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Top 8 homeopathic Medicines for Fever in Children

Children frequently experience fever. Fever in itself is not a disease but is a sign that there is some infection in the body that our body is fighting with. Fever is defined as temperature of 99 °F or more when measured underarm (armpit), 100 °F or more when taken orally (at the mouth), or 100.4 °F or more measured rectally. The signs and symptoms of fever might include body being warm to touch, chills, irritability, being less active, reduced appetite, body aches along with signs and symptoms specific to infection like pain in the throat in case of sore throat or tonsillitis; runny nose, sneezing in case of cold; diarrhea (loose stool), vomiting, stomach pain in case of stomach infection. In some cases of fever, a rash on the skin may be seen. Some children may get seizures (fits) along with fever (febrile seizures).

Fever in children can arise from several causes. Most of the cases of fever result from viral infections but bacterial infections can also be the cause. Fever can occur after administration of some vaccine. Some of the common illnesses in children where fever can occur includes sore throat, tonsillitis, strep throat, flu, cold, cough, URTI (upper respiratory tract infection), ear infections, UTI (urinary tract infection), stomach infections and eruptive fevers where rashes appear on the skin like in chicken pox and measles. Some of the serious causes of fever in children include pneumonia (an infection that causes inflammation of air sacs of the lungs), meningitis (an infection and inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord) and septicaemia (a serious infection resulting from bacteria in blood).

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy is very effective in managing fever in children. These medicines are entirely safe to use with zero side effects as they are prepared from naturally occurring substances. Homeopathic medicines boost child’s natural healing mechanism to fight infection and overcome frequent complaints of fever naturally. These medicines manage the symptoms of fever and the associated infection, reduce the temperature gradually to normal level and bring excellent results in such cases. The most suitable medicine has to be selected separately in every individual case after detailed case evaluation based on the characteristic symptom presentation. It is advised to get every case evaluated by a doctor and take medicine under the supervision of a doctor. As the cause behind fever can also be a serious one, so self-medication should not be done in any case. Homeopathic medicines are recommended for cases of fever of mild to moderate intensity occurring without any serious cause. In severe cases and in fever occurring from serious causes like pneumonia, meningitis, immediate help from conventional mode of treatment should be taken as homeopathy has limitation in handling such cases. Some of the signs that could indicate serious illness include lethargy, drowsiness when it becomes hard to wake up the child, extreme irritability, breathing difficulty, continuous crying, stiffness of the neck, seizure, bleeding under the skin, confusion, blue lips or nails, severe headache, rash not fading on pressing, persistent vomiting and signs of dehydration. In babies less than 3 months having temperature more than 100.4 °F, one should contact a doctor immediately.

Homeopathic Medicines For Fever In Children

1. Belladonna – Top Recommended Medicine With Excessive heat

Belladonna is the most prominently indicated medicine to manage fever in children. In children needing it, excessive heat is present in the whole body during fever. There is marked redness on the face. Excessive thirst is felt during heat stage. Heat stage is followed by the body becoming cold. The child is restless during fever. There is redness of the throat and tonsils. Tonsils are swollen and enlarged. Pain is felt in the throat which gets worse while swallowing, especially liquids. Dry cough may be present. Coughing worsens at night in most of the cases. Nausea may be felt. Everything tastes bitter. The child tends to cry frequently. It is one of the best homeopathic medicines for managing fever in cases of sore throat, tonsillitis, cough.

2. Chamomilla – With Excessive Irritability

Chamomilla is an important medicine to manage cases of fever with intense irritability. The child needing it needs to be constantly carried in arms. Along with irritability, the child feel restless. He/she may have loose stool with pain. An increased thirst for water is noted. Vomiting may happen. There is sleeplessness along with fever. While in fever, there is redness on one cheek and paleness of the other cheek. It is one of the top recommended medicines for fever during dentition with intense irritability. It is also indicated for managing cold with fever in children.

3. Aconite – For Fever With Cold, Cough, Sore Throat

This medicine is indicated in case of fever with cold, cough, or sore throat. There is marked heat in the body and dry burning skin where this medicine is needed. There is desire to uncover the body during fever. There is redness on the face and increased thirst for water. During cold, there is fluent discharge from the nose and sneezing. Sometimes there is dry cold (means blocked nose without any discharge) accompanied with headache. The throat is inflamed and red. General anxiety and restlessness may be present.

4. Ferrum Phos – In Case Of Tonsillitis And Sore Throat

Ferrum Phos is another well-indicated medicine for fever with tonsillitis and sore throat. The tonsils are red, swollen and painful. In most cases, tonsils, mainly on the right side, are affected. Throat is usually dry. Bad smell occurs from the mouth. There is heat in the body with sweating on the hands. Thirst for water decreases. With fever, vomiting can be there. Besides these, Ferrum Phos is also indicated to manage fever that occurs with complaints of teething in babies.

5. Hepar Sulph – For Fever With chilliness In Sore throat

This medicine is recommended for fever along with chill spells in cases of sore throat. The throat is painful when swallowing saliva. Throat is red with the presence of enlarged red follicles on it. There is redness and swelling of tonsils. There is dry cough. There is no thirst for water. Sleeplessness is there.

6. Cina – With Loose Stool And Vomiting

Cina is a beneficial medicine when there is fever with loose stool and vomiting. Fever occurs at the same time every day when this medicine is required. Chills are felt over the entire body followed by a heated sensation. During chills, there is shivering and shaking of the body. A very characteristic feature is that the tongue is clean during fever. The children requiring this medicine are very irritable and want to be carried in arms all the time but carrying gives no relief to them.

7. Arsenic Album – With Weakness And Restlessness

This medicine is well suited when there is weakness and restlessness with fever. An important feature is that there is thirst for little quantity of water at short intervals. There may be heated sensation or chills during fever. There is a desire to be covered during fever. This medicine helps deal with different kinds of infections including cold, cough, sore throat, and stomach infections.

8. Silicea – With Marked Chilliness And Shivering

Silicea is of great use in cases where chills and shivering are well marked along with fever.  In most cases needing this medicine, fever occurs at night. This medicine is very effective for managing fever during teething with sensitive gums. Fever occurs towards the evening and night. There is heated sensation in the head. There is excessive bad-smelling sweat, especially on the head and feet.



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