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Top 9 Homeopathic Medicines For Cough And Cold

Cough and cold is quite a common complaint everyone faces. Cold indicates an infection in the upper respiratory tract (it consist of nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx and the paranasal sinuses). Cough refers to an act of forcing air out of the lungs to get rid of mucus, fluids, germs (like bacteria, virus) and other matter like dust from the airways. Though cough and cold affect persons of all age groups but kids less than 6 years are more prone to it and get frequently affected as compared to adults. A young child may get several episodes of cough and cold in a year as his/ her immune system is yet developing. Cough and cold are usually caused by viruses. Among the different viruses (more than 200 types), the most common cause is rhinovirus. A person tends to catch this infection from inhaling infected virus droplets present in the environment when an infected person present nearby coughs or sneezes. It may also spread by hand to hand contact with person having cough and cold. The infection can be contracted from touching a surface that carries viral droplets and afterwards touching the nose, eyes or mouth without washing the hands. A person may also get this infection by sharing objects like towels, utensils, etc. with person having cold. Cough and cold can be attended with other symptoms like blocked nose, sneezing, sore throat, headache, body aches, watery eyes, fever and tired feeling.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy proves highly successful in treating cases of cough and cold. Homeopathic medicines boost the body’s self – healing mechanism to fight with the germs that are causing infection and get them out of the body. This ensures natural and gentle recovery with zero side effects. The cough and cold are managed along with its attending symptoms like blocked nose, sneezing, sore throat, headache and body aches. Homeopathic medicines are suitable to manage cough and cold in persons of all age groups. As these medicines have no side effects, hence are very safe to use. One should take any homeopathic medicine for managing cough and cold after consulting a homeopathic doctor as the prescription varies from case to case as per individual symptoms. In case of persistent high fever, shortness of breath, chest pain and wheezing, it is advised to take help from conventional mode of treatment.

Homeopathic Medicines For Cough And Cold

1.Aconite – Topmost Medicine

Aconite is a top-rated homeopathic medicine to manage cases of cough and cold. The key feature to use this medicine is cough and cold triggered from exposure to cold air. In cases needing it, there is clear watery nasal discharge. The discharge feels hot. It is accompanied by sneezing and stuffed sensation in the nose. Along with cold, one also also complains of headache. The throat is red, inflamed with burning and stinging pain. The voice becomes hoarse along with pain in the throat while talking. The cough is dry, rough, short and barking type. It is usually worse at night time.

2. Natrum Mur – With Marked Sneezing And Watery Nasal Discharge

Natrum Mur is a very effective medicine when there is intense sneezing and watery discharge from the nose. There is watering from eyes as well. Sneezing gets worse in the early morning. The nose feels painful internally. Sense of smell and taste get reduced. There is cough with hawking of mucus. Cough is attended with suffocation which gets worse at night when lying down. While coughing, bursting type of pain occurs in the head.

3. Arsenic Album – For Thin Nasal Discharge, Cough With Marked Weakness

This medicine is highly recommended when there is thin discharge from the nose and  cough with intense weakness. The nose feels stuffed along with discharge. Burning and itchy sensation in the nose is well-marked. The cold gets worse in open air and gets better indoors. Cough is dry and alternates with loose cough. Cough gets worse after midnight which is a highly characteristic feature to use this medicine. Cough gets better by sitting.

4.Belladonna – For Dry Cough, Cold With Sore Throat

Belladonna is a prominently indicated medicine for cough, cold accompanied with sore throat. There is frequent sneezing along with tickling sensation in the nostrils. There is watery discharge from one side of the nose. There occurs dry, tickling, and short cough. It increases at night. The throat and tonsils are markedly red, inflamed with a heated sensation. Dryness is felt in the throat along with marked throat pain. Pain gets worse while swallowing, especially anything liquid.

5. Hepar Sulph – For Loose Cough And Cold From Cold Air Exposure

This medicine is best suited for cases when loose cough and cold occurs after cold air exposure. Initially, there is watery nasal discharge. Afterwards, the discharge gets thick along with an offensive smell. The nose also feels stuffed up. There is PND (post nasal dripping) in which dripping of mucus from back of the nose into the throat. The cough that occurs is loose with mucus expectoration. The phlegm expelled out is thick, yellow and sticky type. The cough gets better by wrapping up warmly.

6. Pulsatilla – For Cough And Cold With Thick Yellow Green Discharge

This medicine works well in cases having cough cold with thick yellow green discharge. There is thick discharge from the nose which gets worse indoors. It gets better in open air. The nose feels blocked. It is accompanied with loss of smell and taste. There is loose cough in the day and dry cough after sleep. Yellow, green phlegm is expectorated along with loose cough.

7. Spongia – For Cold And Dry Cough

Spongia is a highly beneficial medicine to manage cold along with a dry cough. In cases requiring it, there is watery nasal discharge alternating with nose blockage. The attending cough is absolutely dry in nature. Cough is short, dry and irritative type with a rough hoarse feeling in the larynx. Cough results from a tickling sensation in the throat. There is relief in cough from eating or drinking, among which warm things offer more relief.

8. Allium Cepa – With Intense Sneezing

This medicine is helpful for cases of cough and cold with intense sneezing. Sneezing occurs almost continuously with excessive watering from the nose. Sneezing gets worse in a warm room in most cases needing it. The nasal discharge causes burning sensation in the nose and on the upper lips. A lump is felt at the root of nose. Along with the above complaints, excessive eye watering occurs. Along with cold, there is headache and hoarseness of voice. Cough gets worse from inhaling cold air and also in the evening. A tickling sensation is felt in the larynx that results in constant hawking to get relief.

9. Euphrasia – For Cold, Cough And Eye Watering

This medicine is useful when there is cold and cough along with marked eye watering. There is watery nasal discharge during the day and nasal blockage at night. The watering from eyes causes burning in the eyes. There is cough with profuse expectoration in the day time. Cough gets better at night.


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  1. Xan deVoss says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I recently had a virus, probably a cold that started with sore throat, coughing and general ill feeling. Its been around 3-4 weeks and I feel better except a cough. The cough is worse with cold air and feels like its right below my voice box. I could feel fine for a day or so and then I will have a coughing attack, where i am wheezy and the cough is uncontrolable. there is clear mucus after coughing and not very much production with the coughing. Soda water helps the inital cough reflex.

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