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Homeopathy for Fears and Phobias

Fear is an emotion arising from a threat, which may be real or imaginary. It is a body’s uncontrollable reaction to a particular situation or an event. A person tends to avoid and run away from a given circumstance, which in turn becomes fear. Fear can be associated with any person, situation or things. In most cases, it is a result of some past experiences or future anticipations. The most common fears experienced by a human include fear of death, of closed places, failure, and fear of the unknown. Fear of heights and water, fear of sex (intimacy), and fear of disease are some other prevalent conditions. Anxiety and restlessness mostly accompany fear, and if not treated well, it can further develop into panic attacks. Homeopathic medicines for fear help decrease the severity of symptoms associated with fear and also help prevent further progression of the condition into panic attacks.

Homeopathy as a Natural and Alternative Treatment for Fear

Homeopathy is an effective alternative treatment for fear. Internal homeopathic medicine often proves to be the best natural option to help treat such conditions. These medicines work by treating the whole patient, and not just the symptoms since the human body functions as one unit, and a disorder in one part can affect another. Homeopathic medicines do not cause drug-dependency or any side-effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Fear

Homeopathic Medicines for Fear of death (Thanatophobia)

Aconite – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear of Death with Anxiety.
Aconite is a homeopathic medicine that is used to treat the fear of death coupled with anxiety. The person may fear death and believe that he or she may die soon, going so far as to predict the day of demise.

Arsenicum Album – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear of Death with Restlessness.
Arsenicum Album is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of death accompanied by restlessness. The affected person does not feel the need to take any medication and may change places continuously.

Homeopathic Medicine for Fear of Heights (Acrophobia)

Argentum Nitricum – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear of Height.
Argentum Nitricum is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of height and of flying in airplanes. The person fears the projecting corners of buildings; the sight of high buildings makes the person giddy and may cause him or her to stagger. A feeling of having the buildings on both sides of the street closing in and crushing upon the person is prevalent.

Homeopathic Medicines for Fear of Closed Places (Claustrophobia)

Stramonium – Homeopathic medicine for Fear with Desire to Escape.
Stramonium is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of closed places with a desire to escape. The affected person may get anxiety when going through a tunnel or similar closed space.

Pulsatilla – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear with Desire for Open Spaces.
Pulsatilla is a homeopathic medicine used to treat a fear of closed spaces coupled with the desire to seek open air.

Homeopathic Medicines for Fear of Open Places (Agoraphobia)

Gelsemium – Homeopathic Medicine for Stage Fright.
Gelsemium is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of open places, especially stage fright. The affected person has a nervous dread of appearing in public.

Phosphorus – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear of Mishappening.
Phosphorus is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of open places wherein the person fears that something terrible will happen.

Homeopathic Medicines for Fear of Water (Hydrophobia)

Lyssinum – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear of Water with Anxiety.
Lyssinum is a homeopathic medicine used to treat fear of water coupled with anxiety, where a person wants to drink water but is unable to do so. Irritability on hearing the sound of water or looking at it is present, and the person gets convulsions on thinking of water or fluids.

Hyoscyamus – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear with Delirium.
Hyoscyamus is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of eating or drinking coupled with delirium. The person develops anxiety on hearing the sound of running water.

Homeopathic Medicines for Fear of failure (Atychiphobia)

Lycopodium – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear and Weak Memory.
Lycopodium is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of failure with weak memory. The person has a strong aversion to undertaking new challenges and may feel unable to reach a destination.

Aurum Metallicum – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear with Hopelessness.
Aurum Metallicum is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of failure with marked hopelessness. The person experiences acute mental depression, the future looks bleak, and a feeling of being unfit or undeserving may prevail.

Homeopathic Medicines for Fear of Sex (Intimacy)

Kreosote – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear of Intimacy.
Kreosote is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of sex and intimacy in women.

Staphysagria – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear with Suppressed Desire.
Staphysagria is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of sex with suppressed sexual desire. The tendency to fear sex may sprout from a feeling of being out of control, or with a history of rape or sexual abuse.

Homeopathic Medicines for Fear of Disease

Kali Arsenicum – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear of Life-threatening Disease.
Kali Arsenicum is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of contracting a life-threatening disease or anxiety about health, especially on going to bed.
This medicine is indicated in cases where there is a fear of having a stroke, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Agaricus – Homeopathic Medicine for Fear of Cancer.
Agaricus is a homeopathic medicine used to treat the fear of disease, especially cancer. The affected person may be pre-occupied with thoughts of death, dying and graveyards.

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  1. Dear Doctor,
    My grand daughter 7 years old does not like to stay alone. She has developed the fear for the place. She wants one has to accompany even in the room irrespective of time either day or night. Kindly advice.

  2. RAVI KUMAR V says:

    Dear Dr
    I am 48 years old . Most of the times I am living with unknown fear and very poor memory and always in heavy confusion . Upto 8 th standard I was the topper in my school . Afterwards my graph is going down . Pl help me to resolve
    V. Ravikumar

  3. Dear dr

    What potency should we start with? How long should we be on that potency? Should we alternate different potency?

  4. Tawny Gregg says:

    Our daughter is autistic – asperger age 42 gradually developed fear of being in the sun becaUse it will turn her skin brown since about teenage years. She never goes anywhere outside in daylight even cloudy day unless she covers every inch of her skin so daylight does not touch her skin I.e. Gloves hat turtleneck to cover face hat down over face all seasons. Has no problem when dark outside/not dusk but dark . Includes riding in car/bus. Most of professionals say if it isn’t harming her not to worry! What about the suns / daylight benefits to her physical/mental health. Even the eskamoes have summer seasonal weather . She takes vit D3 each day but one psychiatrist read even that requires sunlight to truly activate the artificial D sunlight Her social life is somewhat limited to home grocery store work and occasionally department store. One psychologist said he saw tendency for developing agoraphobia This we are elderly now so consistency with with theropys etc at home is difficult but not out of the question

  5. My Grand Child
    Can not walk but crawls
    Can not talk but express can not speak
    He is intelligent
    Disabled due to CB
    his diagnosis is spinocerebellar ataxia autosomal recessive type 20

    What is His scope as he is 7 and now weighs 20 kg how will he spend his life

  6. Jb me car me traveling karti hon to accident ka fear bohat hota hi k abhi koi bick sy accident hojaey ga har qareeb ati bick lagta hi takra jaey gi beiqteyar hat uthta hi k usio car sy door Kar do fear itna ziyada hota hi k lagta hi b.p high hogaya hi travelling mushkil hogai hi please bataey kia karo argen nit 30 me ly lo

  7. Alia Masood says:

    Hello doctor, I have been suffering from social anxiety/phobia since my teenage. Now I am 29.i can’t meet new people .when I meet and talk to them my heart beat become so much fast. And I am unable to speak to them properly.i can’t make eye contact with them.they think I’m mad. But I’m not mad. .plz suggest me medicine.

  8. Himanshu says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from fear specially during arguments and fighting etc.

    Please help!


  9. arpit monga says:

    Dark places= cannabis india
    Ghosts= stramonium or carbo veg.
    You can start cannabis, 200 once a week.

  10. linda levne says:

    hi !
    I am looking at a 8 yt old child with ADHD dx who is on a medication for the hyperactivity, behavioral issues including biting, hitting, aggressive behavior and fear of being alone. big fear of clowns. thinking of stromonium? med? tub? wondering if you know about fear of clowns?
    quiet in office, competitive, athletic, leadership qualities but insecure. jealousy about older brother and old loss of a best friend in early years. looks tin and nature uritaticum like but anger, impulsivity and aggression without the meds. ravenous after the meds wear off.
    sleep is awful. can’t get to sleep past midnight and big fear of being left alone at night

    • Hello, I am a 25 years old male and suffering from fear of sudden loud unexpected sounds of something popping especially firecrackers(phonophobia) . A sudden firecracker bursting just jolts me up and it feels quite embarrassing. After getting a sudden shock after hearing sounds, anticipation of furthet such sounds make me anxious and panic which makes it difficult to live life fully especially during diwali festival season.. First had thought that this phobis would go along with age byt nothing has happened and the phobia has only increased.
      Please help me.. It is possible to cure thie phobia as it has ruined the life..

  11. I had my first episode of vertigo in August 2018 followed by 3 more – each progressively worse. With vertigo came anxiety. I am an older parent constantly worried I will die leaving my young children with nobody to care for them. Both my siblings died relatively; spouse was abusive so we separated.
    Please advise homeopathic treatment for anxiety and vertigo.
    Thank you.

  12. Hello Dr Sharma,

    Great article on fear and its associated homeopathy remedies.
    Can you suggest homeopathy remedies for fear of ghost and dark places?

    Thank you

    • arpit monga says:

      Dark places= cannabis india
      Ghosts= stramonium or carbo veg.
      You can start cannabis, 200 once a week.

  13. Dear Dr
    My name is Ayesha .I would be v thankful to u if u take me out this situation.i had accident years before since that time I couldn’t travel .Secondly I can’t spend normal life due to fear of death .I don’t let my husband go outside I got panic if he doesn’t attend my phone I imagined some thing bad has happened with him .I all the time think negative remain depress.Kindly suggust medicine

  14. Manasa pochu says:

    Hello doctor. I fear for lizard. If it is in kitchen or at any other place i just can not go near those places..even i cry a lot if i see it. My body shivers if i look at it..if anything touches me for example if towel touches me or if my kid suddenly touches me im getting fear that as it is lizard… even in my sleep all my dreams are lizards only..i want solution for it..please help me to get away with it.

  15. Rajkumar Rourkela says:

    When light goes in night my son aged about 30 shouts loudly awake in sleep


    Please say me which medicine is useful for snake phobia.

  17. Hello dr.

    I am getting habit of bham for health.these days i got bham that i font breathe properly. One day i went to yoga class there they made me inhale and echale so i got myself confused that i dont breathe properly.
    It is effectong a lot.
    Pl guide

  18. hrishikesh khaladkar says:

    whatever you have mention in simple fhobia,all things i am facing plz suggest me or guide me.example
    water,heights,lift,aloness,cant go alone anywere,hosp,doctors,drving,flying,public places etc

  19. Abhishek Tripathi says:

    I have a heavy phobia of snakes. I can sleep properly. I can go out in open easily.

    I also have a fear of unknown & depression.

  20. Amit Majumdar says:

    Sir, my father is 85years old. Recently a fear symptom
    has developed in him. He always thinks that he will fall if he uplifts his legs from the floor and he is perceiving a symptom that while he is touching the floor he finds it sticky like adhesive. He is getting overscared in respect of uplifting his foot to move forward. He uses stick for movements since long but now feeling that the stick is not enough for his movements. He has not suffered any ailments during recent past except some seasonal rhinitis. His heart and other conditions are good. He has no problem regarding blood sugar or blood pressure. He is very nervous type person in general. Please help and recommend medicines. With thanks.

  21. Good morning doctor,
    My name is srivatsav and i am 22 year old.I have fear of death..I am thinking a lot about that.Even i am not getting sleep in the night.I am getting up 7-8 times in the mid-night and not even sleeping..
    Can i get out of this situation

    • Dear Dr
      My name is Ayesha .I would be v thankful to u if u take me out this situation.i had accident years before since that time I couldn’t travel .Secondly I can’t spend normal life due to fear of death .I don’t let my husband go outside I got panic if he doesn’t attend my phone I imagined some thing bad has happened with him .I all the time think negative remain depress.Kindly suggust medicine

  22. G .venkatarao says:

    When I close my eyes for one minute, breathing does not take freely until eyes become open . ln bath room, soap being applied on face by opening of my eyes.l should not enter on bath room or any room with out light.Finally,without opening of my eyes l can,t take breath feely. Please suggest any medical treatment in homoeopathy. Than Q sir.

  23. Sir
    My sister has phobia about crackers sound during Diwali festival .do yoy have any treatment in homeopathy ?

  24. sir,
    I am 21 years old .I have fear when I am sit all family ya exam ,class . Suddenly sound firework ,any sound I fear.
    plz suggest best medicine homoeopathy.

  25. Sir,
    I am 58 yrs old man. I have fear when I am alone at home and have fear about dead bodies and their images come to my mind and disturbing me a lot. When I happened to see accidents that images come to my mind and develop a kind imagination as I am in the place where the accidents occurred. I too have the fear to see people in the deathbed or counting days. I have this kind of fear since past 20 years. I tried to avoid it through prayers and faith. But I couldn’t come out it. I feel insecure and I am helplessness. Kindly suggest me medicines to come out of fear and bad imaginations as early as possible.

  26. Rajendra Kuvar says:

    Dear sir,

    my age is 53 years. since last 2003 i had in Depression & Anxiety. And Taken Allpathy medicine. as well as homeopathy also. Now i am much better than 2003. My main problem is i have fear of Blame of theft. mostly in money. in any bussiness transaction some body ask me about our bussiness transaction , suuddenly fear appears and creat a confusion in my mind, and mistakes happen. Actully i am very honest, but can not understand what happen this. and for that problem other better quality or guts hidden. and my growth is stopped. i thik you will propper guide me to took out this fear permenently. for that my familly also suffer with me and i want to complete help them. Regards, Rajendra Kuvar

  27. Sageer Siddiqui says:

    Hello sir
    My father recently gone through MRI test which lasted for 5 min as my father was not comfortable inside.After that incident he had developed a phobia and not feel comfortable insight room in night and ask to sleep in open space under open​ sky.
    Please suggest any treatment.

    • Usha jain says:

      I am 64 yrs old i
      Feared from my childhood from closed room even from then in toilet I never get bolt on door slowly slowly my conditioned become worstened on being any deasease by thinking that I can’t go in Dr, closed room so many thighs came and I goes in severe depression I am suffering with many many deaseases like high b p diabitic thyroid cholestrol problem bells pullsy attack catrex In eyes & so many other fears I can’t travel because trains windows are fixed I can’t travel in a,c or luxurious bus or in plane in my mind always comes I am in prison & my heart get feared & started dhak dhak on that situation I started to try to loose my life
      But if I understand that the door will be open when I need or the key of the door is with me iwill get out from that place then after sometime I get comfortable I can’t travel in metro train or the place underground I never goes in malls basements, is there any solution or medicines ,please reply me,

  28. Nisar Ahmad says:

    The son of my friend is 6 years old. for the last 7 days, he is complaining severe pain in his abdomen. Physicians have checked and found no abnormality in stomach or physical organ. he is behaving strangely and sees strange images and starts screaming suddenly complaining that some alien bodies are hanging around. He has been physically weak and appears to be pale though eats well . pl suggest some homeo medicine. regards

  29. Sir any medicine cure persons phobia in homeopaty

  30. Ishwarsingh Rajput says:

    My daughter, 29 fears to marry for wanting to get committed and loving life partner and avoids selection of boys with inferiority complex also Pl. Suggest homeopathic medicine

  31. Jovana Tvrdisic says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, My son is 9 years old and he is afraid to stay alone in the house, room, etc. He slways ask his twin sister or anyone else to go with him. It is extreme and he said that in that moment when he stays alone he afraid of clowns. We are desperate, because he is big enough to do things by himself but it is limited by his fears. I want to help him and I’m sure homeopathy can cure him. Thank you. Best Regards, Jovana Tvrdisic

  32. Mary Thimmesch says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My friend has a nine year old girl who experienced some emotional trauma/abuse from her father as a young child (ages 1 – 5) and now has a fear of sleeping outside of her mother’s bed & can not fall asleep without her laying next to her. Are there some remedies you can suggest that might help her?
    Thank you,

  33. Sir my name is Sridevi resently I got panic attack about lower back pain from that situation to still when I have any aches in Lowe back I got panic I get shivering in my body that time I try to stop ,but I can’t could you please tell me any solution for this problem in homeopathy?i am living in newjercy.

  34. dear Dr Sharma my name is Olivia i am from Shillong Meghalaya, India ihave been suffering for 13 years i am scared of leaving the house,and feel scared whenever my husband has to go out and leave me alone this problem of mine has made me a very sad person cause i havent seen the outside world for so many years please help me Doctor to overcome this problem of mine so that i to can lead a normal life without any more fear.kindly please suggest me what homeopathic med i should i take to overcome my problem permentatly .

  35. Dr MS Sodhi says:

    My daughter 26 yrs old she always washing her hands repeatedly. If someone touch her than go to bathroom for bathing. Does not allow anyone to sit on her bed if so happens change bedsheet at night. Always go to bed after taking shower.She always wash utensils herself before taking meal. Wash toilet seat before going to toilet. She always thinks that all is dirty and l will get infection from it. Does not like to meet any friends or relatives she likes to confined herself to her room. This all happens from the last two years. Pl do something Sir. She is MBBS graduate.

  36. JOHN JOSEPH says:


  37. debalina chakraborty says:

    Sir, I have a great problem about lizard sound. When lizard make a noice tik tik tik, I believe that it say something true. Please help me. It is a great problem for me. Plz do something for me.

  38. Just recently, I had a panic attack before descending on an escalator. I ended up going to the elevator. Since that episode, I have gone to the mall going up and down escalators , trying to get over this irrational fear. I noticed I am fine if the escalator is narrow. If I have to just grab one side of a wide escalators, I feel unsteady, and feel I’m going to fall. I have gone twice now ,to the mall, but still do not feel totally comfortable descending. I have seen a naturopath who wants to check my thyroid. I have felt shaky lately. Any suggestion that may help , I would be grateful. My daughter is also getting married in a few months , which has been a little stressful.

  39. malik ijaz says:

    fear of libe alone..fear to go out side the house..difficult breathing..weakness..

  40. Sir i am suffering from panic disorder with agoraphobia and white coat syndrom last 4 year plz sir help me i am just 22 years

  41. Aurobindo Prasad Dash says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son is 8 years old. He is having a lot of fear & shyness please advise how he can over come this.

    Fear to ride cycle on road. Fearful to get into river or pond. if some body speak in a loud voice he feel uneasy. He can answer all his question in front of his mother but unable to answer before others. Can not concentrate more time for study. During study he will be thinking other things. His attitude is like a matured man. please suggest



    dear sir,

    my hand is shaking when i am signing and writing important documents in from of other people

    please help me asap

  43. I have developed a fear of driving on the highway. I don’t know how it started. One day I drove myself to and from work and the next day I woke up and I when I went to the highway. I had this sense of dread. My breathing increased, I began perspiring.
    I didn’t understand how I had just drove myself home on the highway and the next morning I couldn’t make it to work.
    This has been going on for about a year now.
    The largest fear on the highway are curves and bridges. If I’m driving straight, I’m fine and if the road doesn’t look too elevated. I’m fine, but it the curve is too steep or the bridge is too high. I feel like the car is going to turn over.
    I can deal with it as I have but I don’t want to deal with it, I want this gone. I don’t understand how I developed this and why it won’t go away as easily.

  44. Respected sir I have no dieseas but a imeganery fear set up on my mind I am trying to leave it lekin ye nikel hi nhi pa rha hi from this reason my body is shaking every time and I am feeling very weakness

  45. abhilash sahu says:

    Respected sir, how to remedy my disease i feel my body so weak from this reason (phobia)

  46. Dhanish kumar pradhan says:

    sir my problem is fear of enclosed space,i get panic when i didn’t get a way to escape simply the phobia is claustrophobia.So suggest me what to do sir

  47. RAJENDRA kUVAR says:

    Sir I have two daughters older is now complete MBA – but she has fear of her job & interviews as well as her marriage. Elder is now 20 years but she haS very much fear of darkness pl suggest me homeo medicine
    on their phobias.

  48. Sandeep Chaturvedi says:


    My wife age is 31 yrs, she suffering from fobia , which type of ! i don’t know , but I m to much worried about it, we have a 2 yrs. old child also, My wife washing hands many times in a day, every place every situation she feels dirty even if i m not at home she didn’t open windows of the room , and if i try to meke her understand about to fight with fobia, build self confidence , she become crazy and anger and started shouting me , some time she feels good , but almost time she feeling lazy and dont want to work , every moment she alert that no any dirty thing came in her touch , after toilet she wash her hands upto 20 minuts, and said me to watch her that everything is clean or not?, I m so puzziled and frustrated because of it, Please help! suggest Treatment. (7 years passed for our marries , till that time i m facing this problem), she were suffering with few symptoms of it before marries also , in starting i didn’t care but now it is alot. Sir Please help.

  49. sir,
    iam suffering with lift fobia and closed areas, movement of more people, some times suddenly wake up same dreams (am in lift or closed areas) please give me a solution

  50. Amar Nath Jha says:

    I am recieving allopathy treatment for OCD and improving, but my fear at night(totaly irrational) is very distressing to me since my childhood. Pls help me.

  51. shefali arora says:

    sir i feel very much scared of lizards, cant stay at that place where they are, is there any remedy for this in homeopathy pls guide

  52. Dear sir,
    I fear a lot specially meeting with other people like interviewers,higher authorities . I feel very uncomfortable in talking to people whom I don’t know much and avoid communication to them if somebody else talks to me I smile and laugh a lot and speak less . I avoid going to places where I doubt somebody who knows me are also coming like training centers ,office parties etc. In interviews I go out of my mind and forget everything that I should reply . I fear attending calls in office phones thinking whose phone it will be and what I will have to reply for it. I lack confidence which is taking me towards darkness .please reply me how to overcome all my fears. I need your help please reply me . I am looking for your personal attention because this weakness of mine is becoming the cause of my failure and I am getting completely hopeless . Is there any medication that can help me ?

  53. helo dr i cannot stay in lonely big places even though iam familiar with those,

    dark roooms , even in my bedroom (20×20) i feel comfortable if my wife is with me

    I cant stay in my home alone in day even a childs company is ok. what to do pls help me if any medicine is

    there in homeopathy (kanthilal 40 male married 14 years one child)

  54. Suffering badly from menierrs dusease since 1 year
    tinnitus 3 yrs more n left
    coz of that severe anxiety nd phobia
    age 38
    Ringing mkre in sleeping position
    cant sleep on left sude severe heaviness in left ear
    plz suggedt medicine

  55. Kifayat Parker says:

    i have height phobia of passing the over bridges and unable to drive in such situation. I am working in sales and my Job has lot of driving. my age is 38 years and i have develop the phobia from 1998 onward. please suggest some solution to overcome this fear.

  56. rajander kumar saini says:

    let me start from the wake up time in the morning. i generally wake up with un specified fears like people around me are using up me, in purchasing of home on loan bank staff will deceive me , the advocate will also make much money from me, even the agent will provide the cheaper land at higher cost to me. may be there are some other tactics being played by the members involved in this process which may bring me in the situation that home is not legally in my name.
    second situation is what will i do if some one teases my daughter or wife other female of my family.
    sir as i have 3 wards 4 nephews and nieces if all they do not get proper jobs what will happen to future of my family. every one will laugh on me and my family.
    all this make me remain in continuous fear which further disturb my stomach ( in this condition i go to toilet 3 to 5 times in morning session which make me weaker). as i go to toilet 3 to 5 times so i generally avoid to go to my relatives, as going to toilet so many times creates an embarrassing situation for me , which i can not handle.
    i am so much frustrated and annoyed with this problem , i had many treatments like allopathic , ayurvedic , and others too.
    please suggest me if i can get rid of this problem.

  57. I suffer from social phobia;I totally avoid parties,marriages etc because of this problem;

  58. syedariff says:

    Dr. ples mention the homeopathy remedy to my insects fear imm

    idiatly. thank Dr.

  59. Hello Sir,
    I am 35years old and working in a private company .
    I am verymuch suffering through social phobias need urgent treatment .
    Please suggect me somrthing .

  60. d k sharma says:

    I have fear with continuous noise like AC/ ,In night mobile tower noise , and fear with running ceiling fan. Please advice

  61. ranjit chandra goswami says:

    my son is 22 years old.he is suffering from fear at night.during sleep at night suddenly shout for help after seeing some nightmare.he cannot sleep alone in his room. kindly suggest treatment for fear.

  62. sudarsan parida says:

    valuable and very fine

  63. suffering from violence fear my heartbeat is so fast

  64. rakshita gakwad says:

    My frnd has fear of taking responsibility of family he is preparing for UPSC n other exams basicaky has medical degree in exams nt cleared the interview so hv some tension also his father dnt live with family n left him n her mother early so r there any hereditary things bcoz his father has nt taken the responsbility he is not sure about future n dnt belive in making plans talks somtimes irrelevantly n very honest in work n lazy also n hv lack of confidance can u suggest some medcine please

  65. paramdeep singh says:

    i have a close phobia right from birth with this i am affiraid from close places like lift, cimena. is there r medicine for the same

  66. Hello, I am about my dream come true but my all the time not feeling well prevents me from it.
    I can go first time to USA and see my passion history I always loved since I was a kid. But I’m terrified of not feeling well during journey which is looooong– 18 hrs, and if sometin happen there during stay I won’t be able to come back to my kids to Ireland. I’m sad that is demolishing my life. That things I was suppose to be happy about — giving me fear and finally I quit from doing things. I used to suffered anxiety with panic attack. It’s been very severe. Now I don’t have any of this deadly horrible symptoms I used to have, but still feel bad. I almost always feel ill. Headaches, mussel aches , always tiredness, and stomach disorder. And I fear this will ruin my trip.
    Please try to advise me what I should do.
    Thank You.

  67. sir i am afraid of darkness.I can never sleep alone in my room with light put off or come alone from office late in the night.There is unreasonable fear in me about darkness.
    I also suffer from insomnia.i easily get stressed about small issues.Over excitement is also my problem.
    I attention span is also very short.
    I am pursuing c.a and need to study over 10 hours a day but due to lack of focus/attention i cannot even sit for 1 minute.
    The above problems are hampering my carreer a lot.

    Pls help


  68. Chitra Viswas says:

    Sir, My sincere regards

    my name is Chitra 16 years, I am suffering from fobia and the symptoms are

    Fast heartbeat
    Shortness of breath
    Feeling of discomfort in the stomach
    Dry mouth
    please help me.

  69. Dr B.S.Sayal says:

    Fears are mind symptoms which allopathy cannot understand,as mind itself is abstract term for allopaths,hence to cure mind symptom in allopathy will never be possible.we use two remedies for known fears and unkown fears they can be tried out by doctors and layman as they work only on mind and soul both are abstract things in anatomy.
    known fears——mimulus unknown fears———-aspen.
    Dr sayal is member of international homoeopathic society stockton

    california USA

  70. Birender Bodh says:

    sir ,
    I have ceated two images of tall people coming towards me and now these images are so strong that i constsntly feel like they are following me . suggest remedy.

  71. Im 35 years old share broker..sir i think im suffering from shyness and due to which im mentally depressed and i like to live alone. Im frightened of people relationship even i can not talk to my parents properly…i have no friends ??????plz help me sir!

  72. HIMANSHU ARYA says:

    Im 19 years old student..sir i think im suffering from shyness and due to which im mentally depressed and i like to live alone. Im frightened of people relationship even i can not talk to my teachers properly…plz help me sir!

  73. sumit thakur says:

    i am suffring from dypression,stage phobia,and nurvous.pls give me advice what i should do?

  74. My Son is 9 years old and does not take interest in studies. Always shirk and also can not learn the lessons fast. very slow in mathematices.

  75. Sanjay Chouhan says:

    I am 42 years of age and my wife is 40. We have been married for 15 years now. She has had this irrational behaviour towards menses since before marriage. She handles any an every item related to menses like CAT ‘A’ hazardous material!! If there is even a SUSPICION of any leakage or even a touch, she will treat it like most people would treat anthrax-contaminated clothes. She takes about 45 minutes to bathe during her menses since the whole process is extremely ritualized and and each step painstakingly carried out. For example, first the clothes will be taken off one by one and put into a bucket (the bucket being treated as a contaminated object) then the hands will be washed with soap atleast 4 times. Then the sanitary napkins will be removed, wrapped in newspaper and dropped into a plastic bag which is then wrapped and put into another bucket. Then the hands will be washed again 4 – 5 times. You get the idea. In contrast to this so-called “neatness”, the bathroom will not be washed except by her and, by all that is holy, I have never seen a bigger mess or somethng filthier than that bathroom and room.

    In addition, she happens to be over-dependent on her mother and sister and will not take any action without their advice, even knowing fully well that the sister has her own axe to grind. Her conflict resolution skills are under-developed and, when opposed, her hysterical tantrums are the talk of the neighbourhood. She has even run out of the house during an argument, buck naked and screaming at the top of her voice!

    And this has been going on for the last 15 years.

    Please guide me as to what approach is likely to work since I am afraid that her behaviour and phobias are adversely affecting my 10-year old daughter, an only child.


  76. Arun sharma says:

    Sir, iam suffering with phobia of travelling to new places and long journey and also feels lonely

    Thanking You

    Arun Shar:ma


    respected docror
    i am 53 yrs old. working in central govt . my family members cocnsist my mother, my wife and my son aged 26 yrs, working in TATA MOTORS AS EXECUTIVE MAMANAGER. For last couple of months, i am facing a lot of problems. problems relates with unseen issues which gives an irrarational shape of my normal thinking resulting a phobia. i am stragulling within myself to overcome. the issue is not particulars. sometimes it relates with journey, sometimes due to sudden load sheding, sometimes on meaning less topic.

  78. josefina says:

    I have a serius fear to birds. I want to know what medicine helps in that problem.

  79. josefina says:

    Tengo fobia a las aves. Me resulto muy interesante el tratamiento homeopatico respecto d esta tematica d las fobias…pero quisiera saber qué es lo q hay q tomar?

  80. i am studying this problen. in my opinion. no medicine help to overcome shyness. because hereditary it happen. i think. some part of brain defect cause shyness. i think shyness is equal to cancer pain

  81. my son is suffering from shyness, he keep himself alone at home do not speak at home, he do not tell his problem, whatever we say do not reply even if reply give a jerk, keep mum all the day at home, do not want to meet anybody, keep himself out of social life. whart to do. he is 30 we want him to marry.

  82. Dear adviser, i am ramana prasad,3rd,6,2009.9.35pm says:

    i have been suffering from O C D and having no full result by the allopathy since 2000, now iam suffering with a phobia of travelling to new places, even to a long places which is new to me in the city also . please give me a right solution. with immediate relief like allopathi medicine .

  83. I have phobia of thunder & lightening sound of firework touch of electrical goods when they are charged bees insects etc from 30 years


    I have been suffering from Claustrophobia alongwith Colitis for more than 15 years. Now I am 52 years old and a Deputy Manager of State Bank of India. For past two years, all the symptoms aggravated and presently under depression with Cervical Spondylosis. Having no results by Allopathy Treatmet for last two years now I am under Homoeo Treatment, but to no result. I am willing to resign from service. Please help.

  85. Hi There,

    I have been treated with homeopathy of fear (dentist, flying, insomnia) full 6 months. No results or so ever.

    I got some symptoms back during this treatment but I do not see any improvement at all. My homeopathy says it needs time. How much longer do I need to live like this? How do I know that I have been treated with medicine that is right for me? I know everybody is different but what would be the average that sees some results or improvement?

    Thank you


  86. Mohammed zafar says:

    I have social phobia from 7 yrs i want to treat myself so please suggest me, i stay at Bangalore, so please give me necessary details

  87. mohammed zafarulla says:

    I have social phobia i,e anxiety, depression, panic attacks etc

    • PRASHANT PANDA says:


  88. give me some solution to manage stage fear…

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