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Eczema ;Atopic Dermatitis ;Skin Problems

Homeopathic treatment of eczema and Atopic dermatitis

184458871_6ca637d9d6_m It is a general term for the several types of inflammation of the skin. It is a condition that refers to a number of skin conditions in which the skin is red irritated and at times also has fluid filled and oozing eruptions. Eczema may also cause mild to very severe itching any where on the skin.

What is Atopic dermatitis?

It is the most common form of eczema and is marked by itchy inflamed skin. Scratching usually leads to redness, swelling, cracking, oozing of clear fluid, and at times there is a formation of crusts and scales .Individuals having Atopic dermatitis has a strong inherited link associated with it. They usually have a family history of asthma, hay fever or other allergies.

Let?s take the main question head on; can Homeopathic treatment completely cure eczema? Can it cure even the most chronic ones?

The answer is ?yes it can?. It is so, because homeopathy treats not only the disease but the whole patient.

What do homeopaths mean when they say they treat not only the disease but the whole patient?

I t is a concept that even the modern medicine is now accepting, that the body stands as one unit and all organs whether it may be skin, kidney, lungs, brain etc. are linked someway or the other and disorder in one part can easily affect the other .for example It is now a well known fact that stress can aggravate many conditions including eczemas and can even become a cause itself. So in such case the homoeopath would direct his cure towards the treatment of stress.

Thus when homeopaths say that they treat the whole patient, it actually means that they are analyzing your complete system and locating and thereby treating the main source of problem.

Another very important example in treating eczema in a holistic way by homoeopathy is the treatment of atopic dermatitis- it is a well known fact in the modern medicine that eczema like Atopic dermatitis are due to the inheritance of the allergy factor from either of the parents. So when a homeopath treats atopic dermatitis, he treats this inherited internal pollution (This in Homeopath?s language is also called as a Miasm) so as to completely remove the disease.

Will I have an initial flare-up in my eczema symptoms (as it is commonly believed) if I start homoeopathic treatment?

It is very important to realize that such an increase does not happen with every case of eczema. An initial mild increase in the symptoms is always a welcome sign, but in chronic eczematous conditions where the symptoms have been suppressed for years together by the use of suppressive drugs, this increase can, at times, go beyond the mild stage, if the right potency of the medicine is not used. But, it is a situation that is very easily overcome by experienced homoeopaths by using milder potencies that do not cause those initial flare-ups. Using LM potency is one such concept that can eliminate the risk of an initial increase in the symptoms in chronic suppressed eczemas.

Can I use homoeopathy on my own to treat eczemas?

As you might have already realized that skin disorders are not merely localized symptoms, it is always safe to have a professional help. A complete analysis of the mind and the body is necessary before one can prescribe in chronic skin disorders like eczemas.

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  1. Mithlesh Pal says:

    My name is mithlesh pal from india city indore age 29 . I have been sufferring from hair loss for last 9 years along with i have dandruff issue excessive production of dandruff in my scalp and due to this itching and burns causes . One of my friend suggested me to take weisbaden 200 . I want to know that can i use it for hair regrowth as i have lost 50 percent hair on my top part of head during last 9 years gradually. Or else plz suggest me any medicine for hair regrowth and eradication of dandruff completely so that it can not produce on my scalp. Mob no 9165805848.

  2. Anand garg says:

    Please also suggest weather homeopathy aggravate it or not initially?

  3. Anand garg says:

    Skin problem of my daughter 17 year old may be AD on knees, neck, scalp and elbows along with respiratory problem perhaps asthma.
    Genetic as father was asthmatic and skin problems too
    Can homeopathy treat it permanently and suggest.
    Anand garg

  4. Arjun Sharma says:

    I’m a teenager suffering from fungal infection and is also using allotrophical treatment .

    Can we get rid of these fungal diseases through allotrophy ? and are these doseases communicable?
    Please suggest me some tips that will help me .

    Your truly
    Arjun Sharma

  5. Ashima garg says:

    Hello sir. My 4 month baby has developed atopic dermatitis . I showed to a dermatologist
    He prescribed mild steroids hydrocortisone and then desonide. His skin is better than before but still there are dry patches and skin is not even toned. Sometimes half of tummy gets red. Most affected areas are hands and legs. Though its on whole body except diaper area. Yesterday I took him to homeopathy doctor. She suggested to give calcarea sulph 30 -2 drops – three times a day. Is it ok. Should I apply steroid cream along with it. Please suggest

    • My homeopath gave my 3 month old Sulfur 200 for about 1 month once every 5 days…at some point it seemed he was getting cured, but got a flare and now have to take him to his pediatrician to get antibiotics and or topical steroid for infection. Can my baby be on both homeopathy and conventional medication?



  7. ms.munesh choudhary says:

    my problem eczema hai I have very sad pl. request my problem give in solution age 29 years ezcema for two years

  8. Hi sir,
    My daughter name lisa is 2 years 5 months old……whennshe is 5 months old her skin all got dried up and doc toldnshenhas eczema. They told to use dermadew soap and oilatum lotion .i uses them and she is fine as of now.i use to apply lotion many times in day when ever her skin dries up…now after visiting my moms house i stayed there for 1 month then she developes seveire dryness,scaly and rough skin…on cheeks,reddish rashes below eyes neck on stomach and back all tiny bumps and started itching….came to know about homeopathy and went to doc he gave some medicines started using can this be long i have to use them,any side effects,does this be cured permanently..please help me im totally confused…and worried about my daughter…thank you

  9. Jeffreylype says:
  10. My sin he is 20 yrs old he had eczema since he was 2 month. I always try treating him with naturopath and very little steroid. He never get cure fully and his eczema comes back. Need to know why he is not getting cure. He always on gluten free diet and no dairy.

  11. Annpurna Sahoo says:

    Respected sir I suffer eczema on7 – 8 months .I meet 4 skin doctor BT not remove. Now I take homeopathic medicine. So I request you give some suggestions

  12. i have and so does my daughter she was dsognaied with severe by the time she was 4 yrs old her main trigger items are ketchup eggs dairy and chocolate. i have a lot of tips for dealing with children’s so anyone who needs help u can PM me. My daughter now has mild eczema only a few times a year and has been this way for about 3yrs now. it was a long road with horrible steriod creams and blistering bleeding breakouts but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  13. My name is apurva and i am 23 year old girl. I am suffering from hair loss from the last 1 year, before hairfall my hair was thick but now i feel thinnig. I also have dandruff problem in winter season.i used castor,almond and olive oil for my hair,i also drink lots of water and now i am taking lycopodium homeopathic i want to ask from u,is lycopodium helpful for reducing hairfall?

  14. I have a inflammation, itching, burning, on my scalpe, because of that I am losing my hair. I tried many shampoo and other products but nothing working. I am very disappointed now because I my scalpe is always pain and discomfort.I heard homeopathy treatment is very good for hair inflammatory & hair lose. I really need help.

  15. Hello! I am 24 and I have eczema since 4 years approximately. I have problem in my foot mainly. It’s like cutting your both feet out. I found difficulties in walking because it stretches the skin and I am figuring out my whole body itching lately which is keeping me restless. I have started the homeopathy course a week back but I guess the itching has increased. Is there any possible chance of curing eczema completely?


  16. muzammil moorad says:

    hi ! i have a eczema problem in both legs, i have this problem for past many days , now i am worried about it , plz prescribe me the solution for my eczema problem ..

  17. sir I am form Bangladesh. I am suffering seviar hair fall. Doctor said this disease name androgenic alopecia. Sir I want to know any homeopathy medicine have which medicine cure my this diseases. Sir I also want to know which homeopathy medicine help regrowth hair. Sir please inform me the medicine name.

  18. yadwinder singh says:

    Iniatially starts red circular on thighs and jocks i started taking allopathic for 3 months then gone for homeopathic now after 1 anf half month redness turns blacks spred fully on area and yellow pus is filling tell mw whether i should continue with homeopathy
    May i call u?

  19. Pammi Sahni says:

    My grandson 13 months old is suffering from atopic dermatitis in melbourn.Is there hope of getting complete cure in homeopathy? ?! Plz let me know which doc. To contact in victoria in melbourn ,australis

  20. Pammi Sahni says:

    My grandson 13 months old is suffering from atopic dermatitis in melbourn.Is there hope of getting complete cure in homwopathy

  21. J J Mathews says:

    My daughter has eczema on one part of her feet. It is dark and patchy resembling a bark of tree. It has cuts. It neither itches nor give any problem but she finds it quite embarrassing to wear open footwear. We tried the allopathy medicine. It got cleared after application of cream but resurfaced once it was stopped.

  22. anand prakash says:

    age 22 male , dandruff, also hair loosing from last 4 years 100 hairs daily . plz suggest any homeopathy hearb , naturally available

  23. sildara sen says:

    Hi doctor , m 22 yr old n I have the problem of ezcema n asthma n I was under ayurvedic treatment two yera b4 n I got cured well. But after some while I got a severe throat infection which was mis guided by the doctor that made it worse n I got ASO titre n my asthma also. So I was forced to consult allopathic doctor as my condition was worse n took pencillin 400 for a year n I recovered from it. But I was asked to make a blood test for TSH n I developed the problem of hypothyroidism. Now I went to a homeopath as per my friends instruction as she is a doctor n said it would work. So I went to him he asked me to show my skin n said it is due to asthma n ezcema symptoms I got the problem of hypothyroidism. I need to know if dat is true? My ezcema was fully recovered but I got it on my fingers recently were I took a dermatologist help n it was completely gone. But the homeopath said not to use any steroid oinments n everything will get cured in 3 months but now my whole skin is flared up with ezcema which make me scared that will it be cured in three months?? Plz reply soon as I need ur suggestion n if all dis r normal.

  24. Hi I got itching about 2 month at first it’s started on my legs it’s very irritate and then white clear fluid also will coming and then blood also will be coming that area will be red inflamation

  25. Danielle Schlacks says:

    My son has struggled with severe eczema since 6weeks old. We’ve taken him to countless doctors and dermatologists. Now we are treating him with topical steroids and allergy medicines and on occasion antibiotics. He is only 2 1/2 and it goes against everything I believe in to treat him this way, but nothing else has worked. He has egg allergies, but I think that is it. Please help!!

  26. I have DLE ( skin) big big patches on my face and head and one patche regularly increasing(inside whitish and out side dark brownish in color Pls advice right now my age is 47 years

  27. Rajni Malhan says:

    My daughter is 11 mo n diagnosed as atopic dermatitis by a doc.she has very sensitive skin easily get red patches on back n goes by its own.she rubs her eyes quite u hav any safe treatment.

  28. please help me my 5year child is affected by atopic dermatitis i want homeopathic treatment . Is my child will completaly ok ofter the proper treatment of it

  29. Anumaneitaka says:

    В разделе Технологии связи, Вы можете ознакомиться с богатым выбором технологий устройств связи, что представляет собой сотовая связь, какие на данный момент существуют форматы сотовой связи, как устроен Ваш мобильный телефон.

  30. DR K T Reddy says:

    Old woman of 87 years has these symptoms.Head haughty,rt sided shooting pain thro rt eye.Intelligent alert, craving for spicy foods wants hot things.Split personality, hallucinations and delusions, persecution mania.Addicted to tobacco chewing
    ears bilateral deafness.
    tremors coarse both hands.
    throat thick secretions.
    lungs chronic cough
    stomach. good appetite, craving for food,spicy foods.
    rheumatism .please advice

  31. Dear Sir,

    My name is Sameer. and i have been suffering from cronic eczima on my both the foot roof for ten years, though it was cured, but I have noticed the it has erupted again not very much spreaded but at some places on toes. it is very dry {not oozing out}, crusty, and very echy with inflammation . since i also suffer from bronchitis, it is said that the eczima is caused by this.
    one more problem i have been facing for two or three months of eching or eczima in my palm, which is dry, inflammable eching, scabs in both the palms. so it is a request to you, please cure me from this dirty disease by guiding me medicines, i will be highly obliged to you.

    looking forward to hear from you asap.

    Gorakhpur, U.P.

  32. VIKAS MEHTA says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son is 6 months old. He is suffering from atopic dermatatis . Is homopathy treatment given to my son? Is it curable?
    I use small amount of mommet cream with emolene after bath on my baby body as per perscribed by allopathy doctors. But when I not use this cream, skin rashes occurs. My grandfather and my father have skin disorders. But I have no skin disorder.
    Solve my problem, sir.

    Thanking you.

  33. i m patient of atopic dermititis for many yrs and taking homoepathy medicines for 2 yrs can u tell me how long i can recover

  34. I have just begun on my Homeopathic studies and friends are turning to me with all manner of ailments. A friend has come to me with a severe skin condition on her hands, she works as a hairdresser and seems to be allergic to the products used as she does not have the complaint if she does not come into contact with hair products for some time – say for example, she did not work for 2 weeks the skin will clear but she so wants to continue with her trade, she suffers with her fingers being totally cracked revealing the lower subcutaneous levels.
    On contact with hair dye the skin erupts in blisters, and she has had this since a child.
    The skin burns and itches and she wakes at night wanting to scratch, the scratching alleviates and she will scratch and tear at the skin to get relief.
    She twists the skin to get to the itch.
    The eefect of the chemicals is sudden, after contact it will be 5 minutes and she is burning and blisters form.
    It is soothed by Ice or cold compresses.
    I have taken some notes of other personal details which may help –
    frequent urination
    nasal congestion
    breathes through mouth not nose – breathes heavily
    allergy may cause swollen eyes and nose
    she is affected by the cold, a chilly patient. hates the cold and cannot bear the cold draft after bathing
    She has suppressed the allergy with varios creams over the years.
    suffers from Hay Fever – in the Summer
    has a red face
    blushes easily
    lack of confidence,
    worries about trivialities and work.
    Scared of the dark , being alone
    If her routine is disrupted becomess depressed, likes routine – likes company. especially to be in a relationship.
    can be impatient.
    gets headaches, in the temples.
    tongue white coated andred at edges.

    I suggested Sulphur but as a very inexperienced person would like some expert advice !

    all comments are welcome x

  35. M.M.Hussain says:


    I have eruption on my left leg above the angle and it having scraches and itching . I am 72 years old, at present taking allopathic treatment for Nepharitis for the last 2yrs .Last blood test results are given below.Hb 12gms,Blood sugar(random) 179,cratinine 2mg/dl,uric acid 5.8 mg /dl, cholesterol 120 mg/dl and potassium 3.9mmol/L .
    Could you please suggest correct homeo pathic treatment both for eczema and NEPHARITES. PS.Since last 2 months I am takiing homeopathy medicine Eel serum(serum angullae) 1M 3 drops every week for nephrites.

  36. i have something like eczema all over my body except my face.i have had it for the past 5 years have been to Skin doctors but non of there medications dose not icth and some of it are black and it some how looks like scale.

    Please suggest the right medications to take that will help me.

    Waiting for your urgent reply

  37. Elbert E. Custine says:

    I have some red eruptions on my fore head and the side of my head that is very red and looks like a burn but isn’t can You suggest a treatment for this?
    I have had a lady Dr. from the VA hospital in Kansas city treat me for other
    things, are You related to her? Her name is Santosh Sharma.
    Elbert Custine

  38. Valentina Ivon mrs. says:

    with great missery i would like to tell you since november, my hand fingers have started to show cuts & cracks automatically giving quite a problem in doing house work as i really cares about small small work at home, cleaning, cooking etc. all myself. friends relatives told me to stop using vim detergent etc. which i stopped and even started using Johnson soap for bath. Later cuts developed in feet also which give problem in even walking. Then we approached one good Homoeopathic doctor who has treated successfully my alopecia in head which got fully cured 4-5 year ago and my husband cervical problem with his medication & exercise. Since November he has been giving medicine after calling it an allergy /eczema, some relief was found till last month then patches appeared on hand elbow and neck side which also now got cured.
    But with so long treatment, i am getting restless, depressed with no full cure as the blisters are developing on hands. Then the Doctor referred me to his daughter who is also a caring and concerned girl and a homoeopath herself. She diagnose it as a sort of dermatisis (first allergy, now dermatisis, what is the difference? i do not know). since last week she is giving medication but now there is quite a pain and swelling and pus like blisters on fingers and feet finger, nail although the inflammation/patches on neck and elbow have cured almost 90%.
    Sir, i am worried if the treatment is on the right path or is it worsening? what is the worst that can happen with homoeopathic wrong treatment? Should i approach a dermatologist, i am really fed up as due to pain in hands, feet i am unable to hold objects, utensils and scared of moisture.
    Throughout i have been advised to apply coconut oil which i have been applying.

    Otherwise i am a healthy woman 46 yr (menopause just attained) without any other kind of physiological problems and happy satisfied stress free lifestyle.

  39. Aniruddh says:

    I have eczema on my feet below ankle. i have taken medicine to cure many times. But it suppressed mor sometimes and again get started with small ….. with black dry skin. now i have started homeopathic treatment. As per doctor it is 4-5 months course. IS this curable? please advice.

  40. kindly suggest some homeopathy remedy that can help me…waiting 4 ur response

  41. dear sir,
    i am 24 yrs old, and i am suffering eczema since skin is very dry and it is getind dark…i hav applied cortisteriod all my life,,am also suffering from asthma..can u suggest me if homeopathy treatment can help me now…is it advisable to switch on to homeopathy at this later stage,,can it work wonders..m very reply

  42. sir myself honey ..i m having eczema problem on my feet & hands…plz suggest me some gud medicine

  43. Nitasha Mukherji says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter (6 and a half month old ) is having a very severe atopic dermatitis (oozing pus) on her abdomen skin since last 4 months, we are under homeopathy treatment since around last 3 months. The discription of the rash: the skin is red, swollen with open skin with oozing fluid, about 2 inches (horizontal) by 1 and a half inch (vertical)in diameter.We are currently applying a special aromatherapy gel and some homeopathic pills as prescribed by the doctor.We take full care that she does not scratch it and we cover it with hanky which we keep changing when it gets wet. Pls can you help, as i cannot see any improvement. Since our baby is very small, we are reluctant to go fo traditional anti-biotic medicines since it may harm her more..

    Kindly advise.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Kind Regards

  44. Heard you with Glenn brooks today. thank you. Since a D.C. used an activator on and near my head I have loud sound in my head all the time. It is worst when lie down due to pressure. Is there homeo help? I use them & flower remedies often. Have red spots on nose & forehead since fireplace imploded in my face. Spots are dry or slightly puffed. More redness after eat some carbs. Used topicals & still there. One Dr wants use of a strong cream. Not agree. Thanks, Marion

  45. DEAR SIRS:












  46. I tried homeopathy for my son who is allergic to wheat, milk, nuts each of these causes severe eczema. homeopathy medicine is making it worse. He is just 2.5years old. he is scratching alot and sometimes he also have wheezing and running nose most of the time. plz tell me does homeopathi can really cure this or am i making his problem worse. we r very much confused .


  47. anand kumar says:

    i have a finger eczema and in my finger like a pimple very small many eczema. what can i do i could not understand because i have taken many medicine .pls help me.

  48. Angel Crager says:

    I have dermatitis on my face and fairly severe in and around my ears. I had a cream from the doctor that works well, however, I want to find something over the counter that I can buy without having to go to the doctor every 3 months. Something natural is preferred.
    I am out of my meds and can not afford to go to the doctor, so my ears have gotten to the point of burning, itching intensly and is very unsightly! Layers and layers of skin come off and leave the skiin red, irritated and very painful. Any suggestions on something all natural would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you- Angel

  49. I have eczema all over my body and face, it gets worse at night. Doctors say, eczema is due to pollen in the air. Please help me I am going through very hard time, sometime I feel like killing my self, because I am starting to look like a freak.
    Please suggest some creams or other cures.

  50. my sister has a wheezing sound on her left ear and her head is aching w/ crackling sound, we dont know if it has a connection w/ her ear problem. give us some advice please tnxs a lot

  51. my bf has an itchy patches on his back, on waist part. we dont know what it is because we put some anti-fungal cream but nothings happened. it was so itchy and the side of it was just curious about it. please give us some advise. he was 23 y/o..thank you so much.

  52. My son has inheritied eczema from me (however I seldom deal with it) He gets the red patches on the backs of his knees and on the ankle joint. Do you have any ideas for him. He is 2 yrs old.

  53. sushil pathak says:

    dear sir
    have my little one nephew 7 and half year old having atopic dermatitis on hand, foot and on bum and other part of body.
    Pease advise

  54. my son 6 years old has atopic dermititis,its started when he was 6 months old. i have tried homeopatic but no drastic changes came up. i need some advise.


  55. sandhya says:

    I have a daughter aged 4 yrs.. She has segmental vitiligo on her neck.. The patch is as big as her little finger on the left side of her neck. She is at present undergoing homeopathy treatment from our family doctor for the past one year (from the time its been diagnosed). The patch is reducing slowly and there are no new patches found.

    Doctor, I need a reassurance from you for the following : Will vitiligo reappear once its disappeared. Our doctor has assured us that one more year of treatment and the patch will disappear for life.. Is it true? Will she ever get this patch in her life time. Would she have to follow the food restriction (she is at present told to avoid sour food, citric food, shelled fish) for life? Please Please Please suggest. Thanks and regards,

  56. Esubudhi says:

    excited to learn about the possibility of homeopathic treatment for eczema. Can you suggest some treatment regimen for I am suffering from eczema patch since 2 years on left leg distal portion near the ankle.

  57. Neena Raman says:

    Dear Sir My daughter having crack behind the ear oozing a watery fluid ear is is red itching present sometime scab found fluid is not so sticky 2 weeks duration being a starter as hom physician would like to have your advise given petroleum 30 2 doses slight relief found again reappearing have allergic cough too. would like to get your advice.thankyou.

  58. Dr Sahib,
    I have my little one 5 and half year old having Eczema on hand, foot and on bum and other part of body.
    Pease advise.


  59. I have extremely itchy painful blotches almost everywhere from my chinline up it oozes and pusses especially on my eyelids making almost everything painful. I have tried hydrocortisone and some natural treatments, also several creams the doctors have given me which have not even temporarily helped. Others say it looks like 3rd degree burns. It also feels like this when it breaks out badly. It is almost non existant in midsummer but all winter long it’s one breakout after another that makes life almost unbearable for the season. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  60. i am 33 years aged female, suffering with itching problem on my face with pimples from last 2 years,tried a lot with english medicines but no result.

    Only worse acne and pimples on my cheeks.

  61. Suchita says:

    I am going to Homeo Dr for my son(5 yr) for treating his mild asthama. After going there for 6 months, now he is very well relieved from asthama. but now he has atopic dermatitis. He is stuggling with it for last 1 month…has lot of etching red skin etc. Dr has suggested not to apply any kind of cream except for coconut oil if needed. I am really confused whether to continue with it or go for allopathy. Please help.

  62. jyoti prakash says:

    Dear Dr.

    My daughters aged nine and fifteen have red patchy skin on the palms of their hands. It gets very dry, sweaty and cold. There is no itching. I have complete faith in homeopathy. I consulted a homeo doctor and the medication continued for 6 months. a temporary relief was felt. Again the same symptoms are coming up.
    In addition my elder daughter has discoloration on her face. Since my elder daughter is in xth she faces lot of problems writing with pen with sweaty palms.

    Kindly suggest homepathic remedy for this.

  63. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am suffering with Skin problem from 1994(my age 17 years). First time I had this when I was travelling in train, it was raiining and some water dirty water fell on my leg and I had several itching and oozing from that place. I used some ointment(Betnovate) by consulting Dr. After that every year I am getting by getting in contact with leather cheppals. I showed it to skin Dr. and they said it is called Eczema and gave me some tablets and ointment(Tenovate G). After that next year when I got it I tried to use Homeo Pathy but it started aggravting with several pain and even unable to walk. Then I stopped it in the middle and went for Allopathy. Later in year 2000 I again got it on my leg and then I tried Homeopathy and beared the aggravation with completely cracks and swelling and difficult to walk. The Homeo medicines given to me were Sepia and Tuberculnum. After 1.5 month it completely healed ending with chickenpox. And Dr. suggested me to periodically use these two drugs to completely root out. So I have smaller patch coming up and going away on my legs till 2002 ending. I didn’t suffer with it again in 2004 mid. And in 2004 june I got this again on my lower end of leg and I used the same medicines (Sep 1CM, Tub 10M) single dose with 2months gap as suggested by Dr. I got cured with in 3 months completely. I moved to US and continuously using the medicines for every 2months a single dose(Sep for every 6months and Tub for every 2months). I have n’t suffered with any thing during my 1.5 years of stay though I have used leather Cheppals and watch with leather strap and came back to India in Jan 2007. I bought a pair of leather cheppals and and I started felling itiching on my legs where it gets contacts, my leg fingers, toe. Since I am continuously using the above mentioned drugs, lot of it got healed with in 3 months. Again small thing left on my left leg toe. In the month of July it got puss in it and I am trying somany homeo medicines, including the baove and echinicea, calendula, mazerium, MercSol. But it is growing and spread all my lower part left leg and in my ankle. And got small small things on my hands with itching and on body. Please suggest me some good medicines. which can compleatly cure. I am at age 30 years. This is disturbing a lot of my personal and professional life. If you consider my family history, my father is suffer with Psoriasis from past 25 years, my younger brother had it from his child hood and my grand mother having skin infections. I don’t want to suffer any of my children, please let me know the necessary steps I shoud take.


  64. sanjay Kashliwal says:

    Dr , my son is 15 years old .He has skin rashes since his birth. Which later doctors identified as atopic dermititis. My son is regularly on allopagthic medicines for symptomatic relief. But now treatment is needed very frequently. He suffers a lot physically as well as emotionally. He says his illness can never be treated completely.What do i do. I am hopeless.
    Do I have any hope for its complete cure through homeopathic treatment.

    Please reply

  65. according to my regular doctor, I’m having atopic dermatitis skin problem. I’ve been having this problem since 18 years ago. I’ve visited a few doctors including skin specialist but the problem persists. It’ll start itching badly beginning from the head gradually spreads down. I use to get jabbed from my regular doctor and it’ll take 2 to 3 days for temporary cure. Kindly suggest for better treatment. Thank you.

  66. I tried homeo for about one year for mu dauhter having atopic dermatitis, but cure yet

  67. I have eczema problem on both of my lower legs. Kindly suggest some effective homeopathic medicine to me.

  68. My friend is having a problem on his ponting fingure. skin at the ending point of Pointing fingure is always looks like peeling. many medicins tried but no use. I am not even sure whetehr it is eczima or anything else? since a year the problem is there. no where else it is there.
    Pl help me. can i try cal carb or graphite? awaiting badly for your reply

  69. I tried homeopathy for my son who is allergic to wheat, milk, rice each of these causes severe eczema. homeopathy medicine made it worse so i had to stop it do you have any suggestion I am prepared to come to india.

  70. Onkar Datt Sharma says:

    Kindly suggest some effective homeopathic medicine to me.I have this problem on both of my lower legs

  71. Dr.sripriya says:

    Yes, you can use but plese mail to me about the type of rash and loction
    inner parts or extensor part where the location of occurence isz?
    then about the type of dischage if any,Itching or irritations , coulour
    and relation to wether?
    Past history of relevent ill nesses of skin or any infectious disease
    family history ofany ill ness.
    thank u

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