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Dyslexia & Homeopathy

DYSLEXIA comes from the Greek word meaning difficulty with words or language. In the modern times, it’s described as a condition in which people have difficulty in leaning to read and write correctly. Dyslexics are not unintelligent, in fact they are generally very gifted, but learn differently. You may find it difficult to believe, but Albert Einstein, the world’s greatest scientist, was a dyslexic and had problems in reading and writing until he reached the age of nine. Dyslexics often show special talent in areas that require visual, spatial motor integration, but have a problem translating language into thought (as in listening or reading) or thought into language (as in writing or speaking) Although no specific cause has been found for this disease, it’s observed that their is difference in the functioning of brain which occurs either before, or around the time of birth, or is caused by illness (convulsions or accidents) later in life.

Another queer thing about dyslexia is that it can manifest itself in diverse symptoms, all of which may not be present in one person. Thus, the cure also requires a holistic and individualistic approach which. is the hallmark of homoeopathy.

Homoeopathic medicines are extremely effective in treating learning disorders associated with head injuries which may have occurred in infancy or early childhood. The medicines that have been found useful in this disorder are found under the section mind-learning disorders in Homoeopathic Medical Repertoire by Robin Murphy. But all leaning disorder cases need to be thoroughly evaluated by specific tests before they can be treated. Please make sure that these evaluations are done by an educator or a homoeopath who has experience in dealing with these disorders

Dyslexia can also be hereditary! and it’s been found that one member or the other in the family has a similar problem. Poor schooling or constant changes of school, particularly if this involves a drastic change in teaching method, can even retard the child’s ability to acquire the basic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. Poor health is another factor that can aggravate the condition of dyslexia. Common continuous disorders such as cold, bronchitis, headache, sore throat can prevent the child from concentrating on learning in school and is bound to affect his progress in school.

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  1. Deepesh Kumar Mishra says:

    Hello Dr.
    My neice is 9 year old.she is in class 2 but not able to read book or spell word correctly. Suggest me what to do
    Is any treatment available in homeopathy for this problem.


  2. Kuldeep kaushik says:

    Hello dr
    I m 29 years old male.
    My problems :
    In reading :-
    Read those words not exist in line. Or ignore few words
    Read wrong amount like 3500 instead of 35000
    Or 18645instead of 18564 or 18654.
    In writing
    Writing 3500 instead of 35000 Or 18645 instead of 18564 or 18465

  3. Shailesh baunthiyal says:

    sir ,my 5yr son is diagnosed dsylexia ,he has learning problem,reading problem ,writing problem and also have prounsation problem. pls suggest the right medicine and doses.

  4. Sriram Katra says:

    I feel my daughter is Dyslexic. She has problem reading and writing. I wish to know if there is any cure for dyslexia in homeopathy.

  5. RUMA DASH says:

    My daughter is 8 yrs old. I notice that she mix two languages when she says something, write some letters,nos in opposite direction unable to memorize anything for long time that’s why she is not showing any interest in study. Most of the time see the night dreams and frightened as beacause I scold her at the time of teaching. I am also facing the same in my childhood for which my academic qualification is not so good & I have inferior complexity too. I do not want to see the same in my child. Kindly help me.

  6. I would greatly appreciate your help.
    Adult Person reads page numbers correctly in then quickly reads it incorrectly.
    Struggles to state the name of a person she knows well
    while reading mistakes one word for another
    tranposes letters in words and numbers
    when a child, did not talk until approximately age 4
    While in conversation, easily distracted

    what remedy do you suggest? Thank you much

  7. Karouna says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    Than you for the glimmer of hope that you give us through these information. When I was eight months pregnant my husband got chicken pox and I became infected. I had high temperature in the night and was delirious. I took medication on the following day Acyclovir was one of them. I gave birth to a beautiful healthy little girl.
    However I noticed as she grew up that she would barely speak and she remained in a world of her own. We brought her to undergo all the medical test and later she has been identified as having dyslexia. She is now eight years old and she talks though very often not in an orderly way. At school she works well in mathematics but the reading and written language is very poor.

    At present she is being followed by a speech therapist. But I would be grateful to know if homeopathy treat the core problem of my daughter’s case.

    Thank you

  8. rakesh dwivedi says:

    My daugheter is suffering from dyslexia as problem s in reading, is 4th class students but not understand multiplication ,division,add,subtraction etc.very Poor in class.
    This problems we knew when she was in U Kg.Just after this she have been affedted from Brain TB & his course & problem have been completed before 10 month.But her academic problem still not cure.
    Dr sahab help me i have been nervous phisically & financially.

  9. neerja singh says:

    hello,my neighbour’s child is autistic.she is 13 yrs,im from dehradun.i was going through ur site and was overwehlmed to know that a possible cure for autism exists,im very concerned for shreya…..she goes to karuna vihar,her adl’s are not upto the mark.i know its been late but hope confident that if we work on her she will live well and her parents will have a sigh of relief…..they say miracles if it does where is it……sir please consider this case and revert to me a.s.a.p it will be much appriciated if you could help us…..

  10. I am happy to know about dyslexia treatment (homeo) & want to more about treatment

  11. jayasimhaa says:

    Dyslexia an tretament Homeopathy . ( problame reading & righting my age 33old)

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