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Homeopathic Medicines for loose Stools and Diarrhea

What is Diarrhea?

Homeopathic Medicines for Diarrhea

Homeopathic Medicines for Diarrhea

The condition where thin, loose, watery stools tend to occur three or more times in a day is known as diarrhea. Diarrhea tends to last for at least a couple of days, but in chronic cases, it can go on for a long time. It is a fairly common problem and not a severe condition if timely treatment is taken. In cases where diarrhea continues for more than a couple of days or weeks, it indicates an underlying infection or inflammation in the bowels that needs to be addressed. Homeopathic medicine for diarrhea works by treating the underlying cause of diarrhea.

Can Homeopathy treat Diarrhea?

Yes, homeopathy offers effective treatment for diarrhea. It treats the root cause of diarrhea to help ease the symptoms and bring about recovery. The homeopathic medicine for diarrhea is prepared from natural substances, so there are no side effects. Homeopathy for diarrhea works for people of all age groups and can be safely used in children and older adults.
Homeopathic cures for diarrhea also work well for infections (viral, parasitic, bacterial), inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel disease.

What are the causes of Diarrhea?

Diarrhea can be a result of many conditions and factors, but the most common causes of diarrhea include:

Contaminated Food and Water

‘Spoilt’ food and water contain disease-causing pathogens like (bacteria and parasites) which can get transferred into our body and disturb the physiological functioning. This is also known as food poisoning.
Parasites like Giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium cause diarrhea, while Escherichia coli (commonly known as E.coli), salmonella, shigella, and campylobacter are common diarrhea-causing bacteria.
In developing countries, ‘traveler’s diarrhea’ is a common complaint, brought about by these bacteria and viruses.

Rotavirus in Children

A widespread cause of diarrhea in children is rotavirus, a virus that spreads quickly through contaminated hands, objects and surfaces. This virus causes inflammation in the stomach and intestines, leading to severe diarrhea, fever, dehydration, abdominal cramps, and vomiting.


Certain medicines like antibiotics disturb the balance of gut bacteria by killing both good and bacteria. This imbalance can cause diarrhea.
Antacids often contain magnesium, which can cause the stools to become loose.

Emotional Stress

The gastrointestinal tract has many nerves connected to it and is very sensitively tuned to the nervous system. Therefore, any factors (like stress) that affect the nervous also have an impact on the gastrointestinal tract.
Stress can cause spasms throughout the gut and cause diarrhea.

Food allergies

Food allergies can also cause diarrhea, as the body tries to expel the allergens out quickly.
Lactose intolerance is also a common cause of diarrhea. People who are unable to digest lactose (found in dairy products) often experience loose stools after consuming dairy products.

Digestive Disorders

Chronic diarrhea is often a sign of some underlying gastrointestinal disorder like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, colitis, inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD).

Symptoms of Diarrhea

If you are passing stool for three or more times in a day, and the stool is watery, or loose, then you have diarrhea.
Other signs and symptoms of diarrhea that can accompany loose stool include cramping in the abdomen, mucus/blood in stool, and abdominal bloating.
In case of food poisoning, vomiting and nausea may be present.

Are there any tests to check for diarrhea?

Not everybody with diarrhea needs to undergo clinical tests and investigations. Simple diarrhea with a duration of a few days to a week is not very serious and can be treated with adequate home remedies.
Clinical tests for diarrhea are required when the duration of the problem lasts for a couple of weeks to months, along with the presence of blood or mucus in the stool. In such cases, tests like stool culture, endoscopy, colonoscopy, anti – TTG (tissue transglutaminase ), wheat allergy, etc., are conducted.

Diarrhea and Dehydration

Diarrhea causes a person to lose a significant amount of fluid and electrolytes quickly, so rehydrating salts are usually recommended along with homeopathic medicines to restore the fluid and electrolytes balance, and prevent dehydration.
The signs to look out for to detect dehydration are dry skin, lightheadedness, less urination, and general weakness. In case you experience such symptoms, it is necessary to restore the fluid and electrolytes balance immediately.

Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea

Which are the best homeopathic remedies for diarrhea?

The most effective homeopathic medicines for diarrhea include Aloe Socotrina, Croton Tiglium, and Podophyllum Peltatum.

Aloe Socotrina – Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea with Watery Stool

Aloe Socotrina is used to treat cases where the stool is copious, watery, yellowish or brownish. An urgency to pass stool, rumbling/gurgling, a constant sensation of bearing down in the rectum, involuntary release of stool on passing flatus are some other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

Colocynthis – Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea with Abdominal Cramps and Colic

Colocynthis is the homeopathic medicine for diarrhea recommended in cases where there is a loose stool with abdominal cramping. A watery, yellowish, sour smelling stool, increased flatulence, a burning, pricking pain at the anus along with intense abdominal cramps are the symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine. Bending down double or applying pressure helps relieve the abdominal cramps.

Croton Tiglium – Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea (after light eating and drinking)

For diarrhea that occurs from light eating and drinking, homeopathic medicine Croton Tiglium is recommended.
This medicine is indicated when the person feels the urge to pass stools even after consuming a small quantity of food or drink. The stool is yellowish, watery, copious, and gushing in nature. Croton Tiglium is also used to treat diarrhea that occurs during hot weather.

China Officinalis – Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea with Weakness

China Officinalis is a well-indicated homeopathic medicine for diarrhea where there is an excessive weakness. Yellowish, frothy, loose stool followed by weakness, distension of abdomen with flatulence, flatulent colic, belching of bitter fluid, and rumbling in the stomach pit are the symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

Colchicum Autumnale – Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea with Mucus

Colchicum Autumnale is indicated in cases where the mucus (present in the stool) is jelly-like, while the stool is watery, and has an intense, sour odor. Itching and burning at the anus may also be present.

Podophyllum Peltatum – Homeopathic Medicine for Watery Stools

Podophyllum Peltatum is the homeopathic medicine for diarrhea where the stool is watery, foul-smelling, painless and gushes out. The stool is profuse and may be yellowish or greenish, and contain undigested food particles.
This medicine is also indicated in cases where there is an involuntary release of stool (upon passing flatus or during sleep).

Argentum Nitricum – Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea due to Anxiety

Homeopathic medicine Argentum Nitricum is used to treat diarrhea that is triggered by anxiety or nervousness. The person needing this medicine has watery stool (which may have mucus) with noisy flatulence, loud belching, cutting pain and loud rumbling in the abdomen. Diarrhea that arises due to anticipation or as a result of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) also indicates the need for this medicine.

Chamomilla – Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea during Dentition

Chamomilla is the homeopathic medicine recommended for diarrhea that occurs during dentition (teething).
Symptoms indicating the need for Chamomilla include a fetid, watery, sour-smelling stool that is yellowish – greenish. Swelling at the anus may be present with diarrhea and the child is usually irritable, cross and restless.

Arsenic – Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea due to Food Poisoning

Arsenic Album is a homeopathic medicine for diarrhea and vomiting in cases of food poisoning. The characteristic symptoms include foul, loose stool, offensive odor, excessive nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, weakness, and a sour/bitter taste in the mouth.

Natrum Carb – Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea due to Milk Consumption

Natrum Carb is a homeopathic medicine recommended in cases where diarrhea occurs after consuming milk. The primary symptoms for using Natrum Carb include a watery gushing stool, fetid flatus, burning in rectum after stool, cutting pain in the rectum during stool, gas, bloating, and abdominal colic.

Homeopathy and Diarrhea: Frequently Asked Questions

Is diarrhea serious?

Diarrhea, in general, is not a very serious problem, but its severity varies from case to case. If a person passes thin stool about three to four times a day, for a duration of two to four days, then it is not a severe condition. However, passing excessive stool multiple times a day can lead to dehydration and the complications related to it.
Also, if a person passes blood or mucus with loose stool, loses weight, or has continued fever along with stools, then it is a cause of concern.

I am passing frequent loose stool with mucus from last three months; what does it indicate?

There are many reasons for passing mucus with loose stool. The most common causes include colitis, parasitic infections, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). Detailed case history and investigations are required to pinpoint the exact reason for your problem. Diarrhea can be a symptom of some other underlying problem.
Certain medications can also lead to diarrhea, including antibiotics, antacids, and antidepressants.

Can a person get diarrhea from stress or anxiety?

Yes, stress and anxiety can cause diarrhea as a result of the hypersensitivity of the gut to emotional and hormonal responses. A significant example of a medical condition that persists from stress and anxiety is IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Can allopathy and homeopathic medicine for diarrhea be taken together?

Homeopathic medicine for diarrhea effectively treats mild-to-moderate conditions when coupled with the intake of fluids and electrolytes. Homeopathic medicines also help reduce the severity of the symptoms. However, in case of severe diarrhea, where the person passes a significant amount of watery stool, allopathic medicines are recommended to prevent severe dehydration and help quick relief and recovery. Both allopathic and homeopathic medicines can be taken together to help manage the problem.

Can oral rehydration salts be used along with homeopathic medicines for diarrhea?

Yes, one may take oral rehydration salts along with homeopathic medicines for diarrhea.

For how long does a person need to take homeopathic medicines for diarrhea?

The time duration for which a person needs to take homeopathic medicines for diarrhea depends on the severity of the problem. In acute cases of diarrhea, homeopathic medicines need to be taken for few days to a week In case of chronic diarrhea due to conditions like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), parasitic infection, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), the duration of homeopathic medicines lasts from few months to a year’s time.

Tips to Manage Diarrhea

Some measures can help manage chronic diarrhea, like:

1. Avoiding milk, spicy food, highly fatty food and high fiber food
2. Increasing water intake
3. Managing stress and anxiety
4. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine5. Washing hands after stool and before eating to prevent infections


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  1. Rajib sharma says:

    I am suffering from loose stool since last three months .always an urge for passing stool after eating ,specially meals .pain in lower abdomen before passing stool . Pain go away after passing stool . Low back as well as upper back always become stiff and painful . PL. Advice .

  2. my son is two years three months old. he is passing watery stools 4-5 times a day after he eats anything even after drinking ORS..i am giving probiotics since 4 days but no improvement. Which medicine should I give him ?and also tell dosage and duration.please reply

    • Bishwanath Mishra says:

      my grand doughter who is 2moths old is passing loose stool 4 to 5 times in a day. The colour of stool is yellow with some smell. Kindly suggest a suitable medicine for her.

  3. Karthik Bharathi says:

    I have loose stool problem also and gastric stomach pain I had did all test like stool routine colonoscopy report all normal they told u have IBS PROBLEM SO CAN U GIVE SUGGESTIONS FOR THIS

    Recently I had air crack on left part of ribs so for that I require medicine so help me out

  4. pls tell me med for ibs

  5. Hi dr. Sharma ji. I am taking podophyllium
    30.but I m still suffering with yellowish watery diarrhoea since last week.should I take Aloe Socotrina30 aswell?
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    Kindly recommend me any other medicine
    Regards Moni

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    I am suffering from loose motion like dysentry..It offen happens in winter..How can it b cured?

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      Sir, my daughter,(6months) suffering from loose motion but she is very active and look like normal. Stool passed away from her is Waterly, gap between one stool to another is 3or more hours. Is it normal?? Please reply

  10. Rkprakash sharma says:

    Sir, i am suffering with loose tools during 10 days i consulted allopathy doctor and refimixin and lactobasciilis medicine given but it is some what given relief. During the day 2 to three times loose tools still happend hence i request that kindly advice homeo medicine to overcome permanent this problem

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    My mother is 80 years old and she is suffering from dizziness whenever she stools. I give her some juices and she gets better approximately an hour later. What kind of remedy do you recommend as the frequency increases . many thanks

  12. Sunil kumar basak says:

    Sir my name is sunil kumar basak , my mother age is 56 years old she is suffering from acidity, gas and abdomal pain. And heavy loose motion 5to7 times a day and she is also a diabetic patient type 1. She is diabetic in 18 years, present time she feel very weakness and hearing problem and please suggest me yours faithfully

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    I am SHAHID AHAD 60 years old man from Pakistan Karachi
    May you suggest me any Medicine / Treatment of “Enlargement of heal bone & its pain”?
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    Please! Help me.
    with profound regards
    Shahid Ahad

  20. faizan Ali says:

    Hi dector my name is faizan I’m 24 year old I’m from Pakistan Dector I’m extremely worried about my stomach problem this time I’m suffering this problem and I take homeopathy medicine but still loose stools indigestion weakness my stomach not works properly .dear Dector sharma I need your help my what’s aap number sir I’m waiting your answer please contact me I hope you give me a better advice thank you sir God bless you.

  21. suparna chatterjee. says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am suffering from loose stool specially after taking meal. I feel pain and cramp aroound abdomen. Head seems to be loaded and strong mental agony I experience. It continues for long time starting from lunch. Also I feel something comes out from rectum oily at the normal time. I feel insecured at the time of going out somewhere. Please guide me with proper medicine.

  22. Dinesh Kalra says:

    Hello Dr.

    I m Dinesh Kalra 38 from Ludhiana. I m not getting hard stools from last one year or so. Whatever i eat in the night doesn’t pass good stool as a result i m having loose stools in the morning. Also acute diarrhea occurs most often.

    Kindly suggest some good homeopathy remedy medicine

  23. Lalit kumar says:

    Hi Dr. Dharma
    I’m lalit kumar from india. I want to ask u that homeopathy medicine safe for my little baby (3months)old. He is suffering form watery stool 2 to 3 time in one day.

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  25. Lucia Picardo says:

    My son who has Down’s syndrome 18 years of age of late gets loose motions and cough/cold very often. Just now has cold for one week, cough n watery stools with slime for 2-3 Days. I used to take him to an allopathic doc who gives antibiotics but still every now n then keeps getting again. I give him only homemade food.oats porridge in the morning, in between either poha or upma or sheera in school break, noon chapattis n bhaji, evening rice dosa n night rice n curry. I do not use any chilli in any of the food I give him..please suggest some homeopathic remedy

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    Dear sir/Madam
    Our 5th month old baby is suffering from chronic dysentery from last four days. How I can get solution this problem? Advice please!

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  28. Respected Doctor,
    I am 68 year old type 2 diabetic patient
    and under alopathic tretment for last
    3 years. My sugar level is under normal
    zone. Iam taking 1/2 tab of Amaryl 1mg
    everyday before lunch. But there is
    afternoon loose motion resulting in
    loose stool for 1 or 2 times before
    evening and frequent passing of urine
    after lunch. There is no othercomplain
    in post evening period. Kindly advise
    suitable medicine.

    • Dear Doctor. i have been affected with GERD Cronic and have been taking Nexpro 40 mg and VSL3 for 4 months. i am feeling better now. However , very seldom i get chest burning, that too if’, i take chicken curry . Hence, could you kindly let me know , if there is a permanent relief for this issue in HOMEOPATHY medicine.


  30. gajendra singh kotesa says:

    respected sir
    i am 55 yr old, suffering from watery stool frequently. last three days. many times. complete life is secured with homeo medicine. please suggest me remedy, so can bring medicine from udaipur, Rajsthan..
    with regards… gajendra
    mail.. kotesa62sirohi@gmail. com.

  31. Rajkumar Oberoi says:

    Swollen nerves at calf muscles one year after bleeding from knee side.

  32. dhanya kiran says:

    doctor,baby 5 month old.have diarrhoea since the last10 days.first treated with homoeopathic medicine for six days but with no results.consulted allopath ,but till now no result.stool is watery and with small piease of yellow substance.severe staining to pass loose stool.give me a good advice

    • Balbir kaur says:

      My age is 55 old . Sometimes i have stool problem . In one month 2or 3 times I have this problem .I cannot control my stool problem .please tell me the treatment .by balbir kaur

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    Dear doctor my mother is 94years old and she’s having involentery loose motion can you suggest a good remedy thanks

    • Chander Arora says:

      Dear doctor I am 65 years old having problem of loose motion and taken so many time allopathic medicine now it does not work, two month back I have taken homeopathy medicine Mercury, arsenic and China 200 . Now again I have the same problem and that homeopathy medicine did not gave me any relief please suggest good medicine thanks

  34. Sir mera beta five month ka hai teething problm start ho gyi hai aur use loosemotion lg gye hai to mujhe use kya medicine deni chahiye
    Uski poty ka colour bi whiteness me hai

  35. Viahal patel says:

    Hi sir,my son age 2.11 year old has watery diarrhoea in this summer. Stool is watery but slightly offensive & sticky fluid in it , mild greenish color.He has high grade fever with cold feeling due to fever.weakness also appear due to diarrhoea. He drinks cold ors fluids in sufficient amount. Pls help

  36. Dilpreet says:

    Hi…i son is 3 yrs old…n every next month he gets loose motion..pls help

  37. Prasann Kumar says:

    Hello doctor what can be given in loosemotion with watery discharge

  38. Hello Doctor,

    My son 2 years old is having loose motions since yesterday. Everytime he eats something, loose motion happens. Please suggest if Arsenic album 30 c can be given and in how much quantity.

    • My son is 3yrs old and since he is born he has problem in his stomach and always have loose motions
      Pls suggest some homopathy medicine for him.

  39. Simranjeet singh says:

    omeopathic medicine for new born baby of 10 days suffered with watery motions at every mother feed.

  40. Bhavya Hegde says:

    Since 2-3 months often I get loose motions that too burning feeling.
    I have tried with arsenic all, next vomica effect is till some time only
    Kindly help me

  41. Dr vipin kumar sharma says:

    6 month 25 days child suffering from coryza & cough with diarrhea only in day time , early morning natural stool passing, child refuse oral food material , taking only mothers milk , suffer from 3-4 days, we give aethusa 200, nux vom 1000, ferr phos +calc phos ,but no response so pls suggest medicne urgently Thanks

  42. Hello sir,
    Farooq here from Khi Pakistan, my English written is not good but I will try.
    Problem is that two months ago my mother fall in the room suddenly, then operate, then used heavy medicine 2 week, suddenly started dirreha n vomiting again admitted in hospital for dirreha n used all necessary medicine but loose motions still have however vomiting stop now she faded up with alopathic medicine just using ORS n home remidies.

    Now I want to use her homeopathic remedy bcoze 2 months old motions what do u suggest for us?

    Is there any good remedy for this situation?

    Please suggest I will be your grateful.


  43. Shirley Danklefsen says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have had diarrhea since May. It is runny & dark. I live in West Monroe, LA but would like to visit a Dr. who can help me. Can you help me to find a holistic physician. I am 80 years old. I have tried raw garlic- no results.

    Shirley Danklefsen
    102 Western Ave
    West Monroe, LA 71291
    phone 318-348-0377
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  44. sudeshthakur says:

    R/ sir ……I am sixty years women .I have high bp .I am taking allopathic medicine for bp which is controlled .My sugar level is very fluctuating some time high some time normal ..I have not started any medicine for sugar. Now I have loose motions since five days with abdominal pain. Suggest some homeo medicine pl

  45. sir, baby 05 month old having greenish watery stool for last 5 days. i gave him nux vom , podo, cal carb,chamomilla & china in 200 pt. but no responce , kindly advise……

  46. anamika rajput says:

    my child suffer from diarrhoea last 30 day ,off n on type ,aggravate by milk ,complain pain in abdomen sever pain with argging to pass stool stool some time watery some time like liquid besan .now he is very weak n thin .age 2.7 year n wt 11kg .plz prescrive the medicine for child.

  47. Manoj Kumar says:


    I am suffering from loose stools from last more than one year. I have treatment Ayurvedic and alopethic also but I have same problem, I have done liver check and stool check also, stool check report is O.K. and I have infection in liver check report. Sir, please tell me Homeopethic medicine which is suitable for Me and my problem.

    Thanking You

    Manoj Kumar

  48. Monika Kumawat says:

    my baby 2year old watry strong loosmotion 2-3days pleas madicin naam

  49. revathykumar says:

    hello sir my son 2years and 7 month past two days he had fever ,loose motion and vomiting .and my dr advice Ars.Alb and mrng fever is reduced but loose motion is still continue even after drinking water he pass motion .he didnt drink water plz give ur advice sir

  50. rahul kishor says:

    my problem is very poor stools,itching,dehydration,plz susgesation

  51. R.R.Bargaje says:

    The patient is suffering loose motion/watery stool last from 6 months,All olypathy treatment
    chcking done but not found any major issue,still problem continue. Patient is of 82 years old.
    Please guide us.

  52. Ridhima Manish Jotwani says:

    Dr.My 18 months old do 5times a poo in a day…smetimes solid n smetime semi solid…she had this problem of motion from birth she took many antibiotics n probiotics for this but the problem is recurring and now I started homeopathy medicine…after that also she does poo 4 to 5 times a day…little profit she got from homeopathy that her stool is nt watery…pls suggest me some remedy for that…

  53. M Mushtaq says:

    My wife who’s is suffering from stomach pain
    Which starts from front portion of stomach and heads towards the right opposite of back side of stomach .along with loose stools every morning when she gets out of bed . Sheis in her 6th month of pregnancy
    We consult many doctors but all in vain
    We did some tests like usg lipase amylase,
    Crp even stool test
    Every test was ok
    Pls advice me sir

  54. my son 3yrs old. passing stools several times daily. oftenly it is watery. with some stomach pain and gas sounds. after passing he wl be free. loadind and in 10 min unloading also. he is having nose blockage in night. pls suggest medicine.

  55. Dear Sir,
    My mother ageed 70, weight 35 kg is having colitis with acute diahoria( watery gushing loose motion after which she feels in colapsed state ) can i give her veratram album-200 , for how many days please advice

    • Bimal saraogi says:

      I am 72 years old. Since last 4 days I am having loose motions 3 /4 times in morning hours. Please suggest some medicine.

  56. Deepa Rani says:

    My son is 1.8 years ….since he was of 3-4 months his motions is always loose and he do motions 7-10 time . his weight is 10 kg and he very active…doc always give probiotic but they are not healpful….once he had food just in 5 min he vl pass stool .please suggest some med….. Stool is semi solid type sumtime whatever he eat pass as it is in stool….he like apple but u can find apple unprocessed in his stool plzzz help……

  57. mohammad nawaz says:

    dear dr.sharma. i am mohammad nawaz,age 66,homoeopathic doctor from peshawer,pakistan,suffering from lose motions once or oftenly twice a day motions since 7 months. , i used phodpphyem 30, croton tig 30 , china 30, but useless, i request you to help significant symptom are seen in 7 months .

  58. My 1 yr 9mths baby has got loosemotions .. loose stools with a strong smell..

  59. My baby has got loosemotions .. loose stools with a strong smell..

  60. I am 39 years old but last three month i have problem loose stool/motions in 4-5 time in a day but I have got treated but temporarily relief. please suggest a medicin. Further after eating 3-4 hours loose motion has appeared

  61. sir,my 6 months old baby is going through watery stool for a week. i had visited pediatrician and hav medicine .but all were in vain. then i gave her green banana. it worked but after a few days as i stop giving banana problem again persisted. please guide if it can be cured in homoeopathy. thanx

  62. souvik mitra mustafi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Please advise the best homeopathic medicines to check diarrhea with stomach infection.

    Ranajit Mitra Mustafi

  63. vijayalaxmi nambiar says:

    Good morning Doctor,

    pls give me the name of the medicine for my 28 days old baby as he is excreting mucus in stool frequently.

  64. SALAHUDDIN says:

    dear sir,
    my son of age 18 months, passing 3-4 times loose stool (sometime semi solid) in a day for the last 2 days
    we are giving chamomilla 30 in bio chemic , but not controlled
    he does not any fever and also not able to identify whether there is teething for him

    kindly advice


  65. dear sir
    my mother is 80 years old she is bed ridden we are managing with adult diapers we find that she is passing stools at least four times a day is there a way to control this through homeopathy medicines if so please help me

  66. subrahmanyam says:

    dear sir.
    I am an alcholic and ghutaka chewing habit. earlyer. Iam strong in sex know I am getting erectile problem. please advise me suitable homeo medicine.
    thanking you

  67. Gajendra Yadav says:

    My Kid is 7 1/2 Month prematured baby he is now 8 Months old, consistently getting Watery diahrrea as once been admitted for dehydration where being treated, dr had advised for stool culture which resulted in most of the Antibiotics resistant to E.Coli, please suggest how effective it would be getting treated with Homeopathci Medicine whether it would stop this as he has been having this problem for nearly last 3-4 months consistently.

    Kindly advise

  68. sir i hav a stomach problem i mean heart burn,also loose motion,sir advise me medicine 2 control my loose motion and stomach problem.

  69. sir, my son who is 18 months old is suffering from dehydration with occurs frequently.what should i do.

  70. Brenda Gregorcyk says:

    take my stuff off of this web site.

  71. Brenda Gregorcyk says:

    Take my buisness off of this website now, signed Brenda Gregorcyk

  72. brenda gregorcyk says:

    can you give me some advice on my coment

  73. brenda gregorcyk says:

    I have had watery stools , for along time, Iwas wondering is there something i could take to stop this I have had to take alot of anibotics Irecently had my stools checked and all three came back with no blood, I am also on highblood presure meds and since I;m not the same person, faster heart beats and I have had anixety for years but since last may I had blood test done all showed to be ok, just thought maybe you had some info to help me out sincerly Brenda gregorcyk

    • ADITYA SHARMA says:

      sir i am suffering from lose stool from more than one year i have taken saveral antibiotics it only affect when i take antibiotics when i stop taking antibiotics problem starts before 2 month i was suffering from jaundice now doctors say i am ok and the problem is that is still my problem of lose stool is not solve sir plz suggest………

  74. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I had got my stomach upset four to five times in a week. I had got loose motion frequently five to six times in a week. Because I am a working guy and it is difficult for me.
    Please recommend some medicine. So, I can digest my food easily.
    Gurpreet Singh

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