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Suffering from Tinnitus along with Hearing Loss? Try Homeopathy

Tinnitus refers to hearing noises in ear in the absence of any external source of sound. The noise can be of different types like ringing, buzzing, whistling, hissing, roaring, humming or chirping noises. In many cases, hearing loss can attend tinnitus. In some cases, vertigo and sensation of fullness/pressure in the ears can also be present.

Several reasons can lead to tinnitus with hearing loss. Firstly, it could be an age-related issue. With advancing age, degenerative changes occurring in the cochlea (spiral-shaped cavity that contains organ of hearing in ear get filled with fluid) may result in hearing loss and tinnitus. Another cause can be exposure to loud noises. One important reason is Meniere’s disease. It is an inner ear disorder characterised by triad of symptoms including tinnitus, hearing loss and vertigo.  A feeling of fullness of pressure in ears can attend these symptoms. Tinnitus and hearing loss can also occur from ear blockage like from fluid or earwax build up. Otosclerosis is another reason in which there is stiffening of the bones in the middle ear. Labyrinthitis can also be a reason for tinnitus. It is an ear disorder occurring from inflammation in the inner ear. Injuries to head or neck could also result in tinnitus. There are certain medicines also that can lead to tinnitus or worsen it, for example, NSAIDs (non – steroidal anti – inflammatory drugs), diuretics (that help to remove extra salt and water in urine also known as water pills), some antibiotics, quinine medicine and antidepressants.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy offers a wonderful treatment for the cases of tinnitus with hearing loss. These are 100% natural medicines that go to the root cause of the problem to manage this issue with great success. The homeopathic medicines gradually decrease the intensity of noises in the ear occurring with hearing loss. As far as hearing loss is concerned, these medicines might help but results vary greatly from case to case. Apart from symptoms like vertigo, fullness sensation/pressure in the ears that can sometimes accompany above symptoms can be well managed with these medicines. Homeopathic medicines for cases of tinnitus with hearing loss are selected individually for every case as per the characteristic symptoms after detailed case evaluation. Hence it is advised to take any homeopathic medicines after consulting a homeopathic doctor. In no case self-medication should be done.

Homeopathic Medicines For Tinnitus With Hearing Loss

1. Chininum Sulph – Top Most Medicine

Chininum Sulph tops the list of homeopathic medicines for managing tinnitus and hearing loss. In cases needing it, the type of noise can vary including ringing, roaring or buzzing. In some cases, vertigo (sensation as if the person or his/her surroundings are moving) can occur. Vertigo gets worse on stooping. This medicine is also prominent for managing Meniere’s disease as it covers all the symptoms of this disease including tinnitus, hearing loss and vertigo. Sometimes headache or fullness in the head can be present along with above symptoms where this medicine is required. With this a tingling sensation in the ears can occur sometimes. There may be a history of injury to the brain mainly in the area of auditory nerve in cases needing it.

2. Salicylicum Acid – When Attended With Vertigo

This medicine is of great use when hearing loss with tinnitus is accompanied by vertigo spells. Roaring or ringing noises can be present in the cases requiring it. Sometimes specifically noises like music can be heard. When vertigo occurs nausea may be felt in most of the cases. Just like the medicine mentioned above, it is also an important medicine for cases of Meniere’s disease. Fetid pus like ear discharge in some cases may be noted.

3. Chenopodium – For Buzzing Or Roaring Noises With Hearing Loss

This medicine is well indicated for buzzing or roaring noises in ears with hearing loss. Persons who need it have a good hearing for high pitched sounds as compared to low ones. They may be unable to hear a person’s voice but have sensitivity to sharp sounds. They may also get sudden vertigo spells along with the above complaints. There may be weakness of auditory nerve where this medicine is required.

4. Thiosinaminum – Due To Fibrous Bands Formation In Ear

Thiosinaminum is of great use in cases where noises in the ear occur from fibrous band formation in the ear. It causes hindrance in the free movement of ossicles (bones in the middle ear). Along with noises in the ears, there is hearing loss. The noises mainly are ringing type in most of the cases. Hearing loss may also be a result of fibrous changes in the auditory nerve. This medicine is of great help in cases of Otosclerosis.

5. Petroleum – For Elderly People

Petroleum is a well-indicated medicine for elderly people having hearing loss and noises in the ears. There noises can be of varying types where this medicine is needed. The noises can be like ringing of the bells, roaring or cracking or like rushing of water. These complaints may be accompanied by headache. A dryness can be felt in the ear along with above symptoms.

6. Natrum Salicylicum – With Constant Noises In Ear

This medicine is indicated when there occur constant noises in the ear along with hearing loss. The noises are quite intense in nature. Along with this, vertigo is felt. Vertigo is worse when rising from the lying position. The objects in the surroundings seem to move to the right side during vertigo.

7. Kali Mur – With A Fullness Or A Plug Sensation In Ears

Kali Mur works well in cases of noises in the ear and hearing loss attended with fullness or a plug sensation in the ears. Crackling or popping noises are heard in the ears. Swelling in the middle ear and eustachian tube (tube connecting middle ear to the back of the throat) can be present in cases needing it. A history of ear infections can be present with white-coloured ear discharges.

8. Graphites – With Hissing Type Of Noises

This medicine is valuable to manage cases presenting with hissing type of noises in the ear along with hearing loss. Persons needing it have difficulty in hearing but when present in the noisy environment could hear a little better. There is dryness in the ears along with above. A pressure sensation is felt in the inner ear.

9. Pulsatilla – For Noises Like Humming, Rushing Water And Wind

Pulsatilla is a beneficial medicine when noises like humming, rushing water and wind are felt. A sensation or blocking of the ear is well marked. Along with these complaints, there may be pain in the forehead that extends to the root of the nose. Besides, vertigo also occurs. A history of ear infections with thick yellowish greenish discharge from the ears may be present in cases requiring it.

10. China Officinalis – For Humming, Roaring Or Ringing Noises

This medicine is effective when humming, roaring or ringing noises are heard in the ears. There may be hearing loss. Noises are followed by vertigo. Pain in the head can occur along with ringing noises in the ears. Stitching type of pain in the ear can be present. Weakness, in general, can occur along with above complaints.



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  1. Hi Dr.
    I have tinnitus most likely caused by the chemo drug Carboplatin. Which of these remedies would you recommend? The noise is more in my head than ears if that makes sense. And it’s a high pitch buzz. It is constant but will change sound every now and then. The chemo drug also caused neuropathy in my fingers and toes.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Daniela Vance says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I had the ENT visit. The diagnosis is that the extended buzzing / chirping / clicking sound in my right ear is caused by the muscle(s) spasm in the ear.
    The ENT doctor said that they don’t know what causes the spasm of the ear muscles but some things could trigger it like stress, etc.
    He said there is no cure for that! But some people take muscle relaxant but he discouraged to go that route because they make you very drowsy.

    What remedy do you suggest?

    Thank you.

  3. 58 y/o female with Tinnitus x 8 months. sounds like cicadas or crickets or mosquitoes – hi-pitched and constant. No hearing loss or associated vertigo. Not really bothersome, but not sure if it could become problematic. Best treatment? Thanks!

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