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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Eczema of Hands

Eczema (dermatitis) of hands refers to inflammatory condition of skin on the hands. It usually affects the palms though it can affect other parts of the hands too like back of hands, fingers, space between fingers, etc. Hand eczema usually occurs from chemical exposure or hands getting exposed to some irritant. Those who have jobs where chemicals are used like, laundry workers, hairdressers, healthcare workers, painters and chefs are more predisposed to develop hand eczema. Besides, chemicals and irritants, frequent hand washing (that causes dryness) also increases chances of hand eczema. Excessive washing results in weakening of the barrier of the skin making it prone to allergic reaction when it comes in contact with some allergen.

Stress is also linked with triggering hand eczema. Hormones produced during mental stress cause suppression of the immune system resulting in skin inflammation. Eczema may also get triggered or worsen in cold temperatures and winters. The signs and symptoms may include redness and dark spots on hands, dryness and itching on hands. Blisters (fluid-filled bumps) may form on the hands. In some cases, pustules (pus-filled eruptions) may appear or cracks may develop on the hands. Hands may be sore and at times, there may be bleeding from the affected area on the hand. Scales may appear and thickening of the skin on the palm may occur.  In some cases, peeling of the skin is present. In long term severe cases, marked pain may be felt in the hands that makes working with hands difficult.

It is of following types:

1.Irritant contact dermatitis of hands: It occurs when hands come in contact with some irritants like soaps, detergents, dust that can irritate skin of hand.

2. Allergic contact dermatitis of hands: It occurs from an allergic reaction to some allergen like nickel, rubber, fragrance substances when such an allergen comes in contact with hands.

3. Pompholyx eczema: Other names of this eczema are dyshidrotic eczema and vesicular hand dermatitis that occurs on hands and feet. Its cause is usually unknown but heat, sweating and stress are known to worsen this type of eczema. In this water-filled bumps called blisters form on the palms and soles that are very itchy.

4. Fingertip dermatitis: It can affect one or multiple fingers

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy offers a natural and effective treatment for eczema of hands. The homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances so do not have any side effects. They help in healing the eruptions and managing its discharges. The homeopathic medicines also help to heal the dryness, roughness and cracks on skin and its associated bleeding. Itching, burning sensation and any pain present in eruptions is also wonderfully managed with these medicines. Homeopathic medicines for treating hand eczema are selected based on individual symptoms in each and every case. Though it is safe to use homeopathic medicines, it is recommended to consult a homeopathic physician prior to taking any homeopathic medicines for treating eczema of hands.

Homeopathic Medicines For Eczema Of Hands

1. Graphites – For Small Fluid-Filled Bumps

Graphites is the most frequently used medicine to treat eczema of hands. It is well indicated for cases with small bumps (blisters) on hands and fingers. These ooze out a sticky fluid. There is itching and burning in these eruptions. Graphites is also useful for dryness, roughness and cracks on the hands. The skin on the hands becomes hard in cases needing it. Graphites can be helpful for healing eruptions or cracks developing between the fingers. Cracks on the ends of fingers can also be treated well with this remedy.

2. Petroleum – For Marked Roughness Cracks On Hands

Petroleum is a well-indicated medicine to manage roughness and cracks on the hands. The cracks may ooze blood. Thick crusts may be present on the skin. There is intolerable itching on the hands. Burning sensation is also felt. It is also indicated for fluid-filled eruptions with thick scabs that may ooze pus. Petroleum is a leading medicine for eczema that gets worse in cold environment or winters.

3. Arsenic Album – For Dryness Along With Scales

This medicine works well when the skin is dry and covered with scales. At times, pus like discharge may ooze out. There is intense itching on the affected area. It gets worse at night. After scratching, soreness and burning sensation occurs. The affected portion of the skin may be oversensitive to touch. The complaint may get worse from cold application.

4. Mezereum – For Eczema On Back Of Hands

This medicine is recommended for treating eczema on the back of hands. In cases needing it, small fluid-filled eruptions form in the affected area. They dry up and get covered with crusts. These eruptions are itchy along with a burning sensation. It gets worse from scratching. Putting water on affected area worsens the complaint.

5. Merc Sol – For Eczema On Back Of Hands With Peeling Of Skin

Merc Sol is also effective for eczema on the back of hands. It is used when there is peeling of the skin from back of the hands. It is accompanied with stinging, burning pain. The affected area is moist that may become dry afterwards, covered with yellow crust. After scratching, the surrounding skin may get inflamed.

6. Sulphur – To Manage Itching And Burning

Sulphur is a beneficial medicine to manage itching and burning on the hands due to eczema. The complaint gets worse at night. After scratching, bleeding may occur from the eczema spots. There is pain after scratching. Cuts and cracks appear on the hands. The skin of the hands is very hard and dry. Fluid-filled bumps may be present on the back side of hands.

7. Lycopodium – With Dryness Of Palms

Lycopodium is a useful medicine for eczema with dryness on palms. The skin of palms looks shrunken. The skin is also thick and hard. Cracks may be present in some cases. Besides these complaints, this medicine is indicated for managing pimple-like eruptions on the palms of hands and also in between the fingers. It can also be given for scaly eruptions developing on the back of hands and the fingers.

8. Staphysagria – For Pus Filled Eruptions On Hands

It is a highly valuable medicine to manage pus-filled eruptions called pustules on hands. A yellow fluid oozes out. There is marked itching on the eruptions in the evening. These also burn after scratching.

9. Cantharis – For Eczema On Fingers And In Between Fingers

Cantharis is a suitable medicine to deal with eczema on the fingers and in between the fingers. There are fluid-filled eruptions (vesicles). These soon dry into thin crusts. Itching and burning is marked in these eruptions. Pricking is also felt. The skin of the fingers may peel off causing loss of surface layer of skin. The complaint gets worse from cold water application, it gets better from warmth.

10. Juglans Cinerea – For Painful Eczema

This medicine is considered when there is marked pain in the eczema patches. The hands are sore (painful) to touch. In cases requiring this medicine, the eruptions appear on both the palms and back of hands. The eruptions may ooze fluid or pus. There is intolerable itching also. The eruptions get covered with crusts after fluid oozes out.




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