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First-Aid with Homeopathy- Have your Own Medicine Kit At Home

HOW many of us experience helplessness at minor or acute ailments when they strike us at odd hours and also in situations where medical help is not accessible? And wish that we knew about some safe medicines that would provide immediate relief. The safe healing powers of homeopathy have been proven time and again and today it is one of the most popular and effective forms of natural healthcare. Safety is one of the major plus points of homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines have a lot to help with acute and minor ailments.

The homeopathic first aid includes some common remedies that can help alleviate pain and other symptoms in case of an injury, disease, or infection. It also helps reduce the severity of a problem when taken correctly. With a little practice and experience, one can become familiar with the basic homeopathic first aid principles.
Given here are the most common problems and their homeopathic first aid solutions.

 Sore throat

Pain, dryness, itching, irritation, a scratchy feeling in the throat – all are part of a sore throat. If you suddenly experience any one of these symptoms, you may get quick help with the homeopathic medicine Belladonna. You may take 4 to 5 pills of Belladonna (potency) 30C three to four times a day, depending upon the severity.
It soothes the pain, irritation, scratchiness in the throat and helps with the fever that usually appears along with a sore throat. Once the symptoms subside, the dosage may be reduced to twice or once a day, gradually stopping the course entirely.


For quick relief from a cold, homeopathic first aid medicine Aconite works well. If you catch a sudden fluent Coryza ( inflammation of the mucous membrane) along with sneezing, you may take Aconite for immediate relief. It also helps when exposure to cold air brings on cough and cold. 4 to 5 pills of Aconite can be taken in 30 C (potency) at three-hour intervals during an acute cold to get prompt relief.
Another first aid homeopathic medicine for cold is Natrum Mur. It is very helpful in cases of allergic rhinitis/ hay fever coupled with Coryza, eye discharges, and excessive sneezing. Natrum Mur can be taken in 6 X biochemic formulation. Take Natrum Mur 6X ( 4 tablets) three to four times a day at a gap of three hours. Continue this medicine till complete recovery.

Croup Cough

For immediate relief from croup cough, homeopathic medicines Spongia Tosta and Hepar Sulph prove to be beneficial.
Spongia Tosta works well in cases of a dry, croupy, barking cough with a whistling-like sound.
Hepar Sulph is used in cases of a cough with chest congestion, rattling in chest, and wheezing. A cough that comes suddenly from exposure to a draught of cold air also calls for using Hepar Sulph.
Both these medicines can be taken in potencies of 30 C, three to four times a day depending upon the intensity of case.


To comfort an acute headache, homeopathic medicine Belladonna and Glonoine should be considered.
Congested headache, pulsating/throbbing headache, sinus headache, migraine headache all respond wonderfully to Belladonna.
Glonoine works best for sun-related headaches with throbbing in the head and marked head congestion.
Three to four doses of the above-indicated medicines at a three-hour gap interval work well for a headache. These can be continued until full recovery.

Acute Fever

Belladonna is a highly recommended homeopathic medicine for sudden acute fever. The indications for its use are sudden fever with red, hot flushed face and headache. Use this medicine in 30 C potency every two hours. If the fever does not reduce or come down in a day or so, then further investigations are required.

Body aches

Everyone now or then one suffers from body aches due to factors like overexertion, from prolonged traveling, after engaging in a sports activity, etc. For body aches, two homeopathic medicines work wonders to give immediate relief.
These medicines are Arnica Montana and Rhus Tox.
Arnica Montana is majorly used in general body aches when a sore, bruised sensation appears in the whole body.
Rhus Tox shows the best results in cases of joint pain, neck pain, back pain, or a muscle pull.
Initially, one can take 4 to 5 pills of any of these medicines, and repeat them two to four times a day, at a three-hourly interval depending upon the severity of your condition.

Abdomen cramps

Colocynthis is a homeopathic medicine that helps relieve abdominal cramps. The person needing Colocynthis may have cramps in the abdomen that get better by applying pressure or bending-over double.
A person may take Colocynthis 30 C twice or thrice a day at three-hour intervals to soothe the cramping. This medicine is known to provide immediate relief.
Another homeopathic medicine that is well-indicated for abdominal cramps is Magnesium Phos. Its use is applicable in cases where a person feels better by using warm applications on the area of the cramps.
4 tablets of Magnesium Phos can be taken in 6 X potency up to four times a day to help relieve abdominal cramps. It can also be considered during menstrual cramps.

Loose stool (Diarrhea)

First aid homeopathic medicines for cases of diarrhea or loose stools are Aloe Socotrina and Podophyllum Peltatum.
Aloe Socotrina can be used when there is a thin stool with a sudden urgency to pass it. It can be accompanied by a pressure in the rectum with a constant urge to pass stool.
Podophyllum Peltatum is indicated when there is yellowish greenish, watery, gushing stool that is very offensive.
You may use 4 to 5 pills of the selected homeopathic medicines for every three hours.

Food Poisoning

If you suddenly got a stomach upset as a result of a food poisoning, homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album should be taken without a second thought. The symptoms of loose stool, vomiting, fever appearing from food poisoning get quick relief from homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album. Veratrum Album is a powerful homeopathic medicine that helps treat cases of uncontrolled vomiting. 4 to 5 pills of any of these indicated homeopathic medicines can be taken in 30 C potency at three-hour intervals.


To get prompt relief from heartburn and acidity, homeopathic medicines Iris Versicolor and Robinia should be considered.
Use Iris Versicolor in case of a heartburn along with vomiting of sour, bitter fluid.
Take Robinia in case acidity or heartburn occurs during night time, upon lying down. These medicines are recommended in 30 C potency at intervals of three-hours (initially), followed by a gradual reduction in the dose.


Injuries most commonly include bruises (contusions), concussions, lacerations.
Bruises are blackish, bluish marks on the skin arising from breaking of tiny blood vessels under the skin from trauma. The skin is not broken in case of a bruise.
Contusions refer to a head injury where the brain is shaken inside the skull as a result of a blow to the head.
Lacerations are tears in the skin that results in an irregular wound.

The homeopathic medicines that should be present in a first aid kit for injuries include – Arnica Montana, Calendula Officinalis, and Hypericum Perforatum.
Arnica Montana is used as the first line of treatment in injury cases. It is indicated for injuries resulting from a fall, a blow and from a blunt instrument. It is most helpful in case of bruises, concussions, and contusions.
Calendula Officinalis is useful for injuries where lacerations (tears in the skin) appear.
Consider the use of Hypericum in case of fall on the back, tailbone injury, injury to spine and damage to nerves mainly in the fingers and toes. A punctured wound from a nail, pin, and needle penetrating the skin also indicates the use of Hypericum.
Use 4 to 5 pills of any of these three homeopathic medicines, at intervals of three-hours until complete healing has taken place.


Stretching, twisting or tearing of the ligaments in a joint is known as a sprain. The ligament is a tough, fibrous band that connects two bones together. The most common joint that tends to get sprained is the ankle joint.
The first aid homeopathic medicines for sprains are Arnica Montana and Ruta Graveolens.
Initially, after a sprain, three four doses of Arnica 30 C should be taken immediately. It helps in reducing the soreness, swelling, pain, tenderness at the site of sprain.
Following this, Arnica 30 C and Ruta 30 C should be taken alternately twice a day. Ruta will help heal the ligaments and Arnica will help reduce further swelling and pain at the site of the sprained joint. These medicines can be continued safely until complete recovery.


Immediately following a fracture, a few doses of homeopathic medicine Arnica 30 C should be taken. This will help soothe the pain and swelling at the site of the fracture.
Once the broken bone has been set in a cast, homeopathic medicine Symphytum Officinale should be started. This medicine can be continued for two to three times a day until complete recovery. It helps in prompt and healthy healing of the bone.

Acute UTI (Burning urination)

Cantharis Vesicatoria is an excellent homeopathic medicine for emergency use in case of a UTI (urinary tract infection). Painful, burning urination and difficulty in urination due to a UTI can be treated with this medicine. In an acute emergency, this medicine can be repeated 3 to 4 times a day in 30C potency (depending upon the severity of the condition).

Bee sting

The best homeopathic first aid prescription for a bee sting is Apis Mellifica. Use this medicine immediately following a bee sting in 30 C potency. It helps relieve the pain and swelling quickly. Three to four doses of this medicine three hourly for a day or two usually aid quick and complete recovery.

A word of caution: If a severe allergic reaction follows from a bee sting that majorly includes breathing difficulty, then urgent help from the conventional mode of treatment should be taken. An allergy indicates anaphylaxis which is a medical emergency. Homeopathy alone cannot fix this problem.


The appearance of weals (raised bumps) on the skin from an allergic reaction is known as urticaria. It is often accompanied by stinging, burning pains. If you are prone to get urticaria attacks, you should carry homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica with you.
This medicine offers immediate help during an acute urticaria attack. It helps to heal the weals, reduce stinging and burning pains as well cut short the time of an urticaria attack. You may take 4 to pills of Apis Mellifica in case of urticaria at an interval of three hours and gradually reduce the dose as you recover.

A word of caution: It is to be noted that in case of urticaria where there is a difficulty in breathing, it may indicate towards an angioedema or anaphylaxis. It’s a medical emergency and homeopathic first aid alone does not work. Help from the conventional mode of treatment should be taken urgently in such cases.

Panic attacks

For panic attacks, homeopathic medicines Aconite and Arsenic Album work well. These medicines should be kept in the pocket of people who have anxiety issues.
Aconite needs be taken during panic attacks along with palpitations, and sudden fear of death.
Arsenic Album works well in cases where there is extreme restlessness along with the panic attacks. These homeopathic medicines help calm down the mental state of a person during a panic attack.
Using two to three doses of above-indicated medicines in 200 C potency at an hour’s interval usually brings relief in most of the cases.


In case of burns, homeopathic medicine Cantharis acts as an effective remedy. This medicine helps in relieving burning, pain and smarting in case of a burn. It also effectively heals the burns.
4 to 5 pills of this homeopathic medicine should be taken initially for few days. Once the condition improves, the dose can be reduced to once or twice a day. External application of this medicine along with internal administration is also recommended.


Euphrasia Officinalis is the homeopathic medicine recommended in cases of acute conjunctivitis. Using this medicine helps in reducing the redness, watering, burning, swelling, and a gritty sensation in the eyes.
Use 4 to 5 pills of this medicine in 30 C potency three times day until complete recovery.


The homeopathic medicine Plantago Major helps soothe a toothache. Pain in teeth that shoots to the face or ear is can be treated with this medicine. It can be taken in 30C potency at three-hour intervals until relief begins. Mother tincture of this homeopathic medicine can also be applied externally in case of a hollow tooth from decay/dental caries.

Dentition Ailments

Chamomilla is an effective homeopathic medicine used to treat dentition and teething problems. The indicative features to use this medicine are high irritability, screaming, desire to be carried constantly, inflamed gums, drooling of saliva, putting fingers in mouth, loose stool (diarrhea), one cheek being red and hot, and the other being pale and cold.
2 pills of this medicine can be taken three to four times a day at three-hour gaps until complete relief.

Nasal Blockage

Ammonium Carb is an effective homeopathic medicine that helps relieve a nasal blockage. Use 30 C of this medicine twice or thrice a day for relief.

Nausea, Vomiting

A highly recommended homeopathic medicine for immediate help in nausea, vomiting is Ipecac. Three to four doses of Ipecac 30 C usually relieves nausea and vomiting effectively.


Hamamelis is an anti-hemorrhagic (a substance that stops bleeding) that can be used in an emergency to control bleeding. This medicine is well indicated for controlling bleeding from piles, the nose, tooth etc. It also helps relieve the weakness associated with blood loss. Use this medicine in 30 C potency at two to three-hour gap until bleeding stops.


Belladonna, Chamomilla, and Pulsatilla are the top homeopathic medicines that help relieve an earache. Among them, Belladonna offers relief from an earache that arises as a result of an acute inflammation of the middle ear with throbbing, pulsating pain in the ears.
Chamomilla is indicated for violent earaches that make a person highly irritable.
Pulsatilla is beneficial when an earache is attended with thick discharge from the ear (out of an infection).
The most appropriate homeopathic medicine as per the case can be taken in 30 C potency, at three-hourly intervals to get quick relief.

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