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Top 8 Homeopathic Medicines for Throat Pain Extending to Ears

Throat pain is a very common problem and in many cases, pain from the throat can extend to the ears. The throat and ears are connected via the eustachian tube, so any problem in the throat might extend to ears as well. It can be attended with other signs and symptoms as well. These include throat pain when swallowing food, redness in the throat, swelling of tonsils, hoarse voice, dryness in the throat, white/pus spots on the tonsils, fullness in the ear, fluid discharge from ears, decreased hearing and popping noises in the ears. Some general symptoms that can attend include fever, feeling unwell and headache.

Throat pain extending to ears can arise from various causes. The first reason behind this complaint includes throat infections and tonsillitis (inflammation of tonsils). These conditions usually result from viral infections but can occur from bacterial or other infections as well.

Another reason behind it is pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx i.e. the back of the throat), commonly referred as sore throat. Another cause could be sinusitis. Sinusitis refers to inflammation of the air-filled cavities in the skull. It can cause throat pain extending to the ears along with other main symptoms like nasal discharge, headache, stuffed nose, PND – post nasal drip where mucus from the back of the nose falls down in the throat, facial swelling and pain. Another reason is allergies. This can lead to throat pain and ear pain in addition to its major symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy, watery eyes.

Other reason includes TMJ disorders (i.e. temporomandibular disorders that affect the joint that connects jaw to the skull) that usually cause jaw pain, facial pain, headache, cracking sound from the jaw but can also cause throat pain extending to the ears.

Acid reflux is yet another cause. It refers to the back flow of stomach acid from stomach to the food pipe. This cause heartburn means burning in the middle of chest behind the breast bone, sour or bitter burps, chest pain, sensation of lump in the throat. Additionally, in some cases it may cause throat pain extending to the ear. Lastly, a tooth infection may cause throat pain or ear pain along with its main symptoms.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy is very effective in managing complaintscauses of throat pain extending to the ears. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from naturally occurring substances, hence are entirely safe to use in these cases with zero side effects. Homeopathic medicines bring excellent results in such cases by aiming to treat the root cause behind it. There are numerous medicines for treating this complaint in homeopathy and the most suitable medicine has to be selected for every individual case separately after detailed case evaluation based on the characteristic symptom presentation. So it is advised to get every case evaluated by a homeopathic doctor and take medicine under supervision of a doctor. Self-medication should not be done in any case.

Homeopathic Medicines for Throat Pain Extending to Ears

1. Merc Sol – Top Medicine

Merc Sol is the top recommended medicine to manage pain in the throat that extend to the ears. In cases needing it, pain gets worse when swallowing. Pain is usually stitching type in most the cases. The throat and tonsils are red and swollen. The tonsils are enlarged. A characteristic attending feature is ulcers on the tonsils and in the throat. Heated sensation is felt in the throat. A rough feeling is also felt in throat. An important accompanying feature is increased salivation in the mouth. Foul smell also comes from mouth.

2. Belladonna – With Intense Redness Of Throat And Tonsils

Belladonna is a highly effective medicine when there is marked redness of the throat and tonsils. The throat is swollen and looks shiny. The pain goes from thethroat to the ears. There is much difficulty in swallowing especially the liquids. Swallowing saliva is also painful. There is excessive dryness in the throat. The tonsils are enlarged. Fever attends above complaints. Cough spells can also attend.

3. Hepar Sulph – For Pain On Swallowing, Turning Head, Yawning, Coughing

Hepar Sulph is a useful medicine for managing throat pain extending to the ears on swallowing. The nature of pain can be stitching or shooting type. The pain also worsens when turning the head, yawning and on coughing. The tonsils are red, inflamed with pus points on it, in cases needing this medicine. An important feature that attends is a sensation of a lump or plug of mucus in the throat. In some cases, there is a feeling of splinter (a thin, small sharp piece of a wood, a glass or something else being broken from a larger piece) stuck in the throat. There may be difficulty in hearing.

4. Phytolacca – When Intense Heat / Burning In Throat Attends

Phytolacca can be considered when there is intense heat or burning sensation in throat along with throat pain radiating to the ears. In cases needing this medicine, the throat and tonsils appear dark red or bluish colored. The tonsils may be covered with greyish patches. The throat feels rough and dry. There is a disposition to hawk and clear the throat. Dryness of the throat is present thwhichat induces cough. A sensation of lump in the throat is also present. One is unable to swallow any hot liquid.

5. Lachesis – For Left-Sided Pain

Lachesis works well in cases of pain in the left side of throat extending to the ear. The pain worsens on swallowing. Swallowing liquids is more painful than solids. Swallowing saliva is also painful. The throat is also painful to touch and pressure externally. The throat and tonsils look purplish. There is a constant tickling in the throat. There is a feeling of bread crumb in the throat sticking in the throat. It feels better by hawking.

6. Lac Caninum – For RightRight-Sided Sided Pain

This medicine is suitable for right-sided throat pain extending to ear. The pain gets worse from swallowing which is almost impossible. The throat is painful to touch externally as well. Pearly white deposits may be seen inside the throat. On the tonsils, white ulcers are formed. There may also appear yellowish-white patches on the tonsils. There is marked dryness in the throat and the mouth. Tickling sensation is felt in the throat which causes cough.

7. Nitric Acid – With Intense Pain On Swallowing

This medicine is of great use when there is violent pain that extends from throat to ears on swallowing. Even swallowing a little amount of liquid causes pain. A pricking sort of sensation as from splinters is well marked in the throat. The tonsils are red and swollen. Small ulcers are present on the tonsils. In some cases, white patches occur on the tonsils.

8. Ignatia – With Pus In The Tonsils

This medicine is indicated when there are swollen tonsils with tiny openings filled with pus. Small ulcers may also develop on the tonsils. The throat is red and inflamed. Stitching pain extends from throat to the ears. It gets better on swallowing solids and worse during the act of swallowing. A crawling sensation occurs in throat. There is bad smell and taste in the mouth.



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