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2 Top Homeopathic Remedies for Depression Major | Suicidal thoughts

I am a 37 years old primary school teacher, suffering from depression for the last two years. There is a continuous feeling of sadness and worthlessness. I get easily tired and have lost complete interest in my household as well as school work, there are times when I feel like committing suicide (without any apparent reason). My sleep is disturbed and sometimes I just sleep for three, four hours at night; Also i have been told that I suffer from Depression Major . I have tried conventional anti-depressive medication, but its benefits were short-lived and were not without side affects. Please suggest a homeopathic treatment for depression major

Rajni , Chandigarh


Rajni , as already diagnosed, You seem to suffer from major depression or unipolar depression, which is characterized by severe, persistent depressed mood and loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities, accompanied by decreased energy levels, changes in sleep and appetite,  feelings of guilt or hopelessness and Most importantly repeated thoughts about suicide.

Homeopathic Remedies for Suicidal Thoughts in Depression Major

Medicines Natrum  Muriaticum, Ignatia, Kali Phos, and Coffea are extremely effective Homeopathic medicines for depression; but for treating depression major different homeopathic medicines are to be used.

1. Aurum Met – When there are Suicidal thoughts

Homeopathic medicine Aurum Met is effective in depression major when there is great loathing of life and there are thoughts of Suicide. Along with this there are classical signs of depression in the patient.

2. Natrum Sulph – For Persistent Suicidal Thoughts

Natrum Sulph is an important medicine for the treatment of major depression where psychotic symptoms of suicidal thoughts are in a greater magnitude, where the patient has to be physically refrained from committing such an act.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Depression Major?

Major depression is different from other two forms of depression – Chronic Low Grade Depression or Dysthymia and Depressed Moods. Major depression refers only to case where psychotic symptoms of suicidal thoughts or behavious are accompanied. Major depression occurs in all groups of people. It affects both sexes, with an increased incidence in women.

2. What are the causes of Depression Major?

There are multiple causes of depression . Biological- people with depression typically have too title or to much of certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Changes in these brain chemicals may cause, or contribute to depression. Cognitive- people with negative thinking pattern, people who are pessimistic, have low self-esteem, worry too much or feel they have little control over life events, are more life events, are more likely events, are more likely to develop depression. Genetic- a family history of depression. Situational- difficult life events, including the death of a loved one, divorce, financial problems or moving to a new place, can contribute to depression.

3. How to Recognise Depression?

Symptoms that might help one in recognizing depression are ~ a persistent sad, anxious or ’empty’ mood, sleeping too little or sleeping too much, reduced appetite and weight loss, or increased appetite and .weight gain, loss of interest or pleasure in- activities once enjoyed. Restlessness or irritability, difficulty in concentrating, remembering, or making decisions, fatigue or loss of energy, feeling of guilt, hopelessness or worthlessness, thoughts of death or suicide. If five or more of these symptoms remain for longer than two weeks or if the symptoms are severe enough to interfere -with the daily routine, consult a physician for a thorough analysis.

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  1. tom rhoad says:

    Can a person take both remedies at the same time for depression?

  2. imtiaz ali says:

    Hello! My bones is so weak because of overworking please suggest me some homeo remedy for to make the bone so strong . im waiting for ur answer plz

  3. muhammad zaheer babar says:

    Greetings from Bahrain Sir,

    My name is Zaheer resident of Bahrain ,national of Pakistan ,40 years of age.Since 2008 I am taking conventional anti depression allopathic medicines to kill my depression. Doctors say that I have to continue medicines for whole life. I came to know from one of homeopathic doctor that there is treatment of depression in homeopathy and no need to take nmmedicines for whole life rather only some period of time.That is why I am writing to you to seek your guidance for homeopathic treatment.

    My history of depression as below;

    Every year there is tendency of low energy mood for almost 15 to 30 days remaining whole year is ok where I have full energy as a normal person to work ,home , friends everywgere.

    Please note when my energy level is down ,

    A.I don’t want to speak to any body socially isolated even with with my wife and kids
    B.I have very low energy level
    C.I di not want to go to office
    D.I try to avoid every body and anybody to talk
    E.I do not to do anything as my heart do not allow me
    F.I do not want to share my condition with anybody
    G.physically I am ok and do not have any illness
    H.Confidence is very low or you can say do not have
    I.I do not want to enjoy sex
    J.Even very small small decisions I am not able to make
    K.My body do not allow me to go for exercise

    Hope you understand my condition

    Waiting for your reply.

    Best Regards,

    00973 35054340

  4. mini vijayakumar says:

    Dear Dr….My son 25 year old is in major depression for the last few years..kindly advise

  5. Sir My name is Nikhil, I have an OCD(scrupulosity). I taking stramonium 30 since 3 month, my religious thought reduce,but some suicidal thoughts increase my mind, what medicine work on m me for both OCD and suicidal thoughts?

  6. Sir,
    Good after noon
    I watch your program on youtube its my pleasure to find you. I like your seggations.

    We are facing a problem with my mother in law she is very aggressive and some time talking normally.

    Reason: is ignore from his husband and mentally torches from in-laws due to the death of baby boys.and weak mussel and stress in mussel

    (in last 3 weeks appear the blue marks on his body and pain in leg so she is not able to walking)

    Age: 55 to 60
    Medicine in use: Esitaloparam 10 mg Morning +Evening
    Weight: 55 KG

    Please suggest suitable medicine availability in Pakistan


  7. MANISH KUMAR says:

    sir i am student initially i was taking prodep 60 mg medicine from 2010 to 2015 but i left medicine in 2015. but right now i have facing lot of problem like random daily routine ,irregular study routine ,memory loss, blurr vision , lack of fresh mood at morning ,more dreams ,lack of concentration , always feeling screen type feeling ,etc

  8. gurvinder singh says:

    Doctor :- i am suffring with high B P {160/105} & heavyly restless mind since i was 17 year old now i am 27,some time i badly feel some older memory’s or past incident or nigitiv thought would flashing in my mind, low memory power & consentration on any thing,with all that i am not feelig happy in joy full atmostphere.i feel heavy on my head + hi bp + virtigo + aggreshion soon without think what is good or bad +un comfertable too live …….. i allways thinkng about somthig (all the time).sir i am taking 1. rauvolfia serpentina Q 2. kali phosphoriicum 30 ch 3. arsenicum album 30 ch & some time {amcard at} . doctor kindly help me to live my life on best helth way. gagan singh 27 {male}

    i will realy thankful you doctor >>>>>>>>>>>

  9. Bhupinder Singh says:

    Respected Doctor,
    I am 32 year old man.
    I feel my confidence is very low as i face problems while talking to someone. Like to avoid social gatherings as i feel m not confident. Feel shy, my memory is very weak now, dont remember things like when i went to picnic last time. And dont remember other life events. I used to smoke weed which i feel is the reason for weak memory and low confidence. I am not confident while looking at someone. These are the symptoms of my problem. Please suggest the medicine,and diagnose the problem.

  10. ramakanta bhuyan says:

    i was suffering from peptic ulcer aug 2015 .after 3month cough type substance ( colourless mucus,thick mucus) came from mouth. same type thing coming from mouth ( less quantiyy) now.i have cured from ulce after 1 year changing three doctor ( elopathy).after 9 month( ulcer) i was feeling warm on chest . doctor told me you are suffering chemical imbalance in brain .he prescribed me nexito plus and olianzo .i awas feeling comfortable(90%) after 5month .then i left doctor due to continuing job at baddi.then i felt sad after 1 month and feeling pain on chest.i felt warm on top of head .after doctor consultation he prescribed me 3 month course ( nexito and antidep).after 3month taking i am not cured fully. now prescribed daxid 50. with antidep 25.i am not fully cured.i am felling pain on chest when pressing. a sound is coming from hed last 6 month. feeling sadness at evening.indigestion and stomach burning also. back side feeling hot also.sweating coming from back side and chest .pl suggest

  11. Harmesh kaur says:

    Hello sir.. Im 42 years old and I’m suffering from depression since 4 years.. I had been taking ecsitelopram tablets but still I’m not feeling well… Then I stopped taking this medicine for 6 months then my doctor suggested me anther medicine… Venlafaxine and clonazepam tablets.. And I’m taking this from past 20 days.. Because of lots of side effects.. I want to switch to homeopathy.. Pls suggest me good medicines in homoeopathy for negative and suicidal thoughts and repeated thoughts and sad mood… Whenever I stopped these medicines I feel constipation… Gas trapping in left side in abdomen and vaginal itching .. So I’m afraid to stop thses medicines

  12. Ashok Motwani says:

    Sir, I am patient of depression since last 15 years due to problem with my wife. I take many allopathic medicines like flunec 20, Prothiaden, Lamitor OD, Asprito, Mirtaz and many other as prescribe by Doctors. I Change about 5 doctors due to medicine works for few times and thereafter I feel again not fit. Doctors not helping me, they repeat same medicines or increase dose of medicines.

    My problem is that every month my mind is going as like sleeping mode. I am not in position to open my eyes. Not in position to work my every day works. Only I am able to sleep on bed and wait when my mind coming in normal position. Taking some over does of medicines to feel OK. I think that these allopathic medicines giving me side effects. I can’t in position to stop medicines and Doctor not listening me.

    Please help me. Give me an advice how can I stop medicine or how can I not going in position describe as above.

  13. Reena Sharma says:

    Persitant sad sleeping too much, reduced appetite and weight loss, loss of interest or pleasure in- activities once enjoyed. Restlessness or irritability, difficulty in concentrating, remembering, or making decisions, fatigue or loss of energy, feeling of guilt, hopelessness or worthlessness, thoughts of death or suicide my husband has been experiencing the above symptons for 2months now what can be done to help him get rid of these feelings and is this chronic

  14. Munish Sharma says:

    I feel low having little interest in day to day activities and low energy level docs told me that I’m suffering from anxiety and advised to use stalopam 5mg then they increased it’s dose to 10mg and now again they are recommend ti double the dose for which I’m not willing.
    Kindly advise me

  15. Kulwant singh says:

    Sir My wife is suffering from Bipolar Affective disorder with Diabetes and under allopathy treatment since last 15 years.Kindly suggest me that Can she take Homeopathy treatment alongwith allopathy..Kindly ellobrate comparison between Allopathy and homepathy treatment of Depression. THANKS.

  16. Ramesh Chander says:

    I am feeling very sad, hopeless, restlessness continuesly from last 6-7 years. I am feeling no interest in life. I wants to live alone, don’t wants to talk anybody. Very much anger and irritation not any control on myself.
    Sir I wants to feel happy and cool and hopeful to words life I have good family my age is 45. Kindly suggest best medicine

  17. Dear sir namashkaar
    help me to come out from this

    My mother aged 67 is suffering from very deep depression like

    1 constantly sad mood,
    2 hopeless
    3 sweat in back neck
    4 perplexed mind
    5 ghabraaht
    6 loss of appetite,
    7 sleeplessness
    8 jidd karna
    9 helpless
    10 loss of confidence
    11 Unwanted fear
    12 not watchs tv,
    13 not want to anyone come home.
    14 early morning awakening
    15 no interest in talking or doing work
    16 Head osilating when deep sorrow not speaking with odd face
     17 hopeless


    It was from 2003 but with the time it decreesed and again above symptoms come back since last two months with great sorrow and hopelessness
    ## Koi saman nahi milta to pure din dhundte rahti hai
    ## mai thik nahi ho paungi hamesha bolti rahti hain
    ## Chup rahti hain
    ## kabhi kabhi huuu huuu type aawaz k sath head osilation karti hain

    Please sir help me

  18. ABHISHEK MITRA says:

    I felt uneasy, panic to travel on the train, metro and lift. I was sweating at that time. I visited to doctor and taking paxidep cr 37.5 and fluanxol 0.5 since 5 years. Currently I am facing many side effects like fatigue, wait gain, high cholesterol, high bp, sleeping problem. Please tell me the substitute of these medicines in homeopathy.

    • Susan Dance says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma, my son is 19, just finished school with excellent results and got a very good place at University. We have noticed a progression of his depression building in him since he finished school. He said these feeling s were often there before, but he masked it with hard work. He is very lonely at home and has deep anxiety about starting at a new place and whether he will cope. He has admitted that he has had strong thoughts of suicide and recently he seems to be very dark about life and just can’t shake it off and feel happy about anything. We are about to start therapy for him, but hope he can take something else to lift him out of this very dark state.

  19. Hania Moid says:

    Dear doctor son is 24 years old.he completed his studies in december 2016.since then he has been looking for a job but has not found any yet.for the past few months i hv noticed a change in his behavior.he loses his temper and starts fighting after which he cries a little and then says that he did not know what happened to him.a few times he has also said that he feels like commiting suicide.can u please suggest some effective medicine for him.he is a very social and friendly person.bit sensitive in nature.when hes very angry he sometime throws what ever he has in his hand.kindly help.thank u.hania moid.

  20. Suhaila ghezawi says:

    We have a case of extreme depression and suicidal thoughts the last two months she even has written a goodbye letter to her kids and mother, do we deal with these thoughts first and then deal with the totality of the case? I though Aurum met but wasn’t sure of the potency

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