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Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

In the initial stages or in the milder forms or in people who are not aware of the disease, depression can go unidentified till its implications become too obvious. People often overlook it as a mere low mood or some start assuming it as a part of their psychological makeup. Even families or spouse start accommodating accordingly, thereby making identification of depression all the more difficult. Homeopathic treatment for depression is a great form of alternative medicine and natural therapy for depression.

Ignatia Amara – My First Choice for Treating Depression

Ignatia Amara is one of the top grade and also the most commonly used homeopathic remedy for treating depression. It works very well for depression of recent origin. The person needing Ignatia Amara majorly presents with extreme sadness and weeping. They also desire loneliness and avoid  meeting people. They get absorbed in grief . Intense hopelessness also prevails. They also get offended very easily and may have with sudden mood fluctuations.

 Natrum Mur –  For  Chronic Depression

Natrum Mur is a most used homeopathic medicine for treating chronic depression. It works wonders in helping a person to come out of long term chronic depression. The person requiring Natrum Mur constantly dwells on the past unpleasant memories with intense sadness and crying spells. They bear their grief in loneliness. They isolate themselves and avoid to going out. They are reserved personalities and do not wish to share their grief with others. Consolation from others is also not much appreciated. They are also prone to get irritated and get offended very easily. Natrum Mur is very helpful for persons who are suffering since some major disappointments in life, disrupted relationships, after a loss of loved ones etc.


Aurum Met – For Major Depression With Suicidal Thoughts

Aurum Met is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for treating major depression where suicidal thoughts prevail. The features that guide the use of Aurum Met include great depression with a feeling of profound hopelessness, loss of love for life and suicidal thoughts. The person needing Aurum Met is usually tired of life; thinks that life is a burden and for him , future seems dark with no hope left. There is a strong sense of worthlessness . They also have self-criticizing and self-reproaching behavior. Along with this, they cannot bear slight contradiction.They get angry very quickly . Aurum Met will help a person come out of dark, gloomy depression and bring a ray of hope to him.


Sepia – for depression with marked indifference to everything

Sepia is indicated when the patient shows marked indifferent behavior along with symptoms of depression. The  indifference is more towards family members/ friends and towards life. They are also averse to do any work. They lack interest in any activities or entertainment whic they were previously fond off . They desire solitude and often are foung sitting quietly in loneliness. Extreme irritability with intense sadness, gloominess is also present. Sepia also stands among top grade homeopathic medicine for depression in women arising after childbirth or around their menopause time.


 Kali Phos – After overuse of Brain with intense weakness

 Kali Phos is suitable homeopathic medicine for treating depression attended with extreme weakness. The symptoms pointing towards the use of Kali Phos are sadness, gloominess, aversion to talking, continual weeping, moaning, negative thinking and excessive weakness/fatigue. Sleeplessness is also there along with these symptoms. It is frequently indicated when stress and gloominess result out of overuse of mental power. Other accompanying symptoms include weak memory, dullness of mind and anxiety about future.

Advantages of using Homeopathy for Depression

The best part of homeopathic treatment is that the medicines are totally side effect free and its long-term use leads to no damage to the body. Homeopathic medicines also do not cause any sedation.

What are the signs of depression?

Following are the symptoms of depression and if three to five or more of the following symptoms which persist for more than 2 weeks, there are chances that one might be suffering from depression. Persistent low or sad mood, Loss of interest or pleasure in activities including sex. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism .Sleeping too much or too little, often feeling tired and feeling “slowed down?. Suicidal thoughts and attempts. Restlessness, irritability, anger and excessive weeping. Having difficulty in concentrating and application of mind.

What are the causes of depression?

Changes at the biochemical levels in the brain are responsible for some forms .

People having too much or too little of these bio-chemicals called “Neuro-transmitters” can lead to depression.

Genetic factor also plays an important role in the causation.

Difficult life events e.g. loss of loved one, divorce, financial problems etc. can contribute to the onset of depression.

Nearly twice as many women as men are affected by a depression.

Depression frequently co-occurs with other physical illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

Can Homeopathy cure depression ?

The first question that comes to one mind is that can homeopathy cure depression ? Clinical depression is very much treatable withNatural homeopathic Medicines. Early treatment is more effective and helps prevent the likelihood of serious recurrences. Homoeopathic medicine Ignatia Amara, leads the list homeopathic medicines for depression. For patients requiring Ignatia, the key indications are Persistent dull mood, inability to enjoy, tearful, non communicative and withdrawn. It is very useful in depressions arising after grief and mental shocks. Aurum Metallicum is indicated in cases where suicidal thoughts and tendency is present. Natrum Mur and Carcinocin are often employed to treat chronic and serious forms of depression.

For Anxiety and Depression

Homeopathic medicine Aconite is one of the leading medicine for treating acute anxiety problem . Suddenness of anxiety calls for the use of this medicine .The symptoms appear very suddenly and may give the patient a feeling of impending doom. This is one of the best medicine for use in acute panic attacks . Homeopathic medicines for generalized anxiety disorder are Arsenic Album and Argentum Nitricum

Which is the Best remedy for Stress ?

I would rank kali phos as the top medicine for treating stress . It is very helpful in treating depression that results from overworked minds . It is also indicated in “fatigued Minds ” eg students who overstudy .

Depression in Teenagers

Depression in teenagers is very common owing to hormonal changes and increased stress of coping with studies and the social world . Genetic factors also play an important role in triggering depression in teenagers . Homeopathic remedies for  teenagers are no different from those used for treating depression in adults . Ignatia and Kali phos are two leading medicines for treating depression in teenagers .

Treating depression Major

Depression major refers to advanced forms of depression where there is extreme hopelessness with marked symptoms of suicidal thoughts. Homeopathic medicine Aurum Metallicum is one the best homeopathic remedies  for treating this condition

Insomnia due to Depression

Although the Indicated homeopathic medicines for depression give relief to the symptoms of sleeplessness , if they persist beyond that homeopathic medicine Coffea cruda or kali phos can be used to treat insomnia in depression.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder or depression that occurs in winters can be very effective treated with homeopathy . The treatment for Seasonal affective disorder is dependant upon the nature of symptoms exhibited by the patient . I have in my personal experience found Ignatia to be very effective homeopathic cure for Seasonal affective disorder.

 Depression During  Menopause.

Homeopathy for Menopause – Menopause can be a major turning event in the life of a woman . It is very common for women passing through menopause to go through depression during this phase. Homeopathic medicine Sepia and Lachesis are the top homeopathic remedies for this condition


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  1. I am depressed many years what kind of treat is best

  2. Hello Doctor,
    When depression comes from OCD.. which one do you try to tacle first.. I would say depression and then treat the OCD but the therapy could ease the depression.. thank you for your advise.

  3. I am just completed 69, having 40 years armed Forces service. Have seen many tragic situations and never had any abnormal feeling. Even once during 1990 I had assisted a doctor to conduct postmortem a murdered body, at a very isolated place in North-East. My children are well settled and I am comfortably passing my retired life without any tension. I am suffering from Essential Tremor for about 18-20 years which increased about 3 month back. Neurologist prescribed me CIPLAR 20 which I am taking since last month. Apart from Essential Tremor I have some problem of low urine pressure having mild increase in Prostate which is about 31 gms.
    I have seen number of cruelty videos of ISIS etc but never felt abnormal. But last month on 22 August, two videos of Taliban cruelty on social media disturbed me suddenly and my palpitation increased. I felt as something out of my heart has gone out. It disturbed me very much and I also started feeling claustrophobia and negative thoughts. For about 15 days my life remained highly disturbed. Was feeling fear, less light, feeling trapped in my house, stopped to watched TV, enough strain on the heart. Consulted Neurologist who prescribed me Ettazolam 20 SOS. I tried myself to be positive and have recovered more than 80% but still negative effect is still there though no strain on heart now. I found Ettazolam as an addictive medicine and take it once or twice a week.
    No HBP, no Thyroid and no Diabetes.
    Please suggest me Homeopathic medicine with doses. In addition also please suggest medicine for Prostate and Essential Tremor. Waiting for your kind reply. Regards,

  4. Hi Dr Sharma
    Do send medicines to New Zealand ?
    My daughter age 26 is going through depression. She recovers but gets back to same state with in few months. She lingers with previous memories, thinks negative, she is however very intelligent, cries a lot, often confidence level is too low at the same time is low is iron and vitamin.
    Please let me know how much you charge and will you be able to post the medicine.

  5. Hello sir
    This is ranjana here.
    Sir my mother is suffering from insomnia from last 15years…..And from last 10years she is taking mirinite15mg dose for her depression.In between once she tried for homeopathic medication and initially it was beneficial but lasted only for 2 years so she again started for same allopathy treatment.she is now 60yrs old and again from last one month she is having major issues regarding sleeplessness….Entire day she feels depressed and low.
    Plz suggest me some homeopathic treatment sir.
    I am very much hopeful that one day again the homeopathic medication would benefit her.
    Plz give me your advice .
    I am from patna,bihar.

  6. Dear Dr. Sharma
    A boy aged 33, married, father of a boy aged 8 months, highly qualified upto MPhil in a science subject, worked as lecturer at university level, expert in meditation etc. happened to have psychological attack some three and a 1/2 months ago with following systems:
    odd behaviour
    irrelevant talk
    elated mood at times,
    increased appetite
    extraordinary generosity
    severe anger; flares up if anyone conflict etc.
    Having used vapridone 2mg
    The severest attack last for a week or so. Now some better in all symptoms. But yet much improvement to be needed for regaining normalcy.
    What homeopathic remedy would you suggest which is more effective and may give permanent relief.

  7. My daughter is in major depression and she is shouting very aggressive age32 years she is taking tranquil combination16 please suggest the appropriate medicine to keep her quite

  8. I’m taking walkalert, zapiz, olimelt, venlift, to which I’m gaining weight, kindly suggest homeopathic treatment

  9. Gaurang Pathak says:

    Sir, I have been taking tranquil as well as natrum muriaticum for 7 months above but I have a question regarding it… will I have to take another medicine named autumn met or these two medicines are enough which mentioned above, pls, answer my question

  10. Kamal jain says:

    डॉक्टर साब नमस्ते,मैंने आपका वीडियो you tube में देखा,मेरी पत्नी पिछले 3 साल से डिप्रेशन से पीड़ित है, allopathy और आयुर्वेदिक दवाइयां ली लेकिन स्थाई लाभ नही हुआ,मेरे एक मित्र ने बताया कि होमेओपेथी में डिप्रेशन का बहुत अच्छा इलाज है उसने हमें काली फोस 6x लेने का सुझाव दिया है, लेकिन मेरा विचार से किसी qualified homeo डॉक्टर से कंसल्ट करके treatment लेना ही उचित होगा।
    कृपया अपना चार्ज बताने का कष्ट करें और किस माध्यम से पेमेंट करना है ये भी बताने की कृपा करें।
    नोट:मेरी पत्नी होमेओपेथी की liquid मेडिसिन नही लेना चाहती है।
    हम लोग कोलकाता में रहते हैं।

  11. V. C. Sharma says:

    As per the doctor through MRI opinion,50 ℅ cell of my mother mind are damaged. My mother treatment already running by allopathic medicine through dr. Now problem is that when she sleep then is ok but when wakeup then started to talk with someone which is not here. And start to talk continously till not sleep. Pl suggest hompathic medicine.

  12. Samiran Mikhopadhyay says:

    Sir, pls suggest homeo medicine for symptoms ,pt age 27, figure slim , three or four black mole on body, he has love affairs, remain alone in a room, donot laugh and converse with family members , even donot ask for food late night sleeping, donot share anything with family members obstinate character donot desire to take heavy meal before 2 or 3 pm, bad body smell irregular bathing ,donot save beard or cutting nail willingly, what isdone by him is on force donot comb hair.donot laugh frankly .

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  14. Papiya Sinha says:

    Ami jokhon hatasay vugtam tokhon ami Kolkata te doc dekhai uni amake Nexito forte neyar poramorso den.ami akhon 2months er pragnat amake oie osudh bondho korte bola hoyechey.ami 4days holo oie osudh khachi na kintu amar sab somoy matha ghurchey.odvut felling hochey.amake plz homepatik osudh din jeta khele aie drouziness ta kete jay.plz help mpe some homio pathik medicine.

    • Papiya Sinha says:

      Ami jokhon hatasay vugtam tokhon ami Kolkata te doc dekhai uni amake Nexito forte neyar poramorso den.ami akhon 2months er pragnat amake oie osudh bondho korte bola hoyechey.ami 4days holo oie osudh khachi na kintu amar sab somoy matha ghurchey.odvut felling hochey.amake plz homepatik osudh din jeta khele aie drouziness ta kete jay.plz help mpe some homio pathik medicine.

  15. zia medical center says:

    With the goal of providing our patients with choices for alternative, we are pleased to introduce our department of homeopathy clinic dubai for consultations and medications along with diet & lifestyle counseling.
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  16. zia medical center says:

    With the goal of providing our patients with choices for alternative, we are pleased to introduce our department of Homeopathy dubai for consultations and medications along with diet & lifestyle counseling.
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  17. zia medical center says:

    homeopathy clinic dubai, a wider range of aspects of the patient’s condition are considered, such as physical features, environmental influences, family history of diseases and social relationships. Treatment is provided for chronic and recurrent illness as well as mild to moderate acute illness, while the remedies are prescribed from a variety of plants and minerals and are prepared in licensed laboratories.

  18. Res Dr Sharma g …..Simran mi son unmarried 30 yrs
    5-6 yr back during depression ……he get a stroke…..
    After 2-3 days of a incident of anxietly, big anger he
    is facing…big fears ,big..confusions…etc…
    Allopathic medicine…supress it. Not cured dr says it’s
    Scizophernia under controls. Drive s alone bike
    Means look as normal..but.can not do his buisness more than 25-30 ‘/. Can homeo.cover it.,..All time tired
    Lazy ,sleepy sometime mouth open. Ignatia 200 2-3 time in week Alpha T S. daily 2-3 time.. kindly guide….
    My bro was homeo dr . he is exp 18 yr back..
    I know a true doctor is a God on earth…

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