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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Weakness in Males

Homeopathic remedies for erectile dysfunction It is a disorder that can devastate a man’s self-esteem and spoil his relationships. Erectile Dysfunction, or impotence as it is commonly known, refers to difficulty or an inability to get or sustain an erection firm enough to perform sexual intercourse. It is also known as impotency. It is a very common problem in men. Many men experience problems with erection occasionally but having it once in a while is not a concern. When this problem occurs frequently, it may indicate some underlying health issue that needs to be addressed to treat it.

Homeopathic treatment of Erectile dysfunction

Homeopathy provides natural medicines for erectile dysfunction made of substances sourced out of nature and have zero side effects. These medicines can be used in cases of weak erection or even in cases with no erection at all. These gradually help to improve the erection. The result varies from case to case depending on the duration of the complaint, the reason behind it and the severity of the condition. Along with improving erections, homeopathic medicines also help to improve sex drive, and treat the other associated complaints like premature ejaculation, or involuntary semen discharges if present in any case.

Top Homeopathic Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction (Impotency)

The highly recommended homeopathic medicines to treat ED are Caladium, Agnus Castus, Lycopodium, Selenium and Damiana.

1. Caladium – Top-Grade Medicine

Caladium is a natural remedy sourced from plant ‘dumb cane’. It is a well-known medicine used very frequently in ED cases.  This medicine is recommended for males who are unable to have an erection despite having sexual desire or urge. During sexual excitement, the parts remain relaxed with inability to perform sex.  The sexual parts may feel cold. Erection problem may be accompanied with depression. Sometimes, a person  may have painful erection without sexual desire. Caladium is also used when there is problem with erection along with premature ejaculation of the semen. Males who have ED with a history of tobacco consumption may also find this medicine helpful.

When and How to use Caladium?

This medicine can be used as a first line of treatment in males who do not get erection despite having sexual desire. Caladium can be used in varying potencies from low to high, but in the beginning, it is best to use it in 30C potency. One can take Caladium 30C two to three times a day.

2. Agnus Castus – When Erections Are Entirely Absent

It is a natural medicine prepared from ripe berries of a plant commonly known as ‘The Chaste Tree’. Its use is particularly considered when no erection occurs at all, the genitals are relaxed and cold. Another important attending symptom is complete loss of sexual desire. In some cases that require it, spermatorrhea (involuntary semen discharge) during urination or stool may be present too. This medicine also helps when there is a history of excessive masturbation and sexual excesses.

When and How to use Agnus Castus?

This medicine can be used in cases of ED where there is no erection and sexual desire. Though this medicine can be used in both low or high potencies, but the most commonly used potency is 30C. Agnus Castus 30C can be used two to three times a day with a gap of minimum three hours.

3. Lycopodium – For Erectile Dysfunction With Performance Anxiety

This medicine is prepared from plant club ‘moss’. This medicine works well in cases of erectile dysfunction with marked performance anxiety (means stress and anxiety before the act due to negative thoughts about their ability to perform). Those needing it may either have weak, imperfect, short erections or complete absence of erections. The genitals are relaxed and cold. The sexual desire can be high, a person may have premature ejaculation. It is a well-indicated medicine for treating ED in those having history of sexual excesses.

When and How to use Lycopodium?

Use of Lycopodium is recommended for weak, short or zero erection along with performance anxiety. Additionally, its use is suggested to treat ED in men having history of sexual excesses in past. Both low and high potencies of Lycopodium are found to be helpful. Treatment usually starts with 30C potency. Lycopodium 30C can be taken once in the morning and once in the evening. The dose can be reduced to once a day when there are signs of improvement.

4. Selenium – For Erectile Dysfunction With Increased Sexual Thoughts And Desire

It is a very useful medicine when there is ED with increased sexual thoughts and strong sexual desire but physical inability to perform sexual activity. During sexual activity the penis relaxes. It is also a leading medicine to manage quick emission of semen (premature ejaculation). Selenium is a very important medicine for involuntary seminal emissions. This may happen during sleep, while walking or when passing stool. When it occurs during sleep, a person is in sexual dreams. This awakens the male from sleep and causes weakness in lower back.

When and how to use Selenium?

This medicine suits all cases of ED with excessive sexual thoughts and increased sexual desire. It is also very effective in cases of premature ejaculation and involuntary seminal emissions. Its use is recommended usually in 30C potency and it can also be used twice a day. The dose and potency can be increased after some time based on how well it is acting to bring improvement, however it is to be done only after consulting a homeopathic doctor.

5. Damiana – For Impotency And Spermatorrhea

It is natural remedy prepared from dried leaves of plant ‘Damiana Aphrodisiaca’. It has a marked action on male genitals. It is a natural tonic to enhance sexual power in males. It proves very helpful in cases of sexual weakness, ED and spermatorrhea (involuntary seminal emissions).

When and How to use Damiana?

It is a homeopathic tonic used widely to improve sexual power in males. It gives best result in mother tincture (Q) form. Damiana Q can be taken 8 -10 drops in half a cup of water two or three times a day depending on the intensity of the problem.

Note One may take the above medicines for a month or two only in recommended potency and dose. To continue or to increase potency or dose, it is advised to consult a homeopathic practitioner.

What Are The Symptoms Of ED?

In case of erectile dysfunction, symptoms that can arise include problem in getting an erection, weak erection or difficulty in maintaining an erection hard enough for sex. In some cases, there is complete inability to get erections. ED is diagnosed when such symptoms are recurrent or persistent for minimum 3 months’ time.

Along with above symptoms there may be decrease in sexual desire. Premature ejaculation may be related to ED in some cases. Sometimes anorgasmia (inability to reach orgasm during sex) occurs. Person may also have associated emotional symptoms like anxiety, feeling embarrassed and depressed.

Types Of Erectile Dysfunction

ED can be primary or secondary.

1.In primary ED, men may have never got an erection and ED is there from the beginning. Usually the cause behind it is psychology-related in the absence of any anatomical or physiological defect.

2.Secondary ED is the one in which a man has had normal erections earlier, but at some point started having problem with erections. Mostly secondary ED occurs from a physical cause. Cases of primary ED are rare and mostly cases of ED are secondary.

Pathophysiology behind ED

For erections to occur a number of factors collectively play a role.  These involve role of nerves, blood vessels, muscles and hormones.  During sexual arousal, brain sends signals via nerves to penis causing its stimulation and relaxation of corpora cavernosa. Corpora cavernosa are two columns of spongy tissue that run through the length of the penis. It contains blood vessels which fill with blood leading to an erection. Its relaxation is followed by a rush of blood to arteries of corpora cavernosa that fill them up. Pressure created by blood in these arteries cause expansion of penis creating an erection. When orgasm occurs, nerve signal reaches penis and causes contraction of muscle tissue in penis. It is followed by release of blood into the general blood circulation that causes relaxation of penis and bring it to its original state of not being sexually aroused.

If there occurs a problem in nerves, blood vessels, muscles, hormones then ED can occur.

What Are The Causes Behind It?

The main reason behind ED is impaired blood flow to penis and damage to nerves that can happen due to a number of reasons.

ED can result from physical or emotional causes.

Physical causes that contribute to ED are as follows:

1.The first among these causes is diabetes. Complaint of ED is common in men who suffer from diabetes which can cause damage to nerves that send signal to penis and blood vessels of penis which can result in ED.

2. Second cause linked with ED is hypertension means high blood pressure, heart disease, atherosclerosis (means narrowing of blood vessels) and increased blood cholesterol levels. In men having hypertension, poor blood flow to penis may occur. This is because high BP causes hardening and narrowing of the arterial walls which decreases blood flow to penis. There is strong link between ED and heart disease. According to many studies, males with ED are at high risk of heart disease.In case of atherosclerosis due to narrowing of arteries, blood flow is obstructed to penis which results in ED. Atherosclerosis can be due different reasons, among which the most common is increase in levels of blood cholesterol which can build up in the arteries narrowing them, consequently reducing blood flow that can lead to ED.

3. The chances of ED also increase with advancing age. Erection may get weak as a male gets older.

4.Low testosterone levels is another factor linked to ED. Testosterone is required for normal erections and low testosterone may cause ED, but what exactly is the relationship between these two is not clearly known. Low testosterone may be linked with obesity, heart disease and diabetes which can contribute to ED. The extent of the low level of testosterone at which ED may occur is not yet clear. Low testosterone may also reduce the sex drive. It is also noted that many men with low testosterone have no issues with erection.

5. Smoking or tobacco use, alcoholism and use of recreational drugs may also result in ED. Smoking causes damage to blood vessels, mainly the lining of blood vessels that can result in decrease blood supply to penis which is a main reason behind ED. Men who have been consuming excessive alcohol for many years are at 50-70% of risk of suffering from ED. This is because alcohol reduces the flow of blood to the penis. Some recreational drugs  like cocaine, marijuana, opiates, barbiturates, nicotine, etc. may lead to ED.

These drugs damage blood vessels and suppress the central nervous system that contributes to ED. Obesity also increases the risk of ED by 30 – 90%. It can cause ED by damaging the blood vessels and causing a decrease in testosterone levels. The damage to blood vessels is often the result of high BP, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, diabetes and heart disease. Males who have any of these conditions along with obesity are at more risk of ED as compared to males who are only obese but do not have any of these medical conditions.

6. Damage to spinal cord or pelvic area can lead to ED and also some other disorders linked to ED, like metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Peyronie’s disease, sleep disorders, and kidney disease.

Metabolic syndrome is a condition in which there is increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, high insulin levels, and excessive body fat around the waist.

Parkinson’s disease is disorder in the nervous system that mainly starts with shaking tremors in the hands followed by other symptoms like slow movement, rigid muscles, impaired balance and speech changes.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune cells damages the protective covering of nerves. Due to the damage to the nerves, communication between the brain and the body is hampered.

Peyronie’s disease is the one in which scar tissue develop in the penis.

7. Use of certain medicines may also lead to ED, for example certain medicines used for treatment of depression, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, chemotherapy; diuretics (drugs that increase urine flow), and medicine used to treat seizures.

ED and prostate issues – Are these inter related?

Though prostate enlargement (BPH – benign prostatic hyperplasia) may not cause ED, certain medicines (like finasteride) for treating it can lead to ED. Other than this severe prostatitis can lead to ED. Advanced stage of prostate cancer can lead to ED when cancer has spread to arteries and nerves needed for erection. Radiation therapy for prostate cancer can damage erectile tissue of penis and surgery done for prostate cancer can damage some of the nerves or arteries required for erection. Also some hormone therapy medication like leuprolide, flutamide used for treating prostate cancer can cause ED.

Psychological causes linked to ED

It includes stress, anxiety, depression, fear of intimacy, relationship problem

What complications can occur in such cases?

Complications that can arise are relationship issues with partner, unfulfilling sex life, low self esteem, stress, anxiety and infertility.

Lifestyle modifications to improve ED complaint

1.Regular exercise and eating healthy balanced diet

2.Reducing stress and anxiety

3.Reduce smoking and alcohol consumption

4.If any underlying condition like heart diseases, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure are there, they should be properly managed

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