hometing sensetion is there so any permanent solution? so will u pls!

  200. Youdhastet kumar says:

    Sir I am from Daharki Sindh Pakistan my son 3 months old he is suffering from chest congestion since one week please suggest the homeopathic remedies

  201. ayesha arshad says:

    Hello sir
    My son is 9.3 years old….he has chest congestion from last few days….much rattling of mucous in chest while coughing….breath is normal…..cough while laughing….and now there is right earache….pain is throbbing, shooting and sharp….i gave him kali. Bich 30 for earache….he is feeling better….but m worried about congestion…plz suggest me better option….m giving him anti. Tart and hepar. Sulph 30…
    i m homoeo- physician…..

  202. Bipin sinha says:

    Mujhe ak mhina se jyada cough hai har tarh ka medicine use kiya at present mere right side chest main halka halka bharipan aur pain evening main mahsus hota hai morning main right chest bhari lagata aur khansne par thora white cough nikalta hai

  203. Hello Sir,
    I am having a chest jam since 1 month and gets difficulty in breathing along with a whistle sound.And it happenns frequently in 2 months since last 3 years,specially in wintet.
    Can you please help me to guide about the treatment.


  204. suraj gautam says:

    sir my father suffer from idiopathic lung fibrosis after 1year .symptom shortness breathing white sputum productive cough ratling no chest pain no weight loss .wose by motion relief by rest and lying down any side

  205. Umashankar Saw says:

    I have chest congeson problem from last 3 years, its occurs suddenly, with deep sound only in right side lungs. I taking homeopathy medicine from last 3 years too. But still geting congetion very frequent on evey alternative week. Please help me


  206. Dhiraj Singh says:

    I have a chest congestion for 2-3 years with whistling sound, and nasal problem with ears close for almost 1 and half months now, what should I do to get rid of this….”

  207. Dhiraj Singh says:

    I have a problem of chest co

  208. Gaynor Ball says:

    Hello, I’m currently suffering with a viral chest infection (usually get it once a year) & I just wondered if there is anything I can take before it gets too bad, as in the next time I feel like it’s starting up can I take something to not make it so virulent? It really has wiped me out this time!

  209. I am suffering from breathing trouble for few years and taking allopathic medicine The problem particularly in winter. Recently I visited musings home Doctor advised to take nebuliser. But last few days I am suffering from breathing,fever and cough sometimes body pain.Kindly advice me can I be relieved from these troubles.
    Thanking you,

  210. This is the problem I am facing for the last few yrs.Particularly in winter season.Recently I have visited a nursing home advice by Dr.But was using Nebuliser I was little bit ok. But about 3-4 back I am suffering from Temp.cough and breathing trouble. Kindly advice me how can I relieved from permanently. Thanking a you,
    K. P. Nandi

  211. Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 63 yrs old. I am a professional singer and have been learning music for quite some years. Since 2012 I have been suffering from chronic chest congestion and blocked sinuses due to which my bice affected and I am unable to sing . It choked my voice and my ears feel blocked and filled with water and air. In the morning I cough up thick sticky phlegm.
    I suffer from high acidity and I am on allopathic prescribed medicine Called ‘Omenoprozol’ (generic for Pre Losec). I also take Lipitor for cholesterol and Gabapentine ( generic for neurontrin) for sedation in nerves. I was in a car wreck and that is why doctors prescribed these medicines.
    It will be very much appreciated if you would please suggest some concrete and fast homeopathic remedy/medicine to clear this congestion so I can have my clear voice back without any side effects
    Thank you
    P Sirohi (Pushpa)

  212. Ranjeet yadav says:

    Sir ,my mother have recently 6 month later copd he was admitted in hospital on every month ,he was lots ofcoughing in mucus every day he was coughing doctors say that he was on oxygen 16-18 hours aday (ltot) he was lack of breathing every day and recently in his co2 can develop so, sir please tell me is the well treatment of this disease in homeopathy my mother age is 46

  213. My 2 year old son has had 2 chest infection in the last 6 weeks and been prescribe antibiotics both times.
    I’m really concerned that if he is prescribe antibiotics each time he get a chest infection that he will just get immune to them.
    Is there homeopathic remedies to help instead of antibiotics.

  214. Binod Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I always feel difficulty in breating. The doctor prescribed me rotohaler for 15 days and then onto some anti allergic medicines. I felt relief initially but the symptoms persists. Kindly guide.

  215. B K MISHRA says:

    Please let me know if ILD is curable by homeopathy.If so what are the medicines. A lady senior citizen is in distress.

  216. farai selestino gwezere says:

    i always feel thick mucus in my chest sometimes it comes from my nose n walks into my throat …i cant eat because of the mucus n i always feel lyk vomiting

  217. Hi sir
    My chest blocked always by bulgum
    Still5 year ago always coming bulgum by my mouth any noese

  218. I Don't Believe biieve in Big Pharma... says:

    What’s “YOUR” research say about GcMAF ?
    Thank You Both.

  219. Bob Klingensmith says:

    bad cough in the am can hardly catch my breath looking for a natural remedy thnx

  220. ch Govinda Rao says:

    Sir doctor garu my my problem is a very frequently 3 or 4 month’s suffering from cough and cold and throught souring & asthma type of berthing disturbance and winter season complete problem my age 47 years & iam working in vskp stell plant in dust zone.My complaints thyroid normal range gastric & back pain.present iam used the tablets daily thyronarm .25 mcg Raso 20 & Homeio medicine with homeopathy doctor suggested medicine but temporary relif not permanent. Please permanent solution from bronchitis & cronic cough & breathing problems . Thanking you sir

  221. Dr.Ali Mohammad says:

    I am here in Chicago.It is very unpredictable weather .
    But I am used to this for the last 25 years here.
    I have COPIOUS thick PHELGM through the NIGHT
    For the last five years.I HAVE TRIED PHOSPHOROUS,
    NUX,bryonia etc etc etc etc etc u name it.
    I am 75 years old ONLY and am MEDICAL
    My CBC,TSH,A1c is 100% ok.

  222. AALOES 6
    pl let me know how they are useful

  223. Taking puls200 3ml thrice daily for cough and cold. Now still cough in night time still continues.while sleeping whistling sound is coming.what will be the cause and what is the correct remedy this is for 7year old boy

  224. suffering from shortness of breath for 15 days. No cough sofar. mucus in throat troubling me. Often nose not free. No passage of air.
    Ipecac 6 and Natrum mur 6 using. but no improvement.
    ECG and Chest X ray normal. ESR 32. Esonophil 7
    Complete blood picture normal
    I am 63 . hyper tension and Diabetis are under control
    I request to advice me Homeo medicine

  225. Shrinidhi Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I experience pain on each inbreath and outbreath with chest tightness just behind the sternum or centre of chest. My breath is very short and shallow as a result. I have a BP of 150/90 due to this lack of oxygen. A visit to a lung specialist showed possibility of inflamed windpipe.
    If I take an inhaler puff to loosen the tightness in the chest, then immediately the BP drops to 137/85. Or again if I do a brisk walking ( first few minutes there is pain in breathing which then subsides) for 45 mins, there is rapid breathing due to which oxygenation occurs better and again BP immediately drops to 135/85 or so. Later when the oxygen wears off or the drug in inhaler wears off the tightness returns and BP returns back to a stable 150/90 once again.

    Please let me know if homeopathy can help me cure the breath issue and hence the BP issue.

    Many thanks.

  226. Fahema Zubair says:

    I am kidney patient and on dialysis two time in a week but now a days i am suffering from lungs infection . My left lung has infected very badly from enomoina and pus and cough are coming from it by a drain . It has a lots of pain please suggest me what i do ..

  227. Darshani punekar says:

    Bypass surgery is done on my father on 11/09/15 but due to lung infection he was incubated and not able to breath he was on venty and after 1 and 1/2 mnts he is out of danger but still small patch of pneumonia is shown in xray and scan report. still some breathing problem is there pl suggest some homeopathy medicines.

  228. gourisankar pal says:

    sir in contact with cold & cold air i oftenly feels chest tightness & dryness. at that time difficulti swallowing arise…. some time vomits after eatting at that time.. some time fells liquid flow in my ear. Also difficulti breathing arise. please help me.

  229. disha sachdeo says:

    hi my daughter is suffering from lower respitory lung infection, she is having severe dry cough and has also alergic to smoke kindly suggest

    • Dear Sir,

      My Grand daughter aged 22 months got a cold. Shall be glad to know medicines to be given at different stages i.e. at starting stage, when there is white discharge and when there is little cough including the potency of the medicine and number of drops / pills to be given.

      I prefer to give Homeo Medicines and prefer to keep the above medicines at home at home so that at the starting time itself the same can be given.

      Looking for a reply from your kindself.
      Thanking you,


  230. mir mushtaq says:

    Sir my one month baby is suffering from consolidation of left lung and is from 25 days in ICU at children hospital srinager kashmir
    Mero and vancomycin for three weaks but find little relexation please and please do some help and recomond somthing

  231. very informative remedies for having problem in chest congestion I will try doctor please help me more to gain more wisdom from your gifted knowledge so I can help my family ,friends and community to overcome their health problems .i swear to GOD , I will share this natural homeopathic remedies of course with your name involved so that they will recognize your great medicines that will heal and cure them totally and enjoy the life with their loveones.

  232. Dinesh Sukale says:

    I am having cough for last six months. It started with a very strange sneezing habit.
    Once started sneezing, it was producing 15-20 sneezes within 5 minutes. After hour or two everything
    was getting normal as no one would believe that i am having cold and sneezing.
    Also, while sneezing my tooth root were starting paining.
    Coughing is also not regular. I am having coughing for only 1-2 hours daily. Otherwise everything is normal. Mucus is getting generated in small qty and white colour.
    In sleep, no coughing.
    Please guide what kind of problem is this? and if it can be cured with homeopathy.

  233. I am suffering from ILD (interstitial lung disease) and taking streiod for last three years. If there any permanent treatment in homeopathy. If yes than please inform me.

  234. debajyoti bhattacharyya says:

    amr galla khub batha dok gilte gele lagce cough atke atke jache kan batha galate khete gele dokh gilte lagce

  235. vipin tiwari says:

    I am male,25 year old.
    the problem is cough last one year increasing. if I do any hard work so I don’t take free breathing and cough increasing.
    I am not take free breathing because problem is acute asthmatic attack by lower respiratory tract infection.
    SIR, please suggest me, how to control this problem.

  236. I am a female, 45 year old.
    I am having congestion in my chest since almost 5 months. Its very stubborn and doesn’t loosen up. I have been prescribed allopathic medication including anti biotics. No relief. Its constantly present. The surprise is, there is no breathing problem. When hot / spicy things are taken a lot of mucus comes out of mouth or nose some times. I feel that its struck in my upper chest portion. Mucus is colour less and clear. It causes a lot of discomfort and constantly I need to pat my upper back or chest portion. Since its struck in my chest portion, while swallowing I feel that some obstacle kind is present. Also, some times I cannot burp out air after finishing food. I get regular head aches also due to cold, but no running nose. There is no cough, no sneezes also. Please suggest a suitable medicine. Thanks.

  237. I am having short breath while walking fast or climbing stairs. It started about 2 months back. I am 71 years old and had no trouble. I got 2 stunts in the year 2009. Ever since I am taking heart medicines regularly. Blood pressure is normal 82/130. I go for walk in the morning at 0700 hrs. Pl. Suggest suitable medicine.

    GK Gupta

  238. matilda dsouza says:

    Dear Sr Sharma,

    I am 57 years, an acute allergic to dust, smoke, extreme climate, sudden change in whether. I only drink warm water. due to building construction opposite my window, I have got severe cold with lot of mucus collected in my chest since a week with wheezing sound and constant mucus collected in nose which I have to blow out due to which I am having chest pain. I have taken antibiotic treatment, but still not complete relief.

    Please could you advise which Homeopathic medicine will be good and from where I could purchase them. I live in Bandra. Awaiting your early response.

    Thanks a lot

  239. Sir my son aged 20 always had continuous sneezing ND runny nose since birth. Off late I realized it was allergy due to eating banana and sauce. Now he avoids it but still early morning fleugm ND mucus discharge is always there everyday early in the mornings. Tried giving ars alb ND belladonna. Everyday when he takes 10 minutes to cleans nose ND throat in the morning it causes discomfort. I want to know is it OK or if you could guide me with some homeopathy medicine.

  240. Sir. I m suffering from gas problem since last one year now a day I m observing chest pain, While checking of doctors he says that cough has accumulated in the chest, but has is coming out from, mouth, movements of gas are also feel in stomach, I m not feeling well , kindly sujjest medicine

    • Sir. I m suffering from gas problem since last one year now a day I m observing chest pain, While checking of doctors he says that cough has accumulated in the chest, but has is coming out from, mouth, movements of gas are also feel in stomach, I m not feeling well , kindly sujjest medicine

  241. suffering with chest congestion during taking lunch or dinner.

  242. Hello!
    Thank you for taking this comment!
    I have a dog who has need sneezing up mucus for the last year
    I have been givin information it is a lung infection
    So I came across your information and it is simaler to some remedies I’ve been researching
    I keep trying and won’t give up to we find my girls remedy
    Thank you
    Patti and my dog Puja

  243. my son 4months old he suffer from cough with phlegm&difficult in breath. Please give name of medicine for cough &his above problems

  244. How to get back my breasts again in tight position? In Homeopathic lotion or oil.

  245. Have be suffering from Allergic Dry Cough for the last 2 years. Mainly during evening hours.
    Pls suggest any homeopathic remedy.

  246. Antoinette Moore says:

    Hi. Over 8 days ago I started with a sinus pain an congestion in the sinuses. It then went to my nose an I had a runny nose with sneezing. Then during the wk I was hot an cold with pain in my head. But more cold like symptoms. In last 3 days my chest is full if mucus and my wind pipes are sore from bringing up phelan. I’m making so much muscus. An the mail thing I notice is that when I drink a hot drink the phelam gets very bad an has to come out ie by coughing up or nearly vomiting it out. Until it’s clear then I’m exhausted but sore in the chest. I’m feeling sick an tired. Little energy with no appetite. Just can’t stop drinking water but it does not relieve the symptoms. Want cold air in my room. Better for cold air but get hot an cold in body. Mucus is mainly clear with bit of yellow. Not up for Co. Better to be left alone. Sleeping a lot. But getting worse. Cheats is heavy when breathing. And once it’s clear after bringing it up I’m clear but heavy in chest an head but no pain. I’m also feeling a little sorry for myself though trying not to as iv had cancer 5 yrs ago an I no I’m secretly worried about my inflamed body that is making lots of fluid. I’m taking salvestrol, DIM, hi multi vits, magnisium, encanacia. An lots of water. I do suffer from few auto immune illness but I don’t feed into them an my out look on life is very positive. I meditate but don’t feel like it now.
    I hope iv helped in putting all down. I would be very grateful for any advice u can offer.
    Kind regards

  247. A S PHANI KUMAR says:

    Dear Dr. I am facing chest congestion (cold & sneeze,cough).can i take a drug for motions(to clear stomuch)?

  248. Devendra kaushik says:

    I am 80 years old male suffering from excessive, jelly like, some what salty mucous for last 15 days or so.
    Many Homeopathic drugs like Argentum Met., Amm. Mur, Kali bichrome, Ant. tart have been tried but no relief .
    Please help suggesting some quick remedy

  249. Srinivaskumar says:

    Our daughter suffering from cold and mucus in the chest since last 3 days due to change of water. her age is 10 years. This problem coming in the night time. And the mucus discharged in the morning when doing tongue clean from inside. Please suggest a medicine to her.

  250. Kajal thakur says:

    Hii mam
    Im kajal saxena suffering from lungs infection from last one month.severe cough throat pain there are some red boils in my throat … wat can i do for this for early recovery

  251. I was out for an hour and it was rainy & cold at 8 pm with a temperature of 15 deg C. That night I had shortness of breath and palpitation when I came back home at night. I get this every year in the cold season only. When it is warm and sunny day I have no problem. Can you help me with the best medicine for this 49 yr old male. I have this problem for 20 years. Thank you.

  252. sayeeda hafsa says:

    Hello Dr.
    My name z Hafsa m 27 years
    I hv wheezing prob frm past 2 yrs
    First I suffer from cold sneezing nose watering aftr 2 days coughf next wheezing I cnt able to talk mch nd laughf even I cnt sleep if I sit fel better I consult mny doctors thy say I have dust nd oil iteam alegry
    If I work little in water r dust enter if get this problem soon fedup evr mnth I hv dis problem I took injection last month in hand.. Nd I took dis medice Alembic, Alembic250, Emosolone-10 DT and deriphyllin tablets 1 week .. I WS ok again this problem started nd evn dry coughf … I hv 2 sons
    Pls help me out m from low income family please help me out
    I dnt have my husband m working in school as teacher
    Thaking u
    Urs faithfully
    Sayeeda Hafsa

  253. Hello Dr,
    My grandson is 5 year old, he is sick every time star in winter & end of the winter , he is problem
    start cough & cold or breathing problem. His oxygen level 92, so please remand me homeopathic medicine .

    Thank you

  254. Can miagraine be cured by homeopathy as i have taken homeomeducines for 1year but condition was ok for 2years but again worsened. And another problem is of my baby he is 33months but having frequent cough and cold problem can this be cured

  255. Dear doctor,
    I have chest infection some two months ago I smoke a cigrate and then I got this problem I.e releasing too much mucus and sounds comes from my chest also I have no fever and cough , please advise me some medicines …

  256. Subir Chatterjee says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Mine is a case of chest congestion consequent to viral infection. While other symptoms have disappeared by treatment , chest remains congested with little expectorate even after severe bout of occasional cough causing head ache and body ache. Trying Bryonia 200 for last few days , but not much result. can you please suggest.

  257. Punam Chopra says:

    Dear Doctor, my 2 year old grand daughter has a bad cold (flowing) and a lot of phlegm which she is coughing or throwing up.
    She has never had homoeopathic medicine before.
    She has no fever.
    Which medicine should i give her and the prescribed dose?


    Punam Chopra
    New Delhi

  258. Md Neyaz Ahmad says:

    Dear DR
    I have no any problem in my body but I was gone for medical checkup for gulf there telling you are unfit you cannot go to gulf for job.
    reason is chest x-ray report.
    Report is,
    Sir please give me solution for that problem and give me medicine name.
    Md Neyaz neyaz

  259. My daughter 14 yr sufferinfrom chest Cong.& cough. A homeo. Dr. gave her nat.sulph 12anand haslab asthma stop but not relief. She is suffering from 10 days. It is seen thacommon cold does not relieve soon .please suggest thanks

  260. Seema sapra says:

    Dear sir,
    My 13 yr old son is suffering from severe chest congestion. The problem has been there fr last 6-7 years. I have noticed that he has some kind of allergic problems that lead initially to running nose first and then severe congestion in the chest . He has been taking nebulizr to get relief from this congestion as he finds difficulty in breathing. Gets very weak and lifeless when ever gets this problem as it ladts fr a weak to 10 days. It occurs with every change of season and he is also intolerant to strong smells. Recently the allopath- doc has also put him on steroids with antibiotics. I am really worried fr him . If u cud suggest some permanent treatment fr his problem i wud be greatful to u.

  261. Navtej Singh says:

    I have had persistent cough for 10 days with a running nose.. The running nose symptom has mostly subsided after having cetrizine but the mucus which is either light Green or white in color keeps coming out after prolonged coughing. Please guide

  262. R.Vasudevan says:

    My wife 67 years suffering from enuriasis .She should be on diaper.
    Unaware of flow. Incontinence on getting up from lying or sitting possition.
    Urine drips while moving.
    She forced to change upto 6(six) to Seven diapers in a DAY.

  263. Kamini jain says:

    I have dry stuck flem in the right side of my sinuses .. What medicine can I take ?

  264. bhopal singh says:

    I am suffering from lungs connection for last one right side lungs and resperetary pipe are jam with mucas.its not coming out at left nose is also blocked.i have taken a lot of a lot of alopathic treatment but no improvement at all.
    Please. Help me I am in a big trouble.
    Bhopal singh

  265. chest congestion prblm from last 15 years shortness of breath occur sometime suggest medicine really tired plz help

  266. Tariq Akbar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Greetings from India.
    Sir i am a smoker. During damp weather or the change of weather i feel congestion in my chest. I could feel the phelgum in my chest and it does not come out. Sometime and more often i feel mild breathlessness.
    Is there any remedy /medicine in homeopathy to take out the phelgum and clean my chest.
    I am also trying to quit smoking.
    Please guide me.
    With Best & Kind Regards.

  267. SUBBULAKSHMI.P says:


  268. Ishtiaq Ahmed says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 60 years old. I walk 40 mins daily from station to my office. Now I feel right upper side chest pain and short breath after 5 minutes walk. This stated from 10 days ago.

    Could you please suggest any remedy?

    Thanks and Regards
    Ishtiaq Ahmed

  269. Hi,
    I am looking for a remedy to help clear up a chesty cough. There is mucous and it pulls when I cough on the right side of the back under the rib cage area, the cough has cleared a lot through the process of yoga but need a bit of help. Not quite sure which remedy would be best.

  270. Tonymon daniel says:

    My daughter have pneumonia due to mucus plug blocked in right upper lobe.broncoscopy done and noted that thick mucus there which are not able to remove.x ray show that lungs collapsed.mucus not coming out by cough.Doctor suggested physio to open the lungs.kindly suggest homeo treatment to remove mucus from lungs

  271. I am a chronic COPD patient.
    I have difficulty in breathing immediately exposure to cigarette or mosquito coil smoke or even fuel smoke. Otherwise, when I have drink or eat anything taken out of the fridge or when I get a collection. Otherwise I remain fine.

    Please suggest me a remedy with its potency, make and duration.

  272. navneet sharma says:

    Mize khasi k satth transparant balgum aata hai.aur saans lene mai b taklif hoti hai aur chest se wistal ki aawaj bhi aati hai……kindly suggest

    age 36

  273. John Bullivant says:

    Good morning Doctor. I was diagnosed, as a child with bronchiexus. Now, in my mid-seventies I have a lot of heavy phlegm which tends to lodge in base of throat causing a hacking cough to expel it orally.
    I have used Ferr Phos with Kali Mur to some effect. can you suggest an alternative which is more positive.! Thank you.

  274. Ranjeet Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My mother is 80 yrs old and is chronic patient of COPD for more than 10 yrs. She has been using Nebulizer for last 3-4 yrs. But now the another problem started with minor heart blockage with LVH. Then i brought her to AIIMS and admitted but soon the scenario of emergency ward was such a petiable, her oxygen level was dropping down and doctor suggested to put Bi-Pipe but she ignored to take the traetment and came back to home as number of patients were colapsing while being treated in Emergency ward. Now we are very confused what to do? Pls kindly help as she is in urgent emergency at home in Delhi.

    I will be oblised ever for your kind help


  275. waheed khan says:

    good after noon Dr. Sharma i have mucus and chest congestion problem plz tell me any good homeopathic medicine.

    best regards

  276. gagandeep bali says:

    sir gud morning..i am gagandeep bali from nawanshahr punjab india..sir maine chest ka x-ray krwaya tha to us x-ray mein spots aa rahe hai..maine gulf countery mein job apply ki thi..toh unhane muje unfit kar diya wo spots ki wajah se..wo spots tv ke nai hai..maine check up krwaya tha..dr kehte hai wo spots natural hai..woh spots kabhi nai jayege..please help me…muje us spots ki dawai balaye..mera mob num hai 919041576194..meri e-main id…thanks

  277. Good morning dear sir and thank you for your time.
    My 16 yr.old is complaining of tightness in chest, wheezing and coughing. The pollen count is extremely high and might be adding to her discomfort. We have been to the Dr.s with no results or indication of problem. We tried over the counter mucus medication but still the same. I am looking to help my daughter with a homeopathic approach. I have read about a few possible medicinal treatments but confused by which one to try first. Thank you with much gratitude for any assistance.

  278. Otherwise a very healthy 60 year old female, I have had two incidents of pulmonary embolisms since last October with a second on December 31st. I was taking bioidentical hormone cream prior to the first (after having stopped a successful 13 year stint on it and then restarting it 5 months later because I developed bladder prolapse); some doctors think this “provoked” it. I went on the blood thinner Xarelto.

    The second time, on the advice of an integrative MD who is keen on chelation, I stopped taking the blood thinner – within 8 days I had the second PE. Now I’ve agreed to stay on Coumadin until September and then “re-evaluate” things.

    Can homeopathy help? I desparately want off of the Coumadin but it’s been a long recovery and frankly I am now afraid of another PE. Thanks for any suggestions or experiences you might have had with Coumadin.

  279. Yvonne atwell says:

    I am conjested and severe cough. I have copd. What home remedy will help me. My dr. Prescribed meds. For me but they don’t help. Had this prone for a long time.

  280. Sir iam suffering from cough problem from last 3 years taken homeo,aleopathy medicines but do not get complete relief.suggest me some best medicines for comlete relief,can i take two medicines same day?

  281. Sangeeta says:

    I am a 52 year old woman. In the recent past, I have had cough and cold thrice in six months. This time it is the worse. I am on on antibiotic Amoxcyllin 500 mg thrice a day. I have whacking kind of dry, suffocative cough. I cannot sleep because I start coughing immediately and it hurts my head. It is a dry cough with no mucous at all but my chest is congested and breathing slighly laborious.

  282. Sir my mother suffers from high blood pressure , she has become very lethargic she always lie down on bed , she never wishes to rise from bed and sit or walk.Her hands tremble whenever she holds anything, It seems she has lost her strength and has become week. Due to high blood pressure water entered in her lungs and due to this she went into breathlessness and a whistling sound appeard when she breathes . We have to take her to hospital their they give her injection lasik and some other injection to remove water from her lungs. She is also put on nebulizar machine. Sir is there any homeopathic medicine to make her lungs strong and that water may not enter her lungs again. and also to make her active and strengthfull.

  283. Tutul Bhattacharya says:

    My wheezing attacks start with a weather change. Suddenly after a long hot summer when the rains come I always suffer with breathing problems. The food does not get digested in that period of breathing difficulty leading to an asthmatic attack. The stomach gets bloated and tight. The nostrils become narrow and constriction of the airways can be felt with chest tightness. I do not get asthmatic attacks in winter.
    I am taking homeopathic treatment and also get relief with the homeo medicines. But night times the attacks do not subside and have to bear till it becomes early morning . How can I come out of the attack with the help of homeopathic medicines and get some sleep. (During the attack period)

  284. I ve cold .dr says sinus.due to this i ve chest congestion.smtime cough .it comes severe that i ve whisling sound and difficult to breath.after smtime i get whistling sound continous few min.plz tell me wht ti do

  285. Nitin Gupta says:

    Hello Sir
    I am 33 years old. For the last 3 months I have developed a symptom of coughing for at least 8-10 times a day. Normally coughing is predominant at day time. Also my friends say that whistling sound comes when I take breath. No cough comes out while coughing. These symptoms are developed first time in my life time. Also I have a feeling of sore throat. One of the ENT doctor said like that your nose mucus fells into your throat. Thats why you feel like sore throat. Please advice…..

  286. Lisa Orsini says:

    Chronic vomiting of mucous and u digested food at night during pregnancy. Developed post nasal drip and severe chest congestion on right side of chest. Have running nose, headache and fatigue too. Feel something constantly in stuck in throat. Able to vomited it up but never goes away entirely. Mostly notice need to vomit at nighttime. Really need help as well w drip bc can’t sleep with constant tickle in throat. Thank you for any helpful advice you can give.

  287. Daniel Paulraj says:

    when getting up in morning I have to spit out mucus for many times to clear the throat. After that its fine. But if I take anything cold or when I take tea I have to spit out some mucus for a few times. Otherwise no problem. When I sing throat is distorting the voice suddenly. Please help.I beleive in homeopathy.

  288. Vineeta bhatia says:

    Sir ,
    My son is 6years old and doctor has recently said he has wheezing cough . They have given him levolin inhaler and budecort . But these are strong medicines . Please help me with homeopathic medicine for the same . Please do guide me from where to get these medicines . And last is this problem completely curable . Thank you

  289. Pradhymna patel says:

    Hi there,
    I’m 78yrs old with diabetes
    Bypass done
    Having trouble sleeping at nightwith rattling cough .
    Please suggest what i shud take or do

  290. David Maclamont says:

    Dear Sir having rec3ently returned from Nepal and Thailand I have no a chesty cough. It is not painful but when Icough restricts breathing although when not coughing I can get a full expention of my lungs.
    My head has the Feeling of a dampened form of Tinitus, worse laying on my right Hand side.
    When I returned I wenttoCornwall andgot very damp and cold
    Can you reccamend a remedy please.
    Thank you.

  291. hello sir, I m facing a problem of nose blockage, nose irritation along with whistling sound while breathing from last two months. Kindly suggest me some medicine to get rid of this issue.

  292. P.Venkateswarlu says:

    I am having respiratory breathing problem which comes in the morning and in the night. Usually cold items will not suite to my body. I am suffering with chronic bhronc. please tell me the suitable homeo medicine for curing the above problem.

  293. Debabrata Bag says:

    i have a prob. when am standing then started breathing. how to clear this problem?

  294. sir my mother aged about 79 is suffering from chest congestion. Very frequently she gets this attack and many times has been hospitalized. She is having cough and after coughing very little mucus comes out. The situation is worse while sleeping and feels better by sitting. wheezing is also there. She is diabetic and has blood pressure. Obesity is also there.

  295. fazalhusain says:

    i am pationet of diabetic for last 12 years
    and only one big problem for breathing whike walking, recently itake
    mothertincture aspidosperma. Kindly recommend some good medicine to cure it.


  296. Dr Sharma says:

    Dr Sharma, I am 58 years old and am suffering from chronic cough because of I was a smoker for about 25 years in the past. Now two and half years have passed I have completely banned on smoking. After that I am suffering from chronic cough and sometimes am am feeling uneasyness in breathing and whenever I do some work in excitement then it becomes uneasy to take breath. Whenever I walk fast, after fifty meters it becomes uneasy to breath and feeling chest conjunction. Dear Dr. Please suggest me the remedy for this disease with their specific doses. Hoping for a favourable consideration. Thanking you.
    My e-mail address is:

  297. Dr Sharma says:

    Dr Sharma, I am 58 years old and am suffering from chronic cough because of I was a smoker for about 25 years in the past. Now two and half years have passed I have completely banned on smoking. After that I am suffering from chronic cough and sometimes am am feeling uneasyness in breathing and whenever I do some work in excitement then it becomes uneasy to take breath. Whenever I walk fast, after fifty meters it becomes uneasy to breath and feeling chest conjunction. Dear Dr. Please suggest me the remedy for this disease with their specific doses. Hoping for a favourable consideration. Thanking you.

  298. khadija akter trisha says:

    my chest xray is irregular fibroasis change to cystic noted in right upper and mid zone. Small opacity noted in left mid zone.suggestive to old pulmonary inflammation bronchaities RT. Coughing,breathing problem weaght loss is my prblem.i have taken bryonia,aconite,hepar sulf,thuja but there is no improvement.plz help me sir.

  299. Mahabaleshwar says:

    Dear Doctor
    I 53 year old.having breathing problem .hard to walk .over weight .because of breathing problem can not do exercise. Lazy feeling. Sleeping position is fine. Small move bring breathing problem. Mucus is stringy .also my saliva is stringy .weight is 106.night is 5feet more problem while urineting bowels
    Move must fart.will you please help me any homeopathy suggestions

  300. Himanshu Triwedi says:

    My father is 80 yrs old and having chronic bronchiectasis. He had pneumonia in early child hood and was not treated well caused bronchitis and developed further to bronchiectasis . His right side lung is almost damaged and having acute chest congestion , breathlessness and very hard to expel thick yellow colour mucus from lung. continuous coughing is required to expel small amount of mucus.
    When lung infection grows he takes antibiotics etc but having great un comfort.
    Need advice and best suited medicine

  301. Severe cough, very difficult to raise phlegm even small quantity of phleghm

  302. maitreyee saklani says:

    Dr Sharma I m 49 year old female. Since my collage days i m suffering from humidity asthma, earlier i used to take allopathic medication. however for last 6/7 years i m continuing with homeopathic. My problem is now i feel dryness and short breathing which is now became quite chronic, and with breathing problem i suffer from shoulder and upper back pain too. only in the morning i feel stuffy nose or throat rest of the time it is absolutly dry. i feel my oxygen level go down as feel suffocating headache chilled hand and feet specially if it is raining.
    I m suffering from anxiety, palpitation and depression also. currently my medicines are –

    Ant tart 30, sambucus 30,calcarea curb 30, silicea 30, kali phos 30 carbo veg 30. kindly advise what should i take. Is this is not curable? as day by day situation is worst for me and for last few months facing the sleeping disorder too.

    I will be grateful if u advise on same.


  303. shishir chandra says:

    Can you please mention the power of the above mentioned medicines ? Espicially Pulsatilla , Kali bichrome , Aconite , Lachesis, Sambuccus , Hepersulph . Thank You !!

  304. Hello sir!! Im suffering from severe throat pain since 5days. Expectorations are not coming out. This is the main complaint of me.
    Past history-DNS since 7years. Not taking any treatment and there is no symptoms regarding that.

  305. Bhimsen Gaikwad says:

    I am suffering from cough from jan 15 onwards
    i have done scaning and report as follows:-
    patchy consolidations in the left upper lobeand lingula.Small nodular infilterates in the left lower lobe.Mild left pleural effusion.Mildly enlarge left prevascular,paratracheal and precarinal nodes.An enfective ethiology is likely,
    Suggested clinical correlation.

    Kindly Suggest the medicine

  306. indu kumar pandey says:

    Hi sir,
    I am suffering from sinusitis with cough regular producing, wheezing, sneezing and sometimes fever
    Since last 8 years. I treated allowpathy as well as homeopathy but I didn’t get any response.I used inhaler for 4 months. But I couldn’t get any response.please help me.

  307. vijika muthyala says:

    sir iam an old tb patient due to irregular use of mediciens my left lung volume is collapesed so plz suggest any treatment to increase my lung volume

  308. Hello sir,
    I am 29 years old. Due to allergy I feel congestion in my chest. When coughing and when breathing I feel some sound. Who is near by me he can able to here. After much coughing very little mucus is comming out. Even in slightest motion I feel shortness of breath. I feel my chest is full in mucus. Now cough is reduced But I feel more difficult in breathing. Kindly suggest me a remedy.

  309. Hi , I have a 6 year old boy who is very chesty and is breathing harder as he is full of mucus there is a rattling and wheeze present. He more prone to snorting back mucus rather than blowing it out his eyes have dark circles . Would appreciate a response from anxious mother .mo

  310. I wake up in the morning with a tickling at the back of my throat. My father has been suffering from sever morning phlegm for many years and I am worried that this may be the beginning of the same for me. I need to cough repeatedly to expel the phlegm. This only happens whenever i wake up. the phlegm is white in colour

  311. Respected Sir, i am 31 years old. when i was doing my graduation i had a TB in the year of 2005. i had consulted doctor and taken medication, its cured. But since then i am having LUNG PAIN,COUGH&COLD. i had consulted specialist doctors ,they given some medicines , i used them but those medicines are not effected on my problem. Presently i am working for MNC company. In my office CENTRALISED AC is available. i need to work under centralised ac conditions, but due to these health problems i am not working properly. Due to centralised ac regularly i am getting lung pain cough & cold. i am getting these three health problems in three seasons (winter, rainy, summer). how to improve my body resistance power and how to come out from these three health problems. Please sir give advise homeopathic medicine.

  312. respected Dr.
    My son is 4yrs he often suffers from cold, cough, congestion, leading to slight wheezing, ending up wt this problem a week or more Inspite of allopathic medicines.
    Kindly suggest him with a remedy for my child.

  313. Dr.sharm can you help me i am fed up of mucus formation in my lungs it comes out anytime whenever i feel there is mucus in my chest with one cough done by myself comes out but after sometime again new formation. Mucus comeout is of different in nature time to time such as- clear like ice, ropy, yellow thick, watery loose, sometime if i eat some dark choclate then black spoted mucus ball or rope.

  314. Saneh Sharms says:

    Dr.Sharmaji, I am 62years old lady, suffering from cough,and lots muck(plugham)
    In my thort. I have see my G.p. He try all short of antibiotics did not work on me
    I am very uncomfortable day and night,please I need a advice from you.
    But shall I can take now. Thank you .

  315. Sakshijahari says:

    My grand daughter (11 years), a caesarean baby does not eat anything except Idly, Dosa, Potato Chips and fruity. She takes rice with potato, colacasia (arvi) coccinia(kundru), okra (lady finger) only. She avoids all types of fruits. She does not take any other vegetable. She hates milk&curd but may take cheese (paneer) sometimes.
    She is very intelligent/brilliant but her growth is not appreciable when compared to her classmates in the school. Because of her food habits, she often falls sick necessitating hospitalization due to severe bronchitis and fever. She bunks school 3 days out of 5 working days in a week. (International School). Most of the time she spends watching TV especially crime channel CID and Sabko. She is not interested in outdoor or indoor games. She does not care to brush her teeth even or take bath. She does not respect her parents or elders. She has no hobby or pastime except watching TV up to midnight and wakes up at 11am everyday. She is violent with her parents and very argumentative. As she is the only issue of affluent parents, she has been pampered to a great extent.
    She was breast fed by her mother who is dependent on veterinary doses of anti-epileptic medicines as she is suffering from multiple cerebral cysticercosis from her childhood. Is my grand daughter’s behaviour is due to the toxic medicines taken by my daughter?
    The parents have now decided to admit her in a Boarding School but objecting to it and protesting vehemently.
    Is there any homoeopathic medicine that may bring behaviour/attitude change for betterment in her life?

  316. peeush guptq says:

    My father has a breathing problem, and he has already taken all the medicines you have mentioned on your website.
    But there is no benefit.
    Please can you advice the remedy.

  317. Dr. Sharma……I am a great believer in homeopathic medicine but am at a loss to suggest something for my 6month old grandson who has a lot of congestion in his lungs, which the doctor calls ‘thickening’, it is viral and not bacterial yet, so no antibiotics. The baby has no fever but finds it difficult to breathe when lying down to sleep We have tried saline drops in the nose and chest vapour rub at night, also steam and a humidifier but nothing seems to stop the coughing and as a result waking all through the night and day. Is there any remedy you can suggest that may help relieve the congestion in the lungs and help him breathe better

  318. p murali mohan says:

    Sir, my daughter is suffering with severe headache in upper centre portions, some times with vomiting sensation. she is under weight. age 15 years. please advice medicine

  319. Muhammad Asif says:

    Dear Dr

    I have a Chronic mucus problem due to effected chest and lung for last four year. I have treated my self by every kind of medicine but i didnot find good result. Oftenly i have also been suffering from chest congestion and chest tightness along with some cracking sound in the mid chest. during ladder climbing or fast running there is some shortness of breath. during the year 2014, i had been diagnosed with one rib covered my right lung and chest deformity, after that i did 6 months complete course of allopathic medicine. but chest congestion and short breathing still occur.
    kindly help with some remedies

  320. Odette Gotobed 13/10/47 says:

    5 weeks chest infection .The past week I cannot sleep as I am woken by aggressive trembling in chest and windpipe .Feel ready to burst .I cannot sleep upright but it is tha act of sleeping that is triggering it I believe . Full of mucus but unable to bring much up .sleep loss is wearing me down I have lost wight.eating frugally also . No pain in chest .Paracetamol taken for several weeks and now and antibiotics as from yesterday .started .

    • Vishnuvardhab says:

      I am 55 years old and diabetic .since 8 months l am suffering with coughing up phlegm with salvia rattle and whistling sound while in sex (especially during in sex). After sleeping it was stopped and l was quite normal in all the day. It was happening while in sex only. Please suggest me a good homeopathic remedy.

  321. Dr.S.S.SRIVATSA says:

    About one and half year back, I had breathing problem, then I was taken to in Delhi where it was mentioned that blockade is there in artery and place a stunt. Then after about six months I developed blodd pressure (140/98) and breathing problem. It is such that, now I can not walk 20 meters at a stretch and i can not climb more than 10 ft steps. I have to wait and then climb the steps. If I climb all in one go, then breathing problem coupled with deep & immediate strong desire for urination (otherwise I may urinate in my pants). Besides this I am having gas problem and when breathing problem comes whole of my stomach shakes. What to do?
    I will be greatful to you , if you can kindly advise me.
    Right now I am near by Belagaum (karnataka)
    With regards,

  322. akash singh pawar says:

    Sir my age is 26,i suffering frm crackling sound n thick white saliva comes but its nt cough….during cardio exercise breath shortning is also feel n i hv to find sum open space…… my nose is usualy closed either rite or left…… i hv also shown to the doctor he told me tht i hv sum alergic prob so i hv to keep distance frm dust n bad air. Before consulting doctor my stage ws very critical ….but after consulting i m better nw….but i dnt prefer alopathic medicines fr long period of time. Nw i cnt do exercise due to fear of short breathing n in morning i usually took deep breaths n crackling sounds cum but after having tea its becum normal. I also got relief after cheekna(i dnt eng word) in continuously 3-4 times.
    wht shuld i do now?

  323. Parthapratim Gupta says:

    My father is COPD patient. Is it possible to cure copd through homeopathic medicine

  324. Good morning actually am 40 years old man and having asthma problem chest congestion flue, now i taking 1 tab myteka and tab kestine 10 MG and most of the time using inhaler, so no i want to regret these all english medicine , please advice me best medicine in homeopathic, for stability, i will be very tahnkful to u and pray for ur children long life. plz send reply on today. thandks

  325. Humphrey Sitati says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma

    My daughter is your13yrs old. She has had a condition that is on and of characterized by
    1. short breath
    2. wheezing sounds
    3. coughs
    4. chest pains

    when ok she runs out of breath when exercising.

    what is the best remedy for this condition?

  326. O P Nautiyal says:

    Dear Sir, I am 60 yr. working professional from Ludhiana. I frequently suffer from Allergic rhinitis,
    which sometimes turns into allergic asthmatic symptoms. Do you have clinic in Ludhiana too ?
    If not, can you please suggest some medicine.Thanks.

  327. SANTOSH KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son is 11 years of age. He has problem of sinusitis and week immune system and whenever cold and cough catches him (especially during changing weather) it takes long duration to be fully cured. Even after 15 days he has a problem of cough in the morning and evening and it continues for 10-20 days.
    He takes cough drops by Dr. Reckweg but it is of very little use.

    Kindly suggest a medicine. Thanking you with regards,

    Santosh Kumar

  328. faisal tufail says:

    three or four months pehlay aik din mujhay apna galla kharab mehsoos ho raha tha may nay tawaja nahi di phir galla bilkul band ho gaya or breathing may problem ho gai or chest kay right side par pain or jalan jo kay kuch week say ho rahi thee or choubhan si bhi thee jo kay may avoid kar raha tha takleef bhar gai may doctor kay pass gaya us nay mujhay check kia us nay phoran drip or 2 injection mangwaye or mujhay emolizer bhi lagaya with in a one hour may bohat comfartable feel karnay laga us kay baad us nay mujhay thandi cheezain lainay say mana kia jo kay may normaly bhi use nahi karta hoon use na karnay ka kaha leikin meri problem galla kharab or right side par pain or burning abhi bhi hoti hai breathing may kuch problem feel kar raha hoon or galla bhi right side say kharab rahta hai raat ko sotay may burdan feel karta hon chest may balgam nahi a rahi itni par problem right side maygallay or chest may hai sir koi medicine batain

  329. M.A. Saquib Ansari says:

    Sir, I am suffering from nasal blockage (left nose) and with the symptoms of runny nose after eating and feeling some sort of meetha. It is very irritating. I tried many medicine i.e. antibiotics prescribed by the doctor but not getting favorable result. Please advice.

  330. Dear respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am living in peshawar, Pakistan. from child hood i suffered from Allergic bronchal asthma. Now my asthma is ok. but suffered from bronchectiasis right lung in middle and lower lobe of lung. i get infection of chest when hot humid condition or cold humid condition. while i feel better in dry air. my symptoms worse from cold things. some times i have chest pain.

    I have used many medicines but no complete cure.

    please help me


  331. Munir Badar says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Patient age 8 year Male, facing a chronic nose smell with flow of thick nosy since a long, I am giving him Hyderstis in 200 twice a week while, mother tincture for external use but problem still as it is

  332. Dear Sir,
    My mother is suffering from Parkinson’s disease with right hand and leg trembling while in absent mind. his body movements and speech have reduced considerably. he has dry coughing sometimes. she likes laying down bed and she eats something in very difficulty and has become very week . off and on she got muscle tension of right leg and fingers. she feels pain and dizzy in head.

    please advise


  333. ARUN DIWAKER says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I hope you are doing good.

    This is Arun, age 29, sex male doing job in IT industry. Well, my problem is chest congestion and cough regularly. But even on much coughing very little mucus is expectorated or you can say none. Please suggest the best and safe homeopathy solution for this problem.

    I look forward to your solution and medicine.

    Warmest regards,

  334. Kiran Kulkarni says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, I’ve been coughing for the last one month.It’s started mainly due to consistant sneezing and backdropping.Initially the throat gets worsened.After taking some Antibiotics it’s frequency comes down but does not goes completely. it’s mainly allergic.As i am sinusitis for the last 20 to 22 years. The tendency of my cough is once it starts it continues for a month or so.then gradually it disapears. It is more on Night-time especially during lying down position.Kindly suggest some medicines so that i can get rid of this irritating cough.
    Kiran Kulkarni.

  335. Sir I am suffering from seasonal allergy(sneezing,irritation in eyes throat infection)and respirationproblem and chest congestion.please help me for proper treatment.I am from ropar (punjab)

  336. Sir I am taking antibiotics for severe cough,chest congestion and after that lungs pain but there is no relief,i m allergic to antibiotic and today im having alergy on my uper lip on a side n swellon, please help me by telling me homeopathic medicine,i hv read about sulpher for allergy should i take it? please tell me what should i take im fedup with these antibiotics………… every time whwn i cough belghum comes from throat not from nose and pain in right lung, having big boils or pimples on face too iching on face skin. plese gv advise

  337. Indra kumar jha says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 33 year old & lives in Gurgaon. I felt sudden chock of my throat since Nov. 2012 & there after arise symptoms as – left side chest pain, itching throat with a lump, vibrating body at bed time when we feel free then arise breathing heaviness.
    As the time passes, it reduces but my throat still like having irritating, stuck lump, heavy left side pain in chest & mostly after 6 pm. it become worse when we seat in car , auto. then i feel that something makes tight my heart to throat & feel uncomfortable in breathing. i am using HISTAMINUM 30 when feel worsen. TEST- ENDOSCOPY,ECG,ENT CHECK UP in normal.
    please suggest.

  338. Shimpy Mourya says:

    Respected Sir…,,,
    Mera ek friend h jisse hmesha cough k prblm rheti h , bacpan se h
    chest me cough jma ho jata h aur jb cough bhout jada ho jata h to tbyat
    bhout jada krb ho jati h…………mausam k jra se b chng hone se mausam me
    thodi si b thand hone se usse sardi jukhm ho jata h vo b bhout jada aur sath fever
    b bhout ho jata……………sir bhout se doctor ko dikha dia but abhi tk koi accha
    result nai mila h koi sudhr nai hua h………sir uski age only 20 yrs h………

  339. maneesh kumar karnwal says:

    My father is currently suffering from lung infection and he had bypass surgery in the year 2006 now he is admitted in icu at escort fortis hospital in delhi for the past 20 Day’s as the doctor removes the ventilator he is remains better for some time after that his resp becomes abnormal now the doctors have put the ventilator for the third time now the doc says that his lungs have become weak can you pl suggest me some med in homeo so that after the hospital treatment we use it age is 73 yrs

  340. paresh chheda says:

    Dear doctor,iam 45 yrs old,from the last six months I can hear cracking sound in chest while breathing,especially during night dry coughing,difficulty in breathing,also even after continous coughing a little sticky substance comes out,if u could suggest a good medicine I would highly appreciate.hope you will respond at the earliest.

  341. Meenal S Desai says:

    Can homeopathic medicines be taken along with ayurvedic medicines or homemade remedies?

  342. P K MAJUMDER says:


    I am suffering from chest congestion and cough for the last two weeks and I can feel the rattling of mucus which throws up after severe coughing. The mucus is clear and of normal colour and I feel great relief after coughing it out. There is very occasional shortness of breath particularly after severe coughing which subsides when I take few long breathes. There is no chest pain. My family physician administered strong antibiotics which has perhaps worsened things and I have discontinued.

    Kindly prescribe medicine for relief and also preventive medicines to be taken for the ensuing winter. I am a resident of Kolkata. My age is 64 years and I am a retired banker leading a sedate life.

    Thank you and warm regards.

  343. My whole family became ill on vacation. We were in the mountains and ended up at the beach. A day into it I started feeling a burning feeling in my throat. Next morning my throat was raw and inflamed. Mucus is watery, clear, and profuse. I don’t have a problem breathing through my nose. At night, it drips post nasal building up. By morning, I end up with a burning that feels like its going deeper in my chest. Anxiety, because I’ve been sick, or someone has been sick our entire vacation. I was just at the end of healing from a fever blister. We ended up coming home early from our vacation which has been disappointing to everyone. I’ve been feeling bitter about the work load I put into the trip, and was completely exhausted before we even left 10 days ago.

  344. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir!
    I have Problem with sharp chest pain in right side. This is since a long time. Sometimes it happens in Left chest also. Constipation is a regular problem with me. What to do for accurate Remedy? My Age is 30 Years and I do not smoke/drink.
    Please Do advise for my great help and instant relief from Sharp pain in my Chest.

    Thank You Sir!

    Dinesh Kumar

  345. Respected sir,
    I am suffering from Wheezing from age of 8years now my age is 34. I want to take Homeopathy medicine for wheezing due to allergy problem like cold, dust, if i got tension during wheezing it becomes high, some food like egg,lemon,dairy milk,products made of groundnut,…etc.

    what is the best medicine to cure the wheezing,cold,chest constriction, pain under heart,not able to do sex with my wife. And my face became dull due to this chest constriction,wheezing problem..

    Please suggest me the medicine for the above problems.

  346. Vijay Gadhiya says:

    Dear Sir,
    My age is 30 year, I am suffering from cold, fever and body pain, congested chest. every time my problem start with cold and thin running nose and throat pain and then serve fever caught me with congested chest, in the night I feel difficulty in breathing and my nose get jam and feel better if sleep in back side on top and resting on stomach. discharge of cough is very painful in chest and thick yellow cough discharge in morning. my mouth is feeling dry and cough smell can be feel in the mouth, drinking hot drinks like tea with ginger or Soup feels better. discharge of cough from nose is very difficult and whole body feel serve pain and weakness. Sir can I use Hepar Sulph for my symptoms or If you can suggest better remedy for my symptoms then plz suggest me.

  347. Christel Fiore says:

    I fell in mid Jan 2014 full force flat on my back. I’m 80 years old and physically active and of normal weight 135lbsI complained of chest pains and breathing problems. No broken ribs, but a broken vertebra which was repaired at the end of March, I went for therapy and Chiro adjustment,but the upper back chest dis=comfort/heavness on the chest and shortness of breath remained in full force.
    In fact when I walk now or do any kind of physical activity my breath gets more labored. I do have chronic bronchitis , but only now when I force deep breathing I cough/bark with discomfort since I do not have a cold. There is no wheezing or rattle just tightness. I take: 80 mgr Proponol
    37 mgr Triameterine
    5 mgr Amiodipine
    15 mgr Xarelto

    I take a daily Vitamine a probiotic and a fish oil. Thank you,Christel

  348. Hi there,

    This is on behalf of my Nana who i wish to help. she suffers from pretty bad asthma and always wheezing, always getting chesty coughs and colds.

    what can help her. some simple remedies. – like ways of doing things, things to take and how to take it and things to benefit her clearing the cough and also for her asthma in general.
    Also what vitamins and supplements and foods are recommended to have and what food and things can affect by creating the cold.

    very much appreciate your advice.

  349. kamal preet says:

    I am 28 yr old, I have chronic bronchitis frm past 5 yrs and now I have been suffering from breathing problem with wheezing sound frm 2 months and chest infection occur again and again after 15 days. I hav taken many medicines but of no use. Plz suggest proper medicine.

  350. Nvs Murthy says:

    Dear Sir,
    Recently past 30 days I am suffering with mucus in throat, nose , first I used antibiotics for 5 days after that fI used kali bichroum and heper sulpur ,so far I am not getting relief apart from this I am regular smoker , kindly advice me the best medicine in homeopathy and I want to quit the smoking also .
    Hence kindly suggest best medicine in heomeopathy.
    Nvs Murthy

  351. LALITD. BAGRECHA says:

    from past 2 year i was suffering from cold and cough.consult with lot of homeopathy
    ayurvedic home made treatment allopathic tablet. but i fill only temperory relif.
    from this i lost my weight from past six month 6 kg at present my age is 46 and weight 55kg height is 5.6inch.when i take tablet i fill relif but again after few days cough start.i fill cough not fully expectorent from this i hv irrited cant fill well headech.i loss my steminapower.
    at present i take senega from past 2 days and i fill relif is it temperory relif.
    pls.sugeest me what i do

  352. Melodie Anderson says:

    My husband has asthma, allergies, and has had two heart stints. He caught the influenza about 6 months ago, recovered, but recently has caught something and for the last 2 weeks has been ill and his difficulty in breathing has become severe. His inhalers (2 kinds) don’t seem to work. His congestion and coughing doesn’t seem to involve mucus, as nothing is extracted from his fits of coughing. which only leaves him very short of breath. Although to me in listening him breath, it does sound like some sort of congestion. He is also very tired, which apparently he is not getting enough oxygen into his blood. My experience has only been in raising my children, the old school, of mustard plasters, vicks rubs, and the vaporizer, associated with colds, flu, etc. If you could assist me in some type of homeopathic remedy to alleviate his symptoms, you have no idea how great full me and my husband would be. We are presently setting in the ER as I am writing this to you. It seems the DRs don’t seem to help the situation, prescribed drugs don’t work, you feel like a ginny pig, well if this didn’t work, let’s try this drug. I feel back to nature, using what God gave us naturally on this earth, might be our answer. GOD BLESS YOU FOR ANY ASSISTANCE YOU CAN GIVE US. Melodie Anderson

    • Dr SHARMA
      my mom suffered from breathing problem due to heavy mucus in the lungs seen in the x ray.
      She is feel so uncomfortable and breathlessness.
      Which homeopathic medicine I will given to her??

  353. Renee Brown says:

    I have had wheezing while taking deep breaths or while sleeping for 3 to 4 wks. No cough. Running low grade fever (99.6*) most all the time. I rarely can cough up any phloem, some in the a.m.
    I’m a 60 yr. old woman, 60lbs overweight. I also suffer from excessive sweating and feeling frequent ‘flushing’ of the face.

    • My father has a ttumour in rt hypochondriac region abt pain. He is very fearful about malignant disorder .so he won’t visitdoctor now itself.l m homoeodoctor passed out in may 2015.he also having diabetes mellits since years.he taking insulin.sir how can treat this by homoeo medicine.sir I request you kindly grand me reply as early as possible..

  354. K C Senapati says:


    I am 72 years of age.I always suffer congestion in chest & in the throat after little exposure.
    In Winter season I suffer most.
    I have to resort to antibiotics but the congestion remains, generally for 3 weeks or more sometimes.
    I do not take cold water or cold food.
    I prefer hot foods and a fish eater.

    I shall be grateful for your valued prescription. I have faith in Homoeopathy .

    Thanking You
    K C Senapati

  355. med for irruglure manses plz tell me the med for this

  356. rachael clow says:


    suffer from asthma & recently had a chest infection. My doctor prescribed clarithromycin antibiotics
    & steroids. I took one course of antibiotics but had to stop taking the 2nd course as my stomach was so inflamed by them. I have not fully recovered as the symptoms keep coming back but I really don’t want anymore antibiotics.
    I also have hayfever allergy symptoms at present too.
    Is there a homeopathic remedy that I could take with my inhalers ?
    I nearly also wake at night because of all these symptoms so am also very tired.
    Many thanks

  357. Sir,
    i m patient of chronic disease dust allergy. i have red your tutorial . it is a good meaner to treat.
    i also want to treatment with homeo medicine. can u help me?

  358. **** Knee pain, early oa ***** Main concern
    Sometimes cervical crackling and occassional chakkar while turning right in bed
    M 71 Borderline Diabetic, controlled by food ayurvedic juices and tabs.
    Kindly suggest how to keep knees from further problems aggravations.

  359. Talat Fatima. says:

    chest congested due to oenophiles. Difficult coughing. Restlessness on going to bed. Sleeplessness. Itching pain on skin. Allergy due to Antibiotic remedy. Body skin & nose very dry. Suffocation in breathing. Not suit milk & ice.

  360. Ashutosh kumar singh says:

    Respected sir,
    Most humbly I wish to get the suggestion for the treatment of asthamatic condition of my wife aged 30 years. She has been facing this problem for the last 4 years but is occasional. She complaints of wheezing sounds from chest and excessive coughing, especially during midnight hours. Sometimes it happens during daytime also.
    Kindly suggest us the best possible treatment. She is also having bilateral renal calculus, for which she is taking homeopathic treatment. But despite consultation of a doctor she has no relief in asthama.
    I shall be highly indebted to you.

    Yours truly
    Ashutosh kumar singh
    Uttar pradesh
    Pin 241001

    • **** Knee pain, early oa ***** Main concern
      Sometimes cervical crackling and occassional chakkar while turning right in bed
      M 71 Borderline Diabetic, controlled by food ayurvedic juices and tabs.
      Kindly suggest how to keep knees from further problems aggravations.

  361. rajesh dugar says:

    Sir i have suffering from dry cough since 3 months and chest also feeling heavy while taking breath so suggest medicine please

  362. Krishna Kumar B says:

    Dear Sir,
    I wish to acknowledge that your coverage is very exhaustive. In my limited experience as a
    homeopathic enthusiast(not practioner), I find that Sulphur is another potent drug that can used to relieve chest congestion. Ipecac, Bryonia, Phosphorus, Suphur and Nat Sulph in my opinion can cure just about any chest congestion condition from ashtma to pneumonia.

    PS : No homeopath will forget Arsen Alb – the panacea that is homeopathy’s gift to mankind.

    Best Regards,
    Krishna Kumar

  363. Mr. S.Mitra says:

    End of the winter and beginning of summer 2014
    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    First of all, my kudos for providing free help (through Homeopathic remedies) for anyone and everyone.
    Unlike Dr. Batra and others in the same tribe, you are not asking to come under your wings to get treatment at astronomical prices.
    However, my problems (at age 75) currently are related to breathing problems due to lung and probably upper respiratory tract congestion with mucous.
    Surprisingly enough, I also have nasal congestion due probably to polyps that dissolve as soon as I start exercising or use the internet to view wildlife.
    Can you suggest a homeopathic remedy for this weird creature?
    Warm regards to you and your charming wife ( I have seen her photograph)
    Shyamal Mitra

  364. Anil Rathore says:

    Dear Doctor
    My mother aged 73 years has been bed ridden for last 15 months due to Brain/Nervous stroke for the 3rd time in last 12 years or so. Hence is under 24 hours Nursing Care at home. Abour 3 weeks ago (8th March) her thigh bone was fractured because of which she was operated upon & a rod was inserted in the thigh bone. Post that all seemed just OK but on 15th March she had to be admitted in the hospital because of heavy chest congestion. While she has recovered a lot but some amount of chest congestion is still there. As she is as good a paralised (bed ridden) & had lost her voice in the attack in 2006, she cannot talk as also cannot spit out the mucous.

    Would appreciate your advise & medicine in this situation.

    Thanks & Regards


  365. neha Maheshwary says:

    My son is 8 years old.he is suffering from asthma when he was 1 year old. I have tried many medicines like ayurvedic, homeopathic, cowurine it works for 8 to 10 months but after that it doesn’t work I have to nebulize him.he is allergic to milk by birth. He was having rickets. He is overcome out of rickets but he has a slight twist in his ankle.when he was 4.5years old he is been diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. He took 4 months course of whysolone but now he is fine every month I do his urine routine it is normal. But his asthma is still there.
    So please kindly help me out.

  366. Amandeep Singh says:

    Sir I am sufring from gurd problem and my stomach always like blotting

  367. Julianne Wright says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have been using homeopathy for many years to treat acute conditions in my family but am struggling to find a remedy to cure my 6 year old daughters ghastly winter cough. For the last 3 years she has been prescribed a steroid inhaler by the doctor because of this cough, which she only gets in the winter. I don’t think she’s asthmatic and she never has problems with coughing the other 10 months of the year and I would rather not have to use the inhaler. It does seem however, than when she does catch a winter cold or infection it goes straight to her chest and seems impossible to get rid of. She coughs a lot throughout the day and at night it is particularly bad. It’s a loud, rattling cough. Her chest seems full of mucus and she struggles to catch her breath at times and can end up gagging. It also hurts her throat a lot and she ends up very distressed. I tried Ant Art for a few days but didn’t think think was helping. I have been giving her Ipecac for the last 2 days which may have helped a little but she still woke once last night coughing and quite distressed. Is there another remedy I should be using?
    Would greatly appreciate any advice.
    Many thanks.
    Julianne Wright

    • Hello mr i read ur mail im nt dr profe…but i know one home remi..u should also try this ..take a one piece of giner add some water r also add some salt r pin..of turmric powder boil it till its cons..just 100gm u will keep it in room temp..till its cold enough r she can be possible to drink this ..

  368. Arun Bhardeaj says:

    My father age 75 is suffering from short breath with sound and feels uncomfortable while walking up the hilly way in Himachal Pradesh Distt. Bilaspur.We went to hospital and Dr. declared COPD. please let me know any treatment in homeopathy also give me appointment date. I shall be highly thankfully to you

  369. prabhat kumar says:

    hello sir,
    i have been suffering from chest congestion and chest tightness along with some cracking sound in the mid chest(after cracking cause pain).
    during ladder climbing or fast running there is some shortness of breath.
    during the year 2012 april, i had been diagnosed with T.B, after that i did 1 year complete course of rimphacine isonazide. but chest congestion and short breathing still occur.
    kindly help with some remedies

  370. thanks foe guidance in respect of chest .
    I request you please send an e mail for disbities

  371. zafar yab beg says:

    Sir my wife 36year olde shi suffring frome hypertention 140/100 mm hg
    plz give advis homoeopath medicin

    • my right nose is blocked for 4months my doctor is giving Kali Bicholyn for past 2 months but not much improvement
      now ihave congestion in chest with wheezing sound situation is worst in night while sleeping but feels better while walking nose also clears on mornig out doorwalk all my chest bones are in pain due to dry cough mucus from nose is thick and white
      my age is 67 I live a sedate life

    • Priyanka Gupta. says:

      Sir, I have been suffering from cold allergy for last 6 months. There are nose blockage, whizzing sound at chest, itchy throat at night, runny nose, sometimes foul smelling inside during coughing, feel relieved after exercise or hard work. Sometimes there’s itchy sensation inside chest. Also feel mild pain in leftside chest occasionally. Please suggest some homeopathic remedy.

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