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fear fear fear!!!!!!


I fear people wearing tight fitting clothes. If I see people wearing such clothes like someone wearing a churidar pyjamas ‘ he said ‘I go into an attack of acute anxiety, I feel as if someone is strangulating me. it is a feeling of suffocation combined with a fear of impending death. The same feeling gets over me when I go into small tight closed places like elevator, small bathrooms etc. last year when I traveled by air , I was nearly in a state of collapse and had to be given a shot of tranquilizer on the plane itself.’.

This middle aged man was quite disturbed by this fear that had developed over the years which had nearly crippled his life. He was not able to relate the phobia to any incident in his life which could have directly or indirectly started it, except that he had extra-sensitive emotional characteristics. Combining his symptoms of phobia (claustrophobia) and his emotional traits, the prescribed homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla, cured his phobic symptoms and also optimized his over sensitive emotional responses.

Phobia is a persistent fear which is irrational. It can be of any object living, non-living or of a situation. It may or may not have any relation to an incident or a situation in ones life. Generally phobias are accompanied by a strong desire to avoid particular situation or object one fears. It can also lead to an inability to function normally at job, home or at social settings.

Although a specific phobia is an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. Grown up individuals who suffer from it, even though they realize that it is an irrational fear they try and avoid the fear factor and whenever these individuals encounter this phobic stimulant, they get a severe anxiety attack.

Phobias can broadly be divided into three type’s simple, social and agoraphobia (fear of public places).

Simple phobias. These kind of phobias include a fear of: heights (acrophobia); enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) ; flying (pterygophobia); water (hydrophobia); dentists (odontiatophobia); tunnels; bridges; animals -lizards, snakes ,rats etc.. Fear of public places (agoraphobia). Is a fear of being alone in a place such as a mall or an elevator or a room full of people, and of there being no easy escape. This generally develops from an anticipatory fear of getting an acute anxiety attack (panic attacks) in a public place and generally occurs in patients suffering from panic attacks or acute anxiety disorder. Social Phobia. It is a strong fear involving fear of being social situations or gatherings etc. Social phobia involves a combination of being too much conscious of self, a fear of public scrutiny or humiliation in social situations, and a fear of negative evaluation by others.

Homoeopathy and Phobias.

With hundreds of fears and specific medicines listed in homoeopathic repertory (book enlisting medicines against symptoms), an effective treatment of phobias is possible with Homoeo medicines. Leave aside the common fears of lizards, heights spider, snakes cockroaches, mouse etc, even if one dreads something not common, or not listed in books, homoeopathy has a way out. By studying one’s constitution (mental and physical characteristics, family history etc.) a prescription can be made to effectively treat the specific uncommon fear. If phobias are a part of other diseases such as chronic depressions etc. They need to be evaluated and prescribed accordingly.

The author is a Chandigarh based homoeopath.

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Combating Phobias


The most common forms of relaxation therapy are progressive muscle relaxation (learning to relax ones muscles) and autogenic relaxation (using imagery to help one relax).other forms of meditation such as yoga can be of great help.

Desensensitising your fear

This therapy tries to alter your response to the feared object or situation. Measured, Gradual, repeated exposure to the cause of phobia may help one learn to conquer your fear

Behavior therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy aims at altering ones belief about the feared object or situation, the impact it has on ones life and also how one can view and cope with the feared object or situation differently.

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  1. I am 26 year old and Iam I am facing premature ejaculation, usually I discharge between 30 sec to 1 minute. The informations about the medicine are very knowledgeable but it is difficult to decide which medicine is suitable for me. I am married. Our relationship is going to break. She is very disappoint. Before i used some medicine like vigora 5x something like that but no result permanent. so please help me .. please please…

  2. Dr.M.S.Shekhar says:

    Namaskar.Patient being frightened by lizard , contact , movement , sound , scene , description. What is the Homoeo remedy.Thanks.

  3. felicia foster says:

    I have intense fear of being alone in my house.
    The feeling intensifies at 3-4 PM.
    I have no idea of what is causing my fear.
    Shamans have said an energy?
    Please help.

  4. Surya Lipscombe says:

    My 9 year old son is afraid of being alone to the point that he does not play alone outside. He doesn’t like to bath or toilet without someone in the room with him. He needs a nite lite. He lands somewhere on the asburger scale so that makes it the more intense. Please help.

  5. lourdes fernandes says:

    sir i suffer from social phobia whenever i see people i get scad to tlk with them.plz help me.

  6. Magee Mac says:

    Hello, I have thoughts that something is going to happen to my darling grandchildren, especially my granddaughter. They are under six years and so innocent and precious. The thoughts I try to get rid of, I feel that if I slam something, throw something, near to where the thought occurred it will stop, but it starts again. Whilst I am occupied it is better. I cannot read, hear or see, anything bad especially involving children, I cannot get images out of my mind. I have become obsessive in some ways. I went on a big ferry with my daughter and grand children, and my little grand daughter wandered off and we could not find her. I keep going over and over the “what if she got stolen or abused or she was crying , what of all the children that are abducted and cry for their mothers. what suffering there is of all these innocent pure children. I just want to cry and I cannot cope with this any longer. It has been so many months like this and getting worse. I will not talk to anyone about this for it is too painful and I cannot get this upset . Please help me

  7. Karamat H Abid says:

    Sir , I am 45 Year old I am a homoeopathic student , I am suffering from in nerviousness and result a lot of swetnes(Prespiration) since childhood and I want to know about Homoeopathic Medicne with his potency rpeeting time treatment time and its repeatness. thanks . Note. Kali phose, Gelsemam, Aconitem, silicia,aurgentem Nit , but no result.

  8. Ashutosh Verma says:

    Sir , I am a homoeopathic student in kolkata i want to know about fear of being alone a person suffering from fear of being alone with lots of problems like fear of girls , fear of a singel rooms , fear of future , with loss of memory he forgot his daily routein forgot to call , his copies in college , and many things please help me to solve the case .

  9. shamsul says:

    Dear dr,Salam 2 u first , folloiwing r my rpresent history #social phobia,stage phobia since boyhood,premature ejaculation since puberty,mild depression,allergic rinitis grade 2,,attention disorder and lichen cutanous amyloidosis 10 years with mild obesity 5 yrs.habirual consripation and bodyache persists always..sincerely yours.SHAMSUL.

    • Alexander says:

      Hi, Thank you for your assistance.

      Is there a single remedy that will bring a state of inner peace that results from the dismissal of a tendency to be afraid of bad things happening, of doing the wrong thing, of not trusting in life and one’s personal safety?

      Thanks very much,

  10. Gaurav kumar says:

    Sir,i am suffring from termbling of hand and legs with increse of heart beat when i am anger,fear,emotion & in stage .plz suggest me treatment.

  11. Sir i suffer 4m social phobia n i need help. im 22 yrs old.
    plz tell me abt the treatment . i need proper treatment and counselling. plz give your address

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