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Winter Depression – Homeopathic Treatment

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), as the name explains, is a season-based disorder that often begins during autumn and continues through the winters. The symptoms are most severe in the winters, and this disorder is also known by the name of winter depression. It is diagnosed when a person suffers from depressive symptoms in a specific season for two or three years. The homeopathic system of medicine has a very effective treatment for many psychological complaints, including seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Natrum Mur, Ignatia Amara, Kali Phos, Aurum Met, and Sepia Succus are the majorly indicated homeopathic medicines for seasonal affective disorder.     homeopathic medicines for seasonal affective disorder

The symptoms tend to get better or completely over in spring and summer season. However, in rare cases of SAD, an opposite pattern appears where the symptoms begin in spring or summer and diminish by autumn. SAD with this pattern is known as summer depression.

Homeopathic Medicines for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Homeopathy provides symptomatic relief in the acute phase of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Once the acute phase is over, the medicines help overcome the tendency of seasonal affective disorder that arises every year. Each of these homeopathic remedies has its own characteristic symptoms based on which the prescription is decided. These homeopathic medicines to treat seasonal affective disorder are safe and cause no side effects.

1. Natrum Mur – Effective Medicine for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with Depression

Natrum Mur is a well-indicated medicine for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with marked depression. The features attending depression are joylessness, irritability, dullness of mind and a tendency to get easily offended. The person needing Natrum Mur desires to be alone, weeps in loneliness and has an aversion to consolation. Anxiety, palpitations, and hurriedness may also be present. A specific thought of some unpleasant thing that is about to happen prevails in the mind. Sleeplessness may also appear with the above complaints.

2. Ignatia Amara – Effective Remedy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with Tearfulness

Ignatia Amara is an effective medicine for winter depression with excessive tearfulness. Intense sadness and mood changes are present along with tearfulness. There is also an aversion to talking and a desire to remain alone. Anxiety and irritability, sighing, sobbing and intense brooding may be present. Sleeplessness and loss of appetite attend most cases needing homeopathic medicine Ignatia Amara.

3. Kali Phos – Natural Medicine for Winter Depression with Fatigue

Kali Phos is a natural medicine for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with marked fatigue. The person requiring Kali Phos feels fatigued both mentally and physically. There is intense weakness and tiredness. Along with fatigue, symptoms like gloominess, dullness of mind and continual weeping, a sense of weariness from life, negative forebodings and loss of sleep are also present.

4.Aurum Met – Natural Treatment for Winter Depression with Feeling of Hopelessness and Worthlessness

Aurum Met is a useful medicine for SAD with a prominent feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness. Self-criticism may also be present in a high degree. Irritability and anger from slightest criticism, profound sadness and thoughts of suicide are also present. The person seems tired of life, feels as if life is a burden, and feels discontented all the time.

5. Sepia Succus – Natural Remedy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with Indifference

Sepia Succus is an effective medicine for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with marked indifferent behavior. Indifference towards people of a close relationship like family members, friends, and life, in general, is present. Other significant features that attend are a feeling of helplessness, sadness, weeping tendency and aversion towards any mental or physical work along with anxiety is present.

Causes of Seasonal Affective Disorders

The exact reason behind seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is still unknown. However, it is thought that a reduced exposure to sunlight during the winter days affects the proper working of the hypothalamus. As a result, there are changes in the serotonin levels (low), melatonin levels (high), along with a disruption of the biological clock. This leads to depressive symptoms and change in sleeping pattern. A family history of SAD puts a person at risk to develop the same. People with bipolar disorder or depression are also at risk. The prevalence of seasonal affective disorder is more among women as compared to men. People living far away from the equator are more at risk to suffer from this disorder.

Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

The symptoms of SAD include feelings like depression, sadness, a low mood, lack of interest in everyday activities, low energy levels, fatigue, lethargy, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, irritability, anxiety, difficulty with concentration, desire to be alone, and physical symptoms like weight gain/loss, excessive sleep/sleeplessness, and excessive/reduced appetite.

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    I am suffering from seasonal depression which becomes acute during winter but improves when summer sets in but otherwise I am on allopathic medicine throughout the year. It’s hard to recall anything. Pain in each nerve of head. Feelings like depression, sadness, a low mood, lack of interest in everyday activities, low energy levels, fatigue, lethargy, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, irritability, anxiety, difficulty with concentration, dry throat, body shivering, lack of emotions etc. Please help!

  2. I have been suffering from ear deafness since 2years. Continue buzzing, sound in my left ear & feel irritate when i give attention. My sugar level is 180-200. Before two month ago i felt giddy but now this time i am feeling relief.
    Please tell me how to cure . I am a 56 years old.

  3. Valerie says:

    Thank you Dr. Sharma for posting this information, it is very helpful.

  4. Thanks to your latest blog, I have been lintetg my consciousness zoom down to my feet and note all kinds of phenomenon: sensation,weight,pressure,and balance. It has been a great everyday excercise in groundedness! Thank you.

  5. Kaushlender says:

    after death of my father,my mother is very depressed. before death of my father there is bad relations with my neighbor,after death of my father he taked advantage and brainwashed some people,very huge mentally tortured to my mother with the help of brainwashed People,continues for 7 years,now she become very suspicious towards people, always fear from very bad future that could be possible,due to which some bad effect arises like her hair become white,her body become like old lady,low Bp,many time pain in head,not sleeping early,very early wakeup and involve in soMe useless work.which medicine I should gave him?

  6. My wife suffering from seasonal depression which becomes acute during winter but improves when summer sets in but otherwise she is on allopathic medicine throughout the year. Also suffering from BLEPHAROSPASM TAKING BOTOX INJECTIONS MILD BP OSTEOPOROSIS OF BOTH KNEES

  7. salam,i red ur tx. given n depression .ialso tx my pt. n my family . the best med. given n depression r igantia , passiflora q , camomilla , nd cimicifuga.

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