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Onion and Coffee- no need to avoid

708063_coffee re Dear Dr. Sharma
I take Homeo-medicines regularly,one thing that has perplexes me the most is that does onion really antidote the effects of homeopathic medicine? do I really need to avoid onion and other stimulants like alcohol , coffee etc while I am on homeo drugs? what are the other dos and don’t that I need to take care off? … Jasbir Singh NJ


I have been a regular onion-eater. Hardly a day passes when I don’t take raw sliced onions as part of my meals. Still homeopathy works on me, and the same is true of my patients who are fond of onions.700949379_ca23a2671b_m

We all have heard that onion, mint and coffee are the “super antidotes” to homeopathy and their complete abstinence is a must while using homeopathic medicines. But it has always been very difficult for me to comprehend this; how is it so that these three substances, which are so dissimilar in chemical composition, can work against all the known 2000 homeopathic drugs?

In this pursuit and without any bias I searched nearly all the known literature in the homeopathic software and my library, which includes invaluable contributions by Hahnemann (founder of homeopathy). To tell you the truth, I found no conclusive evidence that supported the antidotal effect of these three substances. Instead, I found a book in the local British Council Library quoting a recent research according to which mint has no antidotal effect on homeopathic medicinal value.

It surely is one’s prerogative to interpret anything as one wishes, but all that Hahnemann has said is that one should avoid substances of medicinal value while on homeopathic treatment. There is no mention of coffee or onion as an antidote by Hahnemann himself, although he advises against the use of coffee as a stimulant.

Hahnemann’s literature has been misinterpreted over the ages. On the contrary, what Hahnemann had actually said is often what is not practised. According to him, patient’s food cravings (strong desires) should be satisfied as they represent the voice of nature.

Hahnemann had warned of overindulgence to a stage where they would act as stimulants. This is very easily understood by the fact that every homoeopath would warn of indulgence in alcohol as a stimulant during treatment even though every homoeopathic medicine is dispensed in alcohol.

It is quite possible that the consumption of certain foods can trigger an allergic response and would aggravate the disease condition, but this does not imply the “antidoting” of homoeopathic drugs. Also certain food substances that are not permitted during disease conditions (e.g. coffee and tea in acidity) should not be misunderstood as antidotes to homoeopathic medicine.

It is often advised not to chew medicated homoeopathic globules and that they should be sucked or left to dissolve in the mouth. This has a great deal of truth in it and is supported by a biological fact that there is a rich supply of blood vessels in the mouth and thus absorption is much faster. That touching by hand can change the medicinal value and should be avoided is also true.

One should keep in mind that homoeopathic medicines are in highly diluted form and prepared with great sensitivity. So any contamination even with the minutest amount of another chemical can alter its constitution. Obviously, hygiene adds another factor. One should avoid touching the medicated globules.

Scientific knowledge is an ever evolving process and its evolution is based on inferences drawn from the process of exactitude. Thus, assumptions, beliefs and suppositions have no place in its advancement and should be dispensed with as soon as possible.

Dr. Vikas Sharma

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  1. Nadeeshani says:

    I’m taking homiyopathi medicine for kidney stones so I need to know can I eat cook onion and garlic while taking medicine

  2. Ajit Kumar Das says:

    I have a polyp at the right side of rectum edge. I have been taking calcarea carbonica 200 once a day for about four months. This is my self medication but without any results. I am 72 years old and the polyp I felt at my rectum two years ago. Would you kindly recommend something?

  3. Ferran Wintrop says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 75, living in a third world country and suffer from chronic angina pectoris together with Type ll Diabetes. I refuse to have the medical profession conduct any form of surgical intervention. I have tried many formulae reported to assist in removing arterial blockage with minimal results.
    What would you recommend?

  4. gautam arora says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Can I drink two cups of black coffee every day. Can I dilute 4-6 drops of Schwabe Damiaplant in that black coffee and take it?

    • A.R.srinicasan says:

      I take 3 cups of coffe every day at 7 am–9,30am–6pm is it bad when we are in homoeopathy
      ARS vasan/9900234431

  5. Dear Dr Sharma, I am prescribed Kali Phos 4 tablets 3X per day.
    My problem is for 40 years I always had just one mild cup of coffee in the morning. I love the flavour and it gives me some pleasure every morning and helps me to wake up a little. Tea is just horrible. I don’t drink coffee any other time.
    I hear coffee “antidotes” the remedy!
    Is it okay if I wait 30 minutes after the coffee, rinse out my mouth with water to clean it also before taking the remedy?
    I am so sad I can’t have my morning coffee otherwise.

  6. Hi Doctor ,
    I am suffering from Psoriasis and being treated for it from last 2 years under homeopathy prescription.
    I am involved in fitness world to , to reduce weight I am planning to have weight cutters which have green tea and green coffee extract.
    I need to confirm about if I can take these capsules along with homeopathy medicine ?
    Do i have to keep gap between these two and how much ?


  7. Mrs. Taqdis Raiba says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I’m taking homeopathic medicines for anxiety, body pains, acidity and piles.
    Can I take green coffee?
    As I have gain weight and I want to lose it. I go for 45 minutes walk 5 times a week. But I hv not lost weight.
    My age is 43 years and I’m a female

  8. Brenda Ventura says:

    I recently developed eye floaters and my eye doctor tells me i just have to live with them. I did some research and found a remedy on line specifically for eye floaters. I’m only a couple of days in to it…do you think it could work or could you suggest something?
    Thank you

  9. hii doctor,
    I want to know that there is any treatment for hidradenitis-suppurativa in homeopathy….
    If not then pls Tell me. It’s urgent…

  10. Raj Aurora says:

    Hello Dr. I am 76 yrs old & I am losing a great amount of hair & I am also very stressed owing to family problems. What Homeopathic medicines can I take for hair loss & depression. Thank U very much.

    Sherrie Aurora

  11. Ruchi Gupta says:

    Thank you for such a detailed and well written response to jasbir’s query

  12. Ratan Patra says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 32 years old and having hyperpigmentation.can I take thuja 200,china 30,copaiva 30,colophyllum 30,cadmium 200 and argentum nitricum 200 together for the treatment?

  13. Ratan Patra says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 32 years old and having hyperpigmentation.can I take thuja 200,china 30,copaiva 30,colophyllum 30,cadmium 200 and argentum nitricum 200 together for the treatment?

  14. Animesh Biswas says:

    Hello, Doctor!
    I have been diagnosed with steatocystoma multiplex on scrotum. There are plenty of them. Is there any effective homeopathic treatment? What are the Do’s and Dont’s in terms of diet and lifestyle?

  15. Mukesh Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor, i m regular used to with coffee for last 20 years, i dont take tea… I m suffered with lower back pain … And as medicine if i take Reckwag R11 and R46 as healer, will it work…. I can not leave coffee… I am much fond of Coffee. Please suggest what do i do?

  16. Alpesh Mahant says:

    Hi my dr from USA AZ proscribed me phosphorus 1m and Arsenic Alba he told me 6 minutes rule before after and I can eat anything and friend of my also homeopathy deform india say what ever he say but if you eat anytime during the day onions garlic hing or strong odor medicine effects are gone so now I am confused who is right ?

  17. Swaminathan says:


  18. Sandeep Kumar Nath says:

    Sir, I cannot decide what to do in my life. Sometimes in a very problem also I cannot make proper decisions. I am also suffering from nervous problems and constipation and appetite problem for many years. So please give me a perfect solution. Thank you.

  19. Nikhil Agarwal says:

    I am taking homeopathy medication for snoring. Can i take alcoholand smoke (occasionally) during the course of my treatment?

  20. Hello doctor. I am taking homeopathy medicine for cervical spondolysis (spondy aid drops n the white sugar goli). Can I take aloe Vera , amla n lemon juice or not plz guide me for the same as soon as possible.
    Thnx Ranjna Nag from Korba Chhattishgarh

  21. Dr. Sharma,
    i am a senior and i strarted to take homeopathic medicine for blood pressure. can i take lemon juice which i love very much. please answer. thank you,

  22. I have developed rather severe TMJ following a root canal. Which medicines/protocol do u recommend I follow for relief?


  23. can i consume green it woth tulsi in it. im 27yrs old taking phosphorus

  24. Anand Kumar Mishra says:

    shortness of breathing problem….. PFT Test Reversable Problem so that i use allopathy & homeopathy medicine..

  25. Bhuvan patrikar says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma .. I am going through homeo treatment for my black patches appearing due to pigmentation .. For last few month before this treatment started I HV also taking some tablet herbs and seeds containing high caffeine .. Should I continue with my weight loss tab along with homeo treatment . regards

  26. Ketan Chikhalkar says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    Myself Ketan and I am taking some homeopathy medicine treatment for skin and hairs but one question arrise in my mind is that,
    I am taking gyanoderma dxn coffee so please tell me is it fine for me or not because it not contain coffe
    and the person who discribe mi about dxn coffee he said that gyanoderma molecules nutrals caffain and no caffain added in it
    so please reply me

  27. I have cholesterol. Can I take raw garlic during homeopathic medicine ?

  28. Is drinking alcohol is harmful or antidote during medication by homeo medicine

  29. sunil krishna bala says:

    Thanks for the true fuidance

  30. richa verma says:

    I take gold tablets for hair . can I eat lemon?

  31. Abhinav Pandey says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I was diagnosed with meniere’s disease around 4 years back. I have recently started taking hemeopathy medicine for it. Although i take every precaution there is one thing that bothers me. That is I smoke. Does smoking antidote hemeopathy treatment?

  32. Meethili Raikar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 14 years and I am in 9th std. For past 3 yrs I hv migraine with aura, when aura comes my Vision is not clear, flashing lights hurt my eyes…. Need to be in dark room. Sometimes vision is partially clear.
    This aura lasts for 25 to 30 mins.
    After aura goes my head pains on one side either right or left side,somtines it pains fully,pain is very servere. Either head has to be massaged or go to sleep. Then only after getting up from sleep pain reduces little. Will homeopathy medicine cure this type of migraine. Pls let me know yr reply,

  33. Nilesh Pawar says:

    I m 24 year old male guy, my height is 5 feet and 3 inches .. in last some years i took various products which claim that their product have natural formula to increase height… even i know that increasing height is related to HGH… so i used that products but nothing worked out….now on 22 feb 2016, in my local area i approach to one Homeopathy Doctor…. he diagnosed me … he told me that this height problem is Dwarfism…. and gave some homeopathy medicine…. so now i wanna know that really it will help me to increase my height atleast 2 inches ??
    one more question…. Can i drink lemon juice in warm water along with homeopathy treatment ??

  34. Aurum metalicus, 200 c What kind of conditions would call for Aurum. I am beginning for a second time on 200 c which of course is only taken once. Will a daily coffee disturb the energy work. Is there a particular time of day NOT to drink coffee. The article above is helpful but perhaps your thoughts are different concerning a one-time taking 200 c as a constitutional….

  35. ASLAM SHERWANI says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I liked your above article and liked it very much. For last thirty years I have not touched any medicine except homeopathic remedies. I am BHMS and practicing homeopathy but advising my patient not to take coffee and vinegar only because all those who guided me in study of homeopathy. I also read many books and searched and discussed but no satisfactory answer was received. I am of the opinion where the coffee or acetic acid is indicated as antidote to certain remedy should be avoided otherwise not.
    I want your comment about use of VINEGAR.

  36. baldev singh sagoo says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma.
    Namaskar Sir, I am having full faith in homeopathic system of medicine. I am really happy to find your reply to Mr. Jasbir that onions do not disturb homeopathic medicines at all so from today I have started eating onions on regular basis which is said to be very good for lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood.
    B s sagoo.

  37. Hi doctor Im subha
    Im using homeopathy medicine last 20 days fr kidney stones
    these are my prblms so using medicine nw im feeling better
    unfortunately today im eating masala item gusgusa im afraid so plz tellme wt happen

  38. Will homeo alone can treat ALL TYPES of arrhythmia with out intervention of allopathic medcines.

  39. K L Roshia says:

    I am heart patient & took medicine from homeopath. I am feeling better now but at present taking Syjanium jhamb & cephlendra indica regulary. Pl suggest medicine for psyrosis.

  40. onion/coffee –what I do is not to take either within one hour of consumption of the medicine. I am in delhi, can I see you at a pre appointed time

  41. KUNDAN SHARMA says:

    dear sir,meri age 25 year hai or mai 4 years se” Seborrheic dermatitis” se paresan hu or plz… sir mujhe kio medicine sugest kijia.

  42. Gurvinder Cheema says:

    Should we avoid homeopathy medicine with whisky

  43. Aien jamir says:

    I have gastritis problem n I often get this migraine related 2 my gastric problem? plz help

  44. SURAM SINGH says:

    sir muje elargi lal rang ke dag bante h or 6 munth se dawai le rha hu kabhi thik ho jata h or fir kabhi dubara se bahut jyada ho jate h

  45. manmohan kaur says:

    hello dr sharma father expired last year in December..after that till today i have very hard time. I’m taking dipression medicine homeopathic and.alopathy together.I’m taking ignatia drops regularly from 15 days..but i can’t stay at home alone..even in cant sleep alone..sometimes i have fear like i.wll commit suicide. what i should do for it..which medicine?

  46. T.K. Chakroborty says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Namasker, I am just > 50 Yrs under going homeopathy treatment 1) ‘enlargement of prostrate’ for last 2 months
    i.e taking Sabal Serr & proscenat ( ADEL-21): 2)” for high cholesterol” my total cholesterol level is :- 223 & taking Fel tauri , as prescribed by my Doctor. Before starting of this medication I used to drink occasionally i.e that is 2 drinks of 30 ml each for 2-3 days a week. Now due to social cause, can I drink the same now? or only after my said medication is complete. Please send me your valuable advice.
    Thanking You.
    Yours sincerely

  47. Rohit aswal says:

    sir i have taking homopathy medicine from last 7months for skin allergy problem as my skin got swelled up when it get rubbed ,for this i consult the doctor and he gave medicine for this and i asked him what are those things which i do not do,he told nothing,and sir.can i take liquor while taking medicine.because i m addicted of alcohol,will my disease be cured or not suggest me sir as early you can

  48. Can thuja occidental 30
    3 pellets thrice a week cure lone genetial wrath.
    After how many dosages it will cured?

  49. Anjan Cariappa says:

    Excellent write up Dr.Sharma. (Onion and Coffee- no need to avoid) Was very helpful. Precise and to the point. Thank you for this.

  50. Sai Krishnan says:

    I am an asthma patient. Dust and sitting in ac room are the allergies. I also have sneezing. I am taking ars alb 200, nat sulph 200 and pothos f 200 in between 2 hours. Still asthma and sneezing is present in between two days. Please help me to cure this desease.

  51. deependra yadav says:

    Sir I take homeopathic medicine , but I like coffee. Can I consume coffee or not

  52. pompa ghosh says:

    cna we take lemon along with homeopathy medcine.

  53. SHIRSHA JASH says:

    I am taking homeo medicine.Can I eat lemon like foods?

  54. nazia ahmed says:

    Respected sir, I m taking homeopathic medicines for arthritis .I want to know that can I have lemon juice while having homeopathic medicines. Thanking you

  55. deepa james says:

    what are the food items should be avoided when taking homeo medicine and what are the food items which is good when taking homeo medicine
    Is there any problem when 2 or 3 days discontinue medicine
    What should do for the best effect of medicine in the body

  56. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 46 yrs man and have very high uric acid levels = 8.8 (tested 2 days ago). Presently, I feel slight pain in movement of my shoulders (esp. left one) and in the knees also (esp. right knee), which is negligible.

    I would also like to tell you that my uric acid level is continuing at 7.0 to 8.2 for almost last 3-4 yrs. Only twice or thrice during the last 4 yrs did I had to face pain in my heels during the winter season, which lasted for 4-5 days. However, I have not yet faced any acute attact of pain till date. I have been regularly taking Utrica Urens Q (10 drops twice a day) on daily basis for the last 3 yrs., however, I found no decline in the uric acid levels.

    I take 3-4 pegs of whisky once a week only. And take non-veg food like chicken or fish only twice or thrice a week. I avoid taking mutton, paneer items completely. My cholesterol level is 256 (higher side) and triglyceride level is 160 (on the border). My blood serum shows: Albumin = Normal range; Urine Test = No protien. However, Sodium (133) and Chlorine (97) are just below the minimum normal range.
    No sugar at all.

    My friends take more non-veg food than me. I don’t understand what is the reason of my uric acid level heing so high. Kindly throw some light on the symptoms, i.e. the reason, precaution to be taken and medication to be taken in future. Regards,

  57. Ravinder Thind says:

    Thanks alot for reply
    My mother is suffering from this diseasis for last 3 years & continously take homeophathy medicine but from different doctors.Now she take homephathy medicine from last 9 months continously from one doctor.My mothers serology report on december 2013 was Rheumatoid factor(quantitative) 160.9
    But on august it was 383.0
    Plz tell me it is dangerous.what is normal Rf ?
    What precautions she can do?
    How much time she can continue this medicine.I love my mother very much & cannot live without her.l m so much worried about her health.Plz help me

  58. M Raghu Babu says:

    I have heel spur can it be cured completely in homeo

  59. anju kapri says:

    Dear Dr.sharma i take haemeopaethic medicine regularly.I want to ask you that can i eat lemon or not while using haemeopaethic medicine.

  60. Dr. Sharma,
    thank you for your column.
    In a homeopathic book by Dr. Andrew Lockie I am finding that nearly all – if not all – homeopathic remedies have a homeopathic antidote; eg: Nat. Mur. – antidote: Arsenicum and Thuja. Does this mean that these remedies antidote possible negative effects of Nat.Mur. or do they negate Nat.Mur. the positive effects as well? And how far apart do they have to be taken, if I want to take them all?

  61. Horacio Zendejas says:

    Dr. Sharma:

    I have a very strong pain in my right toe because de elevated uric acid. I have been homeo treated with Apis mell 30c, calcarea charbonic30c and and parsley 1c.
    I drink 2 cups of Coffee in the morning daily.
    Should I Avoid drinking coffee while the homeo treatment?

    Thanks a los.

  62. mrs nikhat haris says:

    i was having cough with a losenge from the past one n hlf year, i hd m tst done for blood n x ray of chest bt nothing came out,it had cured in between but again it started with a losenge. And becuause of dis i m nt ble to sleep.and while coughing vomitting also start coming.

  63. baljeet gill says:

    I have thirod problem hypothirodism like my weight is gaining I’m taking homeopathy medicine from almost 2month I feel better but I’m confused about eating what should I eat or what I have to avoid like pizza ,pasta,oily things plz tell me properly. Thnxx

  64. namavarapu madhavi says:

    good morning sir iam from india resently i am causing from diabetic. i want homeo treatment how much it cost & also i usually take coffee that will effect for treatment can u kendly advice me to take what type of medicine can i use

  65. I have kidney stone of calcium oxalate 8mm in upper ureter,what is medicine,what are dos and donts

  66. Ms Manu Pillai says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Pls let me know if Coffee and Raw Onion is allowed while taking homeopathy medicines. Iam taking it for dry/oily dandruff and cold related things nothing major. Some practioners suggest to avoid it where as some advise its ok to consume coffee as long as a gap of 1 hour is observed..Pls let me know..

    Ms Manu Pillai

  67. Do you have a treatment for vitiligo or loss of pigmentation..

  68. subhash vats says:

    Dear sir, My son who is 40years old has following health problems. he is now disgusted by over use of allopathic medicines .please advise. he is located in Jhansi cantt. he is suffering from 1) frequent stomach upsets, lots of burps,gas., followed by headaches . foods like rajmash, bhindi, urad dals, sour foods aggravate this. 2) he also suffers from acute allergic rhinitis, sneezing with running nose . he is hypertensive, of nervous temperament, gets angry very fast. 3)He feels comfortable in warm environment and like eating warm stuff only.
    He being in defence forces is never sure of good homeopath in new town he gets posted. will you be
    kind enough to help him by suggesting a composite treatment—–S.Vats

  69. Gautam kumar bharti says:


  70. T GOPINATHAN says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I came across your reply to one of the patients today,I have question and will be grateful if you can guide me .

    in aug 2008 i was operated for pituotory adenoma and every year i am following up with MRI. over the years it is slowly growing eventhough Drs have said that no immediate concern and watch every year through MRI. Some one suggested to me why dont i take homeo medicines which will not allow further growth.
    i searched the net and one Dr has given recommendation to one patient that Thuja Occidentalis 30 C and Lapis Alba 30 C are wonderful drugs for these type of tumors. Sir Can you please adivice

  71. Dear Dr. Sharma
    My mother who is 75 years old has a itchy skin condition without a rash including her scalp. She scratches the skin until she says she feels almost dizzy. Please would you recommend a remedy. She has been on Ibersarten BP medication for some time. Please help as this has affected her quality of life considrably.

  72. sir unexpectdly i ate small amount of onion piece does it effects

  73. M.N.Naugraiya says:

    I have been using coffee twice a day since 1980 regularly i.e. morning & evening. Now I have been suffering from cervical spondolysis and under treatment of Homoeopathy. Homoeo- doctor say to give off the coffee and onion. What should I do?

    Principal Scientist (Forest Sci.)

  74. Hardik Trivedi says:

    Hello sir,

    My age is 28 years. I have got the problem of frontal sinus i.e. the sinus under my eyebrows for over 12 years. I also have the problem of hair fall. I am undergoing homeopathic treatment right now. My doctor after taking my full history says that my hairfall is less connected with sinus. hairfall is because of two reason: one is heridetary and other is digestion problem.I also have high dandruff problem that too an itching dandruff…

    sir, although i can understand that u cannot suggest anything unless u know my full history, but still can you please throw some light on my case. I am fed up of the always ongoing pain of sinus and this hairfall. The treatment is going on since last 2 months. Earlier I was having homeopathic treatment under other doctor for say around one and half year…but all in vain… no improvement in sinus or hairfall..

    Sir, please suggest somethng..

    Thank you for this invaluable suggestion to all the patients.

    Hardik N. Trivedi.

  75. JAYAKUMAR says:

    I have wheezing trouble for 15 years.just now i am taking homeopathy treatment for past one week. My question is “it is curable or not “

    • murukesan.R says:

      Dear Dr.,
      I am 62 yr old. While breathing in I feel – urine, cowdung, boiled meat or underwater smell.
      What could be the problem , how can I escape .

      Pl. Help me Dr.

  76. Richa gupta says:

    i am having leucoderma on my legs since 19 years, when i was just six have taken alopathy, homeopathy,aurvedic medicines n got surgerys also. i am but was not relieved .since one year i am on homeopathy i developed many melanin spots in between the leucoderma spots but the outer margins of leucoderma spots are spreading.i also used to take coffee regularly.could u please suggest me the right medicines and the precautions which i should take as i am taking 13 medicines.ars sulf flavum,hydrocrotyle,sepia ,natrum mure,spongia,kali sulph are some of them

  77. My husband will take homeo drugs in that time he will take alcohol is there any problem or side effects please send reply as soon as possible.

    • Rohit aswal says:

      sir i have taking homopathy medicine from last 7months for skin allergy problem as my skin got swelled up when it get rubbed ,for this i consult the doctor and he gave medicine for this and i asked him what are those things which i do not do,he told nothing,and sir.can i take liquor while taking medicine.because i m addicted of alcohol,will my disease be cured or not suggest me sir as early you can

  78. I am suffering from Alopecia Areata from last 3 years. I was taking homeopathy treatment from a famous homeopathy clinic in India for alopecia areata. I had devloped small patches on my head 3years ago and i started the treatment. the patches disappeared after 0ne year and i stopped the treatmenf. but after 2 months they again reappeared. so this time i enrolled for two year treatment. during this these two years the pathces came and went for about 6-7 times. finally for the last 9 months i had no patches. so i stopped the treatment. but just after one month after i stopped the treatment a patch has reappeared. this time i decided not to enroll for the treatment. instead i consulted my uncle who practices homeopathy for last many years and he suggested me Acid Phos 200, Selenium 30, 1-2 drops in a glass of water every day and Thuja 10M 1-2 drops in a glass of water for 3 days after every 10 days. i have started using this prescription. apart form this i am also applying onnion juice to the patch area every day before going to bed.

    Please advise whether i can recover my hair by doing this. shoul i also apply olive oil or castor oil for faster improvement.



  80. RITA CHOWDHURY says:

    i am suffering low back pain since last one year, now the pain is upto the foot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,generaly at night pain is excessive,&24 hr pain is existing in both leg,

  81. wilfred vaz says:

    i am a psoriasis arthritis patient, had pso patches all over my body since 1984, now the patches are limited to my scalp ( 5-6 patches), one on my left elbow, one on my right buttock, mildly on both the finger nails, both the toe nails, my joints on shoulders and fingers get painful with certain food like red meat, sour fruits, cold liquids, sugar items, alcohol etc..can homeopathy medicine treat my case?
    i am 47 years old and reside in Dubai UAE.
    i developed psoriasis in 1984 and arthritis in 1995 onwards.initially the psoriasis was bad, later it subsided over the years, similarly atrthrits was bad in 1994 and later with food control it subsided, i have nodules on all my left fingers and toes..gets painful when i consuime the above foods…please help.

  82. Dr.Sharma..i would like to know that can my chest pain and breathlessness be a problem called GERD.

  83. jagmohan singh says:

    about 16 month ago i was regularly feeling pain in chest(heart burn)and doctor found me +ve for h pylori then they put me on nexium with combination of antibiotics,h pylori get cured but heartburn is still there. now i think it is problem of gerd.i am regulaly taking nexium half of 20 mg everyday,doing yoga,taking some ayurvedic medicine also.
    i want to know that can it be fully cured in homeopathic?

  84. Dr. Vikas Sharma says:


    Well it does look like a good sign that you have to take antacids less frequently; please remember that onion ,garlic and other spices, that we Indians very commonly use, can easilly irritate the gastric mucosa and can further conribute to your problem. It would be of help in deciding the medicine for you ,if you can send me your symptoms in detail.

    Dr. Sharma

  85. Savinder Singh says:

    I am a patient of acidity. Earlier I used to take a capsule early morning without having anything of Lomac-20 on alternative days but now after taking homeo medicine from a doctor in Mohali what I have observed is that from two days it has gone to three days that means that now I will be taking the above said medicine after three days.Sir dose it proves that the acidity is being cured. And one more thing that does onion and coffee affect acidity or not or if we drink coffee once a week or have onions daily with dinner will it increase the acidity or not.


    Savinder Singh
    Flat No. 29,
    Sangam Enclave,

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