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Eczema ;Atopic Dermatitis ;Skin Problems

Homeopathic treatment of eczema and Atopic dermatitis

184458871_6ca637d9d6_m It is a general term for the several types of inflammation of the skin. It is a condition that refers to a number of skin conditions in which the skin is red irritated and at times also has fluid filled and oozing eruptions. Eczema may also cause mild to very severe itching any where on the skin.


What is Atopic dermatitis?

It is the most common form of eczema and is marked by itchy inflamed skin. Scratching usually leads to redness, swelling, cracking, oozing of clear fluid, and at times there is a formation of crusts and scales .Individuals having Atopic dermatitis has a strong inherited link associated with it. They usually have a family history of asthma, hay fever or other allergies.

Let?s take the main question head on; can Homeopathic treatment completely cure eczema? Can it cure even the most chronic ones?

The answer is ?yes it can?. It is so, because homeopathy treats not only the disease but the whole patient.

What do homeopaths mean when they say they treat not only the disease but the whole patient?

It is a concept that even the modern medicine is now accepting, that the body stands as one unit and all organs whether it may be skin, kidney, lungs, brain etc. are linked someway or the other and disorder in one part can easily affect the other. For example It is now a well known fact that stress can aggravate many conditions including eczemas and can even become a cause itself. So in such case the homoeopath would direct his cure towards the treatment of stress.

Thus when homeopaths say that they treat the whole patient, it actually means that they are analyzing your complete system and locating and thereby treating the main source of problem.

Another very important example in treating eczema in a holistic way by homoeopathy is the treatment of atopic dermatitis- it is a well known fact in the modern medicine that eczema like Atopic dermatitis are due to the inheritance of the allergy factor from either of the parents. So when a homeopath treats atopic dermatitis, he treats this inherited internal pollution (This in Homeopath?s language is also called as a Miasm) so as to completely remove the disease.

Will I have an initial flare-up in my eczema symptoms (as it is commonly believed) if I start homoeopathic treatment?

It is very important to realize that such an increase does not happen with every case of eczema. An initial mild increase in the symptoms is always a welcome sign, but in chronic eczematous conditions where the symptoms have been suppressed for years together by the use of suppressive drugs, this increase can, at times, go beyond the mild stage, if the right potency of the medicine is not used. But, it is a situation that is very easily overcome by experienced homoeopaths by using milder potencies that do not cause those initial flare-ups. Using LM potency is one such concept that can eliminate the risk of an initial increase in the symptoms in chronic suppressed eczemas

Can I use homoeopathy on my own to treat eczemas?

As you might have already realized that skin disorders are not merely localized symptoms, it is always safe to have a professional help. A complete analysis of the mind and the body is necessary before one can prescribe in chronic skin disorders like eczemas.

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  1. Pamela Martin says:

    Is this product good for 3year olds. How can this product help my grand baby?

  2. R.K.RAMYA says:

    Greetings doctor, my daughter is 3 years old. she used to have dark dry patches behind her knees. on consulting our doc (homoeo)he said it is atopic eczema and gave medications. both her legs are filled with breakouts n puss n blood she is suffering a lot. is it normal. she can neither dress nor walk.
    pl guide us.

  3. vijay kumar says:

    hello sir. I have eczema in my leg and I consult to a homeopathic doctor. he give me medicine and I take it regularly but after 4 days (now) eczema in my leg increases. what can I do. can I go to another doctor .

  4. Mithlesh Pal says:

    My name is mithlesh pal from india city indore age 29 . I have been sufferring from hair loss for last 9 years along with i have dandruff issue excessive production of dandruff in my scalp and due to this itching and burns causes . One of my friend suggested me to take weisbaden 200 . I want to know that can i use it for hair regrowth as i have lost 50 percent hair on my top part of head during last 9 years gradually. Or else plz suggest me any medicine for hair regrowth and eradication of dandruff completely so that it can not produce on my scalp. Mob no 9165805848.

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