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Homeopathic Medicines for Diabetes – A supportive Role

Homeopathic Remedies for Diabetes Mellitus

DiabetesHaving high blood sugar levels over a long period is an indication of Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus. Frequent urination and increased thirst and hunger are the basic symptoms of Diabetes. This metabolic disease is a result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin, or body cells not responding properly to the insulin produced. Diabetes can assume serious proportions and complications, and results in life-altering body changes. Shifting to a diabetic diet is essential for the treatment of Diabetes, along with exercise and weight reduction in most cases. Homeopathic medicines for diabetes can only provide supportive role – these medicines are not a substitute for the conventional allopathic medicines . The Homeopathic medicines for diabetes mellitus are made of natural substances and are free from side effects.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Diabetes Mellitus

Abroma Augusta:One of the  Best Homeopathic medicines for Diabetes with loss of flesh and weakness

Abroma Augusta is the top natural Homeopathic medicine to treat Diabetes Mellitus. Its use is highly recommended in those patients who are losing flesh and suffer from extreme weakness due to Diabetes Mellitus. The patients who can greatly benefit from this Homeopathic medicine have an increased thirst with dryness of mouth. They also have an increased appetite and the urination is very frequent day and night. Excessive weakness is felt after urination. Homeopathic medicine Abroma Augusta is also of great help in treating sleeplessness in a person with Diabetes. Another sphere in which this Homeopathic remedy yields good results is skin complaints like boils and carbuncles in a diabetic patient. Burning sensation in the whole body is a prominent general symptom that can be found in persons requiring Abroma Augusta.

Phosphorus- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Diabetes with Weakness in Vision

Phosphorus is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help for treating Diabetes Mellitus, though its use depends completely on the constitutional symptoms of the patient.  Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus is a remedy of great help for weakness of vision in a diabetic patient.

Syzygium Jambolanum: Top Homeopathic medicines for reducing sugar levels

Syzygium Jambolanum is among the best natural Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. It acts promptly and efficiently in decreasing the sugar levels. Excessive thirst and excessive urination are always present in the patient. Homeopathic medicine Syzygium Jambolanum also gives wonderful results in treatment of long-standing ulcers in a diabetic patient.

Phosphoric Acid: One of the Homeopathic medicines for Diabetes with extreme weakness

Phosphoric Acid is an excellent natural Homeopathic remedy for extreme weakness, either mental or physical, in a diabetic patient. Such patients feel exhausted all the time. They have a weak memory and are forgetful. Some sort of history of grief may be found in patients requiring this Homeopathic medicine. For numbness of feet in patients of Diabetes Mellitus, Phosphoric Acid is the best Homeopathic remedy.

Gymnema Sylvestre: Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus with weight loss

Gymnema Sylvestre is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help for patients of Diabetes Mellitus who are losing weight with weakness and exhaustion. In such patients, this Homeopathic remedy works as a tonic resulting in improvement of overall health. With Homeopathic medicine Gymnema Sylvestre,the patient puts on weight and feels energetic.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus

Homeopathic medicines for Diabetic Retinopathy (damage to eyes due to Diabetes)

Homeopathic medicines Phosphorus, Arnica, Belladona and Lachesis are equally good natural remedies to deal with eye complaints in diabetic patients. The most suitable Homeopathic medicine out of these is selected on the basis of symptoms described by each patient.

Homeopathic medicines for Diabetic Nephropathy (kidney damage due to Diabetes)

Natural Homeopathic medicines that can be very beneficial in the treatment of kidney damage are Lycopodium, Arsenic Album and Serum Anguillae. A complete case history is taken to select the suitable Homeopathic medicine out of these to deal with the kidney complications in diabetic patients. Homeopathy offers a small supportive role only in this condition and that too in early stages.

Homeopathic medicines for Diabetes with Neuropathy (nerve complaints like numbness in hands and feet)

To deal with the problem of numbness in feet and hands due to Diabetes,natural Homeopathic medicines Phosphoric Acid, Sulphur and Helonias are considered the best.

Homeopathic medicines for skin ulcers in diabetic patients

Skin ulcers is a very common complication in patients of Diabetes Mellitus. The diabetic skin ulcers are mostly formed on the feet. Natural Homeopathic medicines Syzygium Jambolanum and Secale Cornutum are excellent remedies to deal with ulcers in diabetic patients.

Homeopathic medicines for constipation in diabetic patients

For treating constipation in diabetic patients, Homeopathic medicines Carlsbad, Lac Defloratum and Natrum Sulph top the list. Which of these Homeopathic remedies best suits you is decided after taking note of the individual symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines for weak memory in diabetic patients

To improve the weak memory in patients of Diabetes Mellitus,  Kali Phos, Nux Vom and Phosphoric Acid are the natural Homeopathic medicines of great help.

Homeopathic Medicines for Diabetes Mellitus with extreme weakness

The best natural Homoeopathic medicines to improve the general health of diabetic patients with extreme weakness are Arsenic Album, Phosphorus, Phosphoric Acid and Carbo Veg. Any one of these Homeopathic remedies can be of great help depending upon the individual symptoms of the patient.Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus can also be very effective in treating Erectile Dysfunction, which can be one of the serious consequences of longstanding Diabetes.

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  1. Good day,
    My mother aged 86yrs does not take any allopathic medication for diabetes. Since passed 2 years her sugar levels remain above normal at 126 to 128 fasting and 166 / 167 after food. She has dementia, constipation and joint pain. Takes medication for high blood pressure. Had pulmonary embolism 2 yrs ago, is on blood thinners and takes medicine for atrial fib. Moves about with the help of a walker. Please prescribe medication for diabetes.
    Thank you.


      sir, i am 65 year old, my sugar fasting is 210 and random 310 , i am taking insuline mistard 30/70. NOVO
      20 unit in night before dinner and 30 unit before breakfast, my weight is 62 kg. i take syzm jambolam Q 15 drop 3 time daily, all test are good but sugar is not control, i walk 3 miles daily never the less not controll, diet is only one chapati 3 time. please tell me, may i change insuline or homeo medicine, from karachi, pakistan thanks.

  2. Sir , my fasting sugar level is 155 and up after 2 hrs is 174 . Someone suggested to take dibonil. How I can control my diabetes . Pls give me suggestions.
    Thank you.

  3. Prasad Kuruganti says:

    Dr. Sharma.. I have Type2 Diabetes and my fasting blood sugar is close to 200. Pease advise.


    • Aneel Kumar says:

      My FBS level in 200 inspite of taking Shj Germ, Uri Nat & Nat Phos. Occassionaly I have pain in lower belly. Plus I have to urine frequently

  4. My Mother 62Yr Old.
    Has diabetes since 3 years.
    Since last 6 months not controlling,
    Alongwith alopathy started Syzygium Jambolanum 10 drops x 3 times but diabetes level starts increasing.

    Please advise.

  5. Sir I am suffering from diabetes last 3 years.i am 38 years old and my weight is 92kg. My sugar level is pp 200. I am using Azulix 2 mf forte..please suggest me sir the best hemopothik medicine…

  6. sir i am diabetic since last 10 years now i am 45 years old man. today my sugar level pp is 380 please suggest the best homeopathic medicine

  7. ajit kumar nandi says:

    My son 42 is having pain in the upper part of belly . He is having high sugar level,. adament and disobedient knowing everything in this world.
    What homoeo medicine can help reduce the pain.

    • Dr I am suffering from diabetes my suger is 140 in fasting I need your help it’s from last 6 months plz suggest medicine

  8. बी के बहिदार भानुप्रताप नगर ,रायगढ़ says:

    मै एक इन्सुलिन आश्रित मधुमेह रोगी हूँ। मुझे हेमोपाथी औषधि की सहायता से इन्सुलिन हटाने योग्य औषधि की आवश्यकता है। कृपया इलाज बतलाने की कृपा करें। मेरी निम्न स्थिति है। 1.हृदय,बृक्क,जिगर, ठीक है। 2.कन्टीपेशन, हाजमा थोड़ा कमजोर है।3.सुबह में 30युनीट एवं रात 24 युनीट इन्सुलिन लेता हूं।

  9. Subedar t d sharma says:

    Dr sharma ji very good morning, iam patient of sugar since 2015,y sugar level is around 250/ kindly advise suitable and effective homopathy treatment, thanks an early reply is requested, subedar sharma

  10. Narasimhacharya patnala says:

    Sir my suffering from Diabetes since 2014 May. Now she is taking insulin 1.5. each time twice in a day. Her present condition ok but urinating more times in day between after wake up in the morning and noon even in control like 55-70 and after meal 110- 125. Request suggestion please..

  11. Hidayatullah khokhar says:

    Sir I m diabetic since dec 2014 .now my age is 42 yrs …I also went
    through angioplasty (RCA/one stent) and was found diabetic…
    Now im using these medicines… tab Diabold 2mg 1+0+1 and Tab Sitagen 100mg 0+0+1.

    sir my sugar level is out of cintrol.. my fasting sugar level is above 300mgm.
    Im too much confused and worried about my health…while my weight is also loosing day by day.. sir pl Suggest me treatment.

    Hidayatullah khokhar
    Distt Ghotki.

    • Muhammad Tariq says:

      I am 65 my weight is 80kg I have daibetes type2 from last 12 years but from last 6 months it is not in control .Now my fasting blood sugar is 230.I am continuously using DB Tone.

  12. Hidayatullah khokhar says:

    Sir I m diabetic since dec 2014 …I also went
    through angioplasty (RCA/one stent). Now im using these medicines… tab Diabold 2mg 1+0+1 and Tab Sitagen 100mg 0+0+1.

    sir my sugar level is out of cintrol.. my fasting sugar level is above 300mgm.
    Im too much confused and worried about my health…while my weight is also loosing day by day.. sir pl Suggest me treatment.

    Hidayatullah khokhar
    Distt Ghotki.

  13. Héctor Fernández says:

    Hello Sir
    Can you san homeopathic medicine for diabetes mellitus with extreme erectil dyafuction.
    I apréciate your comments. Thanks a lot

    Héctor Fernández

  14. Hello sir , I just want to know that is it possible in homoeopathy that it can heal the pancreas to produce insulin naturally in diabetes type 1 …. patient in only 2 yrs old kid and it is not congenital….plz suggest something sir

  15. P.K.Laskar says:

    I am using homeo medicine for control of Diabetes for the last six months. I want to have some information please.
    My question is-How a constitutional medicine is selected for a patient like me? Is it essential to take the same along with other homeo medicines for complete relief.
    Kindly reply.

  16. Sartaj Alam says:

    I want to know if all medicines for diabetes can be mix before use?

    • stop filling the child full of sugar, rice and wheat foods–it is child abuse yes, mix them in ghee and drink with coffee

  17. I am a type 2 diabetic patient pls advice :
    1)My fasting is 125 & HBA1C is 6.9
    2)started from one week
    Gymnema Sylvestre & Syzygium jambolanum
    10 drops Each in 1/2 cup of water 3 times a day
    3)Two stents already inserted in 2015
    4) feeling pain in calf ( diabetic neuropathy )
    5)took allopathic Neurobion LC for 30 days now under control neuropathy
    6)Turp in 2015
    Pls advice in how many days this medicine to be taken for diabetes & suggest Medicinec for diabetic neuropathy

  18. Hemant Dwivedi says:

    Sir my friend’s daughter of 11 year old is a juvenile diabetes patient. Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine. Could it cure be cured sir? We will be highly obliged for ever.
    Thanking you.

  19. SANJAY KUMAR says:


  20. marilyn sadalla says:

    i have been recently diagnosed but they believe i have diabetes’s for at 10 blood sugar will be around 110-150 before bed…without eating anything..but when i wake up it high around 175- 210..also i was recently diagnosed with retinopathy.they want inject medicine in my eye..i am not keen on doing needed in Queens NY

  21. Anand Dayna says:

    My Mother is 72yrs Old and is diabetic Patient For last 15yrs.Receantly in the month of 4rth November she had undergone Cataract surgery and operation was well done.after 3 Month yesterday her sugar level has increased and Gone upto 565 post fasting and 350 ore fasting and she is unable to see and blurred by image her eyes.

    Plz guide us what homeopathic medicine can be given to reduced her sugar level fast and for clear eyes image.

    Anand Dayma
    Mob no 8208956864

  22. SANJAY SOOD says:


  23. Pradeep Kumar Shibahare says:

    Is homeopathy medicine treat sugar patient and control sugar? Can we rely on it.

  24. Hi Doctor.
    Good Mornig.

    My mother is having diabetes (fast 120, post – 161 – which a good control range) and blood pressure (under control now, but doc told to continue with the medicine) for which she is taking allopathy. However, I was thinking to shift her to homeopathy as it is a natural treatment. I contacted Dt. Kaur from DrHomeo and she told they dont cure these disease.

    Please suggest, if there is cure to both of the condition in homeopathy.

    Thank you in advance.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sasmita Behura

  25. A N PHANI KUMAR says:

    Respected Dr.Shrmaji

    I am diabetic patient from last 10 years. I use GLUECORED/GLUECORED FORTE morning and evening.

    Some times my sugar levels are up to 200-250 after 2 hours taken food. so I want use homeopathy for control diabeties and also increase my sexsual power any homeopathy medicin along with. please suggest me an good medicin.

    • Yogesh Patel says:

      Hello Sir
      I am 44 Yr old and i am suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure from last 1 year
      Now i am taking allopathy medicine from last one year
      i am quite confuise with allopathy medicine that it will give side effects
      So here i request you please suggest homeopathy medicine
      Please reply for same
      Thanking You

      Yogesh Patel

  26. Hi,

    I was diagnosed last year and lost 30 pounds and I am on Metformin. Blood sugar levels are fasting around 100 but would like to get off metformino. Once and awhile I have tingling in my feet when my level is a little high. My vision has decreased somewhat and I have been diagnosed with cateracts. Any suggestions.


  27. NUR MOHAMMAD says:

    Please send me German product Abrona Augusta 30

  28. i am Suger patient last one years having lastly HBA1C value 11.6 %. i didnt take any medicine. i perfer homopathic medicine. my age is 40 years. i also loos weight butnow my weight is 80kg since last 10 month. what you suggest me about medication in homopathy??? i also walk in morning and evening round about 30 minits.
    Gymnema Sylvestre… i read this medicine how many time a day to use and how many drops in one time??

  29. Dear Dr. Sharma.
    I have 0ver active bladder. I am 77 years old and had turp surgery done for the same. This had made it worse since there is no more internal sphincter.
    Is there any homeopathic medicine for extremely over active bladder.
    Thank you.

  30. Somnath Chanda says:

    I am 56 years old. My P.P.lecel is 245 & empty stomac is 145 . What medicine shall I take to control the sugar.

    • RBS-260 request for homeopathy medicine to remedy diabetic. I am 51 years old. what medicine shall I take to control sugar.

  31. Roberta Evans says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma: How are you? Thank you for creating this website.
    I have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I have my sugars under control. My main concern I’d to heal myself, or at least get off insulin.
    Is this possible?
    Found a yogie online who I follow for yoga everyday.I walk about 5-6 days a week and only eat organic greens, avocado, and Mackeral fish. I am on 4 units of Humulin N.
    Is there hope to cute myself?
    Thank you, Nd. Evans

  32. Sasidharan says:

    Iam diabetc. I take Gym.sylvestre Q, Syzyg.Jamb.Q & Swertia chirata.Q, can I mix the 3 tinctures together in one cup of plain water and consume?

  33. I am diabetic type 2 since past 20yrs and on insulin since 5 yrs. Please recommend homeo medicine to top up insulin as sugars keep fluctuating

  34. I have diabetes from 2011 now a days it is out of control
    Around 250 to 300. My age is 46 years. I m also the patient of kidney stone from my childhood for this I m taking
    Berbers Q and Hydrengia Q it’s very help full. I have 4
    Children. But now a days male power is almost zero.
    Pls advise medicine

  35. A K Sharma says:

    I am 41 years old male. I discovered high blood sugar 9 months ago. In sep 2018 I tested blood sugar and found 244 (F) 393 (PP). Then I reduced sugar intake and after one week my blood sugar was 230 (F) and 264 (PP). since then I am on Aurvedic medication and my fasting blood sugar varies between 110-145. I was in sustained stress for 3 days in last month then my fasting blood sugar level increased to 200 again. In 2002 I was under sustained stress for about 1.5 years. Then agin in 2004 was under sustained stess for 2 years. Again in 2018 I was under stress for about 9 months. Please help.

  36. Rajesh Gupta says:

    My Diabetes Mellitus is 25 yrs old and on the verge of shifting over to “insulin”. Present sugar level Fasting is around 250. PP level is also high in spite of regular allopathic medicines. Looking for supportive homeopathic medicines to avoid INSULINE. Other parameters are normal. But yes prostate problem exists (non malignant) for which taking necessary medicines. Age 70 yrs. Also, mild constipation. Can you suggest homeopathic medicine, preferably German.

  37. Mrs.Vatsala Menon says:

    Thank you very much Dr.Sharma for your very informative & helpful website.

  38. Narendra Kumar sinha says:

    I am suffering from blood sugar.i am taking allopathy medicine gemer0.5mg before breakfast. I am doing exercise 45 minutes and walk 5km per day and maintaining reputed personality told about syzygium jamb to take 10drops before breakfast with water n before lunch i.e. twice a day. please help I should continue my alllopthy medicine or not.

  39. Dr
    I have just discovered accidentally that I have diabetes.
    It has been 10 days
    I have controlled diet and included exercise
    So fasting is 140 now . Earlier it was 210.
    Random is 203 now
    And 2 hr after meal 210 -230.
    I feel weak in legs and feel lot of stress . Iam constantly thinking how I can cure it.
    Main symptom is too much thinking about how
    Disease can catch me.
    If I take Kali phos Iam better in stress.
    Please suggest Homeo remedy

  40. amit dhauria says:

    hello sir I am suffering blood sugar at random 266 in last one year.what should be the best homeopathy medicine to control my sugar.I am now 34 years old

  41. Respected Sir
    I am 60 yrs old Iam thyroid patient my TSH is increased at 8. & I am facing blood sugar also 220
    kindly give good suggestion of medicie

  42. Dharmendra Gaikwad says:

    I am diabetic.have a problem for sex erectile dysfunction .and sex stamina.these problems suffering last one year.suggest me best medicine

    • i am a diabetic (p p sugar level is 340) i have prpblem for sex erectile dysfunction and low stamina. suggest me for best homeopsthi medicine

  43. Chandrakant M. Patel says:

    I have type 2 diabetic for last several years & 75 years old. Suggest me herb to control the sugar level.

  44. Sk Salauddin says:

    Can we have…. Abroma Augusta and syzygium jambolan together….

  45. Manmohan Gupta says:

    Hi, my father is a diabetic for last 30 years. He is suffering from pain in legs and lost sensory feelings in feet.

    Is there a treatment in homeopath for his nerve problem?

    He is currently taking pregabalin for pain.

  46. B Narsimha Reddy says:

    Is 1x stronger or not when compared with 2x
    Similarly 1c stronger or not compared with 2c.
    Is Q stronger than X similarly with C.

  47. Suffring pain in penis last 3 years
    much weekness, leg pain, burn in feet, cramp etc
    Type 2 daibetic
    treatment under DM dr.

  48. d k sharma says:

    i am suffering from diabetes since 212.he is feeling bored mind distrub pain on the foot etc. plz prescribe him homeopathic medicines

  49. Hi dr sharma
    My father is suffering from diabetes since 2008. During that period he has lost almost 10-12 kg weight. Body mass has been shrinked, face bones, shoulder bones are prominent. He is using insulin from last 3 yrs. his reading in fasting is about 180-200. He is feeling extreme level of weakness, pale color etc.
    Please prescribe him medicine for all that.

    Waiting for your kind & prompt reply.


  50. Ajit Kumar Nath says:

    sir, I am 63 years old. recently i was admitted in hospital for high blood suger (621) and remained there for 8 days. At the time of discharge I was advised to take insulin 3 times in a day.I am taking Injection ryzodica both morning and evening and novarapid at lunch.My suger level is now fluctuating between 110-250 (random) . can i take homeomedicine along with this insulin to stabilise my blood sugrer level. If yes which homeomedicine i should take. please advice

  51. Tracy Crownover-Hill says:

    I have burning and tingling in my feet, legs and sometime in even my hands. I need help because my insurance company does not want me to use Gralise and they will not pay for it. They suggest other medicines I have tried that make me extremely sleepy. I am a wife and mother with kids that need me to be there for them. My family has limited funds to try expensive medicines because my son was born with 3 heart defects and just had his third open heart surgery in March 20108. I don’t know what to do can you help me

  52. Anil Ahluwalia says:

    I am suffering from diabetes from year 1998 November and
    Also faced heart attack in 2014 September. Now I am taking
    Insulin 16 unites in morning and same 16 units in
    Evening. FBS around 170 & PPbs 250 + upto 350
    I feel so tired with weakness in whole body
    Numbness in hands and right leg, pain in shoulders
    , itching fungus in ears ( from last six months)
    So humbly request to please prescribe the best homeo
    Medicine for the above problems.
    Regards & thanks
    Yours ever
    Anil Ahluwalia
    New Delhi

  53. Anil Ahluwalia says:

    I am suffering from diabetes from year 1998 November and
    Also faced heart attack in 2014 September. Now I am taking
    Insulin 16 unites in morning and same 16 units in
    Evening. I feel so tired with weakness in whole body
    Numbness in hands and right leg, pain in shoulders
    , itching fungus in ears ( from last six months)
    So humbly request to please prescribe the best homeo
    Medicine for the above problems.
    Regards & thanks
    Yours ever
    Anil Ahluwalia
    New Delhi

  54. Mahesh Kumar says:

    I m diabetic for 4 year. Now I m taking insulin . But it is of no use. My diabetes is not controlled yet.
    I have mostly remained with acid in stomach. I have bitter mouth.

  55. Gopal jee says:

    Dear Sir
    Good Day
    I have been recently diagnosed diabetes with 140 Fasting and 190 PP. I am taking English medicine but I want to switch over to Homoeopathic. I have been suffering from High BP and sleeplessness since 2012 and English medicine I am taking. Kindly advise me suitable Homoeopathic medication. I am60 years old.

    • Ajit Kumar Nath says:

      sir, I am 63 years old. recently i was admitted in hospital for high blood suger (621) and remained there for 8 days. At the time of discharge I was advised to take insulin 3 times in a day.I am taking Injection ryzodica both morning and evening and novarapid at lunch.My suger level is now fluctuating between 110-250 (random) . can i take homeomedicine along with this insulin to stabilise my blood sugrer level. If yes which homeomedicine i should take. please advice

  56. Hi Doctor sharma, I found myself diebitic in November 2017.My fasting sugar was 190 nd pp is 225 .Can you pls suggest me a medicine and pls tell that is it curable or I have to take medicine lifelong.pls help me sir.

    • Hello Dr.
      I am 50. My fasting sugar is 171 from about one ear. please suggest me medicine.



  57. RUPESH VERMA says:


    Good Evening

    Need your kind suggestion for lowering of kreatanine level in uriner for diabetic patient.
    My mother kreatanine level is 1.4

  58. Good Morning Doctor,
    My name is Pankaj, age 41 yrs. I am suffering from diabetes from September (2015) {when checked in a camp before it I didn’t know about it}. After that I started Ayurvedic medicines (Baba Ramdev) for it. Know-a-days my sugar level is approx. 240 (Fasting) and 285 (After meal).
    Please suggest me what I can do for it go for Allopathy or stay with Ayurvedic.
    I used homeopathy for some time but no effect on my sugar level so Homeopathy doctor tell me go for allopathy sometime and down your sugar. I used sometime allopthy but no effect then I am using Patanjali products from last 2 years approx.
    Please suggest me wright way.

  59. Vipul vishnoi says:

    My hair is going less.I am a sugar patient

  60. Sunita Chakraborty says:

    My husband is suffering from diabetes till last 10 years. He is in homeopathy treatment for last 3 years.but still his sugar level is too high . Yesterday his fasting blood sugar level is 301. He his also suffering from numbness of feet , pain in feet, weakness and weight loss . Doctor please help me and help my husband to get rid of them. With thanks and regards.

  61. Kuldip Chander Sharma says:

    I have blood sugar level 275 mg/dl, I have lost weight, I have thrust with mouth dryness, and constipation & frequent urination. Please suggest the proper Homeo medicines for the treatment of this
    situation of my health.

  62. L.R.GUPTA says:

    I am 72 year Male, having diabeties since 2007. But now it is about fasting 247 & pp 395 got checked yesterday,Feeling numbness in toe of the foot, feeling tired ness since last two days, loosing weight,
    No much thirst, no much urination, full body is paining, felling tiredness,no hunger, required your help,

    I am taking the elopatic medicine since then.

  63. Sarvesh Shukla says:

    Hello doctor, my father is suffering from numbness, tingling and many wounds in feet and burning sensation in his both feet. Fasting blood sugar 130 and pp 220. My father’s weight is 102 kg. Plz tell me any useful homeopathic medicine to cure diabetese and proper blood circulation in feet nerves. Thank you.

  64. My wife is 5 month pregnant and taking insulin. her fasting sugar is 160 and pp 260. plz suggest homeopathic medicine.

  65. My fasting blood sugar today is 275 and result is 470. My age is 38 yes. Got tested today first time. Pl. Suggest homeo medicine.

  66. Hba1c 8 plz tell d homeopathy medicine and fasting 143 after fud 205 age 41 male

  67. Sunita Chakrabarty says:

    My husband age 54yrs is suffering from diabetes from 2008. from the last 2years he is under homeopathy treatment but still his sugar level is too high. his last report is fasting blood sugar is 331 and pp blood sugar is 528. Kindly help me Dr to treat my husband well. Thanking you.

  68. Kawale Rajendra Janardan says:

    Dr I have diabetes type 2 and taking metformin 500 mg two times but no control I have all the symptoms can you suggest best medication for this I have blurred vision can not read without chasma numbness in feet’s weak memory now a day and weakness two much please suggest the best thank you sir I will pay your fees

  69. I am a insulin depended type 2 diabetic patient for past 30 years.Now I am 55 years old.I will take insulin (30/70) three times in a day of 40 units each time.In my teenage period I am doing masturbation daily on late night after 1 O”Clock.Now I thing this is the basic reason for affecting my pancreas.At present I am feeling very thirst,loss of urine day and night continuously,eye sight affected,nervous systems are collapsed,foots are affected and also sleeplessness.But my sexual activities are not affected.I have one son about 20 years old and one daughter about 16 years old.My wife fully satisfied with my sexual relation still.

    Please advise me what type of homeopathy medicine to take my diabetes cure.

    Thanks with regards.


  70. excellent

  71. Hello Doctor, I’m using Homeo medicines from last 4 months. Still my levels are high. I’m using
    Cephalandra two times two pills
    Jumbolan q 3 times two pills
    Acid phos one time ie night two pills.
    Last week doctor increased the dose of Jumbolan One time to three times. Please advice.

    • Subratta Jhampaty says:

      My pp sugar 150,And suffering Abdomen problem from long time and stool Colour is blackie And Hot temper.Kindly Suggest me Homeopathic Medicine.

  72. Ajay Kumar rahpal says:

    Sir, I have bs from 2015, my bs level is 158 fasting and 317 is pp, mujhe constipation, mouth dryness and ling may white pink tha ling ka twacha pichhe bhi hota hai.kripya suggest kare

  73. Abdul Jabbar says:

    To much Pain in kees of both legs. Age 50 female also sugar patient from 7 years. Not heavy body nor slim. Suggest medicines with potency and dose

  74. Rakesh Singh says:

    I have diabetes since last 4years,also devolpe numbness in feet and burning sensation in feet after meel
    I have also feel weekness and muscular Pain, Plz tell me some home medicine to control my diabetes and numbness and burnin sentation in feet. REgards

  75. Shahid jamil says:

    I have diabetes since last 12years,also devolpe blood pressure
    Now I have kedney infection since last one year with creatinine 168 m mol uria 8.7m mol
    Plz tell me some home medicine to control my diabetes and kedney problem.Thanks
    I have also feel weekness nd erectile dysfunction.Regards

  76. Abdul Rasheed says:

    Dear Dr . Sharma,
    I am suffering from Type 2 Diabetes with Erectile Dysfunction.
    Kindly Advice.



  78. Harsimran Singh says:

    I am 38 years olds taking insulin two times & oral medication too & suffering from diabetes from last 10years.Now I am again weight is reducing which was stabilized earlier & erectile dysfunction.Kindly suggest me some medicine for pancreas good functioning.type-2 diabetics

    Thanks & Regards

  79. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I am pregnant and I dont have diabetes, but I like eat alot of sweets. I want to cut it down, so I would like some homeopathic remedy to help me.
    Thank you

  80. Achintya Kumar Banerjee says:

    I am A.K. Banerjee, age-55 years residing at Wardha, Maharashtra. I am suffering from Blood Sugar from 2013. I have pathology report of yesterday as Fasting 114 mg & Post meal – 170 mg.
    I am take Alopathy Medicine of Glycomat 250 mg two times with some home remedies with 30 minutes morning walking, etc. Please let me your kind advise for which Homoeopathy Medicine I should opt. In general I have no such symptom to explain except pathology report.

  81. Debasish Chattopadhyay says:

    Sir, I am suffering with high diabities now and suffering over 22 years. I am now aged 63 years. Presently my blood test result, HBAIC 12.1, FASTING SUGAR 126, CREATININE URINE 27.3, URI. ALBUMIN/CREATININE RATIO 732.6, I immediately seek your homeopathic advice for medicines and management Pl.
    Debasish Chattopadhyay
    Mob- 09231846280

  82. Mahesh chand bansal says:

    I m daibitic frm 23yrs take allopathy. Now main problem is KAMPAN in hand nd very pain in feet nd no IRRACTION in penies
    Ne cureable treatment in homeopathy

    • Syed Tausif Ali says:

      Hello Sir,
      I m daibitic frm 6 years. Now main problem is very pain in feet nd no IRRACTION in penies
      also suffer from kidney problem, pl. adv.

  83. My dr proscribed me deltacort tab myrin tab frequently used the last 10 mounth for the treatment of all test is ok as blood culture urine culture lft rft.ct. angiography of brain.ct. scan.Contract& scan are all normal but I still ill.then I have new disease.such as high blood sugar urination thirst Wight lose weakness impotency leg pain.

  84. AJAY Raychand Mutha says:

    my son is 3 yeas suffered from diabetes from 20 says please give suggestion for daibetes free life

  85. Ankit Kumar says:

    Hello sir.
    I am Ankit. I am 26 years old. I am suffering from diabetes for 6-7 years. My sugar leval is 180-280 after taking food. I have also problems like-falling hair from head, lossing weight, feeling tired especially in my feet,sexual problems phimosis,erectile dysfunctions in Pennies. Please help me sir.

  86. My name is Zumrud, I have daibities and cirrhoses my sugar out of control from 180 to 520.Iam sixty one.My question is can you help me and how much it will cost me approximately? Thank you very much.

  87. Rabindra Nath Mallick says:

    Dr Sir,
    I am aged 57
    Ht 5.2″ wet 78
    Fasting 93
    Pp 198
    Bp 150/100
    Sever continued Costipation, hypertension, some time muscle pain in climbing on stairs right hand trembling while writing
    Job -bank manager

  88. Mahesh chand bansal says:

    Sir my self MAHESH CHAND BANSAL frm AJMER nd m daibitic frm 22yrs nd take elopathy treatment sir
    My sugar 178 FASTING ND. 208 PP ND BP 90/140
    I take three time allopathy tab nd one time BP tab.
    MY WHATSAPP 7073758999.

  89. Nimai Chandra Paul says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    Think you are fine. I am suffering from diabetes long 12 years. I am 58 years old. Weight 67 kg. Symptoms are forgetfulness, craving for sweet, uncontrolled blood sugar, skin disease like ringworm, ulcer in between toes, taking reading glasses, snoring etc. I am interested in Homeopathy. Please guide me.

  90. SHRIHARI BILLA says:

    Dear sir,

    I am suffering for a diabetic now fasting 185 and BP above 150 i was admitted so many times in hospitals when i got sugar level high that time i have vomiting and loose motion and also body back pain and some times night time loose motions.
    but nowadays i am getting so much problems with BP just started one month before to….. and present im taking insulin daily morning 9am an two time BP tablets, but im not get perfect health daily after took insulin will get after 2-3 hours i will be getting down its low BP and very Hungry. please sir tell me sir,

  91. owais ahmed says:


    i would like to inform about my mother conditions she 74 years old and on insulin but her sugger is not set some time it shoot up to 450 (after meal perticularly after breakfast) and in midnight it down to 50 or 60 requested to kindly advise me for her treatment regarding neturim self that can it better for her beause she is also pataint of ulser and stamag problem

    advance thank for kind reply pl,

    owais ahmed

  92. I am Ujaan Roy 30 yrs old is a diabetic 2 patient since 10 years..I feel actually sextual weakness and my panis is damage from natural condition…my sugar level is firsting 160 and pp 270….please you suggest me and safe my life ..please please…

  93. J.ChKesava Rao says:

    Sir am suffering from diabetes since 20 yrs. My age is 65 yrs. Complications with me are frequently urine day n night . In legs rt.2nd finger at point un bearable stitching pain especially in nights some times numbness in legs n erection problem. Pls suggest effective homeopathy medicine s for me

  94. Noor zad gul says:

    Dr sharma I m from Pakistan my mother is patient of high Bp and diabetic I m also Dhms student I suggest for her raoulfia for high bp and syzygium for diabeties is it safe for my mother her age is about 70 plus plz reply
    2) I am also suffering from stomach ulcer I used ipecac argentumnite and bismuth for my self plz reply

    • Sushma Bala sai says:

      Hello sir … I am m. Sushma studying BHMS 3 rd year .. my aunt was suffering with diabetes since 5 years .. she was on allopathic medication .. FSG n SGPB values are mare than 350 n 440 .. urine suger is 4+… what should I suggest her ?? Please help in .. she is taking insulin 30 units injections also

  95. Chandra Shekhar Gupta says:

    we have suffered blood diabetes fasting sugar about average 110 and after meal 165 -190 taking suggest medicine, eyes beak, memory weak, knee pain and foot suffer from cold

  96. Muhammad Arif says:

    Hi sir,
    I am Muhammoad Arif suffering from diabetes type 2 since 2006. I am taking insulin 44 unit morning and 34 unit in the evining befor meal but my dibetes not contol.I am also facing erectyl disfiction my age is 55 years.kindly advise me best homeo medicine to control diabetes and as wel as ED problams ….thanx

  97. santosh Mishra says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am santosh mishra sufferting from type -2 diabetes since 2011 and taken aurvedic , homeopathy and now alopathy medicine ..

    Is is curable by homeopathy medicine ?
    please let me know the treatment ..
    I hv lost my weight and fiiling weekness.

  98. Hi Doctor,

    I am diabetic person i am having above 300 sugar level. I lost about 15 kg of weight within 6 months. I want to get homeopathic treatment.

  99. wt are the best remedies in blood sugar in homeopathy

  100. KAMAL JEET SINGH says:

    My mother aged 88 years. Last year after illness of Altered Sensorium she become patient of Diabetics Now sugar level goes upto 180 after taking aleopathy medicine
    She has problem of Frequent urination Is there any medicine in Homeopathy for this ailments

    Regards Kamal jeet Singh

    9990 946 949

  101. shabbir hussain says:

    hello sir i read your treatment for a diabetic patient which is very much helpful. Sir I am type ii patient since 2005 n at present am using insulin humulin 70/30 40 u morning with gentinmet 50/500 a tablet amaryal 3mg before lunch and 30 units evening with one jentinmet 50/500. asthmatic family history unable to walk due right hip joint n leg fracture. sitting whole day on a chair due to job. taking other alopathic medicines like ravital multi methecobal avian code liver fish oil. i also use some homeopathic medicines like avena agnus panax ginsing alfalfa yohimbnum tribulus te rrestris all in Q potency for poeer. now I wish to use the homeopathic medicines for diabetic plz advise me. I shall be highly greatful to you sir. age 41 years

  102. Chhanda Chakraborty. 66 yrs says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am a female patient suffering from diabetes type-2 since 2000.Fasting blood sugar flctuate from 110-140 with alopathic & Homeopathic madicine (Gymnema Sylvester M. Now since last two years suffering from Daibetic Neuropathy & Degenerative Disc disease (L4 & L5)

  103. Hello sir,

    My son has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes one month ago now he is eleven months old his glucose level is high during mid night and early morning luckily ketones are negative still would like to control fluctuations. Please assist.
    Thank you,

  104. Dharmendra Maurya says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Please can you recommend homeopathy medicine for a person having fasting sugar level in range of 150-170.

  105. Have been suffering from diabetic for last 15 yrs..hv taken various medicine both allopathy n homeo but levels are high. Current fasting level around 300 ..have skin rash which starts as small red dot or rash … scratching results in a scar..on healing the top layer feels like deep rooted and painful to pull it out.finally on healing it is scar in dark brown issue is mainly below hip mainly in lower limp.
    Hv sometime bad breath..hv lost weight mainly feel muscles mass..left eye littleblur vision with difficulty when exposed to light or viewing mobile when I wake up in morning. Stool has been dark brown .also during night feel heaviness in the foot and numbness.

    Cramps in calfmuscles also seen most of time mainly while sleeping.urination is little frothy..
    Request Ur help i

  106. Hello Doctor

    My age is 36 years …
    And my blood sugar level in fasting is 120 and after meals is 170
    Also I feel burning sensation during urination and the frequency is also increased. Uric acid level is 6

    Please suggest homeopathic medicine for this


  107. Krishna Konwar. Age 54 yrs. says:

    Sir I have been suffering with diabetics since 2007 . At first Dr.prescrib me Metlong 500 . 01 tab twice daily and Naturolux powder,01 tsf at bed time. After that prescrib me Glyciphage 950 tab ,01 tab daily,Next Glemer Ds2 ,01 tab daily after break fast.and gelvas Met 50/500,01 tab after lunch daily .Now i am taking Trivolib 2 ,01 tab daily after bf.and Jalra M 50/500, 01 tab daily after lunch .After testing FBS-158mg/dl and PPBS- 346ml/dl.

  108. Noor zad gul says:

    Dr sab i m from pakistan i suffer from a serious disease 1 year ago i used omeprazole for stomach ulcer (symep) due to use of these medicine i feel sleepy and pain in my head during night when i touch the bed i feel a lot of pain in my head at the back side and front of my head but when use xanux 0.5 mg i feel some relax other wise if i dont use this medicine i m awake all the night at morning i feel nausea blurred vision and extreme pain in head the noise also worsen it more my ct scan is normal i visited a lot of neuro surgeon but no result plz write me some test and medicine i m in exreme trouble thanks i m mphil zoology with DHMS finil year

  109. JIGNESH P AIYA says:


  110. Sabari Mukherjee says:

    Last 5 years I am with blood sugar. From last 2years I am taking 2 homeo medicine(Gymnema sylv & Syzygium jamb),but my fasting is 130, & pp is 209. Pl tell me what I will do

  111. T V Satyanarayana says:

    Sir, I am aged about 64 years. I am a diabetic for the past 23 years. Mostly it is under control. But main problem is sugar raises instantly after food to > 300 and slows down only aftere 5 to 6 hours and exercise.
    Can U suggest a homeo medicine which can reduce sugar instantly.
    I am taking Glycomet 1000MG thrice daily before each meal. Apart from this I also take homeo medicine from Allen lab A08 which has combination of homeo medicines for diabetes.
    Not received any reply.

  112. Dr. Sharma, My age is 43 years. i am a diabetic patient for last 6 years. Generally my fasting sugar levels are elevated ( around 170-230). however my random sugar levels are around 140-180. for last one year i am suffering from sudden hearing loss in my right year along with tinnitus. There is always a hissing sound in my right year. pl. suggest me some medicine for the same. some one suggested me chinopudium 30 for tinnitus. Will it work and will it be safe to take. Pl. advice.

  113. My fb is 140 and ppbs is 196 and I hv been given jamboolanam by my homoeo doctor. How many months I hv to take it? Will it cure me.

  114. hi

    my fasting blood sugar comes as 225 often frequently. i am takimg uranium nitricum 3x 3 times a day. your kind help.plsa.

  115. Manopranjan Pradhan says:

    I am 51 years old diabetic for last 15 years.My sugar level 122-135(fasting)145=165(pp) with allopathy.I am taking Glysen VM 1 before breakfast and Eternex M 500 before lunch and some home remedy.The problem I am facing is constipation,gas,back pain,burning sensation and pain in foot.I want to be free from allopathy and come totally under homeopathy to manage my diabetes and avoid future complication of diabetes due to allopathy meditacation. Can it be possible?

  116. Rajib Banerjee says:

    Sir ‘i am aged about 42 year’s high blood pressure and high blood sugar (245 after lunch) blood pressure 160/110

  117. T V Satyanarayana says:

    Sir, I am aged about 64 years. I am a diabetic for the past 23 years. Mostly it is under control. But main problem is sugar raises instantly after food to > 300 and slows down only aftere 5 to 6 hours and exercise.
    Can U suggest a homeo medicine which can reduce sugar instantly.
    I am taking Glycomet 1000MG thrice daily before each meal. Apart from this I also take homeo medicine from Allen lab A08 which has combination of homeo medicines for diabetes.

  118. Amdad Hossain says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I am now 47. I got diabetes since 1998. From then I have been injecting Mixtard 30. By this time I lost my flesh, lost weight, skin looks loosen and pal. I go for urination many times day and night. I lost my sex strength, penis does not rise at all normally without eating powerful sex pills. I will appreciate it very much if you please name few best homeo medicines with doses for me.

  119. I have type 2 diabetes being well controlled by medications. I would like to try homeopathy to decrease or eliminate medications

  120. Dr Sharma
    I am a type 2 diabetic. I normally try having a good diet and some excercise. I am taking prescription Janumet 500 mg. Lately, I noticed my sugar reading is high in the mornings and this is concerning for me. I do not feel weak or have any thirst etc.. I am a very active individual. I only had cataract surgery a few years ago. How or which hemoepathic insulin or treatment will you recommend for me? Thank you for your time. My age is 65. I am female.

  121. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am a sugar patient for the last 20 years and was taking glycomet GP2 1BD. However , now the drug is insufficient to control the sugar level. Hence I wish to support this with some effective homeopathic medicine. Kindly advise me about this.

  122. Shambhu nath singh (52) says:

    I am suffering from diabetes since 2006. I take aromatic medicine since 2012. First we take zoryl m1. My sugar level was 215 and 330 on dated 2.9.2017 the I take vogliboseGm2 on the advise of doctor at present my sugar level is 130 and 206. I feel weaknesses. Can I take homeopathy medicine alongwith these medicine. Sir advise me and suggest best homeopathic medicine


    Diabetic since from 17 yrs,weight loss and loss of muscle,weakness,weak memory,erectile deficiancy and premature ejaculation, AGE 50 YRS.Please tell me the medicine

  124. Pradip Kumar Barick says:

    I am from Odisha state of India suffering from diabetes since 1996. Now suffering from numbness in feets with varicose vein symptoms, also suffering from BPH and erectile dysfunction. Kindly suggest medicine and obliged.

  125. Ujjwala Soni says:

    I am 46 year old, my sugar level varies 145 in fasting and 260 after meal , my weight is 75 kg .I have been taking Ayurveda medicine ( Right Sugar) since 1 year. Can you suggest me some homeopathy medicine?

  126. d.k. singla says:

    i am 67 year old. my suger level veries
    125 in fasting and
    190 after meal
    my weight is 80 kg
    previously ihave taken some alopaty medicine for two years(glycomat gp .5)
    now docter sys that their is no need of the suger medicine
    can i take some homeopethic medicine?
    please sugest

    • Debasish Chattopadhyay says:

      Respected Dr Sharma,
      my sugar level fasting remains 150-200. Though I am an insulin taking patient. I take Nat Sulph-200 twice in a week any Gymnema mother at early morning. My HBA1C level always remains 8 to 10. I need your advice.My age is 63 years. Pl

  127. Narasimha rao says:

    Respected sir,
    i am 69 years old suffering from diabetes {type 2} for the past 30 years, now i am taking Glynase MF morning 1tab and night i tab. Some times i am facing nepropathic pain in the left side theigh, it will be very severe for 30 seconds and after that it subsides though i am maintaining my Blood sugar level 130mg and for BP Tenormin 25 and also suffering from Sinus for that i am taking Telekast-L daily night before going to bed ! tab and Cetzine- half in the morning to control the enormous mucus draining from nose amd throat. Awaiting for your best advice to switch on to Homeopathic.

  128. Faisal shahzad says:

    I have sugar and there are slight injury in my right foot with sugar
    I always feel very hungry after eating I still feel hungry every time
    And along this I have Distonya for last 35 years
    Is there any permanent treatment for sugar please advise single homeopathic remedy for sugar which effects immideatly I m getting week and week please help me out

  129. K Tulsidas says:

    I am male aged 64 years. Diagnosed diabetes type 2 a year back. I am on to metformin. Hands have numbness. GFR level is 58. Is homeopaths treat me Tulsidas

  130. Ms. Tanula Mitra says:

    I am a married woman aged 62 years having no children. I suffered severe mental agonies a year ago when my adopted daughter got separated from her husband, while I found my blood sugar level rising to 264.
    However, I have since cut down consuming sweets totally and have started consuming boiled karela and cucumber juice every morning. I am also having sour Lassi every morning, while my sugar level has come down to 216.
    I am having a glass of milk and chapatties with veg everyday.
    Please let me know if I need any homeopathic remedy to help resolve the disease condition.
    Best regards [Aug 17, 2017]

  131. Apu Pramanik says:

    My probleme type 2diabetes and great 3 fatty liver

  132. Pl. advise me the Homeopathic medicine fo skin problems due to diabetes I. e. Folliculitis,Carbuncle and Furunculitis.
    M.P. Singh

    • I take Belladona 6x five pellets three times a day until the boil subsides. It usually only takes a couple of days if you catch it early. Wash daily the affected area with antibacterial soap. When another boil appears do the same. At some point, there are less and less recurrences.

  133. Sushil kr. says:

    Having sugar level 208 before breakfast and I feel impotence.what should I do?

  134. Hi,

    Recently i gave my blood for tests and found high blood sugar.

    Kindly suggest me how can i come to a normal stage please suggest me


  135. SharatChandra banerjee says:

    Sir my father age80 he is suffering from diabetes now he feel weakness I want your suggestions

  136. Abhijit Pathak says:

    hello Doctor, My Age is 33 years. I am suffer From diabetec last 1 year. Please Do Suggestion to Take A homeopathy medicine

    • Narendra Kumar sinha says:

      I am suffering from blood sugar.i am taking allopathy medicine gemer0.5mg before breakfast. I am doing exercise 45 minutes and walk 5km per day and maintaining reputed personality told about syzygium jamb to take 10drops before breakfast with water n before lunch i.e. twice a day. please help I should continue my alllopthy medicine or not.

  137. Hi Dr. Sharma, I’m 57 yrs old and had a prostate cancer 2 years back and went thru surgery and radition.
    After I diagnose with Thyroid & pre-diabitics. My A1c is 6.5 over a year. I’m taking thyroid medicine & high BP. I’m taking all precuation with diet and doing exercise however still my sugar is between 130-140 each morning.
    Can you suggest homeopathic medicine for lowering blood sugar?


  138. Ranganathan Seshan says:

    My blood sugar at times shows 200 to 240 after food but not always.Some times it is only 140.It is high if I had taken sweets and had low physical activity.I am 56 years of age and have no other issues. Is there any homeo medicine for thia ? i am taking Himalaya drugs Diabeacon tablets fro some time now.

    • Hello Doctor
      I am 54 years old and diabetic since last 10 years. Now I’m taking insulin 50:50 morning 52 and night 22.
      Having sugar level fasting – 120-140 and PP – 180-240. Could you suggest me some homoeopath medicine.

      • Hello Dr Sharma
        I am safdar
        What is the potiencey of above medicine for curing my Thor 2 diabetes pls can you suggest

  139. Sheraz Ahmad says:

    Dear Sir,
    I feel very much tiredneess due to Sugar problem. sugar level is 120-190 as random. But I feel meakness. Please tell me homeo treatment, I also patient of blood pressure. Thanks a lot.

  140. Manohar govinda Maske says:

    Diabetic since 30 yrs . now I am 47.suggest homeopathic medicine please

  141. Manohar govinda maske says:

    I diabetic since 30 yrs. I am suffering from severe heart burn may be due to hyper acidity mri of brain indicate shortage of blood to brain due to neuropathy. With allopathic medical treatment blood sugar remain in the range of 150_200 post meal now my age is 47. Please suggest homeopathic medicine

  142. Dr Avnish, PhD says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I have learnt that homeopathy has good results and cure in certain diseases. If homeopathy suits somebody it can cure the disease permanently. With this believe I wish to seek your valuable advice rewarding my daughter’s case she is 12 yrs, recently when we noticed that her hight is not increasing so we went to the consultant and after a no of tests she was diagnosed wheat allergy, but after taking precautions hight was not increasing however she has gained weight. So again some tests were performed and now in one of the test she has HbA1c 6.2. We are afraid of getting in another problem. So what cure and medicine do you suggest to control HbA1c within limit.

  143. Mehtab Ali Sayed says:

    Hello! Doctor Sahab,
    Good Evening! My cousin and me have diabetes Type II.
    Cousin is aged 50 years and overweight and has the following symptoms:
    – Numbness in feet
    – Weakness in vision sometimes
    – Muscle cramps
    – Thirst at night sometimes
    While I am 55 years old and have normal weight
    – I have numbness of feet as a result wear compression socks 24 x 7
    – Weakness of vision
    – Thirst and weakness
    Please advise for both of us. You clinics are in Delhi? I could get medication picked up from your clinics of shop.

  144. Hrusikesha Mallick. says:

    Sir.i use allopathic medicine for diabetics but I feel very weak what can I do.can I take homiopathic medicine and allopathic medicine . Please suggest me.age -37

  145. Manoj Kumar says:

    sir , your guideline for homeopathic medicine for different desease is very very help to us and our human comunity. very very thanks

  146. dear sir
    i am suffering from peyroni’s diseas since 1 year..(Bent panis)
    i am taking graphites 200 and silicea 200 from 3 months.
    but still no any improvement till now

  147. Sir my grandma has been suffering from musculoskeletal disorder since 28 years (approx.) And now she is very much exhausted. Sir, please show your guidelines .

  148. BAMA DYUTI MONDAL says:

    Sir i am diabetes patient since 7 years now i take two type allapathic medicine such as GEPRIDE M2 & GLYCIPAGE 1 GM. now i also feel a problem that i can not tolerate any kind of version and got anger my eye sight became poor as my lens power became high from + 1.50 to more .today my sugar level is fasting—-170 and pp is —-230 today my age is 48.5 years exantly depration besnus irrition plese sergest medicin homoeopathy thank you.

    bama dyuti mondal ,barjora, bankura

  149. zainuddin says:

    Hi Sir,
    i am suffering from diabetics and lucoderma on right leg and i have recently found black spots on the right feet and numbness in the hands and feet. please suggest me the medicines i can buy from any homepathy stores. iam of 36 years old

  150. Sir i am diabetes patient 4years pain in calves all time sleeplessness dry mouth wight loss 74 lessthen 62 exantly depration besnus irrition plese sergest medicin homoeopathy thank sir

  151. Sir i am diabetes patient 4years pain in calves all time sleeplessness dry mouth wight loss 74 lessthen 62 exantly depration besnus irrition plese sergest medicin homoeopathy thank sir

  152. Hi sir this is kranthi, age 32,having sugar levels 160/250 from past four month. i consists diabetic from 2015 june month on wards with 340/460, initial days my treatment in aayurvedam for 8 months,levels came to 160/220, after that i am following allopathy,now i am maintain same levels. how should i control it.

  153. I am almost 39 years now i come across about sugur 6 month before now i have control my sugur my walk and routine and change in eating habits, i still fell extra thirst,weakness particularly nerves system and powers. can i use abroma augusta?

  154. Rajeev Mathur says:

    Sir I am 55 yrs old. My pp is 260 and fasting is 190 since last 6 month. I am taking allopathic medicine. I feel some itching problem in eyes also. Kindly suggest medicine which can be taken with alopethic medicine.

    • G.Krishna says:

      Sir, My age is 40 years. Diagnosed diabetes 1.5 years before. No weight loss noticed. Sense of numbness in thumbS and feet noticed. Thirst and urination is normal. Eye sight noticed. Taking allopathic medicine .Sugar range is 158 fasting and 254 after fasting random at present. Please suggest right homeopathic medicine. Thanks.

  155. Ahammad says:

    52 years old.diabetis mellitus.numbness of feet and hand.loss of sexual power. I have one kidney one is i give to my brother.

  156. Kaushal Joshi says:

    Sir, My age is 48 years. Diagnosed diabetes 8 months before. No weight loss noticed. Dry mouth and sense of numbness in left thumb and feet noticed. Thirst and urination is normal. Eye sight and memory loss noticed. Taking allopathic medicine .Sugar range is 200 random at present. Please suggest right homeopathic medicine. Thanks.

  157. S p Bansal says:

    Diabetic,fasting sugar-145, p p sugar-180, having weakness,numbness and burning sensation in soles,loss of muscle mass age 72years male please suggest homoeo medicine

  158. kuntal chatterjee says:

    Please note that I am about 43 years and am suffering from blood sugar for last 4 years. I use syjijium jambo.gymnima sylvasta and abrma agusta. Now ,I feel weakness and become lean .sometimes ,no energy I find to work. Skin rash is seen in foreskin.I am lossing weight for last several months. Please advise me. On 22.4.17 the sugar reading after meal is 189 (pp).
    Thank you.

  159. राम भवन गुप्ता says:

    डॉक्टर साहब मेरे पिताजी को शुगर का शिकायत है और धीरे-धीरे वजन भी कम होता जा रहा है इसके लिए मैं जिम नेमा सिल्वेस्टर 1000 यूज कर सकता हूं क्या

  160. ravikrishnamurthy says:

    sir is there any remedy and cure for for deep vei thrmbosis can you priscribe medine? age is 54, karateravi bangalore.

    • santhanaaravinth says:

      please tell anysymptomof your illness but i told homeopathyremedies for deepvein thrombosis vipera,hamamelis,calcareaiodata,apis,bothrops,secalcorn,lachesis. but please yoga must doesregularly according to yogamaster .

  161. RISHI Garg says:

    I am suffering from urticaria since last six months and prescribed lcz antihistamines but no relief.i am having blood sugar also fasting 250 but not taking any I do not want allopathic medicine and want to take homeopathy medicines to control sugar and urticaria. Will you suggest

  162. Pradip Kumar Barick says:

    Suffering from diabetes since 19996.Now there is numbness in both feet with tingling pain.Also suffering from postrate enlargement with Bening symptoms and finally suffering from ED.Please suggest the correct homeopathy medicine.With regards.

  163. Hello sir, my mother is a diabetic patient. Her sugar level is always high. She having sugar level befor food is 247 and after food is 387. Always her sugar level is high.its continiously sugar level is 200 above. She cant take aelopathy medicine because she having side effect. She is only take homeopathy medicine but still high blood sugar. We are very worry for her. Please Dr tell some better solution atleast her sugar level is control. I am egerly waiting for your responce. Thank you

    • I’m a insulin dependant I’m 56 years old male
      100 units 70/30 morning 100 units 70/30 night regular insulin (r) 20 units 3x a day. Average sugar 300 al day
      Losing eye vision. Diabetic ulcers (healed). Uncontrolled high blood pressure. Any combination of homeopathic remedies I can start, dose and frequency to lower my sugar? I’m 35 lbs over wright.

    • Sir I am 55 Year old diabetic . My pp remains at 260 and fasting is 190. This condition is prevailing from nearly six month. I am taking allopathic medicines.i feel some itching problem in eyes also. Can I take homeopathic medicine also. Pls suggest some medicine.

  164. jamil hassan says:

    hello sir ji. me jamil hassan age 42 h 17 vyear se insulin le raha hu daily 50 unit hba1c 7.6 kidney test is normal cretinie .80 baki sam bhi normal h but bhut dino se mujhe urine me jhag bantte h or smile ati h back oain rahta h or eye aise lagti h jaise abhi so kar utha hu or thodi der mobile chalne se dhundla dikhne lagta h 3 month se ring warm ki dawae kha eaha hu thik ho k fir ho jata h abhi tellurium 30.le raha hu night me urine k lia 3 to 4 time uthna padta h plz mere lia koi achhi dawe btao k me apne bacho ka khyal rakh saku

  165. utpal ghosh says:

    Dear sir,
    I am a diabitic for last 6 years ,I am dependent upon insulin 15 units twice a day .i am suffering from severe weight loss and presetly erectile dysfunction also,I have a tendency of frequent urination,and gets nervous and tense very soon,
    Kindly suggest some homeopathic remedy
    My age is 41 years

  166. debbie waltz says:

    i have 4 dogs that that need insulin twice a day each with their ind. problems with it. i was wondering if i can pay you to help me with homeopathy remedies to help me thanks debbie

  167. Dear Doctor,
    I am a diabetic for the past 14 years with complications like neuropathy, numbness and pain on legs. I also have a liver problem with elevated bilirubin count , which doctors diagnosed as Gilbert’s Syndrome.
    I am having very bad appetite and weakness also.
    Taking insulin morning 30 and evening 20 , Gabbaneuron 300 for nerve pain, Amlopress AT for BP and neurokind OD as vitamin supplement. My present sugar level is 180/260
    Please help me.
    Ram Mohan

  168. Info

  169. Sir
    I have frequent increase in blood sugar level, and it turned to 350 as tested after three hours of meals intake. I am also taking Asomex 5mg for high BP and atorvastatin 10 mg for cholesterol. I am 45 yrs of age.
    What type of medicine can I take for this.

  170. Ashish Pandey says:

    I have been a diabetic for the last 5 years. Average it is fasting below 200 and post lunch is 250 and the medicines i have been using is Glycomet 500 mg twice a day
    The present blood sugra is 185 fasting and 225 post lunch.
    BP is 110/80
    I am having external piles but they are not troubling more.
    Kindly advise me the homoeopathy medicine

  171. S.SRINIVAS RAI says:

    Respected Dr. , Sir, I’m suffering from diabetes . I am doing yoga and hard work in Tata Steel. I feeling some time nervousness . but also. I don’t know about suffering which types of diabetes ,pl give me advise about good homeopathy medicine. I am 52 yrs old. I feel also weakness after my duty ho

  172. k.Ramakrishna says:


  173. Hi

    Homeopathic “pills” are sugar+medicine, but as diabetic type 2 person, I do not take any sugar, none – not white, not brown, none.
    Does the intake of homeopathic “pills” breaks this rule “no sugar at all”?


  174. Ashraf Husain says:

    I m diabetic since last 1 year. Now my fasting is 130 & pp 170. I m taking endoformin pg2 in morning nd parandial M.03 in nyt. Kindly suggest me homeopathy medicine.

  175. Dear Dr Sharma,

    My age is 46 years. I have very recently came to know that I am becoming diabetic. My recent blood glucose level fasting was 7.6 mmol/L. It was cross checked again and was found in same range. I am overweight by 25 Kgs and obese from waist i.e 42 inch. Pls advise how I can control this developing disease through homeo-medicine. My symptom is restless/ painful legs with no other symptom like thirst, more urination or decolored urination.

  176. DEEPAK KUMAR ROY says:

    Dear sir,I am diabetic from 1996. I am 51 yrs old. Now these days my blood suger level is always high i.e 375 to 400mg. i am taking Glimiprex 1mf/500 twice daily. my blood pressure is always high.Now from few months i am unable to perform the sexual relationship.Kindly suggest me proper medicine.

  177. Muhammad salman says:

    diabetes type 2(hyperglycemia) ki wajah se memory kharab ho gaye hai.
    please is band memory k koye treatment bataye.

  178. Faridan Romani says:

    FBS 180 , pain in legs , loss of libido , dryness of mouth


    I am 60 year old man and type 2 diabetias. I am feeling numbness in my hannd foot lips toung and jaws .I am taking english medicine 1. TENGLIN M tab. And 2. HUMAN MIXTARD INSULIN 20 and 15 unit day and night . Sugar level in E.S. 130 and A.D 280. I am a healthy man . I am not feeling weakness or urination. Please send y

  180. Sudhir.ahuja says:

    I am 27years diagnosed diabetic fasting sugar level is 120 and evening sugar level is 200. Plz some remedies to control the sugar levels

  181. Moiz maredia says:

    I just found out my sugar is 210 looking for best remedy for diabetes


      Dr Sab,

      What medicine in which dose suits me.
      Age 64 yrs
      BP 150/90
      FBS 226 mg/dl

      SYMPTOMS 1 ) pain in legs 2) unable to perform the sexual relationship 3) more urination at night 4) memory loss 5) constipation

      DIET liquor tea + 2 biscuits ( marie/cream cracker) – morning & evening > 3 brown bread slice + egg white + green salad/ sprout in break fast > 50 gms rice + dal+ green vegitable + curd ( lunch & dinner ) 1 fruit ( orange/apple/guava) > sattu/chira/muri + cucumber at evening


  182. srinivasa sharma says:

    goodafternoon Dr. sharma ji,

    I have recently teste in urine and got trace on urine stick and my age is 46 years old. I kindly request to you please send me your advise to cure of my diabetes.

    my e-mail:

    thanking Dr. ji

  183. Hi , doctor
    Good Day !

    recently my mother have diabetes 3 months ago, she feel very weakness and her foot have swelling, after test 300 suger record … please advize , food and medicne treatment

  184. sameem jahan54yr. says:

    suffering from 2yr with diabetic2.


    Dear Dr Sharma sir,
    My self Bharat Bhushan Tiwari from Ghazuabad. i am a diabetic patient from the last 20 years or so and currenly on insulin “humalog mix 25/75 along with Tab janumet 50/1000 twice.
    i am lookig for good hemeopathic madicine as supplement to control the diabetees. my age is 59 years one of my friend who iknows homeopathy has advised to take A) SYZYGIUM JAMOLNUM-Q /GYMENASE LABRESTE-Q 10 DROPS DAILY TWICE.


  186. Liaqat Ali says:

    I am suffering diabaties since 3 year
    Age 57
    Weight 51 kg
    Urinatiom frequent aftet some worries and also feel heat in extremeties and all over body durin some depresson and fear cronic boils on toung left knee suffering pain perodically
    Worry about life problems

  187. Selvakumar Venkatachalam says:

    Women aged 47. Diabetic for past 15 yrs. Extreme thirst. Pains in joint and right foot. Varicose veins present. Eating too much sweets. Recommend me the best homeo medicine with proper dosages

  188. Raven Wallyss says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am dying. I have acute Porphyria and now after 30 years of being treated for the porphyria by glucose infusions I am Type II Diabetic. None of the medications they give me for the diabetes are working and they are all triggering the porphyria into attacks. I am going to die from one or the other so I have nothing left to lose. Please advise.

  189. Kotha.sangameswararao says:

    Dr sharma,I had diabetic patient recently known biood sugar fasting is 150 after breakfast 237 present i have not taken any medicine
    please give me good medicine from Homeophathy
    Thanking you sir

  190. Amy MCKenna says:

    Dr. Sharma, I had gestanial diabetes and ever since then my AC1 has been 5.4 which they say is normal. I do not eat junk food and eat very little meals but am still overweight! I do feel shaky if I don’t eat any sugar so I think I may be if it from taking something. I work out daily and want to loss some weight and feel better. Please help ..
    Thank you,

  191. Sir,
    can you help to reduce sugar level by homeopathic medicin
    my sugar level fasting 130 to 140
    pp 150 to 170

  192. Rajanikanta Sahani says:

    Good morning.I am a diabetic patient.fasting blood sugar level is 154.I not taking any allopathic medicine now.SO IF HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE IS USEFULL FOR
    Diabetic.plz reply.

  193. Dr. Sharma, 48 years male – diabetic for the last 20 years – On Insulin and Forgia, Gluconorm SR 500 and Metformin Tablets. Sugar Uncontrolled with extreme pain in lower legs. Please help

  194. I have diabitis since 5 yes when I was first time my age 37 yes.I have 2nd child 3 mths old.I m taking insulin bcos of baby feed.plz help me how i can remove this disease from my body u HV thyroid also since 3 yes.

  195. Dr.K.Sujathan says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I dont have any clinical symptoms of diabetis except that of weight loss. I came to know my diabetes on a medical test for insurance.Now my fasting blood sugar level is 142mg% (urine sugar traces)and PPBS 226(urine sugar 0.5%).HbAc1 value=6.2.
    What is your best suggestion

  196. Hema kambli says:

    Hello doctor,

    Is there any remedy for type 1? My son is type 1 since last 6 yrs. He is 8 yrs old
    My id is


    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering with diabette, my body is going weak. I request you to kindly suggest good Homeo Medicine to come the sugar levels normal.

    fasting blood sugar = 119.60
    Post prandial blood sugar = 146.80

    A faourable reply will be highly thankful and solicited.

    Thanking you sir,

  198. Subrata Santra says:

    My name is Subrata Santra. My state is West Bengal,now I living bangalore for work. My mother is a blood sugar patient. But we poor family,so one doctor check my mother and give write some medicine. But my mother sugar level almost updown. So I request you sir,you advice me one medicine name to under control sugar level at a magerment. My contact number is 8159821305

  199. अवधेस says:

    मेरी माँ के निरोपति हैं पेरो में दर्द रहता हैं उसका कोई इलाज हो तो सर बता दे आपकी किर्पा होगी

  200. I am suffering from Diabetes Mellitus for more than 30 yrs . I am 62 yrs suffering from Erectile Dysfunction with bent penis last 5 yrs . I have a catract in right eye and constipation problem. Please
    suggest some homeopathic medicine

  201. fast in report of my wife is 142 and feel a serious pain from left side hip joint toward the thigh . please advice the medicine . her age is 52 years .

  202. S.Arasappan says:

    Sir, I am 65, diabetes for 15 years taken allopathic irregularly. Presently 140 and 250. Have nervous pain and frequently developing red boils and non healing wound in legs
    Please advise

  203. What medicine would you suggest for a three and half year old child with Type 1 (Insulin dependant diabetes)?

  204. PRABAL PANDEY says:

    Dear Sir,

    My mother is a Diabetic patient.She is also having Kidney & eye problem & her sugar is not decreasing as it always under 250-500.She is taking lots of medicines in Allopathic but she don’t find any good result.Please guide me for the medicine to control the sugar level fast.

    Thanks & Regards,

  205. sanjay maitra says:



    with best of regards.
    sanjay maitra

  206. Dear Dr.
    I am 60 yrs, female. Slim body…very active ,eat healthy food in spite of that when I do check my BS randomly..I find it 6 or 6.2 . I don’t want to develop would you be kind enough to to suggest some homeopathy medicines ,and how to go about it.

  207. Hello Doctor,

    I am suffering from type-2 Diab, Can i take Syzygium Jambolanum if yes what could be the dose amount and frequency,

    Thanks in Advance.

  208. Dear Dr. Sharma, I’m 65 Years 0ld. I’m Diabetic and having problem with my Vision also there are some other problems develop, skin is very dry. I look on picture 10 years ago and notice my face got a lot darker.
    Is this the cause of my Diabetes. I do not have the frequent urination,weakness etc. but I’m having ED
    I do take regular multi vitamins,exercise and some reflexology on my feet.
    I found out about my condition 2 Years ago
    Can you recommend some medicine, especially for vision and ED


  209. A G Shekhawat says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I am of 50 age and having diabetes from last 6 years. I am taking Glimy M 2 during lunch and dinner. My fasting duvet is generally 110 to 130 and post lunch 140 to 180. I am not feeling any weakness as such. Since last 3-4 months my appetite for sex is decreasing. Erectile dysfunction is observed. Please suggest suitable homeopathy medicine for alternative to allopathic medicine and to cope with sexual dysfunction.

  210. Satyanarayana T V says:

    Sir, I am a diabetic for the past 20 yrs. so far so good. My main problem is , I am loosing flesh ( growing thin) and my sugar levels are high. But for this all other kidney, heart and nervous problems seems to be normal. 2 times i have suffered with prostate gland problem and solved by using sabal serulata and lycopodium. My average sugar levels are nearly 150. I am taking allopathy and homeopathy medicines.
    I do not have any other symptoms of diabetes like thirst, dry lips, excess of urine etc., and I am active.
    I am trying Dr reckweg , SBl homeo medicines . but unable to control the sugar levels in blood. Invariably, my sugar levels 2 hours after meals is nearly 190. Fasting is around 140. I also have ED problem.
    My Name T V satyanarayana Male age: 64.

  211. Hello doctor, I am diabetic reading 140 and 224. With complain of 1) body pain specially in legs 2) excessive weakness3)erectile dysfunction 4) constipation 5) insomnia etc. I am having high BP also.

    Please suggest medicine

  212. Senthil C k says:

    I am diabetes parents.
    Fasting 140
    After breakfast 240
    H1abc 7.6%
    With high ldl cholesterol
    Please help me

    • Daniel Baidya says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma;

      My diabetic range is, Fasting 11.0 and after breakfast is 12.7, I am loosing flesh and beaming thean and feel wekness and when urine coming, cannot keep it longer. I wish your good suggestions with doses

  213. Shubhayau Nath says:

    Dear sir ,I am suffering from type ll diabetes since last one & half months having FBS 332 & PP 468 mg % respectively at the time of first observations having HbA1C 13.5 .I am on allopathic treatment since then .what Homeopathic medicine should be very much suitable for me for controlling sugar level.Thanks.

  214. sir : i am the patient of sugar mellitus since 16 months feeling very weakness in mussels of shoulder and continous pain in left shoulder bone often feeling of pain in middle finger bone of both hands with normal thrust , no cinstipation no skin symptom .
    kindly help me with single homeo remidy to cure my sugar and other problems as mentioned.
    thank you..

    • sir i am suffering from neruopathy diabetic from last one month.currently i am taking allopathy medicine and it is under control,but not statisfy.please suggest some medicine.yesterday i brought DR.John blood sugar homeopath med.called it right to take advice me.


  215. sir : i am the patient of sugar mellitus since 16 months feeling very weakness in mussels of shoulder and continous pain in left shoulder bone often feeling of pain in middle finger bone of both hands with normal thrust , no cinstipation no skin symptom .
    kindly help me with single homeo remidy to cure my sugar and other problems as mentioned.
    thank you.

  216. Mohammed Hussain says:

    Dear sir
    I am 65Years .but looks below 58. Not using English medicines.. Homeo & ayurvedic also very little.
    Since 5 years I am having Blood sugar. Fasting sugar started from 124 to 180
    but now around 300 being I did not go for exercise about nine months . Now I started again exercise.
    I take No 7 homeo only
    My left leg while folding will not touch my seat. also pain if I try to sit by giving full fold.
    now adays ED problems also started .

    If you can help me I shall feel obliged.
    When you prescribe medicine kindly tell me the dose with timings
    I have a general knowledge about Homeo pathy.
    Thank you verymuch

  217. Apoorv Kumar Saxena says:

    I am initial stage of diabetes having FBS 125 and PPBS 155. My HBA1C test shows 7.4. I am also taking allopathic medicine foe cholesterol. What homeopathic medicine should I take?

    • TtttDr Sahab

      Please suggest me homeopathic medicine for sugar control. My FBS is 231, Hba1C is 9 & sugar in urine is 50.

      I shall be grateful

  218. vinod kumar says:

    My mother is 75 Yeats old and suffering from diabities from past 20 years her sugar ranges from 169ff to 350 or 270pp all time and is taking allopathy medicine she is not on insulin what medicine to be given to her to reduse her sugar levels and prevention for damage to other organs of her body.

  219. rajan kumar says:

    Hello sir
    My name is rajan & my age is 36 my sugar label is
    Fasting –170
    Post lunch— 270
    Kindly suggest me medicine in homeopathy

  220. Srinivasa Murthy says:

    Dear sir
    My mother aged 75 years is diabetic for the past 15 years . complain about feverish feeling and general weakness only in the evenings . blood sugar levels are normal with in the limits.
    she is also a thyroid patient . She takes thyronorm -75 once in a day. please suggest a medicine .
    thanking you
    Srinivasa Murthy.

  221. Am farhan 39. I recently found my self in diabetes before one month. Am in deep shock and in depression. I want to cure this. Please help.

  222. Sir
    My sugar level FP 134 and pp 211
    Kindly suggest me medicine homeopathy

  223. I am suger level 260mg after food now nomedicine i want homiyo medicicne

  224. Abhijit ramakrishna barge says:

    I had chronic pancreatis since 5 years, recently dignosed diabetes which is insulin dependent.. talking mixtard 10 unit daily.. my pancreas r almost 70%damaged.. . There is history of alcohol abuse.. . My age is 37..not taken alcohol since pancreatis diagnosed.. so can u help sir?
    Abhijit barge

  225. Hallo

    In what form and where in RSA can I buy this Gymnema Sylvestre?

    Kind regards

  226. Neeraj Babu says:

    Hello sir
    My son 12 years has been diagnosed diabetic
    His levels are going high
    Fasting 282
    Post break 378
    Post lunch 169

    His hba1c is 11
    Just 9 months ago we landed USA
    Please help me

    • Dr sheshagiri Rao says:

      Hi Neeraj Babu,
      I’m from Bangalore, my name is Dr.Seshagiri Rao Homeopathy consultant. I have more than 45 years of experience. I want following information to suggest medicine to ur son,
      1. What is his food habits from morning getting from bed till evening he goes to bed.
      2. What is his liking the more sugar or salt?
      3. In ur family any body is having diabetic problem?
      4. What is he studying and for what the resion he has taken to USA?
      5. How he is scoring in class?
      6. What is his mental attitude with family members and friends?
      7. From witch age he is diabetic?
      8. Is he constipated?
      9. Is he stoet or lean?
      Kindly post the details or

      Plz contact my mail I’d:

  227. Respected Dr m from Pakistan read all here n wana request to suggest a med n dose for me pls m diabetic type 2 since 2002 age is 50 female facing constipation excretions r not daily BT HV to use skilax drops of n on stool when passes mostly hard .. Lumber spine is operated so it z a prob suger levels r often high then eyesight become blurred n HV sleep disorder at high loosing weight n getting very weak …regards

  228. Subhash Chandra Sharma says:

    I have diabetes since two years.without taking any medicine my fasting sugar 180 and pp 210.Now I take R 40 15 drops before breakfast ,before lunch I take glycomet .5 allopatric medicine and before dinner R 40 15 drops then my fasting 130 and pp 140 _ 150 remains. But I have constipation with hard stool and not fully satisfied. I have also sleepiness during day and some times uneasiness in feet at bed time generally
    Please guide me which homeopathic medicines will be most suitable for me .Thanks

  229. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sharma. says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma. Greetings for the day.
    I have been suffering from the diabetic mellitus ailment for about ten plus years. I have been taking all sort of allopathic Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic remedies for keeping my blood Sugar under control.
    But as a result of the ill effects of this ailment catteracht in both my eyes have already been operated. I am 62 years of age. The worst effect on my general health has deteriorated my sexual appetite. I have excessively suffered on erectile front. It is almost ceased. Many a times I feel that I have become totally impotent. On the top of such damage of my sex organ the desire for sex has not been diminished at all. Very recently I have started feeling the numbness in my foot fingers while sitting for long on chair.
    I also suffer from prostatic enlargement and am avoiding surgical treatment therefore. Very frequent urination also puzzles me.
    As you happen to be an experienced homoeopathic consultant please favor me by advising me the appropriate remedy with requisite power and repeatations as well as the duration for a particular remedy.
    I hope that your guidance shall certainly take me out of this mess. I am very fond of active sex. Please help me.

  230. Suffering with diabetes with sugar level maintained at 90..100 from allopathy drugs. Homeopathy have permanent solution of this disease so kindly advice medicines for diabetes

  231. Chelladurai says:

    I am chelladurai from coimbatore and i am taking homeo meicine for the last 6 years i.e. DIBONIL manufactured by SBL and other medicines given bythe Dr. as and when depends upon my sugar level. Since my sugar level never comes below 200-fasting and 245 after food.
    This is the case in 2016 February. Thereafter when i took a test on 26-08-2016 the levels are 260/416 and HBc1a is 9. Is diabetic is curable or only control is possible

    Kindly suggest is any solution?


  232. UDAY SATHE says:

    Dr Sharma, I am 64 year old. I am diabetic since 2009. I am taking METFORMIN 500 mg twice a day. My recent HBA1C ( tested on 27 Aug 16) is 7.4%. Fating varies from 135 to 150. PP varies from 190 to 210. I am regular with my 7 KM walk daily except Sunday. Do light weights & cycling as well.
    Targeting to reduce HBA1C to 6.5 to 7.
    Will SYZYGIUM JAMBOLANUM Q help? If yes how much dosage
    Uday Sathe

  233. R SRINIVASAN says:

    Dr. Sharma, For the past almost one year my blood sugar level (Fasting blood sugar from 110-124) and post lunch blood sugar varies from 140-198). I am male aged 59 years and my vision is weak. In take of water is more also urination. light burning after urination. constibation also. During the months of June-September my E0sinophila varies from 7-9. yesterday’s reading says 7. Kindly suggest me homeopathy medicine. Thanks and Regards,

  234. Hello Dr,
    I am diabetic since 2000. Some time it raise up to 350. and some time 150. Some time it increase during medicines. and some time it controlled with out any medicine. I am 57 (male). I feel very weakness. And some time weak eye-site. Now a days i am taking insulin 20 unit morning and 12 at night. I have constipation since child-hod. Stool is very hard.
    Can you help me by homeopathic medicine prescription?
    Thanks, regard.

  235. Rajeev Kumar kulshredhtha says:

    My fasting sugar in morning is 205 to 340. How to reduce

  236. neeraj singh says:

    just diagnose that i have diabetes . Kindly told me homeopathic medicine for my cure … FBS is about 159

  237. Great article and service. I recently developed diabetes. My fasting sugar is 165 and PP : 220. There are traces of sugar and protein in urine and Vitamin D is low at 4. Kindly suggest whether I can rely on homeo treatment alone or should I go for allopathy treatment. As it is beginning stage many say, homeo will work.

  238. dipak saha says:

    my sugar level fasting=116 and after 2 hrs=245 so, give suggestion medicine & food.
    Thanks & regards
    dipak saha

  239. I am 35 year old. My diabetic fasting is 250 plus before four month. I do not take medicine. My weight loss 10 kg with in 4 months please suggest me homeopathic medicine.

  240. aditya sharma says:

    treatment for eractile dysfunction due to diabetes

  241. My sugar fasting is 179 and post prandial 395 how to reduce

  242. Pradip Kumar Barick says:

    I am diabetic since 1996.Now there is numbness in both of my feet.there is imflammation in evening hour ,constipation and also weakness.I am also suffering from ED. Please suggest medicine.


    I have blood sugar count FPS-285 & PPBS-345. Medicine prescribed by allopathic Doctor is having side effect of loose motion for every medicine intake. Kindly suggest best homoeopathy medicine to control & cure this. My age is 53 years.

  244. Baljeet Sigh says:

    I am 45year old diabetic patients, I am taking Drop 7 since last four years but from last week my Sugar Level has increased by fasting 180 to 200and I feel weakness and drowsiness Please suggest me.

    • Baljeet Singh Malhotra says:

      I am 45 yrs a sugar patient for last four yrs taking drox – 7 now my Sugar Level has increased for the last week by fasting ie 180-200 I feel weakness and drowsiness. Please let me know the reason and suggest medicine. Thanks.

  245. Dear Doctor,

    My age is about 45 years .altleast 20 years in sugar patient and my sex system is 50% demage to sugar .Pls advise what medicine use for sugar decrease and my sex system improve .

    Best regards


  246. Raj gurram says:

    Dear sir
    I M learning homeopath & my mom have
    age 49 years :
    symptoms are
    sugar level f295/p255
    weakness in the morning
    shoulder pain
    Please suggest me drug

    • Md.Zulfeqar Ali Khan says:

      I m diabetes patient since 2003 and under allopathic treatment. Now sugar is not under control P.P is 300.
      Name Md.Zulfeqar ali khan
      Age.46 yrs
      Wt 69 kg
      Height 5ft 9
      Pls prescribe sugar control homeo medicine

      • santhanaaravinth says:


    • santhanaaravinth says:


  247. PravatMazumder says:

    Hello, Dr. Sharna, I, PravatMazumder, have suffering from diabetic since August, 2014. I use to homeopathic medicine, I. e. Acid phis. – 0/8,and uranium nitricum- 3x. Please, help me for curable this disease.

  248. Ramchandra chawla says:

    Sugar level before meal in morning 130-150
    After meal 140-180

    Gulconorm g1 one tablet in morning before meal
    And protol xl 25 for bp one time

  249. M.Afzal malik says:

    Hello Dr Sharma.I m Afzal malik from pakistan.I m diabetic since 1990.Would you b kind enough to suggest me a combination of two best homeao medicince for treatment of sugar.Thanjs a lot

  250. Sushil Tibrewal says:

    60 Years old, Higher BP 155/95 Pulse 89 Wt 75 kg, Hight 5′-2″
    Debilities since 2000 (Present 3 Month average) 295
    Loss of Memory
    Gastric, Constitutions, Gastric, Piles, Fissure, Fistula
    Brain, Body, Eyesight Weakness
    Heart attack Dec 2013 Dec, 32% Heart Function
    Urine without force
    Suggest medicine if avalable

  251. Pranami Sur says:

    Hello Doctor Sir,
    My father have high blood sugar during 2 months (368/497). He is under homeopathy treatment. but there are no such improvement. please help me. how to recover his illness. He is 73 now and 48kg weight.
    Medicines that he consumed- Azad indica, cephalendra indica, sygyjyum jambolinum, arjuna, bio-combination 7 for diabetes.
    plz suggest me how to treat and control that high range.

  252. Ram Kumar Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,
    i am suffering from the Type 2 Diabetes since 9 years. For that i am taking the allopathy medicines (galvus met 850 mg) twice a day.
    I am still having weakness, & continuous shoulder pain and in morning the sugar level is approx 140 – 150 (Fasting).

    please suggest me the best homeopathy medicine for this.

    Thanks in advance

    With regards

  253. Please suggest medicine for MM Ali, age 63 years, symptoms:

    sugar level 200/300
    weakness in the morning
    shoulder pain


    plese suggest me type 1 diyabetic blood sugar control homiophethyc medicines

    • Sudhir goel says:

      Dr sir myself sudhir goel aged 58 years I m high level sugar patient and taking 15 ml insulin twice a day along with some allopathic medicine. I feel highly weakness and also patient of prostate 48 mg. Please suggest me effective homeopathic medicine

  255. Mukesh kumar says:

    Please suggest me medicine for symptoms like. Low saliva,more thirst,weakness in body,Bad breath,frequent urination in more amounts

  256. Tanveer Ghauri says:

    Dr. I have been suffering from diabetes for last 3 years. I am now in age of 42
    I am using tablets Getformen 2mg/500 and glucophage 500 but sugar level is not decreased
    What homeo medicine you recommended for me

  257. Nasir Mehmood says:

    I have a diabetes I am loose weight and very weakness.plese recommend to me best you can. Thanks

  258. Namita Shankar says:

    Dear Sir
    My husband has recently been detected for diabetes Type II. He has been urinating frequently at night nearly 4 times. We checked his sugar levels and the fasting sugar level was 220.
    he has started exercises and has controlled his diet to see how much we can control. After a week of restricted diet and exercising, The fasting level has come down to 135 and 2 hr sugar levl was 148.
    Please let me know if homeo medicines can effectively bring this down and keep the levels normal?
    we do not want to start on allopathic medicine because we understand once started its a life long process. Please advice

  259. N.V.L.Gayathri says:

    Dear Sir ,
    My son is 13 years old and suffering from juvenile diabetes since 3 years . He is on insulin pump taking 55 units per day , it is observed that the sugar levels are not under control ranging between 45-400 especially in the nights . please advice medicines to keep sugar levels under control . Can you also suggest any medicines as a permanent solution . Is it also safe to use homeo medicines along with insulin ? Hoping for a good response


  260. S M Naqi Ahmed says:

    Sir, I m 57 years suffering sugar since 1998 i .m taking allopathic medcine Insulin Mixtard 30 and Traviamet 1000 /50 , i hd openheart surgery and taking regular medicne andeye operation of catra. My sugar level not controled its between 220 and 280 on fasting .today it 315 in fasting. i.m also numbness on both feet. Pl give me advivce and medcine i.m very gratful to you for early reply.

  261. Abakash Mahapatra says:


    I am 53 years old. My FBS is 166 and PPBS is 226. I am under allopathic tablets for last 10 years. Sugar was under control for about 9 years and now for the last one year, it is on higher side. I do not have any other complications. Kindly advise me suitable medicine.

  262. CH.Satya Murthy says:

    I’m 57 years .my sugar levels are fasting 120
    Post lunch 175
    Suggest homeo medicines

  263. prankrisna misra says:

    Dear sir,
    I prankrishna suffering diabeties problem. pp is father and mother are also diabetic problem. my age is 40. plese tell me medicine for this problem.

  264. S R Wadhwa says:

    Marginal blood sugar. No medicine recommended by the allopathitic Doctor as it is upper limit of the normal. Average. 6.9 and high of normal at 7.00.
    Age 80 years. Advocate by profession. Losing memory.
    Recommend if any homeopathy medice will help.

  265. A.K. Ghosal says:


    I was diagnosed with blood sugar 225(fasting) and 475(PP), cholesterol and enlarged prostate with great amount of retention after void, during November, 2015. I have been prescribed some alopathic medicines. The blood sugar reduced to around 175-200(PP) and rarely becomes normal. Medicines gives not great result in regard to enlarged prostate. urine force is not normal, penis relaxed. Previously I had to go for urination 2-3 times at night, but now I use to go only once. Would you suggest homeo remedies? Can these be cured by homeopathy, and if so, can I use both the medicines simultaneously at least till the blood sugar level comes to consistently normal?

  266. vazeer sultan says:

    male age 50 suffering from pre diabetic condition for the past 3 yrs without medicine fasting is 110-120 pp 150 -175 non smoker .non alcoholic non sugar in family.

  267. Thanks Dr. Sharma Ji . I am not diabetic patient but love HOMEO PATHY because of it’s principle .
    I also like to study about Homeo Remedies ( Medicines ) and know about sphere of action of these .
    I am a Retired person of 67+ and want to expand my knowledge and just to pass-time .

    So I want to have a large ( biggest ) Homeo Meteria Madica which may contains the whole medicines
    as prescribed / suggested / indicated by various learned & famous Doctors like your goodness & other
    foreigners on their views / advice on net . I have so many books of famous writers like William Boericke
    and Dr. Gurnam Singh ( of Patiala ) and so many remedies ( medicines ) written there are not available
    in Materiamadika which are available in the market .

    It is therefore requested that if you have such like Materia Madika in your clinical store or you have
    any information from where it can be purchased , then kindly mail me . I am living in Chandigarh &
    had tried in all the Book store of Chandigarh including book market in Sec 15.

    Thanks in advance and waiting your positive response,

    JD Singh ,
    E-mail :

  268. Hello, I am suffering from diabetes since last 5 years and having high blood sugar instead of medicines. Kindly advice how homeopathy treatment helps me lowering blood sugar.

  269. malti singh gupta says:

    Dr Sharma
    please advise as to how these medicines are supposed to be taken and in what dosage. I hv type 2 diabetes and it was pregnsncy induced.i hv numbness in my left foot. I am ok while working but am wrestless if I hv nothing to do. I have a burning sessation on the top of my head and am suffering from hairfall. I am 47 years old and hv metformin 500 sr 4 times a day. My brother is 43 and hs bn disgnosed witb diabetes. He suffered a major attack on 30th may and has a stent. He has bn told that he is a fran diabetic. Can he also take homeopathic medicines .

  270. Sir, my diabetes has been detected for the last five years. I am taking Glysiphase G-l, half tablet after breakfast and half after dinner. As I have numbness in feet and hands please suggest me the quantity of phosphoric acid, sulphur, helonias as the treatment given above and mention the brand of medicine. I am 60 years old and also facing sexual problems.


    Sir, My diabetes is detected before one year. But till now there is no symptoms . So kindly suggest me some good medicines relating to Homeopathy.


  272. N K Khanna says:

    Sir are you practicing in Delhi and how can we contact your.

  273. Pradeep Sharma says:

    Feel pain left side and burning in my chest. Also nerve pain in both leg but left is too much. Sugar fasting 108 and pp 171 pls suggest me. With regards Pradeep Sharma

  274. SANJIB MISHRA says:

    I have got great help from your suggestion and medicine.You are doing a incomparable social work too.Thank you very much

  275. love monga says:

    having diabetes from 16 years,fasting 100, post lunch 180-200. i am having stiffness and severe pain in both legs with which i am not able to do my work or walking properly,restless all the time cannot sleep with this shooting pain,swelling also sometime,
    please advice

    • To love monga
      I have same problem. This is called as diabetic neuropathy i.e when the nerves of feet or hands get damaged or partly damaged. There is no remedy for this. Science has failed.Homeopathy has no treatment for this.

      All you can do is to go in for pain killers including Brufen [ibugesic] or simply an aspirin. My advice to you would be to get tested for Vitamn B12 . Chances are that the levels of B12 would be low. In that case you can supplement your in take by taking B12 tablets or capsules.

      Pl. do consult some good neurologist and get Nerve Conduction test done at the earliest. May be it helps the neurologist to take some decision. Learn to live with this pain. I have managed to live and so should you.
      All the best.

    • To Dr. Sharma
      I have pain in feet while walking. I walk on inner side of my toes and heels which pain too much. Sometimes , It looks that I should not bend my knee and Mnay a times it seems that I am using my hp joint for walking and due to this I develop pain in back as well. I can hardly walk for more than 50 feet. I just cannot explain as to what is happening. My legs get stiff while walking beyond this. My entire sole of feet aches.

      My nerve conduction test is o.k. My B12 levels of blood are also in permissible limits.

      Kindly suggest if there is some homeopathy medicines for this condition. I shall be grateful.

  276. Malik Baqir says:

    One month before i check my blood sugar rendom result was 210 then i check HBA1C result was 7.8 after 10 day fasting result was 122. After 15 days fasting result was 170 I have started daily walk near about 2.5 km per day can i cure my sugur lavel plz suggest medicine for me. I am so afraid i shall be highly obliged

  277. Bhanudas Mestry says:

    Diabetes of long duration. Last 10 days started taking Meshashringi tablets after breakfast and night food. My faasting sugar came down to 111 – 121. Before it was ranging from 200 to 250. Similarly reading after 2 hrs of eating was encouraging. Meshashringi is Gymnema sylvestre in homoepathy. I am interested to know its symptoms to see if I can use it. Will you please send me the required information ?

  278. ANWAR UL HAQ says:

    I am using insulin but the sugar level still 198/206 fasting. This problem has been approximately from four five days. I am also feeling weakness. Please advise.

  279. Bhaskar Shinde says:

    Dear Dr sharma i am diabetic since last 16 years 52 yrs old i have problem of burning sensetion to feet is there any homeopathy medicine pl guide me thanks

  280. Srinivas says:

    Hello Doctor,

    One of relative has high fasting glucose levels.(170) please suggest good and effective medicine to control fasting glucose.


  281. jitendriya mandal says:

    can it be cured using homeopathic?

  282. Vinod Kumar Singh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    my sugar level fasting in between 115 -128 and after two hrs in between 160 -180, Hb A1c–6.5, Lipid profile is LDL-144, HDL-30, VLDL-36, trigly- 203 which homeopathic medicine is suitable for me ,my age is 37 pl advice—

  283. Dear Dr Sharma.

    I am suffering from following diseases pl recomend me Hpathic remedy,

    bone and ribs pain.

    pain in hands and shoulder.
    mucus in chest.

  284. sir i m 46yrs old women from tamilnadu sufffering many years with diabetes my last bld sugar level 254 after homoe medicine taking one month increasing the sugar leave 364 so please advised correct medicine sir,numbness of upper and lower limbs and joint pain,increased thirist,dimness of vission,sever sweating these are my complaints sir im waiting for ur rply sir

  285. gurdev singh says:

    sir my sugar level fasting in between 108 -128 and after two hrs in between 170 -190 -195 creatinine –1.8, Hb A1c–6.5, which homeopathic medicine is suitable for me ,my age is 65 pl advice—

  286. ABID PERVEZ says:




    • santhanaaravinth says:

      please keep walkingmust beforeeatingmorningandevening dietandregimen keepcorrectmust lipidprofile seen sure bloodtest please then opthalmalogy doctor consult mustthen askme isurely medicine my namearavinth8903492760,9791643890

  287. Venunathan says:

    I am aged 30 and 159 Cms height. Weight is 72 Kgs. During a blood test it is came to under stand that my FBS is 142 and PPBS is 215. No other symptoms. I like sweets. Regular exercise at morning with Yoga. No excess thrust or frequent urination. I am working as Lecture .
    Kindly advise me suitable Osteopathic Remedy with potency and dosage.

  288. dear Doctor i have type II diabetes with obesity having 210kg weight. all the time swelling on legs. gaining weight day by day. having stomach issue cant live without taking omeperazol. B/p is also high. feeling very hot. burning feet with numbness in feet and hands. kindly prescribe me some good medicine which can control sugar and weight as well.

    best regards,


  289. RAVISHANKAR B G says:

    Doctor ,

    I am a diabetic patient for the past 9 years and i feel completely week sometimes. i am a peripheral neurosis patient with numbness in my hands and feet. Allopathic medicines havent helped me. My libido is very low and i am unable to satsify the urge of my partner .Please help me in this regard. My contact number is 9611116704

  290. arash alilu says:

    thank you

  291. kanakadurga says:

    sir I am a diabetic taking insulin for the last 8 yrs now iam not able to see with my eyes clearly what is the medicine for the cataract can I avoid operation i am 62yrold female pls help me

  292. kamlesh giri says:

    dr sahab,, i am having Syzgium jambolanium and i am a diabetic.. i wanted to change this medicine becouse this medicine make me so honey and i always fell like to have sex,,please tell me can i change another medicine and if i change which madicine should i take..Syzgium jambolanium is good medicine and its suts me and with this madicine i have controled on my daibetes, but there is only one problem and that i told u..please help me tell me can i change madicine

  293. Mruthyunjaya says:

    I am a interesting fan so to say good fallower of homeopathy system. I am being diabitic patient since 29years. now I am 70 years old, in the beginning of diabitic I managed with sysigium jumb later one of homeo physician advised me to fallow allopathy since only homeo is not enough.Now,i am prescribed with Tribet 2 ,dr prescribed 2 tabs for each day but ,I felt it is too much, I am taking only one and half ie half tab early to break fast ,lunch and dinner.i am fully under controle.Dr I have a feeling taking Tribet tab continue life long may not. be good since it is chemical ,I want to reduce to still lower dose with the help of other systems especially homeo , I am finding better results with calcarb 200 ,Also since ,one year I am finding neuropathy problems on my upper portion of my feet and fingers. may I get some good expert advise for all my problems of neuropathy and suger,?

  294. jarnail virk says:

    sir, i am diabetc and i have tiny cysts on both sides in kidney and small nodule incentral zone on right side please tell me the best homoeopathic medicine far this problem

  295. g chaudhuri says:

    Dr. Saab, my wife is a Type-2 diabetic for over 10 years on insulin. For the lat 6/8 months white spots on both legs and hands are found. No itching. Please help with medicines and advice.

  296. tariq mahmood says:

    i am a patient of diabatic for ten year now my liver is fatty i am taking Alopathic medicine tab-getryle(glimpride 2mg) daily i feel numbness in my hand and foots tips pl suggest me homoeopathic medicine

  297. Amarjeet Hothi says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am 66 years old Punjabi 6ft tall with athletic built male, had type 2 diabetes for past 25 years , for the first ten years I controled my condition with diet only but then metforman and now metforman and 10 units of lantus once a day. I do study homeopathic books in my spare time and prescribe myself syzygium jambolanum mother tincture 10 drops three times on empty stomach. I feel this remedy helping me by reducing weakness, but I still like to have your opinion what will be best for me, you are a professional and better qualified to advise me, so if you be kind to me and advise me on this matter I shall be grateful, Ps I do have ed problem as well.
    Kind regards

  298. DR.SYED SALEH (BHMS) says:


  299. veena saxena says:

    I am diabetic since 2005 the medicines I am taking are
    glizid M twice daily
    pancreaticum 30
    insulinum 30

    still my blood sugar remains between 130-160 empty stomach
    what medicine should I add


    I am diabetic about 15y & under allopathy medicine beside taking biochem five phos 6x > 4 tab/3time & nat sulph 6x >1 tab/3time together as suppliment.BSpp 150 to 175 mg/dl &FBS 115 to125 mg/dl accordingly. My age 62y,weight 52kg, hight 5’9”,I’m on LCHF diet & diabetic complications are less. Here my quary is there may any side effect for long term use of biochem medicine, if so or not,pl advice me the use & intervel of biochem because the cell salt prove beneficial to me,
    Regarded & wait for your advice.
    Thanks you.

  301. Advocate Shahanaj Akter says:

    I am Bangladeshi. I would like to know have you any clinic at park street in kalkata.

  302. Zahid Rafiq says:

    Dr Sharm
    I am suffering into diabetes from last two years. i am 46years old and injecting insulin twice a day. i am facing too much sexual weakness. my weight is increasing gradually.Currently my weight is 95 kgs .Kindly advise medicine for my safe treatment.


  303. shah khalid says:

    Ye medicine patinet kase dange zara doz ke bare main btao pleaze sir

  304. neelkanth b babhulkar says:

    i m ckd and diabetic patient, i need transpaltation of kidney as per doctors advice, can homoepethey do my treatment?

  305. I am a diabetic patient and feels extreme weakness and loss of memory and forget very soon.

    Please suggest good medicine for me.


  306. leah harrison says:

    I look at webside good thanks lot it every good to read about this all dibetes
    thanks GOD BLESS U

  307. The Sovereign Order of O.C.A.N.A. and Holy Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese is a worldwide, lay, domaipltic religious order which seeks to glorify the Creator by promoting the sanctification of each member through his or her work with the sick and the poor and witness of the faith and to protect The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  308. Marsie Silvestro says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    Where would one find Syzyqium Jambolanum? I have never seen it in stores.
    Thank you for this great information.

  309. Sajid m siddiqi says:

    I am Diabetic patient since more than 15 teen years but I have tried myself to control it with medicine and evening walk every day my level is Hb A 1 C …….. 7.1 .
    I want to improve my level at 6 .
    please guide me how can I more improve .

    sajid from Pakistan

  310. gopala krishna says:

    I have been a diabetic for the last 10 years. Average it is fasting below 200 and post lunch is 250 and the medicines i have been using is Glycomet 500 mg twice a day and hydrazide 12.5 mg. -1, zoryl -m 2 mg – 1-1, voliphage 0.3 mg -1, valent 80 -1, tonact -1
    The present blood sugra is 185 fasting and 225 post lunch.
    BP is 110/80
    I am having external piles but they are not troubling more.
    Kindly advise me the homoeopathy medicine

  311. Sanjib Kumar Ghosh says:

    I am 43 years, and suffering with diabetic from last 15 years. Nowadays I am taking Homeopatic medicine ( Diobunal, SBL, make). But my sugar level is not in control. some time it is under the normal level & sometimes it above.
    I am suffering with allergic Rhinitis also.
    please suggest what medicines should I use for my health.

  312. Naseem malik says:

    U prescribe homeo medicine but potency not shown which is necessary pl tell potency in diabeties and erectile dysfunction . This concealmemnt pl breakout as w/o potency no use of getting proper benifit of any heomeo medicine thanks

  313. Amjad jawaid Khan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Thanks for you guidance related to Diabetes plus Prostate glands.
    Can you recommend best medicines in prostate glands. difficult urine in beginning ends with pain & canthris symptom. day is some hat bearable able but night is miserable. Urine with hard passing & pain.

    Best for Diabetes medicines. numbness of feet fingers specially & feet swelling while sitting infront of computer, otherwise no swelling.

    Best regards
    Amjad khan

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