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Homeopathic Medicines for Fungal Infection

Homeopathic Medicine for Fungal Infection

Fungi are surprisingly diverse microorganisms. While we eat them in the form of mushrooms and bake our daily bread with them, certain strains of fungus can cause infections and disease in the human body. An infection caused by a fungus is known as a fungal infection. Fungi are present in the soil, air, water and some of them are even found naturally in the human body. The introduction of an infectious type of fungus can cause infections like athlete’s foot, ringworm, or thrush infections. Homeopathic medicines for fungal infection works by restoring the natural healing processes that help fight the fungal infections.

Fungal infections can occur in two ways. The first method is when harmful fungi enter the body through direct contact with an infected person or an infected animal or soil contaminated with fungi. It can also spread from using an object infected with fungi like clothes, combs, towels and bed sheets.
The second way is when there is an excessive multiplication of the fungi that are normally present in the body in a small amount. The growth of fungi present in the body naturally is kept under control by the immune system. When excessive multiplication of fungi occurs under certain circumstances due to a weak immune system, it results in an infection.

Homeopathic Medicines for Fungal Infection

Fungal infection can be treated with medicines in a very safe and effective manner as they boost the body’s self-healing mechanism. Homeopathy helps fight the fungal infection in a natural way, reducing the severity of the symptoms and clearing up the infection. Homeopathy for fungal infections helps heal the rashes and reduce symptoms like itching, burning, discharges, and pain. Sepia Succus, Tellurium, Silicea, Graphites, Antimonium, Thuja, Mezereum and Borax are the top remedies.

Antifungal remedies work effectively, without any side effects.

A word on Antifungal Creams

Homeopathy creams for fungal infections are popular as topical ointments to ease symptoms like itching, but their effectiveness in treating the problem is not proven. Since homeopathy is the science of internal medicine that works holistically with the body, at DrHomeo we do not advocate the use of topical medicines for treatment. Ointments like natural anti-fungal cream for yeast infection or homeopathic cream for jock itch are widely available, but they do little in terms of treating the root cause of the problem (internally).

1. Sepia Succus – For Ringworm in Isolated Spots

Sepia Succus is a medicine for fungal infections like ringworm of skin (tinea corporis). It is used to treat infections when there are circular, ring-shaped lesions on the skin in isolated spots. The lesions may be itchy and burn when scratched. The person may have a tendency of increased perspiration on the skin. Ringworm infection occurring typically in the spring season can be treated with Sepia.

2. Tellurium – For Fungal Infections Forming Rings

Tellurium is a medicine for fungal infections of the skin. The indicating feature to use this medicine is multiple ring-shaped lesions that form intersecting rings that are crowded over each other. The ringworm lesions are often spread over the whole body and are elevated. Mild scaling and vesicles over the rings may appear, along with a heated sensation on the skin.

3. Silicea – Fungal Infection on Feet

Silicea is a medicine for athlete’s foot or tinea pedis. Raw, sore, cracked skin in between toes, peeling of skin, itching, pain, sweating and an offensive, fetid odor from the feet are the symptoms indicative of this medicine. Blisters on the feet as a result of the fungal infection can also be treated with this medicine.

4. Graphites Naturalis – For Tinea Cruris

Graphites Naturalis is a medicine for fungal infections like ringworm in the groin area, which is also known as tinea cruris or jock’s itch. The person needing this medicine has rawness, redness in the groin area, along with blisters. Oozing of watery, sticky discharge may be noticed from the blisters, and the affected skin area may also show cracks. There is intense itching in the affected area which gets aggravated at night.

5. Antimonium Crudum – For Fungal Infections of Nails

Antimonium Crudum is a medicine for onychomycosis or nail fungus (also known as tinea unguium). The characteristic symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine are discolored, brittle nails that break off easily. Pain and distorted nails growing out of shape from fungal infection are also indicative of this medicine.

6. Thuja Occidentalis – For Fungal Infections in Beard

Thuja Occidentalis is a medicine for fungal infections that appear as ringworms in the beard, mustache, and neck area (tinea barbae). Pimples on mustache and beard area, hard nodes, itching, and burning that gets worse upon cold washing are indicative of this medicine.

7. Mezereum – For Fungal Infections on Scalp

Mezereum is a medicine for fungal infections like ringworm of the scalp (tinea capitis). It is useful for both scaly eruptions on the scalp or crusty scabby eruptions with pus-like discharge. Matting of hair, intolerable itching on the lesions that gets worse from the warmth of the bed and hair loss are classic symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

8. Borax – For Fungal Infections in the Mouth

Borax for thrush is used to treat fungal and yeast infections that occur in the mouth. Symptoms like whitish patchy growths in the mouth and tongue, tenderness in the lesions, soreness and redness in the mouth, bitter taste and dry-mouth indicate the need for this medicine.

9. Merc Sol – For Baby Rash

Merc Sol is a medicine for diaper rash that develops due to a fungal infection. A red rash on buttock area which is tender to touch appears, and vesicles with a discharge of thin fluid may be seen. An itchy rash that gets worse at night can make the baby irritable.

10. Pulsatilla – For Vaginal Candidiasis

Pulsatilla is a medicine for fungal infections like vaginal candidiasis. Thick white, milky or cream-like, acrid vaginal discharge that gets worse after menses indicate the need for this medicine. Itching and burning in the vagina are also present.

Fungal Infections: Causes and Contributing Factors

A fungal infection is caused by fungi microorganisms like tinea, dermatophytes, Candida albicans, yeast, etc. The most common causes of fungal infections are:

Weak immune system – A healthy immune system keeps a check over the excessive growth of fungi naturally present in the body. If immunity drops, it can lead to opportunistic overgrowth of fungi resulting in an infection.

Excessive sweating provides a favorable environment for fungal growth.

Sharing clothing, bed sheets, towels, combs, shaving razors, etc. with an infected person

Diabetes Mellitus – A hyperglycemic (high in glucose) environment favors immune dysfunction that gives fungi a chance to overgrow.

Obesity – In obese people, the skin folds tend to trap excessive moisture, which can promote fungal growth.

Use of excessive antibiotics – Antibiotics prescribed to kill harmful bacteria also tend to affect the useful bacteria in the body. These bacteria help keep fungal growth in check as a result of inter-related factors. When the concentration of good bacteria decreases, the fungi get an opportunity to grow in excess, leading to fungal infections.

Reduced immunity – Corticosteroids or immunosuppressants, and cancer chemotherapy drugs can reduce the body’s immunity. People with HIV deal with a weakened immunity that can give rise to opportunistic diseases. Due to these factors, the fungi get a chance to grow intensely, which is otherwise put in check by a healthy immune system.

Types of Fungal Infections

A) Ringworms

Ringworm (also known as tinea infection) is caused by fungi of the genera Trichophyton, and epidermophyton. Contrary to what it is called, a ringworm is not caused by any worm. The infection is so called because the ringworm causes the development of ring-shaped lesions on the skin. Ringworm is a contagious infection that can spread from person to person. It causes red, circular patches on the skin along with itching. Homeopathic treatment for ringworm fungal infection helps reduce the intensity of the symptoms.

A Tinea infection can develop on different parts of the body:

Tinea Cruris – It is a ringworm infection on the skin of the groin area.

Tinea cruris is a contagious infection that spreads from direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. It may also be contracted through use of objects carrying the fungal infection, like towels, clothes, etc.
The skin lesion developed as a result of tinea cruris is a red rash that forms on the groin area, inner thighs, genitals, and buttocks. Small blisters may appear along the margins of the rash. Itching, pain and burning in the lesions along with flakiness and cracks may also be present.

Tinea Pedis/Athlete’s Foot

Ringworm infection of the foot is known as tinea pedis (or athlete’s foot). Although any part of the foot can be affected, the area between toes is most commonly affected. Tinea pedis can spread through sharing of shoes/socks of an infected person, wearing tightly fitted shoes, excessive sweating on the feet, or by using locker rooms or showers barefoot. Symptoms of tinea pedis include rawness, cracking, peeling of the affected skin area on feet; blisters, and a burning, stinging, itching in the lesions.

Tinea capitis – Ringworm infection of the scalp is known as tinea capitis.

This is a contagious infection that spreads through direct contact with an infected person. One can also get infected by using objects like caps, combs, hair brushes, pillows that have been contaminated by a ringworm infection.
Red, itchy patches on the scalp are the main symptoms. In severe cases, pustules, crusty eruptions on the scalp along with discharge, and matting of the hair may appear. The scalp also feels painful, and brittle hair or bald patches on the scalp may also be present.

Tinea unguium (Onychomycosis)

Tinea unguium is a fungal infection on the nails that is also known as onychomycosis. It commonly affects toenails and is mostly contracted through use of communal showers and swimming pools. Other places from where this infection can be picked up include using foot tubs, filers, and other tools contaminated by fungi.
The signs and symptoms include thick nails, whitish/grayish, yellowish – brownish discoloration of nails, brittle/ crumbled/ distorted nails, breaking of the nails and pain that gets worse by pressure or wearing shoes. Homeopathy medicine for fungal infection in nails helps strengthen the nail and gradually eliminates the infection.

Tinea Barbae – Ringworm infection of the beard, mustache area of the face and the neck is called tinea barbae.
This infection is usually contracted through contact with an infected animal. A human to human transmission is rare. Sharing articles of personal use, like shaving razors, towels with an infected person transmits the infection.
The symptoms of tinea barbae include pimples, pustules, swelling, and redness of the infected area (that includes chin, upper lip, and neck). Oozing of fluid, pus or blood, itching and pain in the lesions and crusting of the infected area may be present.

Tinea Corporis – Ringworm on the body in the form of ring-shaped or circular shaped lesions.
Under this infection, the skin in the middle of the rash is clear and healthy-looking. The rash is itchy, and blisters can appear at the edges of the lesion. In some cases, the ring-shaped lesions multiply and merge. Tinea corporis spreads through contact with an infected person or pet animal. Sharing objects like clothing or bed sheets can also spread the infection.

B) Candida Infection

Candida albicans is a type of fungi present in the human body in a small amount. The fungus only causes a problem when it multiplies and increases in number. The infection caused by this fungi is known as candidiasis.

Some of the most common Candida fungi infections include:

Oral Thrush – An oral thrush is an infection of Candida albicans inside the mouth or on the tongue. Its commonly seen in infants, older adults and people with low immunity. The symptoms include white, creamy or yellow patches on the tongue, inner cheeks, roof of the mouth, tonsils, and gums. Redness, burning, soreness, and pain in the mouth, cracks at the corners of the mouth and a bad taste in the mouth may also be present. Swallowing can become painful if the infection spreads to the throat. Infants can become irritable and have difficulty in feeding if infected. Homeopathic medicine for fungal infection in the mouth helps treat oral thrush and its symptoms.

Vaginal Candidiasis – Vaginal candidiasis is also more commonly known as a vaginal yeast infection. It is caused by the fungi candida, which is normally present in the vagina in a small amount. It causes vaginal candidiasis when it grows to an abnormal amount.
The infection tends to develop as a result of a weak immune system, intake of oral contraceptive pills, uncontrolled diabetes and use of extensive antibiotics.
The symptoms of vaginal candidiasis include itching, burning, irritation, redness, and swelling in the vagina along with a thick white discharge (which looks like cottage cheese). A burning sensation in the vagina during intercourse and urination is also present.

Diaper rash – A red rash that develops on the buttocks of a baby due to use of diapers is known as a diaper rash.
There are many reasons for a diaper rash, but a candida infection is one of the most common reasons. The warm and moist areas between a diaper and a baby’s skin serve as a favorable environment for the growth of fungi.
The symptoms of a diaper rash include a raised rash on the skin of the buttocks. It can also develop on the thighs and genital area. The rash is painful and tender to touch and gets worse on washing. Other skin eruptions like pimples, blisters or pustules can also appear on the rash. The child may be irritable.

Tips to Manage Fungal Infections on Skin

  • Avoid sharing other person’s towels, objects like combs, brushes, blankets
  • Avoid walking barefoot in locker rooms or other public places
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing and synthetic clothing
  • Keep the affected area dry and clean
  • Try losing weight if overweight
  • Blood sugar levels should be checked and maintained regularly

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  1. Dear Dr Sharma, I am facing repeated ring worm problem first it started in groin area then in the armpits and below chin area near neck I have used allopathic medicine with cream for two months continuous and then homeo pathic nat mur 200 and tellurium 200 but no effect please help me thanks and regards

  2. Im trying to clear up a fungus that I think spread to my scalp. Similar to ring worm but not the exact same. As disgusting as this sounds, I think back when I had a small case of nail fungus it spread to my scalp. I wasnt washing my hair very often so I think over the years this “fungus” on my scalp has just been thriving.. I thought it was dandruff even though my whole life I have never ever had dandruff. I thought it was just dandruff tho so I tried EVERYTHING to clear it up, diet change, different hair products, etc . Nothing has worked. I looked further into it and I really think its a fungus. My symptoms are slightly itchy scalp, always very flaky scalp, slight yellowish color) i have had this for about 5 years now. I have looked online and basically it says it can’t be cured by just using topical treatments alone, says it also needs to be treated with medication taken orally. (Pill/supplement) im trying to figure out what a good homeopathic medication option would be? Any idea? I dont have insurance so I can’t go to a doctor and have something prescribed.. griseofulvin and Lamisil where two NON homeopathic options for medications taken by mouth but those had some scary side-effects plus I dont think i can get them over the counter… I have plenty of options for topical treatments, its the orally taken homeopathic medication that im trying to find. PLEASE HELP if you can!
    Thank you!

  3. Liliana Popa says:

    Bună seara ! Sufăr de mai mulți ani de pitiriazis versicolor și sunt în căutarea unui remediu homeopatic pentru a mă vindeca. Și mai am nevoie pentru băiatul meu de 18 ani de un tratament pentru o dermatită seboreică pe care o are pe pielea capului dar și pe față. Folosesc homeopatia în diverse afecțiuni de 30 ani. Mulțumesc !

  4. Prashant says:

    I am suffering from Tinea cruris on my buttocks from 2 yrs. Area covers large portion and it appears black, Tiny red circuler like pimples, white tiny scales comes on itching, taking Homeopathy medic but no satisfied result till now.
    History: Diagnosis with TB(Lymphadenopathy) on 2016.
    Had history of Urticaria (cured) from animal protein. IgE : 2400 checked on year Jan 2020 Mam Please prescribe medicine”

  5. Richa sharma says:

    Facing fungal infection from last few month little red danne,so much itching and at that feel little scare feelings,Please suggest some medicine.

  6. Gloria Nelson says:

    I have a growth of a red, itchy ring on my can also ozz a water like sustance. Sometimes it forms a hard crust like scap. If I scrach it I have a sensation in my vagina. My feet have had a toxin that throbs and if I soak them in apple cider vinegar they improve. I am a 74 year old female and i have had this condition for at least 25 years. It causes a tension in my body that is releaved if I drink alcohol or eat sugar.

  7. Dharam panchal says:

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    In my fingers of the right hand on the index, middle and thumb skin used to cracks up which causes me to eat food and even pains a lot . Already showen to many homapathy doctor’s .
    Please suggest me the best medicine

  9. Cathy philip says:

    I’m am very worried about my discharge it went for almost some months now

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    My wife facing same problem near private parts , hibs and on hands i need efffective homeo treatment

    Please reply
    GM Mughal

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    • Aoife O’Reilly says:

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    • 10 years ago I was given too many antibiotics. That quickly progressed to both vaginal and scalp itchy rash. Made worse when eating certain foods. Also have a lot of digestive upset and suspect leaky gut. No I have rashes that occur in most places of my body though not necessarily all at once. My right leg has continuous edema as well as outbreaks of rashes and scarring. Both feet are red and now I have one nail on my right foot that is starting to show signs a fungal infection. Every food that I eat irritates the rashes and other symptoms. But the things that are normally recommended as being helpful like fresh vegetables actually create problems more quickly than just having some whole grain bread. And the problems are so bad that I don’t know what to do to cope. My face breaks out now as well as my scalp. I believe these are all signs of a severe systemic infection. but I have not been able to get any allopathic doctor to take me seriously. What can you recommend?

  13. Sukhdeep Singh says:

    I am 62 years I am taking carbo veg 1m two drops on my tongue everyday morning and 2 drops gelsemium 1m in the night
    Is it all right to take it regularly

    Is there any medicine in homeopathy which can refresh the medicine being taken for long time

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    PSE suggest some medicine

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    Thank you.

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    infected skin hand finger edges becoming black with itching and burning. suggest me medicine

  21. Dear Sir,

    I had got treatment of wounds of unhealed boil and eczema and doctor has given me LINEZOLID tablet 250 mg for 15 days and after using the medicine fungal infection appeared in my heel and foot and my both heals have so many crack and black hard crust.

    I consulted another doctor who prescribed LAMISIL 250 mg and Nerisone Fatyy Fort ointment and I am using these medicine since last 15 days but the black crust and cracked heel are still not cured and too much burning and cutting being felt though there is no itching at all.

    I also used Arsenic album 200 but no cure at all.

    Sir I request you to please prescribe proper homeopathic medicine —I am 65 years old male with low and high blood pressure and already gone in angioplasty after heart attack so I am not interested in using alopathic medicine which seem to be dangerous for liver and kidney.

    May God reward you more and more for this kindness.

  22. Sharum Sharif says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a naturopathic physician and homeopath practicing in the U.S. I am getting ready to give a talk on epidemics/pandemics at a convention here this Summer. I was wondering if you happen to know whether any homeopaths have treated ebola virus yet?
    Thank you for your time.
    Sharum Sharif, ND

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  25. Priyanka Sareen says:

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    • Dr niki patil says:

      I have one patient .54/male, cirrohsis of liver with fungal infection on thigh which medicine i recomend

      • RADHAKRISHNAN K V says:


    • Meemansa pandey says:

      I have fungal infection between my fingers aftr taking some allopathy medicines it was cures bt still there is some liTtle of infection there its not completely cured and then aftr again m.using some allopathic so aftr tah the pus is creating in my hands thighs foot and aftr some days dat pus becomes balk in colur and cured by itself and it leaves a blk spot on my skin and there is also so mch itching on my body specially on my face. .so.wat I hv to

  26. Naresh kumar says:

    My nail fangal infection ha to my homeopathy rmedicine Leni Chahiye

  27. My poor 37 year old daughter has suffered with a chronic fungus infection in her sinuses foe 2 years now. After 3 surgeries that did nothing but leave a gapping hole in her mouth making it nearly impossible to eat or drink , she still suffers every night especially. The doctor butchered her up and then said that they washed their hands of her because they didn’t know what else to do. She has gone from 140 pounds down to 98, and she is 5’8 tall. All of this was brought on by over use of antibiotics to treat her for the black mold exposure in an apartment she rented. The prescribed fungal meds caused her brain to swell, and severe headaches. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. Her throat looks like cottage cheese and she has sores all over body that puss up and drain, very painful.

  28. harish joshi says:

    One of my relative a lady age 43 is suffering from severe itching on various parts of body for last 4 years especially around vagina anus pitarms
    Most of allopathis medicine tried no impvroment she is not diabetic she has thyroid few years back bone tb
    Sir can your help her

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    My 14 yrs son is suffering from fungal infections like Daad and is very itching for last 1 month & his skin has developed Black marks.

  31. Abigail bonsu says:

    Dear doctor,
    I think I and my siblings inherited fungi from our dad and we each have different from of it. Is it possible that it can be inherited from parents. I for instance am having a very difficult time of it. I am mostly sick but when the doctors check they find nothing. Lately I am having a crawling and itch all over my body, and also my scalp at night as well as my anus ,i am having a crawling sensation in my eyelashes and irrigation in the lid and in my ears could it be the fungi infestation please I need help

  32. Ved Prakash says:

    I have itching or may be said phimosis on pennies cap for years , please advise me some homeopathic medicine, I will be thankful



  34. Jemi Paul says:

    I have ringworm from 1 years. I took medicine. When I going through the medication, it goes completely but after sometime it comes back . I m 35 years old. My son also have the same problem. He is 9 years old. Please give me the permanent solutions. Help us.

  35. Rohit jandowria says:

    Sir I’m suffering from fungul infection from last 6-7 years…I took allopathy of every type but after vanishing for 1 months it reoccurs…now I’m on homeopathy… hvn two type of tablets 2-2 morning n evening naming WL Nd SBL,psorinum 200 ,sulphur,tellurium n some other dilutions …on the prescription of a renowned dr.mrv.v Pandey from last 2 months …but still it’s showing no improvement … I’m very frustrated n depressed ..kindly suggest what to do …or is der there any surgery fir permanent sly eliminating this…

  36. Anas khan says:

    Hi Dr m anas m survived from tenia corpis sins two year can u assist me….

  37. Hi Doctor, I am Ridwan. I have black spots on my face and it’s itching me. Please assist me

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  39. Gurjeet Kaur says:

    Mai 26 year ki hu. Muje 1 saal se fungal infection hai. Pori body per ho gai hai. Har tym khujli rehti hai..ab tak 12 hospital se dwai kha chuki hu. Lekin koi fark Nahi hai. Please koi homeopathic dwai batae. Jis se Mai thik ho saki.

  40. Piyush shankar says:

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  41. Imran Athar says:

    Sir , I am Imran Athar , suffering from ring worm infection giving red appearance and ring like structure
    Which irritates me . Please suggest me a cure sir.

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    D. Mishra

  43. Margaret Frost says:

    Hello Dr

    I’ve had a fungal infection on the inside of my buttock for some while. My GP gave me a steroid cream but of curse it comes beack when I stop using it.

    Please can you help with a cure?

  44. shivakumar s hiremani says:

    dear sir my name shivakumar i am not english only kannada and i say to my age 21 My right hand finger creaking to one finger to give your solustion and mediction
    your fithfully

  45. Mohd Akeel says:

    My mother has Fungal infection in armpit area accompanied with severe itching tried Allopathic medicines but had no relief.Which is the best homeopathic medicine in cream form among Silicea,Tellurium,Sepia,graphite,etc.

  46. Sir
    I m a 45 yr old woman. I have skin rashes on the upper side of fingers ( on middle and ring finger)it’s
    On the knuckleside of both hands. It’s severe in winter and pimple like is formed. Aftr ithing water comes out. ..within 2days in a round shape many are formed. a circle and it becomes one.I apply allopathic cream to suppress. since years I have this prblm. Pls prescribe medicine

  47. sanjay shrivastava says:

    I am 55yrs old and I am facing jock itch for past 2 months.I have gone through lots of home remedies and medicine but none of it is curing it. I’m really afraid because areas like my private parts are affected and skin colour turned dark brown and dry—Itching sensation is lot—plz suggest me a way to get rid of this problem permanantly—thankyoul—

  48. Md jainuddin says:

    Sir blow the neck is the grain of a small red red colour any medicine sbl

  49. Namastey
    Sir between my legs there is itching from last 1year.I had uses many crem like fourdrem,luly,quadidrem etc.But it doesn’t work.Now my problem is increasing.I got full bubbles on my private part area and also swelling it is very painful.Plz help.

  50. Rajiv Rannjan says:

    Face charm rog

  51. Revathi Kumar says:

    I am 20yrs old and I am facing jock itch for past 8 months.I have gone through lots of home remedies and medicine but none of it is curing it completely..Being a women I’m really afraid Because areas like under my breast ties and my private parts are affected and skin colour turned dark brown and dry—Itching sensation is lot—plz suggest me a way to get rid of this problem permanantly—ill b really thankfull—

    • Priya Darvesh says:

      Hello sir. I m 24 yrs old..I have skin problem last 2 yr.. I have taken all English medicine and cream .it’s accuring again n it seems no medicine use.pls suggest how to get recover this infection. Please Sir help me.

  52. Sir,

    I am have a problem of Jock itch from last 2yrs. I have taken sepia and Alleopathy also Terbinafine. But none of them is treating it fully. Its occuring again and again. Now it seems no medication is working for it. May be it is becoz of access use of alleopathy medicine of terbinafine. Pls suggest how to get fully recovered from it. I am getting married in 2 months pls help me with this jock itch. Also i have a Thyroid 12.5. I am on medication Thyronorm 50mg. Is thyroid can be reason for it not treating fully?

  53. tatya Kharat says:

    I am 28 years old and i have fungal infection and coming pimple ans pus in my scalp from 9 years but it cant be cured by using english medicine what can i do and my body is itching any time. I need a blood purifier medicine and fungal infection medicine.

  54. Sir,
    I am 17 years old and i have fungal infection from 2 years but it cant be cured by using english medicine what can i do and my body is itching any time. I need a blood purifier medicine and fungal infection medicine.

  55. Ngombo ngombo frank says:

    I have rashes on my penis and testicles including the battocks for almost six months.on the penis it comes out like fire burns.what treatment can I receive, help me please.

  56. Vivek agarwal says:

    Sir I am having fungus on my skin in stomach area,in my back portion and growin area since 5 to 6 years and I have visited almost 5 doctors, I am not still fine so what can I do…

  57. Rakesh Bhagat says:

    Respected Sir,
    Namaste meri wife last 1 year se Skin disease, fungal ringworm se pareshan h sir koi medicine bataye
    Allopathy medicine se koi fayada nahi ho raha h , please kindly give solution sir.

  58. My penis cover felexbility reduced and inner side portion colour white comes now I am not able to open cover. Please suggest me, which medicine can I purchase for resolving.

  59. Chintan pagi says:

    Hii sir, mere chahere par kale dag or pimples he to me clean sol gel cream lagata hu. . To cream se kale dag chale jayege na. . Please reply

  60. varun arora says:

    Sir my son is 26 years bachelor vegetarian slim having fungal infection on right thigh and back side of years which has spread now on right side cheek as told by son while itching at one place he did itches on cheek and other parts resulted fungi
    shall b grateful ti recv aline of treatment and doses and precaution
    generally niw a days he takes bath on alternate days abd after taking breakfast ie after 12 noon or later

  61. I started with a mild case of nail fungus on my toes. A light chalky film that could be filed off, but always returned. Was treated with an antibiotic. It seemed to clear up. I was diagnosed with a vaginal funal infection. Was given an antibiotic to treat it. The nail fungus returned. Given yet another antibiotic for the nail fungus. I now have my big toe 50% black. Thinking its black fungus under the nail. I am very desperate. Not sure to see a podiatrist or a gyn? I think they are related. Please help!!

  62. urvashi diwakar says:

    Sir , I’m a homoeopathic student..
    Can you please post a case of any skin affection treated by tellurium

  63. Sir last one year I am suffering hitching its very erritating and its most painful in body its mostly effected on hip and legs and slightly spreading in every sir and I had using so many creams and medicine using Tim I should be relief and after few days gap later its should be mostly effects on that same area sir tell me medician and cream

  64. Sir, Can i apply R-82 drops on my head scalp as my hair may be falling due to fungal itching

  65. SHASHI PRAKASH says:


  66. Sujeet Kumar says:

    Sir mughe pure chehare par ring worm antifungal infection ho gya hai sir please aap koi face creams bta dijiye sir

  67. Rajiv Mishra says:

    Pls use itraconazole 200 mg OD & Luliconazole ointment OD and u can contact at

  68. Souvik Shyamal says:

    I’m 22 years male. I’m suffering from multiple tinea cruris from last one year and two months. So far I was taking allopathic medicines but there is not a single inch effect on the effected sites. They are same as they were an year ago. I decided to switch on to homeopathic treatment. I experience a lot of itching and the skin of the effected site is dry and dark brown. Please help.
    I will be thankful to you

  69. I have a serve fungal infection back tighs arms legs and neck its still spreading down my legs I have take oral high antifugal medication for a week and went to the doctor for another perscrition it has not stop spreading or itching im using antifungal creams for more than 2 months its spreading throughout my hole body wat my last resort

  70. Dear sir
    I am suffering from burning sensation in the foot for last six months. I don’t wear shoes even at night also this pain continues. Please do the needful.

  71. Sir, I got heavy itching over my groins.And when I start itching the skin over ground gets patchy reddish and swelling occurs.During sweat it increases.Please advise medicine.Thanks

  72. Sir,

    I have pimples in my head only
    Please advice about homeopathic treatment.
    I will be thankful to you.

  73. Hello sir, I am suffering from fungal infection from 1 plus yr, using homeopathy treatment also not cured, what should I do now???

  74. Ashok kumar says:

    J am facing fungal infections on my thighs since last 2 years.

  75. Tarun Sharma says:

    I have yeast infection near my groin area from past 1 month ..I am facing a big problem!! Pls reply for this situation I went to homeopathic clinic he gave pills ,drops,tablets and tube ..he gave me marhamdad cream pls cab u say what should I do !!!

  76. Jayashree salvady says:

    I’m having red patches on my armpit n also where I wear my bra…n back of thigh…I use cream it goes but after some days comes again….it’s itchy…..what’s it

  77. I am suffering from skin rashes and I have it on my back side of leg from elbow to knee it is too itchy and it is full reddish also I have this on my both side of penis also on it so what’s it can u help sir???

  78. arbind kumar says:

    itching between thigh skin became black .scraches c

  79. Shubhangi Jain says:

    i get daane on my face every month actually they are subdued not peeping out feels like small small acne rhey themselves get disappeared and originate themselves

  80. I am 28 year old. I have been suffering from ringworm (infected area- thie, knee, buttock) from 3 years. I am taking medicine R-82 of Dr. Reckberg from 10 days. I feel some cure. But in my infected area, It is itching too much and whenever this infected area sweating, itching also increases. Plz. Suggest me.

    • Mri daughter ki body pa bht dany thy dr ny kha scabies ha ,madcn use ki scabies lotion use kiya kuch dn to thek hogy but ab phr dany nikal ay han or kharish b bht hti ha what we do plz tell any good mdcn

  81. Sir, I am suffering from fungal infection tinea. Ring worm has emerged on my entire body. I have lot of itching. Please suggest some medicine.

  82. lata sharama says:

    Hello sir .
    I’m suffering from vaginal boil on vulwa area since last 10 year.any antibiotics medicine is nt working .plss sir help me and suggest best medicine


    I am suffering from eczema since last three months pls suggest me best medicine for it very urgently for me.

  84. Pratima Tare says:

    I m suffering from Jock itch since last two months pls suggest me best medicine for it very urgently for now mom had also got affected

    • Hello sir, I am 20year old & I am suffering from tinea corporis cruis since last 10mnths please suggest me best medicine.

    • kamran khan says:

      hello sir, i am 22 years old and i am suffering from jock itch from last 2 years. 2 years ago i suffered from TB after that i am having jock itch regularly.pls suggest me best medicine .

  85. Anubhav bhms 1year says:

    I suffering from last 15 days fungal effected pimple who produce pas farmation in genital area n under scottom plz prescribed good homoeopathy medicine beacuse I believe in homoeopathy

  86. Mukhtar Ahmad says:

    Mohtarim Dr. Sharma.
    I am 73 years old male.
    Suffering from Sinusitis on left side with yellow mucous discharge. Left nostril gets blocked at night with breathing problem. In the morning I use Saline water + Xynosine nasal spray to open Nostril airway. Also warm water on face during bathing helps to remove yellow mucous discharge.

    In addition I have red spotty pimples with puss on the chest between two breasts and a few on breast.
    My head scalp is itching with skin rashes and dandruff.
    Kindly advise

  87. Agbo Blessing says:

    Am having itching & rashes all over my body please drugs should take to be cure from this disease

  88. Hello dr i am 29yr old i am suffering from skin problem all my back and chest if full with small small brownish spot and itch me too now the skin feels like scale skin i do not what to use

  89. Sir i am suffering from Ring worm since from 1 year. Whole back hip side Thai left hand, neck. And foreheads. I have taken. Lots of medicine allophetic and homeopathic. Candiforce 200 mg decrease the ring worm bt after few days it again start. Please guideme i m in problem.

  90. Jiniya Maity says:

    Sir,I am suffering from ringworm…affected area are whole hip back nd near vagina,leg,below chest..nurshing with homeopathy for 8 months….took graphico..I cnt tolerate anymore..plzzz treat nd suggest me for annihilate this..I will be very thankful to you..

  91. Dear sir…..I m really fed up with Ring worm .. affected whole hip back n near vagina ….front both thighs…since 3 years…..I took allopathy ..n use ointments n homeopathy….but nothing works…… M really disturbed ..pls..suggest n guide me..I will be very grateful to you

  92. Ashismishra says:

    I HV some fungal infection for 5month not curable
    Day time OK .night time whole body start erecting patches arise automatically whole night .

  93. Vinit kulkarni says:

    Doctor from the past three months I have been suffering from balantitis.
    This is ruining my sexual life and I request you an urgent medication
    It would be kind of you if you could recommend me the medication on an urgent basis and oblige

  94. A red brown round itchy patches on thiegh and ganital parts and both hips present from 3months on 45years married lady relieved by warm water worst by cold water, bascillinum is being given daily one doze of ,30 Rhustox and sepia also was given before bascillinum now only bascillinum is being given one doze, plz tell me which medicine will be the best in this condition, plz help me .

  95. Sanjay Kumar Singh says:

    Ring worm long time around 5 months..
    Using lot of medicine both allopathic and homeopathic.

    Currently using medicine homeopathic, lekin abhi thik nahi huaa hai kbhi thora thik ho jata hai phir ho jata
    hai, please suggest

    • Sartaj Alam says:

      My son is suffering with jock itch. So, He is in big problem of skin. Please tell about homeopathy medicine.

  96. mezgebe muse says:

    please dr i have a big problem of bad smell on my foot no one wants to sit around me in the office it smells bad please i am going to lose my job no one wantes me so please please help me

  97. Sir mere andkosh niche ki tarag latak gye h m 23 saal ka hu plsss sir give me some solution to this problem

  98. Randhir kumar singh says:

    Hello sir,
    I am Randhir kr.singh.i m 21 years old,i have infected of fungal infection(ring worm) last 5 years.i have try many lotions, medicine. but ring worm comes again. so,please give me better suggestion,how to i remove permanent.

  99. R.Mageshvaran says:

    Dear Dr.,
    I am seriously affected by severe itching on the balls with tiny tumors. Because of the severe itching I use to rub hardly due to which the skin become rough and even some wounds has occurred. I have tried with many allopathy medicine and ointments but no use. Please help me in this regard. Eagerly anticipating your reply .

  100. Sir im suffering from fungal disease from childhood onwards.. I followed allopathy and treated with many lotions. But oncestopped it reappeared specially in chest under arms and back. . Even i slept in sweat shirt next day whit coloured like pigmentation are seen… On googling i understood it is like tunea.. Smthng like that.. now i have a very dry skin. Recently my skin is peeling off near and around my belly.. I dont know the reason behind it.. Is i have a prmanent solution For this???

  101. Indumathi says:

    Iam 26year old I have affected fungal infection for last 2years lam applying miconit gel and ketoday soap but one month reduce that problem then spread another part again how to avide this problem permanently

  102. Aruna Venkat says:

    I am a 60 year old female. I have got reddish colour on my underarms, below my breasts and on waist as well. I am applying candid creme and keto powder.

    But how to get rid of fungus and regain normal skin.

    Aruna Venkat

  103. sir
    we are having fungal infection like red ring .
    please help us . which homeopathy medicines can i take .

    thanking you


  104. shadrack joseph says:

    Thanks for that massege

  105. Dr SP Verma says:

    I am 63, very health male, No history of BP or Sugar. Only I have renal stone and slight enlarged prostrate. i am taking homoeopathic medicines for these problems.
    Since last year July I have recurrent occurrence of fungal infection. I had taken allopathic medicines from a doctor.. I took for 3 months and it was ok. Again it developed in Feb,2017, Doctor gave same medicines for 6 weeks. again in May it started , Doctor is saying take medicines for at least 6 month. I am taking.
    Medicines are
    FLUKA Tab
    CANDID cream
    The infection has no itching. It is small small patches of 1-2 inches on cheek, chin, forehead, ches, tummee, both fore arms.
    Pl advise.I have full faith in Homeopathic medicines

    Dr SP Verma.

  106. Dear sir, iam 38years old and suffering from itching in hip with swelling, redness. Please suggest.

  107. sunita rai says:

    dear 6 yrs old son is unable to retract the foreskin over his penis.till 3 yrs of age it was ok but since last 2-3 yrs it is not retracting.pls suggest homeo remedy for it.thanks sir.

  108. doctor said that I do have a problem of fungal infection and she suggest me ketaconazole shampoo, ketaconazole cream and 2tablet within gap of two weeks.. It’s showing null response so plzzz suggest me something better and prevention to get rid of it dr. Sharma

  109. I am suffering from Ringworm fungal infection in my lower part.
    I took hydrozole but not got relief.Kindly suggest me the best medicine for this infection to remove.

    It is first time with me that I am facing this.

  110. Ring worm long time around 5 months..
    Using lot of medicine both allopathic and homeopathic.
    Currently using R 82 drop and Adot 78 as ointment.

    Please suggest.

  111. Hi Dr Sharma . I’ve been rxposed to a parasite on my scalp face and ear . What is the best way to treat it. Thank for your reply

  112. My baby is 9 months old and has 3 spots of ringworm àround her nappy área àround the hips on both sides. They are light red and roundish. No discharge or bleeding etc. What would be the best medicine. Have tried bacillinum 200c 3 days ago no affect. Am also using doctors antifungal cream for 3 days now as im worries it will spredt to my other kids. Help!

  113. Devesh kumar says:

    Respected sir,

    I saw ur article in net. And I want to share you my problem.

    I am suffering from Ringworm fungal infection in my lower part.

    I took fluconazole, itraconazole and a lot of ointments tube but not got relief.

    Kindly suggest me the best medicine for this infection to remove.

    It is first time with me that I am facing this.

    Thanks n Regard

    • Devender Kumar says:

      Respected Sir, I am 48 years old

      I have been diagnosed as disease Crusis + Corposis.

      I have ring type fungal on my upper thigh on one side of my leg and sometimes on/under the chin
      Also there is allergy on the toes fingers.

      I have beengiven treatment as Itroconazole 200mg once a day and KZ cream to apply locally two times for 3 weeks.

      With this treatment I was fully cured. But after one month again the same disease appeared and the same treatment was given and cured once again.

      Sir, Please advice why the disease is occuring again and again and can Homeopathy treatment can cure it permanently.

      Pl. Suggest sir.
      (Devender Kumar)

  114. Sir. I was facing tiny tumour on just before start penis. It’s been 3 months. The tumor sometimes itching. Some pain feels when I push it hard. I firstly thought it was just a mosquito bite pimples. But it is now a matter of headache because mosquito bites don’t last much. It’s like grow from inside

  115. vikas verma says:

    नमस्ते sir.
    मेरा नाम विकास है। मुझे पिछले 6 माह से दोनों जांघो के बीच अण्डकोष के आस पास बहुत खुजली होती है यह खुजली रात के समय बहुत ज्यादा होने लगती है। खुजली वाली जगह से पसीना भी निकालने लगता है।

  116. Patrivis says:

    Hi docter,I’m feeling weak,dizzy,n smtimes I’ll hv bubbles in my body ,n dey disturbed me a lot,I wud feel life threat at d same time,my neck my shoulders very painful wht might b d course,no appetite,I feel like vomiting I’m 49years old

  117. narendra kumar says:

    Sir I am suffering from psoriasis for past 15 years . Red patches then white skin is the result round the year depending upon climate . I have nail psoriasis also . In head scalp and around ear the thick white patches with red skin occurs round the year .

    I have tried several medication .
    Please tell me what should I take .
    Please send me formula of medicine and cream ointment .

  118. Sir, i am 18 yrs old. I am suffering face acne problem from last 4 years. So please suggest me that what to do now

  119. yogesh kumar says:

    i am 18 years old. i am suffering from fungal infection from last 10 months. it also spread below my left eye too. i used a lotion name zaalim lotion which burnt it and i got redness below my left eye. what should i do to cure it. please help me doctor..

  120. Pranab Deb says:

    Sir my palm skin is attacked by darmetophites and skin rushes in every 15 days. I have consulted with two allopathic doctors but the problem remains continued. Please suggest me what to do now.

  121. Suffering from fungal infection in the groin. Allopathic treatment cures but the problem reappears in a couple of days. Suggest effective treatment

  122. Soumya Ranjan Das says:

    Since 6 months Me and my wife we both are suffering from Fungal infection(Ringworm). between this 6 months we consulted with Allopathic doctor,he prescribed me CAPSULES (CANDIFORCE 200MG) for me and for my wife (CANDITRAL 200MG) and O2 DERM lotion .We used this medication for two months,but this medicines cured our disease, but as we stop using this medicines then fungal infection appeared again and and it grow up. Before 4 days we consulted a HOMEOPATHIC DOCTOR and he gave us medicine,after using it our fungal infection is growing more even this time more itchy and red circle. I have heard thet intially homeopathic medicine grown up more the skin fungal infection,then gradually it cures,Is it true?.Please suggest us.Please help.

    • shiteenzaid says:

      hii me nd my all family ko 3years se fungal infection hua hai bhot zyada takleef m h hmlog plz koi best achi dawa bataye canditz200 or terbest or bhot sari dawa khaya hai koi faida nhi hua plz aap koi suggestion kiye

  123. Ranjeet kumar says:

    My brother has gilti at the left side of throat. Sir, I want to know can this type of disease can be treated by homeopathic.

  124. Farhanullah Khan says:

    Dear Doc.
    in UP we use to say a skin male formation “dad” that could be wet or dry what is its medical name and the treatment off course.
    kindly let me know how to express higher potencies as M=1000
    what are abbreviations for one lac ten thousand and ten lac

  125. arishma lata says:

    Hello iam arishma.sir iv been having this skin disease I know its ring worm.its raised reddish and itchi.its been on my body for almost 2years nw. Iv tried clotrimazole n everything including sm of da home remedies.can u help me out.

    • hello arishma,
      conatact @9041919713 for more consultancy. I shall provide you with 100% remedial effective products guaranteed.

  126. Ansa abdul rehman says:

    Ansa abdul rehman
    Age 24
    Hi i am suffering in fungus whole body
    I did many treatments but didnot get any recovery its been one year almost some time totally hiden or some appeared with double frequency
    Please tell me what is the treatment in pakistan

  127. Sir,

    I developed a skin infection(just one small red ring on my forearm) a month and half back. The pharmacist suggested fourderm and after application it dissapeared. Then i developed the same infection on my upper body and same arm so i went to a skin specialist who prescribed Lulifin. The 4-5 blisters or shapeless patches dissapeared but after a week or so the infection has come back and has spread on my back and arms mainly and enlarged to about an inch in length. They are itchey sometimes and i feel so uncomfortable actually miserable. I thought the reason was elaichi which i used to consume heavily. but even after stopping it this infection has developed. I also thought i should tell you this. everyday i sit under a tree to have lunch underneath which is a lot of lightest brown ants on the soil. Please can you help me get rid of this infection?

  128. मेरा नाम विजय है। मुझे पिछले 6 माह से दोनों जांघो के बीच अण्डकोष के आस पास बहुत खुजली होती है यह खुजली रात के समय बहुत ज्यादा होने लगती है। खुजली वाली जगह से पसीना भी निकालने लगता है।

    • I have ringworm at the private part. I have use many kind of alopatic cream but not Fire pamanetly . My friend told in homeopathic have permanently solution
      My age-51weight-71kg

      • jawahar lal jaiswal says:

        I had been suffering from fungal inf. In inner thigh around srotum and butock for four months. On doctor advice I took causticum 30 for about 3 weeks and it was almost cured. Again I am feeling burning sensation and mild itching. Ihave started taking causticum aand applyong calendula mixed with coconut oil. Pl. Suggest permanent cure.

  129. Seema Rani says:

    I’ve respitory infection & dark black spots around vagina.

    • Contact @ 9041919713
      Fully free consultation and 100% satisfactory results by natural products imported from abroad.
      Contact ASAP.

  130. sahdeo kumar says:

    Breast gilti & side solling

  131. Had a water leak in my home 1 1/2 yrs ago and began to suffer from frothy, clear mucus in my throat and esophagus, thick post nasal secretions that cause me to constantly try to clear my throat without success. Also began to suffer from constant severe stomach bloat, constipation, flatulence, especially after eating and short term memory fog/loss. Began having asthma attacks for the first time in my entire life months after the water leak. Went to asthma/allergy doctor, did allergy testing and found I was allergic to molds and also had evidence of mold exposure in blood tests. Hired professional to clean up mold in home and asthma stopped, but the frothy, clear mucus, post nasal plugs in throat, gastrointestinal symptoms and memory issues did not. During the past 1 1/2 yrs, the condition has become progressively worse. In mid December, had sinus infection and was treated with antibiotics. Developed fluid in ears in early February 2017 and was treated again with antibiotics (azithromycin) for 10 days. Consulted with a homeopath in early February 2017 for these issues. Took Lachesis 30c as a constitutional remedy on 2/11/17. Had severe aggravation of all symptoms. On 2/16/17 just after finishing antibiotics, I developed a high fever 104, body aches, chest congestion and other influenza symptoms. Was prescribed Kali Car 30 c by homeopath for influenza, took dose and it did nothing. Went to urgent care on 2/18/17 to rule out pneumonia. Was prescribed another 10 day round of antibiotics (Bactrim). Took 2nd dose of Lachesis 30c and suffered acute gastritis late that night with severe bloat, difficulty swallowing my own saliva, difficulty breathing and extreme burning pain like a hot poker under my sternum and radiating to my back. Took antacids and simethicone through the night to relieve symptoms but nothing worked. Took carafate in the morning 2/19/17 which put out the fire in my stomach temporarily, but did nothing to relieve the other breathing, chest congestion, fever and gastrointestinal symptoms. The stomach fiery stomach pain reurned later that night and I had the worse bout of nausea I have ever experienced. Ended up going to the ER that night. They gave me IV fluids for dehydration, pepcid for stomach pain and Zofran for the nausea. On 2/21/17, I developed loud rattling and wheezing in my lungs that awoke me from a deep sleep at 5:30 a.m. Took albuterol treatment and went to the asthma doctor later that morning. He gave me inhaled steroids in the office. Took albuterol for wheezing and went to work. Later that day, my gastro symptoms (bloat, difficulty breathing, etc.) escalated, my blood pressure soared, I began to have irregular heart beat and I had a severe panic/anxiety attack. Took gas x to relieve the bloat and prescription medication for the anxiety. On 2/22/17 took 2nd dose of inhaled steroids in the morning & albuterol for the continued asthma. The gastro and other issues continued. Went to work and began to feel lightheaded and weak at around 3:30 p.m. By 5:30 p.m., I could barely stand and it felt like my blood was pooling in my calves and feet. Drove home and checked my vitals and discovered my heart rate was in the 40’s. Went across street to the neighbor’s house (she’s a doctor) and she said I appeared to be suffering from low blood sugar. She gave me sugary drink and food and I began to feel better and heart rate returned to normal. Asthma, anxiety & gastro symptoms continued and was prescribed Arsenicum 30c, took doses on on 2/24/17, 2/25 and 2/26 as directed with no relief. Was prescribed Antimonium Tart 30c, took doses on 2/27, 2/28, 3/1, 3/2 with no real change and continued with tradition asthma & gastrointestinal medications. Was prescribed a final dose of Lachesis 30c on 3/4/17 and had another aggravation/elevation of all of my symptoms. All symptoms continue to persist. I notice that when I eat, even the most benign foods, the stomach bloat, flatulence, indigestion and post nasal drip becomes unbearable making it difficult to breathe….this triggers another asthma attack. I had similar symptoms 7 years ago when I took mega doses of antibiotics to treat H-Pylori bacteria, which resulted in systemic fungal infection (mouth, throat, esophagus, sinuses, gastrointestinal tract). They tried the less risky 3 day oral fluconazole treatment, but were forced to treat me for an additional 7 days to eradicate the candida overgrowth. I fear that this (candida overgrowth) is what has been plaguing me for the past 1 1/2 years and now it is out of control. I haven’t been able to eat much with all of this going on and have lost nearly 10 lbs in the past month. Do you have any thoughts on how I can get past this terrible situation.

  132. Rahul kharva says:

    ckin poblam

  133. Akram maniyar says:

    Itching problem my face & body

  134. Sir i m suffering from ringworm since last 7 months taken lots of allopath but no permanent relief. Do i get permanent relief by homeopatic treatment. Plz do reply sir egarly waiting for ur reply

  135. I am 27 years old software engineer and had suffered from a very severe Itching around thighs (near private parts) and underarms 2 years ago and the skin turning dark black and black cluster .Using medicines like sapat lotion itching is in control but i wanna get rid of black skin.

  136. Anji Anjaneyulu says:

    Sir lip infaction 6months in please solution sir

  137. iniobong joseph says:

    hi doctor ,my name is Joseph ,a Nigeria ,a father 2 ,a boy and girl,my son has ring worm ,the prescription is 5mil of fulcin but after 15mi(5×3) i notice purse on his ear.should i please continue.

  138. Ashok Jaiswal says:

    My age is 50 yrs. and I have inguinal hernia in right side. I have to work hard as I am in transportation line. I also suffer from allergic cough specially in winter which worsen the condition and I also suffer from left tennis elbow. I have chilly temprament, high passion , hardworker, with lean and thin body. Pl. suggest remedy for me. Pl. help me.

  139. Kumararaja.D says:

    Sir basically I am diabetic pateint but I got problem of swelled and rashes and reddishness on penil shaft
    i am taking allopathy soap keto for washing and applying surfaz i got this problem for more six month
    kindly tell me suggestion

  140. Jagdish Kumar Talreja says:

    Dear sir
    I. Suffering from fungal infections on foot ,left arm,feeling etching on back , down Both side ,face, back side of head , etching having in night last one year ,sir I tacking medicine but not any difference pls give me any suggestion ,
    Sir I have ellergy problems I feel ing cold problem my nose running

  141. नमस्ते sir.
    मेरा नाम विजय है। मुझे पिछले 6 माह से दोनों जांघो के बीच अण्डकोष के आस पास बहुत खुजली होती है यह खुजली रात के समय बहुत ज्यादा होने लगती है। खुजली वाली जगह से पसीना भी निकालने लगता है।

  142. Sumangala Biradar says:

    Sir, my daughter is 10 year old girl.she is having ring like small pimples on the topside of the foot.pimples are not itching. I shown doctors also but there is no use. So want know why pimples are appeared and what is the correct treatment for this. I want reasons for the pimples, whether it goes or not.

  143. Sir, My name is Pritam. I am suffering from itching, hair falling with patches, ring warms, red skin rashes. I have anxiety. I am taking Homeopathy medicine last 2 years. Feel better from anxiety now, but suffering from skin problem. Kindly tell me what I can do ! Thanks !

  144. Sir mera name vinod hai meri age 40 years. Sir mere penis glance and foreskin per chote chote daane ubhar aate hai and irriate to me.please advice me homeopathy medicine thanks.

  145. DR Lawrence says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am highly allergic to mildew and fungus from clothes (specifically during the rainy season) that have been stored in my cupboard, sometimes for as little as 15-20 days.
    The manifestations are : (1) itching (2) sometimes a mild burning sensation on the legs — lower half and thighs. Shirts seem not to create an issue. (3) appearance of very minute prickly-heat type pimples. (4) If untreated, this progressively turns to a pink, then reddish and finally to a brown/dark-brown color.
    Presently, the lower legs have approximately 50% of the brown/dark-brown scarring (mentioned above).
    Recently, I wore a trouser which has created a problem on my lower-thighs — tiny pimples (light-pink) have appeared.
    Have been taking homeo meication, but, find that the frequency of 3-hrs between pills makes NO difference. On increasing the frequency to 2-hrs, I find some reduction in the pimples. No itching now.
    Kindly advise.
    Wg Cdr DR Lawrence, Veteran

  146. Sir,mai running karta hoon 8year se,edi ke niche kankar pad gya.aur us ke bad homeopth ke ilaj se Khatm hogya,ab prishani
    Main edi dbane per rubber ke trah koi chez idhar udha hoti hai. ilaj bargain.

  147. Sir hello.mera nam asrarkhan h aur mai india say ho.
    Nd mujhe takhrebun 4 month say taklif h mai bahot pareshan hu 4 say 5 bar hospetal bhe ja kar aya hu bt meri taklify kam nhi hora he mujhe is khadar dat khujli horahe h aur ye kam nhi horahe barty jarahe h aur mere hand par aur mere jangeyo k dono side red ringworm aur khujli ho rahe h.isse mdcin injctin kary to ye thory samhy achi rahyte h bad mai wapas chalu hojate h.
    Sir mai bahot pareshan hu pls hlp me nd mujhe chutkara delaiye isse.

  148. mujhe 6 mah se ringwarm h please suggest homeopathy treatment

  149. Tapashei kumari says:

    Sir red eruption forming ring on stomech and chest . After allopathic treatment it was cured. But it again erupted.please help me.

  150. sir myself dibyanshu i live in nashik city i am suffering from fungal infection from gone 3 months .first i had taken allopathy as there was no positive results i had asked homeopathy doctor for it he is giving me medicine arsinic 200 and now he had started 1m but there is no effect on my fungal infection .sir plz suggest me best medicine for my fungal infecton so that i can ask him for it

  151. abhijeet sahani says:

    hi sir, my body smelling too much.i think its main cause is my buttock.i do daily bathing and exercise.still my buttock smelling.sir please advice any medicine of its…how can i free from this bad smell…

  152. Parameshwara reddy says:

    My skin is turn to dark colour due to fungal Infection,now Infection is spread over to the body and scars are not removing from the body
    So do we have permanent treatment for scars removal and infection

  153. Sneha shukla says:

    Hair fall and fungal infection on scalp since 8 years. No OTC shampoo works.. Tried zinc pyriothine, coaltar, selenium sulfide, ketoconazole..please help

  154. Sir my vagina upper part and inside has terrible itching. I am 48yrs old unmarried. I loose sleep because of this problem. Plz suggest me the right medicine.

  155. we have nails & skin fungus .My all body hair remove . so I wants to nice treatment . My contract no:+8801718456648

  156. sumit sharma says:

    Sir my private part & back is fungal infected. Please help me and suggest medicine

  157. Vikram Singh Rathore says:

    Sir my private part is fungal infected. Please help me and suggest medicine.

  158. I am suffering from jock itch from one year and I started treatment of homeopath by 5 month but it vanish and occurs again. Still I am under treatment but not been cured fully up till now. What to do?shall I start allopath

  159. Prianjan Singh says:

    मैं पिछले 5 sal से खुजली से परेशान हूँ एवं ऐलोपथ्य खाता हूँ तो ठीक हो जाता है पुनः दो दिन बाद हो जाता हैं यह मेरे जांघ के बिच में होता है बहुत खुलता हैं लाल लाल रिंग की तरह होता है कृपया इलाज बताएं

    • Fungal infection ki problam mujhe bhi h alephetic tab. Lene par to tik ho jate h but kuch time bad vvapish ho jate h koi acha tretment ho to btao yar

  160. Hi, Doctor plz tel me I want to homeopathic can cure confluent & reticulated papillomatosis I’m suffering 6years

  161. Hello sir please help me some treatments, i am in problem about my skin.
    Sir my some body parts suffer from some red fungle infection spot with itching and its so irriated me from till last 4 to 5 months, no any treatment helfull on it, so please please help me to clear it from my body permenantly.

  162. Dear sir I’m suffering from ring worm all over the body from last one and half month. it’s going increase in shape day by day. So what could I do for prevent it.

  163. manoj rajput says:

    मैं पिछले 10माह से खुजली से परेशान हूँ एवं ऐलोपथ्य खाता हूँ तो ठीक हो जाता है पुनः दो दिन बाद हो जाता हैं यह मेरे जांघ के बिच में होता है बहुत खुलता हैं लाल लाल रिंग की तरह होता है कृपया इलाज बताएं

  164. I have itching & light black spots on back, chest, stomach arm etc since 2-3 years and it increases in winters… I have taken allopathic treatment, it cleared up but after some months again comes.

    So, please tell me effective medicine


  165. my private part is fungal infection so any medication so name please…

  166. i have warm ring in the leg portion near my private part and in my back for a year. please doctor tell me the solution.

  167. balram gupta says:

    i have a big skin problem so pls talk to me pls

  168. zartab anjum says:

    Sit .
    My all body destroy .I mean from head to feet every part of my body dry too much and a lot of pain happen . Dr can you help me to avoid this disease .any lotions don’t work .Before winter season starting it begins and whole winter .please give me some tips to save my life sir.

  169. I have a ringworm in my thigh at beside scortel side and it lasted about 1 month plz tell the remidies to throw away this disease from me

  170. kamal lochan sahu says:

    Sir meri waif ka pura body me phil phil jata he or bukhar ata he jitana vi medisin khaya he kuch kam nehin de raha he pliss sir help me.age25

  171. Yash Mangal says:

    Sir i am having small ring worms. Some time before also i also use to have these but i take english medicines and get rid off from these. But it comeback again. Kindly suggest me a good homepathy medicine. My age is 20.

  172. wajahat ali khan says:

    RINGWORM fungal infection ki bahtreen medicine mai ne khud use ki or fark parha
    ( VERTICIL250mg + XYZAL. ) dono tables 15 din khay ye med Pakistan lahore mai available hai

  173. amol lokhande says:

    i have fungul infec from last month dr. suggested me some synthetic and homopathy medicin. dermolin cream and drop . it showing resut but not satisfied with that . whit that small spot with sweling occupied some area r new problem. so suggest further solution 2 me

  174. amol lokhande says:

    i have fungul infec from last month dr. suggested me some synthetic and homopathy medicin. dermolin cream and drop . it showing resut but not satisfied with that . whit that small spot with sweling occupied some area r new problem. so suggest further solution 2 me

  175. Dear doctor,

    I have this sensitive mud-like patch on my skin area between my scrotum and my inner thighs ….It gets very itchy most times and results in some skin breakage. Please advise on what medication to take

  176. I got skin disease on my tighs and buttucks and penis. Its like red coloured with pus and bad smell.. Many doctors said its fungus.. I am suffering from over 15years.. I dont know what happens to me.. many doctors i have seen like allopathy ayurvedic and homeopathy.. there is no cure in that.. Please tell me what should I do?

    • Sir, I had suffered from Fungal infection of groin, I had used ‘Fungdid B’ cream on the area within 5-6 days, but nothing happened, the itching are continued or helpless, please suggest me a best solution for this problem.

  177. Sir mere crack heel ki bht prblm h winter me bht jada hota h nd thigh k pas itching bht hota h wha ka area pura dark ho gya h wo daag hatane k liye koi medicine bataye

  178. Please help me I have eczema around my eyes and it’s very itchy I try every cream. But nothing work

  179. I have a 10 month old that has a fungal infections on the scalp. It was just one patch that I treated with silver shield. Then came back again and now there are several little spots. Now I think it may been sprending to her face from her rubbing and sleeping in her bed.
    We have been to a dermatologist and they gave us an oral anti fungal but ended up making her vomit.

    • aman verma says:

      Hi Doc mujha Ringworm skin problem ho rhe hai . so sir if u tell me any gud madican and any thing plz tellll thx.

  180. Nabajyoti Lahkar says:

    I am diabetic with hi pressure problem. Taking the following medicines regularly

    Telma 40 for high pressure

    Janumate 50/500 mg for Diabetes

    Gluconorm 500 mg for diabetes.

    For last one year I have been suffering from Fungal Infections. Initially only antifungal ointment is sufficient to control fungal infections. Now I have take oral tablet(Zimig 250mg) intermittently. Please suggest homeopathic medicine for fungal infection.

  181. sanjay solanki says:

    I m suffering from fungel infection since last 5 month. And regularily in doctory treatment but not feeling good. Red spot like ring warm every where on body. While applying tube they remove but appear elsewhere. Etching is also all over body.

  182. Amjad Habib says:

    Hello Sir,

    Ist: meri wife ko winter mein heel crack ka buht zayada problem hy bleeding b huti hy
    2nd: mera beta jo abi 8 years old hy ose last 3 years se lips fungal (according to doctors ) hy wo b sara din skin utarta rahta hy jis se bleeding b huti hy
    plz advice me
    thanking u in advance
    urs truly
    Amjad Habib

  183. deepika ganguli says:

    Namskar sir, mai crack heel se buri trh preshan hun. mera ye prblm thnd k dino me jyada bdh jata hai.Maine apne locality me Dr. se v consult kiya hai but mujhe is smsya ka koi prmanent solution nai mil paya hai ab tak . heels k sath mere pair ki ungliyon ka skin v niklne lgta hai plz tell me how should I do?

  184. sir mujko 1 saal se daad wali khujli hai jismai 1 dana hota hai or wo pure faal jata hai or usmai khujli hi e lagte hai davai khane pr aaram ho jata per fir se ho jate hai pls sir kuch ase davai bataye jo ye hamesa ke liye khatam ho jaye

  185. gulab choudhary says:

    सर में दुबई में हूँ और मेरा दाद हो गया है हाथ और पट्टे में 6से 7महीने हो गया है और में जादा परेशान हूँ दाकटर से दिखाय दवा खाने पर ठीक हो जाता है और फिर से निकल जाता है

  186. Sir, Good afternoon I have a daughter 07 yr old.She is sefaring skin diseases .since after born.So sir what I can do.

  187. One month baby noticed ring worm in neck and back side of head

  188. ashok modi says:

    Sir , mere father ko 1 sal se sari body pe fungel infection he or allopethic dabai se thik ho jati he fir doosri jagah ho jati he iske liye homeopthollogy me ilag batayn

  189. Dr,
    I have a hard pimple on my balls from few years.. (not more than 3). Please advise me sir.

  190. sir, mai 4 months se wrinworm se preshan hun, mere groin parts me hai, both me hai aur hips per bhi hai……plz elaj batayen.

  191. I have this fungal infection almost all over my lower body since the last 7-8months.
    I have had it checked by both ayurvedic and allopathic doctors but the infection remains along with the scar at few places where the ointments’s coming up on few more places.please suggest something urgently.

  192. Axel Jackstees says:

    Have had what pharmacist diagnosed as ringworm ringworm on front leg a patch of scaly skin which continued to spread as red pinprick multiple blotches upwards. Also my elbows affected using traditional ringworm medicine. Then the palms of my hands became all flaky with only a small amount of the red pinpricks. Then stopped traditional treatment and used Neem cream which seems to be ever so slowly improving the condition condition but it’s been 5 weeks now and am looking to a homeopathic cure. I am male aged 65 generally healthy and never really had issues with my skin since athletes foot when a teenager, so any recommendations would be good.

  193. santosh kumar says:

    sir, mai kafi dino se backbone ke niche se blood aane se padeshan hu.. jab jab blood nikal jata hai to ye fir se kuch dino ke liye thik lagne lagta hai pr ye fir se kuch dino baad pain hona shuru ho jata..iske karan baithne me bhi kafi taklif hoti rahti hai sir… please suggest me sir

  194. vaibhav chavan says:

    मैं पिछले 10माह से खुजली से परेशान हूँ एवं ऐलोपथ्य खाता हूँ तो ठीक हो जाता है पुनः दो दिन बाद हो जाता हैं यह मेरे जांघ के बिच में होता है बहुत खुलता हैं लाल लाल रिंग की तरह होता है कृपया इलाज बताएं

  195. I have itching in the groin region now it spread to my vaginal and inner thighs region.the skin area is there becomes dark…plz tell a remedy for this fungal infection and to remove the black colour

    • I have fungal infection in the underside of my belly. It is accompanied by strong itching and the skin becomes dark. Had it last year….got treated by allopathic medicine. Has occurred again. Can you advice homeopathic medicine. Thank you

  196. Dear sir Dr Sharma I am atif. I am skin patient the disease called icthyosis now a days I have problem with me the skin ov my feet has been scratched due to fungus or eczema can homeo party treat the patients having icthyosis n fungus

  197. Gaurav Kumar says:

    I had jock itch around 2 weeks ago, the redness is gone and now I have 3 lumps I’m groin area. I feel itching in testicles but no pain or redness. What medicine should I take? Can I take BC20?

  198. Nokhu Jena says:

    Hi Doc I have a scalp fungal infection which was diagonised as tinea capitis Thru punch biopsy, I was given terbinafine oral tablets but can’t use them because I am breastfeeding so I have to stop breastfeeding for me to use this medication, do you have any homeopathy/natuaral medication that is compatible with breastfeeding that you can advise on using

  199. rajesh kumar says:

    Dear sir I m suffering fungal infection (dermaphytes) in the both legs (underwear area) and right cheek (near ear side shave) since 2- 3 months. now i use tellurium 30 & graphites 30 since 2 days . please suggest is it right for this …..
    Highly itching and redness rashesh…

  200. ARVIND PANDEY says:

    Dear sir my 5 year daughter is suffering fungal infection in the back area of leg knee and Thai…..
    Highly itching and blackness rashesh…

  201. nym Marweyi says:

    hie,I have this problem with my dick,it irritate then as I stretch on it get into to sores,it start as some pimples but there will be a thin white layer of stuff on it,then everywere the white stuff occure will turn into sores and it hurts badly,and the penis get swollen,this been happening to me for a long time,i haven’t had sex since 2010 because of this,what can i use to cure the problem?

  202. Dr Saab,

    I have white patches on my legs and also chronic toenail fungus. My feet itch a lot. Recently I had a very itchy rash on the left leg.

    Also suffering from peripheral neuropathy and radioculopathy diagnosed some years ago. Please let me know if you can help.


  203. Anirudh Soni says:

    I m suffering from skin infection over the panis (at the opening point) which used to wet all the time.
    When I have intercourse using condoms after that the skin at the tip of the head feel burning and I can see it got cracked …

    PleaSe help .

  204. i have a jock itch and its worsening . is there any treatment for that .

  205. Sanjay Grover says:

    Dear sir,
    I have some fungal infection in my waist portion in the belt area. I have been taking medicine from a homeopath for the last 12 years. Does this pathy takes so much to eradicate fungal infection. I wd be grateful, if I could get a satisfactory reply to my question.
    Sanjay Grover

  206. My penis is so black and inside darkness. So hepl pleasw

  207. gaurav singh says:

    jock itch outbreak due to post antibiotic course for toothache. this fungal infection is spread to my thigh and rectum.
    kindly suggest me some cure and precaution during rainy season.


  208. Dear dr. I have skin itching fungus issue. Can u suggest me medicine

  209. Rashmi khairnar says:

    Profuse sweating in all over body, red rashes specially on face and groin region, severe itching what to take medicine

  210. My skin peels on my head,armpit,on top of my mouth ,neck ,ears & under my feet

  211. Avinash Kumar says:

    i have etching on body parts with red patches most of on foot n hand.
    please help

  212. Hello sir,
    I am diwakar . I suffering from skin infection from 1 year .we are went so many hospitals but its not fully clear . again & again it will came .
    plz give the solution of this disease.

  213. Dear Doctor ,

    i am Bhaskar my Brother son past 1 year he is suffering from body rashes its look like water & reddish

    we are went so many hospitals but its not fully clear . again & again it will came .
    pls give the solution of this disease.
    Baby Name : Abhishek
    Baby Age : 2years
    Sex : Male


  214. Kalpan Devangan says:

    Hello sir m 24 yr old n I have fungal infection in my both cheeks, so plz give solution for treatment

  215. Hello Dr.
    My baby is suffering from fungal infection n she is only 4month. She is very irritating dis disease . So please give solutions for fungal infection
    Thanking you!
    Shalini Mohta

  216. Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Lucky Singh age 52 yrs, I had fungal infection on my penis in Mar 2016, i took antibiotic medicines and then I switched to homeopathic medicine, it is ok now but still can see the marks little bit, i am still continuing with my medicine BC 20 German made and still have balance dose of around two months more and i drink my water with apple cider vinegar twice a day before my meal.. and I heard circumcision is also good to get rid of fungal infection completely.. I have very good health otherwise and don’t take any other medicine..

    Please advice on what should i do to get rid of this completely or change to another medicine or something else..


  217. vidya sagar says:

    respected Dr..
    I am vidya sagar age 27 and m suffering from itching problem last 5 years. back years only when I was open my clothes then itching.. and now these days last 2 years m totally upset from my body skin problems. in my home I always used comb as used itching. sulphur30 20 days fagopyrum and silicea 30 take 15days and echinacea Q take daily last 10 days but no one relief me.plzz Dr.sujjest me .what should I do??

  218. Doctor my penis gland is white and brown color

  219. Hello sir ,I m suffer from red spot with itching on my Thais from last 4,5 month and taking medicine for it.but I m not feel relif with this medcin tell me solution for it.

  220. Manoj Ratrey says:

    pranam sir,
    mera name manoj ratrey hai, mera skin sakht hai ponds white beuty use karne ke baad bhi mulayam nahi hua koi solution dijiye

  221. sanjay Chauhan says:

    My daughter is suffering from skin infection which started from left hand palm (10 days ago) for treatment she has been advised to take Anti biotic for five days and allegra 180 for two months but the infection has not subsided rather it has spread on right hanf palm and the on the skin round thumb nail. I hope there may be some very effective treatment in homoepathic. Kindly let me know.

    I have also the photographs of the effected area on whats up or gmail account. Kindly let me know your whats up or gamil account for sharing the photographs.

  222. I am taking medicine to cure my steroid atropy from last 25 days but i dont see any imorivement at all but my condition is getting worse um getting new infection boils,ulcers,immense itching please guide me what should i do ? Is my homeopath bad ??

  223. I am having skin problems. Sculp fungus from 10 yrs tried everything but i am not succeeded. Help me

  224. Fungal infection – I taken nux vo mica 200 and from next day supper 200 but it increased the itching tremendously ,and lastly I taken alopethic. Medicine . Then after I used Sulpher 30 it again increased the itching .
    The skin rashes & itching is still not cured with the alopethic medicine . Actually I making the gap in taking alopethic medicine. I think there is no perfect medicine in alopethy and therefore I want that kindly suggest me treatment in homeopathy.
    I was effected with rashes in childhood about 50 yrs ago ,but the same was cured with domestic medicine red soil ,ajwain fool etc. which are ineffective now.
    Dr says I am effected with fungal infection having red ring spots on legs ,hands ,stomac ,under arm, back and hips . Sometimes it effects on my voice and then on eyes also , hot water bath disappear the red spots for 12 hours . My age is 63 yrs and I don’t have any other problem

  225. Suffering from ringworm fungal infection from past six months. Have been taking allopathy treatment with no result.please advice

  226. My hydrosyl is itching a lot and some of pimpill is comes out. And hydro is very painful. Plz sir suggest mr for medicine.

  227. dheeraj Yadav says:

    Hello sir I am dheeraj Yadav I am suffering from ringworm last 6 months it is sometimes red or black at public place so what can I do plz give me solution

  228. swapnil More says:

    Sir ,

    I am suffering from Tinea cruise in groin from last 3 years; but still it is not cured. I used Sertaconazole & terbinafine tablets from last 3 months. I am facing tinea cruise problem please help me out



  230. Ashutosh Chowdhury says:

    Sir my age is 33 male i am suffering from balanitis my glans remains very dry.pls help

  231. Bharat kumar gupta says:

    Sir I actually I have fungal infection from last two month some time it cause itching problem and whenever I scratch the scalp from nail something white types of like soil comes out from nails sir what should I do please sir help me i will be very thankful to you and sir my age is 22 please sir help me

  232. I am suffering from lichen planus from last 7years. I have spots on my foot legs lower abdomen and nowadays on arms . Kindly guide me

  233. Dear Dr. Sharma, Good Afternoon. I am 46 years old and suffering from fungal infection (tinea) appearing on thighs and above the abdomen and below the chest region (in 3-4 places red shaped rings) for the last more than three months. I have been taking allopathic medicine and applying Noisalic-6 ointment. Since allopathic medicine has side-effect and I cannot afford such expensive medicines, I wish to take homoeopathic medicine for effective and speedy treatment. I suffer from Hypertension and Diabetes, which are under control through allopathic medication.

    My son aged 16 years is also suffering from fungal infection (red patchy skin) only in the groin areas. Request please suggest some good effective homoeopathy medicine for treatment of fungal infections as mentioned above along with its dosage.

    Thank you very much.

  234. MANOJ KALLA says:

    sir I am 45 and I having fungle problem last 3years and this time it is very big I take lots of medicine and skine cream but not getting solution that’s why I write to you In this mail I want to tell you that when ever the weather getting change I feel breathing problem now I am fedup to take medicine and cream and cufp syrup. so please send me some homeopathi tips to cure my problem.


    • Nameshkar sir .mera name Ankit age 23 h muj ko shrir pr funges Ki shikaayt ho gyi h lgbag 8 month sy homeopathic medicine be li bt kuch huaa nhi m bhout pryshan Hu koi ilaag batey

  235. harsh yadav says:

    I am 25 years of age having one query about my confusing that i am a casual smoker takes not more than 2 cigrattes per day from past 5 years is it any effects on related with my stamina ,immunity ,sex power,sperm count ,or any other problem which effects on my married life .secondly i also takes 4-5 times manforce tablets before doing sex is it any harm does yet or not.and if yes how homeeopathy deals with it.

  236. pradip sahu says:

    I had sexual raltion with my gf. After 10 days I found fungal infection in my penis. Now it has been 2 months , I haven’t cured completely. Give me so suggestion

  237. Horichand Biswas. says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been a barrier in the right side of the chest with gastritis.Most of the time, I am feeling unhappy for barrier or ball in right side near about 12 years.
    Pls. give me solution.

    I am looking for your advice.

    Horichand Biswas.

  238. praveen goel says:

    hello dr. sir i suffer with high sugar nd b/p also for many year.from the last 12 year i also suffer with fungle infaction in my anal uper area and this is infect my penis also.

  239. Hello sir I have ring worm infection on my inner thighs and buttocks and area around the groin .I have this problem from last year.I got many usually occurs before the beginning of my periods every month.please tell me something

  240. C PRAKASH SAXENA says:

    Respected Doctor Sir

    I am having fungal infection on the tips of hand fingers and thumbs. In this infection the skin of figures and both the thumbs got cracks and we may see blood linings therein. There are pain and I use anti fungal cream and boroplus and get some relief but after some time again same skin cracks are there.

    I have taken full course of English medicine AF- 150 but problem od finfures/thumbs toe cracks are very much there.

    Pl advise


  241. meri kmr me black spot h aur khujli hoti h , i am diabtetes from last six month but in control below 100

  242. Prateek Dawar says:

    Hello, Dr. Sharma,
    I’m Prateek 45 years old 85% physically handicapped on wheelchair. From last 3 years I’m suffering from itching,blackness & some whiteness big spot on my left bunb.I used my allopathy medice & creams for it. But it is not 100% well. At 70% better condition it come back at starting position.I’m very upset for it.Plz. suggest me any effectable medicine & cream. If you want to see it Isend a pic to it.I hope you’ll help me.
    Thanx & Regards,

  243. Prabhakar navneet says:

    Venerable Dr. Sharma. my head hair on the lower skin of nearly four years of snake are fungal infactions in Coachella rounding is not exactly on the English chemist, Sir I want to come in your treatment

  244. Shivaji Banerjee says:

    Good evening Doctor !!
    Greetings for the day!
    I am facing acute and chronic eczema on my feet and bottom of my feet . Very much itching some times blood also comes out .
    Kindly suggest me for immediate remedy any good Homeopathy medicines .

  245. Sir muje private part PR bot khujli hoti h sat m Dane n uthte h air woh dry skin ring ki tarah spread ho raha Hai pls I request u to fly me urgent I’m dealing wit it from 3 months n I haven’t got any solution fr it pls I request u to fly me as soon as u see

  246. Sir how to vanish ring worm plsss urgent

  247. nasir ali says:

    Sir mare penis skin khrab ha jis ki waja se me 10 second me discharge ho jata hukleft side cap ki peechy jo ring bana hota ha wo demage ha me ulta sota th ar ragarta th jis ki waja wo skin buhat patli ha jb k dosre side normal moti ha koe qarshu ka oil bata di taki ye apni asli halat me ajaeh ar es par garmi na lagy interciyrse k duran plz sir help kar di

  248. .smti. H G Momin says:

    I want medicine for controlling of hair fall and want to have normal hair again. And I want a medicine for knee pain as I always used homeopathic medicine for all sickness.

  249. I have dandruff in head since 6 month. The dandruff is in layer and when I pluck out that thick dandruff layer a liquid comes out and again a layer is formed. please help me sir.

  250. lokesh dubey says:

    Sir muje private part PR bot khujli hoti h sat m Dane n uthte h LAL LAL sujan jesi bhi dkhta kya karu or haa muje only pH PR h bataye. 8764351445

  251. vedprakash says:

    suffering from fungus intire body from 12 years

  252. sir mere private place par khujli hoti hai aur ye infection 15 or 16 years se hai bohat medicine li hai lekin farq ni para skin asay ho jati hai jesay jala huwa ho aur dil bohat gabrata hai reshes se sewelling b hoti hai

  253. vinay srivastava says:

    I am suffering from fungal infection from last 2 month , i uses all type of medicine as allopathy, Homeopathy, etcs
    But till date i am still their.

    Please advice me proper medicine

    thanking you

    Reply awaited

    Vinay Srivastava

  254. shreya sharma says:

    gdafternoon sir,
    sir im suffering from fungal disease from last 3 months and its increasing day by day near neck .i had shown in hospital ointment onbat is given but its not making it reduce and ketone shampoo also .infection near neck is increasing and im afraid lot ,kindly help me.

  255. Amber kumar sinha says:

    I have dandruff in head since 6 month. The dandruff is in layer and when I pluck out that thick dandruff layer a liquid comes out and again a layer is formed. please help me sir.

  256. I have seveare itching in my private part only what I do iam a 32 year working can you suggest any cream or any medicine

  257. Hello Dr,

    I am a 47 year old lady and I am suffering from Tinea Cruris (this name I got from internet because my problem is exactly the same) skin fungal infection since past 4-5 months. I am getting treatment from one of good dr. in homeopathy in CP, New Delhi but I am not getting any relief in my suffering. The itching is immense and now its becoming intolerant for me. I discussed with my doctor and he said he is treating it from root and it will get aggravated and then it will heal up. Please guide me further on this so I will get some relief from this problem. I also want to know the reasons behind it or if you advise some blood test etc. to find out the reasons. thanks Indu

  258. Sahil sheikh says:

    Ring warm hai sir 8 months se kafi ilaz kraya sir koi fayda nhi hua bade chaktte hote lal lal khuzly hoty dwa lgane par thaek ho jata hai phir ho jata hai dr.sahab plz help me

  259. brajesh chandra jha says:

    I am suffering from fungal infection , besides my intimate parts of the body . at first one red spot seen then I used cream like Cosvate G , quadriderm etc then it relieves but beside the spot again redness and rashesh spread. This incident has been occurring since Jan 2014. Some times it seen terrible then I contacted homeopathics and allopathics. Homeopathic s advised for sepia 200, sulphur 30, apise 200, urxie 30.
    Can I take allopathic and homeopathic simultaneously.

  260. Milan Saha says:

    My name is Milan Saha age34,resident of westbengal. Iam suffering a skin problem since years, after the berth skins itching. I visit to a homeopath Dr. For six month . After a month some black spot with water was come on my skin. After two month Dr. Said ” you visit another aliphatic Dr. He prescribed flucanajole; Oman a control-10;cetzine..& some oinment like lobate gm…sir black is remain same. And now some red spot came on my skrine.Sir plz help..

  261. florence Maneli says:

    im florence i have a problem i grow blisters on my bums during menstruetion period reddish, iching and they just disappear when i finish can you help

  262. sir mere scin per chote chote dane aur nose ke aas par ki jagah black ho gayi hai mujhe kya krna chahiye

  263. After sweating itching problem occur on buttock is symptoms of

  264. vikas sharma says:

    Sir i have fungal infection for last 5 yrs….i have treated it for many times but rather it is still a big problem for me…
    THERE IS A FUNGAL INFECTION IN MY GROIN REASON FOR LAST 5 YRS…CONSISTING TOO MUCH ITCHING…ON ITCHING..THERE IS SHEDDING OF WHITISH SKIN BUT ON EXTREME ITCHING THERE IS WATERY FLUID DISCHARGE….I used newforce cream and candystat tablets but they are useful for only short duration….there is recurrency of infection….
    Sir PLEASE TELL ME….what i shoud do…

  265. Ajeet choudhary says:

    Hi doctor
    M suffering from hair fall.the most of the fall from front of head part. Give me some solution.
    Waiting for best reply.

  266. pavan badhe says:

    hello sir ji…I m suffering fungal infection on neck ,face ..plzz sir tell me proper treatment

  267. Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from fungal infection on skin (two leg sides of penis) since 3 months. I already made appointment with GP and he prescribed be first Micoder tablet (50mg) for 1 month and then Flugal (150mg) for 20 days. I have completed the time span he advised but no positive result came.

    I completely lost my faith on medical treatment and want to relay on homeopathy.

    Thank you sir and it will be very helpful if you advise me.

  268. Avadhesh Kumar says:

    Sir,i,m suffering from itchy fungal with red patches in thighs and stomach, legs, face area ,back side when I start homeopathy medicines then is very violent our Dr.sir says do not use ointment, he says use only coconut oil how can relief it this. Plz reply.

  269. bardraj mishra says:

    itching sensations below the penis and annus area.having red coulor skin those side
    pls suggest best medicine for this

  270. Varun Sharma says:

    on my pennis infection is there. Infection is top on pennies. pls help me for this disease.

  271. Dr.
    I have terrible itching all over on the skin which appears in any part such as arms legs stomach back .
    Please advice

  272. Sir I’m suffering from fungal infection Ring worm 35% of body part including face I have taken a lot of allopathic medicine named Fluconazole, Iterconazole, Ketanazole,Termifine with oilment/ creams, 1month above each with advise dermatologist specialist but still now not working health department as a Bsc.nursing now.kindly advise me homeopathy medicine

  273. john s karode says:

    Good Morning Dr.
    thank you for publishing data
    God Bless you and give Long Life

  274. karan kumar says:

    sir , i am polio handicaped person. age 35y. i suffered fro fordycespot in my thigh/calf scortum penis pesticlies area. the r very itchy all the time. in summer days very khujli. how r u releve them . pl baatyeen. also sufferd wrats in my face or many side of body area.

  275. Hi Doctor,

    I have this bad itching in my scalp. I lost almost all my hairs in scalp, but the itching problem is still there. I consulted doctors, they say its due to fungal infection. They recommended medicine, ointment shampoo but I find the allopathy medicine to not to be good, it might have side effects. Moreover those medicines and ointment are quite strong. I dont worry about my falling hair, but more worried about the itching sensation that I get in my scalp. Its very irritating. I would like to try homeopathy, heard it was fruitful effect in long run. Can I have a consultation with you? I am staying bangalore. Please mail me back.

  276. Surendra Kapoor says:

    Resp. Dr. Sharma
    . There is some fungle infection on my fingers : Skin gets hard at the tip of finger and cuts at that spot causing pain. Pl tell me homeopathic medicine and dose.
    . Surendra Kapoor

  277. Mai bahut paresan ho mujhe sbl ki tablet btaye.vajina ke uppri bhag me daan nikalta hai.bada hoga.pak jayega.mawad bahega phir shook jayega.phir dusra nikal aata hai.please help me

  278. mai fumble infctn k lye bht sari dwaiya kha chuki hu plz help me plzz sgst any mdcn plz…

  279. I m suffering from fungle infctn…ism meri thies and stomach and chst PR red patch ho gye h jism bht jyda itching hoti h mai bht sari mdcn kha chuki hu BT koi fayda ni ho RHA and ye bdte hi jaa rhe h…
    abi dr. sir ko dikhya to unhone itaspor 2 ten and lorpd prscribe ki BT its too costly I can’t afford it…

  280. Hi m suffering from perly penile papules from last 10 years please help me from dis problem I don’t faced any problem and side effect on my health nd body but I hate theses little spots on my penis in a layer formation

  281. Manoj Sharma says:

    I am suffering from a few problems.
    1. Continuous itching in groin area
    2. Bloating of stomach. Lack of proper digestion. No appetite. Bad flavour during belching.
    3. Testis sac very tight.
    4. Watery semen.
    5. Lack of concentration. Memory retention very bad.
    6. Always feel tired & exhausted.

    My TSH level is 8.0 FT# & FT$ are normal
    Hemoglobin count is at 13.

    dark color small patch in left hand thumb nail.

    Please help


  282. Abhinanda Mishra says:

    Six months back I first developed a small patch of ringworm infection which got cured by candid b cream. But immediately after I developed meddling stinging and throbbing sensations each time after urination around the urethra. There was slight itching feeling of incomplete urination mild burning and sometimes the skin felt raw and sore. The problem is only felt in the clitoris. I have been to gynaecologist urologist and skin specialist but the relief is only for one or two weeks and then the problem recurs. I am undertaking homeopathic treatment for last 4months. The problem has reduced but not completely cured . The pricking stinging and burning sensations are still there. How long should I continue treatment and what medicines should I take

  283. SISAY KEBEDE says:

    my mom suffer with ring warm around her arms and she began to take peels named kito almost 40 tabs but there is no sign to cure what is going on?j

  284. SISAY KEBEDE says:

    my mom suffer with ring warm around her arms and she began to take peels named kito almost 40 tabs but there is no sign to cure what is going on?

  285. Kamal kumar says:

    Hlo….sir meri body me pichle 6 mahine se fungel infection hai gol gol red color ki ring banti hai or khujli hoti hai mene bhut tretment krwa liya sir ji koi ef
    fect ni hai mit jati hai fir se ho jati hai..sir me bhut preshan hu plz sir reqest krta hu sir koi homyopethik tretment bataiye sir …
    thank you…

  286. M suffrng frm fungal infctn sir in thighs n face too…give me permanent solution sir…it is about of many months…

  287. Hello dr.
    I have too many ringworms on my body. It starts from hips and then after it spread out on thigh stomach underarm neck.
    I have taken allopathy and hemopathy medicin. But it is increasing in size and become too balck.
    Can you please help me.

  288. NEERAJ CHAWLA says:

    i suffering fungal infection groin are lasj 9 months currenty using supler -200 & petrolem-200

  289. mohammad tahseen says:

    गोलियो मे खुजली और खाल मोटी है

  290. Shaswati Pituri says:

    Hello sir

    I am having fungal infection on inner side of my palm with skin cracking on it own alongwith burning & itching..
    Which potency of thuja will b ok for application aftet dialitng

  291. Shravan sharma says:

    Hello sir, I am suffering from fungal infection since many months.
    As it has occured on inner thighs & in buttocks also…
    I think on face little because I get itching on my face tooo….
    Facing much problem with this and unable to sleep in nights also

    So, I need a permanent solution sir.

  292. mohd jafer says:

    I got a ringworm to much in my leg.I am abu dhabi.Which medicine I have to take.I have to much itching problem.Give me reply of medicine name.

  293. sir I m suffering from skin infection near private parts .so sir please suggest any good homeopathy Medicine..

  294. Hi DrFrom last one year I m suffering from ringworm it’s going on multiple,I treated its well but it’s again and again.I have taken oral medicine itospar.apply cream candid,iterconazol.Plz help me out.

    • Hi DrFrom last one year I m suffering from ringworm it’s going on multiple,I treated its well but it’s again and again.I have taken oral medicine itospar.apply cream candid,iterconazol.Plz help me out.

    • Dr.pandian says:

      use homoeopathic medicine

  295. anantika mallik says:

    my mother has been suffering from ringworm since 8 months.initially the ring was near the genital area but slowly it spread over thighs….she is really having a tough time..we had consulted to a homeopath doctor also.but it has shown no +ve effect..instead its increasing day by day….we cannot see her in this pain…because it itches a lot….
    please Sir… please help..
    looking forward for ur valuable reply…..

  296. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Sir, I have taken tracogold 200 two times a day for treatment of ring worm on private parts. After complete cured of ring worm, it again appears after 19 days. Kindly suggest the proper treatment so it does not appear again & again.

  297. Ravi chhetri says:

    good evening sir,
    i have been suffering from skin disease,its a ringworm spreading all over the body,day by day,mostly near the genital region.
    so sir,can i get the best medicine for this treatment?
    thank youu

  298. SONU MEENA says:

    bahut jor se fela hua hai funga s plz sir kuch achhi medicean batao jab tak koi bhi creem lagate hai sahi rehta hai agar creem lagana band ho jaye to feer se ho jata hai plz kuch upaye batao

  299. Vlad nicolaivitch says:

    Homeopathic Treatment for penus red and sore skin

  300. Kamlesh jain says:

    Sit facing facing fungal infection on buttocks since a year have used itraconazole tablet for a while but all in vain… Have used homeopathic medicine trituration tablet but no result yet… Have developed rashes on bums every time I travel or when ever I wear a jeans ????….. Kindly help me out of the problem

  301. vipin chaudhary says:

    sir last six months s mari body m dad ho rh h medicine le leta hu thik ho jate h dubara fir s ho jate h plz koi upae btaiye

  302. Manoj sharma says:

    Fungal infection above thighs since many years. I have taken allopathic treatment from skin specialist, no permanent relief. Please suggest

    • Sheryl Haggerty says:

      Hi I am allopathic doctor with biopsy confirmed disfiguring fungal infection of face and neck called “majocchi’s granuloma”. I want to avoid oral anti fungal given the toxicity on liver and potential side effects. Please help.

  303. anil kumar says:

    कई साल से मेरे पेशाब की नली पर infection हो रहा है काफी दवाई भी ले चुका हू ।panies ka ring re red रहता है। sex करने पर ring me pain होता है।dr rekhweg ki r 82 madician se kuch आराम रहता है कोई दवाई बताए sir

  304. Badri Pandey says:

    i am suffering from fungle infection of hair(called tenia capatis) since two years.i use some medicine since 4 month like
    1.Gris odt bliss
    but there is no profit of all these.before few days ago i heard that homeopathy is better solution for same more point that due to this there is some itch in my body all day.
    sir please advise me that what i do if possible then please write some medicine please sir.
    Thank you sir!

  305. Dear Sir

    I am Bashar from Bangladesh. I had suffering with Fungal infection since 2 years, I take medicine from our Doctor like 1. Telfin 250mg
    2. Econazole with 5% Salicylic Acid ointment
    2. Terbafine Cream
    If I use this medicine, I am fine for few months, after that remain same condition.

    Now please tell me what is the wright medicine for this fungal infection .


  306. I have skin issue dryness and say its fungal infectuon

  307. suresh kumar batra says:

    Mainly problem heals & sol foots other right hands one fingers thum dry & crusses pls solve. My problem thanks

  308. jitendra kumar says:

    मैं पिछले छः माह से खुजली से परेशान हूँ एवं ऐलोपथ्य खाता हूँ तो ठीक हो जाता है पुनः दो दिन बाद हो जाता हैं यह मेरे जांघ के बिच में होता है बहुत खुलता हैं लाल लाल रिंग की तरह होता है कृपया इलाज बताएं

    • vipin chaudhary says:

      sir last six months s mari body m dad ho rh h medicine le leta hu thik ho jate h dubara fir s ho jate h plz koi upae btaiye

  309. ritika kaushal says:

    i am having ringworm type skin infection from last atleast 3 months.. i had changed a lot of medicines like ring guard , candid, nd much more. i dont remember the names of others.. but it is not treated properly.. i m having a lot of itching problem in that nd then i also treat it with skin specialist.. but again it is grown.. i need a final reliefing solution please help me to treat it

  310. sir ,I am facing fungal disease since one year
    I have taken the medicine itraconazole but when I stops medicine then fungal starts again and now it has spread so much so please suggest me to cure it fast.

  311. shithun k says:

    Sir since one and years I am suffering from skin disease affected areas hip joints now it spread to the back of the nuck and forhed now the climet is hot now itching also feel .colour of the skin changed (my age is 31)

    waiting for the valuable reply

  312. SYED HAMDANI says:

    My Groins skin got reddish_burning_rough _painful for about 4 months.I tried homeopathic Sulfer 200 & Apis Mellifica 30, Alopathic Creams Fluocinonide 0.5% and Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.5% but dont feel/see any improvement.I am 93 yrs old & m leading normally a healthy life , walking 4 miles daily inspite recently developed short breath problem & Ostio Arthritus on left hand.Now I m concerned about my Groins skin problem.I don,t know if it,s Fungus or what.I never had such a problem before.Could you please subsccribe some surely effective Remedy easily available in Milpitas or Sanjose Stores.
    Thnks! Sincerely,


    मैं पिछले छः माह से खुजली से परेशान हूँ एवं ऐलोपथ्य खाता हूँ तो ठीक हो जाता है पुनः दो दिन बाद हो जाता हैं यह मेरे जांघ के बिच में होता है बहुत खुलता हैं लाल लाल रिंग की तरह होता है कृपया इलाज बताएं

  314. richard hezron says:

    i have a problem on my left leg i dont know its a fungus or skin infection

    • From last one year, I am suffering reddish pimple on penis’ glans. when take antibiotic , then clear the pimple from glans, After a few days it comes back….Please advise me.

  315. Suresh Deshmukh says:

    I’m suffering from chronic bronchitis in which irritated wet mucus which doesn’t come out easily if it extreme then vomiting sensation also suffered from ulcerative colitis & fungal infection on both sides of male sex organ which is irritative so will u pls! u’r quick detailed rply will highly be appreciated so will u pls sir!

    • krishnendu Maity says:

      I have got ring worm on my has been going for one doctor has given me R82 antifungal drops 5 days before.but irritation of affected area is going on.please help me sir.

  316. Sir I have suffering from fungal disease on my thigh part. I have been used allopathay medicine from doctor like Flucos teb. Onabet B cream etc.
    But after some time its again accour.(red irregularly spot on both thigh)
    Plz tell me that permanently solution of this disease.

  317. Gloria Nelson says:

    Dear Dr. sharma

    About 2 months ago I contacted scabies. At about the same time my hair started to rapidly fall out. I have successfully treated scabies with homeopathic remedies from DR. SCABIES however my hair continues to fall. My Doctor just tested my blood and found my thyroid to be “perfect” as well as all my Blood work looked good. Is there a homeopathic remedy for falling hair. I am a female 70 years old.

  318. Rakesh Prajapat says:

    I have been suffering fungus disease on the stomach as well as between the private parts and thigh. Firstly, I taken some medicines like Cap. Itraconozol 100 Mg. Cap. Zevit, Tab. ormacotil, but no relief had been given. Almost six months after, I take advise from a Dr. dermatological specialist, he gave me some medicines like Cap. Fluwin-150 (fluconozol), Tab. Ketanacozol and a soap Ketanacozol, but again no relief had been given.
    Recently, I advised to some Homeopathy Dr., he gave me some medicines and almost one months and ten days have been passed, but some relief has been given to me. But, I am not satisfied still. Kindly, advise me what homeopathy medicines are good for me.

  319. jyoti vinod katre says:

    Recurrent vaginitis severe iching specially night complants aggravates more on contact of cold water while eating sweets plss tell mi the medicine

  320. Amrik Singh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have got fungus infection in groin region and do not find cure in allopathy . I am say 82 yrs

  321. i am suffering from skin problem a doctor recognized it as tenia . i have taken so many medicine but it come back my age is about 20years. it is my whole body
    please suggest m what to do

  322. BIPIN KUMAR says:

    मैं पिछले छः माह से खुजली से परेशान हूँ एवं ऐलोपथ्य खाता हूँ तो ठीक हो जाता है पुनः दो दिन बाद हो जाता हैं यह मेरे जांघ के बिच में होता है बहुत खुलता हैं लाल लाल रिंग की तरह होता है कृपया इलाज बताएं

    • devendra kumar says:

      मैं पिछले छः माह से खुजली से परेशान हूँ एवं ऐलोपथ्य खाता हूँ तो ठीक हो जाता है पुनः दो दिन बाद हो जाता हैं यह मेरे जांघ के बिच में होता है बहुत खुलता हैं लाल लाल रिंग की तरह होता है कृपया इलाज बताएं Homepath

      • Ramaotar singh Rajpoot says:

        sir merea private parts and.stomutch chest and gardan tatha Aankh kepass rad Ring head men Bahut takleef men.gun kirpya ilaz batane ki kirpa karen

  323. sachin tudu says:

    sir raatko kisi ne mere pair ko kata jisk waja se bht khujli lga or subha dekhne pr pair ek dumse ful gya or bht dard ho rha h
    bukhar v lg rha h
    .koi upay btaye sir

  324. SAGAR BOTE says:

    sir meri skin pehle glow gori thi tab mi 18 saal ka tha lekin 1 saal ke baad skin kali pad gayi hai aur khas taur par nose ke uper hissa aur mouth ke niche ka hissa kala pad gaya he plz
    suggested me sir i hope my problem you solve

  325. sir. my full body fungal infection tinea corporis ..all alopathy pills creams but not solved my problem ..i take homeopathic ..tellurium.. bacillinum..sepia.. thuja ..silicia but not efect… plZ suggest the best medicine…thank you

    • jyoti vinod katre says:

      Recurrent vaginitis severe iching specially night complants aggravates more on contact of cold water while eating sweets plss tell mi the medicine

  326. i’m suffering from skin fungus infection arround neck back nd arms from last one years
    pls tell me best suitable sugesstion for fungal infection…

  327. I m 50 year patient . I have fungal infection on arm pit and thighs . For 1 month i had taken sulphur 0/ . It decreased for sometime but now it increased. What should i do ??

  328. Sir mre panis ki agle hise ki ring me bubbles me problem hota hay ur itching hota hay .ur uski said ki area me skin bahat kamjor hogaya hay crack hojata hay. 3dr ko dekhaya firbi tik nahi hua 15din me wapas ajata hay. sir iski ugar treatment hay to please bataeya….. help me sir.

  329. Sir, in my penis area and on testicles i have itching problem and have small bumps on that area. what to do? it is so itching

  330. i was first treated for athletes foot which turned into a fungal infection my G.P has been treating me with dermovate cream it is not clearing up but leaving red or brown patches all over me including my face have you any advice as i am a girl who hates anything on their face

  331. i have itching problem in my penis area . and have small bumps

  332. in my penis area and on testicles i have itching problem and have small bumps on groin area. what to do? it is so itching

  333. Sir I am fesing ringwarm fungal infection from last two month Dr gave me tarbinafin but not cuar . please sujest me homiopathi medicn

  334. sandeep namdev says:


  335. vikash rawsni says:

    mujhe picchle 4 mahino se skin fugal h ur me bhut sari dwaa khai phir bhi thik nhi huaaa place mujhe gharelu dwaa btaye

  336. Anand Sinchury says:

    sir,I too am suffering from the same problem as Sudhir Kumar,non of the allopathic medicine seemed to work for cure.Plesse help me out.

  337. Sir, i have a same problem like sudhir kumar related to skin, so please sir help me out of this.

  338. Sarvjit Sharma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    My son 24 yrs very fair and strongly built suffered with Chicken pox which is cured now, but during the chicken pox he got infected with Seborrheic dermaititis .
    He has an history of hair fall which has driven him to depression, now he is undergoing treatment of Sebrroheric D , He also has an history of fungal infections (ringworm, athlete foot ) now folliculits has started advise…

    Sarvjit Sharma

  339. mere fungal infection hai. pl. tell me treatment

  340. RAKESH KUMAR says:

    sir mera mouth main talu ke upar and lipps ke andar kala kala chitti jaisa ho gaya hain and meetha and namkin khane par talu main dana nilal jata hain yeh bimari 2 years se hain lekin medicine karaya par thik nahi ho pa raha hain sir iska medicine batayen ki jaldi thik ho jaye.sir hamain mirchi wala khana khaye huye 2 year ho gaya hain khaya nahin jata hain bahut lahar deta hain.

  341. Sir I am suffering from the thrashes on my penis how ever I m diabetic but this has been only once in year wen my sugar levels increase don’t know wat to do trying glimestar forte 3 and kombyglyze but want to rid of this problem forever so pls suggest thanks and regards Sam

  342. Sudhir Kumar says:

    I’m suffering from fungus infection around my private parts and Thais from last two years. I have consulted from several doctors. But the infection comeback within 2 weeks even medicines are continued. Now, I am very worried because I will get marrage in April then this infection will also spread to my wife.

    List of doctors and medicines
    1. Max healthcare Saket – Dr. Nitin S Walia
    He prescribed a) onabet
    b) Forcan
    2. Fortis vasant kunj – Dr. Deepak vohra
    He suggested a) zimig cream
    b) candid soap
    c) Dazit
    d) Candid gold powder
    e) Zimig 250 mg tab
    f) Zoderm cream
    g) K2 soap
    3. Dr. R K Basumataty
    He prescribed. a) Terbinafine tab
    b) Clotrimazol lotion
    c) Cetrizine tab
    4. M K. Narayana
    He suggested. a) Tracogold tab
    b) Sertacide cream
    c) Candid cream
    d) Dandura soap
    e) Ebernet cream
    f) Terbicip
    g) Bicozym c forte

    In addition of these I have also treated home remedy
    5. Levender oil
    6. Jojoba oil
    7. Aloe bera gel

    8. Panderm cream
    9. Quaderiderm cream
    10. Lobet gm and so on so ….

    Plz, provide suitable suggestions.

  343. Rakesh Nagar says:

    sir mre 1 year se jadya ho gya h mre ringworms tenia tik nh ho rha mne helopetich aur aurvedik dawi le li but koi frk nh pd rha h plzz ap kuch upaay batiye plzzz sir hlp me

  344. Please tell me suggestionn for diseases of red spots and patches on body

  345. i m suffering from Fungas Infection in finger.

  346. i m suffering from erectile dysfunction….erection comes after 4-5minutes of touch by hand….but continue till 1 min hardly….there is too coldness in penis in flaccid state…this seems that this not alive part of body… age is 28yrs…i m married & healthy…in past i was suffered from typhoid & take too much antibiotic like cefixime,ceftriaxone 1g etc for long time…now i m well…
    plz mail me good suggestion

  347. I need some details on a problem in regards to an itchy feeling in the private part

  348. Shyam narayan says:

    Desease-Ringword of 1.6year please treatment and my age 19 eaten turbinafine,itraconazole,fluconazole,grisofulvin,ketoconazole etc

  349. Prem Chand Murarka says:

    Suffering from finger fungus since one year, allopathy treatment Antif 150 weekly was going on but no outcome then doctor started Zimig 250 daily one but as soon as it was started ringworm aggravated with skin rash, hence stopped the medicine and reported to doctor who advised to take Itraconazole 100 twice daily and categorically said the medicine have side effects and therefore he advised to consult with Homeopathic Doctor.

  350. sir mere bum m kuch month s fhode uth rhe h yk thik hota h fr dusra nikal ata h or kafi taklif dta h kuch logo n kha y fungal h mene iska ilaj bhi krvaya but koi khas relax n hua ap kuch btay sir thank u

  351. parishmita says:

    I have fungal disease on my back side of neck I consultskin specialist but after taking of medicines it will clear and I feel fine but after this again And again this come out

  352. I been having itching in my groin.area. and. it gotten worse due that i have liver cancer w hep c what meds or remedies can help my doctor said i had a infection gave me cream but does not help

  353. Raj Kumari Trikha says:

    I am suffering from small eruptions on the body, and each pore of the skin has water drops in it . Allopathic dr has diagnosed as fungus infections. After treatment of nine months she stopped d medicines when it subsided. Then I went to homeopath dr, who gave me monthly dose of bacimilinum 1 M for 6-7 months nd it was fully cured. Then he stopped medicine. In 2015, in Oct. The eruptions restarted and now they have spread. That homeopath is not available, but with consultation of another homeopath, I have repeated d bacimillinum 1M dose in DEC. And jan.2016.Sorry to say this time I am not getting considerable relief. Please suggest what to do .

  354. Elargement says:

    Do u crave for an attractive and curvy figure? Do u want to get a protruded round butt and wide sexy hips? Then try out herbal cream, by Dr Henry Bude the herbal enlargement doctor. Herbal medicine Made from natural ingredients and herbs, there are no side effects. t gives a permanent result. #Tested and proven to increase the size of hips and butt in as little as 2 weeks. Get that dream ass and hips now, it works like magic. Say bye to butt pads. embrace a sexier and curvier you. Contact Dr Henry Bude now for you enlargement cream on:

  355. Dr i got fangus near my penis how i can remove it ?

  356. Hello sir, my sister has got ringworm on her face.. .she is under a homeopathy doctor for 3 weeks. Still no result.. ..can u recommend some ointment for this problem.. …Eagerly waiting for ur reply

  357. Ramratan Singh Pal says:

    Respected sir,
    I am facing Fungal disorder problem on my whole body by 3.5 years. How can I come out with this problem dear sir.

  358. Ramratan Singh Pal says:

    Respected sir,
    I am from agra and as a Defence employee I got first posting in hyderabad. By 3.5 years I got fungal disorder in whole body. In beginning it started from arms with red small patches and then sides of stomach and then thighs and now in whole body. Now small patches comes, after some days it makes bound (ghaou) and after dry makes some papdi type n leave sign. By having diff anti allergic tab n creams i get some improvement but its come back once stop treatment for one or two weeks.
    Please sir help me my eyes seeking lot of hopes from you, I am sick of with my life I am totally frustrated. Please write me probable causes also. Thank you sir

  359. Suffering from itching and redness on the tip of Penis.
    Skin specialist advised CANDID B cream.
    It is effective but the problem recurs after a few days.

    Request advise effective Homoeopathic medicine for the same.


  360. Bikash Mandal says:

    I have dandrauff, itchy scalp and severe hair fall. Which medicine should I take.
    Please tell me.

    Thanking you
    Bikash Mandal

  361. Doctor,
    I have a serious skin fungus (yeast) issue especially on my private areas and my back,thighs and breasts. i started homeo treatment and it got severe. For the four months of treatment it is getting worse and no signs of relief. I am staying in Qatar and doing treatment from Kerala from a homeo doctor. I need to ask if this homeopathy works for this and if so will it work in a foreign place having different climatic conditions? Please give me a reply as i am so frustrated with this disease.


  362. Savita Kumari says:

    Dear sir
    With the hope of being better like before I request you to advice me the name of medicine that may helpful in my skin problem in private parts and legs and back also.
    Red round patch with itching and spreading ….etc
    I request you to suggest me medicine name that works fast and perfect.
    Yours Faithfully
    Savita Kumari

  363. Hello Sir
    I am really tired of fungus white spot on my face i feel so shy about this
    Please help me to get rid of this!

  364. himadri bhusan nayak says:

    sir i suffering fungal infection last 3 years..i treated with other drugs,it was not benifit for me.. i want to treat ..

  365. My son has fungal infection in the form of black rings on both inner thighs,groins & genital area.He has taken full dozage of fluconazole but no effect. Kindly suggest proper medication for complete eradication, giving details of the drug.

  366. Shameena Rahman says:

    Sir I hav fungal infection frm last three months .I was in under treatment. While taking I feel better bt it occurs again.this fungus is like ringworm…it in inner thigh.its spreading in two thighs …pls I request you to gve suggestions for this reliev frm permanently

  367. anurag tiwari says:

    I have skin fungus problem , from 4 years.i hv shown many skin specialist in alopath. But after treatment it happen again.ihv taken many medicine on the prescription of doctor like flukonazole , ketaconazole ,grisofulvin FP 250 , terrabina , itraconazol DS tablets but after the treatment It occours again . and I also consult the homeopath they don’t write medicine .he gave medicine from it self but no response.
    Pleassss sir suggest me medicine sir I m in very trouble. Thanking you sir

  368. patel dishant says:

    Sir..muje penis k pass fungal infaction huye hai so to kya aap help kar sake to…koi esy medican batayi jek ke karan ye infaction thik ho jaye…plzz sir..

  369. I’m suffering from fungal and ittching problem on my hole body also in my penis since 4 months its starts from rainy season.i used alot of medicines and homeopathy also bt it didn’t work properly. sir its very irritating for pimples on my whole body and its ittching very hard.please doctor sir give me better solution and medicine for this to remove it..there fore im thankful to yo

  370. I have skin fungus problem , from 4 month
    Firstly try terrabina , itraconazol tablets but after 1month of the treatment I will like to go with homeopath treatment.
    My Dr give me same medicine as you suggest .
    But I am not satisfy,
    Then he suggest me to Bio 20 homeopathy medicine with regular medicine .
    Advice me what kind of ointment I use to kill the fungus and some other things with my medicine.

  371. Suhail Aslam says:

    I have fungal infection between thighes. I am 60.

  372. Ashish Kumar Srivastav says:

    I am 52 years male and suffering from red rashed with itching on my both thigh and groin area since last one year. Effectively treated in allopath many times but not eradicated.
    Please suggest some effective homoeo medicine.
    Thanks & Best Regards

  373. poornima sharma says:


    I have often seen street / stray dogs suffering with fungal infections which lead to inflammatory patches on their body , total loss of fur
    could you please let me know if any single dose remedy is available in homeopathy or in combination with allopathy, for such animals which cannot be monitored for treatment schedules.

    thank you
    Poornima Sharma

  374. testis fungal infection 15 years itch and sukhi pimpal , only itching please give me answer

  375. mohd shuaib ansari says:

    Sir Mujhe fungal infection ringworm last 1.7year se hain saare treatment kr chuka hu thik ho jaate hain phir start ho jaate plz help dr sahab

  376. Medicine for Red patch first with itiching then it become black spot . Allopath doctor diagonised as fungal infection as i am foun of homepath please suject me a medicine in homepath as my entire family have the same problem

  377. harish labana says:

    muze dono jangho k bich me 1 sal se fungal infection hua hai..bahot davai karvai lekin thode dino k bad vapas ho jata hai muze problem se chutkara chahiye…pls help me

  378. Helo sir, mere left testis me niche ki taraf jalan aur sath me anus me bhi jalan hoti rehti hn ye problem 3 mnth se chal rahi h dwa bhi le rha hu pr koi sudhar nhi.meri umar 23 sal h.pls sir suggest me
    some effective medicine.

  379. Dear sir,
    I’m suffering from fungal and ittching problem on my hole body also in my penis since 4 months its starts from rainy season.i used alot of medicines and homeopathy also bt it didn’t work properly. sir its very irritating for pimples on my whole body and its ittching very hard.please doctor sir give me better solution and medicine for this to remove it..there fore im thankful to you

  380. Binita singh says:

    Sir, I am suffering from fugual infection since last two months please suggest treatment & good homeopathic doctor in pune.

    • patel dishant says:

      Sir..muje penis k pass fungal infaction huye hai so to kya aap help kar sake to…koi esy medican batayi jek ke karan ye infaction thik ho jaye…plzz sir..

  381. maninderjit singh says:

    i hv litle pimple on my pennis skin…plz tell me how its cure

  382. Dhananjay Jha says:

    Respected sir…
    I am suffering from RINGWORM it is red in colour between legs on the inner thigh and inside it there is round rings, sometime itching .I tried almost everything like in ointments CLOBETASOL PROPIONATE, NEOMYCIN, MICONAZOLE cream. I have also tried in homeopathy like RUSHTOX , SULPHUR but they didn’t work. Please help me Dr.

    • shashank shukla says:

      sir, i m suffering from fungal infection since last two year..dr. prescribe me fluconazole l50 and terbinaforce table.,,its clears the infection bt now its re accure so plz advice me about my permanent treatment..tnk u.,

  383. Anirban Roy Chowdhury says:

    I have been suffering from fungal infection for the last 2 weeks around my inner thighs. It has developed red patches and sometimes itching or burning problem. Please suggest very good homeopathy cream to eradicate this problem completely.

  384. for two years i have been red spots on my head of penies. no itchy no pain. two months ago my doctor prescribed antibiotic cream . i used it then it gone. after one month come again i used same antibiotic cream but no answer. now he gave me antifungal cream yesterday now
    i am using. i like to get homeopathy treatment for permanant cure. i have no sexual transmitted disease on my urine test.

    ten years ago i did’nt maintain my penile part clean and i used very hard soap. i noticed white cheesy things on head of my penile part.
    this was long time ago. i realized poor hygine may be the cause. i used antibiotic pills strong for urine tract infection. my immiune system may be weak. now just few red shinny red or pink spots. no pain but i am little depressed.

  385. prabash sinha says:

    Sir I’m suffering from skin fungus and I’m taking some medicine like fluconezole 150mg after using thish fungus has gone but after 1month it is back again
    So I need some advise for permanent solution for this disease

  386. animesh paul says:

    Mera penis kai andar kai skin ka patla layer hamesa 1 mahinai sai nikal ta hai.mai daily naha nai kai time dhulai karta hu.lekin fir bad mai skin nikal ta hai..mai ekbar ellopathy dr kodikhaya usne muje kuch antibiotic diya tha or suphramysin crem diya tha kuch din kai liye thik tha lekin phir sai ho raha hai.mai keya karu sai.mai sadi suda hu ish chalte mai intercourse v nehi kar pata hu.please kuch rasta batai.ish kai liye mai apka avari rahunga.

  387. priyanka gupta says:

    sir,i am suffering from fungal infection in my privat part ,,,i am 23 year ,I have this problem from 1year,,,,, plz suggest me in a great trouble,,,,

  388. i am suffering from rings infection so what to do…………

  389. Kalpanamayee Devi says:

    I have noticed this for third time. When my finger goes automatically to that part, i feel sticky soft material over my skin. it was at my back. When i removed that it comes out easily without any pain and blood comes out of that area also without any pain. it was dark in color , like a mosquito size. after removing that my skin became scratch like wound.from there the blood was coming out.

  390. Krishnalatha says:

    Sir, my name is krishnalatha.39years old.i am having serious fungal infection near my private parts,thighs and joint legs.these worms are in skin turned to please suggest me in a great trouble.

  391. Devassykutty says:

    I am suffering from fungal infection at anus area and penis, some time I have irritation and itching at both area and I am feeling very uncomfortable. I have this problem for last 6 – 7 years . I had showed to many doctors and they could not diagnosed properly . During this time I was using some ointments such as ZOLE-F, CANDIDERMA——-etc. I humbly requesting you to help me to rid from it.

    Yours Faithfully,

  392. Good evening,
    Dr.I have a chronic fungal infection , Ringworm, for last 33 years .I had shoen to many doctors and they could not diagonise properly .last year I visited a known skin specialist , he Prescribed phyterol and sebifin I took for 4 months my intestinal environment was completely destroyed but , y infection did not clear, he also gave me luliconozole.I need yor help please guide what to do

    • hey meena

      i will give you one suggestion for fungal . try to NAIL PAINT form this area….and you see……………………

  393. Sir i am suffering frm fungal infection since 4 yrs. taken alopathy bt temporary cure nt for permanent i m tired nw wd all remedies. Pls suggest me the best cure n permanent cure

  394. Sir,
    I have been suffering from penis infection since last three months. The penis is totally covered with skin. The skin over the penis became dark (blackish) and developed cracks which produces unbearable pain while contacted with water. The wastage gathered inside the penis are being cleaned everyday by water. On applying of dettol or soap the penis became swollen. While uncovered, small pink color spots have been noticed in the front portion of the penis. Kindly advice me suitable homepathy medicines for my early recovery.

  395. I m suffering from fungal infection ..I took alopathy treatment of this disease bt after some time it happened again I need heomeopathy treatment for it.can u suggest me the complete homeopathic medicines for it.

  396. Sir. Mere Dono jang ke bich me khujli Ho gai hai jo ki 7 mahine se hai
    Bahut illaj karaya kuch faida nahi hoa
    Homeopath se illaj karaya
    R.65 Dawa di
    Koi faida nahi hua
    aap kuch bata den

  397. I have skin problem between two legs under my penis .

    So I need suggestion what medicine or crime I can use?

  398. Janak Rawal says:

    I have fungus on head scalp in hairs. Some time it itches too much particularly in summer. In winter also. Please suggest some medicine & instructions to remove it.

    With regards

  399. Hedda Heyerdahl says:

    I have cracked skin between the little toe and the ring toe. I think IT is dueto my reumatoid arthritis. Because of some joint changes in my little toe the movement in my little toe IT has become more dead i guess. I Wonder what homøopatic remedy can help.Can you help me?

  400. aakash kumar says:

    dear sir
    i have a problem in my penis glans . the water force inject in my urinal path. it was injured .
    so i am sufering form anti fungal action , anti-inflammatory, antibacterial on my glans. it is red or pen.
    so please give me a best homeo medicine for for the best treatment.

  401. hello doctor
    My problem is that i have a fungus infection type or may be a ring worm on my upper portion of my penis it didn’t itch on dat area bt on touching from anything pains alot.
    please help me out from this.

  402. Kashimoto Loammi says:

    Dr, My anus itch with bearable pain I have been to the hospital nothing is happening,its three months now and I also feel the front part of my penis itch as me doctor what should i do because now I feel as if the pain is ascending upwards the rectum.

  403. Paresh Patel says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    I have a nail fungus in hand and foot. And also head skin fungus (dermotology).
    please give me right medicine and dose.

  404. eileen pace says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I think I have fungus on my feet. It’s mainly on the end of my big toe, but I notice it’s spreading to the tips of the other toes. It’s not between the toes. It doesn’t itch. But it appears whitish and dry-looking. I would not say it is scaly, but it might be too soon for that.

    Also, when I go to the manicurist and get a pedicure, I have to ask them to cut the nails very short on my toes because the nails seem to be growing upward such that when they grow out even a little bit, they are pressing on the top of my shoes. This is mainly just my big toe and the 3rd or 4th toe. Both feet same problem.

    I also notice the cuticles on my hands appear very dry and abnormal too. I don’t know if the two are related, but I am always touching my feet, cleaning them and so forth. I would not be surprised if I am transferring the infecton back and forth.

    I have had fungus on my heels in the past, as dianosed by a dermatologist who scraped the heels to test the flakes. I think this might be a chronic problem for me.

    Also, I share technology equipment with three other individuals, all men. Do you think I am infecting them by touching the buttons and so forth? OR perhaps I became infected from one of them?

    Your advice is appreciated. I have quite a few homeopathics in my pantry. I’m soaking the feet right now in water with a tiny bit of bleach and hydrogen peroxide, plus Epsom salt. I thought about putting peppermint oil in there too.

    Thanks so much.

    Warmest regards,

  405. Dear Dr Sharma

    I would so appreciate your expertise & advice I took graphites to loose the weight I gained on my middle & hips I gained during menopause hormone fluctuations in 51 and its made it much worse
    I have always been sensitive to hormone changes
    I eat very healthily no dairy, wheat , red meat, sugar etc Limited alcohol only occassional gins,
    I exercise 2 hours per day a combo of running/power walking and walking mainly but nothing is shifting it my GP said its just menopause wave

    Thank you so much for your time


  406. Dear Dr.

    Please tell me is there any possibility that psoriasis in forehead, can i apply graphites oilment to forehead,

    and also i have skin disease on my penis
    please kind me

    • Try flowers of sulphur – yellow chalky powder. Make it into a paste with coconut oil & a few drops of lavender essential oil. Use sparingly as an ointment & It will certainly stop the itch immediately &I just persevere to clear skin.

  407. Srikant kumar says:

    Sir, i am patient of fungal infection from 3 month. I used english medicine continously but not i get permanent relief. What i do for permanent relief?

  408. Diki lhamu says:

    Hello doctor I have chronic skin disease since long time in my whole body so can you tell me how can I solve and how can I contact you.

  409. jackline mumbi says:

    itchy, white hairy, rough and sometimes dry scaly skin condition persisting for over 2 years, treated with a certain skin preparation in vain

  410. Devesh Agarwal says:

    Dear sir,

    I am diabetic and facing fungal infection of groin for past 2years.please suggest the remedy. With allopathy it gets cured but comes back within a month or so.

  411. Rahul tomar says:

    I’m suffring from fungul infaction long time. It is spread legs and other body part. I’m requesting you sir please help me in this matter.

  412. Hello Doctor
    I am diabetic and having infection that is not healing for the past two years. I do have to wear shoes from 6 am to 6 pm daily. I change fresh socks, used some antibiotics (allopathy) no resuts. Homoeo medicines likes candid cream, sulphur, graphites, but not great results. Glucose levels are slightly above than normal.

    Can I use secalcor 200 orally, What do you suggest.

  413. Rajendra Dass says:

    I have many type of fungus.
    Like DENDRUF in hair;ear& eyes from
    13 years.
    Time to time I got herpes.
    What is treatment of this in homeopathy

  414. Hi, I have read many of your post, they have been very helpful, but wanted to fine tune a solution to my issue. We are living in a condo with a water coolent system, instead of central air, one of the filters/pipes needs to be replaced, but they are not planning on doing that till we move in 3 weeks. Bacteria is blowing out air conditioner (air company confirmed) they did a temporary fix, it was hopeful that it would last till we left but unfortunately I am ultra sensitive, and can tell it is now returning.(the mold that grows on unit) I have been battling fungus issues in my ears, even had to cancel dental surgery till this clears up. I take probiotics, turmeric, multi vitamins, and use boric acid on occasion, and ultra flora formula 1, and a solution from doc drops vinager/alcohol . Is there anything else I can do? I’m tired and ears are irritated, just not myself and feeling discouraged.any help you can offer would be appreciated.

  415. Dr. T Ganesha says:

    Hello Sir, myself is BAMS practitioner.. Suffering from gastrointestinal candidiasis. I am going with hurbel remedies, like orgeion Oil and Isabgol fiber powder. I strictly avoid allopath antifungals. Pls, suggest is there any potent antifungal remedy in homeopathy. Waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  416. rahul balmiku says:

    mere anus aur aur uske side mai itching aur boils aa gaye hai aur ye boils se paani nikalta hai jahan ye paani lagta hai woha aur boils aa jate Thai

  417. pankaj agarwal says:

    homeopathy medicine for fungal infection in panis

  418. Shilpa Wadavane says:

    Sir i am having serious fungal issue near my private parts and Thais joint legs … Even at underarms. These worms are vry … Much attached with skin. These worms are in skin turned to black. So plzz suggest me m in a grt trouble

  419. Dilip singh says:

    Sir i am having serious fungal issue near my private parts and legs … Even at underarms. These worms are vry … Much attached with skin. These worms are in black dotted form. So plzz suggest me m in a grt trouble

  420. parameswarareddy says:

    I am paramesh and 37 old,i am suffering from itching on my body and inner thigh.20 years ago i got itching on my inner thighs and get it cured but skin became to thick and skin turned to black. oftenly i am getting itching on my inner thighs and get it cured by using medicines.from the last 3 years that itching has spread over to my body and skin color getting into black color wherever the skin effected due to itching.

    My questions are two there any possibility my skin free from itching there any possibility to remove black spots from skin

    So Please can you give me permanent solution for this


  421. I’ve been taking sulphur for the past few months but the fungal infection on the scalp and around the vagina keep coming back. Now I’ve been diagnosed with urine infection. I’ve lost a lot of hair. Please help

    • priyanka nrgi says:

      i am suffering from fungus infection at groin area i am taking immune supress medication for nephrotic syndrome.ö

  422. Leona Armenia says:

    I’m from Meghalaya.I’ve noticed red rashes on my right cheek and forehead as well just two days back.It has started to spread now even on my eyelids.I’m worried now I need your help Doctor. Please do suggest me some meds to get rid of this.Thank you!

  423. Naina Shandilya says:

    Hello doctor.. I m naina 21 year old i m suffring from fungal infection on my skin… On my face underarms nd legs hands

  424. nitesh verma says:

    i m suffering from zoons balanitis since many years ,earlier it was as fungul infection then later it was diognosed with Zoon balanitis .I was married 15 yrs back and have and have two sons .i m 49 yrs and have chronic gastric problem too.

    Advise me in Homeopathic treatment..
    Nitesh Verma

  425. Pushpa Parajuli says:

    Hello doctor. .I am 20 years old. .I am suffering from acne from last 4yrs. .I had tried every thing from antibiotics to isotrein to neem tablets. .but nothing worked. .antibiotics made my condition worse. . .i then made a journal of what I eat. .I get acne when I eat dairy products, soy products, sweets, mushroom. .I eliminated these things from my diet. .I drink 5litres of water every day. .but I still my acne. .They get worse during periods. .I have sinus too. .I think I get acne due to fungus..Please recommend me a good medicine and tropical anti fungal medicine. .please do reply. .

  426. virender kumar shahu says:

    my son 18 months old have infection on his head (some hair gone on many places on head)
    what treatment is use please advise me.
    what treatment you prefer homeopathy or alopathy
    Is under homeopathy treatment is success.

  427. C.MUNI SEKHAR says:

    Sir I am strugguled with lot of health problem these are given below
    right bow iam in hyderbad
    1.In my throat heavy fire is generated
    2.diagization problem
    3.iam a student(male) what is called i dont know my symbol(madda) not rise if iam see any sex videos it will not response
    4. to much of headache
    the above problems comes one by one

  428. sunil mishra says:

    I have been suffering since last 3 months with fungal infection.It looks like a big red patches on my knee.It gradually increases. After taking several allopatheic medicine there is no effect. kindly suggest me some medicine

  429. sunil mishra says:

    I have been suffering since last 3 months with fungal infection.It looks like a big red patches on my knee.It gradually increases. After taking several allopatheic medidice there is no effect. kindly suggest me some medicine

  430. I have sever fungus on skin in terms of while spots all over body and red skin in armpits. Causing itching. Please advise.

  431. Hello Sir,

    I am Suffering form fungal infection from past 4 months . When i take tablets it will go off. If i stop taking tablet it will come again . Is there any permanent solution for this .I have more infection on my thighs and buttocks.little on face and shoulder.please suggest me remedy for this

    • Hello Sir,
      I have noticed a white patch on the either side of my upper thighs near the private area and even the skin on the scrotum has turned light pink
      I can also see a few white small spots on my penis
      I do not have itching at all
      I am really worried as it might turn out to be serious
      Sir I am a student pursuing my post graduation.I am unable to focus on my studies due to this trauma
      Please help.

  432. PREM DASS SHARMA says:


  433. Sir,
    I am suffering by rasoli on fore head. I continue used carcalea flor. 10 M last eight months, but rasoli is bigger now. Thanks

  434. I’m. Facing prbkm for ringwarm from last more than 6 months ..evry time I take treatment its goes..nd again comes in some days…i wasted more than 10k till nw…but still having prblm…I have taken every time treatment by skin specialist docters…suggest me permanent solutions for fungal infections…

  435. Debasis Banerjee says:

    Is Lichen Planus is a type of fungal infection? can it be cured by H. medicine?

  436. Sir mere last two years se internal part ke charo or ring worm hai mene kafi treatment kraya but shi ho jate hai fir se ho jate hai

  437. Im, suffering from tinea cruris from past 6 months, i have tried onabet cream for 2months terabinafine tablets 50 days & tried teatree oil for 30 days, what happens is, it cures while taking medicine but will come back within 15 days stopping treatment. I needpermanent solution pls help me in this regard. Now im using caladryl lotion but its not getting cured.. thank you

  438. Dhirendra pradhan says:

    red very tiny rashes around neck appears.i am working in hot humid weather with a lot of sweating.
    this rashes are giving a burning sensation.rashes are felt like sand paper.light icthy more burning reddish …please help

    • Doreen Grisolia says:

      I have a fungal of some sort on my face.It is raised,bumpy and red.It started a couple of months ago during bikram yoga.It burns and itches. My Doctor prescribed ketoconazole cream and a wash.I would be very open to trying something natural because my Doctor says it could take awile and it is on my face.Please can you help me?
      Thank you

  439. Ravi Prakash says:

    Good evening sir.,i have ringworm on my hip&finger of foot. I am25 years old. I’m suffering from 2 years. PLZ reply me.

  440. kavirajrana says:

    Face skin problems
    Please solutions

  441. I have acne problem on whole back body..there are dark black spots on surface of skin..on butt first there is growth of red acne then as time passes it becomes black …and butt is full of black spots..i have consulted many dermatologist but they are not able to solve my problem..

  442. sandeep khosla says:

    i have developed seems to be fungal infection in the groin region. it causes lot of itching and left black spots. kindly suggest.

  443. Meena gupta says:

    Sir, i m having red mole all over the body,slowly they r growing more,second i have a big dark patch behind my knees,one doctor says its an fungus,and third darkness on private part…pls help.also small warts on body..

  444. i have w shape at my front head and very recently i felt that at mid of my head, hair are thinning(density) and a white skin cover, redness and frequent itch. is it fungus causing hair fall pls tell me the solution.

  445. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am having fungus infection on my Fingers, fungus is like very small amount of water like substance breaks out and then skin gets dried and new skin appears.

    please suggest medicine.

    Thanks ,


  446. vishalverma says:

    hello sir mere ko fungal infection 6manth se h.sir maine bahut see dawaiya li par kai fayda nahi hua h .aab me bio-combination 20 skin diseases le raha hu .par isebhi aaram nahi h .plz koi dawa batai .thanks u …..

  447. sandeep vats says:

    Hello sir. I have an 3 pimple on pennis. I am a allopethy drugg allergy patient. Will i cure in homeopathy. I am scared for this pimple sir plz help me. First one pimple grow on pennis suddunly 2 other pimple are grow. Age 28 year. Plz help

  448. Pardeep lamba says:

    Sir I am in despair ..loose all hope of curing my fungal infection..I am infected by this infection last year upper thigh area has red round patches which were very itchy sometimes..I am student and I am totally disturbed by this

  449. aashima banarjee says:

    hello I. m aashima ..I m 19 years old day I used garlic paste on my face but after 5 mins ur starts burn .now it becomes black ..plz doctor help me to get rid of burn face due to garlic paste

  450. priyanka says:

    im getting ringworm on by body its getting itching and becoming bigger.
    please suggest me how to control and tell me your hospital address

  451. Sir I 25 year old, sir I m subordinate officer in bsf sir last two years I m very sad by internal part fungal dresses sir please tell me a good effective medicine than I can do marriage.

  452. Dear sir my name is Hemant saini and I am suffering from ring worm badly from last 18 month , my condition is become now very critical and because of this even I can’t sleep in night, and i have taken treatment from both aellopathy and aayurved doctors but there is no improvement in fungul infection instead of this it is spreading in my all over body some time i am thinking for suicide because of this problem . Sir I am totally fed up with this disease so plz plz sir suggest me which is the best treatment for ringworm homyopathy or any other treatment.

  453. Sir. I had itchy skin around,below my penis, from 8 yrs im suffering from those. I feel very embarass when look my penis in mirror, blackspots can see clearly from distance also. i want to get rid of itching and black ness around my penis, please help me sir, next year is my marriage, i dnt know how to get rid of itch&black mark. I want my white skin back. My skin changed into a very sensitive and very irritatable. Pls pls pls help me to get heal my skin

  454. Dharmender singh says:

    Hii sir actually i have been suffering from fungus since last year i already use lot of cream as wall tablets but i am not in relief pls help me

  455. bharat patel says:

    hello sir;
    I have been suffering from acne/ pimple since 2001 ; now iam 27 years old . i had consult my skin specilisit doctor; but their medicine worked only till then when I used to it. after it become the its on control.but my face are still not clear .I have acne problem on some parts of my face..Is there any medicine in your homeopythy ??? if your answer is yes iam waiting for kind reply…

  456. nilesh Kumar says:

    penis ke upar skeen aur hydrocele par bada bada dana ho gaya hai jo bahut kada ,tait hai koi upay batayen

  457. Sir I got som e infection on the skin of inside layer of pennis how can I get rid of that

  458. viney handa says:

    I m 63 year old n I m suffering from fungus on panic. One cut nd looking white around the penic.

  459. RAJ KR GUPTA says:

    I want to know what medcine i use for treatment of ring worm

  460. hlo…on my penis skin..pimples like dots r ocurring and ittching takes place after that more pimples come out one by one

  461. Sir my nose have a infaction sir mujy english nhi ati m hindi m hi btta hu mare nose hamysa rad rahti h sir mena doctaro ko dekhya pr osy bhe thik nhi hua sir ap he h jo mera ilag kar sakty hu sir mujy koye Ayurvedic cream right ya mail kr dejeya thanks

  462. sir I m having some infection on my penis tip and its growing on it head….and during urination its burning..plzzz. suggest me some medicine

  463. pavamkrishna says:

    sir i am 23 years old i have problem in penis in inner skin got a small pimple it was very painfull and to move it cause last 5days please give me soluction

  464. kovvali surya prakasa rao says:

    Good morning sir, I am 52+ and I am having ear fungal infection for the 2 years. I go to homeopathy physician and taken treatment but till date it is not cure. Only the discharge of yellow colored saliva lightly thickness and no pain eaching and hearing very low sound.
    I have no B.P., and sugar and sleep less problems. Sir, I request you to please give your advice and homeo medician to cure ear fungle.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    k.s.p.rao, Andhra pradesh, A.P.Rajahmundry No.9492604080

  465. Olga Shafi says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, Found your website. Just want to see if you are REALLY AN EXPERT if you can let me know about my case. Since now nearly 3 years continuously I have had outbreaks on both my hands and arms, The skin just cracks open and it itches. Even my neck, under the chin, break out suddenly. This went away for nearly a year and just returned again. All my bloodtests are ok, no show of inflammation all ok, skin/patch test did not deliver anything apart that it said I had allergy to leather in the shoe. Consultant dermatologist don’t know why or what it is, just call it exceme does not even want to call it psoriasis, I don’t think it is morgellons as nothing comes out of the skin except when it erupts there is the fluid. The only thing consultants do give me cream, or stronger or strongest cream and antibiotic but all are steroids or washes with all kinds of chemicals. I have not taken neither antibiotic or steroids or their chemical washes. I only want something natural pure, but first of all I want to find out what it is and why I have it. It suddenly came about 3 years ago and I have been using all kinds of oils or green clay. Could it be a fungus on the skin. My son thought to burn the skin a then the skin renews itself but ofcourse that is out of the question and very painfull. Also my lips now just come out dry and cracked and it does not cure. So any suggestions? Thank God I have no pains or other health problems and my weight is ok. Only the skin and itching. My hands and wrists get very red, like burned, and is swollen, and now it started to move up the arm Await to hear your comments. If you could solve this mistery I will be amazed. Thanks Olga

  466. sir….
    im having severe itching in groin region due to sweat or any wet…not only the itching…redness and a bad smell is there…and also itching forms small wounds and later it disappears and forms blackish colour over the thigh and groin region.

  467. Ganesh babu says:

    Dear sir

    I have complete black spots around neck and some spots on the chest area. Consulted dermatologist he confirmed fungal infection but he didn’t confirmed what type of fungal infection. I have no itching or burning sensation. Kindly advice

  468. jay prakash says:

    dear sir..
    sir i m suffering from fungal infectin from 2 year… i m 35 male…
    sir when ever i did take medicine like Itraconazole…geting cure….but not cure from root…so give suggetion or name of homopathy medication plz.
    jay prakash

  469. Bharat Kusre says:

    I live in Gangtok and in most part of the year the weather is damp and my wife develops spasm problem and have difficulty in breathing. She is taking different types of treatment but to no use. Please suggest what to do and any homeo medicine available for it.

    Please treat as urgent

  470. syed rizwan says:

    Sir we are married just two months back my we are having a problem as we feel our body is getting over heated and also my wife is having a problem she feels itching in her private part please suggest a solution that can be done at home

  471. parul saxena says:

    I have patches on my neck from 2 years. Whn I take treatment. It suppress. And after some time it comes out again. I m fed up. It is something like ringworm. After long time white dead skin comes there. All this has itchy. Can u halp plz. Thanks

  472. V.PREMKUMAR says:








  473. Manish Kumar says:

    Dear sir

    I am having fungal infection at the inner thighs and at the bums cheek from past one year. I have taken flucanazole tablets and clotrimazole creams but the fungal infection keep reappear. Kindly suggest me the homeopathic medicine to completely eradicate this problem.


  474. avantika singh says:

    Hello sir,
    i m having fungus/ringworm in my hip and cheeks…skin is hard dark black its very itching.its reapeted every month. I have this decease form 2yrs. Plz suggests me what madecines I should followd . I have taking i m having fungus/ringworm in my is hard dark black its very itching eleopathic treatment from years.

  475. Chhagan singb says:

    Sir mere penis pe fungal ka infection rhta h kske liye mene scin doctor se ikaz bhi liya unhone jo teblet diye wo bhi brabar use kihe aur unhone pandarm+ naam ki ek tube diya use bhi use kr rha hu lakin wo tube ek b din use nhi kru to fir se fungal ho jate h sir muje 2 saal ho gye h mai presan ho gya hu plz koi slah de plz

  476. fayaz chonon says:


  477. sir chizzy things like mom are stored around my penis head i washed it two times a day but it store again and again i m suffering from last 1 years please suggests me any suitable medicine

  478. I am suffering from Fungus problem at
    my thigh and on hairy area around
    penis since last 20 days.
    I feel shame while itching infront of
    anybody especially in office or in
    Please suggest some treatment

  479. Shahid Anwar says:

    I am 20 years old.i hv been suffering from ringworm from 3 yrs. I took onitraz (56tab)&onabet cream and onabet powder for one month. after curing 20days again I affected by same problem. plz suggest me hw can i get ride of this problem.

  480. moiz sabri says:

    Hi doc i got red tiny lines inside my scrotum skin it all happened after i got a high fever and i took high dosage antibiotics. Would you like me to suggest something for that.

  481. Since past five months I have vaginal yeast infections. Despite several antifungal cremes and pills it is not going away. Plzz suggest some treatment. It is troubling me a lot and badly need help.

  482. gagandeep bali says:

    sir i am gagandeep bali from vpo-langroya, nawanshahr punjab se hu.. mere chest ke x ray mein spots aa rahe hai maine check up krwaya tha lekin tv ke spots nai hai woh..wo spots natural spots hai dr ka kehna hai..dr kehta hai ke je spots kabhi nai ja skte…lekin maine gulf countery jana hai..toh main medical clear nai kar paa raha hoon..please muje batao ke je spots kaise jayege kis medicine ka upjog kru…please…mera mob num num hai 919041576194…meri id mein bi bata skte ho aap…please help me

  483. Shushanik says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I would like to ask your advise for my daughter. She is turning 3 this July and she has apparently a ringworm fungal infection on her back thigh, right under the buttocks. I am trying to get rid of it with a tea tree/oregano essential oil treatment 2-3 times a day applied to the area. It’s been 5 weeks already, and although there is some improvement, the fungi is still there. I was wondering if you would recommend a homeopathic medicine for this problem and her age.

    Thank you

  484. rajendra rawat says:

    Please, tell me the medicines of the fungal infection around my eyes(eyebrows cheeks ears) and in private part.
    it starts from a small ring and then it spread big and bigger in size
    pls send me the mail

  485. rajendra rawat says:

    Please, tell me the medicines of the fungal infection around my eyes(eyebrows cheeks ears) and in private part.
    it starts from a small ring and then it spread big and bigger in size

  486. snehal waghoda says:

    My skin has red patched and black curcles he is itching and day todey her size is very big i apply cream tarbocet. Candid.and aurvedik medicne also but the circlr not gone please reffer me a perfect medicine.

  487. Sachin Kulkarni says:

    Last 5 years I am suffering with fungal infection on difficult place of body..I got allopathic & aurvedic medicines but they don’t cover the same can homeopathic treatment able to cover it?

  488. Dear sir, my father aged 82 yrs. He was affect fungal infection in those thighs & butocks now 15 Days before occur urinary infection & high fever is 104 I will given causticum 200 only please recommend to fungai curable medicine in Homeo – R. Anbu

  489. Yashika Srivastava says:

    Hello Sir,

    My mother is suffering from Urticaria from almost a decade.initially it was not that chronic.she has consulted many doctors,dermatologists but there is no cure to it.
    Allopathy treatments led to heart problems.Till now the doctors are not able to diagnose .a temporary relief happpens. Homeopathic treatments are going on but relief is temporary and dese days it has increased ,blotches all over the body. major causes we observed were exposure to heat or sun , intake of sour food.If she avoids this also then to it happens.weight loss has also happened .Kindly let me know if this could be cured.looking forward to your great help and suggestion.

  490. prem sapkale says:

    It is usually marked by white itchy patches and white flaky skin. …. I have developed black patchy condition near my penis on both the sides of my thigh . … is so much itchy tht i cant even express….my butts have also this problem….

  491. Sir, I have gland says ganth in my left testis. I also consulted a surgen Dr. He told me it is hydrocele. Pls suggest homoeo medicine for this.

  492. I am 27 years old.

    I am suffering from Fungus problem at my thigh and on hairy area around penis since last 90 days. I have take fungal med but its not effective relieved from Itching and rash but after stopping it again started.

    I feel shame while itching infront of anybody especially in office or in meeting.

    Kindly advise.


  493. achyutanandakar says:

    Sir, i am having ringworms in my Thigh.. its getting bigger n very itchy.. . Plz suggest me..

  494. Dear Dr, I have a fungal skin problem which has a rough patch on the skin on either side of groins and under breasts in the chest region. The patch dissolves as dirt and goes off in few days. Next patch forms again. Other than very mild itch it gives no problem. The patch gives an offensive odour. It remains persistant even after I applied anti fungal ointment like Candiderma. Kindly suggest me a homeopathic medicine for this condition. Thankyou in advance Dr.

  495. Sir m very badly infected from nail fungl..from last 2year ..i had advised from 4-5dr. But no result…i loosed hope ki ye nail fungle kbi thik b hoga..mene do bar fungl tests b krwae bt ngatv hi ab tk thik nh hua..plz sir kuch advc dijiye

  496. Hello
    I am 38 yrs old female

    I just came to known. That the rashes I had on my hands,legs,thighs,stomach are lichen palanus. I have severe itching on effected areas it has been almost six months. Earlier skin specialist. Said it to be. Scabies.
    I went to dr batra clinic the cost for. The treatment asked by doc is 1600 not hundreds. And though I want to get the. Treatment. Done but can’t effort high fair. Can you suggest me some treatment. Which I can effort. And can benefit me too.
    Waiting. For. Your. Prompt reply
    Mrs rahmath

  497. Mohit pandey says:

    i have funges /ringwarm in my panis and near in my legs and hips plz sujess me what can i do for this because i have aproblem so plzz sejess me…

  498. yuvraj saxena says:

    i have a fungul infection at my wrist and around my legs from around 6-7 years i think it is seasonal because it often occurs in summer time
    i have taken many treatments from aelopethic and homeopaethic but it does’t work plese help me?

  499. I’m having dry ezema problem in skin from last 3-4 of years.
    I’vs taken the prescribed medicines of Arsenic alb, Nat Mar, Petroleum and now taking Sulph 30.

    But none of this have cured my disease.

  500. Mohd Noushad says:

    Hi sr, My name is Mohd Noushad i’m 19 year old. sr, mere hatoin aur pairon ki hateliyo me bhut pasina aata hain. dhand ke season me dhoda kam ho jata he pr garmiyon me to bhut hata he. jab kuch kam krta hu to aisa lagta he ki mene apne haton ko abhi-abhi pani se dhoya he.kuch write krta hu to paper ekdam gila ho jata hain.bataiye sr, what i do. tell me any treatment.

  501. vrushali zope says:

    Complaint of excessive itching over forearm and upper arm, Hypothyroidism on tab thyronorm 50mcg once day,Applied dusting powder but time being relieved. Also there is whitish pigmentation found. better i full sleve are worn as if there is clean skin. There is stress ailment makedly. Complaint are worse in summer,unable to move in sun,increase sweating.Ailment relieved in rainy and winter, cycle continues again.Need your comment.
    took Graphites 200 but slight relief but no improvement

  502. vikas singh says:

    sir I am suffering from fungus last one year. every got every possible treatments but zero result please tell me the proper solution.

  503. Satyendra Kumar Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from groin fungal infection from last 1 years. It is diagnosed as tenea infection by alopathic doctors. I have taken a regular treatment for the same but it is not cured as of now. Kindly suggest me some good homeopathic medicine. I will be highly thankful to you.

    With Regards
    Satyendra Singh

  504. I am suffering from ringworm on my thigh and beard area I am taking r 82 only please sujjest any other homeopathy medice to get ride (tellurium 30c & sepia )
    Or any other medice helpful for complete recovery from this problem

  505. Hi there,

    I have been suffering from toe nail fungus for over a year now. I have been using curanail anti fungal treatment which is lacquer painted onto a freshly filed nail. I was advised to do this by my doctor. My nail is just getting thinner and thinner and it seems to be too infected to be treated this way, it doesn’t seem to be growing, and I do not want to use antifungal tablets due to their strong side affects. Please can you advise me of what homeopathic remedies I could use,


  506. ravi parmar says:

    how to diagnose fungal skin infection near testicles and legs by homeopethic, i already consult dr, they prescribe me griseolfuvin and cephalexin, but i dont get proper result, the infected area is very itchy and dar colored. Pls do the needful

  507. Rashid Ahmad says:

    I am suffering from spermatorrhoea since last 10 years. I have taken so much of medicines but no benefit. My age is 28 years. My marriage is 3 month later. So please prescribe me best medicine.

  508. Sir
    I having ringworm in my is hard dark black its very itching also and skin has damage his area .plz suggest me

  509. Chamkaur Dhatt says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma ji,
    Dermtologist told me that you have Skin fungal after taking biposy. have you got any treamet for that. Please correspond.
    Chamkaur Dhatt

  510. Shubhangi says:

    I have fungal infection on both hands, abdomen and genital parts and symptoms better by application of warm water. Please suggest me homeopathic remedy.

  511. Amolak singh says:

    I am suffering with itching all over body head to foot
    Pls give me solution

  512. usha sehdev says:

    Dr. Sharma, I have been diagnosed with Scleroderma since last 9years I have tried different meds nothing seems to help. I have lost lots of weight from 75 kg. now 40kg. I am 51 years of age I am diabetic. have thyroid problems since my last child 23 years ago. taking Metformine,onglyza, synthroide Lipitor. This scleroderma had tighten my whole body my mouth hand no flexability. I have lost all of my hair my skin is very dry itchy and flakey. It seems like if my whole body has been burnt.I did take some homeopathic meds from Toronto nothing seems to help. I had seen dr in India he gave me R82. plus other meds which I don’t have names for. I cant even put two fingers in my mouth. hard to sit and stand there is no skin padding on my body.

    Please if you can suggest something.

    Usha Sehdev

  513. hv crazy itching over head and help.

    prostate cancer. underwent radiation therapy but PSA levels are high.

    oncologist suggest removal of testicles however with risk factor.

    cld u help for this.

  514. Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from fungus for 3months.. I am applying anti-fungal ointments on these days…

  515. dev krishan says:

    finger skin fungal infection…. before 3 month

  516. P N Dharmani says:

    Dear Doctor Sahib, I am a adiabatic type-II patient for the last 15 years and regularly taking alopathy medicines . I am skin fungal infection regularly after a gap of one year or so. Black spots on back of my body and shoulders, white spots on my arms. These black spots irritates a lot (In hindi Kharash hoti hai).I also took Homeopathy medicines but it cured it which has again developed now. Can you please advise some permanent medicines for it. May be German. Thanks

  517. Guruprasad says:

    Does homeopathic medicine worsen the skin Infection(fungal) as a part of its treatment. If so how long does it worsen and low long does it take to cure.
    Having taken the homeopathic medicine itching has enhanced specially during night. Does itching harm

    Awaiting the reply at the earliest

  518. sir
    I have developed a condition of phimosis or para phimosis in this last six months lots of itching and some white cream type gets accumulation under prepuce. I can’t even wash the White cream like itchy substance as fore skin can’t be pulled back lots of cracks developed on prepuce and there is lot of pain some time cracks bleed when I clean the prepuce as there is much accumulation in forte night.
    plz help I have dry skin I also have 23 mm renal stone in right kidney and due to this alopacea developed dr says.

  519. Hello sir
    I have itching and rashes problem in Thai area from five year.I have used many medicine and cream but they give me only reliefe for some time .I want to finish these problem so please help me and suggest me the medicine.

  520. I have itching and rashes problem in Thai area from five year .I have used medicine (cream) for regular these are effected for some time and reliefe me but don’t finish plz give me best suggestion what I can do?

  521. penis infection ..

  522. sir I have a patch spot on my upper part of both eyes in corner of nose . my colestrol level is normal

  523. Rahul Rajput says:

    hello sir ,
    my body is affected by fungi not ring worm .i had taken many treatment but does not find any good result .taking treatment removes it but within few days it comes back . it usually affect areas such as neck ,ear ,hips . pls provide some best treatment so that it can be removed permanently .

  524. Sameer Sachdeva says:


    Myself sameer sachdeva.I am infected from fungus last 2 months. its appear on between legs and skin was black. last 1 month its not appera but now rings are appear. I am taking medicine fluconzole 200mg one tablet in a week and apply cream 2 time in a day daily. I am very tensed about thi infection. please help sir

  525. sir,

    myself sameer sachdea. my fungual infection not cured last 2 mnoths. i am taking fluconzole 200mg one day in a week and apply cream daily two times. please help me sir. i am very disapponted for this. infection between my legs and its ring type . please help

  526. pawan sahani says:

    Gd morning sir.
    Red , black type pimple or rashs upper side both leg whole area become black . Small pimple. . Wer I staying there I hot climate . .. pls help me natural way.. I am seafare.. ..

  527. r.s.saini says:

    Helo dr. Pls help from ringworm and skin fungal infection. I have use apple vinegar. Pls tell me

  528. Dr. Sharmaji,

    I have been suffering from a series of problems, might be interlinked to one another.

    I could able to sense well before a change of weather, particularly before a weather system or storm. Just before a weather system or storm, there appears itching in the groin area and loss of energy. After that itching will be stopped and hey fever like symptoms will arise. Nose becomes running with water like liquid at the beginning and if not controlled by medicine leads to remittent fever with body pains. The fever slowly develops by evening and stays long the night and may relieve at the early morning. While the symptoms are relieved completely after several days fever blisters will be appeared in the nose.

    Recently I was attacked with the above symptoms along with whooping cough-like symtoms, which could not allow me to sleep for many days. As soon as I laid down on bed the coughing starts and I should wake up to stop the cough. This symptom was relieved by one dose of Drocera 30C.

    I also often suffering from these symptoms when there is a sudden change of weather from dry to cloudy/damp. I also suffer from painful loose teeth, recessed and bleeding gums during winter every year. I also noticed a symptom that mud-like putrid substance is coming out of my navel often. I have few soft warts at my face and armpits.

    Earlier, I was attacked by chicken pox twice, once at the age of 13 and again at 30.

    My father was a homeopath and I also have acquaintance of this medicine. Over the past ten years or so, I have used few doses of Natrum Mur 200, Bryonia 200, 1M; Thuja 200, Silicea 1M, Psorinum 1M, Influenzinum 200 and 1M, Dulcamara 200, 1 dose of Lachesis 200, 1 dose of Bryonia 10M, 1 dose of syphillinim 1M, 1 dose of Medhorrinum 1M and 1 dose of Sulphur 10M. But there is no overall improvement of my health.

    I am a male at 40 now. I am in doubt whether I have Herpes Simplex Virus type I. Kindly suggest me the constitution type and medicines for improvement of health.

    Best regards.


  529. Sir, i have been affected by right hand index nail fungus for the past 5 years.. Applied many oinments but iam not able to get cured from it.. i feel very sad when people make fun of me looking at my nail.. what should i do for this disease? Please help me sir.

  530. Ravish Anand says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    i am sufering from eczema for last 6 years and during those period i was taking alopathy medicines like fusy’s 150 and applied various cream but situation remains same now from last three months i am taking homeopathy medicine after taking those medicine it spread all over the body and itching increases i told my doctor he says it will take time .please help me i am very tensed and loosing my patience

    Thank You

  531. Having scalp and eye brow ring worm .wanna know to treat this.along with this my two finger nail have fungal infection from many years and one of the foot nail..

  532. Hi doctor,

    I got some problems about itch around penis skin and anus around. Some time it heals it self but if I store stretch it in sleep and it came back. Please give me any solution.. Right now I m using boroline..

    Please help

    Regards myur

  533. navin kumar says:

    sir mere penish ke charo side me chhota chhota dana sa ho gaya hai isme na khujli hoti aur na hi darad ye lagbhag 15 sall se hai ye na badhta hai aur na hi ghatta hai please help su sir

  534. Narendra Kumar Jalan says:

    Hello Doctor;
    I have tinnitus in my left ear with vertigo since
    12 years. Sir l have been in treatment of homoeopathy,
    but there is nothing improvement. So please help me
    how and where l can treat it.

  535. janvi rawool says:

    Dr. What is the medicine for intertrigo or skin fold
    Or what is the meaning of intertrigo in marathi or hindi

  536. Mohit Kumar says:

    Hi Mr. Sharma,

    I have fungal problem from last 6 months i have used so many alopathy medicine from skin specialist but problem is not solved yet. Now , i have started homeopathy medicine but still problem is there in my private hairy area and bums. doctor advised me to do not use any ointments during homeopathic treatment kindly, advice what can i do..??


  537. Nikhil Yadav says:

    infection in thighs, rings are forming and later turns black, very much itching. used creams such as sofradex f and fungotek, fusiderm, terbiken etc. but again its appearing. please help me to get rid of this. thanks -nikhil

  538. Dr. sharma ji
    during alpathic; treatment for my rightear infection by ENT and my ear was ,cleaned by air blowing methodbefore 4 month ago my ear infection was ok but ear drumof right was ruptured and ahole was developed in my rightear drum
    I am facing hearing loss Please tell me homopathic medicine for healing hole in ear drum
    M k Bansal
    Age 65 yrs

  539. vishal chauhan says:

    Penis par white daane nikal rhe hai aur fungus bhi bad rhi hai toh plzz btaye ki ye kiss bemari ka fark hai

  540. Rupam Mitra says:

    Sir, My aunt has been suffering from fungal infection of skin of both feet/sole leading to deep cracks and making walk very painful. She took treatment from various allopath and treated her as a patient of psoriasis but all of a sudden a doctor diagnose her as a case of fungal infection of skin and prescribed her antifungal medicines that is ‘ Daskin ointment and tablets’ . With this medicine she getting relief. Can you suggest homeopathic medicine for my aunt and oblige. Thanks. Rupam Mitra

  541. Hello! sir, am karthik. am so happy to refer your page and write to you as i am satisfied with your broad way of explanation about infections. I am suffering from fungal infection on face and scalp, below eye to beard and lateral parts of lips. and also has itching sensation and uncomfort situation. so please suggest me some practices where i can prevent these in future. thank you.

  542. SANJAY JAISWAL says:

    Sir 3 saal se toe fungal infection se joojh rahe hai. 2 bar surgery bhi kara chuke hai. phir bhi ho jata hai.
    sir help me.

  543. bhanu adhokari says:

    Sir , i m having skin fungul infection btween two lega from almost 9 months…i hd taken many creams nd medicine…bt it is nt curing..plz suggest

  544. LINGARAJ KAR says:

    sir,I have severe fungal infections.Previously I have tried several allopathic treatment with proper prescription which resulted in reducing the disease and its impacts but after 3 to 4 months the result the same. The disease is in continuation for several years . Sir please suggest me some remedies.

  545. Mohd. Khalid says:

    I am suffering from fungul infection ( Ring Worm) on major portion of my private part and all face from the last one year. I had already consult more than 3 homeopathy doctor.they gave me sulpher n sepia these medicine gave me good results in starting days but after 15 days they doesn’t work at all and the infection spread again on the same parts please help me through your suggestion i wanna get rid of my fungal infection…

  546. Dear Dr. Sharma

    I have the itching problem, under part and thigh edges + allergy kind…. not sure its ring worm or something else… its really irritating and not able to bare it.

    Kindly suggest the best medicines /ointment and I need to get rid of it. Kindly help.

  547. Srikant Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have Itching problem since last 1 & half year, near private part as well as on legs. currently i am taking sanicula 30/tds – 4 days & sulphar 30 /M – 7 day as per doctor. But, not more result i am getting. My doctor is also transferred. Please suggest for better result.

  548. sir
    there is so old fungus on my face. i use many alopathic medicines but got no effect . these ends one place
    and start another place on the face. I have this problem from about 15 years. kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine.

  549. murli manohar says:

    i am suffering from chronic fungal infection i take 1 year allopathy treatment but its only control and suppress this disease and agn it’s comeback

    i was also took homeopathy medicine Echinacea Q Azadirachta IndicaQ and Hepar Sulphuris Pentarkan but no relief

    at now a day i m taking sulphur 30 at morning

    plz suggest me what can i do for this fungal infection Tinea Cruris

  550. preksha nag, siliguri. WB says:

    Sir gd morning. My daughter i s of 2 yes old suffering ringworm on back for last one month and under alopathic tretmnt. No imprvmnt and going to bigger size. Plz give me sugesson for homeopath medsin at earliest. Thanking u sir.

  551. Aliah Seavey says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My 2 1/2 year old got would look like to spider bites on his inner thigh about three months ago.since then a rash has a wrapped it all over his thighs and buttocks and nothing I have done to treat it has made it go away. His pediatrician even prescribe steroids which reduce the redness but did not eliminate the rash. We could treating the rash will be a pathic’s but just as the rash seems to be drying up it blows up somewhere else on his thighs. The rash remains below his waist but now it is reaching the front of his thighs which it had never done before .

  552. Sir m having red spot ring around penis
    since last 10 year no itching nothing else
    pls help to remove and wts it

  553. i have fungus around my pines with bad smell

  554. Patronella Mfuphi says:

    I’ve been suffering from fungal infection for 3years and it’s not getting any better. I even went to different doctor and specialist but it’s not healing. I tried everything the last doctor I went to see he gave me ketazol pills to drink after 2 weeks drinking the pills I started getting a rash all over my feet red and very itch.I stop taking the pills and it was a nightmare to sleep because my feet and hands very itch.My feet underneath these lot of blister breaking everyday causing my feet to crack, peeling, itch and watery fluid keeps coming out. My skin colour now changed to black. Please help (frustrated and scared)

  555. vishwaroop says:

    Hi sir, I got the infection through the chaple and on both feet I get itching some time there are no boil or pimples only itching. Please help me how to cure this problem

  556. i have problem of fungle infection on side area of vegina from last 6 months. it is very iching. during monthly periods it is very much painful. i use so much creams. but it spreds to all area from front side to back side . black pots are there on mu skin, and there is so much itching always. please tell regarding the treatment.

  557. sadaf sfsheen says:

    Respected sir
    my name is sadaf. I m having fungul infection in my head and sclap is infected and piples are on my face too.piples are in my head and all the time iching and pain is started specially at night and due too dat I have hair loss problem. I m suffering it from last twelve years. Last three months back I had sever temp n typhiod for a whole month and had intinbiotic for whole mobth.after dat my fungul infection become so much worst and I have dat infection on my full head snd in dis much bad condition dat I cant sleep at night. Plz help me out.piples are on my face too in bad conditiin.i have used so many tupes based on stiriod and homopathic treatment like sepia n thuja 200 .its useless.plźzzzzzzzzzz help me

  558. I have big fungus on my back of head and near that inside the hair .
    I had taken fole 150 . But not respond.
    Tell me fastest response tablet.
    Also using betnovate gm cream for ringworm on inner side near sex part.

  559. furqan syed says:

    sir the part groin of my body is gonna like fungi & got blackened and the etching at that part every time! please help me! it’s really filling horrible! rashes at the same part and pimples at same part! please help sir.

  560. My 9 years old son suffering from heavy itching on hips and legs. I thing its eczima. Please suggest me effected medicine for my child.

  561. Naveen kumar s says:

    Sir I am 25 suffering from smell disorder from 7 years my anus is smelling like sewage smell continously that will spread throughout room this will happen when gastric in stomach is more I have taken gastric tablets, made diet but problem is not curing i does know what to do ? Plz help me sir

  562. Birender Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Having yest infection on my penis head last 2 year plz give me best advise i have treatment many time but not proper treatment

  563. Biswajit Roy says:

    Fungal infection not cure during 18montn continue under doctors trearment &taken medicine terbinafine,itraconazole,fluconazole,gris od butnot result.scrapping done fungus positive fungus position as like as redish ringworm neck,buttock, chest,thai etc . Pl better suggestion

  564. Anupam Saha says:

    Hello Doctor, I’m 25yr male from Kolkata. Suffering from Ringworm in my left neck for last 6-8 months. Tried several anti fungal medicines, they are just for time being, once I stop medicine it come backs within a week or so. It would be very beneficial if you can suggest some Homeopathy medicine for curing it.

  565. sushil kumar says:

    Sir. I am suffering from fungus infection . Backside of my legs, my palms etc. After consultation of
    several allopathic Doctors & treatment my problem is not in down position. I shall be highly thankful to you for your advice.

  566. Latif Mohammed Shafiq Hussain says:


    Before 6 years on my foot fingers pulled down concrete blocks and when they make concrete blocks they are using soo many chemical in those blocks, now from last 6 years my foot fingers itching too much and sometime its swelling. Last time i shown to doctor he say its fungus. Currently i am in Bahrain please give me advice which medicine i used then this problem will solve.


  567. mohammed gouse pasha says:

    my name is mohammed gouse pasha present working in saudi arabia as accountant.
    from last 2 years i have itching in my foot left leg after bathing . starting i thought that it is small thing and neglected but after years it slowly slowy itching got my foot completely black i cant understand what type of these desease . i consult many doctors in saudi but no use plz can u sujeest me what i should do now i want homeopathi treatment i hope u will receive my sms as soon u can guide me for my problem.

  568. hello sir ,
    my mother got ganth rasouli on her arms after injection and golucose . she has been operated . but her ganth (rasouli ) not removed prperly.
    and they increased slowly and now she felt pain also.
    in arms through nurves they extended towards hand. i feel very helpless. i m very tensed and dont know what to do…kindly suggest me. what should i do ???

  569. Bharat Bansal says:

    I am facing the fungus problem from last 6 months.

    I have taken d medicine from
    An some alopathic also.

    But the problem is not treated.

    The major problem is on the hip side an under parts an little bit on d chest.

    Kindly suggest me
    Some treatment for the same.

    The itching is creating a lots of problem.

    Bharat Bansal

  570. sir iam geting periods with 10 days gap but it comes with blood brown colour what is treatement for that

  571. Dear Sir,

    Kindly advise me the homeo medicine for Jocky Itch whch has effected large part of my groin area. Thank you.

  572. Deyeeb luke says:

    I have rash on my chest. As one dies another one or two comes up. I have stuffed nose too. I tried several anti fungi cream but it wont go.

  573. I have ringworm arround my thigh last 8 years and that’s smell very badly just like hell and also the skin become black i suggest many doctors but its is same.what i do. I used fluconazole many time but could not find satisfactory result please suggest me a good treatment

  574. Ravi Sharma says:

    dear sir,

    I am having fungal skin infection in the lower limbs lower back and in loin area of my body. Could you kindly suggest a good Homeopathic ttreatment

  575. i
    I have been suffering from fungal infections for the last ten years. between hams(thighs)and armpit the skin became black and itching. pl advise me homeo ointment and other if any. how long should i use the medicine

  576. Deepak sethi says:

    Sir, I’m sufftering from fungal infection between my second and third finger of the left hand becoming red and itching. I tried FOURDERM cream but it’s not cured.. please suggest medicine and dosage.

  577. Deepak sethi says:

    Sir, I’m having fungal infection between my second and third finger of the left hand becoming red and itching. I tried FOURDERM cream but it’s not cured. Please suggest medicine & dosage.

  578. dr sab,
    i am suffering frm seboreic dermatitis for last 15 years , i used lots of antifungal shampos and medicine but the result is nothing. sir please suggest me some medecine and obliged.

  579. Hi. I have a itching problem between ear and nose. Now brownish spot has appeared on itchy area due to lot of scratching. Kindly suggest how can I cure itching problem and remove brownish spot from face.

  580. Sandeep bhatia says:

    Dear sir
    I am sandeep from faridabad i am suffering from fungal infection on my hips and thies any time it will be iching pls advise me for treatment



  581. I am suffering from Scrotum Eczema during 20 years. Sometime , It is aggravated and sometime it becomes under control. Nowadays , it is troubling me too much. Skin of mentioned portion is now thickened , always itching , white dry /dead skin are coming out due to scratching which I am unable to resist. In dry winter / humid situation it is increased. Looking of skin likes the skin of snakes. No of Allopathic medicine i.e Oinment are used as per Doctors but for the time being It was OK . It starts again. I like to Use Homeopathic medicine for complete curing. Is it possible ? If yes , pl Advise , name of medicine/medicines with potency and Dose so that I can purchase Original German medicine from Kolkata. If anything more You like to know , please intimate by return mail or advise medicine immediately. It is intimated that I have no Blood sugar problem. Thanks.

  582. respested sir,
    i m having small pimples by the side of my penis due to which itching is their and skin by the side is coming out and unable to ware underware so please kindly give me sugestion so that the problem can be cured as soon as posible .

  583. Dr.Vikas,I’m 30+ and I have fungal infection in my groin area for more than past 5 years.Treating it with alopathy medicines by skin specialists but still not completely gone.Now also another 2 places of groin it increases if try to use mycoderm like powders but if it sweats more, powder doesn’t work. Please help sir.

  584. VISHAL MISHRA says:




  586. vaibhav ahuja says:

    sir,there is an infection in my my toes.. n i preffered homeopathic medicine .. and 1.5 half months goes out , there is improvement day by day in my toes.. but i want to know .. how much times this infection will wholly invisible??expected time

  587. satish kundra says:

    sir I have many circles in the body but mostly on joints and hands & legs these days I am taking English medicines but no result please suggest me some effective homeopathic medicine to clear this problem permanently I am suffering from this problem since 8 years. whenever eng mdicn stop its coming again.

  588. Hello dr,pls help meee!!! I av this ringworms in between my thighs…though,i also av a very tender,soft skin caused by wide stretch marks dat made my things very soft. and with dis ringworms at d same place,so when I walk, my thighs rub together and I feel some much pain dat I can’t even walk do well. I av used all sorts of antibacterial or antifungal creams but it’s still there. Pls wat else can I do? Thank u

  589. hello sr
    muje km se km 1 yr ho chuka h.muje hip ke aas-pass ke area pr fungal infection ho gya tha .jiski vjha se muje periods time me viginal me itching hone lgi.ab fungal infection to thik ho gya but viginal ke raste abhi bhi itching rhti h.mai fungal infection tube regular use krti meri marriage hone wali h kya iska effect husband pr bhi pd skta h kya.maine bhut skin speaslistdoctors ko dikhya h. bt agar kisi din tube use nhi kru to usi din itching problm hone lgti h. pls sr muje koi solution btaiye ki mai kya kru.meri ye ye problm kaise thik hogi.or viginal ke pas ka are red rhta h. pls sr send me my e-mail id

  590. Rohan Sharma says:

    Hello sir,
    I have been taking medicine prescribed by my homeopathy doctor for 1 year and there is no progress.
    They told me that my hair has been fallen because of infection due to dandruff or we can say skin fungus problem. Can you prescribe me anything.

    Thank you
    Rohan Sharma

  591. shubhpal singh jamwal says:

    Sir, im suffer ing fungal infections near my penis & thighs.. kindly tell me how u can solve my problem

  592. areeba khan says:

    cekovate-N why we can use it

  593. Hi,

    There are some white spots on back side , colour is totally white & size is wheat grain.
    Problem since last 3 months. Please sugest the relevant medicine, may be Homo or Bio.


  594. antoinette mkansi says:

    its a ringworm like but reddish on the edge…what could it be and how do i treat it?its on ma stomach and its irritating

  595. I hve hair fall,eyebrow n eye lash fall,I was using minioxdle 2 % on scalp.but nw I hve huge eyebrow fall n I noticed some whte dandruff type or may be fungus in eyebrows.even my hand 2 fingers are fungus infected,so WATS my actual prob I dnt knw

  596. I am 28 yr old woman. I am facing hairfall problem, with decreased hair volume.pls help.

  597. In Pakistan a medicine is selling named ‘mr. cool’
    Is it beneficial for menpower, timing, size and strongeness ?

  598. Sujatasood says:

    I m very upset by the odour coming out from my vagina it’s like very intense mixed smell as if urine is mixed and my whole body emirates a peculiar odour which fills the room and no body likes to sit beside me I m keeping every effort to be clean and hygienic take bath two times a day change my clothes two times wash myself after urinating I have also taken anti fungal medicines and yeast treatment but of no use I m fed up with my body smell kindly suggest is there any homoeopathic treatment for this?

  599. Deep Patel says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been felt by last 20 days itching near joint of thais so I did rub and make it clean to resolve but sometimes it cause uncontrolled itching so after some time it looks like small and red-white phoons and water or any type of liquid coming out and at last after 2 weeks it has gone but my skin remains black and little bit of itching is happening while sitting continuously… so what is the disease and how to prevent coming it in further time?

  600. Hey doctor I was wondering I have a circle to the right of my groin its is a darker colour than my skin its like greyish brown I’d say and the skin its touching is dead and its really out and revealing new skin could it just be a rash or wut?

  601. Nilesh Pandey says:

    Mr Sharma,I want a permanent solution for fungus on skin.i have completed my 3 checkups with allopathy side.but no improvement,when i use medicine,it does not appear physically and doesn’t feels itching.but the moment when i left to take medicine,again it comes.
    so,looking forward to permanent solution with effective.

    Nilesh Pandey

  602. Hi doctor iam suffering from fungal infection on my penis , scrotum , and around inner thighs for 2 years, i would like to know is there any treatment to cure this fungal infection permanently with reoccuring again tried allopathic treatment but it is temporary relief please suggest treatment in homeopathy

    Anilan p

  603. MANOJ SINGHANIA says:

    I have fungal problem between the legs from last 10 to 12 years. I have visited so many doctor but no one rectify my problem. I request you to please advise whether there is any treatment in homeopath or not.

  604. Yashpal Singh says:

    Sir I have fungal infection in my skin from one years Pl advise me what to do
    one dermatologist he has given me KETOCONAZOLE 200mg tablet
    but whenever i take medicine etching and reshing started
    With Regard
    Yashpal Singh

  605. sir. I m having skin infection. on hip and arms and black skin. it is itching. it is 2year old. I try to many dr please. suggest

  606. Hello dector,
    I have a huge issues of skin like black heads white heads and main issue is white heads inside my face skin also on my chest so many red pimples. I have a oily and dry skin . so mamy rinkles please suggest me something which help me fast.
    Much thanks

  607. I am 36 years old male suffering Fungus on my face,neck and under part for past four years. The skin on my face and neck had become dull and black compared to my other body skin. kindly suggest a medicine.Complete treatment plz

  608. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 24 years old. I was having itching and red swelling in my Vagina. The Gynecologist after looking at it told me that I have fungal infection in my Vagina. She had given me 14days course of antibiotics. I started with it but after the 3rd day I started throwing up every time I took the medicine.

    can this infection be cured with Homeopathic medicines. if yes then please tell me where to get and how much time will it take?
    I can go through a slow process but cannot be throwing up everyday which has made me more weak.

    please guide.


  609. veeraj kapoor says:

    Hello sir I am 35 years old my foot are very dry I apply moisturiser but after some time my foot become dry again
    I just want to ask weather there is any multivitamin in homeopathy or something u could suggest for making our immune system strong

  610. I have fungus in thigh & hip…i’m taking medicine Betg-gm..& in this porsan very eatching..plese complite treatment…..

  611. I am Manjunath From R/o: sadalga Taluk: Chikodi Dist: Belgaum State Karnataka (India) I have so many Skin Fungus Problems so plz tel me sir Homeopathy medicines

  612. Sir, I have a shanker between my buttocks from the age of 26. Now I am 28 but it is still present. There is frequent itching and little pain in this region. I do not know how to treat this problem. Please help me.

    • sir i’am suffering from fungal infection since 2 years, it is on my both glutious. used allopathic medicines clotrimazole,mechnazole for 3 is supressed at that time and now aroused again. infection is rounded witesh round line around blakish hard skin.their is much itching ,aggravates at 5pm and in nights.when scrsp a dust like material comes.
      plz sugest best remidy to cure………..

  613. Sir ,my ring worm placed in b/l ingunal region in one year,sir i took medicin and use ointment locly in alopathy but did not responce,can you say in homeopathy treatment from my ring worm,,and madicin name

  614. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I find myself in an awkward position, the folds in the skin connecting my abdomen and upper thighs, more commonly referred to as the genital area, along with my scrotum, is very red and I assume that it may well be some form of fungus. There is no itching, or crusting or open skin, just bright redness of the affected area.

    My physicians put me on Fluconazole pills, one pill per day for seven days and Cicloppirox Ointment. Previous to this, I tried over the counter medicine under the brand name Lamasil and Tinactin. None seem to have helped at all. My Doctor advises me that these are the limits of what he’s able to prescribed, and therefore I’m left to my own devices and am here attempting to find some remedy that will work. The described condition has been going on now for some nine weeks.

    Your help would be most welcomed.

  615. neeraj kumar says:

    Sir i m suffaring from fungal infection in groin resion from 2years but then i get some medicine so it provide relife for some time but after some time its appear.
    His sign symptom is its looking like raddiesh colour and its appear to moisture .
    I get medicine cetrizine, fluconazole,terbinfine and oint. Candid, terbinafine.
    I also use hemopathic medicine in shimla in 2013 april to nov it get relife but at present it is appear his medicine name i m not canfurn it is N-20 or25 may be so if u know that then tell me otherwise get me another advice. Thanx sir plz

  616. Sir I am keshav jain grom kolkata I am suffering from rashes in penis when I put the skin up then the rashes is shown recently i am using lemon juice and graphites oniment it is surely caused through ringworm but my ringworm is cured now and I am suffering a lot from it plzz sir try to understan my problem and plzz need sme remedies to cure it up

  617. abhinav sharma says:

    Hello, I am abhinav and I am 25 years old. My problem is regarding my penile size, its too small. My testicular size is also small. Its not my illusion. Is it because of less testesterone secrerion ib my body?? Plz tell me what should I do…kindly suggest ne the affordable treatment because am a still student. Help me please.

  618. sajid khan. says:

    Fungal disease. Happen us.

    Pls doctor gave us some affective medicine. My number 9167534169

  619. Mangesh Dudhale says:

    Hi doctor,

    I have yeast fungal infection between the leg around my penis. I have take medicine from our doctor last 6 months. But no effect.

    Could you please suggest me homiopathy treatment . how many days to cure ?

    Waiting for your reply


  620. rajesh chaudhary says:

    Dr . Sharma g,
    I face the problem of fungus infection between two finger of left & right leg last two years & presently use the Keto dusting powder and weekly Alopahic one tablet of also, but no any relief for fungus.
    So, I request to u pl. provide the suitable Homeopathic medicine for fungus infection.
    With regards
    Rajesh Chaudhary

  621. Hello Doctor, my problem is that righ side just down the thigh, it was like small pimple and now it guite big and its like tumor. I worry. No pain but it grows day by day. Pls advice me , what to do?

  622. manjunath R says:

    i am 33yrs old i am suffering from fungus form pass 10yrs, now i am getting treatment in homeopathy by four month,pl suggest me good dr in homeopathy i am form b’lore

  623. I am of 21 nd suffering from fungal infection on hips about 1 year nd used most variety of fungicide ‘ ringworm medicine like fluconaazole ‘ griseoflavin but it reappear after treatment plz suggest homeo medicine of germany because indian isn’t available in market

  624. Md faiyaz ahmad says:

    Sir ,, mai 21 year old hu and , mughe ringworm last 2 year se hai maine pahle allopathy treatment 1 year tak kiya jis me , fluconazole, itraconazole , terbinafine and varous azole group se related medicine and ointment use kiya ,,, ab mai 3 mont se homeopathic treatment le raha hu jo ek bahut qualified doctor hai wo mughe chysorubenim 6x ,,, 15 ml water me 6 drop milakar dete hai ,, aur daily 11 drop only one time lene k liye bole hai ,,,, matlab k ye mera pure 1 mont ki medicine hoti hai ,, sath hi sepia 200 weakly 6 globules dete hai,, sumptom kuchh aisa hai k itching bahut jyada hai redness bhi hai ,,, white layer utarte hai and phir wo ho jata hai ,,, us se bolne par koi action nahi lete hai , bolte hai k yahi medicine lo ,,, pahle se jayada area bhi cover kar raha hai us ka margin waise hi red hai ,,, mughe poore body me hai yaha tak ki head me bhi hai ,, thori bhi gatmi parti hai to mughse bardast nahi hota ,, mai medical ki prep karta hu,,meri padhai nahi ho pa rahi hi ,, please mugghe advice dijiye ,,, mai bihar ka rahne wala hu, aap se tretmant karana mere bas ka nahi hai

  625. m veeramallappa says:

    sir idont nkow english but i know telugu only

    sir naku 1 year nundi skin meeda black bowls ga vastunnayu nenu dr aurangabadkar skin dr nu 3 to 4 times vellinanu sir kani naku anta satisfy ledu
    skin meeda face & head hairs kuda velluchunnayu please give best suggestion sir
    mental ga chala thinking thoti health loss authunnanu
    homeo pathy & aurvedic & allopathy edi best antaru sir

  626. SOMENATH SEN says:

    Doctor, For more than 2 and half years I have been suffering from an acute skin disorder around my both fingers. The skin becomes hard and after some days it starts scaling. The skin gets slit out and a huge burning sensation appears with bleeding. I even can’t work without wrapping my fingers with a band-aid. Some doctors said that it is a fungal infection but I am just helpless to write to you. Please help me whether it is a fungal infection or something else. Please give me some homeopathic remedy to treat this problem.

  627. narinder singh says:

    I am in great trouble since last 5 years, my age is 75 years and certain type of fungus(yeast like) has been detected in my abdomen. my hands become numb, fullness in stomach, acidity, gastro problems. kindly suggest me the remedy.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  628. Shilpa singhal says:

    I am suffering from fungus between the thayi and under the stomach usually red itchy patches in round shape since 2 month. And under treatment of homeopathy. Is this right treatment.

  629. shakeel haider says:

    i have skin fungus on whole body except upper neck, my body temperature is 1 degree high then normal person, my tong is mostly burned,(Moh paka rehta hay)my age is 42 years, whole taking bath with sop white scalper are appear on skin,i need a best solution in wilmar shoabay droops,

  630. shailendra Singh says:

    Sir, My Tow and half year old German shepherd Dog suffering from Fungal Disease since last one month, and I also treatment from Dog Specialist Doctor But not Improvement in my dog and disease increasing day by day, the disease spread under urine skin area with testicles and also enlarge the testicles and lymph discharge through testicles outer Skins and under all skin color is Red during this infection. please advice for homeopathy treatment.

  631. saba farheen says:

    My daughter is 11years old and she have fungus nail infection in her whole nail from many years.please give suggestion

  632. Tshering Nidup says:

    Dear Doctor,
    In 2013 I got transferred from north to sought on August 26, 2013. It was hot place . Later solely started itching my whole part of right hand fingers and pum portion still not ok.
    after washing surface of the fingers portion feeling somewhat rough when apply borderline it feel normal . I am looking for medicine which will cure permanently. Kindly advice please.

  633. sir there is problem with my foot that after wearing shoes i feel irritation on them and then there become wound. i treated a lot by homopathy doctor but in vain. when i leave my foot naked day and night i.e without shoes it recoverd but as i wear shoes and go for job it starts again. please tell me what should i do

  634. ch.wali mohammad says:

    hi dr. sharma
    i am suffering last three week in foot fungal infection near by nail. kindly prepare homeo medicin

    ch.wali mohammad

    Lahore Pakistan

  635. sanu dwivedi says:

    sir i am suffring from nose infection from 10 months and i have consult many drs. but while having there medicene i feel better when i leave it causes again. i have become very tired to having medicens plz tell me sir what should i do.?

  636. I have black patches on my skin that itch and
    these marks continue to spread across my skin..
    What is this? What do I do about it?

  637. parmesh banerjee says:

    Dear sir , i am 27 years old and i have a chronic throat problem,sometimes it comes and goes away automatically ,the problem is regarding my tonsil and surrounding , symtoms are burning sensation in throat and tongue, more salivation,swollen tonsil with stone, tongue looks white,acidity and increases with taking sour and citrus food .so i shall be benfited if you give me any homeo remedy regarding this.

  638. I have a breast fibroadenoma right breast size 8.7 mm
    Family history breast cancer my nani ammi
    how to cure plz help me

  639. Hello dr
    I have used sepia for almost two weeks now and i have started having patchy like rash on on my face and its very itchy and also my lips are numb and dry and painful.
    Do you think i am reacting to it or its just a minor side effect.
    I am using Sepia natura to try balance my hormones as they said it there anything else you can recommend?
    Will the rash stop if i stop using i need to seek help for the side effect.
    Thank you doctor

  640. Nilesh Patil says:

    I have some bumps/lesions on scortum area. It has been there since years. There is also itching throughout day on the skin of scortum. I am concerned about it. I can also tale a snap of it and share with you. Kindly advise what is it and also on how to get rid of it. Thanks

  641. Avishek Das says:

    it was is in foot fingers, some black hard layer on fingers and itching. in local it caled kora

  642. Arun Gupta says:

    White spots in hands

  643. atish saini says:

    Dr. Thnks you are doing very helpfull work for all, i have a disease of fungel,,means white dots bellow my feet,bottom of my feet,mujhey ye problam kai dino se h,merey legs ki ungliyo k nichey or hill or tose k bich me h,me ek lawn tennis player hu, plzz koi suggtion do , ismey bhut pain b hota h

  644. sir,i have skin allergy and itching problems on inner thighs from past 6 months..if we use come medicines prescribed by doctor it will disapper and after some days it again itching ..pls say the remedy sir.

  645. Palwinder Singh says:

    I found my white blood cells increased 4-5 year before in blood test report and then i tested my skin patch where i found Fungus infection of skin…
    I have round dry patches on my upper body which are ligher than skin type…feel itching in summers, wet season, or when perspiration, look redness with itching. Already taking homeo medicine, it works on itching but the fungus is still increasing..

  646. after bathing wit cold water my body scerach me for like 30:mins. What id the cos

  647. Shalini Shrivastava says:

    i m suffering from fungal infection (tinea corporis) since 1 year. i have taken so many allopathic as well as homeopathic medicines such as tillurium, sepia, nat mur and different types of oint. also but it still persist and spread all over my body specially lt side. i like salty spicy food.i m married and 31 yrs old and i have a daughter 1 yr old. my husband is also suffering from this infection. i m also a homeopath but i m failure in my own treatment. kindly help me.

  648. Imran Hassan says:

    Dear Sir
    I am infected with the Ringworm of the groin area. I have been using canestine broadspectrum anti fungal cream for a long time but it doesnt work. Please suggests me some homeopathic medicine so that I get rid of the problem permanently. Your early reply will be highly appreciated

    best regards

  649. Mere thigh me khujli hota rehta hai please Daba ka naam btyaiye

  650. sudheer bhatt says:

    Hi sir, I am 26 years old and going to get married in april. I am having gaanth or some kind of swelling in my all over body. becoz of this even i can’t wear half shirt my life is seems it’s almost done.plz sir advice me, i want to removed it from all over body.I wanted a operation for it.plz tell some medicine so i can be stop to increes them in my body.plz sir advice some good hospital or good homopethic medicin and also tell hw much expense will come to make a operation.

    Thanku sir

  651. HARNISH VORA says:

    please recommend us an ointment which is similar to Sebifin Plus which is blend of mometasone fuorate and terbinafine hydrochloride….
    pls send me the details of the similar oinntment name which is available in India
    Best Regards..

  652. Sir,
    I am suffering from fungal infection on my testicles and penis from last 3 years….please suggest some medicines…

  653. sekhar kumar dakua says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Sekhar Kumar Dakua age 38, i am having fungal infection on both side of my hips, when ever i take anti fungal medicine like flukonazole 30 and Zole F ointment , i am fine that time , but as i give up, again same.
    Kindly help Sir, i am facing since more than 8-10 Yrs.

  654. deepak singh says:

    sir mujge 2 sal se jangho k bagal me ring worm ki problem hi medical student student hone ki vajh se dhyan km deta tha pr ab is pr koi creem kam ni krti and ye thik bhi ni ho rha ulta fail rha hi aur kafi jyada fail chka hai help me sir

  655. anshu sharma says:

    sir i hv some itching with some red sport and some r looks like ring worms on my vaginal outer areas i’m so worried about that i hv see the doctor in my place bt they cant treat my prob so plz help wt can i do and pls suggest some medicine to me.
    thank u
    aashu sharma

  656. anshu sharma says:

    sir i hv some itching with some red sport on my vaginal outer areas i’m so worried about that i hv see the doctor in my place bt they cant treat my prob so plz help wt can i do and pls suggest some medicine to me.
    thank u
    aashu sharma

  657. Ekta singh says:

    My Pug hav dark spot on d body(chest,leg,upperbody,ail) & also hair lose

  658. sanjay singh says:

    Dear Dr
    i m suffering from red & white paches on my thies & pimple type ringworm on my hip & hairy area arround my penis its smell very badly
    pls sir suggest me the right medicine

  659. Vishal Raizada says:

    Good Morning Doctor,

    My self Vishal Raizada from Agra, India. I am suffering with skin fungal problem from last many years…kindly suggest me which cream or medcine will help me to remove this problem from my body skin.

    Waiting for your response

    Thank you

    Vishal Raizada

  660. Kanika Sharma says:

    Hi doc,

    I have been suffering with groon ringworm from past 3 months. I need to know the treatment that can help me get rid of it for the rest of my life.
    Kindly help me with some cure since I cannot see it going after antifungal powder also.

  661. Sir, My 2yr Beagle dog suffered from dry scabies twice. After treating him with antibiotics we put him on homeopathy which helped. After 2 months he has severe Mycosis which was confirmed by a swab test. His Paws are all red and swollen with infection. Has severe itching in the paws and ears. Appetite is good. Will it also affect my Pug who is always with him? Completed a course of Lixen 3oomg once a day for 5 days. Applying a combination of Zinc Oxide and Lixen Powder.
    Applying a combination of Neem oil + Coconut oil + Camphor. Dipping his paws in Betadine once daily. Sir, please suggest a good Homeopathy medicine to treat his infection and cure him permanently. Nothing seems to help him at present!

  662. varun suri says:

    My beard hair are falling in patches…. somone told me its a fungal infection….. what to do ???

  663. Okoye comfort says:

    8years now if i want 2 see my period a scap wil appeal in my face and it will spread all through my face and cheast like eczema so help me

  664. prashanth says:

    i have white patches on my neck and chest region….
    can you suggest me any medicines

  665. RAKESH SEHGAL says:

    sir last month there appeared a bright red patch on my right lower leg with excessive itching but no burning sensation somebody suggested me sulphur 30 thrice a day which i took for almost a month . Now redness is gone but some itching is still there but now two red patches have appeared on my hip which are slightly red witch minor itching (same type of patches appeared 3 years back for which i took allopathic medicine at that time ) Right now i am not taking any allopathic medicine as i have developed faith in homeopathy . I am posted in remote area of Himachal Pradesh .please suggest something . I am reading your articles on net and very much impressed. WITH REGARDS RAKESH SEHGAL

  666. shivasharan mankar says:

    hi i have pennis infected on my pennis past 45 days its not cure to take cream on it pls sujjest me to protect the soln

  667. komal sahu says:

    Sir five years phle mujhe scalp m severe dandruff ho gyi, allopathy treatment b kraya but no relief.uske bad mujhe scalp m eczema ho gya then maine homeopathy treatment liya and thik ho gya but dandruff is not cure. ab two years s mere scalp m bhut itching ho rhi h, hot nd humid weather m jyada hoti h.yellowish white, hard crust skin se bhut nikl rha h. just like pustules of pimples, six months se homeopathy physician s treatment le rhi hon but no relief.i m just 23 year and my mostly hairs r falled .off.mai bhut preshan hon .plz btaiye ki kya mujhe favus fungal infection h a type of tinea capititis? plz reply nd is disease ka hundred% treatment bhi bta dijiye. Bhut preshan hon y infection whole scalp m ho gya h nd very inflammatory nd chronic. Plz reply soon about disease nd permanent treatment

  668. bibi faneza alli says:

    Dr sharma I really have some serious stretching on my fingers however it getting
    very hard and flakes I really need your help its spreading I don’t want it becomes
    worst I tried I tried lots. Of ointment that does not work .

  669. Sir, i am suffering from fungal infection(back side and inner areas) from 3 years. It is very itching type and red-brownish patches(ringworm) are formed in that areas. after doing itching it becomes very burning type feeling.may i try tellurium and sepia . please tell some more homeopathic medicines and skin gels.

  670. Vinay kumar sahu says:

    hello sir,

    i am 29 year old and suffering by hairfall disorder. mostly having problem in front side as wwell as on top middle.
    using sbl arnica oil and shampoo twice in a week. but problem not controlled,

    please help me n suggest me the best treatment.

    Vinay kumar sahu

  671. manvendra jaiswal says:

    i have white spot on neck region due to fungus.taking ketokonazole

  672. anju taneja says:

    Sir ,
    ,I am suffering from fungal infection from last six at many parts of body such as back , underarms, thy and arms. I have taken all type of medicines but some relief i got then fungal infection in shape of round patches , small red dots on on edge of patches. . This fungal infection is spread all four members of my family my husband and daughter. Is there any permanent treatment for this.

  673. radha bhardwaj says:

    Acutely I am safring from skin fungal give advice what should I do

  674. How to cure aheletes foot in homeopathy pls suggest homeopathy medicine thanks

  675. Sujata Sood says:

    I have been suffering from skin Infection surrounding the anus the skin is rough and ridged it is burning and sometimes painful since 5yrs . I have tried my onazole as advised by doctor .it has no effect . Kindly advise homoeopathic treatment . Is it effective?

  676. I have fungus infection in my legs scince four months. please suggest some medicines.

  677. anuraag Singh says:

    I have some acne and dandruf type on forehead at the roots of hairs. In acne type things are speaded over forehead with sticky liquid. My nose is red and oily. Sometimes havingsame acne and sticky liquid. There is no pain or itching. And it is more than last 10-15 years.
    Please suggest medicines.

  678. sarojkanta says:

    sir please suggest some medicines for skin fungus.I affected by fungus in my legs scince six is spreading day by day……

  679. I’ve had problems off and on for several years of yeast skin rashes on both the face (compounded by acne) and in the cracks of my legs in the groin area. In the past I’ve treated the groin area with a paste of baking soda, which although it burns, clears the yeast quickly. However, I don’t know how to effectively handle the yeast that appears on my face. I cannot use the same treatment because I’m out in public daily as part of my jobs. I also cut back on any sugars during this time to help kill off the yeast. Any suggestions?
    I also have developed a nail fungus problem in one of my toe nails. I’ve never had this type of problem previously, so I can’t begin to guess where it came from. I wish to efficiently eradicate this fungal issue. What homeopathics would you suggest?

    Thank you for your time & assistance,


  680. shahzad says:

    black spot on my face. skin dry.dark spot around nose

  681. Hello sir. I m having dark skin around my vagina and smtimes boils too . Kindly suggest me sm medicine which could help me in treating this discolouration . As i m quiet fair but ving a very sensitive skin.
    Neha kalra

  682. hi Dr Vikas.
    i am 36.i have balanitis last 2 Months.i was given antifungals.Ii passed but is coming back after some days.No pain jusr redness and very little itching.What home do u suggest to try?

  683. deepanshu says:

    Sir i have been getting fungal infection on face again and again after every 7 to 10 days of treatment with clotrimazole cream for 2 months now! It has effected me 4 times till now on the same area of faceface! Plz suggestsuggest

  684. Hi Dr Sharma I have been suffering from zoonsbalanitis for the last year and I would to know if graphites cream would be helpful for that. If you know of any other remedys for zoons would be very much apreciated.

  685. kalam hussain says:

    Dear Sir
    I am suffring from white spot on my face theres hair is also white.
    sir please sugest me right medicin for that.


  686. I had athletes foot on my right foot iin my 4th toe not to bad. I alo had jock itch pretty bad and areas of ringworm on my body.. I apllied antifungal ointment to jock itch for 2 weeks and 4 weeks on my foot. I finished up meds and a couple days later I applied bag balm to my foot to help cure the drying. After 3days all heck broke loose on my right foot, the fungus went across my complete foot in all my toes, blisters has been 1 week of anti-fungal treatment and medicated powder. My foot hurts terribly skin was oozing, all cracked, blisters, and now my skin is peeling off. I have itching on my penis and scrotum and I have ringworm on my left thigh what can I do, dr.

  687. I am suffering from Ringworm on arm and thies. My dr. Give me tellurium 30. Am taking this from last 20 days twice daily. But slightly improvmnt in my condition..but eaching occurs on it. How can I get rid of this. My husband is also suffering from this problem. Plz help

  688. How do you treat an infection on finger nail..its spreading all over the nail started the base of the nail with a lump appearing recently.Thankyou.

  689. md arif khan says:

    sir,i have some fungus spot on my both ears which starts sometime eitching.please gie suggestion to cure it.

  690. Dr.Neelam says:

    Sir I m also homoeopathic doc pls suggest me the medicine for reddish slightly grayish spots on legs with violent itching no other modality even a slight injury or thrush convert into eruption

  691. Dinesh kumar says:

    Sir i have ring worm on my thigs and buttocks
    Please suggest me remedy

  692. mayank singh says:

    i have some ring like paches in my thigh,it causes skraches

  693. chhote lal suryavanshi says:

    Eczema skin problems and Barnes back side 5yers old treatment solution 29 year man

  694. chhote lal suryavanshi says:

    Eczema skin problems and Barnes back side 5yers old treatment solution

  695. chhote lal suryavanshi says:

    Eczema skin problems and Barnes back side h

  696. Syed mateen says:

    hello sir ..

    I am 34 years man and now from last 20 to
    22 days i am suffering some pain in my anus
    later on i noticed a small pimple over there i went to doctor he gave me some tablets and a cream and told me to remove that pimple as soon as possible go through the operation. . So i just want to take one suggestion from you is there any problem in that or is there any option other than operation ? pls help me sir ..

  697. justin wayne says:

    hi dr,
    i have been having round like patches on my skin around my butt and my penis.i tried albendazole syrup last week but i see no change.what could b my problem?…please advice.
    thank you

  698. sulakshana gupta says:

    I have been suffering from toe fungus. My nail is become yellow and light green and whenever I wear heels pain in my toe came and sometimes reddish skin around my nail and some sort of pus I can feel. Please suggest me some remedy

  699. itching(khujli) in palm mainly between fingers,dryness,roughness in hands.plz advice.thanks

  700. uma poddar says:

    Sir hello.. I m suffering from eczema in my body especially in feet from more than a year. I ve consulted many doctors both allopathy as well as homeopathy but all in vain..after few days relief it becomes as it is…. Sir now I m fed up and really want a true remedy. Plz do help me

  701. Prabir Kumar Das, (Age - 44 yrs) says:

    Dear sir,
    A little boil has grown on the top of my Penis for the past one month it is very painfull, Dr. has given me Antibiotics and I have applied Oinment but no result get. Under this circumstances please suggest me the medicine.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Prabir Das

  702. Riya mandal says:

    How can i cure a ringworm affection that has been troubling me since 4 months and spreading rapidly.. Please suggest a remedy

  703. ankur sha says:

    dear sir
    my english is poor so i will write in hindi

    mujhe fungul problem hai, skin main etching rahti h. jab bhi sunlight m aata hu thodi der k liye bhi to esa lagta h hazaro pins ghusa di ho body p. thodi se b dry skin ho to padi s ban jati h. or skin bhi dty rahti h. sir m bhi itching rati h and dandruf bhi.
    plz suggested me.
    thank you

  704. Navin Kumar says:

    I am a male aged 47 years, having skin irritation all over the body around nipples too, for over an year and a half since had bad fever Chickengunya. Oral administration of Antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by Allopathic Doctor followed for over 4 months time. The fever subsided in 2-3 days but irritation still persists. Pls. cite a remedy.

  705. Abdul Sattar Anjum says:

    I have Lichen Planus on my legs, wrists and sides of abdomen for the last 17 years and oftenally use betnovate with some creams and find relieve for some days. I caught oral lichen planus in the same years but had some times after some months. Sensitive to hot ,spicy food. A homeopathic Doctor has advised me to take nitric acid 1 M within 1 week and 3 doses. What is your opinion sir.



  706. I have ringworm arround my shave part & neck last 2 years and that’s smell very badly just like hell and also the skin become black i suggest many doctors but its is same & now iam using the homeopathic treatment tablet name tellurium daily 2times .what i do.

  707. Pls doctor I have series of rash on my left hand they are either gathered or on an almost straight line, sometimes itchy and my boy friend started having it too I took fulcin tablet, it was working but slow, so I took lincocin and it started spreading too much…. Please what is the cause and how can it be cured..

  708. MANJU SINGHAL says:

    Manju Singhal is my wife . Her hand fingurs has fungal infaction long time. Sir suggest me .

  709. ganesh s mane says:

    dear sir
    my english poor so i will write in hindi

    muzhe sorisis aur fungle problem hai skin main eaching aur inside skin main pores hoke pani nikalta hai
    and penis main under skin main ganth jaisa hai plz send me medicine
    maine fluconozhol , itraconazhole liya hoon
    plz suggested me
    thank you

  710. Aashish Bhorre says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Since last 10 years i’m suffering from chronic fungal infection (Intertrigo,candid infection) in my groin, armpits & behind the ears, my tongue has a whitish layer everyday inspite of cleaning it 2 times a day.
    Please suggest me treatment for the same.
    Thanks and regards,
    Aashish Bhorre

  711. i do experience a strange black spot on the head of my penis. It comes out with some rashes by the side after two days it becomes darker and eaches in first second and third days then it lookes like a burned spot. It usually appear by the left side area on the head, it comes and go

  712. Chandrababu says:

    Tinea Capitis and ring worm patch in fore head(one spot) behind both ears patch spoted on the head, please give the best medicine for it.

  713. MAHARAJ SINGH says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from fungal infection (t. vesicular) from 8years .
    Pls suggest me medicine.


  714. Ramesh Vyas says:

    My ganatical organ ring woram ecgima but English Dr. Called fugal tricoma diseases but now ring worm all body.plz recamted ramadise

  715. i am 27 years old boy . i am having severe eczema and itching on my body from head to toe since winter season set in. there is dryness all over body and eczema . when i rub skin it thickens with bleeding at times. legs are most affected by eczema. i have used alumina ,psorinum and sulfur but no improvement. kindly advice some medicine.also i am observing stool disorder and incomplete stool with constipation at times.

  716. I am suffering from small white blotches on the top of my penis foreskin,how it could be cured?

  717. Ahmed MERABET says:

    Hi Doctor, i have a big allergies problem, when i drink mint tea or coffee…i did many search and i found that it’s not the tea or coffee…it’s the sugar that it contains and which nourishes the beast on me, which is fungus.
    Could you please tell me what you think??? and what’s the remedy?
    Kind regards

  718. i am suffering from penis fungal infection from 1 year. My doctor says it is not possible to cure it permanently but we can avoid it. He says to take onecan (flucanazole) tablet and onabet cream to apply when ever it occur. The infection get clear within 3 days of this treatment, but reoccur after a month or two. Do you have any treatment to cure it permanently. I am from mysore, I dont have sugar problem too. My age is 32.

  719. Hi, My name is Wendy and I hope you can help me with my problem. I have a 2 year old daughter who is currently suffering with what appears to be a fungal infection affecting the legs. It started out as a single lesion but now she has many on the back and front of her legs. In the early stages I took her to our GP who prescribed an anti fungal cream that didn’t work at all. We went back to the GP who then prescribed Daktakort which seemed to be helping but then stopped to help the condition. She is also being seen by a homeopath whom has given her a remedy in 3 stages at a dose per week for 3 weeks slowly building up to a higher dose each time. My daughter took her last dose of the remedy on 24/12/13 at this stage I can not see any improvement and new lesions are appearing. she wakes in the night because her legs are so itchy and given the chance she will scratch until she makes the lesions weep. I have been applying graphite cream and giving her thuja pills 30c but since she started the new remedy I have refrained from adding any extra remedies. I am going to have to take her back to the GP. Do you have any suggestions as I am beginning to feel helpless as to how I can help my daughter. thank you for your time, Wendy

  720. sushil mahadik says:

    Dear Sir,
    I has been suffring from Fungal infection on skin from last 5yrs. So please write me the treatment of Fungal infection

  721. Anjani Kumar Jaiswal says:

    Hello Doctor ! My 42 yrs old sister has a problem and problem is that there is watery discharge from belly button from so many days. she is taking some anti fungal medicines but there is no relief. the symptoms are water with bad smell, itching, redness…. so please suggest me some homeopathic medicines. thanks

  722. Can the medicine suggested be also administerd to dogs as one of my dog suffers from a chronic yeast infection in its paws.

  723. my mother she is 70 years old sugar and chornic pati of rhumoid artherits both lungs was slight squized know a days sever problem of fungal infection whole body like ring shaped ulcer bled esa

  724. pauline peter says:

    my face doctor is hardly affected by fungus,i got terrible rushes all over the face…please help me what should i do b’coz i have alread use various drugs such as hydrocortisone,persol 5 but with no releaf…

  725. Doctor,
    (Urdu in English)
    Ma Kaye sal sa is merz ma mubtala jab sa ma dosri ulad (bata) hoye. sir ka pecha gardan sa uper wite dubhba ten jaga per. ajkal ma herbal oil use kar rahi ho lakin koye faida nahi hoya. please doctor help me.


  726. shahid ansari says:

    hello sir
    i have red patches on my body parts on face on stomach on groin region
    there is itching in it i have used some allopathic cream it will be fine after some time n return again
    now i use tellurium in 30 potency

  727. Charanjit S. Grover says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering with ring worm infection in inner thighs area for the last one year.I have been treated with medicine like Sebifin,allegra and Candid cream but it re appear after completing the course.I am not over weight and not diabetic,but I walk and go to gym which results sweating.Please prescribed some Homeopathic medicine since it has become night mare .
    Charanjit S. Grover

  728. eisenhour awumee says:

    Doctor am 36 year old but have some pre mature wrinkles in my face can you help me

  729. 11-10-2013
    I am 59 years old,,,for the past one year , skin on testicles–very hard–skin on testicles itching–skin shrinking,when i consulted a doctor,he gave an ointment by name CANDID-B,,,it didnot work for a long time and hence,,i consulted Homeo Doctor,,,he gave me an oral liquid by name ,,R82,,it is german medicine,,,which has to taken 2 times daily,20 drops,,,,,i finished one bottle, I FEEL MY PROBLEM IS NOT SOLVED ,, CAN I CONTINUE WITH THE SAME MEDICINE FOR SOME MORE TIME,,pl.suggest,,thank you

  730. M Hasan Shaikh says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 42 yrs. male patient, since 12 yrs. I am suffering from fungal infection on my nose chin ears and the top region of my both the thais and due to itching it gets swollen up very badly, I have done many Allopathic as well as Homeopathic treatment but did not got any satisfactory results. So its a humble request for you to please suggest best treatment for my problems.

  731. Sir,
    I am male 55 and I have got fungal infection on penis head and inner skin of the penis. I gone to a doctor of alopathy ( Dermatologist). He treated me by tab. and cream but its not permanent cure. When I stop to taking medicine, fungal infection appears again. Please suggest something. I am from Delhi. I will be thankful to you

    Waiting for a response

  732. I .Am suffering from ring worm
    Am takinh sepia 30x but its not work
    Please suggest me which medicine is best for this prob

  733. Dear,
    doctor sir i am suffering from fungal infection on my penis head, and around inner thighs i would like to know is there any treatment to cure this fungal infection permanently with reoccuring again tried allopathic treatment but it is temporary relief please suggest treatment in homeopathy

  734. m student of BHMS, i have a pt 30yr old he suffering from fungel infention all over body n head, ring worm big size on the many part of body,plz reply me name of the medicin…

  735. suman chauhan says:

    sir i have skin fungus

  736. zaheer alli says:

    hello doctor plz help ,i had this itch in my butt crack so i bought whitfields lotion and i apply it for 3 days an its all gone but i didnt know what kind itch it was i guess its ringworm ,any way i never get it again. after 2 weeks i start to develope painfull hard boils right on my butt crack i get amoxicillin for 14 days and it helps to remove all but right after that i drink some( laxitive and bitters bush) thinking my immune system needs cleanout but it makes things worse this triggers more hard boils to show up in ( carbundle) so i get more amoxicillin dose for 2 more weeks after the dose there were 2 hard boils left so then i decided to go to the drugstore, i explain my self and they give me penclav 480 grms .finally its all gone after 5 day treatment .after 4 months now no itch no hard boils but i get this tiny tiny boils on my penis head ,i dont no if its the antibiotics long uses cause this but theres no discharge,burning just a light itch on head (uncircumsize ) especially when i pull back the skin around the ring area ,so i went to the pharmacy and they give me tprim for 5 days along with a cream (dermovate ) the cream works clears up every thing but still comes back after i stop using it ,i am sexually active i am married but the thing is my wife does not experience nothing that i have plz tell me whats wrong with me doctor . i am thanking you in advance and awaits your respond with great anticipation .

  737. Sunder Simhan says:

    Dear Doctor, I am 52 yrs old. I have a nagging fungus problem affecting moth foot (identical places-in between the little and the second fingers). Based on medical advise, i used to apply ‘FOUR DERM’ ointment/gel. Definitely got relief but the problem recurs once i stop the application. Despite taking best care the problem persists. Doctors opine that because of the closeness of fingers I have, I have to continue using the medicine and take care of the foot. Though I submitted to the doctors that I profusely set and during it reaches embarrassing stage, i was told that its a genetic factor and they do not want to suggest any medicine for this. But as I know there has been no complaint of excessive sweat in my family at least in the past 2 generations from both sides-except me no one else has this problem of excess sweating. Can u pl suggest me homeo cure for :
    1.My problems with foot fungus
    2.Excessive sweating
    Thanks & Regards
    S S

  738. Ajay Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am suffering from fungal infection around thigh area for last 1 year , done with lot of medication but no result , please advice

  739. i have keloid on my chest 10 pece but no suceses any path you give me advise

  740. Umer Farooq says:

    Hi, My name is umer Farooq, recently I am diagnosed with High Uric acid problem initially I was feeling pain in my leg big joint and on toe of left foot. then my doctor recommended Zyloric ( Alluprinol) after taking this medicine the pain get worse and then I started feeling in other joints too. I stopped taking medicine and try to avoid high purine food, I felt much better but the light pain was still there. Then I consult again for the problem he then again gave me the same medicine with strong pain relievers I took 20 days but it causes pain in my other joints ands feeling stiffness in my muscles but the pain in toe was gone. Kindly suggest some homeo treatment for my issue.

    Initially my uric acid was 6.9 then after one month without taking med it reaches 8.4.

    I have one more problem my stomach is disturbed feeling pressure on my right upper quadrant and have fungal infection on upper side of legs near my growing area not on growing .

    Please help to suggest better medicine which help to improve my overall health.

    Waiting for a positive response.

    Take care.

    Umer Farooq

  741. Hi Sir,i am having a skin problem since last 10 years.I did so many treatments from different doctors but this problem is still not treated.I have small pimple like spots on my legs below the knee especially around the back of the feet ,above my waist,on arms and even on back of my hands.They are filled with some water like substance and when i do itching these bubbles burst and this leaves a mark there.i tried alopathic and ayurvedic treatments but whenever i use some medicine i feel better and after some time they appear again.I tried Homeopathic medicine from a local practitioner also.Since last months i have been taking this but of no use.Pls advice me the treatment for this.Also to mention that every time i ask the doctor what problem i am having they say its a fungal infection.So pls advice some medicine so that i can overcome this problem.
    Thanks & Regards

  742. pratap kumar kar says:

    my daughter aged 9 years having itching most often in her palm and sole. Skin doctor dignose it as atopic eczeme. there is no rashes in her palm and sole only itching. while taking elopathic medicine it disappears but when we stop it it come back again. please recommend hemeopathic medicine to get cure from it.

  743. s.k.mukherjee says:

    i am now 71+ and suffering from chronic and recurrent mouth ulcers, commonly known as aphthous ulcer for over 25 years.
    Initially it used to heal quickly and the gap between two occurrences was long.
    Over the time, it is taking longer time to heal and the frequency of ulceration is going up. i am not able to use the’denture’ due to frequent ulceration.
    I have tried both allopathic and homeopathic medicines but there is no lasting solution. Now i know that there is no cure in allopathy as the exact cause of this disease is not known. Homeopaths also consider this as ‘stomatitis’ and there is no lasting benefit.
    I have consulted oncologist also and they have confirmed that my ulcers are benign. i have no blood sugar problem and general health is ok.
    In case there is any proven homeopathic medicine, kindly advice.

  744. sir mere 3 4 month se skin fungal ho gaya hai bahut jagha dikhaya theek ho jata hai lekin phir dubara ho jata hai or usme kharish bahut hai pehele thigh par they par ab under leg or hips brest ke nich ho gaye hai hand par bhi theek nahi ho rahe hai

  745. Hi I have a fungal toe nail and would like to know what homeopathy to take. I have reactions to wheat and sugar and feel all of it may be linked to Candida. Please tell me what you think treatment would be good to clear the toe nail.


  746. sanjeev kumar jha says:

    dear sir my problem are very diffcult . Sir my penis and wondercross external side itching rash and fungle and bectrial infection from long time sir suggest

  747. shrikant says:

    in every rain season eruptions and dryness of skin and itching occurs on genital parts , arm pit region, some times it occurs on knee , buttocks . dandruff is also a long duration complaint. specifically itching is heavy at night time. this problem starts from yr 2010 . from 2005 to 2009 there were boils coming to genital parts. but at present boils stopped and itching , irritation and slightly water like oozing also comes.

  748. i get this fungal infection on my back specially rainy season and also the chlorine water and also due to dandruff. it starts itching and then it turns to red spots and then white patches. pls suggest some medicine for me doctor to get rid of this. thank you

  749. Hi I want to disscus my daughter’s problem on her skin she have spots round with greyish layer on it that r not ichy or painfull but in start they r small but by the time they r getting bigger these r on her hands legs arms two three on tummy and back a little bit on face and in head too can u plz helo me which medicine should I use for her she is just 7 years old thanx

  750. my daughters hair falling badly she is 18 only,ijust started graphotes,scilicia, is there some thing good you can recommend thanks shahnaz

  751. sir,
    last 5years ,I have skin allergy problem on my penis skin, it’s like a masse, and it’s number is more then hundred, pls give me a positive responses.

  752. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I was wondering if there is any homeopathic medicine for fungal infections and abscesses in the liver? Is that something that can be treated with medicine orally or would they have to do more?

    Thank you-

  753. hi,this is my story,now for more than 15 years,,after I took cipro for ten days to clear a kidney infection,the infection was gone but few days later,the tip of my penis was red and it burned when urinated,I went to various doctors,urologist, dermatologist,general doctors,twice a bioxi was done,it came back negative,after few years,the head of my penis got irritated,the feeling on the skin was like nettles,it was like being on hell,doctors would tell me that I dint have any thing,after I did my own research I came to the conclusion that what I had was candida,I went into a diet and my symptoms they almost disappeared,of cause as I went back to eat normal again,my symptoms came back,I took the new silver solution,even though that the redness still there and from time to time I get pain,but I have been much better and I have being able to live with it,….how ever in the last two years,another problem has arise,it happen little by little,I notice that after I take a shower the skin of my testicles and in between my thighs is sticky and it makes it very difficult to walk,so I use baby power but it only help for a while,I would have to use it many times a day,so Im using pure corn starch and it helps true out the day,I may use it twice a day but I cant continue like this,I need to find a solution 100% to both of my issues,,if you can help,please do so,,thanks so much.

  754. V. Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering skin problem for the last 30 years. Itching between two thigh and used various ointments of Ayurvedic and allopathic, but no effect after discontinuing the same. Also having hyperacidity problem and sometimes when acidity increases, breathing problem and chest pain. Facing problem of indigestion and bad breath. 45 Yrs. old and night duty. Please advise me suitable medicine.

    Thanks / V Kumar

  755. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have skin fungus, it looks like light marks on my tan, I live in a hot desertic country and can’t avoid sun, sun is everywhere here… I use sun screen and my homeopath in France says I’m a tuya ground… What treatement can I use to get rid of it ?
    I heard that if not cured, fungus can become a bad skin infection…’m definitly the kind of person who gets the worst weakness from the usual easy diseases…
    thanks for your help, if you can help…

  756. reena negi says:

    Dear Sir,
    On my right toe there are so many corny and now it is spread (Fungle infection) in more space. Please advice me how can i remove through homeopathy treatment.

    Thanks & regards.

  757. Dear Dr.Sharma pl suggest medicine for my problem….I am having ring worm patch on inner thigh more on left side.the colour of patch is red on outer ring and violet on inner side the outer ring burns.It subsides when I apply silisic acid based cream.
    My nose also choke up specially during night.There is blood in the mucus when I clean nose in the morning.There are dry flakes of black colour in side the nose.
    All nails have become ribbed and tip appear grayish black when nails grow.Few nails also look like having crack but without any pain.
    Please suggest medication.

  758. M. Raghunadha Rao says:

    Respected Doctor

    Since few days I got small mould (ganglion type) like patches on either side of the penis and when I press it, it shows nothing but conspicuous and itchy and after two days it became scaly and it showed like wound type. Later after few days two knobs like swelling very consipicuous arisen on skin of the scrotum and one on the left side too. When I press it it shows noting but very tracy to see. The whole private parts are itching on and around the parts and on the thighs and on buttocks. I consulted today the doctor Allopathic . He says some fungal infection. Can you please suggest homeo medicine. The full body is itchy too in fact.

    I am also a juvenile homeo practitioner. I have done BSc and Diploma in Homeomedicine. I was using Nat sulp 6x and Silecea 6x. Please suggest me the correct medicine.


    Raghu Hyderabad

  759. I got fungal infection 4 abt 2 months not yet cured my condition worse?how can i get rid of this?do i need 2 consult a doc.?i had taken constitution remedy b4 2 weeks..

    • I got fungal infection 4 abt 2 months,i had taken constitution remedy 4 odr causes
      nt taken medicine 4 fungal infection & s not yet cured,is my condition worse?do i need 2 consult a doc.?i canot tolerate itching on groin & in d space btwn thighs..

  760. I got fungal infection 4 abt 2 months not yet cured my condition worse?how can i get rid of this?do i need 2 consult a doc.?

  761. I had taken constitutional remedy just b4 2 weeks.can i take remedy 4 fungal infection?

  762. karan verma says:

    Respected sir,

    i am suffering from some sort of fungal infection in foot. it is just unbearable pain on foot after bath.

    Doctor has prescribed the following
    1.Ranbaxy Xerina for skin drying.
    2.ibugesic plus for pain curing.
    3.terbicure for fungal curing.
    4.himalya purim for blood purification.

    but there is no sign of improvement for past 3 months.
    kindly suggest any curing in homeopathy.

    karan verma

  763. mrinmoy biswas says:

    dry eczema on my both foot, foot hill, and hand palm…rash,very much itching…advice me.thanking you

  764. ujjal roy says:

    Dr i ve got fungal disease problem i get itched on my arm(both)and suddenly i ve developed ringworms.what could be the problem

  765. Rekha Agrawal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am having cuts on my feet ( the portion we use for walking). They are long cuts as if we have cut from knife. I use Calandula ointment, it cures the cut but next day another cut comes out. This process is going on for last two months. Can you suggest something? I shell be very very thankful if I get some relief.

  766. Kate Savannah says:

    can you recommend a homeopathic treatment for fingernail fungus? thanks

  767. Dr.Nusrat Pasha says:

    I am dermatologist practioner and I wonder if you could suggest some thing for my son toe nail
    Infection and I did use couple of time nitric acid besides using thuja but it is not working

  768. Dear Doctor,

    My self Sreeju working in UAE last 6 yrs.4 Months back I had Chicken Pox.During consultation I came tpo know that my fasting sugar is 140.I took few english antibiotics for Chiecken Pox.Then I went for strict diet.After 1 month danruff started to appear on my Scalp as well as a white colur is apperaing on my nose as well as Face.I went to a Skin specialist here.He gave few antibioatics alonbg with one Steroid as well as Smapoo.I use this medicine for 12 Days.Then I found this is not the permanent soultion.My Scalp is itaching some time.After taking my face is as well as Scalp is becoimng Dry.I am not using Shampoo or Soap last month.Now my sugar level is under control.Doctor told me this Seboric Dermaticis.What kind of treatment Homeopathy have for this.Kindly advice.Rgs Sreejith.A

  769. i have fungal infection in center of my head and i take homeopathic medicine from last one mnth and there is little bit improvement(opening of pores) so please tell me this medicine is effective or not. please reply asap. thank you

  770. I have an anal fungus and the Doctor prescribed Nystatin for a 10 day period. I see little improvement.I still have itch and dark redish brown
    discoloration on each side of anal area that itches alot.

    What homeopathic do You suggest?

  771. I hav underarm fungle skin problem Nd also lichen planus Ii used a lot of English tablets and creams but not use pl tel me in homeopathy treatment how many days take time to solve this problems

  772. hello Sir,

    Since last month i have observed ithching in my neck area and some rashes.I have consulted Alopathic practitioner and they have advised the treatment for fungal infections but does not get much difference.

    Please suggest homeopathic treatment for my problem.
    Thanks for your help.


  773. Fungal infection of thigh

  774. Respected Dr. Sharma,

    My son aged 21 years is suffering from lymphnodes infection for the last about 7 years. There are systs (in Punjabi it is GILTI, in HIndi it is GANTH) in the neck, in the armpits and in the groins. These are painful also. Other symptoms are weight loss, night sweating, fever, fatigue, lethargy, difficulty in swallowing and in drinking water etc.

    Kindly suggest some homeopathic treatment for him.

  775. Rajeev kumar says:

    I am 35 years old.

    I am suffering from Fungus problem at my thigh and on hairy area around penis since last 12 years.

    I feel shame while itching infront of anybody especially in office or in meeting.

    Kindly advise.


  776. Ashish Dipikar says:

    Dear Dr. Vikas Sharma,

    Iam having fungal infection between the scrotum and thighs of both the legs, which gives terrible burning sensation during touch with water. Small cuts are also seen, which is very painful.

    Kinldy suggest a remedy in the given e-mail

  777. Kakasaheb Raut says:

    Hellow sir, i am 24 male, i have skin infection bellow penic and over the scrotal skin i have tried different OTC ANTIFUGAL cream, even fluconazole tablet but infection relape again now in started to spread on my palm skin and fingers too,please guide me sir.

  778. D V G Sankar says:

    i have diabetics since 7 years. due to some infection, i get itching in between my 3rd n 4th toes. please suggest me some homeo medicine.

  779. prem belani says:


  780. sadiq ali says:

    I am suffering with athelets foot. My skin between third and fourth finger of the foot becoming white and itching. I tried clandula powder but it is not cured. Please suggest medicine and dosage. Thanks in advance.

    With regards

  781. dheeraj saini says:

    i am sufuring from fungal infection from last two year . first it started from my hips and it spread to other part of body also . i have gone through many allopathic treatment till now but it does not show any result . last allopathic medicine which i took is tyza(terbinafine) for 1 month . tyza show some result and clear some affect area but it does not give complete cure . Now from last three month i am taking homeopathy treatment but it is also not showing any improvement even my affected area which cleared after taking tyza also grow again and area is also continously increasing . he is giving me sepia . what should i now do .

  782. Sadaf Shafeeq says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    Hope you will be fine, sir i am suffering from hand and foot fungal infection since 2 years, i got many treatments of allopathic creams, ointments but no results, now i started Homeopathic since two months but not feeling any improvements.
    my hand and feet, specially feet getting very dry, cuts are there, pain in walking.
    Doctor said that it is fungal infection,
    you are requested please suggest me the best medicine of Homeopathic drops or creams, i shall be very thankful to you

    best regards
    Sadaf shafeeq



  784. dinabole says:

    I have skin fungus around urine passage. By taking medicines it has been dried but itching does go.I am suffering for last three years.Please suggest what medicines i should be taken.

  785. Diagnosed with trichophyton causing athletes foot, scalp itch and severe gastrointestinal problems. Please advise. Thanks.

  786. hi,,sir,, i am suffering with fungal infection near my thighs,,when i apply ointment like candid////lichensa//// sulphur it l vanish bt aftr stoppin applying again it l reccurr,,

    and i have lso got one more infection under back of my ear on the is like whitish oozy blumps, slightly bad smell l come frm that ,,i applied lichensa an ayurvedic ointment ,,it gave a slight relief but again the infection reocuured ,then i used sulphur ointment same thing happend ,,now it is not so severe but it became dark nd foldy with tiny blumps and it doesnt cause any itching…
    these are my problems ,,please give me suggestion through which i can cure it permanently ,,,, and i m a b pharmacy graduate having good knowledge over medicine

  787. hello,i m 18 yr old i have white spots..all around my chest,abdomen,on arms and neck.itching is increase after removing cloths…the spots turned red when wen i play in sun light…i take tellurium 200..for 2-3 month which give me some relief bt after that it resist…and by another doc consult me bacillinum 10M..which done nothing. I take one dose of bacillinum in two weeks.

  788. I am 42 yr old male who has got following problems
    1. Fungal infection of Big toe…..thick nail……10 yrs
    2. Recurrent itchy fungul infection of same foot………..3-4 yrs
    3.Recurrent fungul infection of inner side of thighs……1 yr
    4. Snore a lot although I am not very obese……weigh 82 kg with height 5 ft 10 inches.
    Snores are not interrupted by air hunger….my family tells me that was snoring in a loud noise

  789. Is there systemc treatment of fungus in homeopathy so that te toe nail and skin fungus can be treted. If the IBS associated with fungal infection??

  790. Hello sir. I hv gone thru peoples testimony ad seekng medical advice, i believe u cn help me. My kid sister hv dark patches(ringworm/small boils) dat are very itchy ad smelly around her pubic region 2 her lower thigh. Am a Nigerian ur advise wl be of immense help.Thanks

  791. I am a 25 years old unmarried male. I used to masturbate with pillow and any type of things from childhood i have got some pimples type in near my penis area and some time pain.please give me some advice and some tips

  792. Dear sir

    i suffering from fungs and black spots on my penis
    suggsest me good oniment and tablets

  793. chilukala Harsha Vardhan Reddy says:

    hii sir, this harsha from kurnool.i straggle fungal infeaction before 1 year.i used so many alopathey,herbal medicins.but no use for medicense.the fungal infeaction day to day spread to my body(face,below stamoke, on legs,back side of the my body).
    so pleace to salve this problom sir,

  794. hi dear dr sharma, last 3 yrs suffer with eczema many treatment with skin doctors not benefit its increse in both legs dry eczyma attack then eat anti allergy and steriod cream and tbis 1% kindly solve problum please. my self also some lung allergy in between apr to sept kindly suggest sir. ph 09646132243.

  795. How would you treat a skin infection on the feet around the nail area ? Have tried ketazol lamisil trosyd and loceryl with no tangible results. Would appreciate your proffessional opinion. I am south african so remedies available locally would have to suffice. Thanking you in advance for your valuable input.

  796. sudhanshu jain says:

    sir i have got dark marks on my back and on shoulder too.please suggest measure to avoid is fungal infection,i m sure about it.

  797. Dr sunil thakor says:


    i know there is no perfect medicine in allopathy 4 fungal infecttion…
    i like ur article…
    ur absulutly right but we failure while the doses of medicine incorrect..
    but i wannt say u thanks 4 this article..

  798. Rose Hunt says:

    Both my daughter and son have had a fungal skin infection on their necks. The skin is dry and flaky. My son, who has it at the moment, has reddened skin which is slightly itchy. He itches at night. He has had a history of eczema on his arms which was quite well treated with sulphur, although that hasn’t worked as well in recent years (he is 17). He is prone to anxiety. He is very musical and sings and plays very well. He is quite muscly with dark hair and brown eyes, like his sister. He is clever, like his sister. He loves to eat pizza and pasta. The infection goes with Fluconazole but then returns a few weeks later.
    I am allergic to this infection and get a cough when they get the skin infection.
    Can you help?

  799. J.I. Sylvia says:

    My 16 yr son is having continuous sneezing in the morning or after taking bath and also in the night. He is also suffering from nose block. If he takes cake or Biriyani outside immediately sneezing and nose block started. If I give him butter milk and small raw onion it will come down. Recently he also having fungal infection where he wears Jutty. He is having stomach problem and gastric problems as well. He is having sinus problem his face swellon below the eyes. His legs and hands sweats a lot. If he takes Sinocare drops sneezing problem will come down but not getting full permanent cure. I have given Allium Cepa 200 also but no effect. Kindly give him medicine.

  800. J.I. Sylvia says:

    I have dreadful sleep at night. Lot of unwanted dreams like Tsunami , evil things , fearful incidents etc. came. I feel I have not slept at all. I feel very tired in the day time. I used to get up up 2-3 times for urination. My mind used to repeatedly thinking some matter or about works or the behaviour of some people. I have gastric trouble and eye irritation. Kindly give me some medicine.

  801. amit kumar singh says:

    Sir i am suffering from fungel infection on my head for 2 year .my hair falling day by day .pl suggest me in homeopath .

  802. vishnu sharma says:

    Hi doctor iam suffering from fungal infection on my penis , scrotum , and around inner thighs i would like to know is there any treatment to cure this fungal infection permanently with reoccuring again tried allopathic treatment but it is temporary relief please suggest treatment in homeopathy

    vishnu sharma

  803. i have got my penis turning slightly violet at thetip but i can masturbate very well. so what isit.
    plz help me

  804. My mother is 78 yrs & she has got vaginal fungal infection.the discharge stinks,also catheter is put past 4 months.we change it after every 15 days. She is on the bed almost past 4 months.Her utrus & overies had been removed 30 years back.Oral medicines are given and even tablets are inserted but after repeating the course 3-4 times,the infection is not cured. Please advice homopathy medicine.She has diabetic &she has high blood pressyre but taking regular aleopathic medicine.

  805. sir..i m 18 years old…i have got itchy patches under my thigh ..not only this i hv got some small tumour like thnig pain when i press it.donit know what to do.plz reply.

  806. Ajitpal singh says:

    sir i m 28 male and i have got some pimples type in near my penis area on inner side of thighs and now walking is difficult to me
    i gone to a doctor he said that this is a fugal infection he given me tab floconozole & tab cefadroxyl to eat but i m not getting benifit please suggest something i will be thankfull to u
    waiting for ur response

    Ajitpal Singh
    From- Punjab

    • I am having itching on my face and neck for past three years,the itching is not consistent;some days there is itching some days not,the itching usually aggravates with sweat and hot weather.The skin on my face and neck had become dull and black compared to my other body skin. Also after shaving there is burning sensation and irritation, also there is itching on my mustache and eyebrows. kindly suggest a medicine.

  807. dr. a.l.patil.principal.g.h.M.C.BANGALUR (9448118489) says:

    prianka kedia- remidy sulphur 200 three dose (morning 4pills , afternoon 4pills ,night4pills)calcaria phos 6x daily 3 doses for 6days then review

  808. priyanka kedia says:

    im suffering from a very pathetic disease… Ive tried many things but im nt able to even control it….my vaginal areas and armpits have become black with black patches alround…n it is so much itchy tht i cant even express….my butts have also this problem….recently i had visited a skin specialist..he gave me some tablets to eat n for application gave me bioderm , topifort-mx…….the tablets are all useless…i recover just a little by applying topifort…bt as soon as i stop applying it…..again tht patches come and become more itchy……..dont know what to do….please help……….!!

  809. dr. a.l.patil.principal.g.h.M.C.BANGALUR (9448118489) says:

    rinaahul on september 20th,2010 -thuja 200 3doses(4PILLS DAILY 1DOES). echcea q 10drops t.d.s 1 week .detaile information required

  810. dr. a.l.patil.principal.g.h.m.c.bangaluru says:

    violet on july 27 -fungal infection violet colour. sepia 1m 3doses ,pl 1week

  811. I have developed white patchy condition near my penis on both the sides of my thigh . I get itching occasionaly . My biggest problem is the area produces a bad smell. When I wash the area with soap in the morning while taking bath I can smell the emanating bad odour. I thorougly wash the area while taking bath . I tried an an ointment which gives relief and once I stop , It comes back . I tried all types of bath soaps but no relief
    Pl suggest a suitable treatmentand i have got some pimples type in near my penis area on inner side of thighs and now walking is difficult to me
    i gone to a doctor alopethic he said that this is a fugal infection he given me tab floconozole & tab cefadroxyl to eat but i m not getting benifit please suggest something i will be thankfull to u
    waiting for ur response

  812. please advise me for there is severe itching inthe elbows and knees and small boils like prickly heat some time in cold temp. they appear like mosquito bite.

  813. P.Satyanarayana says:

    I have been sufferning from fungs infection in left toe.Please advice medicine.

  814. P.Satyanarayana says:

    white fungs infection between left toe and fingers. Please advice medicine. Thank U narayana.P

  815. Dr i ve got fungal disease problem i get itched on my private part and suddenly i ve developed ringworms.what could be the problem.

  816. Ravindra says:

    I have developed white patchy condition near my penis on both the sides of my thigh . I get itching occasionaly . My biggest problem is the area produces a bad smell. When I wash the area with soap in the morning while taking bath I can smell the emanating bad odour. I thorougly wash the area while taking bath . I tried an an ointment which gives relief and once I stop , It comes back . I tried all types of bath soaps but no relief
    Pl suggest a suitable remedy

  817. hi dr,.vikas

    my mother got some infection on feet and it is spreading on her body. she has visited so many doctors in india and most of them said it is (surya asth). and it will not go. can you please help us

  818. my son is 7 mths old and he has brownish patch on scalp back side of head where neck region starts.he scratches that part a lot .he is very active ,healthy baby.frequent blocking of nose with sticky geenish yellow discharge. please suggest a homoeopathic remedy.

  819. i have fungus problem in my pennis, plz given solution for this, i applied some ointment , but not ..

  820. Dear Dr. Sharma’
    I had fungus infection on right toe nail in begining of 2009.It was treated by alopathic mdicine. Again in middle of 2009 the fungus appeared on left foot toe nail .It was also treated by alopathic medicine.Now in oct 09 I had a great burning sensation on skin of testacles. I consulted doctor who said it is fungus. I got alopathic treatment but still it is not completely cured. The genetal area will remin moist and skin of testacles will stick to back due to wetness. There is burnig sensation on the skin of testacles and below upto anus.Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine

  821. farhat shakil says:

    respected DR’ can i get some important articles related to skin infection

  822. farhat shakil says:

    respected DR’, can i get some articles of skin disease due to infection

  823. Dr. Narasinga Rao says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Your articles are really helpful not only to laymen, but also in guiding practitioners. Please continue to help society.

  824. I have ringworm arround my thigh last 8 years and that’s smell very badly just like hell and also the skin become black i suggest many doctors but its is same.what i do.

  825. muthu kailash says:

    Dear Dr.,
    My sister is suffering from white patches on skin around her private area which is turning black color as days pass by. She has a very bad itchy sensation all over her body although the patches are only in the private area. She has informed me that the skin is turning in the effected areas are turning out to become dead skin. Please suggest the right medicine & what is the reason for her to develop this ailment.

    She is strictly maintaining a dieted food chart. She has stopped consuming non veg, tomato & bringal as another Dr. had said these foods irritate the situation & tend to spread the infection.

    Awaiting your suggestion.



  826. I am 37 years old.

    I am suffering from Fungus problem at my thigh and on hairy area around penis since last 20 days. I have injected the Lincocin Injection three days consecutively. I got relieved from Itching and rash but after stopping it again started.

    I feel shame while itching infront of anybody especially in office or in meeting.

    Kindly advise.


  827. I am having itching on my face and neck for past three months,the itching is not consistent;some days there is itching some days not,the itching usually aggravates with sweat and hot weather.The skin on my face and neck had become dull and black compared to my other body skin. Also after shaving there is burning sensation and irritation, also there is itching on my moustache and eyebrows. kindly suggest a medicine.

  828. G.c.Gorain says:

    my left ear was running in the childhood and continued till 16 years and now stop but stitching pain persists time to time.I have chronic gastric and digesition
    problem-burning sensation in the anus.It was also bleeding but cured by homeo pathic medicine.Now ringworm like eruptions inthe thighs and hairy part of the genital ,such blackish eruption on the buttocks and badly itching which causes difficult to sit on the chair.please suggest me medicine or the line of treatment.
    my age running 52 years

  829. Emmeline Burritt says:

    My husband had surgery on the brain this Tuesday and has developed a fungal infection. Please tell me what I can give him as soon as possible. Very grateful, Em Burritt

  830. Ashish Shah says:

    i have fungus on my feet between the little and second last toe
    i have taken medicine but does not help any med from homeopathy

  831. DR.Raj Kumar Singh says:

    hi dr.vikas,
    i have read ur article on eczema its really interesting and thanks to you for this kind support to humanity

  832. homeopathy

  833. please to write me the treatment of ringworm

    • hello
      i m having fungus/ringworm in my is hard dark black its very itching also.i m having sepia 200/thuja200 both liquid,and formula D tabelts twice a day.plz suggest

    • Dr.Neelam says:

      Sir I m also homoeopathic doc pls suggest me the medicine for reddish slightly grayish spots on legs with violent itching no other modality even a slight injury or thrush convert into eruption

      • NAVIN AHUJA says:

        I am 52 yrs male suffering from fungus (ringworm), on my thighs & back and so are my children
        son 22 and daughter 18 since 10 months. Have taken FLUCANASOLE AND OTHERS OF SAME GROUP. The patches gets settled in and re-appears on other parts. Also take TELLURIUM 30 TABS tds.
        My wife do not have the similar problem though living in same house.
        Please suggest remedy.

        • We can cure with of garlic paste. Three days can we apply for the same. Garlic paste burns all ringworm area and affected skin and cure itself. Its better after curing the infection, we can take anti fungal medicines

        • sir ,
          i have severe ring worm infection
          please suggest remedy

      • i have fungus in under part . I have been suffering for 3 years from this . More times used pharma medicines but no effect. Complete treatment plz

        • S Ananda Raj says:

          i have fungus in under part . I have been suffering for 3 years from this . More times used pharma medicines but no effect. Complete treatment plz

          • I have fungus on lower legs for last three years ,pharma medicine have no effect.
            Kindly advise effective treatment.

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