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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Pilonidal Cyst

 Homeopathic Remedies for Pilonidal Cyst
The formation of a cyst at the cleft of the buttocks near the tailbone is known as a Pilonidal Cyst. The cyst contains hair and skin debris. It develops when hair penetrates the skin due to friction and the body, considering it to be a foreign substance, forms a cyst around it. The cyst can get infected, get filled with pus, and form an abscess. A pilonidal sinus is formed when a tract begins from the infected cyst and opens on the surface of the skin. Under the conventional mode of treatment, a surgical incision of the pilonidal cyst is advised (which is painful and temporary). Homeopathic medicines for pilonidal cyst is a safe and efficient treatment option. Homeopathic medicines follow a curative approach to treat pilonidal cysts, rather than just providing relief from the symptoms. These medicines help provide relief from troublesome symptoms like pain and swelling. They also help dissolve the cyst.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pilonidal Cyst / Sinus

Among a long therapeutic list for treating Pilonidal Cysts, the top rated seven homeopathic medicines are Silicea, Hepar Sulph, Myristica Sebifera, Merc Sol, Calcarea Sulph, Phosphorous, and Lycopodium, along with their characteristic features:

1. Silicea –Top Remedy for Pilonidal Cyst

Silicea is a medicine for Pilonidal Cyst where there is a purulent discharge from the sinus. The pus discharge may be very offensive and fetid. Hardness and swelling at the cleft of the buttock is also present. Itching also appears, mostly in the daytime.
Silicea helps to reduce the swelling and aids in the expulsion of the hair and the pus from the cyst.

2. Hepar Sulph – For Pilonidal Cyst with Pain

Hepar Sulph is a medicine for pilonidal cyst when there is a pain in the cyst. The pain is throbbing, beating, stinging or pricking in nature. The skin above the cyst is highly inflamed and hot. It is also very sensitive and sore to touch. In the majority of the cases, the pain gets worse at night. Exposure to cold air also worsens the pain in some cases. Pus discharge that is blood-stained may also arise. There is an offensive odor, like old cheese, from the pus.

3. Myristica Sebifera – For Pilonidal Cyst

Myristica Sebifera is an effective remedy for a pilonidal cyst. This is a natural medicine prepared from a plant of the Myristicaceae family. In pilonidal sinus cases, it helps to hasten the suppuration and aids in complete recovery. Its use prevents surgical intervention in most cases of pilonidal sinus.
Apart from Pilonidal Cysts, Myristica works wonders in treating suppurative diseases like boils, abscess, carbuncles, anal fistula, and Whitlow.

4. Merc Sol – For Pilonidal Cyst with Pus Discharge

Merc Sol is a medicine for pilonidal cyst treatment in the late stages when the pus begins to release from the cyst. The pus discharge is profuse, acrid and sticky. The affected area is sore and painful to touch. Itching may also be present. An increased amount of offensive sweat on the body is present. The symptoms worsen at night, and warmth tends to aggravate all these symptoms.

5. Calcarea Sulph – For Pilonidal Cyst with Yellow Pus

Calcarea Sulph is a medicine for pilonidal cyst with yellow pus discharge. The discharge is thick and lumpy and may be bloody in some cases. Calcarea Sulph helps in controlling pus formation.

6. Phosphorus – For Pilonidal Cyst with Bloody Discharge

Phosphorus is a medicine for pilonidal cyst treatment when there is a bloody discharge from the cyst. The blood is thin and profuse. Burning in the surrounding skin may also appear.
Phosphorus is an excellent anti-hemorrhagic remedy. It helps in controlling the bloody discharge and also contributes towards healing the pilonidal sinus.
It is also useful in cases where healing has taken place in the past, and the problem has arisen again with a bloody discharge. It is also indicated in cases where the pilonidal cyst has colorless and fetid pus.

7. Lycopodium Clavatum – For Milky-white Pus Discharge

Lycopodium Clavatum is a medicine for pilonidal cyst where there is a milky white pus discharge. The discharge has a putrid smell and is corroding. Burning and stitching pain is felt in the affected area. Warmth worsens the complaint. Fever with alternate chills and heat may also arise. It is also indicated when the cyst recurs periodically and does not get treated.

Causes and Risk Factors of a Pilonidal Cyst and Pilonidal Sinus

Homeopathy has a great scope in treating Pilonidal Cysts. These medicines treat Pilonidal Cysts in a very safe, gentle and effective manner and prevent the need for surgical procedures. These medicines are made from natural substances and raise the body’s self-healing powers to fight the infection naturally. They help manage symptoms like pain, itching, and discomfort. Homeopathy for pilonidal cyst also help in absorbing the pus discharge from the Pilonidal sinus.

Pilonidal Cyst and its Causes

The exact cause of pilonidal cyst is not clear. But a theory states that initially, hair penetrates the skin of the cleft between buttocks. Friction or rubbing makes the hair go deep into the skin. The body, considering this hair to be a foreign article, forms a cyst around it. This cyst may break open and form a tract that emerges on the surface of the skin (which is called a pilonidal sinus). Obesity, inactive lifestyle, excessive sitting, and excessive body hair on the back are factors that predispose a person to a pilonidal cyst. The age group most prone to developing a pilonidal cyst are between 20 – 25 years. Pilonidal sinus is more common in males than in females.

Symptoms of Pilonidal Cyst / Sinus

Sometimes Pilonidal Cysts do not give out any signs/symptoms. However, they usually appear with swelling and pain in the cleft of the buttocks. Redness and itching also appear. A discomfort while sitting also arises. There is also drainage of pus or blood from the Pilonidal sinus. The pus may be white or yellow or may have an offensive odor. Fever may also appear along with the above features in some cases.

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  1. Muhammed Farook KB says:

    I am diabetic 55yrs old 10 yrs back I had pilonidel sinus and surgery done Now I am suffering from Abscess and pain near by it.

  2. I have pilonidal sinus…. which is itching and white swelling is coming out…since 3 months… it’s not paining ,and iam able to do my daily work normally

  3. David Rodgers says: one replies drishti hates me.she does not reply

  4. David Rodgers says:

    HELLO.NO ONE EMAILS OR REPLIES..You do not reply drishti will not answer.when do i take the belladonna 30c. Im taking
    Hepar, silicia, myristica. Every 4 hrs apart..1 pellet .in 4oz.water shaken and a sip.and on qtip externally.
    Live chat dowsnt come on with dr.

  5. David Rodgers says:

    You do not reply drishti will not answer.when do i take the belladonna 30c. Im taking
    Hepar, silicia, myristica. Every 4 hrs apart..1 pellet .in 4oz.water shaken and a sip.and on qtip externally.
    Live chat dowsnt come on with dr.

  6. does cbd get you high says:

    Sharing this with dad.

  7. Ravinder Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, my daughter age 15 yrs is suffering from this Pilonidal Sinus, was having swelling and pain on both side of the tail bone, pus was also coming so I consulted an orthopedic doctor, he told about this pilonidal sinus, and prescribed some medicine, now she is feeling better and no swelling, pain or pus, but I don’t want it to reoccur so please suggest some homeopathic medicens for permanent cure.

    • Aryan Panwar says:

      can you please tell me what type of medicines they gave your daughter because i am also suffering from this problem.😭😭

  8. Hlooo mam. Myself Dushant. I’m 23 years old.and I’m suffering from pilonidal sinus problem.Dictors suggest me surgery.Is there any other option for treating it 😊😊. please mam. Because we are not that much rich also

  9. Hi sir, iam suffering from pilonidal sinus disease pus coming and pain also there, is this curable with medicines without surgery, please suggest.



  11. Megan Nelson says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    This is the first time seeing this website and its comical because I have almost read every article known to man about pilonidal cysts and then low and behold here is a new one to read and you caught my eye. I hope you can lead me in the right direction. I am 24 years old and my very first cyst happened when I was 18. The funny thing is, I fell in a dumpster while diving for one of the neighbors footballs that fell while the kids were playing and then moments after that, I was unaware that my life would be changed forever. I have been dealing with this for 7 plus years and let me just tell you how discouraging it really is. I literally sit and watch people walk and play sports and have fun AND EVEN SITTING is a hassle & I go “If only I could switch butts😂” funny but so so true. Back to the storyline- Out of the blue I was hurting so bad and went to the doctor and they lanced whatever it was on my tailbone area. I was in so much pain before and then after they lanced it and then to hear the Doctor tell me that I needed surgery was overwhelming. Well? I had the surgery and honestly it went very well. I did not experience any pain for about 11 months although recovery was a bitch itself. I was so happy that I thought I could be normal again and then BOOM random pain came back. Then I researched and found out just how a surgery is just temporary. Right at the 12 month mark I went back to the doctor and got it lanced again. This time they shaved my back area and continued to tell me to wear loose clothing and to just be careful with myself. I asked him if I needed another surgery and he said “You just let us know when a good time is for another surgery” I thought to myself (its 2019 why can’t anybody help this stupid disease or whatever it may be) so all I did for YEARS was take hot baths, apply creams, air it out, wear soft loose clothes, and just cry myself to sleep because it has seriously stayed the same. Oh, btw. I went back for a second surgery and then had it come back even again. I have began accepting my fate and I continue with the remedies but I have come to realize I guess my only way of getting rid of this is if someone rich takes pitty on me. I have watched Youtube videos, read articles, read other individuals stories and of course there is no cure for this thing. It’s like the weirdest condition in the world and after having it for so long, I have truly lost hope. I’ll go ahead and tell you right now that I have a pilonidal sinus that has opened up right now and after going through what I have, I realize what keeps happening. I’m a plus size woman with a hell of alot of hair. Two things I havent tried and I guess I need too. Those two things would be to lose weight and to chop off my hair. Even after doing that, your remedies seem interesting to me. Please send me an email back, send me far away to another Doctor, or just simply give me some guidance. I salute anybody else who goes through this . We truly are troopers. Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this. I will leave my contact information for you.

  12. Jessica Rudd says:

    Hi there,

    I have a pilonidal cyst that has become infected and lanced 4 times now, I am looking for a non surgical way to help prevent infection as I am very leery of going under the knife to have the cyst totally removed (seems terribly painful expensive and the guarantee of healing and non recurrence seems slim) so I was wondering about Myristica Sebifera? Can it be taken as a preventative? Can it be taken everyday for long periods of time? And if so how much would you recommend to take daily as a preventative? Also any other suggestions on preventative natural medicine would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much

  13. Mansi Singh says:

    Hi ,
    I would like to know if Dr. Sharma has replied to any of the mentioned comments ??..
    My brother is suffering from this issue and I need to know if all these write ups and comments are being replied genuinely in concern of patients.
    Kindly reply.

  14. Sir ji 5 year ago hua tha ab vaapas ho gya 3-4 month se fayda nhi mil rha h sillica se improvment nhi mil rha h

  15. Karam Ali says:

    Dear sir, i have pilonidal sinus from almost 10 to 12 years my age is 30 years, due to this my life is much disturbed but i don’t want its surgical treatment as its much painful and have chances of reoccurring. Please suggest what should I do? Please also confirm are there any negative effects of this disease on other body parts? I will be awaited for your answer impatiently. With great thanks

  16. Hi
    Dr sharma
    I am suffering pilondal sinus last 2 month
    Some time white water and deadblood discharge
    No pain
    Please reqmend any homeo medicine please
    I am 30 year is old
    No blood pasure
    No sugar

  17. Vijay kumar Soni says:

    My name is vijay kumar my daughter is about 14 yrs. mri and doctors says my daughter has pus in spine IN L-5 resultantly he is not able to walking

    please suggest medicine and advise

  18. Hi sir,
    My name is sonia.I am 26 year old.I have a pinodial sinus last 8 months. Sometime white pus discharge but very nominal rate.sir i am very depressed about it.i have discuss this problem with many surgen and everyone advised me to only surgery.i have lot of search on internet about sucess rate of surgery and i dont want to go with surgery.sir please guide me.i am upsc aspirant and i can’t any risk of surgery. Please sir.

  19. I have been taking homeo medicine from a local doctor in Bangladesh. After about 10 months treatment there is a pea like pimple thing that occurred within 2 or 3 months of treatment. He said it is under good progress but i would like to know to clear my doubts on this if my condition is getting better ?

  20. Hi sir,
    i am rohit i have a problem of pilodinal sinus please tell me some suggetion how can i get rid from this problem please…

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