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Homeopathic Remedies for Depression In Teenagers

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression in teenagers

HELP ME” read the note. He pasted it on a fourth-floor window, before killing 17 and himself at a school in Germany. Robert Steinhaeuser, a 19-year-old, had been expelled by the school and apparently sought revenge. Armed with a pump-gun and a pistol, he went into the school and started shooting randomly.

Priya (not her real name), till a few years ago, was a happy and a playful young one. She is 16 and is not attending school. Affording education isn’t the problem for her parents. “After the death of her father she is not able to cope with the pressures of life”, says her mother. Priya suffers from depression. Worst of all, last year, she nearly committed suicide.

Although, geographically and symptomatically poles apart, Priya and Robert suffered from the same illness’ depression ‘. If only their parents or teachers had recognised those early signs of depression, surely, their situation wouldn?t have been so catastrophic. Every adult remembers that adolescence is marked by rapid emotional, intellectual, and physical change. So, when a teenager seems depressed, parents, schools, and health providers often attribute the signs of depression to “just a phase the teen is going through” and expect her or him “to grow out of it.” However, many teenagers, at a given time, do suffer from major depression, which may lead to suicide, impair development and quality of life, cause conduct problems and, in some cases, may be related to violent behaviour.

Depression can be a transient response to many situations and stresses. In adolescents, depressed mood is common because of the normal maturation process, the stress associated with it, the influence of sex hormones, and independence conflicts with parents.It may also be a reaction to a disturbing event, such as the death of a friend or relative, problems with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or failure at school.

How to recognise Depression in teenagers

Signs of depression

  • Persistent sadness and hopelessness
  • Withdrawal from friends and activities once enjoyed
  • Increased irritability or agitation
  • Missed school or poor school performance.
  • Changes in eating and sleeping habits
  • Indecision, lack of concentration, or forgetfulness
  • Poor self-esteem or guilt
  • Frequent physical complaints, such as headaches and stomachaches
  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Thoughts of death or suicide

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression in Teenagers

Homeopathy has one of the best treatments for depression in teenagers. It is a highly evolved system when the treatment is to be based on mind symptoms. It goes far beyond the conventional system, Homeopathic medicines are able to flush out the impressions created in minds by stressful events. It has specific medicines for symptoms of depression arising out of different situations – as varied as the loss of a loved one, indignation, domination by peers, sexual abuse, etc. It would treat both Robert and Priya (the above mentioned patients) as two different cases. Robert would be taken as a case “of suppressed anger with violence”, and Priya?s case as depression arising from the “loss of a loved one” whereby the prescription would be different for both of them.Homeopathic medicines like natrum mur, staphysgaria, lycopodium, ignatia, Kali Phos, Aurum Met and carcinocin are some of the important ones often used in treating depression. Psychotherapy and counselling also have a major role to play in the Homeopathic treatment of depression in teenagers.

Ignatia – The best Homeopathic medicine for Treating General Depression In teenagers.

This homeopathic medicine is the leading medicine for treating depression when real cause cannot be elicited and is also widely used as a near specif for treating all forms of depression. This medicine covers nearly all the symptoms of general depression eg withdrawl , sadness , increased irritability etc. I have personally used it in many cases of teenage depression and got great results with it.

Natrum Mur – Homeopathic Remedy for depression in teenager , When Grief is The cause.

Homeopathic Remedy Natrum Mur is well suited for cases of teenage depression when grief is the reason for depression . This grief can result out of various situations eg. loss of loved one , friendship discord , disappointment in love etc.

Kali Phos – Homeopathic Remedy for Depression In teenagers When Stress Overworked mind is the cause.

It is very common to see kids going through depression due to stress excessive study and mental overload on their young minds; Kali phos works very well to treat such forms of depression.

Aurum Met – Homeopathic Medicine for treating depression in teenagers with Suicidal Thoughts

This form of depression is not something that should be taken lightly . One should immediately consult a physician when an adoloscent reports with such symptoms. From the treatment point of view , homeopathic medicine Aurum Met is very helpful in these advanced forms of depression where suicidal thoughts have started to take place .


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  1. Mrs Hussain says:

    Hi Dr Sharja, I was thinking to suggest kali phos fir my friends child who is 15, he has been under a lot of stress due to exams and gets very very frustrated too. It might be that he is also depressed too with lots of other issues.

  2. Kosar Bokhari says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    My 14 year old daughter has signs of depression: lack of interest in school and almost failing in some classes, sleeps more during day and most awake at night, remains sad and hopeless, does not watch TV (previously she watched and enjoyed TV cartoons), loss of appetite and stomach pain (we checked with stomach doctor and he did blood work but everything was normal), she says life has no purpose and gets thoughts of hurting herself. On your website, you describe top 5 homeopathic meds; after reading them, I think Ignatia Amara, Aurum Met, Kali Phos 6x, and Sepia can help relieve her symptoms. All these medicines are available in USA and I can get them in 2 days. Please advise which medication should be given to her and in what dosage? And how long will it take for medicines to work. Some medicines come in liquid and some in tablet forms. Which are more effective? I greatly appreciate your help!
    Thanks so much!

    • Michelle says:

      Hello Doctor Sharma,
      Please advise on a teen depression caused by nothing n particular. The usual stress of school, applying for college, being an introvert and having social interactions to be somewhat challenging apply here. She sleeps a lot, has feelings of “being nothing” or wondering what is the point of it all. Stomach aches that stem from anxiety. She is vegan and has a good appetite and has gained a little weight over the past year which makes her sad. She takes prozac but we would like a homeopathic support. Thank you.

  3. Biswanath Kundu says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    My son is 15, recently has developed severe anxiety and depression. He has autism, but very high functioning. What homeo medicine can I give it to him? I need your help desperately

  4. I have a teenager daughter who has a lot of anxiety and depression. Because of which she has started smoking . Can u help me with any medicine to help without telling her which I can give . I was soort to learn that he has staters taking veed. Please help

  5. Suria Gutierrez says:

    Hello doctor. I am desperate about my 13 years old daughter that suffers from depression with suicidal thoughts. She has been treated with escitalopram 10 mg but it seems this medicine is hurting her liver functions and I want her to stop the medicine. On the other hand I am afraid she gets depressed again and thinking of hurting herself. She also has an autism that is very mild. She is very high functioning. I really need some help. If you could please advise me of a natural solution to this.
    Thank you so much!


    good morning
    My daughter is 11 and i gave her precripted medicine and it gave her sucidal thoughts

  7. Hi My daughter is 12 nearly 13 suffering awful depression she is self harming and has suicidal thoughts.
    She is seeing a therapist but i wonder if you could recommend me a homeopathic medicine,

  8. Srinivasan says:

    My 16yr old daughter went to a psychiatrist finally today and had been prescribed a medicine called oxytol.. she persistently has severe mood swings and despite being so blod earlier, she bursts into tears for even small triggers saying she isn’t being useful for her mom etc etc

  9. Michelle Brooks says:

    Dr. Sharma
    Good Morning, My son is 18 years old. He has suffered with mild depression and anxiety for a few years. He has seen a councilor for a year and they stopped seeing him because they didn’t see a problem. He has been accepted to the college of his choice. He is so intelligent and caring. The pressures of getting the grades that he needs this year to get his scholarship that he has been offered is weighing on him and causing anxiety and put him into a low. Im very worried about him. He has said he is depressed and anxious but not having suicidal thoughts. He feels that his depression is stemming from having a hard childhood, pressures to do well and social problems at school (bullying and girls). Is there something that will help him focus and ease his anxiety and depression?

  10. i m suffering from depression from last 2.5 years .taking homeopthy but no relief.had u cured depression cases earlier sir

  11. It’s really up to the parents how they will make their kids grow up with their attitude, lifestyle, teachings and experience. But all of it won’t matter when a person makes his/her own decisions.

  12. Jill Lotheringen says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have a granddaughter of 15 going through depression at the moment, with thoughts of suicide. She is very angry with her Mother, has lots of anxiety, and tells me that she needs a break from her. She has lots of stress with school exams, is very competitive, and plays a lot of sport. I took her to see a Psychologist, as I was worried about the ‘suicide thoughts’, and she believes she needs to go on medication. We don’t want her to go on alopathic meds, and wondered if you could be so kind as to recommend which remedy and to what strenth, would best serve my granddaughter? She is very irritated, agitated, and almost ‘fighting with herself’. Her interaction which has little communication with her mother, almost borders on ‘disrespectful’. Her mother unfortunately also seems to be suffering from depression, has always felt that ‘I did not give her enough love and attention as a child’, and is angry and sad, a lot of the time. Unfortunately she does not acknowledge or seek help for herself. My granddaughter does not believe her mother cares about her and my daughter believes that my granddaughter dislikes her. This does not help any situation and certainly not my granddaughter’s current situation. I desperately want to help them, but need your guidance on which remedy/s to use, and to what strength?
    We live in South Africa and Homeopathy has always been our first choice.
    Please help.

  13. Christine says:

    I have a 19 year old son with autism and anxiety and depression. Need to find the right remedy for him. Please help

  14. Barbara says:

    Hi Doctor
    My son is 11 years old and he has social anxiety. He was bullied in the past. He is very smart ,intelligent boy. He is very mature on his age and bc of this he has very hard time to engage with his peers.
    His anxiety is sometimes really bad. When he goes to the crowd he barely smiles and he is very stiff.
    He is on good diet and giving him some Bach flowers remedies. I love homeopathic myself. I will be grateful for advice
    Thank you

  15. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My 17 yr old son suffers from severe depression and anxiety due to PTSD from bullying, He has a lot of trouble sleeping, has nightmares and cannot get to school on a regular basis. He is in therapy and sees a psychiatrist who has him on Prozac. We would like to ween him off because it is not helping anymore. Please advice us.
    Thank you!

  16. Hi. Doctor I woul like to know what is the best remedie for my teen 16 years old to take for a severe depression. Thank you

  17. Bonnie Smoot says:

    My daughter who is 15 has suffered from depression. ADHD, PTSD, bi-polar disorder and anxiety and has been in and out of hospitals and on different meds since age 9. Seems like something helps for a little while and then she gets in a deep depression and doesn’t want to take meds and has suicidal ideations. She is so intelligent but the depression and anxiety make it so hard for her to be in school. I would love your insight on what you believe may help. Thank you

  18. Nikki Danielsen says:

    My nephew is 16 and suffers from depression. He struggles to focus in school and fails classes from lack of effort. He is very good at sports, usually the best on the team. He was traumatized when he was a young boy, while living with his mother (parents split up) he watched her do drugs and bring men home for money. She eventually deserted him and got taken away. He has felt abandoned by her his whole life since. She continues to struggle with drugs so he feels less important and unloved by her. He lives a great and perfect life with his father, but he still is depressed from this past experience. He has threatened suicide 2 times, both after being broken up with by girlfriends. Please help, he is such a great kid with huge potential, he just needs help letting go of this issue with his mother. He refuses to talk to anyone about it. Thank you for your time!!

  19. Respected doctor, my son is 15years old. Since his infancy, he is very aggressive, irritated and hyperactive. Presently he is showing all symptoms of adolescence issues ..he suffers from lack of attention, behavior disorders and mood swing ..he will be appearing for his boards ..but he hardly studies ..I am really feeling helpless ..please advise

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