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Does your Baby suffer from Diarrhea during Dentition, try Homeopathy

Diarrhea is the passing of loose stool several times in a day (about 3 or more times). Many parents complain of their child suffering from diarrhea during dentition (development and eruption of teeth out of gums which starts when a baby is around 6-month-old). Diarrhea is not directly linked with dentition though it is true that diarrhea is common during dentition along with common teething symptoms like irritability, crankiness, biting on objects, increased salivation, gum pain, baby’s refusal to eat, pulling of ears, rubbing cheeks and slight increase in body temperature. The cause of diarrhea during dentition is not teething itself, but some other reasons that lead to diarrhea coincidently during dentition. These are as follows:

1. Teething in a kid begins around 6 months of age. This is the same time around which weaning (gradual stopping of the child’s feeding from mother’s milk) begins and a baby starts having semi-solid food. A baby’s stomach needs time to get used to the new and different foods being introduced. In many kids, due to sensitivity to any of these newly-introduced foods, there are chances of diarrhea.

2. During teething, a child seems to put many things in the mouth in order to soothe the irritability or soreness of the gums. As a result, the chances of getting infections increases from ingesting germs that might be present on the surface of these objects.

3. When a child reaches 6 months of age, antibodies (a protein substance produced by the body’s immune system that helps fight infections) received from the mother tend to get lost.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is a very safe option to manage several health concerns in kids including diarrhea during dentition. The best part of using homeopathic medicines is that these are natural remedies with zero side effects that help fight any kind of infection in a natural manner, hence very safe for kids. These medicines will help in reducing the number of stools to normal along with bringing it to normal consistency. Any sort of attending symptoms like stomach pain, gas in abdomen are also managed effectively with these medicines. Besides treating diarrhea, these medicines also bring relief in other dentition symptoms like irritability, crankiness and soreness in gums. Homeopathic medicines are recommended for mild to moderate cases of diarrhea, but in severe cases conventional help is advised. Be watchful for any signs of dehydration as a result of diarrhea. In case a child shows signs of dehydration, one should immediately consult a pediatrician urgently.

Some of the signs of dehydration are less than 6 wet diapers in a day, dryness of mouth, sunken soft spot on skull (called fontanelle) of baby, sunken eyes, little or no tears when crying and low energy levels. Homeopathic medicines for every case of diarrhea are selected based on the signs and symptoms in every case after detailed case study analysis. Always consult a homeopath to know which homeopathic medicine should be used and in which potency, dose and also its repetition.

Homeopathic Medicines For Treating Diarrhea During Dentition

1. Chamomilla – Top Remedy

Chamomilla is the most frequently prescribed medicine to manage diarrhea during dentition. It is usually the first choice of medicine of almost every physician to handle this complaint. There is yellow-green watery stool. There may be mucus in the stool. The stool smells fetid or sour. Besides, excessive gas and stomach pain may be present. The child is quite irritable. He/she always wants to be carried in arms. The gums are red and tender. There is tendency to bite everything due to gum irritation.

2. Podophyllum – For Greenish Gushing Stool

Podophyllum is the best choice of medicine for greenish stool that gushes out and comes suddenly with great force. The stool is watery, dirty and profuse (large in quantity). It may have undigested food particles in it. Sometimes stool is mixed with mucus. Excessive gas is emitted when passing stool. The stool has a very foul smell. Usually no stomach pain occurs. In some cases, stool passes involuntarily when passing gas.

3. Calcarea Phos – For Loose Stool With Excessive Gas

This medicine is recommended when there is loose stool with excessive gas. The stool is watery sometimes with mucus. White flakes may pass in the stool. Foul smelling gas is passed. After every feed, stomach pain may be felt. There is relief in pain after passing gas.

4. Calcarea Carb – For Foul Or Sour Smelling Stool

It is a suitable medicine when stool smells foul or sour. The stool has undigested food particles in it. Besides, there is pain in abdomen. The stool occurs after eating anything. Distension of abdomen can be present. Vomiting may occur while vomiting during dentition. Excessive sweating on the head may be a marked accompanying symptom.

5. Cina – With White Mucus In Stool

Cina works well for cases in which stool has white mucus like swabs in it. At times stool may be greenish slimy type. There may be belly pain along with loose stool. The abdomen may be bloated and hard. The child requiring it is very irritable, wishes to be carried in arms all the time, desires many things but when given, refuses to take them. The child may scream, bite and strike as well.

6. Rheum – For Sour Smelling Stool

Rheum is well indicated for cases in which the stool smells sour. The stool tends to occur soon after taking mother’s milk. Stool is thin, loose mixed with green slimy mucus. Sometimes stool is thin and pasty. The stool may be frothy. The stool may be yellow or green. Abdomen pain may occur along with loose stool. Child needing this medicine cries much, is irritable and restless with drawing up of legs. There is also excessive salivation. Fever during teething may also be reported.

7. Silicea – With Undigested Food Particles In Stool

Its use is suggested when undigested food appears in stool. The stool is frequent, liquid or pasty. It may be slimy or frothy. The stool smells putrid or sour. Anal itching can occur. An offensive smelling sweat on head and feet may be marked.

8. Magnesia Carb – For Loose, Greenish, Frothy stool

Magnesia Carb is applicable for cases having loose, greenish, frothy stool. It may have white lumps floating on it. Stool smells sour. The milk consumed remains undigested and passes out with stool. Abdominal distension is seen. There is excessive gas and rumbling in abdomen along with pain.

9. Arsenic Album – Along With Weight Loss

This medicine is recommended when loose stool is accompanied with weight loss during teething. It is a valuable medicine for fighting stomach infections naturally. The stool is brownish and watery. It may contain pieces of mucus. Besides, gas is passed frequently along with swelling in the abdomen. In some cases, vomiting may occur.



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