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7 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Fever

 Top Homeopathic Medicines for Fever

homeopathic remedies for fever

Homeopathic Remedies for Fever

Feeling feverish is a seasonal reality that confronts almost everyone. Popping in a pill and hoping it improves your condition as you go about your business is a reality too. But here’s the catch: the over-the-counter pill might bring down the temperature, but the infection will still remain in the body. Here’s where the role of homeopathic treatment for fever comes into play, as the homeopathic remedies are made of natural substances, offer a different course of medical approach: these natural medicines target the infection, so the root cause is eliminated.

Fever is a rise in body temperature above normal. Fever in itself is not a disease but is only an external signal that denotes an internal infection or inflammation in the body. There is no specific medicine in Homeopathy to bring down the temperature, but the natural Homeopathic remedies instead target the infection. This is because temperature is the only index through which the progress of the infection inside the body is reflected out. The rise of temperature is directly proportional to the extent of infection. An increase in temperature indicates further spread of infection while a decrease in temperature shows that the infection is fading away. If the body temperature is rashly brought down without halting the infection process, there is no way to find out what is going on inside the body and to what degree the infection is still present in the body. So, the end result is that the fever no doubt is gone, but the root cause of it — the infection — is still there. Natural Homeopathic medicines act by putting a check on the infection itself, preventing its further progress and the temperature thus is automatically brought down gradually as the infection declines. The Homeopathic remedies also make sure that no weakness or other residual effects of fever remain in the body. Homeopathy has a huge number of natural medicines to deal with fever cases. The Homeopathic remedies for fever are recommended based on the particular symptoms listed by each individual patient.

Top natural Homeopathic Medicines for Fever

Aconite: one of the Best Homeopathic medicines for fever with restlessness and anxiety

Aconite is a natural Homeopathic remedy of great help when the fever is accompanied by extreme restlessness and anxiety. The patient feels an increased thirst for cold water and the body aches are intolerable. The use of Homeopathic medicine Aconite should always be considered when the fever has risen after a sudden exposure to cold winds.

Bryonia Alba: One of the Natural Homeopathic medicines for fever with bodyache

Bryonia Alba is a natural Homeopathic medicine for patients in whom body aches predominate during fever. Such a person wants to lie down still to get relief and slight motion worsens his or her condition. There is also an increased thirst for water.

Nux Vomica: Natural Homeopathic medicine for fever with shivering

Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica, is a holistic medicine for fever. As it is made of natural substances, therefore it is of great help in cases of fever with extreme chilliness and shivering. The person wants to remain covered in all stages of fever.

 Gelsemium:  Homeopathic Medicines for fever with dizziness

Natural Homeopathic remedy Gelsemium is very beneficial in fever cases where the patients suffer from weakness, dizziness and even the tendency to faint. There is an absence of thirst in most cases.

Rhus Tox:One of the Best Homeopathic medicines for fever with extreme body ache

Rhus Tox is one of the top natural Homeopathic medicines for persons who have fever with extreme body aches, leading to restlessness. Such a person wants to remain in motion to get relief. Rhus Tox is also the natural Homeopathic medicine for fever as a result of getting wet in rain.

Homeopathic medicines for Fever – Flu or Influenza type

Influenza is a viral infection with sudden fever, running nose, cough, pain in eyes, headache and body aches. The natural Homeopathic medicines for fever  that are of immense help in the treatment of Influenza are Aconite, Gelsemium and Eupatorium Perfoliatum. Aconite is prescribed for Influenza when sudden cold air exposure is the cause. The exposure is followed by immediate fever and watery nasal discharges. Extreme anxiety and restlessness accompany the fever. Gelsemium is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for a running nose and sneezing accompanied by pain in eyes and head. The patient may also experience weakness and drowsiness.  Homeopathic medicine Eupatorium Perfoliatum is of great help to treat the fever in Influenza when the patient experiences severe pain. This Homeopathic remedy, which has zero side effects like all natural Homeopathic medicines, provides a quick relief from pain.

 Homeopathic medicines for Fever – Malaria

The main symptom indicating malarial fever is beginning of fever with a chill followed by heat, and its closure by excessive sweating. There is a periodicity of fever, like the fever occurs every day and every third or fourth day. The selection of natural Homeopathic medicines for treating malarial fever is based on the stage of fever (chill, heat, sweat) that stands out prominently, thirst, desire or aversion to cover oneself up in different stages, the time of onset of fever and other characteristic symptoms present in individual cases. The best natural Homeopathic remediesfor malarial fever are Gelsemium, Arsenic Album, Nux Vomica and Eupatorium Perfoliatum. The patients who can benefit with natural Homeopathic remedy Gelsemium complain of extreme chilliness with a complete absence of thirst. Weakness and dizziness accompany fever. Arsenic Album is a natural Homeopathic remedy of great help to patients who are exhausted with fever and need a small quantity of water at very short intervals. Nux Vomica is best suited as a Homeopathic medicine for patients who want to remain covered in warm clothes in all the three stages of fever: heat, cold and sweat. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is the ideal natural Homeopathic medicine when extreme pains accompany the fever.

 Homeopathic Medicines for fever – Typhoid Fever

The symptoms of Typhoid Fever are continued fever, loss of appetite, rash, diarrhoea or constipation, abdomen pain and cough. In later stages, extreme exhaustion, lethargy and delirium are features of Typhoid Fever. Th Homeopathic medicines for Typhoid Fever are Baptisia, Arnica, Arsenic Album and Muriatic Acid. Baptisia is a Homeopathic medicine that is of help when all the body discharges, i.e. urine, sweat, stool and breath, are extremely offensive. This Homeopathic medicine can be used in delirious and stupor stages. The marked indication in stupor stage is sleepiness where the person falls asleep when talking to others. The peculiar delirium condition includes feeling as if the body is scattered into pieces.  Homeopathic medicine Arnica is used to medicine Typhoid Fever when there is an excessive sore and bruised sensation in the whole body. The body feels beaten up. The bed on which the person lies feels hard and he or she constantly changes position to find a soft spot. Arsenic Album is the natural Homeopathic medicine when utmost exhaustion, anxiety and restlessness are experienced by a patient of Typhoid Fever. Muriatic Acid is a natural Homeopathic medicine given when offensive stool passes involuntarily in Typhoid Fever. This is accompanied by great debility and deep sleep.

Homeopathic Remedies for Fever – Dengue fever

Dengue Fever is characterised by sudden fever with pain in head, pain behind eyes and severe bone pains known as bone break fever. A complication of Dengue Fever is haemorrhage from nose, mouth or under the skin with liver enlargement. This is referred to as Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever. The most effective natural Homeopathic medicines for Dengue Fever are Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Gelsemium, China and Ipecac. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is the top natural Homeopathic remedy for Dengue Fever with severe bone pain. This natural Homeopathic medicine provides prompt relief from pain. Gelsemium is prescribed when severe pain and heaviness in eyes are present in Dengue Fever. China and Ipecac are excellent natural Homeopathic remedies for Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever with bleeding.

 Homeopathic Medicines for fever with sore throat or inflammation of tonsils

Homeopathic medicine Belladona is the best natural remedy to deal with cases of fever with pain in throat. The person feels excessive heat with high fever, red eyes, pain in throat. Merc Sol is another natural Homeopathic medicine for fever with sore throat if excessive saliva is present in mouth. Hepar Sulph is also a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help for fever with a sore throat, especially when the pain in throat is accompanied by extreme chilliness.

 Homeopathic medicines for Fever –  Measles, Chicken Pox and Scarlet Fever

Eruptive fever accompanies diseases where eruptions appear on the body and includes Measles, Chicken Pox and Scarlet Fever. Natural Homeopathic remedies are of great help in the treatment of such fevers but the medicines have to be taken very cautiously as in no way should there be a suppression of eruptions. The suppression of eruptions may lead to severe brain complications. The top natural Homeopathic medicines for eruptive fevers are Belladona, Bryonia Alba, Antimonium Tart and Rhus Tox. The application of the required medicine is recommended after taking the individual case history of the patient.

 Homeopathic medicines for Fever – Septic Fever

The best natural Homeopathic medicines for dealing with Septic Fever are Pyrogenium, Anthracinum and Lachesis. Here again, the Homeopathic remedy is recommended after taking the complete case history from the patient. These natural Homeopathic medicines are to be taken very carefully and cautiously as Septic Fever indicates a very critical situation and may prove fatal.

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  1. Hi dr
    I m suffering from fever for last 5days the temperature becomes low a day time and get high in night also have pain in the ears mostly in the left ear and pain in the throat. Please suggest a remedy for my condition. Thanks

  2. Valentia says:

    Hi doctor my son is four yeas old,he was digonosed to have ammonia he took the treatment, now his hands and feet are hot he is breathing fast and his heart is beating fast please prescribe a medication for him

  3. Sir 5days befor i had a fever then dr. Said its viral fever and again yesterday i got fever the sentums Are befor fever pain in lower back then head and then ny legs abd shoulder i have aslo caughf

  4. Sudeshna says:

    What medicine n how many granules should be given to a 35 year old man with a body weight of 90 ,KGS having fever with cough n cold?how many times to b given too?

  5. Prithwijit De says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My wife is suffering from fever and headache since yesterday. The temperature is hovering around 100 and the headache is persistent. The onset of fever is accompanied by mild chilliness. Please prescribe suitable medicines.

  6. Hello doctor my 12 year old daughter is suffering from scoliosis 30 degree s shape curve. She has tendency of cold fever. Generally she likes spicy food . Plz prescrib any best medicine for scoliosis. It will be a great help.

  7. Firdos sajid says:

    Hello Dr sharma I want to ask my father was having fever from last Wednesday so this Tuesday noon we discovered tht he is having dengue he is hospitalised for five days not he have fever like 100 or 101 but with lots of chills his body vibrates a lot kindly plz tell me after how many days he will be ok

  8. Vinay Bhardwaj says:

    My daughter is 06 year old. from the past 10 days she is suffering from fever. Fever goes up & down and generally rises in the evening. Typhoid , Malaria Test got done and result is negative. My daughter is allergic to allopathic medicine, even PCM causes reaction in her body.

    Pls. advise a homeopathic medicine. we have already tried Arsenic albm 200, Briyania , Bellodana but not getting relief.

  9. My usually very healthy 8 y/o daughter is on her third day of illness with fever and associated rash on body more, most noticeable on back and trunk. No respiratory symptoms or sore throat. Strep screen negative yesterday. All vaccinations are up to date. Just today has complained of sore gums on sides of mouth. Do you have recommendation which remedy I should buy?
    Thank you,
    Monica Lulky

  10. jinder pal Singh says:

    Sir Fever from one month all reports is normal neutrophils slightly increased lymphocytes slightly decreased during antibiotic course no fever after that fever come in three four days again feel weakness suggest some remedies

  11. murugavel h/o thirupurasundari says:

    my name thirupourasundari aged 43 fever fo more than a month admitted in hospital for 10 days n all blood,urine ,x ray ,scan , mri result shows negative for fever allopathy antibiotic given disharged there after two execive body temperature and breahing problem identified as dengue fever platelets normal treatment given then further investigation shows pneumonia treatment given ,metrs, peptas,amicasin intravenously given then discharged after coplete cure again after 3 days shivering stomach chillness and fever every four hours in all above circumstances thirsty symptoms ,dry cough ,squizing of food pipe and dry mouth and lips i took liters of water further tried homeo medicine chinnium sulph 3x ,pyrogenium for 2 days at intervals of for hrs temperatur comes down but no cure then given lycopodium ,china at intervala of 4 hrs yet fever continues intermetently at above symptomns kindly tell what is that fever and advice homeo medicine

  12. apoorva says:

    my dad is very ill . he is having very high fever .. actually a rat bite him on his arm before 19 days ago. Now his whole hand was paining. now sir please tell me what should be do .. please need your help .reply me soon.

  13. Amit Joshi says:

    सुप्रभात सर।
    My daughter of 8 months is suffering from fever from yesterday. From last two – three days we are sleeping under AC of which she is not habitual. पिछले 10-15 दिनों से उसकी छाती में हल्की घड़-घड़ की आवाज़ आती है, बहुत हल्की खांसी भी है। कल से उसे बुखार है – पहले फोरहैड गरम हुआ फिर पूरा सिर गरम हुआ और उसके बाद हथेली, पाँव के तले और सारा शरीर गरम हो गया। उसे बार-बार पेशाब आ रहा था और ज्यादा उबासी भी। मेरे परिचित ने उसे केम्फर 30 की डोज़ 1- 1 घंटे से देने के लिए कहा। मैंने उसी विधि से Camphor दिया , पहले तो दो बार देने के बाद बुखार कम हो गया (गीली पट्टी भी की थी) लेकिन रात 12 बजे के करीब बुखार तेज हो गया तो मुझे पेरासिटामोल देना पड़ा। उसके बाद अब तक तो बुखार नहीं आया…हल्का सिर अभी भी गर्म है। कृपया उचित मार्गदर्शन करें कि उसे क्या मेडिसिन दें।
    अनेक अनेक धन्यवाद एवं साधूवाद।

  14. Lalit Bahuguna says:

    I am 41 year male my name is Lalit from the past one month I feel feverish and feeling of coldness all the time in summer specially up to mid of may month there is also little bit pain in stomach and my body temperature range between 97.3, 97.5. 97.6, 97.7 means below normal so i want to ask you what homeopathic medicine i would take so my condition will improve same problem also arise in last year and cured by homeopathic medicine arsenic album 30 sir please suggest me some medicine i ll be thankful to you.

  15. rubeena says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from fever body ache common cold and backache from last three days
    Dr gave me treatment but i have no effect

  16. GANGA PRASAD says:

    I am 27 year old. I m suffering from nightfall (swapndosh) since 2004. I have taken medicine verious type but no effect and today i have diabeties . Please help me.


  17. GANGA PRASAD says:

    I have a son 2years old. he has fever and cold evey 15 or 30days . so he feels very weak and tired.he don’t like to drink cow’s milk and milk product . please give me a good advice for his health and food . Thanks sir GANGA

  18. Debasis Bhattacharya says:

    Dear sir
    I am a male of 57 yrs. Since yesterday I am having mild body ache. Today morning flew from Hyderabad t Mumbai. Now little irritation in throat. nose is getting wet. Sm times cough is disturbing. Kindly suggest a medicine with specific dose.

    Sincere regards.

  19. kim Przybylowicz says:

    my son has fever and dry cough along with a runny nose with clear mucous.please help.

  20. ankur saini says:

    hi sir i m ankur mere ko 5 yr pahle tv hui thi 1 yr medicine li ab 2 yr se loss of appite loos weight my all report are normal sgpt sgopt spleen hiv tyriod feel nosia vomiting low fever & cough blok nose dry says i think u saffing for sinus or asthma but hd xray is nomal all blod report normal plz help me 8559372317

    • ankur saini says:

      hi sir i m ankur mere ko 5 yr pahle tv hui thi 1 yr medicine li ab 2 yr se loss of appite loos weight my all report are normal sgpt sgopt spleen hiv tyriod feel nosia vomiting low fever & cough blok nose dry says i think u saffing for sinus or asthma but hd xray is nomal all blod report normal plz help me 8559372317

  21. My husband has been very sick this week, started with what looks like his typical spring allergies ,runny nose and eyes, which are so severe they make him weak like a flu, then he has been having chills, feverish (very low) and sweats, nausea and stomach aches, also full sinuses with pressure headache, body aches, arms hurt when sneezing, and back, now neck ache on left side like a muscle stiffness. It has been 5 days. His sinuses are starting to open up with hot compresses. I gave him rhus tox today, what should the correct remedy be? There seems to be a virus involved as my daughter is having a 38C fever today.

  22. Nitesh Ananda Ravan says:

    My 2.3 year baby suffering for high grade fever up to 104… 105f form the last 2 years all Aelopathy treatment done please help me and she is cancer patient but cancer is cure but fever not gone all report is normal like urine…. Blood or any scane report


    My son is 15 years old. Now he is reading in class X. His physical figure is slim and tall. But maximum days of the year, he suffers for the disease of flux, cough and fever from childhood to till now. Please tell me which medicine is the best to take for my son and what is the doses per day to take the medicine.

  24. I received this letter from a friend whose husband has been sick with nightly fevers since he was in Mexico about 3 months ago. I graduated from a 4-yr school of homeopathy here in Minneapolis, but still appreciate advice treating acute conditions. :o( I just happened to be reading about the fever remedies and saw your site… so I’m copying the letter that was sent to me in case you have some insight.

    It’s been a really weird thing going on with him 🙂 I remember he was a little sick in Mexico, which is why it’s easy to date how long he’s been sick. There don’t seem to be any gut issues, no vomiting or diarrhea. It really presents just like a minor illness with cold/flu symptoms. In general, he coughs all night not getting a good night’s sleep, then he wakes up super congested and body aches. After a good steamy shower to loosen the phlegm, he feels a little better for the morning, still coughing but not as bad (no sneezing, etc) then as the afternoon goes on he starts to get worse body aches, followed by increasing fever/chills until he goes to bed. It really has been that simple and predictable. The only change is if he’s been doing something strenuous, then it just moves up the time frame, so the body chill/fever seem to be somehow tied to how tired his body is (like monday afternoon-thurs morning aren’t typically as bad as thurs-monday morning (after he’s done all his activities like take the kids to band, after he preaches, awana, etc) So he’s able to push himself really hard with “i’m not sick” energy levels sunday, tues, wed, and thurs, but is in REALLY bad shape by sunday night. The odd thing is that I finally convinced him to do almost nothing and take naps and medicate to sleep almost all of last week, and he seems to be worse this week now…

    What have we tried? last week he did take pseudoephedrine for the congestion and cough syrup with codeine so that he could actually sleep, and those did what they were supposed to do well enough. He also takes minimal ibuprofen for the body aches (he really does hate to medicate) we’ve also done steam for congestion, raw honey for the cough/sore throat from coughing, and sinus massage– all of which help the symptoms, but are very temporary.

    As for dreams? well, he’s been dreaming about russia a lot, if that helps. LOL 🙂

    Thanks for wanting to help, I think he is finally getting tired enough of this to do something about it 🙂

  25. Aatreya Sengupta says:

    Sir, my uncle has golbladder stone about 1.9 mm in size. How can it be treated with homeopathy?

  26. Joni Sutradhar says:

    Since 2 days I feeling fever,flux and cough what can I do or eat medicine?

  27. Sir my daughter is 4 and a half year she had high fever which is not controlling by the medicine
    So should I treat her with Homeopathic it will work on high fever??

  28. my husband has been hospitalized fir three days duagnised with sever malaria given treament after duscharged but still have the headache at the back and sleepy treatment is finished

  29. Started with slight stomach pain, seems motion Infection and then started with fever

  30. Ramesh Singh says:

    सर एक सप्ताह से बुखार आ रहा है , शाम 6 बजे से बढ़ना शुरू होता है 101℃तक हो जाता है, खांसी भी थोड़ा थोड़ा है खांसते वक्त गले में दर्द होता है।fevoclean ले रहा हूँ । बुखार चढ़ते समय पैरों के निचले हिस्से में ठण्ड लगता है । plz कोई मेडिसिन सजेस्ट कीजिये।

  31. rahul aggarwal says:

    my child is 6 years old.he frequently suffers from sore throat..kindly guide me best medicine.

  32. Allahudin says:

    i love you mr sharma!! had a teacher in Nairobi called mrs sharma!

  33. asoke kumar mandal says:

    felling feverish at midnight for last three nights . give remedies with potency.

  34. My 8 year old son has had high fever for 24hrs with excessive sneezing. Post nasal drip causing mild cough. Slight dizziness. No other symptoms. No sweating with fever. I’m on holidays and have several remedies except Aconite. Have been giving him Belladonna. Should I switch to another remedy. His fever this morning is at 101F but last night it was 103F. I think he has the flu.

  35. Sudhir kumar says:

    I am suffering about two years about one month ago I admitted in hospital and diagnosed chicken guniya but there were two test one is plosive and one negative till now I not feeling wéll neck pain teeth pain white tounge after 3.30 pm trouble going increase in right side feel itching gas trouble in right kidney lever and in the night it increase and goes to left. Some alpin type etching feeling and came red point on affected parts and small allergy . when problem increase fever goes to 95.5 . so please suggest the madicne

  36. Surjeet Singh says:

    My 9 year old son Master Gobind is suffering from Fever ranging 102-104 for last 3 days. He is complaining stomach pain, Headace and pain in legs along fever. Feels cold when temprature rises. Fever is being supressed by Paracitamol as of now. Aconite 30 was given but no improvement. Please suggest.
    With regards,

  37. Bhavin patel says:

    Last 4 month my mother is high fever .all reports are negative including pets scan.only viral infection detected and we complete cource of viral infection treatment in allopathy but still my mother’s fever is continue… my mother age 61year.please suggest me homeopathy medicine.

  38. Vireshwar Mehato says:

    My self is a suffering from Typhaid fever since two months. Fever medicine had been cured was 1 month. Fever is coming again tomorrow. Homyopthy set forth in medicine

  39. Bhavin patel says:

    My mothere is suffering from viral infection fever till last 3,4 month and incresed wbc count 24000 if any mecine for decrease wbc count in homeopathy please suggest.

  40. okwulehie chima Kenneth says:

    I have severe headache,heaviness in my eyes,sour throat ,fevers during the day and night and my thong feels burnt ,pls advice me on the right medicine to use tanks.

    • Dear sir,intermittent internal(temperature seen inside than skin) with cold,inflammated throat,cough in cold winds,dried mouth,reddishness,dry ness of eyes,constipation, fissures,backache,joint pains,tiredness wih that sleeolesness,cont.thoughts for 5days.I tried Aco,bry30,sulpher no use pls tl me wat to do.

  41. shailesh sharma says:

    M shailesh sharma age 21 from hamirpur himachal pradesh. Sir m getting fever from last 3 weeks.. M almost done with all tests .dengue test,malaria typhoid ultrasound all i hv done. All are negative.. But still i feel sonetimes feverish as m taking medicines these days suggested by mbbs doctor. And i hv still cold .. Dry cold ..nose is nit watery bcuz of that i feel headache up my eyes.. What shuld i do sir.. Pls help me.

  42. S K Sharma says:

    I feel feverish body ache and dizziness throughout the year which increases during cold weather.I also have severe muscles pain whole suggest suitable homeopathic medicine.Get relief when I take pain killer which I want to avoid. Remains Spondylitis

    • S K Sharma says:

      I feel feverish body ache and dizziness throughout the year which increases during cold weather.I also have severe muscles pain whole suggest suitable homeopathic medicine.Get relief when I take pain killer which I want to avoid. Remains Spondylitis I m 56 year

  43. My age 53 years.i am suffering from loose motion since 8 month.i loose weight about 6 kg in these month

  44. Sajen Maharjan says:

    I have high fever for about 4 days. I also feel like vomiting. Sometimes my head starts paining.

  45. Today onwards I started homeo Medicine for my 4 years old child for fever. I start giving medicine in the morning. But she didn’t decrease the fever. If can I give allopathy medicine like paracetamol . It cause any side effect

  46. AJAY tiwari says:

    Fever on off since 5 says with bodyache

  47. My legs and hands are paining.
    I am not able to stand.
    Please advised me some medicine.

  48. Arkodeep Sen (son of RN Sen) says:

    Array you are a Barbecue don’t give reply only what the doctor you are this is a fake website nobody should visit this website everyone who is No visited here I am telling you all that don’t visit again this is a website because this doctor is not replying I am very angry I want it that you are Gaseous Barack

  49. Arkodeep Sen (son of RN Sen) says:

    From last ten days my head is paining and it is very heavy and I am having too much of cold and my nose is blocked and now I am feeling like a little bit of fever what should I do now????

  50. From last ten days my head is paining my whole body is paining I am having too much of cold and cough and sneezing all day and now I am feeling like a little bit of fever what should I do now????

  51. Jyoti Gaba says:

    Hello Doctor, My son is 8 yrs old. He is having sore throat, pain in legs and fever at 99 from today itself. Please prescribe some medicine.

  52. Ashwini Pradeep says:

    Hi Doctor….

    My 2 year son is suffering from severe cough with vomit and fever from the past 3 days. At morning it looks some what better. But increases too much at night.

    Please suggest me remedy for that. I am really worried a lot

  53. Shreyash Upadhyaya says:

    Dear Dr. Please guide me through seasonal cough and feverish.. Nose blocked.
    Please help me

  54. kuljeet singh khalsa says:

    Dear dr.
    Pls guide me
    My monther suffering from fever and pain allways. Pls suggest the medicine and doze

  55. SATISH SINGLA says:

    Dear Dr sahib
    My wife is suffering from fever and body pains and headache . She is feeling very weakness in her body. pain in lower parts of legs are untolrable and feeling chill. kindly suggest me medicine and dose.

  56. Dear sir
    I have been suffering from continuous pain in arms and legs after a viral fever
    My age is 70
    Please suggest some medicines to relieve this ache which sometimes becomes very severe

  57. Priyanka Paliwal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My fever started on 12/09/16 with a low temperature range(99.5-100.8). After two days, I developed sore throat and cough. I was put on antibiotic after that. I have taken two courses of different antibiotics( one for three and another for five days). After that, fever showed a peculiar pattern. It went away in the morning, however every evening I get a temperature around 99.0-99.3. All my blood profile and urine reports are normal. Its been over a month now and I am fed up with this evening rise in temperature. I consulted a homeopath and he has given me following medicines: Lycopodium 1 M, Hepar Sulph 200, Anthracinum 1M . I have been taking these medicines since last 10 days. However, the fever still returns in the evening.
    Please help me.

  58. shri bhagwan says:

    Sir good morning my wife is suffring from fever. Some time she feel good and after interval period of 2 ir three months she get again fever. Request tell me what i do and time and date i met u

  59. Satyadeb mishra says:

    Dear doctor , your suggestion are also best . . But sir give , medicine doses and medicine manufactorer company for best medicine

  60. I had a high fever on 24/9/16 for twelve days. Now there is too much pain in my legs . dr. gave me dolo 650 my fever ok but too much pain in legs. Suggest somthing please.
    Age 55.

  61. sudipta sarkar says:

    my daughter is 3years 10 months old.she is sufferimg from cold& caugh in most of the days in a year.also some fever.not gaining weight & height.she is only 10 kg & 89 cm height.what we shall do?please help

  62. Karamjit singh says:

    My wife is having problem of cough n fever which is up to 99.2 or 99.3 and shez high wbc count that is 14500 present.It was very high about 27000 but after some homeopathy treatment is started lowering.
    Can u please help me to get this wbc normal.
    From 1 n half year shez having this problem.
    She has infection in her chest n tonsils
    Plzz plzz help me…. tell me some german homeopathy medicine
    Shez taking R1 and R48

  63. Sharad Gupta says:

    Sir I am suffering from viral fever and cough from 1 week and dry cough also started I am taking do many aloptheic medicines but ther is no more relief

  64. jagabandhu bhattacharya says:

    Sir,my baby 2+ aged.she suffering cold,cough with fever.when she suffering allopathic Dr advice p125,azithrol caugh syrup,texim o,levata m,nibulization
    Plz sir help me.

  65. Aman Tandon says:

    How to treat with viral or dengu
    Pls help us….

  66. Doctor my 2.5 yr old daughter has been suffering from cold symptoms with fever for the past 4days. First day fever was above 101 degrees with red streaming eyes and slight nasal discharge. We began with Ferrum phos. Second day fever was absent most of the time, in the evening rising to 99 – 100 degrees . 3rd day no fever but drowsy and cranky. Lots of sneezing, nasal discharge still white and transparent but profuse, began coughing , coughed up white phlegm in the night. 4 th day same symptoms and fever is back . Giving her Allium Cepa and Ferrum phos . Not sure about the remedies . Plz advice us . Thank you

  67. Pooja jamwal says:

    Hello sir,Mera baby 8 months ka hai or use kal sham se fever or tonsil hai.wo kuch pee b nhi rha hai plz koi achi medicine btaeye .aajkal viral b Ho rha hai

  68. Manoj Kumar jindal says:

    Fever 105 dg . During Fever continue much headache treatment for homeopathy medicine

  69. Dr.Richa Gupta says:

    Sir 15 month ki baby ko viral fever aa gya hai,abhi aya hai to kaunsi med du aur dose

  70. Randhir Singh says:

    I have suffered faever for five days 104 deg cent. Now red small sign seeing on whole body. Pains are continues in my legs. What’s this

  71. My mother has 101 fever, witb severe headache, bad throat infection wigh bulgum, pain. In. Eyes, ears, and loss of. Appetite. I have given. Her aconite 30,should i. Givd her belladona also

    • My mother has 101 fever, witb severe headache, bad throat infection wigh bulgum, pain. In. Eyes, ears, and loss of. Appetite. I have given. Her aconite 30,should i. Givd her belladona also
      Doctor can you pls suggest



  73. I am 24 just couple of years ago I was taking optimum nutrients whey protien supplement for my muscle growth it went well for couple of months,as my protien intake was very high I felt very horny and I started masturbating at a very high rate,my testesterone level was really high,I one night night masturbated straight 8-9 times and drank a mug of a litre to overcome the energy I lost since that day my stomach got upset I gradually had to quit going to the gym,and just days later I had a very high fever I went to the doctor he prescribed me some medicines to cure my fever and fix my stomach,my fever went away but my stomach still isn’t well enough,I can’t perform my daily routines tasks,I can’t tolerate milk or any other dairy products my energy level is zero I feel weak and frail my hair is falling,no sex drive,my bp goes down I feel lightheaded as if I haven’t eaten anything,at times I feel ill pass out,I stopped having fun,I don’t listen to music or watch movies don’t like going out with friends,my left side of the lower lips seems like pulling like a seizure attack due to weakness,My stool is diaharrea I fart right after I eat my food and feels the urgency of passing it out,no watery motion but like a paste,there is no blood or mucus in the stool,I am malnutrition,my stomach don’t digest anything that I eat,I had endoscopy it went well and I had no disease,when you don’t feel well you don’t want to do anything same is the case with me,I feel my body isn’t making energy from food I eat I feel very hungry at times like if I won’t eat something I’ll faint,due to weakness my sleeping hours has been effected,I have trouble sleeping I wake up during night times.i have thirsty feeling at night,my palms and feet gets sweaty,sometimes it even gets hard for me to speak feels like I don’t have that much energy to deliver my speech,I am just dragging myself,I even have involuntary semen discharge ( jaryaaan) at the age of 24 I feel like I am living a life of 80 year old person

  74. Dear Dr. Sharma
    My doughter age 9 yers 10 months is suffering with fever for last 15 days. The fever was very high 103-105 in 1st 3 days but after 2nd Sep 16 she is having temperature between 99-101. She is on paracetamol 500 mg on SOS basis . We have to give medicine after every 6 hrs ( whenever fever reaches at 100 or more).

    All tests are normal,appetite is normal.

    Please suggest.

  75. Munir badar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    Love you so much for your Prescriptions, I want to discuss with you my problem which is Continue sneezing, Discharge of water from nose, Synosytist, and Polyps problem.

    kindly suggest some medicine for me as it has very chronic, since last 13 years.

    best regards,

    Munir Badar

  76. Vyshali daniel says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have kid is 3 years old and she has suffering from fever in forehead and legs is chilled and some times stomuch is hot, and severe cold and sneezing some times she is very dull and when she wake up she is active, to much tired from the past 10days

    Please help me doctor

    Vyshali Daniel

  77. Sir ,I have fever from 12 days BT not continuous.fever is between 99-100.when I wake up in morning I feel my body is little warm then after some time I feel that my temperature of body become normal.what happened to me blood test report is normal.

  78. Suman Dhar says:

    Koushik Roy,my cousin,has been suffering for altogether cough, fever and sweating. What medicine should he take?

  79. Drew Nowlan says:

    please help. I returned home from Bali just over 3 months ago. I was diagnosed with Dengue fever on my return and am still experiencing severe shoulder bone, muscle, upper back pain and an upset stomach. Also headaches are continuing along with light sensitivity. my shoulders are stopping me from returning to work or even sustained exercise. I walk each morning (after 4 weeks being pretty much bed bound)but can only last 40 minutes and then am too fatigued to continue. Please advise as i want to get on with my life but at present im just getting depressed and angry that its taking so long.

  80. Im having fever of 101 to 102 pain in knuckles and neck at time restlesness
    I am diabetic too

  81. chanderpal yadav says:

    Sir, my daughter is 5 years old and feeling cold and fever is continue since yesterday and doctor said you will have to wait 48 hours , but concern is that fever is not being down . Her whole body is burning by fever so I want to know which one medicine and its course so that she will relief.
    Plz. Sir help my daughter

    • Samoa junaid says:

      My 4 yrs son has been has fever for 5 days.about 102 to 103 at night and 100 to 101 on day.he is suffering from very badly cough.plz recommend me some homeopathic medicine

  82. Shiv Shankar Choubey says:

    R/Sir, My mom age 59 yrs suffering from many problem like megaloblastic anaemia, vit B12 deficiency, obesity, hypertension, osteoarthritis and CKD stage 3 at present her kidney is functioning 52 % bt fom last 2 yrs she is having mild fever ranging from 99 to 101 degree and rest everything is under control. Her urine culture report as per SRL suggests that she is having recurrent UTI bt as per Diagno lab she is not having UTI.One problem is there that whenever Dr’s r recommending antibiotics it is reacting and at that time we r giving her Avil 25 mg to cut the reaction for this its my humble request to u to suggest some homoeopathic medicine so that she should get rid of that fever.For this I’ll b highly obliged to u. Thanking u in anticipation! Shiv Shankar Choubey

  83. Dear Dr Sharma,
    My friend is suffering from fever frequently. Sudden high temperature with body ache, joint pain, running nose and throat pain. last month, 4 times this happened and 2 times in this month.
    He is a regular smoker , takes 7 or 8 cigarette daily and occasionally consumes alcohol.
    What could be the remedy of his health condition , and what homeopathy medicine will work best for him?

  84. Vikas jain says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My son 16yrs old is suffering from fever and body ache since 1 week. Fever is 102.6. It ranges between 99 and 103
    He is having neck pain and head ache.
    Dengue and malaria test are negative.
    Y’day blood test is showing typhoid positive.
    Now he is hospitalised.
    Pls suggest some homeopathic remedy

  85. Kafinoor Hossain says:

    Which books will help me for best homeopathy treatment in Bengali or English

  86. arjun jaiswal says:

    my daughter is suffering for allergy of milk and milky product and chana dust perfume and two medicine and other and it’s gain high fever and cough I want help by you

  87. vishnu kansal says:

    Hello Dr. My son is one year old and suffering fever and running nose 45 days nothing come in blood test Dr. Says it is a viral,fever comes after every 20-24 hours suggest any best medican

  88. Mohammad Rais says:

    Dear Sir, have high fever, with severe lower leg pain. Combiflam brings down temperature but again it increases.

    I request you to kindly Homeopathic medicine for problem.

    Mohammad Rais
    53 Years Male

  89. Shivah mishra says:

    Dear sir,
    I want to know which medicine is for preventive medicine for viral fever and which power and how much time I have take this medicine

  90. Gurjit Singh says:

    My daughter is age of 6yrs she is suffering from vomits and fever and always when she gets fever vomit is there. Pls prescribed the best medicine for her with dosage. Thank you

  91. Atul Kapoor says:

    Dear Sir
    I have developed fever with chest congestion with diarrhoea for the last 3 days . The diarrhoea started yesterday- about two to three times a day .My other chronic medical conditions are diabetes type 2 and hypertension.Please advice.

  92. jasmine choudhary says:

    Hello sir,
    My daughter is 13 months old suffering from sudden rise in temperature ,restless and lack of sleep and apetite.
    Plz suggest some medicine for instant relief.

  93. Dear Sir,
    I have corns in my feet. Could you please suggest some medicine.

  94. Saeed Ahmad Khan says:

    dear sir.
    my 20 year old sister suffering with fever around 2 years
    any doctor can’t able to permanently relief
    what I do please help me.
    thanks & regards
    Khan Saeed Ahmad

  95. ramesh singh says:

    good evening sir

    my self ramesh Singh having age 34. suffering from fever chill cough
    mild headache during cough last three day pl suggest homeopath medicine & doses
    yours faithfully
    ramesh singh

  96. SK Arora says:

    Mrs. aruna 50 slim having 100 f fever with bodyache. temperature get down by giving allopathy medicines, given for five days now stopped. bodyache, lying down, gien arsen alb+RT+baptesia+Gingiber as contaminated. ESR is 60 PCV 33.2 Aglutinin titre is greater than 1.80 indicats infection. Typhoid and Widal tests got done. No typhoid. Could you sugest medicine.

  97. Hello Dr Sharma, I’m suffering from fever for the last 2 or 3 days. It started when I woke up on Sunday morning and I feel my whole body with every joint was aching so badly that I felt that my bed was incredibly hard. I have noticed that my fever becomes less in the morning, 99, and then rises again in the evening up to 103. My symptoms have changed during the last two days and right now I feel a tremendous pain in the in the kidney region of my lower back. Not much thirst or appetite. Any advice wd be greatly appreciated.

  98. Suffering from 103 degree fever from last two days..with body ache and congestion in chest..plz suggest me some homeopathivc remedy

  99. DINESH Kumar CHAUDHARY says:

    Sir i am suffering from cough could and fever and very much headache and body pain please tell me homeopathic medicine

  100. i am using homeo medicine for me and my family , sir can you prescribe a good medicine for varicose vain i am suffering about 25 years

    waiting for your valuable repply

    • manoj kumar says:

      good evening sir, i am suffering from fever within 4 month. feaver is comes at 3 pm and gone night 1 am . i sick march 2016 month with typhoid. i go to doctor and take medision for thyphoid. i take 15 days medition. and thyphoid gone. but feaver is not gone. every day 3 pm comes. i take paracetamol tablet. i done all test. but test is normal. so pl suggest me. what i do?

  101. Charlotte Martis says:

    My son aged nine has inflamed adenoids as said by his allopathic doctor, he’s allergic to something so Dr has put him on montelukast 5 mg 1 tablet each night,he has been getting cold ,sore throat and fever every 3-4 months sometimes going up to 101,since 3 -4 yyrs,can homeopathic medicine help as otherwise Dr has suggested surgery after 3-4 months.

  102. Pawan Jibrajika says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am suffering from severe cold cough and fever since yesterday. stomach disorder is also there. There is constipation and some watery discharge while going to washroom. Throat is also sour. Some restlessness and weakness is also there. Please guide some suitable homeopathic medicine. I have taken electral powder solution.


    Pawan Kumar

  103. Dear sir ,
    I m suffering from fever with cough and body pain …..
    Please suggest me the medicines to feel relief …
    Thanks u

  104. Hello doctor my husband is having fever from last 3 days in its viral …fever was 104 n now its 101 in the second day…He was admitted for a week last month June 2016 was his fever was 104…n after 20 days he is again suffering from fever

  105. Jimmy kumar says:

    Dear sir I am 38 yr old and since my childhood I am having problem of prolong fever during seasonal change and even after treatment in allopathy taking antibiotics but then also I not feel good. My fever comes with immense body pain and upper respiratory congestion. In a year I am also allergic to seasonal change and weak immune system and frequent cold and cough. Kindly suggest a good 2 medicine which one I can use through out year and second during seasonal change and fever.

  106. hi fever with body pains

  107. Prasad KVS says:

    Dear Sir since Saturday night I am suffering with fever associated with cough I am unable to control temperature also despite using allopathic medicine pl suggest suitable homeo medicine for me

  108. jayashree says:

    Hallo Dr.
    My Daughter is 4 year old..since afternoon she is having fever (100c)..she is complaining of headache also..yesterday she was wet in the rain..she is not having running nose or sore throat..
    what homeopathy medicine should i give her?

  109. Dr. Amlyan kumar Batabyal says:

    Dear sir.
    First time i am looking this side. Many many thanks for your help.

    • koustov says:

      from yesterday i have fever with watery nose & one nose is blocked also i have shunken eyes & dark circle around eyes,pls suggest some remedies.

  110. Dr. Amlyan kumar Batabyal says:

    Dear sir.
    Many many thanks for your help.

  111. ARINDAM GHOSH says:



    Nearly two years ago a reputed Bengali newspaper published from Kolkata name Bartman patrika, published a news that stated Belledona is medicine that has a capability to prevent fever caused by JE virus. That time in the northern part of Westbengal namely Darjeeling Siliguri and Jalpaiguri area several people were affected and died due to JE infection and then that news made people rush to Homeo medicine shops for Belledonna 30 for kid/elder etc. From that time I have a question in my mind… 1). Is it really true ? 2). Can we prevent seasonal flu infection with Belledona or other Homeo medicine?. Flu makes very serious kids and elders.
    Kindly reply.

  112. G S Salaria says:

    my wife aged 60 yr statrted feeling stomach pain yesterday afternoon. At night she took one allopathic pill and pain subsided. Hpwever, she started feeling fever 100 to 101 since mid night. I gave her Ferrum Phos after every 4 to 5 hrs. and one dose of Aconite was also given in the noon. Fever still there between 100-101. Suggest further remedy. Thanks

  113. neetu bhatnagar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter is 2.5 yrs, she is having fever (max 102), cough n cold. please suggest what medicine should give to my toddler.

  114. Ritima Arora says:

    Dear sir
    My father is suffering from typhoid.. And after 24 hours of taking homeopathic medicine his body temprature which was 101 now goes up to 104 degrees..shoud we continue to take medicine or stop ????

  115. Hi Dr. My baby developed a cold on Saturday and then Sunday night fever started and vomitted twice and lack of appetite. This continued two nihts then fwver tapered off but every evening he still gets a low fever around 38 and still bot eating very well. Why is he getting fever still? What can i give? He is 16 months old

  116. Ashwin Dubey says:

    Hi my name is Ashwin Dubey age 37 suffering from fever last two months I have taken too many medicine medical tests,ct-scan,blood test but not relief what you suggest sir fever 100 or 101 not more

    Please help
    Contac number 8446611868

  117. Dear Sir
    My child who is a 2 yr old daughter is suffering from fever for the last 3/4 days. She was given Calpol suspension 250. But today early morning at around 5 am she started shivering. She otherwise is quite active. Had given her Nux Vom 30. Since she is too young to talk so unable to make out the exact problem. Kindly guide me with the medicine that suits best.



    • Madhavi says:

      Sir,we use acconite for fever but it decrease s slowly ,is it ok if temperature remains 104 for two days
      Or any medicine to down the temperature

  118. L R Sharma says:

    The 35 year old male patient travelled by bus for 4 hours in great heat (46 degrees celsius) and returned ill. Fever with no thirst, back pain, great weakness, lack of appetite and the desire to eat anything. Better lying down. Fever increases in the evening. Feels chill after meals.
    Please suggest some medicine, Dr Sharma.
    Lakshmi Raj Sharma

  119. amit sinha says:

    Hello sir, my 5 & a half years old daughter is suffering by a bad fever. She is sweting a lot and compaining for lawer middle breast pain , filling dificulty in swallowing food and breathing. Please suggest me what are reasons for such fever and what remadies to give her

  120. says:

    Hello sir, my 5 & a half years old daughter is suffering by a bad fever. She is sweting a lot and compaining for lawer middle breast pain , filling dificulty in swallowing food and breathing. Please suggest me what are reasons for such fever and what remadies to give her

  121. My 83 year old husband suffers from high (101-104) temperatures with no other indications. They appear every few months and last 6-8 days. Numerous tests and blood work reveals nothing. Any suggestions would be appreciated…This last bout has been accompanied by nausea and gastric distress

  122. I had typhoid 2 months ago..went through the entire treatment and got my tests done again…levels were normal.after 15 days of medicine my fever cane back.I get about 99 to 99.5 fever every evening and it goes of on its own.
    Got all tests done everything is normal.
    Kindly suggest.

  123. Rekha diwan says:

    i am 24 year old female i have viral fever since 5 years plz give me some medical solution of about viral fever

  124. Dr . Noor Muhammad says:

    dr sb I solute you .pl. continue this job for service of humanity.

  125. Md. Rizwan says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 21years old and i have suffering from sneeze,fever and cough with body aches this problem have become next yesterday. And right shoulder pain from today.
    please advise me to recover from
    all of these problems

  126. Pravas ranjan Misra says:

    Dear R. Sharma,

    My wife 64 years old and is a chronic asthma patient. Asthma is is under somewhat control but she has a continous fever 99F to 100F for last 3 to 4 months. I tried with several types of medicine consulting alopathic homoeopathy doctor but the medicine works for 3to 4 days but again the same thing. Problem is how to get rid of the fever/

  127. Habeeb Rahman says:

    Dear Doctor!…
    I am getting fever very often. But it is not usual fever, which is increasing of temperature slowly in my body. And I get throat infection very often and every time before fever starts. Body & joint pain comes along with fever and continues at least 4 days to a week.

    I am 24 years old. Naturally i feel excess temperature in my body. Sometimes I feel cold in normal temperature itself. Whenever fever comes then my body weight losses 1 to 2 kgs.

    I have good Hb about 13.2

    please advise me to recover from all of these problems

  128. Naresh Kumar Bhatti says:

    Sir, My son Ankit Bhatti has been diagnosed with CKD-stage 5. He has been put up under dialysis twice in a week for the last six months. His present cretenine and blood urea are 12 and 135 respectively (predialysis) . We usually take the LFt, KFt, CBC, tests twice in a month. His other parameters are: AGE-17 years, weight 40 kg. He still urinates, He is not diabetic, His blood pressure normally remains normal. He is having a sharp and intelligent mind………….Could you please suggest some homeopathy medicine. Thanks.

  129. Dinesh kumar singh says:

    Pt. History – Name Vivek Kumar Singh. Age . 7yrs.
    Continue fever 24 hrs. 98 to 100 degree farenhite. Medicine taken Aconite 30 alternate 3hrs 4times. No relief then next time Bryonia 200 alternate 4 hrs . But no relief. Pleas help me.

    • Pramod sharma,Nepalgunj ,Nepal says:

      Written above the name of the patient who is suffering from mild fever 99* each & everyday in the evening nearly at 7 ,8 o’clock for 3 months.several allopathic medicine given to him but there is no progress.can you help him please

  130. Rajan kathrotiya says:

    Sir,i had a fever since 1 week,and i feel nervousness everywhere,suggest me one medicine …

    • Ahmad Nadeem says:

      Sir, my 10 yers old son suffering from fever from last 4 day. He has cough and sor throat and chest infection. Igave him aconit 200 but his headache start.plz tel me the right medicine

  131. rajesh chowdhary says:

    Dr iam asthma patient since 15 yrs use inhaler in cold season but now 2 months i am getting fevrishness body pain nose block body warm got treatment from doctr no releif in fact i had drink some cold drink i hav daily head bath iam 96 kgs. So pls guide some solution doctr i am karnataka

  132. inder Singh says:

    Lasr three days and nights been running very high fever like 40 degrees celcius. Seen two doctors they advised medications for both viral and bacterial infections. One medication cause nausea within an hour of taking. And I endup vomitting. I have dry cough when fever is high. Can I do something about it?

  133. sarita jamwal says:

    Gud evng sir…i m a boy frm india living in london. Last month whnevr i come frm job in evng i had frequent fevr tiredness dry cough body pains nd headache.Thn it goes on,for few dayz i took paracetamol it worked for tht particular tym thn nxt day same happn.One day i decided to cnslt a nearby gp they told me to do some tst….blood tst,x-ray,ct-scan…i did nd thr came some bacterial infection in chest due to which i ws suffering frm all symptoms.They prescribed me DOXYCYCLOINE-100mg for 8 dayz.I hd completed my dose bt still fevr comes at night nd goes aftr taking paracetamol nd thn huge amnt of sweat comes……i m upset it is happning since 2 weeks i m on bed…..????????

  134. shalini agarwal says:

    sir, I am 44 year old, a housewife. For last 5 years, in summers I suffers from low grade fever. Other problems is pain in right S-I joint of my back. I am also taking English medicines for problem of vertigo (Tablet-VERTIN 16 daily) for last 10 years. I have gone to allopathic doctors. In medical examination all reports are almost OK. A doctor suggested me to take Bryonia 200. This medicine gave me some relief in pain of SI joint, but there was some increase in fever. I do not have more thirst. During fever I feel some weakness and body pain. Kindly suggest me some homeopathic remedy for my problem.

  135. Nour Nazar Abdurahiman says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My 18 month old daughter had a bad flu with runny nose and constant sneezing. She got better with Ars Alb. But after the flu, she lost her apetite and she doesnt eat anything and drinks plenty and plenty of water. Could you please suggest some medicine for her apetite to come back?

    • Rashmi gupta says:

      Dear Dr sharma,
      My son 10 years old is suffering from sneezing almost continues ten times. After that he is restless. I had homeopathic medicine from a nearby doctor but no cure is there. Pls suggest some medicine.

  136. Hi
    I hv joint painsspecially backache is too much.

  137. vishal singh says:

    Sir , I feel fever from two years but when I check the temp its normal. I can’t understand what is the problem inside my body. I always feel bodypain, weakness. Restless, anxiety. I used many medicine but no result. Please sir give me a right way.

  138. Aravind Kumar says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My wife has a uncommon fever since long time (a year) and it fluctuate daily. The body temperature get ups and down at least 2-3 times in a day. I am not able to understand what type of diseases it is? If you have any homeopathy solution for this please let me know.


  139. says:

    An another homeopathy website which covers yoga, home remedies, homeopathy and auyurveda. visit..

  140. Pradeep Sharma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    This morning on a visit to Gurudwara, I came across a Kirtan Raagi aged 23 years who have a very different symotoms of a fever and headache, (My fayher sahib was an Homoeopath) I am not a homoeopath,

    This person gets fever daily accompanied with severe headache on whole area of top portion of head from 12 to 6 during day and midnight. Looking around for homeopathic medicine for himI reached this site, where I find lot of advise and treatment of different fevers. Could you kindly advise the best medicine for this helpless person. He has got all check ups done but nothing wrong as per his statement. Please help. Best Regards, P Sharma

  141. what is medicine for breast enhancement ?

  142. rajani desale says:

    Sir what about potency and repeatation according to age group please help me I m beginner

  143. ashok sharma says:

    Dear Sir, Iam60 plus diabetic & hypertensive since year 2001, both under cotrol. I am suffering from head ache whole day and night from last 10 -12

    Dear sir , I am diabetic & hypertensive from last 15 years both well under cntrol ‘I am suffering from sciatica ,Left specially late night early morning worst . kindly advise hommoeopathic treatment for it and obliege.

    I am 61 plus .

    lole day andole

  144. Suresh Kumar Pradhan says:


    I am a heart patient of weak heart. I am a patient of bronchial asthma. I am obese too.

    In addition to alopathic medicines I am using ESSENTIA AUREA homeopathy drops.

    Some times I feel feverish without temperature.

    Kindly advise homeopathy treatment for me.

    I am 51 years old and weight 90 kg.

  145. Moumita Ghosh says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter Dhwija (8 months now) is a patient of biliary atresia. She underwent kasai surgery at two months of age and the surgery is successful. But she is getting infections often. As you know cholangitis is the threat to this surgery and can spoil the surgery.
    Please suggest some homeopathy remedy to prevent infections.

    Moumita Ghosh

  146. Ashim Sanyal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    14th Feb 2016.

    I am from Ontario, Canada. I read your articles on Homeopathic Remedies. Last two days I am suffering from high temperature (101 deg F), body ache, shivering, sometimes very dry cough. I feel chest pain when I cough. I am getting thirsty also and hesitate to move from one place to another at home. I like to sleep most of the day and cover myself to protect from heat loss.

    For many years my Dad was a homeopath and used to treat others for FREE at Guwahati, Assam. We lost him in 1989. I learned few basic and common remedies those days. I also carry some homeopathic medicine with me to treat common illness. From today I have started taking Nux Vom 30 and Bryonia Alb 30. I haven’t seen the result yet. My question, am I taking the right remedies? I generally trust less the conventional Allopathic treatment.

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you Dr. for taking time to read my health issues.

    With Best Regards,
    Ashim Sanyal.
    Mississauga, ON Canada.

  147. Hello, my son age 11 years and 8 months suffering from high fever upto 104 F with shivering , plz prescribe the medicine . Thanks

  148. Facing 99F fever daily after Appendecite Operation and long treatment of gastro failure and thrombosis attack in both lungs my age is 52 years. One foot was swollen due to reaction of a medicine which is gatting now normal. I have used lot of antibiotics for a long period.

    Pls help me

  149. Sekhar Roy says:

    Hi Doctor Sharma,

    I was reading your journal and very much impressed. Thanks for sharing so much knowledge with us.

    I am suffering from acute constipation and for 2 to 3 days I cannot go to toilet unless I take medicine. My age is 37 years. Please suggest me what medicine should I take to get the problem fixed.

    With regard

  150. I have a stomach infection, for a year now, due to which my stools are loose and frothy most of the days. I was diagnosed with a Liver problem earlier (1991) so my Homeopathy Dr gave me Chelidonium for some time and the stools started getting better.. but the frothyness returns when ever i eat in office canteen or mess.. Home food doesn’t create so much of trouble , but the stools are a little loose in the morning. I need a proper solution for my digestion system. Please suggest something.

  151. harmander singh says:

    doctor i m 27 years i do job my feaver came in one week again and again i take medici ne but after doing little work i caught feaver what to do to recover this problem i m too tired to take anti biotic medicine

  152. Narsingh murty says:

    Thanx for details of medicins.

  153. Gyanendra tyagi says:

    Mere gale me Soojan(Infection) Rahti hai , Gala Laal rahta hai , Liquid Nigalne me Dikkat hoti hai, Mujhe Naak me SINUS bhi hai, Kabhi-Kabhi BP high ho jaata hai, Raat me Kharrate ( Snooring)bhi aate hai,
    Pl tell me Homeopathic medicine to Take from my Medical store,

  154. ANIRUDDHA GHOSH says:

    For quite some time now, I am suffering from a peculiar condition. Every now and then ( Approx Bi Monthly ) I feel sick ( feverish, a little weak ). But there is virtually no fever ( Always below 99 F in mouth ). Doctors have done USG/X Ray/Blood Tests etc but everything was normal. It sustains as long as 20 days and ultimately it is relieved by taking anti biotic. I take B.P and Anti Anxiety Drug ( Escitalopram 10 mg ) as recommended by Doctor.

  155. mamta neria says:

    Dear sir, My daughter aged 9 years has been clenching her teeth since 2 years. Dentists say besides mouth guard there is no option. I would be highly greatful if u could suggest me medicine.

  156. Sherry Bradley says:

    My nephew has been suffering from the chronic symptoms of Undulant fever (Brucellosis) for about 8 years now. The antibiotics that traditional physicians prescribed have basically crushed his immune system & caused him severe joint & bone pain to the point that he can barely walk, let alone work. His marriage is in trouble due to the constant stress & strain of this debilitating condition. In addition, my nephew is becoming increasingly depressed about the chronic fatigue & pain. Are there any homeopathic remedies and/or treatments that can possibly begin to help to restore my nephew’s health? I would be grateful for any information on treatments you might know about for this condition, or perhaps a referral to another specialist if need be. Thank you in advance for assistance.

    Sherry Bradley

  157. anjli Gupta says:

    Hello sir , I have two kids. One is 8 years old n another is 2 years 6 months old both are suffering from fever ,cough n cold ..which homeopathic medicine we can use ….

  158. i have 1 year with high fever previously i present cold extremities and dizziness ten chill then hipotermia 36 c then 39 to 40 c the doctor prescribe me naproxen but if i dont take it the fever is coming im so tired and my stomach is painful every day please help me

  159. Madhuri deshmukh says:

    My 16yr old son has been suffering from recurring fever from last monday.his blood test reveals a 0.7count of ESP for which chest infection was diagnosed and accordingly prescribed antibiotics but still he had fever today,101.I took him to a homeopath who after giving doses even he has fever now. time 11pm sir please advise proper treatment as he has his prelims now

  160. Piyush jain says:

    Good prescription dear Doctor thanks

  161. I have become very susceptible to respiratory sickness accompanied with fever. Every change in season brings on the attack and it has become a pattern.It starts with burning itching in the throat then stuffy nose then it goes to the chest with a very hard cough
    ultimately i will get fever and have to talkeantibiotic
    As my uvula is very elongated ,thats the first thing in the throat that gets affected Even normally i feel like there is something in the throat and i cant swallow. please suggest a preventive

  162. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I need your urgent expert advice in the case of my mother.
    My mother had 1 month back a viral fever for few days, after 3 days the fever was gone leveeing my mother in sever body pain. we had done all scanning, blood test which showed normal. her age is 60 and she is a Diabetic patient from past 5 years.

    currently she is not able to sleep properly because of body pain, she has immense pain in her fingers, neck pain and legs pain. she needs to take few minutes to stand, she gets pain when she is standing or sitting a bit less when she is sleeping, but now due these pains she cannot sleep at night and has only short sleep for 30 min to 1 hour whole night.

    please advice .



  163. Hello sir , my friend is affected by viral fever body ache ,tiredness ,temperature goes high after the sunset please kindly give any best medicine which will cure as soon as possible.

  164. Atanu mondal says:

    Respected sir homeopathi best medicine name for pox disease .please send my email – last 2 day I am pox disease patients. I look my body to 10
    – 12 pec.

  165. Sar Oesophageal hernia s, medicines pellez replied me

  166. Abdul Ghani says:

    Sir, I am a siddha doctor( hereditary).. Am interested in homeopathic medicine. I like to prescribe homeo medicines to my patients.. Bt I’ve sme doubt.. Can i mix n give any two R three medicine together for any diseases..?

  167. R K Trivedi says:

    My three year old grandson frequently has fever and cough. There is loss of appetite. Just sips a little milk. Presently he is coughing, during sleep experiences most.

    • Abdul Ghani says:

      Sir, I am a siddha doctor( hereditary).. Am interested in homeopathic medicine. I like to prescribe homeo medicines to my patients.. Bt I’ve sme doubt.. Can i mix n give any two R three medicine together for any diseases..?

  168. Vishal Singh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 39 yr male, thin limbs, yellow face but not anemic, round face and abdomen. 10 days back I had throat infection with high fever 4-5 times a day. Was treated with amoxicillin intravenous. I also took hepar sulf with it. The fever lasted 4 days with rashes and peeling of skin on palms. After 5 days again fever 4-5 times with sever body ache, no sore throat, no cold or any other symptoms for past three days, Palm skin still peeling. please suggest a homeopathic remedy. It seems to be viral with only fever as per the doctor, I just can’t take allopathic medicines not even Crocin.
    Vishal Singh

  169. Haresh Mangal says:

    My wife Alka Mangal aged 50 years, has been suffering from mild fever for the last 15 days. When she get up in the morning, there used to be no fever but after 9.30 am, temparature gradually starts increasing and reaches upto 99.6 or 99.8 and some time upto 100. She has taken antibiotic for about 5-6 days but the problm is still persisting. Doctor is not able to diagnose the reason of fever. CBC blood test is normal. Onle ESR is on higher side at 35. She is taking medicine for higher ESR as presciribed by the doctor but there is improvement in fever position. Can you please prescribe some homeopathic medicine, please ?

  170. Ashok goyal says:

    Dr gd mng me ashok goyal frm Nepal I’m suffering from anxiety since last 3 years my life has become he’ll always negative thoughts afraid heart beating shivering wth sweat with any negative news very aggressive with anger pl help .

  171. ujjal das gupta says:

    Very useful. Dr. Sharma has simplified the treatment of commonly occurred fever so that we shall not go for harmful pills. I am a patient of Dr. Sharma and benefitted. I suggest everybody to try Dr Sharma if any disease termed incurable

  172. PRSANTA DENATH says:

    plz tell me some medicine for viral fever of children.

  173. last month I’m suffered from typhoid.I got treatment of it.but after that I’m continuously suffering from mild fever with cold(only in morning).

    CPK—–499 MU/ML
    ESR……..20 MM.HOUR


  175. Rajesh Kumar Jain says:

    My daughter 29yrs, last year same time i.e. Aug and sep had persistent low fever 99 or 99.5 with very low energy, she was diagonalised ANA +ve SLE, even montu test was +ve but very mild.

    Tuberculinum IM single dose was given with some helping medicines.
    This year again same symtems are there what we shpuld do kindly help

  176. Hello Doctor,
    I have always running nose, severe cough, nose binding, throat paid, body ache, headache, heat body, chill, no resistance to cold, cannot drink even cold water. Kindly advise homeopathy medicine.

  177. Michael carrasco says:

    Hello .
    My son is 23 yes old and lifts weights. A few months ago he pulled and strained his muscle in his lower back. We had him slow down on his weight training. This week he returned to weight training.

    Yesterday he got back from gym complaining of his back. He rested in bed and started a fever.

    I am aware of a possible internal infection. What do you recommend

    • Hello Doctor,
      I have always running nose, severe cough, nose binding, throat paid, body ache, headache, heat body, chill, no resistance to cold, cannot drink even cold water. Kindly advise homeopathy medicine.

  178. ashish pandey says:

    Does this medicine is useful for dogs

  179. sushil Kumar tiwari says:

    Dr. Saheb, my son sufffers cold sneezing fever cough when ever season changes. He is 27. Kindly provide. Effective homeo medicine.

  180. Dear Doctor
    I have fever from 5 days . Painful badyache ..
    And vomiting .. in a day many times fever go and many time it come .. i am not eating from 5 days .. i took medicen.. but no relife.. realy problem is too much .. tell the solution right medicine..
    Thank you


  181. Reena kanwar says:

    Dear Doctor
    I have fever from 5 days . Painful badyache ..
    And vomiting .. in a day many times fever go and many time it come .. i am not eating from 4 days .. i took alopathic aayurvedic .. but no relife.. realy problem is too much .. tell the solution right medicine..
    Thank you

  182. Sasikumar K R says:

    dear doctor

    l am 54 years old
    My problem is that I get fever frequently
    Once in a month. during afected periods y head become hot, while lower part of body is normal. during the period head ache also is there.please advise me which medicine is better.
    Thank you

  183. Ebrahim Nader says:

    Sir, I am 57 years and am suffering from Prostate Enlargement from 15 years and full night I have to attend bathroom due to uncontrolable urgency to pass urine.The flow is smoothe without pain and if I neglect to pass urine then it flowsout itself without any control.I tried Sebal Serreluna and many herbal medicines without any result. I am having OCD and palpitation due to fear in heart.Please help me.

  184. Anand Sagar says:

    Respected Dr
    Kindly advice homeopathy medicine for my male child age 9 year old.
    Having no physical symptom but he is sufering from fever since last 5 days.
    Whan giving him paracetamol fever is down for 51/2hr after this period he is again come in he influence of fever. I have started R1 yesterday.
    Kindly guide me

  185. Kumar suraj says:

    sir, my father is suffering from fever since last 12 days we are very tensed and the doçter said this is a viral fever no any medicine is working my fathers age is 52 father is doing a private job ,my father go to office in fever im very depressed so please sir give me the exact reason behind this fever..

  186. Hi sr my name is kamel my friend have virus fever eny good medicine name sr snd how to use tel me please sr

  187. sagar sidhwani says:

    Flu ,Viral Fever,cough,sore throat.101 dgree temperature.
    Pls Dr.sharma suggest the medicine for this.

  188. Marlene higgins says:

    My husband and I both had very bad flu at Christmas mine included sickness and diarrhoea. We were othverry ill and since then the symptoms keep coming back and we.cant seem to get rid of this virus. Can you suggest something please the doctor says our chests seem clear but the cough is bad

  189. Pradeep kumar says:

    My daughter is 4.5 yrs old. From the last one year she getting affected form fever and cold. After every 13-15 days she gets affected from fever. Although i had tests of blood as recommended by Drs. There is infection in urine puse cell count was 4-6. and esr was 50. Then doctor recommended antibiotics for 10 days. She took the medecine properly. After 15days she had fever now. One think more she is suffering from allergy. On wheather change she gets affected by cold cough and fever.
    please suggest the treatment and reason also


  190. Ajay Angrish says:


    My son was born pre matured in 8 months and always catch high fever ( around 102 F) after a period a 15 – 20 days. He is 1.5 yrs now and weigh around 8.5 KG.

    We are now going for Homeopethic treat ment and i am not sure if how effective would it be.

    Ajay Angrish

  191. suffering from chronic cold from long time, now if I eat anything like rice curd cold drink I feel always fever,there is sudden rise in my body temperature,please tell best medicine

  192. i am suffering viral fever 104. Please advice

  193. Dibyendu Bhattacharya says:

    My wife aged 51 years and an asthma patient. Does inhale inhalers twice a day. She is suffering from fever with cough for last 7 days. Home physician treated her with Clavam 625 antibiotic for 5 days @ thrice daily. But has not recovered though diagnosed as ‘viral fever’. We are supposed to get out on a 10 days tour to Europe next Saturday (21.03.2015). Please help.
    D. Bhattacharya

  194. uttam jagtap says:

    i frequently suffer from throat infection,due to this problem i operate my tonsil and removed.but then phyerinities problem take i frequently suffer from phyerinities.[redness in throat and pain].pls suggest medicine and treatment for this.

  195. I have fever for 5days when take medicines fever gone then return body ache stomach problems nd burning like sensation In chest?
    Is I m suffering from flu?
    What medicine should I take?

  196. param jain says:

    hello sir
    my baby is 2 yrs 4 months and suffering from viral fever.after every 8 days fever cold…
    its ok to GIVE 1 dose of influenzium 200
    FROM 14 JAN IT STARTED.first running nose then fever…like this cycle..

  197. suresh kumar says:

    sir i am sufferig from cold and cough , early in the morning cough increase than the day ,during cough some time vometing occures that is also in the mornig,i have taken so much alopathic medicine but no reilef.

  198. umashankar says:

    iam suffering from fever,cold,and body pain. lot of water coming from my nose.

  199. AKHILESH KUMAR says:

    pl immediate contact

  200. mallikarjun says:

    Internal fever body pains mainly head ache respiration problem already I used belladona dose 30 feveonly control but have above all nose flow stopped.

  201. I am 69 and suffer from viral flu during change in seasons. Though main symptoms are relieved over time but particularly agonising is a chill in the rib cage which remains for a long time. Please help.

  202. Karen Gaughan says:

    Y son has had a cold for 3 weeks now. Dr says it’s viral so didn’t prescribe anything. Now he has had an allergic reaction to the cold bringing him out in red blotchy itchy rash.
    Took him back to dr who gave him 4 x 5mg
    Steroid tablets . It cleared but is back again and he still has the cold

  203. Jennifer Rogers says:

    I have suffered since 2003, I had mono and parvo virus b19 together, now I have chronic fatigue, arthritis, and stomach issue. I get flares, I do take some herbs and take medical food, but I am so tired. The doctors I have been too are not very helpful.
    Your input is appreciate.

  204. My daughter is suffering for virul infection. I refer to doctor he give her medicine .but you refer some medicine to her.please sir .she was very weak and she have many time hospitalise for gaining wbc . so u told some medicine for her .. Please sir

  205. All symptoms of viral fever. What Homeopathic medicine shall I take. i am 68 Years old

  206. brijeshkala says:

    im a strong believer in homeopath. i would like to know how we can prevent viral fever .

  207. SANJAY JHA says:



  208. p.k.ghosh says:

    I am suffering from influenga for last 4 days,specially due to exposure of body in the a/c.during night. Dueto taking of parscetamol tablets fesver not high but very much pain in whole body.Heavy dead due to mucus.No thrist.Restless condition.kindly suggest medicine,power and dose

  209. Dharmendra Kumar Saxena says:

    I have back pain, muscler pain, feaver about 100 – 101 DF, throat infection in my body from one day before.

    Please suggest the medicine in homeopathy.

    and I want to know the preventive medicine for my 6 year daughter and my wife.

    thank you

    • md zakir hossain says:

      i’m suffering from mild fever and
      pain in the back, neck, shoulder,
      head and feel very exhausted . back pain is worse during cold but better in hot.when i seat down that time back pain became increase but when I’m walking I feel better. what
      medecime do you advise in
      homeopathy? please help.

  210. neelam verma says:

    My daughter is four yrs old (24aug 2010).since last 4 months she has fever after every 15 days.her birth wt was 1.4 kg and today h er wt is 18 kg.she started being constipated also now.pls help .

  211. Hello Dr.
    I am 26 yr. old and I am suffering from viral fever(joint pain,light fever,body swelling)last 5 days..
    please suggest me medicine for overcoming from the desease….
    thanking you

  212. dk gupta says:

    plz tell me some medicine for viral fever of children.

  213. By far Samurai Virus Buster is the best product I’ve tried to protect our immune system. You may do just about any hard work and this product will protect you from getting any cold like symptoms.

  214. Bindushah says:

    What more can I say… Samurai Virus Buster works, it worked well and it has helped keep me and my household from getting other peoples illnesses many times

  215. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am Antony, age : 68 yrs, suffering from viral fever last few days(10 days) and I used Rushtox 30 three time a day but it did not work properly. I was better for a couple of days again the symptoms : slight headache, 99 to 99.5 temperature , body pain weakness etc. have come back. Should I start Bryonia 30 o Infuenzia 200 ? If you can help me. Thank you. Dr. Antony.

  216. Mahesh pant says:

    my son is 14 year old. he is suffering from viral fever and sneezing kindly suggest the medicine



  218. dr pranay says:

    which one is the best and specific medicine for viral or any kind of fever in childrens or infants????
    sir,please reply….

  219. Tanvir Nanra says:

    With due respect l want to ask remedy for viral. My daughter is 3 plus she is having viral infection —sore throat, high fever.l am giving her aconite, belladona and chamomile. Please suggest any remedy is R1 ok

  220. jenna chew says:

    Hi Doctor

    I am reason quite often suffering from Fever and it has been a week. I already consulted the local medical Doctor and I Was told that my body is very heaty and need to drink a lot of water but my tongue is tasteless, no appetite and having soar throat as well. Before that the fever come and goes, on and off after I stop taking the fever medicine. Please help doctor ! I am very worried of this irritable fever. Thanks Doctor

  221. Mrs siddiqi says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My son has got very bad viral infection with runny nose ,constant dry cough & fever he also feels v tired

  222. eapen k jacob says:

    Is homeo medicine has any side effects?

  223. Sir I heared about flu virus in our city like swine flu and homeopathic medicine to prevent this for kids please let me know.

  224. My son is 13 years of age and he gets viral fever quite often since his age 1.He was born in December 2000.He had Dengue in 2005,Malaria in 2004 and repeated URTI.Whenever he gets fever,the temprature runs very high and with Paracetamol ,it never come down.We have to do water sponging continuosly for about 12-15 hours daily.Are there any homeopathic medicine ,which could prevent these fevers.

  225. Poduri Srinivas says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter Sowmyasri aged 17 years old, effected with Viral fever with symptoms of Reddishness, swolen feet, hands ,ears, eyes, body aches along with temperature around 100.
    Please suggest medicine for her and also suggest preventive medicine for other family members (adults).
    with regards

  226. Ashok Kumar says:

    sir my son age 16 suffering from viral fever please reply how homeopathy can help him in treating

  227. Jagjit Singh says:

    Weakness , Pain below shoulders , Body ache , Nose blowing are the main symptoms

  228. Sir

    I am staying in town. I came to know that in my village 60 percent persons are suffering from viral fever, inculing in my home. Due to some work I need to go my village. Is there any prevention medicine for viral fever. ( symtoms of body pains, fever, weak ness etc.


  229. i had fever but fever had gone now my both ear and throat are paining, i cannot sallow anything, when i sallow,throat and ear pain very much and my right ear is closed ,and paining very much.please select my medicine.

  230. SAROJ PARIDA says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from headache, right side eye pain, body pain, vomiting , sometimes fever, not feeling hungry. I think, it is viral fever.

    Please suggest. Waiting for your valuable reply.


  231. sovindra singh says:

    good morning …..sir,,….,,
    my father’s age 49 ,weight is approximately 92 , height 6’1”.
    last day in evening (23/07/2013) i seen some symptoms like that Running nose,Sore throat,loose motion,Low or high fever…,and fatigue. because many people came yesterday for meet my father and they have same problem .. i think this is the reason.. please tell me medicine for this fever as soon as possible …. thanks..

  232. Claudia Russo says:

    Hi Doctior Sharma, I have the flue and I got a headache and neck pain plus pain all over the body. I took belladonna it keeps the edge down but doesn’t take the headache away.fever is at 100.8/101.5
    Thank you for any advise.
    I m very thirsty and my nose is stuffy.

  233. R U Mishra says:

    Sir,as the cases of viral fever are noticed in a substantially high number (some times the whole family fall ill one by one or all members fall ill at one time) in rainy season,will you suggest to take some preventive doses of Influenzinum before the on set of monsoon?
    I am not a practicener.It happened just that I saw your article on internet today.

  234. UMAKANT PATHAK says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please advice me that INFLUENZINUM can be taken as preventive cure by the person presently not suffering of flu but some members of the family or colleages are in catch of flu.


    UK Pathak

  235. PRASANTA KONWAR says:

    Hello Sir,
    Me, my daughter of 1 year and 2 months old and my wife have been suffering from Viral Fever for last few weeks. We are getting treatment but not recovered yet. Sir, can you help me please?

  236. dir sir
    i am beetween 4day i fever patient
    but presesnt run time fever–97
    sir verry illness please help me

  237. jyotika says:

    My son is 4 yrs and just 3 ,4 days back he was suffering from viral .
    Symptoms were headache , fever ,and vomiting .actually the problem was serious as whatever he ate he vomitized after 15 to 20 minutes even the water , he was nothing digested .so I had to immediately rush for the hospital there doctors gave him antibiotics through I/v line( injection) .my query is that in that circumstances of my sons . Can I opt for homeopathy treatment for my son as he is not digestion even the water?

  238. saeedasiddiqui says:

    i m in fever from few days fever comes at 5 pm and stay 4 am i fel pain in body pls say me what remedy i take thanks

  239. Shafiul Azam says:

    I am suffaring from fever from today 12pm. now what iwill do & what medicine i will use please help me.

  240. Hello sir, i have 4 yr old son, who gets viral fever almost every month. Tired of giving crocin syrup. The fever comes every 4 hours , 101 to 105 F. minimal throat pain along with. No other signs or symptoms. Hb 9, ESR 19. I wanted to know if there is suitable medicine only for fever, to replace Paracetamol. i am a Radiologist. please guide me

  241. r.krishnakumar says:

    my grand daughter has been having fever for the past five days, she has high temp: some-
    times in the mornings,sometimes in the afternoon and sometimes at midnight. Now she has a running nose and cough. However the child is active and eats normally, what is your



  242. My daughter is of 3 years old and she weighs around 10 kg.She is very lean and she’s often caught with viral fever.Actually she is a premature baby of 34 -35 weeks.Please advise

  243. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is 3 years old. She woke up this morning and started denying to eat or drink milk. Then she started complaining nose pain afterwards. At around 5:00 pm she is looking tired and has 99.3 fever. I took her to the Doctor precautionary and he said that my daughter is fine and it is just virus and she will be back with her appetite in 2-3 days.

    Can u suggest any homeopathic medicine for her please?



  244. i have 6 yrs old son, who was diagnosed to have viral fever ten days back and was admitted to hospital and treated with antibiotics and discharged. but still he shivers a lot and he will get fever in the night time. now is there any medicines in homeopathy.and he most of the time he will be lying on the bed since 2 days after discharge.

    please suggest me.

    thanking you,

  245. s k nagpal says:

    2 feet small intestine of my wife out in operation in2007. Now she has many problem like infection in stomach,diaria,anemic. By alopethic she feel some relexe but since three m
    Onths fever 99 to 100 and down in night. Allreports are correct
    What we must be done.

  246. hello dr, iam residing in new jersey. i have twin daughters. they both are homoe medicines phosphorosus and silica . they have speech delayed problems. can u tell me the side affects of these drugs like do have fever , rashes etc…………

  247. Sujit Kundu says:

    Haemoglobin(11.8),platlet count(110000) esr 1st hour 60 due to Viral fever of my 9 years old child. Now he is fine, except little weakness. Please suggest medicine if required.

  248. Amzad hussain says:

    All about urine infection in child

  249. suffring from viral feaver& hooping with light pain in cheast

  250. suffering from tonsilites body pain and constant fever 100 since 5 days

  251. Greetings,

    I have had chronic health issues for years now due to a compromised immune system from Lyme disease. I’ve been treating the Lyme and co-infections for several years with herbs and a frequency machine.During my recent scan the infection was not detectable, but they discovered many viruses in my body. HHV6 Dengue Fever, yellow Fever, Coxsackie AZ,
    B1 and B2. In addition I have a mold infection from the Trichophyton
    Mentagrophytes, and also Rhodotolura Rubra. My Ying energy is deficient,
    creating circulation problems. I have spoken to two Classical Homeopaths
    who treat with only with your Constitutional Remedy. Unfortuantely, I don’t believe that ths is adequate to address all of my health issues. Are there Homeopathic specific remedies for viruses of this nature? if so, it seems more logical to lower the infection load, and supporting the immune system simutaneously, before prescribeing the specific Constitutional Remedy. Would you kindly advise me on these concerns, and your manner of treating please.



  252. hello neighbour lady who is suffering from ovarian cyst on both sides.she had a complaint of delayed menses for past 6 months.(2 months once)also she had a tired feeling on whole body.feeling restless and irritable on during those 2 months.she telling that fullness/tight feeling throughout the body.she is obese person aged about 37 yrs.any homoeo medicines for her plz suggest sir….

  253. my father sufer for fever from six days he is diebtic also i am afried because i lose my mother durng wrong treatment of kideny hospital in jalandhar so please tell remedies to cure my father as soon as possible

  254. i only take homeopathic medecine, hence please advise. thanks.

  255. please help me i’m desperate and unable to attend to my regular chores.

  256. i’m suffering from mild fever and pain in the back, neck, shoulder, head and feel very exhausted. what medecime do you advise in homeopathy? please help.

  257. Sanjana kumari says:

    I am suffering from fever and have infection in urine. I am about 30 yrs married, having 3 children. can you suggest me any medicine to cure from this infection from urine.

  258. Dr.Sudhanshu Bhadania (Delhi) says:

    Respected Sir,
    Please circulate among upcoming doctors about some of the drugs which we commonly use in various seasonal disease. This will help to raise the faith of peoples in homoeopathy..It will be good if there is regular publications about the efficacy of homoeopathy in various diseases as i come to know in my short duration of practice that people ask from us “will homoeopathy treat this ailment also?”

  259. i m feeling cold.fever.headache today

  260. Khan sameer says:

    im suffering from low grad fever from fast two years,when i get fever i got head ache and body pain and the temperatur of fever is 98.7 to 99.1 . I think which is normal in range,im doing homeopathic medicine from past one year but im not getting any benefit..
    So plzz can u suggest me any good homeopathic doctor or medicine which solve my problem,

  261. sandip kundu says:

    Name the homeopathic medicine with dozes of viral fever.

  262. samriddhi mishra says:

    my breasts are small in size &loose in shape.
    is there any medicine in homeopathy to solve my problem. iam 28 years married and have a daughter age 3.5 year old.height 5feets 3 inches weight 58kg.mass store mostly on hips thies, face & stomach.

    • solution for your problem samriddhi mishrasays:August 12, 2010 at 5:11 pm
      my breasts are small in size &loosein there any medicine in homeopathy to solve my problem. iam 28 years married and have a daughter age 3.5 year old.height 5feets 3 inches weight 58kg.mass store mostly on hips thies, face & stomach.

      You can use Bozom plus lotion (Dr. john’s pharma) daily gently massage clockwise on breast, and use BT36 Tone cream.

  263. Dr. Rajendra Fegade says:

    Dear Sir,
    Its a case of school going children, they are suffered from fever,nausea& vomtting,general weakness, sudden vertigo…..during the tie of prey. This type of condition happens in many school from different villages….ONLY student get affected not the teachers.
    All LAB. Investigations say no abnormal findings.
    Can we treat Homoeopathically? Which are the remedies?
    Which is the epidemic remedy?

  264. yatin sharma says:

    best medicine for viral fever ?

    • Ajaz Rizvi says:

      What is the medicine of viral fever

      • Sir
        My daughter is 10 months old. She has high fever and running nose plus her eyes are also running plz help me out quick..plz suggest homeopathy medicines

      • varsha wathodkar says:

        My father is a diabetic pt.sugar out of control 254 in fasting .having a tinea fungal infectio in nail.its possible to cure nail fungus infection in homeopathy.

  265. yatin sharma says:

    best medicine for viral fever

    • Dr.SR.Choudhuri. says:

      Homeopathy is symptomatic treatment so no specific remedy for viral fever, although we are use so many remedy for this cases, aconite, bell,verat.vir, rhus.tox etc. if high temp. also given Pyrog/20o is effective.

  266. dr.sandeep katarya says:

    hello there is any type of medicine in homoepathy which gives instant relief with compare allopath medicine

  267. harikrishna.k says:

    dear sir,

    i am suffering head ache, light cold, light fever since last 5 years i am trying to all medicines. now i am using sinusitis medicines but no benifit. please advice the medicines.

    hari krishna.k

  268. pls suply the needed information

  269. give me the briefly the Dr. Hahnemmaniann coceept about viruses and viral fever and how the miasm act on the viral fever and chicken pox

    • Sir ,I have fever from 12 days BT not continuous.fever is between 99-100.when I wake up in morning I feel my body is little warm then after some time I feel that my temperature of body become normal.what happened to me blood test report is normal.

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