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Onion and Coffee- no need to avoid

708063_coffee re Dear Dr. Sharma
I take Homeo-medicines regularly,one thing that has perplexes me the most is that does onion really antidote the effects of homeopathic medicine? do I really need to avoid onion and other stimulants like alcohol , coffee etc while I am on homeo drugs? what are the other dos and don’t that I need to take care off? … Jasbir Singh NJ


I have been a regular onion-eater. Hardly a day passes when I don’t take raw sliced onions as part of my meals. Still homeopathy works on me, and the same is true of my patients who are fond of onions.700949379_ca23a2671b_m

We all have heard that onion, mint and coffee are the “super antidotes” to homeopathy and their complete abstinence is a must while using homeopathic medicines. But it has always been very difficult for me to comprehend this; how is it so that these three substances, which are so dissimilar in chemical composition, can work against all the known 2000 homeopathic drugs?

In this pursuit and without any bias I searched nearly all the known literature in the homeopathic software and my library, which includes invaluable contributions by Hahnemann (founder of homeopathy). To tell you the truth, I found no conclusive evidence that supported the antidotal effect of these three substances. Instead, I found a book in the local British Council Library quoting a recent research according to which mint has no antidotal effect on homeopathic medicinal value.

It surely is one’s prerogative to interpret anything as one wishes, but all that Hahnemann has said is that one should avoid substances of medicinal value while on homeopathic treatment. There is no mention of coffee or onion as an antidote by Hahnemann himself, although he advises against the use of coffee as a stimulant.

Hahnemann’s literature has been misinterpreted over the ages. On the contrary, what Hahnemann had actually said is often what is not practised. According to him, patient’s food cravings (strong desires) should be satisfied as they represent the voice of nature.

Hahnemann had warned of overindulgence to a stage where they would act as stimulants. This is very easily understood by the fact that every homoeopath would warn of indulgence in alcohol as a stimulant during treatment even though every homoeopathic medicine is dispensed in alcohol.

It is quite possible that the consumption of certain foods can trigger an allergic response and would aggravate the disease condition, but this does not imply the “antidoting” of homoeopathic drugs. Also certain food substances that are not permitted during disease conditions (e.g. coffee and tea in acidity) should not be misunderstood as antidotes to homoeopathic medicine.

It is often advised not to chew medicated homoeopathic globules and that they should be sucked or left to dissolve in the mouth. This has a great deal of truth in it and is supported by a biological fact that there is a rich supply of blood vessels in the mouth and thus absorption is much faster. That touching by hand can change the medicinal value and should be avoided is also true.

One should keep in mind that homoeopathic medicines are in highly diluted form and prepared with great sensitivity. So any contamination even with the minutest amount of another chemical can alter its constitution. Obviously, hygiene adds another factor. One should avoid touching the medicated globules.

Scientific knowledge is an ever evolving process and its evolution is based on inferences drawn from the process of exactitude. Thus, assumptions, beliefs and suppositions have no place in its advancement and should be dispensed with as soon as possible.

Dr. Vikas Sharma

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  1. William S. Kachele Jr. DMD says:

    I wrote to you with no answer, so I will ask you this question on antidotes and hope I get one.
    I am told to avoid dark cholclate and that it is an antitdote.

    Can you discuss that or advise?


    Dr. William Kachele DMD

  2. Nadeeshani says:

    I’m taking homiyopathi medicine for kidney stones so I need to know can I eat cook onion and garlic while taking medicine

  3. Ajit Kumar Das says:

    I have a polyp at the right side of rectum edge. I have been taking calcarea carbonica 200 once a day for about four months. This is my self medication but without any results. I am 72 years old and the polyp I felt at my rectum two years ago. Would you kindly recommend something?

  4. Ferran Wintrop says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 75, living in a third world country and suffer from chronic angina pectoris together with Type ll Diabetes. I refuse to have the medical profession conduct any form of surgical intervention. I have tried many formulae reported to assist in removing arterial blockage with minimal results.
    What would you recommend?

  5. gautam arora says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Can I drink two cups of black coffee every day. Can I dilute 4-6 drops of Schwabe Damiaplant in that black coffee and take it?

    • A.R.srinicasan says:

      I take 3 cups of coffe every day at 7 am–9,30am–6pm is it bad when we are in homoeopathy
      ARS vasan/9900234431

  6. Dear Dr Sharma, I am prescribed Kali Phos 4 tablets 3X per day.
    My problem is for 40 years I always had just one mild cup of coffee in the morning. I love the flavour and it gives me some pleasure every morning and helps me to wake up a little. Tea is just horrible. I don’t drink coffee any other time.
    I hear coffee “antidotes” the remedy!
    Is it okay if I wait 30 minutes after the coffee, rinse out my mouth with water to clean it also before taking the remedy?
    I am so sad I can’t have my morning coffee otherwise.

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