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Top 6 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Chest Congestion

Homeopathic Remedies for Chest CongestionChest congestion in itself is not a disease but this term refers to a number of collective symptoms that are present in various respiratory diseases. The symptoms which refer to chest congestion include rattling cough due to the accumulation of mucus in the chest, wheezing or whistling sound produced during breathing, difficulty in respiration, difficulty in expectorating the mucus accumulated in the lungs, suffocative spells and chest pains. Asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia are a few examples of respiratory disease that leads to chest congestion. A simple cold, if not treated in time, may also lead to chest congestion due to the spread of infection. In this article, I have tried to cover all symptoms of chest congestion and the best homeopathic remedies for chest congestion.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Chest Congestion

1. Antimonium Tart – Top Remedy for Chest Congestion

Antimonium Tart is one of the leading medicines for the treatment of chest congestion. The prominent indication for using this medicine in chest congestion is excessive rattling of mucus in the lungs on coughing. The lungs seem to be overloaded with mucus. But even on much coughing very little mucus is expectorated. There is difficulty in breathing and the patient takes shorter breath to compensate for normal breathing. There are suffocative spells that force the patient to sit up. Chest congestion consequent to working in damp basements yields wonderfully well to this medicine. This medicine also possesses great power to heal difficult respiration in babies occurring shortly after birth.

2. Arsenic Album – For Congestion with Suffocation

This medicine is mainly prescribed to those patients of chest congestion who suffer from suffocative spells mainly at night time.  Suffocation with difficulty in respiration is worse on lying down and better by sitting up. On breathing wheezing or whistling sounds in the chest are produced. The cough is better by taking warm drinks. Burning pains in the chest may also be present. This medicine can be given in all such cases of chest congestion that have occurred after taking cold drinks.

3. Ipecac – For Wheezing in Chest

To use this remedy, the chest is full of mucus but in spite of coughing none of it comes out. The patient feels suffocative with constricted feeling in the chest. The face of the patient turns bluish due to lack of oxygen as a result of suffocative spells. Expectorated mucus at times can be bloodstained. Persistent nausea accompanies the cough and chest congestion. Vomiting if present with chest congestion gives relief to the patient.

4. Phosphorus – Important Remedy for Chest Congestion

This medicine is given to those patients who complain of chest pain with chest symptoms. Pain is accompanied by burning in the chest. The patient requiring this medicine complains of constrictive, oppressed feeling in the chest as if a weight is lying in the chest. Cough is present that is worse by talking, laughing. Cold air worsens the cough and chest pain. The patient requiring phosphorus can also have strange symptoms – they desire cold drinks, ice creams and refreshing things like juice along with above symptoms.

5. Bryonia Alba – For Congestion with Difficult Breathing

The main indication to use Bryonia is cough with difficult breathing. The difficult breathing is worse by slightest motion and better by rest. The patient feels a constant need to take a deep breath. The cough gets worse after eating, drinking or in a warm room. This medicine has a powerful effect in treating stitching pains in the chest during inspiration. The chest pains are also worse while coughing. The patient has to hold the chest with hands due to severe chest pains on coughing. The expectorated mucus is thick. The mucus comes out only after much hawking. Thirst for an increased quantity of water might also be present.

6. Senega – For Congestion in Older Adults

Senega is a top medicine mainly recommended in elderly people with chest congestion. The patient requiring this medicine complains of rattling of mucus in the chest with oppressed feeling. The mucus from the chest needs much effort and comes out with great difficulty. The expectorated mucus is tough and copious. Extreme soreness is felt in the chest.

Other Remedies for Chest Congestion

1. For Rattling of Mucus on Coughing

Both Antimonium Tart and Hepar Sulph are natural medicines for treating rattling of mucus in the chest. Antimonium Tart can be given to those patients who have rattling of mucus in the chest on coughing. The bronchial tubes in the chest are full of mucus but it cannot be coughed out. For people requiring this medicine, the complaints are worse after exposure to dampness.

Hepar Sulph is used for the rattling of mucus that is worse in the morning time. For patients requiring Hepar Sulph, chest congestion gets worse by cold air exposure.

2. For Wheezing due to Chest Congestion

Ipecac can be used where wheezing is present due to chest congestion. The indicating feature for using this medicine is relief from vomiting or coughing out the mucus. Arsenic album is given when the wheezing is present with suffocative spells and cough. The patient is better after taking warm drinks.
Nux Vomica is mainly used when the wheezing is worse during sleep.

3. For Congestion with Suffocative Attacks

Lachesis is very efficient in treating suffocative attacks that are worse on lying down. The patient has to rush towards an open window to get relief. The patient feels to take deep breaths. Nothing tight is bearable around the neck or waist. Sambucus gives best results when the suffocative spells occur while sleeping and the patient wakes up suddenly almost breathless. The nose feels totally obstructed. It is more frequently indicated in very young children and infants.

4. For Chest Pain

Bryonia Alba and Phosphorus occupy a significant place in homeopathy to treat the chest pains due to chest congestion. But the selection depends upon the symptoms given by the patient. Bryonia Alba is more suited to those patients who give symptoms of chest pains which are worse on inspiring and while coughing. The pains are stitching type in nature. Such patients get relief by lying down.
For using Phosphorus in chest pain the most indicative symptoms are – worsening of chest pain by lying on the left side and by pressure. Warm applications usually relieve the pains and cold air aggravates the chest pain.

5. For Difficulty Releasing Mucus

Kali Sulph is one of the best remedies for congestion; it is given when the mucus rattles in the chest and is expectorated with much difficulty. The expectorated mucus is yellow in color. Pulsatilla is used when the mucus from the chest is greenish in color and takes great effort to come out.
Kali Bichrome works at its best when the mucus is extremely thick and sticky in nature and comes out in long threads or strings and requires much force to spit it out.

6. For Sudden Congestion after Exposure to Cold Air

Aconite is the best natural remedy for chest congestion from exposure to cold air. The patients requiring this medicine feels severe oppression in the chest with short difficult and labored breathing. Anxiety and restlessness of utmost degree can also be present with chest congestion.

7. For Congestion in Damp Weather

Natrum Sulph is highly ranked holistic medicine for chest congestion occurring in damp weather. The symptoms that guide towards this medicine use are rattling of mucus in the chest with difficulty in breathing and the patient feels the need to take deep breaths. Green colored mucus is coughed out. Pain in the chest also occurs during coughing, forcing the patient to hold the chest.

8. For Congestion in Infants

Ipecac is mainly given when a continuous rattling cough is present. The face of the infant turns blue due to incessant coughing. Wheezing from the chest is severe. vomiting usually eases the cough.
Sambucus works very efficiently in treating the cough attacks in infants that occurs at night with blockage of nose. The infant wakes up in the night with sudden crying and extremely suffocated.
Chamomilla works well for infants with rattling cough with utmost irritability and crying. Such an infant feels a lot better when they are carried around.

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  1. Barbara Skeels says:

    Hello I wonder if u can help as I seem to have a virus I can’t get rid of? It seems like a heavy weight on the top of my chest , I cough up mucus morning and evening usually clear or creamy looking, other than that I don’t have any other symptoms. This has been going on for a couple of months now and although I have used Silica 30 c it only helps for a time and then comes back. I am nearly 70 years of age, female, I was wondering if it’s a virus or I am developing some kind of chest condition as had something similar last year? My doctor prescribed antibiotics but don’t think it made any difference . Thank you for your help


    Sir, I am a Bronhociatic patient. Recently during Cold climate I am having heavy mucus and the treatment of allopathy/homeo/ayurvedic medicine do not have desired results. In view of this, I request you to kindly suggest good Homeo Medicine by which I can get relief from Mucus.


  3. My mom 64 yers old heart patient done by pass 2008 now we redo by passs recommendation.
    Always his lungs fill with liquid now start from 6 month .
    Plz suggested medicine for clean fluid from there I checked fluid with Labortary there is not infection or puss cell .

  4. Dear Dr. Sharma

    Good Day!

    Recovered from Covid-19 about four months ago. Now post disease symptoms are coming:
    1- Weakness in legs
    2- Sore Throat moving from left to right
    3- Chest heaviness and light pain at the start of chest bones

    Please suggest some medicine.

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    it’s pleasant to read this weblog, and I used to visit
    this webpage everyday.

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  6. fazlur rahman says:

    i have uric acid and ige serum problem, when allergy increase than small sport(chota dana) maximum on head sometimes on body and start breathing problem, cough.
    plz advise the medicine.

  7. Sweta Agarwal says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I just feel tightness in chest, feel like I need to breath heavy, little ticklish on throat, blocked, itchy ears, sometimes blocked nose on one side.
    Do not really have cough, but sometimes when chanting mantra get short of breath and feel like coughing.
    Do not have fever.
    What medicine should I take.

    • Sweta Agarwal says:

      Hello Doctor,

      I just feel tightness in chest, feel like I need to breath heavy, little ticklish on throat, blocked, itchy ears, sometimes blocked nose on one side.
      Do not really have cough, but sometimes when chanting mantra get short of breath and feel like coughing.
      Do not have fever.
      What medicine should I take.

  8. I am trying to choose a remedy for nasal congestion. the sensation changes throughout the day… but I’m trying to find something that helps clear nasal passage at night for sleeping to breath thru my nose. The mucus in my sinuses seems thick or it might come out more easily. I’m able to blow my nose but not release the mucus. I’ve tried kali bichromium… for early stages of congestion and it seemed to help but tonight feels extra gluey. I only take as needed or up to 3-4 times a day.

  9. i am ashtama patient.alternate days facing chest jam,chest jam when wheezing,shuffy nose everytime

  10. Ram M Ohri says:

    I have copd causing breathing difficulties. Please recommend a suitable medications to clear chest mucus and clear my lungs so that I can breath freely,

  11. Muhammad Afzal says:

    Respected Dr Sharma
    Sir, I have some problem, need your assistance,
    1. mouth filled with water during night sleep.
    2.feeling some time a short duration pain in different areas of belly.
    4.seems belly fill all the time.

  12. Praveen Kumar says:

    Respected Dr Sharma …
    Sir I have a habit of smoking and almost for last 20 years I am smoking a lot … many times I try to quiet but I didn’t…
    However I am well … but what medicine I took to protect my lungs and other organs….. and also how I quiet the smoking..

  13. Hi doc my name is sunita I ofen get chest congestion & I can’t breathe properly &l get little pain in my chest I feel like I will die. My doc gave me a medicin & a inhaler with that I feel ok but after 2 or 3 day again I want proper medication once for all pl sugges iam 43 I will very thankful for your reply.

  14. Dr Sushma Joiya Pandit says:

    Dear Dr Sharma. This is Dr Mrs Sushma Joiya Pandit an Homeopath, would like to consult you that a patient 68 years old was suffering from acute bronchial disorder . Mucus in bulk quantity was troubling during night, was unable lie down, feeling lot of berating problem was willing to commit Sui side .
    I started with Nux Vomica for two days followed by Ipecacuana there was not much relief then again Nux Vomica followed by Arsenic Alb 200 There was a good result the cough redeced . X-ray report says that mucus is stuck on the inner walls of lungs. Please suggest how to remove mucus from the inner walls of lungs.
    I will be highly obliged to get a reply on my e mail id, please

  15. Meghna Patil says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I have a 2 yr old daughter who is suffering from sever chest congestion. She due to the congestion also puked once. Please advice what should I give her and the dosage.

  16. I have fluid in lungs. The main symptom is shortness of breath on any exertion. Talking and laughing or allergens can lead to asthma like symptoms where the sputum is hard to cough up. It is thick clear and bubbly when it does. And there is relief after but also exhaustion. It is better when sitting or lying down. And aggravated by changing positions from standing to sitting. There is post nasal drip. Thank you.

  17. Helen Salpeter says:

    Is there a remedy in homeopathy that can help cure bronchiestas?
    Please let me know if such a remedy exists.
    Thank you,
    Helen Salpeter

  18. My father 70 has undergone bypass surgery. He has chest congestion
    Plz advise

  19. Sir ,
    This is K. Razi, 42.
    I cannot talk easily through nose as I have much concentrate on throat to speak up. Not, words come to my mouth from chest. This problems I confront for last 24 years, which caught me suddenly when I was teenage.
    Sometimes my nose becomes completely dry while sometimes it sneezing alot even for 3 days back to back.when I get up from night sleep my nose is full of mucus with chest to my throat. I take half an hour to vomit back through mouth to clear my nose and chest.

    I also underwent two major nose operations with years of homeopathic and herbal treatments but the problem worsened with each passing month.

    I have a history of TB in knee, at the age of 3 with chronic indigestion.

    I feel too weak with mind forgetting attitude.
    Please help me recommend some treatment.

  20. My son is 7 years and has history of Bronchitis. His body produces lots of mucus. These days it’s quite windy and air has pollen. He has again started building up mucus and cough. Please suggest.
    We are in Barcelona and doctor here is giving Silícea 15ch and Pouman histamine 15ch.

  21. AMIT BANERJEE says:

    Its continued since last 20 years. Now aggravated.
    Initial symptom: continuos sneezing with watery mucous and used to continue for days unless applied some allopathic medicines.
    With the consumption of allopathic madicines, mucous started thickening and chest got conjusted. with passage of time breathing problem starts. Further the situation worsens and chest gets infected. To clear the infection, high dose antibiotcs are prescribed and consumtion of the same dries the mucous further medicine is required to loosening the same and the story continues.

    Sir, Help me to get rid of the problem.

    This problem is occrring irrespective of change in season.

  22. Pamela Wayans says:

    I have had ASTHMA my whole life but about 7 years ago my asthma got so bad and was diagnosed of EMPHYSEMA/COPD which was most likely due to the asthma. I was on double antibiotics and steroids, still didn’t feel any better. My lungs were constantly wheezing in all four chambers, i already used Advair, Spiriva, and Albuterol in my nebulizer, they just didn’t do much. April 2016 my sister in-law told us about Rich Herbs Foundation where she ordered herbs that effectively treated her arthritis. We ordered their COPD herbal treatment after reading alot of positive reviews, i am happy to report this COPD herbal treatment reversed my lungs condition. My quality of life has greatly improved and every one of my symptoms including difficulty breathing and wheezing are gone. Their official web page is ww w. richherbsfoundation. c om. I will be 52 soon and have never been healthier!

  23. My 2 month old grand son is not able to feed properly and I feel he is having problem in breathing for last 2 ,3 days. He is crying and is irritated. What should I give him.

  24. Kindly prescribed for upper respiratory tract infection (nasal congeation, sinusitis, dns, otitis media) for last 4 months

  25. jarmeesh kalahad says:

    much conjestun lots flim in throt dunt no wut to doo

  26. Rama Chandra Rao Suraneni says:

    Running nose through t some what pain caugh, phelgam out while caugh In Summer heat Asthama or to say resperatory troubles, during night chest stiffness. Now using Antim Aalb. But no control and searching for another suitable medicine. Lady 68 years.

  27. Respected dr.
    Asking advise on behalf of my brother
    He is 55 yrs.
    Since a few months when he sleeps his nose gets chocked
    He feels like a block of mucus in his nostrils
    He can’t sleep ,feels better sitting up
    No other malady
    Please help

  28. Irshad Ali says:

    Dear Dr sharma I m Irshad i have been suffering chest congestion and throt congestion last 20 years i never drink cold water cold drink or any cold item . Sir some time when i ate my oily curty food its stuck my throat and im not able to inhale air i feel im going to die plz suggest me best medicine to clear my throat and chest

  29. Umrinder Singh says:

    Good morning sir my nephew suffering from cough form one month at night when he is sleeping he have heavy cough. we take the treatment form 32 GMCH chandigarh but not benefits. Please suggest the right medicine in homeopathy

  30. Tejendra Singh Marvaha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Good Morning,
    I am 62 years old and a cronic patient of Acid reflux. It gets worst after meals. I have developed lung congestion and allergy to cold.
    Please advise.

    • Brenda Fenn says:

      Hi, My Dad is in late stage emphysema and seems to have congestion a lot. Tonight mom said his temperature even reached 101. But she gave him some warm water with apple cider vinegar then rubbed essential oils on him. With that and a lot of prayers he came out of it. But we need any help as to how to help him.

  31. Sarjiwan Moudgil says:

    My wife aged about 67 yrs is suffering from violent cough since last ten days. Cough is with while mucus and is worst during night.

    she is also patient of B.P.

  32. Krishna gopal srivastava from kanpur u.p says:

    Respected sir,
    Iam a copd pataint, in p flow meter reading is170. Dr has told me that my lungs eff.cency is reduced by 35%.A present I am taking alopathic care. But none of the medicine or expectorent is giving me relief from coughing. The long coughing boud me to take oxygen.
    The coughing does not stop till the mucus comes out.and l take normal cold water. Further in nightit does not allow me to lie down and bound to sit me.if any how I could sleep,my hole mouth trochia becomes so dry that it breaks sleep and contineous dry coughing starts for more than a minuit till the 2or3 times mucus spell out. After each meal or breakfast, coughing increases.
    I suffering from this trouble since last ten Iam also unable to find out corret homeo pathic.medicine.only lpec given abit relief from after meal coughing. I am 60 years old

    • Subm chakraborty says:

      take allopath medicine FINMOX-CV650 THRICE DAILY for 5 days…I am sure it will give you relief.




    My mother is aged 80. She is hospitalised as she has heavy chest congestion,unable to cough, problem in swallowing and breathing problem. Doctors say heavy cough deposition in throat. We are trying Antim Tart 200 and natrum sulf 200 for last 3 days but see no result. Earlier we tried Kali Bichrome 200 but even this does not work. Plz suggest.

  35. Tina Revels says:

    Where do I get the ingredients

  36. Hlo Dr.sharma my daughter have chest infection for 15 days she is 2months only I can i do for her she is soo crying and not sleeping

  37. Christine Papp says:

    I am 33 weeks pregnant and got the flu over the weekend. I have a history with asthma late in pregnancy and it has absolutely been kicked off by this flu. My chest is super tight which makes it difficult to walk around or walk. Only by resting and being quiet are my symptoms a bit better. Which remedy would be a good fit for me to take?

  38. Narender kamboj says:

    I am 36 year old suffering from lung fibrosis due to sarcodosis and -CPA in lungs.oxygen level always low. I am on artificial oxygen .taking treatment from pgi Chandigarh but no benefit.pls hel

  39. sowrav karmakar says:

    sir, i had a reflux problem 2 month ago. i had aso developed a cough & pain in sternum & manubrium. after taking ppi medication the reflux got cured, but the cough & pain still persists, specially in ribs and just under manubrium. i had made chest x-ray & upper usg which are absolutely normal including the lungs. what is the remedy of this pain? there is clear mucus very much and pain in upper back & right shoulder.
    thnx in advance sir.

    • I feel some pain on my chest slight right side top corner and sometime it left side as wall. Please suggest.
      (no smoking, no drinks, no cold & cough )

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