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Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Homeopathic Treatment for Depression

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

In the initial stages or in the milder forms or in people who are not aware of the disease, depression can go unidentified till its implications become too obvious. People often overlook it as a mere low mood or some start assuming it as a part of their psychological makeup. Even families or spouse start accommodating accordingly, thereby making identification of depression all the more difficult. Homeopathic treatment for depression is a great form of alternative medicine and natural therapy for depression.

Homeopathic Medicines for Depression

Ignatia Amara – Highly effective homeopathic medicine for depression

Ignatia Amara is one of the top grade homeopathic medicines for treating depression. It works very well for depression of recent origin. The person needing Ignatia Amara majorly presents with extreme sadness and weeping. They also desire loneliness and avoid  meeting people. They get absorbed in grief . Intense hopelessness also prevails. They also get offended very easily and may have with sudden mood fluctuations.

 Natrum Mur – Excellent homeopathic medicine to treat chronic depression

Natrum Mur is a majorly indicated homeopathic medicine for treating chronic depression. It works wonders in helping a person to come out of long term chronic depression. The person requiring Natrum Mur constantly dwells on the past unpleasant memories with intense sadness and crying spells. They bear their grief in loneliness. They isolate themselves and avoid to going out. They are reserved personalities and do not wish to share their grief with others. Consolation from others is also not much appreciated. They are also prone to get irritated and get offended very easily. Natrum Mur is very helpful for persons who are suffering since some major disappointments in life, disrupted relationships, after a loss of loved ones etc.

 Aurum Met – Well indicated homeopathic medicine for  depression major- with suicidal thoughts

Aurum Met is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for treating major depression where suicidal thoughts prevail. The features that guide the use of Aurum Met include great depression with a feeling of profound hopelessness, loss of love for life and suicidal thoughts. The person needing Aurum Met is usually tired of life; thinks that life is a burden and for him , future seems dark with no hope left. There is a strong sense of worthlessness . They also have self-criticizing and self-reproaching behavior. Along with this, they cannot bear slight contradiction.They get angry  very quickly . Aurum Met will help a person come out of dark, gloomy depression and bring a ray of hope to him.

 Sepia – Homeopathic medicine for depression with marked indifference to everything

Sepia is a recommended homeopathic medicine for treating depression when the patient shows marked indifferent behavior along with symptoms of depression. The  indifference is more towards family members/ friends and towards life. They are also averse to do any work. They lack interest in any activities or entertainment whic they were previously fond off . They desire solitude and often are foung sitting quietly in loneliness. Extreme irritability with intense sadness, gloominess is also present. Sepia also stands among top grade homeopathic medicine for depression in women arising after childbirth or around their menopause time.

 Kali Phos – Homeopathic medicine for treating depression with intense weakness

 Kali Phos is suitable homeopathic medicine for treating depression attended with extreme weakness. The symptoms pointing towards the use of Kali Phos are sadness, gloominess, aversion to talking, continual weeping, moaning, negative thinking and excessive weakness/fatigue. Sleeplessness is also there along with these symptoms. Other accompanying symptoms include weak memory, dullness of mind and anxiety about future.

Advantages of using Homeopathy for Depression

The best part of homeopathic treatment is that the homeopathic medicines are totally side effect free and its long-term use leads to no damage to the body. Homeopathic medicines also do not cause any sedation.

What are the signs of depression?

Following are the symptoms of depression and if three to five or more of the following symptoms which persist for more than 2 weeks, there are chances that one might be suffering from depression. Persistent low or sad mood, Loss of interest or pleasure in activities including sex. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism .Sleeping too much or too little, often feeling tired and feeling “slowed down?. Suicidal thoughts and attempts. Restlessness, irritability, anger and excessive weeping. Having difficulty in concentrating and application of mind.

What are the causes of depression?

  1. Changes at the biochemical levels in the brain are responsible for some forms .
  2. People having too much or too little of these bio-chemicals called “Neuro-transmitters” can lead to depression.
  3. Genetic factor also plays an important role in the causation.
  4. Difficult life events e.g. loss of loved one, divorce, financial problems etc. can contribute to the onset of depression.
  5. Nearly twice as many women as men are affected by a depression.
  6. Depression frequently co-occurs with other physical illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

Can Homeopathy cure depression ?

The first question that comes to one mind is that can homeopathy cure depression ? Clinical depression is very much treatable withNatural homeopathic Medicines. Early treatment is more effective and helps prevent the likelihood of serious recurrences. Homoeopathic medicine Ignatia Amara, leads the list homeopathic medicines for depression. For patients requiring Ignatia, the key indications are Persistent dull mood, inability to enjoy, tearful, non communicative and withdrawn. It is very useful in depressions arising after grief and mental shocks. Aurum Metallicum is indicated in cases where suicidal thoughts and tendency is present. Natrum Mur and Carcinocin are often employed to treat chronic and serious forms of depression.

Homeopathy for Anxiety and Depression

Homeopathic medicine Aconite is one of the leading homeopathic medicine for treating acute anxiety problem . Suddenness of anxiety calls for the use of this medicine .The symptoms appear very suddenly and may give the patient a feeling of impending doom. This is one of the best medicine for use in acute panic attacks . Homeopathic medicines for generalized anxiety disorder are Arsenic Album and Argentum Nitricum

Which is the Best Homeopathic remedy for  depression due to Stress ?

Homeopathic medicine Kali Phos is one of the Best Homeopathic medicine for treating stress . It is very helpful in treating depression that results from overworked minds . It is also indicated in “fatigued Minds ” eg students who overstudy .

Homeopathic remedies for Depression in Teenagers

Depression in teenagers is very common owing to hormonal changes and increased stress of coping with studies and the social world . Genetic factors also play an important role in triggering depression in teenagers . Homeopathic remedies for  depression in teenagers are no different from those used for treating depression in adults . Ignatia and Klai phos are two leading medicines for treating depression in teenagers . Read this following feature on our website for detailed information on how to treat depression in teenagers with homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic Remedies for Treating depression Major

Depression major refers to advanced forms of depression where there is extreme hopelessness with marked symptoms of suicidal thoughts. Homeopathic medicine Aurum Metallicum is one the best homeopathic medicine for treating depression major.

Homeopathic Medicines for Insomnia due to Depression

Although the Indicated homeopathic medicines for depression give relief to the symptoms of sleeplessness , if they persist beyond that homeopathic medicine Coffea cruda or kali phos can be used to treat insomnia in depression.

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression – Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder or depression that occurs in winters can be very effective treated with homeopathy . Homeopathic treatment for Seasonal affective disorder is dependant upon the nature of symptoms exhibited by the patient . I have in my personal experience found Ignatia to be very effective homeopathic cure for Seasonal affective disorder.

Homeopathic Solution for Depression caused by Menopause.

Homeopathy for Menopause – Menopause can be a major turning event in the life of a woman . It is very common for women passing through menopause to go through depression during this phase. Homeopathic medicine Sepia and Lachesis are the best homeopathic remedies for depression during menopause.

Homeopathic Remedies are Natural medicines for Depression

Most of the the homeopathic medicines are made from naturally occurring substances which are very safe . Homeopathic remedies use body’s own natural restorative processes to form a great alternative treatment for depression. Homeopathic remedies for depression are so safe that they are even used as home remedies for depression .

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  1. Hi Dr Sharma
    Do send medicines to New Zealand ?
    My daughter age 26 is going through depression. She recovers but gets back to same state with in few months. She lingers with previous memories, thinks negative, she is however very intelligent, cries a lot, often confidence level is too low at the same time is low is iron and vitamin.
    Please let me know how much you charge and will you be able to post the medicine.

  2. Hello sir
    This is ranjana here.
    Sir my mother is suffering from insomnia from last 15years…..And from last 10years she is taking mirinite15mg dose for her depression.In between once she tried for homeopathic medication and initially it was beneficial but lasted only for 2 years so she again started for same allopathy treatment.she is now 60yrs old and again from last one month she is having major issues regarding sleeplessness….Entire day she feels depressed and low.
    Plz suggest me some homeopathic treatment sir.
    I am very much hopeful that one day again the homeopathic medication would benefit her.
    Plz give me your advice .
    I am from patna,bihar.

  3. Dear Dr. Sharma
    A boy aged 33, married, father of a boy aged 8 months, highly qualified upto MPhil in a science subject, worked as lecturer at university level, expert in meditation etc. happened to have psychological attack some three and a 1/2 months ago with following systems:
    odd behaviour
    irrelevant talk
    elated mood at times,
    increased appetite
    extraordinary generosity
    severe anger; flares up if anyone conflict etc.
    Having used vapridone 2mg
    The severest attack last for a week or so. Now some better in all symptoms. But yet much improvement to be needed for regaining normalcy.
    What homeopathic remedy would you suggest which is more effective and may give permanent relief.

  4. My daughter is in major depression and she is shouting very aggressive age32 years she is taking tranquil combination16 please suggest the appropriate medicine to keep her quite

  5. I’m taking walkalert, zapiz, olimelt, venlift, to which I’m gaining weight, kindly suggest homeopathic treatment

  6. Gaurang Pathak says:

    Sir, I have been taking tranquil as well as natrum muriaticum for 7 months above but I have a question regarding it… will I have to take another medicine named autumn met or these two medicines are enough which mentioned above, pls, answer my question

  7. Kamal jain says:

    डॉक्टर साब नमस्ते,मैंने आपका वीडियो you tube में देखा,मेरी पत्नी पिछले 3 साल से डिप्रेशन से पीड़ित है, allopathy और आयुर्वेदिक दवाइयां ली लेकिन स्थाई लाभ नही हुआ,मेरे एक मित्र ने बताया कि होमेओपेथी में डिप्रेशन का बहुत अच्छा इलाज है उसने हमें काली फोस 6x लेने का सुझाव दिया है, लेकिन मेरा विचार से किसी qualified homeo डॉक्टर से कंसल्ट करके treatment लेना ही उचित होगा।
    कृपया अपना चार्ज बताने का कष्ट करें और किस माध्यम से पेमेंट करना है ये भी बताने की कृपा करें।
    नोट:मेरी पत्नी होमेओपेथी की liquid मेडिसिन नही लेना चाहती है।
    हम लोग कोलकाता में रहते हैं।

  8. V. C. Sharma says:

    As per the doctor through MRI opinion,50 ℅ cell of my mother mind are damaged. My mother treatment already running by allopathic medicine through dr. Now problem is that when she sleep then is ok but when wakeup then started to talk with someone which is not here. And start to talk continously till not sleep. Pl suggest hompathic medicine.

  9. Samiran Mikhopadhyay says:

    Sir, pls suggest homeo medicine for symptoms ,pt age 27, figure slim , three or four black mole on body, he has love affairs, remain alone in a room, donot laugh and converse with family members , even donot ask for food late night sleeping, donot share anything with family members obstinate character donot desire to take heavy meal before 2 or 3 pm, bad body smell irregular bathing ,donot save beard or cutting nail willingly, what isdone by him is on force donot comb hair.donot laugh frankly .

  10. zia medical center says:

    We have the podiatrists Dubai. A Podiatrist is someone who specializes in the treatment of feet and ankle. Feet enable a person to travel from one place to another and Ziauddin believes that every human being should be able to use their feet to witness the splendor of the world. Our specialists have performed a number of successful bunion surgery and ankle ligament operations.
    Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim 1 Dubai-UAE

  11. Papiya Sinha says:

    Ami jokhon hatasay vugtam tokhon ami Kolkata te doc dekhai uni amake Nexito forte neyar poramorso den.ami akhon 2months er pragnat amake oie osudh bondho korte bola hoyechey.ami 4days holo oie osudh khachi na kintu amar sab somoy matha ghurchey.odvut felling hochey.amake plz homepatik osudh din jeta khele aie drouziness ta kete jay.plz help mpe some homio pathik medicine.

    • Papiya Sinha says:

      Ami jokhon hatasay vugtam tokhon ami Kolkata te doc dekhai uni amake Nexito forte neyar poramorso den.ami akhon 2months er pragnat amake oie osudh bondho korte bola hoyechey.ami 4days holo oie osudh khachi na kintu amar sab somoy matha ghurchey.odvut felling hochey.amake plz homepatik osudh din jeta khele aie drouziness ta kete jay.plz help mpe some homio pathik medicine.

  12. zia medical center says:

    With the goal of providing our patients with choices for alternative, we are pleased to introduce our department of homeopathy clinic dubai for consultations and medications along with diet & lifestyle counseling.
    Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim 1 Dubai-UAE

  13. zia medical center says:

    With the goal of providing our patients with choices for alternative, we are pleased to introduce our department of Homeopathy dubai for consultations and medications along with diet & lifestyle counseling.
    Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim 1 Dubai-UAE

  14. zia medical center says:

    homeopathy clinic dubai, a wider range of aspects of the patient’s condition are considered, such as physical features, environmental influences, family history of diseases and social relationships. Treatment is provided for chronic and recurrent illness as well as mild to moderate acute illness, while the remedies are prescribed from a variety of plants and minerals and are prepared in licensed laboratories.

  15. Res Dr Sharma g …..Simran mi son unmarried 30 yrs
    5-6 yr back during depression ……he get a stroke…..
    After 2-3 days of a incident of anxietly, big anger he
    is facing…big fears ,big..confusions…etc…
    Allopathic medicine…supress it. Not cured dr says it’s
    Scizophernia under controls. Drive s alone bike
    Means look as normal..but.can not do his buisness more than 25-30 ‘/. Can homeo.cover it.,..All time tired
    Lazy ,sleepy sometime mouth open. Ignatia 200 2-3 time in week Alpha T S. daily 2-3 time.. kindly guide….
    My bro was homeo dr . he is exp 18 yr back..
    I know a true doctor is a God on earth…

  16. zia medical center says:
  17. Hi. I took NAT MUR 10M for 3 days (3 times a day). My depression lifted. I felt happy for first time in long time. This happiness only lasted 6 days. Can I repeat dosage again this soon?

  18. Dr Sharma,I do not know what i am suffering with but I have a weired feeling in my chest especially after I make up from sleep,I feel struck in the bed not bring able to move.Also do not get energy to go out of d house on my own,can not take decision,My whole feeling is such that i am not myself , Sometimes the feeling is like scared feeling for no reason. Can you help?

  19. Russel Chowdhury says:

    Good Day,Sir.
    1st of all,I request to forgive me,as today i’ll share the v.v.Long Story of my Life’s untold & unpleasant trues.Remarkaby,I am a Ex-Defense Officer & now a Mariner.Mostly I stay on Ship.That’s why I am unable to communicate except via Email & if you want payment,I can pay you via online.
    I explain my symptoms as follows:
    (1) I am 54/Male;Very Ugly-looking with Black Complexion.
    (2) From my childhood,I was obsessed with my appearance,since all around me used to call me “UGLY”.
    (3) When I was 15,I started being Dyspeptic.Indigestion & Loose-motion was with plenty Mucous in stool;Surprisingly It stopped,as I started Smoking. Later Psychiatrist explained it that, “Nicotin” being a mild Anti-depressant.
    (4) In 1992,when I was 27,I started having 3 Problems at the same instant;
    (i) “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”(IBS),i.e.Loose-motion & Severe pain in Stomach because of Profuse Gas-formation(Gastritis).
    (ii) The most Imp problem(that put my Professional-Career at stake)is =”FORGETTING”; I cannot describe it as”Memory-Loss” or Dementia. Let me give some examples. I cannot recall something which I heard just 1 minute ago. But,sometimes, after 30 mins or 1 Hour,all on a sudden,I can recall that. And say, tonight I plan to do a Job next Morning; But next whole day,I do not remember that at all. But,if somebody reminds me,only then I remember that I planned it last night.(Notably,as a student I was extra-Brilliant. As such my memory was always Sharp til,1992).
    (iii) Sleep Disorder(Especially to fall asleep),associated with Depressed Mood all along.
    My IBS continued upto 1997,until I saw a Psychiatrist,who gave me Anti-Depressant(Sertraline Hcl).It cured my IBS 100%; But my”FORGETTING”,may be by only 1%.(Several times I was sacked from Job,for Forgetting Imp Jobs asked by Boss).Psychiatrist diagnosed my Problem as “Body Dysmophic Disorder”(as I used to worry too much about my Ugliness).Now,if I stop Anti-Depressant,the “IBS”resumes.
    I’ve other symptoms which may not be important;(1)Since I was 13, I can’t retain bodily Fluid; It goes either by Profuse Sweating Or Frequent-Urination both in Summer/Winter.No organic problem, found by Med-Diagnosis for it. Palm/Foot also sweats. Sweatings are very Odorous. (2) I’ve Epilesy & High Cholesterol. (3) I have habit of Self-Talking.(4) In my heredity,there is Diabetes.But,I don’t have,as yet.(5) My(Paternal) Grand-Ma used to talk imbalanced at times & her dad was Stark-Mad. (6)My dad used to note down Shopping-list to remind himself,but no way he was so much forgetfull as I am Now. (7) Before passing Stool,I’ve little white Urin. My urin smells like that of horse.
    (8) During Sleep,I snore & my leg Jerks.(9) At times,I feel Lathergy & Body-energy level goes to zero & I only utter these words “Oh God,Oh God,I am dying”. It stops after taking an anti-Psychotic(Aripiprazole). (10) I fail to locate/recognize a place,which I recently visited even 5/6 times. Also forget the direction of E/W/North/South.(11)For last 6 months,I’ve Tongue-Ulcer.

    I request you to be kind enough to prescribe me Homeo-Medicines(which I can buy from any country) & oblige me by saving my life,thereby,please. Because,I had suicidal mind several times,after 1992,only for my forgetfullness.

  20. Eva Gordon says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    This is just a short note to thank you for your great help and unselfish manner with which your share your knowledge of homeopathy. It has been helpful to me on so many occasions. I live in the Czech Republic.
    Thank you again.

  21. Javeedhusain says:

    Sir, I am suffering from tinnitus since last 5 to 6 months. I consulted ENT doctor . He checked my ears and told that there is no problem in my ears. But there is still buzzing in my one ear. Moreover there is continuous rhythm in my brain since three months . I don’t have peace of mind. Is it side effect of tinnitus? Is there any homeopathic medicine to bring my brain to normal conditions? Please advise me.

  22. Ravisankar singh says:

    Namste sir i am 24year old unmarried boy and suffering from palpapition befor 2 year .
    It may be due to depression due to excessive active in sexiual activity from childhood .
    Sir i wants to know the treatment of depression due to over sexiual activity .

  23. Qamar Iqbal says:

    Respectable Sir,I am Qamar Iqbal from kanpur up ,sir I felt to weep today without any cause and wept also, I couldn’t get any reason .
    It may be due to unemployment .Sir I have two children and I feel very uncomfortable for their future.Please help me and suggest any medicine.

  24. Sir
    My daughter diagnosed with anxiety and depression
    Above mentioned symptoms are present
    She use to cry,don’t want to go college
    Don’t want to do exercises ,feels lonely
    When she cries i felt very bad
    And when I approach that time she refused to talk and become so aggressive
    I am worried for her
    Pshychiatrist gave her nexito 10
    Plz suggest something good for her




  26. Hello sir

  27. dear Dr Sharma,
    would you direct me to the best remedy for my situation please? .
    To summarise I don’t seem to enjoy my life, as if I have no joy neither pride in what I do. It is as if I feel I will never do anything good in my life.
    Although I am very talented person, as an artist I excel in painting, sculpting and creating sceneries but I don’t seem ever satisfied.
    Although I procrastinate a lot, I generally put all my interest in my relationships …suffocating them soon or later and ending up rejected. For some odd reasons I reject myself and my talents then I am looking for that rejection in my private life as well.
    This is a pattern I have for long time… for example even if at the beginning people I work with like me, then they change their minds… as if I can’t accept to be liked.
    It is a strange situation I am trying to deal with. I just don’t know how to get out of it. Psychotherapy is not helping much and my last break up is actually confirming all my fears.
    Would you be able to suggest me a direction to take?
    thank you so much,

    • Dr. Harkirat kaur says:

      Hi Elisa , I am sure homeopathy can be of great help in treating symptoms of depression . Ignatia and Natrum Mur can help be of help to you …but will need a lot of details . Dr Harkirat Kaur Senior Physician at DrHomeo

  28. Muhammad Shahid says:

    ڈاکٹر صاحب ایک تو میں بند کمرے ،کار جسکے دروازے آٹو میٹک ھوں اور گاڑی کا انجن بند ھو، یا ٹرین ، یا ھوائی جہاز ، یا کسی بھی بند دروازے والی جگہ میں مجھے خوف آتا ھے، میں اس میں سفر نہیں کر سکتا، اسی طرح لفٹ کے اندر نہیں بیٹھ سکتا کہ کہیں اسکے دروازے نہ کھلیں لائٹ چلی جائے، یہانتک کہ میں بائیک پے بھی کسی کے پیچھے نہیں بیٹھ سکتا، وغیرہ وغیرہ ، مجھے راھنمائی فرمائیں میں کونسی دوائی استعمال کروں ۔
    یہ بیماری میری والدہ انکے والد ، والدہ، میرے چند ایک بہن بھائیوں میں بھی ھے۔

  29. Can homeopathic treat bipolar depression? Hiw long a patient should take to cure the disease?

    • my mom is 82 years old with bipolar disorder is it still ok for her to take Nutrum Mur is it a herb i no nothing about this Nutrum Mur where can she buy this maybe a health food store

  30. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    What dose would be recommended for a 13 years old boy who shows signs of depression. For the past year or so, my 13 years old son has been getting more withdrawn, sad, irritable, argumentative and tired all the time. Things that he enjoyed before are no longer enjoyable to him. He wants to stay home most of the time and getting him to try something new is very difficult. What would be your recommendation in regards to the type of homeopathic medication he might benefit from.
    I would really appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you.

  31. Nondumiso says:

    My mom lost my dad last year. She is also on arv treatment. She was put on ranflocks for 6months. It made her condition worse and suicidal. I took her to a homeopathic dr and she’s still not better. She is taking insomrid and nervaton . For insomnia she is taking rhinotone. Please help I’m worried about her.

  32. Vikash chandra says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma Namaskar,
    I have symptom of not concentration of mind always visiting in past mistake, and worried about future brain always restless, always day dreaming, difficultly in sleeping many time felt talking to self, some time reported smiling self as reported by family members, always worried, stressed.sir I suffers huge shock due to family problm during student life and to some extent personal life , presently employed in agriculture sector. Sir kindly suggest me the treatment

  33. Prasant khelear says:

    My mother is neur patient sch have taken allopathic sandypa plus medicine after sch one our power then sch have not walk what medicine we can give plz prescri

  34. Kartikeya Panigrahi says:

    Dear Sir my wife is suffering from depression for 12 yrs and she is taking elopathy medicine intermittently is homeopathy treat her please tell me medicine she always thinks about past sad or quarrel conditions and she couldn’t taken out herself from past events and all the time mind remain busy in past thoughts and she feels person is here and talk to him feels sadness restlessness irritations some time weeping Inbetween we gave her Starmonium (homeo pathic medicene) but no effect .Always her nose seems redisih and waterish . now the overdose of elopathic mediecene is also not responding

    I lossed hope

    Please help


  35. Sheela pandey says:

    My wife gets repeated depression problem after every 5 to 6 years. Doctors diagnose it as bipolar type 2. She gets alright with anti depressive medication but recurrs after few years. She feels dullness, anxiety and weakness. With anti depression medication also this situation continued which lasts for 2 months.
    Is there medicine in homeopathy for this? If so can both allopathy and homeopathy can continue together or there will be conflict?

  36. Lisa smith says:

    Hi ..are these remedies safe for a 14 year old with Asbergers and adhd
    Thank you

  37. Helen Wilkinson says:

    Hi I was diagnosed with recurrent UTI and chronic kidney disease.I have mild anxiety and was prescribed paroxil.I was not happy to continue with the prescribed medication and am seeking a safer and more natural way in treatment and cure for my current condition.

  38. Muhammad Azmat Farooq says:

    Dear Dr Sb. enjoyed to read ur page about depression. My problem is that oftenly i lost concentration, feels weekness of memory, fatigue, tiredness, and these symptoms lasts for two three months persistently and then after for two three months these symptoms disappears gradually. i have no financial problem as well as no other reason. please tell me whether it is depression or some thing else. By profession i am lawyer doing practice since 2000. In days of phase i am unable to do my duty as per demand. plz help me and suggest its treatment.

  39. Olivia Triana says:

    I would like to discuss depression medicine.

    Thank you,


  40. I always have a fear just like miss happening by me. I feel not good when I see sharp things like knife and when I see white cloth,t.v. scene like killing,sad scene,i think, when I see news like suicide, murder I became sad and think it can be done by me then what will I do…I know there not be anything like this but all time my mind round and round reminds me about of that…… My sleeping is good and I am talking clox tablet but not a long lasting relief. Please help me because I am a student and my carrier may not be spoiled

  41. Dr Sharma
    I have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years I am taking Zoloft and would like to get off it and try homopathy. I have tried to get off Zoloft with no success
    Please help

  42. Ravinder singh bhayia says:

    Dr sb my wife is suffering from depression for 6 yrs and she is taking elopathy medicine intermittently is homeopathy treat her please tell me medicine she always thinks about past sad or quarrel conditions and she couldn’t takenout herself from past events and all the time mind remain busy in past thoughts and she feels person is here and talk to him feels sadness restlessness irritations some time weeping

  43. Margaret mccabe says:

    Good morning
    I got Lachesis for menopause.since taking I am feeling very Teary and stressing ,I am only taking a week now .shoulf I continue them

  44. Uzma Siddiqui says:

    Dr sharma
    I just want to know that is there any alternative of dopamine antagonist in hompeopathy . I am suffering from psychosis and cannot take antipsychotics due to side effects.Please let me know if there is any, I will be very greatful to you.
    Uzma siddiqui

  45. Mildred Kydd says:

    I am 57 years old, and I’m currently being weaned off of depression medication that I have been taking for years, due to the fact that I no longer wish to be dependent upon it. However, I find myself suffering from the side effects of no longer taking depression medicine, and is currently experiencing depression, crying spells, feelings of hopelessness, despair, and even thoughts of suicide, thinking that I would be better off dead than alive. I also have no energy, and spend most of the time in bed, dreading the start of another day. I don’t want to go back to taking depression medicine, but am wondering if I have no choice since I’m suffering so? Can you help? Please reply. Thank you.

  46. Can I take Sam e and Ignatia Amara at the same time? I have taken Sam e 800 mg/day for years, but recently lost my wife and my grief level is high. My daughter suggested Ignatia Amara and I ordered some (30c). Sounds like it could help but wonder if I should stop the Sam e? Your comments would be appreciated.

    • Komal agarwal says:

      Dear doctor
      I m in a state of anxiety and mental illness for last 5 months. I usually relate all of my body pain /sensation to the highest level of disease. For example left side of muscle pain, I will relate to heart attack symptoms. When I start eating I feel acidity and I will be in stress.
      Whenever I am busy I fell alright and when I become free, my mind starts talking to me that I am a unhealthy man and not going to survive more days And after that I will be in stress or huge fear .I got anxieted and my head is paining and does not enjoy any activities, run here and there to relax myselfI am getting suicidial thoughts. Does not getting sleep at nights. . I m taking alpha-ts for last 10 days. will it cure my disease of mental illness and how long should I need to take this medicine.


  47. Ruth Shelley says:

    I was recently given Sepia for perimenopausal depression and over the week have experienced dreams of loneliness, waking up thinking it was the wrong day, and low level depression-sadness. Does it sound like the remedy is backfiring? or does it get worse before it gets better?


    Good Noon Sir…….Doctor sahab in fact i am executive engineer in government of haryana…my age 46 years have one daughter aged 10 years…..since last 01 year spacifically in day time cont. moving at headanf feel un easy…feeling like heavy head and even got some dipressions and feel like some lossing memory …allopathic treatment from jindal hospital hissar is going on since 6 month but i am not satified about recovery of my health…..can any remadies is there in Homeopathic…pl convey me

  49. Hi sir
    I am 26 years old guy n have some of depression like restlessness, weak memory, forgetting and also facing head aches..
    Kindly suggest some medicines..
    Looking for ur reply..

  50. Tena Roberto says:

    I guess I should try Aurum Met. Too long to tell my story but the bottom line is my depression will not cease. I am a recovering heroin addict who takes Suboxone and have attempted to jump off numerous times but cant make the jump. Does no longer matters. I think about suicide daily numerous times a day but also think of wanting to use heroin but am afraid I will overdose which I could not bare someone telling my two boys I was found over dosed so I must want to live but maybe just dont want to feel this black cloud of gloom that has been relentless for almost a year. Crying out to God is not working. Meditation 20 minutes per day twice a day not working…. How do I order?

  51. Rohit Goel says:

    I feeling that nothing is going good in my life n due to from last 7-8 days i m depressed to much this is bcoz i hope that i will get government job but when i see my result n found fail from that tym i m depressed bcoz now in life there is no hope for getting Govt Job bcoz many time i get fail results. N always i feel that life is not gud today n tomorrow. So suggest me some medicine to recover this prblm.

  52. Bharat Bajaj says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from fear. I usually relate all of my body pain /sensation to the highest level of disease. For example left side of muscle pain, I will relate to heart attack symptoms. And after that I will be in stress or huge fear which is currently causing me bad digestion problem mainly acidity. Similarly I am currently suffering from cervical spondelytis in which back side of my head is in pain. So I am concentrating on the pain and fearing of getting unconscious at any point of time. Please suggest something for any test for diagnosis or medicine for all acidity, anxiety and cervical pain in head.
    Bharat Bajaj

  53. Arvind Verma says:

    My wife is suffering from depression for last 5 to 6 years accordingly to allopathic doctor but it comes to our notice two months back Generally she used to talk in sleep earlier also saying I want to go to mummy I don’t know to whom she is recalling since my mother died in 2005 and her mother is live when I asked her in sleep she was not in the position to tell anything
    Secondly she is doing PhD in computer science and is a professor in Engg college and have to take lecture
    Thirdly she used to sit alone don’t want to talk to anyone more over my business is also running in loss
    So due to so many factors these things happen
    Since for last two months she has been treating through allopathic medicine can I start having homepathic medicine side by side and your recommendation for medicine and how long she has to take the medicine kindly revert
    Arvind Verma Panchkula

  54. I am taking galop ,sizidon,parkin ,lyco-meth ,eraon but these showing some side effects like vomiting insomnia ND constipation how to stop them

    • Miri weiss says:

      I suffer from depression for a long time. I am 63 years old. I cry a lot, i feel insulted a lot, i feel lonly but i am nit realy alone, i get irritated easyly, i have fears for tge future of my children, i am very critical and i see the bad in everything.
      I get up every day with a heavy feeling in my heart. I feel sad a lot and i also feel a lot of guilt.
      What would you recomend for me?
      Thabk you.

      • Miri weiss says:

        I suffer from depression for a long time. I am 63 years old. I cry a lot, i feel insulted a lot, i feel lonly but i am nit realy alone, i get irritated easyly, i have fears for tge future of my children, i am very critical and i see the bad in everything.
        I get up every day with a heavy feeling in my heart. I feel sad a lot and i also feel a lot of guilt.
        What would you recomend for me?
        Thabk you.

  55. Kironmoyee gogoi says:

    i have done two years course on allopathic medicine for anxiety problem and while changing my last medicine on few days back i am resulting with memory loss, losing appetite, loose motion and irregular heart beats now i am afraid of continuing the medicine. can i go for homeopathy course.
    I am 25 years old women and cant attend my regular duty. What should i do? Can you please help me?

  56. Dear Dr.
    I am a professional with inadequate luck. Had two deaths at home since 2009. Father is 90 plus.
    I have poor digestion and am little more sensitive, can not stand loose talk and contradiction. Additionally I am not comfortable with high pitch sound. My mental make up is concentrative and perfectionist although my concentration is conditioned. I have constant fright of demice of myself of close & kins.
    All this amounts to despression.
    I have tried Lycopodium symptomatically. Should I try ignetia am.

  57. Dear doctor
    I m in a state of anxiety and depression for last two months. Insuffered from dengue and from that i was in fear for physical heatlh. Now i am geeting dull.mood. my head is paining and does not enjoy any activities. I m in a homeopathic treatment for last 15 days. Will it be cure. I am getting sucidial thoughts. Does not getting sleep at nights

  58. Sudhir Dixit says:

    Dear Doctor Saab ,
    I am writing this message to get guidelines and treatment for my wife age 38 , having two kids girl and boy age 16 and 8 years .
    I worked for United Nations overseas for 15 years and I think my wife depression [problem started after birth of my son who is eight years now and death of my mother in law which happened seven years back .
    She got counselling when she was there with me overseas .
    Before we have a joint family where my mother father brother all are staying together , after my father retirement we are left behind and now me my wife and kids stay in Punjab , Bhatinda
    I have to leave my overseas job because of wife depression problem and then started doing small business . Money was not a issues as I earn sufficient to live a comfortable life .
    My wife stared complaining of sleeping disorder ( not able to get comfortable sleep ) which disturb his day to day activity . She started complaining of weakness , loss of interest in home activity .
    We consulted allopathy doctor and she stared treatment with medicine Quitipin 25 and nexcito , this medicine helped her somehow to get relief for sleeping disorder and this treatment continued for 3 years . Somehow doctor has adviced that after completion of course she will stop the medicines but after 3 years of treatment in last then refused that she don’t know how to get rid from this medicine. This ends the allopathy treatment .
    when my wife don’t take these medicines she complain of sleeping problem and this disturbs her routine . She even complain of headache and pain in Leg
    Since she get disappointed by allopathy medicine now want to treat her through homeopathy which can give a permanent solution .
    Doctor saab , depression is running the life of her as well as it effect all attached
    Request to please help .
    Only medicine she taking in Quitpin 25 and Nexcito daily and she cannot live without it .
    Please suggest what can be done and what is treatment in homeopathy and how long this treatment will continue
    Thanks in Advance and waiting for your valuable inputs

  59. MAYANK SHAH says:

    How much effect emotional trauma in depression and how can it is treated in homeopathy ? Is homeopathy can cure its ?

  60. Mirza ahsan Ali beg says:

    I have taken a durgs last 3 years 2 teb Daly drugs name nitrosun 10 sun pharma.this my condition very bad loss money and business colops .I don’t want any work this time.dullness of hole body, sexual problem day by increase .i don’t sex many time.look like my internal Heath is not sleeping properly timing.insity moving the mind all time and no agresson in body.including eye sight weak quickly last 1.5 age 46 years old my waight 66 k.g

  61. Sumandeep kaur says:

    My girl child get angry n irritate n also show less interest in study . She is not eating well. Don’t take interest in food. Her teacher feel about her ,her mind is absent when some lesson n other class work is going on.plz help me for her bright future.

  62. I am a 16 year old girl. I feel like nobody likes me. I feel depressed… I cry… I feel like my life has no purpose and not worthy. I know I have hormone imbalance (hair on my face) and it makes me upset too. I don’t want to be around people but i feel lonely at the same time. I need to loose weight but I don’t have the motivation to exercise and eat healthy. Please help… What homeopathy could do for me? Thank you.

  63. C.L.Chandra vathani says:

    My son K. rave that is suffering from depression since ten to fifteen yrs . Initially he was addicted excessive masturbation due to which he lost concentration in studies .However he completed he is not interested to go for a job . He is 33 yrs old kindly sugg.est me a few homeo medicines to overcome the same and lead a normal life . With regards

  64. Nitin Kumar Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma Halo! In year 2006 I came under attack in which I lost strength of penis completely as if tyre tube looses strength on puncture or when air is taken out, also semen reduced to negligible and non rich in nature. Two three years back around 40 percent strength came back suddenly on a day, now it’s still on 40 percent strength with less semen and non rich in nature. Pls. let me know what medicine should I take for 100 percent cure. Thanking you. Regards.

  65. ravichandaran P says:

    My partner is quickly get angry, does not like arguments (varying opinion),feels others are not understanding her. Feels get separated from others. Low esteem. If get anger, shouting as not interested in living like this. Finding mistakes in others.,
    Very hard worker, perfectionist, expects others also to like this. Helping others. Likes social gatherings, Expecting appreciations from others.
    What is the HOmeo medicine for her with potency details.

  66. Abhijit Roy says:

    Hi Dr.sharma ,
    I really need your help to know the best medicine for my Depression which is bothering me for the last one week, I am 65 yrs male healthy ,regularly walking for an hour outdoor and do little of physical excercise.
    you please prescribe me the best suitable Homeo medicine which should not have any negative impact.
    I dont want to suffer for long. Your early reply is highly appreciated.
    Worm regards.

  67. Deepak Nakra says:

    Sir…my age is 42yrs. I have been suffering from depression anxiety and fear since last 6years .I have been to medication since 5years but no response. Earlier I was mentally tortured by the family. They could not even understood my loneliness weeping even suicidal thoughts. So the condition grew worse. Now my husband has become supportive but fear still persists. Taking medicine SERTA 200 twice a day alongwith a medicine to give restful sleep. Waves of fear comes in between which remains in the body resulting in a circular heaviness along the head including forehead. Vibrations in the body mainly in legs or face. During periods depression increases as I think each and everything around me is not hygienic. Medicine has got habitual with my body and does not work. Mind is completely blocked and unable for multitasking. BP also gets high in between.
    Plz guide me what should I do? Tell me the proper medication also. I will be very thankful .

    • Dear Dr Sharma

      I am 76 year old & suffering from stomach trouble severe headache consipation weakness vertigo severe stomach pain fearsycosis gastitis serious gas problem upward movement constipation chest pain due to gas blood pressure degeneraive effect all age related problem fainting tendendecy depression. alleopathic medicine does not suit to me. presently i am taking nixocid syrup, econite 1m bell30 and BC 12.
      Iam in a serious problem. Taking ayurvedic medicine also Kindly advise me suitable medicine have satica pain in left leg.

  68. Micayla Bowers says:

    Hello my name is Micayla Bowers I am fighting depression really bad. I have tried different things to help my depression. I have tried taking long walks reading and doing puzzles. But nothing seems to work what do you suggest that I can do to help. I have depression because November 11 2016 I lost my son at birth.

  69. Respected Dr Sharma .
    My wife 63 year old has lung FIBROSES AND CANCER. Since cancer was covering very small portion it was cured with SBRT Radiology Process. Now all of sudden she started showing aggressive behavior,that is,shouting,yelling,biting and slapping . Now she is not too much steaming nor yelling but butting and slapping ,very difficult in taking medicine and eating.ALl possibles NEUGRO TESTS have been done and found negative. Now Neurogists now say that it is not there case we have to consult Psychiatriats. PSYCHIATRIST has recommended some medicine just to temporarily calm down the aggression. Is there any permamant remedy and medicine for that. She is suffering from negative feelings and thoughts also and always think that everything has been finished

  70. Kimberly Ashmore says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I have a daughter 13 yrs. old diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. Took Prozac for over month and she just got sick like the flu, nausea, head aches, joint pains, sleeping way to long and still tired. The suicide thoughts and her struggles were still there. Currently switched to Lexapro. It’s only been a couple days but symptoms are still there but she is actually eating a bit more but still sleeping to much ect… My 33 yr. old son and I both are currently taking Lexapro and no side affects but still experience depression and anxiety but at a lower level. I can’t stand to see my daughter go through this and she is missing way to much school. We are getting help from the school, thank God!!! Will one of these natural meds. be helpful for her and what one(s) do you suggest???

    • Kimberly Ashmore says:

      Hi Dr. Sharma, I have a daughter 13 yrs. old diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. Took Prozac for over month and she just got sick like the flu, nausea, head aches, joint pains, sleeping way to long and still tired. The suicide thoughts and her struggles were still there. Currently switched to Lexapro. It’s only been a couple days but symptoms are still there but she is actually eating a bit more but still sleeping to much ect… My 33 yr. old son and I both are currently taking Lexapro and no side affects but still experience depression and anxiety but at a lower level. I can’t stand to see my daughter go through this and she is missing way to much school. We are getting help from the school, thank God!!! Will one of these natural meds. be helpful for her and what one(s) do you suggest??? She also has IBS, Lactose intolerant and severs acid reflux

  71. I was diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis several months ago. Dizzy, tinnitus, head throbbing, depression. Sad, cry a lot.

  72. Hello Dr. Sharma I have been clinically depressed for many years since I was a child and I am 54 now. I was abused and neglected as a child. I lost my best friend of 35 years to cancer. I was unable to have children because of a premature menopause before I was 40. I have been diagnosed with dysthymia. My main symptoms are anger with intense outbursts, irritability, loss of interest in activities, sex, and sleep issues, sadness. I am exhausted. I am happiest being alone with my animals. Prozac has helped me in the past but I am looking for a natural medicine. In my 30s I tried St. John’s wort and it did not work for me I had bad side effects. Thank you very much for any help you can offer me

  73. Heidi Larsen says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I am currently experiency high anxiety, low confidence which is leading to depression (loss of interest in doing things I used to like doing).

    What remedy would help with this?



  74. My son is 16 years old .He is studying first year puc pcmc.starting six months of college he is very regular to college now for past one month he is not ready to go to college and study.always he is thinking of negative thoughts.please help.

  75. Dear sir,my problem is-i feel pulsation everwher in body,where i touch my hand.& feel my belly is shaking occurs when i got dipressed mainly.another problem is-feel diziness little pls advice & help me out.
    thanks & regards

  76. R. D. Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 72 years old. I prefer to sit quietly in loneliness & try to avoid meeting people and going out. I am averse to any work. Anxiety prevails. I have lack of interest in any activity or entertainment which i used to enjoy earlier.
    kindly suggest me Homeopathic Therapy,
    R D Sharma

  77. Dear sir,
    Thanks for providing this valuable information. May I take Natrum mur and ignatia Amara for depression without any doctors’s consultation?

    • R. D. Sharma says:

      Dear Sir,
      I am 72 year old. I had suffered from anxiety & mild depression 8 months back. Doctor prescribed Mirnite 15 mg tabs for 4 months, reduced to 7.5 mg which he discontinued after 2 months. Melzap 0.5 mg was also given SOS for anxiety.
      After 2 months I still prefer to sit quietly in loneliness & try to avoid meeting people and going out. I am averse to do any work. Anxiety prevails. I have lack of interest in any activity or entertainment which I used to enjoy earlier.
      I request you to kindly suggest me Homeopathic Therapy.
      R D Sharma

      • R. D. Sharma says:

        Dear Dr. Sharma,
        I am 72 years old. I prefer to sit quietly in loneliness & try to avoid meeting people and going out. I am averse to any work. Anxiety prevails. I have lack of interest in any activity or entertainment which i used to enjoy earlier.
        kindly suggest me Homeopathic Therapy,
        R D Sharma

  78. Prajna Parth says:

    I have melasma on both of my cheeks and it’s not because of pregnancy .I am suffering from it from past 4 years.And I have lost my confidence because of it

  79. Dear sir,
    My age is now 33, I am severe depressive disorder patient, I am taking tablets from 2001,( still now also)Iw also but no use, Is it’s possible in homeopathy method, please let me sir

  80. Lorraine Down says:

    Hi what would be suitable im feel rather stressed drained out and tired find it hard to go out and enjoy things have no motivation

  81. lathamanjunath says:

    My mother aged about 85 years suffering like talking herself since morning until she sleeps this is started since 6 months . Now a days she is not able to remember her relatives even her son name also sometimes she has become ferocious . i have checked up with many Alopathic doctors. they told that some liquid in brain has decreased for that they have some tablets bt that is again sleeping dosage bt it has not served the purpose . Please let me know is there any remedy in your homeopathic medicines nor any counciling please let me know waiting for your immediate reply

  82. Vijay Kumar says:

    Age 46 years. Cronic Sleeplessness. Ghabrahat quite often. Head muscle pain. Monopause

  83. SUJATA KHALE says:




  84. Abdul Latif says:

    Good and very useful information.

  85. Please tell me is pecifiya is helpful in depression.

  86. I am a perfectionist i do things better than other but nowadays i feel somehow lacking from my originality

  87. NILESH VYAS says:

    I feel fear and lazy ness and tired shortly and unable to wake up early in the morning

  88. I feel disappointed generally and don’t want to go on my work with enthusiasm

  89. My daughter aged 31 unmarried is addictive to cleanliness. She avoid touching anything n anybody eve in the household. She preferred seclusion and remains inside her room. She do not want to meet anybody. she do not want to touch any article….

    She has done LL.M. with 70% marks from a reputed university in Delhi and also qualified for Assistant Professorship.

  90. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am a 23 year woman and is very depressed. I like to be lonely , get irritated easily , can’t sleep, anxious, don’t like to go out, like to stay in bed.

    Don’t like to mix with people. Don’t get hungry.

    Would you please suggest me homeopathic medicine I can take

  91. Debangshu Dutta says:

    At present I am taking 2 capsules every day of Duzela 60 and at present I feel like I am getting addicted to the medicine because whenever I tried to stop the dose or try to take one medicine I face problems like my hand cramps or it becomes stiff so I would like to come out of it. I would remain evergreatfull if you could kindly help me out Thank You

  92. sharad verma says:

    meri wife age 50 ke brother ki young age me before 15 days death ho gai.wo ek hi sahara tha apne old age father ka so wife ke is dukh se ubarne me homoeopathic medicine krapya bataye.
    sharad verma

  93. kumar sanjiv says:

    Sir, I am a 36 years old unmarried man. I am in field work target oriented job. I am in depression since 2 years. I always feel sad, lonely and depressed. Any small unhappening makes me feared. Sometimes I feel so much depressed that I weep in alone. My mind is always full of negative thoughts like loss of job, health problem. I also hesitate to express myself . I live alone in a city while my family members live in other city. Sir please guide me about medicine and other method to get rid of this deseas. I will always be thankful to you.

  94. Hello doctor
    I m suffering from depression.i have lost interest in manythings and loss of apetite.
    I fill gloomy tired and sleepy in morning.dont feel like doi ng anything
    Whole i m lost talk less and feel sleepy
    Pls help

  95. Hello Doctor, iam suffering from anxiety and depression since September 2012, my symptoms are tiredness, laziness, fatigue, insomnia and mood changes always, from three years iam not able to go for work because i feel too much fatigue, loss interest and I don’t have any confidence with in my self.

    I have tried homeopathy for one and half year, Ayurveda for 6 months and now on allopathy medicines, but no results, from allopath medicines I am experiencing lot of side effects like, weight gain, disturb sleep and fatigue. Doctor please help me to over come this health problem,

  96. I suffer from hypothyroidism; currently on 90 mg Armour Thyroid daily and have been for several years. I recently have been diagnosed with depression even though all of my blood work comes back perfect. I am currently also going through menopause and have suffered tragic personal losses of loved ones in the past 8 months. In addition, I have developed severe sensitivity to prescription medication I have taken – the adverse reaction involves numbing of my legs and right side of body, I cannot swallow, sometimes feel constriction in chest and usually it involves some kind of muscular pain…. Overall, I am debilitatingly fatigued, depressed, no interest in seeing or doing much of anything. What would you prescribe, and what dosage would you suggest.

  97. sir mera sameer hai me aurangabad Maharashtra me rehta hu 3 saal problem me hu meri maa ki death hone me baab 15 din me mera divorce bhi hogaya din bhar shochte rehta hu koi kaam karne me liye sochta hu to darr lagta hai sochta rehhta hu gaadi chalaeni me bhi darr lagta hai har kam
    me negative sochta hu baar baar aankho se aasu aate hai din bhar pe hi rehta hhu please koi aisi medications suggests karo jisse me jald se jald pehle jaise ho jao air medicine yaha asani we mil jaye \\\please sir help me

    • sir mera sameer hai me aurangabad Maharashtra me rehta hu 3 saal problem me hu meri maa ki death hone me baab 15 din me mera divorce bhi hogaya din bhar shochte rehta hu koi kaam karne me liye sochta hu to darr lagta hai sochta rehhta hu gaadi chalaeni me bhi darr lagta hai har kam
      me negative sochta hu baar baar aankho se aasu aate hai din bhar pe hi rehta hhu please koi aisi medications suggests karo jisse me jald se jald pehle jaise ho jao air medicine yaha asani we mil jaye \\\please sir help me

  98. Hello sir..I have been in depression for last 5 years ..major factors were family emotional problems , loss of love and 3 years of illness. I am unable to sleep at night , weak concentration and weak grasping to study compared to past,loss of interest to everything. I am thin and 27 years old.
    Can u prescribe me any homeopathic remedy for tbia

  99. colin ball says:

    I am very depressed due to a recent estrangement from my daughter who is suffering from a severe mental breakdown; I also feel guilty and wonder if it is my fault. I have low mood, separation anxiety, often weep, feel lonely and isolated and hopeless.

  100. Jyoti pant says:

    meri mother thyroid hone k bad se onka weight bahot km ho gya h or patli bhi ho gyi h bahot..weakness bhi bahot hoti h..koi ilaj ho eska to bataye plz..

  101. hello sir

    i have been suffering from depression from 4 years.
    earlier i was taking antidepressants on prescription, but i slowly have stopped them.

    symptoms at present

    brain zaps
    imbalance will walking
    head heaviness
    light and sensory sentivity

    can homeopathy help

  102. Samik Majumdar says:

    Sexchual infection in toilet points.

  103. Sunil patel says:

    Mujhe depretion raheta hai koi advice do pls

  104. I have have bedn using that kali pos, for about 3 weeks but I am a positive person at heart but since hitting 50 I really struggle to be happy or ev stay positive. Last 3 weeks I havnt been to the gym, im tired a seem to hav no interest in anything a i am sat hear thinking I am depressed a shy I do not know as I hav just got a place a uni a im goin on holid but my face says different and no way am i having this take over but some how it is so what can I take that is natural pleaseeeeeeeees also I have no interest in certain foods like nefore its just I eat bec i need to a i dont want to go anywh o do anything plus I can shower less regularly

  105. Syed Najeeb Ahmad says:

    Sir adaab, I am suffering from the emotional breakdown every time I go in flashback mood is often dull, lot of anger purani bachpan ki bate yad karke bhavuk ho jata ho neend thodi Kam aati hai my age is 45, no money problem sir please advise me.

  106. Lajpatrai says:

    I go to sleep at 9:30or 10pm but did not take full neend awaken between 2to3am . I can not take neend after that and feels upset . One thing that i take 120to150ml of drink(alcohal) daily

  107. Hi DrHomeo
    I been suffering with depression stress including headaches, nervous especially in the stomach…for all most 40 years of my life..I’ve been on klonipin for the headaches for about 30 years and…about 2 years ago a friend that does homeopathy told me about Nat- Mur and a feel great as far as the nerves in my stomach…but the headaches are still there..i know that there is a remedy for all my problem…i just have to find it…homeopathy is the best

  108. Dear doc thas the tinnitus cause depresion anxiety and stress

  109. Dr, Sharma,

    My name is Sanaa. I have mood swings; sometimes I feel too low and sometimes absolutely fine. This has made me refrain from work also so it results in absence and loosing the job. I have 12 years of experience of work. But now I feel lost as confident not enough to take up any job.
    I also find difficult in low moods to go outside and interact with people. When alright, I don’t have any problems.
    I have seen Psychiatrist here in Pakistan. He said it is due to chemical imbalance in brain and are mood swings; having mild to moderate depression. He recommended Zoloft (50 mg) once a daily and Lexotenil (3 mg) once a day. Instead of Zoloft I could also take Prothiaden (50 mg).
    I cant take medicines as they have side effects and avoid them.
    My question is this can I be treated in homeopathy? Completely? And in how much time?
    Are these chemical imbalances tend to be cured without drugs? Any life modification plus homeopathy?
    I am eager to listen from you soon.

  110. desiree cimaglia says:

    my friend has bi polar disorder and is on disability. She is having financial difficulties and has just recently lost her Mother who had cancer. She was molested as a small child by her father and a family friend and has recently began to talk to me bout it. I’ve moved to California from N.E. Texas so I dont see her everyday which means we dont talk as much. her bf says she has been asleep since last Sunday. Even when I lived at her house she slept a lot but its gotten worse since the passing of her Mother. She is a hard one to console and she is easily aggitated at her bf. what do you think will help her

  111. Rachna mittal says:

    My uncle who became depressed after his son shifted abroad. He also faced financial problems.He is now shaking his hands all the time and does want to sit any where for five minutes.

  112. Hello Dr,my brother has brain stroke on 11nov2016,he got treatment after 20 successful,but he is in semiconses last 7months.
    He is responding when we questioning.
    But his vision is not properly,body has stiffness
    Please will you help me.
    Before stroke he is in depression,

  113. smriti singh says:

    hello dctr my name is smriti my mother is suffering from a very aggressive depression actually I exactly don’t knw wt kind of prblm she is going through becz she is totally chngd from wt she was in 2007 she lost her husband (my father) after that she got little bit worried tht hw she ll take care of family as I was in class 5 nd I have 1 brother and sister they were also small becz of such pressure tht hw she ll manage evrythng she started becmng upset nd depressed bit my mother was graduate so she started working on behalf of my father in 2012 bt till the tym she was alwyz crying in between of these years she used to got up at nyt nd cry after words my one sister she did love marriage tht one more shock she was nt able to believe all such activities led to very worst condition of my house my mother is nw in such a condition tht she is just living a life like animal she does nt tlk to us mee nd my bro she is nt doing her job Even properly nor she cares abt anything she alwyz fight wth my neighbors she is just opposite of wt she was actually she was small whn she got married she wntd to study higher bt becz of family pressure she could nt do so nd in the small age only our father expired thn her family even nt supported her much she had to fight wth evrythng all alone nw m big enough to realz all thz nd askd my mother to show to dctr she become aggressive nd sayz am nt mad and all …she even assume her own stories she sayz tht she has seen father he was going there nd she talks abt the things which has no reality I just don’t knw wt to do in these circumstances wt should I do dctr plzzz help mee out

    • Dear don’t worry , everything changes with time . Be patient and use medicines properly . Everything has a cure , be mentally strong ! Even I have experienced same situation as you . Now I’m feeling better little bit . Use English and homeo medicines simultaneously that may change the situation.take her to walk everyday, change the location and surroundings. That will surely help you . But remember the situation will get better .

  114. Doctor, My daughter “s age is 43 years. After17 years of marriage she has asked for divorce. They have a 7 year old daughter.She suffers from Insomnia, cries easily,, does not want to meet people, has lost interest in life, food, has lost weight. But for insomnia, she had none of these symptoms. She was working, is highly qualified.Her husband is a narcissist, who controlled every action of hers. That’s why she asked for divorce. She also drinks alcohol & smokes. By worried, please advise medicine for her. Thanks. Vandana

  115. Khurshid iqbal says:

    Sir my age 64 years

  116. Khurshid iqbal says:

    Sharma i m facing deperation for the last 12 years insomina now also from 8 years suffering diabatic and bp can you sir suggest some medecin for chronic deperation and insomina pls advise

  117. R S Bhatnagar says:

    My son 29 years has been suffering with depression since childhood as a result he has been in drug abuse but currently is out of it his depression results in agressive behaviour towards parents and family members he is anxious and anxiety ridden and failures make him go into loss of motivation and the suppressed anger comes out and accuses parents sometimes threatens to harm himself and when in spell of depression keeps playing games on mobile does not want to see counsellor and no allopathic medicine

  118. My child is 14yrs old when he is sleeping his body stiffness which medicine better for him dr didn’t gave him any medicine

  119. Sachin Surawase says:

    Dear Sir,
    My sister suffering from depression and is taking the following allopathy medicines. Kindly suggest me the homeopathy medicine for my sister.

    inosert 100
    lamitor od 50
    lithosun 300
    sizopin 25


  120. chander bhan says:

    sir iam chander bhan my problam mujha ghabrahat bahut jyada hoti hai ase lagta hai ki mujhe panic atack ho jayaga aur mujha dava jab ma rakhni padti hai aur left leg aur left arm ma jhanjhanahat si hoti rahti hai sir plz mujhe koi dva bata de .

  121. Nutan Verma says:

    my daughter ,age 16 is taking antidepressant medicine ( Serta-50, Luramax 40, Mirtaz 7.5 and Revocon 25) since 2 yrs, but not well as she become panic and anxious twice or thrice a week .Besides she is now facing unusual continuous involuntary movement in her solder that is due to side effect of antidepressant medicines which makes her more anxious . She always recall unpleasant memories. She wants to remain isolated and avoid to go out. She does not want to meet or interact people, ALTHOUGH she is intelligent in study but lacks self confidence.

  122. Sir
    I’m 40 yes female I’m suffering from depression since last 7 months after my delivery . plz suggest me medicine for this problem

  123. Aliya jan says:

    I am suffering from suicidal thoughts and always have fears about if something goes wrong around. I get angry very easily and dislike disorder. I had suffered much since my childhood as I was a submissive child and my marriage even couldn’t bring any happiness to me. I always wanted to be loved and cared. After marriage is expected many things from my in laws but nothing happened as expected. Now I am very disappointed. please suggest some medicine for me

  124. awni kant dube says:

    sir,after attainding examination i feel emptiness of mind, slow but continuous pain in sides of brain, back pain,weakness. What is best remedy for me.

  125. Colin Ball says:

    My daughter aged 54 has recently split with her husband after 28 years, she is in shock, has poor sleep, is anxious,depressed,always hungry,shaking always tired what is the best remedy please/

  126. Bappa Biswas says:

    I have anxiety and i have seen a physcaitrist and taking meds for anxiety and depression but those meds arent working for me. I want to start homeopathic meds with no side effect can you suggest me what will be the cost to see a doctor and the cost of homeopathic meds for depression and anxiety.


  127. Prit Pal Singh says:

    Dear Doc.
    Im Pritpal Singh, 76yrs old, suffering from CAD,DIABETES, PROSTATE, FATTY LEVER, Gall stone. Taking Med. Renojex 500 bd., Carvidon, Glycomet GP1 bd, Metolar xr 50 Mor., Telsartan H40 M, Nitrofix sr 30 1/2 tab. Mo,.Ecosporin gold 20 nigt., Tamdura nigt.
    Now I m feeling.vertigo. After sitting for sometime when I stand I feel my head filled with air & loose control on my body for 1or 2 min. Pl. advise homeo med.

    • Renu garg says:

      Sir, Last ten years I suffered frm depression anxiety problem. I take allopathic medicine 7 years. Last frm two years I take Homopatic medicine but not effective.i take medicine from your clinic but no benifite. Plz suggest me any medicine. And can u study my case again. Renu garg

  128. Kawser Ahmed says:

    Dear Doctor

    I am aged 42. I have been suffering Gastritis and H. Pylori infection since 3 years. I have a continuous pain in my lower rib and back side. I make every test and visit highly qualified doctor. But no one can confirm where the pain from. I have MRI , CT scan and every possible test. But nothing revealed. On Oct-16 doctor find some gallbladder polyps and suspect the pain is from there and advise me to remove gallbladder. Accordingly I removed the gallbladder but there is no relief from pain. I have also treated with antibiotic for h.pylori infection several time. Is there any treatment for me in homeo. I am living in Dhaka, bangladesh. How can get your treatment. Pls. advice.

  129. Ramadan t v says:

    Restlessness , sleeplessness, excessive tension, bad thoughts, lazyness , fear for going out and to sit inside the house , thinking that all people are looking at her are the symptoms found in a patient related to me .I just wanted to know whether this can be cured with homeopathic medicine.

  130. ___123___Homeopathic Remedies for Depression___123___

  131. intekhab jawaid. says:

    dear Dr.

    my name is jawaid and age is 44 male I have anxiety problem/ fear or death/fear /weeping tendency for last 5-6 yrs I have take so many medicines but no proper response .
    pls advice good medicine

  132. Suryakant Pandey says:

    Res’ Doctor,
    I’ve been suffering from depression for past 25 yes. Symptoms are – guilt, lot of weakness and problem in differentiating between reality and fantasy. Please give me advice for treatment.

  133. Hello Dr Sharma

    I have been ill with digestion and intestinal cramps with loose motions. I visited various Allopathic doctors nothing worked. One of them prescribed me Prozac and Alprazolam. After taking these medicines my intestine issue is resolved. But I am scared of Side effects. I want to take homeopathic medicines for this problem. I don’t know why anti depressants are working for my issue. Apparently I don’t have Depression symptoms. Please reply me ASAP.

  134. good day after i have been deppressed am experiencing a crus sleeping problem please help…..sometimes i sleep sometimes i never sleep….

  135. Hi sir is there remedy for as iam not able to talk more feel shy to opposite sex and not agile

  136. suryaprakash says:

    this is suryaprakash sir iam prepare for exam very well but coundn’t wrotewell

  137. Rekha rawat says:

    Hello dr. My brother is a alcholic but some time he gave up for drinking, he is jobless cause he was depressed and abuse others my family is very upset see him situations plz tell any medicine name for drepression and ugression

  138. R K Choudhary says:

    Hello Sharma sir. My wife is 29yrs old. She said that I do not sleep last six months. His behaviour is changing day by day. I have consulted doctor . She has been taking medicine last to months but not progress in sleeping. Kindly suggest me immediately.

  139. My husband is 38 yrs old. By profession, he is a software engineer and is at good position. He is very stressed. He gets irritated sometimes even without any cause and starts finding faults in others and later on realize the same also. In office also, he gets involve in arguments with others and later on says sorry. He does not sleep well at night for the last one year. 5 days back, he resigned from his job saying that he will do something else and cannot continue with the job. the reason of all is the betrayal by a friend in office. he always feels lonely. at home on weekends, he spends most of his time in pretending that he is sleeping which actually he is not. sometimes he talks to me for hours and tells me everything and says that it relieve the stress and at the next moment he says he is alone. Is it sign of depression. He is not ready to discuss the problem and consult doctor as well. pls advice how can I help him. which medicine will work.

  140. Sarfaraz Ahmed says:

    Sir im 62 years old sr. Citizen im suffering unwanted negative thought no willpower confusion problems last April2009 . sir please guide me help me as a humman being which Homeopathic remidies without side Effect to relieve me pleasr advise Best wishes.

  141. i am not concentrate my study because of music and anything else please give me suggetion.

  142. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Since 2000, after my father’s death, I developed sadness . I would be always filled with tears. In 2003 my mother in law died. Same time had menopause. Then we shifted to our own new house in 2004. Any loud sound or calll would give a pain in my heart . Then it would take some time for the mild pain to subside. At that moment i would feel giddy. These sympotms are still there .When my husband speaks to me loudly in an angry tone. I had lot of anxiety for decorating my house. I was confused most of the time. Could not take decisions. Would not be sure if i had locked the door and would check again. My children had also grown up and by 2006 they went out for further studies. I was lonely, which still i am. I could mot sleep at night. This happens now as well. My mind isawake around 3 am. My sleep is good from 11pm to 2 am. Rest of the sleep is with mind awake. I have weak digestive system. My upper frontal head and forehead is always heavy with strange tension. It feels as if it is being pulled with wires. It is not relaxed or at ease. There is no pain in the head but there is heaviness and sadness. My smile is also artificial with an inner sadness. I am growing old. Was very beautiful during young age. When i see my sad face with dark circles around my eyes it makes me more sad. Though, people appreciate my personality, i know it is not what it could be. I do get thoughts of my daughters in law not wanting me. My sons getting influenced by their wives. My husband being too self interested and always wanting me to abide by his will and his .interests. I feel good when i exercise or talk with people. Doctor please help me to ease perennial heaviness and sadness in the head and to feel happiness. ÑI also have perennial right maxillary sinusitis. Please do guide me as tovehich medicone i should take. Anxiously waiting for your reply.
    Best Regards, Mrs. Mehta

  143. Hi Dr.sharma
    Welll this problem of mine started at a very early age .you can say with onset of puberty. Now it occures to me as the secondary sex characterisitcs developed little late so less hair on the face gave me an impression of sexual inadequacy and had very low self esteem of myself. With frequent bouts of headache
    Although i have been off and on on medications but still at the age of 58 things have not resolved.
    So can you diagnose and treat the problem and cure.

  144. sarfaraz Ahmed says:

    Sur I’m retired old man I’m suffering anxiety No willpower phobia nervous panic confusion problems last 8 years till date Sir Can I use kali Phonce (kali phonce )to relieve my painful and stressful life.Sir please guide me help me as a human being which homeopathic medicine to use for my painful and stressful life.Sir I’m very grateful and thankful to you.Best Wishes

  145. I have problems with anxiety and depression at long time now i have 33 age.when i have age 10 feels that problem
    Can you give me the suitable treatment for this problem
    Thank you

  146. A Manivannan says:

    Doctor i m suffering with severe anxiety depression stomach cramp OCD not take food gas problem all over body paining particularly both leg nee not able walk suddenly i have the problem that at the time of talking Suicidal thoughts 24hr think about how to recover not able to sleep taking antidepressants but it not helping me pl help me to recover.
    I am from tirunelveli tamilnadu

  147. Doctor i m suffering with OCD i have the problem that at the time of talking i m staring in the eyes of other person and this process still continue and i get very embarrassed. Suicidal thoughts of mine and other person like my children comes continuously. Please help me sir

  148. I depressed three year ago. I don’t sleep in night .l come old head pain between right side. please suggest medicine

  149. priyank singh says:

    Hello sir
    I am suffering from anxiety from last 8 years.i had taken many antidepressant teblets.they worked bt when i stop taking drugs.problem arise again n again.and i m also worried about their side effects. plz suggest me right.

  150. Pulak Biswas says:

    Dear Dr.

    My daughter-in-law has been suffering from the following –

    – Sudden outburst of uncontrollable anger from trivial reasons which she initially suppressed within herself.
    – Inferiority complex resulting keeping herself aloof from other housewives/wives of friends.
    – Very much emotional.
    – Sleeplessness.
    – Expressing anxiety repeatedly for silly reasons.
    – Sometimes doubting her husband”s character

    At the age of 12, she saw her mother ablaze and succumbed.

  151. Zeeshan khan says:

    i m a computer engineer i feel stress on back of my neck, shoulders and mid of back side which results pain in my upper head some times at left portion some times on right side (only one side at a time) no happy feelings and smile, face seems full of stress. I have constipation and slow digestive issues also i do not feel sexual desires as i am married since 5yrs and suffering in premature ejaculation. erection occurs when go for intercourse avg twice in a month there is no nocturnal ejaculation since past 3years if long gap in relations. Sperm quantity sometimes low sometimes ok but it is cold when emits . i lost sex drive. please guide me some medicine.


  152. APEXA VYAS says:



  153. Meghashyam Muzumdar says:

    Dear Dr. I have anxiety and depression and no sleep I am taking allopathic medicine with sleeping tablets when I woke up at 6 I feel fear that I am going to die stated to walk all day I have also IBS let me suggest to cure this and this is cureble. Thsnks

  154. Dear Sir

    I am suffering from depression since one and half year. I always feel very low in energy,mood and no interest in any thing. Every time feeling sad. Always heaviness in my head. I am taking allo pathy medicines from last 8 months but i am not getting any improvement. Please Suggest me is there any best treatment in homeopathy to cure my depression ? if yes how to go for that.

    Best Regards


    Age 37

  155. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for long. This affected me in various ways. I live in physical pain, hard to fall asleep naturally, twisting and muscle pain in the face, tears of joy could lead to painful and sensational pain in the eyes and brain…. Also experiencing sexual problems. Flushed and weak face and eyes sometimes, tensed face sometimes, headaches, brain fatigue, dizziness sometimes, low energy etc….

  156. K.Manoj
    My son is 30 years old, he has been treated with. Harmful allopathic medicines like dicrate er 1000mg, sulpitici 50mg, penargan and nitrovit for 7 years, is it possible for complete. Cure from homeopathy Pl help us

    • K.Manoj
      My son is 30 years old, he has been treated with. Harmful allopathic medicines like dicrate er 1000mg, sulpitici 50mg, penargan and nitrovit for 7 years, is it possible for complete. Cure from homeopathy Pl help us

  157. vijay kumar says:

    Sir I’m 42 year old mujko koe 8 year se bi polar disorder ki problem hai kirpya Mujhe advise de sir aapka bahut abari hunga sir maie present duzela 60
    And clonizipam 2mg and escitalopram 10mg per day le raha hu
    Plz reply me

  158. Raj Prabha says:

    Dear Dr. sahrma Ji:
    I am 86 yr female. Where I live it is a vaery isolated place no neighbors or shopping etc. I have a friend who takes care of me. Its now vey cold and rainiy season. Lately my mind has been very depressed. I have very little appetite due to depression Basically very isolated , alone and health and finacial worries are te trigger factors. Homeo meds. are vey suitable to me. Your guidance will be much appreciated.

  159. obaidul islam says:


  160. There is a lot of anxiety whole day specially in early morning……..nd when i am alone in my room…lots of thinkings come nd a result i feel very much anxiety…even at a very simple matter i feel very much anxiety nd ghabrahat.what should i do?

  161. last one year back i have piles in that time full loose motion
    so that time continue loose motion i am getting fear then i went hospital then doctor said u having piles then doctor done operation after one week i came house then feelings start when piles operatoin wound will cure,again i went low diffrestion .again i went sycotist docotor one year i took treament stillnot sallow problrm.


  162. Sir I have been drinking and smoking nirvana (veed) , since last 4yrs taking few gaps in between . My dad consulted to a physican and took me to him hoping I will improve ,but that medicine which he gave me started creating a pain in my bachhead and many days pass this went on ,but after dat I took medical drug _ codine and Rescop dx but more codine I use to feel sleepy but I wasnt sleeping . I was addicted to it and it created disturbance in my body . Then suddently at night once fear was created in me ,my blood presssure use to low down at night and I consulted a neutrologist he gave me medicine but I use to drink and smoke every day and follow medicine till dat movement it was save but as I left tablets I use to fell fearfull ,inhaling problem,when I use to drink water I fell incomfortable and inexhaustable,fearing nature is der in me how to treat it plz help me I feel pain in my backhead and fearing and incomfortable to dring water and also fearing to sleep and cant sleep comfortly ,means cant take nice sleep ,I useaully get with fear wen I go to bed plz help me and cure me plz…it depression or wat I dont know plz help me doctor….

  163. 2yrs back I got acute schizophrenia I am domestication .oleanz2.5′ ventral fact 25 without medicine I am not getting to quit medicine

  164. Respected sir,
    since six year I’m suffering from anxiety physical symtoms,my symtoms are as follows:
    suudenly feel upset,dislike to do any work orthings feeling heavy or depressed,second or great problem is feeling fall or off balance,I walk like zobies,like drunker,I feel I walk in sand have great fear to cross road becoz of feeling fall,in this past years I take lot of alopathy,ayurvedic,or homeo,but none of this work,kindly suggest me,what to do?I shall really greatful to u..

  165. anita sharma says:

    Ishall be very greatful if you please help me out.My son is 30 year old working on a very responsible post
    but due to some unfortunate incident in his life he always remain in sad mood he remains hasty in all
    things,can not get rid of negative thoughts,doubtful of his decisions, Whatever he does he thinks oh I would have done it earlier.Always worried about time. He is self critical about his looks etc.HE does not get proper sleep even.Do not feel like excited for talking with girls.Even he wants to have happy life but can’t
    get any solution. He always feels guilty ,never talks about future or today but always talks about yesterday.
    Please help me out.

    A .Sharma

  166. my wife is suffering from deprission from one year..regular treatment has been taken from physiologist but conditions today are same as of first day of treatment. …
    so what you prefer plz advice. tks

  167. Muhammad Husnain says:

    depression, memory loss, absent mind, reaptdly hand washing and lock the door.

  168. Veena diwan says:

    My daughter is suffiring from anxity and drepression for 5 moths agressive sometimes and anothet time as usual negative thoughts are coming every time whole day sleepness what cna o do pl guide me

  169. Kalyan Kumar Basu says:

    I have persistent dull mood, generally withdrawn, grief due to death of only accompanying mother. Also there is irritability & sometimes anger towards familiar things, feeling of pessimism & helplessness, drowsiness, tiredness (of being spent) & there is difficulty in concentrating & application of mind.

  170. RATAN KUMAR ROY says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma, I am (age 61+) retired govt. official have been suffering from acute virtigo(lasts for 1-2 minutes) since 2004, undergone treatment of E.N.T consultant and balance problem both walking and standing from last july 2015. treatment done as follows: to 21.8.2015– Dr. P Majumder,MBBS,DLO(Cal).advised to consult Neurologist.
    2. 22.8.2015 to oct,2015–Dr.A.Mukherjee,MD,DM(Neuro)-Advised MRI of Brain which
    suggests microangiopathic changes in bilateral cerebral white
    matter and pons.and Cervical spine screening only suggests cervical
    spondylosis with degenerative disc disease with diffuse annular bulge
    of C3-4 and C4-5 IV discs with disc osteophyte complex encroaching
    and causing bilateral neural foramina and causing bilateral existing
    nerve root inpingement.
    Diagnosis- Ischemic cerebrovascular disease & cervical spondylosis.
    25.5.2016–Dr.M.N.BhattacharjeeMD,MRCS(Edin.)-advised complete vestibular function test.
    14.6.2016–Dr.A.Biswas,Consultant Neurotologist-Done complete vestibular function test.
    Diagnosis-PPPD as clinical appears to be normal but bilat vestibulopathy,sensor
    ataxia,post column/cerebellar lesion needs to be ruled out.
    Plain CT scan of brain suggests within normal limits.
    5.9.2016 to till 20.11.2016–Dr Atanu Biswas,MD(Medicine),DM(Neuro)-taken Stugeron forte
    tablet for 10 days and feliz S10 once daily to continue. Tests done-Hb=14.9,
    FT4=12.3, Tc=6600, TSH=0.8, VitB12=995. I like to continue Homaeopathic
    treatment, Pl. advise .

  171. hello sir pranam ..sir me 6-7 sal se bhut depressed hu ..sochta bhut jyada hu negative thoughts ata h AUR kV kV chlne par unbalanced jaisa lgta ha..lgta h gir jaunga .niche girne KA dar hamesha LGA rahta. jhula lift se neeche ane par bhut dar lagta HAI ..bhut problem se gujar raha hu ..ghabrahat bhut hota HAI. Maine p m c.h patna me doctor se dikhya unka dawa d-veniz kha raha hu ..but allopathic dawa khane KA man n karta HAI ..sir plz meri madad karo ..dawa chorta hu to nend n ata h ..plz help me sir plz plz

  172. Durjay Sarkar says:

    hello doctor Sir,
    u am 32 male from west bengal.suffering from depressed mood pessimistic mind anxiety stress broken heart due to divorce case just after marriage and then i
    was sacked from my job due to legal problems.
    can u suggest me some medicines to overcome the problem. Thanks,Durjay Sarkar

  173. shradha vispute says:

    I m Hema vispute
    I have thyroid, high blood pressure, and high tension…
    Pls suggest me what can I do?? Which treatment I ll do? ..

  174. Sir I am suffering from unwanted negative thoughts please help me and give me appointment

  175. devendra kumar pandey says:

    mujhe sleepdisk l4,l5 problem hai aprox five years se.pain aur future sochne ki bajah se dipretion bhi aa gaya hai nid bina davai liye nahi aati hai.blood presure badh jata hai pulse bhi badh jati hai.blood presure aur thiroid ki thirox50 aur telmisarten40 regular le raha hu dipretion aur nid na aane ki bajah se ghabrahat aur thartharahat aa jati hai koyi kam karne ki ikchha nahi hoti sugest me homiopathy medicines. also constipation and gastri problems

  176. devendra kumar pandey says:

    mujhe sleepdisk l4,l5 problem hai aprox five years se.pain aur future sochne ki bajah se dipretion bhi aa gaya hai nid bina davai liye nahi aati hai.blood presure badh jata hai pulse bhi badh jati hai.blood presure aur thiroid ki thirox50 aur telmisarten40 regular le raha hu dipretion aur nid na aane ki bajah se ghabrahat aur thartharahat aa jati hai koyi kam karne ki ikchha nahi hoti sugest me homiopathy medicines.

  177. HloHlo sir i feel sad and other pasent condition ki bimari apne aap me feel ho jana

  178. Gurinder singh says:

    hello sir,
    i have undergone psychiatric treatment since one yr. and was taking Escitalopram(Depran h) 10 mg and Bupron XL 150. my problem was when some body use bitter words or abusive words it pain me so much for long time even yrs, 2ndly i use to talk with my self, 3rdly i feel weeping when i see some emotional movie scean.
    After taking Escitalopram for 6 month my all 3 problems gone but my sexual desire completely demise. no erection.after that my psychiatrist advice me bupron XL 150. it done good for 3 mt but after that it doesn’t work.

  179. Gurinder singh says:

    hello sir,
    i have undergone psychiatric treatment since one yr. and was taking Escitalopram(Depran h) 10 mg and Bupron XL 150. my problem was when some body use bitter words or abusive words it pain me so much for long time even yrs, 2ndly i use to talk with my self, 3rdly i feel weeping when i see some emotional movie scean.
    After taking Escitalopram for 6 month my all 3 problems gone but my sexual desire completely demise. no erection.after that my psychiatrist advice me bupron XL 150. it done good for 3 mt but after that it doesn’t work

  180. nikunj patel says:

    i am suffring depression last 2 yrs and still contious taking allopathy but not satisfaction so plz help me.i want permanent solution for depression…

  181. Sujan Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am(48 years) suffering from depression near about 16 years now. Get treated by many allopathic doctors, completed the course, got result but again the symptoms came back. I also used some sleeping pills over the counter to get a good night sleep, as this was one of my main symptoms. Now I am facing severe depression along with loss of appetite, sleep, motion etc. Feeling hopeless and seems like losing everything in life, not able to concentrate.
    Now, as allopathy drugs have lots of side effects, I was planning for homeopathy. Is there treatment for old/severe depression in Homeopathy?

    • muzaffarabbas says:

      Depression ka full and final ilaj ha Majun Najah or Khamira abrisham Hakeem arshad wala bs depression finish

  182. Hello Dr Sharma ,
    I am very pleased to go through your article and found it very informative . thanks to you.
    I am suffering from depression and restless leg syndrome from past two years . I was continuing alopathic medicine and I was relieved from symptoms but after discontinuing medicines the problems resurfacing within a month .
    I want a permanent cure through homeopathic medicines.
    I have below symptoms .
    1. Aching legs all time and the symptoms are worse during night.
    2, disturbed sleep .. I m unable to wakeup early morning and feel very low energy in morning for about an hour.
    3. Continuous pain in upper halves of backbone .
    4. Heavy head and continuous mental anxiety whole day .. I continuously think about what might not happen ..I feel scared due to office work pressures. I think I am under severe depression
    5. Irritation in eyes and sadness all day.
    6. Abdominal discomfort and excess gas from last 6 months.
    7. Hair loss
    8.I even unable to stand properly for a while.
    And there are other quite a symptoms which I can list here .

    Please suggest a good homeopathy medicine for speedy recovery .Please help me.
    thanking you

  183. Hello Dr Sharma ,
    I am very pleased to go through your article and found it very informative . thanks to you.
    I am suffering from depression and restless leg syndrome from past two years . I was continuing alopathic medicine and I was relieved from symptoms but after discontinuing medicines the problems resurfacing within a month .
    I want a permanent cure through homeopathic medicines.
    I have below symptoms .
    1. Aching legs all time and the symptoms are worse during night.
    2, disturbed sleep .. I m unable to wakeup early morning and feel very low energy in morning for about an hour.
    3. Continuous pain in upper halves of backbone .
    4. Heavy head and continuous mental anxiety whole day .. I continuously think about what might not happen ..I feel scared due to office work pressures. I think I am under severe depression
    5. Irritation in eyes and sadness all day.
    6. Abdominal discomfort and excess gas from last 6 months.
    7. Hair loss
    And there are other quite a symptoms which I can list here .

    Please suggest a good homeopathy medicine for speedy recovery .Please help me.
    Thanks ,

  184. Sir this is the matter before 2 years i was very good student everyone prized my hard work and study at that time i was read in class 10th .you know sir that time was so critical for teenagers i liked a boy bcoz i think i also liked me we never say each other .but after 3 yers he has gone delhi for heigher education..i was feeling alony..and some time guilty.i thought i shouls tell my feeling with him.this was so difficult to find him i taken help my frnd and she give me his contact no then i try contact him.but i relized he is not interest with me.he always egnore my msg and calls.i much that time i have lost my full consuntration .my Bsc 3rd part xam was so near i was good in study so i never wanted to bad marks in eaxam.i study hard but no satisfied wid my study.i given exam that day was so tough days of my that time there is some problem start my mind .always i feel any wound is situated in uper portion my head and my teeth feel also painy.i want to serioualy study but not able to study i think i have lost my every i am preparing for banking and today i have given my exam.exam was not tough i have ability to crack this exam but i couldnt study well before exam:-) .
    Sir plz suggest me any homeopethy remedy whose helpfull for me

  185. Shivani Saxena says:

    Hello Sir , here are some symptoms i m writing below please tell me what is problem with me :

    suicidal thoughts sometimes

    Please help me to figureout what should i do to overcome from these all things

    • N.Naga sandeep says:

      I am suffering from depression from birth onwards but could not my mind is full empty.unable to think.there is no imagination..mind does not works…not having energy even able to stand.i can’t express how I am suffering

  186. B n bajpai says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I retired as Director SCERT Delhi. 69 Yrs old. Suffering from Depression and anxiety for the last 8 yrs. Taking Cipralex and Ativan . Now I have swollen tounge and dry mouth for last 3 months after typhoid. depression leads to sucidal feeling and dry mouth leads to 3 anxiety stroke kindly help me.

  187. Kryuchkova Maria says:

    Dr. Sharma mujhe kafi aresay say depression hai aur mera ser b block ho gaya even mera kaam be choot geya hai mujhe chalne pherny main be kafi problem hoti hai chalta hon tu lagta hai girny laga hon bahty bahty rona shuro ho jata hon I am in italy now I really need your help plz help this problem killing me every day

    • B n bajpai says:

      Dr. Sharma
      Namaskar. I am 69 yr. old. Retired as Director SCERT Delhi. I am suffering from Depression since 9 Yrs as I was scared of not getting further assignment and what I will do without job. During gastric trouble I became restless and MAX doctor started my treatment with CIPRALEX 10 mg and Ativan 1 mg. I left treatment at my own after 1 year resulting depression sucidal mood and lot of anxiety strokes. same course was started again I found after 7 yrs that Cipralex is not suting me lot of Drowsiness and sleep. After changing some medicines I am again at cipralex and ativan. Now for last 3 months after typhoid I have swollen tounge and dry mouth ocassionally. due to dry mouth I had three anxiety attacks. Kindly help me.

  188. BIHARI VAID says:

    I am 73 year old. Since last six-eight months, I feel / want to be lonely, wanting to do nothing, weakness all round, very mild thoughts of suicide, sleep is not disturbed, sadness most of the times, feeling I can do nothing, there has been no grief, loss or any bad episode as a cause. Please help.

  189. sai krishna says:

    Plz can uh tel me mam abt remedy for depression
    I’m feeling uneasy
    I already tried to get suicide because I’m getting irritation…….
    In after couple of weeks I have exams
    *plz try to understand my problem mam *
    Humble Request

    • Neha singh says:

      Sir this is the matter before 2 years i was very good student everyone prized my hard work and study at that time i was read in class 10th .you know sir that time was so critical for teenagers i liked a boy bcoz i think i also liked me we never say each other .but after 3 yers he has gone delhi for heigher education..i was feeling alony..and some time guilty.i thought i shouls tell my feeling with him.this was so difficult to find him i taken help my frnd and she give me his contact no then i try contact him.but i relized he is not interest with me.he always egnore my msg and calls.i much that time i have lost my full consuntration .my Bsc 3rd part xam was so near i was good in study so i never wanted to bad marks in eaxam.i study hard but no satisfied wid my study.i given exam that day was so tough days of my that time there is some problem start my mind .always i feel any wound is situated in uper portion my head and my teeth feel also painy.i want to serioualy study but not able to study i think i have lost my every i am preparing for banking and today i have given my exam.exam was not tough i have ability to crack this exam but i couldnt study well before exam:-) .
      Sir plz suggest me any homeopethy remedy whose helpfull for me

  190. Sudha devakar says:

    Dr Sharma my daughter is passing through a bad phase as she is not married and
    Unemployed . She misses her family life Unfortunately niether me nor she good find a good partner for her She is very much frustrated Now she has lost her interest in her life
    specially caring for her body. She is becoming fat day by day She does not go to dr and does not
    take medicine As her nature is very hot I am giving her resperidon 1mg and Kaliphos
    Resperidon I have to give her secretely. Can you help me with Homeo medicine
    She is 49 yrs Thanking you Sudha

  191. I k suffering from fearof future & depressed from my work & fear of what happened in my bossiness in future & I can’t take normal decision about any matter.I not have interest in any type of talk or matter so what can I do

  192. helo dr.sharma my self eli I feel so low fear dipress last for one year.I dnt knw main kaha jaau consult krane…konsi medicine leni hoti h I dnt knw so plss guide me dr.I need suggestion.thnku

  193. I am depressed about studies. I remain double mind. I feel depression more in back side of mind and in near to neck.

  194. Monica Hingorani says:

    anxiety issues n fear factor.flying fear n clostophobia .dn feel like meeting people hunger ok

  195. Muhammad Muzaffar says:

    I have Depression and anxiety as diagnosed by the Physicians . I have taken Sleep Medicine Ativan but do not want to further use it as it is habit forming most difficult to leave it as it may become short in the Market.

    I have burning in the Foot and sometime in the body and have no sound sleep. I am Diabetes for the last 25 years and have controlled with Medicines and 45 daily Walk and Diet control.

    Dr. Sharma -kindly suggest Homeopathy medicines with side effects which I fear most. I do not damage my Neoro system. Kind regards Muhammad

  196. My mother who is in her early 70s started getting highly emotional and hyper recently blaming everyone around her except our brother. She cries bangs her head picks up a fight for small small things. Does she need any medical attention. Is there any remedy for her problem. Can homeo medicines help her to stay calm. Please advise.

  197. Er. K.K.Singh says:

    My wife is 57 years old and six years back she was under attack of paralysis on whole body of her right hand side , there after she has been treated by a famous neurologist and she is well and moving easily . But, thereafter she lost her total sexual desire and feeling contineous pain on her right hand side of her whole body as well anxiety with sleepiness. Please suggest suitable homeopathic medicine.
    Thanking you.
    Yours sincerely
    K.K.Singh, Siliguri (west Bengal)

  198. D R CHOUDHARY says:

    Hello sir
    I’m DR choudhary..
    I’m suffering from GAD and panic disorders for the 10 years… Due to that I feel depressed now. I have taken allopathic treatment for 4years..initially I have felt improvement.. But after that problem still there…now I’m taking ayurvedic treatment since August 16.
    Now I want to know that is there any treatment in homeopathy to cure my proble??
    Waiting for your reply….

  199. prakash kumar Agarwal says:

    Respected sir I have a depression problem anxiety fear tension not doing anything desire

  200. Dear sir
    I m arti 22 years old i m suffering from dipression . i have no interst to do any work nd in my mind always negative thought come then fear starting in my mind for my futur nd i m alway confusse nd no confident .everytime my mood is off . i m not being able to concerntrate .so plz sir help me wht should i do to overcome this fear nd depressiom

  201. Hello doc I m from Chandigarh…my husband taking oleaz 5 mg tablet for depression from six months but he leave the medicine now ..but he has some problem s right now that is forget things,no motivation to word the future and work ,not have fun with family it’s just little bit ,he is not comfortable to talk. And meet with the relatives he is not comfortable to taking decisions,i m very worried about him…. is he alright ? If he is not taking oleaz5mg for further treatment bcz he said that this medicine make him thoughtless and calm and lazy he pushed him self to do work so he don’t want to take medicine anymore plz suggest what should I do is homeopathy is right treatment for him without side effects….????

  202. Dear Sir

    i feel iam suffering from depression —anxiety and fear

    symptoms i face

    dullness—lack of interest–hopelessness–i feel i can never enjoy–beyond my capacity== a sort of fear comes if i have to go far off from my house

    feel like a mental headache–stays for long hours–suffering since last 1.2 years

    pls help me out sir


  203. Sir,im suffering of depression and anaxity since 2017.every thing turns negative thinking in a cycly.feeling sad and nothing enjoy able to do.often become angry.sleep problem and uneasyness.

  204. Hi dr
    My husband is alcoholic also suffering with depression too is there any medication which he can have without telling him for both depression and alcohol

  205. sir , i m takung homeopathy mddicine for 1 day. is it good treatment ??

  206. I have depression and mind fatigue will homeopathy help.

  207. sir iam an engineering final year student suffering from the depression for last 10 months.Sir,sometimes
    i feel very sad ,very often anexious ,afraid,stressed,uncontrolled,frequent thought of suicide.Sir ,i can’t
    able to understand what to do,as the day passes pressure getting high but i know that if i get the sound of
    believe from my innerside i will get rid of this problem.

    • I k suffering from fearof future & depressed from my work & fear of what happened in my bossiness in future & I can’t take normal decision about any matter.I not have interest in any type of talk or matter so what can I do

  208. i have a felling that i am seating in cradle,and will fly away,but i am good when in motion but when i am in rest,sitting, or lying this symptoms comes. a tingling sensation on my limbs, face and as if i am sitting in bus which is not in a motion but the engine is on.i.e a trembling feeling. A sudden severe pain on my chest muscle which comes when i am walking and goes away sometimes after resting. though the pain does not come always when i am walking or working.Pain in neck.B/P is normal.Clinical tests are OK.

  209. ghanshyam pandey says:

    my father is 85 years old. from long time he had weakness. he is having diabities since last 40 years.
    now in his cbc sodium , potesium are low, from last 15 days his anxity, nervousness, anger are two much.
    i am giving quitipine 25mg tab to him. but its control only 6,hours. next tab i cant give before 12 hours.
    can you suggest me medicine.

  210. Satish jain says:

    Mere husband satish kama jain unto nine nah I ate Bach a in rate hai kyanite Karen would heart kidney patient hai multi problem hai would 75 sale hai

  211. am always depressed by people not talking to me saying my face looks gloomy and annoyed please advise me


    My father is of 80 years age. Till about 4 months back , he was very active all right part time teaching in one college. On one day he fell unconscious while taking class- later on found that it was low BP due to some hheart condition known as AF for which medicine was prescribed and he is alright physically.
    But since than he has developed feelings that he is of no use to anyone , developed insomnia, says he can’t remember acdemic things, fear drtiving car, fear when alone, says himself that he is under depression, not able to concentrate, confusion- puzzled for hrs. for small small decisions.lost interest in religious activities also.
    Says he is trying but not coming out of negative presumptive thoughts.
    Otherwise physically he is ok.
    till now not tried allo0pathic approach due to its side effects.
    May suggest homeopathic treatment if any.

  213. Sunil kumar says:

    Respected sir myself sunil kumar. Sir i want your help to cure my mother. She is in depression since last 7-8 year. Due to some family reason she has gone in depression as well as my mother family history is so strong in relation to depression, two of my mother elder brother, one sister and her father has lost there life due to depression.

    Presently we are living in Hisar (Haryana, India) we moved there from Bhiwani (haryana, India) due to there metal condition because she used to say that she do not want to live in Bhiwani because after a family quarrel we had to sale at nominal value our shop on main road to my uncle due to pressure of my grandfather. So we move to Hisar with the thought that she will be fine. Now when we have settled in hisar very well now she is demanding to go back in Bhiwani again and she says I am not interested to live in hisar and we all other Faimly member don not want to move there again because neither there is our livelihood source neither the society is so good there.

    We have tried all thing to cure him. we have made understand him that we well definite go to the bhiwani but after completion of my study but she is not ready to understand and knot the understanding. Our life is ruins no one in my family is happy since last 7-8 year.

    We are taking very costly allopathy treatment since last 7-8 year but is not getting. Now situation is so bad she want to die now and her weight is increasing day by day . Now we switched over to Homeopathic treatment from 6-7 day back. Please suggest me on this matter as soon as possible. Is there any chance to recovery by homeopathy treatment our we should continue allopathy treatment but after taking allopathy treatment she always feel sleepy and her mind is not working properly.

  214. mujhe har bat par ghabrahat hoto hai jara si tension hone par hamesh negative baat hi man me aati hai kahi dur jane me dar lagta h bahut preshan hu english medicne bahut kha chuk hu par aram nahi hota bas kuch pal ke liya ke aram hota h jab tak dawa ka asar hota hai please koi acchi teatment bataye.

  215. I m eating loxamine 20mg can u plzzz suggest me some homeopathy medicine to replace that .i don’t wanna keep taking that antidepressant

  216. Lata Singh says:

    I have insomnia n headache n depression and old history of head injuries, so I was given anti epilepsy medicine by neurologist. This was twenty six yrs ago
    Past five yrs again, headache n insomnia.
    Can I take kali PHOS n what potency?

    I met a homeopathic doctor, he has taken lot of money n not telling name of bio chemic remedy salt now.

    • Lata Singh says:

      The allopathic anti epilepsy med has depressed my immunity quite a lot, I never get fits but my only clinical presentation is severe headache which my neurologist, she says its likely I cud throw a fit, so she wants to give me allopathic med for two yrs, in one year my entire immunity is weekend, Hb is low, I feel sleepy but symptoms are gone.

      A homeopathic doc has given me a bio chemic medicine, but now its not easy to meet him very often, my husband works outstation n There is no attendent at home, more over the faith has gone on that doctor coz he is fleecing his patients, making so much money. I have read a lot n if you help me in choosing correct salt, it will be nice of you.

  217. Bhaskar shroff says:

    Hello Dr Sharma ,

    I am having anxiety disorder and depression for the last 6 months . Haves been on allopathic medicine , but the moment I stop medicines it comes back again.

    Please advise what should be done.

    Bhaskar shroff

  218. ankur gupta says:

    Hello sir
    Meri mummy jii bahut parshan h wah saff -saffai ko bahut mahwat datee h ex – aap aap kyse chote logo se touch ho gye to apko bath krna h aur agar aap sauch krne jate h to bhe nahana h aysa 5year pahle nhi tha please sir help me and recommend in medicine mother’s age 35 years.
    Thank you sir

  219. Dear sir,
    I have been faced a problem since 3 but I dont know what happened to me. I am 24 yrs old I mostly some said depression some said health problem is light brain, fear , head circling if I travel or used upstair elevator.please suggest me which medicine am I used. I used medical drug estilopram parotine inderal but no output. Plz help me

  220. vishu bansal says:

    sir ,my name is vishu
    i struck n various thoughts , dats thought are nt passing awway dey tend to be repetataive.
    i m gng thrugh major depression homeopathic having a proper cure.i m taking allopathic ..where pci
    flavoxamine .

  221. Deepak Tyagi says:

    Iam suffering from depression and anxiety from 1998 to till date. Iam having all the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Iam unable to cope up with daily life and getting problem in job, family and social life

    Please help what to do.

    • Deepak Tyagi says:

      Iam suffering from depression and anxiety from 1998 to till date. Iam having all the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Iam unable to cope up with daily life and getting problem in job, family and social life

      Please help what to do.

  222. Pritam Raheja says:

    I have chronic depression

  223. santos gupta says:

    i have a severe stress and i take tobbaco and smoking due to the stress.kindlly help me.

  224. Hello I am kiran.1 am 33.I am suffering from depression.I often cry n feel helplessness.I have lost interest in life and people.I stay at home and don’t like to go outside.I often cry and remember past days of my life”my loving memories”.

  225. Afzal Haq Asif says:

    Dear sir
    Thank you very much for very useful note on depression

    I have problem of depression specifically when I get up after sleep whether morning or evening
    Can you please suggest a homeopathic remedy for me
    Thanking in anticipation

  226. Dear Sir, My mother aged 67 is suffered from burning sensation from neck to the middle of chest since January 2015. Doctors advise for Angiography which was done on 25/12/2015. It was told that there is blockage in arteries i.e. 100%, 95% and 90%. They advised for Bye Pass Surgery. But she is also suffered from forgetfullness or say Alzimer (not defined by doctors)for past 5-6 years. Due to which the Family was not ready for that. Now for the past 2-3 months she is sometimes behaving strangely i.e. pretend to cry and saying I will not stay here any more, no one bothered about my suffering, and sometimes pretended as she is crying etc. It happens after a spell of 10-15 days sometimes for 1-2 hours sometimes for lesser time. Kindly suggest some suitable medicine along with period for which it has to be taken

  227. Vijay Chautray says:

    i am 67 yrs old male pt suffering drepression a pannic attacket twice ina yrs like restlessness iccresspaloation not able ti sit ia place want to move .

  228. Vikash Chauhan says:

    Hello sir mera name vikash chhauhan hai mujhe aaj kal gussa, khoye khoye rehna chidchidapan, bahot nind aana seer dukhna hopeless jaisi probkem hai plz mujhe koi achhi si medicine prescribe kijiye. Thank you

  229. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    For the past 7 months I am going through gad with insomnia. Allopathic doc started with Xanax and zopiclone. I took it for two months ie till end of Feb without any effect. Then I was told to meet a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with GAD and prescribed feverin and Xanax and for sleep zopidem. My sleep improved by 20 % but the Med. Gave me lot of side effects. Any time I felt crying, suicidal thoughts. Lonely, right side numbness and pain, breathless etc. This continued till mid of May 2016. Then the doc changed feverin to Escitalopram 10mg 1-0-0 and quetiapine 12.5mg in the night. My sleep improved from 20% to almost 60% but the fear whether I will sleep today every time bothers me. Looking at the improvement in sleep doc told me to tapper quetiapine. Once I stopped the quetiapine, I have insomnia again. I am now only with Escitalopram but again I feel fearful, sleep disorder etc. Can homeopathy helps me.? I am a 44 year old homemaker. Don’t know whether this is hormonal imbalance/ GAD regards mariAm

  230. Sanjay kumar says:

    My wifi is a patient of depression disorder from 18 year . She is under treatment of Alopathic Dr. at Delhi but she is not complete. So you are requested to suggest me .It is a genetac problem her mother is also a patient of depression.

    • Ali Mushtaq says:

      My self is a patient of depression disorder since long . My problem is that old thought are disturb me

      such as I try to recall name of my old friend if it not come in my mind my mind disturb me and create anxiety. Please advise me for treatment

      • Ali Mushtaq says:

        My self is a patient of depression disorder since long . My problem is that old thought are disturb me

        such as I try to recall name of my old friend if it not come in my mind my mind disturb me and create anxiety. Please advise me for treatment

  231. Kidney stone

  232. Stephanie says:

    Hi my name is Stephanie. I have been taking wellbutrin for almost a year. It is my 4th go around with it since 18. I am now 31. I started taking aurum metallicum this past week n felt good. Last night at work I experienced a stressful event and got so emotional I was hyperventilating, crying and ready to quit. That has happened since I was an infant when under complete stress. When I got home took 3 more and before bed my wellbutrin 100mg. I usually only take 3. In the morning I take 150 but I woke up feeling sick so I haven’t taking anzthing yet. I felt like I was going to be sick and my head and eyes hurt. Should I stop taking Wellbutrin and just do the aurum metallicum or vice versa. I am worried I may be causing more harm than bennifit. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

  233. Sunita Verma says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma

    I am writing to you about my daughter who is 20 yrs old and suffering from depression, bipolar disorder and severe anxiety and panic attack. We have just moved to canada and want to try homeopathy medicine. please suggest.

    Sunita Verma

  234. suffering from depression from the last 7-8 years. concentration issues, crying and easily broken, not able to sleep properly, chronic fatigue and lack of will, please advice

  235. m s Gurumurthy says:

    Ear noise and tinnitus prablam lnoise in left ear.from long period.and loss of hearing in Boath ears.what is yours best treatment

  236. Sanjaykumar Dehury says:

    Depression and anxiety till 1998.

  237. DEBDULAL HAJONG says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from a mental disorder problem for last 5 years. I.e. panic, depression, fear, anxiety etc. Plz. advice me how to cure my this problem. I am taking now anti depression tab. But…

  238. Sir
    I have got some panic attacks it leads to depression. I am going through break up so it happenes. I want solution for my depression as early as possible. I want to concentrate on my studies as my future depend on it. I try hard to get out of this situation. But lost my concentration panic attacks are so intense that land me into depression mode. I tried to get her out of my mind but unable to do this. Can homeopathy gives me output. I really want to concentrate on my studies. Sir i need of your help. Suggest me what should i do. Thanking you.

  239. maana prasad says:

    can we give homeopathy medicine without knowledge of the patient… my wife is not taking any medicine for Depression – if we give her she fights , in any way we have to treat her, we are unable to give medicine… how to give homeopathy medicine without knowledge of the patient, with any substance, water or drink or with any other food items.. please advice me sir

  240. maana prasad says:

    how to give homeopathy medicine without knowledge of the patient, with any substance, water or drink or with any other food items..( without knowledge of the patient, ) because in any way my wife is not taking any medicine for Depression

  241. Respected Dr. Sharma
    I am 36 yrs old lady and I have been suffering from chronic anxiety for 3 to 4 yrs now finally my dr diagnosed that I am suffering from fibromyalgia condition. I am working hard to cope my problem but fatigue takes me back to my bed. Could you please suggest me some homeopathy remedy? I’m looking forward to getting your reply.
    best regards

  242. I’m 71 and very active doing hi intensity boot camps! I had bilateral knee replacement 3 months ago & am back working out again! Working out has been my antidepressant but now I’m more sensitive than ever, crying for everything, feeling lonely & often thinking no one loves me! I live alone but have two grown children & two grandchildren. I’m fine when with them but when alone I’m almost hysterical crying! I take klonopin to help me sleep but still have trouble getting to sleep & staying asleep unless I take more Klonopin 1mg. This all be due also to the surgery & meds I took for pain which I’ve been off of for 3 weeks. Can you advise me on a homeopathic remedy with the infirmaion I provided?

  243. satyanarayan naik says:


    My cousin’s sister has some psychological problem related to cleanliness. If any other person is used the thing whatever she is using , then she wash it with water immediately. Frequently wash his hands.

    This is heridetary problem. her mother is also same problem. she was married and she has one child with age of 3 years. Her this problem has started nearly 18 months back. He is not that much well matured.

    we heard that german homeopathy is best for this type of deseases. kindly suggest a good doctor who can cured her. Give me the doctors contact no and address.


  244. r sharma i have been suffering from depression from the last 3-4 years. not taking ny kind of medicines. mind not focussed. concentration level down. dull mood, frequent mood swing, memory loss.eyes are stressed. please advise.

  245. dr sharma i have been suffering from depression from the last 7 years.taking allopathic medicines.mind not focussed.concentration level down.memory loss.eyes are stressed.not having proper sleep at all.a good natural sleep. please advise.

  246. v.s.Viswam says:

    Day incident will come to night dream .disturbance to good sleep

  247. joydeep nandi says:

    can homoeopathy treat my diesease like non hardening and non erection of pennies?
    I am 37 and please advice and prescribe? Take your fees L will be pleased.

  248. joydeep nandi says:

    dr.sharma Pranam I m 37 married just 20 days back a lady of 27yrs nice and good looking. Suddenly I discovered that my pennis is not getting erected and very loose and unsatisfactory. IM IN PROBLEM?


    please help.

  249. Dr. I try to call you but no one answer. I have stress or depression about my arthritis disease. My both hands fingers swollen and ache. I am always thinking when my fingers will be normal. I use you web sight ideas. Please give me more pacific idea that my stress about my hands will be over. Thaka K Bains

  250. Vikram Singh Mehta says:

    Dear Sir

    I fell i am not confident and there is always a fear of unknow going on in my mind i am not able to sleep and work properly and most of the times i feel depressed also . recently i have started to forget things also not able to recall names ….
    Please suggest

  251. I have been taking Prozac for depression for 25 yr. Im 66 and i have very low energy and very low tolerance. I would like to try hemopathy med. What do u suggest

  252. Sudharshan V says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have a problem of depression and anxiety from 10 years, taking of Allopathy medicines caused side effects.

    Can you please tell me how I can get out of this and Live happily in Homeopathy without side effects.

    I am a male of age 50 Years

    I understood that you are giving this suggestion at free of Cost

  253. Namasthe sir i am suffering from panic attack and insominia iam take alopathy medicine long time but no reduce my problem how will soive of this problem iam 52 years old please a good suggetion tell me

    • Taiwo Salami says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,

      I am presently suffering from depression which has to do with dull mood, inability to enjoy myself, non communication and withdrawal from family members and friends. I do not enjoy my job anymore and I do not socialise as well. It is also affecting my relationship with my wife in the form of low sex drive.

      I am from Nigeria. How can you help me doctor, which Homoeo drug can I use and how can I get it?

      • Taiwo Salami says:

        Dear Dr Sharma,

        I am presently suffering from depression which has to do with dull mood, inability to enjoy myself, non communication and withdrawal from family members and friends. I do not enjoy my job anymore and I do not socialise as well. It is also affecting my relationship with my wife in the form of low sex drive.

        I am from Nigeria. How can you help me doctor, which Homoeo drug can I use and how can I get it?

        I have also lost so much weight and I have no apetite. I think about a lot of things that have happened in the past

      • Taiwo Salami says:

        Dear Dr Sharma,

        I am presently suffering from depression which has to do with dull mood, inability to enjoy myself, non communication and withdrawal from family members and friends. I do not enjoy my job anymore and I do not socialise as well. It is also affecting my relationship with my wife in the form of low sex drive.

        I am from Nigeria. How can you help me doctor, which Homoeo drug can I use and how can I get it?

        I have also lost so much weight and I have no apetite. I think about a lot of things that have happened in the past. There are times that I have sleepless nights and anxiety as well

  254. Do low seritonin levels cause depression, is there a remedy to increase the levels ? How do I know if my depression and insomnia are caused by a hormonal imbalance?

  255. I’ve been depressed ans suicidal , anxious and stressed off and on a lot in my life! It is bothering me now again and I’m so bad cause I have a lot of Healthproblems.

  256. Ron Ozman says:

    Hi Dr.

    I am in state of depression for last 8 years but it was like spotty. But on the last 2 years and getting worse. My mood swings, lack of energy , low libido, mental fog, irritation , low confidence, etc.
    I tried conventional medicine but never worked. I heard about homeopathic medication. I need your help. I live in USA.

    • Vadivambal says:

      Hi sir iam suffering panic attack and insominia i am intake alopathy treat last twelve years but i am suffering in lot of side effect please what can i do sir i want going to normal life sir iam52 years lady thank u sir

  257. Mayank Barnwal says:

    Dear Dr. sharma ji,

    My father was facing some memory related problems then we went to hospital and got to know that they were suffering from depression and treatment has been started. After a year, he felt like that he is fine and ended the depression medicine. During the treatment he always sleeps, still he always feels sleepy. Now no treatment is going on but his sleepness is still there and we dont know what to do… please suggest to whom can i connect for his sleeping disorder. Right now we are in mumbai but native place is in Jaunpur, uttar-pradesh. I need a doctor’s consultant until he does not feel he is okay. Thanks

  258. Dear Sir, I am 50 years old.There is sadness ,haste,hesitation,lack of confidence,sleeplessness,anger in my personality from my childhood.I want to live alone.I can’t communicate with people.I want to live silent.I can’t manage in emergency.other people’s negative remarks irritate me and I become hyper.In unfavourable situation my face becomes reddish and body begins to shiver.I can’t face people.There is wobbling in my movement.I can’t move steadily in front of others.If I hv to walk to come to a stage ,it seems as I have no energy in my legs.I have no interest in social activities.Kindly suggest something best from your experience.Thanks

  259. Dear Dr.,
    I was a decade ago subjected to angiography. After its completion however, though the results showed all ok , i fell suspicious to a heart problem…about to get a heart attack and going to collapse. I came face to face with death (situation…unexplained). Life became impossible and consulted multiple doctors . I took Restly and Prothiaden for two years, then switched over to another one for another two – three years. Now iam on Sertraline 100 along with Clonazepam.
    I no longer have that fear but iam unable to work because of extreme tiredness. By 9: 00 a.m , i am done for the day. To escape from this fatigue, i have consumed lots of Beer. This in urn, makes like a bigger hell the next day. Everyday i take Rantac. There are flakes on my skull , reddish patch foul smell on my Umblicus. Is there anything left in your medical world to save me dear Doctor.

  260. kamran rabbani says:

    Sir me kamran rabbani and i also depression and anxiety patient and i first used the allopathic medicine but not very effective then i checkup a homeopathy dr,dr give me medicine and i recover my health just 5 days but my stomach feels sometime empity and heartburn and i feel not hunger sometime please give me medicine

  261. Respected Sir
    I am continue under treatment of sychiatrict following problem having me
    1. No interest in surrounding
    2. Sleeping disorder
    3. Less of brain energy /may be lack of brain chemical, as my dp told me your brain chemical dry due to which happen this disease, my dp try to me all types of anti depression medicine but till date no cure

    Sir. Please tell me best medicine for me

  262. Sir I use tablet 10year deanxit 0.5 mg
    5year use Zapata 12.50mg
    Runing clotas plus
    homeopathy se treatment possible he

  263. vishesh kuma says:

    dear sir my name is vishesh kumar .i m 28years old .i m preparation government job but my memories is very loose and tansion all time so give me medisions ideas.

  264. Sir I married my daughter at the age of 16 she was fine for about a year but after the birth of her child who is now about 2 years she is behaving weirdly she is in constant anger and always blaming her husband that he will marry another girl friend and is always fighting with husband and in laws .plz suggest some medicines for her as she is living with us nowadays

  265. I am a house wife.In the month of January I got operated goitre .After this in d month of May histectomy had done..after that I have lost my patience.. every time I am worring about what will be d next problem..I am 50 years old..please helpme..

  266. Cheryl Godfrey says:

    Dr Sharma I am suffering from generalised anxiety disorder for a few years. Was on anti depressants & now on anti anxiety drugs. I want to try homeopathic meds. I wake up tired & fatigued & have fear of driving confidently & going for social meetings. I also have vision problems . Tired eyes & blurred vision. I am 62 yr old female & had to give up my job. Pls help me as I am desperate. awaiting your kind response. Thank you .

  267. ravinder saini says:

    sir namastay sir kripya ye jarur padhay ya kisi se padvay m bahut pareshan hon or mujhey engalish likhna nahi aata plieas sir mera naam ravinder saini hai or m dehli m rahta hun sir meri umar 27 saal hai or mai bahot pareshan ho apney sar dard ki wajah se mujhey sar m andar mahsus hota hai ki sar ki andar se nasen idhar udhar ho jati hain meri bohon m dard ankhey firjana chaihra or gardan tedi medi lagna sir k pichey gardan k paas jo nasen vo tedi ho jana or mathey par bhyankar dard hona or gala pani piney k bad bhi sukh jana jeebh sukh jana or kano m lagta hai k kano m jo nali andar jati hai vo sar me andar tak mahsus hoti hai k kuch sar k andar kano k andar kuch cipak gaya hai jo andar se khurac raha ho bahot tej jalan hoti hai sir mai is vajah se bahot kiamjor ho gaya hun mera vajan bhi 45 kilo hi rah gaya hai chaihra bhi bigad gaya hai sir ek baar to mujhey mathey m andar bahut tej nason me dard hua to loaga ki nas fat gayi ho sir dehney m bhi mujhey dikat honey lagi hai andera sa dhundala sa dikhta hai or dard jab bhad jata hai to sir mujhey chakar aney lagtey hain or lagta hai ki jaisey saans bhi ruk rahi hai sir aapki bahut kripya hogi sir jo aap is baarey m kuch bata sakey to chahey aap mujhey kisi bhadiya hospital or dr ka naam pata batan de chahey bula le sir m aapka bahut aqbhari rahunga sir meray pitaji nahi hai or meray do chotey bhai bahan hai tatha aamdani ka sadhan bhi nahi hai kyonki sir is sab k kaaran m kaam bhi nahi kar pata sir logon ko phase nahi kar paata unsay najrain nahi mila paata ghar se nikal hi nahi paata din raat pareshan rahta ho sir kripya kar k kuch samadhan bataney ki kripa karin dhanyawaad

  268. Saurabh rai says:

    I have social phobia nd hypochondriasis what medicine should i take i am taking allopathic medicine since 2 years but symptoms come again nd again

  269. Awadh Bhushan says:

    My wife is 43 years old belonging from middle class family.
    She feel her 1st Panic attack or Anxiety in August, 2015
    She is also having Thyroid since last 4-5 years and taking dose of 0.25 mg.
    Earlier her spell of attack was not in routine but now these days she feel more depression.
    She is taking Allopathic treatment since August 2015 but she could not get much relief from the medicine which she is taking.

    Sir, Please suggest me that I have to start some Homeopathic remedies and from where as I am residing in Nashik (Maharashtra)

  270. suman dewan says:

    My daughter in law ko bhut jada gussa aata h. .
    Woh uss tym bhut tod fod krti h. .ya fir abusive language use krti h. .or kbi toh gusse me bina btaye ghr se chli jati h

  271. hari p singh says:

    sir I am 50 years old. for the last 8 months I am unemployed for want of a suitable job. financially I am sound so I am not willing to do a job of lower cadre. for the last 4 months, I am easily irritated and feel very bad if someone in the family (wife, son,daughter) misbehaves. I get angered very quickly. pl guide

  272. Mr. Udipi Bhasker Shetty says:

    Sir, I am 73 years of age, retired . For the last many years i am getting continuous nonstop dreams in my night sleep, Now for the last one year, during short nap during day time, some funny conversation starts and I get scared of such conversation. As such I avoid taking any nap. I have started some ayurvedic medicine lately, but no difference as of now. Sir, I wish to get ride of such talks and conversations during my semi sleep and and also the continuous dream in the night. I have heard of taking KALI PHOS. Please guide me and help me to get ride of my above problems.

  273. Ilyas mohamed says:

    Dear sir I have been diagnosed bipolar I used to have one to two sever and manic atacks every year since last five years now I have a depression for the last 8 weeks but this time it is fifty percent of the last so many attacks I have tried aurrum with no effect after 3 weeks.I feel vey dull gone very quiete don’t want to participate in any work or activity feel sleepy all the time sleeping around 9/10 hrs a day no enthusiasm can’t laugh feel slightly better in evening don’t want to mix with anyone

    • Harshad Vasa says:

      I am suffering from depression since last 4 years. I don’t feel good during 8am to 3pm. After that as day progress I feel better. It means I have a symptoms of morning depression. So you requested to suggest me homeopathic medicine.

  274. Mr. Udipi Bhasker Shetty says:

    I am a retired 73 years of age. In the night whole night continuous dreams disturb me. Even day time if I relax for a short while, in my semi sleep, some conversation type starts and I abruptly get up and as such I avoid day napping. I get restless and scare of such disturbances. I lately started ayurvedic medicines, So far no progress. Some time i consume Restyke .25. Please advise.

  275. Sir I have been suffering from depression and panic attack fro many years and have been on anti depressant and Xanax for quite a no. Of years but now these r not helping me. Plus I am facing there side effects. I’m would be great full version f to can guid e me for some homeopath med. I’m am also under very much stress because of my husband n sister health.
    Looking forward for any early reply,
    Thank u.

  276. Sunil Kumar Garg says:

    Respected dr sharma i have suffering from dipresson last 5year please help me

  277. I.jeevan prasad says:

    Sir im suffering with depression last one year.But I didn’t know I’m in depression. Now I consulted doctor.He given some English tablets.I have one doubt sir when we use English tablets we edit that tablets na.I didn’t interest these tablets why bcoz I want to use ayurvedic tablets there is no side effects in these tablets na. Plz clarify my doubt sir.

  278. Mrs Suman Chand says:

    Fear phobia from Menstrual blood thinking it to be impure.This results in keeping distance from females.

    • Mrs Suman Chand says:

      Fear phobia from Menstrual blood thinking it to be impure.This results in keeping distance from females.

  279. I am not satisfied with my career and achievements .l am 49 years old so I feel very depressed and suffer from anxiety also.l even feel like crying when alone. I keep thinking all the time. Please help me and suggest me good medicine so that I may get total relief.

  280. arpita rudra says:

    I m a 28 yr old grl ,i always lv to stay fit, i do workout alot ,i eat balanced diet but from a long time i nvr become able to loose weight ,even i m gaining weight rapidly.Neither my workout cds are working nor my diet .I guess my stress hormon is up and my metabolism getting slower .Once dctr told me that i hv anxiety and he also told to test tsh .I did it it but luckyly i dnt hv thiroid .pls suggest what medine i should take .I m facing also nail breakage,neck infection,vitamin b and calcium lacking .pls help me dctr.

  281. R N PANIGRAHI says:


    my daughter, age 28 had love marriage and six month baby, she had depression of in sacristy. she is very talkative and always absent mined.. pl. advice medicine in this regards.

  282. Sir..
    My nephew is using Marijuana and I have to give him medicines without his knowledge..Pl help

  283. Nidhi singh says:

    I m pcos patient going through ivf medication plz suggest me some medicine how to calm down coz I m going through lots of depression it’s 3rd Tim of mine ivf

  284. Hi doctor i am suffering from anxiety since 10yr now i want to fo for homeopathic treatment ..can this help me

  285. Prodip Kumar Agarwala says:

    My daughter is suffering from bipolar disorder in her manic part lokal doctor gave her hyosciamas but she is now in depration episode with crying and negative thoughts what madicin can I give her

  286. R.Baalajee says:

    Hello sir.. I’m balaji my brother was feeling very depressed.. He is not normal some times he s very active and normal condition and some times he is ubnormal and getting very angry is he will get cure… ? We want our brother back to normal stage please help by suggesting some ideas thanking u sir…

  287. ravishankar says:

    Sir. I am feeling body dullness, heavyness in head ,and usually facing insomania some time i feel angree when some one talking unrelevent talk with me. So please suggest me appropriate advice

  288. Lameck Ngulube says:

    Thanks am writing from Malawi and am practicing homeopathy in my small clinic called Beka Homeopathy Clinic but we need more support in terms of sharing ideas so how can we network with what you are doing doctor?

  289. Hi Doctor,

    Can homeopathy be given along with alopathy medicine for treating acute depression with anxiety.

  290. Vikas mejta says:

    For last six months I have severed enxity and panic attack. I take one itizola tab and one penzep 25. Now I wants to drops elopathy medicine and wants to used homeopathy treatment please advise me best homeopathy medicine

  291. sameer kumar says:

    Sir my name is sameer Kumar
    N mein thoda dstrb rehta hu
    Mtlb kuch samjh .mein nhi aata
    Sir mere side waale kaan mein ajib sa sound rehta hai jaise ki
    Sunn rehna depression mein rehta hu aapse milna hai

  292. Neena garg says:

    I m depressed.always seeking fr someone’s company.I don’t want to live alone.wt medicine I should take fr this

  293. Subhankar Palit says:

    I am 27 years old and my wife is of same age.She loves me so much but she doesn’t like my parents. She was under rigorous restrictions during her teenage and childhood by her mother. She doesn’t like to live with any third person and depends on me fully.Currently she is suffering from hypo thyroidism and under medication of thyronorm.She has phobia of spider. Since last two months she is suffering from chest pain and suffocation when ever she thinks of anything which hurts her even little. Please do suggest some medicine that she can get cured.

  294. Balbir Singh says:

    My wife is 47 year in age. On 8th January 2016 his father is die and she slipped at 5 stair. Her Elbow joint cracked in three piece. Doctor operate her and do 6 weeks plaster(She suffer some Thyroid) On 28 Feb. 2016 Dr. remove her plaster and said to Physiotherapy But she was feeling pain in her joint. She fear Physiotherapy due to pain. At every time she murmured- Now I will not be Ok and I feel she is in dippression. She not slipping at night time. What I do?

  295. Soumik Mukherjee says:

    Dr. I’m 29 yes old guy. I am suffering from depression due to financial problems since 5years. I always want to improve my financial condition by the hard work but till now I’m standing at the same place as I was before. So, I depressed very much and some times feel hopeless about my life and career. Kindly suggest me the medicine to get relief from such depression.

  296. Sir mai two years se ghabrahat aur bechaini she paresan me hamesha bhay bana rahta hai dart lagta hai.aksar jab mausam change hota hai to bukhar aur ghabrahat suru ho jaati hai.jaise Marne Ka darr ,lagta hai dhadkane tej ho jati hai raat me jaldi nind nahi aati hai .sir plz Aap meri help kre mai bahut paresan hu.Maine bahut English dawa kiya lekin mujhe koi labh nahi hua.plz Aap mujhe ellaz bataye sir plz this request to heart.

  297. preetha says:

    Dr. I have been suffering from depression since 2010 . I am 42 now. I had allopathy anti depressent till 2015 . since DEC 2015 my dose was reduced with only one anti depressent. Then I started along with homeopathy too. I have been prescribed ignatia, Sephia. But still I am feeling low sometines….not interested in doing anything….feeling lonely sad….no interest in anything…no confidence in going out alone. What should I do…. Should I continue with Homeo and talk y
    To my Homeo dr. I start his medicine and within 2 days it is acute and I feel like going meeting the dr again and he tells no changes. Dr. Or should I leave all this and start allopathy anti depressent again and stop homeopathy

    • T Chandrasiri says:

      im39 years old male poor concentrate and less memory please give me some advice to overcome this problem

  298. Athol Park says:

    Hi, I have been suffering from depression for over twenty years since I had a nervous breakdown – my mind stopped working – I was overloaded with work, stressed, smoking cannabis, living on junk food and so on.
    To be honest, I have been smoking tobacco and small amounts of cannabis and that makes me feel more optimistic, imaginative, happier, and motivated. However, my wife doesn’t approve and so I need to hide it from her and that makes me feel guilty and ashamed that I am lying to her. Also, at 68, I don’t want to keep smoking tobacco or dope – that is illegal in Australia. When I don’t have dope, after a few days, I begin to get “foggy brained” where I cannot make and decisions, I get unmotivated, thinking about my failures in life (there are many of these) and I just “cannot” make myself do things – even simple things like making a phone call – wash the car – repair something. I have lost all my confidence. Is there anything you can suggest?

  299. plz we have use many homeo medicine.a little better but most of time she remain restless,unhappy.hopeless ,guilty feeling i am dying soon,puzzle confuse sympton sex desire.some time very low blood pressure. no sleep,use remeron 30 mg and nazi .5mg.when she sleep and wake have worst condition.some time she wake suddely in midnight and worst condition body temprature very low or dill pr boht ghabrahat hoti hay.plz doctor suggest some best medicine .from last two month she has this problem.she also feeling cold, shivering from cold in this hot weather

  300. my wife is suffering from high early morning she has worst condition high anxeity.nothing make her happy.very disoppointed from her health and life. plzgive ur contact no

    • my wife is suffering from high early morning she has worst condition high anxeity.nothing make her happy.very disoppointed from her health and life. plzgive ur contact no

    • plz we have use many homeo medicine.a little better but most of time she remain restless,unhappy.hopeless ,guilty feeling i am dying soon,puzzle confuse sympton sex desire.some time very low blood pressure. no sleep,use remeron 30 mg and nazi .5mg.when she sleep and wake have worst condition.some time she wake suddely in midnight and worst condition body temprature very low or dill pr boht ghabrahat hoti hay.plz doctor suggest some best medicine .from last two month she has this problem.she also feeling cold, shivering from cold in this hot weather

  301. N.Abdullah says:

    Sever depression,fear of big dangernos diseases and death.Low sex/impotance.Cant travel in public transport,lac of interest in work/life,abdomenal pain cramps. Loose motin if in fear,gas in abdomen, 24 hrs feeling/concentration for abdomen problems,

  302. Hi there, I’m taking Wellbutrin and it’s not really helping my joints are killing me and I have bad ringing in my ears it’s not helping with my depression. Do you have any suggestions for a homeopathic approach. also my toes always feel frost bitten and my feet hurt its stopping me from my walks with my dogs I walk 2 miles a day , bug lately it’s to painfull do do any kind of exercise. Please help I want to be able to exercise with no joint stiffness.

    Thank You



  303. damodar parkale says:

    alg alg prkarke aawaj aate rhte hi .

  304. tausif jamal says:

    Anytime depression rhta.hain….aur dar v lgta hain…..koi medicine bataiyeee

  305. My daughter is suffering from schizophrenia. Can homeopathy treat her.

  306. i m suffering from depression and panic attacks.
    please help me .

  307. shamim khan says:

    sar ji 4 saal se paresan ho dipresion se or allopetik dawa ka raha ho mera dipresion bahut jyada bad gaya he mene ayuvedik dawa bi leke dek li he hum me marne ki soc li he dr. bolta he ect sort lagoo mere man me sucait ka man kar raha plg me paresan ho dr. saab ji plg jarur batay mene dawa antidipresant and axinte ki li he band kar di he plg jarur batay

  308. Dr Sahab
    Good day to you
    Hope you are well.
    I am suffering form depression associated with anxiety, panic attacks and extreme jealousy. I have been on SSRI medications, but these medicines cause severe headaches to me.
    Could you please advise traetment.

  309. My life have been suffering from hearness (schizophrenia) problem from last 6 yes. Is this disease 100% curable, and advise me the medicine,she is 37 yes old.

  310. Sir, I am aged 74 always thinkig of past events and feel lonley. During night time these thoughts will increase and sleepless with great difficulty if i go to bed throught night indream talking with dead persons and my mind becomes restless. Can you sugest a sutable

  311. Sir, I am aged 74. during night very difficult to get sleep. My mind always dweling in past occurenses and feel lonely and get lot of fear andrestles. Can you sugest a suitable homeo medicine to me


  312. Mahesh Rupani says:

    I retired from service in feb 2016. After that i am very dipressed and restless. Please advice medicine as early as possible. Thanks. Regards Rupani.

  313. ASHOK KUMAR says:

    Sir, I am suffering from melancholia -a feeling of deep sadness-since year 2012. This aggravated in oct-2014 when I lost my mother after her brief but sudden illness. She was diagnosed with tumour in uterus and ovaries. The growth could not be detected as there were no symptoms till Sept’2014. I feel that I could not do my duty to her as her only son. I was living in Delhi where I work. She was staying at our native place in Allahabad and used to visit us occasionally or we used to go during holidays. I feel that had she lived with us, I could have given more attention to her and tumour could have been detected earlier.
    The symptoms I notice is that I have become very disinterested in everything I do. Unless there is a deadline to any task, I don’t feel like attending to it . Be it a task at home or a task at work. Further, I am a fastidious person and like to keep my things in order both at work and at home. But presently, I am in a state of disorder. Please suggest any remedy to help me/cure me.
    If any further details are required, I will certainly provide.

    • ASHOK KUMAR says:

      Sir, I am 39 years old/ Male/ .
      I am suffering from melancholia -a feeling of deep sadness-since year 2012. Probably I could not get the job I wanted . However, I was quite settled and content with what I had. But this aggravated in oct-2014 when I lost my mother after her brief but sudden illness. She was diagnosed with tumour in uterus and ovaries. The growth could not be detected as there were no symptoms till Sept’2014. I feel that I could not do my duty to her as her only son. I was living in Delhi where I work. She was staying at our native place in Allahabad and used to visit us occasionally or we used to go during holidays. I feel that had she lived with us, I could have given more attention to her and tumour could have been detected earlier.
      The symptoms I notice is that I have become very disinterested in everything I do. Unless there is a deadline to any task, I don’t feel like attending to it . Be it a task at home or a task at work. Further, I am a fastidious person and like to keep my things in order both at work and at home. But presently, I am in a state of disorder. Please suggest any remedy to help me/cure me.
      If any further details are required, I will certainly provide.

  314. manali yedge says:

    i m suffering from mental stress since 2 months because of family issues. i m having five months old baby girl. she is depend on me for milk. so can i go for homeopathic treatment. is there any effect on my baby?

  315. Sir
    Im 31 yr ummarried female. Im suffering from depression for the last 4 yrs. Im using allopathy medicine. But there is no much improvement and i gained weight 20kgs extra because of allopathy medicine. I used to fight suicide thoughts. Does Homeopathic medicine cure my depression and insomnia without any side effects like weight gain. Because of weight gain i got other health problems like Hypo thyroid, daibetes and harmonal imbalance. My weight is not reducing.

    Please suggest good medicine to treat my depression, sleeplessness and weight gain problems.

  316. Hello Dr Sharma. I am diagnosed with bipolar 1. I am currently only taking 100mg of Lamictal. I still feel depressed, I have no energy to exercise, I have no motivation, I stay home and watch tv all day, I can’t get up before noon, I fall asleep late at like 3am, I have a lump in my throat and have no drive or optimism. I just took my first dose of ignatia amara 30x 4 small tabs, I feel a lot more relaxed. Is there anything that you would recommend to help raise my energy levels and feel less depressed and help me sleep better as well?

  317. rohit kawatra says:

    Hello I am Rohit (21) 3 years ago I got break up With my gf in a very bad day. before.the.break up I was a full of joy person but from threee years I am suffring from so many problems like depression anxiety nervousness desperateness physically weakness and too much thinking. Just loose all the hope. Pura din bechaini rehti hai. I feel like do sucide. Please tell me how can I get rid of these problems.

  318. Hi,

    How can we deal with some one with depression, substance abuse , withdrawal from life ? Please help me with some medication to calm the person down. he is 21 Years of age

  319. I had heart bypass surgery in 2001 and was on Asprin but in 2013 the pain in the arm returned. Dr added Plavix on top of Asprin for blood thinning. In 2015 I had stomach bleeding profousely. Now I am experimenting with lowering the dose but no success.
    In Agiogram they found 6 arteries are blocked . Bypassed arteries are OK.
    Three blockages in in one artery next to each other. Doctors say it is too risky to operate.
    If you could suggest any blood thinning medicine.
    I am 78 yrs old, male with Diabetes with Insulin and BP(135/65) . I am physically active & have a tight control of blood sugar.

  320. I suufer from chronic depression which prevails more in morning time and sleepy in that time also a low mood throught the day.Allopathic drugs not much useful & cause side effects.Pl. suggest good medication.

  321. I suffer from SAD type of depression & develop chronic fatigue disorder with the problem of sleeplessness.
    I am 70 yrs old and am Om medicines for years, but the medicines don’t work any more.
    Any advice for my condition.

  322. aarti chandra says:

    Will homeopathy help me.?i feel very low ,tired and hopeless..i already have arthritis,low cortisol levels,high cholestrol levels,stomach ulcers..i dont gt sleep at night .i get emotional and cry soon.

  323. sanjeev saxena says:

    Hi Sir
    My wife is 40 years and from last 2 months she is suffering from depression and every day 2-3 time she feels very low energy ( not having sleep from last 2 months ), guilty ,hopeless , helpless ,puzzle and this face remain for 2-3 hours or more .
    Allopathy Doctor suggested clonspaam and said it seems a negative stress on brain and none of the symptoms found related to menopause currently.
    I had given her alafalfa tonic and recweg sleep drops also 10 drops thrice daily from last 7 days .

    still not getting a significant relief
    pls suggest a good medication

    sanjeev saxena

  324. Manish kumar says:

    Dr. My age is, 23 I am in depression for last 4 yrs an d taking allopathic meds. Currently for severe anxiety and modearate depresdion..please provide some guidance how to switch to homo meds and which to take. Thank you..

  325. Nadeem sheikh says:

    Please write me Dr schawbe remedy which increase serotonin,dopamine.endorphin level.

    Thanks and regards

  326. I have no energy. . Everything that’s is emotional on TV makes me cry , I mean everything. . I have no drive to do anything. . I was on pristqi for years and have been off for 6 months and don’t want to take another antidepressant

  327. Denise bristo says:

    I have been feeling with little energyon an off for years. Went back to my doctor and she said I Should try Zoloft. I am more for natural healing and do not want to start taking harmful pills.
    I am 62 and do not take any medications. Any advice ?

  328. Dear Dr. My mother age 53 suffering from depression anxiety sleeping problem since last week. Kindly help us which medicine we use for above given problem.

  329. Vikas soni says:

    Dear sir I have 4 symptoms are feel in my life which is Work stress enxiety negativity aggression no control on me when I was agressive. Negativity and work illness I feel very hurry up in my work profession little bit wrong talks will hurt me from the director and family.
    Due to some Personal reasons like 4year I had faced divorce case , real life partner ditched me ,very small age me have to working due to father had a loss in business no good friends gernally they are only selfish I have nobody to disclosed my problems due to they would laughing on me. Since 2 years I started anti stress and enxiety medicine in alopathic but it’s gives me only sleep nothing as. Please help Me to write good medicine for Me in homeopathic.
    Vikas soni


    My wife is suffering from depression. I have two daughters both are deaf since birth. So after doing hard work for their rehabilitation and mental pressure, my wife is effected with depression. The elder daughter is 26years of age the younger is 23. Now they are doing very good in studies and have the career in painting, even my wife is not pleased as she does not feel happy because of future of life of my daughters.
    This time the symptoms are quarrelsome, very much suspicious, anxiety, not talkative, angry and sometimes laughs talking herself, bitterness especially with me and relatives, ignore to attend any social gathering, absent mindedness and irrational discussion.
    I have got treatment for her in allopathy three or four times but did not get permanent amelioration. I have some knowledge of homoeopathy and trust with this pathy. She has been given Ignatia, Nat. mur, anacardium, chamomilla, passiflora time to time as prescribed by the homoeopathic doctor. This time after consulting a doctor she is taking Ignatia 1m on Monday and Chamomilla 1m on Friday rest of the days Passiflora Q three times a day and Kali phos 6x (biochemic) three times a day on all the days

    Please guide me as this time I am very much in trouble with the behavior of my wife.

    Thanks a lot

  331. Somnath Ghosh says:

    Can you suggest any substitute for REPL 51. ( Hernimax)

  332. Yogesh Sarode says:

    Sir, I m yogesh from Mumbai,

    Due to some past life horrible tragedies I face depression and my thoughts fears are uncontrollable,

    I feel Giddy, Light Headness, Fatigue, and least interested, what shud I take???

    Also my skin left side reddens, Tremendous dryness, and pigmentation occurs, what shud I take for it??

  333. am looking for Gold drop (homeopathic) for depression where do I find it

    can you please help me out

  334. Anil Shende says:

    Mai 20 saal se ghabrahat anxiety phobia panic attacks se pareshan hu sabhi pathi se ilaj kiya lekin bimari vaisi hi hai koi upya bataye kya ye jad se khatam ho sakati hai.

  335. Shan Mohammad says:

    Mujhe depression rahta hai kuch achcha ni lagta ab mujhe diabetes bhi ho gyee hai ,koi treatment batayen.

  336. shabana Musarrat says:

    Dear Doctor sahb aoa My brothet suffring from depression . these ar all symptoms Loss of interest or pleasure in activities including sex. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism .Sleeping too much or too little, often feeling tired and feeling and seasonal affective kindly recomend his medicine bundle of the thanks
    shabana Pakistan

  337. Deepanshu kumar says:

    Age 25, Mujhe 2008 se night fall regular hoti rhty thi n mujhe 2011 m achanak back pain burning sensation jaise hone lagee anxiety dhadkhan tez n baad m heart m pain hone lage,mujhe 2013 m pata chal ki mujhe depression hai maine doctr se dikhya unhone pexep cr 12 mg aur betacap 10 mg dia maine 1 n 1/2 regualr medicne lia aur wo medince n work v kia n mai better feel karne laga n medicne chhor dia n again mai masturbate karne laga fir mujhe october 2015 m fir heart m pain hone lagee maine fir doctor se dikhayya again unhne anti depressant dia but idher se mujhe head m chakkar weakness bhut ho rhi hi medicne lene k baad ..mujhe smjh nhi aa rh ki mai kya karu.kya homeopathy m 100% cure hi depression n anxiety ki..plz suggest me asap

  338. Deepanshu kumar says:

    Mujhe 2008 se night fall regular hoti rhty thi n mujhe 2011 m achanak back pain burning sensation jaise hone lagee anxiety dhadkhan tez n baad m heart m pain hone lage,mujhe 2013 m pata chal ki mujhe depression hai maine doctr se dikhya unhone pexep cr 12 mg aur betacap 10 mg dia maine 1 n 1/2 regualr medicne lia aur wo medince n work v kia n mai better feel karne laga n medicne chhor dia n again mai masturbate karne laga fir mujhe october 2015 m fir heart m pain hone lagee maine fir doctor se dikhayya again unhne anti depressant dia but idher se mujhe head m chakkar weakness bhut ho rhi hi medicne lene k baad ..mujhe smjh nhi aa rh ki mai kya karu.kya homeopathy m 100% cure hi depression n anxiety ki..plz suggest me asap

  339. urviben m shah says:

    I have come negative thought in my mind like I am dying soon mood change etc

  340. urviben m shah says:

    I have come negative thought in my mind like I am dying soon

  341. ashish sharma says:

    tono chest ke thik niche achank se bechani aur ghabrat hoti hai bardast karna muskil ho jata hai kya karu

  342. RASIKLAL G. SAYANI says:

    I am 61 year old person. I am suffering from GERD and COPD from last one year. in the morning severe pain and burning start near liver region after evaculation and it gets traferedto left side . I am trying allopathic medicine from last one year but not getting the result. due to this day by day i am much more anxioud and got depressed . at present i am taking PPI and deriphylline retard 150 mg tablet and Diazepam for sound sleep. i am also having BP problem. when i get free from my work the situation get worsed due to much more negative thought.So you are requested to please suggest the medicine for anxiety and depression. with sincere regards RASIK G. SAYANI

  343. Himanshu Verma says:

    Sir my sister age 20 years is patient of mental disorder. Since childhood she had less IQ compare to other children of her age and took more time to learn something. She couldn’t study much and when she become 15-16 years old her behaviour suddenly changed and she was so depressed after realizing that she is not normal and has less IQ and she started attempting suicide. Sometime she demand something which is not possible and start roam around in search of mother or any relative whereas they are before her but she couldn’t recognize. Please help to get her out of such pathetic condition.


    I have been masturbating since age of 14 . now I am 27 year old . now facing following problems
    Anxiety, depression, weak erection, early ejaculation, poor concentration, persistent sexual thought,

    I have visited to a psychiatrist. He gave me PETRIL20 and ZOSERT50. I have took them for a month. They gave me immense relief but now I have discontinued them. But I am still feeling better but sometimes I feel sad feel and depressed due to poor erection issue.

    I have a girlfriend when I talk to her I start leaking precum even in public place.even I am not sexually aroused .This annoying me a lot. She wants to marry me but I am really scared of my situation of weak erection that I am not able to satisfy her.

  345. misty blackburn says:

    i feel useless and i like things in a certain order i dont like chaos and i feel like im in it all the time im nvr happy i fake it nvr feel like i quit messure up or that ill ever accomplish anything i get to the point of not wanting to do anything

  346. pritpaul says:

    i am having some knowledge of homoeopathy.
    I am having diabeties and my hb1ac is 8.2 as on decemebr 15,
    please guide me howshould i go about

  347. Qamar Hassan says:

    very remedy is kali phos..

  348. Prabhakaran says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am suffering from depression and anxiety for the past 6 year . For the first four years I took treatment from normal allopathy medicines like cymbaltic flouxitine tablets. This caused several problems like generalized anxiety and sexual problems etc. So I have stopped those medicines. After stopping , for around one year life for me seemed to be normal. Again the symptoms seems to be coming. I don’t know what to do. Kindly suggest?

    • Harshad Vasa says:

      I am depressed since last 4 yrs. I am feeling sad in the morning but feeling better as day progress. Pl. Suggest homeopathic medicine to feel better in the morning .

  349. I am depressed since the last 4 years and took allpathic medicine for 3 and 1/2 years. Now I am taking homeopathic medicine of Dr Willmar alpha ts .Please advice me.

  350. I am 67 years old. I have been suffering for three months now with back pain – arthritis and pinched vertebrae. It has meant staying at home, this staying at home is now into the fifth week. I have begun to have symptoms of despair, weeping started 2 days ago. There is great restlessness, crying out with little hope for what is coming. I am taking alleopathic treatment (decontraction pills for the muscles, anti- inflammatory, valium for sleep). I am having great anxiety, panic attacks and all is definitely not well.
    My mother had this also at 60 years old. Part of me feels I am following on with her inexplained anxiety.
    The pain is constant and it is very hard for me to calm my mind down, to reason, to relax is impossible – a feeling of I don’t know what to do.
    I am most grateful if you could give me some guidance on which homeopathic treatments to take.
    Thanking you in advance for your kind service.

  351. Apurva Kaushik says:

    Irregular heart rate…ghabarahat hona…faint ho jaana..heart beat baht fast hona…
    Thik Larne k liye kya karr? ?

  352. Regards,my son saif aged 25 yrs do suffer from most of the symptoms defined for depression such as insomnia,lack of will power mood swings,loss of interest, mania…etc.he is being treated with allopathic medicines like queitipine sulphate SR, veana cr 500 (contains valopic acid etc) and others for the last 2 yrs. Not much change except side effects such as obesity,sleeplessness, or sleeping all the times,anexiety lightheaded ness,tremours to name a few. I am in catch 22 situation. These medecines,if stopped may cause serious withdrawl symptoms…if continue than no thing is improving. most of the time he sleeps in forenoon and wary of exposure to day activity and meeting with people.. Though he is qualifiied graphic and animation artist…and passionate about his work but lost interest now and takes much courage to even sit on computer. will be greatful if you guide us to break this dilemma

  353. Stephanie Kartinos says:

    Looking for someone in the northern California area to help with my depression and anxiety. thank you

  354. Jitender Kumar says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 54 years old and suffering from depression since 20 years, I started the treatment in allopathic in 1995. But didn’t keep follow up with doctor and keep the same medicine continue for around 14 years. But there was no improvement.
    Now I am having treatment by doctor’s advice in “allopathic” since last 16 months and I m feeling better but not 100%.

    My concern is that I want to switch to homoeopathic treatment.

    Please suggest me, is homoeopathic is cure able or better option for depression…? If yes., is there any good doctor in Gurgaon.



  355. satya prasad says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am suffering from pshychiatric pan attacks from last 1 year, i am using homoeopathy medicine still, i am not able to control pan attacks. I am suffering from with this symptoms, heavy downpour from my eyes,
    i am not able to speak. (eg:- in that time i’ll suffer like asthma), and my legs and head gets lot pain, (like somebody pressing pins in my legs and head).
    please kindly suggest me some better remedies, i spent lot of money on english as well as homoeopathy medicines.

    Satya Prasad

  356. Hi, i suffered from anxierty disorder and drpriscribed me aconite 200 5 drops twice daily for about 40 days then aconite 1m 4 drops one a week which i have taken a total of 3 doses and dr told me to stop med gor 1month observation , if symptoms recur he wiil givee aconite cm, mt anxiey is 95 percent finished but i stil had a fast heart beat for which i consulted anothrt dr who said it was asabi kamzori i.e neural weakness so prescribed me ginkgo syrup ingred:avena Q,barta carb 8 x,ginko biloba 2x,kali phos 3x ,pasifloraQ …im better now but still i have genrral weakness and bad apetite …dont feel hungry and not so active plz tellme wether im taking proper treatment or not and i have taken 1 bottle of bioplasgen 28 general tomic but after stoping med im weak again.plz reply. Thanks

  357. hi
    is there some medicine that is used for mood enhancing?

  358. Hi Gud evening I just want to know tht I am taking ignatia amara 200 for depression so now I Want to take apple cider vinegar for my weight loss so I can take both medicine same time?

  359. I have been suffering with depression all my life. I was taking an antidepressant for 6 month. Now I am taking autism reticulum 30 c for about two weeks, twice a day. This morning, I felt very sad. I was thinkin about all the suffering in the world. I take st.John sector for depression and ballerina and melatonin to sleep. I also take a lot of vitamins. I am 63 year old female who has been a vegetarian most of my life.

  360. I have been suffering from depression from last 20 years and the cause of my depression excessive guilt feeling. I have been on allopathic medicines from last 10 years but I do not think I am 100 % ok.
    Those medicines gives me some relief but not 100 %.
    I have been taking lamitor OD 200 mg, Clonil 25 , cutipin 25 mg, fluoxetine 100 mg, Zolex .05 per day.
    Also taking ayurvedic 5 HTP, St. john wort, ashwgandha.
    Dr Sharma please help me and suggest homiopethic medicines.

  361. I need to know which medicine (and potency) I should be taking for depression. I did not find anything relatable in the descriptions above. Mine has evolved from severe anxiety attacks to depression now. I’m 32. It occurs all of a sudden, and lasts anytime between a few hours to 3-4 days. I feel fatigued and only feel like sleeping the whole day. Can’t get any work done.

  362. Sir,
    My wife aged 59, retired from Govt service 1 1/2 one and half years ago is suffering from anxiety and depression symtoms for the past 6 months.She is a robust woman and used to face challenges boldly.But after depression has set in, she has lost interest even in day to day activities and lost weight by 5 Kgs.She could not sleep in night and hence we consulted a leading psychiatrist in chennai.He prescribed Nexito 10 mg and Etilam 1 mg daily.She has been put on this medication for 6 months.Though she has recovered to some extend,the dullness prevails in the day time.Hence Could you please give remedy in Homeopathy?

  363. Age 21. Lean and thin body. I had an affair. I found he is a drug addict. Now he is a nuisance for me. He follows me wherever I go.
    I left my studies a 2 year course diploma. Now only 3 months left for exmn. I have no sleep, I simply lie down always. I have no appetite. I shout at every one. No interest in anything. I have told to my parents about this affair.

    • my son having age 16 years behaves as under
      body turned to be stone
      aggression mood and beats family members
      cries to the extreme
      beats his head with his hands
      pl let me know whether it is a sign of depression
      at present we are giving him homopathy medicine tranquile and adal
      whether it is a correct medicine.
      this medicine cures him to some extent. kindly guide me what to do so that he will be allright

      thanking you
      waiting for your reply

  364. M Obuladas says:


    My son is doing PhD at Indian Institue of Schiences, Bangalore. When he was studying Intermediate in Sree Chaintnya college, Hyderabad, 6 years back he attempted sucide due to dipression. He doesn’t want to continue his studies. How ever, after a lot of trials we made him to write exams. He got good rank in EAMCET, later on good rank in GATE and got admission in M.Tech., at IISC, Bangalore. Now doing PhD. But still we observed that he is carrying that dipression there alos. In hostel, we observed that He has broken his cell phones. when question about this, he replied that now and then he goes into depression. Recently he fell down in an accident due to which he feels pain when he bends down. It is not cured even by using medicines. Now his depression is gone to high lelvel.

    Sir, please suggest me whether this depression can be over come by using homeopathic medicine. If so let us now what is that medicine, how it is to be used.

    Awaiting for your reply to my mail.

    Thanking you sir,
    Yours faithfully,

    Obuladas, Anantapur., AP.

  365. dr.sharma hello mein pichle 3saalo se acidity,low blood pressure,body pain specially shoulder,neck,back
    pain and knee pain se aur mujhe hr samay thakan aur chidchidapan rhta hai aur mera ghar se bahar kahi pr bhi jane ka dil nhi krta maine job bhi isi wjah se chodh di kyunki mujhe hr samay ghabrahat aur bechaini hoti hai akele kahi jati hu to dil ghabrata hai 2baar mujhe panic attack bhi aachuka hai tb mera bp ekdm down hogya aur pulse b gayab hogyi lga jaise ki rooh nikalne wali hai bht allopathy kraya bt kuch fayda nhi hua ab aap btaiye k.mein kya kru raat me neend bhi nhi aati wajan bhta jarha hai plz bht pareshan hu me.

  366. Mark Oldani says:

    I suffer from no sleep, anxiety and cranky or even anger at times. I’ve tried medical depression medication but usually the side effects are worse than the disease. I am alwayso tired, even though I exercise regularly, use a nutritionist and am gluten-free – dairy free. I’ve never used homeopathic remedies but I’d like to try it. I believe strongly in the law of attraction. So this sounds like a good fit. If I could get some advice on what to buy and where I’d be very grateful.

    Thanks Mark

  367. Kripa Shankar says:

    Sir, recently one month back I have gone through the angioplasty with two stents, I was not obessed and at the age of 62 years , was very active used to walk 6-7 Km per day, but all of sudden when I went to Hospital, after pain in left arm, Doctors after angiography told me that LAD is 100% block since many years with development of colleterals arteries and they did angiplsty with two stent

    After that even without any pain I am completely depressed and suffering from fear psychosis that my condition is not imrooved and I will die, anxiety and depression is to me

    Please advise me for few Homeopathic medicine

  368. I suffer from very bad depression. I lack energy, get headaches daily, and just feel like I can’t even get up and do anything. I cry frequently. I’m a single mom of two and pregnant with my third, and previously was in a abusive relationship.
    I have taken two doses of Ignatia Amara 200c which helped but still feeling really down.some days are way worse, other days I feel good!

  369. Depression symptoms. Burning sensation in whole body, confusion in routine work, less sleep or no sleep, can’t eat lemons curds or any fermented food

    • Hello drsharma i am 36 year old married male ……i have ibs (diarrahea) and muscular pain plz suggest me best homeo medicines

  370. sushma chuni says:

    My daughter aged 32 is in depression due to her 4years unpleasant married life nearing breaking point.dosnt want talk meet even me.confined in room alone with her mobile n laptop n our pet Mili.she used to smoke now heavily.havinng food but sleeping less.taking and asuming every thing wrong around.though she is quite but when I try to talk or ask any her requirement she shouts historically I am 70 years old alone.please help me

  371. Can homeopathy be used during pregnancy? I am suffering depression and I am pregnant. I have 2 other children that are suffering because I am stuck in bed all day and I’m not myself. I don’t want to take anti depressants and deal with crazy addictions etc. I need to start feeling better soon. Please help.

  372. Bidyut Sarkar says:

    My wife shyamali Sarkar, aged about 45 yrs, suffering from mental disorder, While she is in normal condition, have no problem but when she is not in normal condition she talk adnormaly, vomating tendicy
    i have treated with Allopathic medicine but failed please advice

  373. Dear doc i am using feliz s 10 mg and librium 10 mg daily to cure depression , can i take homeopathic medicine

  374. i am depression confused mind and nor clear mind

  375. K S M Tripathi says:

    Recently I have angioplasty with two stents and after that I am facing depression with fear psychosis every time I am worried for my disease
    Please guide me for homeopathic anti depressant

  376. SUMAN LATA says:

    Dr. Saheb I am suffering the anxiety disorder and stress. I am working lady. please suggest me the homepethic medicine which I take and cure. I take alopathic tablet i.e. buspin 5 mg and flunil 20mg.

  377. Dear doctor,

    I am prasad from andhra pradesh, staying away from my family for job.

    I am feeling verymuch depression due to not able to study further, marriage and no one is there in my life for sharing my emotions, sad, happy.

    I lost my father at my childhood and grown up and living very unsecured life.

    Recently a 6 months back i misused my relation with my cousin, and unable to come out from that situations. Freling everytime i m isolated, i have no one.

    Very recently a girl proposed who is out of my customs, still i accepted but again without any reason she said cannot go ahead due to some technical problems.

    I am not able to control this situations. Want to die. But i have a responsibility of my mother and sister.

    Pls suggest me a medicine for this.

    Thanking you sir.

  378. Arif from Pakistan says:

    My mother age 60yr .She is very stressed due family matter,Depressed and very talktive.
    She used medication of psychatric.Kindly advise homoeo. medicine. H/Dr. Arif

  379. Mohammad huzaifa says:

    I am a student my age is 25 years i am suffering from depression from 8 years i have taken a number of medicines but my problem is just before i want to know is this desiese is cureable please give me advice i have taken alopathy medicine escita-10, talandep plus and depp off-37

  380. Good evening Dr. Sharma and wish you a very happy new year.
    I have been suffering from depression due to problem in my married life. I was dragged into court case by my ex-wife. Me and my parents went through lot of mental torture due to wife friendly laws.
    I was treated with Nexito 20, then Mirtaz 20/30 and lastly with Duloxetine 90 mg. Now I have stopped the medicine after doctor’s advice.
    Please let me know the homeopathic substitute for these medicines as I feel dull quite often.
    Please advise.

  381. Ravindra singh says:

    My 22yrs son last3yrs mental disorder problem. His treatment medical college Dr. Khan. Dr. Opinion mental ocd or schizophrenia. At present time my son aggressive and angry if other person dispute normal talk. Pls. Suggest homeopathic. medicine. Allopathic medicine continue–behave-er 500mg, flunil60mg

  382. hi, I am very much ill since 7 year when I had depression. dr. gave me medicine then I feel much better but again it came back when I leave the medicine a year . Last year again I have same problem have pain in stomach , wake up at night and thoughts start fear start , like what happened to my wife my kids?
    its start first when my father pass away. I have three kids they all grown up. nothing worries about but some kind of fear always with me. so I am writing some homeopathic remedies which My wife use for her but I never try so, can i use those and I need help to see if homeopathic remedies work for me. thank you please just help me how much i take in a day and how many months. thank u very much God bless you .
    1. Aconite
    2. Argentum Nitnicum
    3. Kali phos
    4. sepia
    I am 58 years old man thank you Dr. Sharma I appreciate it

  383. sanjay gupta says:

    suffering from depression for the last 3-4 years due family and financial problem. tried to get treatment from aliopathy medecine but i was not satisffied. my problm is that i wake upearly in the morning and cant sleep if i want to. i always thinks negitive and can not concentrate on any new thing. passing very difficult time. My age is 52 male.

  384. N Rangavittal says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your Article.

    1. My father – is lying in bed all the time, who was enthusiastic till last October, He is 95+; Mild Cardi Vascular Disease, Mild Kidney Expansion & Cyst 3.5MM, Drowsy, Breathing Problem – wheezing, Walking very slowly if happen to go to toilet with less balance, poor hearing; but physically seems strong and can take up medication; can survive for more than five years atleast. Eats very little without desire.

    He also takes home medicine for past 8 years –
    Asphidosperma 30
    Berberis Vug 30
    Shall I give phosphorous too ? if so, how to give, whether any flower medicine will be useful?
    What to do sir?

    2. My wife’s sister – age 41 years; suffering from knee pain , rheumatoid arthritis for past 5 years – swelling, deformation; now aggressive, development is faster. Bryno will be useful? How to consume sir?

  385. rakesh kumar bharti says:

    Dear sir ,

    My life very stressful bcs I fall in love with married women but I do study in Bangalore in safety engineer my exam preparation not good what I do please help me and sujest me which medicicin good for me

  386. dear doctor,

    this is regarding my wife, we have 6 six years unhealthy relation. we have 5 years old daughter. i want to discuss some of her symptoms with you so that i can come to know about the the actual problem she is facing:

    dull mood
    suicidal thought
    aggression and aggressive thoughts
    killing/murdering thoughts towards me
    discussing the older issues rather than focusing on or resolving on current problem
    start abusing(earlier she was never abused)
    disrespect towards those with she jealous and always ready to for revenge feeling
    always be in deluction
    jealous with each and every member of my family without any reason
    very impatient with her own child, especially while dressing her, eating or while helping her in school homework, talks in rash manner and sometimes she behaves like she is not her daughter.
    what so ever the situation is, whether its a car damaged, glass broken, child is unhealthy, what so ever which is accidently damaged, she blames to me.

    please suggest what to do? is there any treatment which she requires or i have accept that this is her nature and cannot be changed?

    kapil biala

  387. Dear Sir,
    My wife suffering with depression from last 4-5 month. This year my son appeared in 12th exam and got 80% marks and my wife think that he got very less marks because she had not take of him from the beginning. Therefore, now she want my son to start study again from beginning. Also she is sleepless.
    Kindly help me and suggest what to do and if their is any medicine which can help her.
    I would be grateful & remain obliged to you.

  388. Sir ,my husband who is depressed not satisfied with his looking for wrong methods to be happy

  389. I have a very deep (sound) sleeping habit. …and I often feel tired and slow down …….I take very little interest in playing ….I often feel depressed about financial condition of my family . I always fear about my career ….and the most of all I am unable to concentrate my mind on studies

  390. James Scott Hermann says:

    Hi. I’m big into alternative medicine and am a little new to homeopathy itself. I understand the science behind it and how herbs leave signatures in water, and am familiar with Dr. Emoto of Japans findings on water and how it has memory. My question is what are some homeopathic remedies for depression? I know the rule that “like cures like” meaning something that causes depression in large doses can treat it in a homeopathic sense ( diluted ). Please advise. thank you!

    webmaster of botanical guides dot com


    I am a retired person and till now my son , aged 27 years , is unemployed after completion of his study. My daughter is still studying in degree course and I have to run a family of 6 members including me from my Pension. It is very painful to cope up with the situation in this present market . This led me to depressed and I am always thoughtful about my wards and dependants. I have no interest in anything , my temperament is becoming rude to others and can not share anything with others. I am trying to overcome this situation by self teaching but without any effect so far. Will you pl. help me? I will remain obliged to you.
    Thank you.

  392. MEra naam nitish hai ek baar mai achank bimaar hua aur maine docter se medicen li after few minut mere andar khabrahat si hone lagi mai sab dekh kar darr raha tha sab bahut darawna lag raha tha ki ye sab q hai kisliye hai
    Kuch dino bad mai theek hua uske bad mai ajj bhi khabhi Darr jata hu khbra jata hu iska mujhe koi ilaj bata de plz

  393. Sudheer babu.k says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please give some remedy measures to get rid of depression. Suggest medicine in homeopathy

  394. Richa Bablani says:

    Please help my son is undergoing depression.

  395. Hi,
    I have been having episodes of depression on and off over the past 15 years. I have currently relapsed after stopping my antidepressant medication for 1 month. I would like to kno if there is a permanent cure for depression. I also have done a lot of reading and it points out that a malfunctioning HPA axis is the root of depression. Please enlighten me and hopefully you have good news for prevention of depressions

  396. Tabetha Rupert says:

    I have had depression since May of this year things have changed like I talk more laugh more am functional and have been since it started I feel like doing hair and makeup but still feel in a fog or disconnected like stuck in my head am on venlafaxine immediate release 150 mg a day. Can u help me figure this out

  397. Sami ur Rahman says:

    Dear Dr.
    I have all the symptoms of depression. My age is 50.Should I take allopathic or homeopathic .If home then which medicine

    • Sami ur Rahman says:

      Dear Dr.
      I have all the symptoms of depression. My age is 50.Should I take allopathic or homeopathic .If home then which medicine

  398. manish kumar dubey says:

    dear doctor
    i m suffering from depression and panic attacks.
    please help me .

  399. Dear doctor sharma I have pains all over my body and my feet pain to I got all my bloods done ,results all clear I have insomnia to and cant motivate myself enymore iam 58 year old woman I feel like dis months now and getting no where with my doctor can u help

  400. Zara porsche says:

    Dear Doctor
    Any suggestions would be so appreciated I’m a believer in alternatives at the moment I am struggling financially friends and little family have flown like pigeons I have been working on projects for the past several months not one has come through how bad is my luck God knows walking up the road today I thought I would just fall on the floor I’m self medicating wth homeopathic remedies as I can not afford to go to get professional help I’m a big fighter but there’s nothing left in me can u suggest a remedy if I need to pay I’m sorry that will not be possible!
    Zara X

  401. catalina Godwin says:

    I have bipolar depression for over five years treated with prescriptions can i get weaned from medication and get help with holistic medication instead
    I do not want to take medications anymore

  402. dilip Joshi says:

    Dear sir,
    My life was full of disappointments. However, I never gave any negative thoughts while looking at the life. Due to this attitude, so far I could very well lived my life. However, now I am 65 and may be due to reduced resistance power, I now have observed that I go in the depressed mood very frequently. In fact I keep myself occupied in the work (software development) the I enjoy and may be in the last 40 years I could sustain the shocks do to disappointments and non fulfillment of very simple expectations from family members, collegues (not friends) etc.

    Now when I am indepressed mood, even the work I like most does not help me to come out as I now dont feel like working.

    The last one year was with ups and owns on family front. Even in this period also I could devliver some path breaking solutions inmy work.

    However, the last 15 days are exceptional. I am not able to concentrate on my work and it is becoming extremely difficult for me to come out of it. The symtoms associated are weakness, frequent throat infection, frequent coughts and colds and many times low fever. (in fact I have not experienced fever above 100 deg F in the last 40 years.) Natrum Mur usually helps me to get cured from Low fever. This time even Natrum Mur also does not work.

    I am habituated to smoking and I cannot stop the same now and this aggravates the problem.

    Please suggest some homoeopathic medicine. I will study them in details (I do study Homoeopathy but diagnosing yourself is really difficult) and use the one that suits me and my constitution.

  403. Hari Om Kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    I m suffering from sad mood,loss of interest in activities including sex, worthlessness, hopelessness, feeling tired and suicidal thought and feel going to mad.
    I used escitalopram ,clonazipam two years and after that venlafaxine two year and again escitalopram ,clonazipam but i m fine with medicine without medicine i m not well so please suggests me good and helpful medicine

  404. kiani Mehmood says:

    I am using anti depression tablets venlafaxine from almost 5 years I can not survive without this medicine and of I am not eating this medicine I start feeling like electric shocks in my bpdy and start feeling terible inside my body and in stomach and then I have diarrhoea. I want to quit from this medicine and I want to start homoeopathy medicine could you help me please and I need your advise which one homeopathic medicine is good for me.have a nice day with kind regards kiani Mehmood

  405. Good Day,
    I have been suffering from chronic insomania for last 18 months and i am taking nitrazepam 10mg tab reguraly,now i want to gradually stop the tablets ,please let me know what kind of treatment or medicine do you have to cure my chronic insomania.
    Now a days after taking the tablets also not even getting good sleep.(only getting 5 hrs sleep after taking tab)
    please guide me only if you have effective cure for my chronic insomania.


  406. nandini dutta says:

    My mom 71 yrs old going through depression and feels lonely overtime. Her this condition started after my brother and his wife treating her badly. She has memory loss too and she is diabetic too and under insulin. Please suggest me the best depression medicines for her. Thanks

  407. Nitin Mohite says:

    Sir Need your help
    Very confused
    Not confident on allopathic treatment due to its side effects
    Staying in kolhapur Maharashtra

  408. tijani maruf says:

    Dear Sir,
    l really appreciate you effort of being exposed the cog that associating with depression tight from the time immemorial.
    Now,l am under spell of depression for years with affected me totally and till this moment l cannot retrieve it back as possible as l wish.
    l learnt that the problem get started when my wife had chronic depression that led her hearing from the air and spoke out profusely.l was disorganized then because of this strange occurrence..l thought it was bad omen but l was eventually heard from the family that she had such a thing when she had heart beat when an information about war reached her hearing unexpectedly and fell down.After she recovered from heart beat the subsequence effect was that she cannot leave a year without this problem.
    ln such, Dr. I need permanent remedy to this problem..because l am still studying in a university but l cannot memorize key pointd of my study ..l am tying higher but lower l can receive…
    l am awaiting your replying for both of us..l am now 44 yrs and my wife is 35yrs..
    Thanks for your concern.

  409. Bharath c s says:

    Can we start homeopathic treatment for DEPRESSION along with English medicine simultaneously? Is their any side effects if we take both?

  410. surekha shriyan says:

    I suddenly feel frightened for no reason, m always worried about peaples reactions, v low confidence i got, n nervous to face crowd. My mind becums blank in fear sumtimes. My facial expression is weird sumtimes, i laugh in serious situation n make sad face at happy situationss, pls help
    My contact 8108075575

  411. sagar sanyal says:

    Sir I have been doing masturbation from childhood. I had the habit from childhood from nursery school, I don’t know how I got it. I used to do it 4-5 Times a day watching porn or girls pictures. Now sir I k in college I know how bad I was and how damage it made to my body and mind. I was brilliant in chess, cricket but due to the habit I used to stay at home and have the fear and not have the confidence be talk and be with people, now also I have. I am so skinny and my height is short and I have weak memory and even more weak concentration in anything, leave studies. Due to my habit I have lost my life up to school sir but now I don’t want to give any problems to myself and my family members. We are a middle class people and all my parents dreams are on me so I wanna heal sir. Sir I have gone to homeopathy doctors earlier but I didn’t have the courage to tell them about my problems. I have also acne in my face , but it has come really down due to the face wash and creams I apply as told by dermatologist. Bit sir I m skinny, I don’t have the courage to talk with people, I have fears in mind, when I dream I dream something bad about myself, I get nervouse in front of crowd and specially when I have to talk. When I study a or do anything, I don’t have concentration power to think only about that at that moment. I become blank sometimes when I be with friends or try to talk with them. I have started weight training and I love it doing for 3 months now but no use because these days I masturbate at night before sleep each day, even it has gone from 4-5 times to 1 but still doing it. I don’t have the power and strength in my body as I used to have when I was a kid. Sir pls help pls. I am desperate to get heal and live a life like a normal man. I will do anything you tell, but pls help. I told this to my father then he got angry to me and gave me medicines referring to homeopathy books but I told father I would get best helps from u qualified doctors. I have searched whole of net but nothing to my help. Pls help sir. I m building my body, eating healthy and oil free foods and supplements just that I still have the habit of masturbation and due to it many problems. I nowadays have the image and thinking of girls all the time and about porn and sex too. I have the urge to masturbate and watch porn when I am alone, be it at bed before each night, at bathroom or at day time at home when there is no one. Pls help sir. Pls tell someone what to do. I am a college student so want help from u all and be good all life. Sir I live a girl a lot but with the habit I feel guilty each time I do. Sir I wanna make my parents and my gf proud. From childhood they onlybhave seen my troubles but now I wanna change. Pls help sir pls

  412. Rabia farheen says:

    persistent dull mode, inability to enjoy, non communicative and withdrawn. Change of expressions in gathering, slow response and some times in ,immersed in thoughts,some times anxiety.All these symptoms apear after fathers 2nd marridge, change of city,change of classfellows no one become true friend,hard study of inter science pre medicle group than faliure in admission in medical collage while cousion got admission,Admission in DFormacy, after depression she leaves studies.

  413. M BHARATI 10 YEARS says:


  414. Ravindra yadav says:

    sir good morning mujhe sexchual problam hai — mere ander sukranu ki kami hai siman test karaya to pata chala ki 20-25% sukranu ban rahe hai.main kya karu iska upchar hetu sahal dijiye

  415. sir…i am suffering from nightfall almost 7 year…I lost weight… I lost my confidence… I lost everything……. plzzzzzzzz help me sir……

  416. Virinder pal Khurana says:

    Sir.I am diagnosed minear decease. Taking
    Stugeron forte morning & evening. Hissing
    voice in right ear.Can not hear from right
    ear.Can you please suggest me Homeopathy
    Thanks & regards

  417. sir namskar meri age 24 h ..I have major depression since 2008 plz help me

  418. A K mishra says:

    sir my son suffering from major depression since 2011 Dec.He stop medicine 4 month back as prescribed by doctor. But again depression relapse now and he has started medicine again.His age is 22, can homeopathy help?

    • I go for ect every two weeks for the past eight yrs. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 24 yrs. was in car accident almost 20 yrs ago and suffered traumatic traumatic brain injury Was seeing psychiatrist at that time and lived alone with two dogs. But had to quit my legal secy job. Then I was the victim of two robberies. The first was a holdup in an apt with peppermint spray in my eyes.
      The second was a holdup at a shopping ctr
      I was pushed down the escalator stairs.
      I hurt my back and I have arthritis in my back and osteoarthritis in my knees and eight months ago I fell down and fractured my rt. shoulder and I can’t move my arm. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis in my rt. hand.
      I also have senile purpora and chronic fatigue and sleep apnea and have fluid buildup in my

      legs. I’ve had a hysterectomy and a buildup of blood clots and a esophagus problem and a buildup of weight of 45 lbs. I also have bad panic attacks and horrible sweats. I can’t sit stand walk or lay and hv trouble sleeping.
      I’m taking remeron 15 mg klonopin 0.5. Backlyflyn. Lasix. Magnesium. nexus
      Tylenol. I’ve had. A great deal of stress in my life. Also hv irratible bowel. The lasix isn’t helping. I’ve taken it twice. I also hv brown patches on my legs and hammer toes. Been wearing same shoes all year long. None of the medicines hv helped and the ECT lasts for only three days. Can’t walk or feed my dogs. On a dairy free diet. Can’t drive or clean apt.

  419. I am 39 years old. suffering from depression. I have been taking CHLONAZEPAM medicine 0.25 mg for last 2 and half year. Can u tell me homeopathy remedy with out side effects instead of CHLONAZEPAM . Please Tel me the dosage and potentiality.

  420. I don’t sleep from many days .no depression . any reason plz help me

  421. dr.rakesh kotha says:

    sir/madam aim do ing dm neonatology aim very stressful and derisive kindly help me

  422. Edmonds -> No, the link to the paper was for tentative evnoaatilual purposes only and by my standards could not, does not and should not be used as proof that the homeopathy remedies worked for septicemia ! Evidence of possibility, requiring much more testing, certainly, but not proof. For judging if it might be worthwhile for additional research, fine. To analyze as a possible repeatable curative anomaly with implications for refinement of testing of homeopathy, fine. But proof? Never. The very nature of this curative phenomenon requires far more data collecting, far higher standards than is now done. And it is nowhere until a proper scientifically explained mechanism is definitively proposed probably worth a Nobel if it happens. All the evidence must be collected, weighed, considered. That’s the point I try to make, that we now have two documented reports of septicemia supposedly being cured or influenced or treated by homeopathy in some unknown way. One anecdotal, the other a formal test but insufficient by my standards. There are probably others. Is there some common denominator? To know that, exact minute by minute readings of the patients’ bodily systems, and other massive data collections would need to be made. If no common denominator then the probability rises that the homeoapthy curative effect is not related to the remedies. Alison-> Pardon my ignorance, what means implied Godwin??

  423. Nirmessh Kumar says:

    continued depression due to repeated failures in professional career.
    Occasional severe angry violent behaviour

  424. Good Med for PE and penis health

  425. gaurav sharma says:

    my name is gaurav sharma, age 25 years male,
    all time my minds has lots of negativity, my mind all time stressed, fully depressed,
    can not judge any thing due to depression, even with this my study stamina also decreasing rapidly.

    please suggest any medicine/treatment so i can make my mind depression free.

    Gaurav sharma

  426. I lost my baby I m in stress I dnt knw how to deal wid it evey time I think of dat only pls help me sumtime I think of suicide

  427. dear Sir,

    “Avena Sativa q” sexual medicine is Garman Products it is permanent solution ?

    please tell me

  428. ASHUTOSH WALE says:

    i was referred to psychiatrist by medicine doctor for treatment.
    the psychiatrist prescribed me serta 100mg tablet one o.d. daily.
    I took the tablet for 3 years. if i dont take the tablet ,i become restless and anger increases.
    i do not get good sleep without serta 100 mg.
    so is their any homeopathy remedy for my depression problem.
    please advise me.
    ashutosh wale

  429. geraldo fernandes says:

    Dr Sharma

    My name is Geraldo Fernandes (Indian) I work in Saudi Arabia, I am 57 yrs old.

    I am suffering from insomnia for many couple of years, I have tried several medication in the past, right now I don’t take any sleeping pills or phycotic tabs which I used to take in the past, I get sleep now but wake up after 3 -4 hrs and then awake for another 1 -2 hrs than sleep for 1 hr. I have no problems, but I am very sensitive and get excited quickly. I am anxious and this anxiety is killing me

    since February 2015 I have gone thru another symtoms and that is clenching of teeth during the day. I have done acupuncture and botox but it has not worked.

    can you treat me and what is the course of the treatment.

    Thank you

    Geraldo Fernandes

  430. B Chakraborty says:

    Hi, I am 34 yr old male, married for 2 yrs . I have a problem of having tears (emotionally) while watching movie or any emotional matters, which makes me embarrassing in front of others. Please suggest the medicine should I take to avoid such odd stuation.

  431. is depression really curable? or dies treatment just simply improves the life span by preventing suiscidal thoughts

    • syed shakeel ahmed says:

      hair loss.severe depression nail cuticle problem itching in head
      please suggest homeopathy medicine

      thanking you



  433. Shafqat shah. says:

    Hello respected dr sahb. I am a business man. I normally face worries after waking up in evening. I normally worry about the stuck uped capital and the leaving of the good employees working with me. For future business i fell very worried and for failure of my business and my well being plans. This make me a dry mood and i get angry on little things which are not according to my wish. I dont like to watch tv or talk with my wife and children in this status. Kindly give me a good medicine in homeopathy.

  434. RAVINDRA NAIK says:

    Dear sir,
    I have suffering from depression it has been for a 5 year.Not interest in any activity,sadness,headache all the time,i lost happyness in my life,
    please suggest me.
    Ravi Naik.

  435. Deepak kumar says:

    Respected sir
    Thankyou for giving us an oportunity to write to you.
    About me -I am a salried person and working in a PSU .Sir in february of this year I had to write a departmetal exam for permotion. I had already writen these exam two times but could not succeed so this time I studied very hard using my Laptop(soft copies of the study material) and for 20 days continuasly used the LAPTOP. And soon after I fell sick due to Typhoid. After that I was developed the symptoms of Depression for which I was taking alopathic medicin I was also having the sleep disorder and for that the Dr was giving sleeping pills of low dose lie DUCE-12.5. Now not taking any medicins because afred of being addict of this medicins.
    Now I have overcome from sleep disorder and able to sleep but not geting sound sleep . but always I am engaged with some thoughts. I feel down and talk less .don’t feel cherful. I dont feel myself bolt.There is a loss of interest in any work. always my mind is engaged in office work and worries.etc
    My thyroid was also very high=TSh was 27.I am taking thyronorm 50mg.and now it is in control. My father has some of this symptoms like cant travel in crowd ,cant go in a LIFT. even I face the same problem. Please suggest what medicin should I take because I don’t want to be addict of alopathic medicin.

    Thanks and regards

  436. Nitin Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have suffering from fear. Actually after taking meal i have feel pain (pinning or sting) in chest area form 2007. So many treatment taken from different doctors, but did not get relief. I am too depressed now.
    I feel that i got heart attack.
    Negative thought comes for everybody.
    If i hear some bad news or see some accidents, i am too depressed.

    Lots of thing more.

    Please guide me.

  437. nandipati manohar says:

    Sir iam suffering from dipression due to inefficiency in speaking properly feeling like iam inefficient in evrything.. hopelessness and non intrest in activities… suffering from dull mood, feeling like want to be lone…. some time suicidal thoughts coming…. please suggest me and cure my disease… i will be owe to you

  438. i feel 5years long depression and fear.. i tried many time to times ..but they again come in my mind have negative thoughts about life .some times feel that i should do sucide..please help me to remove all sterss in my mind permanently

  439. Bhopal singh says:

    Sit.I am 57year old.feeling always depressed.Ihad this probelems some5year back I took alopathic treatment and became ll I am not able to cpsentrste on any work not willing to speak to anyone.fere from every thing no cpfidance ay all burning in stomatch.not getting sound sleep.I am dibrtic since 2002.
    Please advice me homiopathic treatment.
    Bhopal singh

  440. My father aged 79 is suffering from frustration. Insecurity, loss of memoy,negativity. What medicine to be given.

  441. yogendra singh says:

    sir.i m in little depression eyes become tearfull and filled with emotion any time without any valid cause…it hurt my neck and feel head ach

  442. Dear sir,
    my mother is suffering from sleeplessness and her body and mind is totally tired.we checked with all doctors…psychiatry such mental illness.blood test normal.we went to kmc mangalore…same problem.but stiil she is not able to sleep at all.she has a fear about somthing…not talking to us…off mood…she will reply only when what to do? HER AGE IS 60.SOME KIND OF ANXIETY .dr gave medicine..strong medicine so she is tired…normal food she is please advise.

  443. Manoranjan kumar says:

    My wife suffering from obsesive compulsive disorder last twenty year myself also accute dreppresion last five year we are regular consulting psychologist and taking medicine very high power from very long period but could not cure what should I do please help

  444. Dear Sir

    my wife within 26 years old and having 1.25 year daughter. My wife remembering old things belong to family, crying and angry. over thinking and feeling sad.

    pls let me know this all symptoms are related to depression and how homeopathic medicine will help me

  445. Felling repeated symptoms of Anxiety and depression. feeling side effects of medicine also.

    want a permanent solution.


  446. Hello Sir,
    My Sister is 23 years old.She is in depression since 3 months due to lost of love.Please suggest me any homeopathy medicine for cure.

  447. benoy bhusan ghose says:


  448. Navneet ranjan says:

    I am facing depression for 10 years.symptoms are-too much worry about mental health,lack of self confidence, lack of sleep,canot concentrate on thought, i always think that my problem canot be treated and canot do anything in my life, lack of vitality and enthusiam,want to live alone.please suggest some homeopathic medicine.

  449. Girija Gopalakrishnan says:

    Sir I have a depressed condition due toe repeated accidents to my closed ones. I couldn’t drive my vehicle freely even after 2 yrs of the incident

  450. i always think for females and sex and continuous thinking process mostly feel lethargic when i am alone and low confidence for any thing i feel very nerves before going to meet any person i want perfection in every thing and i cant take decision if ihave choice for any thing

  451. Dear Sir
    my wife within 33 years old and having 12, 7, 4-years and twin 8 months. My wife before birth taking too much do peassion that means sad, remembering old things belong to family, crying and angry.
    Now the kids going well while one kid is not physicaly healthy. She is again taking some time angry if any child did not obey her oder and some time crying but more agrasive and angry on normal child matter. Plz recommend suitable medicen for decreasing her dipression and improvements of happiness. Thanks

  452. sarfaraz Ahmed says:

    Sir my d.o.b is 15.10.1954 place of birth in india I’m 61 years old man when I was young I’m suffering phobias no self-confidence problems. Now I’m suffering unwanted negative thoughts problems last 6 years I have taken some medicine but no improvement. Sir please advise me which Homeopathic medicine I can use without side effects Sir really I’m in trouble. Sir please advise me.Thanking you in anticipation. God BLESS YOU BEST REGARDS.

  453. My son is 18 + , from few months he remains in stress. Now he is saying I would not go anywhere because I am very thin. Main one more problem is that his beard and moushce are not developed so far.

    Although he is looking so smart and I think he is not too thin. But his thinking in this age is different from parents.

    Kindly help me.

  454. Sir,I am a 38 years old,for a couple of days now,I have sleepless mid night I will wake and start thinking things that are so important and thereby watching till dawn.I m in need of quick solution .thank you

  455. rishabh saxena says:

    hello doc ,
    With due regards i would like to ask you to help me to find the precise solution to my mother illness , my mother age is 60 and she’s been under mental and physical torture since her marriage its been 35+ yrs now , she is suffering from some kind of problem in which her legs are not being able to work properly i had got her examined in 2011 by the doctor mr ashok chandra in lucknow and he gave her some medicines that would be taken life time but now those medicines are causing reaction , she feels anxiety and breathlessness after taking those medincines ,all i know is that due to under weight and weak nervous system she is facing these problems , her lower body part like legs are not working properly she hardly can do her daily routine work , she feels as if no power in her legs so therefore its my humble request to plz suggest me what to do and how can i help her to get her strength back .

    rishabh saxena

  456. My sister (age 45) does not have interest in doing any work, she is always feeling very tired even in the morning,she is taking medicines of high bp,thyroid.She has giddiness and always yawning even after long sleep.She looks very depressed.Will you help me in this?

  457. Umesh Chand Joshi says:

    i m 40 years old, i have many symptoms like a Depression

  458. Hi Doctor,
    i am suffering from depression from past so many years. i have taken treat ment from psychiatrists. but some time i feel ok and some time i feel very bad. i am married and i have a son of age 2.5 years. currently i am staying in USA with my husband. i am feeling very depressed from last few days and i feel dieing. i have taken treatment here but lot of side effect. i am in confusion whether to take tablet or not. i need assistance badly now. i am not interested in any thing. like cooking, caring of my child. always bad thought, like i have done some thing wrong in my life that’s why god has given this for me. if you provide me the number i will call in the nite, other wise if you need i will provide my phone number. looking forward for your reply.


  459. Good morning sir
    My mother Wash everything with water, she likes to be in bathroom for 2 to 3 hrs. We all family members are worried about this. Can u tell me what is this. Pls hhelp me to get out of this.I can’t see her pain ful and totorcharing life.

  460. narinder kalra says:

    MY age is 63 yrs old I had Retd from force. Since my retirement I suffering from night sleep disorder. At present I am taking Homeopathic medicines Lachesis 1M and Passiflora inc. Some days I thought I am improving but suddendenly again not feel well. Before this treatment I was taking Nexcitoplus an alopathic medicines it was suits to me but some one has informed that has a serious side effects so due to this reason I preffered to take homeopathic medicines. Pl, advice me some good hoeopathic medicine who can cure my problem without giving any side effect.

  461. hello doc,
    my mother is a dialysis patient. coz of septic shock her kidneys stopped wrking. now she is on dialysis twice a week. she is under major depression. she has panic attacks. every time she feels that she is going to die. she panics and screams a lot. her blood pressure also increases and ahe is on high blood pressure and heart medications. apart frm that she has been prescribed medicines like anxit, alprax, serlift etc. kindly help

  462. Sir,
    I am 32 yes old and suffering from over thinking or you can say in habit of thinking which cause depression every time. I tried many times to stop this habit but i failed to do this.some times it happen that i forget my habbit for few days but fears of that habbit remain persists with us which cause restart of thinking of unnecessary things and cause depression and lack of concentration. Sir please suggest homeopathic medicine which cure my problems and make my life happy .I am suffering from last 10 yrs.

  463. Javaid Qasim says:

    Sir. Good morning. Firstly I had suffered anxiety attack.Then I take aconite 200 one dose.then feel good.After one month again repeated anxiety attack.And again I take one dose of aconite 200.
    Now change symptoms. Now I feel stress in brain and eyes and back side and two sides of head are stretched . Please help me.i will be very thankful to you.
    With best regards.

  464. Sharatverma says:

    My wife aged 45 is suffering from acute depression with loss of sleep /headache and suisidal tendency. Her mother also had the same problem. As recommended by a local homeopath I am giving her Aur um Metallic um twice a day and kali phos .both mother tinCher. Pl advice. Suffering for the last 4 years.


  465. deepak jain says:

    my son is 24 yrs old and currently pursuing final year of MBA. for the last two months due to breakup with his girlfriend & subsequent tarnishing his image by her parents & family members in public he is in very sad mood. he actually do not want to attend the college, his shoulders & head are down. He does not like to interact with us & relatives. We have not seen any smile on his face since this happen. Actually he is angry young man by nature. Is there any homeopathic treatment for treating him. If yes please let us know about the medicine with potency & doze.
    Thanking you

  466. i am suffering from night fall due to depression .i have been using anti depression medicine escitalent for 6 years how can i stop this medicine

  467. sksrivastava says:

    Iam 53yrs old and usually got depressed during this humid rainy season. I usually loss my appetite and feel exhausted.I want to weep without any concrete reason. kindly help me and suggest some homopathic medicine. I was taking antidepressent which was of no use.

  468. tarun agarwal says:

    from jan.2015 i am suffering from this diesease. at that time i feel pain in ribs .perheps it was due to cold. iam a student of mbbs 3year . i am a hypertension patient since 2009amd taking allopathy for this. from last five months i am taking ayurvedic mukta vati alongwith telmesartan 20.from mrh 2015 iam suffering from seveare headach ,fatigue, restlessness, anxiety and related symtoms. i consuted apsychatricin in aprai l2015 he diag nosed as mood swing and treated so. mdicines of allopathy got seveare side effects so i quit them .then i go to ayurved but not i am feeling unpleasure from. aweakening . ifeel fatigueness almost wholeday ,on /off headache and always getting tired for day to day working .feel no concentration on studies.

  469. s k rastogi says:


    Myself and my wife are suffering due to severe depression caused by some misunderstanding which is becoming difficult to overcome.

    Both are having sleepless nights since last 08 months. I am on Nexiti Plus 5 mg and my wife is taking Nitrest 5 mg.

    Please suggest some remedy.


  470. Krishna Rajak says:

    I am 49 year old women.I am suffering from post Irritable bovel syndrome depression and anxiety.The symptoms are stomachaches, cramping, bloating, gas, constipation etc.

  471. I feel lethargy, lack of pleasure,forgetfulness, hopelessness,lack of interest in all works,social withdrawal and sometimes suicidal tendency due to break up with husband.
    Please advise me very effective homeopathic medicine for it.
    Thanking You.

  472. tarun agarwal says:

    when wakeup in morning feels fatigue.feels no pleasure,concentration is absent almost every time.on /off headach often in front head but may be in any part of head.took allopathy medicine but due to reaction stopped . from last four days taking ignitia and lechasis from a .dhms

  473. greetings Dr . Sharma please i wish to know the herbal remedy for Aslo and reuhmantism

  474. k.PHANI Kumar says:

    Respected sir ,
    I get suddenly heartbeat fast, very thirsty, dizziness. Whole body shake , very anxiety, tension.went to outside lonely i am very afraid. What is my problem. Please give right solution. I am very much thankful to you sir.

  475. Sunil magar says:

    I am suffering from anxiety disorder from last1 yr asso sympt fear death of sleepless at night up to 3am sleepiness in morning & day fear to go away from home starting from mental exertion/ .responsibilitis

  476. Hello dr sharma iwant to tell u about my daughter she is suffering from ocd depression anxiety college phobia insecurity from famoly suicidal thoughts teasing herself and others fantasies anorexia insonia .she is on allopathic med but no positive resilts.i have tried nat mur arsenic alb in 30 initially response was good but her symptoms aggrevate with mild stress especially befor periods she feels better when she goes out please help me i am very worried thanx

  477. Hi,
    I am from bangalore and I have depression issue from past 15 years . I have been taking medicines like bupron 150 and C-PRAM but I get temporary relief . AS soon I stop medication I get depression signs .below are my symptoms.
    1)very poor concentration.
    2)over sleep
    3)feel tired just by doing office
    4) dont feel like meeting people
    5) feeling sad and feel like crying
    6) get suicidal thoughts sometimes ss I feel due to this disease my life is useless and dint get success much ..

    I need ur help and consultation. Thanks sir

  478. Ashish sahoo says:

    I am from bangalore and I have depression issue from past 15 years . I have been taking medicines like bupron 150 and C-PRAM but I get temporary relief . AS soon I stop medication I get depression signs .below are my symptoms.
    1)very poor concentration.
    2)over sleep
    3)feel tired just by doing office
    4) dont feel like meeting people
    5) feeling sad and feel like crying
    6) get suicidal thoughts sometimes ss I feel due to this disease my life is useless and dint get success much ..

    I need ur help and consultation. Thanks sir

  479. sumit pujana says:

    sir i have cervical spondylosis from last two months and have problem with vertigo when ever i lay down on the bed i have face vertigo then doctor give me conium one homeopathy medicine and ialso i have problem of weak nervous system .they give me kali phosphoricum 6x is is right medicine for me pls tell me and give me best advice

  480. geraldo fernandes says:

    Dear Dr

    I am suffering from insomnia since many years, I sometimes get sleep for 1 – 3 hours a day and that is not enough for my body as my body is in terrible pain

    Is there any cure for this illness

  481. Dinesh kumar says:

    Dear sir
    Iam fighting with depression last 20 year. I have suicidal thought and hopelessne & restlessness


  482. Soumya Mathew says:

    Hi sir, I’m a house wife , age 32. I’m suffering with depression, absent minded (I’m thinking always. Not in the present. ), loss of memory, and anger( with weeping). I can’t mingle with others. This much anger starts after my first delivery. I had lots of problems after marriage. Now I have 2 kids. I become angry with weeping with them also when they don’t obey me…and all. Dr please suggest medicine for me. Now I’m really helpless.

  483. dear sir,
    my husband has epilepsy. He couldn’t marry his girlfriend in bachelor days , this has aggravated his epilepsy problem and aldo made him a patient of acute depression. He gets suicidal thoughts, he rarrly communicates with me, he rarely goes out , he is never a part oc docial gatherings, he most of the time ignore his 1 year old son even if our don is suffering from any disease. Even I have started feeling stressed out by motivating him day and night.Is there any treatment for him.Can he enjoy like other people again? Can we have a happy married life again?
    Please Reply.

  484. Sonia Sharma says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 24y female and have been suffering from depression for last 4 years . Symptoms are persistent low or sad mood,loss of interest ,feeling of guilt,helplessness,headache( type of migraine),restlessness and having sucidal thoughts . Please help me ,I want to come out of it .
    Sonia sharma

  485. What is the dose of Kali phos. For teenagers and how much for adults?

  486. after changing a rented house,i was so depressed(though the house is better than earlier)and sleeplessness occur since 3months.always feeling about the former house.and sometimes feeling like heartbits stopped.

  487. Sir,
    Sir i am 40 year old.I do not enjoy any activity. I feel nervous talking to senior person. If senior person scold me i becomes nervous.I can not concentrate on any work i do at that time.I can not explain even after i know about some thing. I always fear for the reaction by the people and think that they will laugh at me. I take much more time to finish the work.I want to be alone most of the time.I feel complexity. I can not take a quick decision. I am suffering from these problems for many years.
    Sir,please help me to overcome these problems.


  488. sir i can speake only urdu and hindi can u speake in me hindi or urdu please help me

  489. i am facing sleeping problem since 3years

  490. nizam fakeerbocuss says:

    respected Dr. My daughter Zarine 27 yrears old is suffwer

  491. I need help to as im taking anti depression medicine still im always disturbed…i try to keep myself happy still in upset mood and disturbed mind..plz help

  492. sharada ghimire says:

    Respected doctor Namaskar and good son is always irritating ,anger in small question, doesnot smile lokks like angry all time anger in always and blaming to mother not talking to other and shareing anything about work and allthings to his wife always seeing videos in laptop and heaing .in our home we are just 3 person but like he is alone living in home .he have no any child yet.always hidding everything to his wife mother and others too. not responsible to any home situation .he is anger out brust even in small conversasion too. in family how to cure his condition ? taking cigrates and alcohol toomuch too. please help me to correct him and make a good man thaqnking to you sir

  493. I m pregnant with twins. I had history of previous loss due to unknown reason. I m very scared of my pregnancy this time. On the top of that dr has put me to bed rest. I have survived the month n half. But now a days I feel I can’t do it anymore. As soon as I get up in morning, I start feeling nervous n anxious about how will I pass my day. This makes me feel wortless n worried. I m constantly worried about how will I pass my day n thts how I m passing time. I know worry is bad for child. I really want to get rid of it. My dr has suggested me Kali phos 6x. But before starting it I need second opinion. I just feel like crying everyday. I m alone. No is there to help me. Pls help

  494. RR Singh says:

    my son qualied engr(BE).
    worked for 2 yrs in MNC
    quit job, started catering business but unsuccessful
    now he does not want to work
    likes to see movies On net & sit idle

  495. anil b kulkarni says:

    I am 45 yes. Male. Having anxiety and depression. Help me.

  496. Rakesh Kumar says:


    My wife 22 year female and have been suffering from depression for the last 4 years. Symptoms are Persistent low or sad mood, Loss of interest,Feelings of guilt,helplessness, restlessness, sucidal thoughts,irritating & anger behavior and tiredness,headache, and Fear therefor problem aeries in my career. Please suggest some Homeopathic medicines with potancies, Because Physical demand like TV, Home Bag, lady sarry, etc but not not fullffillment, because I am economical problem more & more and very angry behavarious, when his father & mom is giving stress and thritened and My Father & mOm also thritented & Press his mind very dull and slow. any thing more & more time then he work after some time like 15 minute & half hour. I have very problem Solve. My wife is previous 4 year is very happy & all work but now day she is home work, cooking, child feed, not laughing what is problem plz help me doctor

  497. Pranab Kumar Mohapatra says:

    Sir, Good afternoon, my son is having some anxiety related problem after the recent earthquake at Delhi. He has developed some phobia that he have some srious disease. I have consulted the AIIMS hospital and they have prescribed daxid 50 for one month. They told that its a minor anxiety related problem and so the depression. I want to treat him in homeopathy so that the side effect will be minimum. My son is a B. Tech engg and presently working in Samsung, New Delhi. Kindly advise, Regards Pranab Mohapatra

  498. Shankar Reddy says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am suffering from sleeplessness(insomnia) from many years due to depression, fear and anxiety. I am using oleanz plus tablet (english medicine).Whenever i take this tablet i am getting proper sleep. But this has somany side effects when you use longer period. So can you please suggest some Homeopathic medicines with potancies.

    Can you please help me in this regard as soon as possible. I am wating for your reply.

    Thank you very much Sir.

  499. dileep kumar says:

    sir g i want to know that which homeopathy medicine is i used to cure depression.
    i also want to please help me to give me advice about health improve homeo medicine.
    my date of birth is 18/06/1983. i have 58kg weight.
    please calme if u want on 9001973333
    thanks & rgards
    dileep kumar

  500. Abhishek Srivastava says:

    my wife suffering from scizophrenia , her treatment had started three yearbefore.
    but by the time passed she is feeling well . and now she does not taking her medicine and also
    do not co-operate with me. i am confused what to do.

  501. Dear doctor,

    I have problem of depression I am getting depress and can’t set at one place I mean in Hindi (dam gohtta hai) and getting worried what gonna happen?
    There is any treatment in homeopathy?

  502. barnali mitra says:

    i am going through deep depression and insomnia problem. sleeplessness is my old problem. it comes in a prolonged phase. please help me out with some strong medicine so that I can come out from this depression and can sleep well. my nerves are becoming irritated throughout the day. nerves are not getting calm.

  503. satpal singh says:

    sir mera dhayan ek traf rehta hai ,sad mood rahta hai , subha uththe he dhyan is problem ki traf chala jata hai aur is bare me thoughts suru ho jati hai kai bar ghabrahat bhi hoti hai, muje ye problem feb15 se hai us waqt mujhe saans ki problem lagti thi aur mera dhayan saans ki traf rehta tha doctor ko dhikhaya tha usne kha ye psycological hai uske bad mera dhayan saans se hat gaya par mind me ek point ban gaya hai aur aab us traf dhyan rahta hai, morning me uthte he ye broblem suru ho jati hai mind me yahe feelings ghumti rahti hai ,mai janta hu is problem ka koi reason nahi hai ye problem meri hi create ki hui
    hai koi doctor ise ANXITY to koi DEPRESSION bata raha hai 4 months se prodep( fluoxetine 40mg )le raha hu bhut kam sa faraq pada hai kya homeopathy me iska teatment hai aur aap ke anusr ye kaisi psycological problem hai please reply me.
    mujhe 18yrs phele bhi Anxity ki problem hui thi par absymptoms alag lag rahe hai.
    Thanks and wating for your reply.

  504. dear sir what all sign u have mention for the depression that signs i can see in my body could u plz help me out by coming out of depression thank u

  505. Dear Dr. Sharma.
    Hope all is well there. i am 40 years old female and have been suffering from depression from last 6 years. i went to psychiatric many times. they advise me flouxetene (SSRIs) and i have taken it for 5 years but it didn’t help me and tried to over come my disease on my own. i kept my self busy and worked for hours, watching TV and playing games to overcome but i was feeing that my mood was gradually getting down. and eventually that sad feeing, anxiety, fear,angry, flustrat, sleepless, lazy and negative thoughts keep coming in my mind
    This depression started due to some bad life experiences like unsettled life , bad financial conditions
    I am greatly interested to take homoeopathic medicine because of its low or no side effects.
    i hope you help me in this regard

  506. ronika akhtar says:

    I m chronic depression patient .i m not happpy with any thing.nothing please me i am suffering with horrible and unbearable feelings cant express. E verything is burdern to me unable to do any mental work my eyes cant bear face and eyes are swollen all the time.suffering with sticky phlegm .my ears r not working properly

  507. ronika akhtar says:

    I m suffering with chronic depression condition .i am not happy with any thing.i m sad nothing makes me i have suffering with horrible and fearful feeling.i cant define these feelings they are unbearable. I m tired all the time.i m anaemic my eyes n face swell all the time. Myeyes cannot bear glass they ache.severe legs pain .i m fed up with ears are not working .i m also suffering with sticky phlegm i am unableto do any mental task .each n every type of workis burden to me.from 8 years i m on allopatic medicine. I want to live normal .plz tell me medicine

  508. Sir i am suffering from last many years from mild depression and now it is increasing. I have tried antideprassants but they dont help, i consulted a homeopath he told me that their is no such medicine for depression in homeopathy. Pls. Clarify can homeopathy cure deepression really or i should again go for antidepressants

  509. meena sharma says:

    My brother age 45,abuses his wife and her family members .He doesn’t work.Although we say him to work buy he doesn’t hear.He possess irritable behaviour. He weeps frequently.He is sincere and affectionate but his behaviour is not normal.He is diabitic also.He doesn’t want to go to gatherings and meet people.kindly suggest some medicine for him.

  510. bhanu Pratap says:

    mai karib 1year se depretion me hu job se meri sadi hui tab se tention hai sadi ke 1mah ke bad patni apne ma ke yaha chali gai or unka aapsi problum se wapas nhi aai or na aana chah rahi hai mai en hadse ko bhula kar kuch karna chah kar bhi nahi

    kar pa rha hu mera canfidens bhi jaise ke smapt ho gya hai pleas koi upai bataye mai bahut presan hu sir

  511. Rohit thukral says:

    i am suffering from chronic depression.please suggest me something.and can i go for self medication?

  512. Dinesh Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ,I have send a mail earlier also regarding Homeopathy Treatment for myself ,I have constipation since long and from 2007 I have been in private marketing job which involved a lot of travelling through Bike and very less walk ,I have difficulty in sitting on floor or low height sofas as they cause strain to my back also for last 3 years I have pain in my left hip joint which trouble me during walk,during these jobs I have to left or was left out several times due to sales Target this and being ignored in family due to less income has resulted in low self esteem and will power, though I have experience of 15 years running Restaurants and 7 years of CCTV but I am not able to start my own business as I am of mild nature and cannot argue or fight for money ,These days some change is coming in my behaviour as I am getting easily angry and intolerant over some injustice done to me or some body try to boss over me,I am in private job and it totally depend on the mood of Boss,I request you to suggest a suitable remedy for me ,that can give physical and mental power to stay fit for life and I can contribute more through my Health,wealth and wisdom to my Family,friends and society .

    Thanks and Regards
    Dinesh Sharma
    New Delhi,Rohini

  513. jaspreet singh says:

    dear sir,
    I am 25 years old and I have problem of sleeplessness that occurs every night due to unending whirlpool of different thoughts in mind. This may be happening due to heroin withdrawals which I had been addicted to for last 6 months. Now I have to take plenty of sleeping pills to sleep properly and a sound sleep is a mere dream for me without taking these pills. when I go to bed I feel my whole body is taking rest except brain causing tiredness for the next morning. I want to sleep properly and get rid of these pills. What should I do and which homeopathic medicine would you prescribe for me. I hope you would not let me down.
    looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  514. Jan smith says:

    Dr I am on cymbalta want to get off of it and try a homeopathic antidepressant

  515. NAVEENKUMAR M says:

    Hi Sir i’m Naveenkumar suffering from Anxiety depression for more than 10 years taking Allopathy Medicines AntiDepressants & Anti-Anxiety Medications. Only 50% okay but side effects and problem are there.

  516. M A Siddiqui says:

    sir i am 70 yr old suffering from knee pain.the pain started approx 8-9 yr back. from right side and shifted to left 3-4 yr back and persisting more on left side .i also have diabatic effect ranging sugar from 140 – 160 fasting.more pain while walking

  517. reeta das says:

    I have pain in my head.this pain come in 5 to6 months.i m so worrid for this.this pain is like a brain tumar patient.plez say some thing.

  518. v.murali says:

    res. sir since my wife passed away 3yrs before i feel alone and i get unwanted thoughts since iam addicted to certain tablets 1. alprax 2. anxit 3. restill 4.petrill 0.5mg 5 tabs a day only during night since iam having two kids 13yrs and 15 yrs old i dont wont to marry again for my sons future at the same time i should quit this habbit and have a good sleep i having using these medicines from past 3 yrs please help

  519. aliakhan says:

    sir i dnt know what happen wid me i m so take tenstion nd nd my all reports are normal but i feel like dead


    Persistent low or sad mood, Loss of interest or pleasure in activities including sex. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism .Sleeping too much or too little, often feeling tired and feeling “slowed down?. Suicidal thoughts and attempts. Restlessness, irritability, anger and excessive weeping. Having difficulty in concentrating and application of mind.


    Felling of sad mood, Loss of interest or pleasure in activities Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism , negative feeling feeling tired and feeling “slowed down?. Suicidal thoughts ,Restlessness, irritability, anger and Having difficulty in concentrating and application of mind.

  522. Partha Sarathi Sadhukhan says:

    we don’t have any child even after 9 years of marriage, I am 42 and my wife is 41 years old. She is in depression for this reason. we are going under treatment for pregnancy. but for depression please help us.

  523. I am a type A personality, feeling out of control. I am currently exhibiting symptoms of anxiety as well as sadness. I am nervous, irritable, and my temper flares easily. I am angry with my partner all the time for minor issues. I cry at almost anything. Perhaps I am having withdrawal symptoms from stopping Zoloft, but it’s already been about 6 weeks since I stopped taking only 50 mg. I no longer want to take prescription medication for my psychological issues. I’m not even sure that a lack of seratonin is my problem. Which homeopathic remedy would you suggest for me?

    Desperate for help.

  524. Sheikh Zakir says:

    Sir, this mail is regarding my wife age-39 , for last 2 months (50 days) she is feeling depressed, developed inferiority complex, lack of interest in doing things which she enjoyed earlier, feeling excessive fear of failure. She is not able to sleep properly and wakes up early in the morning. Her appetite has been reduced and she lost about 3 kgs in 2 months. Her thyroid tests are normal, Hb is 12.5. BP is going upto 140/100 (earlier it was 120/80). She is feeling restless, hopeless and very unsure about what will happen the next day. I dont want to start allopathic medicines. So kindly suggest whether there is any permanent cure in homeopathy for this depression, and what should I do for her permanent early cure.

    Please reply at your earliest.

  525. balwant HDM says:

    I m sffrng from depression. I take .5 tabtet twice a day .Please help me

  526. Sir
    My husband is 50 years of age,he never feel he is undergoing any problem . Being his family member I feel something is wrong. He is very possessive for his dwelling, very fond of water and cleanliness. He thinks that whatever he says is correct and everybody should follow it otherwise problem. sabne mera maal khaya hai, he feels. He feels everyone insults him. Very unsocial humanbeing , ,no bloody relatives he says.some problem ive tried to share . till now iam not able to understand the problem with him pls suggest homeopathic medicine for him one more thing he has been bought up in a veryunloved environment.thanks

  527. kamlesh dhanjani says:

    Iam suffering from fear and depresion not good
    luving aline with daughter in spain
    had a arguent with a cluent at shop aftwr which.
    i feel everyone coming to shop us.for a arguement
    empliyee not a good.felliw
    pl.sugest simething efective fadt

  528. HonrablHonorable m pawan kaushal .I mean writing from my friend I’d. 8 years ago I was affected with stress and anxiety due to an unwanted incident.first four months I couldn’t understand the illness.coz it was a new thing for me.i passed that time in a great trouble. Laying on bed 24 hours. Doing nothing. Severe headache. Digestive system out of order. Then I discussed with my respected teacher who taught me at school time. He took me to a doctor of homeopathy. I used medicine for two year continue. But now I m again in depression. I took medicine from same doctor but in vain. It can said that I am suffering from eight years time to time. Kindly guide me . At the moment I m feeling very sad , disappointed. hopeless .negative thoughts don’t leave me any time.feeling guilty. U r humbly requested to help me.

  529. My mother 68 year old. With refrence of neuro physican unky Dimaàg ki nsy sikud rhi hai. She slowly lost her memorise. ? Homeopathy m koi Medicine hai

  530. hi.
    I am 32. since my birth I have never seen my parents in a happy mood. I missed all affection and love from them. and as a result I left my home with a guy. get married. now after four year. I always feel depressed that why I did so. I should have solved the problem. now my parents dont want to talk to me. I dont want to continue my marriage. I am in guilt. everyday is becoming challenge for me to survive. I feel sleepy. want to be alone. once I have consulted a homeopathic dr. she gave some medicines . that worked too. suggest me some good medicine. so that I can take them whenever I feel too much depressed.

  531. Rani Mazumdar says:

    My mother is about 77 years. since last 2-3 years she has a suspicious tendency most often which has been vigour now a days. she stays with us since my marriage. my husband also has love and respect for her. but now she has a tendency of suspecting that my husband (as my mrriage is intercast, bengali, she does not know the language) will kill her. I am a working women, not at home in day time, my daughter goes to college, husband is mostly at home as he has self-employed, whoever comes to see him, she stays in that room for the whole time and listen their talk (she has hearing imparement and unable to hear properly even after hearing aid) and suspects that they are planning to kill her. She also felt like that when any neighbour lady or gent comes to see us. she has a very negative approach for the one whom she does not like. what is it? please tell me how to care her and what homeopathic medicine will help..
    I am really in need of help

  532. Malini Srivastava says:

    Hello doctor.. I am 22 years old.. 3 months before I got a irritating msg from a guy DAT ure no. Is viral on an escort group and stuff.. I did share it Wid my frnds but couldn’t come out of it.. It was stuck in my mind and by thinking its happening and aftermath an anxiety developed I started fearing .. Now after prolonged thinking .. I tried to forget stuff and I did forget but soon I noticed I had started loosing interest in things I use to… No more passion.. Bad thiughys like death is ultimate thing why to be happy.. I had lost all my self confidence.. When I saw my symptoms on net I came to know it was depression.. Please help me by some medicines and therepies I could try..

  533. Hello Dr Sharma
    I get a lot of anxiety during winter months. I start feeling this way starting January or February and it automatically goes away in may. I feel heavy and tight chest, and it gets worse with stress and sometimes I even feel pain in my heart. What should I take?

  534. hernando acosta says:


  535. saiyed ahmed barbhuiya says:

    Depression, anxiety, headache, trembling, sudden attack of depression and leave after 1 hour or more and some time attacks 5/ 6 time in a day, back pain, nape pain , vertigo. etc, for last 16 yrs I had taken alopathic medicine and it remian cured when taking medicine. If stop the symptom disclose again. As per psychiatrist advice I had been taken medicine continuously one and a half year without break and feel good but when stooped the it come again. now last 2 years I was taking homeopathic medicine namely Picric acid, conium, tuja etc. but could not feel good. please advice me. for homoeo medicine. my age is 45 yrs. I am working a private firm as a cashier cum cleark.

  536. mangayarkarasi.R says:

    My husband 47 years old. one year back he affected by heart-attack. we admitted to the hospital.
    They placed drug-eluting sent. one year he took all the medicines suggested by the cardiologist. during that period he used to say i felt tired and his bp range is 110-80. for the past six months he did not take those medicines but now his bp is 135-100 on an average. but heart rate is normal, no sounds from heart. my question is cardiologist told if he stopped that medicine for one day u will be in trouble but he stopped before six months. he is also practicing homeopathy. kindly suggest me how to reduce BP after angioplasty. Does this angioplasty trigger this bp range 135-100.

  537. Laxman Bhuva says:

    I am suffering from Diabetes as well as Depression. My diabetes is right now 200up and I am taking 20pt insulin morning and evening.

    My mood went off once in a day and I feel tired anxiety. Sometimes I feel life is trouble some and
    My mind start thinking its own.

    Please help me with homeopathic treatment

  538. Rachana agrawal says:

    respected sir
    sir Meri problam ye hai ki mujhe intercourse ke mujhe bahut paseena aata hai jo mujhe before 1saal se ho raha hai aur jiska effect ab hamare husband wife ki relation ship pe ho raha hai .,please sir help me
    hamare married life main bhi problam shuru se hi ho rahi thi
    N mujhe unse hamesha se hi der lagta hai shayad mujhe mantel problam ho rahi hai .
    mera tosterane hormone bhi thoda bada hua hai

  539. Homeo Dr. NAveed Ahmad says:

    Dr. sharma i had a female patient with following sypmtoms, if possible to figure up the remedy chart.

    Sex: Female
    Age: 32
    Brain Symp: Hopeless ,Anger even willing to beat badly her kids ,less sleep once not sleep ,weeps ,missing her late father.
    Body Symptoms: Stiffness in muscles ,burning in foot and palm, restlesness

  540. i am suffering from perplex. 25 of age wgt=53kg ht=5 and 1/2inch

  541. Dear Doctor,
    one of my relative has been suffering drom depression and is on allopathic madciines since last one year. she has got another problems of cyst in her utereus and gaining weight also. Are these new problems occured due to side effects of anti-dpressent medicines We want her to get rid of the allopathic medicine and switch over to Homeopathic medicine. Last week she tried to go without medicines but could not do it beacuse of severe craving for medicines. Can you guide us please.
    S P Singh

  542. Adnan Javaid says:

    Hi Dr Sharma.

    I am having problem now a days of fearing from rain and lightening and roaring of clouds(voice of thunders). does it comes under depression. I went to see a doctor he suggested me a medicine named PAROMAX 20mg. but i don’t want to use it. is there any alternative medicine in homeopathy and what do you suggest for help me out from this situation, moreover this situation started since 3 months.

  543. Dear Sir,
    Plz help me out with my major depression, I shall be indebted to you all my life, I am from India and I have always had depression of fear in many ways over the years, I am 41 now but can recall that my fear has been there from the age of 15, and now recently I have been sent a summon from the court as a witness to some theft taken place in the year 2001, but that has taken over me so much that the whole day i am in depression thinking why did it come what will happen, well this court summon had come on the year 2011 for the first time and I had gone to another city to appear as a witness but for some legal problems I had to go again after 4 months, and again when I had gone after the 4 months again for some reason the hearing could not take place and after that I went into so much depression that I had to go to Doctor who have me loads of anti depresent medicines, well honestly the medicines made me worse and almost after having them for more than one and a half years I stopped having it, but honestly the court case in which i am just a witness kept haunting me from 2011 to 2015 March when again I received the court summon, I don’t know why to do with myself, I feel so scared whats going to happen specially as days pass, I feel So scared so helpless want to be strong but just unable to get out of this fear.
    I am having a few homepaty medicines but its hardly helping me, please Sir if you could help me out will be ever grateful to you.
    Karan M

  544. nisha yadav says:

    dear sir,
    my sister is sufferng from major depression and it has been 13 or 14 years and medicines are not effecting.she always remain calm and when she talks then she tells that- “that person looking at me and she hurts me and quarrels to me always either she have intention to hurt me or not .
    sir please help me …

  545. Respected Sir
    I am 37 year old person bihar.I am facing depression from 2002 Iwas suffering from jundice and tuberculosis and was in bed rest for one year after that the symtom of depression arisen.I took treatment for depression from many time and many phyciatris but did not cured.symptoms of my depression is exhaurtion dullness not even want to perform normal rutine work like taking bath or go to offiec.Not want to do any work.Loss of memory also indicated.
    Sir.please suggest some homeiopathey medcine to cure my depression

  546. maria voyatzi says:


  547. fakhra abdul basit says:

    dear sir,i am 35
    i would like to explain that,i am sleepless for the last four months and two much depressed.sometimes i feel i am all ok,but most of the time hopelessness,disappointment and negative thoughts encompass me and i can not feel any pleasure in life. please help me to come out.moreover my stomach does not work properly and my stool does not pass regularly for which i become stressed ,tensed and tensed.please help me doctor

  548. Jaswinder kaur says:

    I am patient of depression and anxiety from last five year.I have taken allopthy medicine and get well two time. But it again occur from last two month.please suggest homeopathic medicine with potency.speaker on female jaani dushman

  549. iam 30 year old women, i have depressed to 15year. Sir maine bhut treatment kya par wo problem jati nahi pahle mujhe exam time hota tha but aab 7 year se hamesa ho jata hai please suggest me isko kaise khtam kiya jaye ,mujhe need nahi aati mai roti rahti hoo kisi bhi kaam me maan nahi lagta. Nagative thought hamesha aate hai confidence bhut lo hai mujhe lagta hai mai ye nahi kar sakti mai kuch bhi nahi kar sakti please meri help kare

  550. R.K.Sharma says:

    Dear Dr.
    My wife aged 72 is suffering from Multiple Myeloma( Relapse). She is under Chemotherapy by expert Oncologist. She is highly depressed and the anti-depressants being given to her is reacting badly, keeping her all the time sleeping. I have stopped it. Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine which may help her in this situation. Sleeplessness is prominent symptom apart from fear of death and anxiety. Doctor says she will be ok after the Chemotherapy is over.
    Kindly help in removing the Depression. I have great faith in Homeopathy.

  551. Dear Doc.
    Please help as I am highly depressed don’t want to do anything never enjoying with the people around cant focus on my job feel like I cant walk a step newer feel happy I forget it like edges. even never enjoying sex as well

  552. There is no concentration, sometimes when I sleep I suddenly wake up and I feeled nausea (gabrahat),concentration level is low,I forget the things,no concentration on tongue etc,what kind of disease I have?? 🙁

  553. jyoti agarwal says:

    Hi doctor,
    I am 35 yr old female and suffering from anxiety and stress.I am an entrepreneur n in a very high stress business.personally also there ‘ve been a lot of setbacks like husband’s accident,business division etc which led to a financial crisis.all this has affected me a lot mentally n now I feel loss of stamina,sinking feeling,angry n dull.I ‘ve always been a very positive n energetic person n now there is a lot of changes in me physically n mentally.I am also nt able to sleep well.
    kindly suggest a good homeopathic treatment as I do not want to get dependent on anti depressents.hence my gone for any allopathic treatment.
    thanking you

  554. Harish Chander says:

    I am 45 yrs old suffering from psycho from last 18 yrs. Stated after my boss diagnosed HIV +. Some time I have used some items commonly.
    After test I am OK , but with in period I stated feel my body is thin, start compare with other body, fear feeling, sexual disorder, feel cloths are loose, etc. Many Drs consulted, but feeling still going constantly & I feel helpless. Pl advise me.

  555. k.c.dewan says:

    Dr, i am 55yrs old. i am suffering from depression since six months , n i was useing allopathic medicines, but not found complete relex feeling, now a days i am facing the problems just like mood swing, sadness, irritation, dullness, weakness weightloss, uneasyness, sleeplessness, unknown fearness, lonelyness , emotional , very heavyness in my head, not feeling freshness in early morning to late night, , etc. n so untold several mental n physical problems. please suggest me homeopathy remedy or medicine for afarsaid my problems. i shallbe highly greatful to you sir. k.c.dewan. ph: 08303557236 . what’s app no. 8957579322 .

  556. p k patra says:

    I am under stress and depression since long time.
    I am always having negative thoughts…like while driving I will have accidents.
    If I sit in front of a female lady, I think about sexual things .. which make me nervous.
    I am a male of 42 years old. Pls advice correct depression medicine

  557. Rafique Ansari says:

    My son aged 20 yrs is feeling fear during night. The fear is of unknown matter. He gets no concentration in study just opposite to before. His diet has become very low. He remains sad. He feels tiredness.

  558. ksr sastry says:

    i am aged 55 years ; at the age of 27 years i had depression due to problems in married life and undergone psychiatrist therapy for 1 year and my case is diagnosed as Manic depressive illness. after that i lead my life normally. recently two years back i lost my wife ; and now i am facing obsessive compulsive thoughts with fear about death ; and thoughts about who will take care of me in old age ; like this continously during day time. and in sleep ; i am getting continous dreams with past life events.
    now i am undergoing homoeo therapy with my family physician. using ignatia 10 m weekly once. cicuta virosa 200 c …. 3 times a day.
    i observed remarkable improvement in my psychological condition with CICUTA VIROSA.

  559. vibha jain says:

    Dear sir,
    I’m 41year old.Recently we’ve move to Ahemdabad from Jodhpur bcse change of my husband’s job.But its not new thinng.He is in MNC so change is quite natural.But this time I’m unable to settle in new place .From last one year I’m feeling that before a week from my menstrual I feel very dull in energy .I get irritated very Early’,feel very negative in thought.So because of that and shifting of place now a days I’m feeling loneliness,even I’m not having interest talking with other people.May be I’m in depression. Pls advice me.

  560. Ayush tak says:

    sir, i am suffering from depression for last 4 years. i lost my interest of life. and have not any releif from my condition. please sir help me.

  561. i took homeo pills for 3 weeks for depression and felt drowsy still. My homeo doctor gave another set of pills which made me active and happy. My concern is how long I should take this. I am happy ,feeling better and a hope came after taking it. Will this treatment take more than a year? Is this homeo available in USA?

  562. i took homeo pills for 3 weeks for depression and felt drowsy still. My homeo doctor gave another set of pills which made me active and happy. My concern is how long I should take this. I am happy ,feeling better and a hope came after taking it. Will this treatment take more than a year? Is this homeo available in USA?

  563. Dr S R Singh says:

    My niece has been suffering from bipolar disorder for last 15 years. She is 40 this time with a baby of 7 yrs. She was under treatment of many psychiatrists but except some temporary relief she could gain nothing. She is very much depressed and generally bed ridden. She understands that bipolar is not treatable so lost all hopes. Can this problem be solved ? We livel in Lucknow. Please suggest.

  564. Rishi Dhawan says:


    I am 33 yr old married and have a son.I am currently suffering from mild tremors all over body.They are not visible from outside but inside my body trembles.No fever.All reports normal other than grade 1 fatty lever.
    This has been there from last 2 months.Thinking about not able to come out of this condition makes me depressed.This results in a lot of tiredness and lack of energy.Kindly advise how to get rid of these tremors.I have no medical history and no worries apart from this health condition.

    Please help


  565. taqi imam says:

    i m suffering from depression since 03 yrear. my age 47 yrs. please advise homeopathy medicine for treat this deasese. i m marreiesd and having 03 children.

  566. taqi imam says:

    i m suffering from depression since 03 yrear. my age 47 yrs. please advise homeopathy medicine for treat this deasese. i m marreiesd and having 03 children.

  567. Ajay puri says:

    Respectfully it is stated that I am suffering from so called dipression. Once in Oct. 2013, due to panic attack i was admitted to hospital and after that I am taking allopathic medicine Serta 100 mg.

    I always feel that a mishappaning is going to be happen. If any bad news even sickness of my relative depressed me. I become very sad and go in a deep thinking.
    kindly sufggest me
    thanking you

  568. Dear sir
    I am 29 yrs old chinese language student .
    I am facing problem in during the class hour
    Helpless and my hand is vibrating toghter so
    When the teacher questioning me i know ans very well .but i fell that hopeless

  569. satheesh vp says:

    Hi Doc,

    I’m Satheesh 32 year old from kerala. I’m working as an engineer in a TV channel. I’m under medication for last 9 years for depression under allopathy. The early years was much worse, now I’m seems to be OK. But my current Doc goes on insisting to go on with the current medicine (serta-50 is the medicine). Nowadays I came to know much good about homeopathy and also I’m affraid of the side effects of allopathy for long use. Can you please give me a guidance in this regard

    thanks and regards,
    9567797179 (mob)

  570. I m asking for my younger brother. He is suffering now a days less sleeping, stress and less taking interest in any thing. his age is 29. Actually he has changed his job 4 months back. He is not happy there , he is disturb now , not sleeping… crying feeling lonely. plz advice homeopathy remedy to come out the situation.

  571. Sir my mother is suffering from some depression. She is suffer nearly 3years. Now we concel homeopathy doctor and explain abt her.she see her recent photos and gave some tonnic she told to take 5drops twice a day she take that exactly 1 month.but no improvements. Wat we do next.she is 57years old.please help us

  572. Ganesh Bajpai says:

    Sir, I am 38 year old married person, doing job on a good company, from last 3 month my senior imidiate boss humiliate me publicily , that’s why I am in stress. And my sleep is irregular. I am taking alprax 0.25 mg as sleeping pills but I never feel stress free on whole day, and I am also taking plumbum met. 30, three times a day from last two days, my daring capacity is almost zero. Kindly advice me some medicine for this, so that I can be tension free and I can get a good sleep.

  573. What would be the best homeopathic for my insomnia and reoccurring depression.I have gone through a divorce,adopted a child of special needs by myself and I have no family around me.I have had fatigue,guilt,low appetite and feelings of low self value..,
    Thank you

  574. umakant adaki says:

    i have operated upon for ACL reconstruction surgery in dec. 2011, last year suddenly i feel that ther is pain and ant biting feeling in knee . i visited many(10) orthopaedics doctors but all said surgery is ok, and suggested to visit psychiatric doctor. i am taking psychiatric medicine for last 1.5 year. Sir, please help me that i want to avoid psychiatric medicine

  575. Sorry I just sent a comment to you about my son, he also has lost his appetite, doesn’t eat and has stopped exercising this past week

  576. I am worried about my son, he is 19 years old and at university, up until now he has been happy and well adjusted but for the past week he gas been very depressed for no reason, he says he feels as if he has had a major upset but nothing has happened, he feels emotionally drained and can’t understand why as nothing has changed. If you could give me some advice it would be appreciated.

  577. p.rajeshwaridev says:

    I am suffering from major dipression in 2yrs…I have to madicine in allopathic..but my dipression will not dicrease…now I started homepthey medicine..I have a doubt ….how to reduce dipression..what is the perment solution for dipression….

  578. i suffering from dizziness .Doctor prescribed me flutop 20mg, lonazip 0.25
    those are giving side effects.
    any alternative medicine in homeopathy
    i am waiting for your reply
    thanks in advance

  579. sir I am 28 years old sir I have mental stress problem sir when I here some news of sadness or some fearful so I have pressure on my left side and on my left hand and all these happen when I am thinking or even wen I happy so please help me

  580. BHUMESH YADAV says:



  581. sanjeev mukherjee says:

    Hi sir,I Sanjeev 37 years old and suffering from depression disorder since 4 years. My question is what is the right medicine for that disorder and my problem is maybe arise from my job and unemployment.

    yours faithfully

  582. krishna tiwari says:

    sir, i am suffering from anxiety, panic attacks from last four years and from last six months i have a new symptom called depersonalisation. nowadays i cant feel myself, i know everything do my works well but a kind of fog has covered me since last six month which is making me feel detached from the enviroment… i have excessive unwanted thoughts my mind never relaxes, i fear i may go insane. i cant totally feel myself i cant focus for long. my anxiety and panic attacks were manageable till six months before but after i drank cannabis lassi (bhang lassi) this depersonalisation started and it is not going away. i am 26 years old and started suffering panic attacks in 2011 before that i was a very normal guy but after having my first panic attack and now depersonalisation my life is ruined… please help…

  583. I am suffering from depression and glaucoma suggest me treatment

  584. samar naseer says:

    Sir I am suffering from anxiety and depression. One and half year back I felt severe nervessness and high level palpitaton I thought it is heart problem but ecg revealed it is not heart problem I took treatment of alopathy it gave relief me but all there medicines were trincolizers. I want to get homeopthic treatment I used kali phos 6X for improvement nervous system. Now my symptoms are nervousness, fear, death phobia, headach and mostly my mind stuck on one point which comes in my mind and it confused my badly pl help and guide me I shall be highly thankful to you

  585. ATM PRAKASH says:


    i am 52 year old from india.Now day i am passing depression and insomenia.please advice medicine with dose.

  586. I became negetive since last 2 years after loosing job , I do not have any activity to do I m just 53 yrs I started work at 16 and I was taking care of family but no support from brother sister parents ,all just wanted financial help from me the did not do any thing for me and expecting huge I m depressed thinking of sucide my friends also cheated me , I lost my all saving to start business please advice some medicine

  587. Basant kumar pant says:

    Good afternoon
    My mother is now suffering from depression. She is a patient of blood pressure and diabetes but now about one month she is very upset.
    We live near Delhi (ghaziabad). She is takes .medicine of Bp and sugar and daxid 50 for depression but morning to noon she feels very bad(depress).
    Pl.advice some medicine for them.
    Basant kumar pant

  588. dear doctor,i am suffering from,stress,hypertension & anxiety,i have lots of fear in side of my heart,hoplessness,helpness,confused mind,concentration problems,loss of self condidencemore anger,dulness,no intrst in daily work or activities,problem to taking the stong decision,quiting the task or postphoning the work because of more stress.can u advice me is homeopatic will cure completly my diesease

  589. Thomson Koyelo says:

    I am suffering from Depression since 18 years. depression is so sever that I have taken almost every depression medicine also ECT but no effect. mood is so low that past 18 years I have not feel happy even for few minutes. Also I feel 24*7 occipital pain which under control with Antipsychotic (Olanzapine 5MB) only , no pain medication has worked for it ever. Even I try to take homeopathic medicine in low dose, it makes my symptoms worse even with low dose so so many homeopathic medicine I have stopped.

  590. thank you

  591. Devalla Madhavi says:

    Iam 50 years old.i am suffering from depression ,anxity from last six months .ifear to go out, fear in god ,negetive thoughts.Sir i want to come out of this problem please suggest a medicine for me

  592. subhash yadav says:

    respected sir
    I am suffering from mental depression and insomnia, sensation of pulsation in head. palpitations in occipital reason,dullness feeling, loss of interest in work, pain in neck, pain in head,weakness and vertigo feeling.
    please sir response me as soon as possible. I hope u will response me.
    thank you.

  593. I am schizophrenia patient since 25 yrs . Is there is permanent cure now in homeopathy. Presently I am taking alopathy medicines since sep 1990. Pl aadvise me what is possibility ..

  594. claudette Nicolas says:

    My daughter is 12 years old and she is depressed. Please send me an e-mail

  595. b.peermohamed. says:

    good information thank Dr, sharma

  596. b.peermohamed. says:

    it is very idial information&good.very thanks Dr,sharma.

  597. Suman Panda says:

    I am 47 year old women i am married but no issue i had tried ivf but fail after that im suffering from anxiety and irratability and some kind of fear my husband loveing and very caring person but i am so depressed what medicine should take i dont know

  598. satyendra kumar says:

    sir my self satyendra kumar and iam 28 year old execully befor 12 year cricket ball tuch my testis and engered and urine problem start and prostate is present my urine approximate 12 years and my sexual power is zero and 6 doctor iam change for12 yaers but no response and my left testis has more pain and left side foot and tissuie problms sir iam take oleanz 2.5 after 5 year plz solution


    I am suffering from depression since 17 years for different cause. I always suffer from anxiety, I become dippressed with negative thoughts or my future or the future of the dependents. I am always afraid of losing my job. Currently I am under going medication and counselling – Nexito-5 daily for 8 months. Please suggest some Homeopathic medicine. I tried to withdraw Nexito-5, but it came with some withdrawn syndrome like more nervousness, anxiety, low confidence. Please help me to get rid of the medicine and I wan to continue Homeopathy.

  600. Ashok Chandok says:

    Myself patient of anxiety since 20 years taking fludac ,20 mg since 7 years now taking 10 mg fludac but still I feel of fobia being alone sometimes panic attack just breathless then keeping lonazep for emergency oral dose suggest me any treatment

  601. Ujjwal Acharya says:

    Sir, I am 21 years old. I am suffering from depression from last 6 year. I am taking medicine but they are not working. Can homeopathy totally cure depression ?

  602. dear sir
    I don’t feel happy and also don’t feel being of well ,always feel being some stressed but dont know whether this is general anxiety disorder or depression.

  603. anshul mishra says:

    im suffering from anxiety and dipression n i cud not sleep im taking a homeopathic medicine vita c15 three times a day for last one month besides this i have to take lonazep0.25mg daily to reduce anxiety.what sud i do?

  604. PRITISH SANA says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank u very much for providing us this option. I have been suffering from PANIC DISORDER Since 2007. At this moment, I feel sometimes especially after office hour when I reach home tired, dizziness. Then I use to think that my heart is biting very first and my heart will fail and I will die. After that I get thirsty and have to take water several times. My throat gets dry. My palms get sweaty. Not only this, I have DISEASE PHOBIA. In any kind of physical problem eg. pain in throat I get very anxious and think I have to suffer chronic disease and I will die. DEATH PHOBIA is always knocking me. I am age of 37, married and recently my BP has increased to 140/90. When I suffer from those symptoms, my sleep gets disturbed. I have taken psychotherapy but I am not able to free from DEATH PHOBIA. Please, help me, Sir.

    Yours truly,


  605. i have mood disorder ho can i cure it plz reply me

  606. suffering from depression from a considerably long period.
    Symptom:- 1. low mood
    3 wants to stay alone
    4. this year problem was very mild upto 25th October 2014 after which aggravated and a
    new symptom of intense itching on head & behind ear flaps cropped up.
    Taking following allopathic medicines since june 2005:-
    1. Cipralex- 5mg- daily night
    2. zapiz-0.25 mg – Daily night

  607. Dear Dr Sharma
    Thank you for your kind assistance. I am 50 year old male.HArdworking and used to be normally healthy

    1. I am being treated for anxiety and depression after 5 months no doctor can really tell me what is wrong.I am on effexor. What homoeopathic remedy can I use?

    2. I did lab tests for liver, kidney, diabetes etc and all organs are ok. The only test which showed abnormal result was testostorone . Mine is 190, and the range is 245 to 1800. ct scan of brain was ok.
    Prolactin was also low at 2.2. WHAT CAN i USE TO INCREASE TESTOSTORONE.

    3. I feel weak and tired on mornings.What homoeopathic remedy can I use?

    4. I overeat for the last 4 months.What homoeopathic remedy can I use?
    5. I have Obstructive sleep apnea. There is obstruction in upper airway. My nose is always congested.. I am on cpap machine.What homoeopathic remedy can I use?

    6. I have hemmoroids that bleed every day when stool passes..What homoeopathic remedy can I use?
    Thank you . Best regards

  608. CHANDRA PAL INGH says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from depression. I feel my head heavy like some pain in head.I have insomnia problem.I am taking medicine citalogen 30mg & razal xr 12.5 mg per day.Instead of taking this medicine I do not feel better. And when I am not taking razal xr 12.5 mg tablet in the night, that night I can not sleep proper and some time full night I can not sleep.I am living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.And this medicine is given me by psychiologist.So please tell me what can I do to recover my health.

  609. I am taking antidepressent tablets for the past 18 years n still suffering. I have a problem with breathlessness n panic attacks. I feel that i cannot breath n i cant do anything.i cant eat nor drink nor sleeping or I cannot even go out in public.i am putting on weight.please help me.

  610. Aftab alam says:

    I feel always tired ,lack of interest in work,less confidence, never feeling active, dull, tension increases with any thing or incident, always feel guilty of myself, fear in doing anything, fear in driving,loss of memory, lack of concentration. Took medicine but no complete solution and problem again increases after stopping medicine. Plz help I have thyroid problem taking pill everyday in empty stomachs.

  611. K.C.Krishna Pillai says:


    I am taking allopathic medicine for deppresion and anxiety since two years with out my auto suggetion’

    can Iswitch over to homeopathy deppresion is a moderate one.


    K.C.Krishna Pillai

  612. Pratesh Saxena says:

    Respected Sir
    I have a problem ringing in my both ear and head . I read a article online in which this problem is called tinnitus .and its origin is dipression .I have been facing this problem for last two years. Please tell me how to solve this problem. And name of medicine that can help to solve this problem.

  613. MANOJ KUMAR SINGH says:

    MY WIFE AGE IS 36 YEARS & is suffering from depression for the last 1 years. Symptoms are helpnlessness, restlessness, sucidel thoughs,irritating behaviour and tiredness and taking ,BAD TALK & BAD THINKING ABOUT FAMILY ,ALSO ALWAYS SEE TO ME ( AS SUSPECTED PERSON), ALWAYS QUIRY WITH ME WHERE ARE YOU , & WHY YOU TRAVELING,

  614. asif mehmood says:

    My age is 55 years and i am insulin dependent diabetic. My main problem is my depression .I am suffering from it from childhood.

    I become very upset without any cause and reason . In that condition i feel very deep seated fear and sometime i feel that something is pressing my heart and neck. In this condition i usually adopt ” flight ” mode. I feel lot of restlessness in that state.

    I have gone to many doctors but no satisfactory results were obtained even after long treatment.

    only medicine which gave me excellent results was ‘SURVECTOR ” which is discontinued now. When i am badly depressed i feel pain in stomach and bloating .Generally my hunger and sleep are o.k. In depression state i chew tobacco which i feel never good.

    Very interesting thing is that there is no reason or incident which can be related with this depression and Anxiety

    If depression continues for long time than slight suicidal thoughts are also there.

    some time i quickly forget what i said or where i have put some thing ( short term memory ).

    I feel that my head is full of worries and i believe that all starts with loss of concentration first.

    During this condition i only think PESSIMISTIC thoughts and in spite of my best of the efforts i seldom come to OPTIMISM.

    In this condition i use xanax etc.

    can you kindly suggest some excellent medicine for me.

    I am using following homoeopathic medicines now for my trigger finger pain with good results.

    I am trying homoeopathy for first time and hope that it has a solution for my stated problem.

    1. ruta 30 ( 5 drops thrice daily )

    Hope that you will suggest the best medicines for a depressed.

    • My age is 63 years and i am insulin dependent diabetic. My main problem is my depression .I am suffering from it from last 1 year.

      I become very upset without any cause and reason . In that condition i feel very deep seated fear and sometime i feel that something is pressing my heart and neck. In this condition i usually adopt ” fight ” mode. I feel lot of restlessness in that state.

      Very interesting thing is that there is no reason or incident which can be related with this depression and Anxiety
      If depression continues for long time than slight suicidal thoughts are also there.
      some time i quickly forget what i said or where i have put some thing ( short term memory ).

      I feel that my head is full of worries and i believe that all starts with loss of concentration first.
      During this condition i only think PESSIMISTIC thoughts and in spite of my best of the efforts i seldom come to OPTIMISM.

      i have not started any medicine. can you suggest some Bio or Homyo tincher of medicine and how to take it.

  615. I’m suffering from recurrent depression…..which always release in winters…
    What should I do?

  616. pawan agrawal says:

    sir , my mother is suffering from schizophrenia last 7 years. her age is 58 years.she suddenly behave as a rudely and violently. saying abusing words again & again in that which is not any mean but the person in front of her is come in tension & stress. if she think any thing they react so negatively on that for so many days that in family everyone get puzzled. she cant accept any one thoughts and pose their thoughts onto them. we hospitalized her for 1 months in ahambaded for treating this disease. and giving her ” lopez 1 mg & parkling plus ” medicine for 5 years to control this disease. but now a days we are feeling this medicine is also seeming less effective to treat with this problem. i want to consult to u what we have to do. pls give me your contact number so i can contact to u.

  617. neeraj pandey says:

    My closest relative is suffering from depression for a month now. He has become so negative tht he don’t trust anyone not evn his family. He a month ago started burning things thinking there is some black magic in it. He started arguing with everyone.he was stable for a few weeks but now agn he has strtd thinking negative. He has ego problem n always thinks I m right n the other person is wrong specially his family which he thinks is wrong always. He his currently taking dicorate ER 500 as medicine. Please suggest me any medicine or a way to cure him please sir.

  618. Hi my son is 3 years old and I am still feeling low could this still be post natal depression or another form of depression? Thanks

  619. Bukhtiar ahmad says:

    Hello sir,
    My age is 30 year from pakistan and I used to Cipralax and frisium tablets from 8 year.if I cant use these l feel lazy,feel change in thoughts and tired and also stomach problem.
    Plz help me

  620. Bukhtiar ahmad says:

    Hello sir,
    My age is 30 year and I used to Cipralax and frisium tablets from 8 year.if I cant use these l feel lazy,feel change in thoughts and tired and also stomach problem.
    Plz help me

  621. sir. iam 39 yr old. i have hypothyroidism since 5 yrs and iam on thyronorm 50mg. i am going thru depression and anxiety since last one year. there is always fear and guilt feeling . ayurvedic meds have helped me ease from these but still there is on and off feeling of sadness and guilt accompanied by fear. my neck and shoulders hurts. somtimes chest is heavy. please suggest.

  622. My childhood friend is suffering from depression…allergy problem is too much for the last 30 years and he is regular used allopathic medicines avil 25 and pain killers for 30 years and after allergy test he is 90% cure…due to anxiety,sleepness doctor advised to take clozopam and sleepig pill…he want to get rid of this problem…….SYPTOMS ARE…..SUCIDAL THOUGHTS…SAD MOOD..LOSS OF INTEREST/INCLUDING SEX…HELPLESNESS..FEELING TIRED RESTLESSNESS..IRRITABILITY AANGER..HAVING DIFFICULT IN C ONCENTRAting and application of mind…disturbed sleep and fear from crowd,loud,negative thinking….too much negative thoughs in one minutes and anxiety….body aches etc……. ALLERGY FROM DUST..PAPER PERFRUME, ALL PAIN KILLES MEDICINES..SINTHEATIC WOOLEN..BANANA.COCONUT..LEMON..ETC…..

  623. Zenobia Rustomfram says:

    I seek advice for my husband who is 66 years old.
    He underwent Bypass surgery in 2003 and also had Diabetes. Has had problems with Kidney stones which were removed through surgery and lithotripsy twice.

    Has been on Homoepathy since 2000 and simultaneously takes allopathic medicnes
    On Oct30 2012 he returned from Mumbai with a fever which subsided after 2 days with gelsimium. He complained of giddiness thereafter and due to non availability of the homoepath we consulted an Allopath who advised Stugeron and Vertin. Took Stugeron for almost 15 days and then Vertin but all through this period he complained of anxiety that we did not have enough money and slept through the day.
    From end January 2013 we reverted back to Homoepathy till now.

    There is a total change in his behavior these last two years . From an extrovert he has become a recluse, refuses to socialise, sleeps from 8am-9am /11.30am if he has no work . In the afternoon after lunch he sleeps from 3pm-7.30/8pm. In the time that he is awake he sits and watches crime patrol and a couple of serials and goes to sleep at 11pm.

    Does not attend to daily duties of banking, tax , payment of bills or any household repairs. Does not like to spend money, is afraid that he has not enough of it. At parties he just answers what is asked of him but will not initiate a conversation. Same at home. Lost interest in clothes, likes to repeat the same clothes for three to four days till forced to change.Has become slow in all his movements. Takes 45 mins. to shave and half hour to bathe. One thing he does is drive. He drives me to work in the morning and comes to fetch me in the afternoon. Had very good control of driving but now has slowed down and has difficulty parking. There have been minor scratches on the car.

    Allopathic doctors identified him as Parkinson’s, Alzeimer, Parkinson’s plus but tests conducted show nothing.After he took Stugeron his walking was slow, stooped and a shuffle with no sway of hands. Presently there is a constant blowing action on his face. He puffs his face and then contracts. Becomes marked when he has to answer someone. There is also a slight twich in his legs. We tried physiotherapy after which there was some improvement but on his own he does not wish to make an effort to go for physio. Is unable to ask questions and get his way around in the bank.

    Currently he is going to the Care Hosp rehabilitative dept for exercises daily, but there is no conversation whatsoever. He listens and remembers everything.

    Psychiatric report in the initial months showed he had OCD . He is totally resistant to meeting any doctors now, except the Homoepath.

    He worked in the tea plantations of Assam for 16 years, then joined his family bussiness of running a liquor bar and restaurant for 16 years. Has faced ups and downs in business and was also actively running camping programs on our farm. Took great interest in developing the property with trees and construction, but now has lost total interest. Was very generous in his spending but has become stingy now. Total opposite of what he was.

    Please advice.

  624. Susanta Banerjee says:

    I am 60 years and very much depressed over the present day issues. Also i am depressed as my son has got no service till now and my daughter is younger in age whom to get marriage within coming 4/5 years. I am a regular viewer of pornography and have the intention to do sex with my wife but refused every now and then as she has got a very painful experience of sex due to dry vagina. This lead to my depression and I am afraid to mix with people as i think they are joking to me . I am trying hard to regain my personality with self teaching but getting failed. I want to get rid of this situation. Can you help me?

    ( Pl. keep this mail secret. Only the suggestion may kindly be given.)

  625. Sir I am suffering from depression all day i feel unhealthy,pain in body ,thounds of thoughts running in my mind,fear,shy to speak with people,always think people watching me ,I have completed mca qualification last one year but not yet do any job,untill my 10th std i am bright boy, but when i took puc admition in science, but i love science but i dont know english, thats the problem,i face in 2nd puc i was fail to complete my 2nd puc get six years, again i take admition in bsc it take 4 year to complete, after that i take mca admition it it completed in three year but i choose wrong college it ws distance education, for this i take education loan, now i confused what i do , so please suggest me treatement for this please please please sir i am waiting for your age is 29years.

  626. Sir I am suffering from depression all day i feel unhealthy,pain in body ,thounds of thoughts running in my mind,fear,shy to speak with people,always think people watching me ,I have completed mca qualification last one year but not yet do any job,untill my 10th std i am bright boy, but when i took puc admition in science, but i love science but i dont know english, thats the problem,i face in 2nd puc i was fail to complete my 2nd puc get six years, again i take admition in bsc it take 4 year to complete, after that i take mca admition it it completed in three year but i choose wrong college it ws distance education, for this i take education loan, now i confused what i do , so please suggest me treatement for this please please please sir i am waiting for your reply

  627. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Please prescribe me a good remedy. I am suffering from lack of concentration during sex time with my wife. It is very long problem. Even though i have four kids. My age is 44 years. I can not enjoy good sex. Off and on erections, very week erection, no interest during sex. Fear of no erection before sex. I become a patient of diabetes one year ago. Any sort of medicine i use for this problem has adverse effect.

    Waiting for your earliest reply.

  628. malik nawaz says:

    i am 41 year old from pakistan, for six month later i am not properly sleep or mostly time depression so i am daily use tablet for lexzotnal 3mg daily for use for sleeping purpose. but only two hours sleep after normal sleep not possible so please suggested for medicines,please.

  629. Sir,
    I am 47 years old man.A mechanical engineer by profession and working as general manager in private sector.I have been suffering from depression and anxiety since my college days 1986.I am very ambitious in my studies and alway thought to stand first in rank.Simultaneously I was attracted to a beautiful girl who was my batchmate.I was in deep love with her but never expressed my feeling to her due to fear,shyness.This attraction lasted until my marriage with another good girl.I am taking medicine of depression since 1994.The Psychiatrist started the treatment with Prodep,Fluoxetine chloride,Recita,Alprax,etc.etc.As long as I take the medicine I feel good,but on leaving it the symptoms relapse. The symptoms which persist are as below:-
    (01) Social phobia,don’t want to meet and mingle with other people.
    (02)Fear in speaking with people senior in rank as well as fear of public speaking.
    (03) Escape from responsibility.
    (04) Forgetfulness,loss of memeory.
    (05) Lethargy
    (06) No interest in reading,watching TV,Cinema etc.Earlier I was fond of reading books.
    (07)Lack of mental alertness,attention.Absent minded ness.
    (08)Difficulty in commanding and convincing my subordinates.
    (09) Very poor communication skill writen as well as spoken.
    (10)Very anxious about future of my family as to what will happen if I loose my job etc.

  630. aparna misra says:

    what medicine should itake to prevent myself from depression


    severioly depresses for last two years
    1. last7-8 year dependency of benzodizepine ( like alprazolam,dizepam,clonazepam….) but last for months totaly get rid of thease
    2.alchohal withdrawl from last one months
    3. tobaco product leave from last 1 years

    but now iam suffered by syomptoms that written in your page homeppathy remedies for depression
    age 35 wait 68 married computer job work


    severioly depresses for last two years
    1. last7-8 year dependency of benzodizepine ( like alprazolam,dizepam,clonazepam….) but last for months totaly get rid of thease
    2.alchohal withdrawl from last one months
    3. tobaco product leave from last 1 years

    but now iam suffered by syomptoms that written in your page homeppathy remedies for depression

  633. sonu haram says:

    guide me about my recurring depression and schizophernic attitude i need to have ur help in homeopathic treatment i an fed up of allopathy

  634. Devendra Katiyar says:

    Dear Sir

    My wife is suffering from depression after passing my baby in Jan’2012 & she is taking allopathic treatment from Dec’2012 under psychiatrist. Now she is taking very low grade medicine as of now she feels low energy, lack of interest doing the domestic works & hopelessness with suicidal thoughts & always seems tearful. She always fears about live baby & my self.
    we want to switch over on homeopathic medicine to avoid further complication. hence I am looking forward for your suggestion & recommendation of Homeopathic medicine.

  635. Ajay Bhatia says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m suffering from stress, mood swings, melancholy, and insomnia since the last 3 years. Recently, I was advised to have kali phos 30c, 5 drops thrice a day, by the local pharmacist, for a month. I have already had this for a week, and am finding a slight relief in my insomnia and mood swings.
    Please advise if it’s safe to have this medicine for a full one month.

    Warm rgds,

  636. harleen kaur says:

    Good morning sir, my father is suffering from depression from last one year. I lost my mother 3 yrs back. He is 67 yrs old. My parents had highly emotional and close bond. He misses her very much. We are three sisters no brother. All are married. He lives alone with one male maid. We are planning to take him to a doctor. Can you please guide something? We should prefer allopathic or homeopathic? Any prescribed doctor?

  637. I am 33 year old married .Sir, somebody told me to take lycopodium 30 and nux vomica 30 for anxiety and depression, but after some time i found that i have no sexual desire and loss of erection. Now my life has become hell as i think my wife will go to others as whenever i do my heart beats very fast and due to fear of loosing erection every thing go away. I am not feeling to do sex. Please help me.

  638. My mother is almost 70 years old and she is taking Trika 0.25 mg and Prothidaen 75 mg , Ganaton Total, Setpember 2014 onwards, before that Ravish 20) (Ostebon Plus, Clavix, Atorlip 5 mg (from September 2014, prior that she was ttaking Atorfit 5 mg) Thyronorm 100 mcg, Angicam 5 mg, Dibizide M. I want her to cut on Prothiaden 75 mg and Trika. Is there is any homeo pills for insomnia and depression. She is taking these medicine for past 4-5 years.

  639. sir, my little brother is now 36 y old he love som girl after there parents reject his perposal he left the job and he set on the sofa 9month and dont speek any body

  640. manisha sachdeva says:

    my brother is suffering from depression from three years but no doctor has told us the reasons for it.he oftn remembers his past.Due to this he could complete his senior secondary education and he repents on that too much.there is a possibility that he could have taken drugs as well.he left he is not smoking from past three months.he is not able to sleep.he only has one meal a day.sufferening from excessive anger.he beats himself sometimes.and suffers from severe headache.please help meee..plzz…

  641. I m suffering from moodiness, I sometimes feel to suicide ,I m also scared for death… mmm…I behave normally in front of others..little headache n Sun exposure makes Me dull..m hungry n even I dont eat meal whole day, I m not happy..inside. M suffering from 10 years

  642. DR RAHUL RAJ says:

    Sir please prescribe any natural homeopathic drug with no side effects for :-
    1. Mor sickness
    2. Fatigue
    3. Numbness in head.
    4. Peculiar mild & spontaneous swings and inexpressible sort of sensations in head leading to severe disorientation along with excessive sweating furthermore.

  643. rajander kumar saini says:

    through out the day I remain in low mood . every one who see my face says is there any thing bad happened to you, or any thing wrong with you. through out the day I feel exhausted, tired .
    I am also feeling weakness physically as well as sexually. remain in indecisive state, lack of confidence, lack of concentration. even a little problem make me perplexed. I got all my blood examined in labs which prefect no sign of weakness . now I am hoping that homeopathic treatment may be helpful. please suggest. thanks

  644. dr amsuffering from depression since last 10 years. i have used alopathic as well as many homeo medicines but not cured. now my condition has been worsen and i am unable to urinate or latren, for that i have to concentrate deeply and then can become freshh but not at all. have been suffering from loss of appitite,weight loss, lack of interest in life also sex life, unable to do my job,travel and feeling much fear of diseases and death. kindly suggest some best homeo medicines for me and oblige. thanks

  645. Ashok Kumar Kasat says:

    Dear Doctor,I am a patient of Primary Depression having no such family history.The Psychiatrist Doctor told me that whatever problems I am facing is due to low lavel of Saritonin in the Brain.I have not even a single problem to have Depression.I have been facing this problem more or less knowingly or unknowingly since adulthood. I am 50 year old male.I handled the problems with my willpower till the age of 45.When I failed to control I visited Psychiatrists.Dr.Prof.Udhay Choudhary ‘s medicines only helped me to some extent.At present I am taking only very low dosage of medicines prescribed by him to boost Saritonin level.My life has become very miserable.I am having problems like low energy,low esteemed,negativity,negative thoughts,nervousness,anxiety, zero motivational power,zero concentration,lack of appetite,difficulty in decision making,not enjoying anything etc.Unfortunately,I am seeing the same symptoms in my son aged about 26 years.Sir please help us.

  646. RAKESH SHARMA says:


  647. Gurbaj singh says:

    Anti dipresion medicine send me

  648. kurian george says:

    I am kurian 40 years old and i suffering depression last 10 years . I treated in english medicine fast 5 years and at present stopped it .I want countinue homeo medicine.

    sir please suggest best medicine of homeopathy for depression.

  649. Good morning sir (sir my son is 12year old n is a bright student n very well mannered kid. But he has sleeping disorder from the age of two or three. He walks, crying, asking odd questions. He has very disturbed sleep. Please help me n suggest me that what should I have to do. I shall be very grateful to you. Waiting for your reply. Thank you

  650. monika sharma says:

    my self monika, I am suffereing from past negative thoughts and ,moods disorders ad feels jealous to others.pls suggest me some homeopathy so that it can cure as early as possible.

  651. my grand mother is suffering from dead son past two weeks so pls tell how homeopathy medcine will help in this way

  652. muhammad jaleel says:

    Aslaamualaikum sir,

    I suffered for two years in musculars illness ,feel sadness, tention, less sleeping and thoughts of sucide but i am taking the alopathy medecine like nassa 30 mg and rivortril 1 mg but my brain and other musels feel tiedness and weakness please suggest for me the homeopathy medicine for this matter

    regards Pro.muhammad jaleel

  653. hello sir,

    sir im 19+ a student of btech, actually i dont know about my problem,but i feel very unsatisfied,very irritable,full of anger, unhappy, and sir mainly unstable,i feel like im nothing,i fe feel very low,i feel like to commit sucide sonetimes. . i cant even take desicision corectly . . in short sir i feel like crying but i dnt have a big reason for it its just because of little little things which happens in all the families and teenagers life. .

    sir please help me to get out of all these, i want to be a free minded and happy person, and mainly a satisfied person with what i have.
    ples sir help me to get out of these

  654. iam 57 yrs old male in teaching prof.iam suffering from high bp andfrom last one month insomnia. pl. suggest medicine to reduce ANXIETY which is causing head dullness,light head ache in the day time. urine burning sensation also present in the day time some times befor urination.mine is a hot body. iam taking ayurveda med in night and bp med cardipril 2.5 mg in morning.improvement for insomnia.

  655. hi i having anxiety & depression from last 8 yrs what to do…

  656. PRASHANT RAWAL says:


    i am 26 year old from Khamgaon (maharashtra) suffering from depression for the last 3 months. Symptoms are Persistent low or sad mood, Loss of interest,Feelings of guilt,helplessness, restlessness, sucidal thoughts,irritating & anger behavior and tiredness,headache, and Fear therefor problem aeries in my career. Please suggest some Homeopathic medicines.

  657. shivansh babbar says:

    Felling depression for the last 5 year thinking negative all the time and having fear low mood in ability to enjoy felling restless

  658. dr sir aapku distep karneme mafkardena muje english padne aathahe lekin mathlab nahi maalum kabe kabe darlakthahe seenesi aaklegneka jaisabi mera umar 42 ,,,,, mera basha malayalam aapku maalum nahi hotha hena may khaisa bathayeka muje nahi maalum

  659. laxmikant. sudhakar thakurdware says:

    Sir i am a primary teacher . Now i am very dipressed by many causes. Please advoice me how can i releafe by it? Please suggest me proper homeopathic medicine for it. Tell me please.

  660. Sir, Even though my 13 year old only daughter was slight stubborn since her childhood days, now since last few months, sometimes she suddenly become angry/aggressive on pretty household matters pertaining to her. Kindly suggest some homoeopathic medicine/ She attained her menarche about an year ago.

  661. sir’
    I am going through severe anxiety problems from last 4 year i want to start homeo treatment how much time it will take to get rid of this symptoms.I fear to go out,i fear crowd, have weard dreams disturbed sleep,always thinking negative.Please help i want to come out of it.

  662. My wife aged 34 years is suffering with OCD and is under treatment of psychiastric for the last one year . Although improvement is there it seems she will have to take medicine life time. I request to suggest me if there is permanent cure in homopathy.

  663. Greetings to you….

    I am 33 year old women. I am a divorcee. I got married in 2002 and got divorced in 2005. I lived with my husband only for nine months. I don’t have kids. I had lots of torturing from my husband and his family. I am not willing for a second marriage coz I hate married life.
    I got a job in 2004. My fate,, In 2006, I had a fall from the staircase and was suffering from back pain. My situation became very worst and did surgery in 2009 (L4 & L5). I have Blood Pressure,, it always fluctuates,, sometimes becomes high,, sometimes becomes low. So I am not taking medicine for BP. After my surgery due to my low BP,, I again fell down from the steps more than four times. I have tried Ayurveda treatment also for several times, still no improvement. Now I’m unable to go for job because I cannot sit or stand for long time. I have severe pain and I’m taking 8 to 10 pain killers daily. I am completely under treatment.
    I lost everything,, my life, my job above all my health….
    I have been suffering from depression for the last 5 years. Loss of mind, always keeps on thinking, Suicidal thoughts, always very sad, keeps on crying day & night, lost my sleep (sleeplessness nights), feel lots of guilt, helplessness, mental conflict, restlessness, hopelessness, all time irritating & anger behavior and tiredness, hypertension, headache, constipation and Fear. I dont know how to express my life.
    I always have chest pain, I consulted a cardiologist. The doctor said that I do not have any of cardiac problems.
    I have taken allopathy treatment from different psychiatrists, there has been no improvement. I took several allopathy medicines for depression including sleeping pills.
    Please let me know, whether homeopathy medicines & treatments effects me because I have taken lot of allopathy medicine within 8 years. Please advice me… Please…
    Please suggest some effective homeopathic medicines & treatment…

    Thanks & Regards,

  664. narendra awasthi says:

    Sir meri age 28 years h meri shadi ho chuki h me kuch economic problem se suffer kr rha hu islye mera mind 24 hours tention me rhta h mujhe kisi bhi chiz k khusi nhi rhti h mujhe isse dur rhne k lye kya krna chahiye..

  665. Ashok Chaturvedi says:

    My son aged about30 lives in dipression &he married he ever remains in suspicious state of mind &anger position i want a authentic treatment&medicine thanks.

  666. I have ocd since 7years and past 3 years iam also suffering from depression i am using allopathy medicine fir both illeness i want ti know whether i should use allopathy medicine for lifetime can homeopathy can cure my illeness permanantly please help me

  667. Hi there

    My wife is breast feeding mom and she has some anxiety and I want to ask you if SBL Tranquil is safe for lactating mother and is it safe for baby ?


  668. amar jit kaur says:

    Respected sir
    I am from india. my husband is 50 years old nd suffering from depression last 10 to 12-13 years. in depression he feelslow or sad mood, loss of interest or pleasure in activities feeling of guilty, worthlessness, hopelessness, sleeping too much feeling tired and restlessness but the nature very polite having difficulty in concentrating nd but only in month of August or September rest of the year he face no problem like this; we gave them allopathic medicine they feel better but in season change he suffer from this nd last 3years he suffer continue in August plz suggest us best medicine we want to left the allopathic medicine. plz plz plz

  669. Bhavani jade says:

    I have been cheated very badly by my husband. He gave me an assurance that he has left the other lady but still doesnt behave normally with me. He doesn’t care about my presence absence or even if I am very ill. I am not able to overcome his illusion and tried to stay with him. But he is always outside, busy with his phone and meeting that other woman.
    I have now left his house and living in my own house but I am unable to be normal and the thought of him and the fact tat i married such a cheap man haunts me. I feel terrible for trusting such a man once and once again. I have no interest in doing anything in life and feel like a dead meat. I don want to have anti-depressants and I feel they are useless.
    Please help me overcome this man and lead a livable life.

  670. My sister Age 50Y is suffering from depression for the last 5 years. Symptoms are helpnlessness, restlessness, irritating behaviour and tiredness and she is also taking alopathic medicines to control blood pressure level. Please suggest some Homeopathic medicines with potancies.

  671. shubham garg says:

    My father at a age of 50 he should affected depression for 3-4 months and he sleep mostly a day and lack of taking decision and lack of interest of doing any work and lack of energy and he feel like alone and he take a ALLOPHITIC medicine FLUDAC 20 mg and company name of medicine is CADILA.
    Plz sir can u suggest me a best medicine of HOMEOPATHY

  672. every thing solved but brain remain numb, hard pessimist/orthodox .prescribe medicine for bloom.thanks

  673. sir I am suffering from glaucoma and depression suggest treatment

  674. V.K.Bhargava says:

    Sir , I am 67 years old and retired from bank s

    rvice . I have undrrgone angioplasty in 2006.These days I am feeling some thing uneasy.I felt very weak whenever I go for sex anf after that Ifeel very weak. I donot have any work and simply get rest and feely very sleepy.Though I tried to do sone job nut I ciuld not get.I feel very helpless. I donot jave any responsibility behand as allmy three daughter goer got married.Is there any chance of depression.I dont find any interest in any thing. Pl.suggest some medicine or remedies for it.

  675. Hello Sir

    I am suffering from the following symptoms; helpnlessness, restlessness,irritating behaviour, excessive weeping and tiredness. For the last one year, i would very much appreciate if you could please suggest some Homeopathic medicines.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you

    Kind Regards

  676. Mrs Noor Fatima Khan says:

    I am her husband, Dr M. R. Khan. She has renal failure and on dialysis started recently. She had been of agitating nature and gets angry (intolerable) when feels she is ignored either in discussion or normally in day to day behaviour.
    She feels sleepy but unable to have sound sleep even for one hour. Even she talks irrelevant during day/night sleep. She had been on allopathic medicine for last 6-8 years for antidepression and still on. Now she has sleep problem and also talking problem during sleep for last 2-3 weeks.
    Plz suggest homoeopathic remedy for renal/dialysis and sleeping/taking problem. She has become very week not able to walk without help. She is of 63 yrs old and educated.
    Dr M R Khan

  677. ashish kumar says:

    I am suffering upper symptoms .lac of mood, health,sex, sadness, lack of pleasure, sleeping problem. Harassment,

  678. pankaj kumar gupta says:

    sir my bhabhi suffer fro depration without any cause, she is 27 yrs old house wife, good marital life one son &one daughter.Her husband are Er so no economic problem , the symptoms are..1.loss of interest, eg jindagi me koi nahi hai. Always wants to weep.she always say man nahi lagta hai kahi bhi.

  679. malkitsingh says:

    sir doctor my friend daughter she is suffring from depression let me know good med in homopatic

  680. vikas bansal says:

    want treatment for depression

  681. Rayees.T.P says:

    My client is a Male aged 21 and he is suffering Hypersomnia pls is there any homeo medi

  682. abdul mohammed says:

    Sir, i am suffering from depression right from my childhood. We were emotionally abused by our father and till date we are getting emotionally abused by our father systematically. i am always in depressive mood, detached from people, always feeling low and lethargic. also, suffering from severe Gaestro oesophagul reflux disease.

  683. om prakash says:

    Dear sir,
    i am not felling well all time and ant thought are coming all time. Due to this i am not getting sound sleep. Also not concentrating in work. Please give me suggestion for this.

    om prakash

  684. I am suffering from negativethinking for the past 12yrs. im trying to change my self but I can’t. im really helpless.i want to know one thing that how many years will it take to cure my im in treatment. pls reply with answer.thank u

  685. Anirban Ghosh says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am 40 yrs old male. I have been suffering from diabetes since 1994. Now, my sugar level is around 175/255. I am married and having a child. Last 5 years I have been loosing sexual power and now lost libido, became virtually impotent. I can’t concentrate and can’t memorise many things. Although my sleep is deep but I can’t sleep again once I awake in mid or end of night. I feel tired during evening. I dislike loud sounds like crakers and repeatedly check gas burner and door lock while going out. I like sweets, salty, sour and hot foods. Like eggs, do not like meats or fish. I feel irritated, short tempered, want to remain alone, introvert. Like to talk only with few people. Please help.

  686. kindly suggest me the medicin for the depression and anxiety.

  687. sha abdul aziz says:

    plz help me i m married men

  688. vinitavirmani says:

    I have sleeping problem for the last 11 years. Some times it is under control and some times after taking medicines I even cannot sleep for the whole night. When the medicines are changed it effects but after 5-10 days it does not. Please help me.

  689. i am 45 years old female. i did my thyroidectomy on 2010 because of benine multinodular goiter . now every day iam taking 100 microgram euthyrox. my height is 168 cm weight is 76 kg . i would like to reduce 10 kg is it possible? . i tried everything but i didnt reduce 1 kg. i feel always hungry.

  690. dear sir, i am having some depression since last 7 days due to some reason. it is dut to some anxiety and some irrational fear. kindly prescribe me any genuine medicines. thanks.

  691. hi..can u please suggest medicine for lack of sound sleep , thought free sleep ie I get lots of irrelevant thoughts in sleep hence don’t feel fresh in the morning..

  692. Sir after my marriage i think my mentally stage gone down i doubt on my wife on het every action i feel she stabe me or cheat me i know she is kind and loyal but sometimes her action talk with other with smile she never talk with me like this so i feel how she could so i felt doubt on her i don’t like my life i know all is well but my mentally stage gone down i want to live my live joyfully but i can’t plz help me sir ..for this types of doubt i spend big price i lost manything and quarrel between me and my wife plz help me …

  693. Ichha Ram says:

    I am 42yr old and working in delhi police as sub inspector. I am suffering from cervical & sciatica lower back pain, burning in right leg. I also feel ghabrahat due to over work load. please prescribe me homeopathy medicine.

  694. najma akbar says:

    I am on hormonal therapy doe bone cancer .I was on antidepressant before my treatment started. Now I cannot take them anymore. Would it be recommended for me under the circumstances. Please advise. I am weepy all the time without reason.
    Najma ( Akbar)

  695. pubali saha says:

    my daughter 11+ study in vii in k.v. school. when her 1 year old her operation for craniostanosis . now we saw that she is phobic and anxitied. one doctor advise to avena. what you susget?

  696. I’m suffering from eating problem since i choked one night. I can take only a very little liquid now. I lost 10kgs of weight in these 3 months.

  697. sir,
    my aunt is 50 yrs oldis suffering depression for the last 3 months.symtoms are helplessness,restlessness,and appear very suddenly and may give the patient a felling of impending doom,acute panic attacks……please suggest some homeopathy medicine with potancies and how i give her that medicine pls also told me………………

    many many thanks sir…………….

  698. viikas kumar mishra says:

    Gud afternoon Dr.Sharma,
    I think that i m suffering from depression like i am becoming irritate in very small things. I become angry very fast. Mostly times my mood is spoiled. I m not happy due to both official issues and family matters.
    Please suggest medicine for becoming happy.

    Thanks with regards

  699. stress and anxty fear

  700. medicine for superiority complex

  701. Pranab Chettergy says:

    Sir,I am Pranab,38+. For a long time I have been suffering from mood fluctuation, depression, inconsistency, lack of will power, lack of confidence, dejection, and so on. I am very restless and cannot concentrate on any particular subject. As a result I have lost many possible achievement in my life. I am a cool parson but when flew to rage I cannot control myself. At times I feel a pain in the head. My energy level drops suddenly.
    I relate you to some hidden facts of my life. My parents have no good understanding between them. They always quarreled before me. I have seen my mom being oppressed by him. These harsh memories always haunt me. I was panic stricken but the panic has been turned into anger now. I cannot tolerate my father anymore. When I ponder over past my head aches and I plunge myself into a realm of endless pain. I find no light of hope , complete dejection engulfs me. I have some other qualities which I cannot develop due to this drawback.
    Once I had a habit of masturbation. My erection lasts for a little moment. I discharge within a short while. I enjoy pornography. I have one issue.
    I am a healthy. My complexion is middle. I like veg foods. I like to dress well. I feel nervous in new circumstances. I like cat. I hate dog. I like birds. I like music. I have a habit of smoking.

    ***** One of my friend doctor suggested me AVENA SATIVA MOTHER. I am taking it for the last 15 days but no effective result.
    Please help me by suggesting medicine. Thanks

  702. sir’
    age. 33′ height 6 feet ‘ body type -> slim weight 64 kg ‘ previous desease -> thyroid (tsh 48 level) jo ki ab normal hai’ but now days I feel bechaini that is anxiety (knee ke neeche bahut light weght mahsus hona aur essa lagta hai jaise mera per-leg sun hone ke saath ek ajeeb bechaini jisse essa lagta ki ess bechaini ko dur karne ki liye apna per-leg hi kaat loon ‘ uss samay kuch bhi sijh nahi padta ki main kyaa karun bas bechaini essi hoti jati hai ki khud ko khatam kar loon ) now which medicine and treatment main loon jisse mujhe ess pareshaani se bahar nikaloon . I think essi esthiti main mujhe ECONITE lena chahiye . I s this medicine works? khaana khaane ke baad bhi essa mehsus hota ki sari energy meri gul ho gae ho jaise hawa gul ho gai ho’ low bp jaisa mehsus hota hai’ please suggest me the medicine?

  703. sir’
    age. 33′ height 6 feet ‘ body type -> slim weight 64 kg ‘ previous desease -> thyroid (tsh 48 level) jo ki ab normal hai’ but now days I feel bechaini that is anxiety (knee ke neeche bahut light weght mahsus hona aur essa lagta hai jaise mera per-leg sun hone ke saath ek ajeeb bechaini jisse essa lagta ki ess bechaini ko dur karne ki liye apna per-leg hi kaat loon ‘ uss samay kuch bhi sijh nahi padta ki main kyaa karun bas bechaini essi hoti jati hai ki khud ko khatam kar loon ) now which medicine and treatment main loon jisse mujhe ess pareshaani se bahar nikaloon . I think essi esthiti main mujhe ECONITE lena chahiye . I s this medicine works?

  704. sir my sister suffering from depression for last 3year she is on homeopathy treatment for past 2 years but her condition is too worse she is 18yr old pls suggest me for her treatment.

  705. yousufdeen says:

    I came from india and i am working in uae right now i think about my family i am not interest to work in uae and gone to india give me idea to relieve from this.

  706. Bilal Ahmad says:

    Dear Sir,

    I m 42 yrs old male suffering from absence of libido with ED. Before 10 yrs I treated myself from allopathic doctor for PE who prescribed Vigra, pari Cr etc for 4 months and I lost libido then I treated the same from local Ayurvedas & Homeopaths but no relief till date .

    I have no urge at all even if my spouse is in bed with me and donnot need sex even for months.

    Please guide me for treatment

    Thanking you,
    Bilal Ahmad

  707. dear dr sharma,
    can you please help me I get terrible migraines, they usually start first thing in the morning ,,, I get them for days … is ignatia 30 good for it . it gets so bad I need to get a shot .

  708. kamal rai says:

    suggestion me

  709. rajiv kansara says:

    im sufeering from depression from last 20 years i have tried many medicines , i was also admitted in hospital twice ,i im taking
    aelopathy medicines i always feel that if i stop taking medicine i will get admitted in hospital i dont want to stop my medicines i would like to know that can i take homeopathy medicines along with my aelopathy . im full of fear please help me and let me know which homeopathy medicine should i take

  710. Hello Doctor, Good evening. Its reg my wife health issues I am contacting you. She is obese and weighing 125.8 Kgs. She is taking B-Trim and another small tablet given by a Homoeo doctor known to us. (Tablet name not provided to us). The problem with her is she always talks about past things in life and gets agitated frequently. When agitated, she shouts at anyone opposite to her in loud voice and will be very nervous. This agitation will start slowly, like she will start to talk fictious things which never happened, sometimes lies, irrelevant topics and this will gradually agitate. When the opposite person talks against her, she will start shouting more and will fight and will even beat them out of anger. Most of the time, I find her inducing me and others anger by finding their weakness. For eg. if she curse my sister, I get upset. For her father, it is her brother. Likewise she will always attack people by their anger. She also has a menopause problem, where bleeding happens for almost 20 days in a month. Now somewhat controlled by the homoeo drug. provided by this doctor. Previously we had taken her to a Psychatrist and he gave her a set of Sleeping doses. If we administer this tablets, she will sleep continously and will be calm after that for about a week. We have stopped those tablets now, as it is putting her in a near coma stage. Please suggest a medicine for her

  711. shrikant patil says:

    respected sir,i have suffring from depression 6 years one thing come to many time

  712. manish chandani says:

    sir im manish chandani im 30 year old sir im takineg depression medicine since from 5 year the name of tablet are lopez 2,olimelt 10 mg even after the medicini i feel pain chest pain and stomache due to acidity and headache all the day even i had done eeg report shows the unconciscessness alpha activity and show drowisness plz suggesy efffective auryvedic remedy so i donot to take depression medicine

  713. Sargam Chhajed says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from depression. I am a qualified C.A. Since last two years my forgetfulness was increasing and my social life was also decreasing.
    After completing my C.A career I didn’t got suitable job for 3 month. So I got depressed.
    My mom had also treated by electronic shock treatment when she was teenagers.

    I am right now taking paroxetine controlled release 12.5 and felicita od. I don’t want to continue this. So please suggest some homeopathy medicine.
    my symptoms are
    Suicide thought, unnecessary movements and gesture, less interest to do something , slowness of mind , forgetfulness, ocd, throwing items., erectible dysfunction, sleepiness, mental behaviour.

  714. Hello doctor
    I am 21 years old. I have been depressed from my life. I have lots of problems and I have shared my problems with my closest persons but no one understand it. Every one take it always lightly and sometimes I get quite aggressive on myself due to which I think of suicide.
    I want to get rid off so which medicine can I take.

  715. Shoaib Khan says:

    I am using for me and for my family these homeopathic medicines for six years. I seldom go to the doctor. Now a days my daughter 8 years old is having hard glands on the right side of her neck 03 nos. in a row underneath of her ear. She don’t feel any pain but she is getting weak, dark circles have appeared around her eyes,likes to lie down every now and then, although she has normal diet and and eats every thing. Kindly advise me what medicine should I use for her.


  716. sabir shah says:

    sir ,
    mujhy last 3 to 4 years sy bachini gabrahat ka masla ha , chest irritation hota ha , some times i feel that im suffering from heart problem , sleeping disorder , job per jany ka dil nahee chata , kahen door jata hn to darta hn , some time chest pain, demagh ma bohat khyalat aty hn, sex ma bhe intrest kum ho gaya ha , stool bhee theek nahee ha , irritable bowel syndrome , gastritis, subah uthta hn to body pain hota ha , ecg ett sary test krway hn takreeban normal hn ,
    age 31 karachi
    kind suggest me some treatment that i enjoy my life with good mood
    pharmaceuticals employee

  717. DEAR SIR;

    • since last 1.5 years I have been simultaneously suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fear of something bad going to be happened, little restlessness. But not suicidal, and trying every moment to come out positively.
      I even fear to go to a psychiatrist as I dare that alopathic medicines do lot of side effects and can make me Medicine dependent also.
      please Help!

  718. vijayraja says:

    i amsuffering from severe depression for the past 12 years.have taken lot of medicines ,but in vain.need help from you. which medicines(homeopathy) sould i take?

  719. I feel very restless and feeling of discomfort not feel like eating anything always in worry cant sleep without medicine feel very hopeless.please reply.

  720. Vimal Agrawal says:

    Please suggest remedy for depression which occure during summer i.e. in months of MAY, JUNE, JULY.

  721. arvind pande says:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter, aged 22 years is suffering from depression for the last 5-6 years and is under regular treatment at PGI, Chandigarh since September, 2014. As the symptoms persist, doctors say that she would have to take medicines indefinitely. Though my daughter is average in studies, she spends maximum time glued to books and often looses cool on the petty issues, if things are not going as per her liking. She is very introvert and has rarely friends, even girls. She goes to her educational institution alone and do not have any interaction with her classmates. She does not like watching T.V. programmes. She is self centered and sometimes envies even her siblings, when she observes them to be getting favorable treatment or they are excelling in their studies and other activities. She loves eating good foods and enjoys travelling in the company of parents but not with class mates or strangers/others. She avoids attending social gatherings. She gets irritated often and do not hesitate to speak loudly and makes ungraceful gestures to parents. She is lazy by nature and avoids doing even petty household works like cooking, washing and ironing clothes etc. She is very casual about her appearance and is not fascinated by good dresses. She often suspects her old classmates and others for conspiring against her. The plus side is that she reads English newspaper regularly and sometimes send her comments on some social issues to editor. Some of her letters were published by newspaper under ‘ Letters to the editor’ column. Apart from this, she always aspires to be on top administrative posts(IAS etc.), though she does not have matching intellectual caliber and social aptitude. She is a confused lot and her long and prolonged allopathic treatment has not brought any favourable results. Please guide , whether Homeopathic treatment could treat her completely or partially.

  722. i suffered in complete sleepleesness 10 year ago. I consulted to psychitrist.since then i am using medicin by use of medicin my muscular have become very week. If i give up medicin i feel stress in front,back, and middle of head and head ach sleeping problem. Also i have problem of too much sexual thoughts,and desir.can you priscribed medicine for me. My age is 38 from pakistan

  723. basdeo prasad says:

    I am suffering from Depression as wl as from lever pain due to enlarge & from joint pain in left leg, right joint arm pain,left eye i.e. cataract pain —-I HAVE TAKEN COCULUS-N GOT RELIEF OF EYE PAIN NOT OTHERS

  724. SANJEEB GANGULY says:

    My brother in law aged 53 was in a very senior position in a private company, recently he lost his job and is under acute depression leading to alcoholism. Whole day he takes alcohol & sleeps. Whenever he is awake he is restless & angry about his former company. He lacks financial insecure and lack of confidence. We have checked him up with a psychiatrist and once we have admitted him in a nursing home under the supervision of the doctor. But all efforts failed. We are hopeless and find ourselves totally helpless in this situation.

    Kindly help us to get him out of depression and alcoholism at the earliest and oblige.

  725. SAJID MULLA says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ,
    Greetings to you ! Dr. I’m very much concerned with my wife’s condition she is suffering from acute form of depression . After reading the symptoms of depression I can confirm that she has severe depression , very short tempered , gets worried about little things , lack of interest , low moods & negative thoughts always .
    She is a mother of 2 kids aged 8 yrs & 1.6 yrs old , age is 34 yrs . Recently she was also shown with thyroid ( 2 yrs back ) , slight asthma , cholestrol and breathing difficulties ( 1 month back ) . She is on allopathy medications like Singulair ( breathing difficulty ) , Diovan 80 ( BP ) , Plavix 75mg ( to prevent blood clots ) , Crestor ( again for cholestrol ) & Prozac 20 mg . All these tablets to be taken for 1 month . Can you take homeopathy medication along with allopathy without problems.


    Sajid Mulla

  726. Sir I am suffering from insomnia badly can u help what r ur charges for that

  727. I am 25 bhai I have sleep problem. i am from usa texas.every night 2hour sleep.and my pennis is geting smaller day by day week my brainthinking too much. somenight not at all. please bhai can you text can i buy

  728. Azizur Rehman Khan says:

    My son is 18 yrs suffering from ADHD for last two yrs. we consult pyschiatrist and continue
    medicine til last month but badly he has not improve with ADHD.
    He has very anger and fighthing with her mother and her sister every day.
    He cant understand what he say to his mom
    and his sister.
    please suggest homeopathy medicine for my son.

    many many thanks
    sir pl reply.

  729. i am depressedpls help reason i dont know

  730. My neithbour is 49years old lady.
    The un-necessary thoughts always come into her mind,which have no means in day today life. For example some time she thought that celling fan revolving above on the roof may be fall down.Some time time think that the wate supply line coming into house may be delitued with sewrage water and that sewrage water mixed into our driking water thefore i should not used tap water for drink. Suggest who can this reamdy can be improve
    and what hemopalthy medicine should be taken

  731. shazia mukhtar says:

    i m 24ayears old and i m feelng 2 lazy and drowsy that i m not able to concentrate on my studies.ijst get fatigue doing after a smal work.plz give me sme solution

  732. Dear Dr,
    I want to know why you are giving these advices and help people, in case, the advices are given free of charges. I am prepared to pay

  733. Dear Doctor,
    My daughter completed 22 years and she is always getting unnecessary unwanted and undesired thoughts about her own mother whom she loves to the maximum. If her mother says “I dont know”, in a slightly tough tone, that is enough for her to feel that she hates her mother and that she wants to run away from the house. In fact, she loves to be at home and her mother is the dearest person to her in the world and she does not want to live away from home but, once she comes home and her mother says any silly thing which is just normal in the family, she wants to leave the house and wish to go away.
    Actually, she is most attached to her mother and she loves to be with her and without her, she feels very uncomfortable. Why does such thoughts come against what she actually wishes? She herself knows that this is an irrational thought but, she cant get away from this thought. It makes her feel miserable and depressive and she feels very dull and not interested in life.
    Please help.
    If I can get your phone number and can talk to you, I will be very grateful to you,
    Thank you,
    Yours sincerely

  734. pramod pal singh says:

    My age about40year old problems persist due erectile dysfunction cause by mental distress.

  735. Hi Dr. Sharma,i am 46 years old. i have been suffering with depression for many, many years. It is not only depression but also severe anxiety. I experience this every day. I feel so stressed out, tired most of the time, alot of twisting in my head, face and scalp sometimes; twitiching , i sometimes feel alot of muscle movement on my face. Find it difficult having eye contact while talking to some body because my eyes are hardly relaxed and the twisting and pulling in my head affect my eyes too. I always feel pain behind my eyes and having a lot of pressure in my head from in to out. .i believe all these emotional issues that happen automatically is causing some phiscal problems on my body. My knees are sored, I’m losing my hair and my hair is becoming thinner and thinnermay be because of the burning sensation in my head. I also believe because of the automatic stress and anxiety that I’m suffering with has resulted to my weak sexual desire, erection issues, low libido. I dont have friends because of all these issues. I stay away from friends because they easily notice that I’m in pain. I stay away from women because I’m weak sexually. I have tried pharmaceutical drugs but those didn’t help. I tried accupunture but it didn’t help. I tried herbal but some just suppress the pains a little. I also have some headaches. Sometimes i feel like there is a bilr in my head; sometimes i feel like there is hot paper in my head; sometimes i feel a sensational pain in my head. Most of the time, i feel like i don’t have enough oxygen in my head. Help me please!!

  736. Deepika Rai says:

    Hello Dr.,

    Its a matter of before 2 years i saw death of two lady they were suffering from diabetes and after this i was so scared of my mom and dad even i am the youngest children and i can not think in dream to live without my parents i was so depressed on that time and so scared for my parents i was not able to sleep and suicidal thoughts comes in my mind and now i m fine but same thoughts and depression comes in my mind not feel like to talk and enjoy and do not able to sleep how can i get rid of this problem permanently, plz suggest me.

  737. Shahada muzafar says:

    I’m 57 year old and im feeling low from past 3 years I have dibatese cribbage also little not serious problem want the cure of my depression and stress so kindly give me suggestion for medicine which one I use for for mild depression but bad stress I fell discourage no enjoyment no hopeful feel bad like a depress person Thanks

  738. shakeel mirza says:

    Dear sir,
    Im banker, having too much stress during my job span .
    I am having a problem since 01 year.
    During my work, suddenly i am feeling fear of death, heart palpitation increse as it is common in anxiety patient. As i read that this is psycological desease, but now i am taking only one sleeping pils.

    Please prescrib for me the best medicine, which i can purchase from pakistan.

  739. having headache around forehead and side temple and it move to to back of my head it is dull pain and having dull neck pain also

  740. Bipin pandey says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am suffrng from sexual problems like no erection in penis, low sperm count, ed, semen loss with urine and depression anxiety…please help me dr

  741. rashmi misra says:

    My husband is a very successful and brilliant proffesor 66years old and has been showing signs of deppresion for the past month. He is doing all his work without the enthuiasm, joy and energy that he normally has.
    could I talk to you on the phone please. My number is 08042037779.
    rashmi misra

  742. My husband has aggressive depression last 15 year
    He taken serenas liquid and he worked in marchent nevy

  743. MITESH K MODI says:

    Dear Sir

    I am suffering from anxiety since last 4 years presently i have take anti depression medicine. Can u suggest me best Homeopathy medicine to completely remove my anxity

  744. priyank singh rajput says:

    Hi. I m 28 yeras old. And i cant sleep properly since last 1 month and i thought always negetive thinks.and i have headache everytime.i cant doing my job and my daily routine going to totaly disturbed because of my sleeping problems. I m taking treatment of homeopathy since last 1 week but my problem still same.plz help me and guide me.
    Thank you

  745. B.Srikanth says:

    Dear sir
    This srikanth I have probleam in penis and urinary and I get burning and pain etc from one year once I stopped the urine from 4 to 5 hour and I test the urine the reports are clear and went so many doctors speacalist like Asian institute nephrology and urology but still I have problem sir please reply me

  746. sandhya chawla says:

    Hi! I have lost my husband in 1993 and having two children one is daughter aged 21 and son aged 24 and half. I am facing problem for my son who is not so mature as normal person. He is working in bpo not understanding his duties no interest in family problem and no interest in job. He wants to sit ideal and chat on phone with opposite sex. He is habitual of smoke & hope also had taken some other drug. Kindly help me how i can get him out.

  747. Hi Sir
    I am samiksha my husband is of 36 yrs old 6 months before he affected with shock when he caught me red handed chatting with some of my friends in night .He presume himself that i am having an illicit relationship with these guys .He lost his control and beat me wildly now he assume that i went there bcoz i was not satisfied with him physically however its not true now he want to get off this relationship and searching girls for himself wants to have a sexual relationship with these girls. but sometime he pampered me and treats me very well but on the very same time he abused me and start beating me . I gave him prothydian with lonazep for somedays but it also not work suggest me a good homeopathy or alopethy medicine which i can give him so he forget all past negative he started chatting with girls and want to have a sex with these girls as soon as possible. I really love him dont live without him.he is saying that i m doing this as tit for tat.please help me.

  748. Homeopathy’s scope of treatment covers anxiety, depression only or can cover other problems such as symptoms of paranoia, delusion, schizophrenia etc. Please let us know what will be the diagnosis process, type of treatment, duration, side effects, whether same treatment for both genders, will the patient be able to continue in their job etc.

  749. kuljinder singh says:

    dr.i m suffring with anxity and may be with is genetic problem in our father,bua, my elder brother was suffer by this brother was died in 2002 due to high depression by train me the sympton are that i get fear when i go alone from one city to another.i cannot travel alone in train.i feel fear without any reason. i started treatment for this disease in 2004. i take many alopathic medicine.but no one can give me 100 percent last i take homopathic medicine from dr.jai dev from yamuanagar HARYANA. it give me much relive. i m also taking a single dose of VENIZ XR 150 daily from last 8 years. dr jai dev told me that i will take this medicine veniz xr 150 wholelife. one another alopathic dr ankur singla also tell me that this medicine will take all life. so dr vikas ji i want to know that in ur homopathy can i recover completly? i can take off veniz xr 150 from my life. can i go anywhere without any fear? i also awoke some time from sleep when i see some danger dreams. please give me right advice

  750. sir, I m suffering from a very similar kind of depression, feeling very much uncomfortable, helplessness, what to do or not to do, what am I doing is just doing because I will have to do it because if I didn’t do it, my daily need will not be able to achieve, i really don’t want to do anything, don’t want to meet anyone, just want to sleep, but when go for sleep it gives me more pain in my mind because my past things come in mind,sometimes feel very much anger, it’s all because I took 26 day leave from my office for the purpose of preparation of. an exam, i couldn’t utilize it n. even couldn’t do better in d exam,so I felt very much guilty, i felt it’s all d mistake of mine,
    Plz suggest me a homeopath medicine with its power,so dt i could purchase it easily

  751. Dear sir,

    My younger brother is suffering from sinusitis from last 3 years and till now he has gone through three operations but there is no relief , that why from last 2 years he is very depress, he does not trust any body , some times becomes very violent . right now he is also having medicine from psychiatrist , which is showing little bit positive result. sir, he has lost his total confidence , some times feels frightened , some times complains about palpitation.

    Please suggest some medicine for him.

    With Regards

  752. Sakthivel.k says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am sakthivel in Tamilnadu my child is 3 years and 6month old, recently lost 2 years he attack with Aasthuma problem so he take medicine lost 2 years continuously. and now his activity is very highly like his Behavior too bad with hardly.Lost 3 months his right side
    eye viewing position is abnormal doctor give eye power glass(+3).


    He is watching chottabeem in pogo Chanel continuously like 7hr per day in home, nobody not near in my home and his age group child also, and no child near by and some times if we go to out station or Relation house his Behavior is hardly and most wost so kindly help to me doctor.


  753. My wife is 57 yrs. old.The main symptoms are Sleepless night, acute anxiety,Heart beat becomes faster, feeling vomiting tendency but no vomiting, frequent urination in night.When there is no sleep during night old issues come into the memory and gets perplexed and stretching both legs.
    She is also a diabetic II patient and taking Allopathic medicines.
    Please advise.

  754. Kirti Agrawal says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Can I shift to homoeopathy medication for anxiety and depression after being treated for cipralex (10 to 20 mg) for 2.5 years?

    Best, Kirti

  755. Muhammad naseem says:

    I feel no pleasure not want meat any one sad news effect to Much diabetes on insuline hbp due to cad debases taking hbp allo medicine also effected by erectile dysfunction in age of 70 years normally look of face and gerapperance looks ok. I want to get ride from depressive and extent hand tension for nothing

  756. rakesh sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am at the age of 38. sometimes negative feeling occurs in myself mostly about sex. i am newly married so please help me to overcome the problem. negative feeling means ghabrahat that i satisfy my wife or not.

  757. manish aggarwal says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma, Am suffering this problem for last 2 years. Am in fobia from my boy child because am staying on roof and when my son was looked to earth then i am affraid , and my problem was started and nagetive thougts come in my mind. pls give me best medicine name to solve my problem. Thanking you.

  758. Shyamnarayan Bhalotia says:

    Dear Doctor, Iam 64 yrs. suffring disturbed sleep from 1968, in middle of thse yrs. the problum was disapard but since last 4 years it become acute. whn ever I try to sleep my mind become full of thoughts and I feel that I have not slept but people say that I slept and snoring, due to this I feel tired when I wakeup. In day time when my head becomes heavy I go for a sleep but at the time of waking up I feel a strong sensation in my head which persists for some time. At night go to bed arround 11 pm and mind becomes active and full of thoughts which contineueds till mornning , when ever I go for toilet in night the same thoughts contineue again from where I left. The thoughts are most of the time unrlated with my day to day life I foreget the after awaking and I feel tired but if I wakeup before mornning I do not feel so tired. I am diabetic on insulin 25 units BD, Aritl H fo BP OD and Prothiaden 75 for stress and sleeplssnes.Pl. Sugest. Thanking you. (One thing In my childhood I fall from a tree Head on without any injury on head due to wet and soft soil)

  759. ALOKE ADHIKARY says:

    My father,76 yr. a depressive patient suddenly turn to serious.Starting from whole body tremour,jaw locking he always closes his eyes and seems to be out of normal sense.Two to three times he stays with open eyes and normal sense.The duration is half to one hour.Then return to trauma. He was under psychriatic drug.This situation is of five to six days.Throat is full of mucus which creates hindrance to get entry into stomach inspite of will of the patient.Guide me pl.

  760. hina sharma says:

    Sir meri age 28 years h mere sir m hamesha dard rahata h or m bahut dukhi pareshan rahati hu m bahut jyada sochti rahati hu mera man karata h ki ghar chood ke bhag jau mujhe gussa bahut aata h mera kisi bhi kam m man nahi lagata h plz sir mujhe koi treatment bta de .

  761. Tapan Kumar Saikia says:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter, 22 yrs, has been suffering from severe depression since Oct’ 2010. Allopathic treatment is going on but no fruitful result found. Her problem becomes chronic. Can my daughter become cure with the help of homeo medication ?

  762. Dr. M. R. Khan says:

    Neither I feel myself at all nor my friends & relatives do. But I don’t get sleep sound more than 3-4 hours. Do u call this due to anxiety/depression/stress, though I don’t feel any one of them.
    I’m 72 running and very active, working as a director in one of the schools.
    I’m having prostate enlargement with some blood pressure (145/85). No other ailments seem to be.
    Plz suggest any homoeopathic remedy.

  763. karnika yadav says:

    sir my mind recall dirty things and especially shit when I am taking food or any time if I saw dirty bathroom shit in tell me medicine for this problem. l saw Dr but he says it remove by my will power and gave me some alopathich medication but tell me homeopath med. thanks

  764. Md. Harunur Rashid says:

    Dear Doctor
    I’m Harun, 41 years from Bangladesh is looking forward to getting your help. I’m a Banker. I’m suffering from psychiatric problem for more than 10 years. Psychiatric problem indicate..

    1. If my heart bit increases even for a silly matter, I become fearful and unrest for fearing that something is going to be held.
    2. When I hear the news of death, some one’s disease I become fearful. Then I think I’m also a patient of that disease.
    When I get fearful I totally lost my will-power although I understand It is nothing. but I get disorder, unrestness and within a few second my whole body feels abnormal sensation.

    Nevertheless, My sexual duration is getting shorter.

    In this odd situation of mine, I need your prescription for treating my mental health.

    Thank you


  765. Khurshid Iqbal says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I m patient of deportation, sleepness problem pls help me to guide best medicin

  766. Shah Faisal says:

    Sir I am 31 years old male from pakistan….before marriage i have a fear that i got some serious disease which is not treatable…when i assess my self those thoughts of disease worsed my condition throught those days before marriage i went to the doctor and tested my blood in the lab..the results was ok..but it damaged my mind alot ..irritation…helpless,hopeless,sleepness,constipation,pain in left abdomen and heart areas, always feeling sad etc. i am on homepathic medicine these days..wot would u like to suggest to improve my condition

  767. Dear dr harsha I have started taking medicine for depression from past 1.5 months I have recovered About 30percent still I am feared about panic attacks. How many more months I need to take medicines. Will it cure my disease permanently. Kindly help me I admire your fast reply prakash.a Bangalore

  768. zafar iqbal says:

    please suggest medicine

  769. zafar iqbal says:

    every time sex in mind daily intercourse with my wife but not relief thinking negitive

  770. neha sharma says:

    sir ,i am neha ,sir mere papa deperession ke petent h vo chuchap rehte h or bs kuch ulta sidha sochte rehte h nd vo ye sochte h ki unke pdos vale i mean kuch aese h jo unka galat kr rhe vo sir shi nhi h ,khi jate nhi h or na hi jada bolte h bs jadatr vo chupchap akele or unke mind me negetive thoughts bdhte ja rhe vo akele hi apne aap kuch bolte rehte h ,or vo apne aap me hi rehte h….dr. Hmari help kr do hm apne papa g ko thik krna chahte h so sir plz help me nd plz reply fast…..

  771. welldone sir , i can not use english very well, i think u r indian , i am pakistani. sir i want to discuse with u my sereous problem about my desease, which is my tension and sleeping illniss, i suffar for 10 years , may mamory is week, my mind have lot of thoughts , no concentration , body weekness, sadness are major semtoms of my desease.

  772. Hi,
    A very good afternoon Dr.Sharma,

    i am Kiran from Andhra pradesh. i have been suffering from depression or what i dont know from last 4 years.Now I had completed my mca actually what happened is when i am studying my degree( 2nd year in my final exam preparation, i started studying one question which i had already read before but i was unable to get that question for one hour then i overviewed the whole book once, i felt fear,so anxiety ,sweting,and i could not concentrate on any thing,i have lost sleeping on that day,i feel that i could not able to read the qestions for the exam.the next day exam also happened the same situation.i lost my hope,i lost my confidence,After the examinations had completed i have the same feeling, i decided to take medicines for my condition.i went to homeopathy doctor and he suggested me to use kaliphos 6x and brahmi i used them for six month i felt some better and later i did not used them.from that i am feeling Persistent low or sad mood, Loss of interest or pleasure in activities . Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism .Sleeping too much or too little, often feeling tired and feeling “slowed down with these symptoms. even though i used them now i am feeling some better but i am not getting my confidence back always thinking low about me,feeling sad all the time. even thogh i use kaliphos 6x i am feeling well in case of fear and anxiety but iam feeling hopelessness,tired,pessimism,feeling sad,crying
    unable to concentrate on my studies when i am doing anything i am thinking myself whether i am able to complete the task or not.this is my condition
    I hope you will underastand my situation.WAITING FOR YOU REPLY


  773. Vijay Brahma Routhu says:

    Hi Mr Sharma,

    I am a 34 year old. Since more than 10 years I have a wiered problem with excessive sweat on my scalp region. It happens only when I eat. Even a little spice in the food is causing a hell lot of sweat o n my scalp. My hiper tension and heart rate are normal. All of the blood tests are normal. In Recent heatlh visit except vitamin D defitiency I did not see much big problems.
    Please let me know if you have seen any success in treatin this condition.


  774. pankaj rathore says:

    Sir I am suffering from depression from long time ,sir I don’t interest any thing sir first time I am only vomiting and chakkar then I take medicion bt not good effect then few months I chair my blood maleria is found then go to doctors n take medicine few day I am good but once again first time Bali prob . Is again creat & few months be I consult doctor he told me that I am suffering. Form depressed sir plz give me advise plz plz plz ,sir m kya try Kari n to bhuk or n pyas I
    Or sote samye dar b lagta h m bhut paresan hi sir plz help me or asp batayie k m kya Karin kon sa treatment jar baun jis s m puri tarha thik go Jain ,or sir mujhe kuch time thik lagta h or fir s bekar ajib sa lagne lagta h plz sir help me m abhi hopopathy or Baba ram deb ki ayurbedic dabai l rha hi or sir mend kariban 8 mahine s allopathy dabai le rha hu sir us s to koi sideeffect ni hua sir plz help me plz plz plz

  775. Hermandeep kour says:

    My doughter becoms in depression from 4years ago when her first year exam of BDS . befor first paper on first day she think that she have forget all which she read. and she stats to throw every thing and starts weeping. she give every exam but she can not clear her first year exam
    than we stats her treatment from Doctor. the doctor give venla 75 and some more medecien .

  776. Sir, i am suffering from glaucoma and depression since 2yrs please suggest me

  777. respected dr, i havelittle haveness on my head which increased after 2pm spcailly in evninng time. and im feeling fear from sleep.some time my heart beating is increased.plz help me

  778. RAM PRAKASH says:

    sir, i am feared while seeing sharp particle like glass,metal etc.
    It seem to be that it will enter in blood circular system and my hurt will be burst.I am suffering from this phobia or last 14 years.Kindly help me out.

  779. > Sir my doctor(which now not available to me) prescribed me following medicines.
    > 1. Aurum met200ch, 5 pills a dose, one dose on alternate morning.
    > 2. Hyoscyamus 6ch, 5 pills a dose, two doses daily noon and night.
    > But i want to take these medicine in mother tincture form of Dr. Willmar Schwabwe. please tell me alternate potencies in mother tinctures and alternate doses( how many drops) of above medicines.. thanks

  780. Kirtishahi says:

    Talking too much. 15hours. Not sleeping. In. Night. Anger. Raise. Weeping. 1hour.

  781. Hello sir, I am almost 19 in few days, I suffering from depression since last 3 and more years, now I dropped my college it was hard to keep up. I can’t tell my parents about depression since they aren’t in position to help me in treatment and they haven’t so much knowledge of these area, simply they don’t believe in this I know. I want to struggle and get in position to help myself but I feel such a hopelessness. I tried so many self-help, but failed. Is there any way to get motivated and back on life easily without medical help.

  782. Muhammad naseem says:

    Feel no pleasure want to remain separate feel not good to see others diabetic and getting insulin easy well as hip medicines to control artery disease and also lac of proper flow of blood penis not proper erect and getting slimming in length/ widths I think sufficiently information has been given

  783. habib patel says:

    i have weak mental capacity with poor focus/comprehension/memory and have become totally isolated due to my problems my family has suffered greatly as a result of my mental weakness because i have no interest in life and that makes me incompatible even with my own wife/kids
    please help i am 49

  784. Hello sir am studying msc chemistry..i had intensly depressed due to domestic prblms..however am day by day exert myself to avoid depression but i wil not succes…though am feeling very bad..pls suggest me what can i waiting for ur kind responses..

  785. sir
    my name is sameer age 25
    2saal se mind main tension kisi bhi cheez main interest nhi hota aur kabhi kabhi gussa ho jata hu . jo pehle main har cheez main confidence rehta tha woh chala gaya i m so tired also
    plz suggest me any homopathic care

  786. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I often read about your homeopathy advise on website. It is a great help for me and for my family. I need your advise for homeopathy medicine for my 8 year old. She has depression. She has negative thoughts about herself. She thinks that she won’t be able to good mark in the class. She thinks that her writing is bas as compare to other kids. She also thinks that she can not improve herself. Pretty much, she does not show interest in her studies. She is eating a lot (could be because of stress). She is overweight and says kids make fun of her in the school and say her fat girl. She does not want to listen to me. I have to repeat so many times to ask her do her homework, clean the room, etc. She just likes to watch tv and keep it watching for hours and hours. She does not show any interest in reading the holy book or offering the prayers. It looks to me that she is just reading the holy because I have to ask her every day so many times to read it. I am also having stress. Please let me know what medicine should I give my daughter so she overcome her weaknesses and perform better and think positive about herself. I will really appreciate your help in this matter.




  787. Sir,

    My wife is 33 years old & she is suffering from depression last 11 years.
    She feels low mood,lack of concentration, anxiety, shy,difficult to express herself,difficult to be communicate with others and can’t trust others.
    She used to take allopathic medicine. From 2010 she takes Desval ER 250 & Melthix.
    Once she was tried to stop this medicine but she feels pain on her right hand, right leg & right side of head.
    But there are many Side effect in said Medicine, So want to get rid from this medicine,

    So, Please give me substitute in Homeopathy,

    I will be very thankful to you,

  788. Aamir Rasheed says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am 34 years old Male from Pakistan, 4 years ago I was found Patient Of Depression,Self esteem,and talking Shout,very less Confidence, then I consult with Doctor,who Suggest me Aleopathic Medicine Clomfranil 25 MgX6 ,Which were prove Useful For me But there was many Side effect In said Medicine,So Want To get rid this Medicine,

    SO,Please Give me Substitute of said in Homeopathy,

    I will be very thankful to you,


    Aamir Rasheed

  789. rajendra goswami says:

    i having depression dulness sleeplessness

  790. RAJ KUMAR SAMYAL says:

    Sir, I 45 years old male and have not sound sleep in the night. In the early morning my whole body found aching and migrane in mind.

  791. samina tarannum says:

    Dear dr.
    My sister is suffering from depression. She was an introvert and had a financial loss. Due to which she doesn’t want to talk to anybody else my mother. Always says that she will loose her job cries and stammers. She says that she is very bad could not do simple things as she lost important papers. She wants her husband tone around but becomes abusive and aggressive at times and then a moment later SATs nice things to him. She told her psychologist that she idolizes her mother who had balanced work and home easily but she could not do so. And she is worst of four siblings. In sleep also she says her worries. Doctors r giving sleeping pills to put her sleep but her brain remain active…. She also have suicidal tendencies. Please help
    Her elder sister.

  792. Mithun Sinha says:

    I am suffering from the symptoms you mentioned about depression for last 4 months and above. what can i do for that? I spent the nights sleeplessly. I think I am suffering form depression.

  793. Hi Doctor Sharma,

    My sister has severe acid reflex issue, Can’t eat food and loosing wait and energy she is married and has one 8 Year’s old son. Her age is about 37. Please advise her some medicine.



  794. Sir i am a 19 year old student .i have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder.this has been since june.i have taken homeopathy medicines but i guess its not working properly.Most of the symptoms have subsided but right now i feel detached from seems everything has become robotic and unreal.My memory has also become low.i feel as if i have lost my personality.Please help…..

  795. wasim peerzade says:

    M 25 year old.two years back I woke up in a morning and I feel like that I drunk..and I felt like that black cloud is there on my mind..and I consult d psychiatric and doctor prescribed me serta 100mg but I didn’t get cure .and he changed the tablet serta to D VENIZ, 50mg now also I didn’t get cure.c.riusly m get frustrated with this brain is not functioning like earlier please help me…

  796. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have gone through your given article . My sister facing similar problems . She is facing this problem from last two years.

    We have gone through several treatment but not got fully cured . she feels sad, sleepy most of the time. Some time , she feel attacks like having problem in taking breath, starts to weep and her body tighten up and holds our hand very tight. It continues unless we give her english medicine prescribed by Doctor . We gave her Flunil 10 mg or Epitril .25mg

    We are losing hope that she will be fully cured. The attacks and depression reoccurs with short or long span of time . It reoccurs after 3 to 4 days or some time after 3 to 4 week . Recently, It is happening very shortly.

    I hope you will give us some hope . We are living in NCR region.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    With regards,


  797. Doctor ji namaskar sir i’m 35 years old man suffering from a psychological problem from last one year that when i go to toilet for bowl movement my stomache does’nt clean properly i feel that the bowl movement is not finished as much as i try to concentrate on but the pressure disapear automatically. Now the situation is that it has become a ‘Phobia’ i dont need laxative because i’m not constipated i want to know is this a stomache problem or a brain related problem or depression and can you treat me with homeopathy please reply me soon

  798. vijay kumar says:

    is OSD and depression is common. my wife has the problem of washing hands and some other problems like not to off the light button etc. can u suggest some medicine for the same.This problem is about 2 years old. How much time it will take to cure near about.


  799. I m 18 year old .i m getting admission in new college. This is too far from my home . I want to go to the college but when i reach the college . I m feeling too much stress and depression. Without attending class i came back to home. When i reach home i m feeling good , but when i thinking about the college stress and depreession was came back. Please sir gave me some strong solution

  800. Sashikar Deo says:

    i m 31 yr old from nepal. i m taking petroleum 200 since 1 and half year .its homoepathic medicine.its medicine for skin disease.
    Since 1 month i feel my heart beat rate is high.Does this medicine increases the heart beat.Does this medicine have side effect.

  801. CHANDER KANT SURI says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Depression, feeling tired and always live in low mood and have no interest in my work.
    Kindly advice the treatment in Homeopathy.

  802. Dayal Dass says:

    my wife is suffering from mental depression for last about one year. she has undergone Alopathy treatment continuously for six months and was fine. after we have stopped the medicine. almost about three months break the problem arouse and again we have to take the same for another three months. Although it is very affevtive but there are more side affects of it like, no mensis, excessive lactation, wieght gain, loss of sexual activity, itching all over body etc.
    i want to swith over to Homeopathy and ready to take it for a longer period of time atleast it will not have such side affects. The details of My wife are as follows:-
    Age- 37 yrs, having two kids girl 12 yrs, boy 10 years, weight- 62 kgs (after treatment) else it was 50 kgs
    symptoms:- apppearance of thaughts, spritual thoughts, bad thaughts like somone kills her dear ones, talking to self, tearfull when thaught process increases, sleepless ness. please suggest

  803. Dr
    I am suffering from depression and getting allopathy from last 15 days . kindly suggest me some homeopathy treatment

    AK Dhir

  804. mohit aggarwal says:

    I have PTSD due to childhood trauma. I am looking for a rehab center where i can stay and get better. I want something that is effective treatment.

  805. S K Prabhakar 71 says:

    Dear Dr, I am 71 year old . As per my ultra sound report dated 24-5-13 a casule of 32gm prostat is there
    will you please suggest me homeopathy medicine

    • Narendra Kumar says:

      I am going through severe anxiety problems from last one year i want to start homeo treatment how much time it will take to get rid of this symptoms.I fear to go out,i fear crowd, have weard dreams disturbed sleep,always thinking negative. I have also High blood pressure. Due to 27 gm of prostate I fill congestion in passing urine and burning in passing urine. I also suffering from acidity and gastric trouble from 10 years.
      Please help i want to come out of it.
      Mr Narendra

  806. Sleepless heart closed worried

  807. narsimha says:

    sir im suffering from ocd from 3 years plz tell me sir sollution

  808. godugu narsimha says:

    im suffering ocd sir frequent urine tension

  809. A K Mishra says:

    sir, i age,36 yrs, m feeling worthless,lack of confidence,lethargy, lack of energy all d time , negative thoughts, feeling more anxious at home, hurt feeling to own kids/spouse. it has been happening with me for the last 15 years. i tried a lot of doctors (allo.) , it removes but doesn’t last for a long time. intensity of this increases at day time. kindly suggest me homo. medicines & guidelines of doses.

    thanks & regards,

  810. hrushikesh pujari says:

    I am always feeling very weak.I cannot rise in the morning due to weakness.In the late morning 11 am I used to feel a little better.I also constantly feel a pain in my left leg. The spot of pain seems to change quite often.I feel very sad and do not feel like talking to anybody.I prefer to lay in bed always but can not have a sound sleep.I have undergone the allopathy treatment of clinical depression.I felt better for a brief period but again relapsed to depression even if the medicines are continued. Have you any solution to this? Is there any permanent cure to this disease in homeopathy. Please guide me.

  811. sandeep gupta says:

    mujhe chhoti chhoti kaam bhi bahut difficult lagta hai
    itna kharab lagta hai ki sucide kar loo
    kahi bhi jana aana achha nahi kagta hai lagta hai ki jindagi bojh hai
    please help me

  812. dr.jawahar budhrani says:

    Dear sir
    My mother is suffering from CKD not on dialysis no history of DM,hypertension. Creatinine-3.3 urea 72
    She was diagnosed in 2010 via renal biopsy.
    Kindly tell me homeo medicines to avoid dialysis.
    Thanx. Regards. Dr.jawahar

  813. gursharan says:

    my sister age 54 is suffering from depression,previously she was apatient of deep depression by medicine she is ok but she says that allthe timesounds come in the earwhat ever she does some one reapts in her earssometimes she feels uneasinessshe teaches in aschool;can you suggest some medicine,ialso want your phone no

  814. Akash Verma says:

    I am age 45. I am having sever enixety and fear of happening some thing wrong with my heart. I always think that I am going to have a heart attack thogh I have done tests several times and every thing is fine. This all started after a death of one of my friend, who died from heart attack. I have blood pressure and after getting this though my BP goes up. Now my confidence level for every thing is very low, always fearful, having negative thoughts and dont know how to overcome.

  815. I m 51years old male…i feel weakness m depressed all of a sudden sometimes’; short tempered’: restless legs::errectile dyfunctioning…feel difficulty in recalling names some times…fear of insequrity…..feel one side of nostril closed always

  816. rakeshverma says:

    Mare ko bahut hi ghabrahat hoti hai sarir kaptha hài jara see baat per dil dhak dhak karney lagtaa hai .

  817. My wife, aged abt 62 yrs suffers from depression, phobias, negative thoughts. Can u pl suggest some effective homoepathic medicine? Thanks

  818. Noor Shaikh says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My husband, Nikhil, met with a train accident on 3rd October 2012 and he was hospitalized in a very critical condition. He had 3 major operations but was on ventilator since the day of hospitalization. At his last stage , he was unconscious for 4 days and on the last fay on 25th October 2012 he suffered cardiac arrest. He was only 25.
    Now, my case of depression is very severe bcoz this was my love marriage. I had known him for about 2 and a half years and we had just got married on 7th Aug.2012. I do not have parents and I have been living in a PG since many years. Although I was alone before I met him, I was still okay, But, after having met him..I actually came to know the real happiness. He had been my constant support. He gave the love of a friend, parents and husband. Even on a hospital bed, he was concerned for me all the time and would want me at his side always.
    I did not have much support from his relatives, but somehow our office colleagues helped us financially.
    I just don’t know how to survive without him. Its all the more difficult bcoz I have seen his pain and suffering throughout his hospitalization. Since he was on a ventilator all the time, we could not speak with each other and he would constantly be asking with signs that when would his ventilator come off. The accident was so severe that as per doctors he was paralysed completely. I would always hope that once he would be discharged from ICU, I would try my level best to heal him thru Physiotherapy. I never thought he would die. Its such a great tragedy for him and for me. I’m very depressed as I have seen him suffer and he used to be very dejected, I could see his tears. All these is very very difficult for me and also bcoz now its very difficult to live without him.
    After his death, I started with Allopathic medicines. But it was causing me lot of side effects and I was also very worried that I would be totally dependent on it. About a month back, I stopped with those medicines. But the pain and depression is very very raw. I’m goin thru lot of anxiety, loneliness, suffocation and wot not. Also though I’m trying my level best to divert my mind, my unable to do so. I just can’t carry on. Also I just feel like crying all the time. Missing him just tooooo much.
    Since homeopathic medicines do not have side effects, I’m really keen to start with.
    Need your guidance. Please help

  819. Dear Sir,

    My wife is 33 year old, we have blessed with three children, we are a happy family but for last two years she generally has the following feelings/problems :

    a) No one cares for her even me too.
    b) No one loves her even me too.
    c) She has no reason to be happy or to live.
    d) Life is useless.
    e) She has many more similar negative thoughts in her mind , she relates them with the incidents of past life specially her childhood, she keep on thinking about these and start weeping and keep on weeping and weeping.
    f) No advise/suggestion has any effect on her. She get irritated with the positive reinforcement given to her that time.
    g) She has no interest/pleasure in any activity at home.
    h) She is not ready to change her this thought process and she is assured that her this thought process is correct and need not to be changed. She think that what ever she think and whatever she say is correct.
    i) The following physical problems have also started :-

    i) Low blood pressure generally in the morning.
    ii) General weakness/tiredness/feel sleep.
    iii) Feelings of suffocation.
    iv) Broken veins.

    I request you kindly suggest if there is any treatment of these problems in homeopathy.

    Thanks and regards

  820. Vishwjeet Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,

    As per the details mentioned by you in your web-site, i think am into depression.

    Few months back my divorce application filed and this is major for me to getting into depression.

    Now a days i fall short of words while speaking, even i know the word but i cannot memorise it
    , lack of concentration , lack of communication,loose patience,seems brain stop working while speaking – no concentration , loose all my confidence specially when am talking to any girl/ladies, even when i talk to my family female members too, i cannot concentrate and felt hesitant with them , too much Nervousness , lack of interest on doing any activity.

    Secondly i consult with psychiatrist and he suggested me some alopathic medicine which i took for 2 weeks around , i hope there is no side effect of those medicines, if yes then please suggest me how i can be a normal person again with all the above mentioned symptoms.

    My blind belive is in homeo-pathy and i want to be a normal guy again.


  821. aoa,
    sir I had an arrange marriage from the first day of marriage my husband takes no interest in me and sex with me on the force of my in laws he build relation of husband wife with me but as soon as he knows that im pregnant from that day he doesn’t take husbands like interest in me he go to work and come back home sleep and next day again go to work,whole pregnancy I lead without sex even after baby he has not interested in sex when my baby becomed 7 months old he do sex but that was on my demand not him,i have talk to him to fulfill my desires as im his wife but he is feeling less like a stone .I cant leave him as I love him also I have baby girl so I had to do compromise of living with him witout husband wife relationship. when I ask him to go to doctor he said im perfectly fine I don’t need a doctor
    he knows that I never say anything about him to someone else so he knows I live with him forever that’s why he has no guilt on making me un happy and dipressed being a women ask for sex even to my own husband is the death of my self respect im not ugly im a perfect women ,educated ,beautiful then y he not even looking at me I didn’t deserve him but
    now I decided to take medicine who kills feeling of love in me so that if he don’t need me I also don’t want to be loved by him I also don’t want to beg for love to him
    I remain depressed throughout the day
    please tell me the name of any homeo medicine which kills my sex drive and make me feeling less like my husband please please help me
    reply me soon

  822. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am in severe depression, pls suggest an homeopathic medicine for depression.



  823. Anisa Bapu says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I am a housewife living in the Uk.
    I have suffered with depression since 2009 after the birth of my third child and subsequent divorce.
    I am at present taking 40mg of citalopram
    I was wondering if homeopathic medicine could perhaps help treat my depression i would definitely consider traveling to india for treatment
    Look forward to a reply
    Anisa Bapu

  824. namrata ansari says:

    In my life every thing is perfect.jon,career,husband,son.but in the evening i feel sąd or i dont want to do anything want to sit quietly .or If i har bad thing about anybody i relate that with me and become sąd it will take tel to there days to come out of it. I fritend to żywy słone at home or go out.what is the solution for this ? Or am i dipressed?

  825. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My name is Denis and I read your blogs about homeopathy. I find it very informative and useful .
    I would like to ask you a question.
    I am 37 yo, male and been feeling depressed for the past 17-18 years. Most of the time it is manageable , but can go lower , my mood. I feel sad, chronic sleep problem , easy to get upset, emotional weakness. depending on the social circumstantial, symptoms can get worse .

    I also suffer from chronic fatigues syndrome , which started about the same time as depression( 17 years ago) it is hard to say at this point what started first.
    I am wondering which of the homeopathic remedies will be the most suitable for my conditions.


  826. Harmeet GIll says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    My husband has been suffering from depression for the last 6 months. He has seeing his GP and has treated with CItalopram and Prozac these had no effect and has now been prescribed Venaflexaine which he is due to start this week. My husband is normally a confident out-going person but since he has been suffering from depression he has changed into being very anxious and wants to stay in the isolation of our home. I love him dearly but do not know how to help him. A friend of mine recommended homeopathic medicine, please can you advise me.
    Kindest Regards
    Harmeet Gill

  827. I am 51 years old man, suffering from following problems like

    1) Unhappiness ) lack of confidence specially talking with people 3) lack of interest in doing any thing. 4) anxiety 5) lack of concentration in work(office) 6)insomnia or excessive slipping 7) anger.

    In this regard I would like to mentioned that I had taken alopathy treatment from psychologist. and taken medicine from April’2011 to Dec’12, during that period I was completely cure.
    Now I request you please suggest me Homeopathy medicine which is suitable for my case to get rid of my problem.

    Thanking You,

  828. VIJAY KUMAR says:

    I am findingthe sama symts.

  829. lorraine says:

    i have just started taking ignatia presribed by my gp the dose is 1mg twice a day is this safe ?

  830. Hi

  831. ravindra srivastav says:

    negative thought bahut adhik sochna adhik sochane se ghabrahat nid nahi ane please help me
    age 22 and i will take fludac near 6 month any side effect

  832. ravindra srivastav says:

    negative thought bahut adhik sochna adhik sochane se ghabrahat nid nahi ane please help me

  833. I am 38 years suffering from Depression for 15 years. I took Medicine prozac 20 mg for one year three years ago. I didn’t help me. Now I have memory Problem and sleep problem. Is there any way in homeopathy to cure this?


  834. karamjot singh says:

    sir my mother is a patient of depression and sleeping disorder
    They are taking a combination of
    Clonazepam duloxetine 30 mg mirtazapine 15 mg nitrazepam 10 mg
    Although she feel good after this midication but her weight is not onthe point where she wants
    Weight increses at very rapid rate
    Do reply for a better solution

  835. k k aggarwal, PATHANKOT says:

    Geeta aggarwal,my wife,aged 66 suffering from Depression for last 4 months.
    Previously she had 4 years back,but recovered with allopathy.
    This time, she is still suffering & fearful of public, in spite of allopathic as well as Homeopathic treatment.
    even she vomits daily since 10 days .
    Needless to say, she has guilt,withdrawn, loss of interest,indecision & hopelessness .

    Could u kindly guide & advise !

  836. Its been almost a year i am facing this problem of uncontrolled behavior. i get these spouts of uncontrollable crying and intense weeping with anger and aggression to kill myself or harm my husband who taunt me even in very low tone but with very bad expressions that i hate. recently on 6th April & 10th April I had these fits of anger and cry. I try hard to keep mum and remain silent but i always fail and start abusing, weeping, shouting and harming my self or my husband. and it never happen with nyone else..only with my husband. i love my husband . however we had difficult times of interrelationship for almost a year just after marriage. i married since 4 years. but this problem has sprouted for just 1 or 1.5 yr back after my maternity.pls suggest me what is this…is this obsessive compulsive disorder. i had consulted a psychologist . she gave me medicine of salt proxetine. pls suggest something to improve theses spouts of aggression and sadness as theses lay very bad effect on on my digestion, skin and mental rest. I m actually going through a financial crunch and cannot affrod any financial implication. can you pls suggest me some medicine that i can take myslef from homeo drug store for treatment. I am already taking kali phos 6X regularly.

  837. ranipanchal says:

    Sir I have a problem in which I feel ghabrahat like if its heavy raining or too much cold weather n like m going to sumwhr which is a small town thn I feel if there is no doctor wat ill do n thn thnkng all this I feel ghabrahat n I feel negative in little things evry time pls help me n I dont evr feel like suicidal tendency like depression so wats my problem called? ???????im 38 right now.

  838. Aamir Rasheed says:

    Dear Drs,

    I am Getting Alopathic Medicine Of Clomfranil 30mg, 6tablet X 1 day,I feel better for this but a side efftect is Gaining Weight,kindly guide me In Homeopathy for Depression,
    I will be very thankful to you for this,


    AAmir Rasheed

  839. Vivek kumar mishra says:

    i’m of 24 year old and have been suffring from depression for last of 2010 .but before going in depression i was in extremly stressful condition during sep. 2008 to 2011.this stress devloped due to some confussion about my health and specialy due to fobia of deasese.til now i have no taken any medicine but now i feel that i have to take medicine.i prefer homeopathy.could it be helpful for me?plese help me.i’m waiting your reply.thanks

  840. Devender Singh says:

    Sir, i am full of negative thoughts. i always think of heart attack and whenever this thought comes in my mind i feel restlessness. Even sometimes my BP rises high. I am suffering this for the last two years and now it is has made my life hell. How to treat it. Please suggest.



  841. My daughter is suffering from OCD, anxiety and depression for the last 1 year and she is taking pulsatilla 30 on three hourly basis for the last three and a half months, recommended by homeopathy doctor, there is no sign of improvement. Kindly suggest should medicine be continue or some other homeopathy medicine be given.

  842. S.K.Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good afternoon.
    My relative age 45 has been suffering from severe depression,ocn,ocd etc. since last 25 years.He took mainly homoeopathy ,aurvedic for some tine and allopathy also.But no any good result.PL guide which is the best method of treatment and what should he do in addition to medicines?
    Thanks and with warm regards

    AGE 36
    0.25] TWICE A DAY

  844. i am having a problem of psychology an depration i have an direct eye contact wit peopel an an when i look in thannt ere eye they cannot look at me .when ever i see a person my eyes goes direct too their eyes that isthe from 4 years i am having problem cause of these problem i am very depressed i dont know what to do

  845. nagendra bhandari says:

    my son every time thinks he will dead without doing any thing
    due to accident etc.
    mood swings every time please advice some homeophathy medicine

  846. Hi doctor sharma, I have been diagnosised with depression and anxiety since 2009. I’m still taking some antidepressant since 1 and half and I have felt better than before but I want add homeupathic medicine toy treatment and I want to feel more better faster . Do you think should I add homeupathic or not?

  847. poonamchouhan says:

    meri didi ko lagta hai sabhi milker use cheat kar rahe hai bo har kisi per shake karti hai she is 22 year old . use lagta hai uske friend,curson brother and sister and nehbuir use harm karne ki koshish kar rahe hai or un logo ne hamre ghar me camera laga diya hai. humne use bahut manene ki kosish ki per vo dr. ke pass jane ke liye rady nahi ho rahi hai or hum bahut chote city me rahte hai yaha depreesion ka koi dr. nahi hai .use lagta sab milker use pagle sabit karne ki koshih kar rahe hai.please aap meri hlep kijye kyoki uski condition day by day karab ho rahi hai vo logo ko gali dane lagi jab use koi samjhane ki koshih karta hai to vo un par sleap kar dati hai please aap meri help kije

  848. Rajesh Kumar says:

    dear sir
    Is there any treatment for hereditary depression \anxiety in homeopathy. I am suffering for the last 15 years and the doctor says that you will have to bear is and after two year of initial treatment i stopped taking treatment and starts physical exercise a lot to increase my chemical level but now i am 53 years old and could m\not run fast and exercise too much. Will you be kind to suggest suitable medicine. The main symptom are tiredness and negative thinking and pain & stiffness in neck and blades .

  849. I have been prescribed argentum nitricum 200 . I have been sufferibg from sciatica pains n slip disc .

  850. i m suffering from depression anytime low mood sometimes i have to go out of home but few hours before that i become nervous my hands feel not working i weep sometimes small work like washing clothes brush become impossible not able to do work professionally please help i will be highly grateful

  851. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I am taking homeo medicine Sulpha Penta Sol for depression, It works well but even after 2 months of taking this medicine if I forget to take it even for 1 day, symptoms start emerging. I am not suicidal however other common syptoms like hopelessness, no interest, fatigue, insomnia were present.

    Is it the right medicine?



  852. arvind bhatnagar says:

    Is there any permanant solution in Homeopathy to overcome from Depression. If yes, how much time it takes after starting medicine.

  853. Amod Kumar says:

    Sir,I am based in Delhi and and my wife age is 40 years.She has following symptoms since last two months- Sad without reason,hopeless,helpless,heavy head and neck,less appetite and sleep,loss of interest in activities including sex,irritable.One major problem is that he thinks that neighbors are keeping watch on her and making conspiracy to harm her.She thinks that neighbors are passing comments on her.
    She has consulted Psychiatrist but alopathic medicines did not suit her.Please advise me about her disease and homeopathic treatment.
    With regards
    Amod Kumar

  854. Dear Sir,
    My brother mandip is seriously caused by depression since 4 years.His treatment is going from GMCH-32 he got seasonal winter dipression again & threat us for sucide.please help me for his permanent treatment with homopethic medicion.

  855. s ahmad khan says:

    dear sir
    i am suffring from depression last 10 year i have used cepram s 10 when i am using medicine that time i am feelin well after that i am i am not feeling well i leave to use medicine now a days i am facing problem of concentration ;ack of confidence and stress every time plz help me

  856. Sandeep Jasuja says:

    My father in law is under depression after the death of my mother-in-law. He doesn’t want to enjoy, does wear proper clothes even in winter, just sings by sitting outside in house, listens to nobody and just says that he wants to die.

    My mother-in law expired in 2008. till then he is in such a position.Mood swings and they sit outside house calling people to whom even he doesn’t know and behaves very strange.

    Kindly confirm whether Homeopathy treatment is better for this case for earliest recovery. His age is 69 years.

    Kindly confirm

    • Dear Sandeep Jasuja

      I think Homeopathic Remedy Ignatia can improve your Father-in-law. Please communicate with your nearest Homeopathic doctor.

      Dr. Sumon

  857. Suffering from Hypertension, DM. Had heart attacke in May 2011 and 3 stents were placed in the heart.

    In March; 2012, Allopath diagnosed Psoriassis. Itching is creating depression. I am 56 years old male and works as IT head in a good company at Kanpur.

    Relegeous back ground and have faith in God but becoming difficult to cope us with itching and related depression.

    Allopathic medicines – Clavix AS 75 BD, Telma AM 40 BD, Cardivas 6.25 OD, Atorvastation 40 mg od Pantocid DSR OD. For DM – Januvia 100 OD, Glim 1 TDS, Parandil 0.3 MD TDS. Recently dr prescribed Atrax 25 MG 1/2 tab OD. Daxid 50 mg 1/2 Tab for depression and Bigbro 100mg for lungs / asthama also prescribed but not started.

    Homeopathy – Rauwolfia Serp MT 10-15 drops BD, Essentia Aurea 10-15 drops BD, Spigelia 30 4 pills BD, Syzygium Jambolanum MT 10-15 drops TDS.

    For psoriassis – 3 dose of Psorinum 1M, Petroleum 1M, Graphites 1 M, Hepar Sulph 200 and Mezerum 1M taken on alertnate days in a week i.e. I take one medicine on one day in a week.

    Is medicines are over?

    Kindly help me.


    KK Garg

  858. My son aged 30 years is unemployed for the last 5 years and whenever we ask him to join a job, he starts trembling and sometimes turns violent. He says that we are asking this as we are greedy of money and we want to live on his money. He is also suspicious of everyone who visits us and ask us to switch off our phones and not to talk to anyone. Are these symptoms of depression? Is there any treatment. He does not take any medicine and visit any doctor for this disease.

  859. Rajendra Prasad says:

    Dear sir
    My spouse having problem of sad mood, Loss of interest or pleasure in activities including sex.she also Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism .Sleeping too little.she also attempted Suicide and also thoughts not live.
    please giude me.

    Rajendra Prasad

  860. sir i was disturbed of some arguments and went into depression then my idiotic friend took mo the REIKI person and he told SPIRIT is there in me and thorough HYPNOTISAM we can take out them i believed him they did something they told now i am freed but the way explained to me is making me so fearful now this thought is killing me,i went to psychotherapist she gave me WHITE CHESTNUT,MIMULUS WIII IT work and will i be normal please tell me what i should do?

  861. My daughter is under depression since last 1 1/2 years. She has tried suicidal attempts several times due to fear of failure in life. She was forced to take different subject( other than her choice) by me.
    What homeopathic medicine will be prescribed by you? Her age is 19 years.

  862. Doctor mujay depression ka masla 19 saal ho gay hn mayray 2 bachay hn mujay mouth ka dar tari ho jata hai may itney arsay say clomfranil 25mg tab lay rahe hn bus buhat painful lif ho jati hai jab penic ata hai ab deibatic and bld presre b start ho gaya hai age matri 40 hai jaisay koi b baat ho k log boltay hn k hm kal ya 10 sal bad ye karain gay may sochti hn k hm zinda hn gay kya ye sab mujay father ke death k bad start hua may aik dar k bagair zindagi guzarna chati hn smoking b karti hn

  863. satish gupta says:

    Dear sir,
    this is satish gupta from delhi,
    .i am suffering from hypertension from one yaer under treatment alopathy medicine,but iwant cure from it, so pls advise homeopathyhasoption to cure or not,.if yess, how stat treatment in homeopathy.
    satish gupa

  864. Naqeeb Zazai says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Low or sad mood,loss of interest or pleasure,helplessness,hopelessness,sleep too much,feeling tired,lazy,anger and
    Excessive weeping,having difficulty in concentrating and application of mind,sexul weekness,
    Memory loss.
    Can you advise me medicine plzzzz

  865. i praposed to a girl but he didn’t accept me. I am in total depression now, i want to come out from this depression and i want to win in my life. please help me out.

  866. My daughter 26 yrs old finds it difficult to manage her life, finds difficulty in getting up & ready for her job . Because of her no control over her time management, she , even we are suffering a lot, she cant retain her job for a long time, she has made her & life of other family members a hell very dominating, rude, aggressive, always complaining & blaming. life is a long struggle for her. always complain of lack of rest, tired, crying , full of guilt, please help

  867. A BANERJEE says:

    My brother(aged 68) is suffering from severe depression since 2002. In 2004 he was somewhat OK after prolonged psychiatric treatment.He had angioplasty thereafter. His psychiatric symptom recurred last year and still continuing despite medication(allopathy). His main problem is severe fright for unknown reason.Escalates in the morning. Always tries to take sleeping pills to avoid fright.Very subdued in nature from beginning.Talks less, avoids friends and relatives. Please help.

  868. shailendra kumar says:

    i am suffering from depression-sleeplessness, stomach disorder, restlessness. because of it i am dismissed from govt. service. i am taking pari cr25 and amisulpride 50. i am relaxed but sleeplessness is there. which medicines i can take in homeopathy. pl. reply. i will be grateful to you.

    • Hello doctor. I’ve been separated from husband for 7 months-I completely was shocked to find out this professional golfer I married-considered one of the ‘good guys’ on tour is a pathological lier…I’m still in shock. He put me in complete financial despair, debt, depression. I can not focus, I still cry all the time (he is the love of my life, my soul mate), I know he is of terrible character and I need to divorce him now-I can’t get my heart to buy in. I am depressed, sad, confused, can’t sleep, can’t get motivated to move forward, just want to crawl in bed and sleep and cry, and I can’t shake being betrayed by my soul mate. Please give me direction of how to deal with this-I’m desperate.

  869. diptithakka says:

    I am feeling down from june last week, dont like to go our, dont like to work, constant thinking, loss of sleep. why to live ? how to get rid of this life with no pain ……….. all thoughts comoing in mind.

  870. Sireesha Ginkala says:

    I had depression past 5 years.ilike to know how u treat depression.i stayed in usa

  871. Sivan Pillai CP says:

    Dear Sir, My friend’s son aged 17 years was good enough in his studies upto xth standard and scored 100/100. However, in 11th standard after putting him in tution classes for normal school and for enterence examination; some sign of depression is being seen on him. The main symptom are : very agressive, violent, claiming always that our education system is not proper (india), not studying, less sleep; thinking, often feeling tired or slow down, less appitite, sucidial thoughts, worthlessness, hopelessness, no belief in god(earlier god belief was there), feeling