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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Developmental Delay

Developmental delay refers to the delay in the development of a child as normally expected at his/her age. This delay in development may be seen in one or more areas. The areas where a child may show developmental delay include speech & language, gross/fine motor activities, thinking & understanding skills, social & emotional development. When a child shows delayed development in a majority of or in all of the areas mentioned above, it is referred to as global developmental delay. The first three years of a child’s life are crucial to development. Every child develops at his/her own pace. However, there are average time periods when a child is expected to achieve certain milestones. When a child is not able to achieve these developmental milestones within the time period expected at his/her age, he is said to show developmental delay.

Homeopathic Medicines for Developmental Delay

When a child is not able to do the following activities within the given timeframe, there is a developmental delay and medical help is needed:
At 6 months: Child does not roll over – both in the front and back, achieve head control, sit up with support and start to babble
At 9 months: Child does not crawl, sit without support, respond to familiar names
At 12-15 months: Child does not say 1-2 words, stand without support or start to walk
At 2 years: Child does not speak at least 10-15 words or can’t walk.

What Causes Developmental Delay?

The exact cause of developmental delay in a child may be hard to pinpoint, but among the many reasons for a developmental delay, the major ones are premature birth, complications during pregnancy, genetic disorders like Down’s syndrome or loss of hearing. Developmental delay can also be a symptom of autism spectrum disorders.

Homeopathic Medicines for Developmental Delay

This system of medicine is highly safe and effective in treating diseases affecting children, including developmental delay. The medicines for developmental delay are natural and therefore, free from side effects. They are selected as per constitutional symptoms help overcome developmental delay to a large extent to aid normal development of the child. Delayed development, both at the mental and physical level, can be treated wonderfully well with Homeopathy. These are selected after taking into account the smallest detail of the case. Medicines for developmental delay that I have found most effective in children are Calcarea Carb, Calcarea Phos, Baryta Carb, Tuberculinum, Carcinosin, Aethusa and Silicea.

1. Calcarea Carb – One of the Top Medicines for Developmental Delay

Calcarea Carb is one of the top grade medicines for developmental delay. I have seen excellent results in children with delayed development after they were given Calcarea Carb. This medicine is most suited for children having a fatty, fair and flabby constitution. Children who need Calcarea Carb are slow in learning to walk and have slow dentition. They tend to be obese, with a big head and large belly. The skin often looks pale and chalky in children prescribed Calcarea Carb, one of the popular medicines for developmental delay. There are other symptoms as well: the children are sluggish, dull and lethargic. Fontanelles, especially the anterior one, may also show delayed closure in children who will respond well to this remedy. Another peculiar symptom is the tendency to perspire excessively, mainly on the scalp, neck, and chest.

2. Calcarea Phos – Top Rated Medicine for Developmental Delay

Natural medicine Calcarea Phos is among the best medicines for developmental and extremely useful in treating children with slow mental and physical growth. I have seen children make up for the delay in reaching their developmental milestones amazingly fast with the help of this medicine. Calcarea Phos is majorly effective in delicate, thin, emaciated children with noticeably slow progress. These children are late in learning to walk and talk, the teeth develop slowly and the posterior fontanelle may be slow to close. The skull is soft, thin and brittle in such instances, another key symptom to look out for before deciding on this medicine. The digestive system is also weak in such cases where Calcarea Phos works as the most suitable among medicines for developmental delay. The child that needs Calcarea Phos wants to be nursed all the time. Colic and vomiting post feeding are also observed. The child may suffer chronic diarrhea with watery, offensive and greenish stool.

3. Baryta Carb – For Developmental Delay due to Trauma or Vaccination

Baryta Carb is also one of the known medicines for developmental delay that has made a mark. In my clinical practice, I have seen children respond exceedingly well to it. The medicine shows excellent results in children who are dwarfish, both mentally and physically. These children often appear dull minded and are slow learners where speech and walking are concerned. Baryta Carb is one of the most effective medicines for development delay to use in such cases and has shown remarkable results where children show a marked fear of strangers as well. Baryta Carb is also majorly useful when the child shows retarded development after trauma or vaccination. Profuse sweat with offensive odor, mainly on the feet, may be present along with the above-mentioned symptoms in such instances of developmental delay. Baryta Carb is also one of the most preferred medicines for developmental delay in children who suffer from chronic tonsillitis attacks.

4. Tuberculinum and Carcinosin – For low immunity & Autism

Natural medicines Tuberculinum and Carcinosin are also popular medicines for developmental delay that have shown satisfactory results. Tuberculinum works well in children who are weak, emaciated and mentally deficient due to retarded development. Like in all developmental delay cases, they learn to speak late. However, they have a tendency to catch a cold and suffer from recurrent upper respiratory tract infections. Excessive sweating, especially at night, may be noticed in children where Tuberculinum will be the ideal option.

Carcinosin is equally effective in children with arrested growth. A child who needs Carcinosin would have very low immunity and thus, suffer from recurrent severe infections. Children in such cases of developmental delay have difficulty in falling asleep. Therefore, where the child needs to be carried around or rocked to sleep or where he specifically sleeps on the abdomen, Carcinosin is the most effective medicine to give. Carcinosin is also the medicine for autistic disease in children with development delay. Such cases show marked hyperactivity and restless behavior.

5. Silicea and Aethusa – For Developmental Delay in Children

Silicea and Aethusa are two top rated medicines that have shown marked improvement in children with developmental delay. Among them, Silicea is one of the most effective medicines for developmental delay that works best in children with a large head and thin legs. The sutures and fontanelles are slow to close in these children. Other key constitutional features that prompt use of Silicea are – emaciation, defective assimilation, distended abdomen, delay in learning to talk and walk. In addition to this, worm infestation may also be present in children who are prescribed Silicea.

Aethusa is medicine for developmental delay majorly recommended in infants who are unable to hold their head. These children are highly restless and cry too much. Another guiding symptom for use of Aethusa as the best among medicines for developmental delay is the child’s inability to digest milk. The child is intolerant to milk and may vomit curdled milk if fed. Weakness, exhaustion and sleepiness may result. These children may also get diarrhea after taking milk.

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  1. Mercia Zagoraiou says:

    My daughter is 9 years old and was diagnosed with GDD at age 3. She’s been using homeopathy since her infant years, and a lot of her remedies that her doctor has prescribed are in your article!! Over the years, she has been given: Calc carb, Calc Phos, baryta, silica. She’s also been on Iodatum. And most recently she is taking Veratrum Album to help her focus. Although there has been vast improvement over the years, she still is not talking properly (despite tears of speech therapy etc). Is it possible that eventually she’ll recover completely???? It is what I pray for every day

  2. Hi .. my son is 33 months old was born prematurely .. till now he didn’t walk .. he has some autistic features .. physiotherapy of no success .. i tried many things and nothing helped him much .. he understands everything but doesn’t respond .. also he sweats alot especially during sleeping..
    He was diagnosed with propable cerebral palsy with mild spasticity but his leg is soft and no muscle wasting or contracture only overpronated flat feet
    What is the best homeopathic remady that will help him to grow out of his global developmental delay ?? My regards


    Respected madam
    My name is PULLA REDDY AKKIM and my son age is 2 yrs 6 months.still he is unable to sit,stand and speech.MRI reports showing mild cerebral atrophy.please guide us

  4. Hi dr, my baby was born premature 27 weeker. He got some complications like hypoxic injury and encephalomalacia due to unilateral IVH Grade-4. Now my baby is in 78th day of life but having a lot of secretions and nasal blockage and his uper lop of the lung is also copalsed due to secretions. Now we want him to be recover from all his brain issues and complete recovery from encephalomalacia and hypoxia. Please guide and help us that is there any remedy for these issues in homeopathic.
    Waiting for your reply.

  5. Ekta Singh says:

    My son is 26 months. He speak gibberish, albhabets,and counts till 10 but no social interaction nor he speaks momy papa. He points to the things he needs. please suggest

    • Hi my son is 3.7 years old he was born with wardenburg syndrome. He was hirshsprung reassess opetated. His full large intestine was removed. He is na suffering from swelling in illeum. He had choclear implant in one ear.He is not speaking still. And not walking properly.He walks with support. Can u recommend any medicine

  6. Gitanajli Mahanta says:

    Dear sir,
    My 6 years old son has delayed speech and his mental development is delayed.His receptive power is also very low.He is hiperactive.He cannot give concentration on anything .Sir kindly give me suggestions or medicine for him..

    Geetanjali Mahanta

  7. I want to know which homeopathy medicine is best for my child. He is 12 yrs old and suffering from delay in speech and development. Plz tell me about homeyopathy medicine. I will b very thnkful to you for this help

  8. Dear sir,
    My 3 yr old son, having normal body , wt- 13 kg, not fat or sluggish, is running since 1 yr age. Before that he used to crawl also. Understands and speaks all alphabets, numbers , few rhymes also but doesn’t communicate his requirements like toilet, water, milk etc. He will put finger for water, and milk but doesn’t express. Nowadays, he speaks one word occasionally when asked many a times but not words in sentence. He is yes hyperactive and very much playful. He is attention deficit also. What to do . Kindly provide a ray of hope with prescription. Thanks with regards.

  9. Jyoti Bandhu says:

    Hi, Doctor, my son is 1.2 years old and recently diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, has delayed mile stones, still not sit independently, and walk, neck holding is good, uderstanding is good, speech is also delay, understand what we say, very active, runs I. Walker, but do feet curve while running on walker and upon standing, what treatment u suggest. We are very worry abouT his future, please help

  10. M.Hussain Rana says:

    Hi dear Dr Sharma sb.
    I’m Muhammad Hussain Rana from Punjab Pakistan. My seven years daughter Momina is downe. She is mildly affected by down syndrome and goes to a normal school. But obviously, she is slow learner, has weak memory and has speech problems. We are satisfied with her but want some medicine for general use so that she may be able to speak well and be protected from other weaknesses.

  11. Which type of Calcarea Carb should give to 2 year old speech delay kid? What’s the dosage..

  12. Arif Jafri says:

    My baby is suffering from microcephaly.. she is 14 months old .. even not crawld , and low weight according to the age …

  13. sabika askari says:

    my son is 4 years old and he listen all my things and follow all my instructions and do reply on few things when i asked him but wo khud se hmse kuch ni maangta bol kr bus gesture k through batata h and Ato Z ,numbers,poem aur colours bhi batata h….pr communication ni krta baat ni krta dusre bacho ki tarah……please help me sir i am really worried sir please help me

  14. Hi, I have a child who can’t talk very well and difficult with writing or remembering what was taught.

  15. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I want to contact with you . kindly contact me by email please.

    Khayam shah

  16. Shradha Jaiswal says:

    Hello Doc Sa’ab
    I always go with your recommendations to any kind of diseases. My son is 9 year old. He is a very emotional child.
    He had delayed milestones .. he never crawled, never spoke before age of 4 years, would keep lying on back till 9 months of age without tumbling over.
    He has big head and big tummy, he is sluggish, mostly feels lethargic but more slow with mental activities like reading and comprehending and remembering what has been taught to him several times and several ways.
    He wants to talk,play,watch TV, but never studying .
    He becomes aggressive and repulsive if I wish him to even finish his homework.
    Is not able to recall ,what has been taught earlier.. no matter how many times repeated. Also bed wets.
    Please suggest, what medicines should I give him and till when?

  17. Haraprasad mukherjee says:

    Hello Dr. My daughter aged 3years can’t rollover on bed.not hold her neck. Not seat and stand. Can homiopathy help her


    Sir, I have a baby boy of 1year. Still he is unable to roll over sit and can’t keep head straight all the time. Is it possible to recover him from his motor delay?

  19. Dr pragnesh dave says:

    good morning sir ji, m dr pragnesh dave from gujrat want to know that which potency i have to used in a childerean, as i have more pediatric opd so … i hav a one child 7 monthold having a devlopmental delay with congenital rubella syndrome. so wat type of potency n dose i have to go

  20. AMAL krishna Ghosh says:

    My son was born at 27 week pregnancy.birth weight was 1kg.he stay in hospital 45days in he is1year 4months old.he can not hold bis neck,sit,rolling o ver ,stand,and walk.his hand and leg was stiff.please prescribe medicine for my baby.

  21. Liliana nochez says:

    Hi dr. Sharma my son has motor and speech delay. He is 2 yrs and 4 months we have done all test possible to figure out what is wrong with him. We did a genetics test andnt son has mecp2 duplication syndrome, he doesn’t show many of the signs just than the delay have you ever worked with someone with this syndrome?

  22. Hello Doctor
    My son is 2 years 4 months old. After birth his anterior fontanelle was softer than usual as told by doctors but became normal after a few days.He started babbling at 7 months, one word by 18 months, but then stopped. Started walking at 12 months. Tooth came out late at 14 months.
    Now he understands us but doesn’t talk.
    Hyperactive. Doesn’t sit at one place for more than 1-2 mins.
    Makes eye contact but poor concentration.
    Suffers from dry nose problem and gets up at night breathing through mouth.
    Sensitive to cold and had got croup and mild ear infection three times.
    Hand flapping.
    At times social but not always. Earlier he was very social.
    Eats well. Sometimes digestive problems. Wants to drink milk most of the time.
    Doesn’t point to things but takes me to the desired object by hand.
    Listens to nursery rhymes.
    Height 34 inches , weight 25 lb approximately.
    Kindly help.

  23. Suresh PATIL says:

    My baby girl is 10 months old
    She has jaundice after birth & blood Exchanged . Now she has developmental delay due to High bilirubin during jaundice
    Now only Occupational therapy is gonig on .Is there any treatment in Homeopathy for this delay

  24. Hello Dr Sharma.
    My son 4yrs old still does not talk and eat solid food. he react on calling song physically listen songs can speak few words apple gaadi or follow other words try to speak don’t say clear words. I think he has oral motor problem and sensory issues. His understanding is very Good, he points at thing’s babbles.please let me know if we have any treatment for this delay. we also made check up dr suggest for speech therpy. he is weak about to 13 kg at the age of 4 year. he spin all article which is spinable
    request you please suggest what is his problem or can be cure.

  25. Prahlad kumar says:

    Dear sir
    My 07 years old son developement delay . Not speak and very low immunity. So suggest medicine sir.

  26. Syeda Wahida Sabrina says:

    Hello, my sister was diagnosed with developmental delay when she was around two years olds. Since then, we’ve been consulting a child specialist here. She’s 14 years old, will be turning 15 this August, and for the past few months she’s become more aggressive. She can’t tolerate me and won’t even let me step inside her room. And every night she cries excessively and no matter how much we try to stop her or make her understand by giving her what she loves, she doesn’t stop. She also hits herself when she gets angry, pulling her own hair out and slapping herself, so we try not to anger her. Is there any homeopathic treatment for this? Your reply will be highly appreciated, thank you.

  27. Hello Dr. Sharma
    My daughter is 15 months old , she was born at 37 weeks
    and diagnosed with Emanuel syndrome she is mild hypotonic , there is developmental delays, her neck controll was better when she was 6 months , she wasn’t grt fan of tummy time but started rolling over when she was 10 months old and started to sit independently at 11 months but no crawling can do Cruising while sitting, not able to get up if lying down , started standing up straight without support but not able to move her legs while standing so stands up on one position, no words yet but quite active and alert
    I am just mentioning you few of her medical condition
    She got cleft palate
    Hypoplastic kidneys
    Congenital heart disease ( ASD)
    Please advice us if there is any medicine to overcome her development delays

  28. Mera beta next month 3 year ka ho jayega bolta nhi h chalta b theek se nhi h feast aaye the use birthtime


      my grand doughter eight years old studding in 3rd class in English medium normal physics good in studies but unable to sit and stand by own but she is trying at their best level to sit stand and try to walk with support but unable to do so, physiotherapy is going on for the last six and half years please advice homeopathy medicine


  29. Hasrat khan says:

    My daughter aged 22 months was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and went for a shunt was inserted when she was 7 months old , she is now 10 kgs but still unable to sit, she rolls over on the bed but does not sits and even has no head control. She does not has a good appetite and even sleeps for 5-6 hrs a day, she has been under medical supervision of a pediatric surgeon since her surgery but I do not see any progress, can you please tell what homeopathy can do, or what homeopathy medicine should I try

  30. Alok Kumar says:

    My baby 45 days old is suffering from hypoxic problem and is on oxygen support (25% ) . Baby is not in a position to handle his secretions. Doctor is saying that there is no medicine in allopathy. Can you prescribe some homiopathy medicine for this. I will be Greatful for your kind help.


  31. Aquil Ahmad says:

    My son born in 32weeks for pregnancy BP. Now he is 7years5months but he is problem in walking he is not having balancing & not able to talk he only speak few words but when I said to tell he didn’t tell please advise me

  32. Dr . My 11 months old boy baby does not attain full head control. Doesn’t have eye contact. First our child doctor ask me to go pedratric opthamologist they said nerves are week no treatment for this only vision exercise to improve vision. Then our child doctor ask me to take MRI scan but not urgent. I’m so worried if anything serious . Plz help me doctor.

  33. Hi,Dr
    My baby is preterm of 7 months birth.twin also one baby expired after 1 year of birth now twin 2 my baby have deveplment dalay she is now 2 year 3 month runing. She is on Physcio infant and head size also 37 but den to low weight 6 kg all things I have tried now I don’t know plz reply to my question.

  34. Harikesh Jangra says:

    Hello boy child 8year old .he is pvl deases.please give me madicine name

  35. Nikhil Gupta says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    My Child (boy) is 2.2 years old. he doesn’t walk properly (take short steps and then start crawling) and do not speak a single word..
    we have consulted 2-3 Paedeatric but all are saying child is well and will pick up late as he was weak for first year and development is going slowly.
    He understand each and every thing

    please suggest homeopathy medicine.

  36. My Daughter 15 years old the history was born full term she developmental global delay, speech, fine moter, physical delay and learning very slow, sometimes she get emotional very easy to be happy and also easy to cry, she start talk at age 3 or 4 years old few words and walk 2 years. Her IQ 45. she is social, shy, no behavior at all, her Attention at school not good easy to get distracted. Her memory low, my main concern to improv her level of learning at school and improve her IQ and her attention at school we did all the test to see why she have delay but we didn’t find any answer if you have any treatment for her. Please let me know. Thanks.

  37. M.G.Rajalakshmi says:

    HalloDr. sSharma, My grand son is affected by cerebral palsy as per MRI report. White matter abnormal signal intensity.he cannot talk, walk and cannot control his head and cannot eat through his mouth.please help me as a GOD. What should I do? Please reply to my mail id. Thanking you again. He is a premature baby in 7 months.

  38. Hi.
    A boy age 12,
    His brain not getting growth.
    Coz at the time of birth, he not weep, and not pick Oxygen properly.
    now he has not any control on his body.
    but body growth is normal.
    His hight is 40 inch.
    even he not talk, but he can explain to parents about urine and stool.
    He can’t walk. only use a child walker.
    Plz guide me.

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