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Ear Pain with Discharge? Try Homeopathy

A very common complaint, ear pain can be frequently attended with ear discharge, apart from other symptoms. The discharge can be clear fluid, or white, yellow green, brownish-colored fluid. It can also be blood-stained or may have pus/cloudy fluid. It can be thin, thick or sticky. The discharge may smell foul. Depending on the cause, some other symptoms can also attend like itching in the ears, noises in ears (tinnitus), decreased hearing and a feeling of blocked ears.

Ear pain along with discharge can arise from various causes. One of the most important reason behind it is an ear infection. The infection could be otitis externa or otitis media. Otitis externa also known as swimmer’s ear is an infection in the canal between the outer ear and middle ear. Its symptoms might include earache, ear discharge, redness and swelling of the outer ear, itching in the ear and decreased hearing power. Otitis media refers to an infection in the middle ear i.e. the space behind the ear drum. This can result in ear pain, ear discharge, fullness in the ear and difficulty in hearing. Another reason could be injury/trauma to the ear or rupture of the eardrum. Another cause is an object stuck in the ear. Rare causes might include fracture of the base of skull and skin growth behind eardrum (cholesteatoma).

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy can be of great help in managing ear pain along with ear discharge. Homeopathic medicines are natural remedies that help in these cases by working to treat root cause behind it. Once the root cause is treated, magnificent relief follows in ear pain and discharge. Along with pain and discharge, any attending symptoms (like itching in the ears, fullness in the ears, noises in ears and decreased hearing) can also be well managed with these medicines. The most suitable medicine is selected after taking into consideration the characteristic symptoms and the cause behind ear pain and discharge. So it is advised to get your case evaluated by a homeopathic physician for the right prescription as per every individual case. In no case, self – medication should be done. In cases where serious reasons are behind this complaint, like a ruptured eardrum, help from the conventional mode of treatment should be opted in first place.

Homeopathic Medicines For Ear Pain With Discharge

1. Kali Mur – Top Recommended Medicine

Kali Mur is the most widely used homeopathic medicine for managing ear pain and discharge. This medicine works wonderfully in cases of infection of the middle ear or internal ear. It works well when along with ear pain, there appears white-coloured discharge from the ear. Noises in the ear can also be felt. There mainly occur crackling noises in the ear usually on swallowing food. There also occurs a feeling of a plug in the ears. Reduced hearing/deafness can attend the above complaints in some of the cases.

2. Pulsatilla – With Yellowish Green Ear Discharge

This medicine is recommended for managing ear pain with yellowish – green ear discharge. The discharge smells offensive. The pain is worse in evening and night. The nature of pain can be pulsating, tearing, shooting or stitching type. The pain can extend to the head in some of the cases. At times, pain from the head may extend to the teeth or lower jaw. Along with this, there is a feeling as if the ears are blocked. The external ear is markedly red and swollen. Humming/ roaring, wind like or sound of rushing water like sounds are heard in the ears. Itching is also felt in the ears. One may become hard of hearing.

3. Silicea – For Pus Discharge From Ears

Silicea is a highly effective medicine for managing pus (purulent) discharge from the ears along with pain. The discharge appears thin, watery and curdy (means like curd). The discharge can be blood stained. The ear discharge has a very bad smell. The pain can be stitching, shooting, boring, throbbing or drawing in nature. Itching is felt in the inner and the outer ears. The ears feel blocked. The external ear is swollen. There is difficulty in hearing. The ear is sensitive to noises. Roaring, ringing or hissing noises can be felt in the ears.

4. Belladonna – With Sensitivity To Touch Ear

Belladonna is a suitable medicine when ear are sensitive to touch along with earache and ear discharge. The discharge mainly is of pus. Ear pain is worse from slightest noise. Pain can be tearing, shooting or stitching type varying from case to case. Noises in the ear are also heard like roaring, ringing or humming noises. Ears are inflamed in cases needing Belladonna.

5. Merc Sol – With Thick Yellow Discharge

Merc Sol is a well-indicated medicine for managing ear pain with thick yellow discharge. The discharge is fetid. It is also indicated for managing bloody, bad smelling discharge from the ears. The ears are inflamed and appear red, hot and swollen. Pain is worse when chewing food. Pain also gets worse at night time and also from warmth of the bed. The pain can extend to the cheeks or the jaw. A person may become hard of hearing. Roaring type of noises in the ears can attend.

6. Ferrum Phos – For Initial Stage of Ear Infection

Ferrum Phos is the most valuable medicine for earache along with discharge in the initial stage of infections. In cases needing it, there is redness, and swelling of the ear canal. Besides, throbbing type of pain occurs in the ears. This is attended with ear discharge of mucus along with pus matter. There is increased sensitivity to noises.

7. Graphites – With Gluey, Sticky Ear Discharges

Graphites is a prominent medicine when there is earache with gluey, sticky ear discharges. A bad smell emanates from the ears. Stitching type of pain is felt in the ears. A pressure is also felt in the inner ear. Noises like humming, ringing and roaring are felt in the ear. Cracking is felt in the ears when eating or on jaw movement.

8. Hepar Sulph – With White, Cheesy Blood Stained Pus Discharge

This medicine is recommended when there is pain in the ears with white, cheesy blood stained pus discharge. It has a fetid smell. The pain is darting type. The ears are sensitive to touch. Itching is also felt in the ears. Along with the above, a person becomes hard of hearing.

9. Psorinum – For Earache With Thin, Bad Smelling Discharge

Psorinum is a beneficial medicine to manage ear pain with thin, bad smelling discharge. There is pain in the ear along with swollen ears. Ear discharge is accompanied with headache. This medicine is also indicated for brown-colored discharge from the ears especially from the left side. Itching in the ears attend. There can occur impaired hearing along with humming, buzzing noises in the ears.

10. Petroleum – For Ear Pain With Blood Stained Pus Discharge

Petroleum is useful to manage ear pain with blood-stained pus discharge. There is pain in the ear along with swelling, inflammation in the ear canal that lies between the outer and middle ear. Roaring, ringing noises can be heard in ears along with above complaints.



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